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Young fat dick

This story actually began 6 months ago. My wife and I
just finished fucking like rabbits and the conversation
invariably went to sex. My wife and I had been recently

She was 23 years old, 5’2" and very thin. She wore a B
cup bra but more than made up for that in her youthful
and beautiful face. When she began teaching Literature
at the local senior high school a few months ago, many
older teachers, unfamiliar with her, asked her what
grade she was in. With her long straight blonde mane
that reached half way down her back, her big green eyes
and baby face she wa... Continue»
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Nighttime Lover

Steve crept into the darkened bedroom were his mother
slept. His entire body shook with nervousness. He
barely managed to close the door without rattling the
knob. Steve closed his eyes and took several deep
breaths. He needed to be calm if he was going to pull
this off.

Steve tiptoed over to the queen-sized bed his parents
shared. Steve’s father wasn’t there. He was working the
night shift at the factory and wouldn’t be home for
four more hours. Steve’s mother, Cindy was sl**ping
with her mask on as usual. Dim light shone through the
window curtains allowing Steve to ju... Continue»
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BBW Pulls a Train

"I’ll be there at 8, be ready," and I hung up, that’s
all that needed to be said with Wendy. It started as a
way for her to pay her husband's gambling debts but
after one month we all knew they where hooked. Her
husband was such a wimpy man that before I came along
the poor woman had no sex life, then after seeing me
fuck her, their sex life was revived.

The sex between Wendy and I just got nastier and
nastier with her insisting that John her husband be
there to witness it, at first because it was his debts
she was paying with her body but later because she got
off humi... Continue»
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Just treat her like another slut

When the phone rang, Kathy was looking down the street
from her living room window, at the teenaged boys
carrying beer into her neighbor's house.

"Is Jeff home?"

"No," said Kathy. "Is this Randy?"

"Yea," said the voice on the phone.

"Randy, I thought Jeff was with you."

"No, he said he was going to Kurt's house."

After Kathy hung up the phone, she thought, "Jeff is
going to Kurt's house! Kurt's house is the one down the
street that the beer just went into! My teen-aged son is
going to a party with drinking!"

She looked down the street at the line of cars in front... Continue»
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One Night Stand

It was Saturday night and my friend and his wife had
invited me out to a popular gay nightclub. I'd never
been to a club like this, and thought it would be
interesting to experience something new and different.

I am a 41-year old bisexual woman, who lives a
different lifestyle than most people I know. I
discovered my sexuality over the past year through
encouragement from a friend who taught me confidence
and encouraged me to act out my desires and fantasies,
through this I learned about myself and how I love to
be slutty and somewhat of an exhibitionist.

I love to dres... Continue»
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Firestorm Part 2

They were magnificent, she thought. Marie watched the two ponygirls literally rolling around in the grass. Luxuriating in the softness of it against their skin. She was a little surprised that they were still in their restraints, however.
"Do you ever let them out of those harnesses?" she asked Ray.
"Of course. They have to be cleaned, you know. The leather starts to smell if it isn't clean regularly and so will the ponies. I'll show you later."
She couldn't take her eyes off them. They were so beautiful in their leather and steel regalia. She watched as they played with one another, rubbin... Continue»
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A Special Treat...

I was in a small x-rated theater, watching a couple of old films, it was mostly empty as I entered only the cashier was visible. I entered the darken room and made out only two sides of seats with a passage on either side and down the middle. There was a few heads visible over the seats and sparsely spaced.

I made my way over to an end set about mid way the room and took a seat, a anal scene came on the screen that took all my attention. There was a young girl bent over a sofa crying as an enormous size penis was attempting to invade her very small bung hole. She screamed out in agony as ... Continue»
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Black Strap-on

Bec felt the impressive weight of the black rubber cock as she buckled the straps on either side of her slender hips. The long shaft gleamed in the bright sunlight streaming through the doors that opened onto the broad timber deck. The crisp white sheets reflected the sun’s rays, a warm glow that matched the rising heat she felt within her.

Her full breasts swayed seductively as she reached to clasp the straps, tightening the base of the heavy cock firmly against her twitching clit. She let it fall forward, hanging before her as she squeezed her nipples. She felt the wetness pooling in her ... Continue»
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Halloween Body Painted Costumes

Halloween Body Painted Costumes

Our group of 4 couples had a great Halloween party this past Friday and Saturday. Instead of costumes we decided to do body painting. (I have to tell you right now that because of our jobs, we cannot share photos, but I hope you allow your imaginations to envision how we looked.) Babs and I have a hobby of doing airbrush artwork and t-shirts and decided that it would be fun to paint on our costumes on. The other couples liked the idea also but they were reluctant to try painting each other so it was decided that Babs and I would do all of the artwork.

We p... Continue»
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Blowjob Car Fun

Hi everyone,

so this is a true story that happened a while back. I work as a waitress and I often work double shifts because let's face it, life is expensive! I was in a financial slump with all my bills so many of the days I worked overtime. I had pulled a late shift one Thursday night and ended up taking the Friday off to relax. The Friday morning when I got up I had this strong, sexual urge and my pussy was dripping wet. I had been working so much and became so stressed that I was sexually neglected and deprived. I decided to take a warm shower then checkout some online porn videos. ... Continue»
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The Mediterranean Guesthouse - Chapter 3

The cold air coming in from darkness of the open window wakes me up. I am sl**ping naked with only the sheet and no blanket, which was enough on the previous nights. But tonight is clearly much colder. Shivering, I rise up and look outside via the open window. It is still perfectly dark, and Kate turns off all the outside lights for the night. I can just about make out the trees close to the house, and only seeing the light of the stars change to total darkness gives out where the sky ends and the hills begin. The night is silent, no sound coming even from the road in the valley. It seems like... Continue»
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As you can tell from my pics I like to dress up from time to time in lingerie and stroke while surfing Xhamster. It is my secret (that's why no face pics) and my girlfriend has no idea I do this.....until now! She went to work as usual and I did my usual, I had a couple hours before I had to be to work so I went to my special hiding place for my lingerie and pulled out the box and began to pull on my black thigh highs and silky lace panties. I slipped on my jean skirt and then matching lace bra when I heard a voice behind me, "what the fuck are you doing!" It was my girlfriend! On top of her c... Continue»
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It hadn't gone well, Darla thought, as she leafed through an old magazine. She shifted position, took her shoes off, and curled her feet up comfortably beneath her on the couch. Across the room, Michael was still typing away. They'd been working together quite well on the book, and then he'd had one of his sudden fits of inspiration and had shooed her away, irritably, because he didn't want her "looking over his shoulder." As if he hadn't looked over mine enough, she thought. And leaned on it at the same time. I wish we could get an office with two desks, two typewriters, and a brick wall betw... Continue»
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JAH Jamaican Asian and Hawaiian part 2 final chapt

So if you read the first part you know I sexed this pretty woman an hour after I met her. About three days later she showed up in my store again. She walked right up to me and started kissing me hard. I pushed her back because even though I really didn't have a boss it was kind of out of order. e decided to have a real lunch date so I took her to the food court. We decided on some buffalo chicken wraps from my favorite place to eat. At the table she kept telling me I was the sexiest most handsome black man she ever seen. I finally asked her so what are you black or spanish or something. She t... Continue»
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The "Squirter" Nurse

During my time helping women reach their first squirting orgasms I soon came to the conclusion that every woman is capable of squirting. I found great joy in making a woman squirt who, never had squirted before, didn't believe she could squirt, and was of the belief that only a select few women where capable of squirting. I guaranteed them that I would be the one to make them squirt and that my technique has never failed in doing so. Till this day I still maintain a 100% success rate. However, there are women out there who would never feel the need to contact me for my help. Women who don... Continue»
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I loved going over my bestfriend’s house. I’ve been going to Kim’s house since we learned how to ride bikes. It was always so free there. As long as we didn’t break anything, didn’t take anything, and told the truth when something happened, we were free to do whatever we pleased. Kim’s mother was a very pretty woman. Fair skin, long curly hair, petite body, large tits and a very nice ass. She wore really skimpy clothes. You could always see her cute little ass cheeks hanging out of her shorts and you could always see her perky brown nipples. She never, EVER wore a bra or panties. I recognized ... Continue»
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He took his monster dick out and shoved it inside of his petite daughter with no hesitation. He pounded her even harder than he pounded me! Definitely not the first time getting in that pussy! Kim’s lips and mine were the only thing touching at that time. I loved every minute of it and so did my bestfriend! She screamed louder and louder until she squirted all over her dad’s dick!!! It was so warm.. running down my legs and pussy. “I love you daddy..” she said quietly as her weak body rolled off of me. He picked me up and wrapped his arms underneath my thick thighs and my heavy ass! He slid hi... Continue»
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I wanted to share my first sex adventure with a ma

I was 18 and she was 37 and we lived in Rosehill . She lived on my block. I was walking my dog once and she invited me in with her husband home and everything knowing i repaired electronical stuff. It was nice as we sat at the kitchen table and had small talk about the neighborhood and fixing their laptop as well . Before I left, she said, “Come back any time.” The way she said it struck me odd. It wasn’t the usual way a woman that age would talk to me. She had also mentioned her husband worked Tuesday nights. Why would she mention that?

I returned Tuesday night to find out. I was nervous ... Continue»
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Evil stepmom - Evil steps****r 4.

So last night I nearly got fuck my stepmother Melinda like I use to before Chrissie my steps****r decided to drop by, then instead of having sex with my hot stepmother I ended going to fetch my steps****r from a party where I then fucked a total stranger my steps****r was having group sex with before Chrissie then sucked me off.
It had been a strange evening but it was all over now and as I left work I knew it would be just a matter of days before Chrissie was heading back to college again, I hoped.
Opening the front door as I arrived back I heard the sound of laughter and excited chatter an... Continue»
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Hotlanta Lovin'

I've wanted you forever and now I have you. I play it cool, but my head is wild with joy as we wrap up our dinner at that nice gothic themed restaurant in uptown Atlanta. "Check please" I shout, and as the waiter comes over with the bill, I look deeply into your eyes and realise the wine has done its job..............they are loaded with mischief and made worse by the crooked smile on your lovely, thick lips. As we go out to the car and we are about to get in, without warning, you lift your black lace skirt pull your panties down and pop a squat, realeasing a sustained golden shower which spla... Continue»
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