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Couple shops for more than clothes

As we drove towards town, the sun was shining blissfully. Despite the fact that it was only 10am, it was already hot and the day promised to be a scorcher. My wife, Helen, had persuaded me to give up my Saturday off and take her shopping. I moaned, but knew that when Helen had set her mind on something, there was little that was going to stop her doing what she wanted. I had disappointed her last night, I knew.

Another f******n hour day at the office had left me exhausted and when I eventually returned home to find Helen in a romantic mood, I was way too tired to do anything about it. That... Continue»
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His wife's fishing luck changes

My wife and I have been happily married for over a dozen years, we enjoy sex but with k**s around its hard to find time or energy for wild sex. But finally we had a day with someone at the house to stay with the k**s. We could have some time to ourselves if we could find somewhere to go. No chance at an overnight but a few hours are better than nothing. It was a beautiful warm sunny day so I suggested that I take my wife fishing. I was only half-way serious, since fishing is always what I want to do when I have some time.

To my surprise she agreed. Ever since we were dating my wife has give... Continue»
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4.75 Seconds

What was so special about May 17th? Nothing really. It wasn't my wife's birthday, our anniversary, or even the first day we met; it was just your average run of the mill Tuesday, and that's why I picked it.

My name is Keith and my marriage to Lisa after 12 years was starting to get a little stale, or should I say predictable. It's not like I didn't love her, she and the k**s were still the most important things in my life. However, that little spark, she use to have in her eye, when I mentioned lovemaking seemed to be missing lately. So being the hopeless romantic I am, I decided to give he... Continue»
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Husband pays a stripper to fuck his wife

For my wife's 40th birthday a bunch of friends decided to have a happy hour for her. As a stay-at-home mom with 2 k**s the ladies decided that a "girls night out" was better than a f****y event.

Since I wasn't invited I did not participate in the planning but at one point one of her friends asked me if I thought a stripper would be in order. I quickly agreed - the thought of that was hilarious.

So when the day came my wife got dressed in a nice outfit - button down shirt, unbuttoned way down and tight-fitting jeans with heels. Sexy, racy and just right for a night out with the girls. I t... Continue»
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Mary takes on the gang while hubby watches

"If you don't like the idea of me being home late again, you can always come along and help me." said Mary with a pout.

"You must be k**ding!" I responded to my wife, "I'm completely wiped out by the time I finish work, the last thing I want to do is to start helping you with your trade fair exhibition!"

We continued our breakfast in comparative silence; the only words spoken being curt requests to pass the coffee or sugar. This was typical of my wife to spring this on me at the last minute. Apart from anything, I had a busy schedule today with meetings backed right up to 6pm. All I want... Continue»
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Digital camera adds to their sexual enjoyment.

It all started with a digital camera we purchased last year; I had just read the manual after almost a year of just taking pictures. To my surprise I discovered that I could take a small clip video movie, about 120 seconds instead of Still pictures if I choose to do so. It didn't take long before I started thinking about my wife, the camera and what I'd love to see her do. Our weekends are precious, since our daughter moved away to college it's like dating all over again. The digital camera has added much to our sex lives. My wife has posed several times for me; she knows it really turns me on... Continue»
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Dinner Appetizer

I can't wait to see you and almost jump out of my skin when I hear your key in the door. Even though it only took you 15 minutes to drop the k**s off at my parent's house for the night, I am so anxious to get our date night started. I look down the hall and see you looking very sexy and delicious in your tight jeans and knee high boots. You walk in and as you pass me I smack your ass and ask you if you missed me? You laugh and play a long saying "yes, very much." As I close the door I turn you around and give you a very long and passionate kiss. I reach behind you and squeeze your ass with one... Continue»
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"Teresa" after the Dinner Party

First of all let me describe my wife to you all. She is the most gorgeous woman I have ever met. She has long dark hair, blue eyes, fair to tan skin depending on the time of year. She is short, only five foot tall, no tattoos and has her belly button and the hood of her pussy pierced.

Teresa has had her days with sexual encounters as she is bisexual. She has been with other men when I was there, but nothing compared to the night of the dinner party.

Teresa's company had a dinner party soon after her arrival to the job. This Job came in the nick of time for sure, as we had both been out o... Continue»
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My wife plays cuckold mind games

Becoming a cuckold husband was my idea. Once I convinced my wife that I was serious about her having sex outside the marriage she has taken to it like a duck to water. She is a beautiful five foot four blonde hair blue eyed bomb shell. At one hundred pounds even ,her thirty four B cup breast need no support and have perfect nipples that when a roused stick out half an inch. She tans a nice dark brown and always lays out by our pool topless.

I own my own business and make enough so she gets to stay home and enjoy life. We entertain customers of mine at our home by cooking out and partying by... Continue»
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Julie rides kurthel for a quicky

Julie: *whimpers*

kurthel: what?

Julie: So horny :~(

kurthel: hmm...want some relief?

Julie: *bites her lower lip*

kurthel: *reaches down and unzips his pants, sliding his hand inside and pulling out his length before taking a seat and looking up to you, patting his lap* slide your panties off and take a seat on my lap *nods*

Julie: *Slips her panties down and off, stripping down to nothing, standing bare in front of you. She puts her hands on your shoulders and steps up onto your lap, straddling your lap*

kurthel: *Looks up to you and grins, reaching up and placing his ha... Continue»
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Bundi titfucking Julie

Bundi: i take it you managed to find some privacy?

Julie: mhm

Bundi: *slaps my hand on your ass*

Julie: *Bends forward a little and quietly purrs* Mmm...

Bundi: *Smiles and slides my hand down over your ass, between your legs, rubbing the edge of my finger over your slit*

Julie: *She unbuttons her pants then turns around towards you, purring as your hand rubs over her ass and between her thighs* Uhmmnn... *She takes your other hand and pushes it down the front of her pants, letting you feel the little patch of fur just above her slit*

Bundi: *He grins and presses his lips a... Continue»
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Old Friend

The weekend was here and it was time to relax. I had already smoked a little weed and had a few beers and was just getting ready to get in the spa as was my custom on Friday nights. I didn’t get out much since my wife of 30 years had passed. In my mid-50s there was really no point. Even though I had my own company and was doing pretty well the women I was interested in were more interested in younger, more virile guys. Guys with beards and man buns and other effeminate traits that were pretty foreign to guys like me.
So my routine had become to get off work on Friday, get pretty wasted a... Continue»
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Karen : The Cheating Bride

For my friend Michael who patiently endures my disappearing acts, and who's private photos have given me many pleasant dreams.

"We'll be back!" my bridesmaid's said as they scurried from the room. I could hear them giggling all the way down the stairs. They left on a mission to find a bottle of liquor.

It was thirty minutes before the big event. I was nervously pacing the floor in one of the two small rooms upstairs at the Inn. Soon I would be called downstairs and out into the lawn where my handsome groom waited for me. I would marry my fiancé - the love of my life.

I was alone, sav... Continue»
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BBC caught me being kinky at the gym!!

I 'wanted' it to happen but really didn't think it could!!!!

I was a 33 year old Single guy at the time. Having been months since I had been laid, my submissive side was starting to show through. I enjoyed 'pretending' when I was alone that I was a being f***ed to be a Sissy for BBC that would treat me like the true slut I wanted to be. I had a small but fun collection of toys & panty's that I frequently used, & the more I used, the more I craved, & bolder I became. I belonged to a local gym that also had a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna/steam rooms.

It all started 1 night after I... Continue»
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Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: Part 4.

The September sun still held some warmth on my bare arms as I made my way to the toilets just next to our sixth form common room at St. Elmos. Once inside, I set my satchel down in front of the mirror and combed my shoulder-length, brown bobbed hair. I still looked quite plain without makeup; not allowed at school in these so-called enlightened times. According to a read of Cosmopolitan at the newsagents, I apparently had a 'gamine' look with a wider mouth and blue eyes; whatever that actually meant. The door behind me swung open and Celia Ward, my best friend walked in. I greeted he... Continue»
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A paladin visiting the cathedral receives a '

Petric trod into the Cathedral of Light during moonless midnight. The sun had been down for a good six hours at least, and the large centre of worship in Stormwind was utterly silent. Candles flickered fitfully, several dozen of the thick waxen stems placed along walls, chandeliers and in metallic candle holders. Only a few people were there, s**ttered among the columns and benches.

Most of those were priests or priestesses.

He saw one of the men lighting a candle, then leaving through one of the many doors. Only two female acolytes were left, a young woman with red hair and face speckle... Continue»
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Part 2-Blacking out? What do you think! Yes or No,

I grabbed my phone then called the number on the business card. Then after afew rings one of those guys answered and I told him where we were at and room number.

He then told me that they were already their waiting and would be up. He then asked to speak to my wife so I handed her my phone and she thought I was just fucking with her until she heard his voice.

She then freaked out and jumped out of bed then started grabbing her cloths then she ran to the bathroom then locked the door.
I opened the door and let them in even though she pleaded to me
They sat down and I told them w... Continue»
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Sam was fifty five and the thing he loved was big tits and young pussy. He was naked on the bed with naked nineteen year old Amy. She was so perfect. She had nice big firm tits and a delicious pussy. He had sucked on her nipples and licked her tits for a very long time as he two finger fucked her cunt. He had her sweet cream covering his hand as he fingered her hard. He grabbed a nipple with is teeth and pulled on it and sucked it feeling the walls of her fuck hole throb. She was so turned on as she raised her hips humping the fingers in her cunt. Sam moved his mouth back and forth between her... Continue»
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Guy gets some from Victoria Justice after a date w

I had only been working on the set of Victoria Justice's new show "Eye Candy" for a couple of weeks when I noticed that Victoria already seemed to be taking a shine to me, always smiling flirtatiously at me and asking me what I was doing later.

Well, as any man would do when a girl as sexy as her is making it clear that she would be interested in pursuing things with you, I asked her out.

And much to my surprise, she said yes, so we agreed to meet for dinner and drinks at an upscale place in the Hollywood hills.

"Looking forward to it John," she whispered in my ear as she squeezed my ... Continue»
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The morning after

I opened my eyes, the sun was up. I was laying facing the window of our bedroom. I could feel the bed rocking very slowly and my mind was all blurry from the night before. I rolled over onto my back and turned my head to face my wife's side of the bed. Right there only inches from me was my wife's face. Her eyes where closed and she had a snarl expression on her face. I started to set up to see why the bed was moving but my wife put her hand on my chest and held me down. I looked at her face and her eyes where open. She mouthed NO to me. Then I saw a hand move from behind her and squeeze her l... Continue»
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