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Kristy's Journey into Darkness ( A BBC fantas

Into the Dark

Chapter One
My name used to be Kristy. Now everyone calls me whore, slut, or anything else they want to. It all started at a frat party about two months ago. I’m a freshman at a big southern college, I won’t name it, because I don’t want anyone to find out who I am. Anyway, I was at this party and I had a little too much to drink. I’m always getting into trouble when I drink too much. I was there to check out guys and maybe get laid. There were some nice looking guys there and I was talking a few up. I was dressed to get some attention, wearing a tight white blouse that showe... Continue»
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The Half Aunt

This tragedy happens with me last year when I was in my grandfather's house. Me n my cousin b*****r went to the city and my grandfather's house was just at the country side. It was about two days later when I saw a women going in front of my house...she was about 35-40 years of age but still looks very beautiful... N simple. I remember she was wearing a red saree with golden bikini blouse...she is totally looking like a red hot chilli..she had a great personality.
She went to my neighbour's house when i asked my grandfather about her then I came to know that she was my new neighbo... Continue»
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The new neighbors wife - Nikki Cuckold

My sex life was diminished to jerking off to xHamster and the occasional strip club visit after my wife died last year. This was soon to change…

Nikki and Rich have lived in the house next door for over six months, but I never really got a chance to meet them beyond the occasional wave or hello. Nikki was a hot brunet with a petite athletic build, this means smaller tits which I just love. I did notice that it always looked like she neglected to wear a bra when Rich was not around. It was easy to imagine that she had no underwear on either under her shorts, pretty sure I caught glimpse o... Continue»
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The "Five" part 3, Mistress Detour

Teri, Equals with a Mistress?

After Rachel left from her collar ceremony, around midnight, I checked my email. Tracy had accepted my date proposal for Wednesday night. This should be interesting. I had only dated one other black lady, and nothing physical happened, other than a simple kiss.

Teri, had asked me to meet her Monday at 1 pm. She said to not expect to be home until after midnight. I moved the start to two to give me more time to recover from the weekend events.

I drove my pickup to see Teri. My jeep is very distinctive, the go to vehicle for meeting someone for the first ti... Continue»
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How my wife became a Hotwife...Part 2

This is part 2 of how my wife became a Hotwife.

As I left off my wife had come to grips with her friend and husband having a cuckold marriage. Bonnie certainly did not approve but did not want to loose a good friend. Some weeks past before they talked. Sharon asked if my wife was freaked out about everything. Bonnie told her that what she and her husband did was between them and she was not going to pass judgement. They continued with their friendship as normal. A month had passed and Sharon called up Bonnie and told her she was closing the office early and wanted to know if she wanted to ... Continue»
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Party night

Paul was having his monthly party and Sue was the main person. She arrived early and Paul stripped her naked and sucked on her huge tits before he gave her a quick fuck. She was beautiful. Long blonde hair, DD tits, and thick pussy lips and a bouncing round ass. The best part was that she loved sex and loved it kinky. She loved to be naked and show her body and it was thrilling to have sex as the gang watched. She met Paul in college as he taught her current affairs class and she heard he had sex parties and one day after class she asked him if she could attend his party. He smiled and told he... Continue»
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My Best Friend’s Sexy Son

I was going nuts!

My best friend Megan had asked me over for drinks and while I was there she introduced me to her son Justin. Justin is a cougar’s sexual fantasy! Yes I am cougar!

I had discovered my sexual preference for younger men several years ago. I have been surprised how many young studs love older women. Most of them suffer from an Oedipus complex and really want to fuck their mommy. I laughed about this the first time a met a guy for fuck and while he was fucking my ass he called me mommy.

Anyways back to Megan... Continue»
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Little Granny

My mom and I have lived with my granny since I was little. Both granny and mom are petite little women. They are like four foot eight or ten and I would bet they are not close to being one hundred pounds. But they are perfectly proportioned. I have always found both women to be very sexually attractive and jerk off to them often. They both dress really classy, nice suits, showing just a touch of cleavage. Hair and makeup always done very well. But then at night they wear only large t shirts and a lot of the time nothing underneath. They both always said that being naked is nothing to be asha... Continue»
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Desert Sunrise

I pulled up to the Jeep dealership, excited from the prospect that my new Jeep had arrived. After a test drive I knew that I'd made the right choice. It looked like the traditional basic Jeep, but with a few options added. As I was about to drive off in my new Jeep I heard a familiar voice,

"Hi Joe!"

I turned to see Bianca, only the hottest woman, (and most untouchable) at work.

"Hey Bianca, what brings you by?"

"I saw you driving that Jeep, are you thinking of getting one?"

I smiled. "You're looking at it....I just took delivery."

"Oh Joe....I love Jeeps, there's something a... Continue»
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Caught by my s****r and her friend 11

Well school camp continued, the usual stuff, swimming, hiking, archery etc. all good fun.

There was a roster posted, I was rostered fort kitchen duty on the third night so at 5pm I headed over there. It was all quiet I expected noise, oh well I went in, there was one girl there, being new to the school I didn't know her name but I had seen her. She was pretty with a nice figure and light brown hair, she was sitting on a low bench wearing a chefs apron. "Hi I'm Alan" I said, "I know" she said, "I'm Sheree", then she lifted the apron revealing the fact that she wasn't wearing any pants. She s... Continue»
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In the catacombs

Prue discounted all the darkly whispered rumors of zombies inhabiting the darkest depths of the catacombs as silly fabrications invented to keep thrill seekers from venturing too deep into the catacombs and slipped away from the tour group to do some unauthorized exploring. Of course, that was before something hit the back of her head and she woke up dangling from her wrists in the torch lit depths of the catacombs, her clothing gone and a foul tasting gag filling her mouth.

And yet, despite her surprise, Prue still found the entire situation sexually arousing. Alone in the catacombs naked... Continue»
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The Bathub Part 2)

part one: http://xhamster.com/user/catherine-belmont/posts/348110.html

Michael checked the newspaper the next morning, but he found nothing. While he was on the computer, he searched the city database of police reports for last night and today. None of them reported a **** or burglary in the neighborhood. He wasn’t surprised from the way she acted. She came just as he did and she took every drop of his cum in her mouth. He was sure that she swallowed it all.

He went out every night to the same neighborhood and checked out Kristen’s apartment. The window that he broke was fixed, but w... Continue»
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Getting used just for my cock

I am a very extremely well endowed man that lives in Florida.

One of my ways to relax is to enjoy my pool totally nude.

I have a board on board 6' high privacy fence going around my entire back yard that makes it seem secluded.

I am at the edge of town and actually the subdivision where I live is county property, instead of city.

Lots of trees and stuff border the outside of my fence out back.

I have done this for the last 12 years since I bought the home.

My girlfriend also sunbathes nude and though I am divorced, My ex and I have been fuck buddies and like to... Continue»
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The Girl

Dan sat on his couch with the young gal. She was just how he liked them, young, big tits and hairy pussy. He kissed her a few times then ran his hand under her shirt. He played with her tits as he kissed her sweet mouth then ran his hand inside her pants. Her pussy was really bushy and he ran his fingers through the kinky fur. He twisted some around a finger and then just combed it with the tips of his fingers. He pulled his hand out and removed her top then her pants so he had her naked. She was so sexy looking with her big jugs and hairy pussy. He then began to suck on a tit as he finger fuc... Continue»
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profumo di dafne da mistress a schiava 7

Il dolore, l’irritazione e la sofferenza che Profumo di Dafne sentiva per essere stata costretta a masturbarsi in quella maniera non diminuiva e continuò imperterrito per tutta la notte nonostante l’acqua fredda e la crema che aveva cercato di darsi per lenire il dolore, in più Profumo di Dafne non si era neanche azzardata a bere un bicchiere d’acqua per tutta la notte per paura di dover tornare a fare pipì cosa che le faceva subire le pene dell’inferno dato lo stato di irritazione della sua passerina.
La mattina però per presentarsi al lavoro in uno stato presentabile fu costretta a fermarsi... Continue»
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My first MILF, Carolyn, Part II

Carolyn lay back down on the leather sofa, spread her legs wide and started sucking on the dildo. "I call him 'Pinkie'," she said, "and I just love fucking and sucking him. Would'nt you like for me to be doing this to you?" she said as she licked Pinkie's cock head. "And this?" she said as she took at least 3/4 of the 8 inch dildo into her mouth and down her throat.

I had to grip my cock even harder as this beautiful site had me mesmerized. "Holy fucking shit Carolyn, you are so hot....so fucking sexy...and you are right, you are teasing the living hell out of me!" I said.

"Then you ... Continue»
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profumo di dafne da mistress a schiava 6

Dopo qualche ora di macchina l’autista arrivò a destinazione e giunse nella villa di Master Jack in una famosa località balneare del litorale romano. La villa era stupenda la macchina percorse un enorme parco che impediva dall’esterno di vedere l’edificio della villa. Dopo aver parcheggiato l’autista accompagnò Profumo di Dafne da Master Jack che gli fece segno che poteva andare.
Master Jack venne incontro a Profumo di Dafne e la salutò dicendo ciao cagna. La donna in sovrappensiero lo salutò dicendo ciao padrone il che fece lo fece molto arrabbiare che gli fece dire che avrebbe dovuto punirl... Continue»
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Testing Viagra – a hairy armpit story

A couple of years ago I had a small accident, having to undergo surgery to my left leg. One thing led to another, to me testing Viagra and having a wonderful sexual experience.

Close to the playground, I stepped over a low fence and I did not look carefully when putting my foot down. I placed it on top of a tennis ball who was lying there, I lost my balance, fell awkwardly and could not stand on my left foot.
To make a long story short. Hospital. Surgery. Weeks in plaster.

I hobbled to the local pharmacy for pain killers etc. This was the best part of it all. Because one of the girls ... Continue»
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A night out

It was early December and already the city centre is buzzing with people frantically shopping , those who aren't are already enjoying the festive season by hitting the bars early.

I see them from my apartment window before joining the less interesting group and wrestle through the shopping centres for gifts ..... Hours pass , before I know it , sun has set and the neon lights of my favourite bars and clubs light uo the city tempting all who pass . Drink does not seem to tempt me tonight as I approach my apartment door with keys in hand , suddenly I hear a noise a group of young women la... Continue»
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The New Neighbors - Slut Wife Nikki

After my wife died my sex life was diminished to jerking off to xHamster and the occasional strip club visit. This was soon to change…

Nikki and Rich have lived in the house next door for over six months, but I never really got a chance to meet them beyond the occasional wave or hello. Nikki was a hot brunet with a petite athletic build, this means smaller tits which I just love. I did notice that it always looked like she neglected to wear a bra when Rich was not around. It was easy to imagine that she had no underwear on either under her shorts, pretty sure I caught glimpse of a camel... Continue»
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