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The Village 6: Instruments of Pleasure

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Helpful s****r-In-Law

Amy got out of bed and made her way into the bathroom. She was tired from a sl**pless night, of tossing and turning as she wondered about her marriage. It's not that she wanted it to come to an end or anything like that, but there are certain aspects she'd like to see change.

Like the fact that it was her birthday yesterday, and her husband didn't even wish her a happy birthday. He was gone on business as usual, but he could have at least remembered it was her birthday and given her a call. She was going to take a shower, but decided she's rather take a sponge bath so as as not to wake her... Continue»
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The College Fantasy Part 4

I walked towards the bathroom where she had gone before me. I was in a daze. The reality of what had been happening was sinking in and my body would not stop the incessant tingling. It felt like my skin was heating the room. A cold shower sounded magnificent.

The water was already running. I could hear it from the hallway. When I turned the corner into the bathroom she stood before me. Her whole body was exposed and for the first time I was able to observe all that had changed. Her tits had grown from the C cups they once were to D cups. Her feminine figure was as beautiful as ever... Continue»
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The Fat girl (the best sex of my life)

First please excuse my english. I originally speak german. But i want to write in english so more people can read my "best sex" story.

When i was 25 i had only had sex with regular sized or lets say skinny girls. i was just not interested in the bigger females, although they have stuff which i am attracted to....like big boobs and ass.
One summer there was a big street party going on in town. I was on my way home from work and decided to get a beer before i go home. So i went to one of those tents where they sold beer. I orderd, enjoyed the live music which was playing and looked at the pe... Continue»
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57 The Mayflies. Part 5

The Mayflies. Part 5
Her father, her pimp, her partner in life sat on the bed-end admiring her as she removed the now wet seated tracksuit, dried cum mixed with wet in rivulets from her sex and her gaping backside, her eyes shone in the light of the bedside lamp and her nipples stood proudly erect as she stood before him.
“Well, did you achieve all the joy you wanted on the bucket list,” he asked, she smiled her thanks blew him a kiss and was soon in the shower.
Next day they paid their bill and quietly slipped away in the mid morning sunlight, the taxi dropped them at the prior... Continue»
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The gym couple

I started going to the gym about 10 months ago. 5 days a week, every week. And recently Ive begun to see a noticeable change in how people treat me. This coincides with the obvious results I am seeing at the gym. "Makin' gain"s as they say. My roommate/close friend is a trainer and a gym manager, so he has given me a lot of help along the way. Needless to say, this has not hurt in the sex dept. Being bisexual, I can pretty much fuck anyone I find attractive at this point. And I am recently single, so theres that.

At my gym there is a woman who is always running the front desk with her husb... Continue»
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Sucking, Getting Fucked By Older Coworker (True)

This is a true story of mine about an older coworker of mine named Keith whom I fooled around with a couple times. I hope you enjoy guys and gals....

When Keith first started at my job he was very quiet and was kind of an intimidating guy but as he and I talked more and more we became quick friends. Keith was a very serious guy who loved cars, motorcycles and sex which he loved talking about sharing all of his old stories with me. Day after day as we worked in the ba... Continue»
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I 'am a Cock Slave , & Love IT ! part II

my MASTER as if reading my wanton , cock, cum, craving mind ,then pulls my face up towards HIM , slaps it hard , spits in it , & says:
"Not yet, you fucking little, cock whore, slave !!"
Then slaps my face harder as i squirm, & moan "mmmmmmmmm" softly from the pleasurable pain of my red stinging face.
"Undo my belt , & pull down my pants you pig slut" HE commands .
i almost scream in delight , as if hopefully i will soon see the ONLY GOD left , in my cock, & cum starved, transfixed, whore universe ! Slowly , reluctantly , i let loose my tight grip on HIS , BEAUTIFUL , HARD ASS , & blindly,... Continue»
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Velvet Pushing the Boundaries

I was lying in bed, my legs bent at the knees and pulled up to my breasts as the 10 inch black cock slowly stroked my wet cunt. It slid in and out slowly, spreading my labia wider with each stroke, delving deep into my slit, as my vaginal walls spasmed and closed tightly around its stiff rod. Another 10 inch black cock moved slowly in and out of my well lubed ass also, moving in unison with the other penis. I controlled the pace, both of my hands full as I gripped two of my biggest, black dildos that I owned and masturbated. It felt so good and I looked down at my pussy, my lips swollen and gl... Continue»
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Moni shared stories

Moni Shared
Just Before Wedding After having long talks about what all we had done and been doing it was like we could finally tell each other anything. I had told her all my fantasies and she was starting to share hers with me. One night as we talked she shared that she always wanted to pick up some guys at a bar, total strangers and just let them fuck her.
It was great for me to hear her say things like that as she had never been so open talking about things like this. But it turned me on to no end. To be honest I never expected this to keep going on this long. I had thought that after th... Continue»
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Moni on loan

Moni on loan
Moni has agreed to submit to my commands, because her husband has given her to me for the night. She has agreed she must do what I say, and I am so very excited. She will become my cumslut and will have the time of her life! My cock is hard as I make preparations. I buy her a black push-up bra for her tits; it will leave the nipples showing whether she wants them to or not. I also get her black “fuck me pumps” and a black dress with just the right cleavage and which will come to about her mid-thighs.

I arrive at her house at 8:00 p.m. She opens the door, and I see she is dress... Continue»
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My Ex and her S*ster

My Ex and her S*ster


Me and Kat went out for about 10 years, we had two k**s together. We split up about 4 years ago. We stayed friends for the k**s sake but hardly talked or had contact apart from when it involved the k**s. That all changed about 6 months ago when she split up with her boyfriend. We go talking about stuff one night on the phone and I chanced my arm and invited her round for a shag. She accepted the offer and we began sl**ping together again just going out getting d***k and fucking no romance, just the way I liked it. This is a story of one said night out. Her... Continue»
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My Day At The Beach

My husband and I have always looked forward to our
annual trip to Miami with great excitement. We have
enjoyed the tropical feel of Miami, the warm air and
ocean breezes, and the party vibe. But if we had to name
one thing that we anticipate with the most excitement,
we both would say it is our visits to Haulover Beach,
the wonderful nude beach just north of Miami.

From the first time we visited, we have been hooked on
the exquisite freedom of laying out, swimming, and
walking along the beach in whatever we want to wear,
from the tiniest thong to being completely naked.
... Continue»
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My Friend Gil, Or Is He A Friend?

Judy and I had been back from our honeymoon for five
months when an old friend from high school contacted me.
I had not heard from Gil for at least ten years. I will
describe Gil to you. He was six foot two about two
hundred pounds with a real good build. He had a full
beard and looked very Italian.

I really did enjoy seeing my wife with another man as
long as I had set it up. I had to have total control or
it didn't happen. Either the guy or my wife could not
know it was a set up. I wanted one of them to think it
was for real. I had not talked to Judy or Gil about
anyt... Continue»
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Drivers Deliver

Delivering pizza is a job you can make a living from...
if you have room mates, and as long as the tips hold
out. You need to have a beater that you can repair
yourself that also gets decent mileage. It can't be too
nice looking and the side that faces the customer's
house or apartment has to show that. Some people won't
tip if your car looks too nice.

The evenings are the best shifts because they are the
busiest times and tips are generally bigger due to the
bigger orders. Late night orders slow down but you are
more likely to get the d***ks who tip real big because
the... Continue»
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Remember when we used AOL to hook up ...

I have been dating or married to the same woman for over 12 years now. So my single days were quite a ways away at this point. Therefore, much of my sex and hook-up stories resulted from the use of AOL chat rooms. For nostalgia sake, I'd like to take you back to 1998 and recount a pretty interesting and amusing story.

As some of you may remember, on AOL you could scan member's profiles for people near you. As would most, I would customarily have three or four chat boxes going with three or four females. The hope (and thankfully, the reality) was that one of the 3-4 would be willing to meet ... Continue»
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Another businesss trip - a mile high

This is a continuation of my previous story. http://xhamster.com/user/bigpapa0u812/posts/458064.html

Ginny had moved in for a month, and she and my wife Laura had taken every chance they could get to eat each other out, or finger fuck each other, and I wasn't getting any of it. Even my boy even made a comment about how chummy the two ladies were getting. I'd fucked Ginny on that last business trip, but didn't get a chance to do anything since she moved in, because we didn't want it to get weird when our son was home.

Anyway, a opportunity presented itself. Before I went into business, I... Continue»
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the ultimate cuckold

The ultimate cuckold
It's coming up on the one year anniversary that this hot young couple have been going out. Both 20 and actually similar build, small and petite. They could almost be twins. She is a bit smaller but nice tits and ass, smooth all over, both blond. 10 months going out and not only has she not put out yet, she is still a virgin and teases him all the time. Though he is very horny and tries to get her to cave in and let him into play all the time. She is so hot so he waits for the day he finally gets to fuck her, the first dick that will get put in that pussy. He jacks off... Continue»
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Living in Cockington part 19

I was sat with my shorts around my ankles in the middle of my living room, rubbing my cock as I sat watching some porn and thinking about my cousin Zoe who I had just fucked up the ass.
Then Bridget my neighbours twenty something housekeeper came wandering down from upstairs, where she had just been fucking my teen daughter and sat next to me.
We had in fact fucked a couple of times previous so I didn't bother covering up but continued rubbing my cock.
"Here let me" she said taking over, her soft warm hand gripped my shaft and began rubbing up and down in a nice steady motion.
"So what are... Continue»
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Fucking A Kinky, Sexy BBW (True)

This is a story many have asked me to do so here it is, Hope you enjoy guys and gals....

My wife Sarah was out of town spending some time with her f****y so one Friday night I was bored out of my mind and decided to go down to the corner bar. I made the walk and had some drinks and talked with some of the regulars before shooting some pool and as I did so I noticed a group of three girls sitting in a corner booth but one of them caught my eye more than the others because she was amazingly pretty. Her and I stared at one another... Continue»
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