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What Comes Around

So I just found myself in the slightest dilemma where one of my so-called friends fucking cheated on his girlfriend away from home. She just happens to be one of my friends as well, which is what happens when you share the same social circle.

Here is Vicki, so you know how stupid Richie is; she's a great personality with a sexy refined English accent. Beautiful natural looks, not smothered with makeup, and beautiful long straight chestnut hair. She's also stacked and built for porn beneath the casual veneer of denim and leather. She also has a great sense of humour and can be mature or imma... Continue»
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My wife gets lucky at friends wedding.

One of the ladies in my wife's office got married in June. My wife informed me that she and I would be going. I really didn't mind because weddings always mean lots of women wearing dresses and free booze.

The day if the event I was told by my wife to shower and shave everything smooth. I am kept shaved always so all I had to do was some touch up work. After a nice hot shower I was drying my hair while standing at the mirror. My wife walked up behind me and said don't stop, I have something to do. I did as told and kept brushing my hair and blow drying it. I felt her putting my stainless c... Continue»
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Amsterdam, amazing place

We have been on long weekend trips to Amsterdam for a few years now, looking forward to November when we return.
This is a short story that happened in 2013.
The red light district (RLD) is either looked on as seedy and horrid, or cosmopolitan and exciting, yes there are a few areas that aren't to most people's taste, but it is actually a really safe place so long as you don't do anything stupid.
We have been a number of times over the years, and on a Saturday night in 2013 we went out as usual for a little drink, walk around the RLD and maybe pop into baba's coffee shop. We have done all t... Continue»
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My first time with a straight guy

This is a story about my first time with a straight guy.

For the purpose of this story we will call him Sam.

Sam was a successful, good looking 18 year old. He was just like any normal 18 year old bloke. He was into cars, women and sports. He was well loved and extremely popular among the ladies. Sam and I had been best mates since the start of high school.

When high school finished, Sam, me and a few other mates decided to go on a camping trip to celebrate the end of our education. The plan was that we would share one tent between two of us and just deal with it. After all we were al... Continue»
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Hotel fun with an Italian Milf

For those that didn't read the first part:

Her- Italian 41 years old 5'5 38c cup thick athletic body with curves in the right places

Me- Black mix 34 years old 5'11 in decent shape with a 8 inch cock

A week went by after our lunch/car encounter. We had texted back and forth a little and eventual set up a date to meet again. I arrived at the hotel at 11am as planned and got us a room. No sooner then I unlocked the room door I hear my phone go off, she texted me that she just parked. I sent her the room number and she was knocking on the door within a few minutes. My cock twitched w... Continue»
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Difficult Boy part 01


Her hands trembled as she desperately stabbed the key at the lock to her front door. Whether it was the effect of the alcohol she had consumed or the excitement of the bulging crotch pressing insistently against her tailbone, she was having a hard time getting the key in the hole. The hands groping her 34B-cup titties and the hot, breathy voice whispering urgency into her ear weren't helping matters either.
Gretchen Warren--no, Gretchen Chambers as she would have to get used to referring to herself again, was celebrating. Not only was today her 34th birthday... Continue»
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Watching Wife Get Screwed Via Internet

I’m traveling on business for several weeks. I’m meeting with some of our branch facilities and with several prospective clients. It’s a very intense trip and so far I’ve managed to resolve several problems at two of our facilities and close a multi-million deal with another company.

I’m in my fourth city in 9 days and feel like I’ve away from home and Babs for a month.

Last night I got back to my hotel room and just wanted to relax after meeting with another client at dinner. The dinner went well but the negotiations were draining. Back in my room, I stripped and jumped in the shower,... Continue»
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Me being a slut

It was a horrible night my throw phone was found I was caught cheating my Boyfriend and I got in a horrible fight he ran out the house half clothed.. I was in a tailspin down I did not know what to do not say.. I tried to have him stay to talk but he ran. I think I wanted to get caught I let him get the phone I knew he was standing there when I pulled it out. But no he ran my head spun I did not care I was so pissed and angry and I need to do something.. So I go to the My computer and i post an ad on cl with a face picture I was in need of some drama free fun I wanted to do something.. The mai... Continue»
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In The Saddle With Mom

The first time I really noticed my Mother as a “woman” and not as my Mom, was when I was only thirteen and Mom was twenty nine. I had been getting spontaneous erections for the past year and a half, but I wasn’t about to embarrass myself by telling anybody about them, especially my Mother.
One night we were getting ready for bed. I had already undressed, turned off the light and got in bed. Mom usually went into the bathroom, closed the door, took a shower and changed into a long t-shirt for bed. This time she did not close the door completely when she went in. I looked across the bed and saw... Continue»
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Living in Cockington part 6

I had finished putting up the shelves and began to wonder where the wife was and the k**s?
Stepping into the kitchen I found a note "k**s at friends, I've gone out with Bridget back soon" I knew that couldn't be good Bridget seem to be a magnet for sex with strangers and where ever they were it was bound to get my wife involved.
So I strolled out into the garden and stood thinking about where they might have gone, after all the village was small so couldn't be far and I was right, because I suddenly heard voices coming from next door.
Wandering over to the fence I peered over and there was ... Continue»
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She Got Blackmailed

This is a chapter from my erotica fiction novel, Crescent City Secrets. Check my page for more details on me and my writing and how you can read the whole book.

Haden awoke feeling physically sore, but emotionally refreshed. She wasn’t looking forward to meeting her blackmailer, but something about her time with Lucas had given her a sense of optimism. Maybe it was that what she’d done was tiring, but endurable. There was a tiny twinge of pride in her work. She heard his voice again. “Good job on the floor.” It made her smile while she got dressed.

She’d overslept a bit... Continue»
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My sweet Cindy

This is for Cindy who left us way too early. I met Cindy when we were young.I was messing around with her older s****r, just messing around. She liked to be fingered and her huge titties sucked.After awhile I noticed Cindy was watching us a lot. One day I asked her if she liked what she saw? She said yes, but was jealous it wasn't her. The next time I saw her I asked her to go for a walk with me.Cindy was 5'2" and about 110 lbs. She had a nice ass and hand full sized titties.She wasn't pretty but I found her cute.We walked for a little while until we came to the park. It was evening and the pa... Continue»
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Hong Kong Part 2 Party at the beach house.

The days before the party went quickly, and the bar crawl was a blast. Visiting a number of hostess bars and generally feeling the love from a number of girls with promises of much more if we took them home. Resisting the urge we arrived home just as the girls were getting ready for bed, the Pilipino was wearing the strap on, both girls were topless. Apparently the girls had a few drinks and decided to fuck. I was still semi hard from the hostess bars and was hoping the girlfriend was up for it luckily for me the strap on session had made her horny and we fucked hard she grabbing my arse to f*... Continue»
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fantasy gangbang in a black nightclub

so, I used to have a good friend from nigeria that we sometimes went out with. because she likes to dance we often went to a latin place where lots of black dudes would be showing off their dance moves. I liked the tension and she likes the attention. this night was different because we agreed to get someone else involved at some point.
She was wearing a super tight mini skirt that showed off all her curves. I told her at home to take off her underwear that evening, so every now and then you could catch a glimpse of her pussy and ass. especially once she started dancing. She was really getti... Continue»
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My mum elizabeth deelite

My mum is an e****t and fetish model,she has a big elegant house, I moved in with her back in 2006, as ive grown older I have found myself more and more attracted to her, she is so elegant and so sexy looking, I love her big fake tits, she really turns me on. She is always busy wether its getting her photo's taken or having sex with other people, my mum is very strict around the house and with me, I fantasise about her all the time, she is always fucking, she makes me sooo jealous, she is forever going out during the day and night, she deos chill out in the front room during the... Continue»
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First Squirter!

I got my first squirter yesterday!
I was at work, driving around delivering food and when I got to one of my destinations the customer was late.
I Got on my phone and started looking at ads on craigslist.
Most of the ads where boring and dated so I decided to post my own ad.
I posted an ad in the platonic section on Craigslist for a smoke buddy.
I wasn't looking for anything in particular but a nice female to come over and smoke with, if it went someone else awesome!
10 mins later I got a reply with a phone number that said text me.
While I was still waiting for my customer I began tex... Continue»
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Watching Wife With Her Biker

It had been two weeks since I had caught my typical suburban housewife Debbie getting ass fucked by Butch her biker boyfriend in our basement. A few days later I searched our basement and found a large trunk. I opened it and wow!!!. It was full of clothing a “Goth” or biker chick would wear. There were tight cut off shorts for summer, black leather bras, black nylons, leather vests and leather pants. I found a pair of black combat boots and a denim vest with the words “Butch’s Old Lady” embroidered on the back, above it in large letters was Butch’s clubs name “Hell’s Lovers Wisconsin”. In l... Continue»
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German Soccer MILF's

I was at the beach in the morning. About 2 hours before the start of the game, I went home to change and take a shower. Germany was playing Argentina in the next round of the World Cup. I put on some dark jeans. Some black Adidas Flip Flops. A white German Football Jersey. I put on some black boxer briefs. I grabbed my keys and headed out the door.

I drove to a bar near my house. Its kinda of an English pub. I have come there to watch most of the games played so far. They always have all the games on the big screen in the bar. They of course love English Football. But they have all the ... Continue»
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After School Whore

I had to stay after school. I was beating the erasers on the chalk board in detention. I looked up to see the male teacher was falling asl**p. It was close to 4pm. I only had a few more minutes before the last bell to go home. I had just moved in my Grand Mothers basement about a week ago. She was always out playing Bingo or at church. It was a good thing. My parents were no longer in the picture. I was going to drive my old clunker home. It was a late model with some huge rims and big speakers. It got bad gas mileage but it turn heads.

I was still single. I had just broke up with a gir... Continue»
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The Price Of Success Pt 3

Sara kissed Erica goodbye one more time saying,

"Thank you for showing me something I've been missing in my life. Maybe I shouldn't say this but I certainly hope it's not the last time."

Erica paused and gave Sara a wink as she walked out the door. Now ready for anything Sara couldn't wait to meet the client. Sara dressed and went into the office just to do some more background research in preparation for Amber.

She looked at her picture, a beautiful Scandinavian blonde with large, full breasts and from what she could tell a very athletic body. She couldn't help but feel a tingle bet... Continue»
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