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And so it begins

My wife and I had been married about 6 months when I found out she wasn't the sweet little thing that I thought. We went to a friend of mine's New Years party. I was surprised at how she was dressed; a mini skirt slit up to her butt and a slinky tank that showed there was no bra underneath.. Hell, I didn't even know she owned cloths like that. When we got to the party I headed to the kitchen to get us drinks. When I got back I found her sitting on the couch next to some guy who had his hand under her skirt while she was rubbing what was a very large cock through his jeans. She told me I ... Continue»
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Gangbanged at Party

Gangbanged at Party

This is a story my wife told me when I got home from a trip.

About a month ago my husband Dave went off on a business trip and I was sitting around the house all alone. My friend Becky called me up and said that one of her friends was having a party and did I want to go with her. We got there and there were SEVERAL guys and a FEW women and I have to admit I was getting off on the attention I was getting but figured it was all innocent flirting. After a while Becky and some of guys was heading off to take a break from the party and she asked if I minded if they ... Continue»
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Anal desires

I've written of my ex wifes behavior only once but people want more details...Ok these aren't the easiest things to put out there but lets go straight for the meat and potatoes. She was actively involved with a patient of hers beyond his recovery period. She was an RN and my previous story explains how she got started with him. He was young and his size and energy kept her constant interest in the sex they were having. As seemingly all men do we have a desire for what is the dominant sexual act.....Ass fucking. She always claimed he had the most amazing BWC ever. Intimidating, yes but I'd alre... Continue»
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REAL Asian Massage Parlor Stories #1

Man do I have many to share with you.I have to start somewhere but I am 55 yrs old and have been going to Asian massage parlors since my older b*****r stared taking me when I was 13 for my 8th grade graduation present. But I still cant get enough of them!.I seek out the full service places,who care about hand jobs,that's for pussies and I can jerk myself off if I want..Now that I'm a bit older I have a routine and a local place about 20mins away I go to. I usually take half a Viagra so I get my money's worth and take a few hits on the vaporizer to make it interesting. Its always exciting and ... Continue»
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Lucy the swimming instructor

I had finaly decided it was time to get rid of the belly and be a bit more fitter in genral.Our local pool offers a discount for local residents which makes swimming a lot cheaper.Beause of my shifts I tend to do more night shifts so have more daytime to myself.
I've always enjoyed swimming so started going to the pool around lunch time. One of the lifeguards there doubles up as a swim instructor of rmy daughters class after school. He rname is Lucy she has a youn c***d I would describe her as about 5ft 7 tall nice curvey things and a sweet tight little ass on her and small boobs.
During one... Continue»
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Chat with a girl from belarus.

Connected to somebody.

Location: Belarus

Languages: English, german

: hi
: beautiful photo
: thx, you also
: where was it made?
: thx
: uhh
: northshore germany
: nice sixpack :-)
: thank you:) you have nice body too
: look like a model
: :-)
: are you?
: no...
: you seem to be high
: whats your height?
: 175cm
: wow great!
: love it
: long handsome legs
: long legs XD
: thx
: im 178cm
: ohh also tall!
: cool
: yeah
: will be a good pair on tht beach lol
: lol :-)
: how old you are?
: 35
: you?
: 28 :-)
: older
: good ;-)
: you are cute
: you are ... Continue»
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The Woman who f***ed Me to Ejaculate Inside of Her

I may have recounted the story of the BBW who f***ed me to cum inside her as a comment on another story. But I was re-reading my diary from 1997 when I had this experience and I can now add details which are now refreshed after having read my entry from Sunday, February 8, 1997. I was a sophomore in college at the time.

To be sure, I've had some awesome pussies that I've had to be careful with in regards to not cumming when it came to thin females too. But I still think that there's something different and magical about the BBW's vagina.

I had met this BBW, Christine, and we got sexual... Continue»
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Favour for a Friend

"So, you see, I need some help with it, and I trust you. Say something?" Natalie asked, dropping the eye contact she'd managed, blushingly, to maintain to look into her mug.

I paused, thinking. Natalie's request was, needless to say, unexpected and a little unconventional: and I wasn't sure how I was going to respond.

Natalie and I had met almost exactly a decade earlier, when we started at the same university. A group of mutual friends had seen us spend a lot of time over the next four years together, and we were pretty close. It'd never come to anything more—not for any defined reason,... Continue»
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First For The Ages

I had been dating Rebecca for a few months and was really beginning to fall for her. She was smart, funny, beautiful, everything I wanted in a woman. She was tall and a little heavier than most but had all the right curves. Her chest was full and her ass and legs were firm from being athletic most her life. In my eye she was perfect. She was pure, innocent. She had chosen to wait on sex until she met the right person. I only hoped that that person would be me. Then one magical night I was lucky enough to be her first. That night would start a chain of events in my and her life that no one else... Continue»
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Marc Learns About Real Sex

So that is why and how I have become an exhibitionist, voyeur, bisexual old man, who likes his partners young and naïve.

So, like the title says, way back at the top of these long stories, I learned a lot from my son, Marc, and his friends Dan, Pat and Kevin.

After all, I had experienced, sex with three and sometimes more people, cocks and pussy and likely more stuff that in d***ken stupors I have forgotten, you would think I and my wonderful wife would have learned enough to be 'on-top-of' any situation our son would encounter and, directly or indirectly ask for our help or advice.

... Continue»
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Virgin's First Part 1

I have never told anyone about that hot August weekend so unless Mary told someone no one knows. I have definitely made it a point to never tell my wife because she believes she and I were each other's 'firsts' in all sexual ways.

Torrie and I had been dating for 8 months when I got restless in our relationship and started talking to Mary. Mary was a cute petite redhead I went to school with. After several weeks of regular telephone calls Mary suggested we go see the movie "Romeo and Juliet" Saturday evening. This was in the day when drive-in theaters were in every town. "Romeo and Juliet" ... Continue»
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Virgin's First Part 2

When I awoke Sunday morning I lay in bed thinking about the previous evening. I had had my first lesson in both French kissing and nipple stimulation. I experienced touching and tasting a wet pussy for the first time and I received my first (and second) blowjobs. I even received the promise of Mary popping my cherry if I had a condom when we went out that evening.

Just thinking about these new experiences caused me to have an erection. Knowing jacking off would not compare to a blowjob I decided to dress and make the most of the day. After eating breakfast with my parents I went out, washed... Continue»
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Beautiful Fuck

It was a warm Monday afternoon in late May, and everybody was anxious for the coming summer. As I stepped onto the school bus, I saw her. Her name was Lindsay and we had been friends for the past few years. We had always flirted, but nothing had ever happened. She was about five and half feet tall with dark brown hair and an amazing figure. Lindsay wasn't drop-dead gorgeous with her whiter than normal skin, but her spicy, promiscuous attitude and sense of style was enough to drive a lot of boys crazy, me included.

She gave me a smile as I sat down next to her.

"How was your day?" she as... Continue»
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Cherry Is Given

"I'm ready for you. I want to feel your cock inside me. I can't imagine giving this to anyone else."

Kayla trusted me. She knew I wasn't simply looking for a lay or a simple trophy notch. I had spent countless hours with the young woman. I had let her know that I had a true interest in her as a person and she opened up to me. The only move I made to her was to kiss her the first time.

After that, I let her lead the way to what she was comfortable with. My concern with her was the age difference. Not that the twelve years difference bothered me, but her being an attractive twenty year o... Continue»
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The Whore

“Down on your knees your dirty slut”
I ram it down her throat. She’s an experienced whore and immediately breathes through her nose and takes my full 8 inches down to the hilt. But there’s a look of panic in her eyes when I pinch her nose shut and the air is cut off. She starts to pull back, to free her throat of the blockage. But I’ve paid good money for this session and I’m determined to get value for my money and I grab the back of her neck and hold her there. Her face begins to redden and she’s now choking. Her gag reflex – almost trained out of her from decades of oral and deep throat ... Continue»
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A visit to the headmaster

This was written by my wife and she assures me it is based - loosely on a genuine experience she had with the headmaster at her school when she was only 16.

“Come in”
“Ah … hello, headmaster, Miss Price told me to come and see you.”
“Yes, I know. Come in Monica and sit down. You’re in trouble again aren’t you? What was it this time?”
“Ah … well, I don’t really .. I mean ….”
“Perhaps if you have forgotten I can remind you, as Miss Price has already informed me. She caught you performing fellatio on Rob, the grounds man, didn’t she, Monica?”
“I’m not sure sir”
“Not sure? P... Continue»
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Blowjob Mania

Eddie didn't usually pay much attention to the supermarket tabloids; you know--the ones that claim that Elvis is still alive and living on Mars with a f****y of space aliens. Yet today's headline was enough to catch the eye of any red-bl**ded American male: countless women throughout the city of Atlanta were stopping men on the street and offering to give them blowjobs right then and there.

A few days later, the local newspaper reported the same thing. For one week in September, women throughout Atlanta had been offering blowjobs to men on the street. The article dismissed it as some sort ... Continue»
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That girl from the party part one

One night I was dragged to a party in an area I had never been. My friend Moe told me it would be fun but almost immediately left me when we got there. I had on a pair of black slacks and a button down on my 6 foot frame. The music was loud and everyone seem to be having a good time. There were many good looking people around. From a hot red head in tight jeans to a short blonde in a small dress. I walked to the drinks and got a beer. I started drinking until I noticed this one girl checking me out. She was a bit thick with dark hair. She had a very nice body and long nails. She was wearing a ... Continue»
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Friends Hot Wife Burrowed. 2

You really need to read Part 1 to appreciate how this story unfolds. But in summary, devastated by the sudden death of his wife, Martin's life unravels. His best friend John sends his wife Deborah around with dinner and willing hands to bring some relief to Martin. While Deborah feels guilty for masturbating Martin, the revelation is a huge turn-on for John and their sex life is rejuvenated. But John now wants to push his wife's relationship with Martin to a new level…

Chapter 4

When John walked in the door at 5.30, Deborah still hadn't reached a decision and she told him so immediately... Continue»
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A New Experience (edited)

When the knocking finally came I jumped in my nervousness. I walked over to the door, slowly as if to hide my nerves from someone watching, knowing he was still on the other side. I trembled slightly, trying to calm myself as I grabbed the door handle, twisted, and opened. I immediately asked the man in and quickly shut the door behind him being sure to secure the deadbolt to insure that no one would catch me in the depraved acts that would soon be taking place.

“How are you doing?” He asked matter-of-factly.

“ I'm okay, thank you,” I said without thought. “How are you?”

“I'm excited,... Continue»
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