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Wendy's World - 2

Chapter One
I'm at the skate park surrounded by the group of guys. We were down in the pit of the park and couldn't been seen by passersby. There are six or seven I'm not sure. They are all naked and leering at me. I look down and find myself with just garters, stockings, and high heels. Jason is the clear leader and is standing there. His thick cock is right in front of me. He helps me down to my knees and I lean in to kiss his cock. My hands cup his balls. His shaft parts my lips, as he pushes his thick cock down my throat. There is a rumble from the crowd at my ability to take him down to ... Continue»
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Wendy's World - 3

Chapter one

When I get home from the warehouse fuck, I go shower and lay down. I still feel overwhelmed by the bawdy day with two scrumptious cocks. I text them both that I got home and didn't have a problem with the cop, he had fallen for my lie. I strip off my shorts and blouse and slip into the shower. After drying off, I fall into bed for a quick nap. There's is still no message from Mack, my husband but both guys text me back that they are looking forward to coming over and hanging out by the pool. The thought of them coming over helps me to drift off to sl**p.

When I wake up, it’... Continue»
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My very first time cuckolding my husband (Check it

On a Sunday afternoon I had decided to go on a date to see Jurassic World with this guy from tinder. I was so nervous and excited to see him, as from his Tinder profile he was really cute. I was waiting for him at the movie entrance when I saw him walking up to me, calling my name “Hey Nika!” We chatted for a bit (He didn’t know I was married because I had taken my rings off) and got some drinks before heading into the movie. It was so dark that I nearly slipped on the floor as he led me to this dark area in the back of the theater. We found a secluded spot and sat down. We smiled and we talke... Continue»
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Land of the giantess PART ONE

I was in a plane. On the way to England, waiting for the plane to finnaly land.

It had been ages scince we took off. I looked at my hand, it seemed normal...

"Why me?" I Thought as i knew my hand had the ability use my bl**d to quickly make a hand to use as a grapling hook or bionic arm.

So i was just a zombie-like human bieng.

Suddenly i heard a noise... coming from the engines of the plane. They were broken and flames were coming out of them

Everyone rushed from the exits to suicide.
They knew thier life depended in the path underneath.

It was water, but there was a island... Continue»
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Cave Creatures

When the small double engine plane finally touched on the grass runway before bouncing a few times and slowing down, Sarah took a deep breath, relieved that the difficult and bumpy flight to the remote location of amazon rainforest in Peru near the Brazilian border was finally over and even though she had several hours of driving left in some of the most dangerous mountain roads, she was glad the flight part of this expedition was over. She waited as the door was opened from outside by a dark native man. He reached for her hand and helped her off the plane before grabbing her large mustard col... Continue»
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Babysitter, Wife, Dad, Mother-in-Law and Me

Originally published as Best Father's Day Gift Ever but due to low response I am re-posting under a different title.

True story

If you have read our earlier posts, you will know that nearly 6 years ago my dad, Liam, had done a nude painting of Babs, which she gave to me for my birthday. You will also know that Babs and my dad have had sex before also on more than one occasion. My dad and I look very much alike so it wasn’t difficult to see why Babs fancied him so.

Last year, Bab’s mom Helen was visiting at the same time my dad was and the two of them hit off and got married. Helen ... Continue»
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Can I Borrow Your Phone - An Adult Story

was out of town making some sales calls. It had been a long day on the road. I pulled over to get a six pack to bring back to my room. I was staying on the 7th floor. I walked passed the tourist in the lobby. I smiled at the front desk girl as she waved to me. I just shook my head when I saw a big crowd of people walking down the hall toward me. There must be a big convention staying at the hotel. Most of the people were in business suits as they walked passed me. I was in some tan pants and a white button down shirt. I had some brown sandals on.

I had my cold six pack in one hand as I... Continue»
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And Her s****r Makes Three

My partner, Sue, and I have been together for a year living on our own in comfort in a large detached house on the coast near Salcombe.

In our forties we're both on our second relationships and have a great time living life to the full enjoying our common interests of sailing, walking, eating, drinking and socialising. Better still our sex life is fantastic and we fuck ourselves silly. Until recently I thought it couldn't get better! That was until her younger s****r, Anne, came to stay after breaking up with her hubby.

At first I wasn't too keen on the idea and felt she would be an intr... Continue»
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summer at home! pt3

What's it look like we did Bethany K asked sarcasticly! Are you upset I got a peace of your man? No mom but your married to his father that's cheating. Oh come on Beth it can be are little secret right Dallas! Yes K, right Bethany Okay fine. What is smell mom oh shit I bet the dinner is burnt better go check I told her. So she got up and ran to the kitchen, Dallas what are where you think Beth said as she walked over to me. Look I know it's kinda wrong but two sexy women wanting me in this house I'm not going to just not bang them. Look Dallas she said no one wants you with a smile, yeah righ... Continue»
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Wifes Holiday Party

As the holidays rolled around, I was looking forward to taking my wife
to her companies Christmas party. It meant a night out with her all
dressed up, and a night in of tasting her sweet pussy since our two
k**s were with f****y for the night.

Mary is a knock-out. 37 years old, two k**s, yet a nice 5'2" frame with
115 pounds on it. She has 36D's, which I love to suck. She is rather
modest, though, and has never really been wild at sex. I enjoy it when
it happens, but it always consists of me eating her out before fucking
her. Since she tastes so good I can't really complain, but she ... Continue»
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summer at home! pt2

So as I was saying I was woken up K yelling for me and Bethany to come down stairs, I was really nervous as I was getting up to put my shorts on I heard my door swing wide open I turn to look and it was Bethany. She ran up to me frantically Dallas what are we going to do how can we explain what happened. I don't know Beth we wouldn't be in this situation if you would learn how to keep your mouth shut, she just stared at me with an evil look then she grabbed my cock kinda hard and wispered into my ear well it's hard not to be loud when this thing is in you. To which I responded well learn as sh... Continue»
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My Four Legged Whore

Lester adopts a dog, but not for long.
Disclaimer: This has not and will not ever happen in real life! I'm a strict vegan, but have a taste for writing disturbing material. Anyone doing this to an a****l in real life should be severely published.

You wouldn't think I'm this fucked up. I look like every normal man you see. My f****y is wealthy, I have a good job, and I'm polite to everyone. As they say though, looks can be deceiving. Anyway, I usually start my day off by reading the classified ads in the paper. I do this to find my next victim. A victim of my perversions e... Continue»
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Aunt Liz

My Aunt Liz

From the time that I could remember my Aunt Liz always had a playful demeanor with an edge of sarcasm within her playfulness. When I was just a c***d and she came over to visit her younger s****r (my Mom), she would always take the time out to show me some attention. Generally back then; even though it encompassed some physical touching, the playfulness was wrestling or tickling, or a combination of both. Aunt Lizzie lived in our state’s capitol a couple of hours away from us so it wasn’t as if we saw her on a regular basis, so it was a real treat when she came around. But also,... Continue»
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Office Lust

Denny hustled back to the office worried that he was going to get busted for being late. He sneaked in the back service door hoping to avoid contact with anyone especially his new boss Virginia. She had taken over in an effort to turn the company around.

She was a no nonsense kind of boss, and woe be unto anyone who crossed her. If one could get past her management technique she was a very attractive woman. and very intelligent. She was always dressed impeccably in her conservative business skirts, and blazer, and silk blouses.

One thing was for sure, she was a stickler for people bein... Continue»
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Mountain Rescue

Bill was a writer. He was 32 years old and about 6’ tall. He was well built and was considered good looking. His first two books had done well and he had moved to a cabin high on a mountain. He had a friend who was an engineer to help him set the cabin up to be fairly self sufficient. He had solar panels that kept his battery banks charged and he used LED lighting. There was a nearby stream where he had a water wheel that also supplied some of his power needs. It was enough to power his refrigeration unit and his freezer. They were both so well insulated that they drew little power. There was ... Continue»
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The Pin

Cindy meets Scott, but who is he and what does he really do?
This is a long story over 26,000 words.
I changed the name of the dead guy, who has a very minor part in the second half of the story, because I don’t like saying his real name.
This story is total fiction, which means this is not a true story. I made the whole thing up… well most of it.
I have more thoughts at the end. I hope you enjoy the story.

The Pin

My name is Cindy; I’m twenty one years old and in my third year of college. I’m about five foot six and weigh about one thirty. I have hazel eyes and natur... Continue»
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Anniversary Trip ch.2 - Sex Slave Stripper

Anniversary Trip (II) - Sex Slave Stripper

This is the second installment of our trip to Las Vegas on the occasion of our 10th wedding anniversary. See the story "Tenth Wedding Anniversary" for the first part of the story.

By the time we arrived in Vegas, it was very late, almost midnight. We were both too tired to do anything but check into our hotel, get a late snack in one of the open restaurants in the hotel and go to bed.

At 8:00 AM, I awoke with my usual morning hard-on. Paula is usually too sl**py in the morning for sex so I just have to take a cold shower. But not this mornin... Continue»
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Anniversary Trip ch.4 - Paula's Bi Interlude

Author's Note: In Paula's Turn - Part III of Tenth Anniversary Series, my wife flashed an stranger during a Las Vegas Show. One thing led to another, and, without my knowledge, she ended up spending the night with two men. I was frantic until I finally received a call from Paula. At the end of the call, one of the men told me that Paula would be spending the night with them and I should retain the services of a hooker if I needed sex.

It was nearly noon before I got back to our hotel room at Caesar's Palace. The sex had been intense th... Continue»
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Anniversary Trip ch.1 - Our Tenth Wedding Annivers

Our Tenth Wedding Anniversary

Paula and I have already submitted two stories describing some of our more erotic adventures after my wife began to have sex with other men. We have enjoyed writing these stories so much that we decided to write a few more. After some discussion, we decided that we would write about the most erotic two weeks we ever had. This occurred during a vacation to Las Vegas that we took over our tenth wedding anniversary. In order to keep the narrative to a reasonable length, we're going to write about this two weeks covering a few days at a time. Sometimes I will be do... Continue»
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The "Five" Part 2 - First Submission


Gwen had accepted my proposal for meeting on Wednesday night. As the youngest of the first batch, (See part 1), I was eager to meet her. She had said that she thought my age would be an advantage. Wednesday at 5 was the agreed time. I prepped as before including the suite at the casino. She arrived at the restaurant on time. A red silky blouse and black slacks, golden yellow hair just to her neck. Wait the blouse, it looks open but it is not. Gwen is showing cleavage as I requested, but to the bottom of her breasts! The roundness of them is proudly displayed as she struts towards me, ... Continue»
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