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Sex With Mother

Hi friends its my first story pls do comment its a fantacy story First off, this all started for she and I one day a few years ago. She is just an average woman with average looks. But sure does like what I can do for her. I no longer live in her home, but I do get over there from time to time. My father is out of the picture. He did not die or leave us for another, he just was not happy in the marriage and neither was my mom. Guess it all worked out for the best though. All this started out a few years back when I would allo
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My Mother Is My Wife And My Business Partner

I am Sreenu working as a software engineer now and this incident happened few years back. My girl friend and my best friend is my mom. I want to spend all the time with my mom. About my mom: she is gorgeous lady having beautiful fair body and having beautiful face.At that her measures would be 37 28 38. So you can imagine how beautiful sh is. Her face very round face with beautiful eyes and lips. Her hair is soft and dark up to her waist. Coming to her dressing style she wears sarees at day times while doing house core work and
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Son And Mom Fucked To Become Husband And Wife

my name is Rohit Sharma age 27 height 5′ 11″. This story is about me and mom Sweta Sharma. The incident took place when I was in my final year of engineering at the age of 21 and my mom’s age was 38. Before going further a small brief about the background of the story. My mother and my father fall in love when they were neighbours and despite their parent opposition they ran away and got married. At the time of marriage my mother’s was just 16 and my father was 20
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How I Fucked My Mom In Shimla

my mother and me and very importantly something that changed our lives completely. This happened about 6 months ago. To describe my mother she is 52 yrs old with a typical voluptuous Punjabi figure and her stats are 40D-30-38. My father passed away more than 25 years ago and since then it has been only mom and me. I am 34 yrs old divorced about 10 yrs back. I am sure mom had choices in her life to get settled but she did not take them to get settled again with some
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Destination Unknown

Destination Unknown

As the blistering hot sun beats down upon the parched desert valley below, a young drifter strolls onto a long stretch of desolate highway to hitch a ride. Isolated and alone, the ambitious young man seeks to find his dreams of fame and fortune in the “Promised Land”. Wearing dark Wayfarer sunglasses and clenching his trusty old Samsonite suitcase in his hand, the handsome and virile young man is faced with a formidable landscape of endless sagebrush and scorched earth. With the menacing sound of rattlesnakes in the distance and large buzzards flying overhead, the young ... Continue»
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Sweet Ass Muscle Sub (Bisexual)

Part One: How We Met

When I was in college, I answered an ad on the bulletin board of the
student center for an off-campus roommate.

Sylvan Gardens was a rundown apartment complex in walking distance of the
school. Convenient, since I did not own a car, and the rent had to be

I rang the buzzer at Apartment F, but no one answered.

Just as I was about to walk away, the door creaked open, revealing a
shirtless white guy wearing gym shorts and a backwards baseball cap. Blond
bangs hung in his big blue eyes.

He towered over me by a few inches with an impressive physiq... Continue»
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"Gluteus Maximus" - Chapter 18 "End

Previously in "Gluteus Maximus" - Chapter s*******n

Dev egged me on, "Oh, yeah baby, suck that black dick, baby, you like

"Fuck yeah," I said enthusiastically as I pulled off for a second. "I love
this cock" I dove back down on it slurping it as deep as I could.

His pre-cum was flowing and I could feel him getting close.

"Yeah, give me that fucking cum, man, feed me," I said breathlessly.

"Oh, you are such a fucking hot slut." He groaned appreciatively.

He rubbed my bobbing head and I felt him spasm. My mouth filled with a huge
load, his babies swimming on my hung... Continue»
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His day of privacy had finally come. His room mate, wife and k**s had all packed it up and driven south to visit f****y. His kind friend insisted he join them but he had no desire to spend hours being questioned by the elder f****y members and being jumped on by the small ones. All week he looked foward to some quiet time doing as he wished, going for a bike ride, job hunting, enjoying some good porn with volume, and maybe running into a hot friend and hooking up. That summer he had managed to make two plesant female friends. One relationship managed to remain innocent. He was good at that.... Continue»
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Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XXXVII

Chapter XXXVII – Country Lust (based on Sweethearts No. 95 cover, Charlton, October 1967)

If you are a man of the country, love is a tough thing to find, and tame. It’s not like cattle or a horse, which you can take care of it if you learn about it. Love is different, you can’t really tame it or put inside a bottle. When it comes, you never are ready for it, and when you feel you already tamed it, it goes away.

But there is something that adds insult to the injury: falling for your boss’ daughter. The one you weren’... Continue»
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The Making of Mistress Michelle

“Are you crazy Michelle? You’re not gonna put that shit on the internet, on a porn site?!”

Michelle pulled back her long blonde hair and looped a squishy around it to get it out of the way. She was sitting cross-legged on her bed in a black knee-length t-shirt, computer in lap. She looked up over her shoulder at her girlfriend Stacey and blushed bright red.

“Yes, why not? I’m never get asked on a date, never know what to say when I am. Boys only looking for one thing. Why not put my fantasies out on the internet, get someone to talk to me.”

When Stacey didn’t say anythin... Continue»
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Mom went away for the week end we had fun

Mom went away for the whole week end.

I wrote my experience with my s****r in front of her friends (girls)
I am going to share my experience with s*s,s friends with the help of s****r.
I have had sex with s****r,s friend for few times but the time use to be short.

One Friday when I came home from work. s*s was home. She made tea for us
we sat and drank tea and talked. s*s said mom went to see aunty her s****r she
will be back on Sunday evening. I asked if every thing is ok at aunty? Gogi said aunt is not feeling good so mom went to see her. Gogi said we have the house for our self f... Continue»
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with the help of sis I fucked mom

Fucking mom help of s****r.

It has been about 2 years since I been fucking my s****r and her friends.
It has been great life of I an my s****r. s****r love that I am here when she
is honey. I am happy that s****r is here when I get erection. Many times s*s
suck my cock while mom is in the kitchen cooking. We find every opportunity
to fuck.
s****r's friends started going to different school in far away city. We do not see
then that often.

One day s****r was looking for a book that she could not find. She went to
mom's room to look. While loking for book she open the end tabe n... Continue»
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A new fur slave

A new fur slave

I’m laying here fucking another hooker, a rabbit hooker, and I’m about to cum and this is where my story begins.

"Take my hot horse cum, slut!" I grunt as I cum in the rabbit’s pussy. My cock grow bigger as each string of cum stretches my cock and her eyes widen as her pussy is opened wider until my cum reached the head and flows straight into her womb. Three more strings shoot out and her belly grows bigger with each one until she looks four months pregnant. I lay her down on the bed having fucked her in a chair and pull my cock from her tight pussy watching my cum leaki... Continue»
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Condom Compromise - (An alternative to cream-pie s

Condom Compromise.
John Kavanagh

My wife and I had been swinging with other couples, groups and selected singles for some time and very much enjoying the experience. Being nudists our main criteria was to have all naked and just let it all happen as we all felt comfortable. Bernice, my wife is lightly bi as am I, though her preference was for cock and lots of it in all holes so we often entertained an extra guy at our “gatherings” to keep the women happy and the only thing that I liked more than watching a guy fuck her, enjoying the contrast in skin tones (she is b... Continue»
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جلنار جردلي Jilnar Jardaly X-Rated Interview

"Today we're talking to one of the world's favorite, beautiful, talented and, dare I say, sexually open newsreaders in the world, the one and only Jilnar Jardaly. Welcome! [Interviewer]

"Thanks, sweetie."

"Let's start by asking if you weren't a famous television personality and much-loved evening news anchor, what do you think you would be doing?" [Interviewer]

"Oh, that's an easy one! Definitely either a hooker or porn star or both! I can't think of any other occupation that would give me the amount of kinky sex and number of sexual partners on a daily basis that I'm accustomed to, a... Continue»
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Two Different Women, Two Different Experiences

For quite a while, I was in a fairly good relationship. We were both adults, trim, in shape, and on top of that, we had a lot of common interests. When we first started dating, we were both what the other was looking for – she wanted a guy who was sociable and who was interested in spur of the moment trips, and I wanted a woman with whom I could talk and, importantly, who was hot.

At first, it seemed as though I had hit the jackpot. She was an inch taller than me and had blonde hair that flowed just below her shoulders, with just the slightest hint of curls. Her facial features did not sta... Continue»
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Punjabi Princess

The sun begin to set as I arrived to the Sarai household. I reflected on my first time meeting Anwesha and her husband, Saran, at annual company party. Instantly I feel in love with Anwesha the first time I saw her. She was the perfect example of Punjabi beauty: Long black hair that was braided and pulled into a ponytail, oval amber eyes, A red and black Shalwar kameez, and she was wearing fancy jewelry that made me wish I married her instead of Saran.
Throughout the night both Anwesha and I playfully flirted with each other. I couldn't believe how much of a tease she was, but loved playing ... Continue»
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Lesbian with a Four Inch Tongue

I woke up Sunday morning and remembered the cute little feminine French girl that I had last night. Like the hundreds of other women I had met she was just another who had experienced my four-inch tongue. She had left my house with a well satisfied smile on her face. You see, since high school. I first noticed that my tongue was growing longer and longer. I was a soccer jock in high school and college so I had plenty of opportunities to date lesbian women. By the time I was nineteen, I was a committed lesbian. My tongue grew to a full four inches so this endowment of nature made me very desira... Continue»
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my First Night with Sir (pt 2)


i come out of the shower feeling nice and clean, and of course still basking in the afterglow of my utterly amazing orgasm. The shower has removed the rope marks from my arms and breasts. After drying off and fixing myself up, i wander back into the bedroom but find it empty. Without any directions, i do what is beginning to come naturally: i drop to the floor and assume my presentation position – sitting back on my heels, straight posture, knees on the ground and legs wide open, arms behind my head, chest outthrust, eyes to the ground. i don’t make a sound. It’s only after i've m... Continue»
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A Friend with Benefits (part 2)

A Friend with Benefits (part 2)
Rob and I have had a friendship that has lasted four months now. We have grown to be quite close friends that enjoyed more than the ongoing sexual relationship that started a while ago. We have enjoyed each other’s company at dinner, sporting events and just sitting around watching television. He has been to my home and I have been to his. As time has passed our wife’s have also entered the picture for dinner and just socializing at on another’s homes. As described in the previous chapter, my wife has gone through menopause which has robbed her of her sex driv... Continue»
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