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Dirty Talk

I was with a friend of mine who i had sex with from time to time and we were getting ready to fuck when she asked me "What kind of porn do you watch I want to watch some porn to get in the mood." I told her to go into my laptop and open up the downloads folder. She looked through all the porn and said "Wow you have a lot of porn. But all you watch is tranny porn?" I said "No I have triple penetration double anal and some gay porn too." She said "oh anything where the dicks are touching then?" I said "yeah." She asked "Is that why you invited me over because you wanted to touch my dick?" I said... Continue»
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My friend and I fuck my girlfriend

I used to know a woman named Sue who I met on a plane trip back from the west coast. Sue lived in Pennsylvania and I lived about 100 miles away in New Jersey. After the trip, I visited her at her apartment and we hit it off. Needless to say, we had sex on that first visit and I continued to visit Sue and have sex with her whenever I could. Sue was a somewhat plain woman, heavy, but with thin legs and no ass. But she was a good sport and we enjoyed a wide variety of sexual activities. Since we lived so far apart, Sue would often stay at my condo in New Jersey overnight.

I also have a b... Continue»
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"The Next Day" - Day Two with My New Ass

Part 2

"The Next Day"

Buck and Princess

I heard a phone in the distance. I felt the bed move. My cock fell off to her side. I opened one eye to see Princess walking naked out to the balcony. I put my hand on my forehead. I looked down under the sheets to see my cock was all wet. I ran my hand down my chest to feel some lipstick and juices mixed on my bare skin. I then heard Princess on the phone. I rolled over to look at the alarm clock. It was close to 7am. I had about and hour and half to get ready to go to my first sales call across town. I looked down the thin wall to see my... Continue»
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My New Assistant - An Adult Story - Part 1

I had my hard cock buried deep inside her tight pussy. I had my big hands on her wide hips. I looked down to see her hands gripping the small round table in front of us. Her large breast spilled out the sides of her body. She had just got her beautiful red hair cut. It was shoulder length now. Her eyes were trying to look back over her shoulder at me. I slowed down for a second as she hit connect on her phone. "Beep! Hello Honey! How are you. What's that noise in the back ground?" her husband said.

It all started innocently a week ago. I was in my office at work. I had to go out on some... Continue»
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Bathroom Fuck

“I’ll show you,” Rob said. It was a noisy party and his attempts to tell me had been lost in the music, or maybe it was because I was slightly d***k and couldn’t comprehend his instructions. He took hold of my hand and guided me through the lounge and up the stairs.

I only knew Rob because he was my friend’s b*****r. It was her party, a party which was really heating up after a slow start. Mix alcohol and a group of 20-somethings in a house together and this is what usually happens. Rob had been flirting with me most of the evening.

The upstairs hallway was long. This was a big house w... Continue»
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Pimped Again, Part 2

This is a chapter from my third book, Kate In Spades. The In Spades series are books about my sex life in New Orleans (and my daughter’s).


It was easy to tell that Monk and Travis were really tight. I found out later that they were cousins. When Monk came in, he and Travis hugged and right away I found myself attracted to Monk. He was built a lot like Travis, but he was around 40. Tall with sort of a medium-heavy build, thick lips and slightly balding. He had a mischievous grin and when he finished hugging Travis, he hugged me and said, “Hey girl, you best get ready to... Continue»
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My Boss

my boss is about 6 foot tall dark skin and he likes to flirt with me, its usually little things like groping my arse cheeks or slipping his fingers up my skirt but i guess i must have lead him on cause one week He asked me to see him in his office and he didnt look happy and i knew why i had been late to work every time this week I was worried when I went up and knocked on his office door he said take a seat lucy I want to discuss your position with the company I quickly said im really sorry about being so late this week it wont happen again I promise" He said he was quiet for a while and then... Continue»
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Cheap Harlot

He looked up from her pussy, his face glistening from her juices. He watched her chest rise and fall as her breathing slowed down.

“Good, eh?” He said. Her mumbled reply spoke volumes as to where her mind was. Her fingers were down near her pussy playing with herself. He knew she was satisfied. Her orgasm could have been felt by anyone in the room. She was a dirty minx, eager to please and willing to succumb to anything he wanted. Her nature made her want more. She wanted the feel of his cock inside her. Yet, for once, she felt an oral induced climax had been enough. Why ruin the moment wi... Continue»
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Little Megan Takes Cuntrol - of Dawdy 2

So it is Independence day weekend. Megan wants to make it a special day for her and her friends. She wants there to be thrills and fireworks and... she wants it breath taking!!


Megan smiled as she sent the simple message to Tina, her Mom. “Have fun tonight. Don’t come home.” It was Thursday but because of the next day being a holiday she and all of her friends were going out and when she got home she did not want to have to deal with “the old woman.” Besides, s... Continue»
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The Headmaster's Punishment Part 3

The door to the headmasters office was wide was wide open, as were the mouths of the female teacher and male pupil who surveyed the scene before them in shocked silence. Their headmaster was standing with his trousers round his ankles and rapidly deflating cock sniffing the air while in front of him was knelt a blond six-form girl, her face hair and green uniform blouse marked with sticky splats of spunk.

"I see you decided to start the disciplinary interview without me Mr Garvey" remarked the petite Miss McDougall in her gentle Scottish accent. She quickly close and locked the door behind ... Continue»
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The Headmaster's Punishment Part 4

Andrea knelt in front of her deputy head's open legs gazing at her pussy stuffed with the school rugby captains cum and smelt the heady perfume. The sixth form girl gulped as she ran through the last instruction she had been given, "come here and eat some." Well the naked teenager thought best do as teacher says and dutifully dropped her head between stocking clad thighs.

Steve sat back in his chair trying to take in the events that hat unfolded after Miss McDougall found him with the camera phone footage of Andrea sucking his cock in the school toilets. He had fully expected to be expelled... Continue»
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Headmaster's Punishment Part 1

There is a hesitant tap on the headmasters door.

"Come in" Mr Garvey replies

Andrea walked in, her head is slightly bowed a worried expression on her face as she steps forward to hand the headmaster a note. He takes it and quickly read the contents while she stands nervously beside the door. Andrea looks down at her black shoes before bringing her gaze upwards to her white knee length socks, bottle green skirt and pale green blouse.

He sighs and look up at her "Let me have it then" he asks wearily and she hand him a mobile phone. The screen comes to life with a shaky clip of video, ... Continue»
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Headmaster's Punishment Part 2

Andrea stood in front of Mr Garvey, her headmaster felling ashamed, worried and slightly aroused. He had seen the video of her sucking a fellow six-form members cock in the school toilets and had threatened to expel her however it seemed it he was willing to offer the teenager another option and she didn't think she would mind the punishment too much. She stood in her uniform green blouse, bottle green skirt, white socks and black court shoes listening to him speak.

"Andrea you are well aware we do not usually inflict physical punishment on pupils but it does remain an option I am prepared... Continue»
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kathy at the party

"We'll just make an appearance, then leave as soon as we can," I said to my wife. My boss had invited us to his annual New Year's Eve party, and neither of us were enthusiastic about going. "Vince is just so arrogant around women, he makes my skin crawl," said Kathy. "Do we have to go at all?"

"I don't think he ever bought our excuse from last year," I replied. "Remember? We said we had to go to your mother's instead? He's been making comments at the office like maybe I'm not happy with the company, or something. If we don't go this year, I'm afraid my career will be on thin ice."

"Well,... Continue»
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Prior to my wife's 1st gangbang

12 months ago I posted a true account of my wife's experience entitled " My wife's first gangbang ". I hav'nt got
anything else as outrageous but there are a few accounts of encounters that took place prior to our moving to Grantham.

It was 1993, I was in the R.A.F. and was on my last posting at R.A.F. Henlow. I was a Sgt and, as was customary,
was taking my turn to run the Sgts Mess Bar for a week.

Janice, who was my Fiancee at the time, was coming to the bar every night to keep me company. Well, that was the theory, but after a few drinks she was sitting at a table with some other m... Continue»
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My Perverted Sexual Cravings 4

When Cindi and his dad returned the two huddled together on her bed,each
with exciting tales to tell.Even though Mark was dying to fill her in he
conceded and allowed her to go first.
"We done it."Cindi said,her eyes big and shiny.
"Who done what?"He asked.

"Daddy and I,we done it Mark."
"Dammit Cindi stop beating around the bush."
"Daddy and I had sex silly,we shared the same room and bed,I loved it
Mark.Remember how you said you enjoyed daddy having sex with you?Well,I was
really excited when we made love for the first time."

"Did he f***e you?"
"Gosh no Mark,I wanted him to... Continue»
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More Perverted Sexual Cravings

Mark was twenty four now,a handsome young man who loved dressing up in
womens clothes and going out on the town.He could get away with it because
he was such a handsome guy,or you might even refer to him a pretty.
He had had implants installed in his breasts which made him even more
sexy,he dated men without them being any the wiser.

He knew from the time he was three that he was never meant to be a boy and
his mama made it plain she had wanted a girl.She would dress the boy in
panties and little girls clothes up until his dad put a stop to it.
But Mark never stopped,he loved the p... Continue»
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My Perverted Sexual Cravings 1

Mark had a thing about rubbing his dick since before he could talk,his mom
enjoyed telling of his obsession and how after slapping his hand so many
times gave up and let him rub to his hearts content.Of course his dad
thought it was nothing more then the boy coming out.
Mark was able to eject cum at the ripe age of ten and a half,much sooner
than most boys and was delighted at his first sight of the white silky
cream.Of course as you might suspect,he had to sample it and grew fond of
it's taste.

Mark was a nice looking boy,blond hair,smooth white skin with a mouth and
lips girls ... Continue»
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My Perverted Sexual Cravings 2

His sex with his s****r had satified his needs for the present time,but Mark
knew full well he would be in need of more sex and soon.His hunger would be
insatible in time,the lust seemed to be boiling inside him for longer
periods of time with each encounter.
Therer was an itch inside his young ass that demanded to be scratched,and
scratched often.Color or creed made no difference now,the boy just loved
being fucked or used.

It was over a month since his daddy had ****d him and the man had avoided
him as much as possible,what with both parties in the same house.Mark had
his mind s... Continue»
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My Perverted Sexual Cravings 3

The following week end Mark told Cindi about letting Mel fuck him.
"Gee Mark,what did he say,did he like it?"
"Yeah,he did,he liked it a lot s*s."
Did you do it to him also?"
"No,but I think I can,at least I'm going to try."

"Gee,I wished I could watch when you do."She said.
"Well,maybe you can."
"You really think so?"
"I think he would let me if I could tell him you would let him do it to
"Gosh,I don't know Mark,what if he said something at school and it got

"He won't s*s,I promise,and besides,if I do it to him he couldn't hardly say
anyhting could he?"
A fe... Continue»
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