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Dicked Down

Chris felt the vibrator buzzing away in his ass, pressed tightly against his prostate. The vibrations rolled and buzzed up the length of his cock and were swallowed by Mika's pussy. She had come home with her s****r after being at the club all night and crawled into his bed in the middle of the night to fuck. She was d***k and smelled like coconut rum, cigarette smoke, and perfume. He remembered her climbing on top of him, straddling his waste and pulling her white dress over her head. She wasn't wearing panties or a bra. His cock was instantly hard and her wetness welcomed him in with e... Continue»
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How much of Billys CUM?

My friend 65yr. old Billy loves me....loves my 17yr old butt hole.....he loved jamming his fat dick in my butthole.....myself I was such the boy whore, that it got me off twice as much when he would fuck my pussy while all his older friends watched and rubbed there cocks and got the cum load ready for me the sexy bitch.......he loved inviting all his old mature gay friends over and in middle of conversation he would reach in my pants and pull my big dick out for all to see stroking it while he pushed his fingers into my butt....in front of at least 6 to 7 people old gay men with big gay dicks... Continue»
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For sexygirl46

"So you've read some of my stories on xhamster and want to give me some inspiration for another?" I ask you, us both sitting on the double bed of a cheap hotel room I hired for the night. My eyes wander down your body, taking in your curves. You've spent some time on your appearance – I can see you know how to apply make-up, using a deep red lipstick to draw my attention to one of your pleasure giving areas.

You nod, obviously nervous, knowing just what you could be about to agree too, putting yourself into a situation that you crave yet are scared of.

"So you know just how dirty and ful... Continue»
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Chris was in the audience. He made sure to get to the strip club after her that way no one would know the two of them were together. It was Carrie's idea to dance during amateur night at Jiggly's, a local strip club. She felt wet and slutty being on display in front of so many men. In her wilder days in school she had been gang fucked at parties on a couple of occasions, but for some reason this was different. Fucking came natural to everyone, just let your genitals do the talking. Dancing was different. It wasn't you doing what made you or your partner cum, it was about performing, tur... Continue»
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The Making of A Cock Sucking Whore By Brain Washin

The Making of A Cock Sucking Whore By Brain Washing
Chapter One

My story might be a little different then most of the stories you have read on Xhamster but, I feel it might be a story you just might get some enjoyment and a warning out of. First, I am a average girl, at least I use to be until I accidentally brain washed myself without knowing that I was doing it. My name is Cindy J. and I stand five foot ten inches, with long blonde hair, and blue eyes. My measurements are 36C-24-... Continue»
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Yesterday morning,I was relaxing in my apartment.

Then the doorbell rang.

Not thinking about what I was wearing (a loose, sheer blouse doing nothing to conceal my tits, as well as thong panties, with my long, smooth legs completely exposed), I answered the door. It was my paperboy Seamus, a nice young k** who had always been kind to me, while stealing glances at my barely-concealed body.

"Hey,Seamus," I greeted him with a smile. His eyes scanned up and down my body, which naturally triggered the female instinct to look pleasant before a male: I bent my left leg, posing for him with my... Continue»
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The Post Office

This is genuinely a true story. But first of all, for our friends outside of the UK, you might not be familiar with our sexual terminology so I’ll explain; for example: pants in England refers to male underpants as opposed to what we call trousers. Women’s ‘panties’ are usually called knickers, and an ‘ass’ or ‘butt’ is called an arse or a bum. A pussy is often called a fanny (which I think is an ass in the US?) and masturbation is called wanking. Confusing eh?

So, being an electronics engineer by profession, I’m not really accustomed to writing stories, and this is a bit out of character f... Continue»
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DPed in the office of the principal

“We’ve never done it there. And ya gotta keep it interesting, try new things, new places. Otherwise it just becomes crap. And ya know, the chicks want that too. Ya gotta find new places, places that’ll give ya a kick, ya know, places no-one would expect.”

“Alex, Principal Martinez’s needs a few people to help in his office. Will you come please? Thomas you gotta come too?” said Jed matter of factly.

The boys strode purposefully down the corridor, Alex struggled to keep up. They reached his office and Jed peeked in. His secretary wasn’t there and his office was deserted. “Come let... Continue»
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Craigslist suprise for slutwife

It had been a few months since my wife Kristi had any sexual fun with guys around Indianapolis so I was checking out craigslist just looking around in the MM4F section. I came across an ad with two black guys looking for a white girl for fun and they wanted to host. I thought that was perfect because we didn’t have to get a room or deal with finding a sitter. I told her about the guys and showed her the pic of both there hung cocks and that was all it took to get her excited. Since her Ex / Fuck buddy moved she has had a hard time finding hung cocks to fuck so she was defiantly looking forwa... Continue»
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Blowjob at work

My secret tactic

This story is true. I changed names and certain details to protect privacy.

I am an interior designer and my husband builds furniture. Together we run a business doing everything from custom upholstery on home interiors to automobiles. He builds chairs, tables and shelves, while I hand paint furniture and sew d****s and upholstery.

Usually I meet with clients and write the ads while he draws the designs and does all the woodwork. This last week was no different, I had 3 appointments before noon while Kevin was drawing up plans for a yoga studio.

I looked at my s... Continue»
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First Threesome with a couple

I enjoy sharing some of my experiences over the years, and I had been with quite a few married ladies, but this is about the first time with the husband present. I am tall about 6'5", pretty athletic build and I must be fairly good looking as I've had a lot of luck with ladies. My cock is probable a little above average, eight inches long and very thick.

I met this couple at a swingers club in Atlanta. I had heard about the club and this was my first visit. It was pretty crowded on a Saturday night, so after registering and paying a fee, I got a drink and began to mingle with the crowd.... Continue»
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Living in cockington part 11

It was Saturday, time for the neighbours party,
The k**s had gone to their friends for the night and around about 8 the wife and I took a short walk round to the neighbours.
Knocking Bridget opened the door in a little black dress.
"Hello, Hello come in" she said smiling.
"You can leave your clothes in the next room, Haley will give you tag for them"
"What?" I replied
"Give Haley your clothes, and she will give you a tag so you get them back later" repeated Bridget.
I looked at Veronica and she looked at me back and then we stepped into the next room.
Haley a short brunette girl with ... Continue»
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The promotion young couple first time bisex

Erwin and Jacqueline were busy trying to dress for a dinner organized Jacqueline’s boss. For both of them it was an important evening to make a good impression. The salary of her or was not so low and Erwin still studying, her income was not enough to pay the rent for their new apartment and the bills piled up. And who knows tonight Jacqueline could make such an impression that she would be eligible for the vacant job of assistant, they could certainly use the extra money.
As she drew her black dress she saw Erwin watching her. She and Erwin knew each other from primary school and since th... Continue»
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Life imitating art - the 70's partial creampi

I previously blogged this on this site, but it wasn't long enough to allow for a 'story.' So I'm adding some funny dialogue that I found in my journal at the time of this awesome tryst, not present in the original blog entry. When I was in college in the md-late 1990's, I bought a vintage porn flick on DVD called Bel Amie (1976). It starred Harry Reems (of Deep Throat fame) and featured a very hot scene with Reems and a gorgeous African actress (whose role was a sort of Nubian Princess). She fucks Reems and it was obviously a genuinely good lay because it ends with her riding him, she pops of... Continue»
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How do I have sex with a dog?

When I get asked for advice it comes in two varieties:
How do I write a story?
How do I have sex with a dog?

Since having sex with dogs is a lot easier than writing, I'll answer that one first. This is something I wrote ages ago and let me say first off that it's based on an anonymous guide which was evidently written by a man, since it had zero information about women/dog liaisons. I rewrote it for some friends and a few websites adding the female perspective and editing the male specific information with assistance of a friend who is knowledgeable about such things. So this is not entir... Continue»
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The Village 2: The Examination

The first part: http://xhamster.com/user/catherine-belmont/posts/448244.html

Chapter 2-The Examination

Bella cringed as she took her place in line to be displayed for the Master that claimed her. She nodded at Raisa trying to reassure her that she was going to be okay. The piercing emerald eyes of the Master shot through her as Bella looked at him. He had a wicked grin on his face.
"You know, little tiger, that I can request to see all of you right here in front of all these other men. I am going to do that, so prepare yourself. Maybe it will take some of the fire out of you!" Bella bra... Continue»
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Brett Comes to Visit

It had been a couple years since I had last seen Brett, but yet I thought about that weekend almost everyday, it was some of the best sex I had ever had, and according to Sam, it was the best sex she’d ever had. So when I got the news that my aunt and uncle, and Brett would be coming down to visit I was really excited. Well a few days before they were to be heading down here I got a call, from Brett.

“Hey Jordan.” Brett said

“Uhh hi Brett.” I said, unsure as to why he was calling me.

“Well we’re gonna be down there in a couple of days, and you can't expect me to go a whole week witho... Continue»
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f****y Carjacked

I was cranky when I first got in the car, having been woken up early to go to a stupid confirmation for my cousin. Having to dress nice and endure a long car ride with my parents and s****r didn't help my mood, nor did the lack of good music on the radio. But I tried to make the best of it and pass the time by sneaking looks at my older s****r sitting next to me in the back seat. I would never admit it to anybody else that I thought the nineteen-year-old Ashley was hot, especially to Ashley herself. I suppose we had a typical older s****r - younger b*****r relationship, getting on each other... Continue»
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Mother-in-law Love

Over the years, I have spent my share of time traveling on business. During that same time, my wife was not always happy about it, because she was the jealous type and thought that I wasn’t always behaving myself when I travelled. Although I was always on my best behavior, this year turned out to be quite a bit different.

About three years ago my mother-in-law moved in with us after the passing of her husband. She seemed very lonely and depressed all the time. I think she was also lonely because she moved away from her friends out of state to be with us. During the time that she’s lived wit... Continue»
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Used In A Booth....

I was in a book store out side of Atlanta, on the east side I believe, looking at some mags that had pictures of huge male phallus. Now I know only a very few men have penis that exceed seven inches and even fewer that has penis that exceed ten inches, but the thought of entertaining a man with a penis that extends twelve inches is enough to put me into a lust filled frenzy.

Lost in my thoughts, I was unaware of the man inching up to me, I was so absorb in examining the picture of a huge phallus that when the gentleman(sic) stood behind me and slide his midsection across my buns I actuall... Continue»
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