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A totally fucked up f****y. Part 2.

A totally fucked up f****y.
Part 2.

My girlfriend Julie and I share a place together and work together and yes, we fuck each other senseless as much as we can. She has long brown hair and the sexiest body I have ever fucked. Her tits are C size and she stands at five feet four with the firmest ass I have ever seen. She is two years older than me and introduced me to some of her wild lesbian friends who are still friends today.
Anyway, we were in the lounge room on this Friday night after dinner fucking on the floor. I had Julie pinned down under my cunt and I was face fucking her hard. At... Continue»
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Master John’s Gay Boy Pet Slaves:5

Larry’s throbbing hard, thick, black 13-inch cock fermented in cum deep inside the strawberry blonde 18 year-old pet slaves’ reamed butt-hole as he lay on his back, chained spread-eagle in the hot summer sun, on the tailgate of Master John’s truck parked in the driveway out front of Master Johns’ secluded ranch.

Jimmy began to yell out for the Master when Larry covered his mouth with his hand. “Get over here,” Larry yelled to his black slave buddies watching from the ranch back yard.

The two young black boys Ben and Bee ran to the truck as quickly as possible and stood by Larry’s side ... Continue»
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Boat Trip

Sarah and I met in college and hit it off immediately. The very first moment I saw her eyes light up as she laughed at one of my awkward jokes, I was in love. We were both housed on the top floor of the school's most remote dormitory. She was in the room at the end of the hall, and, for some reason--which turned out to be lucky--the housing department decided to put me next to the bathrooms.

Most days, I would leave my door open hoping she'd pop her head in my doorway as she made her way to the ladies' room. Often she'd stop by in the evenings before "being dragged out" with her friends. In... Continue»
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Master John’s Gay Boy Pet Slaves:4

The ride back to the ranch was satisfying and arousing to 39 year-old Master John as he played with his 18 year-old pet slave’s hard white cock on the way home from the market while Jimmy sat completely naked on the bench seat of his truck, hands cuffed behind his back and a randomly vibrating 4-inch butt-plug deep in his ass.

Once the truck arrived in its place on the driveway of the ranch, Master John turned the truck off, threw the keys on the dashboard, took off his shirt, unzipped his shorts, pulled them and his underwear off his hips, down his legs and stripped himself completely nud... Continue»
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We had been driving down PCH1, open top Aston Martin.. We had pulled in to Big Sur for some refreshments...
Leaning up against you, your arm around me
We chatted for a while, the surf hitting the beach, the sun was just starting to set....the ambience was perfect, the company exquisite ...
We did not have to say anything, we just knew the time had arrived...
We looked into each other eyes, the eyes always tell the truth.. We had the look.
I knew of this beach hut/house hotel, we left the car, we walked hand in hand to the hotel. You stop, pulled me gently back.... We kissed
It was our fi... Continue»
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A Blowjob to Remember

So, this is my second sex story that I am posting. This particular encounter took place only about 6 months ago in June 2014.

I travel a lot for work, so most of the time I am not in New York. I spend about 4 months there every year, usually in the summer time. This summer when I was home my friends introduced me to Tinder. I had heard about it but was never really interested. One night I was visiting a friend in Manhattan and decided to make a profile and see what was out there. After a few matches and boring conversations, I matched with a woman in her 40's (I was 28 at the time). She wa... Continue»
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My trip to NC and the cousins house.

My mother thought it would be fun if i had a summer with my aunt and uncle. She put me on a bus and I got picked up on the other end by my aunt and my cousin. My aunt was in her late thirties at that time on her second marriage. My cousin was sixteen and I had just turned thirteen.
The house was a tin roof house on a tobacco farm. where I had to share the bedroom with my cousin. My aunt had placed a rope and hung quilts to diver us privacy. While her and my step uncle were in the other bed room.
The first night my cousin and i were woken to the sounds of my aunt getting a sound fucking. Co... Continue»
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Park Encounter

A few days ago my wife went out with her boyfriend for the evening and I simply could not stop picturing the two of them sweaty and naked, fucking in the back seat of our car. I was horny and I got the “craving” again so I posted an ad on Craigslist looking for someone, anyone, to please. Not knowing how much time I had before they got back I dressed quickly, throwing on a pink pencil skirt and matching blouse. I was in a bit of a hurry, so I picked the one who was closest to me and we agreed to meet for a walk and some play.

I met him at the park a few blocks from my house and when he g
... Continue»
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You are never really past it

Tina had been married for over 15 years when things started to go wrong. She got to the stage when she just stopped having sex with her husband Paul and eventually, just over a year ago, he left her for another woman.

Although he's been fairly good throughout the divorce, she's been left high and dry with her young, 12 year old daughter Zoe and the future looked hopeless until just a couple of months ago, straight after the New Year.

Tina is just 5ft 2 inches tall, 46 years old with a slim, almost skinny, figure and she's never really been a demonstrative or overtly sexual person; whic... Continue»
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Neuro submission transmitter 4

I get home late and mom is curled up on the couch, fast asl**p in front of the TV. She's wearing a long t-shirt, with nothing underneath it; I can see her firm, round ass where the t-shirt has ridden up. I start to wake her up to go to bed, but instead, I kneel on the floor with my face near hers and run my hand around on her ass cheeks. When she starts to stir, I kiss her on the lips, while running my fingers between her ass cheeks and down over her pussy lips.

"Mmmmm." She says dreamily, kissing me back and lifting her leg to give me better access to her pussy. "How's everything with you... Continue»
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Neuro submission transmitter 3

"I couldn't do it, Nick." Nicole says, taking the ear buds out and walking towards the bed. She's still naked; her pink nipples are pointing straight out from her small, white mounds and her face is flush.

"What's going on, Nicole?" I ask. A second ago she was going to zap me with the transmitter and make me forget all about... Wait! We're in uncle Harry's bedroom and my cock is throbbing like crazy; it's harder than I've ever seen it. The veins are popping out and the head is so dark it's almost purple.

"I was afraid that if I made you forget about the transmitter, you'd forget about u... Continue»
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My 18yr old Sex Slave - Part 3

“Her entire consciousness was about one thing and that one thing was being filled, being used as a fuck slut, my property, my dirty little teenage cock whore, who wanted to be used as I wished and who was about to find out what being a sex slave really meant.

Smiling to myself, I left the room, closing the door behind me.”

Her body twitched and strained against the tight bonds as yet another orgasm rippled through her body, her buttocks clenching and squeezing and pulling the plug deep inside her arse. The ... Continue»
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Master John’s Gay Boy Pet Slaves:3

The stride into the market was a bit uncomfortable for Jimmy for when the magic butt-plug he had stuffed up his ass was turned off, it clearly was in a more aggressive state of mind and had enlarged itself to a fairly moderate circumference. The 18 year-old pet-slave took it in stride at his Masters command and waltzed into the market beside him.

John ordered Jimmy to push a miniature basket in front of him and the two journeyed through the market. They were both legitimately shopping for supplies and covertly seeking the stud they followed into the market who flashed his big, hard cock at ... Continue»
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Master John’s Gay Boy Pet Slaves:2

Jimmy began to skip and sing merrily, handcuffed behind his back, nude and in bare feet along the dirt path on his way to Master John’s truck parked in the driveway of Master John’s secluded ranch. Master John followed closely behind him gazing at the hopelessly perverted teen boys’ hairless ass cheeks freely bouncing up and down as he moved along the path.

Jimmy arrived on the passenger side of the truck just as Master John opened the door for him and watched him seat himself on the passenger side bench seat, with his handcuffed hands behind him. Master John then walked around the truck a... Continue»
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Friend reunited

This is a true story.

Back in the mid to late 1970's I lived with my f****y in one of those areas that was a very decent place to live, but now due to one thing or another has really gone down hill and you really wouldn't want to walk through there in broad day light let alone at night.

But back then it was a great place to grow up. There were lots of f****y's with offspring of similar ages.

There was a f****y down the street that had a daughter that was only a few months younger than me and we always seemed to get on well and spent quite a lot of time together. The summers always see... Continue»
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teacher's pet

i loved the days when i had to wear my cheerleader outfit to school, mmmmmmm! it looked so cute on me and every time i wore it i felt like every boy and every man who saw me wanted to fuck me, and i was so sweet about it, pretty smiles for all of them and lots of flirty gestures. yep, my nipples would get so hard, i loved how they poked through the fabric, looking sooo cute, like they wanted to be sucked on. i'd wear my hair lose and a little messy, dolled up make up, lots of mascara and eyeliner, hot red lipstick, which i loved to touch up often, loved putting it on in front of boys, they'd s... Continue»
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How this all started (Fictional Story)

How this got started

Sugar has a friend that is married and her husband works out of town. Her name is Susan. She is a bit younger than us but not by much; she is 37 years old, 5’3” and about 160 shapely pounds. She was unable to have a baby so they have no k**s. Her situation adds up to horny woman, who has a nice house and lives pretty much alone because her husband rarely home, can’t get pregnant, so big time whore. When he’s home he treats her like a queen and she loves him but when the hubby away the cougar will play. Sugar always tells me Susan’s stories and I have a hard time con... Continue»
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How the lottery got me more pussy than Wilt Chambe

Coming up as a tall, goofy k** in the hood, I would be interested in pretty girls, thick girls with DD's. I would always ask them for a date, or to hang out, and they said,"No!"

So, one day I go to the store to play my lottery, the jackpot was worth $1.7 billion. So, after being in a long ass line, I finally got my chance to play. Thank God I went to Indiana, where they had no state tax if you win.

So, after I played my lotto, I hopped on I-80 west to go back to Illinois. Once I returned home, I cooked my food and fell asl**p. I wake up at 9:45 to check my numbers. I waited until 10pm. ... Continue»
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Innocence Taken: Part 3

The next morning I woke up dry... or at least I thought I did. My Goodnites diaper felt a little wet in the front, but it wasn't my pee, it was that I had my first wet dream and I had just finished shooting my cum in my diaper, right before I woke up. Chris, my hot math teacher was in it and I dreamt that he was fucking me on my own desk! I was overwhelmed with excitement, I wanted to see him right then and there to tell him about my hot wet dream. All of a sudden I itched, I needed to know if he was dreaming about me too... I wanted him here, now, I wanted him inside me again. All of this rac... Continue»
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My Wife Maureen and Doug & Brad

Maureen & I went to Kim & Brad’s home for dinner. When we came in the door I immediately noticed the mistletoe hanging there in the entrance way like it always has in our home, a hint to guests that Maureen was easily kissable. As we called out to let everyone know we were there Kim said they were in the den. As we entered the den I immediately noticed Brad, our son-in-law & his Dad, Doug sitting there stark naked with big hadrons’. Kim was there also wearing just high heels and a very wet and creamy looking pink lipstick. One of her & my favorite colors. She grinned and asked if we were just... Continue»
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