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The new selling job part 13

The first time Daniel took a cock in his mouth, John's cock, he was sure
the humiliation could never have gotten worse in his life. He was wrong. He
now stood naked in front of his three friends from school; not just
physically naked, shaved cock hanging loose, but exposed as a cocksucker
for them and everyone else.

"So you're really gonna do this huh," asked Eric. "You're gonna suck our

Daniel nodded his head only once. Eric was tall with red hair, he and
Daniel had known each other since grade school.

Eric, Phillip and Jason followed Daniel into the locker room. "W... Continue»
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B.T.V.S.: Buffy Summers and the Sex Demon Part 3


Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Buffy Summers and the Sex Demon Part 3

Part 1 -
Part 2 -

Buffy walked through the halls of her former high school listening to the clicky-clack of her high-heeled boots on the tile floor. She smiled to herself as she watched the boys walking through the halls checking her out. She walked past a group of three football players standing at their lockers. They were practically drooling as she ... Continue»
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Yacht Crew

Karen was searching an internet dating site and she met this guy he was a rugged good looking. They started chatting and flirting and one night while I was away working. Karen was bored and horny and Dave suggested he show Karen what she could have when they met. Karen described his cock as thick and long and she gets very turned on watching guys play with themselves thinking about her. She was getting more turned on when he told her he would have a crew of two or three guys with him, and would she like to be shared. As she watched him, and thought about the possibility of having three guys to... Continue»
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The horny Germans

There I was stationed in Munster in Germany for a short time awaiting my one week leave, I had planned to travel north to see some friends and spend some time with them doing what I did best.
As the Friday drew closer I had spent more time on the phone planning who and when I was going to which swingers club with (you see both my friends was bisexual females but lived together to cut down on the expense of rent and so on.)
I was so looking forwards to licking there sweet pussy's as we had had many a good fuck's together but not as a threesome and I believed this week was about to change that... Continue»
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A Girl, Two Boys, And A Dog

A Girl, A Dog and Two Boys
by Gail Lewis


A young girl is 'playing' with an excited neighborhood
dog when she is 'caught' by two high school boys. (mm/g,
youths, reluc, 1st, b**st, blkmail)


It's a warm July afternoon and Kathleen Karashevik is
walking though the park near her Colorado home. She is
on the way back to her house after spending most of the
morning and part of the afternoon at her friend's house
swimming in her pool. She is cutting through the park to
a trail that leads through the woods to her
neighborhood, and is enjoying the warm summer day. ... Continue»
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The perfect afternoon

There would be five of us, two men, one obviously me, the other a handsome well built sensitive and gentle man with a more than passing interest in cross dressing and also interested in mature well built women. The other three would all be that, fantastically shapely well built women at least around our age (forties),but older or younger there are no rules here. The day would begin with us all meeting up in a house away from everywhere (so we all could play outside naked without fear of being overlooked if the weather permitted of course) after we had all showered and dressed , all of us woul... Continue»
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The Party (2 Guys, 3 Girls pt3)

After several hours, everyone got dressed again, searching all over the apartment to find clothes that had been thrown away. Jordanne drove the girls back to their houses and apartments. She came back later, a big bag of Chinese food in her hands. They ate and chilled out into the evening.

It was a couple of weeks later and dean and Thomas were getting ready to go out to a party Caitlin was hosting. Jordanne was on her way over and dean was looking forward to spending time with jordanne, but for Thomas it was chance to meet girls. Jordanne knocked on the door and both guys left with her. T... Continue»
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Sharing Step Daughter Sarah (True)

After I divorced my ex wife Amber I moved into a apartment which was really nice to be able to enjoy being single again and I was able to spend time with my ex step daughter I guess you could say Sarah without the fear of being discovered by Amber. Sarah would come over almost everyday when she got off of work and we would usually hang out and eventually fuck each others brains out. I began having parties a couple weeks after I moved in getting to know the people who lived in the building most of which was teenagers who were just ... Continue»
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Glory Saddle

My wife loves to have her home based businesses. She's sold the cooking items, candles, decorative signs and bags. For all these adventures she had parties at our home with groups of women coming to see what the latest craze in home based businesses is all about. The one business I was most excited to have her try selling was lingerie and sex toys. I loved the idea of a bunch of horny women in my house looking at sexy panties, dildos and telling stories about their men.

For my part, I tend to enjoy some femdom play and take great pleasure in eating my wife's pussy any time she lets me. ... Continue»
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Tina is Glad to See Dave Move Back

Tina is Glad to See Dave Move Back

My hobby and I were relaxing at home watching a movie, cuddling on the couch, I was wearing what I usually wear at home, just a short robe no bra and no undies I love to be very comfortable. Around 9 pm the doorbell rang, my hobby went to the door to find an old friend of ours who lives out of town now, coming to pay us a surprise visit, I knowed who it was by the sound of his voice. Hmm I thought should I put some clothes on? I went to the bed room and then thought to myself no these will be alright so I went back into the li... Continue»
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first time gang fucked chinese whore - pt I

A new asian slut member of this site deserves a proper welcome! She likes it rough and hard, so if you prefer soft adult stories maybe it is better to read another one. Sure that her nickname will appear soon below in the comments or otherwise PM me. She said to me she loves verbal abuse, so let's put her exactly in the place where all asian sluts belong. Bet she didnt expect this to happen! :P

Foreign exchange students are always a bit lost when getting on the campus for the first time. It was late summer and the weather was soaring hot. Students can always use a couple of extra b... Continue»
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The new summer job part 12

On Monday morning, Daniel was naked and sitting on John's couch waiting for
him. He'd spent Sunday with no cock to suck, reflecting on the guys at the
movie, and his visit to the neighbor. Most of all, he thought about passing
up the sweet piece of ass he'd fucked so many times.

That morning, he was shaved clean and smooth and more than ready for John's
cock again, ready for his second week at the gym. As he sat waiting, Justin
walked in the office. He smirked at Daniel sitting naked ready for a

"Wow," Justin beamed, "now that's a dedicated cocksucker. You ready for... Continue»
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Alice's Daughter and her best friend

I was in the kitchen washing up when someone came to my open back door and said "Boo", it scared the shit out of me as I was in my own little world. There stood Wendy, Alice's daughter, and her best friend Sophie. She still looked rough, and her friend looked just as rough, they were coming up to see her mum but she was out, thought she'd say hello.

I felt trapped and asked her if she wanted a drink. As they came in I sensed that Sophie was shy, she was 17 and a couple of years younger than Wendy. They came in the lounge and we were chatting and having a drink, when Wendy, who was sat oppos... Continue»
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Shared Cindy: Judy's story, part four

This story can be found online at the now-abandoned blog, “Shared Cindy”. As it's a true story and far too good to be allowed to disappear, I'm putting it on my blog here for everyone's pleasure.

This is part four, and things are just starting to heat up. Enjoy!

Joe Arrives

“Uhmm… why don’t you just let me show you?” I asked.

“You have to show me? You can’t just tell me?”

“I’d just rather show you,” I said. “You’ll be more receptive them.”

A very exasperated, “Tsk…” and a sharp intake of breath was all she could emit as the three of us quickly riveted our attentio... Continue»
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The First Time

Here’s a little something I dreamed the other night while sl**ping with my girlfriend! Couldn't resist myself and had to write it down, hope you enjoy it!

I parked the car in the nearly empty lot. It was Sunday and the only cars around belonged to the mall’s maintenance staff, security guards, and possibly people who might be in the nearby lake.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked my girlfriend, looking her in the eye. “I don’t want you to feel f***ed to anything…”

“Hush now… I guarantee you I want to do this… And not just for you…” She replied with a playful smile.

We wa... Continue»
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She loved it hard

Tanya was a 40 year old mother of 3 lovely c***dren 2 girls and a boy, Tanya was married to Andrew a business man in the city, and she didn’t have to work had a beautiful house a decent sex life and their c***dren all away at university studying. Andrew was Tanya’s school sweetheart and had known each other since they could talk, Andrew spent many days away on business but this worked well for Tanya as she would go out with her friends regular, she also had a eye for younger men, what you would call a cougar, Tanya was stunning, tall blonde, brown eyes, and a figure that women would kill for, ... Continue»
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Jehovah's Witnesses at the door

I was bored one Thursday dinnertime, the wife was out with a friend, they'd gone to another town shopping, I was sat on the lap top looking at xhamster when there was a knock at the door. Fucking Hell I said it always seems to happen when I'm on xhamster feeling fruity. As I opened it there stood two Jehovah's Witnesses, as I was bored I said "You've got 5 minutes".

As they came in and sat on the sofa they told me all about the bible and shit like that, I said "Are you on a time limit" and they said "No". As time went on I asked them about themselves, one was called Robbie he was 21, the ot... Continue»
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fucked by indonesian ladyboys

this is a true story of what actually happened to me in bali

When i was 17 i was on holiday in bali, indonesia. i'd only had sex once prior, with a genetic girl, and i barely managed to get hard and wasn't able to cum so i knew pussy wasn't for me.
i had been clubbing several times on this trip to bali and had been hassled by numerous prostitutes while out but wasn't interested, except for one night whilst walking back to my hotel on a quiet street in legian, a deep but seductive voice called out "hello" to me from the shadows of a run down apartment block, emerging from the dark stood a ... Continue»
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What a remedy!

I left the Mustang in the gym’s parking lot, and we walked together to their apartment. It was beautiful. Very spacious, on the top floor, with a large terrace where you could sunbathe naked and enjoy the jacuzzi. “It’s really good of you to offer to help me,” said Jean-Louis. The pleasure’s all mine. “Betty told you that I haven’t had an erection for a month, and I have always had fantasies of watching her being fucked by another man. We hadn’t been able to find anyone suitable until we spotted you in the gym. Maybe this will do the trick.”
We stayed in the living-room, which had arm... Continue»
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My Nurse, My Husband, and Me II

Disclaimer: I am not a writer so please be nice in your criticism, but constructive guidance is welcomed. This is only the 2nd time I have ever written. This story may be true or not true, you decide. But we have received some nice comments and private messages asking for more. Thank you for you comments.

Since it has been several months since we posted the first chapter. Please read part 1 first,

We are blessed as our just continue to get better, who ever thought that getting older was a bad thing didn’t know how to live and ... Continue»
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