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OHGirl & Velvet: Slut Queens

Both hands spread my butt cheeks and held my huge, gaping asshole open as one of my fans pulled his spent cock from my just fucked behind. I had just taken two loads and my third fan was moving up behind me so that he could slide right into my cum filled creampie. The two camera men shot the scene up close as my ass was stuffed again. I had been fucking between two to five fans almost three times a week for cam shows and my e****t business was keeping me extremely busy, while I tried hectically to schedule all of my clients, sometimes fucking or sucking 3 or 4 a day if the time permit... Continue»
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Six big strong ones and....Miemke

This is Another story:
It was in the bar after a workout at the gym with my bodybuilding friends- Steve,Jonny A,Jonny W,Larz from Sweden and Nacho-
when I told them.
-You guys use to say that we should spend some money on a whore and go all the way with her,gangfuck,spanking abusing...
-yeah,so what
-Well,I have this slut at my place,her man is tired of her,and you want believe it.
-She is a total subslut,i fucked and spanked her hard last night but she only wants more
Someone said
-Are you sure,Hans
-Isn't it just one of your sexfanatasies
-No it's true,you can check her ou... Continue»
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Fitting Room Surprise

I had no idea that I could be so easily seduced. All it had taken was a few glances, a couple of touches, and here I was, in less than five minutes, spreading for a total stranger – why, I didn’t even know her name!

In truth, I was simply gagging for it, and perhaps it showed somehow, radiating subliminal signals to anyone attuned enough to pick them up. I was sixteen and a half, a lesbian without a lover or any prospect of one (in fact, with no sex life at all), and I would have gone with any woman who made a pass at me – I just wish some of them had known that!

So here I was, a demure-... Continue»
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Changing Destinations (Husband leaves for airport,

"Dammit! Another big week planned with Susan, another 'emergency' call from the boss!" thought Darwin as he hefted his big portmanteau in one hand, his suitcase in the other. Out of hands he swung his hips against the door from the kitchen to the garage. It crashed open, rebounding off the stops and coming back hard, catching him on the shoulder. When he got back home he was fixing that damned catch. He just wasn't getting enough time at home with his f****y to do routine chores.

Shoving his bags in the trunk of the Ford Taurus Darwin slammed the trunk then yanked the driver's door open. It... Continue»
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stepdads favour pt3

15 minutes till the end of his shift. 15 minutes left of what had seemed to john the longest day he ever spent in his stuffy little office. The day had been a blur to him, his mind dwelling on the previous night. When the girls text earlier in the day asking if sally could stay over again all john sent back was 'ok.' he didn't know why, he knew he should have put a stop to this before he made things worse for himself but the lure of a sexy tight young teen girls body kept changing his mind. sally was nice he thought, she sucked cock like a pro and her pussy was so tight, he had loved fucking h... Continue»
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Story of a cheating wife caught by husband

This is the story of how I caught my wife cheating. Kate and I have been married for four years and as far as I knew I was the only man who she had been with. Before I get too far I will describe her. She is 5'10 with an athletic build, brown hair, and perfect tits, not too big not too small just perfect.

It happened about a month ago when I was out of town on for work. I am in the Air f***e so I spend months away at a time. This time I was only supposed to be gone two weeks. After one week the job was done and we were packing up to head home. I decided to call Kate to see what she was ... Continue»
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Erotic Gangbang With A 26 Year Old Housewife

Well hey everybody, I am shakib from Wizag. I am 28 and having a and athletic body. I own a transportation and logistics (lorries and trucks) and a travel agency. I also have many taxis. This incident happened 2 years ago . A beautiful(probably newly married)housewife contacted me for booking tickets. She came to my office. She was wearing a red color saree and red blouse and she was red hot. But unfortunately all the tickets were booked to Delhi. So I suggested that I and my friends were going to a trip to Delhi she could join us. I actually tried every possibility but couldn’t find any. So t... Continue»
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My s****r Fucked By Rag Pickers

my name is Rohit and I am going to tell a about a real incident which happened with my s****r Arti. She is a married girl and her age is 24 years. She is very fair and her skin is smooth and soft. She has long black hairs which reaches till her ass. Her height is 5 ft 6 inches and weighs about 60 kg. Her figure is 34 30 36 with good round ass. Her husband work in an MNC in Delhi and travels a lot to Hyderabad for official purpose. One day Arti got a call from unknown number and then she realized that it was a wrong number but the person got attracted towards her sweet voice. He started calling... Continue»
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Wife fucked by driver and watchman

I wanted to show off my wife to other men. I wanted them to catch her boobs from behind, kiss her navel, smell her armpits, lick her clitoris, sl**p with her, hug her. I fantasized hiding and watching them secretly while they did all that.When we travel together by train, due to the wind her saree goes off place and her navel is exposed. Though I see it I wouldnt tell her. I wanted other guys to look at her body. She falls off into deep sl**p during the journeys and her palloo comes down slightly which causes her cleavage to be visible. I do not wake her or cover it myself. I act as if I didn’... Continue»
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All-You-Can-Eat Buffet

Ever since meeting my wife in business school five years ago, there was no question that we both loved sex. We'd spend as much of a part of each day as we could, naked, and writhing together in passionate lovemaking.

The only point of contention we had was when it came down to oral sex. We both loved giving it, and, while I enjoyed receiving it, she wasn't as much of a fan. She tried to enjoy it, but never really seemed to get into it. She assured me that it had nothing to do with my skill, and I saw no reason for her to lie about it, including the fact that any woman I was with before her... Continue»
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Sue and Julie and the ex cop

Part four.

“No fucking way, no fucking way. You must be out of your fucking mind to even consider it.” David shouted. He was livid, red faced. Angry.
“So what your saying is that the only work we’ve attracted since we set ourselves up in this business, the only work, and I do mean the only work, and we should just say no. Why?” Lisa knew perfectly well why. She knew too that they had to take it. Take it or go out of business, start looking for something else. Their dream of a private detective agency was evaporating between their very eyes.

The lift at Hampstead tube station was out of ... Continue»
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Lyn In Chains

Woman In Chains

You better love loving and you better behave
You better love loving and you better behave
Woman in Chains
Woman in Chains

FAQ - Yes I know this bears a bit of a resemblance to Anais Nin's The Story Of O, and that
is probably where Paul (and Nicole) got the idea. This is my account of what happened to me,
it did not just take place happenstance, obviously, but it IS absolutely true.

I'm a bit you know.... strange. If I have to do something I ostensibly don't want to,
like - you know - smear tests and the like, it turns me on so much I tremble. I had
... Continue»
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Rock Chicks

Christmas 2011, London :

We had a works event with a Rock theme. There was a rock band on, some very clean Harleys placed about, and a rock
disco. The account directors had the chance to cram their overly lunched guts into some rather too new looking
biker jackets.

Despite the spend, we were ordered to share rooms if we were staying over. I was paired with 23 year old PA
Samantha. She normally had her hair up and designer glasses, very executive looking. I had admired her asre on
the quiet. I never heard of her having a boyfriend, but if we're having a relationship at work,... Continue»
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Hot Step Mom 12

Sam grabbed the young girls long blonde hair, thrusting his hips back and fourth. His wife had never sucked his cock before and it had been many years since he had his cock in a wet, warm mouth. He thought a beautiful fifteen year old girl was sucking his foreign cock with her mother watching. Even though Jenna was eighteen she could pass for a much younger girl with a well developed body,like many young girls today. He thought maybe she was even younger than her mother had said. It made him even more excited thinking she was younger. She was very talented at sucking cock and had obviously don... Continue»
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Janey visit’s a nudist camp 2

Janey and John were headed to the noodle camp. I knew it was a nudist camp, but since I was going to see bunches of noodles, I called it a noodle camp.

John had received a very valuable invite to an very exclusive party. I knew since we had to get bl**d tests to prove we had no STDs we would be in for one hell of a fuck fest. Little did I know what I was getting into.

In my many years on this earth, I thought I had done about everything sexual, but I was about to learn more.

My first perversion was licking my hand after using it to wipe my pussy after I peed. To this day, every time I... Continue»
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Milf slut entertains husband plus 3 college guys

We are a couple. She is a mom. We have kinky wild sides that we love to explore. I am straight. She is bi :-). This occasion started with my mid thirties bbw brunette milf wife of 35 plus 3 college guys and myself. We are usually very choosy about who we play with for many reasons and we usually only play outside of our town. Although I have many times taken her out to a local bar or club dressed up all slutty and let many guys and girls of any race age feel her up and down groping squeezing and feeling her body inside and outside of the bar or club as well as at their homes or hotels. Earli... Continue»
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My pastor's 18 y/o son David -part 6-

Agnetha and boys were shocked when they saw Pastor Smith standing on the porch, Agnetha tried to grab her clothes to cover her tits and pussy, she was very ashamed and started to tremble with fear, begging to Pastor Smith '' Please do not tell my parents, oh my God, they would kick me out of home if they knew i did such terrible things, they sent me here for learning about faith, Bible and Christ'' with tears in her eyes..Meanwhile, David and Daniel were still in shock with their cocks out..

Pastor Smith: ''Calm down my c***d, stop crying, don't worry, what happens in this camp stays he
... Continue»
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Threesome for Christmas ( true story )

It was a few days after Christmas I was sat at home and the phone rang it was a mate of mine asking if I fancied popping down for a few cans, Id been single for a while and so Christmas hadn't been the best so jumped at the chance to get out the house.

I got to my mate's house Dave( not his real name ) and knock on the door "hang on a minute" shouted Kate( not her real name ) the call had come from up stairs so I waited a few seconds and the door opened, My breath was taken aback as Kate was dressed like a proper little SLUT in black knee length socks a short pink and black tartan skirt and... Continue»
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The Greatest Summer part one

little did I know how much my life would change this summer. It started out slow for the first week. Then my b*****r, Ross, and I went to the pool. Ross is about ten months younger than I and my twin s****r. I am in my mid teens. At the pool we saw several of the hottest girls and a couple of milfs in the smallest bikinis. We stayed for as long as we could but we had to leave so we could get home and spank our monkeys. We had run into my room, we have always jacked off together, we always tried to see who could cum the most. Anyway we ran into my room and no sooner got started than my twin s**... Continue»
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2 guys, 4 girls (2 guys, 3 girls pt2)

After a few more hours, maya left to head home, but Georgia and Caitlin stayed on the sofa. The four of them sat watching tv until 5 in the evening. When the clock showed ten past five, dean jumped up, realising that jordanne would be heading home. He turned to Georgia and Caitlin and said "guys! You need to go! Jordanne will be home soon! You can't be here!" Both the girls were sitting there in their underwear. Suddenly a key was inserted into the door and it swung open. Dean stood there in his underwear in front of Georgia and Caitlin as jordanne and another raven-haired girl entered the apa... Continue»
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