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Lending me his Girlfriend Part One Sounds like a P

Lending me his Girlfriend
Part One
Sounds like a Plan

I’m finally given leave to go home for a while. I return home and sit at my desk, I was away for six months this time but managed to sneak off for a little action over valentines day. During my absence I barely even got to lay eyes upon a woman. A few females perhaps in the loosest sense of the word! but no real women. More over I’ve not had the time to release my frustrations inside one even if I wanted to. My point being that I have not had the opportunity to have my way with a woman Therefore in my opinion I do not deserve the ... Continue»
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Alice Upside Down

Alice Upside Down

Alice sits in her study behind her wooden desk. It's winter and the small fireplace glows with a roaring fire. The crackling flames make good background noise for the rooms only other sound is the tick of a large grandfather clock. The beat seems to be getting slower and slower as time swings by. "Oh I'm so board." Alice declares to herself as she lays the fountain pen she got for her eighteenth birthday down on the desk. She starts to fiddle with the hem about the neck of her frilly blue summer dress.

Her innocent fiddling soon turns into something a little more tabo... Continue»
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The Neighbor

Sara was just f******n when she got a crush on the neighbor next door. He was single and very handsome and he was always nice to Sara. In a year she had developed full size tits and was getting quite sexy. Her mom and dad worked during the day and then drank till the bars closed leaving Sara alone all the time. She spent a lot of time with the neighbor and loved the attention he gave her. He was quite taken with the young sexy body. Sara liked to wear tight t shirts with no bra and he had noticed how full and natural her tits were. She also had a great shapely ass. She went to his house one da... Continue»
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Girlfriend on Loan

Girlfriend on Loan

I’m finally given leave to go home for a while. I return home and sit at my desk, I was away for six months this time but managed to sneak off for a little action over valentines day. During my absence I barely even got to lay eyes upon a woman. A few females perhaps in the loosest sense of the word! but no real women. More over I’ve not had the time to release my frustrations inside one even if I wanted to. My point being that I have not had the opportunity to have my way with a woman Therefore in my opinion I do not deserve the reputation that has preceded me thus fa... Continue»
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Fucking Melissa's Hairy Pussy 2

I woke up at 6:00 am to find Melissa had gone. I could still smell her on the pillow and sheets. My cock was hard and my head was spinning remembering the hours that had preceded. What started out as a casual end to a long work day ended up with me on top of Melissa balls deep in her fat hairy pussy. While I was fucking her she grabbed her phone and called her husband and told him what I was doing to her.

She had him on speaker and he said the he was going to have him and I both fuck her when we got back and that he wanted her to send him pictures of the aftermath of me fucking her. ... Continue»
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in the car park

The Car park

One rainy evening I escaped the storm and found myself in a small back street Irish pub, so thought to myself what the hell stay for a few hoping the storm would die down soon, after a couple I slipped to the alley for a quick smoke,I noticed a young lady she was hot, I mean wow, she stubbed her cigarette out and walked back to the pub, I finished my cigarette went back inside and ordered another drink and there she was, luscious looking; long black hair like raven's feather, smooth skin like you wouldn't believe, and those hot small tits? Mmm she served me my drink and asked i... Continue»
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my gay sucking and fucking time

His soft lips kissed mine. Our tounges smacked on each other's as we passionately kissed. I pushed him on the bed. I took his shirt off to reveal is tight abs and muscular body. I kissed his neck, down to his chest and along his perfect abs. I removed his pants and underwear to reveal is hard perfect cock standing to attention in front of my face. I kissed the tip of his cock and then the shaft. I grabbed his cock in my hand and spat on it, rubbing my saliva in with my hand. I put his cock in my mouth and sealed my lips tightly around it. I started sucking his perfect 9 inch cock. My head was ... Continue»
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Secretarial Duties 3 - Conditioning Patricia

Patricia arrived at her office at little early, planning to complete the several reports she had due before the weekend so she would have both days free. She and Bill hadn't seen much of one another lately, Bill being occupied with his new job and the required travel. Patricia was hoping to make up some lost time together this weekend. She had been occupied, too, but only partially with work.

First, there had been Barry, Patricia's erstwhile superior. Barry had tried to **** Patricia by d**gging her. While the experience had been enjoyable for both of them, Patricia had definitely emer... Continue»
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Second Visit To The Master (and his men)

Gloria somewhat nervously called The Master’s mobile phone. It had been a few months since she’d contacted him, longer than she had intended, mainly because her husband had not been away on any business trips. The previous night her husband had told her he was going overseas for two weeks, departing on Sunday evening. She couldn’t help herself; she needed to make this call.

The Master answered and Gloria reintroduced herself. Of course he remembered her. While he had many clients she was one he wouldn’t easily forget. She was disappointed when he told her he’d sold his home and therefore n... Continue»
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Hot blowjobs from homely women #2

The last experience I wrote about was a one-night stand. We agreed at the start that it would be a night of recreational sex with no attachment or emotional involvement. I never saw the woman or heard from her again, and never wanted to. But this next one was different. The woman was a friend before we ever had any sex together, and we ended up having several encounters over the course of a couple of years. We're still in touch, though sex between us has been out of the picture for longer than it was in it.

We'd known each other for a year or more when we found ourselves in circumstances wh... Continue»
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Sandra (Part 2)

One Tuesday night during the week of mid-terms, my girlfriend, Rena, and I were taking advantage of my roommate being stuck in a long evening lab session to enjoy a nice, leisurely fuck. Rena was on her hands and knees on my bed, her head down in my pillow, while I moved in and out of her from behind in a slow doggy-style. I was getting close to coming, and had just started to pick up my pace, when someone knocked on my door. I froze for a moment, but Rena reached back for me and moaned into the pillow, "Tom, don't stop. Fuck me, baby." I held still for another moment, but then went back to pa... Continue»
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Mom & daughter / Sue & Colette

I had been seeing Sue for a couple of months, a lovely woman in her early 40's. Good looking & great body for her age, but it was her amazing sex drive that really excited me. She just loved sex, indoors, outdoors, public places, didn't mind what time of day, she lived for sex.
Sue had a daughter, Colette, I was meeting her for the first time, she was 19 & home from uni for the weekend. I went round to Sue's house early evening, as Colette was going out with friends. I sat on the couch waiting for Colette to come down , wondering if she looked as good as her mom.

I h... Continue»
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Sperm Treated

Mistress Valya led me to her special room and I saw at once that there was something new in it.
"It has just arrived," she said to Miss Christie who was visiting, "I had it assembled here yesterday. Let's try it out, we'll use K here."
"But isn't he one of your breeding stock?" Miss Christie queried.
"Yes, but it is not permanent, well it shouldn't be so we can see. There is no point using it unless it is on particularly fecund testes after all." said my Mistress enigmatically.
She led me to the sturdy wooden frame of the equipment. My wrists were fastened to the sides and my ankles to the... Continue»
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my wife keeps busy

Last month my wife told me she had been invited to a get together of some of her friends from her high school. I listened to her go on about how exciting it would be to see the crowd she ran with. I asked her if I could come too? She said yes all the husbands and wifes are invited. She said it wasn't a formal reunion but just a meeting of the click she hung out with.

We went shopping the weekend following the call. Since the party was bring held at one of the class mates personal home it was to be wear what ever you want. Knowing my wife I know that means something short or tight. She said ... Continue»
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The Cable Repair

I awoke to the sound of the alarm clock screaming, I looked around the hotel room one last time, finally I was going back home. It was a great visit with friends but it was time to get home, I missed my wife and my own bed and frankly I was horny as fuck. I packed up my things and headed to the airport. My wife on my mind the entire time, her long black hair flowing over her ample 38 C tits, her long muscular legs, her ass round and firm, her shaved pussy just waiting to be fucked. After all it had been two weeks. I missed her soft sexy lips on my own, but what I was longing for was to have h... Continue»
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The Piano Lesson

Amy was home on summer break from college, house sitting for her parents while they were away for the summer on vacation themselves. She was glad to house sit, because it gave her the opportunity to re-connect with some old friends and people she hadn't seen in a while.

She also heard that the woman that gave her piano lessons when she was younger had moved back into her old house. Amy hadn't seen Ms. Harrison since she had taken lesson from her some 10 or twelve years ago. Amy remembered how she loved to go to her lesson, and see how pretty Ms. Harrison was.

She was tall, with shoulde... Continue»
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Summer Job

It was supposed to be a summer job. Easy money for when I went back to college in the fall. My father knew the guy, old connections from when he was in college. Introduced himself as Mr. Donaldson. He seemed nice enough, always smiling and laughing. I figured, why not. Couldn't be as bad as working fast food.

Mr. Donaldson was probably in his early 50s. An inch or two over six feet, salt and pepper hair and a nicely trimmed goatee. He had a bit of a beer belly that jiggled a bit when he laughed, which was fairly often. Always immaculately dressed, he seemed like he'd be a good boss to work ... Continue»
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Old friend to friends with benefits.

No, I do not know her exact figure at sight (which means this is indeed a true story) with my Old Friend

I’m sure she could’ve felt that I was trying my best to look at her. The reason for my attraction wasn’t exactly her looks but the constant sarcasm she expressed in a phone call she had just attended.

I wouldn’t say I was turned on, but surely interested in talking to her.

About myself, I do not feel like banging every other girl I see. I need to be attracted to her personality first, and this one, seemed to be quite something.

Since she was sitting just next to me at the metro ... Continue»
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The Plumber wanted paying

I’d just got in from work and we’d had tea and I was upstairs on my laptop working out some stuff from work. I heard a knock on the door but knew Donna was downstairs I let her deal with it. She shouted up to me “It’s the plumber he’s come for his payment” ‘odd’ I thought, ‘he’s had his payment when he screwed my wife’.

As I could hear voices I carried on doing what work I had to do. After a few minutes I couldn’t hear anything so I went into our spare room. Now because we’re very sexually active in all forms of sex we’d had some cameras put in downstairs and in our bedroom so we can watch ... Continue»
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wife takes a vacation without me

This is a true story
My wife is a hot little number, like I've described her before she is five foot four and weighs one hundred pounds. Her natural hair color is mousey brown but she bleaches it blonde. She has beautiful blue eyes and her skin tans a wonderful brown.

When we first married neither one of us knew much about sex. Oh we knew how to fuck but that's about all. I had a lot of mixed up feelings about showing off her body. I loved her small thirty four b cup tits and perfect legs , I often talked her into dressing to show off. But if any guy starting paying what I thought ... Continue»
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