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Hockey buddy and his wife - 2

The next week I arrived late at the rink and Pete and I had no chance to have a work before the game. At the end of the game (we won), Pete and I were next to each other as we shook hands with the opponents. After the hand shakes he leaned in and asked me if I could come over. “Yea, I would love to.” was my answer.

When we arrived at Pete's house Kate was ready with G&T's. What I really noticed was her outfit. Kate was wearing a pleated skirt and a white blouse. I could thinking about her nipples which I could see through her shear white blouse but also about the Catholic-school-girl look ... Continue»
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Sloppy Seconds

You have barely gotten the door locked behind you when
you hear the commanding voice out of the darkness.


Your hand freezes in its search for the light switch.


You hurry to comply, knowing all too well what the
penalty for disobedience is. Quickly, you remove your
$700 business suit and cast it in a crumpled heap on
the carpet. Your bra comes next, then your panties.
From experience, you know to leave your hose and your
pumps on.

He laughs softly in the darkness at the irony. During
the day, 35 people live in constant fear of the "bitch
manage... Continue»
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Chapter Three - The Price We Pay

My head hit the wooden bar so hard that I saw stars.
I felt one of them move up behind me and the wind was pushed from my lungs as he slipped himself inside my pussy and began to pound my ass furiously.
Within a second there was another one in front of me. He grasped me by the throat, his huge hands wrapped all the way around.
I couldn't move, he had pinned me over the bar, ass in the air.
A third approached and before it even registered, stuffed his dick in my mouth.
I gagged as he proceeded to fuck my face.
The whole length of his cock dissapeared deep down my throat.
He drove it i... Continue»
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The Swing Series

On Saturday night my wife, Sue, invited her s****r, Pat,
and Pat's new boyfriend over for drinks and to watch a
couple of rented movies. We had never met Joe, but Pat
had a lot of good to say about him so he had to be okay.

Sue and I are 38 and try to keep ourselves in good
shape, although the years do take their toll in places.
I am six-foot-two, and about 210 pounds. Sue is five-
foot-seven, 128 pounds, and has long blonde hair that
flows to her waist. Sue's measurements are 38C-24-36.
Sue has no trouble turning the heads of other men-and
a few women-when she walks down th... Continue»
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Wife Watching in Memphis

The following is completely true and happened over the
course of the past two years, gradually getting more and
more exciting, until it culminated with the most intense
sexual event of our lives. Unlike some "true" stories I
have taken extra effort to make it not only factually
correct, but to give an accurate portrayal of my
perspectives at the time and my impressions of Lynn's and
Greg's perspectives at the time.

What follows is a recounting of events that are extremely
private, intimate and personal. And just as the mere
thought of exposing my wife to other men has beco... Continue»
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What A Kiss Can Lead To


It was Jan's 40th birthday and her husband had invited
my wife and me to go to a small Italian restaurant
along with two of her other friends to celebrate her
birthday before she had a party the following Saturday

When we met I gave the birthday girl a kiss on both

The meal was great and service very good one of the
waiters was very attentive to Jan she liked the
attention she was getting.

Strangely not much was d***k that night, I had to
drive so I drank mineral water, Jan had a couple of
small beers, the only person who drank heavily was
... Continue»
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Young Toms

To begin with, my husband, Ted, has a twin b*****r Fred
who is married to Susan and they live near by in our
small town where it is difficult to do anything without
someone else knowing. With all that said, we have the
usual evils in our little town, the bars where men hang
out looking for women and women hang out looking for
men. Of course some of the women make a living off the
men. Each of us couples has a teen-age son and they
were born in the same month and the same year.

All four of us went to high school together and dated
together and even were married in the same... Continue»
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date night - pure fantasy

It's been a nice night . The two of you had dinner and drinks at one of your favorite restaurants. Now you are on your way home ,or at least you thought so . This isn't the way, you realize . Then he pulls into a local hotel . Instead of checking in he takes you directly to a room . He must have arranged this awhile ago .
You enter the room and are schocked at the way the furniture is set up. The beds have been removed and everything else pulled to the side . In the center is a strange contraption set up over a tarp. It seemed to be something similar to a stockcade. 2 poles holding up a padde... Continue»
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[b][b]Part 11 – Our Next Move[/b][/b]

We continued to meet with Mike and Robin and with Johnnie and Bonnie for the next couple of months and had lots of fun with both coupled. Looking back we should have had a party with both couples but it never occurred to us.
Around that time I was offered a new job in Dallas and accepted. It was middle of October. The timing was such that my future wife decided to stay in Houston and we would move during the Christmas break. That would give us time to make all of the arrangements. At this time I also knew that if she was willing to move with me to Dallas and leave her f****y. I need to... Continue»
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black co-workers

Yes, I know that one should practice safe sex and I'll never do anything this crazy again, but it was a spur of the moment thing and alcohol clouded my judgment. What can I say?

I am 27 years of age and I was married at 18. I'd never been with another man, until several months ago.

I am often teased about my red hair and a slight sprinkling of freckles and my 38-D tits.

At my place of employment we work different shifts. There are a lot of blacks working the swing shift, and I've become friends with some of them over the past couple of years.

One is an especially good frien... Continue»
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Dream Master

This is a fantasy of my dream world.
If it could happen in real life I would be in ecstasy!

Dream Master

I met Graham at a nice little café while eating alone one night.
I do not like to eat alone and asked him if I could join him. He smiled up at me and said of course. He was so sweet, smart, friendly and a true gentleman.

But, my perceptions about that would soon change. We chatted about everything normal. At the end of the meal I told him I always came to this place on Wednesday nights because they had a fabulous pasta and salad bar offered on that night. We agreed to meet... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #5: If Wishes Were Hornets #5

iCarly/Victorious: If Wishes Were Hornets #5 – Beck

"I wish that Nate never came to California."

Beck's alarm was going off loudly and he sighed angrily because the annoying piece of shit was all the way across the room. He rolled out of bed groaning, his head swimming with the hangover he brought on himself at Jade's party. He didn't even know why he was there in the first place. Since their much deserved breakup, he had barely gotten along with his insane ex-girlfriend, but of course she was head over heels with the iCarly k*d. Andre and Robbie begged him to go, he really... Continue»
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Truth or Dare: Bar Style

So we find ourselves at a Holi-dome for the weekend.
It's big hotel with the indoor/outdoor pool, hot tub, a
bar with dance floor, and a conference with a lot of
partiers. Vicki, my wife is extremely hot and I love
her dearly. I could tell she was in a very special mood
when she wore my favorite outfit of hers. It's a denim
skirt (that snaps all the way up the front) with no bra
or panties.

We get into the bar around 9pm and it's already
hopping. As she hops up on the bar stool, she purposely
unsnaps the lowest snap on her dress and gives me the
most awesome smile. She ... Continue»
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Lets make it happen

My wife and I were enjoying our weekend with the k**s
at the grandparents. Friday night was a relaxing dinner
with friends and then we had a nice session in the
bedroom and my wife, Kelli, let me set up the video
camera for the night.

Saturday was quiet, we met friends for golf and then
came home and made dinner and then Kelli said she was
going to take a bath and I should come up in an hour.
At about 8 pm I headed up and she was on the bed
completely naked and slowly touching herself basically
getting me ready for her. When she removed her hand I
saw the other surprise... Continue»
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Way Too Competitive

Dad always said I was too competitive for my own good.

Tonight, I was proving him right. I looked at the cards
in my hand, actually a respectable hand-a full house of
three jacks and two 9s, and then I glanced at the pot.
Just about all the money my parents had sent me for the
month was on the table, which was not helping my
confidence level at all.

One of my opponents, Ricky, had already folded, leaving
only his roommate Billy and myself in the game. Billy
had that smug expression on his face that he had been
wearing for most of the evening, that expression that
conv... Continue»
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The Wager

1: The Game Begins

How could this fucking happen? We have only been
married eighteen goddamn months. I first met Jill at a
church social in her hometown. Jill was a beautiful
young lady with a religious upbringing. Her parents
required her to attend church every Sunday.

We dated for about a year. A year I refer to as the
'Blue-Balls' year. We were married in the spring of
'98 and all was right in the world. Money was our only
problem. I was barely making enough money to cover the
necessities and the rent on a crappy little apartment

I was working as an ac... Continue»
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Wet Miranda's Super-Bowl Choice

I have to tell you, I am not a big fan of football. My
boyfriend will sit and watch it all day long, game
after game. College football, NFL games, whatever game
is on; he and his friends will just watch football all
day. If it isn't football, it's baseball, hockey, or
basketball. Once a year, the biggest football game of
them all is on; this is the Super bowl, of course. On
the day of the Big Game, my boyfriend Tom always has
some of his loudest friends over, and they spend the
whole day drinking cheap beer and eating Cheetos and
chips and a lot of other junk food. I am not... Continue»
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we fucked his wife

Two of my workmates and I have established a "Get
d***k" policy for Fridays after work. The local cops
and courts have cracked down on d***ken driving
(rightly so, IMO) making it too risky and too expensive
to drive after drinking. We've started taking turns
hosting d***ken sl**p-overs. The host holds all car
keys until the next morning. We drink beers, shoot some
tequila, smoke a joint or several, then claim a couch
or recliner until Sat. morning.

I was hosting one night, but didn't notice we were low
on tequila until we were too d***k to drive. I asked my
wife, Ann, to... Continue»
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Just to prove a point

We needed a holiday as we had both been overworking and
were at each other's throats most of the time and
decided on Aiya Napa in Cyprus for a week all-inclusive
at the Nelia Hotel.

We arrived at the hotel about 2:00 in the afternoon in
blistering heat and both stripped off while we unpacked
that's when Paula discovered she had left her bikinis
at home. She asked me to call in the local shop to pick
one up for her while she had a shower.

I slipped on tee shirt and shorts and browsed in the
local shop for a bikini most of which seemed very

Then I found a ra... Continue»
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Going to a Party

We arrived at the party late as we always do. The host greeted us at the door and invited us in and showed us the bar and finger food. My boo Adrian was dressed in a hot low cut black dress, very short and with her 6 inch stiletto heels she looked like I was paying her big bucks to be on my arm. Only I knew she was not wearing any panties and was bra less. You could see the outline of her nipples through the thin black material. As we walked into the high rise apartment, heads turned not only from the dudes but also from the babes disrupting their conversations. I gleamed inside from the ... Continue»
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