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Boy Dominates Sexy Mom 4

I spent the whole rest of the day frustrated after my retarded father walked in the house and ruined things. Mom was spread out on the floor in front of me and about to make herself cum with her vibrator, but had to run off before my dad caught us both jerking off in the living room. I was so close to seeing her have an orgasm it was almost painful to think about.

That night, just as I was about to turn off the light next to my bed and rub one out, there was a light knock at the door. My mom came in and closed the door softly behind her. She was wearing her big terry-cloth robe and pajamas... Continue»
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My Elite sex e****t work experience

I always got a lot of questions from people I know about my previous job… When I answered, they just asked more questions. On that basis, I decided to write the story about that in the format of interview, despite of fact that I had never been interviewed by any magazine.

How and when did you first got into the sex industry?

When I returned to Canada after my graduating from Princeton University, finding a job was very difficult, even for a good university graduate with the Master’s degree in Psychology. I've been getting rejections, usually with the words that I'm too good for the job, ... Continue»
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A "Step" in the Right Dirction 3

A "Step" in the Right Dirction 3

Jane picked me up at work on Friday and we drove to a really nice restaurant where we ate oysters for an appetizer and steak and lobster for dinner! Before the main course came, she excused herself and walked to the restroom. She looked VERY nice and there were more eyes than just mine watching her as she walked by in the black dress with the deep plunging front and back that made it clear that she could not ... Continue»
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Suzanne's Slutwife Weekend

I wrote this for a friend yesterday with a hot wife named Suzanne. Much of the action is based on what he likes her to do and the rest is me filling in the blanks. I hope you enjoy!!!

Suzanne’s Slutwife Weekend ….. by cyote57 June 2016

Hubby’s Story

Earlier this week, I had told my wife, Suzanne, that she had been rented for the weekend. I like to give her plenty of time to get prepared and get her mind wrapped around her performances. Suzanne has been my hotwife / slutwife / submissive petwife since we were practically first married a long time ago. I learned that she was a very su... Continue»
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Мојата полусестра - Ивана

Од секогаш ме привлекувале теми со семеен секс, а и сакав да читам такви приказни на нет. Подолго време како живев со мојата мајка и мојот очув. Бев дечко на 24 годни, кој работеше и заработуваше онолку, колку да не барам од дома. Со моите живеевме во мала но скромна куќа, во која веќе неколку години имам своја соба. Претходно со нас живееше и моја полусестра, која веќе пет години како е мажена. Инаку мојата полусестра се вика Ивана и од мене е постара три години и всушност немаме никаква родова врска бидејќи не ми е сестра, туку само ќерка на мојот очув. Од кога се омажи мојата сестра, јас се... Continue»
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Legal brothel

When I was in my early 20's, I got a chance to travel cross country working as a mover. The money I earned sucked but I got to see all kinds of new shit, partied and had a blast. One of the cool things I saw was one of the few legal brothels in Nevada.
At the time I was sexually in my prime, and I had a smoking hot petite girlfriend at home. I usually only played with skinny chicks if I could help it. When I walked into that little hole in the wall, I immediately thought it wasn't for me. The driver I worked for asked me if I wanted to go try it, but when I saw all the fat women working there... Continue»
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Honey, He's the Boss!

I have been married to my husbnd Nate for 8 months now. We couldn't be any happier if we tried. I want him to be the father of my c***dren, but we have decided to take it slow and focus on our careers. He works in finance and I work as a secretary for a major law firm. I love my job as much as I love my husband Nate (well, I love him more). I work on behalf of major individuals from all around the globe. My boss is often trying to hit on me. Of course, I am always rejecting him. I would never cheat on the love of my life. Besides, my boss is not very attractive to begin with. Granted -- he has... Continue»
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My first blow and go

I'd finally reached the point where I needed sex with another guy so bad that I was willing to be one of the people that posted I was willing to just go meet a random stranger, blow them till they came in my mouth and then just leave.

I'd only ever hooked up with guys who also wanted to reciprocate so this was a big step for me. I was admitting I was a cock and cum whore but sometimes a guys gotta do what a guys gotta do.

Within a day of me changing my status on Xhamster I received a message from someone nearby who I'd chatted with occasionally. He was married and worked during the day... Continue»
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The Casino - Laura's Story

Where to begin!! Last year my mate had dared me to go back to a casino in a revealing black chiffon– he has a clothes store and had asked me to browse, but he would choose. He picked me up at 7 pm , discussed the ‘rules’ for the evening. We made our way into town, parked round the back of his shop and made our way through to the store room. He put the kettle on. He cut open one of the boxes by the back door and took out a couple of dresses. They were just Gorgeous! He seems to have really good taste and had bought some lovely stuff. I picked out a thin black chiffon one. He liked my choice bu... Continue»
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Best Friday Ever

Best Friday Ever Pic - See best Friday ever Galleries to see some of the pic from this story.

I woke up early today and realize Friday is finally here. I have been planning for today since last Saturday. Last Saturday, I decided to create a photo album of myself in different states of dress and performing various sexual acts. My plan was to create this as a father’s day present for my husband. Once I got started, I change my mind and I came up with a new plan to give this out to a select group of people that my husband and I have played around with in the past. My list is Scott my boss, J... Continue»
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Gail Porter is fucked

My name is Jane Harrison and I, and my husband Jerry, are professional photographers. We specialise in erotic nude photographs of women. The girls feel more relaxed posing in front of a woman, especially when opening their legs. We've established a good reputation amongst the famous and we've also done a few pornographic films with a few of them on request; sometimes with Jerry as the lover, sometimes me, but we don't advertise the fact other than discreet word of mouth. Because of this we get some remarkable photographs and film, which we keep between ourselves and our willing clients.

I w... Continue»
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He needs more

Sara could not figure out what was going on with her husband. After dinner last night he stripped her naked in the kitchen and bent her over the table and fucked her. Then while she was cleaning the kitchen he kept his fingers in her cunt or ass. He then took her to the den and they were going to watch a movie and he fucked her twice more and when his cock wasn't in here it was his tongue or fingers. It was non stop. In bed he fucked her three times then woke up twice and fucked her then again first thing in the morning. It was a good thing Sara also loved fucking and liked the new side to her... Continue»
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Deep throat tips

Tip 1. Mind the Gag Reflex. It’s my view that the gag reflex is dormant unless disturbed. And once disturbed, it’s nearly impossible to get it to calm down. For the bottom, it’s all about staying relaxed and breathing normally. But the top is really in control, and the best ones try not to trigger things.

Tip 2. Let the bottom breathe. I’ve had fun with well-hung tops who’ve never been throated. I start out with a normal BJ, then when the time is right, I go all the way down. They are usually quite surprised – and often thrilled – but the mistake they then make is to grab the back of my hea... Continue»
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A perfect stranger in a party

A perfect stranger in a party

A winter Saturday night my loving Victor and I were invited to a “special” party. We both knew our hostage and his wife liked the swinger style; so, we thought it might be a swinger night after all…

Their house was enormous and had several decks and levels. Victor and I danced, mingled with strangers and had some wild margarita shots.

We both suddenly stumbled on a secluded hot tub. There was a young guy already in the tub; I thought that if we started making out he would get out and go away. So, I started making out and getting very involved with Victor.... Continue»
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Rough Rider

I had just moved back to Ohio from Florida, into a small town by the lake, needing to keep in shape I joined a gym and started working out, there's quite a few ladies but only a couple that are naturally attractive, two of them work there, and another one is a member, and they are all pretty hot.

It was a Wednesday afternoon , I was at the gym getting my cardio workout when in walked an incredibly sexy and flirtatious red head, named Iris skin like alabaster with piercing eyes of green and soft melodic voice she must have been 5' had a tight fit body with a nice rack dd 34 .

She introduc... Continue»
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My thick ass mexican wife

Last night my wife of 10 years, Dee and I went out for dr**ks. She is a 30 year old mexican women with a great big latina ass. She is 5'9 and about 200lbs with most of it in her fat ass culo. She has dark skin and average size breasts, about a bigger C. But with huge dark areolas and big dark nipples. But by far her best asset is her huge booty. She has long thick legs and a nice fat wide ass

Now she isnt the best looking women, but she more than makes up for it in with 2 things. 1. That big ole butt and 2. She is a fucking lush. I mean she only needs a few and shes smashed and horny. Also... Continue»
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ebony used

Ebony black girl abused by white guy
After many hours at work I had finally finished and it was time for home it was late. I put on my coat left the building and got in my car it was 3am and the roads were quite. Driving through the quite city streets I notice a young black girl walking down the centre of the road I slow down and drive slowly along side her. I wind down the window and ask if she is ok to which she replies yes I'm just a lil dk can u give me a lift home. The girl is hot with a skinny body and very young looking . She's wearing a short skirt with black stockings and holdups. I ... Continue»
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A "Step" in the Right Dirction 2

A Step in the Right Direction 2

Otherwise known as “A Second Step “

In the first story, I accidentally walk in on Jane’s daughter who is living with us. She was getting into the shower and… well things happened. When that finished up I was truly thinking that life could not get any better. But then this past Tuesday I came home and… well…..

As I came home from work last Tuesday, Tara was just leaving I assumed to go to work. She has a summer job of waiting tables at a Cracker Barrel as she is waiting to go to anothe... Continue»
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She's been a bad girl.

You wake up in the morning to the sound of your alarm going off. You reach over to turn it off, but you can't you find that your hands have been firmly secured to the headboard. You can't see either as there is a silk scarf tied around your eyes. You try to sit up, but you can't move you start to panic and start thrashing only to find that your legs have been tied down as well.
I crawl up next to you and whisper in your ear “Shhh, calm down darlin I’m here, and it's time for your punishment. You have been a bad, bad girl haven't you?”
You start trembling with excitement. You’ve been waiting ... Continue»
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Mia liked babysitting for Jon. He was handsome and kind and a single father. Tonight he was going out to have a few drinks with some guys and Mia was taking care of the k**s. When he got home she had the k**s asl**p in bed. They chatted for a few minutes then he got the money out and began to pay her. He stopped and looked at her and said "Want to earn more money?" Mia asked "How?" Jon told her" Take your top off for me." Mia laughed and pulled her shirt over her head. She was not wearing a bra and had just developed nice round tits. Jon looked her over and said "Now the rest of your clothes f... Continue»
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