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Married Slut from Work

There was an older woman from work that had a reputation as getting a little bit slutty when she drank. I caught a few glimpses of it over the year or so I worked there. One night at our holiday party she cornered me and started asking me all types of personal questions. She made a few comments that I knew she made to get a message across. Then one night at an after work gathering she told me she was in a very creepy mood and that she wanted my number. I had a buzz going and said sure why not. She sent me a couple of d***k texts that night trying to get me to get dirty. I didn't really take th... Continue»
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I sit in the stylishly decorated but dimly lit waiting room. Women flipping through magazines, reading books or playing on cellphones fill the room. No one looks directly at each other, only looking up to hear the nurse when she calls a name. One after another, names are called. Finally she calls for me.

As always the nurse runs through the mandatory mundane pre-examination questions. When she is satisfied with the answers she hands me the dreaded paper top and large sheet. She says, “go to the bathroom and undress completely. Put the paper top on and d**** the sheet across your bottom”. T... Continue»
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Fucking neigbor

My husband gets extremely excited when I show off whether it's out in a see through top, showing on Watchersweb, or my favorite a skirt with no panties. He also enjoys hearing me talk about what I'd like to do to other guys. Another thing he enjoys is swapping pictures and videos. I can't remember how it started but he sent a picture of my tits to our neighbor Randy. This led to a lot of flirting back and forth and eventually racier photos exchanged. I know that Randy wants me very bad and I know that my husband wants to watch but I've been very hesitant to do anything. My husband was in the s... Continue»
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D, the girl that wants to please (part three final

So we had a drink and smoked another sig, we were still naked and we had moved to the table. She was sitting across from me and her perky breasts looked gorgeous, too bad they weren't pierced.
Any way we were talking about the hot anal sex we just had and she told me that she loves anal and would like to try some dp with two guys. I told her I wouldn't mind helping her but that i had a better idea, Fisting her and fucking her at the same time. She seemed afraid but she told me if i go slow i could try. I promised her that she would be addicted to fisting and stretching once we finish. I too... Continue»
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My Turn to please

After you have gave me the time of my life you gorgeous smiling face looking at me, looking back deep into you sexy green eyes and smiling naughtily at you. Standing us up our naked body come together again as I reach down and scoops you up in my arms carrying you into the bedroom and walking over to the bed placing you down gently into the centre on top of the covers. climbing on beside you , I leans in a begins to kiss your neck and nibble your ear a hand finds your breast cupping and caressing you softly your nipple between my fingers pulling on it slightly. Kissing my way down your body m... Continue»
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The Hunt Part 4

So Many Men

Belinda’s lips clenched tight, feeling the hot, wet cock sliding over them. She already had the cock spearing up between her legs and now she had to contend with the cock that was trying to breach her mouth. She could feel the cock painting her lips with the wet cum, a finger prying into the corner of her mouth until she had no choice. Her lips curled up, the man forcing the head of his cock between her pierced lips. The cock was still semi-hard as her lips curled around the thick head.
“Lick it clean. You’re pussy will drain them, your mouth will clean them.”Michael shoved his... Continue»
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My first threesome with two young woman, a very re

I had a gf for over a year, very gothic, short, long black hair, a nose ring, tats, and the cutest b cups I have ever seen. she was very open, bi sexual, very much so. Dana over the years had told me stories of her woman adventures always with a smile. One night we got to talking about sexual adventures and She wanted to have a threesome with her best friend whom she had already slept with. I said sure we could try, meet have a few drinks. She agreed get comfortable with each other etc. so she came over to our apartment and little did I know her best friend was someone I had gone to school wit... Continue»
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The picnic

This happened in 1997.

As it was a beautiful sunny warm summers day Donna and I decided to go and have a picnic in a local beauty spot not too far from where we live. We soon found a bushy area where we could enjoy the sunshine and yet be a little private. She was wearing a long summer white dress and looked radiant.

After we'd eaten we laid down getting some rays, just talking and being silly, when she turned to me and we started kissing. I was laid down and she was kissing me from above, usually it's the other way around. We'd been kissing for around ten minutes when I was getting frui... Continue»
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Morning light 6 FINAL

The bright morning light rushed into the room as Jennifer lifted the window shade. She walked over the bed, a smile on her freckled face.

"Wake up sl**pyhead," Jennifer said as she gently shook Shelly.

It was ten o'clock and the young girl had barely stirred. Jimmy was outside mowing the lawn and getting things ready for the cookout with Robert and Rhonda.

Shelly turned over and opened her eyes with that "deer in the headlights" look on her pretty face. It took her a minute to realize where she was. When she did, she smiled and held her arms open to Jennifer. "Thank you so much," s... Continue»
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The Bribe (MF, semi-cons, rom)

The Bribe

By SpectreOfHell

"Do you really have to write me a ticket?" Barbara asked the policeman who had pulled her over. She was standing at the rear of her car in the parking lot of the abandoned store where she'd pulled over. The patrol car was parked behind her, the lights flashing on top. The officer, a brown-haired man in his late thirties, a little thick in the middle but still cute enough to turn Barbara's head, stood nearby regarding her.

"You were going pretty fast," he said, but the tone of his voice convinced Barbara that she could talk her way out of it wit... Continue»
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OHGirl: My Turn at Porn

My sore and swollen pussy dripped as I got off of the plane and I couldn’t wait to slide down onto Mikey’s big, white cock. I had departed from Japan, after a month and a half of work, and I had worn no panties under my tight, short, black, sexy dress. It had helped to keep from irritating my already sore and swollen clit and labia, but it had also allowed me to play with myself during the flight. I had been fucking and sucking every day while I was in Japan, horny as hell, from being two months pregnant, and taking care of my contractual obligations as I shot more than 2 dozen gangb... Continue»
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My Private Dancer Part 1

There's this club in town that I frequent from time to time. It has everything that you would expect to find at a strip club; loud music, scores of gorgeous nude women, free-flowing booze, and other staples of decadence. It is one of the classier establishments around, with a cover charge of $50 just to get in the door. I have always left this place feeling quite satisfied with my experiences there and looking forward to returning, especially after my most recent visit. Prior to my last visit to the club, I had been away from it for several months, so a couple of weeks ago, I decided to pay an... Continue»
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The Saoirse Ronan Chronicles [PART 5]



TIME: 12: 55 AM


CHAPTER 5: The What In The Fuck

Well, that couldn't have gone any better than it did for all consideration. Saoirse Ronan: famous Irish actress, beautiful girl and downright erection-inducing - slumped over on the leathery couch chair, in a loud, noisy Dublin club filled to the brim with young, over-sexed club-goers probably... Continue»
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Under The Mistletoe

A few months ago, my wife Karen and I were invited to a holiday party that was thrown by my boss. It was the beginning of the holiday season, and we were eager to go to a nice party, even though it was going to be mostly attended by my coworkers.

Karen and I had only been married a few years ago, after we met in college and fell in love, and we discovered very quickly in our relationship that I loved showing her off. Karen has a beautiful face and a gorgeous "girl next door" body, thin and curvy in all the right places but without looking like a plastic centerfold. Her crowning glory is her... Continue»
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Birthday at work

The events in the story are fiction and a fantasy. The girls names were picked randomly and are based on fantasy more than real people.

Today would be a normal day. Get out of bed, shower, eat breakfast then head to work. My mood though, was a little blue. I had to work on my birthday and it was the first time in over 5 years. I don't make a big deal of it but having the day off is something of a tradition for me. I'd normally get up when I like then spend the day masterbating as much as I could before meeting friends and then drink as much as I could. Some things you can't change so I didn... Continue»
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Party Wife Donna

Donna and I have been married for 4 years, a second marriage for both of us. (She is 34 and I am 32) Donna might be classified as a willowy redhead, if it wasn't for the size of her breasts. She is 5 feet 9 inches tall with long tapered legs. But her breasts are her crowning glory at 34DD. Her ample breasts are nicely upturned yet soft and pliable. Donna turned me on from the moment I saw her. Unlike a lot of husbands I love to see my wife showoff her charms to other men. At first she was too shy to wear the type of sexy clothes that I liked, but after a lot of pleading with her during our sex... Continue»
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Stepdad Steve- a movie leads to mutual pleasure.

Mom's head was lolling back, her mouth wide open as a large snore began. I giggled at the pig sounds escaped her throat and looked at my stepdad, Steve.
"Well, she's out for the night." he commented. My Mom is a notortious heavy sl**per.
Several minutes passed as we watched the film Eyes Wide Shut and let's be honest, no one watches that movie for anything other than the incredible sex scenes. I had watched it several times before with my Mom and Steve and Mom insisted on fast forwarding through all those 'weird scenes', as she put it while Steve and I begged her to just let it play.
"At... Continue»
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I shared my wife. With a stranger from the Interne

It all started when I posted pics of her online without her knowing. I stated that the first person from my area that recognizes her and messages me can fuck her. Little did I know how well it would play out. She eventually found out I was posting her pics and was extremely hurt. Didn't understand why I would do such a thing. I let her know my feeling of wanting to share her and see her with another guy or even guys. It took her a while to get over by betrayal. She eventually did and stared to do some things I asked her to do like go to the club with a short skirt and no panties and dance.flas... Continue»
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Bab’s First Other Man

Bab’s First Other Man

After introducing Babs to the nude beach in Australia on our honeymoon, I didn’t realize what kind of sexual appetite I aroused in her. After we got home, all she could talk about was the nude beach and how turned on she got watching all of the guys staring at her naked body. She would describe each guy and how his stares made her pussy wet.

One night during our lovemaking, I started teasing her about wanting to be touched by one of those men and she had a massive orgasm at the very mention of the idea. Then when we made love she would start describing what she wou... Continue»
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First time dogging in Beaconsfield woods

Mid way through 2004, I hooked up online with a girl, via a naturist site. She was really interested in getting naked in front of loads of people, but was lacking the confidence to go for it alone.

We chatted about her options for a bit and it became clear to me that she was really interested in the exhibitionist aspect, i.e. She wanted others to see her naked body, than the freedom that is often associated with a naturist lifestyle. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I offered to go with her to the nudist beach I know and often use, down at Portsmouth (Eastney actually). She p*o-p*o'd th... Continue»
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