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A week away


Donna and I had taken a week away and was visiting a seaside resort on the south coast of England. We’d been there three days of our seven days stay and had been fucking every night. After being out in the town we’d bought some stuff and was struggling to get them back to the hotel. As we sat down on a bench for a rest Donna said “I’d really like a good session if we can” as I smiled.

Carrying on up to the hotel with our bags as we approached the lobby two guys were loading up a van when Donna winked at me, as we got level with them she stumbled and one of the lads ... Continue»
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Wife's adventure on new years eve

My wife was invited to a new year party by one of the ladies in her cuckold group. It's a small group of married women that get together for sex with well hung black men. She has hosted parties at our home a few times and on that occasion I was allowed to watch the action. Now back to the new year party, I wasn't invited in fact non of the husbands where allowed to be at the party. I asked my wife who was serving the drinks if no husbands where allowed? She said that Mattie ( the hostess ) had hired a couple of guys to tend bar.

The day of the party I sat on the bed and talked with my wife... Continue»
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My biggest fantasy, sharing my sub gf at nude beac

This is just a fantasy and not a true story ( yet ),

I have always fantasied about going to nude beaches and fucking in open but when I got into Dom/Sub play years ago that fantasy changed a lot.
I have been a Dominate to most of my partners, wives with or without their husbands and single women over the years and if you have seen my other stories you would know of my experiences in the past.
Everything from swinging to public sex, watching and being watched and owning many subs and I never ask or expect a sub to do anything she is not into or willing to try.

My favorite is to s... Continue»
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Sky High Interview

It was early morning in New York City, everyone was running here and there on their way to work except Matt. Matt was 34 years old and on his way to a job interview after quitting his previous job die to some human resource issues. Hopefully he wouldn’t have any problems in this job.
Reaching the building he looked up in awe. The building just kept on going as if it was climbing inti the sky, he had never been in such a tall building but after all this was new York! Approaching the receptionist he asked where the interviews were taking place and it turned out that he was the only one for toda... Continue»
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Neighbourly love

please rate and leave remarks on my stories. there are elements of truth but I am developing these for a web site I plan to launch later. all these you read are free. Thanks

Stephen and Cathy had been neighbours of ours for a few years now. We are all in our mid 40’s and have looked after ourselves even though we all have busy jobs in the city. Generally, we have kept ourselves to ourselves only getting together at parties and anniversaries. Both theirs and our c***dren had all grown up and left for university’s only paying the obligatory visit when they had run out of cash. Well until C... Continue»
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Two guys in my cunt

Two guys in my cunt

I left my office early on Tuesday. By four o´clock I was home, finding a note from Victor. He would also come home early, because his friends Samuel and John would came for a poker night.

I got a warm shower and when I turned the water off I heard knocking at the door. Wrapped in a towel I asked through the door who was it and the reply was “John and Samuel”. I opened the door and they came in to the living room.

I said them I would go to my bedroom to put on some clothes.
When I came back, both men were sitting on the sofa, legs apart rubbing their crotches thr... Continue»
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First Gangbang of a new year!

It was my wife’s birthday on New Year’s Eve and we went out drinking with friends that Thursday night. My wife can usually handle her alcohol, but she got way d***ker than I have ever seen her. She started very openly flirting with men in the bar. Our friends are not aware that we live this type of lifestyle, and they were shocked. At first I loved it, but as my wife got d***ker she started being very aggressively and obviously slutty. For instance, I caught her rubbing a guy’s dick under the bar table (over his trousers). Really, she was being so slutty that it embarrassed me.
The next day (... Continue»
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Ladies group picnic...

My neighbors wife asked me to drive her to her ladies group meeting on a Thursday afternoon at a local parkway. She and her husband (48/52 respectively)are good people who've been known to throw some lively parties in our neighborhood. They only had one car available as her husband drove to work and her car was in the shop. I am on disability so I agreed to drive her. I picked her(Jeanie)up at around 12:30 p.m. and we set out for her picnic. Jeanie is a drop-dead gorgeous long-haired redhead, 5'9" and around 140lbs. with long legs and a totally killer ass. I was quite nervous as I had neve... Continue»
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Wife’s Txt’s & lubrication Part 1

Alan was always encouraging his wife Debbie to spend more time out enjoying herself with friends, so was pleased that she had finally taken him up on his suggestion, and was at a concert with one of her friends Cloe. Cloe was a popular party girl, so Alan knew Debbie would be enjoying herself, and having a good time at the concert, he had been to parties Cloe was at in the past, and she always looked to be having a great time, and was forward with all the guys, without being a total slut. Little did Alan know, this night was going to be a something far more exciting than he expected, and some ... Continue»
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A dirty weekend away Part 2

[Trip to Melbourne with Amy- Part 2.

All my stories are true experiences.

After a long wild night the night before Amy and I have a lazy day by the pool and bar at the hotel till, at 7 o’clock we go to Crown Casino to meet whoever Amy had been chatting with online.
We go to the sports bar get drinks and wait, about 10 minutes later Amy nudges me saying there she is.
She? I reply thinking we are meeting a couple and I look up, standing there is a stunning Asian with long dark hair and a tiny body. I was lost for words, Amy introduces ( now I wouldn’t have a clue how to spell her name s... Continue»
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Cassandra stepped up behind Eric, rubbing her big breasts into his back. Cassandra loved to act sexy around her friends. She and Devin were married, but their friends were not. Of course, that didn't matter. She just loved teasing, though it had never gone further than that.

"Hey, big boy, wanna play around?" she asked teasingly as her hands wrapped around him and slid from his chest to his stomach.

"Always ready," he answered, laughing at her innocent playfulness.

"Oooohhh, I'll just bet you are!" she answered, trying to sound sexy, looking over at the others while she bent her knees... Continue»
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Swinging Vacation

Pam’s skin was already warm from the sun as I rubbed and massaged the Ambre Solaire suntan oil down her back. She lay face down on the mattress from a sun lounge she had just been reclining on, now on the tiled floor in the sunshine. Pam, and her husband Frank, had joined Lisa and I on the roof top garden of our holiday apartment. We were all nude.

So far in the first few days of our holiday acquaintanceship we had learnt that we had nudism, and a few other attributes, in common. We had previously met each other a number of times in various communal areas around the apartment complex, such... Continue»
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my first 3some

(all true)

I'm 52 and I think I'm the only person on the planet who has never had a threesome. I had always wanted it to be two girls and me, but hell, ya gotta take what comes along.

I was on a mission to put together a threesome and live out my fantasy, so I hit Craigslist. I answered an ad a local guy posted about giving BJ's during the day, I was feeling horny and adventurous so I replied to the ad and later that day went to his place. I was greeted by a 50something half naked guy who welcomed me in. He had a porn movie going on his TV so I sat for a few minutes. Turned out there was... Continue»
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Voyeurs Dream Come True

Linda and I were talking with an old friend of ours the other day, and she asked if I still enjoyed watching other men fuck Linda. I told her that since I became impotent, I enjoyed it more than ever. She had been "in the business" at the same time as Linda, and knew I liked to watch Linda with her customers. In fact, she had stood beside me on several occasions, watching Linda get fucked. She would also, when she saw me getting hard, give ME some of HER pussy.

She asked if I still had any of the movies and pictures I had taken over the years, and I told her what had happened to them.... Continue»
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The night which changed me to a slut.

It's Friday night. I am on my way home. When I reached my front door I notice that it unlocked. I slowly walk inside my house. It is dark. I press the light button, but it doesn't work. I call my husband 'Bae? Are you home? Bae?' There is no response. Maybe he is sl**ping. I went to our bedroom but he isn't there.

Then suddenly someone grabs both of my arms and puts a bag over my head. I scream. He throws me with on my bed. And told me to stay quiet or he would hit me. I stopped screaming. I can hear men talking and laughing. If I have to guess it is 10 or more guys.

They ripped a hole ... Continue»
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The first time I felt it happen, to control the reaction to save myself from embarrassment was all too hard. But damn didn’t that cum feel good! The way it splattered and splashed so hot over my face, neck and chest. Only a man could ever provide me with such a hot, carnal and slightly fetishistical type of pleasure. In fact, it took two humpy guys to shoot those massive loads over me like that. But a lot has changed since I was eighteen, except one thing. There’s still days when I’m stopped i... Continue»
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christmas party....

23 rd December the annual works night out. 3 directors off the company myself being one. 5 lads who work for us ages between 19 and 38.
I was the youngest director at 41, so always stayed out later than the other 2.
The night had been good fun , lots of shots, cocktails , pints of every strong larger possible.
It was around 3pm, a few of the lads had left.
Shaun 25, Lee 22 and myself was left. Both had girlfriends but that hadn't bothered them all night getting numbers , pulling girls all night long. I told them I didn't want to cramp there style so would go back to the hotel we had all ch... Continue»
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Mistress Of The Manor

Things had certainly changed for Mistress Karen. Here she was driving down the road in her brand new car, towards her sprawling new house in the country. Yes, only twelve months ago she had bought a ticket that changed her life. £6 million was now all hers.

With the lottery won she had transformed her life. New house, new car, fine clothes and a body to die for. No surgery though, all fitness and hard work - and a lot of sexy fun thrown in. All the people in her life were catered for and they wanted for nothing.

But she was now the mistress of the manor. A large 6 bedroom house, with... Continue»
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A Moving Experience

"Hello, Aardvark Moving Company. How may we help you," said the voice over the telephone.

It was the first entry in the phone book and Tracy couldn't be bothered to look further.

"Can you move our furniture across town tomorrow?" Tracy said in her rather abrupt manner, as she sometimes tended to do with 'hired help'.

"Well, that's rather short notice, madam. And tomorrow is Saturday. I am going to have a little difficulty in finding a crew."

"Could you please get one together, because I really need to move tomorrow? I don't care how much ... Continue»
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Malmoe Maiden (III) the send off

I was invited to join these two beautiful women for dinner. A short walk and we were at a cafe with outside tables. The menu had a wide variety of entrees, Sasha explained the first few to me - but I said that grilled chicken and greens was what I would like. We hit the bread, cheese and wine quite heavily as we waited to place our order. It was much the same as mainland Europe, bread, wine and menus were what you got for the first 30 - 45 minutes. If your order was placed within an hour, things were moving along rapidly. These ladies breast were on display, and I was enjoying the view, when ... Continue»
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