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Last mambo for a sadistic voyeur

I'm naked. I sit on the floor with my legs crossed. My cock is stiff, excited at the prospect of going inside you. My arms are open to hold you.

You're naked, in front of me. Such a beautiful body, light is captivating around you. I love the sight of lust in your cat eyes. You approach, and you sit on top of me, looking at me, your legs crossing around my body behind my back, your arms crossing behind my neck.

We kiss, we bite our lips slightly, we kiss our faces, tenderly. My hands caresses your back, you brush your nipples against my hairy torso, your hand brushes my hair on the head.
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Honey, the trip to Saipan last month great. You know my company sent me there for almost a week for training and meetings. They make reservation for me to stay at Resort hotel—great view and beach! Work was intense and stress. So one night I wear tight jeans and halter top under blouse and sexy bra and went to the street bazaar, like in Manila for relax the stress. Many stalls, locals, and tourists. I got thirsty and hungry and sat alone at nearby small restaurant/bar. Then I observe another table with two cute men. They smile at me and I smile a little too. Then a drink came to my... Continue»
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My Little Girl is Busted

My Little Girl is Busted.[/b/]


On Sunday morning I awoke to a text from Mistress Lisa. “Give me your credit card information so I can order some fun for Thursday.” I considered the demand for a couple of minutes. Another text came through with a picture of me in action with my co-worker. “Want me to include Mom on my next text?”

I sent her the information.

So Thursday morning comes and as Tina fixes her lunch and I drink my coffee and scroll through some internet crap, Lisa appears in th
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Raynard And Teshawn

I just got home from work, my plan for the night was to enjoy a glass of Cognac or two while I sat on the couch and watched the new episode of one of my favorite shows King’s Tower Haunting.The first thing I did was to go into the kitchen and I poured myself that drink then headed into the living room, I put my glass down on the small wooden coffee table in front of the couch and grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. I started my show and was just about to sit down when out of the corner of my eye I noticed a backpack on the side of the TV.
Confused; I stood there looking hard at the bag t... Continue»
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Where I grew up, just outside of town, there was a huge stand of poplar trees and I went there often. I had a favorite tree which I would sit in for hours, contemplating things and life. I even jerked off up there a time or two.

One afternoon, I had sort of dozed off when I was suddenly woken by voices. Looking through the branches and foliage, I saw Sam and Betty from school, sitting under a nearby tree.

I kept still and quiet, hoping that they would not see me.

Betty and I had never dated but we’d always got along well. She was eighteen, same age as me. She was very bright in sch... Continue»
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Destroying my mother in laws pussy

This happened over thirty years ago. My father in law died my wife and I helped her all we could, doing things for her, staying a nights we her, things like that. 8 months later we planned a trip to Florida, and my wife asked if she could ask her mother to go with us. I really didn't won't to but what can you say. I knew fucking would be out on this trip. We arrived later in the day and checked in, I decided to take a dip before eating. Dot asked Hilda her mom if she wanted to swim, she said later. We got in our clothes I wear shorts instead of a swim suit because my cock shows too much. While... Continue»
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Alpha Male Gets them Both

Words cannot describe how excited I was to begin what should have been the best years of my life after paying my dues in a big way. I was a 32 year old physician who had just finished a six-year residency in a surgical sub-specialty. This was on top of four years of college and another four years of medical school. All in all the sacrifice had been great but I was now reaping the rewards. I had landed a cushy private practice job at a hospital in the suburban Phoenix area. I was married to an athletic, statuesque blue-eyed blond named Kristin whom I had met early in my residency. She was a phy... Continue»
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A Rough Night: She gets some rough handling

I sat on the edge of the bed, biting my nail and ruining the smooth polish I had applied earlier. The red of the digital clock illuminated the dark room and my lashes fluttered as the clock display switched to 10:38. On February 14th at 10:38, I finally admitted to myself that I would spend the entire day alone.
I should just go to bed.
I sighed.
I thought of the last time we had been together as I pulled open the drawer to the nightstand. I thought of how he had slowly stripped my clothes off, how his hands had felt on my body, and how he had fucked my brains out on this very bed.
My hand... Continue»
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My First Gloryhole Experience

Some backstory: I'm going to college, but I've been living back home with "the woman who raised me" for the summer until school starts again. "Home" is in Ventura County, right on the border of Los Angeles County & about 40 miles NW of Downtown LA. And while it is a great place to live, the #1 problem with living in Ventura County is that it's both so close yet too far from all the fun things you can do in & around LA… That may not make much sense to many of you, but those who live in Southern California should know exactly what I mean. It's a real first-world problem, huh?
To make matters wo... Continue»
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1. Preselection

You must be desired by other women. This can be called pre-selection. If you are seen as attractive for other women, say your "quote on the market" will rise. Women like guys who are coveted by other women.

They think, "If he is courted by others, surely he must have some attractive thing." Preselection is evident when you are always surrounded by women in a social environment. Another way is through some value demonstration stories.

2. Leadership

You must demonstrate leadership. Definitely this is the element with the greatest impact. As the woman is independent an... Continue»
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Small v******e in the bathroom

We've just made love, I'm in the bed, you're in the bathroom there were some slapping, I managed to slightly bruise one of your eyes and to split your lower lip you're in front of the mirror, the sink full of water to refresh yourself.

You've been able to stop the bleeding in your lip. You look at yourself, naked, in front of the mirror your erotic body, your beautiful hips, your gorgeous breasts the reddish of your slapped cheeks, the green shade upon your smacked eye you clean your face with the fresh water from the full sink I come behind you, I approach slowly, I pass my arms in front o... Continue»
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Hooked (Chapter One)

Written by Shy

A little background before you read!

This story was inspired by a long-term recurring dream I could never seem to shake, as well as Peter Pan. It's one of my favorites and I've finally expanded upon it. <3 Enjoy!

A special thanks to a very amazing Bear. <3

Panic: That was the first thing she felt as her eyes sprang open. Her body was pressed into what looked like an upright coffin, a pillow fixed behind her head. Reaching out gently in front of her, her pale hands connected with what felt like glass, allowing her to see out into hall. From what she could see it appea... Continue»
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Office Revenge

I gasped in surprise as I felt the cock f***e its way into my wet cunt. I knew it was big, but was not expecting it to feel so fucking big. After all, my cunt was not as tight fitting as it used to be when I was younger. I was 50 years old, and had been around the block a bit during my time. I'd been married and divorced 3 times – and to be honest each divorce was my fault entirely – I'd whored myself around quite a bit and acted like a total slut. I'd slept with numerous men and had always been pretty adventurous sexually. I had tried and enjoyed most things – but staying faithful was not s... Continue»
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School Head Mistress Loves It Up Her! Part 2

She was getting some nasty shit done to her now as why she had two up the cunt a very long dildo got rammed up her arse around 13inch’s with it getting slammed in & out fully so fast you could hardly see it! It was around 15inch or so long & now only the tip of it was sticking out the Fuckers ass but more was to cum for it as Colin got on top of her & just plunged his dick up her ass! Jesus look at this I said as there she was with two up the cunt & a Dildo & cock in the arse! We were really fucking the shite out the fuckpig’ I grabbed the Dildo then kept pulling it out around 10inch then back... Continue»
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Cuckolds introduction to anal

Saturday I had just finished my yard work and I came in for a cool shower and a cold beer. My wife opened the bathroom door and told me to touch up my shaved public area. I'm kept clean shaven down there per my wife's request. I had no idea what she had in store for me but I made sure my legs and entire pubic area was nice a hairless.

I walked into our bedroom to get dressed and was met by my wife. She was wearing her bright yellow bikini. It's her favorite because she had all the lining removed and when it's wet it's like a single coat if yellow paint over her five foot four one hundred p... Continue»
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Tina the Slut Willingly Services My Friends

Tina the Slut Willingly Services My Friends

(If you met my wife you would think she is the most innocent and proper girl you have ever met, Let me tell you more about her.)

My wife has a great body and the prettiest smile I have ever seen. I swear she has the most extra sensitive clit, tightest and beautiful pussy I have ever played with on a woman. My wife and I have been together for a long time and we still love each other. She does go out for a quick fuck now and then, but she says it’s only to help her learn new things to help us. She tells me she needs to be a... Continue»
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Well; I never expected that !

My name is Jane, I am 40 years old, and would describe myself as being of the athletic type. I work out every day down at the local gym, and have a 38-26-36 body, long shapely legs and short brown hair. Not bad for a woman of my age, even if I say so myself.

It had been quite a few years now since I last had any sex, and had almost forgotten how fantastic it could be until; ................well let me tell you about what happened to me just about a week ago now.

I had just come out of the shower clad only a bath towel around my body and a smaller one around my head, when I heard some unu... Continue»
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Dethroned 2

"How did I get outside in the rain", the young queen wondered as she awoke to very warm rain splashing on her body and face. It was odd as she didn't recall falling asl**p in the gardens. The last thing she recalled was... Her eyes flew open as the memories of the previous day came flooding back. It hadn't been a nightmare after all, she was still in the dank cell beneath the castle, died semen still caked her forehead as well as her very tender pussy and down the crack of her ass. She spotted the source of the "rain" standing along the far wall of her cell, the fat jailor and two of his basta... Continue»
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The Party (League of Legends)

<<Hi honey, just checking in. Hope Trundle can handle being DD. Text me back.>>
It was the end of season wrap party for the Top Lane, as many of the bruisers of Runeterra gathered as a means to relax and have fun after months of beating each other. The crocodile and anubis chatting over their past. The Demacian knight and the Noxian general trying to outbrag each other. The mech-riding yordle trying to communicate with the prehistoric c***d-brained yordle. However in a dark hallway of the party house, one of the Freljord’s finest barbarians found hims... Continue»
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The Unexpected (Part 1)

The Unexpected
As a freshman in college I was just finding my way. I was somewhat reserved but I still had women hit on me. I just didn’t find a lot of women my own age attractive. There was a sense of maturity not present, one of the biggest turnoffs for me.
Linda was a light skinned black professor, short and curvaceous who soothingly referred to students as her “babies”. I was often the only male in the class because I was a primary education major which inevitably attracted attention. She spread her attention equally until one day she took notice of my gradually changing app... Continue»
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