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I Love Big Boob's

Don't worry, I will always answer your so nice and hot messages... :-)))) It's only that I don't have always time to answer you immediately but be sure that you make me wet... :-PPPP Sorry but I prefer to don't tell you from which side of the world I'm writing, that was in the deal with my husband. I hope and wish that you understand. Who knows maybe one day you will suck my nipples and not only... :-))) Never say never... :-))) Yes I think so that it's tough move go into therapy with your wife but I think will be a good things, as I told you, by us helped really a lot, after that we are... Continue»
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A College Night to Remember

I finished the last sip of my drink and looked around the party. It was a college event organised by some or other society and I had only gone to try and get my mind off my exgirlfriend. We had broken up a week before and I was still feeling pretty down so I decided to go get my mind clear by hooking up with another girl. I’m a decent looking guy with blonde hair and blue eyes and a good body from years of playing sport, I figured I’d be able to find someone who was interested in helping me have some fun right?

Just as I was about to leave I saw my ex talking to some guy across the party. S... Continue»
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My wife was a part time hooker - episode 2

So, if you read my previous story about how my wife became a part time hooker, this is episode two, a continuation along my perverted fantasy:

Since that first time that my wife and I had met that guy in the parking lot of a park and she sucked his dick for money, neither of us actually felt bad about it or regretted it at all. It was actually kind of exciting, she was able to live out her inner slut, and best of all, we were getting paid! That first guy had become something of a semi regular customer, maybe a couple times a month, and he must have been spreading the word because we wer... Continue»
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Summer Vacation Hot Spots

Just got back from a vacation in Denver. I have to say I always have a good time there, and always have to stop at my hot spot, the bookstore next to a truck stop just east of town on I-70.

This time I had 3 hot cocks to play with at the bookstore. One was member of a Bear club. He was a lot of fun. He spotted me coming out of one of the stalls. I joined him and what a cock this man had. It was very thick at the bottom and pointed at the end. One could love being fucked with that thing. He was not into that and just as well he gave me a good working over on my balls and cock. I di... Continue»
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Back to church

As we were tiding up after Sunday Service, Caroline was showing another lady what to do, I asked them why, she said "I'm going on holiday in a few weeks and Jean is doing my job", "Oh Ok" I said. We carried on doing our respected jobs when Caroline asked me if I wanted a cup of tea, I said I did. When we'd finished we went into the back room.

Caroline was making the tea as Jean was talking to me about the church etc. She was 70 years old, widowed for six years, lived alone and the church was her life. She was 5'5", blonde/white hair, looked to weigh around 17 stone, too large for her small ... Continue»
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The new summer job part 16

Danny sat naked from the waist down in a strange man's Cadillac in the
parking lot of the porn video shop. As the man's warm and hard cock slid in
and out of Danny's mouth, Danny thought. He wondered why he was doing it �
sucking this cock. It wasn't to service a client of the men's club, it
wasn't to convince a potential customer to sign up for the club, it wasn't
the save his job, he didn't know why. But he sucked hard and thorough,
making the guy moan, feeling the hard dick slide down his throat. He worked
it with his tongue and his lips and the soft wet skin of the inside of he
... Continue»
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The Shopping Centre

The wife and I had gone out of town to a nearby shopping centre, as we entered the massive complex, I said "We'll split up and meet up in a couple of hours Ok", she said "That's a good idea", I said "I'll ring you", and with that sorted out we went to look round seperately. After half an hour I was bored and feeling a bit fruity looking at all the girls.

I decided I needed a wank, watching all these MILS's and mature women walking around. I found the toilets and went in, it was quiet and there were six cubicles, unusual I thought. I decided to go in the end one as I thought it would be even... Continue»
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Daddy's Toy

Daddy always says I was born to fuck. He should know, he trained me that
way. Seems like sex has always been a part of my life. I started masturbating
really young, and just couldn't keep my tiny fingers out of my little wet
bald cunt. I won't tell you how old I was when I had my first cum, but I
was YOUNG!!

Now, I was constantly crawling into my daddy's lap and teasing his big
prick through his pants. I used to love to snuggle down and rub my bottom
against it and feel it grow hard under my panties, making my little twat
warm, too. Daddy's cock was really big and hard as st... Continue»
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Barbaria Act 3 Chapter 4

Personal Narrative Lady Miralda

I didn’t eat very much at the banquet. I was too excited, bubbling away inside all the time. Many of those just released must have felt as I did. It was like a miracle. One moment, a cringing submissive, obedient to the whip; the next moment, freedom. FREEDOM!
And along with it, perhaps best of all, the downfall of the allpowerful Princess Alexena, once Mistress of the known world. How incredibly wonderful it had been to see her naked in suspension... then brought down and f***ed to kneel before her conqueror. It must have cost that woman dear but, I reali... Continue»
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i never thought his friends
would stoop so low but i was wrong
it started at a friends bachelorette party
we had hired her a small team of 4 dancers
we all had drinks and enjoyed the hunky guys dancing
just for those of us gathered there
well the whipped cream part of the show came up
and they started on each side of the room
each letting us lick the cream off them
well i was rather d***k and went a bit far
taking the can away and covering the dancer in front of me
all along his very nice sized dick and took my time slowly
licking and kissing.everyone there was enjoying themselves ... Continue»
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Slap that slut pussy!

The erotic adventures of the slut continue... The slut was given her instructions to wait on all fours in the bathroom. Cleaned up & freshly shaved, lightly smelling of expensive perfume! When I arrive home the slut will exit the bathroom & enter the bedroom with a nice massage oil in hand. The slut will be face up spread eagle on the bed! I tie her down to each leg with tightly with very little slack! I want the slut's body in my hands, I want to massage every inch of her top half. I oil her up & rub her down starting at her feet, to her ankles, calves, knees to thighs! I have worked ... Continue»
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First punishment for my lovely Gingersnap.

I recently entered a dom/sub relationship with a woman in an open marriage. She found me via a craigslist posting and we'd gotten to talking about everything under the sun, most intriguing was her desire to be in a submissive relationship with a dominant man who would punish her for misbehaving, acting out, really anything that he viewed as "wrong". Personally, I had never given this type of relationship any consideration - but the more we talked about it, and the more I researched and though of it, the more it turned me on. I decided that this is the exact sort of relationship I've been looki... Continue»
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Daddy's New Games

I was waiting for Emma to get home from work. It was Friday night and I was especially horny today. For some reason, you, Emma,my girlfriend have me really hot tonight. Normally, you and I wind up in bed doing some nasty things most every night. And when I say nasty, I mean nasty. Once you're in bed, you seem to transform into the dirtiest little girl imaginable. You do things most guys only fantasize about.

All day I was thinking about you, my kitten, and how nasty you are. It seems like the more adventuresome we become together, the more we both want. So today I planned to take our rel... Continue»
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My early troubles: My diary chapter3

Chaprter 3: 
Today in class I was day dreaming about my step daddy putting his hand inside my pull ups last night and how I had been touched in my private part. Mommy said I shouldn't let anyone touch me there but what confused me is why it felt so good? After thinking about it for a while this morning when suddenly I was given a lot of work to do and I had to stop thinking about that for a while. As I was filling out my name I realized that I really had to go to the girls room to pee but the teacher always said not to go when we were given work. I had to hold it but it didn't last very long ... Continue»
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Anal Fantasy

I stood outside the restaurant waiting for her to arrive. We were supposed to meet at 1:00 and it was pushing 1:30. It was one of those times that really made me miss having a cell phone. To make it worse, I didn't exactly know what she looked like. I'd seen a few pics, but none of her face. All I knew for sure was that she was driving a white truck and would be wearing a denim mini-skirt, cowboy boots and black tank-top. Not a lot to go on.
Where is she I thought to myself. Did she blow me off? Did she pull up, get a good look at me then take off? I have some self-esteem ... Continue»
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Katy and her mum

A couple of months after I'd fucked Katy, they were both in the same store, as we were talking Katy said "Would you do for mum what you did for me", I stood there looking shocked, "Why" I asked, "Because she hasn't had anyone for a number of years". I said I'd think about it. As I did my shopping I thought about it and going through the checkout there was Katy.

As I finished she came up to me and said "Well", I said "Ok, where" as this was the middle of the day, she said "Back at our house", I said "Ok I'll follow you". We drove to a normal area of town about five miles from where I live. A... Continue»
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Never Wear Underwear

Never Wear Underwear

Anna walked slowly around in her robe, cleaning as she went. Her long brown hair went almost to her waist and her warm brown eyes danced with thoughts of her beautiful Mistress. Mistress Lex was at work and trusted her slave with all the duties. From cleaning and cooking to being naked and ready for her Mistress' soft hands. Walking slowly she dusted and whipped the coffee table. Her thoughts went to the deep blue eyes of her Mistress and the blonde locks that surrounded her face. A sudden warm body snuck up on her and pressed against her tight center.

... Continue»
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Fell in Love w/ A Slut – Part 1 (TRUE STORY)

Fell in Love w/ A Slut – Part 1 (TRUE STORY)

She was my bestfriend you can say. We were really close as k**s. We dated on and off.. She was the first one to give me head which I loved but I broke it off shortly after. Years later I got in contact with her. We started hanging out as friends. It was a very very big group of us. 30 k**s hanging out all about to be 21 years young. Sheri will be her name. Sheri had a boyfriend but regardless me and her texted all the time. About everything and anything. We were close during our parties I threw she'd pee in the bathroom while I was there. I never... Continue»
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Apartment Voyeur

"Well, we're finally completely moved in!" Bear walked passed me into our new apartment. God, she's beautiful. She has one of those bodies you can only find in a porno. On this day, she was wearing a grey pair of yoga pants. They were a little loose around the calves, but the closer they got to her waist the tighter they fit. I could tell she had decided not to wear panties for this occasion. Dark shadows traced the lines between her legs and under her butt cheeks. She was wearing a loosely fitting shirt, the neck of which was wide enough that it slipped halfway down her right arm. She wasn't ... Continue»
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My early troubles: Part 4

It was my 10th birthday and I was taken to the movies with some of my friends. I wore this new skirt that my mom gave me for my birthday this morning and I wore some pretty pink panties underneath. I had recently grown a few pubic hairs down there and I was told by my mom that I was starting to become a woman. In the theater I sat next to a friend on my right and John was to my left next to my mom. It was about half an hour into the movie when a dark scene came on with some scary loud noises in between. The movie was pg 13 which we were told wasn't gonna be so bad but I couldn't have disagreed... Continue»
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