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Young Tracy the Voyeur.

This is only my second story but I did say I would follow my first about my Uncles Wife with the story of Tracy, I was still at my Uncles and Judy and I had many encounters mainly a couple of hours in the afternoon where I would shagg her brains out. Both her daughters knew what was happening as Rach had probly told her s****r all about the noises on that night the girls over heard our sexual encounter.
I had been to the local working mens cub one Friday evening and got back in about 11-00pm, I had been thinking of cooling things with Judy as I knew it was only time before we got caught,... Continue»
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First One Now Another Big One

Bobby would text once a week with orders for Jenny. Sometimes early in the week to set up a weekend session other times a last minute booty call. But she always complied because she dare not risk losing out on a chance to be fucked so well. For three months it was pretty much a one night a week thing. He would fuck her silly and send her on her way. He never asked her to stay and made sure she knew she was to leave after they finished without cleaning up. She loved the slutty feeling of being used and riding home full of his cum leaking out of her now loose pussy.

She had started doing kega... Continue»
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Popping His Cherry Pegging

I love my husband. We married over 20 years ago and we are still best friends and exclusive lovers. Our life together has been difficult or at least challenging at times, but it has always been a good life. We've raised three wonderful c***dren, the youngest of which entered high school this year. My husband works hard and has become a very successful real estate broker. I've run the household and worked in the healthcare field. We have always been a very busy f****y.

Last week my husband left for work without taking his iPad. He never goes anywhere without it so I couldn't help but notice ... Continue»
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Is It Really That Big

My name is Steve, and as a new freshman in college it was hard to make friends. Actually, most of the difficulty in friendships probably came from me being really nerdy. I'm not a very outgoing or social person. In fact, the only thing I socialize about is football. I love football! Most of my free time was spent watching or reading up on my college's football team. 

The star of the football team was Butch, the quarterback. The only problem was...he was black. I know it's not right, but my father always told me that blacks were nothing but trouble. I didn't really care, to be honest. This m... Continue»
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102 Moving in with gran and May
Peter May and Rosie each selected a room and the removal men placed the furniture into each selected room. The usual couple of days of sorting followed, each in worlds of their own, each with a separate priority, the all consuming jobs round the new home occupying most of the hours, along with meals and sl**p, the pool being under repair so that option was out, it wasn’t till the Friday that any real relaxing time really came about.
They were sat in the conservatory, the evening meal over the lights of the distant seafront promenade twinkling as the light rec... Continue»
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Window Fuck

A few years back when I was visiting New York, I was upgraded to a hotel room on the 50th floor room with floor to ceiling windows overlooking Times Square. It was a beautiful view of all the lights and people below. The view actually gave me an idea. I quickly booted up my laptop and posted my add on Craigslist where I described that I was bottom and wanted a top to suck and fuck right in front of the window overlooking Times Square. I have found Manhattan hit and miss on Craigslist, but this time it was a definite hit.

Of the numerous replies one got my attention. It was a mar... Continue»
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We are Indian couple from Mumbai .My wifes name is Sreemayee, this story is about how she was fucked by a 19 yrs old Rahul who is our naibhour .

There are thousands of men who fantasize about their wives having sex with another man, but very few will experience it quite like this.

Anyone ever had a younger man just take a liking to your wife? Surely some have, but I mean quite literally a guy who developed a serious crush on her. One who would have bathed a cougar if she asked? Well, my wife had such a fellow in her very
... Continue»
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DEEPA My Hot alone Neighbor Aunty

Coming to the story about my neighbor aunt, her name is DEEPA. She has a well shaped body of size 36b-34-36. Every one would wish to have her. She looks like south Indian actress Asin. She is newly married and have no k**s. Her husband goes out of station very often leaving all alone in home.

A month passed by, and she became close to my mom as all ladies are addict to serials. I used to talk with her but wasn’t close enough. I used to see her assets very often as she sent most of her time in my home.

Days passed on and
... Continue»
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Medical Student Sex With His Horny Professor

Hi everyone. This is Steve. I am from vadodara , Gujarat. This is my first story so I would like to narret few things about me. I am 22 years old medical student and studying in MBBS. As its my last year.

I will be a doctor soon and regularly visit gym so I have athletic body and pretty attractive look. I would not say my dick is 8-9 inches but it is of good length of 6.5 inches. so without wasting much time i will move straight away to the story.

This happened about 15 days ago. The attraction of the story is profess
... Continue»
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Story wife wrote for me while I was deployed three

Here is your E-mail

Ok, so I thought it easier to write a story about a time we shared (or how I would have liked it lot) I am really not good at this so I am so uncomfortable writing we will call the guy Wes (We don’t know a Wes so it makes it easier lol)

Ok, so you did what you do and found someone to come over for some “fun”. Of course, I had spent the last few hours shaving, bathing, and finding some sexy panties and a sexy bra to wear. The panties and bra were dark blue. They were made of lace and you could see enough to know that my pussy was clean-shaven. It smelled and looked ... Continue»
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Geri Halliwell gets fucked

It was August 6th 2001 as the diminutive pop star was woken by the Emirates Airlines flight attendant to let her know they would soon be landing at Dubai International Airport. Ex Spice Girl, Geri Halliwell was flying back home from Sydney after a promotional tour and she wanted to break the long journey. Her watch showed 5pm.

It was her 29th Birthday and she was spending it away from home and her f****y; but such is the price of fame. But she got a birthday present she will never forget, nor want to. And it all happened in Dubai.

Geri's brain was still full of sl**p as she fumbled in he... Continue»
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It's never too late for sex

Sarah had been married for over 15 years when things started to go wrong. She got to the stage when she just stopped having sex with her husband Gary and eventually, just over a year ago, he left her for another woman.

Although he's been fairly good throughout the divorce, she's been left high and dry with her young, 12 year old daughter Maisie and the future looked hopeless until just a couple of months ago, straight after the New Year.

Sarah is just 5ft 2 inches tall, 46 years old with a slim, almost skinny, figure and she's never really been a demonstrative or overtly sexual person; w... Continue»
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Amazing Sexperience With My Married Cousin

She had perfect round and firm boobs and a big juicy ass. Before her marriage two years ago, she used to live with us. But after marriage she shifted her house.

I always had a fantasy to fuck her ever since I first saw her naked while she was bathing. But my fantasy could never be fulfilled. Until one day, I finally got into bed with her and ripped her apart.

Her husband had to attend some conference in the United States. So she asked my parents if I could stay over at her house. Since even I was having a vacation then, I
... Continue»
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Bangkok in 2001 satisfies Stuart big time

It was the middle summer 2001 in the back streets of Bangkok and it was unusually hot, even for the Thai City, as the three young local girls, Sumalee, Karnchana and Mayuree, were keeping cool in the large air-conditioned gym. They are employed to look after the sexual desires of tourists and they are very experienced in sexual techniques even though they are only 18 years old. All three had learnt to speak English as c***dren, which helps them now in their work with the tourists.

The previous day Sumalee had looked after the sexual needs of Stuart, a tall, well built, Englishman, and she c... Continue»
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A Fat Tuesday to remember

Looking back on it, I never really thought that it was Fat Tuesday until I sipped on my first beer. But as the night progressed, the memories of past trips to Mardi Gras would pale in comparison to what happened to me.

When I arrived at the bar that night, she hardly took notice of me. I was meeting a group of friends, to celebrate a birthday. I noticed she was drinking champagne. Girls get all giggly when they drink champagne. She had called me and told me to come, so I was surprised that she seemed to ignore me when I finally showed up late. Maybe she was mad, I thought to myself.

I sa... Continue»
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Consent 4

This chapter starts where the prior chapters left off.

I slowly wake up, stretch and roll over, Karen is gone, but Celeste is quietly sl**ping. I try to be quiet, but Celeste begins to stir. I lightly kiss her cheek and pull the sheet over her. "Go back to sl**p dear, you were wonderful, but rest.
I leave for my place, shower, and go to bed again. I wake the next morning about 11. Well, I guess two pussies can wear out a guy!
Karen calls and asks me to meet at her place tonight at 7 to talk. So I do my chores around my home until it is nearly 7.
At the appointed time, I ring Karen's door... Continue»
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one day. alexa asked her boyfriend matt if he would like to spank her. he kind of looked at her with this strange look on his face.you see alexa was really into things like spanking. the harder the better. the rougher the better. for as long as she could remember she was into it and she really loved matt and wanted to be put over his knee and spanked by him!

he stared at her for a little to long and it was beginning to feel awkward so alexa was going to brush it off as half joking half serious. she looked down at the floor sadly and then looked back up at him and was about to speak when... Continue»
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ALL IN {part 3} - Adventures of Seamus and Annie

ALL IN {part3}
Adventures of Seamus and Annie

As I pulled in to the parking lot of one of the only two flea-bag hotels in town - some dusty part of the Texas pan-handle - I could see Billy squirming nervously.

"Uh, so...", he said as if he was not sure what to say next, "Um.... I suppose you can just let me out here by the road and I'll get the next ride."

Annie turned quickly, "You're still going north aren't you?"

"Uh, yeah. I suppose I am."

"Well, so... Continue»
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A Work Party- Ch. 4- People Start to Notice...

A Work Party- Ch. 4

Ron spent the day with me, at my house, well, mine and Tony’s, as I cleaned up and made the house presentable for the party. Rom didn’t even balk when I gave him some chores to do, like dusting and vacuuming, and taking the trash out.

I spent the day wearing my short baby-pink satin robe, and nothing else, just padding around, doing what was necessary, including scouring the kitchen and bathrooms. Ron would leer at me and admire my jiggling boobs, and the fact that I kept having to re-tighten my robe’s sash, to keep it from opening fully to him. As much as I loved ... Continue»
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Feed Me

I am basically a docile man. Simple and very ordinary. I never have asked much of my wife; we have lived a simple life. I haven't asked for much, though in my most deeply held desires I have wished that I could be a man who could ask for and receive carnal pleasures that I could only imagine. Things I have read about, and seen on video, and dreamed about.

My wife would ask me about the simplest things and my answer would always be "whatever you want is fine, I don't mind..." etc. but I do want these things, I do desire them.

She would ask me about dinner, about plans about travel, cloth... Continue»
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