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True Story 1. Warren G Episode.

"She just sucked my Dick." That's what i said when my friend, who looked like "Warren G" asked me what was up with Tab and I. See, she really did suck me off. What happened was, i met her on a night when i was on the solo tip. I was in this small north western town, and i am Black, so the women are pulled towards me, for some reason. The Warren G look-a-like dude was Black too, but he didnt really know Tabby like i did. He didnt want to step on my toes, and i didnt really want to be in the way of his intentions.

But that's exactly what i did. I was in his way. We had a night, with lots of u... Continue»
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Belinda and her naughty way.

Here is a story about a married woman I met thru her friend.
I had moved to a new state and was going thru a dry spell so I turned to the internet and started cruising thru the sites known for hooking up.
Soon I met a woman, we started chatting and about a month or so she suggested we meet up for drinks but she was gonna bring a friends, for safety reasons.
It was all good, the 3 of us chatting away and having a good time. Slowly the conversations turns more of an adult nature and soon the woman's friend, Belinda, say: Marie tells me you like to wear cockrings, really? Tells us about th... Continue»
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Young and dumb

Years ago I worked at an activity centre where students would come and help out for the summer. Often the mix of hot, young students and more mature staff who knew what they were doing led to a load of fun.
This one summer, Hayley, a student who'd been there for a couple of years returned, she'd left school by now (we were always careful to keep to age limits as anyone under 18 meant the sack), she was a bit of a pain in the ass, a stirrer who couldn't keep her gob shut at times and was always landing staff in trouble.
She wasn't good looking, but did have a nice body, lush tits and was naug... Continue»
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Fun in the sunshine state

Fun in the Sunshine State
My wife(Mary) and me always hear and want to go to Flordia, go to Dayton Beach Bike week beacuse we had heard great time and would be our chance to go to Flordia. So off we went to Dayton Beach to final be in Florida and get to see this bike week. We arrive at our hotel for the week, check in and get luggage to room when Mary say" Let go check this Bad Ass bike week out, see some of the sights." I say "ok"! We start look going through the tent t- shirts for the event... Continue»
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Cuckhold in Milwaukee & Craigslist

We had spent the last couple of weeks dropping off the k**s at their colleges. We were settling into an empty house when Judy asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday. I said, "whatever." She said, "Ok".

The day of my birthday I was wondering if she had cooked anything up. As the day wore on I was starting to wonder if maybe she didn't. Judy spent most of the afternoon on the computer and then at about 7pm stood up and said she was going to take a shower. While she went to take her shower I walked over to the computer to see what she had been looking at, since she left it on. When I wal... Continue»
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Impregnated by tentacles 2

Episode one of this story can be found here:

I found myself in the morning laying in bed, alone, with that house empty I started to feel horny, cheeky thoughts popping into my head about when I was impregnated by the tentacles and my first experience with them and what they could do. I found myself getting extremely hard and couldn't help but strip naked and lay naked in my bed and touch my cock as it pulsed rather strongly in my hand. I thought about my big cock sliding deep inside the small teen girl after my stomach growing huge... Continue»
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Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XLIII

Chapter XLIII – Un Ménage-a-Trois in Office (based on Love Romances No. 23 cover, Marvel, July 1952?)

For the last ten years, I have been married with Ruth and I have always been faithful to her. I know you’d might expect that I confess something about cheating my wife. Well, you are partially right. I had a sexual intercourse with someone that isn’t my wife. But what I am going to tell you is not what you were expecting from a story like this.

Even before I got married, I became employee of a very important advertisi... Continue»
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What Did I do...

What did I do? This is the question I asked myself as I was gang banged by twenty or more young teenage thugs. I was leaving my third hour class of the day in high school, as I started to go down the stairs to the second floor, Charlie was standing on the landing looking up at me with a wicked smile.

I saw him and hoped he didn't see me, I started to walk back up the stairs when Bruce push gently at my back whispering ''re going the wrong way, we need you yo go with us or else..." Fear gripped my body as I stumbled into Charlie and he giggled leading me down the stairs. None of my f... Continue»
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my first threesome

I was 21 at the time, very curious age i would say. It all started when was talking with this guy , Andres, i met at a party recently and i could tell he wanted to fuck me since the time he saw me, so after chatting a bit we decided to do something about it.
Andres asked me to meet him at his friend's apt downtown, he said his buddy had work all day and he wouldn't be home so we could spend some time there, so i went and met up with him.
Andres was a pretty hot guy, latino 5'9 tall toned muscled body with a hot 6 pack on his abs, tanned skin very good looking, i knew immediately i wanted ... Continue»
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Used at the Office...

Jenny winced a bit as she slid her khakis on, her pussy was still sore from the weekend abuse. Well it would have a few days to recover as it was time to become an “Asian sweetheart” again. She giggled to herself as the buttons of her light blue blouse closed to hide the faint whore still penned on her belly. Little did any one at work know that she was a rampant slut when not being a quiet office manager, time to put on that sweet act again. There was a fear in her posting on xHam that she would be exposed, but then that fear also led to an extreme wetness and horniness that was insatiable. ... Continue»
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Last Night in Russia

We got in past 2 AM and slept most of the day. About 4 in the afternoon we stirred and started thinking about food and our last night to do list, before our early flight back to Sweden. We had room service bring us cheese, crackers, fruit, bacon and juices. We nibbled on that and talked of evening options. We decided to return to the sex club and view some more shows. Getting there before the crowd, we sat stage side. Attractive women did strip shows to keep us entertained, then the first act appeared. Two women totally m*****ed one young guy, he came three times, and they still sucked and fuc... Continue»
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market reasercher

There was a knock on the door, my wife,Donna, opened it and there was a man stood there saying he was a market researcher doing research on our shopping and were we available to answer some questions? My wife invited him in and he sat on the sofa and took out a laptop and began to explain about the questions.

During the Q & A session, we found out he was happily married of 30 years, he was 58 years old and had been doing the job for around five years. I could see Donna had other ideas, she was wearing a buttoned up white blouse, no bra, and a black skirt with white panties underneath, he wa... Continue»
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Making love

Angie lay quietly on the deserted beach listening to the waves gently lapping at the shore while the sun beat down on her firm young naked body!!! She had been saving for this vacation for two years now, and finally here she was on a beach in Brazil enjoying the fruits of her labors!!! After reading about the fanaticism that the Brazillian people had for keeping their bodies in tip top shape, she had even joined a health club to make sure that she wasn't too embarrassed by the locals, and even she had to admit that she looked pretty darn good!!! She had been here for two days and not a single ... Continue»
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when me and wife went clubbing

in the 90,s me and ann went clubbing every sunday like most we took recreational d**gs ecys which made you love everyone and later we would fuck like rabbits fantasising about certain people in our crowd then we would talk about it during the week until i said did she fancy trying to get someone as they probably thought the same as we were a good looking cple many of them would go for it she agreed and decided on certain ones but would say on the night out she was bi curiouse with some girls and i said liz would be ideal as i knew she made her horny she was about 5ft 5 shoulder lenght black ha... Continue»
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Delicious Desserts

Delicious Dessert

His mates from work were coming round; they did occasionally, just their way of winding down after a hard week; a meal, a few beers and inevitably, a lot of flirting. I liked them all, well all three of them – Nick, Si and Andy; all very different but a great laugh when they were out together.

Tonight was no different; I was cooking them a meal and they would arrive around 7:30, probably having already been down the pub for a couple of swift ones! No doubt they would be a little raucous when they arrived but that was all part of the evening.

I’d spent a little long... Continue»
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Good Morning, afternoon, and evening..... Yes, Dob

I'm awakened by Sasha sucking my cock. She is taking me as deep as she can, then strokes my shaft and licks my scrotum. A few minutes of each. I wrestle her hips over my face and dive into her pussy while she continues. In moments my face is washed by a flood of her response. Before she can recover, I push my cock into her lovely cunt and pound away like a dog in heat. Yessss Fuck Me, Oh my god, I want to feel you in my ass. We reposition and it slides in with much resistance, I push an inch or two, left her adjust and repeat the process until my balls slap against her ass. Yuh, OH Yuh, Fuck m... Continue»
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Friends 8

Lisa had struggled with the men all the way as they had undressed her and handcuffed her to the table. Her pale white flesh glistened with sweat as she laid there naked for all to see. Her heart was pounding rapidly wondering what they were going to do with her. Was she going to gang banged by some of these black men like her friends. She lifted her head looking at Jen and Courtney. They did not look like they were being f***ed to perform these lewd acts. They looked more than willing and loving every minute of being fucked by the huge black cocks. Both of them covered with cum. Jen was taking... Continue»
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Hot Threesome

Through my high school years, there was one teacher who always got me hard - Ms. P. She used to be my home-ec and english teacher years ago, and she also taught the girls' basketball team. She must have been around 20-something and 5'5". She had blonde hair which went down to a bit past her chin, and had a slight wave in it. Ms. P was so sexy and had big tits, helping her become one of my biggest fantasies.
It started on a sunny, warm Friday afternoon at around 4:00 pm. Nobody was at school, except myself, or so I thought. I was just walking around the school when I passed Ms. P's room. Thoug... Continue»
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Fun on a hot summer's day

The 3 of us were heading out to the cabin in the Jeep. It was hot so we all had shorts on, but I was wearing a small tiny strapped t-shirt.
Since it is a few hours’ drive. We were learning allot about each other. What we liked, music, food, a****ls, etc.
We finally arrive at the cabin and toss our things in the bedroom. You wanted to go fishing right away.
So, off we go again heading to a remote spot on the river that you found.
It was pretty, a lot of trees and shade and secluded. We baited our hooks and set up and tossed in our poles. You were whispering how nice my breast looked and t... Continue»
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My Texas Whore at an adult theater

Before I went to the adult theater I made sure my makeup made me look like a cheap whore. I donned my garter belt, stockings , shelf bra and heels. Over this I wore a print wraparound dress.

Outside the theater I was extremely nervous, but pulled myself together and went inside, the man at the counter gave me a strange look as I purchased my ticket. Once inside I had to stand in the back for several minutes to let my eyes adjust to the darkness. While standing there I noticed that there were only three men there which I was thankful for. This being my first trip to the thea... Continue»
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