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Make me Love DICK

It's crazy how I enjoy talking to guys that think woman only belong with men and how....let me explain better.

I was on my way to the gym. I take the bus I like to look at how i'm dressed for the gym make guys stare at me. I dress kind of sexy for the gym. Very tight work out pants and a top that is slightly too small but its perfect for me. I wear heals not sneakers until I get to the gym. I know what i'm doing to the guys. I enjoy getting a rise out of them. Let them fantasize about my body. Maybe it will help them have a great day. Or when they get home give their woman a good fu... Continue»
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After hubby and I had had our first MMF I felt the desire to do it again although this time without my husband. I know how he works and what he does and how good he does it, I wanted to experience someone else doing it. We talked about it and he agreed it was Ok as he’d done something similar with his best mate not too long ago.

Ten days after we’d spoke my mum asked me if I’d go down to her house and wait for some furniture that was being delivered, she couldn’t get time off work. Hubby said this could be my opportunity if I wanted it, I agreed it could. Wednesday morning I was sat in mum’... Continue»
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Wife fucks my b*****r and his friends

So as my wife and I were driving home from the park I asked her if she would mind going over to my b*****rs house. She said no, we haven't seen him for a while. So as we were driving over to see my b*****r I asked her if she would like for me and my b*****r to take turns fucking her. To my surprise she said yes. So we went over and he had just got off work and was taking a nap. We let ourselves in and saw him asl**p in bed. i told her to take her clothes off and get into bed with him, She smiled and got naked and slid in bed with him. She began to play with his cock and it got hard as a rock a... Continue»
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Pay Back part2

Pay Back, part 2
She made the call for someone to take care of my needs while she was out of commission. Then she told me grab a shower and head to the bedroom she would send her in when she got here. I was excited Susan was no 10 in the eyes of society in general but she turned me on for some reason. It was going to be weird with her being Sugar’s best friend though. I started hoping it not mess up their friendship or Sugar and I’s relationship. I wondered if I made a mistake. Maybe I should call this off before it happens and there is no going back? Fuck…. What do I do now? Were things rol... Continue»
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True stories (as best I can remember) copyright 2015 (c) Fred Lake
I'm in my early 60s, and these events were from my high school and college years, more than 40 years ago, before I married Tiffany and she (two years later) asked me if I'd want to try what was then called wife swapping. Technically, I became a swinger only then, when we entered the lifestyle as married couple 35 years ago. That doesn't mean I didn't have some proto-swinging experiences.
As I previously said, I went to a faith-based high school, which gave me a great education in mo... Continue»
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New Neighborhood New Lifestyle: Part 1

Jack and Sarah are in their mid 30s and have been married for 4 years. Sarah is a cute brunette with long hair, shes 5'8" with a gorgeous curvy frame, plump tits and ass. Jack an average sized 5'9" white guy. They're moving in a couple months from a predominantly white upper-class town in rural Indiana to Detriot for Jacks new job and Sarah being really picky is taking care of finding their new home. They've always had an ok sex life, nothing really exciting just a quick blowjob to missionary, maybe doggy to Jack ending in a condom or pulling out and finishing on her stomach. Sarah didn't like... Continue»
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The New Neighbours.

Last week I got new neighbours, Dave and Jess, they seem to be a fairly nice couple, Dave was an older guy with a beard and glasses, and Jess was a tall thin woman with long red hair and pale skin.
The next day I was out in my back garden, the sun was shinning and I was relaxing with a drink when I heard them step out of the house, after a few minutes I could hear them chatting and laughing and feeling curious I wandered over to the high fence to say hello.
However i didn't get that far because as i peered through a crack i could see into their garden and to my amazement both of them were co... Continue»
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Friends: Choosing A Groomsman

Chandler paced back and forth in the kitchen. He was fretting over Rachel's choice of Ross to be her groomsman in Phoebe's wedding that day. It was a last minute decision, and Chandler was trying to figure out how to get Rachel to change her mind. He stopped in mid-step, as she walked in.

"Hi," Rachel said, nonchalantly. She was wearing her green floral bathrobe and little socks, obviously in the middle of getting ready for the evening ceremony.

"Hey, can I talk to you about this groomsman thing?" Chandler asked. She paused to listen. "If you pick Ross, he'll walk you down the aisle just... Continue»
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Escaping the Friend Zone

Like a lot of guys, I've ended up on the wrong side of the tracks in the dreaded friend zone on numerous occasions. You want to bang a chick, you're being nice to her and then BOOM, "I just want to be friends"! Over the years it has happened to me with various girls, but I never had the courage to make the final move and hook up with any of them. But on one lucky night, I managed to do the unimaginable... and escape the friend zone.

I had met Sarah about 12 months ago in a bar, through a friend of a friend. The moment I set eyes on her I could feel my cock tingling with excitement. She had ... Continue»
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Another Letter to My Friend Keith (About My Neighb

Hi Keith. To make a long story short I'm pretty sure that I'm sexually addicted to my neighbor. It all started when I ran into him where he works. He started small talk with me and then invited me back into his office. Actually, he told me to pretend that I was leaving and that he would sneak me in around back and that we would have sex in his office, on his desk, until right before his relief arrived. I probably would not have done it but he said that he was a white man in need of some hot chocolate to lick. I don't know, I just got caught up. I don't really know what happened or how it happe... Continue»
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s****r Swap Was Proved To Be A Much More Fun Than

This is Rehan today m going to narrate a story about how I manage to fuck my friend’s s****r and how my s****r was fucked by him. First of all me 18 years old medium built fair complexion then my s****r Shipra Malik 21 year old DU student slim built but bulging boobs and ass. My friend Saksham and her s****r Priyanka they both were like me and my s****r with darker complexion but still I love his s****r we all live in same area of Delhi.

Then began like this; one day me and Saksham studying together during exams. While talki
... Continue»
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Saturday Morning Alone

I didn't think I was naive. Or petulant. That's what my boyfriend called me. Just the sort of accusation that makes a person petulant.

I woke alone in his bed. I thought he might be making breakfast, our Saturday morning ritual. The apartment, though, was too quiet. Then I remembered him telling me, the evening before, he had a few hours work to do at his office. After lunch, he'd promised, the weekend was for us.

Perhaps the sound of the door closing behind him had woke me. The clock read a bit past twenty minutes after eight, an hour past my weekday wake up time. My ***** would have b... Continue»
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Rebecca in trouble (part 7)

David was worried about Rebecca. She had left Tuesday for Brazil and he had not heard from her since. It was now Thursday, so he decided to fly down to Brazil and see if he could find her before their parents found out on Saturday.
David was one year older than Rebecca. He was over six feet tall and was in great physical shape, keeping his lean body completely hairless as this was the latest craze in his school. There was little body hair to remove to begin with, and his youthful face was naturally smooth. He belonged to the high school football team as the starting quarterback. He was very p... Continue»
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Our First Date

This is a story I wrote for a girl I met on Tinder, we had been chatting but live a few hours apart. She asked me to tell her how a first date would go between us, enjoy:

We make plans to grab drinks at a favorite bar of yours and meet up at 7pm. I'm wearing jeans and a button down shirt, you have an adorable sun dress on with heels. We sit at a small corner table, you sit next to me. If we were in a booth that would be weird but it's fine where we're sitting. You order a glass of Cabernet, I think it that sounds great also so we decide to just get a bottle. The conversation is good, ... Continue»
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Fucking Sluts all Day Part 2

My story continues, after leaving Shannon I got into my car drove home, I live in an apartment building on the 12th floor as I walked off the elevator down the hall I put the key into my lock the door across from me opened it was my neighbor Donna standing there in a pair of short shots and Bikini Top. Donna's husband was a truck driver that was on the road more than he was home, being the good neighbor that I was I started going over to take care of her needs! I took one look at her and knew what she wanted. I locked my door turned to enter her apartment one inside Donna jumped me put her arm... Continue»
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Bondaged and fucked at a hospital: Pt 3

It's my third day at the hospital and I learned something new today. The pills they had been giving me to "ease the pain", were mixed with other ones and I hadn't known about it until this morning. These other pills had secret side effects which were only used for "different" medical needs and they seemed to slur my speech making it hard to understand what I was saying. At first I thought that it was for a short period of time but I after an hour of attempting to speak it only seemed to get worse. 

Another nurse walked in who wasn't Lisa and I wanted to ask her about my condition, but as I ... Continue»
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Julie's mischievous desires - The End

Julie’s mischievous desires – The End

--------- Chapter 19

Linda wore nylons and a garter belt under her mid-thigh length skirt, her cunt was naked and exposed. She laughed as she d****d her legs over her Mark’s shoulders and pulled his face tighter to her pussy. She was glad Rick hadn’t fussed when Julie threw herself at him…it could have gone so badly…she knew from experience.

Mark had told her what they had planned for their father once they got in the kitchen…they had been watching from the doorway as Julie first sat in her father’s lap and then on th... Continue»
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Pay Back

Pay Back
Sugar and I have an agreement that if want to fuck someone bad then we try make it happen. Susan and she were out together few months back and I get a call from Sugar. Susan’s boy toy is out with them and Sugar sounded excited. I heard the noise die off some as she sneaked off to the bathroom to talk to me. She was being a bit weird like wanted tell me or ask me something but wasn’t sure how or if should. I told her just be honest with me and everything be ok. “what’s going on?” she was still bit hesitant but I told her trust that I love her and everything will be ok. We have a rule... Continue»
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Grandma was Confused

Hi, I'm Jacob from a lower middle class f****y with two working parents. My mom's a department store clerk and my father is a baker. We live in an old three-bedroom home in a mid-sized Midwestern city. I have one older b*****r named Jarrod who's in the Army.

I'm a freshman in High School who recently turned 14. In looks I'm pretty average, I stand a shade under 5'7" and have brown hair, brown eyes and no really distinguishing features. Through no fault of my own, I was until very recently a virgin. Part of problem was that until this year I went to all boys schools; both in elementary and ... Continue»
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Fucking Sluts all Day!

My story starts early in the morning at work, I work as a physical trainer in a gym I'm a black guy 23 years old, I'm 5.10 about 185 lbs, love working out so the gym is a perfect job for me. I had an early appointment with a new client who's name was Susan, she was 52 about 5.8 tall long blond hair, with a nice pair of C cup tits. We went in an office so I could conduct a consultation, she was wearing a tight pair of Black Yoga Pants with a white Tank Top she was one HOT Mature woman! I asked her to step on the scale she moved over started removing her clothes, I told her she didn't have to do... Continue»
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