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Blojobs - A Mystery - Magic in Her Throat!

Many years ago, when sex at home was in short supply I began to notice the women who prowled a mile long stretch of a main drag known as the Avenue. The chief of police ran ongoing crackdowns but the trade continued. Watch out for a real looker - most often a police decoy. Pull up to curbside near one of these beauties and she would invariably come around to the drivers side window to make the deal and the bust.

Even in my horny state. I was too smart for that. The serous working girls (a constantly changing cast) had a more direct method - you pull up and they hop in the passenger side. Wh... Continue»
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I attended an afternoon seminar on retirement and tax planning at the Days Inn in Tampa. When it was over I stayed and talked to a guy who had answered a question that I wanted to get some further information about.
When we were done the conference room was empty and after he got on the elevator, I went to the men's room to take a leak. It was deserted, I checked all the shitters.
There were 2 urinals so I stood in front of the right hand one and proceeded to urinate. I had just started when another guy came in and stood beside me. I said "hi."
He replied "hi, how are ya?".
I was holdin... Continue»
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our 1st time MMF

Hello First id like to say sorry for how this is written as im not a writer just telling a true story about me and my wife

Ok first a little about us im 28 6'2'' average build my wife is very sexy short slim petite little blonde bomb shell with small 32 a boobs. we have a great sex life but we spoke about the fact i wanted to try a 3some so we joined AFF were we got chatting to a guy much older then us (55) but my wife liked him. as we chatted we found out he was a single man that was only about 20 miles away, so we decided to meet him for a night out and a few drinks and catch the train ho... Continue»
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Mothers make their sons dreams come true

“About last night,” Sonia began. “We’d had too much to drink. But that’s no excuse.”
“No its not, we’re all responsible for our actions, whether we’ve had a drink or two, or not, you understand that don’t you boys.” Chloe said.
“Yes Mum. We’re sorry, we got carried away, and took advantage,” Jack said
“I’m sorry to,” Harry told them.
“This is our secret, you understand!” Sonia said.
Both boys nodded.
“No really, this is to be kept between ourselves.” Chloe said
“We won’t tell,” Jack said.
“Good,” said Chloe, “because we want to do it again, that is if you wouldn’t mind.”
Mind of cou... Continue»
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Several months ago, on another site I was chatting with Badpappy. He mentioned what a thrill it might be for us to dock with each other. He mentioned it again last month. As luck or good fortune would have it, my wife and I needed to visit Toronto. As Elvis would sing, "It's now or never!"
I did some research, found what I needed and emailed Badpappy his instructions:
1-at 2:00PM, June 12th, go to the Clarke Hotel on Dundas Street
2-rent room 416, it has a four poster bed
3-leave a key card at the front desk with instructions for it to be held for Bob Apple
5-lie nake... Continue»
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European Woman's Pubic Hair Gliding Along my

Whether you've looked at my screen name or read my other posts, you know that I absolutely love a full bush. When I studied in Europe in the late-90's, I was no different. I remember in Switzerland meeting a 22 year old girl, Anya, at a club. She had a very cute face and a tall and curvy body. Shapely breasts with wide hips and a nice juicy ass to match. She was wearing a blouse with those sorts of sleeves that are more like fans or cut flaps so you can easily see her shoulders and underarms if you were looking. And I was looking. She had dark hair and through these fan sleeves (or whatever th... Continue»
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My First Time Dogging

I decided I was going to do it …. After few weeks of feeling turned on at the thought of going dogging I finally plucked up the courage to do it.

I had a bath and everything a girl does before she Is going for a night out. I got into a tight mini skirt, stockings, gather belt, knee high boots and a low cut vest top fortunately for me it was a lovely summer’s evening. I applied red lipstick, sexy makeup, got into my car and started heading to a dogging spot in the area that I heard about in the past.

God, was I nervous that first time. I remember walking from the car to the bench, my stom... Continue»
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Becoming a Sissy Bitch

Becoming a Sissy Bitch Part 2

As I stood there completely naked in front of this wonderful woman I realized that what was happening to me would completely change my life forever. She looked me straight in the eye and asked me how I felt. That question came from a different part of her than the dominant woman that just a few minutes ago slapped me and admonished me for not addressing David correctly. The question was almost motherly in its tone. I felt completely free for the first time in my life to say what I felt.

So I responded, “ Mam I feel free, I want to be a pretty girl so badly ... Continue»
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Fucking my friend's wife on vacation

Backstory: My friend’s wife won a radio contest for a free destination vacation. My friend couldn’t make the date due to work obligations, but as someone who both needed a vacation and has a more than friendly relationship with his wife (see my other story) I was more than happy to go with her when they asked.


Like most people going to a resort, we wanted to hit the beach as soon as possible. After a quick stop, we were on our loungers soaking in the sun Anna drained her drink, put it aside and leaned over conspiratorially, a grin on her face.

“Do you think anyon... Continue»
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d**g fueled after club sex

Wow… You pick this story up at the end of a crazy night clubbing in Ibiza…. what started off as a quiet drink, ended up as a crazy night of unexpected excess!

What an amazing night! So much laughter & amazing fun was had, I was literally on cloud nine. little did I know, but this was only just the beginning of one of the most memorable nights of my life…….

I had been out to an amazing club night, a load of us, me & friends, got a little twisted on Ecstasy & before we knew it, the club was closing.
As per usual, I has been wandering around & chatting to anyone that would listen, for the ... Continue»
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Co-worker Elaine and her ivory pantyhose

Well, it's been a few weeks since my experience in Madeira and I have been back at work and horny. I work occasionally with an incredibly classy mature lady called Elaine. She's in her mid-fifties and is about 5'4". Her greying bobbed hair is beautiful and her choice of knee-length dress suits is impeccable. Elaine always wears a fine denier pair of tights and sensible heels. She compliments her professional look with simple make-up and tortoiseshell spectacles.

I returned from the Bank Holiday on Tursday straight to the office where Elaine worked and she asked me for some help on a job tha... Continue»
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Used in a Booth 2..

The guy whose penis I was sucking kissed/sucked my nipples and licked his way down to my flaccid penis. Suddenly I was embarrassed by my flaccid three inches, he sucked my penile head and shaft into his oral cavity like it was a string of spaghetti.

Sliding his hands around my hips he gripped my bungs and pulled them to him and apart the guy behind me smeared my bung hole with a slippery slick substance and inserted a finger than another and still another. He begin to twist and pull my bung hole apart working it very roughly. The guy sucking my little member was humming a tune that I could ... Continue»
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A night at the office with Mia

It was the day before New Years Eve. Mia, my co-worker I shared an office with, was on late shift, while I only had to work till 18:00. But I came back around 19:00 to keep her company. It was a calm night, not much to do. Our talk soon turned to very kinky topics. I started to massage her neck, but my hands soon wandered down her neckline. I maybe should mention that she had big breasts and liked to wear low-cut shirts to show them off. So from my point of view, looking over her shoulder directly at her boobies, that was like an invitation
[image]http://de.xhamster.com/photos/view/5026863-8... Continue»
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Watching his MOTHER get FUCKED

Ok, I'm a voyeur but I can't help myself about that. I love to watch people fuck and if they don't know about it, all the better!

I had a friend in high school named David and he had a mom that was absolutely HOT as hell and I would go over to visit, just to look at her. She

would walk around their house, wearing only a loose fitting robe sometimes and you could almost see her nipples if she bent over just right. Her

name was Lisa and she was built to fuck, believe me, and every boy in the neighborhood wanted to fuck her too, not just me.

They lived behind our house on the n
... Continue»
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The first visit (Part 1)

Finally the door bell rings!
Today he will come to visit her for the first time. And today will be the first time he will come - in her! Over the past few weeks the sexual tension between them has increased to the extreme. They exchange photos whose directness cannot be mistaken.
He makes her horny with erotic stories, she retaliates by describing to him in detail what she does to herself in the tub, in the sauna, in the office. And today he will finally visit her. Will undress her. Will kiss her, fondle her. Will lick her, finger her. Will fuck her!

These thoughts alone trigger an almost... Continue»
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Dicked Down

Chris felt the vibrator buzzing away in his ass, pressed tightly against his prostate. The vibrations rolled and buzzed up the length of his cock and were swallowed by Mika's pussy. She had come home with her s****r after being at the club all night and crawled into his bed in the middle of the night to fuck. She was d***k and smelled like coconut rum, cigarette smoke, and perfume. He remembered her climbing on top of him, straddling his waste and pulling her white dress over her head. She wasn't wearing panties or a bra. His cock was instantly hard and her wetness welcomed him in with e... Continue»
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For sexygirl46

"So you've read some of my stories on xhamster and want to give me some inspiration for another?" I ask you, us both sitting on the double bed of a cheap hotel room I hired for the night. My eyes wander down your body, taking in your curves. You've spent some time on your appearance – I can see you know how to apply make-up, using a deep red lipstick to draw my attention to one of your pleasure giving areas.

You nod, obviously nervous, knowing just what you could be about to agree too, putting yourself into a situation that you crave yet are scared of.

"So you know just how dirty and ful... Continue»
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Chris was in the audience. He made sure to get to the strip club after her that way no one would know the two of them were together. It was Carrie's idea to dance during amateur night at Jiggly's, a local strip club. She felt wet and slutty being on display in front of so many men. In her wilder days in school she had been gang fucked at parties on a couple of occasions, but for some reason this was different. Fucking came natural to everyone, just let your genitals do the talking. Dancing was different. It wasn't you doing what made you or your partner cum, it was about performing, tur... Continue»
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The Making of A Cock Sucking Whore By Brain Washin

The Making of A Cock Sucking Whore By Brain Washing
Chapter One

My story might be a little different then most of the stories you have read on Xhamster but, I feel it might be a story you just might get some enjoyment and a warning out of. First, I am a average girl, at least I use to be until I accidentally brain washed myself without knowing that I was doing it. My name is Cindy J. and I stand five foot ten inches, with long blonde hair, and blue eyes. My measurements are 36C-24-... Continue»
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Yesterday morning,I was relaxing in my apartment.

Then the doorbell rang.

Not thinking about what I was wearing (a loose, sheer blouse doing nothing to conceal my tits, as well as thong panties, with my long, smooth legs completely exposed), I answered the door. It was my paperboy Seamus, a nice young k** who had always been kind to me, while stealing glances at my barely-concealed body.

"Hey,Seamus," I greeted him with a smile. His eyes scanned up and down my body, which naturally triggered the female instinct to look pleasant before a male: I bent my left leg, posing for him with my... Continue»
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