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More old cunt

A few weeks after fucking Nancy I was sitting on the laptop in the lounge and in desperate need of a wank when as I looked out of the window there was Ivy, it had been a couple of years since I fucked her also. I looked at her as I felt my loins move and thought this was the time. As I stood up and walked to the door, upon opening it she was walking past.

“Ivy come here” I called, as she walked up the drive she looked a lot older than she did three years ago. She was wearing a blue plaited skirt and a cream blouse. As she ambled up towards me she said “Yes” I replied “Come in here”, as she ... Continue»
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Pack of Wild Dogs

School was out for summer. I couldn’t wait to get home and just bask in the sun and do as little as possible. I stripped out of my shoes and the basic white socks, enjoying the feeling of the grass and dirt on my bare soles. I still wore my plaid skirt and white blouse. For some odd reason, I felt compelled to cut through the woods to get home. Little did I know the trouble I was in for.

There was a path that cut through the woods, strewed with pine needles and dead leaves. They clung to my bare feet as I made my way through the woods. Pretty soon I came to a creek. Usually, there is a bit ... Continue»
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Bowling Buddies - New Team Member

I did it again lost my three game series 550 to 445. Now I was in Ron’s bed and couldn’t believe I was grasping a nine inch cock and getting ready to please my new senior lover. I stroked Ron softly watching his flaccid cock rise, but it would not be until I deep throated my lover that his full nine inches would be erect. I put the head of Ron’s cock to my lips and I slowly sucked his cock and swallowed it inch by inch working my way down to the base of his shaft. Soon the mammoth organ entered my throat as I took the last three inches. Then I began the rhytmic cock sucking that made Ron happy... Continue»
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Hotel Fuck

After sitting for hours on the laptop sitting in Gaydar, Fabswingers and Fabguys about to give up hope, a message finally arrives in my ‘inbox’ asking me if I fancy meeting up?

After much discussion and asking the usual questions, I am in my car and driving off to the city centre to a Glasgow Hotel. The remit goes roughly like this, ‘open door, enter room, lying on bed with ass facing you. Insert you cock and dump your load’ no questions asked. Always so wary of such invitations I decide to risk it and I am delighted to say that it worked out well.

I entered the room, it was dimly lit... Continue»
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Naught Mother, even naughter daughter

As with all my stories these are truthful recollections of things past, except for the ones which are fantasies - you choose which you think they are! If you enjoy them please give them the thumbs up; if you really like them please comment and if you REALLY like them mail me and I’ll tell you more than I can put here!

After splitting up from a long time girlfriend I found myself bouncing from one night stand to another. I’ll be honest I liked being settled down so started looking for something more serious.

I’d made friends with a woman older than me, not expecting anything to come from... Continue»
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thanks for visiting me

i'm thinking, me wearing a cute, short, white dress, my legs bare and pretty, my feet bare, sitting on my chair, a cute, fit guy, wearing thin slacks, standing in front of me, a huge bulge! me looking up at him smiling, my hands slowly running down from his chest to his bulge, softly tracing the contour of his very hard cock, looking up at him, he's my stud, my eyes glowing with anticipation, my pink lips wet, giving the bulge first a soft kiss, then a soft bite, on the head, then on the shaft.

"mmmm that made your cock jump!" i look up at him and giggle then start undoing the belt, licking... Continue»
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Getting Some Wine

You're going for wine and you know exactly what we both want you to do. You're in a very short dress and a thong. I'm at work dying to hear how it went. When you get there he's checking out one customer and he looks at you as you enter the store. You push up your sunglasses and smile nicely at him. He likes it and smiles back. You stroll the aisles until he's done at the register. You see him walk over towards you and you have butterflies in your stomach. He's tall and lean and black. "Can I help you with anything?" he asks. "Well, I hope so," you reply sweetly with a smile, "I was l... Continue»
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Female Doctor

Just before heading off to college, I had a painful injury playing lacrosse. I ended up needing stitches on my scrotum and penis. It could have been much worse.

After I started school in a new state, I had to find a doctor. I delayed doing it but eventually had to. Student Services recommended an office close to campus. The office was nice and used to having college students as patients.

I needed to see a doctor soon to pass a physical. The physicians we... Continue»
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Professor X

It was my second year of college, and I, was unaware that I would begin to enjoy college even more this year. It all began when I signed up for an introductory biology class. I remember walking into class that first day, and seeing a stunning svelte raven-haired woman standing behind the podium. The mysteriously sexy woman wore a simple, white fitting top with no sleeves, blue pants, and flats. I could see all her curves hugging the clothes she wore, exposing her figure quite well. Her tits were a pair of round, fleshy volleyballs. Her ass, it seemed, were created to match her tits as they wer... Continue»
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Fucked By Two Guys In The Park While On A Walk

I guess my life is like any other seven teen year old's but due to my shyness and complete fear of confrontation my life can be lonely. In school I don't have many friends mostly because I don't talk to people, I get threw my classes and go straight home to my room where I feel more comfortable playing video games and listening to music. My parents constantly ask me when might I find a girlfriend and as much as I would like one I just didn't see it happening. I have short blonde hair and am kinda short and thin which made it easy for the jocks in my school to nickname me "Scrawny". Like I said... Continue»
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Granny's Anal Craving

As I have related in other stories I am a 55 year old male living in Tucson, Arizona. I am really into the over sixty singles scene. Being younger I have acquired a fine stable of 65+ grannies that I bed down on a regular basis. But it’s my Wednesday afternoon Granny Marsha that is one of the best grannies I have ever dated.

Every Wednesday this trip fit doll with long shoulder length silver hair invited me over for lunch, drinks and what has turned out to be phenomenal sex. At first we just had good sex; it was satisfying for both of us. Usually, after a swim I would remove her swimsuit... Continue»
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Saucy Evening Out

He watches her with two guys.

She phoned me at work and asked what we were doing on the weekend? I said I had a meeting on the Saturday in Birmingham but that was all. "Ok" she said, and nothing more was said about the weekend.

On Friday night she asked if she could come to Birmingham with me so she could do some shopping while I was at my meeting. Of course I agreed and so off we went the next morning. She dropped me off and we agreed to meet again at 6pm.

When I came out of my meeting she was already there and smiling with a slight twinkle in her eye. We kissed and she... Continue»
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I recently had a very erotic experience. Up front I will admit that what I did was somewhat risky. I met with a woman and her boyfriend after they responded to a Craigslist ad I posted. On Craigslist under Casual encounters I post as a man looking for a man and woman. My post title was "I want to eat your Creampie"
The body of the post was this. "No long back and forth emails. Only a quick pic exchange. I want to watch you fuck her till you fill her pussy with your hot creamy load, then I want to eat her cum dripping pussy! It that makes you both hot to think about, reply to this post and le... Continue»
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Blatter's Revenge on His Wife

Having just dominated and degraded the female psychiatrist Dr. Noory, having just handed her over to a convenience-store clerk to do with her as he pleased, Percy Blatter drove home.

Opening the front door with his key, he was immediately confronted by his blond, long-haired, big-breasted cheating whore of a wife.

"Where the hell have---" she began, but never got to finish, as Percy punched her full-f***e in the face, eliciting a gasp AND a cry of pain, which hardened his cock.

"SHUT UP, CUNT!" he roared manfully as he gripped her hair and dragged her, screaming and protesting, to the... Continue»
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the appartment: through the back door

After a hard day's work I didn't feel like cooking so straight from the office I went to McDonalds, got myself a supersized menu and after finishing it I got a sundae for the road. When I got home I found a note in my apartment that was put through the letterbox, which was weird because I life on the third floor and have a mailbox on the ground floor, I folded the note open and saw that it came from my neighbour below, Foziah. Foziah is a single girl of Moroccan descent, living alone, in her late twenties, slim, nice head and always dressed modern, and although she's Muslim she doesn't wear an... Continue»
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Donna's threesome in the garden

Hubby had gone to the football with his mates so I had to go up to my in-laws house as they were away on holiday and the gardeners would need paying. I was sat in the garden reading, it was sunny and warm when they arrived, they knew what needed doing and they got on with the job. Half hour later, they were working behind the garage.

The garage area is fenced off and none of the neighbours can see, as it was so warm I took the two lads a cool drink, after giving them a drink they took a break. Andy was 22 and slim and Wayne was also 22 but slimmer and you could tell he worked out. As they s... Continue»
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OHGirl, Velvet & Denise: The Saga Continues

My mom’s husband, my mom and I all sat in the theater room watching the rough footage from my daughter’s newest videos, which had been sent to us before production. She had just shot her third US porn with an all black production company, who contracted to use Denise in a series of gangbang films. She had told me about her fetish for black men and I could tell from her sex scenes that she was loving it as she came during her multiple penetrations. It felt wonderful to see my daughter enjoying herself and satiating the same sex urges that controlled my life. I was so turned on as I wa... Continue»
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My Uncle Making Me Feel Beautiful

My name is Ashley and I am six teen years old. I guess I am the typical teenage girl but unlike most of the girls in my school I am more the quiet, shy type. I will admit I am jealous of some of the girls in my school because I envy the way they look with their golden blonde hair and thin bodies. I on the other hand am not very tall and kind of chubby with light blonde hair and blue eyes but I have always been told I have a very pretty face. Anyways life was the same every day, get up go to school, come home and sit in my room until I did it all over the next day until one day my mom told me t... Continue»
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Mein erster MMMF

Ich war gerade zarte 18 Jahre alt, als ich mich in einen tollen jungen Mann verliebte, der allerdings schon 20 Jahre alt war. Es waren tolle Tage und Wochen mit ihm, die Freiheiten die er hatte, eine eigene Wohnung, ein eigenes Auto, mit dem wir immer wieder mal zu den nahegelegenen Seen gefahren sind, gebadet und naja auch eine wenig Petting gemacht haben.

Zu der Zeit waren meine Tittchen noch stramm und fest und es zeigte sich erst der erste weiche Flaum an meiner Muschi. Er liebte es, bei fast jeder Gelegenheit , diesen weichen Flaum zu streicheln und als wir das erste Mal am Strand eine... Continue»
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A married couple meet my cock.

This story has straight and bi sex and cuckolding and a few other things. None of the categories really fit.
Please vote if you like it.

The craigslist ad was in the MW4M section. "Couple seeking bi man to take husband to the next level. She uses strap-on on him, now she wants him to experience cock for first time." And then the contact info. There were a couple of pics attached. She: with a big shiny black rubber cock poking out from under the hem of a short latex skirt. Tiny frame, nice titties. The mask she was wearing didn't disguise the fact that she was attractive. And he: bent ove... Continue»
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