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Their Yorkshire Holiday

Their Yorkshire Holiday
John Kavanagh

The mail came via a profile entry that I had on one of the many swinging sites and was a blunt invitation to have sex with the sender’s wife when having a short break in Yorkshire from Aberdeenshire. His profile was short, very recently added and with an accompanying picture of a quite elderly man “seeking an uncomplicated sexual contact with a woman”, not mentioning his wife other than an inference that their relationship was sexually moribund. With nothing to lose by a positive reply, I added my e-mail address and thought no ... Continue»
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'Little s*s' chapter 10

I was exhausted when I got home. I couldn’t wait to rip off my clothes and jump in the shower. I realized I used thigh muscles I didn’t know I had during my all day sex extravaganza. I did plan to text eric but as soon as my wet naked body sat on my bed I knew I had to sl**p. I went to bed with my hair wet. My mom couldn’t wake me for dinner. I don’t know what happened but I woke up right at 9:30pm totally refreshed.

I was nervous. I wanted to text him but I didn’t want to seem too eager. We’d been friends so long I didn’t want him to think I grew up to be some raging slut chasing dick nigh... Continue»
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Underworld: Fuck me!

I'm still not sure what I did to piss Lady Jenova off this badly but for the last thousand evenings or so, the Trolls have kept delivering me to the Minotaur's torture chamber. And every night I'm dressed the same, wearing nothing but white stockings and high heels. The Trolls drag me into the torture chamber, where they manacle me across a raised wooden saddle on my stomach and f***e an oversized, scream muffling, white ballgag deep within my mouth. Alone and helplessly bound, the Trolls leave me to await the sunset and the Minotaur's arrival.
I guess, in his own sadistic way, the Minotaur i... Continue»
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My Crazy Week...

so last month I ended up having sex with 4 different women in a matter of 2 weeks and when I stopped to think about it I figured that's quite an accomplishment for me so I thought why not try and out do myself this month and just so happens things were able to fall into place heres how it went...ill upload some pix to go along with this that i took during the encounters except for my mature bbw shes camera shy

the night before I get a text from my latina bbw fwb that ive shown here before saying she wanted to come over Monday turns out that she lies to her husband that she has to w... Continue»
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I have this friend, I have known for years, ever since college. Never got sexual with her, except this one time, I told her that I would love to fuck her tits (we were d***k!!!).
The reason I never did anything with her is, that she married young, and that she is one of those mediocre girls. Not ugly, but certainly not beautifull, nor cute. She is short and thick, but not fat. Big ass, and big fucking tits.
I have known her for more than 13 years, without a single petting. Until last night.
Me and some friends from college, got together for a few drinks. I must tell you, first of all, that ... Continue»
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Brazilian Teenager, Part 2

This is a followup to the Brazilian teenage story I posted here recently.
You may remember about some cock teasing by a group of teenage girls on the beach and then a little more intimate fun, by chance, in my apartment.

Well, some time passed after the chance, but incredibly sexy, meeting with the girl. Giselle, as I found out her name, and there were no chance meetings. I even went to the beach as regularly as I could to try and accidentally see them, but no luck. They didn’t come back, so I became concerned that someone had spotted us and I was a few moments away from a beating.
As wit... Continue»
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Online fun

I was feeling horning and felt like doing a little writing... I thought I share it a bit wider than just with Sussanka :)

Hmmm, suck sexy suckable nipples :)

will you bite them too? :)

Gently first, to see how you like it... then I'd suck them hard and bite them to get your taste. I bet your taste wonderful.

Would you squeeze them and massage them into my waiting mouth?

You'd squeeze them as if trying to milk them whilst I suck hard on them. You'd feel my stiff cock against your leg, one of my hands squeezing your other tit whilst my... Continue»
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Workin' it

I was just thinking about you.
You straddling my face, while we are on a bed... I'm laying on my back. Your hands are against the wall, giving you leverage, to push off of, and down... Using the wall so you can grind your clit and pussy, hard, onto my mouth and all over my face... f***efully and intensely... using the wall and headboard to balance... so you can position yourself, your crotch, over me, to move and maneuver your hot tight asshole just above and down onto my tongue, perfectly... I spread your cheeks, and the tip of my tongue brushes, flicks and teases around your sexy puckered a... Continue»
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Mature neighbour caught naked leads to sex

I own a few houses which I let to students in Guildford and every year when they move out there's the endless ritual of cleaning and repairs to take care of.

A couple of years back, I was going through the motions of this and found myself there for a few days late in June. I was out front, clearing the garden an so on, when I got collared by my retired neighbour, who was called Liz.

I'll tell you a bit about her first though. I had met her many times and chatted across the fence or I'd popped round to her place for a coffee and a chat - I guess she was a bit lonely, as she lived alone ... Continue»
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Story 4

I found my guy in his bed asl**p. He looked so sweet and peaceful, and for a moment I wasn’t sure if I wanted to wake him or not, but in the end horniness overcame me. I took off my clothes, slid under the covers next to him, and was pleased to find he was naked under the sheets as well. I put my hand on his dick, and gently stimulated him. His dick responded almost instantly, and he let out a soft moan, but didn’t wake. Not wanting to waste any time, I slid my head beneath the sheets and took him into my mouth, sucking, savouring his salty hardness. It took longer than I expected, but he fina... Continue»
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Making A Cheating Wife Squirt

A couple of years ago I was out with a few friends at a local bar. It was a very upscale establishment located in an area of town filled with private golf courses and large homes. This of course brought in a cliental that offered very good scenery while enjoying a couple beers. On this saturday night it seemed like every booth was packed full of gorgeous housewives out with their friends and beautiful couples out for the night without their k**s. Me and my two friends that joined me that night looked very out of place in this bar. This was not your typical college bar atmosphere and the p... Continue»
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Watching My Wife With My Hung Boss

My name is Trevor, I am twenty seven years old and have been married to my amazing wife Katie for a little over four years now. Katie is twenty six, a sweetheart and absolutely stunning. She has a petite body, blonde hair, green eyes, amazing tits and a tight ass. When we first started dating I couldn't believe that I could land someone like her and I will admit dating her wasn't easy at first because of the constant flow of guys that hit on her sometimes even with me with her. We couldn't even walk threw the store or the mall without guys leering at her. I know Katie loved it though and she d... Continue»
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me and the geeks

It was the beginning of 3rd year in college, Evan and I have been together since first year. Now we are moving in together, well sort of, we are moving into a rental with his two buddies Jason and Steve. Evan and his friends are computer geeks. They love their online games and computers and coding. Me, well I am Amanda, your typical college student. I am 5’3” 165 lbs, I know a little chunky but I still feel sexy. I have long brown hair, c cup breasts and fairly big nipples.
Evan and I have a great sex life. We are both very open, we love to roleplay. He loves hearing about all the guys I have... Continue»
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BJ for the bouncer

Last Friday D?? and I went to The --- club again. It's mostly black. No sooner did we walk in the door and we were swarmed. It felt like it was open season on the white bitches. We must have danced with every guy in the place. You know me, I always show off the "girls". Well after a while the guys got so worked up they would grab them. Then one guy literally reached in my top to play with them. I gave a fake laugh and turned away and cover them up again. As the evening progressed they became bolder. My gf and I talked at one point and both realized if we didn't act a little restrained we would... Continue»
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Hotel Bondage Session

He was waiting for her in the uncomfortable chair in the dark hotel room. The one lamp he lit when he came in cast shadows across the room. The door was propped open with the bar, so he wouldn’t have to get up to open the door. He specifically requested a second floor room, with as few occupied rooms around them as possible. The traffic noise from the highway was loud coming through the crack of the door.
He looked at his phone for the third time in a minute. Two more minutes until she was supposed to be there. No new email. No new notifications. Nothing to do but wait. He got to the ho... Continue»
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My mother inlaw introduces me to leather 2

Continued from part 1.....

As I looked at my mother inlaw (Sarah) her leather clad body still straddling my cock... my mind was in overdrive.. I couldn't believe what has just happened.. Have I really just had the most erotic filthy sex with my gf's mother and blew my load inside her 48 year old pussy.

As I composed myself and realised that I wasn't dreaming.. it really has just happened.
At this point although I was still in heaven and was as horny as ever the guilt started to set in and I was thinking about jess and what it would do to her if she was ever to find out that her bf of ... Continue»
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i night i spent with my mum part 3

Here's part 3 of I night I spent with my mum.
Thank you to everyone who liked my story and red it im very happy you enjoyed it.

Its been a couple of months since me and Leanne became lovers, I have finished college and have found a job so I can help pay for our bills I have even moved in to Leanne room now where we shear our bed, nobody knows about us apart from my auntie Lou she's coming round a lot more since she found out about me and my mum, we all joke around flirting with each other but nothing more then that.

I thought we could all go away for the weekend just for a l... Continue»
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Carol: My Sexual Mentor Part III "Totally Av

Rudy’s was one of the neighborhood campus bars, one popular with the Greek crowd. Sprinkled with sawdust on the floors, the bar attracted a steady clientele in the late afternoons and evenings but usually was scarcely populated at lunchtime despite the fact that they offered a great, reasonably priced burger. Carol lead me to the booth furthest from the front door., so there was nobody near us. We decamped there, ordered burgers and beers, made some small talk, got our beers and then discussed the council’s band suggestions. Some were great bands we simply could not afford. Others were somewha... Continue»
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'Little s*s' chapter nine

After school I hung out at Jason’s. I knew I would never confess my new hobby in the dark room. That much sexual activity in one day left me so damn bubbly I was damn near obnoxious. Jason thought it was from fucking first period and getting high at lunch. I just couldn’t wipe the smirk off my face. Scott was perched in front of the TV sipping whiskey. I told him to pour me a glass and Jason told us we were both lushes.

Scott just grinned at me and said ‘I’ll pour you a glass if I can see your bra and panties.’ Jason sat down beside him with a grin. He busted out with ‘Scott do you know wha... Continue»
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Scholar and Shield Maiden_Ch 1: Battle Whore

Head bent, squat-shuffling down the narrow tunnel, I kicked something. The sound of it crashing against the wall echoed in the stygian darkness.

“Shhhh!” Though soft, the sibilance made me start and I banged my head against the rough stone above.

I stopped dead, grabbed her metal corset, and hissed in her ear, “There are snakes down here. I fucking hate snakes!”

I could only imagine her sardonic smile when she whispered back, “I’m a lot more dangerous than any serpent or god-snake you ever read about in your moldering books.”

It was time to check our progress anyway. No other cho... Continue»
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