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My slut mother

My name is john and this is my story of my mother and her slutty ways.

My mother and father broke up when i was 18 which led to me living with my mother,she drank a hell of a lot going to pubs and clubs in Dublin where she wanted to be young again and have a good time.A brief description of my mother shes a lil chubby but she is the spitting image of Sarah Beattie(check her out on here).

While she would go out to town I would sit at home and go through her washing basket where I found a sexy red thong.I picked them up for closer look and the smell was the first thing that got me was the ... Continue»
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My slut mother part 3

After my mother watched me and daddy fuck in the shower she decided to join us.”Ill show you how to take that big cock john like a proper slut” she then bent over and spread her cheeks showing me and daddy her hairy lil shithole I felt like spunking their and then.The tip of his massive bellend went inside her and she let out a big moan then he went in all the way.”oh fuck Stephen pound my lil shitter you dirty cunt” when she said this Daddy let rip and start pounding her hard and fast,
”You want my spunk John you dirty fuck”
“Yes please daddy let me taste it I need it bad”
He pushed my hea... Continue»
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My slut mother part 2

After watching Stephen fuck my mother I was so fucking horny luckily I had the knickers that Stephen spunked in earlier so I grabbed my cock and start rubbing it where his juicey bellend spunked and my mothers filthy cunt was I shot so much spunk over them which made it more fun to lick them clean every inch of them.

Weeks later Stephen and my mother decided to bring me on holiday with them to Crete of course as an 18 year old I would rather be with my mates then with my mother and her fat cocked boyfriend.We checked in to the hotel which was right beside the beach and went to our room we g... Continue»
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Bible Thumper (part3) Taste me

as I continued to come,I had to sit back on Jason's legs quickly, to keep from collapsing due to the violent spasms of my legs.I thought to myself (what the fuck is this why B*tches moan and scream when we fuck?)i took this time to look at all the come Between Jason and I... I started to feel guilty ...almost a level of disgust ... and a overwhelming collection of feelings of pure ENJOYMENT,CONFUSION,RECKLESSNESS,REGRET and SATISFACTION.How did i end up with This beautiful, smooth ,chocolate, Thick ,Muscular dudes DICK... Deep inside of me..BAREBACK... pumping away like he was trying to create... Continue»
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New Year's shared with another couple

My wife and I had big plans for New Year’s Eve. I had my tux on when I heard her in the bedroom. By the time I got back there, it was obvious she was going nowhere that night. Seems the flu that had been going around had caught up with her. I helped her into bed, cleaned up the mess and went out to watch some football and channel surf.

Around 10:30 she told me I should still go out and enjoy myself. It was not my fault she was sick and she knew I would be grumpy if I spent the whole evening by myself. So I headed out t... Continue»
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Alpha Male, Mr. Michaels Part 1

"What's done is done", he said pulling his cock out of her cum filled cunt.

She looked down in horror as the cum dripped from her snatch. "I'm not on the pill", she whimpered.

He took his semi hard cock and slid it in her again. "And you like the way it feels, don't you... my cock in your pussy, filling it with cum". She loved feeling his cock again. She had never been fucked by someone so skilled. She enjoyed every minute of the last hour.

He pulled it out again. He took her panties and slid them on her legs. "Put these on so you have something to remember this by.

She stood u... Continue»
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The Belt

I was playing around, maybe too much in those times. So, one morning I was waking up after this party with heavy drinking and lots of people crowded in a smoky place and there was just me and mister N, a friend. He was the kind of rich bad boy, lots of money in his pocket and a punk philosophy in his head. I liked the guy a lot, especially for his “I don’t care” all time attitude. By that time we were fuck buddies. So I wake up and I see him still sl**ping next to me in the bed. With the biggest headache in the world, I burry my head back in the pillow. It’s like an untold rule, you know, that... Continue»
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One night at Temptation will change you ;)

"Dude I am so stoked to see some tits tonight!" your friend Craig states as he, you and your other friend Michael get out of the taxi.
"I hear you on that one b*o!" you grin and look up and down the Vegas Strip.
"I can't believe we are finally here too! I plan on going to every strip joint here!" Michael chimes in.
"Did I hear you fellas right? You are looking for some entertainment tonight?"
you hear a deep southern drawl and turn around to see an older man, roughly 50 or 60, standing behind you dressed in a long black coat and top hat. He smiles and shows some gold teeth.
... Continue»
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Cocksucking Caz and Her First Interracial Gangbang

I was out with cocksucking Caz in a bar, hopefully getting her wasted enough for her to let me fuck her in my car while people watched from outside. For what felt like forever I had dreamed of finally getting to fuck the girl widely known as cocksucking Caz. She always flirted with me but was always just agonizingly out of reach. She was the sort who enjoyed attention from guys, but as soon as a guy thought he was getting somewhere with her, she would back off.

She was the epitome of a cocktease... Continue»
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Paul's, not so lonely day off

My name is Paul, I'm in my late thirties, and I live alone with my dog Riley on the country side where there weren't a whole lot of people around at all times. Saturday is my only day off of work and since all the other days of the week I would come home tired that would be the only day that I often played with my dog Riley. Riley is a well trained golden retriever and my he has been the only one that keeps me company ever since my last relationship about a year ago.

I was home alone, just me and my dog on a typical saturday afternoon watching tv, when I suddenly turned it off. I got up fro... Continue»
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Just Starting Out

I have had a number of people ask me how long my husband and I have been into swinging and how we met. This is the true story of how it all happened. Well, we have been into swinging from the beginning of our relationship. We were both into it before we met though really... I started out doing threesomes with a couple and they introduced me to other couples and so on. I would also have fun letting different guys fuck me, usually two at the same time during that time period.

Now I touched on the fact that I made some amateur videos briefly in my profile here but for all of you to kn... Continue»
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Nude Beach for Christmas

Nude Beach for Christmas

Sean really surprised me for Christmas this year. We had made plans to take our son Ian with us to visit my mom and Sean’s dad who are now married. I thought we were spending a week with them before returning home.

However, that’s not what happened. Unbeknownst to me, Sean had made other plans as a surprise and our parents were in on it with him. After all of the gifts had been opened on Christmas day with my f****y, Sean handed me a large envelope to open.

I was apprehensive at first as the rest of my f****y knows nothing about our wilder ways and knowing S... Continue»
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The older woman

This is a fantasy, the woman is real though.
Her name was Pandora, a beautiful 46 year old lady I met online, a real life MILF. We were drawn to one another as we had a love of video games, particularly Half Life! She has a beautiful curvy yet firm body, 34” waist, 38” hips and perky, soft 38B breasts which beg to be touched.
After chatting for a while things started to turn a little sexual and a few naughty messages later I got the impression she liked me. A few days later she messaged me..... It read ‘I want you, come over, here is my address’. I was a little speechless but looking down at... Continue»
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an unusual proposition 2

Thank you for the requests of a part two to my original story based upon a daydream etc. so i guess i have to rely on my literary genius he laughs and see if part two matches up to expectations of the masses lol''';;;;dededededaaah went the music as we cast our memories back to the scene as we left if it part one...

"THANKS MARK" they said...

I was thoroughly glowing and wow just could really believe that happened to me I mean I had to pinch myself.

Guys im gonna take a swim to refresh and "clean up so to speak". The tide had risen and it had a chance to be warmed by the sun and as ... Continue»
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Toy's dirty little surprise

Toy's dirty little surprise

Recently chatting with a man we had a MFM with, Toy remarked how much she had liked his last visit and what a nice person he was. That’s when I got the idea to really surprise her so I asked Dave if he'd like to help me.

After telling Dave my idea I had no problem convincing him. I told him to come in the back door real quite so she doesn't know he's there and I'd have her setting in a chair in the play room. He agreed and it was all set.
We like to play on sat nights so I had her dress in her sexy slave outfit. it's a pair of fuck me pumps and crotch les... Continue»
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The Swing Series 8

My wife, Sue, and I had been very busy with work
and some of the many other, non-sex related, activ-
ities going on in our lives. It had been almost two
weeks since Sue's birthday and our evening with the
guy from the Country-&-Western bar. Sue was STILL
thanking me for that night; she had really enjoyed

I had been spending much of my time at home doing
work on the computer, catching up on what I couldn't
get done at the office. Sue had been catching up on
many little home projects that she had been trying to
complete. She was painting two of the bedrooms and
t... Continue»
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The Swing Series 9

I had been away on business for almost three weeks.
Sue and I hated to be separated for so long, but I was
working on a new account that meant a lot of money
to the business. My client wanted to build a resort in
the mountains northwest of Yellowstone Park. I was
hired to research the area, find a suitable location,
and make an initial offer. I was hoping to wrap this
trip up in a week or so. It looked like this could
run more like a couple of months!

Sue and I talked every couple of days on the
telephone. We had not been separated like this since
we had met. I really misse... Continue»
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The Swing Series 10

Time again for another story in the series. In the
last story, 9th Swing, my wife, Sue, told me on the
phone about her escapades with our friend Alexia and
her friends. I'd been away out West on business for
quite a while and Sue and I agreed to see what it
would be like to enjoy sex with others whenever I had
to be gone for extended periods. We agreed to tell
each other EVERYTHING over the phone and to make NO
attachments. So far, Sue was the only one who has
had the opportunity to get laid without me there. It
was Saturday, though, and I planned on hitting the
town that night ... Continue»
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The Swing Series 5

Hi there! I told John I'd like to try telling you all
about one of our adventures. John is going to write the
story while I try my hand at telling the story from my
point of view. Sometimes a woman's point of view is
different from a man's...(John is laughing and Sue
can't figure out why. Sue is a blonde... <G>). "John,
stop laughing!"

Anyway, I just thought that you guys-and hopefully,
you women out there-would enjoy hearing "my
side" of fun. After all I was there, too. John said that if
I was real good at telling a story that I could get the
readers really turned on. I... Continue»
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The Swing Series 6

Welcome to Part VI of our series. In our last episode,
Sue and I had a really exciting time with our
babysitter, Alexia. Car trouble had ruined other plans
and we came home to find Alex masturbating to one
of our "home movies." Never would I have believed
that I would have a chance again in my life to fuck an
18-year-old! It was a very exciting night and my wife,
Sue, and I were hoping to be able to get together with
Alex again sometime. Neither of us were expecting
our chance to come as soon as it did.

Alex had stopped over in the early evening three times
since last Fr... Continue»
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