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Meeting an online friend for the first time

Many years ago I was living in Australia and I was researching the idea of moving to the United States. I made contact with a company that wanted to hire me and everything was set. I would be based in the New England area. As I were going thru that process I was browsing online looking for people in the New England area to chat with, ask about the area and maybe make friends with so I’d know people when I finally arrived. Back in those days I was mostly using Yahoo chat rooms to meet people. One day I met Maria. She lived in Boston and we hit it off. We chatted online and e-mailed regularly fo... Continue»
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Fun vacation with an old friend

I moved to a new city in Australia and told all my friends they were welcome to come visit any time. Nina was an old friend from high school and over the years many of our friends thought we were having a secret affair because we had enjoyed flirting and fooling with each other so much. There was never anything romantic, we just loved playing it up for our friends. Nina was the first to take me up on the offer and decided to come for the Christmas / New Years holiday for two weeks. She arrived on Boxing Day and we had decided to hire one of those camper vans for the duration of her trip and we... Continue»
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A sex filled holiday.. Part 1

I had a very unique opportunity to meet a client in Miami for a long weekend. I booked a flight and found out that my client arranged for a suite at a hotel on South Beach near their home for me. About four days before my trip, my client called and informed me that they had to leave unexpectedly but still wanted me to come down and meet with their assistant.

I reluctantly agreed. After further thought... I realized that I should invite a friend to join me for the weekend. I only had one person in mind. It was short notice but I called her on a Monday and told her I would get a ticket f... Continue»
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Turned Into The Whore Of The House

My name is Lucy and I'm sixxteen years old.I live with my dad and b*****r Adam who is the same age. When my mom left leaving my dad, Adam and I it was a very stressful, uptight time at our house. My dad was upset but didn't really have time to process everything because he worked a lot and didn't usually have time to himself. Adam and I were both upset by the situation but instead of just moping around or getting depressed we decided that we were all each other needed and became even closer then before. Adam and I spent a lot of time together hanging out, going for walks and most of the time j... Continue»
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Steve Learns just What a Slut He Married

Steve and Joni Franks get married and honey moon in the islands. After two weeks they return home and Steve comes back to work. The guys all k** him about being pooped out cause of all the fucking. Steve takes it in but I can see something is not right, so I ask him about it. He tries to put up a front but I'm better then him so he findly gives in and tells me it all. It seems that Joni is not to into sex in general, he said when ever he tried she pushed him away. He tried to f***e her but was still shot down only getting a hand job the whole two weeks, and nothing after coming home. I fe... Continue»
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Young Teacher Reprimanded

Mr Heath, the Head of history, sat at his desk. It had been a trying day, and he'd just finished marking the last of a long series of illiterate essays.

On top of it all he had a tricky staff problem to solve. A complaint had been raised by the shrewish librarian, who claimed to have seen Miss Hurst, the new history teacher being vigorously ploughed by Jack Bench the Groundsman.

The note of complaint left something to the imagination but not much and was framed in terms of outrage. Gazing out of her window across the sports field the librarian claimed to have seen Miss Hurst through th... Continue»
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My 2 Muslim Aunties!

My story is about my 2 Muslim aunties. Shabana who is 37 year old, busty figure, big tits, a perfect round ass and a very fuckable face. My other aunt Noreen was older than Shabana, 44 year old but didnt look her age. She was slimmer than Shabana and very short at 5ft 4". Noreen had small perky boobs and equally small firm ass. They are both married and both have 2 k**s.

My story is about when i became friends with my work colleague Paul, who coincidentally turned out to be Shabana's neighbour. He was 45 year old white man, bald head and tall and very big build. He didnt know i was ... Continue»
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by Seychelle

Living Doll

Until six weeks ago, Pat would have thought anything was better than hospital work.

In fact, when she'd been hired as a private live-in nurse down South, she'd thought it ideal: generous pay, easy hours to let her pursue her further education, and no rent. The recruitment agency could tell her little about her patient/employer Alastair Darragh; what little she'd picked up since did not extend far past the observations that he was a cantankerous recluse who'd driven away previous nurses, an expert in occult studies, and was older than God - b... Continue»
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Filmed With Dogs Chapter 7

Chapter 7

George got down on the floor with his naked wife. He still marveled at the fantastic transformation that had taken place in just one week. He grabbed her, pulling her into his strong arms.

"I still can't get over the change in you, Lotty."

Charlotte melted into his heavenly embrace. Khan still sniffed his cold nose at her ass. She rubbed her body against her husband. Her body raged with a fiery passion that only his cock could quench. She
wriggled out of his arms.

"What are you ... going to do?" he groaned as her mouth began a feverish descent from his neck to his bell... Continue»
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What i do when i get alone. my biggest sin.me and

I've always been perverted boy was born in 1991.But I had a strange experience when I was 12 years old
i caught mom cheating on dad in the garage.. I feel bad, but also horny I wanted to wank over them since
then my mind gets so twisted and i get so perv fantasies.But this story is not for my past but what
i do in the last mouth.My gf left me.2 years we were together.So i don't get any kind of sex expirate
for more than 4 months..
I start to use amphetamine a lot.When I'm influenced by the amphetamines they get me extra horny and
i what to do wrong naughty stuff like to f***e -fuc... Continue»
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Rent Me Slave

I had managed to sl**p for a few hours. When I got up I went to the hotel for my few things and got some of my money back. I went to the bank as well as I didnt trust John at all. I knew my luck would not hold out and went to take a shower when I got back to the flat. I was so lost in the hot water I didnt hear the door open or close. I was shocked when I left the bathroom and found John in the room. He motioned me over and was already taking his cock out of his pants. I knelt down on the floor expecting him to push into my mouth. Instead he pushed me to my hands and knees and went around behi... Continue»
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Beyond the Limit

This is not my own story I am just reposting.
Hope you enjoy it as much as me.

Gabrielle was an entry-level programmer at Virtual Dreams Inc., one of the fastest growing companies in the country. She wondered why the Director wanted to see her. There were rumors about a serious problem with the central processor but she had no idea what it was or what she could do about it.

“Hi Gabrielle, please come in. Take a seat.”

“Hello Sir.”

The Director’s office was enormous. Gabrielle felt a little intimidated while she walked the long distance from the door to his desk. Without further... Continue»
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Farm Girl Likes to Have Fun

Riding had always seemed to me to be a very erotic experience. The repeated thumping of the hard saddle against my crotch stimulated my clit and my imagination. With my legs spread wide apart across the thick body of Max, my stallion, I could close my eyes and imagine the hips of a gorgeous blonde adonis crashing into me.

I had a small, but really well developed body, which made grown men look twice and get that look on their face, the one that meant `Boy I'd like to Fuck her!'

I was only about five feet tall and kind of skinny, I thought, but my titties were a good size, and perfectly ... Continue»
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Forever a Slut

Britney has been a tramp ever since junior high. Ever since she sucked off the most popular boy in school she knew she wanted to be the girl anyone could come to for sexual pleasure. By her sophomore of highschool she was known as a slut but never denied the accusations, she loved it! Almost anything you could imagine a slut doing in highschool, she did, flashing the class, blowing Chris in the back of the room, being fingered by Steven under the desk, she even took cock from the quarterback in the men's restroom. Her parents soon found out but it wasn't much to their surprise as Britney's mom... Continue»
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My Fun With Mom

My fun with mom

Chapter 1

As Mom and I walked back to the car after dropping dad off at the airport, she put her arm around me and pulled me close. She had been doing this whenever we were together and alone. She giggled as I placed my arm around her shoulders pulling her toward me. I was a little taller than Mom so I kissed the top of her head as we walked. Why I did, I couldn't tell you, except I loved my Mom and at that moment felt a little sorry for her because Dad would be gone for the next month on business.

Mom stopped, making me almost pull her off her feet. Turning toward... Continue»
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Truth or Dare ; Game 1

Welcome to my first story on xHamster!
This is a game of Truth or Dare, which we played for real. So this is a true story, and hopefully my writing is good enough so you can truly enjoy it. ;-)
Let me know if it was good and I should do it again, maybe even with videos. My english isn't perfect, so please apologize if I can't describe everything even better...

First, we were 4 Girls and 2 Guys. I don't post pictures of the guys since this is a story for the men here. But before we start the recap of the game, here is a picture of each one of us!

Me : Tifanny

Jessi... Continue»
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Married co-worker part 5

When I go home I kept thinking about how I had never had my dick sucked quite like that. I really loved fucking this woman. In the first four parts, I have never mentioned our connection outside the bedroom because I figured most wanted to read about sex. I won't bore your with the details, but we actually developed a close friendship. I liked her a lot. She was not who she initially projected to be. When we had sex, our time between sessions was filled with very stimulating convo. Back to the sex. The next morning, I go up very early. I had not spoken to her to let her know I was comi... Continue»
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How we stumbled into the lifestyle

We were practically newlyweds when we first talked about the lifestyle. We really didn't know anything about swinging or wife sharing or anything like that; they were just things we read about in adult magazines. My wife's earliest sexual experience happened long before she and I knew each other. She was a high school student, out with some guy from her high school. He was pressed against her, feeling her up, and she felt him get hard. Something about that was erotic and exciting to her. It was so exciting that it overcame her fear of parents finding out, pregnancy, reputation, and so on. He w... Continue»
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April - Part 2

Rob and April lay in April's bed, lost in their own post-coital thoughts. They had assured one another that this would be a no-strings-attached relationship, and the two of them would be simply friends with benefits. Neither of them wanted to hurt Ines, Rob's wife, nor did they want the drama associated with a busted marriage. April thought she might start feeling guilty later, once the sexual high wore off, because Ines was a friend of hers and would be hurt if she ever found out. Rob didn't feel guilty about having sex outside of his marriage because it was just sex, he told himself. He wasn... Continue»
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Rob stood at the door, fidgeting and waiting for April to answer his knock. He could hear her approach, so he
straightened his stance and put a pleasant smile on his face, hoping she wouldn't notice how nervous he was. After all, he was simply there to have dinner as a friend, right?

Rob and April met each other two years earlier when they were in training for a tech support job at a major insurance company. Rob immediately felt a connection with April, and they struck up a friendship. All during training (which included some 15 other people) they spent lunches together, eating in the caf... Continue»
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