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Diary of Sheila E.

An amazing story, read till the end you won't regret it!

Diary of Sheila E.
I became a hooker earlier this year. At first I just did lap dances, no touching, a bit of extra cash to spend, but my boyfriend got sent to prison and we both had huge gambling debts. The mob wanted us to pay them huge installments to pay off the debt. I had to resort to e****t services and extreme hardcore pornography to make a fast buck. There was a place in town (LA) that paid out big amounts. The downside was they did really extreme stuff, above what local laws permitted - it was sort of shady. The stuff they ... Continue»
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56 Just another k9 Sunday

56 Just another k9 Sunday
I am just the humble scribe in all this as I have never met this lady, and though I do know her name I am not going to give it or one or two other details to “protect the innocent” as there are a couple of folk who don’t need upsetting or identifying round the lady and perhaps the owners involved, locations too have been changed but with those exceptions this is a true story throughout.
She lives with her hubby and they both love k9 sex, for which they have been known to travel long distances.
So much do they enjoy the work that she now allows her body to b... Continue»
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A Weekend With Daddy

Stacy woke up with a wet spot between her legs on her sheets. She fell asl**p after sending a warm flood of cum into her hands. The liquid was sweet and sticky and as she was cumming she felt the fluid squeeze through her fingers and drip off of her knuckles. Her head rushed, her body tingled, and she fell asl**p. Now, she was awake and hungry. She pulled on a pair of loose fitting cotton shorts and a t-shirt and headed down stairs, smiling at the big stain in the middle of her bed. She looked down her thighs and saw they were stained with her own cum. Stacy licked her fingers and rubbe... Continue»
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First time humiliation and cuckold with a strange

I am a kinky man. A man of several dark secrets and fantasies. My main involve me being submissive, and being cuckolded. My life at home allows none of that to be realized. So I live a double life of normalcy, and my dark, hidden fantasy world.

On a recent business trip, my whole world changed. I tasted my fantasy.. both figuratively and literally. It was a hotel conference, and as we all know, those get well out of hand, very very quickly.

I was at the bar just before it closed, wining and dining with our reps from other parts of the country. There were about 6 of us making it un... Continue»
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Retrieving the relationship (D/s, M/f, maledom)

Register by MoniMasa:

I was disobedient to my D.
I complained about jealousy.
As if I occupy a place in your life. As if he had any right.
I complained forgetting my place of slave bitch.
Now I'm on probation.
The first step to return to be accepted is this story.
The second session I must tell.
It will be hard, even more than the previous session.

We had already been to the site before entering pampering agreed would take place.
There we would kisses and caresses.
Upon entering the room would start the session.

The first would bathe.
And there my D likes star... Continue»
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Teacher and friends at beach overnight - Grand Hav

Teacher and friends camping
My wife (Jo) who is a teacher and her co-worker (Beth) decided to go to Lake Michigan the Grand Haven area and allowed us husbands to go too (LOL!!!).

We ate corn dogs, elephant ears and whatever else desired from the local vendors surrounding the beach. Beth's husband (Charlie) surprised me with some of his comments about some of the young girls walking and laying in the sun. He later commented "your wife looks nice in black" (the outfit she was wearing) so I commented that "Beth looked nice too in her bathing suit", nice butts and breast on both of the... Continue»
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Fucking Eric BMW

Eric was such a gentleman and he made me feel special that night. I followed him into the Oceanic Marina parking lot after we both had our car valets drop off our vehicles. We parked and I walked to Eric's car and after some kissing and fondling got into his BMW. I climbed across the driver's side bucket seat and the console with my white high heels on. He was so polite to me and as I have said numerous times "he smelled and tasted so good." Many times I've said that "I knew it ... Continue»
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The New Woman -Part 1

She stood about 5'7" and had long sexy legs. Her feet were wrapped in the most beautiful leather stilettos and all Wanted to do was to suck her toes, tits and cunt.
She approached me while I was pruning the bush just outside my bedroom window. She had asked me if a Mr Walsh lived nearby. I was not sure, as I had just moved in the area a few weeks ago. I did not have any real time to meet my new neighbors. So, I replied, " I'm not sure I just moved here from L.A." She stayed a few seconds and began to look into my eyes and the glare of the sun behind her, made her red locks of hair... Continue»
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A Cop, A Cutie, and A Hot Pink Ticket

Officer Rick Cordan sat in his vehicle on the I-77 turnpike. He watched the road ahead of him as he looked for speeders.

It had been a long boring Tuesday night. Only a handful of vehicles had passed him, and none of those drivers were going over the speed limit.

Suddenly, a blue 2013 Civic sped past him! The driver was doing an 80 in a 65!

At long last, some action!

Cordan switched his vehicle into Drive, turned left, and pursued the driver.

He turned his car lights on before switching on the police car's lights and siren. The siren blared as he chased the driver.

The driver... Continue»
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Fate: Laura

The still, silent night was pierced by another shrill scream and the sounds of Laura squirming and squealing in the freshly fallen snow. Her near naked body was tight from the cold and the ropes that bound her arms and legs together. Her beautiful hair was now a matted, tangled mess as she looked up to her captor furiously. He stared back at her; his eyes traveling from her bare feet up her glistening legs and rigid torso to the worthless bikini top that did nothing to conceal her erect nipples. Laura rolled over onto her stomache, although she knew that he would simply stare at the now wet bi... Continue»
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Just Getting Bi Part 2

This is the continuation of a previous story you can read here:

I hopped in the shower and got dressed. Lisa had given me her number so I called her up to see if I could bring something.
"Hi stud. You aren't bailing out on me are you?"
"Not a chance! I was just calling to see what was on the menu, thought I would pick up a bottle of wine on the way."
"How thoughtful! Beef is on the menu," she giggled, "mostly your beef I hope!"
"Red it is then, and yes, my beef is definitely available for dining. Possibly even injecting. See you at 6... Continue»
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driving itup mya

Satinexinhose was getting frustrated. He was trying to teach her son, Tom, to drive but he wasn't concentrating. Every time He looked at him he seemed to be watching her instead of the parking lot. Satinexinhose was already concerned with his progress. Tom was the quintessential nerd and at 19 still hadn't learned how to drive. He swore He'd teach him, He just needed to find the right motivation.

The heat didn't help either. It had to be 95 out today. Too bad the air conditioner was broke in this car but Tom had to learn how to use (daddies as a pantyslut) car clutch.

Although He wore a ... Continue»
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When my steps****r Kelly was a junior in college, she was involved in their cheerleading squad for a while. I sometimes went to the games and saw her and her classmates in these nice uniforms, short skirts, sexy legs and hot tennis shoes. But my fantasies went wild and crazy when I saw them wearing pantyhose or tights as well.

One evening, Kelly brought 2 of her cheerleader friends with her. They came straight from the training and still wore their uniform. And it was a day with pantyhose! At first we all hung out in front of the TV and had some snacks. Then I had an idea. I asked them if t... Continue»
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Simply Red

Simply Red

Interracial, Gang bang,
i****t Role play, Hardcore,
Extreme, Mature and Young

Raven Wells felt like Cinderella in the stretch Limo surrounded by 6 handsome men all dressed in suits. Sometimes called “Red” with her flowing red hair, she was provocatively dressed in a sleeveless red, liquid leather, mid thigh length dress that clung like it was poured on. Around her sat the Collins men, father Earl and his 5 son's. Tonight was to honor her.

Red rode and thought. It was 12 years ago that she had started ... Continue»
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Kyle is my 40 year old neighbor. He's quite a hunk. He's about 6 feet tall and 200 pounds of muscle. He has blonde curly hair and is a handsome bugger. He lifts weights at the Y and jogs regularly.
One day we are chatting over the back fence and he says "come on over, we can yack while I get some puttering done in the garage." He has a double car garage. It is empty at the moment as his car is on the street and his wife has her car at work. It is a cool windy day and he has the double door closed.
"So how was your winter?" he asks.
"Well, it was alright until I had my annual physical last m... Continue»
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Today being the 12th of the 12th of the 12th, it's time for another urinal encounter. I've had the pleasure of getting my hands on some awesome cocks. Here's a hall-of-fame random encounter that puts the topper on all the others:
There was a trade show here a couple of weeks ago. I don't normally go to these things but being bored one day, I thought I'd go downtown and see what was happening. Fuck, was it ever busy. Of course, I immediately went to the washroom. A guy was standing at the middle urinal. I went to the right urinal and pulled out my dick. I saw that the middle guy was uncut and... Continue»
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One Saturday morning, I am standing in the express line of our friendly neighborhead department store with my jug of milk. Ahead of me, I see a woman who obviously cannot count. The express line is for 1 to 12 items and her cart is half full, maybe 25 items at least. The guy behind me has 2 three foot tall Halloween lawn decorations. I gesture to the woman with the full cart and whisper "some people can't count".
He chuckles and says "yeah, she has no consideration for others obviously".
"Since it's soon Halloween, maybe we should get her a broom to ride home on".
We both laugh.
"Those ... Continue»
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Moms new lover

Let me tell you a story about a boy named Jerry. Jerry grew up in a small, lazy town in the Midwest. From the time he was five, he ate slept and drank baseball. Baseball it seemed, was the only thing his dad cared about as far as Jerry ever knew. By the time he got to high school he was pretty damn good, starting short-stop and one of the best hitters on the team. Jerry owed a lot of his success to his old man showing him how to play the game from the first time he was old enough to pick up a bat. His dads one weakness however, was alcohol. And when Jerry's knee blew out sliding in to home one... Continue»
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A Taste of Cheerleader Discipline Ch. 02

It had been seven days since Roughton University's Dean, Dick Hardown, met Courtney in his office and gave her some much needed discipline.

Initially, Mr. Hardown believed that that incident would have led to a great week. Instead, he ended up having to spend that entire week filling out paperwork.

To make matters worse, Courtney was out of town. Her grandfather had passed away, and she had to go to Michigan to attend his funeral that weekend. Yep. The law of averages was truly a bitch.

Feeling bored, Mr. Hardown pulled out a camera from his desk and hit the playback button.

When C... Continue»
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Dogging - Cross Dressing and Porno

This new friendship proved to be fun and fulfilling, the girlfriend and the wife quickly became best buddies and the location of our nights together changed to her house. If we had nothing organised and they were free we spend Fridays or Saturday evenings in each other company. Usually just talking and drinking but more often than not some form of sexual encounter. Even vanilla fucking was done in each other company and the girls enjoyed playing with each other exploring the lesbian side of things, after we had fucked them until we could get hard and fuck them again. We swapped and fucked eac... Continue»
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