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Brief Encounter

Last summer I was on a train. It was already late and there were no other passengers. I was reading a paper, when the train stopped and a young woman got in. She sat down in front of me.

She stared out of the window, which gave me the opportunity to peek at her from behind my paper. She had a beautiful face, with radiant eyes, a small nose and full sensual lips, made for kissing and for a lot more...

She was voluptuously built and wore a low-cut tight little top that showed a pair of magnificent breasts, with erect nipples standing out against the fabric. No bra for sure!

When I lower... Continue»
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Bedroom Encounter

Jan and I have been married for a long time, longer than many of our friends. From what I have heard and read from other husbands, it is not unusual to have a fantasy about seeing ones own wife having a sexual encounter with another man. That was a relief for me since I have wished to see my wife with another man for a very long time and I didn't want it to be a strange fantasy. After hearing that I was relatively normal, it put my mind somewhat at ease.

We had been married for about fifteen years when I started considering what it would be like to watch my wife please another man and to w... Continue»
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7th Period Tease

He loves teaching. He enjoys his classes at the University and has pride in preparing them for the world once they graduate. Now, having said that, he's having a hard time in his last class of the day.

This class is mostly boys, but occasionaly there are a few girls in the room. This can lead to trouble as the guys compete for the attention of the girls in the room.

There was one young woman that was in the room that drove him crazy, but it had nothing to do with school work. Each day in class just got more and more difficult. The whole period he couldn't keep his eyes from staring int... Continue»
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18 Wheel Voyeur

I am writing this in hopes that the couple in the Black BMW-X3 read this and know how much I appreciated they show they put on Saturday Feb 12, 2005.

Now I will explain to anyone else that happens to read this. I am a truck driver, big 18-wheeler. I normally from Iowa, to Michigan two to three times a week. Saturday morning, I was heading back from Iowa, to Michigan. It was early so there was little traffic. I was mumbling to myself about how people don't appreciate the work we do, and really wondering why I do this job. Away from home 4 – 5 days, dealing with traffic, weather, long hours, ... Continue»
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b*****rly Love

Jason called me. He's younger than me, and has been a little less brutal than Orrin, who is older.

He said he was coming by. I knew exactly what that meant. I would be fucked. That was it. I had no say in the matter. So I showered, knowing that he (along with Orrin ) wanted me clean when they put their cocks in me.

As I shampooed my long, auburn hair, and soaped up my naked, alabaster body, I thought about how Orrin and Jason had been draining their balls into and onto me for so many years.. I was horrified as to what would soon occur, but also aroused. My breasts were full, taut, swolle... Continue»
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Camping Trip

Five summers ago, I went camping with my cousin Ron and his friend James. We had a three bed camper, it was nice, it had a mini fridge and they brought a little propane grill. There was a T.V. as well, what more could you ask for. If we had to take a shower or use the bathroom, we had to walk to an area that had that. The camp was in the national park. We were going to stay a week or two. So this is how it went with the beds. There were three beds, one on each end of the camper and the 3rd one next to one of those ends. Ron and James slept on the ends and I had the bed next to Ron. The first n... Continue»
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Harry and the MILFS 3

Narcissa Malfoy & Lily Potter

Narcissa awoke naked strapped to a bed by her wrists and ankles. She had no idea how she ended up like this since the last thing she remembered was she was in Diagon Alley doing some shopping.
“So you’re awake?”
Narcissa turned her head and found a redhead that looked really familiar. It took her a moment to realize that was Lily Potter standing in front of her. What was going on, and why was this Mudbl**d here?

Lily waved her wand and a silver doe appeared and then went through the closed door.
“What is going here Potter, where am I, why am I tied up?”... Continue»
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Finally Fucked Lisa

Lots to be said about fantasizing about sex with friends. I've wanted to fuck Lisa since my wife first introduced me to her six years ago. I always kind of thought it was mutual, the flirting and her going out of her way to talk to me at get togethers, etc. Lisa is a big girl, I like bbw's if you haven't been with one you have no idea what you're missing out on...they are so much better in bed than fit women are. We would flirt, usually smile and make googie eyes with each other when we'd speak, Lusa would occasionally tell me how attractive she thought I was and even said she thought I ha... Continue»
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Sex club SF 2002

2002 was the first time. I became an oral enthusiast when I met a couple at the Power Exchange in San Francisco. Thursday night couples night turned into a trip back to their hotel. My girlfriend and I swapped and fucked the couple for about an hour and a half. I noticed his cock was 9 inches, strong and beautiful. I kept it in my sight all night. As we were ready to leave, he asked if I would like to play with them again. I noticed he asked out of range of my girlfriend. That was a hmmm moment. We exchanged numbers and I said we would call them to play soon.

About 2 weeks later they calle... Continue»
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Wife has a thick cock for lunch.

I stayed home today from work. Things are running smooth at the shop and since I'm the owner I thought I'd take Wednesday off and spend time with my wife. I didn't let her know my plan so when she walked into the den this morning she was surprised to see me watching TV. What are you
doing home she said? I answered I took the day off to spend with her. She said well I have plans for lunch. OK that's fine I said. She got herself some coffee and came back to the den.

I kept waiting to hear what her plans where but she never offered. She looked very sexy setting on the couch with her legs cro... Continue»
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Neighbor in Need


I have a buddy whose wife has always caught my eye and a few months ago he told me she was wearing him out. I laughed at him and told him that was what he got for marrying a girl ten years his junior!! He corrected me as he always does and said it was only eight years!

Now Lynn is a tall square shouldered woman, who is just a shade under 5’10” and with a few extra pounds that make for nice full hips and eye catching breasts that she loves displaying and having guys stare at. She has jet black straight longish hair which stands in co... Continue»
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Starbucks Encounter with a STRANGER (Video in my P

So this is a real encounter that happen to me last Monday March 28, 2015.

I had a meeting with a client downtown. Anticipating traffic, I left a little early and to my surprised arrived about 30 mins early. I got myself americano and took a seat. Interesting when you don't have nothing to do you start scanning the room seeing what others are doing. In the table in front of me I noticed this gorgeous, curvy young woman. She got lots of hair. Her back is to me at first so I can only see that she has a nice ass. She turns around slightly and to my surprise she is beautiful. Looks Spanish but ... Continue»
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36Weekend away 1

36Weekend away 1
Friday, work had dragged, hubby had helped her get ready to go out and having rushed around here she was the sun going down, the hot dusty streets still basking in the warmth of the summer day rushing to be at the location where she had been told to meet him.
She believed her date would not wait, so her heels clip clopped along the paving at a fair trot, his car stood at the kerbside, the door just open as she by now panting arrived beside the sleek 4x4.
She leapt in throwing her small bag into the backseat as the machine began to move even before she had the door close... Continue»
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It was the speed of the attack that did it. One minute I was walking the short distance from the main road to my house in the silent darkness, the next someone hurtled into me, knocking all the breath out of me and slamming me against the wall. I was stunned and disorientated. I was aware of dropping my bag of shopping and hearing the bottle of wine break on the floor; I was aware that already hands were gripping my shoulders and spinning me round. I was jerked roughly forward, my feet stumbling over the dropped shopping, and then bundled clumsily into the back of a car.

More hands grip... Continue»
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Susie's Paddling

Susie was a cute girl with big brown eyes, a small nose, short dark hair, and a full round feminine bottom that jiggled nicely when she walked. She was 28 years old, and she knew exactly how she liked to be spanked. We had tried several different paddles, but my big fraternity paddle was her favorite. "I like the weight because it feels like being fucked from behind," she once said.

"Bend over my knee Susie, you're going to get a spanking," I ordered, for no particular reason. She didn't need to be bad, we both enjoyed these spankings. I sat on the corner of the bed, and Susie bent ove... Continue»
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Why I love Korean girls

I never was sure if I got her name right or not. It was Soon Hey or something like that. The way she pronounced it made it all the more difficult. She was from Korea and married, though apparently not so good a relationship. I met her through my job, which was issuing business licenses. She came to my office one day to apply for her permit. I couldn't help staring at her, she was so tiny! And pretty too! She looked like she would weigh about 90 pounds soaking wet.

She had such a beautiful smile and I tried to make the interview last as long as possible so I could keep on looking at her. But... Continue»
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One Friday Evening

I was taking a CS class and got to know this cute girl from Taiwan. She was quite petite, about 4'11" and 78 lbs with a sweet almost cartoony voice which when combined with her accented English I found irresistibly alluring. She attended a different lecture but we'd see each other in lab, and I got to know her through a mutual friend.

One Friday evening, I was working in lab and I invited her to work on the assignment together. We were the only ones there, and as it got late we become distractions to one another. She was sitting very close next to me and I thought, the hell with it, and lif... Continue»
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The very first day I saw her, I knew she was the one for me, 5'3, that fine black hair, her pretty eyes, and the kicker, she's Japanese..

First day of school I saw her, delicious all the way from her silken hair to her petite breasts to her cute toes. Dressed pretty reserved for an american girl. I went up and talked to her, as our conversation went I found out that she had had just moved to the states from Tokyo, Japan. She had the cutest voice, and I so much enjoyed cueing her into words that she had forgotten. I like that kind of thing, helping people along into a new culture. I like int... Continue»
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When Tim woke the next morning, he filled his car and headed off. From town their was only two ways to head, North or South. As he flipped a coin he said to himself "Heads North, Tails South." He looked at the coin, "South it is."

The second day of driving, he stopped for lunch and realized that he would run out of gas before the next town. The more he looked around, the more he came to realize, this place was different.

In the town he had left the day before, the women were still wearing coats and sweaters. Even though spring had just started, hear the women were running round in Bikini... Continue»
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My First Thailady

It's time to tell a story about my first thailady. It was my first trip to Thailand, I checked in at Crown Hotel in the Sukhumvit Area.

Man it was hot, so after a shower I went out for a beer. I ended up at Nana Plaza and boy was this new to me !! A lot of beautifully ladies acting like they really wanted me, Hehe Well I needed some beers to figure out if I have gone to heaven :-) I didn't want to take the first one, and I don't want them to be too aggressive.

Anyway I was enjoying the shows drinking some beers, buying some ladydrinks, basically having a great time. After midnight it was... Continue»
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