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The Nude Weekend - Saturday Morning

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a continuation from Nude Weekend - Friday Night and although it is part two of a four part set, it can be read in isolation. Enjoy and please leave a comment, good or bad.


In that detached state between sl**p and awake, Sharon could hear the muffled tones of people talking. She had no idea what time it was and for a slight moment she was unsure even where she was. A faint glow of light illuminated the torso of Marcus who snuffled and shifted himself on the mattress next to her.

Her mouth was bone dry and she could feel the urge to pee pressing down... Continue»
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Sharon does the swing club.

When my wife wants something, I can sometimes find it impossible to refuse her.

We'd just got back from a weekend away where we'd met some friends and swapped partners. I'd always suspected that my wife, and mother of two c***dren, was a whole lot hornier than most women.

She was kneeling on the bed wearing nothing but a smile and casually stroking my cock to hardness when she asked me the question.

"Do you know Lisa from work?" I had never met Lisa but had heard all about her break up with her husband. I just nodded.

"We were talking the other day about sex and stuff an... Continue»
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Sharon goes dogging.

“There were all these guys just turning up and wandering around checking out the cars,” Marcus heard the voice say. It was an innocent enough sentence at first and he only recalled it because of what was said next. “Then I saw them standing next to this car that had its internal lights on and they all had their dicks out near some sheila.”

Marcus looked around and he was pretty sure that the bloke talking on his mobile phone had no idea that anyone could hear him. Hidden behind a wall of hoses and attachments at the local hardware store Marcus was innocently shopping as this bloke just wan... Continue»
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Sharon does the neighbours.

“Bugger,” Sharon tilted her laptop backwards and checked underneath, half expecting to see its innards hanging out. “Piece of shit computer.”

Marcus finished chopping the onions and through teary eyes checked out the computer.

“What did it do?” he asked. “Did any message pop up?”

“Nothing,” she said and forlornly pressed the power button. “And yes it’s fully charged.”

She mashed at the keyboard before slamming down the lid and pushing it across the kitchen bench.

“Why do they always shit themselves when you want to use them most,” she folded her arms and rested her forehead on t... Continue»
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The Hunt Part 3

Body Betrayed

She shivered when she felt a wet tongue leaving a trail up her inner thigh, feeling the hot breath blowing between her legs and over her mound. Hands slid under her ass, clenching on her buttocks, pushing her up until the cuffs dug painfully into her wrists and ankles, unable to move any more. Her ass was off the bed, but not more then a couple of inches, her crotch feeling as if she was being torn up the middle.
“HHHSSSS,” she gasped through her teeth when she felt the tongue slithering up between her legs, running over the outer lips of her mound, up one side and down the o... Continue»
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Roleplay Starter: Scent of a Woman

Roleplay Scene Starter Script. 1 or more Female, 1 Male.

"Scent of a Woman"

Interior: typical kitchen

Nadia and Hank had been neighbors for some time now. At one point after Hank's divorce, they had been lovers briefly.

Winnie, Hank's ex-wife, and Hank were still on good terms and occasionally got together.

Winnie and Nadia were friends socially. Winne had even thrown several not-so-subtle hints to Nadia until Nadia explained that she wasn't into women the way Winnie was.

Hank was in the kitchen filling a large pitcher with ice when Nadia knocked on the outer door light... Continue»
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Debaucery in Fairbanks, Alaska.

This story takes place in 2010 during a business trip to Fairbanks Alaska. Everything you're about to read is exactly what happened. I haven't listed names due to anonymity being kept. So with that said, let's begin.

In 2010 I went to Fairbanks Alaska for the first time. I had lived in Alaska for 3 years but all the way down in Anchorage. It was a relatively world wide business meeting with people from Italy, Japan, England, and all over the United States.

I was 25 at the time, and for those who read my last story, I was not nearly as nervous to talk to women as I was when I was you... Continue»
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"Fisting the pub"

I hate being a bricklayer at this time of year , cold , wet no fucking money ,middle of February , done three weeks work since the new year , Christmas bills coming in , its pure shite.

Get on site for 7.30 am , sit in a shit hole mess hut till 10.30 , foreman comes in and say's fuck off home lads too wet to do anything today "BOLLOCKS"! another day down the pan , got to go home and listen to misery gut's banging on about the bills why she doesnt get a fucking job is beyond me , the nasty fucking bitch.

Driving back home i stop at the newsagents to get a kitkat and as ... Continue»
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'little s*s' chapter eight

After eric left the auditorium my legs were shaking so bad I basically did the walk of shame in front of my drama teacher. He wouldn’t care if I told him I was in the prop room fucking a boy. He just looked up and said ‘you look nice. I thought you were absent.’ I told him ‘no I came in late.’ I asked him to change my absent to a tardy. He said ‘Sure no problem. Will you tell the bitches smoking in the dressing room to spray some damn air freshener.’

I laughed at him and pulled a can of glade out of my massive purse. I told him it was my fault I usually bring the glade. He told me to splu... Continue»
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Another wild night

Another Friday of partying came by and we were out with fiends. Just a normal night of beers and shots. On the way home we stopped by a bar where we used to go while we were dating to grab another drink. As we were at the bar I saw someone I used to party with on occasions. He came up to me and I introduced him to my wife. The back story with him was he and I used to tag team my old girlfriend. So when my wife asked how we knew each other it came out. She giggled and said that i never told her that, I came back with she never asked. So after a few more shots I told her she almost did experienc... Continue»
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E-Mail from a friend Chapter 2

Thursday evening, I phoned Lise to confirm I would be there for the week-end.

"Lise, I will leave the office tomorrow noon. Maggy will take care of closing. I will fly down in the early afternoon."

"Good, I am impatient to see you. What time is your flight due in?"

"I don't like commercial flights. I will fly my Cessna down, more flexibility. I will be taking off from Les Cedres and probably land at Island, if possible. If not, I will go for Buttonville. Depending on where I get an I.F.R. clearance from A.T.C. I don't like moping around a big airport or city flying V.F.R..

"Ok, whe... Continue»
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E-Mail from a friend Chapter 1

Fran, nice to read your last email. I am very happy that you and Marge finally got together. I ran into her last week. Sorry I missed you. I was only in town for a day. She is very happy. You know I was friends with her before I met you.

This may shock you, but Marge has been in love with you for years, you are probably the only person she would leave Jimmy for, if you gave her the least encouragement. She would shack up with you without a second thought.

But I digress and am going places that don't concern me.

Sorry about the end of you and my b*****r Gerry. It was predictable. You t... Continue»
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Lizzie's Ink

It was almost 7:30 in the evening as I made my way east on West 53rd toward my hotel when the skies opened up and the rain came pouring down. I didn't have an umbrella, of course, because - even though my hotel had complimentary ones - men don't use umbrellas...so they can get wet...because that makes us cool. But, instead of being cool, I decided to get dry and have a drink. So, I ducked into a place I was planning on visiting anyways during my stay in New York, The Modern (that is, the restaurant and bar at The Museum of Modern Art).

Luckily, there was an open seat; I took it and immedia... Continue»
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Sucker for Mom Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Sheila tried desperately to move her face when the r****t unzipped his
tight Levi's and hauled out a huge half-hard length of cock. Sheila
shivered when he grabbed his rubbery dick and rubbed the hot thing
against her cheek. The monstrous uncircumcised cock grew and grew as he
rubbed it against her silken face. She tried to pull away, but someone
held her head fast and hard.

The lips against her twat were working wildly now, driving her crazy
with uncontrollable sexual heat. Her pussy ran with musky cunt-juice,
wetting the man's lips, making him hungrier and hungrier f... Continue»
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My movie world

After getting a lot of experience in watching the porn movie, I thought of making my own movie. This thinking was looking simple but when I get started planning on the same then everything really kept me busy and finally I drafted a plan to make the movie. There were many wrong ways to make such things but I had no such ideas or plan to get into the negative side. As I wanted my actors to behave properly with smile as many of the western porn movies have. I had sea... Continue»
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New sensations

Suchitra was in college then. The vacations were around the corner and she had plans of going to her farm house near her home and tidying up the place. Since her home was near no one stayed there and it was just because she needed it that it was still there.
It was in the last week that she got hold of the vibrating beads she had been wanting. The parcel was in bubble wrap so no one noticed. Her heart throbbed as she placed it in her bag. She went home saying bye
... Continue»
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DPP : Double Pussy Penetration

Hi, friends, Did you ever imagine about fucking a pussy with two dicks simultaneously? Its a story of Desi bitch, who lives in my village. By the way let me introduce myself, I am Azad and I live in the Barabanki City, in the outskirts of city, there is a colony where Darji Caste people live. I am also from the same caste and here we are engaged in farming and selling agricultural products to main city.

Now Come to the point, its story of the dirty leg lady Samia, who lives in the end of my colony where cricket playground is
... Continue»
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Ramu – The Gardener

Ramu was cleaning the parking corridor with the wood broom as his sahab Anant was leaving for the office. Ramu is the gardener for Mr Anant Patil for 8 years now. Ramu basically is from Bihar but he has been in Baroda for quite a long time now. He is married and has 3 c***dren back at home but he has chosen to stay alone in Baorda. (and you will soon know why he did do.)

As the car disappeared Mamta came out in balcony and signed Ramu to come upstairs. Mamta is
... Continue»
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Umang’s Hot Mom

Hello friends, my name is Vipul and I am from Mumbai. Basically I am a Gujarati and live in boriwali. This story is about me and my friend’s hot mom Neena. Neena aunty is Umang’s mom. Umang and I have been studying togther since our school time. But now he is in B.Sc and I am doing my diploma in engineering. This happened last month when I got the chance to fuck this hot mom. I was going for a small trip to Pune and wanted to check whether Umang would like to join.... Continue»
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Fucking My Aunty While Uncle Slept Upstairs

This is the story if how I fucked my aunty. It all happened when my parents had sent me to stay at my uncles for the long four weekend. My aunt was my uncle’s second wife and she was only 37 she had huge boobs which I would stare at all the time and a nice curvy body with a fabulous ass. I was 18 when I first started to imagine and fantasies about her after seeing an old video of her dancing.

I arrived at my uncles house on Thursday morning and she greeted me at
... Continue»
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