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How my wife became a Hotwife Part 3

So to catch you up from part 2....Bonnie and I were at our friends house attending a bbq. The part was an opportunity for my wife to show off her new swimsuit and pinup look...and boy did she. She looked incredible and garnered almost all of the attention from the male party goers. In particular, a neighbor of our friends named Hank...who Bonnie and Sharon had run into two weeks prior but Bonnie had left out that detail. Hank was a few years older than us and was a pilot for a local airline. He was tall with rugged good looks and lots of charm. It seemed as if my wife was the focus of his at... Continue»
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How my wife became a Hotwife Part 4

Where we left I was relaying the story told to me by my wife of just what happened in that fateful afternoon when Bonnie almost instantly changed from a wife and mother to a Hotwife in need of cock. She was being seduced by Hank...Hank is an older gentleman who seems to have the power to turn women into insatiable whores. He did this exact thing to my wife, and she has never been happier. As with part 3...this part was told to me as well by my wife some two weeks after the event. Bonnie had just been told by Hank that she was going to suck his cock and get him ready to fuck her. He did not f... Continue»
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bathroom fireworks

Well, it was a good weekend, was invited to a cook out with bunch of friends. Though did not know everyone there wife and I knew a few and we worked around the party. This was casual drinks and a cook out, which they didn't start cooking till we got there so was going to be a while. Among the people there was the Hostess's s****r, which we had dated long time ago. She was looking very good, at 5'3", light carmel skin, with nice dark hair, and her ass is one that you just want to dive into. We smiled at one another as the Hostess went to introduce us, we hugged and she said "we dated". Th... Continue»
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The story of how my wife became a Hotwife

These series of articles was from my previous Xhamster page. I have copied them over and will continue the series to bring it up to present day.

When my wife first met Dr, Sharon C. it was her first day at work. Sharon was an orthopedic surgeon and my wife was her new assistant. Sharon was your typical doctor...driven, confident, and the boss. My wife was more nurturing and had a better bed side manner. They were opposites but the made it work. They did share a lot of interests and became good friends. We had hung out with Sharon and her husband Jake many times. Sharon's bitchiness wore... Continue»
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First Time I Sucked A Dick

Sucking dick has always turned me on ever since the first time I sucked one. I enjoy having a dick in my mouth and looking up to see the excitement in the guys eyes. I also enjoy being degraded while sucking dick. It turns me on when I hear a guy say "suck that dick bitch" or hearing him call me a whore. So anyways, I was hanging out with a friend and she asked if I would like to come back to her house to swim in the pool. So as we are laying out by the pool catching some sun, I look up and see someone looking out the blinds. When he saw that I had saw him he quickly moved away from the window... Continue»
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Showing off the wife leads to a creamypie

The fact that my wife's pussy is available is common knowledge to my friends. I myself are denied the pleasure of her womanhood. The typical scenario is she has sex then comes home with a pussy full of cum for me to clean with my mouth. So on this day I'm writing about that's almost what happened.

We went down to the Peachtree Road Race to watch the runners. The city of Atlanta does a over six mile race every fourth of July. It was hot and humid as it always in here in Georgia so my wife chose to wear a white tank top braless and a blue denim mini skirt with a red tennis shoes and baseball ... Continue»
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Sorting things out in the Archive

Early in my career I worked in a company that was located in an old building in the city center. One of my tasks was to "manage" some of the IT equipment we had stored in cellar. Managing meant taking things in and out, lifting and throwing away old equipment. One evening I was working on unpacking new deliveries down in the cellar I heard the all-to-familiar sound of heels clicking from the archive area.

I was trying to make some sound so who ever it was would know that she was not alone. Did not plan to scare someone to death. I heard her unlocking the door to the archive, and eventually... Continue»
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Angela, Richard and Me


An old friend, Angela, got in touch after a good ten years, she’d been married and her husband died 4 years ago, and she asked me if I wanted to go to some gigs again. Years ago we used to go and see live Rockabilly music around the County, but that was it. I shagged her in 1976 when we were both single but not recently.

This particular Saturday she rang me and asked if I fancied a concert 40 miles away. Donna and I discussed it and she said “Go if you want she’ll probably be gagging for it”. I rang Angela and said “Ok” “I’ll pick you up”. She picked me up in a 4x4 ... Continue»
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Wife finally joins the fun!

For years I had hidden my bisexual fantasies from everyone - especially my wife. She was always grossed out by the idea of 2 men having sex, or 2 women lezzing out for that matter, so I never thought to enlighten her about my true desires. That has all changed and now my sex life has gotten extremely exciting off of a sudden. It all started a month ago on my birthday. We went out for some drinks with some friends to a patio that over looks a very busy beach. There was lots of sexy guys and gals swimming, sun tanning and playing volleyball. There was an extremely good looking guy i noti... Continue»
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Jan met Rex in the bar at her hotel where she was staying. In less than an hour she had him in her room naked with his hands cuffed behind his back. She sat him on a lounge with his legs spread and she stroked his cock easy from top to bottom and then rubbed his balls. When she had his cock hard and pointing in the air she then began to kiss him giving him a lot of tongue deep in his mouth as she rubbed his nipples. She told him "Just sit there and enjoy. When I touch you how you really like it say "yes" and I will give you more of that. Tonight you are going to get the best sex you have ever... Continue»
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Ben had his own business and he made a lot of money. He was a male dancer and stripper. He only did private parties right there in Hollywood. On his website he had many photos of different parties he had done but also his pictures showing him in a banana sling and also nude. His stage name was Big Ben and the nude pictures left no imagination as to why. He was long and thick. A perfect stripper body. The rich women he did private parties for had lots of money and they loved a sexy stripper. The wilder the better. Last month he did a party for several married women and one of them pulled his sl... Continue»
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fox slots

I had a dream last night i was fucking nicole koglin of fox 6 news

’uhhhhhh”sh emoaned’ohhhshit fuck..fuck fuck me dmanit..you’re way too big for me, omigod’

Then god burst into the room

”i am tired of you disobeying my commandments” he said”thou shall not lust after thy married woman”

Nicole’s hair was messed up she just stood there dazed and confused

”god, you know what? She said”I haven’t been fucked this hard by a dick this big before, just let him do his duty, he’s helpin me put together a news story”

“he is sinning” god said”this man is having sex with you in his mind”... Continue»
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Home sweet home

I had a dream last night this guy named blitzkiten was fucking lori leland of home shopping network behind the counter

“how long is it gong to take me to get my order shipped to my house? He asked

“you’re order is on its way to your house as we speak’ lori gasped “free shipping and handling on all orders”

Blitzkiten was fucking lori good he had her legs up in the air his long blitzki cock just ramming away at lori’s tight pussy

”ummmmmoohoof” lori moaned omigod im gettin fucked behind the counter of my own show”

“lori” the camerman said”we’re live on air”

“i’m not gonna s... Continue»
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Co-worker Cuckold

Cindy was a very attractive mid 50's married woman, Her ass looked better than most younger women. Everyday at work, I couldn't help but look at it when I passed by. She has short blonde hair, nice B size tits I would guess, beautiful smile, and an incredible ass. We have talked some over the years, about her grandc***dren, husband, and her love of football.
One Thursday afternoon, I was walking down the hall, when Cindy stopped me. "Hey you, got a minute"? I stopped, standing in front of her. "Hubby and I was talking the other day, and we were both hoping you could come over maybe tomorrow f... Continue»
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The neighbor boy and I used to play with each other from a young age. When we got to be a little older we learned how to play like adults. I really loved sucking his cock and he was a great pussy licker. I still love sucking cock more than I should. Gil still lets me suck him any time I want but I want a nice big cock with big balls to suck and get a huge load of cum to swallow. Gil and I self taught ourselves sex by watching porn in the computer when our parents were away. He was fifteen and I was f******n when he stuck his cock in me the first time and fucked me. I loved it and we then fucke... Continue»
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Making Jeri Cum

This has been a very difficult letter for me to write. Like other notes I've written and will write in the future, this is about real life. These letters are about how I love to be made love to. Until lately, I've never thought much about exactly what I like most, in such detail. Having to think specifically about how I love best to be fucked, eaten and fingered has been too distracting. I have to stop writing to get myself off after just a few paragraphs.

I love to masturbate, and I love even more having a sexy partner get in on it with me. Sitting here on the couch, with him sitting in th... Continue»
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Melinda Chapter 17

The sun seemed to shine all day, hot and relentless from morning to night, hardly a cloud in the sky. If the work had not been so hard Melinda would have appreciated the beauties of the valley much more. In fact, for those not engaged in back-breaking chores it was paradise, a Garden of Eden. The flowers had been planted in such a way that as soon as one variety died down another, equally brilliant, took its place.
All the colours were carefully coordinated too and the gradations of height taken into account so that the best was made of all the landscapes. Every direction provided breathtakin... Continue»
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Revenge Fuck - PT2: At The Office

Spencer arrived at work a little earlier than usual Monday morning remembering the previous weekend's activities. After their morning fuck session Saturday, Sasha and Spencer talked about continuing their liaisons in the future since they both found out they were sex starved people. Spencer knew partially because he accidentally saw Sasha masturbating at work.

"You saw me?" she asked slightly stunned.

"Yeah," Spencer said guiltily.

"What did you do while you watched?" Sasha asked very curious.

Spencer was surprised that she didn't snap at him for seeing her masturbate. He thought b... Continue»
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Arabian Plaything Chapter 14

BELLE, STILL FEELING the sharp sting of the weals raised by Miss Lirium, began to assimilate the information just given to her. Of course, she was quite familiar with such pain — and worse. It was simply part of the everyday existence of a slave-girl and had to be borne. Belle accepted it, not even feeling any resentment against the tall, striking-looking woman before whom she now knelt submissively, hands clasped at the back of her head. After all, it was no more than the duty of an Overseer to punish a slave if she, or he, thought a girl had erred. That was simply part of the pattern of life... Continue»
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My first time with an older woman

This is a true story that happened in 2001. At the time I was 19, been out of school for a year. Before that I had gotten blowjobs, sucked on some tits, fingered some girls, but never officially fucked anybody. During the spring of 2001, I had gotten a manufacturing job. Part of the job was we had to go to a different state, learn the job and then come back to our home state as the business was consolidating to 1 location. Every Monday morning I would fly out, Friday afternoon I would fly back. This one particular flight I was sitting next to this blond. She was 5'5", long blond curly hair, a ... Continue»
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