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Graduation Night for My Sissy Girl

I’m going to give you a special set of instructions to make you feel like a soft, sensuous girl. You love feeling like a girl, don’t you? There’s no other feeling like getting dressed up in pretty, feminine clothes, trying new looks, new shoes, new dresses and skirts, new lingerie, new pantyhose and stockings, new panties and bras, new jewelry, accessories and makeup. It’s so much fun being a girl.
You are a girl. And you want to do allthe things girls do, don’t you? You want to look like a girl. Feel like a girl. Think like a girl. You want to be a girly, ultra-feminine sissy. But you want -... Continue»
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Friend And I Dogging In The Park

My name is Heather and since I can remember my neighbor Katie and I have been best friends to the point of where we felt more like s****rs then friends. Katie and her f****y lived next door to us for years so Katie and I quickly became friends hanging out all the time. We hung out in school and then we would hang out at her house until night time and then do it all over the next day. Katie is very pretty, blonde hair, green eyes, shortish but has an amazing body. I have long dark hair, blue eyes and nice boobs and ass but no where as nice as Katie's. I can remember us sitting on her bed puttin... Continue»
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My Straight Friend Fucking Me (True)

This is a true story of mine. Its about the first time I did anything sexually with one of my best friends Travis. Hope you enjoy

My friend Travis and I were always close even throughout high school. When we first moved to college we were roommates and I quickly learned that Travis was a magnet for girls. It helped that he would show girls a picture of his large dick from his phone. There seemed to be a different girl every night with Travis. I finally understood w... Continue»
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My Private Dancer Part 2

Several weeks had passed since our first encounter. I had gotten very busy with work and it was hard for me to get away. Luckily, I was able to sc**** together some free time over the weekend. I made another trip to the club, and sure enough, there she was. I could talk until I'm blue in the face about how lovely she was, but you would have to see it to believe it. The way she moved, the way she danced, none of it can be put into words. I watched her from a distance as she did her thing on stage. Then, I moved in a little bit closer to see more. When our eyes met, I saw a the widest smile I ha... Continue»
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Tell me a dirty story

I really missed Angela. Ever since she had gotten 'all grown up' (meaning 'turned 18') and moved into her own place, I hadn't seen her nearly as often as I used to. We were only one year apart and had grown up in a very close-knit f****y. We really were best friends. I was home alone on a Saturday night; I was bored. I hadn't talked to Angie in a few weeks, so I decided to give her a try and see if she was home. Doubtful on a Saturday night, that a girl as pretty as my little s****r Angie would be home alone, but I'd still give it a try. Angie was a real cutie; 5'8, long legs, long curly dark-... Continue»
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The Surveyor and us

This happened in 1993

We had to wait in for an important parcel, so to while away the time Donna and I were getting fruity upstairs on our bed. As she had had her orgasm I had just entered her and was banging away when there was a knock on the door, "Leave it" I said, "We can't" she said, and with that I pulled out, Donna threw on her revealing nightie and went to the door i was sat there waiting for my cock to go down.

I got half dressed and when I got downstairs Donna was talking to a bloke who happened to be a Council Surveyor who was looking at our adopted private road, as Donna sort... Continue»
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After the surveyor came the supervisor

This happened in 1993

The surveyor had made his report so we had to wait for his supervisor to come and redress the situation. We recieved a letter to say SHE was coming on the 22nd. 10;30am came and there was a knock on the door, there stood this mature lady, 17 stone a lot bigger than Donna, short dark hair wearing a brown skirt and jacket.

As she came in she introduced herself as Sheila, she was in charge of making decisions no-one else could. She sat down and Donna made her a drink, then she started to tell us about the problem. Donna was wearing her usual white top and black skirt. ... Continue»
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We crept into Brenda's house after 3am. We had been out on a date: dinner, movie, dancing. After a couple of hours of grinding on the dance floor we were both super horny, but we knew her housemate was definitely home. We figured if we could get in and upstairs without waking her up we should be okay as long as we weren't to loud.
Upstairs was Brenda's part of the house. It had her bedroom and a small sitting room with a big couch. We knew her bed was loud, but figured we could do it on her couch instead.
We made it upstairs, no one the wiser. We started kissing, holding each other close,... Continue»
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My First time with Daddy

I was only in the second grade when my mom passed away while giving birth to my baby br0ther. So it was just my dad, me and my younger b*****r living together from then on. At that point, he realized that I was the only thing left to remind him of mom and so more than ever I was daddy's favorite little girl. He was young, in his late teens when I was born and as I grew up I felt a lot of love for him, in more ways than one...

One Sunday when I was in the seventh grade, Daddy was outside working on some project and I was inside the house with my younger broth3r. I walked over to the kitchen ... Continue»
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First Time At The Truck Stop

It was when I turned eighteen that I started gaining an interest in guy on guy sex. I used to sit in my room watching porn videos constantly and jerking off until strange to say it got bored. One night while my parents slept I sat on my bed scrolling threw videos when I came across a video with two teenage guys and clicked on it. What I watched turned me on a lot making my dick rock hard. I jerked off intensely as I watched these two guys fucking each other until I came hard. As the days passed I became more and more curious and one day when I was home alone while my parents were at work I snu... Continue»
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Naughty Girl

Bob had just seen his wife off and entered the lounge to be met by a sight that took his breath away. Ali his niece by marriage had been upstairs and changed her clothes; she was wearing a large red t-shirt. It was one that she quite often used as a nightdress.

She was positioned in an extremely provocative manner, lying on the rug in the middle of the lounge floor, her legs spread apart. Her t-shirt was pulled up around her hips, and there was a tiny, red silk thong struggling to cover the most intimate parts of her genitalia. The arrangement of her clothing seemed to emphasize how curvace... Continue»
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My Friend's s****r

I would like to share my first sexual experience with you people and I sorely loved my first experience also she taught me the basics of sex. This happened when I was 19yrs old. I had a friend named Stella, we were thick friends and neighbours we also stayed in the same building so our families too knew each other very well and were very close, I too was very close with Stella’s f****y. Since I was the only c***d of my parents whenever my parents have to attend some function where I was not required they used to leave me at Stella’s home and vice-versa.

Now one day such a situation aroused ... Continue»
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Vampire lust.... Part 1

With in the deep black night sky, I gaze out and think of her... This woman whom I belong to. I still remember the first night I seen her. She was out looking for prey for feed upon... I was walking home from a late night of work. Stressed and tired... My spirits low and jammin to some music on my CD player... I forget what I had playing that night... Ah, WAR, Slipping into Darkness. A great song. As I was walking into the park I sensed something, stopped walking and beamed to my left! My eyes trying to adjust to the darkness looking for anything out the ordinary. Nothing... There was nothing ... Continue»
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Teacher Teacher

Gawd another boring history lesson Simon thought to himself although miss Hulme is a bit of a dish a shame she always gave out so much homework at 16 simon had a lot more important things to do than history homework!
Simon swaggered in to the classroom 5 minutes late
"where have you been" enquired miss Hulme
"sorry Miss" said Simon with a big grin to his mates at the back of the class
"well if you think its so funny you can sit down here at the front" she said pointing to the desk in front of her.
"awwww miss" simon said in... Continue»
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A Death Brings New Life (MF, cons, rom, inlaws)

It was losing his mother that started the trouble for Joseph. They'd had a normal relationship, at least compared to other mothers and sons he had seen. She was affectionate, and he'd loved her, but he hadn't really had fantasies about her. At least, he convinced himself that he hadn't. But after she died, he grieved for her more than he expected to. Marla, his wife, displayed her usual selfish attitude, acting as if his pain was a personal attack. They're already strained relationship became even more strained.

A month after the funeral came Thanksgiving. They went to Marla's parent... Continue»
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the breeder vampire

This vampire is just as powerful as the common vampire with only one exception.This vampire does not want your bl**d.He wants your fertile pussy.His power is to breed with any and all females that are fertile.
This passage will tell the tale of how he lures women with his eyes.He controls them with the tone of his voice.Women can not resist.This vampire can not be stopped.He will not stop.His power is to breed.
A long long time ago at the age of thirteen a young male,while in the shower discovered he could cum.This feeling felt so good he would do it over and over again.Little did he... Continue»
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Carol: My Mentor Part VIII Maddy: First Swap

Carol gave me several days respite after my evening with Sue, for which I actually was grateful. I had several papers due in various classes, and needed time to prepare for the next meeting of the SAB Board, which was coming up soon. So I didn’t mind the “time off” so to speak and was able to focus on my schoolwork and SAB responsibilities for awhile. After four days of “rest,” however, I was starting to get restless for some more action. Now that I actually knew what great, not just good, sex was like, I was addicted to it. With the weekend approaching, I was not only getting horny but curio... Continue»
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The Rules

My darling, sexy, and yes slutty wife,

As you're reading this, by now you've seen what I have laid out for you. I will be waiting outside while you get ready. You should notice that it leaves little to the imagination. There is no bra. I know you prefer to wear leggings or spanx, but this little red dress, chemise, garter, and stocking will do nicely for you this evening. I want complete access to you at all times. now we both know things could get a little wild tonight, so I am giving you a few rules to obey WITHOUT question.

1: First of all and very simple. You WILL NOT leave my sight ... Continue»
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Hellooo Nurse Andi

After doing a five day stint at the local hospital for severe migraines Andy was due to be released in a day and feeling much better. The hospital food was as unpleasant as was to be expected and the hypochondriac in him couldn’t wait to get the hell out of ground zero for sick people. As the sun began to set Andy’s anxiousness to leave began to increase making sl**p a funny joke. He turned off his TV growing tired and frightened of all this talk of Ebola. Soon after his TV was off a pretty brown haired nurse walked in carrying in a pitcher of ice water. “Hi Andy my name is also Andi how are ... Continue»
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More fun with her boss

Jane didn't see Colin as expected in fact she didn't see him until a couple of weeks later.
She'd just finished her lunch when she bumped into Colin in the corridor. He grabbed her arm and said "My office, 5 o'clock" then walked away.

She nervously walked into his office just as he was saying goodnight to his secretary.
Colin looked around making sure no one else saw her then ushered her in and locked the door.
"I thought you were going to see me...". "Yeah well there was a problem" interrupted Colin. "Anyway, my wife's had to go away for the day".
"Oh, so we're going to your place are ... Continue»
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