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Explanation to my wife pt.2

In the following weeks since that fateful day Katherine and I were able to sync our schedules more, so my wife and i were as happy as newly weds. We made love almost every day and some days multiple times! Things were good and i tried to forget about that day with Daphne. Though Daphne tried to keep my mind on it. She would purposely walk by and let her hand trace my cock as she walked by, sometimes she would press her ass firmly against me and gently wiggle. She would even wear tops that REALLY accentuated her cleavage and do all she could to show it to me. Even flashing her breasts to me wh... Continue»
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Fucking a married Hijabi coworker

All names and locations have been changed to protect the identity of the individuals involved.

Wow, where to begin. My name is Ahmad. I am 5’9 roughly 155lbs and this story happened a few years back. I had recently graduated from University and secured a position in the Risk department of the bank I had been working at for some time. The position involved working with the compliance, Risk, Finance and was a great opportunity to learn and grow. I thought I was excited to start my full time position and was always upbeat and happy to get to work. I soon learned that most of the people working... Continue»
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Would you like to fuck me asked Hina.

Huh, what did you say I asked shocked by the blunt and unexpected question?

Well, we have been working on this damn project for 3 days straight, 12 to 14 hours a day. We have breakfast, lunch and dinner together and have spent more time together this week than we have with our spouses, she said.

She was right. Monday morning at 6 we had started on the preparations for the Sales Conference. 2 late sittings on Monday and Tuesday, clocking 14 hours a piece at the office, Tuesday night we flew to Dallas and checked into separate rooms at the Hilton. T... Continue»
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"Mid-Life Crisis"

So I'm lonely and having kind of a my midlife crisis. I'm hornier than I can remember any time in my life and my husband is away at war. I am so hot and horny after 7 months without getting fucked. I am an attractive woman 5'8" tall with blonde hair, and stay in good shape 36-30-36. I love my husband but what's a girl to do?

I can't deny the ache that creeps into my clit. The ache to have my hole filled with his dick, thrusting away. I love it when he fucks me and it is delicious. He pounds me the way I like it, my head thrown back just taking it over and over, steady, with my juice... Continue»
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Mrs K Pt2


I woke up after a short sl**p of an hour or so. My head had moved from its resting place against her big soft breasts and was now against her tummy. Mrs K was stroking my face; it felt good. Better still was my memory homing in on what had happened.

"Hello sl**pyhead, looks like I wore you out," Hazel said, laughing, and then smiling broadly.

"Hello my beautiful lady," I replied.

I wriggled up her body and we shared a deep kiss. Then I gently nibbled her ear-lobes, kissed her neck and moved my mouth down over one of her huge pink nipples and sucked. It hardened beautif... Continue»
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Fahima Pt2

Fahima stood waiting at the bus stop, struggling to cover herself up with her jacket. The chilly air had hardened her nipples which were visible through the abaya. She knew the moment she had put on the tight silky black abaya that it was going to be impossible to cover anything up.
She had been in great turmoil over the past 24 hours. One moment she felt ashamed for doing the sinful acts with Donte yesterday but on the other hand she felt excited every time she thought about it. She had decided she was going to turn up at Donte’s place and tell him it was one off mistake that would not occu... Continue»
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Maryam - Brown Eyed Girl

As I close my eyes for a second, I flash back to an extremely lucid vision from my past. Maryam is kneeling naked in front of me. Her huge, beautiful dark eyes are in piercing, mischievous contact with mine. Half of my rapidly re-hardening cock is inside her full, soft lips. She is sucking it clean of the remnants of cum from our recent fuck, as her soft right hand fondles my balls. The sweet aroma of sex floods the bedroom…. Blissful memories indeed.

The beginning:
I first set my eyes upon Maryam in the warm late spring of 1999. I had just been enrolled onto a computer skills course at a... Continue»
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Mrs K Pt1

Do you find that in this sometimes painful sometimes wonderful world of ours that life's pleasures are best enjoyed when they come unexpectedly? I do. That's how it was with me and Mrs Kellerman. Unexpected, and fine, very, very fine.

I met Mrs K when I was staying at my aunt's house one summer. At the time immediately before I met her, I was in a kind of down-hearted frame of mind. Shortly after I met her I was flying high on my own personal cloud. Now, I have a precise, precious memory of this beautiful, curvaceous woman of, I'd guess around her mid-fifties (it is rude to ask I've been to... Continue»
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LaWhore in Lahore

Shazia awoke by the sound of banging iron gates, she opened her eyes staring at the lizard above her mattress, the small beam of sunlight shining through a letterbox sized window, Shazia had to adjust her eyes to where she at. The gate banging became louder as finally a brighter light came into her cell as the door opened. The police officer, with his thick moustache and grimy grin standing over her whipping he ass with his cane whilst instructing her assertively to get up.
Shazia jumped off the mattress in shock and fear, she looked down at herself and her new prison attire which was simply ... Continue»
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When he wants me

I'm a pretty assertive girl. But, like most people, I have another side.

And I let him take me, when he wants me. I let him take me how he likes to. Even though sometimes it hurts. Even though sometimes is scares me a little bit. I'm such a rational and careful person. I have my life in such good control. I think that's why sometimes I like to surrender control. Let me tell you about last time, to give you an idea of what I'm talking about. You can take your dick out if you like. You can stroke it and picture him doing this to me if you want to- because it's all true.

The cursor blinke... Continue»
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Marc and Moni part 4

It's not over yet Lamont tells hubby and I. I said you are mine for the week this only day 4. I listen to him as I am sucking his cock as to what he has in store for me. Hubby just listening and nodding knowing he has no choice at seeing his wife being used by Lamont and whoever he tells to.
Today we are going to the theatre . Going to a movie hubby says. Something like that Lamont laughs as he cums in my mouth for the 3rd time today. He tells me to get ready and shower, his girlfriend Michelle is bringing me some clothes to wear to go out. I do as he says as he gives Marc his instruct... Continue»
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Deceived Newlyweds

Looking at the wedding invitation in his hands from his frat b*****r, Tyrone Milton let his thoughts drift back to the end of his junior year in college. The invitation came from Brad Wilton, the frat b*****r who had beaten him out of the coveted office of president of the fraternity for their senior year of college. He began to fume as he tossed the invitation off to the side of his desk. "That fucker! I owe him one!" he muttered loudly.

The fraternity that Tyrone and Brad Wilson had joined, in their freshman year, was one of the best in the college. The frat was noted to accept only thos... Continue»
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Guildlines for HotWives

OK, you have heard about "hot wives," married white women who take black lovers, generally hunky young studs. It sounds sexy but a little scary, too. You have lots of questions and uncertainties and many of you have written to my b*****r, Homer Vargas for advice. Well, he has asked me to respond because this is something better handled between us girls. With two grown daughters who have given me six biracial grandc***dren, three biracial c***dren ages 3, 2, and 1, by as many black men, and another bun in the oven, I've "been there done that."

Probably your first question is "Why should I b... Continue»
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Lesbian Lover Whips Me For Cheating

I turned sideways and looked at my back in the mirror, there were a two red whip marks on my back from where my girlfriend Angela had whipped me the night before. The rest of the eight lashes I received last night were on my ass. I just hoped they healed before my husband came back from his business trip. I knew he was getting suspicious of the red marks that were appearing on my back and ass but I told him it was a rash. I could tell he was beginning to doubt me and suspected Angela had something to do with it. If he only knew that Angela had introduced me to sadomasochism and I loved it.
... Continue»
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surburban mom cums fuckpig

I don't want to give my name.

I am a forty-four year-old suburban mom. I work in the city at a good job. I have been married for eighteen years. I have two c***dren, aged fifteen and s*******n. I love my husband and my f****y. I am a devoted mom and very active in our upscale community in Connecticut.

I am also owned by a stranger I met on the internet.

He is a thirty-three year-old stock broker who blackmailed me in to sexual slavery. He has a stable of ten slaves all of whom were captured using the same scam.

This happened over two years ago.

My owner does not know I am writ... Continue»
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“I want to suck your dick”

Eileen was hired as the office manager only two weeks before I was hired as an analyst. She also doubled as the secretary for whoever happened to be our office’s director at any given time. She was married to a wealthy real estate developer, and she was just working there so she’d have something to do since her youngest daughter went off to college. Over time, she also assumed the role of head rumor monger, frequently spreading rumors about who in the office I was screwing, none of which were true. She was in her 50s while I was in my 30s, one of the few young men in an office full of retired ... Continue»
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penari bispak

Sialnya, hari itu pasar agak sepi, dan sesudah dua jam saya baru dapat Rp5000 sesudah menari di pangkalan ojek. Saya nggak bisa konsentrasi, kepala penuh dengan pikiran, gimana caranya supaya nanti kalau pulang sudah punya cukup uang untuk bayar kontrakan. Belum utang-utang lainnya. Menjelang siang, saya sedang jalan di barisan toko-toko besar di samping Pasar.

Dan di depan toko beras paling besar di Pasar, saya melihat Juragan sedang menghitung segepok uang. Beliau baru saja terima uang banyak, rupanya ada orang yang habis mborong. Saya waktu itu cuma kenal beliau sebagai ‘Juragan’. Beliau... Continue»
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A MILF Taught Me To Pleasure A Woman

35 years ago at the age of 18 I learned a very important lesson at the hands of a neighbor woman who today we would call a MILF. She used to layout in her side yard, secluded from all eyes by her house and her neighbors house on either side and bushes in front and a fence behind. She would go out there and remove all of her clothes and lay out nude nearly every day of the summer and sometimes she would even masturbate out there.

How do I know? A few years earlier I had been up a tree getting a ball of some kind down when I ... Continue»
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How I Lost My First Wife

Jessica and I met in college, fell into bed and then fell into love. I was only the 2nd man she had ever had sex with. We married because her parents wanted us to, and finally got our degrees. She actually finished before I did and began working full time as I finished my final classes to become a teacher. She went through 3 different jobs before she found the one that seemed to suit her and stuck with it. She was a junior executive with a national retail outlet and was making really good money for that time and her age. Dallas was a great place to live when you were young and had some money. ... Continue»
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Military Strength

My wife Lauren is thirty-five and I'm thirty-four. She was a virgin when we married. She is four feet eleven inches tall and weighs ninety pounds, with a body you would kill for. Lauren and I have fantasized about her fucking someone else while I watched, but nothing like that has ever happened in the sixteen years we have been married. Recently we took a vacation together and enjoyed one wild time I'll not soon forget.

A number of servicemen just happened to be staying at our hotel. They were at the pool drinking and enjoying the water and sun, as were Lauren and I. I invited one of the g... Continue»
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