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Moni at work

This is a true story

Hi, Moni here

Another true story from my younger days.

A long time ago I was working in an office for a large trucking company. There were a few women in the office but all mostly men. Harassment back then was not uncommon and I didn't bother me much, back in the late 70's. I had been married for just under a year now and had just started to be a shared wife and loving it.

The guys always leered at me especially the truckers. I had to wear dresses and skirts for work at the time and of course I wore them short, had no others. A few guys were fairly nice and g... Continue»
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Seamus Brings His Friends

The doorbell rang again this morning, and I answered it to discover that Seamus. my cute little paperboy, was standing on the step with three other males of his age.

I gasped as they piled into my apartment without asking. Seamus had obviouls told them what an obedient older woman I was.

"Did you wash it off?" he demanded.

"N-No," I stammered, already fearful of what this youing boy was going to do with my fully-adult-yet-submissive body.

"We'll need proof," he said casually. Then, without bothering to ask me, he undid the ties of my robe and pushed it off, revealing my naked ... Continue»
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The rehearsal dinner pt 2

The next day was my nephews wedding everyone was getting ready. Hubby had just arrived so did my nephew and Greg. I was in the basement ironing my outfit for the day when Greg came down. I was nervous as hell as I had my husband and a guy who fucked the shit out of me just last night all of us in the same house. Greg kept trying to grab me and play with my tits. He finally got hold of me and pulled my shirt up and my shorts down. I said we might get caught Greg said he didn't care as he wanted to fuck my married pussy. He had me bend over the washer and dryer and he slid his cock into me as ... Continue»
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Deep throat tech

asslikeawoman's Blog Deep throat Made Easy
Here for the first time ever are simple and
explicit instructions on how to deep throat a
penis. Position is important; you'll want to in
position where you can extend and straighten
your neck by slightly tilting your head back.
This helps line up your throat with your mouth
allowing the penis to slide in deep. The best
position for beginners is with the receiver
lying on his back with the giver lying on the
stomach along side. You can prop yourself up
on your elbows.
The penis must be THOROUGHLY
LUBRICATED! I can't stress this enough. An... Continue»
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A Story about my time with Kelli .... Part 1

This is a Story of a girl named, Kelli.
She had beautiful, flowing red hair; curly, it cascaded down to just passed her shoulder. Her hazel-green eyes were surrounded by darkness of a mistrustful life, possessing a spark of joy and happiness, much like the Hope kept within Pandora's Box. Her breasts were small, but perfectly formed. Her legs were long and firm, smoothly leading up to a well-rounded backside. To quote one of my fellow Marines during that time, “She's got an ass like a black woman”.
Kelli had a random license plate on her car that started with “YTP”. An aunt once told her it... Continue»
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Back in my early days of my career in the plumbing business I had struggled and work long hard hours to gain the experience
it would take to work a plumbing service van . When my big break came I found employment with a top notch company which quickly put BIG dollars in my pocket. The last thing I needed was to lose this once in a lifetime job by having an affair with my supervisors wife.

When I first became employed at my dream job I quickly impressed one of my supervisors named Mike and gained trust with him
as we became friends at work and on our down time. On... Continue»
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Jenny threesome

When we returned from our trip to Fish Lake, Sara reminded me that Jenny was supposed to come over for the night. I had completely forgotten due to all that had occured on the trip. I told Sara that I could find another place to crash for the night so that they could be alone. Sara told me that she thought it would be best if I stayed.

When we arrived back at her apartment, we unpacked our gear, sorted things out and relaxed at the table for a bite to eat. I was feeling pretty dirty and really needed a shower. I asked Sara what time Jenny was supposed to arrive and she replied that she... Continue»
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I didn't know I liked heavy mature women part

I think I was 18 when I started working at the restaurant of a big nursing home in Amsterdam. As you can imagine, there were alot of old people there. But I never cared much for old people. I still don't to be honest. Most of my colleagues were women and most of them were mature, so I was never interested in them. I guess they reminded me to much of my mom, and I'm not one of those guys who has the hots for their moms. Fuck no. When I have sex and I'm about to come to quick, I think of two things: my mom or two man having sex.

But anyway, as I was saying, most of my colleagues were older wo... Continue»
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The rehearsal dinner

Let me give you some background information first. My name is Kim I'm 53 5-11, 175lbs with 44dd boobs. This happened at my s****rs home. I was staying there for her sons wedding helping her with some last minute details. She was hosting the rehearsal dinner in her back yard.
My s****r and I were working on some things for the dinner when her son the groom to be walked in with one of his buddies. That morning when I got ready for the day I just put on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts and no bra. Well my nephews friend just kept looking at my boobs as my nipples are always hard and with just a ... Continue»
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My Boyfriend Be Trippin'

My Boyfriend Be Trippin'

You'll Give Me A What? If I Drive You Where?

Take it from Frankie: You can love a whole category of women, and I most definitely do: Hookers. I could give you a hundred reasons why I love 'em, one skillful blowjob in the front seat of my cab or one quick hot fuck in the back seat at a time. But this isn't about "love" in the way I love big dogs and baseball and homemade lasagna. It's about Love with a capital L. Stupid Love at that. It's about Kat.

I'd just driven Kat from Geary, the street she was working, to the motel in Oakland where she was living,... Continue»
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My New Man

After the park fuck I was feeling like plenty of black dick, it somehow outdoors made me really horny and I was playing with my clit in my pants looking at some new guys on my contact site. I teased a few lads online and then in the end made my choice. A young fit rasta boy, he is 22 yo, over 6 foot and not too experienced. I usually don't do so young as they may get clingy and want more love than I can give..lol. Got to leave old Mick something!!!
Anyway James fitted the bill for a good deep fuck in my randy pussy. He had shown me his manhood on his web cam and it was what this Lady demands... Continue»
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The cuckold waiting room.

My wife was telling me about a customer that can to her office. As they talked while waiting on her appointment with the company owner she told my wife about a " cuckold club" back home that she belongs to.

The wife's come in with their husbands. The wife goes into a private room while the husband sets and waits in a waiting room. The wife's are serviced by their choice if bull. They have black or white well hung guys that are professional love makers. The husbands talk to each other while their wife's are being fucked in the private rooms. There is WiFi available for the husbands in case ... Continue»
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Tricked by Str8 Mates Jealous Boyfriend Part 1

I'd recently been promoted at work and immediately hit it of with a rough an ready chav bird Cath, apart from us both being 18 years old, we loved to party hard at weekends. This Monday morning she came into work & was unusually quite, she hadn't heard from her 22 year old boyfriend Brian all weekend. Brian was an MMA fighter with a terrible temper when d***k & was extremely jealous, so much so that he'd threatened me via text messages a few times even though Cath had told him am gay. That weekend Cath asked me to stay over at her's & have a couple of drinks. As Friday night became early hrs S... Continue»
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Bella Gets an Audition

Bella Thorne sat patiently in the waiting room. She had an appointment to see a very powerful casting director in hopes of getting a part in the new Matthew McConaughey movie. She just turned 18 and needed to get out from under the trap that was Disney. The Evil Empire, as she called them. She would do anything be get this part. The character was in her early twenties and seduces McConaughey’s character to murder her rich parents so she can inherit their millions. She knew she could play older and even though the part was so much different than her previous acting experiences, she knew s... Continue»
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Monster mexican load of cum

I decided I'd share some of more memorable sex stories in which I was a total slut for cock for you all to enjoy. I can swear all of my stories are 100 percent true and this is one of my more interesting ones I can still vividly remember....

Last year I was visiting Denver and I decided while in town I'd post an ad on craigslist looking to suck some cock and have some fun. I had always loved watching porn where the guy would unleash just a huge load of cum so I was very specific in my ad that I was looking for someone that was a big cummer to hook up with. I got several replies from guys... Continue»
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My Neighbours (Second Chapter)

The swim night activities were normal until shower time. Bob and Gracie commenced their usual display and in the shower right beside them Natalie and I followed their lead. There is no doubt we were not as practiced as the other couple, nevertheless given her diminutive size I was able to easily hold Natalie. Our combined enthusiasm seemed to satisfy Gracie and Bob. We all too quickly got our rocks off so we must have done something right.

The following week at shower time Bob surprised us. He took Natalie’s hand and asked her to shower with him. Gracie’s demeanour indicated her prior awar... Continue»
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My First Affair

Although this is called my "first" affair, to date this has been my only affair but I can't say that I won't have another in the future....

Years ago I managed an outdoor sporting goods store in a well known mountain resort town. Being a resort town there was always a constant flow of employees coming and going as this is the nature of life in these places. My second year running this store there was a new applicant, her name is Sara. Sara is five years my junior, has long chestnut brown hair, piercing blue almond shaped eyes and a beautiful athletic body. She was exactly what I was loo... Continue»
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"If the house is a-rockin', don't b

It's December 26, the day after Christmas. The presents are all opened, the dinner is over and done with, the company is all gone...the post-holiday letdown is starting to creep over us.

But I'm horny as hell. Couldn't fuck with so many people staying over last night. We're both more than ready for a little "us time."

I put a Stevie Ray Vaughan CD in the player and crank it up. "Come here!" I order her. She complies. I take her in my arms and give her a deep, deep kiss. She gives it right back to me. I slide my hands up underneath the loose top she's wearing and take hold of her 40DD ti... Continue»
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One Romantic Evening

This is our night. No one can hear us, no one can see us. No one even knows that we are here. It's just me and you and a bed with red silk sheets and incredibly soft pillows. No TV or computers to distract us with their white noise. No neighbors to knock on our door, asking us to quiet down. We can be as loud as we want tonight. We can let the sounds of our love rock the very foundations of the room we are in. No videos, no toys, no clothes; just a bed, sheets, pillows, you, and me...

I kiss you hard on your lips, making sure your tongue gets the massage it deserves from mine. I run the tip... Continue»
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Girlfriend #1

I met Adrianna at a cafe earlier in the week and we got into a conversation about movies. I prefer the summer-blockbuster-car-chase-shoot-em-up type of movie, while she was a fan of the infamous chick-flick.

Along with the conversation, there was some serious flirting. It appeared that she was into me, and I KNEW that I was into her. She was wearing a not-so-revealing business suit, but I was still able to see her beauty. She was fairly tall - about 5' 8" - still short of my 5' 11" frame, but not at all short. She was also pretty shapely for a taller girl. I'd say her dimensions were about... Continue»
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