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A fantasy fuck I shared.

I received an message from a very horny woman fantasizing out me fingering her pussy on a crowded train which really turned me on. Her story ended with us getting of the train at the same stop and her wondering what would happen next. This is a slightly edited version of my replies:

Mmmmmm, your msg got me so horny I wanked myself off reading it. Saying that I wonder what did happen next...

I walked from the platform and out of the station with you following me obediently. Then I walked down a back alley, stopped, and waited for you to catch up. We stood for a moment then I ordered y... Continue»
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A friend lends a hand or should I say sperm

Jenny had settled down, her flamboyant life style had
been calmed by the act of marriage and her husband had
shown her the benefits of monogamy. She was content
with her standard semi in her standard suburb with her
standard husband on a standard salary. But she yearned
for a f****y.

Her husband, who had been married before, had other
views. His divorce had been particularly fraught and he
had taken the initiative to have a vasectomy. After
marrying Jenny, however, his heart melted and the
decision to start a f****y was made. Trouble was, hubby
was incapable.

They'd ... Continue»
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Grandad of love 2.

So I'm a widower and after my house keeper had confirmed I definitely had a large cock, I decided I needed to go and find women who also liked a large cock, but where could I start?
I was to old for clubs and bars, the last few years with my dearly departed wife I spent more time having afternoon tea than an alcohol drink, so I needed to try some where else.
my house keeper faith then suggested I go swimming, there's always plenty of young people at the local pool and of course in those skimpy swim suits you can really see who's got a hot body.
Just the thought of those young wet girls bega... Continue»
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My Daugher Paying Our Rent With The Landlord

My name is Sean and I live in a pretty nice apartment in a small quiet town with my s*******n year old daughter Amanda.It has been just Amanda and I for almost a year now since my wife and I divorced. Amanda was devastated because her mom basically wanted nothing to do with her and I and as much as Amanda tried to contact her she still hasn't gotten any responses. Growing up Amanda was always a quiet, shy girl but after her mom left she became angry and suddenly she wasn't shy anymore. She had her moms looks, Blonde hair, green eyes and a petite body that started developing a couple years ago... Continue»
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This is a memorable incident which happened in my life after my wife had delivery and our son was 1 year old. We used to live in Bangalore at that time. It was January when my wife got the news that her grandmother was unwell and this had prompted her to leave urgently for her hometown in Haryana. It was all of a sudden so we decided I, our son and the maid would come a few days later as I had some business to take care of and couldn’t leave with her. The maid also took care of the baby, and so my wife was okay leaving her c***d with me. Since my teen years I had this fantasy to fuck a maid ha... Continue»
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A crowd of mischievous people were pelting stones at a woman, whose language was unknown for the local people. Her body and clothes were messy dirty, one can’t judge her skin or cloth colours, her hair were uncombed dirty and s**ttered. She was shouting something at the crowd and shouting something at others, which was not understood by anybody. Even elders were there, but no one cared to save her. Instead they were laughing at her and making fun of her. Anish was passing through the same street. Anish a man around 45 is manager in a nationalized bank. He is well built and very kind. He is app... Continue»
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Barbaria Act 3 Chapter 2

Tavia was sucking Princess Venetia’s clitoris avidly... and was rewarded by the ecstatic wriggles her lips produced. It was lovely to be able to please her divine Mistress.
“Oh darling... d-darling... yes ...oh yes... sighed Venetia happily. The two women were in the luxurious cabin below the poop deck. Both were naked on a large bed, Venetia with her thighs drawn up and parted, Tavia’s auburn head between them. There was one slave in attendance, a young male who wore the customary tight leather restrainer. He stood silently in one corner, head averted from the bed. All the same, his eyes fl... Continue»
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Driven To the Breaking Point

I had never cheated on my husband in twenty-three years of marriage, but he was absolutely convinced that I was having an affair and obsessed with the idea of getting me to admit it. The Inquisition had worn on all summer and after spending the last couple months of getting grilled about it on a near daily bases, I found out that he was having an affair of his own.

When I confronted him about it, he insisted that his affair was perfectly justified since I was already having one, and refused to believe that I hadn't. Far from helping matters, if anything, confronting him about his own affair... Continue»
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Photo shoot, Mum becomes a slut. (Part three).

I looked at myself in my dressing table mirror, Checking. I’d applied my make up, a variation on the look Alfie always did for me when I was modelling. False eyelashes, black mascara, black eye liner, and black eye shadow. I was pleased with the results. It wasn’t as heavy as Alfie would have done, but then it wasn’t for a photo shoot.
It had been a hard day, Jack had spent four hours taking pictures of me, filming me masturbate, fingering my arse, making myself come. He hadn’t fucked me, and I needed it, slut that I was. Alex was there as well, my daughter, together. Jack needed content for... Continue»
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My best friends sister

This is a true story just names have been changed.....Hope you enjoy

This story starts on a normal saturday morning I woke up had a wash and got dressed, I decided to go have a quick work out at the local gym I grabbed my iPod and gym bag and left the house. The gym was about a ten minuet walk away I put my music on and went off to the gym.

I spent about an hour at the gym, I went in to the locker room and had a shower and got back dressed, I left the gym checked my phone I had two missed calls and three text messages I read the messages first all asking me to go clubbi... Continue»
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Prom Night

This is the true story of what happened to me, Tina the Redhead and a girlfriend on prom night.

As I related in an earlier post – Tina’s First Time – my parents were ultra conservative and ultra strict. Before they knew I was already having sex, I played the part of the good little girl.

When it came to my senior prom, the only way my parents would allow me to attend is if my date and I went with another couple whom they approved of. In other words, it had to be a double date. My parents really liked my closest friend Patty and thought she was a good influence on me, so when Patty told ... Continue»
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Wild Times At the Resort Bar

Well if you have been following this series my husband Phil and I bought a bar on a lake in Wisconsin. The bar catered to the younger “boating” crowd. Business was bad so I decided to hire three girlfriends to work as waitresses at the bar. They wore skimpy shorts, a bikini white sox and gym shoes. They looked great!! One, Sasha a Russian blond beauty, Susan the petite wife of a guy renting a cottage at the bar had a small body that would not quit. And my lesbian girlfriend Sandy. Well the bar was hopping that Saturday night and after midnight Susan as usual started to parade around topless... Continue»
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our trip to africa

I was so excited that Friday afternoon when our flight to Africa went. My friend, I, a very good friend and her African Lover have spontaneously decided to fly together to Africa!
Once in The Gambia, we could not at all expect more to go celebrate a bit in the evening, as I and my girlfriend have been in our minds during the flight, what will we do so, rather, what we can do with us: )

We spoke to us from the rooms, what our outfit was concerned. I put on my white, extremely short, skin-tight summer dress, plus my white highheels, my hair, I wore open my nails dark red, dark red to my lips... Continue»
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Red Light District Experience: Antwerp, Belgium

The Porn Chronicles continues following the adventures of Tyler Thomas and his sexcapades. There will be a video to come along this story, but the footage I got wasn't great so I wanted to write about it.

My travels had brought me to Antwerp, Belgium where I had found out has legal prostitution as well as a recommended Red Light District. The nice thing about it is that it's not as touristy and not near the main train station of the city, so you don't have the rowdiness that a place like Amsterdam offers. I was on a mission to find a hooker that would let me film our encounter.

... Continue»
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First Experence With Step Daughter Sarah (True Sto

This is the story of the first time that I messed around with my step daughter Sarah. Hope you all enjoy.

My ex wife Rachel was a milf in every sense of the word. She was thirty eight but looked twenty and had a daughter named Sarah and a son named Ryan who lived with his dad. The first time I met Sarah was a couple weeks after Rachel and I started dating and she invited me over for dinner. I got to Rachel's place and she was showing me around her house when Sarah came out of her room wearing some red pajama shorts and a white ... Continue»
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Our new chubby neighbour

A new neighbour moved in four doors down from us, she was asking us the logical questions over the fence, when does the trash cart come? Where’s the nearest store? Etc, etc. As it was a lovely day and the sun was shining I invited her over to our house, saves shouting over the fence. I opened the front door and she came through our house into the back yard, sitting at our table I made her a coffee.

It turned out she was a lot chubbier than Donna, I’d say 15 stone easy, 48D tits and a really pretty face. It turns out she was 28 years old and had moved here from around 50 miles away to escape... Continue»
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1st time meet

It was the middle of the Summer..temperatures were already high. Liam, a very well packaged, passionate, lad about-town in his late 30s is driving, to meet someone for the first time,in the next town. His fat cock is swollen already in his Calvin`s. You see although he was brought up well and most of his f****y were naïve about sex only having a few partners each in their lifetime, he was different. Although many people claim to be obsessed with sex, he actually was, totally and completely, from losing his virginity late at the age of 18. Hundreds of female partners, quite... Continue»
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The Basement

I have a guy friend, Brent, that I see regularly when I visit Atlanta. He is strictly a dominate top and I of course like taking the submissive role. This time when I visited Atlanta, Brent had me meet him at home that was for sale. Brent was a real-estate agent so he was able to let us in. As we walked in, Brent was caring a bag and I could not help to wonder what was in the bag. He let me to the basement which was unfinished and a bit musky. Bob told me to strip naked and positioned me on my knees around a pole. He pulled out some rope from the bag.

He then commanded me to pos... Continue»
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Her last night of freedom

Five years ago i met Charlie, the most beautiful girl i had ever dated and the lady i asked to marry me! Charlie was stunning,24 years old, tall, 5ft10, very athletic, she had enhanced breast, long dark hair and slightlu olive skin. Every room she walked into she was stared at by every guy in there. It made no differance to how i felt about her but her f****y was also very rich.

We had been dating for a year, it was the most amazing year of my life, we had so much fun. Lots of parties and gigs, and sex,... o my god she couldn't get enough! The only problem was she always said i came to quic... Continue»
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Always keep an open mind

Always Keep an Open Mind
“Do you ever get that feeling that you just need to find someone for a good, hot fuck?”
Kate froze at the coffee machine, hand on the lever. Had she really heard what she thought she’d heard? Turning in place, she directed her best cold glare at the customer on the other side of the counter. “I beg your pardon?” she drawled slowly.
The guy gave her a big, unapologetic grin. He looked normal enough: fairly young, average height, slightly shaggy dirty blond hair, in decent shape. He was wearing jeans and the t-shirt from some band under a black leather jacket. He did ... Continue»
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