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Landlord and tenant

How to choose the good tenants from the bad ?. That's something every landlord had problems doing. And as me and my wife are landlords I can only recommend using gut instinct.
About 5 years ago we had one of our flats ready to be occupied, advertised as usual and had a lot of idiots ask for details. One girl in her late 20's asked if she could view, and my wife showed her round the flat. Later that day my wife said she seemed ok and was moving into the area as she had a new boyfriend here, so the next day my wife arranged for her to pay her bond and sign tenancy agreement.
On the Saturday s... Continue»
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Slutty stars - nelly furtado

Slutty Stars 1 – Nelly Furtado

The sexy half Portuguese babe Nelly furtado was just finishing shooting her new video. I was watching her on stage (being a camera man that’s pretty much my job), and she looked amazing. She was wearing the tightest skin hugging black Lycra cat suit you’ve ever seen. She was up there gyrating and it was driving me crazy, I wanted nothing more than to shove my cock right up her tight little ass, little did I know my wish was soon to come true.

“That’s a rap” the director shouted. Every body applauded Nelly on a good days work as she sexily walked off the sta... Continue»
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When my wife was 17

My wife told me her first 3some experience was when she was 17 and on holiday with her parents in Dorset, England. She had lost her virginity a few weeks previous and was still very inexperienced. This was the first time she had any sexual activity in a 3some. She met a couple of local lads and one afternoon the 3 of them went for a walk into the forest. After a while, the conversation got round to her pussy. They asked her if she would pull her knickers to one side to show them, which she did. She let them take turns putting their finger inside her and after one had fingered her, he put his f... Continue»
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Long trip

I finally get back into town and once I leave the base I head strait to your house. I call you as I'm on my way and you tell me that the door will be open when I get there so go ahead and come in once I get there. I finally get to your place and walk into your apartment and see you standing there in a little sexy black outfit that I have never seen before. I had already had a raging hard on as I was driving over and didn’t think that is was possible for it to get any harder but you proved me wrong. As I walk into your house you ask me if I like what I see and I tell you that I love what I see ... Continue»
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The Park: Mark and Sarah part I

I'd just broken up with my girlfriend of four years. I was completely gutted, I was going to propose. I had come back early from work one day to hear moans and slaps coming from the bedroom... odd, I thought, so I crept quietly up the stairs. Looking through the open door I could see Tina on her hands and knees with a guy fucking her pussy and slapping her arse. She was squealing with delight.

"Bitch" I thought angrily, "you were always so tame in bed with me."

Next I hear her moan "fuck me in the arse, Jason, you know that makes me cum". Her lover pulls his cock out of her pussy and ... Continue»
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The Other Daddies Pt. 2

As I silently made my way to the basement my mind was reeling from what I had just witnessed. My wife had just fucked two men, two huge muscular men with huge cocks, at the same time. Not just at the same time, double penetration!

I made it down to the spare bedroom in the basement and closed the door. My wife didn't like coming down here so I should be safe. I pulled out my cock and furiously jacked off, the raunchy images still searing through my mind. I had never seen my wife so sexual. With me she always seemed like a dead fish, but with these men she was a wild b**st. Despite ha... Continue»
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I so needed a vacation badly. I couldn't find more than a part-time job, my apartment was too small, and I'd been single so long that my mother thought I was a lesbian. I couldn't believe she asked me if I was gay last week. The question just made my mind spin. I was in a dire situation, the best and cheapest idea I could come up with was to spend an off-season weekend at a nearby ski resort.

When I arrived the place was all but deserted. Perfect. I went up the steps to the lobby and approached the front desk. A man about my age with dark luscious skin was working diligently on what I thoug... Continue»
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Hardintown Glory Hole – Lisa’s Story

I was shocked as she was when I came face to face with Connie the mother of my daughter’s best friend. We were both standing in the hallway behind the video booths that had glory holes.

I could see that Connie had seamen on her chin and I could see additional stains on her dress. I knew that she had been enjoying anonymous sex just like me. I suddenly wondered which of us had sex with the most cocks.

Jeff laughed as he realized that we knew each other. He opened the door and we both stepped into the alley. We walked toge... Continue»
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Not Free

Sue was standing by her pimp as the three rich men in their sixties looked her over. She would go to the one willing to pay the most for her body tonight. Sue was twenty two but looked much younger and the older men loved that. She also had a great figure with big fleshy tits and a nice round ass. She loved sex and loved it kinky. She wore a skimpy thong and a push up bra which showed off her large jugs and her pussy that was waxed bald and smooth. The oldest man handed her pimp fifty dollars and whispered something to him and the pimp then turned to her and said "Take off your bra. He wants ... Continue»
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Birthday Morning

Carrie pulled the long zipper up to the middle of her thigh. The black leather boots fit her curvy legs snugly. She had just a tad bit of flesh overhang the top of the boots. Every nerve in her body was tingling with excitement, from her finger tips to her clit.
She pulled the bubble gum-pink lipstick from her make up bag and coated her lips, then tossed her fingers through her blonde curly hair. She piled the curls high on her head in a loose bun. A few strands hung down by her creamy neck. Aside from the thigh-high, high-heeled boots, Carrie was wearing nothing but skin. The clock... Continue»
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55 Penny and rick pt7

55 Penny and rick pt7
October soon past, cold winds blew round the cottage and they were glad of the stock of rabbits in the freezer, Master John came again in early November turning up with no warning, taking her into the chamber in some sort of black mood and whipping her fiercely for just a few moments while Ricky stood mesmerised as the man came all over her back, paid and then just left.
His mother more still secure on the block un-satisfied frustrated and in need of much more now, turned to him and begged him to complete the job. Which of course he did; firstly with a crop and then,... Continue»
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Heels and Skirts

Carrie adjusted her tits in her bra. It was about a size too small and piled her fleshy globes up nice and high, exaggerating the jiggle when she laughed or walked. She stepped away from the mirror and turned to look at her profile. Her denim skirt was short and stopped about a half inch below her ass cheeks. When she had worn it in the past, the skirt would ride up and give little flashes of the metal hoop she had woven through the little hood covering her clit. The piercing was one of her favorite things to play with. She constantly found her self playing with it, whether it was out of... Continue»
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Morning trifecta

"Lie on your back and spread your legs, bitch!"

She does as I ask. She always does as I ask.

We began the session with her asking permission to suck my cock. I gladly granted her request and pushed her head down to my crotch. She loves to suck cock. She's good at it. I love to have her do it. Well duh...what guy wouldn't?

But now I'm hungry for the taste of her cunt. As soon as she's in position on her back I reach down and spread her cunt lips open with my finger and begin to stroke her clit. She's soaking wet, as I knew she would be. Sucking my cock always gets her wet. Always.

... Continue»
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55 Penny and rick pt6

55 Penny and rick pt6
Friday was a very long time coming, Ricky finding butterflies in the belly and the mind as the week went on, Penny though seemed resigned to her fate, losing her thoughts in the jobs around the house to keep her occupied, and hiding her fear for her sons sake.
Schoolwork finished, as did the homework, and the lad went and collected his trophy`s from the snares he had laid, returning to the cottage, and dealing with the carcases before washing up. The old clock ticked away the time relentless as ever and he found Penny stood waiting him in the living room, shackle ... Continue»
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Car Salesman

Al Grover was good at selling new cars, a proven fact as he had been the top salesman in the L.A. midtown dealership for the past year. Over the years, he had come to learn just who to cater to, giving them an extremely good deal, especially if that person could bring in future business. With popularity of SUV's increasing dramatically over the past few years, Al enjoyed seeing his commissions increase substantially in size. But what Al enjoyed most with the upswing in the SUV's popularity was the increase of beautiful women, coming in to view and test drive the new models, lovely married... Continue»
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Slut Stripper Fun part three

Slut Stripper fun: Part Three

I reached the centre of the room noticing that three of the guys, Paul, Steve and Adam were seated on the sofa and Neil was stretched out on a large bean bag. There was a dining chair in the centre of the room facing the sofa, which the guys had strategically placed so when I would be sitting my Tits and pussy would be facing them. I moved around the sofa slowly doing some bump and grind moves, letting the guys see my crazy sexy net dress, displaying my quarter cup bra holding my pierced tits upwards, my under-bust corset, cinching my small waist and my stock... Continue»
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[Story] - YOU & ME

It was the second time we were meeting. My heart was pounding with excitement and nervous energy. We had found the perfect venue and now it was time to learn more about each other. Oh God, was I going to get through this successfully!! I parked the car and got out and found the room, to be swept up into arms and a mouth on mine. I thought I was in heaven. It was truly better than the first time we kissed and it seemed to go on for ages and ages. It was one thing I didn't want to stop doing. Those lips were so beautiful and soft and kissable.

Your hands moved slowly over my body, stopping a... Continue»
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My First On-Line Meeting #2

I woke up in the middle of the night. She was there... I was spooning her... my cook was laying in between her butt cheeks. My right hand grabbing one her her boobs. The other one resting on her pussy. I moved my fingers a little in. Slowly, trying to not to awake her. It felt so nice to feel her warm fluids over my hand. Damm! my dick start growing! I tried to check on her to see if she was awake. She didn't open her eyes, buy she smile and push her bum agains me. I really wanted to be inside her ass again... but somehow I felt sl**p again...

Hours later I start to feel something ticklish... Continue»
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Wifes photoshoot stranger gangbang - photo version

We share our stories (which include gen uncensored, cartoon photo-shopped and some clothed and unclothed) of her to anyone who makes contact and turns us on...we will only send the full picture versions to contacts who want to do tributes and stay in touch. We live in Monaco and swing widely......read our profile. Understand if you don't wanna meet up person to person, still happy to swap. If you want the real versions, mail us for our details on here - if you want to explore a meet and fuck, lets talk! xxx Below an extract from part one.
Sara, 41, brunette with long flowing hair halfway dow... Continue»
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"DADDY" I whisper

Stephanie Seduces her Handsome Father


"Daddy," I whispered as I glided across the moonlit room, stopping only when my trembling knees gently brushed against the silk sheets on his king size bed.

"Daddy, are you awake?" I asked again as I leant over my fathers body, purring into his ear, my tongue twitching just an inch away, already eager to lick inside him.

No don't, I thought to myself, pulling back even as I felt my nipples stiffen and arch toward him. Lifting the soft sheet away from his golden skin I couldn't help but gasp as his blond pubic h... Continue»
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