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The Preacher's Wife part 2

Good girl, wife of preacher suddenly turns hedonistic slut when her husband boards a plane and she rides home with another man from the congregation!  This is part 2 of the story that reveals the preacher’s wife might not be such a prim and proper prude after all!!!
Julie led me into the on suite Master bath.  In truth, I would have followed that preacher’s wife ass of hers anywhere she wanted to lead me!  Walking behind her going up the stairs from the basement had allowed me to see just how unflattering the clothing she wore really was!  Her legs were perfectly prop... Continue»
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The Business Trip

Mary had arrived at her hotel room, and checked in after a long tiring flight. She decided to take a shower and freshen up before her over zealous young assistant Stacy caught up with her. Mary heard a knock on her hotel room door as she stepped from the shower.

She knew it might be Stacy her personal assistant with the presentation she was going to give in the morning. Mary wrapped her naked body in a towel, covering as much of herself as she could and went to look out the peephole. She saw it was definitely Stacy and opened the door carefully saying,

"Hi Stacy, I just got out of the s... Continue»
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Crazy Cat Lady

The crazy cat lady lived next door to me for as long as I could remember. All she did was sit in her house and tend to her cats. I think she had thirty cats give or take a few. The cat lady never bothered me and I am not sure why we started calling her crazy. She was in her mid fifties, long silvery white hair and she was skinny. Her husband had died many years ago. Her name was Ann. She was always nice to me and I even mowed her lawn during the summer.
The summer that I was in my mid teens and deep into puberty. I was horny as they come. I would hang by the pool with my buds and check o... Continue»
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Totally Unexpected Lucy Continued........!!

.......a some action from Linda. Lucy's guy paused and went to pull out of her ass, Lucy reached back with her clit hand and grabbed his balls to keep him deep inside. She could tell he had started to soften while he questioned his friend about the interruption. "She'll only let me poke her while she jacks me off!" Lucy kept looking at the floor, waiting for his friend to go. "What do you want her to do?" asked Lucy's guy. Before he had chance to answer Lucy said "she was supposed to suck you off!" Both the guys looked at Lucy. "The deal was that I got fucked in the ass and she got her first ... Continue»
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Camera Man

David walked into the main room to what used to be the back lobby of a theater. Now it served a different purpose. His heart raced in his chest as he walked past a small raised stage. For the moment, the place was empty. But his mind drifted back to just a week before. He had not had so much fun in quite a long time.

An hour later, the room was full again as camera crews finished up the last touches to prepare to film. Seventy other guys had gathered with more and more filing into the room. A lot of them wearing masks so their faces would not be seen on the cameras while others kept eyeing ... Continue»
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Cougar's First BJ

Kathy who lived up the street from me was a married middle aged woman in her late 40’s. With all three of her offspring grown up and out of the nest and her husband traveling as a management consultant, Kathy was home quite a bit. Quite conservative in nature and dress, she was a little big of enigma. Never was one for flirting and who usually wore loose, un-revealing clothing. My wife and I had gotten to know her through block parties and neighborhood events where should would stay and talk but rarely had more than single drink.

One day she asked if I would come over to help her ha... Continue»
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Evil Souls Have No Limits


This is chapter one of this series. There will be several chapters. Also, this story will tie INS, coincide, and interact with another author’s story on this sight. I hope you enjoy it. It is just a fiction fantasy and do not condone the acts within nor should this be attempted. I will welcome all comments positive or negative. However, I do request negative responders to speak intelligently if you wish me to take you seriously. I am an amateur at this so hopefully I will get better throughout the chapters.
Evil Souls Have No Limits

I am looking down at... Continue»
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Evil Souls Have No Limits (Chapter 2)

This is chapter 2. I am sorry it took me so long but I have been very busy. Secondly I went more mild on the death part in this chapter. Also, there will be some more info added in chapter 3 about the charaters from another story series on here that me and the other arthur are going to connect our stories with. There is a tidbit of info in this chapteron that subject. Second to last point, please give me some feedback on who you would like to see become the next target for amanda's first job and idea's you would like to see. I think some fan interaction and id... Continue»
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Episode 48: jenny and Rob

At Home
Jenny’s smart-phone buzzed to announce a new photo message.

“Who’s that from”? Demanded John, her faithful but dull husband.

“Oh, just one of the girls I’m staying with this weekend” Jenny lied casually.

Jenny opened the attached photo from Rob – her high school sweetheart. There was no need to zoom in to appreciate the detail – it was entirely cock. Jenny new every inch of that cock – the thick shaft, the tight balls, the shiny head just waiting to be sucked again. It was the most beautiful cock she lusted after – and soon she would be tasting it again.

Back a... Continue»
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Caught by the High School Principal again

A Fan Fiction story based on the characters from the "Caught by the High School Principal" (http://xhamster.com/user/tim3196/posts/365766.html) story.

Something I never told my best friend Tom was that Tricia and I had sex in front of Principal Collins again. It happened on a day that Tom was not in school. Tricia and I were hanging out in front of the storeroom that Principal Collins had caught Tom, Tricia, and I in on the day that he made us have sex in front of him. Principal Collins was walking by. "What is it with you k**s and that storeroom? Come to my office. I want to talk with ... Continue»
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Getting A Suprise While Spying On s****r

This is a fantasy story of mine, Hope you enjoy guys and gals.

Growing up I always enjoyed just sitting in my room by myself enjoying the peace and quiet especially when I discovered internet porn. I was already really into girls but once I found porn I spent a majority of the time in my room with my laptop on my bed jerking off. But eventually it got to the point where porn became boring to me and then one day I started looking at my s****r Amy differently then I had ever done before. My s****r was always an annoyance to me but that day she became a girl I couldn't help but wanna fuck. Amy... Continue»
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Catching Milf Girlfriend Fucking Her Son

This is a fantasy story of mine, Hope you enjoy guys and gals.

I had been living in a small rural town for a couple years since moving here to college and was enjoying all the perks of being a "College guy" like the parties, women etc but for me all of that changed when I met a girl at work named Kelly. Kelly was a sweetheart and the more I got to know her the more I wanted to be with her until eventually she realized the same and we began dating. Now the one thing that was unusual to me was that Kelly was in her late forties and had a son named Jake who had just turned eighteen. It was a l... Continue»
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Desk Lust by loyalsock

She knelt before him, eyes down cast, not meeting his gaze. She was nude except for her heels, collar and cuffs. As she knelt, she made sure that her legs were slightly spread so he could see her pussy, well shaved and lips parted slightly in arousal. The fire in her ass and shoulders still making her swoon from the flogging he had given her as a reward.

She could not look into his eyes now. Especially not now. His gaze had a power over her now that could strip her to her soul and lay her bare before him. She could only look at him when he was looking away and then she gazed in loving awe o... Continue»
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Bad Baby Girl by loyalsock

When I walked into the room I was struck by a sight that made me livid immediately. My pastels crushed and ground to dust, pieces of hand-made watercolor paper with big smiley face drawings on them, colorful scrawling rainbows drawn on the wall and her, standing there with smears of pigments coloring her white cotton blouse, red checkered pants, and skin. Her face had a big blue smear across one cheek and little black smudges from rubbing her nose.

I took a deep breath to control my anger and asked her, "Did you do this?"

She shook her head no, her pigtails bouncing back and forth. "Nuh ... Continue»
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Mine by loyalsock

The rain lashed down onto Tiffany's nude flesh as she pulled against the ropes binding her. In mock desperation she tried to escape, hearing his footfalls on the wet rooftop. The soles of his boots clicking through the shallow puddles that gathered, the steady clicking of his approach like thundering drums in her ears. She cried out softly as he neared and she surrendered, allowing her body to go almost limp as she stood there, the cold rain making her shiver slightly.

His breath in her ear, a slight stirring of warm air against her neck, she knew he was leaning in so close. She was blindfo... Continue»
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Sweet Peeper by loyalsock

Owen watched the girl turn down the covers and set the candles in place on his bed stand. She was so careful and exacting, he wondered if there was some set way things where done. He had never really noticed. He had also not noticed when that scrawny little girl with pigtails had become this fetching young lady with a gorgeous figure. He smiled and played with his snifter of brandy as he watched her bend and straighten the quilt.

Her ass was not tiny, it was full and firm like only a young girl's ass could be. Even the layers of petticoats and bloomers could not hide its curves. He smil... Continue»
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The Back Alley by loyalsock

She walked down the alley into the shadows as she had been told to do. She could see nothing as the light slowly dwindled and the darkness took hold. She wondered, why here? Why had he told her to meet him in this filthy back alley? Of all the places they could have met, all the places that would have been...safer? Why did he want her walking down a deserted alley alone?

That's when she felt him there. She couldn't see him really, he was hidden in the shadows, but she felt him. His was a presence that was unmistakable. She stopped. She waited, she knew he would speak and reassure her and le... Continue»
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Fun with Hubby's Friends

This is my first story put into words so go easy on me as I'm far from an English major. This experience is 100% true and anyone that follows me on twitter (@TheRealJadaGold) knows that I'm no stranger to adventure. Joe and I are quite the the couple when it comes to teasing and seeking pantyhose fun.

Last Friday evening Joe and I were just wandering around the house with no particular plan or destination for the evening. We decided to lay low and possibly run out to the local racetrack to play some slots and kill some time. Normally I dress to kill but, on this night we decided to "bum" i... Continue»
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For some time I've had a crush on my older neighbour a block over from my house. I'm mid-30s and although she's in her fifties you wouldn't know it. She's petit, half-Indonesian and dark skinned, and with short dark hair with the body of a ballerina!

I met Mandy at a BBQ a decade ago and hit it off instantly, since we're both like-minded and honest people with a similar sense of humour. She's married to an investment banker who's never home and her three k**s are always off out somewhere, so whenever we catch up it's always just the two of us.

I'm also an aspiring chef, so knowing Mandy ... Continue»
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Golden Perverts

Hal basked in the sun on his private island reflecting on his life. To
the world, he was a wealthy treasure hunter with a common law wife Alice
and mother in law, Carol. Known only to them He actually was married to

It started when Hal was a runaway, wild teen. Finding himself in a
transient, travel trailer park, homeless and broke, fate smiled on him.
He saw a group of boys taunting a slim, short, long haired teen. Not
liking the odds, he stepped in, saved the young boy,and made a friend
who offered him a place for the night. His name was Alan.

Alan took him home... Continue»
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