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Zoe part two

Mrs Issacs appeared suddenly to take control of the group.
“And how do you choose the men for this study?”
“By choose, I assume you mean, do we vet the applicants who come through our doors?” The Professor studiously cleaned his glasses with a lens cleaner, before putting them back on.
“Yes, I mean are they particularly gifted in the size of their…?”
Stacey beamed her brightest smile at the woman. “I think she means do the applicants all have large cocks professor.”
“Ah, well, it’s interesting you should mention that Mrs Issacs because we have already, I think it is fair to say, establish... Continue»
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New Neighbors 5

"AGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH.....OH...OH FUCK ME, FUCK ME,FUCK ME HARDER!!!!!!!" Tom screamed as Alicia shoved her fat ten inch cock all the way up his ass. She roughly fucked him stretching his asshole even more with two of her long fingers up his ass along with her big cock.

Tom was bent over his desk with his precum making a huge puddle beneath him. The pleasure of Alicia fucking him was so intense and he loved it so much. She really knew how to fuck his ass for both of their enjoyment. She would pull back until just the huge head of her cock remained in his stretched asshole, then cram it all the... Continue»
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Living in cockington part 14

I stood out side the house and peered in through the front window, inside I could see my teen daughter Milly she was stood between two young hansom boys as they leant in to kiss her.
Their tongues explored each others mouths and I watched as the boys hands started to caress her petite body through her T-shirt and skirt.
"Oh god" I said staring in disbelief.
"I told you, you wouldn't want to see" said Bridget standing next to me watching as well.
Then I watched the two boys lift her top off over her head and My teen daughter was stood in just her little pink bra and skirt as they fondled he... Continue»
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A tale of two s****rs P2

So when I left off I was with s****r’s Sonia and Kaylee in my sixty-nine Impala. It’s pretty roomy, but when you’re trying to hump with two Latina’s in less than a van, you’re cruising for a bruising. Plus, it’s a hot august night in California and I need a shower cuz stinky’s the last thing I want to be right now.

It’s not in the budget but what you gonna do? I’ve had to live a week on beans rice and tortilla before and for pretty much the same kinda reasons. The El Monte's a dive but at least I know the clerk. Sancho see’s what I’ve got going on and gives me the room with the mirro... Continue»
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Becoming the neighbourhood slut - Part 3

Read Part 1 and 2:


"Hello guys" I said quietly as I finally reached the living room and entered it. I stopped at the entrance, my gloved hands were on my tiny leathered waist to model my body for the men and to show them exactly how slim and vulnerable I am.

My eyes were tracing the room to see the guys. Everything was like it was happening in very slow motion. At first glance I was looking for Mark, but I couldn't see him. One guy, second, third, fourth... fifth... SIXTH... SEVENTH... EIGHTH... and finally Mark. Yes, a total o... Continue»
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True Stories: An Evening at Hedo

Rachel and I take a vacation away from the k**s each year during our anniversary. After vacationing at Desire Resort for two years in a row, we decided to switch things up by visiting Hedonism II resort in Jamaica. Like Desire, Hedo is a clothing-optional resort that tends to cater to swingers and other adventurous couples.

We spent the entire day travelling. By the time we arrived, it was very late in the evening. We grabbed a quick bite, and Rachel announced that she was too exhausted to stay up any later. Reluctantly, I went back to our room with her and crawled into bed. After several h... Continue»
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getting used by many

I had been talking with Kevin now for about a month online. We kept talking about getting together, and he wanted to know how far I would go. I had told him that I was a total slut and loved to be used, abused and humiliated. He said that I would be perfect pig for him, and if I was real and not just someone online looking to tease he would take care of all my desires. Kevin said that he would set the ground rules that I must follow for our upcoming encounter, and I said I would.

Kevin told me that I would be picking him at the el stop after he was done work which would be around midnigh... Continue»
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One night with Anastasiya

Anastasiya’s husband George agreed to loan her to me to e****t to a business function in Izmir. I called her up and told her: “Anastasiya, you agreed you would go to the bar association President’s Dance with me Friday night, but I wanted to call you and tell you that we have to go to a little reception for some out of town clients and their wives. I don’t know them, but I hear they are a bunch of stuffed shirts, so wear something a little conservative, will you?” I heard her laugh and say: “A bunch of old fogies? Well, I’ll have to do something to liven them up!” I replied: “Wait a minute, An... Continue»
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90% hook up Xposed

So the guy responded. I text with him for several hours. I told him I was very interested in meeting him and that I knew exactly where this pace was. I was on Xhmaster getting my every day nasty jerk when he asked to skype with me. I sent him my skype "cpwny0825" and he called later and we talked more about the place and he edged me on by telling me what I could expect if I was game? I came all over the place.

So we planned to meet at 2:30. I got off at 2 and was contemplating on goin or not. I went and got a beer and slammed three shots at a bar near he place and skyped the guy and mess... Continue»
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story two – setting up my girl for a gang fu

Introduction To This Post

I apologize ahead of time for the poor quality of this story. I hope it isn't too cliche. I sometimes feel awkward writing things like this. I am trying to enhance my vocabulary to include sound effects, noises made and words women would say, but the words I use, I'm not sure if they actually convey what's going on in the mind. I'm not going to waste your speculations with telling you if this is true or not. I will leave that up to your own imaginations.

this is about a girlfriend whom i set up for a gang fuck that she had no idea was goin... Continue»
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Black cab

It was the evening of my office Christmas party and my wife Trish who works for the same company had her own office party. I went up to her department as our party was closing down. There wasn’t many people left at their party either. I couldn’t see Trish at first and went looking for her. I found her in a side office asl**p on a couch. She was sprawled out with one leg on the floor. This caused her wraparound skirt to fall open to her waist, showing her stocking tops, suspenders and her black frilly wide legged knickers. Her knickers leg was pulled to one side and her cunt was on show for a... Continue»
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My husband had a business trip to Ghana ( Accra ) and asked me to go with him...We had  a nice hotel suite in the best hotel of Accra, it was really a pleasure.

On the 3rd evening we where there, i realized after dinner that i had left my glasses by the so i went to look, but could not see i asked at reception, and they told me to go into a store located on the other side of the swinmming-pool.

It was 11pm, and i went to this place and opened the door : an unexpected sight was before me : 3 young blacks boys ( they were 18,19, and 22 years old ) were there all mnaked, in ful
... Continue»
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f****y Business Pt. 2

A few weeks went by and one day I received a call from my daughter, Emily.
“Hi Daddy” she said “It's my f******nth birthday soon and I know what I would like from you”

“What's that my darling?” I asked.

“A birthday party, daddy. Well more like a birthday orgy.” said Emily, giggling

“Well I think I could organise that” I laughed, “Who do you want me to invite?”

“Well” said Emily,”obviously you, mum, Lynsey, Laura, Wendy, Alison, Hannah, the twins, Jen, Celia from the tattoo parlour, Andy, Pete, Roy and Chris. That would be an ideal number. I can be fucked by everyone but there i... Continue»
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Our first threesome

My beautiful wife Krista,

Realizing that our marriage may need a little spicing up, I decide to do something a little crazy. I ask you to think of a date to take an afternoon off and begin to set up what will be a new page in our story.

We decide on a date and book a room at the Thompson hotel. We arrange for someone to watch the k**s after school and I tell you that we are going to the city to get a room for the afternoon for some wild sex and pictures. I tell you to bring lingerie, heels and a blindfold and explain that the deal is that you must do everything I ask you... Continue»
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Three Male Slaves, One Mistress

I had to repost this one.

"Lydia, go take the c***dren outside for a while." I wave my hand dismissively in their direction, "Swimming or something. Just away from here for a while."
Lydia placed her right fist to her left shoulder in a salute and bowed to me. "Of course, my Mistress." Without another word, she herded Runa and Lucia, my two adopted daughters, out the door. I knew she would be ample protection for them, as I listened to her armor clank, as she walked away with the c***dren.
After they have left the house, I walk around to the main dining hall and find one of my male slav... Continue»
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There She Was

There she was.

As a young man she was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen. She was the subject of every fantasy, every naughty dream and every relieved hardon.

At 26 my step fathers s****r was a good 11 years older than me but that did not stop me hoping that she saw in me everything I saw in her.
How I would look forward to those moments when she would stay over and I would hope for a glimpse of her in a state of undress or even better that she may decide to sneak into my room and slip of her clothes.

It would remain nothing but a fantasy.

My mother and step father went there ... Continue»
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Girl next door part 4

I had licked my cum from Kathy tits she sat on Ed's cock! Ed had lifted her up and moved her pussy to her mouth sucking his cum from her pussy watched as he slipped his tongue deep in her hole lapping his cum.
Ed's cock was cum covered I figured what the hell seeing him lick Kathy pussy I would suck his cock. Got down on my knees and grabbed his cock lowering my mouth on his cock Ed jumped at first and looked down at me he seamed shocked at first I had his gland in my mouth, he went back to licking Kathy pussy she had her hands against the wall he reached up and he began rubbing her nipples.... Continue»
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Girl next door part 3

Went up my apartment wife had called. Her and her Mom to her Aunts house. Called my buddy Ed see what he was up too! Asked him if he wanted to come hang out! Told him the wife was out of town! Time to Party!
Kathy ask "Is your buddy going to come over?" "Yeah " asked her how she wanted to do this? Kathy said " I'm excited but scared.." Assured her if she didn't want to do this she could back out. Kathy reply" I'm wet just thinking about this!" She said she would go down to her apartment and give us a bit to BS then cum up to party.
Ed had knocked at the door. Went down and greeted him. "How ... Continue»
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Playing Truant pt 1

Going back a number of years to my last year at Secondary school, my 'boyfriend' told me that, " Tomorrow you will be playing truant! Just get up as normal put on your black lingerie and stockings, then pop your normal school ubiform over them and I will pick you up at the bus stop at 8.20am. I said OK to him, as if I had any choice in the matter.
I was up at 7am and after showering put on my best black bra and knickers along with my black suspender belt and black red topped stockings.I said bye to my mum and headed to the bus stop. A few minutes later Dave pomped his horn and I moved t
... Continue»
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My wife goes off roading

My wife and I have a off road vehicle, its used for rock crawling. One weekend we took it to Tennessee to ride a popular off road park. It was extremely hot that day so wife decided to wear a very short pair of cutoff jeans shorts. The pockets hung down from the very short legs. The white cotton fabric stood out next to her tanned thigh. On top she wore a small bikini top. It covered her thirty four b cup tits just enough to be classy yet sexy. Every chance I got I would watch her tits bounch in the small triangles. Always hoping one would pop out, but they never did.

We got to the top of... Continue»
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