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Jane fucks a youngguy and I get seconds!

Jane and I had been married a couple of years and were still getting to know each other.
We were both in our late 20's and liked going out a lot.
She was a "headturner", pretty face long blonde hair sexy rounded figure and big tits, she was also a flirt, a tease and a slut!
I knew she'd fucked more than her fair share of guys including one of my mates before I met her.
And, I was starting to realise she had no intention of stopping.
I soon realised that I was happy for her to flirt flash her body and be a slut. I even encouraged her to flirt and go further if she wanted to as long as she ... Continue»
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A Secrete Affair...that went wrong!!!

Robert had become my secrete sex partner, he's somewhat kinky. He only wants to engage in sex acts out doors or in basements. We both were students in the same urban college, but resided in different dorms. Not once had we ever had sex in our respective dorm rooms.

Robert stood 5'8" tall and weighed close to 190lbs, he wasn't heavily built, yet he was well defined. His penis was average, about seven or eight inches long and 1 to 1 1/2 inches wide, balls the size of a peach stone that hung in two lose sack of skin beneath his man hood.

Robert is very shy and stammers when the conversat... Continue»
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My BDSM Extreme Fantasy Day One Part Three

Please, read part one and two to understand the full content. :) Enjoy!

The plug in my butt feels amazing. I am only on the second out of five plugs I must take in my ass to complete this challenge. "Let's make you edge twice, how about that?" asks my master. "I would love that, sir." "Yeah, you would, you dirty slut! This time I will countdown from ten and you must hold your orgasm while I count down. You will only have 20 secs to recover and I will edge you again." "Yes, sir."

"Sit on the edge of the table with your pussy exposed, with open legs." I do as I'm told, sitting on the butt ... Continue»
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Walking Dead Sex Ch2

"I have an idea" says Maggie. "I'll be right back." Maggie leaves you two alone. You look over to Beth. She is looking at you and you can't quite read her look.
"I'm really sorry Beth. I never meant to do that. I never wanted to hurt you." You say. Beth looks at you.
"Why with them?" She asks.
"I went to go check on them and Lizzie and Mika were fooling around and.... I just... I don't know..." You try to explain.
"I saw what they were doing and I just couldn't help myself. Then a walker attacked me and the girls came into the barn and saw me kill the walker with my pants around my ank... Continue»
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The taking of Nadia Craig 4

The taking of Nadia Craig 4
beware those who dont enjoy gore this is not for you!

The light of another morning hit Nadia`s eyes, and she awoke to face another day in van-dams whore house, it had been 2 months now since her a*****ion, her heart ached for her husband, her friends, and her contacts on the web.
She had turned tricks since that second day, as she was what van dam called a bit mumsy and as she had entertained his nephew so well and so patiently on the first night, she had been allotted the virgins ever since.
Not that she didn’t get her share of punters, good, bad and indi... Continue»
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My little Asian slut Ming

What I'm going to relate happened over a time of about six weeks. It started one Saturday when I was at the market shopping for some food.

It was bright and beautiful warm Saturday when I awakened in my upscale 5 bedroom home to the early morning sounds of birds chirping and somewhere off in the distance the sounds of a high flying jet overhead.

"Fuck!" I thought as I woke up with a typical American rock hard cock. Almost 7 inches of thick prime fuck stick and nothing to use it on. My last girlfriend had gotten too uhhh lets just say 'needy' as in the ring and wedding dress shit way ... Continue»
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Landlords Dog

Shelly is an average girl with brunette hair and brown eyes who is 30 years old. She works at a bank and lives in an apartment building. Its owned by a fat 50 year old black man with grayish black hair and beard named Mr. Meaner who looks 60. When Shelly first met him she was intimidated but found him to be nice as well as his rottweiler Buck. They were the only two to live down stairs. There was her and the landlords apartment as well as one other that he left open for visiting f****y. Also the lobby and the laundry room that everyone used. Above them were three more floors and each floor wit... Continue»
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The Day I Became a Sex Slave

My name is Emma and this is the story of how I became a sex slave. I was to be turning thirteen in another 4 months. I have three older triplet b*****rs that are 17 years old. Also my mom and dad are very strict. If we don’t do our chores or get in trouble at school then they would spank us. It was always very humiliating because if we did something wrong then everyone, even guests would be gathered in the living room and whichever one of us was to be disciplined would roll two dice and the results of the roll will determine how many times each person in the room spanked you. Also everyone h... Continue»
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K6 Niece Katy's Big Payday

K6 Niece Katy's Big Payday

By billy69boy

Author's Note: This is the sixth story that I have written about Niece Katy, whose character is patterned after one of my favorite and beloved real life nieces. If you are interested in reading the other five stories about her, click on the link below and look for K1 through K5. My niece is real, but all the stories are complete fantasies:


Katy is all grown up now, a newlywed, 25 years old with two little ones. She is more beautiful now than she has ever been. She works out, and her body is solid... Continue»
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My mates shower

I had finished uni and had nowhere to stay. My friend had recently got married and had a baby so unfortunately his house was out the question. His mum offered me his old room at hers on a temporary basis.

My mate’s mum was called Shelly and she was a primary school teacher. She had long dark hair and brown eyes. If you saw this women in the street you would swear she was still in her twenties. Growing up I never really noticed my mates mum because if anyone so much as looked at her my mate would kick your arse. Now I’m staying under the same roof I can't help but notice just how great she w... Continue»
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Her First Taste...or so I Thought

Let me tell you about what happened a few weeks ago. It involved this attractive woman named Emma. We met several times over the past couple months when she visited the office where I worked. I never really paid too much attention due to the short time she was there. However, I did notice how incredibly beautiful she was. A few weeks ago my company decided to open a new office on the other side of the state. I was put in charge of getting it ready and set up. The process, which I had done before, took several weeks to complete. Since it was quite a distance from my home I had decided to st... Continue»
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Sara hitching a ride

Hitching a Ride in My Bikini

By SaraOz and billy69boy

My name is Sara, and this is based on a true story of a ride I got home from the beach. I was planning to take the bus home after taking a shower in the changing room. I had put my bag on the seat but it fell off and when I opened the shower curtain, my shorts and top were in the water on the floor. I had no choice but to put my bikini back on, as at least it was dry. I missed the bus, so I started walking up the road to go to a bus stop a few streets over to get another bus that would take me home.


My name is Bla... Continue»
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The New summer job part 14

Daniel's three friends sat recovering from the fuckfest as Daniel's mind
raced with what he'd just done. He knew life with his friends would never
be the same and despite his shame and trepidation about the event, he still
couldn't keep his eyes off their cocks, the three cocks he'd just
sucked. He still tasted the cum that had trailed down his throat into his
gut; he instinctively licked his lips. He realized somewhere deep inside he
wanted more.

No one spoke as they left the sauna, dressed and left the club. Daniel
didn't stay to say good-bye, he stayed scarce and waited for ... Continue»
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A Successful Advertisement (for casual hot sex)

A Successful Advertisement (for casual hot sex)

I’d been through the mill of life by the time I was thirty-five, married too young, fortunately no k**s, a divorce, and living at home again while I financially recovered. Then in my early thirties I reinvented myself, commenced regular exercise, lost weight, became trim and terrific, got myself a new job as a travelling rep for a pharmaceutical company, and dyed my hair, blonde of course. Everything about my life was positive and happy except, being constantly on the move, I had difficulty forming a long-term relationship with anyone. I trie... Continue»
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Coed Camping Day 2

Saturday morning came early and everyone got up, grabbed a quick breakfast, packed up camp and looked at today’s map. They discussed the direction to take and during the discussion, one of the guys asked Tessa about last night and what she had in store for them tonight. She just looked him, rolled her eyes and continued talking about the hike.

We set off and again I allowed the students to set the course. I figured if they strayed too far off course that I would say something, otherwise, this was their adventure and training. During the day, there was some talk about what happened last nig... Continue»
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Public Pizza Shop

This didn't happen yesterday!!
I was in charge of a small delivery pizza place, mostly delivery and to go but we had 5 patio type tables inside. So it was basically Rachel, S.ckme.ff(the delivery guy he plays no role in story really) and I that worked most of the time. It was a small plaza a blockbuster(that dates story) hardware store and a few others. We were friendly neighbors, workers in the plaza would come and relax while we worked. As it goes Rachel and I become close as S.ck is usually not there. So we begin having s.x all the time while we are working, but yet still making pizzas an... Continue»
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When Tim was just a teen his dad taught him that a woman was his own free pussy. He told him "Be sure you control that woman. She knows to fuck when you want and where you want and how you want. Choose a big titted bitch and brag to your friends how good the sex is. The men in our f****y are well hung and we need to use these cocks to keep our women in control. Keep them naked with their legs spread wide for us. Get big tits and a wet cunt and you will be very happy forever. I had to train your mom. If she ever tried to say know I would turn her over my knee and whip her ass till she was black... Continue»
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My Step Daughter Sarah's First Black Cock (Tr

For those new to my situation I was married to Sarah's mom making her my step daughter but a couple months ago we divorced and now Sarah and I are kinda seeing each other but I still like to give her the "Step Daughter" label because it turns me on lol.

In the weeks that followed after the threesome between Sarah, Adam and I Sarah could not help but say how she enjoyed it but wasn't sure if she could do it again because it to her was "Weird". I told her how much it... Continue»
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The Windowcleaners

I was home alone for the weekend as my parents were out of town. I had been instructed by my online master that i had to spend the whole day as a girl (a naughty teen slut at that). No matter what i had to do that day i had to do it dressed in girly lingerie and or clothing...
I got up, showered and looked through all my outfits to decide what to wear... First of all i put on my lingerie which consisted of a white and pink spotty thong, black fishnet stockings and a black and pink teddy/basque... I had to go to the supermarket to get some groceries so i completed the look with a pair of tigh... Continue»
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Car Crash

I woke up feeling incredibly horny, it was still pretty early, around 5am. I really felt like doing something naughty and risky, so i decided i was going to dress up in my sexiest 'girl clothes' and go for a drive in my car. I had done this a few times before but usually only in lingerie under my ordinary male clothing.. As it was early i figured there wouldnt be many people around at that time of the morning so i thought id be a little more daring and go completly in girl mode this time...

I laid all my girly underwear and outfits out on my bed so i could decide what to wear. As it was sum... Continue»
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