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Gay For a Day Part 2

After his whole day makeover it was mid-evening by the time he arrived. The hotel looked nice enough so he climbed out of the car and walked towards the door. It was on a busy street so he was f***ed to walk down the sidewalk in his new outfit. He could feel the eyes of everyone on him as he walked by. It was an incredible adrenaline rush to look like this in public. The lobby was filled with people going about their business. Many of them noticed him as he walked through the doors. He walked over to the front desk and bent over so he could lean on it while he waited. He knew people in the lob... Continue»
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Gay For a Day

"So, I want to try being gay for a day."

"Sorry, what did you just say?"

"I've been thinking and I've decided that I want to try being gay, just for a day."

Dumbfounded, she looked over at her man. She wasn't sure what to say. Her mouth hung open, but no words came out.

"I want you to arrange everything. I want you to arrange a gay makeover, so I look the part, and then I want you to find a guy to fuck me."

She considered this request for a long while before responding.

"If I set this up for you, you need to go along with everything. There is no backing out half way."

"I'l... Continue»
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Wife's Idea

It started with my wife Pam. She has a love for cock that I have never witnessed before in anyone else. She is constantly playing with mine, in public and private; she can't keep her hands off of it. She loves to tease me, loves to watch me grow hard, and loves to suck endlessly on it afterwards. She takes great pleasure in slurping my cock in the most delicious ways and always insists that I watch while she performs her magic. Slow, fast, deep, soft; she does it all and it's incredible. I have to admit that after two years of watching her supreme enjoyment has caused me to be curious of the a... Continue»
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Cock Sucking Jail Whore

I've always known that I was not meant to be a guy. Being sexual curious I would look at porn mags like any one does. At first it was just magazines with pictures of naked woment. It was when I ran across my first Hustler magazine that my life was changed forever. Seeing pictures of studly guys with big hard dicks and women on their knees about to suck or be fucked by them, made me drool. I wanted to be the woman in the pictures. I had fantasies of sucking those guys hard dicks and having them fuck me. Unfortunately for me I grew up in a small town and finding someone whose cock I could suck w... Continue»
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New Neighbor Makes Me Into Her Bitch Pt6

New Neighbor Makes Me Into Her Bitch Pt6

Tied to the large, low setting coffee table, ball gag in place I wondered what the training would be today. It was an almost romantic setting in the garage. Candles lit at various places around the room. A bottle of wine rested in a bucket of ice to chill. There were even some roses lying next to the ice bucket. Something was not right. I was naked, gagged, bound belly up. The ladies looked fabulous.

Alena pulled up a chair to one side of my body, Mistress to the other. They both wore seductive formal gowns. Low cut tops, revealin... Continue»
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Making Me His Part2

In fact I was at Tim's flat 10 minutes early. I was sitting on a bench in the internal garden of his large private housing estate, near the door to his block of flats.

At 7.25, five minutes before the time of our appointment I felt a shadow near me and looked up to see him.

He was smiling, - in a slightly smug, superior way.

He said: "I knew it. I knew you'd be here. I calculated two days would be enough for you not to want to come, to tell yourself that you weren't going to be my bitch. But that by the second day you'd be aching for my cock."

He said this in a normal conversationa... Continue»
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Making Me His

I was a straight man when I first met my boyfriend. At least that's what I say, he says that it was obvious to him and others that I wasn't, that I was so obviously a closet case.

It's our only disagreement, and that only because he allows me to disagree with him. In all other things I must agree.

So yes, there you are, I am a gay man totally submissive to my boyfriend, especially, oh especially sexually.

So how did all this start, if, as I say, I was straight.

Well I guess the usual way, drink. Tim and I met on a night out of mutual friends and we all had way too much to drink. I ... Continue»
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The Interview

I turned up at the office and was told to wait until the interviewer had finished with the candidate. I sat there waiting nervously and after around 10mins I hear some heels coming down the stairs...I look up and see a leggy brunette with black knee high boots, short skirt and a blouse that looked like the buttons were about to fly off due to the size of her bust. Immediately my mind wandered away from the interview and sexual thoughts ran round. She approached me and greeted me with a smile and handshake. After a little small talk she asked me to follow her to the interview room....

So the... Continue»
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“So, Avis, Jon your husband has sent you to us for some much needed correction!”
She stood erect, defiant even; well dressed, I am not good at sizes but 5ft 6 or so not a young woman it is true but tidy, Her shape was still feminine for her age which I suspect was very late 40s early 50`s, fairly good looking, though her features said that she had seen life and not always from the best side, she had something about her. breasts well defined, though I had as yet not seen them I expected they would sag without support, but she was not overweight, at abou... Continue»
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Sayali Adventures On Goa Trip In December

Hey guys this is Sayali. Just completed engineering this year now doing interior design course diploma of one year in Pune. I am 21 year old and fair in color & height is 5.2 inch & figure is 34d-28-34 just trying too losing some weight.

Had lost my virgnity about four year back to a sir. I had an accident. Because of that I broke my leg & my parent knows that I am poor in maths. So they hear a sir to teach me at home. Any way we had sex after couple on month’s he got married after that I had couple of sex incident.

I d
... Continue»
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My First Lesbian Threesome Expereince

This is a story of my first lesbian threesome experience. Me once went to my cousin home and my cousin name is Kausalya, she looks beautiful, boys or men will scan her whole body wen she goes out..Such a structure.. I am pretty ok only not that beautiful. Actually previously we were good friends and after seeing her in saree I have gone mad about her.. So after that incident I used to hug her all the time.

I used to hold her very tight during the hug initially she was k but after some time told me its paining when you hug…
... Continue»
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Sally company slut 6

Hi my name is Rob and this is the sixth account of my wife Sally. You may wish to read these however to recap she is 24, lovely long brown hair, pretty face and clear blue eyes. Her body is amazing and there is a picture of her on the writers profile page Andyfrancis1. Large firm breasts, slim waste, flat tummy and a very nice tidy pussy.

So far Sally has changed from being a shy retiring woman to a liberated sexpot, to be honest. With my full support she is fucking Private Wealth clients at the Bank where she works. Her boss Mr Stapleton is effectively her pimp and pays her bonuses when sh... Continue»
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Arabian Plaything Chapter 20

Hours seemed to pass.
Hours of some of the deepest wretchedness Belle had ever experienced. For the agony in her soul was far worse than the agony of the weals blazing across her flesh.
The tethering ... the bit ... the straw ... the stall ... the sounds of the other Ponies ... all a nightmare. Unbelievable . . . yet having to be believed. No wonder Belle sobbed her heart out. Sobbed till she was weak with exhaustion.
And those who heard her fully understood.
Then, at some time, Sven returned. He carried with him a bucket of water and a bucket of mush . . . which he tipped into the tro... Continue»
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Husband and Wife Taken

It was almost evening when Jim got home from work. His wife's car was in the garage but she was nowhere in sight. As Jim laid down his brief case the phone rang. "Mr. Jim Hall, we have your wife and if you want her back you will do as you are told. Do you understand?" Jim answered yes. "Go to your mailbox and look inside for further instructions," said the male voice at the other end of the line. " I will but you better not hurt her," Jim said and hung it up after hearing the other person hang up.

Jim hurriedly made his way to his mailbox outside the house. Looking inside he saw a video. H... Continue»
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House Sitting Adventure

My friend Pam asked me to house sit for her on a Monday. She was expecting a furniture delivery anytime between 11 am and 4 pm and she had to work 9-5 and could not possibly take off. Since my hours are somewhat flexible and I can do much work from my tablet anyway, I was glad to help Pam out. A little about Pam; she is single and a very attractive 5’4” 32 year old brunette with a well-toned, athletic body and 34C boobs. She is a gym rat and dresses stylishly giving everyone a not too revealing, but a sexy hint of her lovely, olive skinned body.

Surprisingly, the delivery arrived exactly a... Continue»
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f***ed Gay

I told Nikki about an upcoming business trip to the Las Vegas area, and how I'd be interested in meeting with her for a strap-on and simulated f***ed bi session and that I would be willing to be generous. Nikki started out with one dollar figure, which then increased she said, because Jenny her friend wanted to play too. Then when I asked about rules, she said, rules, what rules? There are no rules! I had to beg for condoms and lube for anal, my only rule. At first Nikki refused. Then she said she'd talk to Jenny. Then she came back to me and said no, saying that she and Jenny have been assfuc... Continue»
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The GayMaker 2

"I hope there are no hard feelings," Linda went on for the twentieth time. They were sitting in a booth at El Taco having lunch. It had been three weeks since Jenny learned about her ex-boyfriend Mark and Linda. It wasn't the first time Jenny caught Mark cheating on her. She was surprised that Linda fell for his bullshit.

"He said you guys had broken up," Linda said trying to pin everything on Mark. He had been a good fuck, but that was no reason to loose Jenny as a friend.

Jenny smiled. "Yeah we broke up," she said leaving out the when. "Normally I wouldn't do this...but since you guy... Continue»
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New Neighbor Makes Me her Bitch Pt5

New Neighbor Makes Me Her Bitch Pt5

Mistress was gone for the past week. Before she left, she put me in chastity. She was to come home on Saturday morning. During the week I was to take four times the recommended amounts of Niacin, Gingko Biloba and Horny Goat weed each day. Each night her daughter, Alena, a pixie slut came over and massaged my body as I watched porn. Then she would masturbate for me. On Thursday she had cum 6 times and made me lick her clean after each! Friday evening I was to drink 6 quarts of water. At midnight I was to take a full dose of Viagra. I had only ... Continue»
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The Connecting Hotel Room

After checking into my hotel room I make it through the hallway and to the door to my room. I open the door and go inside, drop my bags and sit on the couch in the corner of the room. Exhausted from a day of flying, and airports and taxi rides, I turn on the television and try and relax. I doze off after about 20 minutes and fall asl**p. About an hour later I wake up, turn the television off and head for the shower. Just across from the door to my bathroom, is another door, it’s a connecting door to the room next to mine. Not giving it much thought I continue to the shower. Once I get out, as ... Continue»
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Prison Bitch 1

James had never had to share a room with another man in his life. He'd never had a b*****r, he'd lucked out for his first year of college and snagged a single room, and then his whole life had changed. The guards e****ted him down the halls, the sound of men stomping their boots and smacking their cell bars following him. James hung his head, his blond hair falling into his face. He was - or had once been - a cute college k**. He was a little nervous, a little bookish, his frame slender and light. With his big blue eyes, his full cocksucking lips and the cute glasses perched on his nose, he lo... Continue»
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