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My moms sex slave

I was floating on Cloud 9, in anticipation of marrying the girl of my dreams in less than a week's time. Everything seemed to be going smoothly, so I was curious as to why Sue, my fiancée, wanted to meet up with me after work, and on a Tuesday night, no less. I walked into the bar and found her sitting at a corner table, with a half-finished drink in front of her. I could detect a sense of nervousness and dread when she looked up and acknowledged my presence.

"Hi, Honey, what's wrong?" I asked, as she dropped her eyes and stared at her glass. I got the waiter's attention as I sat down acros... Continue»
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What moms go through for their boys. Part 2

The next day it was Saturday. The boys were at home and John was already up getting ready for a day at the golf course. Jackie woke up to sounds of water splashing in the pool. She yawned, streched, and glanced over her right shoulder to see John findling with the golf clubs. "Oh great you're awake, where's my nine iron honey?" He asked his wife. Jackie responded "How could I be asl**p with all the noise going on, I don't know, did you check in the basement?" John raced downstairs to look for the rest of his golf clubs. Jackie got up, walked over to the window and saw her boys jumping in and... Continue»
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Cougar on the Prowl

This is a sequel to my "Hot Encounter with a Sexy Cougar" story. This is about one of the more memorable hook ups with my sexy fuck buddy. This is written in the third person and I am Tony.
Pam checked the clock and let out a frustrated sigh that it was only 2 PM. It had been one hell of a week and she was ready for this Friday afternoon at work to pass and the weekend to begin. She had been horny as hell all day and it was only getting worse. She squirmed in her chair again and the friction felt good to her tingling crotch. Pam felt her nipples stiffen, straining against her bra, and hoped ... Continue»
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Home from work

...as soon as I'm through the door I see you, patiently waiting on your knees, wrapped in just one of my shirts...

Our eyes meet right away and you let the shirt fall to the floor... offering everything to me...

"use me" you say softly...

This makes my dick spring into action... I want to use you so bad, Im wrestling with my belt and buttons... whilst keeping firm eye contact with you...

You hear my fly pop open and your eyes move down just in time to see my cock burst out of my jeans in front of you... it's so hard... throbbing and twitching.. desperate for your touch...

I sl... Continue»
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I like my job

I was working for a maintenance company that specialized in Air Conditioning. The boss sent my to a clients house w/ these words, "she's one of my best clients, she owns half this town, be very nice to her, whatever the problem is-fix it. A lady in her mid sixties w/ short grey hair answered the door. She was wearing an expensive sweat suit. The whole house "reeked" of money. You could tell that in her younger days she must have been a looker, she wasn't that bad now. A little heavy, a few wrinkles, but not bad.
I determined the problem was in the attic. She showed me the staircase leading ... Continue»
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Goes out without panties

Moe is a very slutty fuckdoll. She often forgets to wear her panties and sits with her legs open showing off her open vagina and hoping that someone is going to fuck her. Very often, someone does.

When she goes out walking, she wears a small skirt, which can be blown up by the wind so men can see that she is wearing nothing underneath. When she is passing a group of men, she likes to show them all how slutty she is. She is frequently dragged into the bushes by these men and gang ****d repeate... Continue»
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Wife dose what ever it takes to keep hubby safe

My wife, Eliza, is 18 years younger than I am and was 22 years old at the time. She is a slim Asian lady, good looking and a good wife. I had been married before and often "swung" during my first marriage. Eliza was shy but to please me, despite going red faced at first, would flash her pussy at me while driving in the car to truckers driving past us. This gave me a thrill and also eventually a thrill to Eliza.

Then I introduced another male (A friend of mine named Frank) into our relationship. Eliza just flashed him at first, but after a while went further. It was a dominant male I kne... Continue»
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chubby virgin

As I was attending an appointment at the Doctors a nurse came to me and asked me if I’d chaperone another patient who was scared of needles, I said I would and followed her into another room. There sat a youngish man, scared to death, the nurse introduced us and as we started talking she took his bl**d and it was over and done before he realised it.

When she’d finished he thanked me and asked if I’d like a coffee back at his flat, I agreed. We walked a couple of streets away and up some stairs arriving at his one bedroomed apartment. He motioned for me to sit down as he prepared a couple of... Continue»
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Been a while

So it has been a while since I went looking for a new fuck buddy, years in fact... but felt the urge so started to look. Well with a cheeky grim and happy face it did not take me long to meet a nice slim 48 year old woman... boy she was fit as well. We met in a cafe to see if we hit it off, I guess we did because while neither of us could do more than have a coffee when I walked her to her car we kissed... she rubbed my semi hard cock through my trousers and said she would like to feel that inside of her... I was not going to say no so we arranged a meet the following Saturday at my place.

... Continue»
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Club Church Chapter 2

I went down the stairs to the bar and had another beer. What a great place this turned out to be and I had only been here about an hour.

As I was sitting on the bar stool, I watched as guys went behind this large dark curtain at the end of the room. Some of the guys were at floor level and others went up a short set of steps. My curiosity was piqued and my balls and crotch tingled with excitement.

I watched for a while as I finished my beer. Finally, I decided to look behind "Curtain Number 1" to find out what was going on. I decided to stay on the main level to find out what was the big... Continue»
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Mature Mom Starts a New Life ( Part 3 )

My third day in Jamaica I woke up around noon Very Sore and with a Hangover! I managed to behave myself the whole day just took it easy to let my body recover from all the pounding it's taken! I managed to get to bed alone and early! On day four I actually made it up for breakfast I decided to get off the resort go into town too see what's there. I managed to get a taxi that took me into town I walked around checking out the shops after a while I decided to go for lunch in this little bar, I sat alone the bartender brought me a beer it wasn't very busy we talked for a while his name was Trevor... Continue»
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Club Church Chapter 1

As a sales engineer I travel around the world meeting with various companies that need my products. My favorite destination is always Amsterdam. Whatever you want or want to do you can do it in Amsterdam.

I am a 40 year old single bi male and like all guys I have needs – more than just my hand. I arrived in Amsterdam and checked into my hotel around 7:00 on a Wednesday evening. I dumped my bag in my rooms, hopped in the shower and redressed to go out for a meal and some fun. I went to the lobby and looked a several brochures as well as the tourist books with the normal things in the front a... Continue»
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Another Sunday Morning

It’s early Sunday morning. It’s still dark outside and our radio hasn’t even come on yet. I’ve been sl**ping on my side with my back to my wife, but now she’s snuggled up tight behind me, so we’re like a pair of spoons. She reaches around me and begins to stroke my cock. She whispers into my ear: “Wake up and fuck me.” She’s often horniest in the mornings, especially on Sundays before we go to church.

Still half asl**p, I turn onto my back, grab the back of her head and push it down into my crotch. Her mouth goes right to my dick. She loves, and I mean loves, to suck cock. I keep my hands o... Continue»
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Showing off at the cinema

Story by Peter Rodman

In the olden days -- back in the 1980s, before videos
killed the adult theaters -- movie theaters that
screened smut could be randy places, as my wife Sally
and I discovered once.

My wife had brown hair, a medium build that was neither
thin nor chubby. She had straight brown hair and large
brown eyes.

Perhaps more to the point of my story, she had nicely-
proportioned breasts with pink nipples. One aureole was
slightly larger than the other. The large pink ovals
made her tits very appealing. I always thought they
were utterly wonderful. The id... Continue»
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HK visits London (Continuing Story)

Over dinner, my girlfriend stated that the hosts of the HK beach house party in HK were going to visit London on the way through to the US and wanted to catch up. The hostess apparently had been in touch via my mates girlfriend and the stopover was arranged for next weekend.
We prepared for the visit to my somewhat smaller abode with her cleaning and tidying up while I restocked the beer wine and fridge. I arranged to collect them from the airport and on arrival the woman planted a heavy kiss on my lips while her husband asked how the girlfriend was. No great drama on the way home, however, s... Continue»
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Friends Wife Andrea. chapter 1

I had been friends with Gareth for about 4 years, he was a builder and I was a painter so we shared work and became good friends over time. He was married to Andrea, a bbw with long dark hair and a pretty face, I had always liked a big girl.
I did a lot of painting in their house and was often alone with Andrea and over time we chatted loads and became friends also.
Gareth was unhappy in his marriage and although they put up with each other because they had 2 young c***dren, their marriage had become unhappy with both of them doing their own things.
Gareth used to go out drinking with his ... Continue»
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My X-Factor audition with Cheryl Cole

Okay, so this fantasy isn't about going on X-Factor.

Similar show, but I want Cheryl to switch and be a judge on Britain's Got Talent.

I've jerked to her so much over the years, so many cocked and cummed pics, and vids too, over pics like these:

[imagehttp://11.imagebam.com/download/Tmrz6UvB30ysuNj1h0Z64w/9027/90268466/cheryl6ixu8i.jpg][/image][image]http://32.imagebam.com/dow... Continue»
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Marinate with cum.. I mean love ;)

You see, I am a cum slut. I love to take cum all over my face. The more cum I can get the better. The place I usually go is a local adult movie theater with stalls in the bathroom. What are nice about these stalls are the glory holes. I love to suck cock through glory holes. There is something about sucking a cock from a total stranger that you can't even see. I have sucked a bunch that way, but I am beginning to want something more. I want a cum bath, a bukkake session. I want to be in a room with 10, 20 or even 50 guys with the sole purpose of having them all jack off onto my face. What foll... Continue»
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fantasy scene

for the record, the characters are loosely based on 2 friends of mine who (sadly) would probably never fuck given their preferences, but this is my fantasy damnit and in my mind it would be super hot if they did, so here they go. this is fiction, and some of the events and general style is loosely based on some personal experience laced with some stuff i just thought facilitated the story. the action gets going about 2 "word" format pages in, but i felt it needed some backstory and foreplay. no more explanation for you, story good times sex, enjoy fuck now! lol.

She sat on the porch, ir... Continue»
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Magnificently Lusftul Seven Ch. 1

Rathgar groaned in pleasure, his muscular arms wrapping around Shakara’s toned body. Both of them warriors, Rathgar’s and Shakara’s muscles rippled and flexed as their bodies slammed together over and over again.

Shakara faced the wall of the tiny cottage, her hands pressed firmly against it as Rathgar penetrated her from behind. Her long, blonde hair, usually tied into a tight braid to signify her female warrior status, hung wild and disheveled in front of her beautiful, twisted face. Armor hung from her body, Rathgar had not had the patience to remove it fully. Her breastplate cl... Continue»
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