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more than one cock at once part 1

One day when me and my mate was out going to our den where we always made it every year. He had his new cousin with him as his mum had just re married. There was a little walk way leading to it you could walk past and not realise it. We crawled in between the bushes which hid it and got in there we'd placed loads of hay around it so it was comfortable. We was just laying there when my mate started talking about what we'd been up to. I looked at him in shock and said that we was meant to keep this to our self's. His cousin looked at me smiled and said "that's ok as he'd told me alot about it la... Continue»
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Janette Klein (revised version)

The author kindly advises that this story and its characters are entirely fictitious. It contains descriptions of exhibitionism, lesbian sex and graphic language and is only suitable for persons over 18 years old.

Janette Klein (revised version)

(A young voyeur gets help from a bisexual girl to arrange a lesbian tryst between two heterosexual colleagues.)

Winter. It’s snowing outside. The streets slowly turn white. I’m on the first floor. My fingertips touch the cold glass of the balcony doors. I stare at the snowdrifts, the bare trees, the grey sludge on the narrow road below... Continue»
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The New Step s****r's Sex Party

Lydia was excited about Saturday. First it was her turn to host the party. She was going to have her girlfriends over for a pool party and the best part was her mom and new stepdad were going to be gone until Monday. This would give her the opportunity to host her first orgy.

Lydia remembered how her friends had introduced her to the teen swingers club. Since her first orgy she had come to love the lifestyle of swinging. She had sex with dozen of guys and girls and frankly could not imagine just being with one guy for more than... Continue»
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Concert Sex with s****r and Mom Pt 2

The ride home from the concert was one that Kyle will never forget. After having sex with his twin s****r Kylie and mom Nora at the concert, he was told on the way home that they wanted more. He asked his mom if she had seen him and Kylie and she said not only had she seen it but it was part of their plan. That news caught him off guard and then asked if they had really planned it, to which Kylie responded by asking him if he wondered why they were both commando and wearing such short skirts out in public. It finally dawned on him that his mom and s****r had actually planned to seduce him at t... Continue»
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My Top 5: 5.

It is funny how you can remember these things; I have had encounters that are at least in my minds “memorable”. I am going to tell of my favorites…..

5. October 1985, I was in AIT at Fort Jackson I was 20yrs old, there were these two girls in the company next to ours and they were beautiful not in a super-model way. They look like Wendy and Lisa (from The Revolution), anyway I had a pass to go off base and I stayed at a hotel I had beer, and a bottle but no one to chill with I walked down to the lobby and I saw them apparently the hotel was booked full and it was late I offered them my spar... Continue»
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You want me to do what?

'You want me to do what?'

These were the words that greeted my wife Helen as she arrived back in the bedroom on what had started out as a normal Saturday morning. She had gone down to make the coffee; no it's not something that's a 'wifey' job. I'm always up before her in the week so I make the coffee and bring it up for her. At the weekends I get a bit of an extra lie in and she makes it.

This morning however, just before hopping out of bed she had dropped the bombshell that she wanted me to 'model' at some sexy lingerie, girly night she would be attending that night.

For the few mi... Continue»
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My First Gangbang

I was so excited to go to a barbeque at my fuck buddy Brian's house. He said it was going to be a fun evening of grilling out, beer pong, and fun. I figured it was just a good excuse to show me off to his friends for the first time. Brian and I had been hooking up for a couple months by this point and I was his dirty little secret. Seeing as how I was 18 and he was 42 I can see why he would keep our "relationship" quiet.

After school and hitting the gym that Friday I went home, cleaned up and got dressed for the
barbeque, wearing black leggings and a pink tank top. By the time I got to Bri... Continue»
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My “f***ed Encounter” Intro

My “f***ed Encounter”
For those of you who don’t know me or know about me already, I suppose I should start with a brief introduction. My real name is Beth, but anymore, my grandmother is the only one that still uses that name. Most people call by my slave name which is Kunt, or slut, whore, bitch, or my favorite, sperm-breath, but basically whatever derogatory term comes to mind. I am a 24/7 sex slave, I am kept nude at home and ready to serve my owner/husband, Master Ty, who has held my leash since I was 17, in any way shape or form he desires. I am NOT some plastic fantasy ... Continue»
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humiliated at my sons party

I was glad that Sarah had agreed to go to the conference with me. We'd been married for nearly 19 years and never seemed to go anywhere alone together any more. I was also surprised that she had agreed, as she had to know that for the most part she would be bored out of her skull, so maybe she was thinking along the same lines, and I was glad because she seemed to have lost interest in sex lately. And it wasn't as if it was far away, barely a five hour drive in fact, and my company offered to pay for the hotel room, so I thought we might as well take advantage.

We packed enough stuff for th... Continue»
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lorie attends high school reunion

A few years after we were married, Lorrie received an invitation to her hometown school reunion. They were inviting all former students to come together for a celebration. She attended a small rural school located about 20 miles from where I grew up. Since I dated both Lorrie and a classmate of Lorrie's, Karen, while I was in high school and college, I knew a lot of her friends. So, we decided to attend the event.

I knew that Lorrie wanted to see some of her girlfriends but I suspected that she was more interested in some of the guys that she had dated while in high school. Secretly, I was ... Continue»
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First Ever Gang Bang

I had been in San Diego for about 4 months and spent most of that time in the back seat of some strangers car naked and allowing them to use my body for their sexual pleasure. One night I got into town and after I changed into my special clothes which was chino's with an elastic waist, no belt or underwear, pair of loafers with no socks and a button down short sleeve shirt I discovered that it was a little chilly out and that it began to rain.

I headed down Broadway until I came to the adult movie theater. I have never seen an x rated movie before in my life so I paid my $5.00 and went in. ... Continue»
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Babysitter Tales

It had taken 5 years. Five years after our first c***d was born, and two
years after the second (and last) last one, we were finally able to go out
again. My wife, Meg, was finally comfortable leaving the k**s with a
babysitter for a few hours while we went out and enjoyed ourselves. After
checking around with friends in the village, we settled on Karen as our
first sitter.

While we were out, Meg k**ded me about the young lady watching our
c***dren. "You're just waiting until you have to drive her home, aren't
you? I can see you now, putting a hand on her knee while you're d... Continue»
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Swimming in Cum

Swimming in Cum
by yutubeslut

I wrote this story years ago for a lovely lady I exchanged n00dz with.
It was originally titled, Housewife Night
She loved cum so this was just for her.
We lost track of each other
If you're out there, La****, PLEASE write me. I miss you.

“DAMMIT, that BITCH!!” you rage silently as you undress before the owner of the place. All because you lost a stupid bet.
He’s quite young, in his early 30’s but he’s seen it all.
You know immediately he’s Mafioso.

You stand there, naked and trembling in anger and humiliation.
He has a bored, world-weary look
... Continue»
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The cuckold Wedding

Rebecca was the happiest bride in the land everything she had strived for over the last 2 years was about to come to fruition she was going to marry the man who deeply loved her and would do whatever she wanted, she looked at the marriage contract which she had had drawn up by her lawyer mother and the signature at the bottom in which her husband to be had signed gave over control of all his assets which were substantial to her.
She came and sat at the dressing table in the bridal suite and her friend and maid of honour Catherine came over and did her make-up for her and when she was happy wi... Continue»
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Ana having some fun during a business trip

Ana having some fun in a business trip

My loving Victor had to attend a business trip to Las Vegas and he invited me to share a couple of days with him there.
The first afternoon he left me alone in our hotel. It was a nice summer day and from my window I could see that no one was down by the pool at that time. So I decided to go sit out by the pool and enjoy the sun. I slipped into my sexiest bikini, a lime yellow one that really showed off my nice tits.

I grabbed a towel and headed down to the pool to lie out there.
Then a group of four guys came down together, all in their thirties... Continue»
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Amherst - Part 3

“What… ugn, ugn… does it look like, ugn… I’m doing, Donnie? …ugn, ugn!” replied Jay to his jaw-dropped biking partner standing at the wide open door.
“Really Jay? Again?” said Donnie.
Again? What did he mean by again? I thought. Oh my god, how many had Jay done? What number was I?
“Ugn… what can I say Donnie? Ugn… I guess I… ugn… really like this shit… ugn… ugn…” Jay loathed with a sick smile on his face. “I mean, I… ugn… was helping… ugn… this sissy, ugn… with some bags, ugn, ugn… he began flirting with me, ugn… ugn… So… what, ugn… do you… want? ugn… ugn… What the fuck are you, ug... Continue»
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Football Mama

Maria loved watching her two daughters play high school soccer. They took after her and many complemented her by saying she could pass as their s****r. Maria was five feet one inch tall with long raven hair that rolled down to the middle of her bottom. She weighed 105 pounds on a wet day. Her golden skin gave Maria a natural tan year round. Even though Maria had a slender body, she was very voluptuous. Her firm 28c looked huge on her tiny frame and her Latina bubble booty could be seen a mile away. Moreover, Maria liked to show off her body. She would wear tiny miniskirts or short shorts with ... Continue»
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She Made Us Rub Our Cocks Together

As I approach the age of 40, there is little that I have seen nor done sexually over the course of my life: I’ve experimented with both boys and girls of all ages and races. I’ve been in threesomes, in orgies, and practically every kind of sexual act known… but when I think back to the very beginning of where and when I had my first sexual experience, it all started with *****.

I was very young and just about to enter my first year of high school. It was the end of the summer, and I spent my days hanging out in the living room watching television or writing on the sidewalk with chalk in ... Continue»
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Fridat Night Pt 2 Saturday morning

I awake with a moment of disorientation. Where am I? What is that noise?
Where I am, comes back quickly as I see Sara waking up next to me. The noise is my phone in my jeans. I get to it and see the number is listed as chubby blonde.
“Um Hi. I don’t know if you remember me, but I’m the girl from the club you told to go home?”
“Yes, I remember you were the pretty blonde who was a little d***k.” I look over at Sara as I say this. She doesn’t seem bothered that I complimenting some girl who’s just rung me.
“Look I don’t do things like this but you said you wanted to pick me up. ... Continue»
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My Real First Time with 2 Milf's at Once!

I have a major attraction for older women and always have. I think they are beyond sexy and I perceive them to be goddesses :). This is especially true of a MILF friend of mine, big boobs, and the most incredible big, fat, white mommy ass :) Me and her met secretly and played together a few times alone. She was just ending her marriage and I provided much needed friendship and served as a shoulder to cry on, it was just a bonus that I have a big cock.

One day I mentioned to her, that I have always wanted to worship multiple older women at once and be their Red Bull. She mentioned she had a... Continue»
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