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Auf der Jagd nach geilen Ficks.

Auf der Jagd nach geilen Ficks...gefunden auf…

Ich erzähle hier die Geschichte eines Freundes, der stets auf der Suche nach einem geilen Fick war (und ist) und der mit Zeit anspruchsvoll wurde als er seine Suche auf DEN Fick des Lebens konzentrierte.
Er erzählte mir eines Abends als wir zusammen ein Bier tranken in der Kneipe um die Ecke, dass er schon ein paar geile Frauen in seinem Leben getroffen habe und auch tollen Sex erlebt hat. Das ihm aber etwas fehle, etwas war er nicht so richtig benennen kann, wonach er aber suchen müsste.

Ich fragte mich nach dem Abend was er damit m... Continue»
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Tammys new job

The Cafe Creme is not one of the city’s best known attractions, even among the red light crowd. For a start, we’re well off the beaten track, a couple of bus rides from where the rest of the action is, and even the taxis don’t like heading this far out. Our neighbors are no more glamorous than the news-stands, groceries, and broken down repair stores that the fringe of every city is overrun with. Our clientele are more likely to be bored laborers, passing shoppers and curious college k**s than high rolling city slickers and businessmen.

This probably explains how the place has been here s... Continue»
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Sienna and Tony fuck Felicity in pantyhose

I woke with a start. What had woken me? There was movement in the bed beside me. I opened my eyes and looked to my left. There was Felicity, legs wide open and Sienna with her tongue buried deep in her pussy. It all came back to me. The three of us in our pantyhose and Sienna fucking Felicity deep and hard, licking Sienna's cum out of Felicity's pussy and the three of us in a circle, licking and sucking each other till we all came again. My cock began to rise as I watched Sienna licking my wife's pussy. As Felicity noticed that I was awake she reached out and took hold of my stiffening cock an... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #20: Sasha and Ashtyn-5

Sasha's special ceremony for closest loves involves a red champagne cocktail of body fluids.
She has her youngest sibling come over to join us. Nice Natalia is her obedient submissive pet.
She is as pretty as Sasha and likewise a young mom. She is the first to try my fabulous swing.
She is eaten out by all three tasty warm women. My granddod Petra tips me about Nat's sexy smell.
She is ovulating great granddad! Please Peter make me more relatives, must be a great mix of genes.

Suddenly Sasha's phone rings. I hear her talk Russian with some Swedish and words in English, like
'... Continue»
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Tammy's Thirst

I slowly came to consciousness lying face down in a puddle of salty, filthy water. I inhaled a little into my nose, making me cough violently and waking me up. I sat up, having no idea where I was. As I looked around, it hit me like a bolt, my recollection of the night before. I was sitting in a puddle of cold salt water in the left-hand stern corner of a very large wooden lifeboat.


Where was she? Had she made it?

"Tammy! Tammy!" I screamed, looking frantically around the boat. Dozens of weary and dazed men turned their head towards me, sitting throughout the rows of seats arou... Continue»
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Part II

After Michelle overheard Mistress Carmen. She than starting panicking wondering who is Mistress talking but definitely to do with her. She immediately went back to work to continue the chores. Some time later Mistress Carmen comes to check up on her new slave. "I see you have done well pet, i must get some sl**p so do you whore. Mistress attaches a leash to Michelle's collar and led her to Mistress bedroom and in her bedroom was a small little cage in the corner of the room. Mistress then starts to remove some of the heavy bondage items such as cuffs and the posture collar. Mistress Carmen the... Continue»
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After hubby and I had had our first MMF I felt the desire to do it again although this time without my husband. I know how he works and what he does and how good he does it, I wanted to experience someone else doing it. We talked about it and he agreed it was Ok as he’d done something similar with his best mate not too long ago.

Ten days after we’d spoke my mum asked me if I’d go down to her house and wait for some furniture that was being delivered, she couldn’t get time off work. Hubby said this could be my opportunity if I wanted it, I agreed it could. Wednesday morning I was sat in mum’... Continue»
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Foursome, the best way to start.

It started as Tiffany and I. She's a taller than me, we are both very fit, I'm a bit more petite. She and I like pegging, she's very dominate. I had my chastity cage on since early in the morning, it had made me pretty horny so I thought I would play to Tiffany's dom-side and get one of Anna's cheerleading outfits. She and I are about the same size and Tiffany likes a flirty girl type.

Tiffany got her strapon and Anna got curious so she wanted to come watch (watching is not uncommon in our house, you might do it while your texting or something). Tiffany put me on my knees and made me start ... Continue»
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how i got my start as a sissy .

Growing up was tough . I spent a lot of my younger years trying to figure out if I was normal or not . Had many girl friends but still I had an attraction to cock . This all started at a very early age and abuse continued till upper ages from both sexes . I really started exploring my sexuality after I joined the army and got away from home . There I was used by other army high ranking men who knew what they were looking for . I had a command sgt. major for my first dom who took me out one night , Made me dress for him and then proceeded to **** me . I found that this turned me on deeply and h... Continue»
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Wife fucks my b*****r and his friends

So as my wife and I were driving home from the park I asked her if she would mind going over to my b*****rs house. She said no, we haven't seen him for a while. So as we were driving over to see my b*****r I asked her if she would like for me and my b*****r to take turns fucking her. To my surprise she said yes. So we went over and he had just got off work and was taking a nap. We let ourselves in and saw him asl**p in bed. i told her to take her clothes off and get into bed with him, She smiled and got naked and slid in bed with him. She began to play with his cock and it got hard as a rock a... Continue»
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True stories (as best I can remember) copyright 2015 (c) Fred Lake
I'm in my early 60s, and these events were from my high school and college years, more than 40 years ago, before I married Tiffany and she (two years later) asked me if I'd want to try what was then called wife swapping. Technically, I became a swinger only then, when we entered the lifestyle as married couple 35 years ago. That doesn't mean I didn't have some proto-swinging experiences.
As I previously said, I went to a faith-based high school, which gave me a great education in mo... Continue»
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The New Neighbours.

Last week I got new neighbours, Dave and Jess, they seem to be a fairly nice couple, Dave was an older guy with a beard and glasses, and Jess was a tall thin woman with long red hair and pale skin.
The next day I was out in my back garden, the sun was shinning and I was relaxing with a drink when I heard them step out of the house, after a few minutes I could hear them chatting and laughing and feeling curious I wandered over to the high fence to say hello.
However i didn't get that far because as i peered through a crack i could see into their garden and to my amazement both of them were co... Continue»
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Some Day My Prince Will Come

Someday My Prince Will Come

This happened in 2011 and is, as always, true:

I had come up with a product, well sourced several products, and knitted them together, it had to
do with toll payments for passage through the Suez Canal, if you're interested.

As the leader on the project it was up to me to close the deal between my then-company and a company whose interests
included vast amounts of modular shipping (containers). The company was headquartered in Dubai.

No trip there for me though, their man came to Birmingham.

One hot and sunny Friday lunchtime I went... Continue»
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Boyfriend Sold Me on Craigslist

I feel so stupid and disgusted right now.

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year and a half, we met right after I graduated high school and he was 20 at the time. I was just starting community college and was proud to have my own apartment for the first time ever (I have also worked around 30 hours a week since starting college so I support myself). He was older than me, but struggling. I guess prior to meeting me he had been pretty into d**gs, but I have never seen him do them so I really believed that was all over. And he was cute and sweet and I was kind of lonely, most of my f... Continue»
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Held captive at the Border

My work as a Journalist took me to Upper and Lower Slobovia and as everyone knows it is not wise for a single young western woman to enter Lower Slobovia. It is well documented that the men of Lower Slobovia are a horny bunch and always on the hunt for a pretty young girl. I of course figured that as a Journalist I would be safe, they would not dare do anything to me because I was too important, or so I thought. Was I naive, yes, was I dumb, no, was I asking for it, some would say yes.

It all started the day I arrived at the Border crossing into Lower Slobovia. I was driving a ren... Continue»
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A dream?

Last night, Nikki didn't come home alone. You came through the door
together, with a bag full of goodies from your pleasure party. She didn't bother
to come get me, you went straight to the bedroom and began spilling the
contents of your evening onto the bed, and quickly began undressing to
give them a test run. "I want to try yours..." "And I want to try
yours!". Soon your clothes were mostly off and you had access to each
others bodies, but still too shy your hands went to your own, partly
covering your womanhood and partly to start massaging it and get into
the mood. You eac... Continue»
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Als Sklave bei einem schwulen Paar

Schon seit langem träumte ich davon, einmal als Sklave dienen zu dürfen. Am liebsten wäre es mir bei einem älteren Pärchen (w+m) oder einem Freundespaar unter zu kommen. Auch ein einzelner Herr wäre denkbar, um auch meine ausgeprägten Bi Fantasien ausleben zu können.

Ich las sehr oft Kontaktinserate, oder gab selber welche auf. Allerdings kam es nie zu einem Treffen, da es in den meisten Fällen an Seriosität und Tabus mangelte. Da ich sehr auf Diskretion und Sauberkeit bedacht bin, und auch meine Tabus hatte, war es natürlich nicht leicht, diverse Kontakte zu knüpfen.
Ich glaubte sch... Continue»
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Girlfriend Strip Club


It was the summer of 2011 my girlfriend Stacy and I were visiting some of her f****y in New Jersey.
Stacy was always a super sexual girl, we had threesomes with other girls before but never with another guy
and it was always something we wanted to try next. During our vacation we spotted a strip club not far from where we were staying. Stacy was always up to see tits so at the first opportunity we were there. The girls
at the this club are so much more attractive than the local club girls from our area. We both got lap dances and Stacy made out with a couple girls, it was a go... Continue»
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At My Friends; Steve's House

December 2015

Steve’s House

I met Steve when I was 25 years old, while teaching school and he was the Principal at the same school. Steve is 21 years older than, never married, lives alone, goes to strip clubs, has strippers over his house every Super Bowl Sunday, he is into porn and just a horny guy, but a super nice guy. I had just broken up with an old boyfriend of 2 years, who was a jerk and was not interested in dating anyone. So Steve invited me and a few other teachers to meet him after school one day drinks. We chatted, I told him my problems and he said we need to get togethe... Continue»
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my first gangbang in summer night

I’m not what you call a good girl. Some people would call me easy. Others would call me a slut. I won’t deny being either. Most of what they say
about me is true, I’ve sucked my fair share of cocks, been fucked by more than my fair share of men and even let a few of them splatter their
hot cum all over my skin. However it had all been on a one on one basis until one hot summer night
I’m not what you call a good girl. I quickly
discovered that I liked sex after developing the
kind of curvy body that made men want to have
sex with me. I’m by no means a perfect ten. I’m
more cute than hot... Continue»
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