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Atlanta Beach

I discovered I got turned on by guys in Speedos relatively early. I didn't get to act on much – either wearing or playing with a guy in one until I was away at college in LA. I borrowed a bike from a buddy and rode on the board walk for hours in the afternoon sun. I stumbled upon the gay beach completely by accident, and found everyone in speedos of some shape. I eventually got to the point where I wore tiny running shorts with a bikini on under it, would ride, then lay in the sun, and often rode back in my bikini.

When I moved to Atlanta at 24, I didn't really think I would miss the be... Continue»
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A Romantic Encounter...

I first saw Ron in a local restaurant of a national sandwich shop, he was behind the counter making a sub for another customer, our eyes met and Ron blushed. It was something about the young boy that turned me on something fierce, Ron exude femininity in a butch way that excited me, one look and I knew I had to have some private time with that young man.

So for the next month I visited that particular shop and ordered the same sandwich every Thursday, hoping that Ron would come to serve me. A few times it was close. Just when it came time for me to order and Ron was available, another sa... Continue»
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Our first time & my origins as a cum slut.

We’d been dating for just over a week & I knew I really liked him. Having made out a few times I knew he was going to be a good lover, he was older and I had had the usual mix of a long term boyfriend in high school and a couple of mediocre one night stands under my belt – I was only 19. I had promised myself that I would wait to fuck him for at least two week, I didn’t want to appear like a slut but got it was hard after all. The night before we had made out at his front door before I went home and I had stood in the stairwell for a good five minutes arguing with myself about whether I shoul... Continue»
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Memories of my first time - Part 1

There are plenty of 'True' First Time stories that are often more fantasy than fact. Well, this one is fact and doesn't feature an 8" cock and multiple orgasms. I've changed the names as I am no longer in touch with those involved so cannot get their approval. The conversations may not be word for word, but are as best I can remember them.

It was the early 1970s and I was coming up to 19. I'd done the usual teenage kissing, groping thing and had even progressed to the occasional hand job from various girls, but that was about it. I lived with my parents and b*****rs in a city in southern E... Continue»
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Weekend Wife Trade {part one}

My life long friend Larry and I had got together last Friday morning to trade our wive's for the weekend, so I would be fucking his woman and he would be fucking mine for the next two day's. And we could fuck them in front of one another or alone in another room, that would kind of be up to the girl's as well. It all started our weekly Tuesday night poker game it was at our buddy Pat's house this week, when one of the guy's ran out of money and threw his hot, horny girlfriend in the pot and wouldn't you know it Steve "that lucky bastard" won and got to take the money and the lady home that n... Continue»
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Annie's dangerous night out Good or Bad ?

Annie looks so good lying back on the sofa, semi-d**gged. She’s fully aware of what is going on, but totally unable to do anything about it. She can see my fat, rock-hard prick sticking up hard and strong as I rip her blouse open and haul out her fat tits so I can maul them and take her nipples firmly between my teeth for a good, hard chew. The slut is enjoying the sensations, despite herself: her nips are up and hard as bullets, and there is a distinct musky odour from her juiced-up cunt.

It’s so easy to thrust her legs wide apart and rip her knickers away. I stand back to take in the sigh... Continue»
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The Saoirse Ronan Chronicles [PART 4]


LOCATION: The Dance floor


CHAPTER 3: Grinding On The Dance Floor

Left, right, up, down and side to side. We swayed and manoeuvred our way through the club floor. It was getting late, we were making our way down to an interesting place. I suppose moving my body on the dance floor would be a great way to ease my anxiety about being recognised. Still, I didn't want Megan blabbering her mo... Continue»
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Read if you want I guess. :]

So I've learned this is a site where you post your "fantasy" as people say, I guess I'll share mine. Here goes nothing..
I'm what you call a curvy girl, some men like them other men can't even look at them.. I have long light brown hair some days it likes to be straight some days its curly. Big, round green eyes along with perfect eyelashes. Nice full lips with a lil lip piercing on the side, tongue piercing also.. About 5'3" without shoes, you will never catch me dead in heels (not my thing at all,sorry), 38DDD for a bust line, wide hips and a very nice ass I might add. I love tattoos and pi... Continue»
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Der Taxifahrer

Der Taxifahrer

Ich war 18 und. sexuell war ich damals ziemlich unerfahren. Ich hatte zwar mit ein paar Typen in meinem Alter geschlafen, aber ich hatte es immer nur über mich ergehen lassen. Es hatte mir keinen Spaß gemacht. Es mangelte mir gar nicht an Bewunderern. Alle Kerle wollten etwas von mir. Aber irgendetwas fehlte mir. Mehr heimlich und ich wusste gar nicht warum, nahm ich über eine Flirt-App immer Kontakt zu älteren Männern auf, die weit über 40 waren. Manche sogar über 50. Sie waren sehr fordernd und schrieben immer gleich und ganz offen, was sie alles sexuell mit mir anstellen w... Continue»
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A true dating experience without the issues of act

I didn’t know my wife when she was in High school but I know all about a certain guy she dated. We were just newlyweds making love when she whispered about him touching her and undressing her. We made love while fantasizing about me watching her with him. She had my permission to date him again or date someone else and experience those steamy adventures but she told me that happily married women don’t date other men. She would never date a man or play alone with a man because it would give him the wrong idea; the idea that there was something romantic. She was open to excitement and pleas... Continue»
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The taking of Nadia Craig part 1

The taking of Nadia Craig part 1
It all started in the mall in a downtown part of Wisconsin, it was a normal shopping day, her name Nadia Craig and a well put together middle age, housewife. Her well shaped body encased in her jumper and short`s, must have caught the eye of the burly trucker named Pete.
As she rounded the corner of the old streetcar depot, a great hairy arm snatched her off her feet and bundled her into the cab of the reefer, she fought a bit but that was just part of the game for Pete, who had a pad of, something sweet smelling and sticky, two breaths and she felt her ... Continue»
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Debbie - The Cougar Part 2

I was still recovering from the first wave, and knew it was my turn to please her at least the same way she did, if not more (if possible). I slid on the bed to lie next to her and turned her to face me. Stroking her hair away from her face, I leaned closer and kissed her mouth, tasting my own cum on her lips. She sucked my tongue as greedily as she had done my dick and I felt my balls tighten a little as life pounded back into my shaft. I so wanted to fuck this beautiful, sensuous young woman, but first I was going to return her favor.

Pushing her back on the bed, I began to kiss her breas... Continue»
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Sam I Am

Sam is a woman I met at the lake. She lived a few houses down from our lakeside cottage. We visit there often on weekends in the Summer. Sam was about 75ish and was still in very good shape for her age. She had a nice plump, round ass and perky tits. Sam has flirted with me on more than one occasion. She has also been known to flirt with other men too.
One weekend we had gone up to the lake and somehow I had left my wallet there. It was a Monday and I needed my debit card. So I had to go back to retrieve it. It was around ten AM when I arrived. I unlocked the door and went inside ... Continue»
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Coffee shop trio

As I had to go out of town to an appointment I dropped Donna off at the coffee shop. 3 hours later I returned and seeing the door open I knew she was in, wanting to suprise her I crept in, hearing sounds from the front room I quitely crept towards the door and peaked through the crack, I saw Donna on the sofa snogging Lee whilst James was feeling her tits.

Then James unclipped her bra and out tumbled her large tits, James began licking one nipple while Lee was licking the other, I could see Donna's hands on both their cocks, gently rubbing them. Lee moved down onto the floor and spreading D... Continue»
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My dilema about the coffee shop

A couple of weeks later as we were going down to the coffee shop, Donna said "Try and pick up that other lad and you can do as I've asked", I replied "I'm not sure about this", she said "I've done it with girls and you like that", "I know" I said, "well just do this for me". As we went in Lee served us and said James was finishing his shift in half an hour.

As we had our coffee we timed our leaving as James was leaving, as we walked out with him Donna said "You want a lift home", he said "Yes thanks", as we drove up to our house he said "I don't live up here" and Donna replied "We have to p... Continue»
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Leaflet deliverer

We have a letter box at the front of our house, some neighbours at the back have another letterbox on their houses but we don't. Someone put a leaflet through ours, as usual it was rubbish so I threw it away. I was sat out on the patio when an Asian guy came on the back road delivering leaflets he offered me another and I said "No thanks". He asked for a glass of water so I invited him in.

As he stood in my kitchen with a glass of water, he said he was delivering these leaflets for money as he couldn't get a job, he didn't live in our town he preferres to deliver out of his own town so no-o... Continue»
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Soft 3some With A Friend And His Wife

have been a big fan of all the stories here and read them quite regularly. This real story is about 4-5 years old when I had a soft 3some with my friend & his wife. This story is completely real as well as all the characters described here in. You can send your comments on the email address below.

I am Rohan Sippy from Ahmedabad, married and 32 years old now. Am 5’9″ with an athletic build (32″ waist). The other 2 people in this story are Raja, same as my age, a little taller and a little chubbier; his wife Nisha, similar age
... Continue»
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The Coffee Shop trainee

On this particular day we were in the usual coffee shop but we were served by the trainee, he was a young lad, Lee, 22, and just out of university, as he lived somewhere close to where we lived, Helga asked us if we could give him a lift home, we said we could and Donna and I sat at a table. She said to me "We could knock another off the list here", I said "Ok".

As we got in the car Lee was chatty about his life, saying he was working at the coffee shop to earn money to go travelling. Donna said as we approached our house "Come in and tell us more", which he agreed to do. As we settled in o... Continue»
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Fucking a Hot New Friend

This is a true story and happened a few years back.

I live in a smaller town but worked for an organization that had meetings in Toronto about four times a year. My wife and I had grown apart and she would not accompany me to any events. I think she was looking herself because she was away for extended periods of time and gave only feeble excuses for being late.

I knew this convention held potential for sexy times.

As a male member from a certain region, we were given identifying hats to wear. As I was entering the hotel and making my way to the elevator to go to my room, an attr... Continue»
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Awesome Episodes Of Pleasure With Dianna’s A

I always remember the days when i had sex for the first time. I was in final year undergraduate student when i met Dianna in my college canteen. The second weekend since we met for the first time, she wanted to drink alcohol for the first time. I bought one small bottle of wine and two cans of beer. After the first bottle of wine, Dianna wanted one more and i got one more for her. We were in East Coast Park (ECP) beach. Suddenly she started smooching and started caressing my hair. That turned me on and we were kissing for more th... Continue»
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