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Prison Bitch 1

James had never had to share a room with another man in his life. He'd never had a b*****r, he'd lucked out for his first year of college and snagged a single room, and then his whole life had changed. The guards e****ted him down the halls, the sound of men stomping their boots and smacking their cell bars following him. James hung his head, his blond hair falling into his face. He was - or had once been - a cute college k**. He was a little nervous, a little bookish, his frame slender and light. With his big blue eyes, his full cocksucking lips and the cute glasses perched on his nose, he lo... Continue»
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Prison Bitch 2

James was in quite the predicament - he was kneeling at the feet of his burly, masculine cellmate, his lips swollen and slick from sucking Kyle's cock, tears streaming down his face, his cute blue eyes wide with horror. Kyle's monster dick bobbed and jerked in front of his face, wet with spit and pre-cum. James couldn't imagine that cock fitting in his ass - it was the thickest dick he had ever seen, even in porn. But if he didn't bend over and offer his ass up willingly, Kyle would just make him. He was his cellmate's new bitch - if he didn't play nice, Kyle would just hurt him, would fuck hi... Continue»
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Feminized by a Black Thug

I had been with my girlfriend since college. Somehow despite being a buxom blond she didn't mind my less than average size member or my slight slim stature, we're almost the same size. We were taking a big step now that we'd graduated, we decided to move in together. My girlfriend, Katy's parents gave her their condo in the north side of Chicago. The place was incredible. 2 bedrooms, a view of the lake, and a balcony, and a sophisticated security system complete with cameras.

I hadn't found a job yet, so I was home all day while Katy was at work. This gave me time to indulge in my secret f... Continue»
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girl fucks to get by

It was a completely different category of harassment. I couldn't step outside of my tiny studio apartment for lunch without a barrage of attention from men. Even without makeup, I literally stopped traffic, even causing a minor fender bender once. I was consistently scouted by modelling agencies on the street. I'm not trying to seem arrogant, but that was my daily life. My commitment to fitness kept my butt perky, full, and smooth, while my breasts perfectly complimented my athletic, slim, dancer-like body. Unlike other girls who dressed a bit cute or too sexy, I know I looked sexy without try... Continue»
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I had just started courses at our local collage and was still living at home when one day I came home to find my father sitting on my bed. "Dad" I started, "Is there something wrong?" I asked. He replied there wasn't and told me to "Come here". I moved over next to him and he took hold of my arms, pulled me next to him, "Kiss me" he demanded. I was taken aback a bit, despite the fact that I had been having sex with him since the day I saw him with mom, "Kiss me you whore" he demanded again and I knew to obey ( he had been drinking and I could smell the booze o... Continue»
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Melinda Chapter 23

Violetta stood in front of her. She was wearing a black leather catsuit, so tight it followed every contour of body even, it seemed, the very folds of her sex.
"You know you have to be punished?"
It was a question. "Yes, Mistress," Melinda responded, glad to be able to intone more familiar responses.
Violetta had been called to the courtyard as soon as the first rider had discovered Melinda in the pit. She had been untied and made to tell everything.
"I don't want you here any more."
Violetta strode about, her anger difficult to contain. She knew she would have to get Raimundo back. If sh... Continue»
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My Wife Made Me a Cock Sucker

My wife Sara had expressed her interests in watching me suck another man for the last couple years. I was never really sure about it, so it was just something she fantasized about when masturbating. Sometimes when eating her, she would tell me to lick her cunt clean from the mess the boys had made in there. Of course there wasn't any cum in there but it got her off thinking about it. To be honest, the thought kind of turned me on. I've never sucked a dick but f***ed bisexual porn always interested me. I had tried watching gay porn before but it just didn't do it for me. It seemed to only be ar... Continue»
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Fiancée for all II: The fuck-off.

"More..." growled my panting fiancé, as the toned and bronzed Adonis withdrew his still-stuff member from her satisfied special place. A thin trail of semen followed his exit, although not as much as he had undoubtably pumped deep inside my wanting woman. By now, a few of the other party-goers had been spurred on by the adonis' passionate performance, and a couple of older fellas were circling the woman at the absolute peak of her sexual prime. She wielded her appetite for cock like a precise weapon aimed directly at the libidos of every man present, and each one was eager to step up to the al... Continue»
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Met on the Internet ...

Hi, My name is Jennifer, but I go by Jenni. I met this guy, had the most amazing time but my girlfriends are real prudes and would just drag me down and disapprove! But I just have to tell someone my story.

I am 5’3 115 lbs. with dark hair and eye’s. I am built nice and curvy with a nice round ass. I think it's isn't that big a deal but it stops guys and makes them take a second look.

Anyway, I was playing on the Internet one night when I went to chat in a room. I planned on maybe a little light sex talk to prepare me for a night with my vibrator buried deep in my pussy and my fingers... Continue»
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part 2

In part one
I got some pills from Derby & I took my wife clothes off & fucked my wife over the arm of the couch & then fucked her ass-hole then cum in it, I got her on the floor & fuck her mouth with my cock & ram my 2 hands in her pussy & filled her mouth full of cum.

Part two.
After few weeks my wife was going out more with her friends & she would not get back till after midnight, at first I did not think much about it now 5 months later she still goes out 2 times a week, sometimes in the day or some at night at the weekend.
But to me the way my mind was working then, we were doing fin... Continue»
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Sex for cash

I laid there on my stomach as this old man( at least forty, I was only 17 at the time) stroked his rough hands over my butt cheeks. I cringed but tried not to show my disgust, he had laid 75.00 on the dresser for the privileged of having sex with me.

I was young and dumb but wanted to be fucked and needed the money. I wanted to be fucked more, but that's another story, oh why not tell...

I had been used so many times by Bruce, Charlie and Daniel and others, I had come to want to be used by men sexually. So when this guy rubbed against me in the market, i could not help but bend sli... Continue»
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Dominated/Used by Ex

I will start out by telling you I am a mid 30's married male who has a pretty good sex life but one day I got the urge to call my ex and see if she was interested in seeing me again since I would be on a business trip in her area. She said she was and could I come over Friday night but I would need to come up to the back door and to make sure I took off all my clothes on the porch before I walked in. Wow, I was going to get some of her hot ass and I was excited.

I finished my business Friday afternoon and left to drive up to her house. I pulled up to her house and walked to the back porch.... Continue»
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Sex Bomb Married Cousin s****r Needed Sex

The heroine of this story is my cousin s****r Shobha. Her age is 24. She is married and her hubby stays overseas. She is a sex bomb and also a beautiful figure she looks like Tamil actress Nayanthara.

Her vital stats are 36-24-36 she has maintains herself very well. She has wheatish complexion and everyone seeing her will want her to be fucked.

This happened wen I was 18.

She is staying alone in her house as her hubby visits only twice a year. As I went to her home she greeted me with a smile and told me to freshen up
... Continue»
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Unlimited Fun With A beauty With Brain

This story was between me and Sheetal (Name Changed) – a beauty with brain. Her figure was like 34-30-36 and she was really fair and her height was like 5 foot 5 inch and I am tall, athletic and handsome.

I saw Sheetal first at Chicago Airport travelling to Mumbai and then at that time I decided if not sex at least have friendship with her. She was arguing to have window seat but unfortunately it was full. So I asked the lady at the airline I will like to give her mine.

Initially she was apprehensive to have it but late
... Continue»
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Fucking Wife In Front Of Her Husband In Hotel Room

Hey namaste All!. This story is about a cuckold husband where he enjoyed fucking wife of him in front of him,

Its A Story From Delhi To Mumbai I’m Aircraft Student Came here (mumbai) for Complete my studies. So here is the story of my first “job”.

It was 11:00pm on a Saturday night. I’m hanging out at a Club with my friend from out of town. I get a mail From a lady.The Lady tells me I have 20 minutes to make it to the location.

She gave me a heads up that it sounded like a really good call. The location is bandstand ba
... Continue»
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My Wife's Bitch

The best way to explain my relationship I have with my wife is to explain how I became a slave to my wife. My wife is 5'2 and 115 pounds and has a nice curvy figure. Basically she looks damn hot. I am 6' and 185 with an athletic swimmers build. Not to sound conceded, but I consider myself fairly nice looking man.

My wife and I married when I was 21 and she was 19, everyone said we were to young but we're in love and we're both ready. It is now been 10 years since we married and are still very happy with each other.

But our marriage hasn't always been bliss. About 4 years into our marriag... Continue»
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Who's The Sissy Now?

Like many people, I was bullied in school. I was small, slender and effeminate and, as a result, was often called gay, queer, fag and sissy by school bullies. The fact that what they said was sort of true just made it closer to the bone and more painful to hear. Like many teenage boys, I was going through something of an identity crisis surrounding my body and my blossoming sexuality. The feelings that I had always had as a c***d that me being a boy wasn't quite right were now increasingly pronounced. Of course, under the circumstances, this just made me more embarrassed and insecure, I was so... Continue»
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My Wife Made Me Her Bitch

Right when we were in the middle of great sex, I told her how good I thought her pussy would taste after I came in her and told her I'd love for her to make me her bitch and insist I eat her to orgasm and clean her messy pussy out. She was grossed out by the idea and wouldn't let me do it. I don't know why I have the urge to eat cum from my wife's pussy, but I know I'm not the only man to have this desire.

A number of d***ken nights later, my wife learned that after I came I really didn't want to eat her cum-soaked pussy anymore. She also learned it made me really hot during sex if she told... Continue»
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Please, Make Me Eat It

She straddled my legs and leaned forward. Her breasts hung over my stomach. She swayed from side to side and her breasts gently smacked my hardened penis. She stroked my hardness with her nipples. I groaned and moaned my pleasure. Drops of pre-cum fluid formed. She smeared my pre-cum with her nipples, back and forth. "Mmmm I love your slick pre-cum on my nipples, do you? Do you love how it feels? Do you love your slick pre-cum on my hard nipples?"

"Yes, oh yes I do"

"Do you want to lick the pre-cum off my nipples, do you want to do that?"

" Yes I want that." I said quivering.

She... Continue»
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The GayMaker

I caught Mark cheating on me again. That bastard!"

"Wow...sorry s*s. What are you going to do?" asked Frank.

"I don't know. I need to teach him a lesson."

"Why don't you just break up with him," Jerry wondered.

"Oh I'm going to break up with him alright. But before I do...I'm going to get him back. This is the third time I've caught him."

"What you need is the gay maker," Frank said.

"Dude...that's pretty rash," Jerry said.

"This guy is fucking it up for the rest. He's pissing off all the women and giving guys a bad name. Besides, this is my s****r man. I can't let t... Continue»
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