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Some fucking little things about me

Let me fucking talk a little bit about me:

I am a young stud thinking about fuck all the time. I live among very beautiful hot fucking women, so I am surronded by them all day fucking long. I am good looking and I usually get a lot of attention from females. I keep getting approached by all kinds of women just for satifying each other`s fuck needs, like I am some kind of fem fuck toy, a fucking living vibrator. I sometimes feel like fucking hate women for that, they don`t think I fucking can do better than that, that`s why I like to fuck them, make them love my fuck, then fucking abandon th... Continue»
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Buffy A.S. (After Sunnydale)

Buffy A.S. (After Sunnydale)

[This story transpires several days after the final episode of the series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It involves Buffy and Faith on vacation in Mexico attempting to relax after the destruction of the Hellmouth and Sunnydale.]

Buffy stepped out on the balcony after she and Faith returned from dinner and enjoyed the breeze. It was quite warm and the crash of the waves on the beach was very relaxing. Buffy took a deep breath and exhaled slowly wondering if her life still had any purpose since the Hellmouth was destroyed. She felt comfortab... Continue»
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From Soccer Mom to my Pantyhose Slut Part III

It had been a little over a month since our adventure with Bob. He had sent me several emails asking when we could meet up again. Finally I sent him a reply I told him I needed him to do some recruiting for me before we met up again. It took about another month before we had our recruits and plan in place.
I had told Lori I had a special trip planned for her and we packed up all my favorite outfits and plenty pairs of pantyhose. We drove down to a small hotel in the Carolinas. When we were heading out for dinner Lori was dressed in her sheer white blouse with an off white silk teddy that snap... Continue»
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Awesome Foursome

I came out of a bus at bus stop. as I moved
my hand in pocket to
remove mobile phone, I heard a female voice
calling me from behind. I
look back. she was Ekta my school classmate.
let me describe her. she
is fair, she has attractive eyes. serousness in
her lips & she is
beautifull..she has small boobs. I said "ohh!! are you"..
she replied with
smile "fine"... then we started our chit-chat,
while walking on road.
I was so busy in talking with her, that I was
going with her way to
her house. she reminded me that. I feel
embarrased. she said"ok come
to my house now"..I s... Continue»
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bf drove us down to stoke on trent to meet up with his old mate stewart and his wife sandy ,we went for a few drinks at local pub were I got to know stewart and sandy.stewart was 62 sandy was much younger she was 42.after I drink or two stewart said we better make a move .we drove to what seemed like a disused quarry and parked by a hedge .I asked bf if this was everyone who coming he said no stewart had asked some off his dogging contacts to come down.after about 10 minutes a car pulled up along side us with three guys in I was talking with sandy asking if she had done this ... Continue»
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Mexican Ruins

My wife and I had been married about three years, I was 25 and she was 23. We took our first trip to an upscale resort in Mexico. We were still a bit giddy about being with each other and the sex was awesome. Cindi also liked to tease me. When we took a drive she would take off her panties or her top and flash me in the car. She would rub me in the movies and give me great blow jobs while I was on the phone with my parents.
I recriprocated of course.
After we checked in at the resort we headed to the pool. I wasn't completely surprisd by the topless gals, we had suspected this. I was somewha... Continue»
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Her Work Colleague

The last words I said to her as she went out for her works Christmas party were have fun. How little I knew.....
She was all dressed up looking her usual sexy self as she does when we go out together but this time she was going out on her own.
She was wearing a short black dress which had a plunging neckline, giving the perfect view of her cleavage. She looked stunning.
Her taxi arrived and she gave me a kiss and told me she'd not be back too late, and left.
After a few hours of watching the TV and having a few beers decided to check Facebook. As I was looking through my timeline I came ac... Continue»
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What was supposed to be a straight 3some ended up

It started off with my post. I posted an ad on craigslist looking for a couple to play with, because of my size I attracted couples looking to spice up there sex life with a bigger cock easier than I attracted singled females. So a few hours after the post went up I got a email that said, "me and my girl are going to go out for a few beers....we are attractive 40's. wanna meet up in a bar? I'll have a blur button up shirt on...not tucked in. where are you? lets meet.”

I wasn't looking to meet that night and the post said as much. I reminded them that I wasn't free that night but was interes... Continue»
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further tales of the barman

In the two months following the night with the dancers, we made no mention of it in our house. One day when I was back early from uni, Jean was over visiting my mum. I chatted to them for a while and then made my excuses and went back to the kitchen. Later that day mum chatted to me "you do like Jean I saw the way you looked at her".

"Well you know there is a lot to like, but she is married and I am not going to go there". The conversation moved on and I forgot all about it. Next day mum told me that if I really liked Jean, she might have the answer. "We - Jean and me - are part of a... Continue»
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A girl's night out for my Birthday

A girl’s night out for my birthday
I was going to be during my birthday alone, because Victor had flown away for some days. But my loving girlfriend Helena and some others had decided I should have a real nice “girl’s night out” for the occasion…
Helena called me and told that we were going to a well known pub were male strippers danced. She said that every girl of the group wanted to see some huge cocks…
Three of the girls picked me up with a limo and put a blindfold on me once I was inside. It was all fun and playful, and I could tell that all my girlfriends were ready to have fun; maybe ... Continue»
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Hmong Wisconsin freaky Asian

So where do I start. I met this Hmong girl through some Hmong forum back in 2008 or 2009 from wiscansin to which that's how most people met or they went to a club or a big Hmong event. I saw her I thought she was a cute girl. She was a thick girl not fat but good thick to which some people might say she's aight but for me she was pretty enough so I added her and next thing you know we're talking and emailing back and forth to finally just ended up trading numbers. This forum I thought was a big ass joke and she thought it was too to were I was gonna clown on some people but ended up meeting a ... Continue»
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Bar man tales pt 2

I had been working at the golf club for about a year, when I was able to get a job for my younger s****r as a bar waitress at big nights. She had just turned eighteen and this was her first job. Whilst the pay wasn't great, the tips made up for it. My s****r - Emily - had been working just over a month, when we had one of the most anticipated nights of the year. A male dance group - strippers - were coming to play at the club. It sold out in days and was the talk of the area. My mother and her friend Jean were going.

Come the big night I said I would drive everyone in, so they coul... Continue»
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Great Four Way To Stay In Shape

I've been an avid jogger since I was young. Was just always my preferred way to keep body and mind healthy; And it served me well during my years in high school track. I'm not some kind of buff studmuffin or such; But I have tried to stay in decent shape, So the miles that are starting to add up don't show. Just celebrated my 39th birthday in December; And, of course, everyone says it - But I feel a young 39. In fact; I've never felt better since my wife and I recently moved, And I made some very good new friends through my jogging routine.

A little more background on me. The wife and I are... Continue»
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Bar man tales part1

When I was 21 I got a job as a barman in the local golf club. The hours were perfect for me as I was in my last year at university and I could study during the day and work during the night. The bar was busy during the weekend but fairly quiet during the rest of the week with a small number of regulars, which was ok as it allowed me to get in some extra study. As i was working six nights out of seven, it basicallybecame my social life for the next few years. I kept the job on for a while after uni as it helped clear my loans.

Friday through to Sunday would see a mix of functions, pri... Continue»
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Graduation orgy

If you don't want to read the introduction i can leave a big space between the intro and when the good things starts :*

Me and my best mates from high school, Jennifer, Ingrid, Victoria, Anna, Linn, Clara, Sandra, Emma, Hanna and Malin were about to graduate in summer 2001.

Jennifer: 19 year old blonde girl, not the biggest boobs but one of the best asses i have ever seen, she is really pretty aswell and most important, my best friend. body: 8/10 face: 9/10

Ingrid: 19 year old brunette short latino girl, great smile, nice boobs and those wide perfect hips. body 9/10 face: 7/10

Vic... Continue»
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First Threesome Ch. 3

Bisexual male – bisexual husband – hot wife – blow job – oral sex – anal sex

Why don't you call him and see if he can come over this weekend?" Lynn asked in response to my question about when we might see Ben again. I took a long sip on my coffee. I hadn't thought about the prospect of getting together so soon and I wasn't sure I liked the idea. I was well past trying to deny that I'd found the inclusion of Ben in our sex life exhilarating, but I wasn't sure I wanted Lynn's and my sex life to revolve around Ben. On the other hand, I didn't really have any reason to say "no" and the p... Continue»
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College Visit with Not My Niece Pt5

The college visit with not my niece pt 5

So later this afternoon we went out to find something for Ellie to wear. I put in reservations at a fancy 4 star restaurant. I figured it was the least I could do. I also figured it might be my one chance during the weekend to get to know my minx beyond in the realm of sex!!

So there we were shopping at a rather nice mall…..


We were in the department store and looking around, found a couple of things in her size (size 4) and so she went to try them on. When she came out in the first dress and she had not done up the back ... Continue»
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College Visit with Not My Niece Pt6

The college visit with not my niece pt 6

Yes, this Ellie is a fictional girl, and yet, she is based upon a very real girl I know from the internet. In fact, I know damn well she is going to be sopping wet reading this story and knowing how many pricks are dripping and firing!

So read on and let her know what you think!!!


Ellie looked tired, but beautiful as we entered the room filled with white starched table clothes, men and suites and women in fancy gowns. She put them all to shame! We also drew quite a few stares as the maître’ de handed us our menus. She was pro... Continue»
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Sex Clubs

Jack and Sara were married over forty years. They now have twelve grown c***dren. Jack loved to brag about keeping his bride knocked up. He said all he had to do was get a hard-on and she was full of a baby again. Sara always said fucking Jack's thick cock was a pleasure. Since they are alone they have all the time to really satisfy their sex fantasies. They moved to a private sex community where sex was often and fun. They had key swapping and nude sex parties. They also belonged to a swingers club and attended two sex clubs.

At the last sex party a wife was chosen and she was put in the ... Continue»
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College Visit with Not My Niece Pt4

College Visit with not my niece or 4
If you have read this far, you know that Ellie has an insatiable appetite for sex and cum. I had held my own to this point, but once back in the hotel, I opted for the in room Jacuzzi and my bottle of whiskey. She put on some running shorts and a shirt and headed to the workout room while I smiled and let my memories wander over her body….

When she came back she told me…..


I got down to the gym and realized I had not grabbed anything to tie my hair back with so I went to the front desk and asked for one. The guy at the desk was young a... Continue»
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