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My girlfriend invites her ex to stay with us

Quick background info for those who haven't read any of my other stories.
I'm submissive by nature. My submissive side was always a secret until I started to experiment with my girlfriend of 3 years, Sue, which led her to becoming the dominant person in our day to day lives and later led her to cuckolding me.
Now that the background info is out of the way, we can start with the story.
Also keep in mind I try to add as much detail as I can so my stories tend to have a slow build up.


My girlfriend stayed in touch with one of her ex's, they weren't very ... Continue»
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Slutty Day!!!

Slutty Day

As a closeted CD it's sometimes hard to find time or a place to play. I usually meet my dates and dress at their place, or get a hotel room, but my car died and I haven't been able to afford a new one yet. Needless to say, playtime has been even more scarce. Compounding this, I don't live alone so I can't usually host. I did have a rare day with the roomies gone recently, so I just had to take advantage. I got up early, placed a Craigslist ad, did an all over body shave, and started getting all dolled up for a day of fun. I put on a little black minidress, black lacy panties,... Continue»
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Julie’s mischievous desires – Part 6

Julie’s mischievous desires – Part 6

--------- Chapter 12
Meeting Susan…

Later that afternoon, Linda is having a relaxing Coke while sitting at the kitchen table, while her son was a football practice, and her daughter was at the Mall with a friend shopping. She has been thinking over what she had done with her ch(i)ldren that morning, she felt no qualms, only a special excitement. Her cunt still tingled from her son’s cock and her daughter’s sweet tongue. Also, she couldn’t deny the pleasure she had gotten from watching Julie take a cock into her pussy for the first time.

L... Continue»
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Grandad of love 11.

I awoke Christmas morning to a strange pleasant sensation and as looked down the end of my bed I saw Faith kneeling between my legs bent forwards licking my morning hardon.
"Merry Christmas Eric" she grinned before she gobbled my length.
"Oh yeah..." I groaned as I felt her tongue slid along my shaft down to my balls.
She then continued to suck my cock rapidly, her head bouncing up and down on my cock soaking my balls in saliva.
I lay back enjoying her tongue and her lips on my shaft, it was a fucking great Christmas present and I was loving every second.
Then after a few more minutes Fai... Continue»
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Seduction of Sugar

Sometimes if Sugar does play hard to get, once in while if she has too wound up i tell her nah ah baby take your clothes off and get on the bed. She complies when she see's it not the day i want "hard to get". She can tell within the 1st minute what i am needing of her for that particular session and she rolls with it. i think that is what makes our sex so awesome. There are times though where i want lay on bed next to her or sit down next to her. She loves for me curl up next to her. Now i try get her legs to open wide for me. I could just climb on her and fuck her but i want her open her leg... Continue»
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Dirty talking gets the dick

I was living with my soon to be ex husband. We were sharing the house as a matter of economic convenience but we stopped having a physical relationship, which was his choice not mine. He was seeing someone else in another town and making a half assed attempt to be faithful. I, on the other hand , was still married to him and wasn't looking to be with someone else. I had tried a couple times to convince him to have a little fun but he was resisting. I would call him into the bathroom to talk to me when I was bathing and lean back, showing off my hard nipples. Once or twice I lifted my ass up ou... Continue»
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The Photoshoot...

I enter the room where you have been dressing. I stop, just to stare at you, wearing a new top, off the shoulder, so warmly sexy. My eyes feast on you until you come to greet me with a huge hug and a soft, yet stirring kiss.

As our embrace parts, you ask if I would take photos of you in the new outfit. I reply, "I'd love to". Which is so true, because I know how taking photos of you turns you on.
As I take the camera, I photograph you from many angles as you pose, tease, please and perform for the camera. And, I know, for me as well.

You purposely let the bodice of the top slide ... Continue»
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This is not my story! Found it in the net some years back from an author named "Ben Dover". Google search does not seem to find it uploaded anywhere right now, so here it is...

I was a sexually frustrated man. With an ex-wife who had ripped my heart out and being naturally shy, I resorted to masturbation as a last resort. Unfortunately, my sexual drive seemed to increase and it got harder and harder to become excited over pictures, movies and even stories such as this one. After several years in the Army I ended up going to University in San Francisco. Tired of Rosie ... Continue»
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Taking out the Trash

This is an old story my husband wrote on Literotica after we did a roleplay. Hope you all enjoy it..


First off, I'll be polite and I'll introduce myself. My name is Rick. I live in a little dingy floating on the banks of the Seine. I used to work as a trash collector in my thirties and now I'm pretty much unemployed after I was fired because one of the guy's who's thrash I used to clear had me fired for doing something that him and my employer both found pretty unforgivable.

Years back, when I was around 38 or so, I worked around the villages around Lyon,... Continue»
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Victoria-72 Yr. Old Hottiel Part 5; Vicky Returns

Victoria-72 Yr Old Hottie-Part 5 Vicky Returns

It was two days after being with Mary and Marcie that Vicky came back from visiting her son. She called me to let me know she was back and wanted to see me that day. Frankly, there was no way. I really got my nut off with the other two and being 65 I'm not that young any more. If I was in my 40's or so, I would have gone, but I hate to admit I'm getting to be an old man, especially with these two hotties that seem to be insatiable. We agreed to meet three days later and I anticipated another fuck marathon.

When I arrived I was surprised. Vi... Continue»
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The Office Affair while temping in Belfast

I was 22 years old and just started temping in an office in the city centre. As the boss was showing me around the place thats when i saw her, she was tall and tanned with blonde hair down to her shoulders and i guessed she was about 28 yrs old, the first thing i looked for was a wedding ring.. There was none. There were a few temps starting that day and over the next few weeks of lunching and chatting together the conversation turned to women, someone asked what age you reckon the tall blonde is, he said 32 i said 28, we argued for ages so when we went back up i introduced myself to her and a... Continue»
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My girlfriend

This was around the first of October me and my girlfriend had got together and we'd been together for 1 month now and we had now made the relationship sexual, I went round hers to see her and she had the tightest shirt on you could see her 34 Es and those perfect nipples through the shirt, we went out for a walk and both me and her we're getting Hornier and horniier eventually we got back to hers and we got to her bedroom and she starts grinding on me and my dick gets harder and harder starting to hurt because of the trousers , she whispers in my ear "I want it in me" at this point my dick fel... Continue»
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Barbaria Act 4 Chapter 6

Xena was kept in her cell for forty eight hours, always chained and receiving repeated healing treatment. She was amazed and mortified at how quickly the cruel weals disappeared, preparing her flesh ready for yet more punishment. On the next day, Xena was loaned to Flavia for the day... for her entertainment. Venetia was only too happy to do this for the pretty young Courtier who had suffered so cruelly when Xena had been on the throne. In the usual fashion, on all fours, with chains attached to her nose and nipple rings, Xena was led to Flavia’s quarters. She had been told where she was going... Continue»
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Snowed In (Part 3)

She could hear him finishing up his shower. She had started the coffee and bacon when he got in so he could smell them when he was done. She had just pulled on her sweater. It was long and covered enough but she had no intention of letting him guess at what she had on underneath. It was still snowing and the national weather guy was camped at the nearest turnpike exit. That's never a good thing. Was saying it would snow until dark. The foot and a half that was down already was causing problems. Roads were closed, crews were doing just enough to keep the main roads open, and travel was not advi... Continue»
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Mean Cousin Treating Me Like A Slut Durning Xmas

I love when Christmas time comes around every year because I always get tons of gifts mostly because I am the only c***d of my parents so they and my extended f****y usually lavish me with presents. One part of the holiday I could care less for is that my cousins from out of state come up every year to stay with us for Christmas. Now I love my aunt, uncle and my cousin June but my other cousin Richard is always a dick to me. Richard is a year older than me seven teen years old while I am just six teen and in his mind it gives him permission to be an asshole. I am already a quiet type of person... Continue»
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First time with father (Fiction)

This story is fiction and wasn't written by me.

Melody pulled on her bikini, even tho her pussy was still dripping with her b*****rs cum she was extremely horny. She left the room and returned outside to the pool, enjoying her b*****rs stickiness between her legs. Even though she had just had some of the best sex of her life she wanted more. But her b*****r had passed out from enjoyment, and her mom was gone. So she sat by the poolside horny with no one to fuck. She looked around and seeing nobody she pulled back her bikini to see her b*****rs’ jizz messily sticking to her, and it tu... Continue»
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The Annual Black Friday Party

For sometime now they have labeled the day after Thanksgiving "Black Friday". As it is defined, it is the day where retail merchants get out of the red and back into the black as sales and profits go up due to start of the Christmas Season.

Well, friends of ours we met in 2012 started a tradition of their own with an annual Black Friday party. There is nothing about this party that has anything to do with retail merchants or money. This party was originated for like minded people to get together dressed only in black attire to have some really sexy fun. As I stated previously the one ru... Continue»
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The Housemaids Chapter 2

The Housemaids

Machine translation. I ask some errors to apologize

Chapter 2
Anton was awakened by knocking at the front door. It was Friday, the Arab Sunday, so that he did not work and was able to sl**p longer. When he opened the door he saw Suzy and Lilly are facing the door. Confused and unsure about the evening yesterday he asked both in with a note that he had not been cleaned. Suzy said, "Oh, that does not doing anything. I'll just go for a walk by and thought I'll check quickly with you in. "Suzy had a black, Asian silk suit at the Anton a bit reminiscent of a martial arts dr... Continue»
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The naughty f****y pt4

"Mom, can you go any faster, Mom?" My son, Scotty squirmed excitedly in his seat, straining against his seat belt as he would lean over to peer at the minivan's speedometer and repeat the same question he'd been asking me for nearly an hour. Of course, his eyes would wander from the speedometer to my partly bared breasts, my meaty tits bouncing as we drove down the interstate, barely contained by my black bustier that I'd struggled to get back into at the adult bookstore in the city.

I was amused by my son's insistence that I speed. His mild neurological condition, a form of Aspergers Syndr... Continue»
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Threesome with my closet b*****rs scally fuck budd

My older b*****r Mark had asked me too stay in his apartment for the weekend & look after his dog while he was away on a stag do, It was Saturday night and had been out for a couple drinks, as I approached his apartment I seen a couple of young lads hanging about outside, I had a cheeky perv at them as I entered the block & thought no more of it, a few mins later his intercom rings & when I answered this deep scouse lad says 'Now then fat lash, been down here for ages, seen as your awake now you can let us cum in & chew on ya cock' I made a sort of chuckle thinking it was those scallies taking... Continue»
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