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Trainer Buck

It was close to 2pm when I got home from the gym. I had just moved recently. Today was my first day as a personal trainer at the gym. It was only part time to start. They wanted to see how I did before they put me on full time. I had a step class this morning and around 11am I gave a buns of steel class. I was really working everyone out as they left all sweaty from my class. I love to work out. Being 24, 6ft 4 and still having an athletic body helps to get my clients motivated. I thought about getting another job to pay the bills. A friend of mine suggested maybe being a personal trainer for ... Continue»
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Hot Texas sex with the handy man

His eyes trailed over my whole body, stopping at my chest and then again at my ass once I turned towards the counter again. Each time I saw this particular maintenance man, he would be undressing me with his eyes. Not that I was any better. I often let my mind wander, imagining what his cock would look like pumping in and out of my cunt, staring at his muscular tattooed arms and large hands. From the way he looked at me, with a hint of cruelty behind his eyes, I bet he fucked like a bull; dominant, f***eful, and rough. He was clearly old enough to be my father. My pussy tingled.
“I’ll just g... Continue»
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My Wife. A Whore, and Proud Of IT!

My wife turned her fist trick when she was only sixteen years old. She was staying with a friend who tricked her into getting laid by the friend of her friend's husband. She had gone into her room and was taking a nap, when she was awakened by the bed moving.
She turned over and saw a man behind her on the bed. TOTALLY NAKED AND FULLY AROUSED. His was the biggest cock she had ever seen, and she had seen many, as she and friends would go to the forest and watch other couples making love, and fantasize about why the girls seemed to enjoy it so much.

She was wearing a short shift that tie... Continue»
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UK Supermarket fun

I thought I would share an experience I had years ago when I worked in a supermarket as a department manager. I was the office manager and had to deal with all the admin of the supermarket such as price control, wages, stock inventory, order processing etc.
As I was a department manager I had to do one or two late nights a week where I had to work till about 10pm. In the evenings we used to have students and ladies working about 6pm to 10pm shifts to answer the phone and check prices and it was one of these evenings that this took place.
I was chatting to one of the ladies who worked for me... Continue»
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Weekend at hotel - dogging and play

The return from the UK was uneventful we did not live together but shared a bed at the weekends and some nights during the week. We kind of kept the fucking vanilla, at least our version of vanilla lots of anal for her, rimming and sucking for me. However we kept the options open and discussed on occasion how we might spice our fucking up a little. We talked about doing something different and went through our list of close friends but none had ever even shown the slightest interest in mixing it up or doing anything in the bedroom together.

We decided to try dogging at a more intense level ... Continue»
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Part 5 Back to the Cabin for Clean up

Chapter 5, Back to the Cabin for Clean up

When Karen passed out from the pain of the piercing and cauterization, it didn’t take long before a little of the piss and shit mixture that was flowing through the tube to trickle down her wind pipe. As soon as the acid hit the sensitive lining of the bronchial tube, the burn caused her to quickly wake up in a coughing fit. This caused the shit and piss mixture to be sprayed through her nose out over her mouth, chin and tits. Because she was strapped into the chair, she could not move to help ease her coughing spasm. She continued to cough ... Continue»
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Young Mistress takes Man to Hotel

This story is a true one, it just has not happened yet. Mistress L will recognize herself in the first paragraphs.
For the rest of you, this is a story of a young woman and an older man meeting in a hotel room. I have written this scenario a few times before, so if you are just looking for a hot story to go with the picture...scan down to where they get to the hotel. That is where things get.... boiling!!

There had been a flurry of PM’s and texts going by all the previous day and even this morning. At first th... Continue»
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Part 4 Karen’s Night of Hell

Please remember that this is fantasy and anyone thinking that they should do these things in real life, deserve to be locked up and have the key thrown away and play sissy slut to their cell mate for eternity. If you are not at least 18 years of age please leave.

Chapter 4, Karen’s Night of Hell

Karen woke up when the trunk was opened. She noticed that they were inside a garage and there were no windows to indicate how long it had been since she left the porn shop or whether it was light or dark outside. In reality, she was only about a half mile from Darrel’s parent’s cabin. ... Continue»
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on the ladder

Donna had gone to work and I’d been sitting on my computer looking around xhamster for around ten minutes when there was a knock on the door. As I opened it there stood Geraldine, Donna’s friend, obviously she hadn’t known my wife was at work. In she came as I put the kettle on and as she sat down and lit a cigarette she was talking of her non existing sex life.

Anyway after a good half hour she mentioned that she was thinking of having a loft conversion done similar to ours and could she look at how much space ours had created. I observed her, she was in my eyes fucking ugly, short, very o... Continue»
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True Tales of a Salesman #3

Well it’s been awhile since my last true story. For those of you who have read #1 and #2, this one’s just another tale of a traveling salesman (me) as it happened.

Finally, after a few years of being on the road with my custom mobile showroom (my motor home), I relented, and decided to be a vendor at the Chicago Spring Apparel Show. Upon my arrival at the arena, part of the major chain hotel, after unloading my racks of apparel in my assigned booth, I was told that the garage could not accommodate my motor home as it had 8 floors all on a 15 degree slope. There was no option of park... Continue»
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Living in cockington part 8

Just after dinner I stood in the kitchen washing up and I started to remember early in the day fucking those hot twin girls and their mother and I soon began to feel a twitch in my trousers again.
Then as I stood there I remembered what Bridget, my neighbours blonde twenty something housekeeper had said about working late and would I like to fuck her ass.
Out of curiosity I finished the washing and then wandered out into the garden and casually wandered over to the garden fence.
I could already here some voices and other noises and then peering over I saw Bridget naked, on her knees being f... Continue»
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The Swingers Club Night - FFM Plus Part 2

Rachael began to stand at my last withdrawal and she climbed on the bed beside 69. She looked over at Rose and exclaimed "Fucking amazing or what?"

I moved forward and knelt onto the bed between 69's open legs. Her thighs coated in juices and saliva as I pushed closer and laid my hot cock against her pussy lips. Rachael leaned in and sucked on 69's breast as I entered 69 for the first time. I pushed in hard and fast, slapping hard against her pussy as I know 69 likes. I pumped harder and harder for several strokes aware of the risk of cumming. To slow myself down I angled my body so I could... Continue»
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A Matter Of Time

It was only a matter of time...

As soon as it’s clear what we both want, there’s no preventing it and neither of us really wants to, despite what’s at stake. Your frustration and mine combined is like jet fuel-propelled lust, charging us into a frenzy of sexual desire where nothing else stands a chance of grabbing our attention!

‘I’m coming,’ I read when the text comes through.

‘Lol dirty bitch,’ I respond.

‘No, I’m at the station and walking to your house!’ you clarify. I crap myself (not literally). One day we’re sharing pics of nudes in an inbox conversation, the next we’... Continue»
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Taken by a Demon

I took a shower, toweled dry, and put on a bathrobe. I was drying my hair when I thought I heard a noise from the garage. Not barking, but like someone thudding against the closed kitchen door. Armed with the blow dryer, I went downstairs and tip-toed cautiously through the living room and out into the kitchen. I could hear a dog whining just outside the door. "Well, shit," I said aloud, at the sound of which he began to whine even louder and started scratching at the door with his claws."Hold on, hold on," I said, wondering how he'd gotten in. I know the garage had been empty when I'd gone i... Continue»
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Doctors And Nurses

Wally always wanted to be an engineer but his father, a rich banker, insisted he studied to be a doctor. He saw it as a worthy profession and it would sit well on their f****y tree.

To go against his father’s wishes was to put his inheritance in danger and that added up to a considerable amount of money and property. Consequently he soldiered on, attended the best medical schools, and eventually ended up as a doctor at a large hospital.

Because he was smart and hard working, Wally soon worked his way up to being the hospital administrator and was bored to tears. On top of that, he’d been... Continue»
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Continuing my sexual education!

I stated my youth in the first part. But remember this was a time when c***dren were to be seen and not heard. And you submitted to everything. I was never hurt by anything done to me as it was loving friends and f****y. For you purists out there I neither condone or disagree with, I just enjoyed!

The adult world for me was huge cocks wanting in my ass or mouth. As long as the cum flowed and some entered my mouth all was great. One day the phone rang and mom answered. They wanted to know would she bring me next door for some fun. Mom took me in the bathroom and made me presentable. As she b... Continue»
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Zara worked her way up from the subway into the early morning light of time square. She was on a mission to find something fresh for Peter. Saturday morning the buses start to arrive from around the country. Among the passengers are sexy young women with dreams of stardom. "I have a good feeling about today" Zara thought to herself "maybe I will find something sweet that Peter will share with me."

As she entered the seedy diner there sitting at a booth was a young hottie that got her juices flowing. Making a beeline for the booth was a local perve that tries to cop a feel off any you... Continue»
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Hubby being an SOB

The husband was being an ass. He had been working too much, not paying me any attention. When he was around, he was distant. He was busy with a project at work and focused on nothing else. I tried to get him to relax. I dressed sexy, attempted to give him head, even a hand job. He wouldn't come around, always remaining focused on his work. I would only wear lingerie around the house hoping to entice him away even for a few minutes. Eventually I wore nothing around the house, still no attention from him. Finally I began masturbating loudly when he was home, but he would never engage. ... Continue»
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My first bukakke

Looking back it was possibly one of the most bizarre decisions I've made, but it all turned out well and enjoyed myself thoroughly.

It was a Thursday or Friday night and as I was sat at home feeling a bit bored as there was nothing to look forward to on the TV, I logged on to one of the sites I use on a regular basis to find I had mail waiting, so, I went straight to my mail box to see what I'd been sent.

Turned out to be a mail shot from the site operators telling me all about how the changes they'd recently made to the forums of the site had made a huge impact on the number of posts be... Continue»
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Photos for Hubby

A few years back hubby was deployed to Japan for 9 months And had sent me some sexy outfits.
After I got them and made sure they all fit the one was a nice camisole top with matching panties
( http://xhamster.com/photos/view/4247343-71828030.html )
a G-string with matching bra
( http://xhamster.com/photos/view/4247343-71828023.html#content )
a pair of see thru panties
( http://xhamster.com/photos/view/4247343-84677410.html )
and a see thru baby doll nighty
( http://xhamster.com/photos/view/4247343-84677409.html#content )
Well they all fit fine except fot the ... Continue»
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