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It is a warm summer’s day. We have had a long stressful week. Both of us are in need of stress release. You ask me, “Babe, what would you like to do tonight? It’s been a long week and we need to do something fun and dirty.” I look up from my magazine and give you a little smirk and say, “How about we find us a woman and have a threesome tonight?” You look very surprised and say with a smile, “I like the way you think, babe.” I know you love my dirty side.

We talk and agree that a night at a strip club may be a great way to meet someone to bring back and fuck. We are not be looking f... Continue»
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Mum makes sons fantasies come true 1.

“Sweetie,” I cooed, “come to the shopping centre with me.”
“Oh Mum, I’m in the middle of something,” came the reply.
“The porn film will wait until we get home, now come on, I need a man, and you’re the closest thing I have to one.”
We got into the car and drove to the nearby shopping centre.
“So why have I got to come with you? Jack asked.
“Because I need someone to help me, Sonia is away, so that left you as the only person I could ask at short notice sweetie.”
“Help you with what?”
“I need some clothes, I want your opinion,” I told him. It sounded ridiculous. I probably was.
“Me! ... Continue»
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Erica's Sexual Transition Part 3

Mark and I had been dating for 3 years and eventually wound up getting married. Our relationship was mostly the two of us arguing over one thing or another. I always wanted to go out and do things and he wanted to stay at home and watch Sports Center. Our sex life was almost non-existent. We only had sex once, maybe twice, a week and it was only to make him happy.

He never showed me the attention that Steve once had. In 4 years of having sex with Mark, I never came as close to an orgasm as I had with him. I often wondered about him. I found out through Tara that he eventually found ... Continue»
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The History of Kim/The FULL Story of Part 21

This is the "Rest of the Story," in the immortal words of the late Paul Harvey.

It was a fairly typical Saturday Morning for us. We woke up at around 0800, and I immediately reached over and started playing with Kim's pussy, as she was waking up. She and I always slept in the nude.

Her legs opened wide and, as usual, her pussy was dripping wet. She kicked the covers down and I turned so I could start eating her pussy. She, also as usual, started sucking my dick. This didn't last very long, as we were both wanting to fuck.

It was our usual morning quickie, and only lasted about 15 ... Continue»
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Me And My Girlfriend s*s

“What would you do if I were your girlfriend?”
I looked at her. She was busy doing something in her laptop. I ignored her question and kept studying.
“What would you do if I were your girlfriend?” She asked again. I looked at her. She was staring right into my eyes. I went near her and kissed her.

My name is Sameer. I hope you all will enjoy this story.
This story is about my elder s****r. Her name is Leena.
She worked in Bangalore, and I was there for my entrance test. Since I had no other contacts there and had to stay just for two days, and she lived as a PG not very far from my test... Continue»
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I didn't want too...

'...OH MY GAWD, WHAT HAVE I DONE????...' was all I could think of as I felt Mitchel's humongous mush-roomy head press against my tight little bung hole. No matter how I tried to relax, I knew that I could not accommodate his huge penile gland.

It was the night before our home coming game, I decided that it would be the thing to do to show I was a team player and be apart of the festivities. Thomas and Mitchel had been hanging around me all evening, picking at me saying things like '...sissies are out tonight...it's nice to see my favorite sissy here...stick with me and we'll get some siss... Continue»
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Fantasy about wife

I should start by saying this is all fantasy and has no bearing to real life. I have wanted to watch my wife getting fucked by another guy for some time but she is not interested.

It was coming up to my birthday and my wife asked me what I wanted. I jokingly suggested a threesome but she just laughed it off saying ‘never’. As it got closer to my birthday she asked me if there was anything ‘unusual’ I wanted to try in bed, and again I said a threesome, but she refused. Thinking about it over the next few days I came up with an idea.

I asked my wife if she was serious about doing anythin... Continue»
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Another Trip to Adult Theater

Once we had visited our first adult theater, my wife was hooked. If we did not go to a swingers club or if she did not find anyone she wanted to do at the club. We would stop by an adult theater. Sometimes if she was particularly horny we would skip the swingers clubs all together. We would also check out different theaters.
Here is a story about one our visits to an adult theaters.
Trip to the old Lido Theater when it was in east Dallas.
We found the theater address in a swinger’s magazine. So we went out to dinner and decided to go straight to the theater. We got there about 10PM.... Continue»
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Cowboy Cock - Part 1

My first encounter began shortly after getting married. My husband was working nights at the time, we didn’t have k**s yet so there was not much going on in my spare time. As they say, idle time is the devils workshop, so I suppose that is where my “evil” inhibitions began to grow.
One evening after work my s****r asked me to go hang out at the bowling alley with her, just to hang out and waste some time. It was a summer night, nothing else going on, so I went just to get out of the house.

We arrived at the bowling alley and after sitting there just talking for a few minutes a few more... Continue»
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first time I sucked a dick-

When I was younger an older k** from the neighborhood used to take me down his basement where his parents were the super and he would show me porn magazines. He would talk about the girls and what he wanted to do to them and wanted them to do to him and he would pull out his dick and jerk off. I would jerk off too and seeing pussy getting fucked and girls sucking cock combined with my age would make my dick shoot about 4-5 feet streams of cum.
Especially after seeing him shoot his load. I loved watching him play with his dick ! His dick was very sensitive under his cock head and he massaged ... Continue»
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sharing cocks with my girlfriend-true story-please

Sharing my Girlfriend With Other Cocks-True Story
Sharing Cock with my Girlfriend- (True Story)-Please Comment

When I was about 11 years old an older boy from the neighborhood and I used to spend lots of time talking about girls, pussy, fucking and looking a Club or Hustler Magazine . He was about 15 and heavy so he took a lot of ribbing but we became close. We would pull out our cocks wghenever we were alone and look at the girls posing and talk about what we'd like to do to them. I loved hearing his fantasies and loved watching him stroke his cock.
By the end of the first year of hangin... Continue»
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Second Coming- My Second Visit at the GloryHole

After my first experience at the glory hole I kind of told myself that it was a onetime thing. It had been a fantasy and I checked that particular one from my list and that was that….or so I thought. As it turns out every time I drove anywhere near that dirty old bookstore I would think about that night and about all those hard stranger cocks and how it good it felt to have all that attention. Just driving past caused a twinge between my thighs.
I would think about Gwen’s Daddy and his huge cock and about how Gwen had unknowingly went down on him. I would start to wonder if she had been back,... Continue»
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A Most Unusual Evening

My day so far had been a blur of unusual occurrences. I had been
awakened to a fabulous morning handjob, delivered enthusiastically by my
loving, but sexually unadventurous wife, Jennifer. This was the first time
I had been so awakened in our whole relationship of nearly two decades, and
I wondered if our frank discussions about enhancing our sex life were
starting to pay off.

That was followed by me picking up an impossibly beautiful Persian
princess barely half my age - and someone else's well-kept wife to boot
-and going to her palatial mansion, where I was surprised b... Continue»
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Pleasing A Viking Goddess

I was happy as Monk Alanus at the Monastery of Lindisfarne in 793 A.D., I was a large man by those times standing 6” 1” inches tall. I worked in the outer wheat fields of the monastery. The fields were right next to the nearby convent and at the time I frequently met Novice Jean when we were able to sneak away and spend some time together making love in the soft grass. Because of my large cock, word had spread around the convent and I had no shortage of “sinners” who enjoyed my ten inch organ. Young Jean who was only 18 at the time was the best and most beautiful women I had ever had. Who knew... Continue»
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The Inmate In Me

It was a Wednesday afternoon. I was going to the county Jail to see my father who was locked up for assault. This was a little different as I was going in my Gym cloths. Which I was wearing my sports bra and leggings. I knew I would get some guys horny as hell as I went in and saw my father. I met him at the window and he was seriously mad at me for what I was wearing. The four other inmates there were looking at me as best they could. I enjoy when Other people watch. I like the attention I get. My father couldn’t stand that his only daughter was dressed this way and he told me to leave. I was... Continue»
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JoAnn Part 1

It starts with the collar around your neck. Plain black leather, two inches wide, with a shiny chrome buckle in the back and a single D ring in the front. It fits tight enough that you can feel the rough side of the leather against your neck, but with plenty of give to be able to take full breaths.

You stand in front of me. Your hands clasped behind your neck. Your elbows straight out so that your upper arms are nearly parallel to the floor. Your head looks up but your eyes are averted, looking at the floor. You stand with your feet together, fully clothed waiting for my next command.
... Continue»
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Jeanne Does Deer Camp

"Oh goody!" Jeanne squealed. Her husband had just
announced she was invited back to deer camp this year.
She had a hot flash remembering the wonderful time she'd
had last time.

One of the older wives that had done the camp for years
had moved away and all the guys had pressured her
husband to let Jeanne fill the vacant spot. He hemmed
and hawed but they kept reminding him of all the years
he had been to the camp and it was his turn to

You sure couldn't blame the guys for asking. Jeanne was
the best eye candy around. Just turned 18, she'd been
married to Bi... Continue»
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Latisha Goes White - 1

My name is Jake I am a 28 year old white guy, my
neighbor Betty asked me if I could keep an eye on her
daughter Latisha for the night. Betty had a hot date
with some new guy she'd met. Since I didn't have
anything planned, I said yes to her.

Me and Latisha have been very close ever since I stopped
a bunch of guys from attacking her when she was 10 years
old. She started to call me uncle after that and I
called her my pretty little niece. She never gave me any
trouble when she was around.

That night, I was in the kitchen fixing us some food to
eat to watch with the movie... Continue»
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Black Fantasy

Sometime ago, my husband and I decided to share our
fantasies as part of our love making. My husband was
always saying that he wanted to see me take a young
black man and watch him as he made love to me to see his
face when he was getting the best damn ass he had ever

He would also say that he wanted to see my face when the
young stud shot his black seed in me. He would ask me if
I would do that and I would just blow it off as a
fantasy. One night as we were making out in bed, he
said, "Yhy not do it for real?"

I replied, "You really want it to happen?"

"Yes,... Continue»
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I'm Easy

Part 1 Wife's Story

I've been married only two years and we didn't date long
before taking the plunge. I was living at home where my
stepfather was banging me every day. He just wasn't very
good at making me enjoy his plunging pecker, so when my
boyfriend asked I said "yes".

We got married at the courthouse and honeymooned at
Motel 8. We went across the street to McD's for all of
our meals.

The problem started when my husband came home from work.
I was naked in bed like I thought he expected. But he
couldn't just slip his dick in up to his balls on the
first stroke a... Continue»
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