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7th Period Tease

He loves teaching. He enjoys his classes at the University and has pride in preparing them for the world once they graduate. Now, having said that, he's having a hard time in his last class of the day.

This class is mostly boys, but occasionaly there are a few girls in the room. This can lead to trouble as the guys compete for the attention of the girls in the room.

There was one young woman that was in the room that drove him crazy, but it had nothing to do with school work. Each day in class just got more and more difficult. The whole period he couldn't keep his eyes from staring int... Continue»
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A Public Bus Journey

Hey, I am gonna write about my sexual adventures that happened when I was in high-school. I will not be mentioning my name, for obvious reasons. I was 18, at the time. 5 foot 9. My breasts are well rounded and big. Curvy hips and big well rounded ass. I had long legs. White in complexion. I had uniform on, of course. I wore a read panty and a black bra that day.

Anyways let’s get down to business.

It was a cloudy afternoon and I just got on a public bus, after staying back for a group project. As I expected it to be, the bus was crowded. It was around 3.30 pm

I got on through th
... Continue»
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A (Legal) Brief Show

It had been a long day at the office. I was working on a legal brief for Jeff Albers, one of the partners in the law firm Albers, Stephens & Brenston. I’ve been a paralegal for them for the last couple of months, and had stayed late to work on this brief, hoping to make a good impression. Finally, I just couldn’t type anything else; the screen was too blurred. I started to adjust my monitor, stopping immediately after I realized that it was my eyesight that was getting fuzzy, and not the screen. I looked up and saw that it was almost 8:30. Another day wasted in the office, I thought dejectedly... Continue»
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Frozen in Time

Everyone knows about Deja vu, but there are other times that you just know something just isn't right. Have you ever been walking down the street and it felt like someone can see through your clothes? Have you ever had your clothes all of the sudden just don't feel like they are on right? How about the time your panties or bra just suddenly feel uncomfortable? Unlike Deja vu, there may be an explanation as to your uneasy feelings.

Have you ever wondered how you can be standing still in a crowd and your panties suddenly feel a little bit twisted? Has your bra come unlatched suddenly without ... Continue»
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27 Hours and 3 Layovers

I sat down in my seat, and settled in for the first leg of a twenty-seven hour flight. Looking around, I noticed that the seats seemed unusually empty. I asked a passing flight attendant why there were so many empty seats.

"Five tour buses didn't make it to the airport terminal on time tonight, so we're going to be flying a little light." He said, and moved on.

I pulled out my mp3 player, and putting the volume on high, I closed my eyes.

Some time later, I felt a tremor through my seat from someone sitting down at the other end of my row. I was half asl**p, so I didn't bother to open ... Continue»
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Story 61 John and julie

Story 61 John and julie
Her name is Julie she`s 40 and his John he`s 42 and this is part of her life story, they live in Cromer Norfolk, she has had a very sexual life but this is just one side the rest is just another story for another day if you are interested enough to ask.
She` s not the virginal 15 year old anymore and has a f****y and a happy hubby, though it’s not unusual for them to swing occasionally. So when I got a letter saying she had told hubby [John] of our on line conversations about her k9 life of the past, bearing in mind my story advance to the a****l was [with name an... Continue»
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prison humiliation is the worst

I can't remember what I was arrested for. I can't remember my trial. All I know is that I'm not to be released from prison anytime soon. And until I am I'm at the mercy of the warden and the prison guards.

I was in the prison shower, stark naked and showering with thirteen other naked girls. I was somewhat surprised to find that all of the other women in the shower were extremely attractive. They were slender and young and somewhat athletic looking, with abdominal muscles visible underneath the skin of their flat bellies and firm, well-toned, tiny butts atop their long, dancer-like legs.
... Continue»
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Baker's Dirty Little Secret

There aren't many things in this world that are more beautiful than the Oregon coastline. Living near the ocean has a certain appeal to me. Living just a 30-40 minute walk up the beach from Jenny makes the many miles that I am away from home seem much more tolerable. Over the past few months Jenny and I have grown closer and as a result we have been spending more and more time together lately.

One Sunday morning not long ago; I decided to take a walk northward along the beach toward Jenny's house. It's a breath taking journey flanked by rock cliffs, over varying terrain and some of the clea... Continue»
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Bartender's Advice

It was a hot night at the club. Hotter than usual, but I didn't mind. The heat made the women at the club more than happy to take off their clothes. In fact, my staff and I would take bets on how many tit or crotch flashes each person would get, the most flashes won the pot.

I was sitting in my office, watching the crown through the one way mirror that was behind the desk, enjoying the air conditioning and thinking some things over. I had been feeling kind of distant lately, because of a job offer that would mean quitting my management job and moving away from most of my friends.

One of... Continue»
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Bet with Rachel

I was on a business trip, staying in a hotel, and I went the bar for a drink. I was sipping my beer when my eyes met those of an attractive woman my age, late twenties. She was dressed in heels, stockings, blouse, and a pin striped business jacket and skirt. I smiled and to my surprise and delight she immediately got up and came over to sit next to me. I had already had the feeling that I recognised her from somewhere. She sat down and said

"You're James, aren't you? James Robinson who went to === School?"

"Yes..." I felt I ought to have recognised her, but it had been 12 years since I h... Continue»
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9 Hole Golf Tournament

Have you ever had one of those days where you just want to go home from work and sit down and be left alone? I was having one of those and I was looking forward to just sitting at home in front of the TV and drinking a beer. I could not wait for 4 o'clock to arrive and when it finally did I grabbed my briefcase and headed out the door. I stopped along the way to grab myself a 12 pack of beer and headed straight for the house.

I finally arrived at home after waiting for every slow person on the earth that was out today and headed straight for the shower. Finally feeling refreshed I opened t... Continue»
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"Touch" of Cleaning

Pete tried, unsuccessfully, to avoid looking at his watch too often; it only made the time drag by even slower. He was alone in the office, and rubbed his erection. He had enjoyed -- or suffered -- an erection, on and off, most of the afternoon. He had tried to hide it and to will it so subside, but he was sure that Claire, one of his colleagues, had spotted it when she had come over to his desk to ask him to clarify some details in the report she was working on. She had pulled up an empty chair and he had needed to swing his own chair sideways to speak to her. He thought he caught her eyes br... Continue»
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Bad Bet

That was the bet; one night and no one could accuse me of being a pansy ever again. Also 20 bucks. It might seem pathetic to you, but that 20 bucks will feed me for a week. How bad could it be, anyway?

Harvey sat alone in the bedroom with the lights turned off, listening to the laughter of his friends just outside, apparently still bargaining with her. The idea had been discussed innocently enough at first- theoretical strippers are still mostly harmless- but when it was suddenly upgraded to hooker, plans started getting dicey and now he was cut out of the loop altogether.

The woman the... Continue»
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24 Day in the life of a porn director

5:15 a.m.

I heard the alarm going off for the second time. I rolled over in bed hitting the snooze alarm turning it off. It was 5:15 a.m. I could hear the shower running and smiled as I did so, my hand already reaching down to say good morning to my dick, which was all nice and hard just like it usually was when I woke up.

I wondered briefly as I fondled myself if this was one of those days when Susan was in a hurry to get to work. If she was, then fucking her in the shower was out of the question. Perhaps a hand or blowjob at least if she wasn't too rushed, though there was always Diane... Continue»
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After fighting my way down the aisle I slid into seat 36C and watched the dreary procession filing into the plane, wondering which of these dour-faced passengers I would be stuck next to for the next ninety minutes. As usual, the few pretty faces I saw found seats well before they reached my row. With my luck I'd probably end up with a chatty old lady telling me about her grandk**s the whole flight, or, worse, a sl**py fat guy, taking over the armrest and squeezing me out of my seat.

It looked like the plane was full and I'd escape with the row to myself when a late arrival appeared in the... Continue»
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I'm Not Bad, Just Drawn That Way

I've heard stories about news photographers who get shot because when they put the camera viewfinder to their eye, they forget that they're actually in a dangerous situation and think they're just watching something happening to someone else. It's like extreme voyeurism. I know it sounds strange, but I believe it. I believe it because it happened to me.

I'm not a photographer. I'm an artist. Well, I want to be an artist. I take my sketchbook everywhere I go and when I get "in the moment," I'm really transported away from where I'm really at to a place somewhere in my head.

So I'm sitting... Continue»
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$ Shortage

I was relaxing on the beach one sunny afternoon. There was some pretty fantastic scenery wandering around and I was enjoying it. Mind you, it took a bit of effort to keep the old fellow under control so he wouldn't embarrass me.

A couple of the choicest bits of scenery were decorating a couple of towels quite close to me. I know what you're thinking - I chose that spot because of the scenery, but you're wrong. I was actually there first and they set up next to me while I was swimming, but I had no complaints.

The two items of perambulating scenery were blonde and brunette. Young and fit... Continue»
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20,000 Feet, 2 Hands

"Might be my lucky night!" I thought to myself as I leaned my seat back just a little, hoping that the two seats next to mine would stay empty. I was facing a long flight across the country; it was late, I was hoping to get some peaceful sl**p. My wife was with the k**s a few rows up, I had checked on them a minute earlier, and they were already asl**p. The flight's departure was in 3 minutes, so it was looking like things would work out in my favor.

Then I heard a commotion coming down the aisle. I was in the back of the plane, so it took a minute for the ruckus to make it closer towards m... Continue»
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"Arresting" Officer

I was lounging on the couch in my media room, watching NASCAR on the big screen. There was a commercial on right now, and my mind was wandering. A knock on the front door brought me back to reality.

As I approached the front door, I heard a radio squak outside. I tried to peek through the sidelight glass, but it was frosted, so all I could see was a shadowy form close to the door, and a flashing coloured light in the background. Police? Why?

I cautiously opened the door. The officer had his back to me. No. A pony tail of dark brown hair hung down to the middle of her back. Ladycop. Abo... Continue»
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Fucking In Back Of The Van During Roadtrip

This is going to be a fantasy story of mine that I thought I would share with you all, Hope you enjoy guys and gals......

It was time for my families long awaited road trip to a campsite that we began staying at once a summer as kind of a tradition that I had been more then looking forward to for months. It was going to be me, my mom, dad, cousin and aunt Lindsey whom I always enjoyed being around because she was always very nice to me and really funny. We climbed into the van and headed to Lindsey's house where she was standing outside in a tight black dress which pressed against her nic... Continue»
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