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The first time I...

The first time I sucked a cock was at home by our pool, I was 14. My b*****r's friend developed a crush on me when my boobs appeared at age 13, before the boobs, he wouldn't even look at me, then pop! we got boobs and he turned real nice and attentive. I liked the sudden attention, he was my first.

Happened in the summer, hot days of lounging around, we had a pool so most days all I wore was a little bikini, I loved lounging around the pool, I'd jump in, swim real slow, get out, sunbathe, back in the pool. My b*****r's friend, let's call him B, would come over a lot then, he always wante... Continue»
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Part 7 – A Milestone, I got to watch

Sorry this is so long....

For the next two weeks or so we continued fucking two or three times a day. She would come home from work and tell how many times she got fucked during the day. She would be extra horny if she got fucked late in the afternoon right before she came home. Her supervisor and her supervisor’s boss would not worry about making her cum. They only cared that they dumped their load in her.
During the two weeks she would ask me if I knew where we were going to go so I could watch her rub a dick. I would ask her if she was going to make him cum. She would just smile an... Continue»
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Fucking mature slag in caravan

Hi I'm Kyle

I'm 21 from Manchester

This really happened to me a couple of weeks back and I thought I'd share it with you all hope you enjoy .

Right , about a month ago I split up with my girlfriend Lucy , we had a massive fight I ended up smashing up the apartment and I got arrested for it ,
We had been together for over a year and lived together but seen as it was her flat I had to move back home with my Mu.m which her boyfriend wasn't too happy about seen as though we hated each other .

My head was all over the place ,I'd just split up with Lucy , arguing all the time at... Continue»
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Holding On

Holding On by Dogcrusher

I'm tied to a table. My tits pointed to the sky. My arms and legs secured with leather straps. I feel the wetness between my legs. My nipples standing erect. God! I'm such a pervert. I've come a long way since high school.

Before master, I was as innocent as a rose. I knew about sex, but never fucked anything but my fingers. I had a good f****y life, until the day my dad left mom. Mom became a d***k. I ran away. That's when master gathered me into his fold.

I love my Master. He always has new things for me to experience. He uses... Continue»
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Stephanies New Car! (repost)

Stephanie gets a new car!

It has been 2 weeks since I popped Stepanie's cherry.I was sl**ping late As I was up all night and couldnt sl**p.Stephanie called me at 11.I picked up the phone."Hey Robbie it's Stephy My grandfather just bought me a new car for my birthday and I want you to be the first to take a ride with me"She says."That's cool But I need a few more hours sl**p so come over at 3pm"I replied."Too late I am outside Your Building Mom gave me your address.I am coming up now.Will your mom Mind if I come up?"Stephy replies.She hung... Continue»
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My Girlfriend’s s****r f***ed Me

My name is T3D and my girlfriend Wendy and I live together in a small three bedroom one bathroom home. A month ago her s****r, Amanda, stayed with us for a week. She had come to town because her employer had a booth at a trade show, and she had to work in it. My girlfriend knew she was having money problems so she offered to let her stay with us so she could pocket the $200 a day allowance her employer was giving her for accommodations.

I didn’t mind her s****r staying with us. My only concern was that since our place is small my girlfriend wouldn’t want to have sex with me as she might b... Continue»
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Tori’s Awakening – Part 4 The End

Tori’s Awakening – Part 4 The End

This story involves (I)ncest…if this will offend you, Do Not read this story!

I have ADDED a little more to the original Ending that I posted a few months ago.
After all of my stories were deleted for the fourth time – I read it over again, I found I could have written a better Ending…So I did…If you have read the original and liked it, you will love the change…You will want to read this again.

--------- Chapter 10
Jamie & Pam
Friday, Morning…

Tori came awake quickly alone in her bed, she had slept later ... Continue»
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Tori’s Awakening – Part 2

Tori’s Awakening – Part 2

This story involves (I)ncest…if this will offend you, Do Not read this story!

--------- Chapter 3
Later that Cassie and her Mother can’t sl(ee)p
Wednesday Night…

It was late at night, and Tori was in bed wearing a sheer nightgown; she had been going over and over what happened with her daughter that day. She tried to feel guilty, or at least ashamed. She had hid behind her inhibitions for far too long; if her daughter had no problems with what happened why should she? Her daughter had felt her pussy of her own accord; sh... Continue»
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Tori’s Awakening – Part 3

Tori’s Awakening – Part 3

This story involves (I)ncest…if this will offend you, Do Not read this story!

--------- Chapter 5
Waking up with Cassie in her bed
Thursday, early morning to that evening…

Tori came awake quickly...

The small hand caressing her firm, aching tit startled her for a moment, then she remembered. Just a little over 24 hours ago she had found her adolescent daughter having sex with another girl. Then she had discovered that she had latent sapphic desires, even more shocking, it was for her own daughter. Should she maybe, co... Continue»
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Tori’s Awakening – Part 1

Tori’s Awakening – Part 1

This story involves (i)ncest…if that offends you, Do Not read this story!

--------- Chapter 1
Tori watches Cassie & Pam playing
Wednesday Morning

Tori stood watching from the stairs down to the basement rec room. Her daughter, Cassie was sitting in the middle of the carpeted floor; her skirt was bunched about her waist. Cassie’s legs were spread out wide before her, her panties lay around her ankle. She sat sideways to Tori’s line of site, and it was obvious to Tori that her daughter was playing with her hairless pussy, ag... Continue»
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Fucking My Lover Behind His Wife's Back

My work often requires me to travel throughout the US.
Recently I had to travel to Florida on business as I
have on several occasions to meet with customers.
Incidentally I have friends who have lived in the
state for several years and have invited me to their
place, but up till now I have never taken them up on
the invite. My husband and I have known Tim and Carina
for some time but we've known Tim longer as he used to
be part of a couple that we used to "party "with in
the past. However they broke up and Tim moved back

We stayed in touch largely because we enjoy... Continue»
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Mom's Nervous Disorder

My mom, Gina, was perfect except for one thing. She had
been diagnosed as being afflicted with the Einsteinium
nervosa disorder, a common defect usually found in
widows and single mothers. Little was known about the
disorder and treatment had been based on empirical,
non-scientific knowledge.

My name is Bobby and I was surprised one day when my
mom told me that she had an appointment with her
doctor, and that he had told her to bring along her son
with her to the appointment. Naturally I readily agreed
because I had seen all the suffering my mom was going
thru after my ... Continue»
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Mike's Mom's Friend

Dear Ben,

I hope you don't mind if I write to you. I really enjoyed
our little "contest" the other day. As I said, I admire
your self-control - so rare in so young a man. I had fun
putting it to the test!

The reason I'm writing is to ask you a favor. I was
telling an old friend about our experience. Her name is
Bonnie, and we've known each other a long time. In fact,
we were roommates in college almost twenty years ago.

Bonnie has a problem. She married a fine man - actually,
Jerry was her boyfriend back in college, so they've been
married nearly 20 years, and she ne... Continue»
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Mother-Son Lust Fulfilled

She has been living alone with her young son since his
father ran off 2 years ago with his secretary. It was
hard at first, but now life was good as she had forged a
successful consultancy business working from home. In
fact things were a better now in most ways as her son was
a delight. He was a very intelligent and compassionate
boy who usually topped his class at school, excelled at
sport and was liked by everyone for his laughing
personality, kindness and generosity.

The only thing she lacked was good sex. There had been a
couple of brief one-night stands since her hu... Continue»
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Deb's Rest Stop Gangbang

On our recent trip back from New York, we were getting
horny thinking about some time alone just the two of us
in the motel room we had booked. We had been crammed
together with a bunch of relatives while staying
upstate and were looking forward to some loud hot sex.

"It will be nice to be able to let loose and make some
noise." Deb said

"Yeah. I was getting tired of having to cover your
mouth so your moans wouldn't be heard by everyone else
I the house," I said laughingly.

"I'm Really horny! I don't think I can wait another 2
hours till we get to the hotel." She said ... Continue»
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Listening To My Wife

I knew she would call. I didn't know when, but she
promised she would, and so far she had lived up to all
of her promises, so trust was not an issue. I had been
waiting for what seemed to be forever. A long forever
when your wife is on a date or picking up another guy
just to fuck. This is a trial "date/pickup" run for
us. Being my fantasy she said she might try and see if
she could do it. She wasn't sure. So we just decided
to try it this way, no "on site" hopes or expectations
from me, just my wife out testing the waters.

I was nervously and anxiously hanging out at home.
Awaiti... Continue»
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Hello, my name is Heidi. I'm going to tell you how I've
become a cum loving slut for my 15 year old son Tommy.

During my son's early teen years I noticed while
cleaning his wash, Tommy's bed sheets and pajamas
bottoms were constantly being soiled. I figured since
he was eating cookies with milk in bed as of late, he
was just spilling some of the contents from the glass.

Upon closer examination of the fresh stains I realized
the blemish was sticky and somewhat clear.

I skated by index finger through the moist fluid
rubbing it between my finger and thumb feeling the
coo... Continue»
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secrets p2

Yah! That's right; my cavernous pussy left gooey
wreckage on Tommy's leather desk chair!

I was intrigued to watch my watery spew flow down a
path of creases that were imprinted on the top cover of
the cushion. With the help from my long red fingertips
pushing It, the juice eventually pooled in the soft
depressions were my son's tender, naked buttocks
contact the soothing leather.

The dissimilarity in color of my special mixture and
Tommy's black chair was extremely arousing to see and I
really wanted the little Neanderthal's to realize that
his brazen mother marked her... Continue»
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secrets p3

Chapter Three

10:00 am. New years day, and I was more excited than a
6 year old on Christmas morning opening up presents
from under the tree!

I walked down the sidewalk looking at my empty
driveway, "Good Mark's car was gone" I thought to
myself. My eyes strained to see through the garage's
service door window on the way to the front entrance,
confirming the stall was also empty.

Not bothering to look and see if mom left a note on the
refrigerator's door informing me when she'll be back. I
felt too charged and my body couldn't contain itself. I
ran up the stairs to... Continue»
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Gloryhole Sally

"I know this is a strange town but I'm sure you'll be
safe," I told Sally, "I'll be with you." We were on
vacation and I was trying to persuade her to go with me
to an adult video shop I'd seen a few miles from our
motel. "We can look for a new vibrator for you," I

"Well, okay, it might be interesting," Sally finally
replied. I then told her about some of the women I had
seen in other shops. I remember one foxy blonde in
particular who had dressed in a very revealing outfit
and was all over her husband while they shopped for
vibrators. I had gotten so turne... Continue»
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