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Amy Tells Her Story – Chapter 2 of the Amy i

If you have not read the first chapter, which is, Amy is Pregnant, I suggest you do so as this chapter doesn't make much sense unless you have the start of the series. Will there be a chapter 3? I don't know, I am looking for input, you can help. Here are the questions:

1. Should there be another chapter?
2. If there is another chapter where should it go?

I generally don't get a lot of input on story lines, it really is a personal thing for me when a story starts to develop in my mind. But in this I am wondering what the readers think?

Now on with the story!!

The 21 year old... Continue»
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Mother and Son Attend Sunday Church Service

[Story] Mother and Son Attend Sunday Church Service

Today is Sunday morning and my son promised to take me to church, so I walk naked to his room to make sure he is awake and getting ready. Darn him, he is still in bed, so I pull the covers away and gently tap on his young muscular shoulder to wake him up.

He rolls over, opens his eyes and says, "Mom, what time is it?"

I respond, "It's time for you to get up and take a shower, otherwise we will be late for church."

He suddenly sits up, grabs my wrist and pulls me into bed with him, then begins trying to kiss me while he runs his ha... Continue»
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Dubb The Big Booty Masher!!! (Toccara)

Toccara is this thick girl I fucked from a country town in Texas. While I was with Jeanie for two years, this was one of the girls I cheated on her with. I recall where she’s from because I drove all the way to far out to the country to hit that. Toccara was a sexy big ebony thick country girl with a big monster huge butt (not sloppy), and nice large tits. I remember she was on my dick from the first time we met in front of Jamal’s house. She was wearing a denim outfit with all of her nice curves showing. I wanted to fuck her that day but she was with her friend, so we exchanged numbers for ne... Continue»
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Prisoners of cum

Kathy woke with a start. She found herself in a small room laying nude on a
soft mattress. She quickly clutched at the fabric looking for the covers but
there were none. The walls of the room were painted a pastel green and the
floor was padded like the mattress. She gasped when she turned from the wall
she had been facing to a barred wall. Immediately she realized she was in
some sort of jail cell.

Across the hall from her was an identical cell. In it sat a woman with long
black hair. She too was nude and had large breasts, which she was caressing
lightly. Kathy could see the... Continue»
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BtVS: Dealin' With Dawnie

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Dealin' With Dawnie

Faith's POV.

One of the, many, things I like about dusting vamps is, if you're doing it right, there's no mess. Also no body, and B tends to be a nag if she finds one of mine and will give me an ear full, although that may be partly because she's holding a grudge over that whole long weekend romance with evil I had going a while back. Still, she's got a point about not leaving around evidence, which is why I always bury my demons now. As in literally. But when it's just me, like it normally is now it's looking like Spik... Continue»
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The CleanUp Girl

Erika wanted to be a porn star. She was in love with a well-known female actress named Patricia. Patricia's nickname was `Pink'. In all her video's she just loved showing off her stretched open pink pussy. She was the queen of the pink show. Opening her cunt up at every opportunity. When she did an anal scene, she always tried to get the guy to lay on the bed, with her above, straddling him, that way the camera could get a great shot of her ass being fucked, while she spread her cunt lips wide, dug her fingers deep and
pulled herself open, so she could show off her cervix to the camera.
She... Continue»
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Whole Lotta Love

The early 1970s were probably the last days of sexual innocence. I don't mean that we were sexually innocent, far from it. The pill was still fairly new and exciting. A girl could fuck who she wanted, when she wanted, without sweating a lot of heavy stuff like pregnancy or fatal diseases. You might get crabs, you might get a case of the clap but, nobody had heard of HIV and friendly sex was cool. A "do your own thing as long as you don't hurt anyone else" attitude was in the air. With all the nasty stuff and nastier people running around today, I'd be scared to death if my daughter had that at... Continue»
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Anal Creampie on a Married Woman

I have been in the Military for a little over 4 years and I have fucked a lot of kinky, sexy, and downright freaky women but my most recent encounter with a married white woman I met on craigslist takes the award for most memorable.

I have been in Hawaii for a little over two years and I have a couple of women I can call when I need my cock tooken care of but on this particular day they all were either at work or with their significant others so I went to my back up plan. Craigslist on the island of Oahu is hit or miss and I was just just looking to stick my cock in something wet before res... Continue»
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Never work late

It was late in Singapore, the darkness overtaking the city. You have me bound to the huge desk in the main room, my knees bent far back. I still cannot believe I am in this situation. Ropes tie my arms up high over my head, my breasts thrust out, unprotected. My legs are securely circled with the heavy, rough rope and you drew my knees up until my legs are spread obscenely. Another rope slipped under the desk and tied to my knees kept them permanently spread. 
 Only the sound of my heavy breathing fills the room and only my fear of you stopped the screams and struggles. I try to surrender to ... Continue»
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Accounting Fun

Hey Guys,

here's a new story for you all. I've been keeping busy with work and studies so I haven't had much time to play or meetup with anyone unfortunately. However, i know you all enjoy my stories, so I've made on up here for all of you to enjoy. As I'm writing this I've got some smoking hot chocolate cooling down and i've got three mini marshmallows stuffed up in my pussy, warming them up to eat :)

I arrived home yesterday from work around 3:30PM when I was changing out of my work clothes. I slipped off my navy blue jacket and skirt revealing my black frilly panties, my white shi... Continue»
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Discovering My b*****r Is Hung

My b*****r Luke and I have always been close never really fighting or arguing as we grew up. I always felt very protective of Luke because I was two years older then him and also because our parents worked a lot so it was usually just Luke and I at home. I was lucky getting my looks from my mom while Luke looks more like our dad. I have short blonde hair, blue eyes and am kinda short. Luke is the same height at me and has short dark hair and green eyes. Anyways as much as I enjoyed taking care of Luke I also wanted to live my life and sometimes I did so in ways that would make my parents grou... Continue»
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Nicole And Her Babysitter Share Some Woman to Woma

Kara had been babysitting for the Jacobs ever since she high school. She was a senior in college now, and still baby sat to earn extra money for school and other things. Kara was a pretty 23-year-old, with sexy blue eyes and short blonde hair.

It was Saturday night, and Kara was planning on spending the night since the Jacobs probably wouldn't be home until the wee hours of the morning. There was a big party going on at her husbands work, and since part of it was celebrating his big promotion they had to attend. Nicole Jacobs and her husband came down making sure everything was alright, an... Continue»
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Crescent City Secrets - Chapters 28&29

This is a reposting of my erotic fiction novel, Crescent City Secrets. I have written 3 non-fiction books about my own personal sexual adventures, but I feel like New Orleans is a city full of sex and sensuality and I wanted to tell some stories that didn't have to do with me. I'll be posting the entire book here to Xhamster. I hope you like it. If you want to read more of my work, look for details on my profile. XO - Kate

Crescent City Secrets
Kate Rousseau

Chapter 28

As the evening wore on, th... Continue»
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This is a true story about my wife which I will call Jill and a guy that lived in our building on the floor above us I will call Bob. My wife Jill is a very good looking women that gets lots of looks from the guys. The first year of our marriage we moved into a apartment in Auburndale Queens new york. We lived on the ground floor and their was one apartment abov... Continue»
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The Oinment - BBBBTS

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

I was pretty much d***k, as I passed out in the hotel lobby. I remember some of my friends taking me to my suite. I woke up a day later, behind some trash cans, in a alley way. I could hear some people cheering behind me. I rolled over. Some beer cans fell of my chest. I turned to see a big crowd cheering and waving there hands. I walked over and squinted my eyes. They were cheering for a cock fight. Two big rooster were going at it. I reached into my pocket to pull out a twenty. I then get knocked over the head by a policeman.

I woke up 3 days ... Continue»
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I had to go out this Monday Morning and left Donna waiting for the plumber. Around 10:30 there was a knock on the door and she let him in, showed him what the problem was and then left him to it. Twenty minutes later she went to see how he was doing, as she looked in the bathroom he was laid on his back under the bath, with his legs apart.

Donna went in the bedroom and changed into a black skirt and white blouse, she touched the front of her knickers as she changed, she was so horny. As she sat on the bed she ran her finger over her cleft and moaned quietly to herself, as she wanked herself... Continue»
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After the Bath

You come out of the shower and sit down to dry your hair. I would come up behind you and begin to massage your back paying attention to your shoulders and neck. My hands would run all along and applying pressure to the sore and tense areas. I'd continue doing this moving all around rolling my fingers and pushing with my palms. My hands would slide down in front and massage your collarbone and further down to your breasts. The dampness of my hands feels cool on your nipples as my hands roll over your breasts...

My hands move back up to your shoulders where they press down hard to work out th... Continue»
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His dream about having sex with the two of us

I received an e-mail one day from Camilla where she told me that her boyfriend Jacob had unveiled an erotic dream in which we both took part. I was very amazed and sent Jacob an e-mail asking him to describe his dream. He wrote me this:

I dreamt we sat in the kitchen, you me and Camilla. We had just come back from the beach and while I was still in my surfing shorts and t-shirt, you were still wearing your bikinis but with you wearing a tight jean skirt and a top and Camilla white shorts and and a y... Continue»
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Submissive Wife

You open the front door Friday after work and your beautiful wife is on her knees with hands behind her back. The first thing you notice is her dark black eyeliner and eye make up. Her eyes meet yours and they have the look of passion and lust, as if she has been craving your dick all afternoon. You see her lips are full and are painted a light red, they're slightly open showing her white teeth. Then you see her black laced dog collar necklace that highlights her perfect neck and throat that you will fuck until you're pumping cum into her stomach. She's wearing black lingerie and thigh stock... Continue»
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Discovering That My Daughter Is A Slut

When my wife left a few years ago leaving me with our daughter Katie I felt like my life was falling apart but after telling myself many times that I still had to be strong for Katie I became a better man then I had before. Katie is a sweetheart willing to help out around the house or do whatever I ask even though I like to just leave her alone to let her live her life. Katie never gets in trouble and always does good in school so that part is easy for me not to have to ground her or get angry with her in anyway. One thing that is hard sometimes is that Katie looks a lot like her mom. She has ... Continue»
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