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Poke Her Night /Glory Hole - BBBBTS

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

Recap of Part 1 of 3 - Turned My MILF Neighbor into My Sex Slave

(Found my Married next door neighbor masturbating to a movie I left in her house. Then she spent the whole day sucking my cock around her house. Then I left her instructions to wash my clothes, not kiss her husband when he got home from work.

Recap of Part 2 of 3 - The Video Store

(My new sex slave came to the video store to drop of her movies. She had to pay for the late charges, with her mouth and pussy. We fucked in my Boss's office. Then I suggested we should move Poker... Continue»
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Honey We're Home

She called me, like she always did when her husband wasn’t around. I didn’t mind being the other guy; she had the body of a goddess and it wasn’t going to be my broken home. We met at the gym when she caught me staring at her ass during a stretching routine. A little harmless flirting and a few run-ins later and I was making house calls every other week to ‘stretch her out’. This time was no different. She lowered her voice to a sultry tone and talked about how much she needed me, craved me right then. 15 minutes later and I was ringing her doorbell.
She arrived at the door wearing a black ... Continue»
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Gay fantasy coming true-my fifth time

How do you outdo your wildest sexperience? Bring in more guys? Try more exotic postures? Sexathons? Well, I did all three, together!

I'll get straight to the story. This time there were 6 of us. Manu and Raj, my roommates. Abhi and Vinny (I hope you remember them) and the new boy, Jay. Vinny had promised not to be rough, he said he had been too excited that day and ended up hurting me. We met at Abhi's place and after the introductions to the new guy, we straight got down to business. We had brought along plenty of dotted and ribbed condoms, as well as lube.

It was going to be Jay's firs... Continue»
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Coming Out

Coming Out

Sophie Tyler was a bit of an enigma, people thought they knew her but the truth is that no-one really did, and even if someone did, not many would understand her. Sophie was a 28 year old male to female transvestite, real name Andy, a builder by trade, of slight build, 5 foot 9 inches tall, enjoyed a pint with the lads once in a while, but loved nothing more to be attired in her favourite dresses or skirt and top combinations, a bit of make-up, jewellery, and a quite long red hairpiece, Andy just loved being Sophie.

Around the house Sophie was full on, the full girlie set up... Continue»
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The Joys of Polyamory

I had submitted this story to Literotica some years ago. Here it is with some additions and editions.

I met my wife Julie when we were both seniors in high school. She was an only c***d and her parents had divorced when she was 3, so she grew up with her mother Linda. By the time I met Julie, she was a tall, busty natural blonde whose height seemed to be 2/3 legs. I stood a few inches shorter, but unlike many guys I was not intimidated. It also helped that she, unlike many girls, did not find shorter guys a turnoff. I would learn later that she inherited her blonde hair, long legs an... Continue»
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Grannies Pool Party Pt. II

Read on, this is Part II of a great story. In Part I we discussed my invitation to my grannies Sandy and Alma’s pool party. As I mentioned before five years ago I retired and moved to Oro Valley, Arizona near Tucson. I joined a senior’s over sixty social group and I never knew my life would change like this. You see I discovered Grannies, single ones, divorced ones and married ones and my sex life has not been the same since. Two of my favorite grannies are Alma and Sandy. One lucky day I got strange E-Mail’s from both of them; it read “Pool Party at Alma’s house!!! 1 P.M. having a “2 fur” we... Continue»
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alone in my bed

my precum bubbled up, i stopped the fondle. i felt my asshole tightened as i fought to hold my orgasm back. I succeeded, the urge passed, only a small amount of actual sperm actually made it to the top of my dick. my hands and arms were tensed, it was all i could do not to touch my long dick, not to squeeze it.

one touch and my pre work of morning edging would be over. i waited, waited as the immediate need subsided. my cock, untouched began to soften. i let it, i let it fall over and lay on my belly.

i closed my eyes. my balls ached. i was trapped in that delightfully ... Continue»
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Seven Nieces

I was raised as an only c***d. My father had been married before, and I had a s****r from that marriage, but she was raised by her mom, and I was raised by mine, in separate households.

I didn't know my s****r Zanah very well growing up, or half-s****r I should say. Her mom and mine got along pretty well, despite things, and Zanah would visit sometimes on f****y occasions, but she was almost nine years older and pretty much in her own world. She was a popular girl in high school, with a lot of boyfriends, while I was still in grade school. I thought she was cool, like a grown-up.

W... Continue»
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The Shelter

Over Christmas I did the odd bit of voluntary work at my local homeless shelter, I have got too know a few of them over the holidays & feel for them. Most are in the situation through no fault of their own, just bad luck & circumstances. They only have twelve beds, sometimes eight turn up other night's we have to turn people away or find them other accommodation.
I Knew I was doing the sl**p over on the 27th, I would be the only worker after 11pm in the shelter. So with this in mind, knowing what a dirty slut Karolina was, I thought of an idea, that could make... Continue»
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The Big Switch

When we were married, my wife and I used to swap with other couples, not so much parties where disclosure almost certainly follows but with smaller numbers, where you could make friends with those you were meeting. We became friendly with one such couple. a little older than us, which wasn't a difficulty (actually nothing was a difficulty, as long as the sex was good) and they were nice people. Bob, the husband, like me, as bi and his wife Angela was straight, so we were a good match. They both liked long slow foreplay, which suited us much better than joining people in a room, shooting all ov... Continue»
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I think it is called Shrew's fiddle - thick board, sawn in half lengthwise, U-shaped cut for the neck and wrists.
The only difference from the medieval counterpart - thick rubber-ring recess, something smeared to tires do not rub the skin.
That's the only positive thing. Negatives are many more - I stand doggy-style, sandwiched in this unit; legs wide apart with the help of some sticks, resting against his knees.
Behind me someone there.
I'd love to ask - who scored in the mouth but the ball gag muzzled on a belt, so I keep quiet.
Whoever behind me, not in a hurry. Gently stroking the bot... Continue»
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A Cuckold Threesome

I did my usual thing in visiting the regional coastal city alone. I was going to work very early and then trying to knock off at a reasonable hour so I could get to the beach and chase a suntan. One occasionally meets some interesting locals and tourists at the nudist beach.

On my way home late one afternoon I bumped into a tourist couple I met previously about a year ago. They go north for about three months a year. From all their time on the beach they have marvellous all over tans. Both are in their mid thirties, and both look pretty fit. Wearing sunnies is a marvellous way to check ... Continue»
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Work Office Fuck

Theres a new boss at my office, and all I can think about is his cock. I am so shy in person but as soon as my clothes come off there is something inside of me that goes crazy. Today is Friday and I am still at work typing away. He and I are the only ones in the office, and as the sun sets, I feel as though I'll never get done with work and his muscular body rippling through his tight shirt makes me so wet. I tighten my legs together as I shake my head and try to think of something else. But all I can think about is his hot abs dripping with my cum as I ride his face. I unbotton three but... Continue»
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Gran Canaria May 2015

Hi all just got back from a week in the sun and thought you would all like to hear of my adventure.

Happened Thursday last week, was staying at a large hotel in playa Ingles, full of German OAP's so pretty boring most of the week until this happened.

I'm a 48 yrs old English guy, average JO... on holiday with my Mrs

I'm in the underground Wellness centre, loveley swimming pool, Dead sea pool, Sauna & Steam room.

Well I came out of the steam room, and saw a couple of travel cases by my towel on the wall, I turned round to see a young couple both in the shower covered in soap, obviou... Continue»
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Sharing Rachel - the future

Sharing Rachel - all credit to a clever man in New Jersey.....

"It all started one evening at our local bookstore.

I was browsing through the racks, Rachel having wandered off to glance at the science fiction section. I noticed an autobiography by a well-known porn actress and picked it up. The cover featured the author looking very hot in a black corset and matching boots. Rachel returned while I was reading the blurbs on the back cover. She saw what I was looking at and chuckled.

"I see you've found something for your mom's birthday," she quipped.

"It actually looks interesting,"... Continue»
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Caught by my s****r and her friend 10

Ah Saturday morning! Mom and Dad out for the day, Grandpa can get down the stairs and my s****r is at her friend Kate's, nothing better than a good wank. I raid Dad's porn stash and put a movie on, strip naked and settle back on the couch and begin slowly stroking my cock. For some reason I prefer to masturbate naked it just feels better and as there is no hurry I can work up to it slowly. So there I was , after about fifteen minutes of slowly teasing my cock watching some really hot porn my s****r Susan and her friend Kate arrive unexpectedly, as they do! Given what we had all shared I didn't... Continue»
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Night at the Oil Party - Part 2

We entered the room and found a small crowd already gathered. Everyone was chatting and sharing a drink and as we entered I could tell that this was a classy group and the quality of the rooms were very good, clean and that from all appearances this was a good group and the night should be a fun one.

We were introduced to Ray and Janet, a nice couple in their late 40’s who were clearly experienced in events like this. I found Janet particularly attractive with her long red hair, milky complexion and round hips and large milky breasts. Janet’s body was particularly amazing in the red dre... Continue»
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Going To Hell in a Handbasket

I recently joined a sex dating site, no messing about, just meet up to shag.
It's a fee paying set up.

I was scanning for men local to me, and came upon an ad from two black guys, who work in ...
tandem as it were, to please ladies.

I placed a message with them including my "dating" mobile number, a pay as you go.

I was expecting to get a message back in the next day or three. In fact I had a call within
ten minutes. The men were in a local pub in Great Barr, watching the football.

I panicked a bit, but when they insisted on coming straight round, I agreed.

Quick shower,... Continue»
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Pears And Strawberries

My father and his b*****r died in an airplane accident in their own little four-seater when I was four and left me and mother on our own and the same faith was shared by my uncle's wife and there c***d, a girl a year older than me.

My dad and Uncle was successful stockbrokers long before it was a "normal" occupation and made a fortune long before they were thirty. They weren't poor to start with my grand-father had a business with more than forty employees and he had given them the capital to start the firm and was the oldest client they had so he too had improved on his wealth and he nev... Continue»
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Open House

It’s the summer and just for the fun of it I decide to go to a real estate open house for a garden apartment in a newly renovated brownstone. It’s beautiful place, everything is brand new with a landscaped garden in the back. The owners have paid someone to stage the apartment with new furniture.

You are there in sun dress and you’ve been showing the apartment for the last two hours; the open house is coming to an end and I and another guy are the last two people there. Just as we get ready to leave the sky blackens and the rain comes pouring down. It’s so hard that you can’t see out th... Continue»
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