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Hotel 3some

I had just booked in to a hotel and saw a friend having dinner with a gorgeous bit of stuff that I knew wasn’t his wife and when I passed them and was behind her I nodded to him, grinned and did the wanking sign with my hand. He nodded his head slightly so she wouldn’t notice. I pointed to the toilets and motioned for him to go there. Sure enough a few minutes passed and he joined me there. Apparently this girl was on a conference and staying at the hotel for the night and he was trying to get her pissed enough for a good grope if not a fuck. We’d often shared girls when we were younger so I ... Continue»
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Barbaria Act 4 Chapter 3

“Have you seen her?” enquired Venetia of Flavia.
“Yes, she was brought back about five pm., Highness.”
“Quite useless, I’m afraid. Deeply u*********s. Pity. I would like to have had some immediate reactions from her.” Venetia smiled.
“All in good time, my dear. I expect she’s in a state of shock. Who wouldn’t be?”
“The best thing is to have her cleaned up - inside and out - then keep her under sedation for forty eight hours. I’ve dealt with this sort of thing before.”
“I’ll arrange it, Highness,” said Flavia.
“Darling, there’s no need to call me Highness when ... Continue»
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Nadia's Ill Advised Street Walk

In retrospect, i don't know what i was thinking, walking the streets of Ferguson Missouri that Monday night just hours after the grand jury had ruled that it would not indict the white police office who had shot and killed the young black man. It seemed like a historic gathering of people on the streets, and i thought it would be one of those moments i would never forget. i was right, but for all the wrong reasons.
The police were firing tear gas into the crowd just in front of the group i was in, and chaos quickly ensued. As i ran down the street in the middle of a mob of people, i be... Continue»
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Teen group fun

I had not spoken to Kendra, my ex young girlfriend in several months. We'd gotten together a few times since breaking up and had some really hot group sex, along with her current bf Isaac (and some other friends of hers). So out of the blue I get a call from Carlie, her smoking hot 90 lb friend who is now 19. We'd played with Carlie a couple times, including one time at a sex club. Carlie asked me if I'd help her give her friend Shannon a surprise 18th birthday party, much like the one that Kendra and I had thrown for her when she turned 18. I'm was def down for it, and we talked several times... Continue»
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Theater Sex

Sometimes during sex I would tell my wife I wanted to watch her fuck another man and she would play along with my "fantasy." She thought it was just a fantasy but in reality I did want to watch her being fucked by not only another man but also a group of men. After 25 years of marrage we need to add a little spice to our sex life.

Finally one day whe we were just sitting around talking I brought up the subject of watching another man fuck her. She was shocked at first that I would really want to watch something like that and felt that I would get jealous watching another man fuck her. I ass... Continue»
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The full set.

Many years ago, I stayed over at my girlfriends house, I was supposed to sl**p on the downstairs sofa, but as her Mum was out I got upstairs and into her bed,later on her s****r came home with her boyfriend and when they got started I woke up, glancing over I could see they were making love, she saw me looking and blew a kiss.
Time goes by I get married to my girlfriend and settle down and we start a f****y.
Her s****r comes round and I take over the baby walking duties to let the girls chat, an hour passes and as I head home I spot my wife's s****r heading my way, as she gets close I see he... Continue»
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Me Donna & a young student

This happened in 2007

Donna and I had a weekend in Newcastle, a large city in the north of England, the hotel we were staying in was right in the middle of the student area and the bar got crowded and lively in the evening, because it was full of students. This night we had been out for a meal and was in the bar having a few drinks when this lad kept staring at us.

I went to the bar and asked him what was wrong, he denied staring and we got talking, I took the drinks over to the table were Donna was and then went to the toilet. When I retuned that lad was talking to the wife he was Aron,... Continue»
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Part 5 – Her Divorce – True Story

To continue the story, after my future wife moved in with me she discovered that she could make me cum hard and fast when she shared stories of her past sexual adventures. And if you have not read the first parts, she learned she liked sex early. Sex with guys, gals, black guys and multiple guys.
So to continue, her first husband graduated from college without knowing she was fucking her work boss, fellow workers, and a few of his college teammates. So he got a job and they moved to the Texas Rio Grande Valley. When the tequila and d**gs were cheap. Combine this with a young lady that wh... Continue»
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the cruise

Mr.T and I decided to take a cruise

Vacation day finally arrives we booked a 4 night 5 day cruise .
We are waiting to board the cruise ship Mr.T is talking with the gentleman
behind us turn looking at them both smile hello I am Mrs.T reaching out my hand
to shake his takes my hand in his hello Ron is the name.releasing his hand smiling
nice to meet you as I scan his tall lean body,salt and pepper hair ,ice blue eyes.

Ron noticed me looking him up and down smiles winks, blushing turning as I feel the
heat burn my cheeks.
As we are boarding Mr. T pats my bum Ron will be jo... Continue»
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Chastity play

Don't let the tital fool you, it's no game , at least to me. My wife has always cuckolded me our entire marrage. She had sex when ever and with who ever she wished. At first I had no idea I was a cuckold. I just thought my blonde hair blue eyed wife was extra sexy. She always dressed sexy , acted sexy, and even flirted with most of my friends. My house was a popular hang out. It wasn't strange for me to come home from work and see one of my buddy's truck in the drive way. When I went in the house I'd usally find my wife and buddy out by the pool in the summer or in the den watching TV if it wa... Continue»
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Donna was working late doing some stock taking at the store she used to work at in town. She was wearing her work uniform, black blouse, grey skirt. She was putting some shoes away in size order cubby holes, Steve her manager, was passing them up to her, she was standing on a small ladder, this time she reached too far and wobbled, Steve put his hands on her bum so she wouldn't fall.

As she came down the ladder, Steve slipped his hands under her blouse and fondled her tits, when she got to the floor she turned around to face him, he kissed her and soon they were snogging, she had her hand a... Continue»
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Wife does a Blow Bang and More

Wife does a Blow Bang and More

What a night this story happened after we were married for two years. We ended up at Striker’s a local strip club for a few drinks. Tina my wife is an ex-dancer there she danced there for collage money and enjoys the entertainment and the hot chicks at the club. Tina is Bi and the ladies really work her up. She actually gets more attention than I do from the ladies they all know she loves the dances. We only had time for two drinks the club was closing early for a private party, as we were leaving Jason the doorman stopped us and ask Tina... Continue»
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Livraison à domicile

Annie vient de se lever, elle sort de la salle de bains le corps enveloppé dans une serviette quand on sonne à la porte.
Intriguée elle regarde par le judas, deux hommes en costume gris patientent devant sa porte.
"Oui ?"
"Bonjour madame c'est pour une livraison"
"Ah mais je n'ai rien commandé."
"D'après mon bon de livraison il s'agit d'un cadeau. Pouvez-vous nous laisser entrer pour que nous puissions effectuer notre livraison ?"
"Euh oui, une seconde."
Elle ouvre la porte et les deux hommes entrent directement dans le salon.
"Nous venons vous livrer un sandwich de la part d'un de vo... Continue»
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The Party

You came in from a long run. It was really hot and humid outside, so the run exhaust you. Hot and sweaty. You head straight to the bedroom and strip out of your soaking wet clothes and lay across the bed too tired and wet to put on clothes. I come in bringing you a glass of water. "Oh, No. Don't come in here. Go. Everyone is right in the next room and I'm still out if breath from the run”. I don't listen and lean over and gently bite your nipple. "STOP!!. I don't have the energy to move" Still I don't listen. With that I pinch and pull your other nipple. Again you tell me you have no energy... Continue»
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Part 4 – College Days and Working for a Livi

My wife told me that she decided to get married so she could leave the small town she was from and the reputation she had cultivated. So she married a guy a few years old than she was and who had a sport scholarship to a small college not far from her home town here in Texas. She moved off to college. She hoped that being married meant that she could get all the sex she needed to control the itch she had developed after learning how much she liked sex. She was disappointed. It was good for a while but it wasn’t enough. So, she got a job and learned that fucking the boss had benefits that ... Continue»
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I am a man, 60 years of age and sitting in an Adult Movie Theater and doing what the rest of the men here are doing. We are all watching some cutie on the screen getting fucked and playing with our cocks.

All of a sudden something catches my eye. It's a boy who I would guess is around 18 or 19 and he is wearing a raincoat and that puzzles me because when I came into the theater it was a beautiful day outside. He passes my row and heads for the back row.

You have to understand something about this theater. You enter through a door that is down by the screen and you have to walk up to th... Continue»
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Dogging Sue

My wife, Sue, is a professional woman in her 40s. Although only 5ft 2ins tall she packs a lot of sexy body into that height. Blond hair, matched with deep brown eyes, a come to bed smile and 38dd tits make her a proper cock-magnet. However, until recently she had never gone over the side (or so she tells me).
This summer, however, that was to change. Our k**s had recently grown up and flown the nest and I noticed a discreet but very noticeable, increase in our sex life. Although never bad, it had been found wanting the last few years - be it pressure of work or, whatever, it could have been ... Continue»
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OHGirl & Velvet: Back to Work

I was a little jealous of my mom, seeing the number of men she had been taking on in her extreme gangbang films. She had probably fucked over 350 men in the last two weeks and that was a conservative estimate. Her new director was pushing the limits of bukkake and she had been drenched in cum in the last photo that I had seen and her pussy was a gaping mess, filled with jizz from her last internal affairs gangbang, when she had fucked over 150 Japanese men. She had let each one of them fill her twat, before drinking a small bucket of jizz, into which the excess cum had drained. My mo... Continue»
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Alexandria Unleashes Her Inner Whore

You, Alexandria, awake in the middle of the night to a stirring inside. It is building up and your pussy begins to get very moist, glistening with your juices. All you want is to have your pussy used and fucked like a true whore.

A little about yourself: you stand at 5' 7", just over 200lbs., with long, dark hair and blue eyes. You have a 36B chest, a completely shaved, tight pussy and a big fat ass that loves to be spanked and fucked.

You have been waking up like this in the middle of the night for two months now. It can't be explained. Feeling the need to be used, you want to be used... Continue»
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Moana had always been bisexual, falling in love with and lusting after her own. Lately though, she was frantically, hopelessly all about pussy. She fell hardest for women who were socially straight but curious about sex with another woman. Her favorite part of those encounters was always the first time they'd play and her partner of the moment would start out nervous but willing and then...that moment when she'd relax and embrace Moana's tender tonguing. Feathery lashings against a hungry clit was the way Moana would introduce her ladies to their first orgasm with her.

If her newly enthusia... Continue»
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