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Erotic Comic Orgy Series - Chapter XIX

Erotic Comic Orgy Series – Chapter XIX

“Busty Ladies for Dolly Moore”, with Dolly Moore (based on a Ben-Hur Baz pinup art), Vikki Belle (from Colin Murray’s comics’) and Alison Butterworth (from Sizzlin s****rs 05, Art Wetherell)

Dolly Moore:
Vikki Belle:
Allison (the girl without straight hair):

A showgirl’s life is never easy and Dolly Moore is not an exception to the rule. A woman who was famous for her looks, her amazing... Continue»
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21st birthday

It was my husbands 21st birthday, a few months before or first daughter had been born, so i was still breast feeding, 3 of his army buddy's came over in the morning, we had planed on going to the lake for a few hours, then back to our place for a BBQ, we all had a quick cup of coffee then jumped on our bicycles and headed over tot he lake, we set up a nice place under a tree with shade and sun,

we had a great time until i excused my self to go pee, I walked to the restrooms as i did i had to pass through the FKK or nude part of the lake, I entered the restroom slipped down my bikini botto... Continue»
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She Got Her DP

This is another story I wrote on my former profile. Enjoy it.
I've been asked to write stories based upon my experiences by a friend. So as any precaution names have been changed to protect those who don't know i'm writing this. And if you couldn't tell by my first story, I'm not describing people so you can use your imagination for your perfect people.

In his younger and wilder days, Dave use to date Bobbi. Both were very experimental with sex and sexuality. Dave is actually bisexual. This didn't bother Bobbi one bit because she knew this meant she could have more then one guy as long as ... Continue»
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Part 3 - Sirs and their boy

We caught our breath, resupplied with favors, grabbed our gear and moved into the bed room. Chris came up to me and whispered, ‘you’re so sexy, a lot of fun, and we want to have some more wild play.” ‘FUCK YEAH,” I nodded, and he went on to say “we want you to be the sub-boy for this part, and you will respect your Masters!” I lowered my eyes and nodded, “Yes, Sir!” “We’re going to cam this on Xhamster” Chris gently caressed my face and traced my lips with his fingers. Then he dropped his hand to my pecs and slapped me across my nipples. I didn’t make a sound, and he nodded, “yeah pig b... Continue»
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Eating My First Cream Pie

I lived in Sacramento California back in 2002. Having retired after twenty years in the Air f***e I was going to college full time. Yahoo personals was really big at the time and I had a really funny profile that lots of people really liked. One nineteen year old housewife really liked it and started chatting me up on yahoo messenger. After some time discussing innocent topics she began to get to some more interesting subjects. She wanted to know if I would ever cheat on my wife. I told her that I had never cheated but that I was open to the idea. Then she came back with would you ever let a g... Continue»
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Donna me and the Chemist Assistant


A few months after enjoying an hour with Rukia, I’d been at the surgery and with another prescription had to visit the chemist again, this time Donna was with me, and we’d been served in the chemist when Rukia came over smiling to say hello. Donna and she were talking when she announced she was on a half day, Donna invited her up to ours and she accepted.

Twenty minutes later I’d driven into our drive and Donna and Rukia were sat in our kitchen drinking coffee and chatting about nothing in particular. Rukia was dressed in her work clothes, blue top and blue pants. A... Continue»
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Als Toy Model verliehen

Als Toy Model verliehen. © By Silverpair

An einem Sonnigen Februar Tag wurde ich als Toy Model an eine Fotografin verliehen und war schon auf der Fahrt zum Treffpunkt nervös. Noch nie während meiner Sklavinnen Laufbahn war ich in Zivilkleidung ohne Slip unter meinem Rock an eine Herrin verliehen worden und machte mir Gedanken ob mein Herr unzufrieden mit mir war und mich evtl. an ein anderes Sklavenhaus abgeben wird. Klar ich war damals freiwillig als 19 jährige zu ihm ins Haus gezogen und hatte mich Zwischenzeitlich weiterqualifiziert so das mir mein Herr immer mehr Selbstständigkeit ei
... Continue»
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My Wife The Humanitarian, Made Into A Village Whor

When I first met my then girlfriend and now wife Mandy in high school I immediately noticed how much of a sweetheart she was always willing to help someone in need and always quick to help if a friend needed a favor. Besides her tenderheartedness Mandy was very beautiful and sexy always attracting looks with her long blonde hair, sky blue eyes and her perfect body with nice tits and a round supple ass. She also has a face that would melt most people when she smiles at you. Mandy and I got married a couple years after school and now here we are both twenty seven to be exact and Mandy has made i... Continue»
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My Daughter Jennifer's Ski trip

Hi I am Jennifer and I am Catherine's Daughter. As in our previous post Mom became a BBC slut shortly after getting married. I became a BBC cum slut in college. Read our previous stories to catch up. Anyway this is my story about my recent ski trip the North Carolina mountains. Since I have graduated from ASU in Boone NC I have missed my friends and the frat house I used to love to go to for some really great BBC fucking. I told mom that I was going back up to Boone to get in a little skiing since the weather was right for it. She would have told me to behave but as she knows I love BBC. So I... Continue»
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The Slumber Party

Charlie turned the corner to his block. Four more houses then he would
be home. As he walked he threw a baseball in the air and would catch it in
his glove. He slowed his pace as he walked closer to his house. He was
thinking it would be nice if you could slow time by moving slower. He knew
what he was about to face in three more houses. He can't believe that his
parents were making him do this. What did he do wrong? Two more houses,
then he would be home. Did he take out the trash this week? If he washed
the car, would it make any difference? One more house. Charlie lo... Continue»
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my first cum facial

it all happened a few years ago, i met a really nice guy online off one of the gay finding sites ill call him K, and we chatted for a little bit and found out that he had himself a partner ill call him S, but they were allowed to play with others and they also played together with guys.
our first meeting was rather enjoyable after we chatted for a little while after i first got to there secluded house on acreage to break the ice as i was feeling nervous as all hell, but they both were nice and helped relax the situation and then we started watching some gay porn and they slowly started suckin... Continue»
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Hubby Impregnates My Co-Worker with My Blessings

Hubby Impregnates My Co-Worker with My Blessings

This is a true story written by a dear friend of mine. She asked me if I would posted it here to share with all of you:

My name is Molly and I’m married to a wonderful man named Sean. We are very happily married. This story is about how my husband Sean fathered two c***dren with a co-worker of mine and he did it with my and her husband’s blessings.

About a year ago, a co-worker named Jennifer came into work with reddened eyes that showed that she had been crying. She tried to hide it, but I could hear in her voice that she was troubled ... Continue»
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Jack Ass Jackie #1

One Husband, two boys, four lovers, mules, burrows and Jackass mules, much to maintain, Jackie thought. She needed to talk to the lovers grouped, with out Bud. The opportunity came the next morning, when Bud demanded to go check the ranch. Jared and Jed took him.
Bob, Ted, Zak and Joe surrounded her as they watched them disappear in the distance. Jackie walked in and sat against the wall. She pointed to the wall across from her and had them all sit. She raised her hand in a "Stop" sign type motion. "Listen to me, I am yours but I always give the orders. Is that understood", she spoke. Eve... Continue»
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Crazy Class Reunion

I was going through some mail one afternoon when I came across an invitation. I opened it up to see what it was and noticed that it was an invitation for my 10-year high school class reunion. It was going to be held at a fancy hotel so that anyone who drank too much could book a room and spend the night. As I read it, I couldn't believe it had been 10 years since high school already. I sat on the couch and looked it over while thinking back to the old days. I wondered what had happened to some of my friends and was considering actually going. I figured it would be nice to run in to a few peo... Continue»
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Sissy all dressed up at a rest area

So, i had a bit of a scary encounter recently. But it was totally worth it =].

I was driving from my home town to the town where i go to school. It is a windy little road that goes right through a big slice of nowhere, with very minimal cell service. And it was night time. I had been all dressed up and hoping to find someone at a local wildlife area that is an OK place to find guy sometimes, but no dice. I am pretty shy, and don't go to places like that much, i am almost relieved not to have seen or been seen by anyone. It was getting late and i had school the next day, so i got in my car, ... Continue»
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At the lake

The couple is off to have a rest at the lake but when they get nude and start swimming, they realize that they place, they thought to be secluded is actually full of horny guys watching them….

My wife hates to be treated rudely and brutally in everyday life. But as for sex, it’s possible here. Everything is possible, actually. Jennie loves when I sort of **** her. She loves me to fling her on the bed, rip off her clothes and lingerie, feel up her tits, paying special attention to her tiny nipples. Then I usually turn her on ... Continue»
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That was a usual day!

The husband and a wife are sharing their nasty and dirty fantasies with each other, it seems like they have a lot to tell each other and one story is hotter than the other!

What should I start from? I think this is kind of fiction when you start reading my stories, but let me assure you that they are all 100% true! I have a wife and she is always hot for studs with huge cocks. My wife is a long legged American blonde long haired lady, who loved intelligent, good looking men.
When we first met, I had not had many women in my life, in fact she was my first woman I had much of sex. When I ask... Continue»
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Cathy Lynne's Threesome (MMF)

I really couldn't believe I was in this situation.

I was lying on my side in a hotel room. My husband, Mark, was lying next to me. I could tell by the way he was breathing that he was right on the edge of falling asl**p.

While Mark was dozing, Brian was lying behind me, spooning with me as it were. As I felt him pressing up against me, I raised my leg just enough to ease his access. He slid his cock into my ass and start gently pumping me, in and out, very slow and relaxed. He wasn't in hurry at all. We had all come so many times already that this was just a calm way to enjoy each oth... Continue»
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Depression Era Survival

Mary stood at 9th and Corbet St as Connie came into view. They rechecked their strategy and started their act. 200 feet away, Connie accidentally got her heel stuck in the sidewalk grate. They talked as she struggled to get it loose. From below, he stared up with a clear view under their two dresses. Connie's plain, white Grannie Panties and Mary's flowered pattern, teen panties, flashed as they twisted and turned. Mary walked around as Connie squat to pull the stuck heel. He moved directly under Connie. She knew with her crotch that close and spread, escaped hair surrounded her gusset whi... Continue»
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The lawn boy (bi-sexual threesome story / MMF)

We'd only lived in the neighbourhood a few weeks, so when I first saw him mowing the lawn as I pulled into the driveway, I thought it might have been my own mistake. But no, I checked the house number, and I saw my wife's car in the other parking spot, so I knew I was in the right place. I shrugged and got out of the car.

I reached back in for my briefcase, and then watched the young man mowing our lawn as I walked to the front door. When he saw me he gave a small wave with one hand in a work glove, then turned and pushed the mower in another direction, away from me. I unlocked the front ... Continue»
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