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Gloryhole M*mmy by loyalsock

"Bull shit," I called Ralph out, who was usually full of shit. If ten percent of what came out of his mouth was the truth that was a very good day.

"Seriously," he said, more animated than usual.

"You're telling me that you got a blow job at lunch time at the adult store?" I asked, still not remotely believing it.

"And she swallowed every drop," he continued.

"How do you know it was a girl?" Joey asked.

I laughed, "Yeah Ralph, you probably just became a homo."

"No, no, it was definitely a girl," Ralph countered, although the look on his face made it clear he wasn't so sure.
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Surprise Suck At Photo Booth by loyalsock

Finally, I was going to get a vacation. My damn boss never gave me any time off, but since I'm self-employed I had only myself to blame.

I run a small electrical contracting company and business is quite good. Having been through slow times before, my motto was "Never turn down work." However, I've been going for nearly two years with little more than a day or two for kayaking, or hiking, or taking Stephanie to some exotic location like an abandoned stable to show her new ways to use ropes, or maybe a jacuzzi suite at a nearby hotel. Due to her college course load and the fact that she ... Continue»
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The Red Convertible .

I was working a full time job, but like a lot of people these days I was looking for a way to make some extra cash. Mainly to pay off some bills, and get a couple of things I'd like to have. The problem was being able to find something part time, that would all me to work the hours I wanted to work, and not have to adhere to a schedule.

Over a beer I found my buddy who owned a gas station was looking for someone to help him out. He needed someone to work for him nights, and weekends, so he'd have more to to take care of his very pregnant wife. I told him I'd be glad to help him out, that w... Continue»
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Dinner at Home, desert at the gym - Sergio

One evening my husband and I decided to cook out on the grill and have a few drinks. I innocently suggested he invite some friends over to accompany us. Without thought he asked if I minded him inviting over his friend Sergio and his fiancé. “Sure,” I said. Little did my hubby know only a week or so before my tongue was in Sergio’s ass shortly before I rode him until he basted my womb with his spicy Latin cum. I excused myself to change clothes before our guests arrived.

About an hour later Sergio and his fiancé arrived. He and my husband stood around by the grill and had a few beer... Continue»
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Poziv da provedem 10-tak dana godisnjeg odmora kod kumova u Bg-u, sa zadovoljstvom, sam prihvatio To je bila prilika da ih, nakon 2 godine, vidim, cestitam rodjenje djeteta i zamijenim skype razgovore neposrednim kontaktom. Oboje su u ranim tridesetim godinama i veze nas jako dobro prijateljstvo koje smo razvili kroz decenijsko poznanstvo.
Dane smo ispunjavali setnjama, dugim razgovorima, dobrim raspolozenjem, hraneci se po restoranima. Sve mi je govorilo da imaju skladan, harmonican brak i da su se jako dobro snasli i pozicionirali u novoj sredini. Medjutim, u danima koji su uslijedili, dosa... Continue»
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Have to tell you about an event that happened yesterday

I am 44 I live with my partner as husband and wife we have been together 14 years is boring and stale now was great once her son and his wife came to stay for a few days when in area OMG she is a total babe got a hard on first time I saw her petite nice tits gorgeous hair figure nails teeth etc etc a real trophy wife

They were all planning to go to Ayr to visit a relative and as I work from home I was looking fore-ward to being left alone in the house with her soiled panties god I was excited the moment I heard the plan !!!

I ... Continue»
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My post is regarding how I landed in bed with my aunt. She is in mid-thirties with wheatish complexion and figure stats 34-30-34. She has those typical brown aerola nipples.

Coming to the story. I never had seen her with such intention till one day that everything changed. It was in the month of MAY
I woke up late that day and I saw that my aunt was changing her clothes in the room with half eyes open I saw her change and the devil in me was awake. Those boobs had made me fall in love at first sight .since that day I used to take every advantage of being close to her despite the fact I was... Continue»
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It was the year 2032. The world had changed a lot and technologies had reached new heights. Basically everything had become high tec.
Zara was a college student. She really wanted to become a mechanical engineer. She had always been fascinated by technologies and the theory behind it. One of her greatest interests was robotics and futuristic machines that had now been introduced all over the world, and always changing.
It was Friday! Yay! The last day before the weekend! Zara had arrived at college. She entered her room to see a different lecturer sitting at the desk. A female. Her original ... Continue»
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Cheating with Mommy

I saw my mother's number on my phone display in the seat beside me as I was driving home. Surprised, but not very, I picked it up. "Mommy! Hi!"

"Hi, baby. How are you?"

Her voice got to me immediately. "Oh, I don't know. I was just heading home from work. I was thinking about you last night again."

"What were you thinking?"

I could hear the smile in her voice. "I was thinking about how much I love you, how much I love being your little boy. I feel like a sissy for missing my mommy at twenty-seven, but I love it too. I lay on the couch and talked about you to the dark after Kim ... Continue»
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Rear Ended by loyalsock

BAM! My van lurched forward with jarring impact. "What the fuck!" I uttered. Putting my service van into park, I stepped out of the vehicle angrily to assess the damage.

Behind me was a white Lexus SUV, its bumper and grill crumpled from the impact. The ladder on the back of my van was pushed into the doors, both of which were concave. My rear bumper seemed to have taken most of the impact.

I looked up at the driver and stared into a pair of large, circular dark lenses. Behind the sunglasses was a faux-tan face, its made-up lips twisted into an 'o' of surprise or horror.

I'm a big man... Continue»
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s****r Aquinata;)... A Nasty Bitch by loyalsock

Outside the door s****r Aquinata carefully adjusted her nun's habit. It just would not do for a woman of her station in life to look careless – ever. The priest/monk in the deep sl**p of sexual afterglow was her sixth conquest...so far.

"One never knows when one might meet her next victim, does one?" she thought to herself, subconsciously sneering.

A little unsteady from such a hard fucking s****r Aquinata walked down the open hotel corridor gazing at the moon slowly blinking past the stone arches and columns of the covered walkway. Her occasionally wobbly 6 inch heels echoed on the bei... Continue»
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Sweet S*ster by loyalsock

I re-entered the room with Aunt Polly and had to do a double take. There were three nuns standing by the fireplace locked in busy conversation giggling and pointing out various sights around the room. I looked quizzically at Aunt Polly.

"Aunt Polly," I asked, "there is apparently three nuns over there. I didn't realise this was fancy dress."

"No, no dear." Aunt Polly replied unfazed. "Those are real nuns. They are from the convent just outside the village. We let the Mother Superior know when the parties are on and they usually turn up at quite late. They come in through the back for re... Continue»
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Blizzard Of Ahhhs by loyalsock

Sarah walked into the locker room. She had just finished working out
with the nautilus machines. She noticed no other women were in the
room, which was normal for this time of night. "Well, at least I'll
have the shower to myself, maybe I'll even do what I was planning for
the apartment in here," she thought. She pulled off her white sports
bra and lightly massaged her sweaty nipples. Her hands then slid down
her body until they reached the waistband of her spandex shorts. She
slipped her right hand into the shorts and started rubbing her sparse
pubic mound. She was so wet that all of ... Continue»
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Katrina, Christine, and Me

The following is a true story.

Back in my early twenties, I dated a woman named Katrina: An uninhibited older blonde nurse who fancied herself a "sexpert," since she was part of the swinger's scene and also dealt a lot with sex-related issues on the job. She was also pretty sexual in her personal life -- something I learned when we took a beach vacation and she constantly hung around naked inside our rented condo.

But I come not to praise Katrina but bury her memory. Instead, I'm here to praise her friend and fellow nurse, Christine.

One weekend when Katrina and I were on vacat... Continue»
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Sara Part III

Over the next two years we had settled into a nice little routine. Daddy would come to me or I would go to his office. Sometimes he would even take me on business trips with him. When I turned 16 he bought me a car and taught me to drive. Usually we would end up in some secluded area where I would be bent over the hood while Daddy pounded my pussy or even my ass. I was his naughty little fuck toy and his darling little daughter and I was as happy as I could ever hope to be.

Shortly after I turned 17 Daddy’s visits started to peter off, until I would barely see him once a week and sometimes ... Continue»
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Every summer we go to the same camping spot and spend a month. It is not too bad. The place we go is kind of secluded. There are a few other campers there, mostly the same people every summer. We got every set up and started to enjoy ourselves. Our camp neighbors, the Johnsons were all set up too. Several days had gone by and my f****y loaded up and went into town. My dad told me to be good and they would be back in about four hours. I was happy to have some time alone. I sat outside for a few minutes and then noticed Mrs. Johnson was sitting outside also. I thought I would wander over and s... Continue»
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Say It.

“I know you’re watching me. Stop it.” Zack's voice whispered hoarsely through the cloud of smoke that smothered his usually smooth voice.

I lay on our bed in just my underwear and a tank top, watching him as he stood there completely naked; watching each bead of water travel down his olive skin; from the defined contours of his tanned shoulders and along his skin, until they hit the curvature of his sculpted backside. The entirety of his body glistened in the light as he swept his fingers through his wet hair; darker than usual.

“And now look what you’ve done” he hissed as he turned to f... Continue»
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My Mother the Porn Star

Sit down Roger, it's time you knew your mother better.
“Dude! I'm telling ya, that's your mother! Look at her face not her tits, that's her!”

My friend and I were watching porn on my laptop, killing time and getting horny. We had watched dozens of teen girls giving blow jobs and getting long fat dicks stuffed into their tight hairless pussies. I had a seriously big erection jammed in my pants but like addicts we couldn’t get enough so I suggested we watch something different. My friend moved the mouse to the 'Vintage' category and we moved into another area of debauchery. T... Continue»
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A Friday night with mom

I'm back with a new short story of a mom and son
Mikey stood in the shower and let the hot water flow over his teen body.

It was Friday night. The end of the school week. He'd attended his classes and worked his ass off in all his subjects, just like he'd agreed with his parents to do so. He was in his last year, the final stretch before his exams the coming summer, he knew that he couldn't afford to slack off, not if he wanted a job that paid well. But knowing and doing were always two different things, he found.

In the past, try as he might, he just couldn't find the s... Continue»
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Cum cover Melissa

"Yes! Yes! Give it to me!" Melissa Miller urged the man sprawled on top of her as he drove his cock in and out of her pussy. "Make me cum! Make me cum!"

Jay Wood was in no hurry to reach that point, admirable though it was. To do what she wanted, he would have to keep fucking Mellie until she was close to an orgasm and he was also ready to cum. Then, at the right instant, he would yank his cock from her pussy and finish by stroking it with his hand until he sprayed his semen on her face. That would bring her to the climax she wanted but he loved fucking Melissa, a tall red-haired beauty wi... Continue»
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