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The First Time a Woman Fucked Me

I was driving through a parking lot this evening when I saw a Jeep Grand Cherokee that reminded me of a story from way back in 1999. I was 22 at the time, and that November I met a 29 year old woman (who I shall call "M." for her anonymity) at a bar. M. was on a separate date but wasn't having too much fun so she kept coming over and talking to me. We kissed at the end of the evening and she gave me her number. M. was tall and thin with light blond hair. She looked older than me, but she did not look 29. All in all, M. was a very attractive, dare I say, hot woman. We made plans and had ... Continue»
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My slutty girlfriend

I used to have a girlfriend called Julie. I loved her so much. It was a whirlwind romance and we married after 8 weeks.

She had long black hair, lovely perky tits, slim hips and long legs. She was such a good fuck and we had amazing sex together.

When I met her I was quite inexperienced sexually, and she taught me so much. I would often feel inadequate thinking about her former lovers though, because I only have a 5inch cock.

I began to question her about her previous boyfriends. I wanted to know howany men had fucked her. She was 23. She admitted she had slept with about 40-50 gu... Continue»
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Masturbating in pantyhose again

A few days later I get a text telling me that my new friend will be at the car park in the woods later that day. All that morning I am hard with anticipation. I take a shower to refresh myself and dress again in a pair of my favourite tan coloured sheer to the waist pantyhose. I pull on my trousers and tshirt, slip on my shoes and leave the house. I drive to the wood and entering the car park I see several cars parked including my friends. I pull up next to him and wind down my window so we can talk. He tells me that he thinks most of the other cars belong to people walking their dogs so we si... Continue»
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"nobody's ever called me a liar for an e

I had put in most of the day at a BusinessLand downtown and was beat. I had parked at an underground garage that locked up at 8 pm, so I could avoid the rush hour traffic and unwind at a popular bar across the street. I got a seat at the bar behind a group that was on their way out, so the seat next to me soon opened up.

A woman in a business suit and short blonde hair took the stool next to me, and we struck up a pleasant conversation. We discovered to our amazement that we had some friends in common, and had both actually attended the same out-of-town wedding a few months earlier.

We... Continue»
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A Warm Spring Morning

It's Tuesday 7AM, a thin sliver of sunlight shines through my bedroom window, as I roll over in bed. My boyfriend, Gavin, has just left for his job and I get to laz-around until I start work at Noon. I stretch out under the covers, wipe sl**p from my eyes, and toss my hair. Something comes over me, I feel a little naughty this morning. Oh, Gavin and I had great sex the other day, but I've got a need THIS morning.

I leave the comfort of the bed and slink to the closet. Under a stack of folded clothes, I pull out an oversized handbag and retrieve my favorite toy- the rabbit. My "never ... Continue»
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bbw for bbc

Over the past year my wife has put on what I call sexy weight. She's not necessarily obese but the added stress of breast feeding and a new job has given way to some extra well defined curves.

Before pregnancy she was a 34B. A few months before giving birth and now well into year one of breast feeding she's swollen to 36DD. Her ass has gotten fat too. She's almost pouring out of her old jeans. It definitely makes for a bit more fun during sex as I don't have to worry about hurting her when I cram myself in balls deep. I get some extra padding and can hammer away without constantly hitting ... Continue»
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an akward encounter

once I made a guy cum like 8 times in one evening/night. he was the dad of my best friend. he was married with 2 k**s, both were in my school it was middle and highschool they were 14 and 18 at the time i was 18 too. i didnt know it was him untill the most akward time possible. he opened the door to the room I was in, there was music going I was about 8 feet from the door, face down with makeup and whiskers and cat nose painted on, furry paws(gloves boots), ass up in the air oiled up, hands spreading it, lights pointed at it, banana barely sticking out all while wearing my skirt and stockings ... Continue»
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xhamster gives me what i really wanted

This was on my old profile which i deleted because i was getting a bit addicted to the dirty talk and just the fantasy of it, it tended to be after a few beers i did this more with a throbbing cock just trying to get someone to take up my offer of being theyre plaything for the night or a portion of it anyway i always fantasised about being taught a lesson by a huge cock never with any success so one night i was doing this and finally found someone who sounded very responsive to this idea but said it was too late (2am) and he was in the city centre about 6 miles away and neither of us drove. T... Continue»
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the yearly pussy examination

FYI, this didn't happen to me with a guy ,this happened to me with a girl, whilst we were being very naughty

I got to the office early and told Kelly what had transpired between my boss and I.

"Why did they post the video online?"

"To show everyone what a slut you are, honey."


"Why are you so adamant about hiding it? You can't hide it. I'll bet most of the people who see you walking your hot little ass down the street can tell you're a slut."

"But it jeopardized my job!"

"Well, you got out of it, right? And you got out of it by giving him what he wanted. You'... Continue»
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Woods Sex

I am a Bi Seaxuall male have been all my life, yea i had my dick sucked by a male first but i always liked pussy. the first pussy i fucked i had to lick it first taste it loved it and always have loved pussy. But sometimes i like to go down on a guy eat his cum and even have my ass fucked by the right type of cock .Or even fuck a guy in his ass if i am into it . But the best sex is when there are more then just two people three four five even six is cool at the same time . Like a small orgy when ever there is more then four. So this older guy i know he tells me about this park that guys go to ... Continue»
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Both Sides of a Cuckold - My Filthy Whore of an Ex

Around 10 years ago, I was involved with a woman - let's call her "Carol". Carol and I were together for three years. The sex was incredible, the best I've ever had before or since. In less than a year, we were living together in an apartment. We worked opposite shifts, mostly, although there were times our hours coincided, and we of course had weekends.

Now, to be honest, Carol had... issues. She had pretty serious emotional problems. Realistically, I should have left her long before, but I thought I was in love, and thought she would change. And, as I mentioned, there was the sex. ... Continue»
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Rockhard College

"I got in!" Samantha squealed as she ran inside. She had been checking the mailbox for days and was starting to feel discouraged but the entrance letter finally arrived; she was going to get to go to College! Samantha had come from a poor home and she honestly didn't think she'd ever be able to afford college, but then near the end of the first semester of high school she received a letter which said that she had been selected as a candidate for Rockhard College. All she had to do was submit the application and she would be able to attend with a full paid scholarship.

"Oh my god that's a... Continue»
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The older man

The wife was at work and I didn’t have any jobs to do, it was a warm sunny summer’s day and I decided to have a few hours to myself on xhamster, sitting on the settee I was trowelling through the video’s and feeling myself up when there was a knock on the door. Opening it there stood an older man asking me if I could spare a half hour for some market research.

I thought ‘why not’ and in he came. As we chatted away he was Tim, 49, been married 26 years, 2 grown up k**s and was dressed in a shirt and brown slacks. He and his wife were having a rocky patch was is usually typical when the k**s ... Continue»
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Fran and the Burglars

Your master had been very pleased with your behavior at school. The boys also must have
been satisfied with their little slut toy, otherwise known as ‘Fran, the teacher’; at least, you didn’t
receive any complaints or punishments. You don’t have any classes to teach for the next ten
days and, while you are not able to forget about the experience, at least you manage to behave
normal around your f****y during the following days.

Until one evening, six days after your ordeal in class, you receive the phone call you’ve been
dreading and, at the same time, hoping for.

“Hi Fran,... Continue»
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DONNA - Overtime in the dungeon

We were doing some overtime at the store, down in the ‘dungeons’ the store rooms right at the bottom of the store where stuff was stockpiled but very rarely used. The managers wanted volunteers to sort through the crap and we would be paid a set fee for each day. I volunteered for a day and what a day it was.

The day came and we’d been working for a couple of hours, it was very dusty and dirty, and there were six rooms all the same. 11:00am came and everyone trailed upstairs for a break, I came out of the room I was working in and suddenly heard an unusual noise coming from the furthest roo... Continue»
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Had a dream last night about my friend Harrybush 1. I stayed over her house and was sl**ping in her guest bedroom. In the morning she must have opened the bedroom door to see if everything was ok and while I was sl**ping I must have kicked the covers off of myself.

When she looked in she noticed that the covers were pushed down by my feet and came in to pull them over me. As she was walking up she noticed I was laying there on my back nude and my cock was hard and laying on my leg.

She stood there staring at my engorged manhood fantasizing how she would love to play with that rock hard ... Continue»
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Rest Stop

I was on a cross country trip back in 98. I lived in the Northeast and i thought that sense i was going to Los Angelas that going south and hitting 40 all across the USA. New england is where i am from so 95 was the easy way to 40 so i was on my way .Well construction got me all confused in New York and i ended up going through Pennsylvainia . I then was on 79 which went down through that state and into West Virginia On this trip i was going to see if i could save money and just sl**p in my car. The first night was the West Virginia welcome center. Not a real big welcome center but well lit i ... Continue»
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The one thing Fred liked was young girls and the taste of young pussy. He was fifty two and had no trouble finding all the the young girls he needed to satisfy his hunger. Today he was driving down the road and a hot young gall was hitch hiking. She had nice big tits in a tight short and she was sexy and pretty. He pulled over and she hopped in his truck. They drove a few miles and she said that she had just turned eighteen and was running away from home and then he put his hand on her leg and rubbed it and then he rubbed closer to her pussy. She did not seem to mind and he then told her "Why... Continue»
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My road trip. BBW told me to bring a condom

I was recently on a road trip and decided to have some fun on the way home. I drove from NC to SC to hang with some friends for a few days and I decided to post an ad to hook up on the way back north. A BBW milf responded to my ad the day before I left. She said she was 39 years old and posted pics of her ass and tits and said she was willing to fuck and suck. On my way home I met her just before the border at a hotel and knocked on her door. She answered wearing jeans and a tank top with no bra. She had long brown hair down to her shoulders, big saggy tits with erect nipples, and a monster as... Continue»
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k**napped by an Alien Chapter 4

Zorg was pleased with the creature Susi. She had taken the fist up her cunt very well. And Catherine was correct, the singing of her screams were most pleasing. He would attempt to do the same thing that she did, make her scream. As he moved between her splayed thighs, her pussy dripping wet, his kock moved outward, now almost at a right angle to his body. It seemed to be harder then usual. Maybe he was like Catherine, female’s screams making his kock hard.

Catherine stood next to Loren’s head, her whisper heard by her. “Look how big his kock is, Susi, it is over twenty inches long. Have yo... Continue»
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