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Tasting Erika

Erika catches my glance at an after-shoot party in Munich. She is the assistant to the assistant of someone who I've long forgotten. She is drop dead gorgeous, speaks perfect English, and in a very vivacious; not often seen in the German character. She comes to me from across the room. "You are the photographer," she says. I can't tell if it is a question or statement. I just reply in the positive. She wears a low cut blouse, gray skirt, and black heels. She is the business side of fashion.

She empowers me after a day where I feel my runway images had a lot to be desired and made me questio... Continue»
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Part 5 – Her Divorce – True Story

To continue the story, after my future wife moved in with me she discovered that she could make me cum hard and fast when she shared stories of her past sexual adventures. And if you have not read the first parts, she learned she liked sex early. Sex with guys, gals, black guys and multiple guys.
So to continue, her first husband graduated from college without knowing she was fucking her work boss, fellow workers, and a few of his college teammates. So he got a job and they moved to the Texas Rio Grande Valley. When the tequila and d**gs were cheap. Combine this with a young lady that wh... Continue»
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When the Sugar Daddy's Away...(For MixedSubSl

Kate slipped off her bar tool and switched with the one on the side of the table, partly to catch some of the breeze from the fan on the bar (the air conditioning was virtually non-existent) and partly so that she could view the rest of the bar from her spot in the corner of the darkened room. Secretly,she also wanted to check out her reflection in the mirror behind the bar, she chided herself for worrying as she looked great. Being of mixed race parentage she had a rich deep honey skin tone that the summer sun only worked to enhance and jet black hair that half her friends would willingly die... Continue»
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Fucked Like A Slut By The Shy Neighbor Boy

My name is Heather and I am forty one years old. I live by myself in a pretty nice little house in a quiet cul-de-sac in a nice town. Now when I talk with my friends the question that usually comes up is "When are you going to find a guy and settle down?". Its not like I have not been trying to start a f****y and its not like I could easily get a guy because I get hit on constantly when I go out because I will even admit I look good for my age. I have long blonde hair, green eyes, a thin body with nice breasts and a full round ass. Usually when I find a guy at a bar or at a party its a one nig... Continue»
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Satin Heaven

I had a fantasy for years about owning or working in a wedding shop, seemed like real fun but way out of my remit, seeing as men are cut out of that loop pretty much. On Thursday I saw an advert for help in the window of a prolific shop in my area I went in and enquired, the girls were very suprised to see me indeed & we got chatting about why I wanted to work there , what I could do etc, One of the woman remained very quiet, Then at the end piped up" why would you really want to work here " she said sternly looking me right in the eyes, I froze totally looking back into her eyes, I had no cho... Continue»
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Fucking My b*****r's Japanese Girlfriend

It happened during my last semester of college. I was 21 at the time and living at home with my dad and my 16 year old b*****r. My parents split up four years before that and my mom thought that Lan and I would be better off being raised by another male than by her. I was sitting upstairs in our f****y room when 'Lan’s 15 year old Japanese girlfriend, Aiko Furusato, knocked on the door looking for him.

"Sorry Aiko, but he's at the local soccer game with my dad," I informed her. "They probably won't be home until around midnight with the traffic." "Oh shit," she said, making a facepalming m... Continue»
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Walked In On Sarah Getting Fucked By A BBC (True)

This is a true story of something that happened a couple weeks ago and there was no way I wasn't going to share. It involves Sarah so I really hope you all enjoy guys and gals.

Sarah and I are still happily together spending time at my place when she gets off of work. It had been awhile since I had seen Sarah with another man because it was something that Sarah admitted she didn't like doing all the time. Usually Sarah would let me know in advance if there was a guy she wanted to fuck or if there was a friend of mine that... Continue»
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Bodies pressed , a kiss , the feeling softness of your lip to mine a chill goes through your spine i slip your blouse off exposing your breasts , we slide to a near wall for support you facing the wall I begin kissing the back of your neck sliding the tip of my tongue slowly down your back all the while caressing your breasts , the tip of my tongue not missing any end of your senses , like that of a feather not quite tickling but arousing you, you can't help your breathing get deeper as I slowly slide your slacks down past your knees and off your feet , your heart beats faster breathing deeper... Continue»
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A date

It looked just like a common date in a bar, nothing unusual, only that the guy was almost a stranger to me, but that was the main idea. Chris was a fri ends friend and recomandation and I was doing that just for the thrill of the unkown. Nothing would satisfy me lately so this is how I ended up with a glass of wine in front of me, telling myself I must be crazy to be doing this. He was a slim guy with a sharp but common figure. He wasn't much of a speaker also. "Did you bring what I said?" "yea!" "Now we have to set up some rules...Any diseases?" "No." "Hope so...This is the first and the last... Continue»
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my girlfriends mum

Been going out with emma now for 5 months and I had met her mum a few times now, don't think she liked me that much but oh well. Me and emma were upstairs in her room fooling about, she had her hand down my trousers and I was un-hooking her bra, I was just about to reach up her skirt and get me some pussy when we heard the front door slam shut, we both jumped up and sorted ourselves out and then we heard her coming up the stairs and we just sat there, she came in to the room and said, emma darling can you leave us for a minute, I want to have a word with your boyfriend, oh mum your not g... Continue»
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my s****r fucked by old tribal man

hello,am ashfaq,am 25 years old.my s****r saba is 33 years old. she is married but stays with me as her husband asks for money and we have filed an f.i.r and a case against him.it was 19th of september this year we planned for a holiday.one of my friends told me to go to jabalpur as its a very beautiful place.we in mumbai so we planned for going to jabalpur for holiday.and the next day we packed our bags and and start our car and went for jabalpur.after driving 12 hours in between stopped for refreshments it was 11 pm at night and was tired of driving as my s****r does not know to drive i was ... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #4: Falling Pieces #2

Victorious: Falling Pieces #2

The next three weeks flew by for everyone as they prepared to return to school. The Vega household was constantly busy as both girls were constantly on the move, either with dates or secret meetings with their boyfriends. The two tried to make time for friends, but Tori felt like she was seeing Robbie and Andre very little anymore. She only really saw Cat in passing, as she seemed much more private and secretive than normal, but Tori believed she would be back to normal once school started. Almost all of her time was spent with Beck, either hanging at he... Continue»
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My Anal EX-GF

Let's begin with my story ...
... Since my Ex-Gf introduced to me the pleasure of anal sex , about six years ago , i became obsessed with anal ... It all began at one hot summer , when i was at her place . I was horny , so i asked her to give me a blowjob ... Funny thing is , that she had more experience in sex than i had , she had at least five boyfriends before me , she was two years older than me and she tried everything , but hated to give oral sex - blowjob ! I know , it sounds strange , but that's how the things were ... So , i practically begged her to suck my cock , but ... Continue»
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First meeting

Bodies pressed , a kiss , the feeling softness of your lip to mine a chill goes through your spine i slip your blouse off exposing your breasts , we slide to a near wall for support you facing the wall I begin kissing the back of your neck sliding the tip of my tongue slowly down your back all the while caressing your breasts , the tip of my tongue not missing any end of your senses , like that of a feather not quite tickling but arousing you, you can't help your breathing get deeper as I slowly slide your slacks down past your knees and off your feet , your heart beats faster breathing deeper... Continue»
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A warm summer's day at the office

It was a brilliant, perfect day, 75 degree weather, the sun peeking in and out of the clouds like a game of hide and seek, and Jack, a buff, well-groomed attorney was in his convertible, zipping down the freeway heading for a lunch date with a city judge, Laura. He had the car freshly detailed, summer tunes on, freshly pressed suit on. Jack had a killer hard-on just imagining the sight of the gorgeous judge, Laura, a statuesque brunette beauty, 5'7, medium build, shapely breasts, great shape, long silky smooth hair that could take a man's breath away, and a plus for Jack, awesome stilettos and... Continue»
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at computer

This is my second entry here. If anyone knows an editor that may interested in looking over my stories before publication I would appreciate it you sent them my way./i]

I see you sitting there at your computer, your back to me. I wonder what it is you are working on at this time of night and why you have your headphones on. I approach, staying silent on the deep carpeting. You do not hear me, you seem so engrossed with what is on the screen.
Looking over your shoulder I am a little surprised to see the video you are watching. It appears you are watching a video of a couple of lesbians
... Continue»
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Donna was working late doing some stock taking at the store she used to work at in town. She was wearing her work uniform, black blouse, grey skirt. She was putting some shoes away in size order cubby holes, Steve her manager, was passing them up to her, she was standing on a small ladder, this time she reached too far and wobbled, Steve put his hands on her bum so she wouldn't fall.

As she came down the ladder, Steve slipped his hands under her blouse and fondled her tits, when she got to the floor she turned around to face him, he kissed her and soon they were snogging, she had her hand a... Continue»
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Livraison à domicile

Annie vient de se lever, elle sort de la salle de bains le corps enveloppé dans une serviette quand on sonne à la porte.
Intriguée elle regarde par le judas, deux hommes en costume gris patientent devant sa porte.
"Oui ?"
"Bonjour madame c'est pour une livraison"
"Ah mais je n'ai rien commandé."
"D'après mon bon de livraison il s'agit d'un cadeau. Pouvez-vous nous laisser entrer pour que nous puissions effectuer notre livraison ?"
"Euh oui, une seconde."
Elle ouvre la porte et les deux hommes entrent directement dans le salon.
"Nous venons vous livrer un sandwich de la part d'un de vo... Continue»
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Part 1 - How I Met My Wife - True Story

This is the first on a series I will be posting documenting my relationship with my wife and our adventures over the years.

This happens in 1980 while I lived in Houston.

I hadn’t had a date in about a month and my work buddies said I was getting moody and needed to get laid. One of my buddies said his girlfriend had a friend that was easy and that she usually went home with someone different from the parties they attended.
My buddy assured me that she was good looking, so I said sure why not. We set a double date up for the next week. We hooked up after work on a week night so I cou... Continue»
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Part 2 - What my future wife likes

One of the first nights we were having sex, she was sucking my dick and I told her she was really good at it. She asked me how many girls had sucked my dick. I said five or six but she was by far the best. She said it was because of all the practice she has had. I asked her how much practice had she had. She did not hesitate a bit and answered that she had been sucking dick since she was in the 8th grade, and that she had sucked a lot of dicks, too many to remember them all. When she said that I almost came in her mouth. She sensed this and said “Oh, you like that do you.”

She then st... Continue»
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