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Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: Part 3.

I got home and tramped up to my bedroom, dumping my satchel in the corner. On the dressing table, by the meagre collection of cosmetics lay my sixth form senior prefect's badge I'd though I'd lost; obviously mum had found it somewhere. And the cosmetics: I was only allowed to wear on Saturday during term time. I removed my blazer and hung it up on the coathook on the door. With still an hour before mum gets home, there was something I needed to do. I took off my sandals and laid on top of the bed covers. I pulled up my summer dress and placed my hand on my navy knickered tummy. I look... Continue»
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Fucking My Girl While My Ex Watched (True)

This is going to be a true story of mine from Monday night that I thought I would share with you all. Hope you enjoy guys and gals...

Pictures above from left to right--(Nikki+Sarah)-(My Cock)

My ex Sarah was over helping my girl Nikki and I get the rest of my stuff unpacked into Nikki's house which made me kinda realize just how much shit I have mostly consisting of CD's, movies, posters, cloths but I do have my prides any joy like my 2014 Chevy Camaro which I will be paying for until the day they put me into the ground and... Continue»
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The Deal (Fiction)

This is going to be a fantasy story of mine, Hope you enjoy guys and gals...

I may have been one of the few who actually liked school, I never missed a day, got good grades but I guess with every good thing comes a bad one. Since I could remember there was a guy named Mark who looked like he had been held back five years, a somewhat tall, stocky guy with short black hair who deemed himself the school bully but for some reason he loved messing with me. I always tried the turn the other cheek method trying to just ignore him but after months and months of his constant torment I had finally ha... Continue»
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The Fitting Room Hard On (Fiction)

This is going to be a fantasy story of mine, Hope you enjoy guys and gals...

It was my least favorite time of the year again back to school, well not even back to school but the shopping for cloths and supplies. The reason this was not my favorite time of the year was my already very busy mom dragging me around town frantically while juggling her cell phone keeping up with her job and tons of guys both married and single leering at her in the stores. I have never once looked at my mom in that way but even I have to admit she is very beautiful with her long blonde hair, pretty face, blue eye... Continue»
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Eating My Cute Friends Pussy (Fiction)

This is going to be a fantasy story of mine, Hope you enjoy guys and gals...

Since I can remember my best friend Katie and I have been more like s*s's then best friends, we do everything together and have a ton of things in common but one thing I know Katie has over me it looks. I always tell her how cute she is with her short blonde hair, blue eyes, pretty face, thin body and braces that make her look ever more beautiful. I have the similar blonde hair but other than that she is leaps and bounds prettier than I am even though she tells me all the time that I am beautiful as well. One summe... Continue»
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Taking 4 Female Foreign Contractors to their Hotel

Sometimes the worst of times become the best. Such is the case when you are told to go pick up the new contractors at the airport and one of them looks like her… And the others are beautiful as well!


I was summoned into the boss’s office a month ago and asked / told that this past Sunday I would be picking up three of our contractors from India and one from Egypt. I complained, I made excuses and then I was tol... Continue»
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Like a vice

Samantha and I met at a hotel what seems like 20 years ago. She had been in town for business and messaged me to meet up with her. My cock grew simply thinking about it, so yes I had go! I left work and swung by her hotel. She texted me the location of the key. You do not want to meet at the bar I asked her? We typically had a few drinks to start the evening off. No she said, please just come up! Is everything ok I asked her? She simply repeated PLEASE come up.

I took the key not knowing exactly what I was walking into. She and I had been part of a few orgies, and I did not know... Continue»
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Older b*****r tries out hypnosis before he leaves.

It was the night after our parents left for a week that I made my move. I would be leaving to live on my own soon enough, and there was something I really wanted to try. If I fucked it up, well like I said, I'm leaving soon and don't have to see my f****y again, so I'm going for it.

I had been studying hypnosis, and how to alter and manipulate the mind. You'd be surprised as to how close to correct those cartoons actually are. Spirals, sl**piness, relaxation, a soothing, trustworthy voice, all can have a profound effect on one's mind when used correctly.

At midnight, I walked into my you... Continue»
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Coed Cheerleader Daughter joins him in the shower

Frank Williams was just about through with his shower, and was letting the warm water beat down on his shoulders, when he heard door to the bathroom open. The shower scene from "Psycho" flashed through his mind, but he was quite sure it was not some maniac with a knife.

He was right. "Daddy?" a sweet young voice said to him. He recognized the dulcet tones of his darling daughter, Mandy, and his cock started stiffening.

"Hi, Honey. Why don't you come in and join me?" The thought of what she would do for his cock once she was in the shower caused it to become fully erect.

"Okay, Daddy.... Continue»
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Steph's Not Here Anymore

I'm her older b*****r Orrin. Me and Jason (our younger b*****r) called her last Friday night and told her we'd be dropping by her place.

The whore knew what was expected of her: She greeted us at the door wearing only a bathrobe, which we removed after about 30 seconds.

She was definitely a sight to behold, standing before us totally nude, her full, taut breasts thrust forward, left leg slightly bent with foot arched and toes pointing. She knew what we were gonna do with her luscious young body. At least, she thought she did!

Jason argued that he should fuck her mouth first, b... Continue»
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Older b*****r seduces and takes cute nerd s****r&a

I wasn't necessarily eavesdropping, as they were d***k and not really talking quietly...I could hear them clearly from the vents that went from my room to hers.

That said, what I heard shocked me.

"I can't go through my whole senior year a virgin," Lisa, my s****r, whined.

"It's only November," her best friend, Andrea, pointed out.

"It's almost December," Lisa countered, before singing playfully, "All I want for Christmas is to get laid."

"Does oral sex count?" Andrea questioned with a giggle. "Because if it does, y... Continue»
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How I Made Myself a Cuckold ( part 2 )

As Mary and Pauline crossed the bar to greet us, it was pretty clear to me that all eyes were on Pauline, we greeted them, and Mary introduced me to Pauline, who shook my hand and smiled very sweetly, Boy she looked hot, long black hair, over a tight sweater and jeans, that looked like they had been painted on.

Pauline showed no signs that she remembered me, from when she served me drinks at the bar 18 months ago, but to be honest she was more interested in touching up her black barman boyfriend when no one was looking, than to notice me. We mainly talked about our different jobs, how she h... Continue»
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Thumbing for a Ride

I was driving home from a night out with my mates and I decided to take a longer way round than normal. As I drove on the dual carriageway I noticed a lad thumbing for a lift, I understood that as we’ve all done it at one time or another, so I thought I’d give him a ride. As I stopped he came over to the car, “Need a lift?” “Thanks” he said as he got in.

He told we where he was going, only a few miles out of my way, as we drove he said he was Adam, 21, and at University. I asked him if he’d had a good night and he said “Well it could have been I was outside round the back of ****** having a... Continue»
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Fiancé Past One Night Stand

I was scanning Tinder (dating app) one night and I found this really hot black/Puerto Rican guy. I messaged him telling him how cute he was. He messaged back right away and said I was gorgeous and would love to meet up. He was in DC and said he could get a room and meet me in an hour.

I said sure. I was so horny, I hadn't had good dick in weeks. I was ready for an adventure.

I showered real quick, put on a dress, no panties or bra, and drove to the hotel room.

He was already there, looking cute as ever. he smiled, handed me a rose and said, shall we?
I said, let the fun begin! ... Continue»
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Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: Part 2.

The sound of footsteps on the promenade approaching the shelter somehow accelerated the atmosphere within. I turned the page of my textbook and the man quickly turned his head towards the sea.
A couple on their late summer's break at the fading resort slowly sauntered past. I took the opportunity to take a break from my reading, I swung round and placed my feet on the ground. I stood up and stretched my body with my arms up in a arc whilst looking out to sea. I tidied my long bob of light brown hair. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see he was regarding my form; all too easy to see ... Continue»
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Julie rides fat-man Kevin for the viewers

Julie: You're welcome to grab me if you need... somewhere warm to release.

Kevin grabs you by the shoulders and pulls you in close to his chest, placing on hand on your upper back, the other slides down over the small of your back, palm gliding over your butt before it grips and kneed it some "like this?" the man asks with a soft grin running across his lips, his cock hard but too much of it was covered by his belly to really notice it, though the harder it got, the more it became noticeable, poking up against her inner thigh

Julie lets out a little yalp as she's grabbed and pulled in ag... Continue»
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Jenny, Mum and Dad Pt4

Jenny, Mum and Dad. Part 4.
Brian was truly amazed at her stamina and so aroused and proud by how filthy she is. He was going to fuck his daughter’s ass before the night was over but for now he really wanted to have a rest. He needed a cold drink and to cool off before he was going to be doing anymore fucking and he said to her, “You’ll have to wait babe, your dad needs to cool off a bit, so hop up and I’ll get us a drink.”
Jenny wanted to stay there laying in the comfort of her dad but she obeyed. Slowly they got up and when he moved away she collapsed back down on her side and waited for ... Continue»
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Melinda Chapter 10

It was a week since Melinda had seen the Master. She had been flown back to London on her own the next day. Cybele had returned her to her cell in the stables and the previous routine had been resumed, only exercise and solariums breaking the monotony of being bound to the wall of her cell with the metal block chained firmly between her legs. This time she was not beaten or abused by the chatelaines. She had no human contact whatsoever.
Nor had Marion appeared. Melinda had speculated as to what Marion's 'turn' would involve, but apparently, at the moment, she had other priorities to fulfil.
... Continue»
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Arabian Plaything Chapter 8

Personal narrative of BABU 25-year old Arabian assistant to CARLOTTA who is in charge of training in the Stables of Quireme.
The new girl brought over from the Harem to be trained as a Pony was quite some beauty. If she’d been a few inches longer in the thigh, she might one day won a top honor from Princess Karina. As it was, when she settled down, I reckoned she would make up into a very nice sort of filly. Aged 22. She was five foot eight inches in height, thirty eight inches at bust and hips, blonde, blue-eyed and British.
I like the Anglo-Saxon girls. They’ve got more grit and stamina th... Continue»
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Racquel Darrian's Ultimate Fantasy Part II: C

Pornstar Racquel Darrian, dressed in tiny white mini-skirt with white latex knee-high boots checks herself in the mirror before putting on her tight fitting top designed to show of her nice tits. Her tan thighs looks gorgeous. As she turns, she can see in the mirror the skirt barely covers the bottom of her ass. “Perfect,” she thinks to herself.

She pulls up the flap of her mini and looks at the front her thong, which barely covers anything. She then nervously puts on her earrings before checking herself again in the reflection.

“Yeah, the boys in Compton should like this,” she says to h... Continue»
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