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I.S.B.: Ginger, My Ugly Little Si ster

Ah,the Memories!

*Ginger was a fat, mean spirited, ugly little four eyed bitch! She's just like Mom, even looks like her. What more can I say? Oh,yeah, She's also one Hell of a Fuck! At least, Now She Is!*

It was a Saturday morning, Ginger and I were at the kitchen table eating our breakfast. Mom was leaning against the counter smoking a cigarette, and waiting for the potatoes to fry, that's when Ginger said
"Guess what, Mommy?" Her mouth full of partially chewed scrambled eggs "I went to go pee this morning and George was in the bathroom with the door Open! AND He was Playing With Hi... Continue»
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Candy walked in the bar and saw him standing there. She was dressed for a quick pick up and her cunt was raging for cock. She needed to fuck often or her body would explode. She could never be satisfied and coming to the bar always got her laid. But she wanted this man. He was older and wealthy and hung and she loved a man with a big cock. Her friend had fucked him two days ago and bragged how huge and thick his cock was. Candy was naughty and a dirty talking fuck. She knew what she wanted and voiced her instructions loud to the male. She had been fucking guys since she was thirteen when she d... Continue»
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The Mexican Maid & The White Man

Añita (25) was a gorgeous young Mexican woman. She was 5'4, beautiful brown shining skin, long black hair, nice smile & a Butt so big it got every single males attention regardless of race, age or even orientation. She arrived in America from her native Mexico in 2013 & had taken work as a house maid in a upper-middle class white neighborhood in Los Angeles. She spoke very poor English, but well enough to comprehend. She was in the country i*****lly & was scared of being deported. She had a husband back in Mexico who would cheat on her very often. She left him for a better life in America.... Continue»
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A Chubby Shy Girl I Fucked (True Story)

A true story of mine about a sexy chubby girl I fucked named Amber

When I moved from a small town up too college to me it was as good as it got. I moved into an apartment complex into my own place and my best friend from high school moved into an apartment a couple floors up. We went to school for the day and when we got home we quickly began partying. We made a lot of friends so our parties were usually pretty big packed into our small apartments. I met a lot of girls some of ... Continue»
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Wife Cuckolds Me

After twenty six years of marriage my wife and I still have a decent sex life. One evening as we were finishing up she asked me if I was satisfied with our love making.
"Of course I am!" That was an automatic answer and she knew it was me just telling her what she wanted to hear.
"Bullshit!" She replied. "I think you want more than what we do."
"What the hell are you talking about?"
"I bet you'd love to have other women."
"Excuse me. Where is this coming from? What's gotten into you? I'm happy with things the way they are." She knew me too well though.
"So if I told you for one... Continue»
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Clare Part 1

Clare - The love triangle
Part 1
How my loving relationship turned into a love triangle

I met Clare when she was 15, a slightly chubby teenager, when her parents moved into the house next door but while they were downgrading in size I was on my way to upgrade. I was running a Restaurant at the time but sold my business 3 months later and bought a large 5 bedroom house in the suburbs of town. Clare used to do the odd jobs for me to earn a bit of pocket money and I was more than surprised when she asked me to cater for her 18th birthday party. We lost touch after that but I would bump into ... Continue»
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Cum Vampire

This is a story i wrote a while back there is more to it this is just the beginning i hope you enjoy it!!

Chapter 1

My name is Lana and I have a thirst I can never quench. Everyday sometimes 3 or 4 times I have to feed, and if I don't I go crazy and get weak and if I don't get what I need it will kill me. It all started on my 21st birthday I was out with friends clubbing and now legal to drink I went overboard and drank way too much. From what I remember, it's all hazy, I ended up in a back room of this place and there was this woman I'd never seen before but she began to be really f... Continue»
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Just Friends???

She and i were just friends for a long time but i always wanted more than that and now i know she wanted the same thing one day we were returning from seeing a movie with some other friends all of a sudden it started raining we tried to get a cab but it was too late we were all wet.She was so dripping in wet that her pink colored bra was clearly visible through her white top that she was wearing.Eventually we got a cab we decided to go to my place.I was constantly staring at her bra in the cab she noticed me and gave me a little smile.That encouraged me even more i put my arm around her should... Continue»
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She takes the top; a pegging story

She studied her handiwork as she approached the bed wearing nothing but an 8 inch cock. His legs were held apart by ropes at his ankles and his wrists were bound above his head. The thought of what was to come aroused her greatly. "Are you comfortable?" She asked as she climbed onto the bed. Not that she really cared but because it seemed like the right thing to say. Tonight was her turn to be in charge, her turn to dictate the activity, the positions, the pace, to feel the power that comes with control and she planned to make the most of it. She noticed that his dick was limp so she gave ... Continue»
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Getting The Wife Sexy Underwear and Giving Her a C

So a yesterday evening my wife and I went to Walmart to get some bits and whilst there we were passing the isle with w omens underwear.

She was in a god mood so I said I wanted to get her some sexy underwear and fuck her when we got home, she was up for it and we went and had a look.

I found a set that was a good price and looked sexy, it was a set that any time she wears she will be getting fucked for sure.

She liked the way it fit and we agreed that if she was wearing that set then it meant it was good to fuck her in her sl**p, or late at night a clear indication she wanted some dic... Continue»
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My fuck buddy sub

It all started Wednesday morning, while sitting at my work desk I sent out a mass text message to my friends basically to say hi, and give them all little encouragement. Soon after sending the text, I received a call from one of my past sluts. She called me using the text as an excuse. I am a black Dom, and for those of you that are BBC lovers, I am not a BBC. I am only about six inches, but never measured it, so it actually could be a little smaller. She is a big cock slut, so when we first met 9 years ago, she was kind of experimenting, but once we fucked, we never stopped. (smile)
He... Continue»
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Sex fun with my hairdresser

My preferate hair dresser:


My hairdresser is always sexy looking, in a good mood and even flirtish at times, if no other customers are present. I've been going to Julie's salon for a long while and we know each other a fair bit, at least as much as hair salon's conversations will allow it. She looks good despite of her forties, is very fit and exercises with passion; he body tells you that story in the best visual way possible. With time, I got to know her, appreciating the fact that she's open minded, witty, that she willingly laughs... Continue»
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Merry and the guards part II

One night I was sitting in the living room watching pointless TV when there was a knock on my door. That was odd, because my building had a front door and you needed to get buzzed in. I looked out the peep hole and there was Lisa, the blonde lifeguard I had great sex with a few days earlier. Of course, she had a key to the building, so she didn't need to get buzzed in. I opened the door and I was about to close it when I see a petite red head hanging back in the hallway.
"I hope you don't mind but I brought Mandy over." Lisa said.
"Not at all, come on in, can I get you something?"
Lisa as... Continue»
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College Geek Loves BBC

It had been a long week at school, Friday was very welcome my room mate was away for the weekend and I decided to head out to the pub for a few drinks. I'm a 22 year old college student I stand 5.8, about 168 lbs, firm c cup tits with dirty blond hair and glasses. I guess you could call me sort of a geek but I have a very good hard body and have never had any trouble finding a man to take home and Fuck the Hell out of me! I'm a straight A student I love sports and learned to enjoy sex very young in life. I put on my jeans and tank top and headed for the pub. It wasn't very busy in there for a ... Continue»
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it was just a dream

Ok so this is the fist stroy i post. yes this is a story. so for the past couple of month i been eamily and skypeing this girl in sweden who i you to got to school with in australia. Anyway long start short we kinda bulid the online sexual realation ship. Anyway the other night i got super high and horny. so i didced to sl**p and this is about teh dream i had of fucking her. when she come to vist me.

We where in my house laying on my bed i just picked you up from the airport it was a long trip for you so we lay in my bed, you said you neck was sore from the flight, i told you to sit up i s... Continue»
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prostitutes an tricks that love them

Iam not surprised that some guys who are tricks have feelings for prostitutes I get that. After all a hooker is a woman and women make us feel good even if it is a whore. Apparently some guys don't have a woman at home and make hookers their girl friend. I guess. I tricked with this lil blond a couple of times and like all the other hookers on my site which is many whores dot com by the way featuring nothing but real prostitutes a look into the world of real prostitution and shows you don't have to have a cock like a tree trunk to please a woman. Yes they fake but they cant fake cum on the coc... Continue»
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dirty stepdaughter

well it all started when i moved in with my girlfriend and her three daughters. Her oldest two 19,18 always would flirt with me when my girlfriend wasn't around. Sexually explicit Things! It all started one day i got home from work, my oldest was in the restroom showering. She must have heard me come in the door, she yelled...Mom? I said no its Me! She then asked me to give her a towel. I walked in to this amazing Mexican woman. Standing there naked with a smile she asked, like what you See? I said its nice but you know you got all that from your mom. She smiled and replied, oh yeah, but is m... Continue»
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Interracial Sex

She approached the bed in her bra and panties. She was black, pretty, tall, thin and toned. Her hair was tightly cropped and tied back in a bun. Laying down beside me she took hold of my erection and began to stroke it. I reached down to feel her pussy, which felt warm through the fabric.

She rolled off the bed and pulled down her panties, revealing a shaved pussy between well defined thighs. She arched slightly to show off her body smiled. She removed her bra. Her breasts were a small C, perky with medium-sized, hard nipples that pointed slightly upward.

“Turn around.” I asked. She tur... Continue»
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The History of Kim, The Final? Chapter

This will probably be the final chapter in my nsaga about Kim. Unless something happens worthy of an additional chapter. I will tell about some of the things that made her the way she is.

As related in the second part, her parents were forcing her to marry a neighbor boy, who she outright HATED. He was lazy, and VERY ugly, and his mother was a mean, nasty, old hag.

Kim, luckily, on her wedding day, was having her period, so, after the wedding, she was sent out to the rice field to work. She decided to run away from home. She borrowed some money from her grandmother, who approved of ... Continue»
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The Real Thing (latex fetish BDSM)

by Thndrshark

I'd lusted after her for some time. Having followed her through the small amount of modeling she had done, I had grown to be an avid fan. Not only because she was innocent and beautiful, but also because it was clear how much she loved bondage and submission. Living the life of a fetish model, I was always surprised that she complained as much to me about not being able to truly submit. Her last boyfriend was handsome for sure, but not into the "scene" as they say, and constantly disapproving of her work in bondage. As I grew to be her friend more and more, I tried to tell... Continue»
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