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Playing with my pussy in the school bathroom

I'd only ever seen the kind of sex I wanted to be having on video's on the internet. The very small amount of cock I'd already taken up until this point were all super vanilla. Nothing spontaneous or experimental. Frankly it was boring. So I'd sworn of men until I found what I really wanted. I mean, why settle for a mediocre relationship with mediocre sex, when I could hold out for what I really wanted.

I ventured downstairs. I was already running late for school and I wasn't about to leave without having a quick cup of coffee and saying goodbye to my dad.

I was wearing a skirt that was... Continue»
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A cheating husbands Revenge (Part 2)

It was Saturday morning and Rick got out of bed that morning with
a hang over from the night before. Rick had been trying to break
off his relationship with Sue for the past several weeks but she
was sticking to him like fly paper. Worse is, she works right in
the same office with him and everyone is aware of their

Rick had the apartment for several weeks and moved here so he
could be close to his wife whom he missed. He had gone to visit
her last weekend and they had talked but Megan still wasn’t ready
to take him back. Rick knew how he had hurt her by having an
af... Continue»
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A fantasy cums true.

I'll try not to make it a long story...but its all true..if you've never done this I encourage you to try it..I loved it and want to do it again...
I always wanted to be used for my cock and semen...absolutely nothing new about that but at least once in my sex life I didn't want to know or see the one milking my cock or even know her name.Fortunately the current fuck friend at the time a few yrs ago arranged it...the unknown cock milking woman was checked out as well as my fuck friend assured her I was clean...so we could fuck bareback....I use them (condoms) at times but like most prefer... Continue»
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Discovering My Nasty Wife

The Turnaround

Chapter 1

I am successful in businessman, and married to a wonderful wife. We are both very much in love, and always been very close, but somehow there was always something missing.

Like many men, I had always had a fantasy of watching my wife making love with another man. I know most people think of that type guy as a weak, but I would be considered anything but a whimp. I'd be thought of as masculine and I am a strong contender in the business arena. I've just always been extremely turned on by that thought of my wife being a bad girl.

Karin has always enjoyed bein... Continue»
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A cheating husbands Revenge (Part 1)

A cheating husbands Revenge (Part 1)

Megan stepped out of the shower and dried herself off and as
she walked into the bedroom she stopped by the full length mirror
she turned to admire the same figure she had when she graduated
college six years ago.

She just turned twenty-eight and still had the same figure
when her husband Rick had started dating the first year in
college. Megan kept looking at the mirror and at five foot six
inches tall and her slim figure, she could have been a model but
had an interest in business and wanted to start a f****y when she
left college but
... Continue»
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Kitten's Alarm Cock

Your day has been long, tiring and you almost rejoice when the clock ticks over to tell you it is time for bed. Your set curfew at times is something you try to fight against with no success but other times you welcome it. Allowing you plenty of time to rest and relax is its purpose.

You love your room. Allowed free reign to decorate your space, for you, it is a sanctuary, a place given to you to do with as you pleased. You had painted the walls a rich purple, with a luscious green colour on all the trims. Your large bed is covered with an array of assorted cushions in a zebra pattern. The ... Continue»
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Heather, Nicole and I......A bisexual adventure

Being bisexual is truly awsome! The best of both worlds, I have a great man (Matt) who knows just how to make me feelfantastic like only a man can do. Heather on the other had was the perfect woman, sexy red head open minded bisexual who knew how to keep both men and women extremely happy.

After we had out 3rd three some with Matt, Heather decided to finally introduce me to her Girlfriend "Nicole" whom she ducked twice a week. We had gay night twice a week, where we would spend time with our same sex lovers, in this case Sunday and Monday nights.

I finished Cummings in H... Continue»
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A bl**dy time with the Asian neighbour

As it had been a few months since EID and I hadn't seen our beautiful Asian neighbour I wondered if she still wasn't getting much at home or her husband was treating her better. Now it was spring the chances of seeing her again were so much better. One Saturday, the wife had gone to work and as I drove on our drive she was there hanging her washing out.

As soon as she saw me she smiled and waved. I got out of the car and went over to talk to her. She looked more beautiful than ever. I asked how she was and she replied she was Ok, then I suggested she came round and she said she couldn't. An... Continue»
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Trick Or Treating With Elsa From Frozen

This story idea came to me in my sl**p and I had to write it. Hope you all enjoy it because I sure enjoyed writing it.

My name is Justin and I am eighteen years old. I live with my mom dad who are both workaholics and I guess I am too. I work a full time job and on the side I babysit out next door neighbors daughter Brittany. Now my mom basically volunteered me to watch her but I have only had to do it a few times when our neighbors are working. Brittany is a nice girl but sometimes she can be a handful because she has a lot of energy and always wants to do girly things but at the same t... Continue»
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Key West, a hot tub, and a polish girl.

This is my first time to write a story of me, so I guess i'll see it goes, lol, what the hell. This took place shortly after my divorce which was 2000 so it was a few years ago. I was living outside of washington d.c. in virginia with a girl that i honestly was with only because she made good money. She had gotten a new job in key west florida doing computer video conferencing, her speciality on the navy base in key west as a contractor. Her company put us up in the holiday inn while we found a place to live which isn't easy i found out so we were at the motel on their bill for about a mo... Continue»
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My Cousin Chrissy (True)

This is another true story of mine that I have only shared with a close friend of mine. It happened between my cousin Chrissy and I when we were both eighteen. Hope you enjoy.

My cousin Chrissy and I were never extremely close in fact I think for awhile we actually hated each other even though we always acted nice around one another. Chrissy lived five miles away in a small rural town with her mom. Now we visited them twice maybe three times a week so Chrissy and I always hung out even though there wasn't very much to do. Now let me fill you in on Chrissy before I go any further. She was a ... Continue»
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Jewish girl with a naughty side - TRUE STORY

This is a true story, only the names have been changed to protect everyone involved.
So we'll call her Lisa, I met Lisa many years ago. She was a very cute girl and has turned into a very beautiful women. I can't give you here exact age for fear that too may give her identity away but we'll say she's in her late 30's possibly early 40's.
Anyway, Lisa is a married Jewish girl with k**s and for sometime her husband has been ignoring her. Well her and I re-met a while back, and have been talking a lot.
She began stopping around to see me, and after a couple of weeks we began kissing. So the... Continue»
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Halloween Party Fuck

In the spirit of Halloween I figured I would share one particular experience.

Back in 2010, I was going through a divorce and was legally separated from my wife. South Carolina had stupid laws to where you must be separated for a year to even be able to file for divorce. Anyway...

I was on a business trip in Shreveport, Louisiana. Two of my best friends from Alaska had recently moved down there so for a good portion of the trip I stayed with them. The night I arrived there my friend, who I will call Lynn for the sake of anonymity, informed me that her best friend from back home in Bo... Continue»
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Fucking My Fiancee In Front Of The Pool Boys

We were at a Jaycee Convention in our State Capitol. I was 24 years old at the time and my wife to be, Julie, was 22. We had attended a dance on the previous evening. Having drank too much, eaten too much, and then fucked the night away, we didn't roll out of bed until mid-morning. The first order of business was breakfast, followed by a little power shopping and then a return to our room for some rest and relaxation before hitting it again.

Julie had started playing with my cock in the elevator, so by the time we got to our room, I couldn't get the key in the door fast enough. We had our... Continue»
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Ready to Please

Pat loved her man. She mostly loved to please him a lot. She loved sucking his big cock and he loved that she was so good and could suck him for hours. Today he walked naked in the room with his cock sticking straight out and hard as a rock. He grabbed her head and shoved her down to her knees. He told her "Do what you do best and suck that cock hard." He then shoved his cock deep in her throat and grabbed her hair and began throat fucking her hard. "Wrap your lips around my throbbing cock. Suck me hard. I am going to stay in that hot mouth till I fill your throat twice with my warm juice." As... Continue»
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On the Bus

When my period is about to come. My pussy gets extra wet. I need to be extra naughty. Give a stranger a couple of hours of fun. I have never did this before now.

I put on short dress no panties and the breast part barely holds my tits in. I always have to adjust or they would pop out.

So I hopped on the bus ready to give a couple of guys a show, and see how they respond. This one guy he looked like a business guy, he saw me and stopped reading. He stared at me well at my body. I don't think he even saw my face. Another guy sat next to him but a seat in between and when he saw m... Continue»
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Grandad of love 7.

I awoke to Faith cleaning my room, opening my eyes I immediately saw my middle aged blonde plump house keeper bent over picking up something off the floor, and as I watched her big round ass stretching the material of her tight black trousers, my cock was soon turning my duvet into a tent.
"Morning" she smiled naughtily still bent over.
Then getting up she moved to the end of my bed and insisted I tell her of my recent adventures.
By the time I had finished she had her hand jammed down the front of her trousers and deep between her legs as she sat at my feet.
Then after deep long sigh she ... Continue»
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The hairdresser

This happened in 2010

Donna used the same hairdresser for over ten years. She was an Indian girl, really pretty and only recently married. She's called Gina, 30 years old, 5'5", thin with dark hair and extremely pretty. As Donna wanted her hair doing for a party we were going to Gina offered to open her shop late so she could have her hair done the same evening.

Friday came round quickly, as I dropped Donna off at 6pm, the town was quiet and there was no-one in the salon, I told her I'd be back in an hour. 7:20pm I parked outside the salon, knocking on the door as it was locked Gina smil... Continue»
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The Plumber

The Plumber

Hey gang, this is Babs for a change. I’m not a writer like Sean, but he urged me to write about my experience this morning so please bear with me.

Thursday our garbage disposal started leaking and Sean asked if I would find a plumber to repair it. I searched the internet and found one that had good reviews so I called. They couldn’t get anyone out that same day but said they would send someone first thing Friday morning.

Let me say that my normal attire at home ranges from nothing, to just a pair of shorts to a shirt and shorts to a short sundress. At home I rarely wear a... Continue»
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The Stranger

We had a plan. I was to be taken to a hotel, tied up, gagged, blindfolded and left alone until my man returned bringing with Him our guest, a man I had never met face to face. This was the first time we had invited someone else to play and I was a little nervous, no, almost terrified was a better way of describing how I felt but so very excited. We had discussed having a fun session with a stranger who would fuck me and use me while I was bound and gagged. That was about the extent of it though. The real turn on for me was for it to be rougher. Much rougher.

What really got me going was th... Continue»
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