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The salesman : part one

Hampton Rogers sat in the outer office of the Pleasure Max Corporation, quietly paging through the latest issue of the companies sex magazine while waiting for an appointment with the head of the procurement department, a Miss Jackson!!! While the magazine was the flagship jewel in the PMC empire, they also were deeply involved in x-rated movie theaters and x-rated bookstores!!! For the last three years Ham had been his company's leading salesman of what might be referred to in polite circles as "marital aids", and up until now he hadn't been able to get a crack at putting his line of wears in... Continue»
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The salesman a new torch (straight)

"Have a seat Mr. Raye, I'll be with you in a minute," ordered Hannah Stern, as she finished up a telephone conversation! "Now," she asked while putting down the phone, "how may I help you, Mr. Raye!?!" Winston Raye had made thousands of sales calls in his day, but for the first time, his tongue was literally tied as he stared at Hannah Stern's incredible body!!! "Mr. Raye," she said impatiently, "I'm a busy woman, can you please get to the point of your visit!!!" "Uh, yeah, sure," he stumbled, "I represent the Cool Image Lingerie Company, and I' like to show you what we have to offer, and of c... Continue»
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lingerie salesman

Cindy looked in the mirror and after staring at her out sized form for several seconds, broke down in tears as her rolls of fat began shaking gently in time with her sobs!!! While she wasn't really tall, she packed a very hefty two hundred fifty five pounds on her large boned frame, and as she sobbed away, her huge breasts, that hung nearly to her waist jiggled back and forth as the tears rolled down her cheeks all the way down to her nipples!!! It had be so long since she'd had a man that she once joked to herself that she wondered what a cock even looked like or whether man had evolved into ... Continue»
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Basicly a Virgin

So one night I was driving around with a friend of mine called Dan as we wasted time and we were bored, when he got a text from a girl called Emma, saying she was also bored.

He explained to me that Emma was his friends ex and they would text now and then, he also explained that she had broken up with his friend recently and she was an easy fuck, because his friend had told him the things she would do and how dirty she was.

I got him to text her and arrange for her to come hang out with us that night and a few minutes later we were driving out to the countryside to a tiny village where s... Continue»
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Caught in the act (straight story)

Tara's head was pounding like crazy! Thankfully her last two classes were only gym and a study hall, so she didn't argue a bit when the school nurse sent her home for the rest of the day with instructions to take a couple of aspirins and rest in bed. "That's funny," she said to herself as she walked up her front walk, "I wonder why mom's car is here." Her first thought that maybe she was under the weather too, so instead of making a lot of noise she tip toed up the stairs in case she was sl**ping. She was just about to push open her parent's bed room door when she heard the sound of a deep... Continue»
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And I Get Nothing

You've probably seen her. She appears in three videos on this site. But she mostly stars in films on Brazzers, ****Hits, and other, more "raunchy" places. She is perfect and beautiful: 5'2", natural, slightly curvy red hair cascading all the way down her gorgeously-curved back, the perfect Swedish-American female: Alabaster flesh, no tattoos, a 26-year-old goddess with large, full, natural tits. (NO IMPLANTS!)

Her big, blue eyes are liquid pools of obedient femininity, and her lips are naturally pouty, perfect for fucking, while her legs are long, smooth, unblemished perfection.

And she... Continue»
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Fucking Twins

I was sitting in my math class minding my own business when I hear a voice from behind me. "Excuse me" I turn and see one of the loveliest sights I ever laid eyes on. Long gently curling blond hair, big blue eyes, what looked to be great dick sucking lips and a nice sized rack. Instantly I sprung to attention in more ways than one. "Hi" I said in all of my stupidity.

"My name is Linda and I am new hear. Can I borrow your notebook and see what is going on?" Not even thinking I hand over my notebook which is full of drawings of cocks, vaginas and the two together. If nothing else I was a de... Continue»
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Pantyhose with Pat pt 2- Felicity comes home.

After cuddling for a while, Pat and I decided to go back to the lounge to wait for Felicity. I poured us each a drink and put on some of the videos that Felicity and I had made over the years to watch while we waited. As we watched Pat reached down and started playing with her pussy. On the screen was a video of Felicity busy pushing a vibrator in and out of her pussy. I got up and went to the bedroom and came back a few minutes later with the same vibrator and gave it to Pat. It was really horny watching my wife's best friend fucking herself with my wife's vibrator as she watched my wife usin... Continue»
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A weekend of unhuman fucking...

by Biggiver

Here is a little fantasy of mine. You bring your wife to me blindfolded on a friday night. Blindfolded because I want to use her for a weekend as pure fuck meat.

As soon as you have left I will undress her and start to examine her body. Then I will tie her hands behind her back to increase the feeling that she is pure fuck meat. Of course it is also very exciting to imagine what is going through her head the whole time. The blindfold and tied hands will never be untied.

She will lie in my bed the entire weekend. I will cover the bed with water tight m... Continue»
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Tropical Beach Temptation.

Tropical Beach Temptation.
John Kavanagh

The holiday to the Dominican Republic wasn’t my idea but some friends finally persuaded me to come along. The price was certainly good, no single supplement and the sun was guaranteed though the constraints of an “all inclusive” rather put me off as I like to do my own thing. So here I was, after an uneventful flight and having paid my $10 US dollars cash for a tourist visa, climbing onto a rather battered coach at the main airport Arrivals In the Dominican Republic and soon rattling past shanty villages towards Puerto Plata... Continue»
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The Help

So we have this woman who comes over for a couple of hours each week to help with some issues the k** is having and she talks to us about things that can be done etc.

Well the old one we used to have was a man and then thy change the person for this woman and she looks so good and sexy I would fuck the crap out of her for hours every day.

She dresses really nice, today she came in the morning and when she arrived I got a good look of her body without anyone knowing.

She was wearing tight black pants that fitted her great as they clung to the curves of her ass and sexy long legs, I cou... Continue»
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ذكريات ممحون

اب ابلغ من العمر 35 سنة أعمل محاسبا باحدي الشركات الكبري أعشق الرجال ذوي البشرة السمراء مفتولي العضلات ولا احتمل البعد عن معشوقي الزبر فترة طويلة ولا يكاد يمر علي اسبوع حتي أروي ظمئي وشهوتي الجنسية بدات رحلتي مع حبيبي الزبر منذ كان عندي اثني عشر عاما وربما ساقص عليكم لاحقا كيف بدات لكنني افضل ان احكي لكم قصتي مع سائق الشركة التي اعمل بها
اسمه سيد شاب يبلغ من العمر 28 عاما انذاك اسمر البشرة ملامحه وسيمة للغاية ذو عيون بنية واسعة وابتسامة براقة شعره قصير جدا وهو طويل القامة حوالي 190 سم متر او يقل قليلا مفتول العضلات جسده ممشوق صدره يمتلئ بالشعر الكثيف كنت كثيرا اختلس النظر اليه وهو يغسل سيارة ... Continue»
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Tropical Night Temptation.

Tropical Night Temptation.
John Kavanagh

Anyone who has visited the Dominican Republic will be aware, apart from the great climate, of the existence of a flourishing industry of prostitution, a blatant and regular accosting of males, even those accompanied by partners and families. Whatever one’s moral stance on this it is a fact of everyday life for the local population, mainly women but some young males also and it does cause some tourists to skulk in the confines of their all-inclusive resorts. Unlike my friends I couldn’t wait to explore the area and get to pra... Continue»
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Meeting Mistress for the first time

The first time we meet, we will meet each other at a local restaurant in due to the fact we will be playing there, probably at the Knights Inn. I will arrive in a gold colored Buick wearing a dark blue jacket, depending upon the temperature that day. Depending upon if I arrive before you, I will wait outside, or in my car until you arrive so that we can walk in together like a "normal" couple.

We both order our preferred meals and sit down to get to know each other better before the fun begins in the near future. We exchange names, ages, and some brief past history, but not too much to... Continue»
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Watching the slut wife fuck an old guy

As time went on Jane the filthy slut got more adveturous. This pleased me a lot however, I started to want more.

Over 4 or so years I'd watched her flirting lots, I'd seen her flashing her legs tits and even her pussy. I watched several guys snog her, guys groping her tits and ass, I'd seen her almost immediately after she'd had sex and, I'd met some guys who'd recently fucked her. She'd told me some really horny and even filthy stories that were a massive turn on.
All of that was great for me, and her, but I needed more!
I told her I wanted to watch her up-close having sex with guys. She... Continue»
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Sharing Cocks with my Girlfriend-True Story-Please

Sharing Cock with my Girlfriend- (True Story)-Please Comment

When I was about 11 years old an older boy from the neighborhood and I used to spend lots of time talking about girls, pussy, fucking and looking a Club or Hustler Magazine . He was about 15 and heavy so he took a lot of ribbing but we became close. We would pull out our cocks whenever we were alone and look at the girls posing and talk about what we'd like to do to them. I loved hearing his fantasies and loved watching him stroke his cock.
By the end of the first year of hanging out together I wanted to touch his cock. I already... Continue»
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My Milf Maid !

So I have money and a nice house near the beach, and I live the lifestyle most single guys would kill for.
So I have a maid, or house keeper to give her proper title, she cleans, does my laundry and shopping and generally looks after me, but not like your thinking.
Admittedly Maria is a chubby curvy middle aged, half Spanish woman, who is a good looking with her curly brown hair and large cleavage underneath the loose blouses she wears and chunky thighs and fat ass crammed into a pair of black tight leggings, but I've never really thought of her that way before.
So anyway Friday afternoon a... Continue»
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tips and tricks

enpussylover's Blog
8 Tips and Tricks for a Good Blowjob
Hello to everyone out there. I know my username is enpussylover, but I'm quite a huge fan of the cock... And a fan of huge cock. Oh snap, puns!

I've learned a few tricks and tips over the years as far as blowjob giving goes, and I'd say I'm thoroughly informed and extraordinarily skilled. I say that with very little pride, but that little pride sure is a gem.

Pleasing a man usually isn't very hard. But you don't want him to be only barely satisfied (where's the fun in that?), and your goal is not to make him come as quickly as y... Continue»
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Mom and I together, Forever

I grew up in tirupati, my name is Ajay. Girls/Women of any age could get in touch with me on bavahemachandar@gmail.com

My father was a mild mannered man who worked in a mill. He had one addiction, he drank heavily and many a night he would pass out and had to be helped to bed. He was good to my mother and I could see that she respected and loved him. But I sensed there was also sadness in her and at that time I could not understand why.

I helped mother
... Continue»
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Horny Son Fucks Horny Mom

Hye friends, this is sandeep from Maharashtra. I m posting my first experience on ISS how i fuck my sexy mom. M 23 yrs old living in village near d big city. I completed my Graduation & my father is govt servant so he often on tour very much. My mom Seema is housewife. She has a perfect figure 36 30 34.

We r 4 in our f****y myself, mom, dad & my elder s****r swati who is 8 yrs elder to me. Now she is married with 2 c***dren & settled in nearby city. My mom looks
... Continue»
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