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just to observe

to say i am nervous is putting it mildly , tonight i attend my 1st adult party -- as an observer , yes i am a grown woman with all working bits , yes i have a healthy libido , but i can also be a complete nervous wreck and a social misfit , so tonights party hosts have graciously allowed me to attend in the role as observer , the plan being that the more often i observe the more confident i become . i know single women can be scarce on the party scene so this really benefits them too , if i become confident enough to play then they have an extra woman on their future guest lists , so observer... Continue»
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This woman followed my girl friend and I into the

At my buddys farm there's a stream of water that flows, with a path to the stream. My girl friend and I like to pack up some food some wine and go for a picnic now and then. Its in the middle of no where and we are the only ones who use the place I cleared out there.

We parked the car and got our things placed on the cart, headed down the walking path. I noticed a woman walking for exercise and we spoke. She ask where we were headed? I told her on my friends property for a bit. She said she knew him and owned the property never to his.

Walking in I pulled the cart that held out things a... Continue»
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i was supposed to observe

8pm on the evening of my 1st adult party , been trying for so long to get an invite , dropped so many hints but finally its here . The only drawback , i can be painfully shy and awkward in certain situations until i get used to them , so the hosts have very graciously allowed me to attend as a voyeur , i know that deep inside i will want to join in but something in my moral compass will stop me . So tonight i a the audience , and thats fine with me , i get up close views of all the goings on , love it .
Taxi has arrived , thankfully the party hosts live 10 miles away , close enough for a ta... Continue»
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I had just started a new job at the bank the previous May, so I was just getting to know all the people on the floor. The Christmas party was here, we went into work as usual 9am, then at 12 the answer machines were put on, drinks and food came out and music was played. At around 3:30pm people were drifting away and I were mingling, talking to some lads about football and stuff
Then the 4 blokes I was talking to got me another drink, I must have had eight vodka’s and this guy brought me a whiskey, then I asked them what was behind these blinds, pointing to a room. As one went and opened th... Continue»
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Busy Day

My girlfriend has been away for the last few days on a holiday with her best mate so I thought I would try and catch up on my tribute list. After knocking a few off the list by knocking a few out, this morning I thought I would see if I get any luck checked a few sites but decided that I would go and check out a local gay sauna. I've heard about it from a few sites but have never been there before.

I didn't know what to expect when I arrived so paid my money and went to get changed. They have a policy that you must be either naked or covered with the towel they provide you. I wrapped the to... Continue»
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So, How the FUCK are you?

So? How the fuck are you?
How a wife turns into a slut

Grey clouds scudded across the sky, the temperature was in the fifties, and I was leaning against the front of my wife’s car. This would be okay if I were at home waiting for her to get ready to go shopping or go out somewhere. Not so. Her car was parked at the curb of a chain motel where the rooms faced onto the parking lot, not an interior hallway.
As I sat, or rather leaned, I considered the last month or so of following, watching, taking photos and making notes; in other words stalking my wife. Taking photos was the easy part; p... Continue»
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Caught fucking another

So the wife and I went to a friends party out of town. We didn't expect many people to be there and the dress attire was informal. So we arrived around 7 pm or so, I was surprised by how many people were there. We talked to a lot of other people and had some drinks. In fact we might of had too many drinks. Anyways around 10 pm or so, I noticed this tall black male enter the room, he was stunningly beautiful, dark sexy black, muscular build and beautiful white teeth. I was definitely NOT worried about him flirting or being interested in my wife. Honesty, she wasn't even on his level of women,... Continue»
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Graduating from bi curious to bisexual and Hedo Ja

Never in my mind did I think I would be bisexual.

The first experience in kissing a woman was the first time I went to a swing club. I was riding my mans cock and a female started to kiss me and feel my tits. It was something I never experienced at all in my life. Riding a cock and kissing a woman for the first time.
We would go to another swinger second time. This time I had another new experience. We met a couple and the female eventually are my pussy. First time I had a female go down on me. That by itself was a new experience...but had another one as well. My man and the othe... Continue»
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The Offer

Harry Potter was tired. Being an Auror had been his sort-of goal at school, but after fighting a guerilla war against the Voldemort regime going around and picking up d***ken louts in Knockturn Alley just wouldn't compare to the thrill of chasing down horcruxes. And the paperwork... nobody had warned him about the paperwork.
He apparated to his house at Grimauld Place, and handed his robe to his loyal House-Elf Kreacher.
“Master has visitors he has,” Kreacher informed him.

“Oh?” Harry stretched, walking into the living room. “Who is it Kreacher?”
“It is being the Mudbl**d, the crazy on... Continue»
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I hosted a gang bang party for my wife.

The life of a cuckold husband isn't that difficult. Two to three times a week my wife either goes out for the evening or entertains one of her friends while I'm at work. That's normal around here, but a week ago I was told that she was in the mood for a gang fucking.

We where setting on the deck one evening after dinner enjoying a mixed drink and the subject of a gang bang came up. Out of the blue my wife said my pussy wants to be fucked raw. I know better than to try and talk her out of anything she wants to do. So I just asked what that ment? She said I want to be fucked by several guys... Continue»
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First MMF experience! Cum on tits!

So me, my friend Pedro and a mutual female friend of ours were the last ones in my apartment after a night of wine. She was stunning. She was wearing a nice blue dress with one killer cleavage.

Me and Pedro, of course, started taking more notice and whispering to one another in the kitchen as she was outside in the lounge. We mentioned the fact that her tits were looking so delicious and we would love to just suck and tit fuck them so bad. We both wanted to cum all over them.

As we were whispering, she walked in the kitchen and overheard one of our comments. She, also d***k, pretended ... Continue»
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Amusement park with my milf and her b*****r

When my wife and I decided to go to an amusement park, we were prepared to take her b*****r and his best friend with us in our pop-up camper. Ton was 16 and he and his friends often spent vacations together.
Jerry got sick the night before and was running a very high fever the morning we were supposed to leave. Tom was upset and almost decided to stay home. He changed his mind and we left about 7 am and drove off down the Highway. Peg and tom were 8 years apart and yet very close since she helped to raise him. After 3 hours on the road we pulled in to the campgrounds. The check in time was n... Continue»
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landlord with a couple

Being the landlord can be fun.
A nice young couple came to rent an apt. from me on the first day I ran the ad.The girl was 19 and her husband was 22. She stayed home and he worked.They had the money so I rented me them.
The wife,Sue was very pretty,she was about 5'3'' tall and 110 lbs. I would say.Her husband was tall and slim like me. My what a great couple this renting game is going to be good.
After they moved in for about a week the wife,Sue called me something was wrong with the stove.I drove over and all that was wrong was the pilot light was out.
I showed her how to light it she... Continue»
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Sitting for my Mom's Friend

This is a true story, one that I will never forget.

One day, mom came to our room while we were doing our homework. She said, "Donny, that was Cassie's mom on the phone. She said her sitter bailed on them and she was wondering if you would like to make some money tonight. Cassie was having two friends sl**ping over and Wanda had a last minute business meeting. If I could go over and sit, she would pay you $10 per hour." I thought about it for about 2 seconds and said sure. Mom said to go right over. So I hopped on my bike and took off.

When I got there, Cassie's mom was ready to... Continue»
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My Slut Wife

My wife, Abby, is a major slut. I do not mean that in a bad way. The woman loves cock and always has. Ever since she hit puberty she has wanted and taken alot of cock. The stories she has told me, threesomes, foursomes, orgies, gangbangs, dogging, you name the woman has done it. And she is the most beautiful woman, long natural blonde hair, big brown eyes, perfect face. A petite little body with "B" cup tits and a great ass. I mean she is built for pleasure, a body that you can just fuck away on. And she has a tight little pussy, cute, pout lips with golden brown bush. Sometimes she shaves i... Continue»
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A fun night out...

There she went, petite, with long, sexy legs, wearing extremely short jeans, stressing your small, but well-shaped arse and a nice black top. Her hair was dirty blonde, tied up in a cute little ponytail and her dark eyes were casting a flirtatious look at Alex as she passed by. Alex and I exchanged a quick look and he whistled after her. She turned around instantly, walked uo to Alex, who looked puszzled.But instead of telling him off or slapping his face, she asked in English, in an innocent voice with a slight Eastern European accent: ”So I take it you want to buy me a drink, don't you?”
... Continue»
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Harry Potter Ginny Weasley and Cho Chang

The two witches practically pounced on the wizard. Cho’s lips found Harry’s mouth in a hungry kiss as the Rider tore her workout pants from her lower half. Cho wasted no time in guiding the mage’s prick to her slick opening. While Cho was a virgin she did not have a hymen given how much time she spent on a broomstick recently. The Ravenclaw slid her tight snatch down around Harry’s dick with one fast move of her hips.

“Ugh…you’re so bl**dy big, Harry,” Cho gasped.

Suddenly a vial of potions appeared floating in the air above Ginny and Cho. Glowing letters instructed the witches to ... Continue»
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Sue My Cum Loving Wife 4

Sue went into great detail telling me how much she loved sucking Cody's big cock for the first time. Admitting she loved her first taste of cum and had been addicted to it since then. All this time when we were married to others and just friends I thought she was a sweet innocent woman. Sue was the woman of my dreams and loved sex as much as did. Although she had sucked multiple boys off at the same time she had never had two guys fucking her at once. She was very excited for this to happen and just couldn't believe I wanted her to do it just as much as she wanted it. She kept asking me if I ... Continue»
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Harry Potter Hermione Granger and Nymphadora Tonks

Harry lay naked on Nymphadora’s bed waiting for a very special present the Hufflepuff had promised him. A partial sense damping charm did not allow the wizard to see, hear, or smell. The mage could of course reach out with his magic but chose not to spoil the surprise. Suddenly Harry felt something warm and soft slide around the tip of his prick.

The sense dampening charm was dispelled and Harry did not quite understand what he was seeing at first. A gorgeous witch crouched over his erect prick held in Tonks’ grasp. The crouching witch had brown hair and looked like a younger version of E... Continue»
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Harry Potter Hermione Granger and Nymphadora Tonks

Hermione lay stretched out naked along her favorite wizard, her well licked cunny pressed against his thigh. The brown haired witch remembered watching as Tonks got her snatch stretched by the impressive tool between the elf-like male’s legs. Even though she had climaxed many times recently Miss Granger felt herself becoming wetter while just staring at the incredibly handsome Harry Potter. Hermione reached out and grasped her friend’s wand, stroking the fleshy rod and rousing him from his trance like state which had long ago replaced sl**p.

“Someone is ready to go again,” Harry pointed o... Continue»
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