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Our first wedding anniversary present to each othe

As a combined 1st wedding / valentines present to each other we shouted a night out with each other hiring a girl to be with us at an exclusive brothel. The following is an accurate account of how that hour went for us.

The wife is referred to as “Chloe” not her real name but one we will use for pubic display.

The working girls name “Miranda”.

Enjoy, we certainly did

Last night was awesome

Well the receptionist took us to a private sitting room to wait for the girls to come and see us said the first would be in soon. Shortly after we heard a rattle on the door knob ... Continue»
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My Mum, the model - part four

We were home. It had been a long, and hard ten days. Mum, or rather Linda had been working almost non stop for all of that time. And yesterday I’d fucked her. It had been inevitable We’d both known that at some point we’d fuck. The guy in the shoot couldn’t get it up, so I was picked by the director to step up. Mum had always said we should protect the secret. Secret and lies. My cock had never been harder, her cunt never so wet, her arse so tight. I’d fucked her hard, sadly I was sharing her, another guy, another cock. The cum though had been for her, as she looked up at me, through her long ... Continue»
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The Email – An Erotic Short Story

He was always sending his wife little things that kept their marriage spicy, pictures, sexy texts messages. This time it was an email; she opened the email on her tablet.

“Enjoy” was all the email said in the subject line, but there was a link to a website in the body of the email. She tapped the link and she was redirected to an adult website with videos. The video he had sent her was titled “3”, that’s it… just the number 3. She knew what this was; he had done this before she thought to herself with a little giggle.

She proceeded up stairs to their bedroom, for some privacy. She presse... Continue»
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Getting Pounded By Straight Best Friend (True)

This is a true story about the time I sucked and got fucked by my hung, straight best friend. Hope you enjoy guys and gals......

When my friend Brent and I moved to college we were lucky enough to find an apartment to share that was close to the college. Our place quickly became the place where everyone partied, we would have huge parties every night and started to find our fair share of girls. Brent seemed to have a new girl every night some of which were pretty damn sexy. I laid in bed listening to the loud moaning from the g... Continue»
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Nighttime Confessions

Meg cheated on her husband; what comes next?

I cheated on my husband tonight.

I didn't plan it. I didn't expect it. I don't think I invited it. I didn't go to this conference thinking I would cheat. I've never even thought about cheating on my marriage before. But it happened.

I cheated on my husband and I'm afraid what will happen now.

My name is Margaret Prescott; most people call me Marge. My husband, my siblings and a few c***dhood friends call me Meg. I'm 39 years old and I've been married to Donald for 16 wonderful years.

I guess you could say that Don and I ... Continue»
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my dream come true

The day i'd been waiting for had arrived at last , my wife away for the weekend and time for anal fucking and prostate orgasms,, it began with a through clean inside as i do'nt like any mess on my toys and for a kinky change i raided the wifes sexy undwear draw and dressed in red and black basque ,red silk panties and red stocking and of to my lounge where four large mirrors are placed three behind one in front of pile of cushions and towels spread in front of a log fire ,my laptop signed into xhamster on one side of the mirror and a bucket of hot water and six different size jelly dildos from... Continue»
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Slutty Sarah is back

Well guys, slutty Sarah is back. We met up last week and after a meal, I took her back to my place. Throughout the meal, she kept telling me she had something she wanted to tell me later.

Eventually she got around to it. She said “You know Julia got married a couple of days ago, well, he night before she had a party in some big hall. There were about 20 of us there, all girls. I didn’t know beforehand, but some of the girls had arranged for male strippers to show up and strip for us.

Well, it was the first time I’d seen male strippers. Seriously, there bodies were amazing. There were fo... Continue»
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G got me Covered

"I didn't think I'd be hearin' from you again," G said with a smile. "Well, you thought wrong," I threw him a wink as I walked inside. "I've been thinkin' 'bout you since you were here last," G began to stroke his huge black cock through his thin pants. He closed the door behind me and I immediately wrapped my arms around the back of his neck and kissed him. I let my hands wander down his chest to his waistline. He pulled my shirt off and pinched my nipples. I shivered with excitement and lowered my hands to feel his hard, thick cock sticking out at me as if it was calling to me. I loved feeli... Continue»
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fucking my friend wife Candy Part 1

It was Saturday my first weekend in three weeks it was great, I had some work to be done around the house .My wife was out of town for four weeks, she was looking after her mother .Her mom had just had a stroke and she was helping her .As I got up I went to have a shower, then I made the bed then I went down stairs to make breakfast, I had Bacon and Eggs, after I had finished I went out side do cut the weeding .I went to the shed to get the weed sprayer, after I finished with the weeds. .

I decided to wash, it was a new car .I love having a nice clean car, it was a new car BMW .After I f... Continue»
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I'm looking for non fiction erotic writers, I

Minimal research involved.

Unlimited work if you are chosen.

Must be prepared to be taught a simple formula to write and research.

Please contact me via private message and have ready any literary portfolio resume of works you've done.

I will always need articles, to the point you will always get work and never be out of a job.

It will greatly help if you have knowledge about pornstars and the adult industry, along with all other things adult.

Nothing you write about will be outlandish or even hard.

In order to qualify this blog post as an erotic novel and have it be see... Continue»
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The Cheating Geek

The first secret Gina Davis ever kept from her husband Mike was the fact that she was a major geek. This secret was hidden from him the moment they met. He was sitting next to her in a bar late one night and she couldn’t keep her eyes off of him. She thought that he was sexy as fuck. He was tall and had dark hair, piercing hazel eyes and muscles for days. She normally got hit on a lot; she was fairly attractive with bright red hair, curvy hips, small waist and perky but busty tits but that night she was too horny to wait for him to make the first move. When she introduced herself, the conversa... Continue»
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Caught By Mr. "D" - Part 2

See Part 1 to find out what happened right before this....

We made our deal. I get away with my "youthful indiscretion" by giving my body to my next door neighbor.

"Go in the house and put on some clothes. Then come to my house. But be sure that there's nobody walking or driving by and nobody hanging around outside when you walk over so there is no chance that anyone will see you doing it. Go in the back and come in through the back door. Lock both doors behind you as soon as you're inside. Then walk up the stairs and I'll be up there waiting for you."

Five minutes later I was in his... Continue»
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Hitch Hiker Part 2!

............We set off now in the dark night from the Services and since Mick had driven about 15 miles to get here, that is the other side of the motorway, he wanted to know where our guest wanted to go to?
He asked my lover, 'Where to my friend?' 'Is gud Massa if you take me Leicester,' he replied. We were about 2 hours from there. Mick said .'Ok, what your name?'. My name is Jomo, mean Big Spear!', he said to Mick. This made me giggle out loud and Mick gave me a strange look in the rear view mirror!!! He had no idea where Jomo had just had his BIG SPEAR in! I reached over and said in a wis... Continue»
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Red-Light, Green-Light

“How do you fancy playing a game, baby?” The look on Beth’s face told me from the get-go that we weren’t talking Scrabble.
Looking into her baby blues, I smiled. “What you have in mind?”
Pulling me into the bedroom, Beth stopped us next to the bed and she rubbed my crotch and gave it a cheeky squeeze. Leaning in close, she whispered into my ear. “Get naked for me, lover.” Never needing to be told twice, my clothes were off in record time and, without any input from me, my cock was already starting to swell in anticipation. Standing there looking at me, Beth nodded her approval. “Wow, he lo... Continue»
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62 John and Julie went dogging

62 John and Julie went dogging
We had been married for some years and my wife Julie will do anything to excite me, an example being the rejuvenating of her k9 sex-life. (see story 61 on Alibodge`s profile) she`s 40 now, I am 42 so I am just capable of being called a dirty old man, at least mentally we live here in Cromer, in Norfolk with our two k**s.
Julie used to have a bit of a reputation at school, as it happened unfounded, but she did little to change it revelling in the nick-name of B.S.A (a cycle firm whose motto was every-mans bike!) after she left education she became shall w... Continue»
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Moni trained part 2

The following day after our little episode with Lamont and the guys Marc and I went for lunch from our hotel. All was OK but the black waitress was eying me giving me some dirty looks. I had no idea why. She came to give us the bill and said you the bitch Lamont fucked last night aren't you.
I looked at her in surprise and looked around and saw him sitting in the far corner and waved at us.
He got up and came over and sat next to us. I see you met my girl here he said. She is a little upset at me so to I gotta buy her stuff to get her on my good side again. But you see I gots no money so ... Continue»
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18 year old Marissa loses her virginity

These are TRUE STORIES about a girlfriend. At time she was 18 and and about 5 months away from turning 19 and I was in my late 20's. She had never really been in a serious relationship nor had she ever fooled around with a guy more than a handjob. We dating about a month and she had mentioned that she was ready to have sex for the first time. I was going away for business and she was invited to come along. After arriving to our destination and checking into our hotel we got into our bathing suits and headed down to the indoor swimming pool. Unfortunately there were about 5 older people in the ... Continue»
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Gender bent – Ch 8 – Made for pleasure

Gender bent – Ch 8 – Made for pleasure

As I Kandi led me around the parties’ hallways I realized I didn’t even know where I really was or how big this place truly was. I remembered once I agreed to be his “Girl” Dave pretty much had a ton of rules before I couldn’t even set foot in the party. One was no cell phones which I left at his place. Another was I needed to be blind folded the whole time we traveled there. It wasn’t long from his place, about 30 minutes. I remember being hand-led into a house as Dave greeted the men at the door. I was then led further into the house and was then pla... Continue»
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Gender bent – Ch 9 – Lack of free will

Gender bent – Ch 9 – Lack of free will

“Nikki, he Nikki?, Wake up” I heard a voice as I opened my eyes. “What happened?” I muttered as all I could remember was being dolled up like a bimbo slut encased in pink latex looking like a flat chested girl with a bubble butt with a ton of fake tats on me. “The process finished” J said as Kandi stood right next to him. “Wow did It work?” Kandi said. “Did what work?” I replied. J looked at Kandi and then pressed a button on the watch and said “Looks like it, but let’s test, Nikki standup” I stood in a instant is if my legs had moved on their own. “Wh... Continue»
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Hitch Hiker

I was travelling with Mick and he wanted to pull over after a few hours of driving, he needed to pee with him having weak bladder! We went to motorway service station and it was just becoming dark as we pulled up. I said,'OK meet you in Cafe, then we have coffee.'
Mick walked off to Gents toilet. I know he would be a long time as he will only pee in a cubicle as he is embarrassed in case someone will see his tiny dick!!! The cafe was over a bridge of the motorway, so I set off to climb steps to walk over there. I was in my black leather mini skirt, stockings(black) and knee boots with heels. ... Continue»
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