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Riding Horses

My best friend, Sandie, and I decided that since we were bot turning fifty that we should do something fun, just the two of us. We had been best friends since college. Our husbands thought we were crazy, and maybe we were. They were going to play in a golf tournament for a week. So Sandie and I decided to take our horses to this huge ranch and ride out and camp, all alone, up in the mountains.
We trailered the horses and got to the ranch and set off on our way. We rode most of the day, to make sure we got far enough away so no one would bother us. We set up camp near a spring surrounded ... Continue»
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My Friend's Wife, Part 1 - The Intimate Hug

I have been divorced for a year now, and one of my biggest supports through the tough times was Angel (name changed), wife of one of my friends. She helped me through the worst of my nasty divorce with great advice and support. We always had a friendly relationship, and eventually it got to a point that we were more friendly with each other than I was with her husband. We talked about everything under the sun, and I do mean everything.

I got a new place and moved in there, Angel helped me look for this apartment. After that she kept sending me meals so I would eat right and not starve myse... Continue»
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Hannah's encounter with big black dildo

My wife and I had had always discussed the idea of her taking another cock and in particular a big thick black one and while she loves the idea, and I hope it happens one day, we're just not quite there yet. In fact, I'd always been curious as to whether she'd even manage one given that Im 6" and Ive always seemed to fill her up widthwise and sometimes even bottom out on her cervix when I fuck her.

Anyway, as a near second to her being fucked by a real black cock, I decided that I'd get a black dildo and firstly, see if she'd let me use it and second, how she'd cope with it. Not holding b... Continue»
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Latest Capture Roleplay

Latest Capture and **** Roleplay

The stage was set. Sara my wife said that she was up for role play last Saturday night. We finally got the k**s in to bed then I set up the webcam in the living room opened the blinds and then stepped out to walk the dog.

The Role-play Begins……..

I quietly entered the house ski mask on cuffs and blind fold on and in hand, ready to capture a milf. She was laying in the bed on her iPad the baby a sl**p in the crib on the other side of the room. I came up behind her put my arm around her neck and mouth then I told her “don’t move, don’t scream... Continue»
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Latest Capture Roleplay

Latest Capture Roleplay

The stage was set. Sara my wife said that she was up for role play last Saturday night. We finally got the K@ds in to bed then I set up the webcam in the living room opened the blinds and then stepped out to walk the dog.
The Role-play Begins……..
I quietly entered the house ski mask on cuffs and blind fold on and in hand, ready to capture a milf. She was laying in the bed on her iPad the baby a sl**p in the crib on the other side of the room. I came up behind her put my arm around her neck and mouth then I told her “don’t move, don’t scream and the K@ds... Continue»
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Milking My Aunt Brenda - BBBBTS

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....BBBBTS

I only had a few weeks of school left. My Mom worked two jobs. She worked long hours and the weekends. I was looking forward after graduation, to spending some alone time with nobody in the house but me. No rules and even better, no adult person around, to tell me what to do. That thought last about a week before my Mom sat me down and explained my Aunt was coming to stay with us for awhile.

I tried to tune my Mom out but she kept talking. My Aunt Brenda was my Mom’s step s****r. They grew up together in a tiny house. They were relate... Continue»
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Best Friends Milf Pt 2

After an afternoon of incredible sex Brandon and Maria kissed one another goodbye knowing that it might be a while before they would have the opportunity to be together again. For the next few weeks Brandon and Maria didn't see one another.

Randy and Brandon were busy with college, getting ready for finals and graduation along with Maria's husband wasn't going on any business trips. The break came after Brandon and Maria's son graduated from the community college, and things calmed down. Randy decided to go back East to live with his Aunt and Uncle because they lived in the town where the ... Continue»
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I finally got to fuck the midget girl

Neighborhood guy was dating and married a tiny girl he called midge. She was one and not the fat ones, but a tiny miniature woman. I had no chance with her, at that time being 14 and she was probably 20.
They moved away and I did not see them for many years.
Guys in the neighborhood talked about her and how good she looked in a bikini. She was a mixed asian looking girl with black hair tan skin and cute little tits. but a double hand full of ass.

In a bar over ten years later I saw her walk in and knew who she was. She looked the same as she did before. She sat at a table and her frien... Continue»
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Crescent City Secrets - Chapters 11&12

This is a reposting of my erotic fiction novel, Crescent City Secrets. I have written 3 non-fiction books about my own personal sexual adventures, but I feel like New Orleans is a city full of sex and sensuality and I wanted to tell some stories that didn't have to do with me. I'll be posting the entire book here to Xhamster. I hope you like it. If you want to read more of my work, look for details on my profile. XO - Kate

Crescent City Secrets
Kate Rousseau

Chapter 11

She spent the next two hours... Continue»
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Cura i ja smo te godine bili prekinuli, nakon što me pomalo zbog obijesti pomalo iz znatiželje prevarila s nekim tokom ljetovanja. Međutim, brzo se pokajala i počeli smo ponovno izlaziti, pri čemu sam je molio da to bude samo prijateljski jer mi je stvarno bilo teško tada bilo što d**go s njom. Jedne noći došli smo u stan njenih roditelja uzeti nešto i zaliti cvijeće (ovi su bili negdje na godišnjem). Sjeli smo popiti kavu, ja sam nešto listao ploče u dnevnom boravku, a ona je rekla da mora na wc. Izašao sam na balkon nakratko i čuo da se vratila, ali je nije bilo u dnevnoj sobi nego je viknul... Continue»
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Sexy Sarah from the Gym

I use to work across from a gym in Chicago; I won’t mention the name but its open 24hrs a day. Now I tried to be professional when I worked out there, but it was extremely difficult with the hotties working the front desk running around in their tight tee shirts, sports bra and yoga pants. Now Sarah is this sexy red headed little gal who was always friendly but professional. She was my shake girl, she always wanted to make my protein shakes after my work outs. We always chatted about stuff, like her ex’s and other crap. I worked up the courage to ask her number, now as a bored married 33 year... Continue»
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Amy Goes From Hair Stylist to House Slave - 2

Chapter Four

It’s Friday afternoon. Three days since the night that has changed my life’s direction. One of hair clients, Mr. Kesler, has captured my soul and has offered to become my Master. His desire is for me to submit to an Institute for training and on completion become one of his slaves. Mr. Kesler already has two other slaves, his wife chloe, and a black bull stud name Max.

Mr. Kesler is waiting for my decision but I knew the moment he left my door that night what my answer would. He has captured my soul. My body knows no other song but his. My only hesitation is can I lea... Continue»
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Toying With Us

I wonder where the hell Mark gets these chicks for his parties. This girl was one of the finest examples of hot I'd ever seen. She was lying on her back in the middle of the room, on a small elevated platform that Mark had installed there a long time ago just for this purpose.

Her long legs were spread to the point they hung off opposite sides of the platform, her feet firmly on the floor on either side, her long brown hair spread out in a fan around her head.She kept licking her rubied lips as she watched us with our cocks in hand, circled around her like vultures for a feast…We watched he... Continue»
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"Oh my GOD, you're FUCKING ME!!" she screamed. "You're FUCKING ME! How
DARE you fuck me you asshole, pull your fucking cock out of me, NOW!!
Jesus Christ . . . Oh GOD you're in deep . . . you asshole! You're
f-fuck . . . ugh, GOD . . . fucking me!! How could you?? You pushed
your fucking dick in me!! You FUCKER!! My GOD . . . stop FUCKING me!
Ughhhhh, pull OUT, GOD DAMN IT!!"

"How does your little cunt feel now, huh?" I hissed in her ear. "Oh I'm
fucking you alright! You better believe it, and I'll fuck you until I
squirt my dirty cum right inside your naked cu... Continue»
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In Sickness ... and in Lust

My sexual liaison with Sue started with an exchange of emails. At first, they were quite vanilla and demure. But soon, they became increasingly suggestive, then progressing to become downright explicit in sexual context.

By the time our exchanges became downright lewd, I "confessed" to her that I had a suspicion that communicating with her had affected me greatly. My conclusion was that she had caused me to suffer from satyriasis. She had created in me the uncontrollable urges and wantonness of a "male nymphomaniac."

Her response was that she would be very pleased to "take care" of whate... Continue»
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Jake's Magic Remote IX - Crime and Punishment

NOTE: This story is intended for adults only. It includes elements of voyeurism, time stop, non-consent/reluctance, ince$t, and mind control. If you are offended or upset by this sort of thing, please do not read it. The story is fiction and any resemblance to real persons or events is either coincidental or the result of artistic liberty.
Feedback and positive criticism is welcome, as are suggestions and requests.

Marta adjusted her top as she walked down the aisle toward the break room. She glanced around, smiling and greeting anyone who made eye contact. Always important to do th... Continue»
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The PA pt 2

The PA pt 2
Things changed a little on that Saturday, Sir Edward Longfellow of Trentham arrived back from a working lunch with a business man from Leeds, he called her to his office and introduced her to his guest a swarthy man of about 60 summers, named Mike who`s eyes lit up as he saw her.
Sir Edward introduced her as “Maggie my P.A.” and went on to say “I need to have her myself for a brief moment in the other office so enjoy your coffee and she will be back in a few short seconds, she will look after us this afternoon though”, with that he swept out taking Maggie with him as he we... Continue»
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Best Friends Milf

Brandon had finished his finals at the local college and decided to see if his buddy Randy was home yet. He arrived at his house, and knocked on the back door hoping he hadn't missed him. he could hear foot steps coming toward the door. He could make out through the glass in the door that it was Randy's Mom.

"Hi Brandon what brings you by?

"Hello Mrs. De Carlo....is Randy here?"

"No Brandon, you just missed him. He's gone to take his finals, but he'll be home at around four. Would you like to wait for him?"

"Sure Mrs. De Carlo, if you don't mind."

"Call me Maria, Brandon, no nee... Continue»
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Body Corporate Chapter 10

2098 words - 1.05

Chapter 10
The Fishing Lodge

The next day was a wonder to Cindi as she woke up in what felt and sounded like an airplane. She was sitting naked, tied and blindfolded with a seatbelt around her. She couldn’t figure out how she got there. She found out later that she had been put to sl**p by d**gs. It was very apparent that this was a small aircraft with the amount of noise and bouncing around. She could hear her master and a stranger talking. It was just a casual conversation indicating nothing about their location or destination. In this short time as a slave Cindi had... Continue»
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Body Corporate Chpater 11

1977 words - .98
Chapter 11
Night of Horrors

As Cindi watched the men follow her master back to the camp she already felt the pain in her arms and legs as she hung from the two trees. Under her weight the branches were getting closer to the ground. She was not sure if a wild a****l came into the camp that she would not be a dinner for one of them. She had no idea where she was or the wildlife that may inhabit the woods around her. She had come to expect the worse from her master, leaving her hanging in the trees was just another cruelty.

As the sun set the air started to cool ev... Continue»
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