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Fucking The football Coach!

This happened on my 18th Birthday. It was at our home coming game. I was a cheerleader for my high school. The Freedom High School Patriots. I had a lot of guys always asking me out and wanting to fuck me. I loved the attention. I was so blessed to have amazing breasts. I use to let guys pay me a few bucks to just hold them and suck on them. I get really horny from it. Some of them would get lucky.

Anyways this is about the coach of our football team. He wasn’t really good looking guy or built rock hard. He was kind of fa... Continue»
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revenge medievil style

The year as 1805 and in the New Forest village of Everton, it was business as usual in the cock and pussy tavern, beer mainly spilt with a modicum actually being d***k. Lady C the owner of the establishment has been running the tavern for many years and had very had very early on realised that beer alone was insufficient to keep the clients happy, She had recruited three very nubile local girls who were willing to share their assets with the punters and share their ill gotten gains with Lady C.

Tonight was different than any other night, Miriam was currently upstairs shagging a young loc... Continue»
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"Squeak! Squeak!" Sounds of a Good Whor

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

"Squeak! Squeak!" Sounds of a good Whore!!!"

It was a dark Friday evening, just a little passed 10pm. I had been sitting in my patrol car all night. I looked around outside. I could see a light out above the old gas station. It was your typical slow boring, small town night. I had moved from the big city a few weeks ago. I graduated from the Police Academy. Worked two years on the mean streets of NYC. I needed a big change in my life. I decided to move down to Maryland. Out on the Eastern Shore. As far away from civilization, I could get. I ran ... Continue»
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Close Shave

Kent walked into the grocery store, the cool air from the A/C feeling so good as he pulled out the shopping cart and started down the aisle. As he walked down the canned goods aisle he looked up and saw Selina from the barber shop he went to. Seeing her reminded him that he needed to get his hair cut for an important event coming up. Kent called her name, greeting her with a warm smile as Selina turned and waved to him. The two chatted for a few minutes when Kent asked,

"How about I come in and see you next week...I really need to get my hair cut."

Selina smiled and said,

"I'm leaving... Continue»
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Lil One - 3

Chapter One

We spend our last day at the beach enjoying our surroundings. Lil one has just told me that her Master is cruel to her and she’s afraid to go back to him. I’ve told her that I would take care of this and make it right.

My heart aches for her. I have been concerned by some of her actions, that there was something wrong, and now I know. I make some calls and get my team to look into her Master’s past. I want answers now so I can confront him when we get back home.

I pack up our gear and we are about ready to head back. I call lil one over to the tailgate of my truc... Continue»
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Lil One - 4

Chapter One

We have been at the ranch for about two weeks. We've stayed here because we were trying to stay away from lil one’s old Master. She had finally told me that he had been very cruel to her and abused her in every way. When I tried to find out more about him, he k**napped her and was probably going to kill her.

We have been convalescing while her wounds had been healing. I had taken her as my submissive but we have been only having vanilla sex since we’ve been here. Its not that I didn’t want to, it's just that I didn’t feel that lil one was ready yet.

She had fallen... Continue»
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Lil One - 5

Chapter One

Mistress has been putting me through my paces for the past week. She has come to the ranch to help Master and myself get through my training to become a pain slut. Master has been around but part of the training yet. Mistress has told me to be patient, that he would participate soon.

I am still sl**ping at the foot of Mistress’s bed. I wake to service her every morning. I have been allowed to cum, but only when I am being flogged or some sort of pain is being inflicted on me. This has caused my body to respond to pain in a different way. I now yearn for it, and just the... Continue»
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Lil One - 4

Chapter One

We are driving down the secluded four wheel drive only beach. I’m taking a new submissive that I’m training to be a pain slut for her Master. She’s 24yo and her name is Candy, but I call her lil one, because she’s only 4’11”. She has been mainly a pleasure slave but her Master wants her to be able to enjoy more pain play. I have been training her about 4 days now. Today is more of a reward for her hard work.

We should have the beach to ourselves, except for the stray fisherman or two. I’m not worried about intrusions, as most people you meet down here are non-intrusive,... Continue»
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Sev At The Theater With A Stranger

The upper crust live differently as I am discovering!!!!!
At 48 I was over-weight, and could barely run the width of a soccer field.  I saw a picture of me and my senior in high school son and was mortified.  I began lifting weight, running, doing plyometrics and eating correctly.  I lost 95 pounds in 18 months and found not only the stamina I had lost but also the sex drive that had been waning!

So at 50, single and with a new vocation in a new city I was looking for some things to get involved in.  A co-worker had a couple tickets to a play and he gave them to me and I... Continue»
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26/04/2015......David in tights

I had a meet with a guy called David last Sunday morning which turned out to be a really horny session. He was only 24 which was a bit disconcerting for me as I am 55. But he said he preferred older guys which put me slightly at ease with the situation. We had been chatting on "Fabguys" early on Sunday morning and he said he was free and very local if I fancied him paying me a visit.
I had been watching gay porn on "xhamster" most of the morning and feeling very horny so I agreed to meet him. He said he would be about an hour which gave me time for a shower and so I gave him my address detai... Continue»
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Daddy's Girl

You invite me over, because you've been so bad and need to be punished. After you let me in you e****t me to your living room where you have a few toys spread out on the table.

You look up at me and tell me all the bad things you've done since our last session.

"Wow, you really have been a bad little girl, you're really going to get it today"

I sit down on the couch with in arms reach of all your toys, but before we begin I ask you to bend over across my lap, we must first begin with giving you a little bit of a spanking, get your ass nice and red as a warm up to the rest. I pull... Continue»
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Saving Maddie

Rescuing a damsel in distress pays off in pussy and head like you cannot imagine!!


I walked out of the crowded club and debated just going home. It was hot, the place was packed and after two hours of striking out and consuming more alcohol than I should have I figured it was time to walk the three blocks in the shopping district to the apartment that I had leased after I made senior partner at the prestigious accounting firm that I work for.

I turned to walk down the main doors when they suddenly flew open and this petite fireball flew out dressed in a bl... Continue»
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On the Set With Hayden Panettiere

It was finally lunchtime and had just entered the cafeteria. I looked around to see if there was anyone that I knew that I could sit down next to. There wasn’t, so I decided to sit by myself at an empty table. I sat there eating by myself for a couple of minutes until I heard a woman’s voice behind me.

“Mind if I sit down next to you?” I looked around to see Hayden Panettiere. She was in jeans and a red sweater. She had her hair left out.

“Sure!” I replied and she sat down on the seat beside me.

“It’s been quite a hectic day.” Hayden said as she started to eat.

“Yeah. We did get ... Continue»
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Hayden Panettiere & Hilary Duff

“How’s your assignment going baby, you look super stressed.” Hayden Panettiere asked her boyfriend Ryan who was sitting
at the old desk scribbling notes furiously. The desk was like most of the other things in their rundown apartment, old, dirty, broken or found in the garbage.

“It’s taking forever, what type of asshole instructor makes an assignment due a day before the midterm. Fuck!” Ryan McVeigh screamed as he slammed his pencil against his expensive textbook. His facial expression captured perfectly his mood at the time, which was one of complete despair.

“Listen up my McBaby. ... Continue»
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Routine of a slave

My name is slave. Sometimes Master calls me slut, whore, fuck hole, etc, and I love it. I love pleasing my Master. This is the sole purpose of my existence.

My master likes my asshole to be ready for his hard cock at all times. In order to do so, I wake up at 5 am, go to the bathroom, remove my night plug (it's fairly small, he likes keeping my asshole tight), and perform my daily enema. After the enema I wash the toy and put it on the shelf among other anal toys, I shower and kneel by the bathroom wall where an attached dildo awaits me. With little bit of lube, I do 200 strokes, after whi... Continue»
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Mind fucking Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere had returned to her New York hotel room after a long day. She enjoyed her work, helping promote the message of the Candie’s Foundation, which strove to reduce teen pregnancy. Still, the busy schedule did occasionally take its toll on her, with the constant public appearances, television interviews, and photo shoots the foundation asked of her, along with her work with other charities, not to mention her professional obligations to a multitude of studio projects. Hayden was just ready to relax, and so, she was now glad to be back in her room.
She kicked off her high heels, l... Continue»
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Today, I was at home on my day off from work. It was a lovely sunny day and I had been in my garden doing some tidying up when the phone rang. It was karen, my mother in law.
'will you come round and help your father in law move some stuff please' karen asked.
'of course I will, I will be around in a minute' I replied.
I put the phone down and walked round to my in laws. I went round the back and my father in law asked me to help him. Karen was sat on the step and was having a drink. She looked stunning as ever wearing jeans and a 'V' necked, tight,low cut top that sowed off her boobs nice... Continue»
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The Model

Mike had a great job. He photographed sexy naked women for a men's magazine. One of the perks was seeing them naked and also fucking many of them. This girl in bed with him now was so sexy and such a hot fuck. He rolled on top of her and she spread her legs and he shoved his big hard cock in her wet hole one more time. He had fucked her three times last night and wanted one more piece of that tight wet cunt. Yesterday had been her photo shoot and he knew he needed to fuck her so bad. She looked so good naked as he took all the regular shots of her tits and ass. He had her cover her tits with h... Continue»
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Is it cheating if Hubby Agrees..

My name is Becky. I am 49. I am 5'2” tall with red hair, medium sized breasts and I weigh about 145 lbs. In spite of the fact that I have a little extra padding. I carry it well and I am told that I look ten years younger than my age. I still get looks from men both younger and older than I am. My husband Steve and I have been married for ten years. He is 7 years older than I am. It's my first marriage, his second.

Although I have been sexually active since my teens. I have always been a one man type girl. I have had several long term relationships in my life and I never cheated on anyone... Continue»
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getting caught in my wifes panties in the gym lead

Part 1 - The Gym

I got my stuff together and headed out to the gym. I was feeling incredibly horny this morning, id been chatting online with a few guys and looking at some pretty dirty porn on my phone pretty much most of the morning since I woke up. Its a huge turn on of mine to dress and act like a girly slut when I get a chance to be alone, and a lot of the time I like to wear panties under my everyday male clothes. Today was one of those days. I decided to wear a little thong under my tight gym shorts, and a very colourful vest which hardly covered anything. Mmm I felt so horny. I got ... Continue»
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