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Cumming Clean With Cassie by loyalsock

I didn't always like oral sex. Don't get me wrong - I
like to eat pussy, and the ladies tell me that I'm
really good at it. What I mean is that I wasn't much
turned on by a blow job. It felt good, yes, but it
wasn't something that would float my boat, so to speak.
Until I met Cassie.
The way Cassie does it just drives me wild. One thing
that helps is that Cassie has braces on her teeth. I
have always thought braces were sexy. The other thing
is that she doesn't just jump right in and expect me to
cum in ten seconds. She varies her technique quite a
bit, always looking for new ways t... Continue»
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Roulette by loyalsock

"A Pair of sixes."
"Three sevens."
"Full House. Queens over threes. Pay up, Andrea."
Agonizingly slow. Still, closer and closer. Both had
lost (first their left, then their right) spike
heeled sandals. Their deliberate card playing and
movements made those losses seem like hours ago.
Nevertheless, the sight of their shapely legs,
lovingly caressed by their ultra sheer hose, anchored
my attention. Their petite feet were expertly
pedicured. Their fingers perfectly manicured. Very
minimal make-up was expertly applied. The barest
hints of their perfume fogged my brain, which s... Continue»
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Random Shopping Mall Hook Up

What happens when a random teen kisses a random older man as he walks through a mall? What happens when he walks back to his car? Going to the mall will never be the same for you after you read this story!!


It was Thursday evening and I needed to get a fancy picture frame and have it engraved for my nephew’s high school graduation so I walked into the mall and went straight to the kiosk where the story directory was displayed and found the quickest path from where I was to where I needed to go. I then turned around and nearly bumped into this tall young gir... Continue»
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Neighborhood sex orgy - Elise confronts Tim

The first two parts of this story were well received and told the story of something akin to a BD blind date that was suddenly ended when the women discovered they were related to the men! Part 3 told of the Father and daughter who had some issues to work through. This story tells how the older woman and her step-son worked out their situation.

If you are interested in exploring this taboo subject, settle in and enjoy!!!


Elise pulled on her sports bra and her pink and black running top. She had already put on the matching shorts and pulled her hair back in... Continue»
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Julie bent over her desk for Sarah

Sarah: You never let me bend you over a desk anymore

Julie: I’m bottomless.

Sarah: *Slides her hands around your hips and squeezes your butt*

Julie: *Giggles and squirms, rubbing you with her legs as your hands grip her bare ass*

Sarah: *Massages your backside slowly, her cheek rubbing against your thigh as she lightly kisses at the other*

Julie: *Brushes her fingers through your hair with one hand and lifts her shirt up with her other, letting you see up under it*

Sarah: Mm *Lifting herself up a little as she purrs, still grasping tight at your bare bottom, tilting up her he... Continue»
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Nate and his tranny neighbour: Part 3

Nate and his transsexual neighbour part three, as always hope you freaks enjoy and let me know what you think ; )

Nate woke up thinking about his last two encounters with his hot big-dicked neighbour. Having never had much experience with woman to having the hottest sex he could hope for was a dream come true. However as he slowly stroked his hard morning wood he realised he had yet to fuck Jez, her gorgeous tight ass in lycra was a vision to behold. Wanting nothing more to feel her pretty asshole clench onto his teen cock as she begged for more. Quickly he decided to try and seduce her to... Continue»
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Summer Job Pt 4

As she said thos words my eyes moves towards the bed. There my eyes met another vision; completely naked lay her mom, she was an almost perfect image of her daughter, her breasts were larger and her stomach not as flat but in front of me was body as similar in every way to that I had seen in the bathroom.
'I , I so r get what's going on?? ' was all I could mange. I didnt know where to look, to take in the new site before me or feast my eyes on the teenage temptress beside me. My thoughts were still a mess as her mom spoke,
'Isn't it obvious?? I want you to fuck me, you've had Beth and she's... Continue»
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Becca, Our New Housekeeper

Sorry we haven’t posted lately but we’ve been very busy. Babs and I both got promotions where we work and have been busy learning our new jobs. I suggested to Babs that we get someone to come in and clean the house for her and she jumped at the chance and said she would make the arrangements.

A couple days later I came home to find a very cute looking young lady vacuuming the livingroom. She introduced herself to me as Becca and told me that she was very grateful for the job as house keeper. I shook her hand and noticed how her hazel eyes seemed to shine and turn green as we talked. I excu... Continue»
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Body Corporate Chp 18

3748 - 1.89

The Way Home

Cindi laid back in the lush leather seats relaxing as the car drove down the country road towards home. It was a warm night actually warmer than at camp. As soon as civilization started to appear Cindi’s blindfold was put back on and again she was in total darkness.

It wasn’t a minute later that she felt George’s hands rubbing her body. Actually it felt good with his soft fingers roaming all over her with special attention to her bosoms, which at this point were still sore but they still reacted. Nothing was said she knew from past experience that... Continue»
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Body Corporate 14

2738 - 1.39

Chapter 14
Sea Trials

Uncomfortable as she was Cindi still fell asl**p being completely exhausted by the day’s events. sl**p ended when her master came down and released her from the ropes. As it turned out she was awaken so she could go back to sl**p only in the Master’s bed, for a few more hours. Cindi was told to report to the dock at 1:00pm. She was to have her makeup on and be prepared for photos and other activities. The photos seemed like no problem but the other activities gave her some concerns.

Cindi slept for a few more hours in the comfortable bed before waki... Continue»
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Body Corporate Chp 15

1679 - .84

Chapter 15

New Master

It was shortly after midnight when Cindi felt someone at her back playing with the ropes.

As she opened her eyes and looked she saw one of the guest dressed only in his shorts trying to untie the bindings. Before she could say anything the man told her he was the winner of the games and she was his for the next day and he wanted to start now. Well it was after midnight so she was technically his, as the Master said the winner had her for twenty–four hours. Obviously he wanted every minute of it. Cindi wondered when he was declared the victor, as s... Continue»
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Body Corporate Chp 17

3562 - 1.78

Chapter 17
Weeks End

Again Cindi enjoyed a good night’s sl**p, which she felt would probably be the last for some time. Darren awoke at about 8:30am Cindi was already out of bed and in the shower where Darren joined her. He gently took her into his arms and embraced her while his manhood stirred to life. He wanted to take the very last opportunity to make unrestricted love to this diva. Cindi responded immediately also wanting to end the week on a very positive sexual note. She knew sex in the future would not likely be this way again. It was simple sex just having Darre... Continue»
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Body Corporate Chp 11

1977 words - .98
Chapter 11
Night of Horrors

As Cindi watched the men follow her master back to the camp she already felt the pain in her arms and legs as she hung from the two trees. Under her weight the branches were getting closer to the ground. She was not sure if a wild a****l came into the camp that she would not be a dinner for one of them. She had no idea where she was or the wildlife that may inhabit the woods around her. She had come to expect the worse from her master, leaving her hanging in the trees was just another cruelty.

As the sun set the air started to cool ev... Continue»
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Body Corporate Chp 12

2581 - 1.29

Chapter 12
Day of Fun

As Cindi lay naked, tied to the picnic table she at least had some comfort, she wasn’t hanging from a tree. She had boards to lie on and a warm sun beating down onto her very sore body.

It lasted for some time as the men extended their breakfast into lunch allowing Cindi some time to regain her energy. If they were going to play with her again today she would need it. Cindi enjoyed a lengthy rest before her master came to retrieve her. She was lead down to the beach, as it was the men’s playtime. All the men with the exception of Cindi’s hero were... Continue»
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Body Corporate 13

3139 - 1.66

Chapter 13

As she lay there in silence she heard someone coming down the stairs, and when she could see, she saw that it was her master with lotion in his hand. He hadn’t gone to bed after all. He said nothing just spread the white cream all over her sunburned skin. What was this, an act of kindness? Could it be he really cares after all? She didn’t ask, but rather just enjoyed the moment. He left as he came in, complete silence, not a word was spoken.

Morning didn’t come early enough for Cindi with the pains in her legs and arms. Although with the sunbur... Continue»
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Coach Kristen

What does she do when she's off the field?
My niece plays softball in a little league that is sponsored by the city we live in. Her coach, Kristen (not her real name), is really the only fun thing about the games.

Kristen is on the thick side. She has sort of a chunky face that she packs make-up onto, and pouty lips that are the same dark-red color as her long, curly hair. She’s not what I would call a classic beauty but she is definitely “doable.” And if I had to guess, I’d say that she was probably in her early to mid-30’s.

Kristen also gives off the vibe that when sh... Continue»
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The men in my girfriends f****y

Anyone who has read any of my stories knows that I love taking deep dickings and being bred. Best feeling in the world. And that I am not necessarily attracted to men, but attracted to their cocks and the cum they give me. I still got aroused at the sight of a girl.

I was an average k**. Nothing special to look at. The only reason I did get attention was from guys that knew I would suck them off or let them fuck me. So when a girl from school actually started to show interest in me, I started to get interested in her.

She was average looking, too. But she was smart and nice. We would ta... Continue»
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Gang-banging a Cheerleader

My high school sweetheart, Linda, was such a slut. At the tender age of 16, she had already fucked around with several guys before me, a couple of them much older than her. She was desired by many, and I enjoyed hearing about her past sexual escapades. I also enjoyed her wild libido and impressively high stamina. As bored, horny teenagers, it was not uncommon for us to fuck for hours at a time.

We continued to date through college, where she affirmed her reputation as a super slut, but I would have to say my favorite sexual memory of her came when we were juniors in high school. It was afte... Continue»
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Gang banging J.J.'s little s****r

The best sex of my life was during my teen years as a wild, young gang-banger in L.A. There was never a shortage of bitches throwing themselves at tall, muscular, hard cocked men like me. And if there was resistance from a woman, me and my boys would undoubtedly find a way to fuck her anyway. Fucking rival gang members' girlfriends by f***e became an effective weapon in turf wars. I even had some women fall in love with me after some f***ed sex acts-- they were so impressed with my cock and performance they wanted more! By my mid-teens, I'd participated in a number or consensual and non-consen... Continue»
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Jane's bathroom fuck with a stranger

Although Jane was a dirty slut she usually needed a couple of drinks and a little bit of encouragement to totally lose her inhibitions, and there always seemed to be someone encouraging her!
After we got married we continued to party and regularly ended around someone's house or our own, with ten twenty thirty or more people all having a good time after the pub shut.
Jane loved it, there was never a shortage of males to flirt with or guys chatting her up.
Inevitably there was the odd occasion when Jane did a bit more than flirt, actually there were quite a few!
Who could blame the guys? Ja... Continue»
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