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Chub cub takes his first anal load

I took a cum load up my asshole for the first time yesterday morning.

Initially I met the guy online, but we got together at a local motel so that he could have his way with me. He loved my titties and was excited that I love sucking cock. I told him I’m really good at sucking dick and I would love to call him daddy. He said this really turned him on. I told him that I was a hungry boy who is eager to please his daddy and beg daddy for his load. He said it made his dick really for a cute boy like me to call him daddy.

I told him that I would love to be fucked up the ass and have him ej... Continue»
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My Daughter Did Porno - My Wife!

This story continues the tale of a Dad who discovers his daughter has done a porn video. There are two previous chapters.



"Holy Shit!" Was my response as my daughter informed me that her mom had also done a porn shoot

Allison just smiled at me as my cum dripped down her chin. I could not believe what she had just told me.

"Your mom has done a porn movie!" I said in the most shocked voice of my life

"Daddy, sh... Continue»
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My Indian new friend ;-) Saturday 1st August 201

I got a random call Friday, and this is the story behind it.

"Hi, sorry to bother you, but I was given your name by someone you know called Karen. She told me you might be able to help, and take a look at my car please? Sorry, my name is Mandy"

Karen I thought? What Karen, so I asked the caller. "Karen ******" she answered (I wont mention the surname).

OK, now I know. This Karen is someone I met a few times from a swinging site. I was happy she thought of me, but wasn't too keen on her giving out my number, but, I said I would take a look at her car, as she was only local, a... Continue»
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parkservice Monday, night mid july

The awaited letters arrived just before July 4th.
It became obvious that my wife and I would be traveling separately, so we would need both vehicles.

The letters were marked do not share information. So neither of us knew where the other would be, so this may open more information later.

I had a different location to be at on Monday , Wednesday and Friday, with a note that there would be a surprise one day (day not specified). Vickie also sealed the information for each day stating not to be opened until the day before.

So this was a mystery game and no one knew who they would be pai... Continue»
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Wife wants 2 cocks again

It was only two weeks later and we made our house empty again it was time to have our fuck buddy over for round 2. We all played cards talked and listened to music for the evening. I loved watching my wife flirting with him bending over in her tight jeans and her big tits bulging out of a low cut shirt. After a few hours of hanging time she disappeared into the bedroom and locked the door the 2 of us talked about how much fun it was to fuck my wife together. He couldent get over how tight her holes were and no matter how hard you fuck my wife after a few minute break shes tight again both hole... Continue»
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Her Game

Tom was sitting in the chair as she stood infront of him. She was so gorgeous and sexy. She was swaying and her hips were moving as she danced for him. She had on the wet t-shirt that had wine poured over it showing the shape of her huge tits. He was getting hard just looking at her. Then she turned showing how the skimpy thong went between her ass cheeks up her crack. She had the great round bubble butt so sexy and inviting. She knew just how much she turned him on. She could see the outline of his thick long cock through the tight white briefs. He was like a hung stallion and twice as horny... Continue»
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Pool table fuck

Years ago I enjoyed a longish affair with a woman ten years older than me. We lived far apart so only got together maybe 3-4 times a year, if we were lucky. And, of course, when we did get together we spent a lot of time fucking. This woman was not conventionally beautiful, but she loved sex and was always ready to spread her legs or get down on her knees for me. She loved to suck cock and was always eager to have me cum in mouth. She was also the first woman I ever fucked in the ass. But that's another story for another time.

Today's tale is about a time we were at a convention together. W... Continue»
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Wedding day whore part 2

Hi guys, if you haven’t read part 1 its kind of a must to enable you to understand this story.
Thanks to everyone who commented on part 1 and who gave me suggestions for part 2. Special mentions go to xhamster users : http://xhamster.com/user/misscum34

1 user even wanted me to use their pic for you to look at as you read part 2. So here is lorenz2race for you guys.

Please comment on this story and te... Continue»
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Lucky Night - Part 1

Lucky Night

I can’t forget that night. Even now when I write about that night, my penis starts to swell angrily…

It was a rainy night. I was driving from work to home, totally stressed out after a long day. As it is my wife was at her parents place in another city, gone to write her post graduate exams, which added to the frustration of going to my own house and living alone for few weeks.

It was all the more stressful to drive in the pothole filled roads overflowing with rainwater. Few miles before my house, my car’s
headlights showed a man trying to fiddle with his car’s engine.... Continue»
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Lucky Night - Part 2

Part 2

I watched TV for a few minutes and slept in the couch. Being used to sl**ping in AC room, I was tossing and turning in the living room under the ceiling fan. I had removed my tees and was in my pajamas. Thinking about my wife, and angry at her absence, I must have dozed off.

I became aware of a presence near me and woke up with a start. I found Alisha staring at me and I could see her face was flushed.

On seeing me wake up, she turned to go.

“Alisha, any problem?”

With her eyes darting around she said “hmmm… no.. I just came to get some water from the refrigerator”

... Continue»
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Lucky Night - Part 3

Part 3

She kissed its head and slowly swallowed it inside her mouth. I could see her eyes twinkling mischievously at me. She made a suction with her mouth and her tongue lashed my penis. I could feel it swelling and growing. She moved her hands to my thighs and her nails raked my inner thighs. She sucked my penis slowly bringing it back to life. Her magic seemed to work and I felt it starting to throb.

My penis was bathed in her saliva and she drew it deeper into her mouth, working her magic. I made her adjust her position so that her cunt was on my face. My tongue darted out and caress... Continue»
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A Visit With My Mom

All my life I’d grown up in the most loving household any girl could ask.
My parent’s marriage was always something that I admired and hoped to
model in my own life. My mother was especially important when it came to
teaching me ethics and morals, always with careful consideration of our
religious beliefs. Even when it came to sex, she emphasize that while
sex can be fun and fulfilling, there are also lines that are never to be
crossed. She emphasized the importance of safe sex, being respectful of
other people, and taught me the duties of a proper daughter and wife when
... Continue»
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School Sendoff

People always ask me why I have sex with members of my f****y. In a way,
I sort of resent the question as it implies there is some reason why I
should NOT have sex with them but that’s another issue. Well, there is
no simple answer as there is a different reason for each one. I have
explained all of this in lots more detail in other article in my diary so
this is only a short review to help to explain the events of this day.

First let me reiterate that in my view it is NOT adultery for a man to
have sex with a woman other than his wife provided that woman is a member
of h... Continue»
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her's Day Quickie

When I was ten or so, Father’s Day was easy. A silly tie, a hand-made
card, Greatest Dad coffee mug, and everything was taken care of. Now
that I’m twenty- two and a recent college graduate, it’s not so easy.
The past few years I’ve tried to come up with something new and original
but like Christmas presents, it gets harder every year. Of course he
says I don't need to get him anything, that he’s happy just being my dad;
but I see the look in his eyes when I do something special for him and
that makes it all worth it.

Now that I’ve graduated, I’m li... Continue»
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When I sat down to write this, I tried to imagine what people would say
when it was posted. There was a definite temptation to write out some
hot fantasy story and publish it as if it really happened. Honestly, I
have a feeling many of the people who read my diary would probably prefer
such as story.

It was easy to imagine what people would write me later to say what they
liked about it. In such a story, my parents would have driven to my
school for graduation the night before. My dad would have fucked my
brains out in the hotel all night while my mom watched and mastu... Continue»
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I'm Watching Sure...

I typed:
It’s hard to fuck your best friend’s wife, especially when you’ve known both of them for years. It was probably awkward for him because he spends a lot of time with ya’ll and , add to the fact that I know you suck a mean dick, Mike probably would’ve caught feelings and tried to keep you.
It’s easier when you’re not emotionally involved with the couple. Like there was this interracial couple that wanted me to watch them have sex one day.(More liked I inquired about it.) It was my first voyeur experience (definitely didn’t to touch, being married and all) and was really excited. I tho... Continue»
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Swimsuit fantasy sex #1

The title says it all... this is a fantasy and the events are totally made up (except my moms red/blue suit, that's real). Personally I think this is my best story so far.

In high school, I developed a serious fetish for my mothers one piece swimsuits. She had a large collection of them and I masturbated in them secretly at home. But I had never used one for its intended purpose, going swimming. If I was gonna do this it had to be the pool across the street from my high school. This pool is indoors, Olympic sized, and has few amenities. No spas, hot tubs or water slides... its meant f... Continue»
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Adventurous Office Worker Continued

I could not stop thinking about that perfect ass since our lunch in my hotel room. I would try to focus on a task and the thought of my cock sliding into her warm pussy would take over. It was so vivid that I could even feel it. Each morning I woke her body was all I could think of. I would lie there and stroke myself to the thought fucking her again. It was the same at night too.

I had messaged her a couple of times however there was no answer. I wanted to message her more but didn’t want to seem desperate. How many times is too many I wondered. It had been over two weeks and no response. ... Continue»
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Living in Cockington part5

It was a few days now since we had moved to Cockington and I had seen more strangers fucking in that few days than I had seen in my entire life.
That afternoon I was trying to put up some shelves but I soon ran out of screws and decided to head down to the couple of small shops in the village to see if they had any.
I strolled into the first shop, the little convenience store and walked the couple of isles looking for some screws after not finding any I approached the till area to ask the blonde plump woman who worked there.
I immediately stopped in my tracks when I saw her sat back in her... Continue»
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Husband's friend Sergio

One evening I was out walking at a local track and ran into Sergio, one of my husband’s co-workers out jogging. I had been around him on several occasions before and we had always flirted a little bit and even talked on occasion, but nothing serious. After a few laps he stopped jogging and began walking with me. We started talking and it wasn’t long before he began to tell me how he always enjoyed seeing and how I turned him on. Well, after a little small talk he asked if I would go riding with him in his car to go somewhere else to talk, and I agreed. We drove a very short distance and he pul... Continue»
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