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Simpy Red #1

Simply Red #1

It had been a week since Reds special day. In all appearance, things were back to normal. In truth things were just being played out for the younger men. The older Collins men had endorsed the marriage plans and were thoroughly enjoying their new freedom to have Red fully. It was Friday and Red was having an overnight since Earl and the older boys conveniently went out of town. All day Carl and Ed had flirted, make a grope or grab or tried to peep any view of her they could. Red had dressed down wearing a below t... Continue»
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Laura's Bowling experience

spero vi piaccia come è piaciuto a me.... ;)


Fed up of Beth and all her lazy bullshit, Laura had muttered something about going to the shop and hurried out of the house. She didn't know quite where she was going to go until she got there, but she wasn't at all surprised to find herself at the Hyperbowl alley. It's not that she was an avid bowling fan, she didn't even like it that much - it made her fingers hurt - but... Continue»
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I had forgotten how tight Hannah’s pussy was.

So, when I slipped inside her from behind, and looked down at the pale, white skin of her back, leading up to the long, curly, red hair flowing over her left shoulder, I felt a nearly overwhelming urge to cum inside her.

“It’s been so long,” she said, looking back at me. “I missed you.”

I missed her too, but probably only for the fact that she was 22 and I was 40 and she gave earth shatteringly good blowjobs. She wasn’t k**ding, though. It had been about six weeks since I fucked her last, just a day before she left to go back to college. ... Continue»
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Cucked my husband with a hung teenager

My husband and I have been married for 2 years. We are attractive and fit. Our sex life has always been very good. We have been occasionally been adventurous. WE have had a number of mfm threeways, we have a once in a while play time with a couple who are good friends and we have had the very occasional daliance outside the marriage. We tell each other all about those. My husband is bi. I am bi too and have done things with the female half of the couple we play with but it's more to entertain the guys than any real prediliction of mine. The point being that we are not an inexperienced couple.
... Continue»
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The Holiday Pt1

The searing heat was too much for Jon to take. He was on holiday in this tropical climate and he couldn't stop the sweating, or the constant threat of sunburn. Anne, his wife, was something of a sun worshipper. She revelled in the heat of the suns rays; loved the smell of the lotion, the feel of the heat, the lapping of the water. Jon did not understand this. He retreated to the bar.

Sitting down with his book, and an ice cold brew, he finally relaxed. The hum of the air conditioner settled his muscles, the artificial cold air making his beer taste all the more crisp, allowing him to become... Continue»
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Living among the Kilitoki

Manhood Rite

*** Warning: This is a long story, with a plot that slowly builds up. The actual sex happens towards the end. If long stories aren't your thing, then please beware.

*** This story is fiction and all characters are of legal age (18 years of age or older).

- Chapter 1 -

"I'll see you in twenty minutes." Zoe hung up the phone and, mop in hand, looked at the kitchen floor of her flat. Half of the tiles were sparkling white, while the other half had a dull, dusty look to them. She dipped the mop back in the bucket and began untying her apron.

"Peter!... Continue»
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After my first marriage ended, I went on the hunt for the special woman who had interests reflecting my own. I liked a wide range of sex, and an even wider range of fantasies, some representing sexual activities that had to be kept in the realm of fantasy, or else some serious legal problems could result.

I was at a party with about 30 people attending, most of them younger than me. Sometime during the evening I needed a bathroom, and without asking the host which door I should look for, I simply started opening every door I came to. When I opened one door I knew it was the one with a spe... Continue»
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A Tale of two s****rs

Here’s the story of a Mexican with nine fingers and how he was lucky enough to bang the hottest s****rs in the central valley. Gringo’s try and remember, Spanish J’s make the H sound.

Kaylee and Sonia are fine half Latina, half Scandinavian s****rs with dark eyes, tight pink pussies, pale pink nips, big cock-sucking mouths and long pink tongues. Even up close they remind me of Selena Gomez (Kaylee) and Ariana Grande (Sonia). They’re not dead ringers but I think they’re just as pretty in their own ways. I’m just a f****y friend, but the girls call me Uncle.

Okay eh, so Sonia’s kind ... Continue»
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Scum part 2

“Look away” he whispered as his naked body laid on top of mine.
As i turned my head to the side and faced the wall, I could feel his hard cock pressing against me as he made me raise my legs to allow him entry into me.
With no foreplay or anything he spat on to his hand and rubbed his spit against my hole.
As he f***ed his way into me, his body pushing against mine, my head facing the wall and his hand holding it so I didnt turn back… I tried to catch my breath as i felt his cock tear through me, forcing me to take it, and his foreskin allowing him to get deeply inside.

Every thrust from... Continue»
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One day in July, 2014, I stopped for coffee at Wendy's. When my cup was empty, I went to the washroom. It had 2
urinals. I took the urinal on the right.
Just as I finished,a guy entered and stood beside me. I looked over at him and holy hell! He looked
exactly like Larry, an old friend of mine. What an uncanny resemblance. Larry moved to California 30
- 35 years ago. It was as if he hadn't aged a bit! He must be Larry's k**!
I asked him, "How's it going?"
He replied, "Good, you?"
"Just fine."
I looked down at his dick. His uncut cock was very long and thick and appeared to be s... Continue»
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A Tale of me seducing you

You are stood facing out of the window, your silhouette perfectly framed, I catch my breath as I realise that this isn't one of my musings, you are here, right in front of me, available, and for one night at least, all mine.

I stand a while, holding my breath, I don't want any noise to spoil this moment. I study your body, caught in the faint glow of the street lights outside, you are perfect. Your long blonde hair falls in pleasing ringlets down your back; I study the shape of your neck, the curve of your hips.

You are just wearing your underwear. Black bra, small black hipster panties,... Continue»
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My wife and I are at IHOP having coffee one Sunday morning a few years ago with my b*****r and his wife. There is a couple, man & woman, sitting at a nearby table.
I have made eye contact with the guy a couple of times. He is really good looking, about my age, clean shaven, grey hair, glasses & neatly dressed. I pointedly made eye contact and then looked over to the washroom door. I was sure he was listening to our conversation so I told this joke:

Three men, a Jew, a Muslim & an infidel are walking on the beach one day. They come across a lantern and a Genie pops out of it. "I will give e... Continue»
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My ex-wife, Bev & I had a Sunday morning routine where upon waking up, I would rub her ass and say "ten minutes". I would zip downstairs to the bathroom there & brush my teeth and shower. Meanwhile in the bathroom off our bedroom, Bev would douche, brush her teeth and shower. I'd get back into bed and when she joined me, we commenced to 69. I had always enjoyed getting blow jobs and didn't think they should stop when I got married. From what Bev had said she had never sucked another guy's cock and no guy had ever eaten her pussy before me . We were a happily married couple for 12 years. You kn... Continue»
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Let me tell you about Smitty. Smitty and I went through High School together. We were good buddies. We played baseball together, went to movies, double dated, got d***k together. One night when we had been out drinking beer, we both had to piss and I got to peak at his dick in the moonlight. I didn't see much but needless to say I wished there had been more light :-).
We both went to different cities after grad and while we didn't see each other we exchanged xmas cards.
About a week after my 23rd birthday, I got a phone call from him. He was changing jobs and passing through town and wanted... Continue»
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One day in 2009 I went to the washroom I the mall and stand at the 1st urinal in a group of 4. There is nobody else in there. Finally, a guy comes in and he stands at the urinal beside me. I look at him and he looks at me - he's got a beauty in his hand - it's an incredible fat uncut piece of meat. I can't help myself, I reach over and indicate to him that I'd like to jerk him off. He turns towards me and I grab his cock and start "choking his chicken". Since nobody is in there, I say to him "wow are you a lucky guy". He says "thanks" and I tell him "your wife is lucky too". A... Continue»
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It is my final piano lesson before my recital on Sunday. This will will be the end of my piano lessons. I am not too sad about that.
My piano teacher, Mrs. North, is at the hospital sitting by her sick aunt's bedside. She is terminally ill and has only a little while to live. Her husband, also an accomplished pianist and teacher, is subbing for her. He sits beside me on the bench. I run through my recital program. I can't help but notice as I glance down at the keys that he is wearing walking shorts and they are very tight in the crotch. I can see a significant bulge down the side of his leg... Continue»
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My wife and I are at the Mall of America. I am wandering around the mall and I am glancing covertly at all the guy's crotches. Wearing jeans is a sure-fire way to advertise what you have for equipment, lol. One particular pair of jeans with a promising crotch attached to it is cumming my way. It looks very very inviting.
He is a good looking, clean shaven guy about my age. He is wearing a white stetson, cowboy shirt and boots. He's about 6' tall & 200 pounds.
As we meet each other, we make eye contact briefly, nod & go on our separate ways. I walk a few paces and stop and look in a store w... Continue»
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I SPY...............................

Where I grew up, just outside of town there was a huge stand of poplar trees. I used to go there to climb. I had a favorite tree and I would sit in it for hours contemplating things and life. I even jerked off up there a time or two.
One afternoon while I was in my tree, I heard voices. It was Sam & Betty from school. They sat under a tree close by. I could clearly see them through the branches and foliage. I kept quiet, hoping that they would not see me.
Betty and I had never dated but we always got along well with each other. She was very bright in school and her marks would get her a sc... Continue»
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Years ago, my wife was out shopping with her s****r and I am spending a relaxing and enjoyable afternoon in my garage tinkering with my '67 Mustang. I have been horny all day and once in awhile I give my partially semi-hard cock a squeeze or two and fondle my nuts, giving them a good scratch. I want to edge this way for a good long time and prolong it as long as possible so that I can work up to a wonderful 10 minutes in the shower jerking off before my wife gets home. The garage door and the side doors are open and gentle breezes blow through the garage as I tinker with my two toys.
I hear ... Continue»
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I always have a debate within myself when I see a guy with his fly open. Should I tell him or not. You never know what their reaction will be. If the guy looks mean or is unkempt or dressed grubby, I will not say anything. If a guy looks friendly, I usually take my chances and tell him. Their usual reaction is one of embarrassment and they say "oops" or "thanks" and turn away and pull it up as discretely as possible. One error in judgement on my part, left me vowing to never tell another guy. It was in Wal*Mart, a very busy place and this guy got all pissed off and says very meanly "what are y... Continue»
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