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Fucked in Mexico!

I'm a 43 year old mother of 3, I'm 5.10, 220lbs. could be described as chunky with large tits and very wide hips. My husband and I were on holidays in Mexico at an all inclusive resort. My husband loves golf and played almost every day while we were there. On Wednesday morning we got up had breakfast then Chuck left for his tee time. I was wearing my blue Bikini, that didn't cover much but hey what the Hell I'm on holidays and I'll never see these people again. I sat by the pool for a couple hours drinking margaritas, probably a little too many it was getting later in the day when I decided to... Continue»
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I loved going over my bestfriend’s house. I’ve been going to Kim’s house since we learned how to ride bikes. It was always so free there. As long as we didn’t break anything, didn’t take anything, and told the truth when something happened, we were free to do whatever we pleased. Kim’s mother was a very pretty woman. Fair skin, long curly hair, petite body, large tits and a very nice ass. She wore really skimpy clothes. You could always see her cute little ass cheeks hanging out of her shorts and you could always see her perky brown nipples. She never, EVER wore a bra or panties. I recognized ... Continue»
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He took his monster dick out and shoved it inside of his petite daughter with no hesitation. He pounded her even harder than he pounded me! Definitely not the first time getting in that pussy! Kim’s lips and mine were the only thing touching at that time. I loved every minute of it and so did my bestfriend! She screamed louder and louder until she squirted all over her dad’s dick!!! It was so warm.. running down my legs and pussy. “I love you daddy..” she said quietly as her weak body rolled off of me. He picked me up and wrapped his arms underneath my thick thighs and my heavy ass! He slid hi... Continue»
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My first lucky threesome

It was a Saturday night and after a long hot day at work, I decided to go to the local pub/hotel for a well-deserved drink. It was a busy night with wedding guests mulling around before the evening disco got in to full swing after a big wedding from that afternoon.
Holding on to my pint, I headed outside in to the beer garden to see if any mates were about, it was as busy out there as inside and very little space left to sit. I spotted a table with a lone woman, her dress telling me that she was part of the wedding crowd and I asked her if she would mind me joining her at her table.
Her na... Continue»
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Ah sapık kocam, beni orospu yaptı..

Adım Gül, kocam Murat 28, ben 27 yaşındayım. Ben ne kadar mazbut bir aile kızıysam kocam da tam tersine o kadar sapık ruhlu biri… Yine de güzel, huzurlu ve mutlu bir evliliğimiz var. Tam 5 yıldır evliyiz. Henüz bir çocuk yapmadık.
Eşimle liseyi dışarıdan bitirme sınavları esnasında tanıştık. O zamanlar 18 yaşlarındaydık. 1. 70 boylarında 55-60 kilo arası, belime kadar inen siyah bukleli saçlarım, zeytin karası iri gözlerim, daha kimse tarafından ellenmemiş dipdiri gö... Continue»
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Evil stepmom - Evil steps****r 4.

So last night I nearly got fuck my stepmother Melinda like I use to before Chrissie my steps****r decided to drop by, then instead of having sex with my hot stepmother I ended going to fetch my steps****r from a party where I then fucked a total stranger my steps****r was having group sex with before Chrissie then sucked me off.
It had been a strange evening but it was all over now and as I left work I knew it would be just a matter of days before Chrissie was heading back to college again, I hoped.
Opening the front door as I arrived back I heard the sound of laughter and excited chatter an... Continue»
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BDSM f****y

Hi guys,
This story is about me helping ma master for r****g my mother. I m Ram 22 yrs old this happened when i was 16.
Our f****y consist of me , mom and dad. Ma dad works abroad and used to come here once every 2 yrs.
My mom is a house wife her name is Simren. She has a hot and chubby body 38D breast
somewhat stomachy. She usually wears night at house and salwar outside home. She only wears saree in any party.
I was interested in BDSM since i was 13 and i had a master wen i was at the age 16 nd he used to come to ma home but ma mom never knew tht he was ma master he cam to ma home as ma... Continue»
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College life spring semester 7


"Did it snow, Matt?" Kris said first thing when he woke up this Sunday
starting the last full week of January.

"Look for yourself," I said and had seen it had snowed quite a bit.

Kris rolled out of bed and peered out the window, naked as we both slept
every night now. "Fuck yeah it did! Looks a foot out there if not more!
Get your shit on. We're heading out in it!" He raced over like a ten year
old and started putting on his oldest jeans, a tee and sweatshirt. "Get
your ass up, Matt!"

"Alright," I said and got out of bed to put my feet on the cold floor... Continue»
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PT How big.

AD As long as the cucumbers I used to play with so I knew I could take its length easy but it was a lot thicker than them.

PT So did he hide it all in you?

AD HA-HA what do you thick I wasn’t going to waist any of that’ Like I’ve said before I don’t understand porn stars who want to fuck men with 13 inch cocks if your only going to take 10 inch’s in you? If he has a 13 or 14 inch cock then I want all that in me’ Hard and tight ha-ha’ So yes he hid it all.

PT After that was it gangbangs all the way? And did the lads give you lots of dp time? Did you try two... Continue»
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How I became a Cheating BBC slut

How I became a Cheating BBC slut:
By Blackcockslut
This story takes place shortly after my marriage in 1989. A little about myself, I was at the time short with long blonde hair DD cup tits and a very nice round ass. I had somehow made it thru high school and college without giving up my virginity. At age 23 I met my husband Tim and we fell in love. I soon lost my virginity to him and wow I wondered why I had waited so long. He was as I have seen now average in the size of his cock. His was maybe 6” and to me it was perfect. I had seen bigger but thought that those were the exception and th... Continue»
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Friend And I Dogging In The Park

My name is Heather and since I can remember my neighbor Katie and I have been best friends to the point of where we felt more like s****rs then friends. Katie and her f****y lived next door to us for years so Katie and I quickly became friends hanging out all the time. We hung out in school and then we would hang out at her house until night time and then do it all over the next day. Katie is very pretty, blonde hair, green eyes, shortish but has an amazing body. I have long dark hair, blue eyes and nice boobs and ass but no where as nice as Katie's. I can remember us sitting on her bed puttin... Continue»
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Girlfiriend Pegs Me (and more!) [Part 3]

My body was twitching and convusling. I was sore. Ashamed. Achy. My limp dick burned with fire. My innards wanted to cum so bad. It was like I was turned on 100%, but the ass pegging my girlfriend just gave me f***ed me to dribble the cum out of me, into a sloppy mess on the carpet.

"No baby," Sara whispered into my ear. "You can't cum... yet."

I felt her fiddlign with my fuzzy handcuffs. I suddenly felt them drop to the floor. My hands were free, but she still held them tight.

"You do not have permission to touch yourself, do you understand?" she said softly.

"Yes Ma'am,"... Continue»
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Milwaukee cuckhold vacation

I had a business meeting in Hawaii, whenever possible Judy would go with. While I attended my meetings she would arrange for sightseeing and other "fun things".

We had arranged to be there for 12 days. I had business meetings for 5 of those days. Judy was going to arrange her own fun. The fourth day I came home during the day from one of my meetings to change. Of course whenever I came home in the middle of the day I always hoped to catch her in action. Well that day when I got there the do not disturb sign was on the door and my hopes were up.

I go in and find no one there. We had a min... Continue»
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The Surveyor and us

This happened in 1993

We had to wait in for an important parcel, so to while away the time Donna and I were getting fruity upstairs on our bed. As she had had her orgasm I had just entered her and was banging away when there was a knock on the door, "Leave it" I said, "We can't" she said, and with that I pulled out, Donna threw on her revealing nightie and went to the door i was sat there waiting for my cock to go down.

I got half dressed and when I got downstairs Donna was talking to a bloke who happened to be a Council Surveyor who was looking at our adopted private road, as Donna sort... Continue»
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After the surveyor came the supervisor

This happened in 1993

The surveyor had made his report so we had to wait for his supervisor to come and redress the situation. We recieved a letter to say SHE was coming on the 22nd. 10;30am came and there was a knock on the door, there stood this mature lady, 17 stone a lot bigger than Donna, short dark hair wearing a brown skirt and jacket.

As she came in she introduced herself as Sheila, she was in charge of making decisions no-one else could. She sat down and Donna made her a drink, then she started to tell us about the problem. Donna was wearing her usual white top and black skirt. ... Continue»
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We crept into Brenda's house after 3am. We had been out on a date: dinner, movie, dancing. After a couple of hours of grinding on the dance floor we were both super horny, but we knew her housemate was definitely home. We figured if we could get in and upstairs without waking her up we should be okay as long as we weren't to loud.
Upstairs was Brenda's part of the house. It had her bedroom and a small sitting room with a big couch. We knew her bed was loud, but figured we could do it on her couch instead.
We made it upstairs, no one the wiser. We started kissing, holding each other close,... Continue»
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ive recieved numerous emails lately asking for more stories and i have so many REAL sex stories to tell that its incredible sometimes for me to remember them all. heres a TRUE story of an adult bookstore my husband took me to one day to have the gangbang of my life!

one day me and my husband wanted to check out an old adult bookstore that is right in the middle of downtown where we live. tons of guys go in there, go right to the back of the store in the private booths and jack off to porn, some even get their cocks sucked in the gloryhole. but this wasnt the reason we came to the store.

... Continue»
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Morning Delights.

Yes I'm a horny 51 year old single guy, with what some call a huge piece of meat. This is a story that happened to me a few years ago. It was early one morning when I was coming home with the paper. There was a woman who had her unit on the market. I asked her if she minded telling me what she was asking for it. The woman told me the asking price and asked if I'd like to see it. I said yes and thanked her for the offer. Karen was wearing a short light blue cotton skirt and light blue shirt. Her shoulder length blonde hair was hanging down over her shoulders. Karen was about five foot eight inc... Continue»
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Great Threesome

Tricia and I shared a friends with benefits type of relationship. However, since we lived about 2 hours apart we usually met only once or twice a month for a day or weekend at a hotel somewhere about an hour away from each of us to share some orgasmic fun together. Tricia was bi-sexual and her apartment roomate (Angie) was also one of her lover's. Tricia eventually introduced me to Angie and we started enjoying some occasional threesome's.

At the time, Tricia and I were in our late 30's and Angie was 24. Angie was more petite than Tricia, and had kind of a innocent mid-western gir... Continue»
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Fuck me as a whore, as a slut…

The story took place two years ago.

My wife and I decided to go on
vacation. The winter was only
beginning. We chose the place which
is situated 40 miles from our town
and set off. We booked a luxurious
room and ordered a massage. The
resort was 30 per cent filled, mostly
by old ladies.
In the evenings they organized a
disco party and Agy insisted on
looking at it. When we arrived we
could see only old men and women.
It was boring indeed. My wife started
talking to a woman and I said I’d
better watch TV in the room and left.
Agy is a pretty woman. She was 27
at that moment b... Continue»
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