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Sex Shop Swap Swinger Anal

A couple of suburbanites in the big city for a night of CW dancing. My wife was throwing down some shots and line dancing like there was no tomorrow. She even danced a two step with a couple of cowboys but I didn't mind cause her coochy was all mine lock stock and barrel. If anything it only made her friskier. She threw down one last shot and told me it was time to go. When we got to the car she was all over me. I got my hand down her pants and rubbed her clit and was driving her wild. I slipped my finger deep inside her pussy and while my wife is normally wet she was juicing up a storm tonigh... Continue»
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s****rs Swap Husbands, Mf

My wife, Di, and I were having her s****r and husband visit us for the week. Mary was Di's older s****r but the two of them were fairly close to each other. Mary's husband Jerry was about as easy going as you could get. The two of them made a good pair as neither one seemed to get riled up about anything. Di and I were really easy going as well and naturally it was not a surprise that the four of us got along as well as we did.

Mary was only three years older then Di and at forty-one was in great shape. The similarity between the s****rs was unbelievable. Both were about the same height of... Continue»
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OHGirl & Velvet: Mother & Daughter Porn St

It had been 6 weeks since I had been back home to see my daughter and her father, Mikey. He had been taking care of our c***d and my four siblings, with the help of three nannies, while my mom and I were shooting a reality film for our porn company. We had both been shooting films for the company too and I had just finished my Velvet: Size Queen series of videos. I had shot 25 sex scenes in the last 4 weeks, the majority of them gangbang films featuring men with 10 inches or more. I was also filming for our reality video at the same time and it was tentatively titled “All in the Porn... Continue»
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The Erotic Adventures Of Jazz and Jezzabell

Jazz And Jezzabell – The Book Store Adventures – The Beginning

My wife and I had been talking about going to the adult video and toy store and do some looking around. We have a fairly large collection of toys so it was far from our first visit to one. The store just happened to be on the way from my school to her work. I had a couple hours to blow so instead of wasting gas going home and coming back, I decided to drop in to the video store and see what it was like.

We had just found the place when she started her new job. We had gone to another place closer to us a couple times, but it ... Continue»
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The perfect little slut

I dare say we've all seen someone on the pages of xhamster that presses our buttons. You know, that instant " I have GOT to fuck her!" ( or maybe him, depends who's reading this)Well I got talking to a guy on here who enjoys, and I mean enjoys, watching his wife being fucked by other guys. The more I spoke to him the more I was certain this wasn't a guy saying he has his wife fucked but DID have her screwed in front of him. And the more pics of her taking part in group sex sessions the more I wanted to take part in one. I spoke to him about it and he said if I could arrange for a few guys he... Continue»
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The Twin s****rs

A good friend of mine who has read and really enjoys my stories gave me a picture of his twin s****rs and asked me to write a story about them. He basically told me to write whatever I wanted only to just change the names so here it goes. Hope you all enjoy.

My name is Bella and I live with my mom, dad and my twin s****r Anna. We are both seven teen years old and since I can remember we have always been more than s****rs but best friends. When we started going to the high school Anna and I were both nervous but we always... Continue»
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Cum walk on nude beach

I went to a nude beach in Southern California. I had gone there earlier (see earlier stories )with my husband and my girlfriend without my husband. My husband and I decided to go back because we both enjoyed it and I enjoyed it when I was there by myself. It is a very popular beach and although it was crowded we found a place not too close to others. We had towels and some sand chairs to sit in. Since we were not too close to others I immediately took off my bikini top and bottom and sat in the chair. My has been stripped also and I noticed that he was slightly erect has he looked at me I spr... Continue»
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The Box: Part 1

The Box: Part 1

My boy friend Luke was coming back to town and called me. It was a warm Friday afternoon, hazy, hot and humid. He asked if I would like to meet him and some of his buds for drinks later in the evening. He also asked if Jolene would be interested in coming. Jolene is a friend of mine and I felt a bit jealous when he asked. Jolene is very well built and a sexy brunette. She’s tall dark and beautiful with large boobs, that just don’t bounce, long smooth legs and an ass that everyone stares at, and she knows it. Jolene is 38 and is always dating someone new but recently she has ... Continue»
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Fucking neigbor

My husband gets extremely excited when I show off whether it's out in a see through top, showing on Watchersweb, or my favorite a skirt with no panties. He also enjoys hearing me talk about what I'd like to do to other guys. Another thing he enjoys is swapping pictures and videos. I can't remember how it started but he sent a picture of my tits to our neighbor Randy. This led to a lot of flirting back and forth and eventually racier photos exchanged. I know that Randy wants me very bad and I know that my husband wants to watch but I've been very hesitant to do anything. My husband was in the s... Continue»
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The Hunt Part 4

So Many Men

Belinda’s lips clenched tight, feeling the hot, wet cock sliding over them. She already had the cock spearing up between her legs and now she had to contend with the cock that was trying to breach her mouth. She could feel the cock painting her lips with the wet cum, a finger prying into the corner of her mouth until she had no choice. Her lips curled up, the man forcing the head of his cock between her pierced lips. The cock was still semi-hard as her lips curled around the thick head.
“Lick it clean. You’re pussy will drain them, your mouth will clean them.”Michael shoved his... Continue»
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Egy este a színházban

Egy átlagos hétköznapnak indult mint a többi. Már két héttel ezelőtt megvettem a jegyet a szerda esti premier előadásra, azonban a múltkori színházlátogatásom miatt némi izgalom is volt a háttérben. Ugyanis legutóbb a szünetben megismert tündéri tinilánnyal igen hamar kimerítettük a barátkozás fogalmát és túl is jutottunk rajta. A büfé előtt álldogált egyedül amit nem tűrhettem szótlanul. Pár pezsgő elfogyasztása után hamar megtaláltuk a közös hangot és mindketten éreztük azt a bizonyos rezgést. 15 perc múlva már nem az előadáson találtuk magunkat, hanem a fiatal, tüzes és kiéhezett tini ágyáb... Continue»
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GF And I's Threesome With A Shemale (True)

This is the true story of when my girlfriend at the time and I had a threesome with a shemale off Craigslist. Enjoy

At the time of this story which was a couple years ago I was dating a girl named Miranda she was sexy,funny and kind of kinky which was everything I looked for in a girl I guess. We had been dating for about five months and after the third months we had begun talking about having a threesome with another guy or girl because Miranda and I are both bi... Continue»
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My first threesome with two young woman, a very re

I had a gf for over a year, very gothic, short, long black hair, a nose ring, tats, and the cutest b cups I have ever seen. she was very open, bi sexual, very much so. Dana over the years had told me stories of her woman adventures always with a smile. One night we got to talking about sexual adventures and She wanted to have a threesome with her best friend whom she had already slept with. I said sure we could try, meet have a few drinks. She agreed get comfortable with each other etc. so she came over to our apartment and little did I know her best friend was someone I had gone to school wit... Continue»
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My Sexual Bucket List :)

Below is an honest list of sexual experiences I would like to fulfil before the end of 2015 :


1. Gloryhole.

I have always been fascinated by the Gloryhole fetish ;) I would hate a grubby down market place for this. But I have been given a couple of addresses of reputable Swingers Clubs which are discreet. The thought of having sex with complete strangers and never seeing their faces or knowing their identities gives me horny goose bumps. Ten cocks I would be happy with - more or less would depend on the circumstances. As we
... Continue»
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The picnic

This happened in 1997.

As it was a beautiful sunny warm summers day Donna and I decided to go and have a picnic in a local beauty spot not too far from where we live. We soon found a bushy area where we could enjoy the sunshine and yet be a little private. She was wearing a long summer white dress and looked radiant.

After we'd eaten we laid down getting some rays, just talking and being silly, when she turned to me and we started kissing. I was laid down and she was kissing me from above, usually it's the other way around. We'd been kissing for around ten minutes when I was getting frui... Continue»
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Last time in church

Again the clearing up was left to Caroline, I offered to help as I know I'll get a fuck out of it. As I cleared away all the hymn books Caroline was talking to a young girl, she looked about 17. As she went into the back room with this girl she said to me "Tea?", "Yes please" I answered. After I'd locked up I went in the back room and they were talking.

Caroline said "This is Joanne" I said "Hello Joanne", Joanne said "It's Jo". As we were sat down drinking tea Caroline asked Jo how old she was "16" she replied, then Caroline looked at me and winked. Jo was a slim girl with long dark hair a... Continue»
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OHGirl: My Turn at Porn

My sore and swollen pussy dripped as I got off of the plane and I couldn’t wait to slide down onto Mikey’s big, white cock. I had departed from Japan, after a month and a half of work, and I had worn no panties under my tight, short, black, sexy dress. It had helped to keep from irritating my already sore and swollen clit and labia, but it had also allowed me to play with myself during the flight. I had been fucking and sucking every day while I was in Japan, horny as hell, from being two months pregnant, and taking care of my contractual obligations as I shot more than 2 dozen gangb... Continue»
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Looking For Men, Took One Home, For Daughter

If anything has excited or liberated it's the image of women masturbating. As a woman, it is something we all grew up doing in the privacy of ourselves or with our husbands, but never in the view of other men.

Strangers having even a glimpse of something considered sacred to a woman's soul, would indeed be rare, to be in possession of such imagery, would be sanctimony to our very being, tantamount to surrender and shame.

Now we are liberated. The internet is awash with videos of wives and daughters, females falling from grace, from upon the pedestals where we once perched, today we kneel... Continue»
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At the gym

I'd been going to the gym for about two months. After having done my workout I'd had a shower and was getting dressed, as I had all my clothes on I was just putting my shirt on when Adam came in to the locker room, we made short talk, football, weather etc. As I put my arms through my shirt he came close to me and said "You married?", I replied that I was.

As I was lacing up my boots he came from out of the shower and with just a towel around him he stood a couple of feet away. I noticed how slim he was and slightly tanned, I have to admit my loins stirred. As I stood up he came closer to m... Continue»
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Romantic threesome!!

Dressed in matching black lingerie, Maddy O'Reilly and Natalia Star exchange a lingering kiss over their man Giovanni Francesco. Giovanni is content to watch as both of his women flirt and tease each other above him, slowly removing their matching lingerie until they are both nude. Rising to his knees, Giovanni switches places with Maddy. He positions himself so that Maddy can kiss his erection as she lies on the bed, and so that Natalia can join in the fun by leaning over from above. The two girls take their time worshipping their man's hard cock, sucking and licking. Soon, the lovers repos... Continue»
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