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blackmailed wife part 9

I need a fresh slave to feed to Naomi,i want to see the Domina sink her nails in a puffy nipple.I like too much Chelsea to get her tits ruined and i am in love with Christine,therefore untouchable,for the time being.I walk towards Paul shop with Andrea,i made her wear a thin,very adherent black dress that highlight the borders of the stay up stockings,she get very embarrassed cos many men whistle at her.I keep at 10 meters to make her look alone and get a full view of the reactions,suddenly two guys approach Andrea and start to bother her way too much,luckily she is close to Paul shop and they... Continue»
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Swing Party

Dan and I were talking outside on a Friday evening. He said that he and Madison belonged to a swing group, and that they were having a party at his house tomorrow evening. He was wondering if Shirley and I would consider coming over. He was sure we would enjoy it, and he had already talked to the group about asking us. I said I would talk to Shirley and would let him know later tonight.

As I've said Shirley and I had talked before about swapping with Dan and Madison, so swinging in a group was not too far from that. We talked about if we could take seeing each other with someone else. I h... Continue»
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Anna Mardi Gras Adventure

Anna - Mardi Gras Adventure

Anna walked briskly down Bourbon St while I followed close behind. Her fat round ass, encased in a tight, short skirt, swayed from side to side as she deftly navigated through the crowd in her 4" heals. A mass of beads, ranging from small to big, was d****d around her neck but they did little to hide her huge, God given breasts.

"Show your tits," a group or d***k boys on a balcony above her serenaded and she stopped abruptly and looked up at them with a defiant smile.

"What ya got for me," she asked in a thick southern drawl. She had grown up in rural Virgi... Continue»
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blackmailed wife part 8

I have hired Christine as a secretary on tuesday 4to6 and friday 4to6,she come still wearing the school clothes,i sit her on my laps and while she tell me about her day i caress her fantastic body without touching her intimate parts,i undo her shirt enough to get an half decent view of the rigid bra and i only fondle the lower thighs.She blush a lot and some time i hear some imperceptible moans,i desire her madly and despite i could milk her like a cow i don't want to f***e her in any way.Today i notes that she got red eyes,so i ask the reason and after trying to minimizes it she start sobbing... Continue»
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When I was 18 part 2

I will start where part 1 stopped ! Well Saturday evening came and my boyfriends parents were gone for the weekend and we had plans to just hang out there. I went over there about 7 pm. We had a few beers and were listening to the stereo when we started making out. This got hot very fast and the next thing I knew my top was off and he was sucking on my breasts. I really love having that done. Then he unbuttoned my pants and slide his hand in my pants. He was rubbing my pussy then put 1 finger in then 2. I was very wet the I had him go down on me He was licking around and don't get me wrong I... Continue»
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In Train In Front Of Impotent Husband

I stood before the mirror and rectify my saree pallu so that my left boob was half visible and my cleavage can be seen with some effort …My boobs was so round stood like two mangoes and the nipples were very hard and stiff and stood as two g****s on top of it.

Any body seeing my boobs would like to horn it as auto driver and if they see my nipples want to suck like baby and I have full tank of milk too for them to get quench their thirst and fill their belly. I
... Continue»
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I Never Watch

Wife is so incredibly sexy you might think she was from another planet. Petite, flat tummy-she works out, huge 32DD natural tits -large nipples. The type of woman that Doctors try to marry. She hosts great dinner parties. I got her on the rebound via FB and our long ago, college dating.
Her only addiction- daily gym workouts and long cycle rides with a team of men. Her simply amazingly toned, petite body, long brunette hair, and large breasts along with the most charming personality you have ever met, makes her one freaky, hot chick. Cute too. Very cute.
It occurred to me that by sharing her... Continue»
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How I Got Introduced To My Office

I was very excited to reach office early morning. It was after hard work of all the school and college that I got this reputed job in hyderabad. I am a student from Delhi.

And I had to convince my parents to send me here.

Alright as it began, just normally I reached my office and was greeted by my senior manager Ankur. I introduced myself to him” Hi I’m Arnika. ”

He gazed me top to bottom. I just smiled at him and went to my cubicle. I was glad reaching this place, as I always ws a career oriented girl.

Soon I was
... Continue»
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Cuckold intervention

It had been a few weeks since we had met Pam and we had kept in touch, well rather Linda had been doing a little more keeping in touch than I had. Even so when it was just Linda and me at home the sex was great and when Pam came over the odd time the two of them put on a great show and always made sure I enjoyed the evening.

It was a Friday evening and I could see Pam's car in the driveway when I arrived home. Linda greeted me and all she was wearing was a tiny tshirt, too short to cover her braless breasts, the curves of her ample breastsnot covered by the tight stretched material, a pair ... Continue»
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The Card Party

It was Saturday afternoon and Dan my neighbor from across the street and I were leaning against my car in the driveway talking. My next door neighbor Todd was having poker game tonight. I had never played cards with any of the guys from around here and Dan was giving me the scoop on the players. The whole time we were talking he had a sly smile on his face, I couldn't guess why, he just smiled and said I would enjoy tonight.

At 8:00 I told Shirley I'd see her later, she gave me a quick kiss and jokingly told me I better not lose all my money, cause she was not going to support me until ... Continue»
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Me,Mike,and Mr. king

Mike and I slid close to each other. I wrapped my fingers around Mikes dick and he did the same to mine. I never touched anyone elses dick before, not to mention a hard one. It felt weird, soft, but hard, the shaft was stiff, but the head was mushie. He felt mine, rubbing his fingers up, and squeezing the head. I shook when he did that, we both giggled. I stroked up and down a few times and held his little ball sack and tugged it generally. "That feels good" he said. I reached over with my other hand and stroked him. He stroked me slow at first but got faster. After a while we both were breath... Continue»
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Annie's new boss

Annie was pleased to find that the man she had recommended for position of accountant for her firm had actually got the job, she had worked with Mark at her previous firm and although he was 20 years younger than her they had always had a good relationship and flirted together and had the odd 'snog' at Christmas time.
As she showered to get ready for work on Mark's first day in charge she thought about him and gently stroked between her legs in the shower her fingers found her clit and she went weak at the knees as she brought on her own climax. She went back in to the bedroom and found that ... Continue»
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A Sexy Lesbian Experience 2

A Sexy Lesbian Experience Part 2

By: James Stryker

"Maya, Riles! Whoa, what the heck? Why are all these clothes on the floor?" A mysterious voice asked.

Riley turns off the shower and stepped out of the shower with Maya to see who was in the apartment. Riley dried herself off with the pink bath towel and wrapped it around her body while Maya wraps the white bath towel around her body. Before she could step out of the bathroom, Maya felt Riley's hand on her arm as she starts to pull her back in the bathroom.

"Maya, don't go out there. A burglar might be in the apartme... Continue»
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A Night Out

This is a short true story about me and my wife Kate. Nothing too crazy but I don't have a whole lot of people to tell my sexual adventures to, so now that I have a site I can share with I thought I would put this one out there for your reading pleasures.

So one night me and Kate were out bar hopping together a few counties away from where we live. This way we can act a little more crazy than we do where we live and not have to see people we know again in public; at least that was the plan.

We started out at a bar where all the local college k**s went on the weekends. My wife sti... Continue»
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Wife invited new female workmate to dinner

We were getting ready for our occasional date night at home. It was something that we both enjoyed allowing us time together in the midst of hectic schedules. Linda ws last to get ready as usual and was wearing a new dress, evening gown style would be my best description. Sexy in that there were big panels of material coverin gher ample breasts, although as it was backless, there was obviously no bra! It was then that the door bell rang and Linda said that will be Pam. I looked at Linda and she said, she is the new woman I talked to you about from work. She always seems to be at a loose end at... Continue»
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A Evening with Dan and Madison

The week was going great, Shirley and the k**s were away at her parent's house, I had the house to myself. It was Saturday morning, I had just finished the yard work and Dan my neighbor from across the street came over with 2 beers in hand.

Dan and I sat out back in the lawn chairs drinking our beers, he asked how were things going with the f****y out of town. I said things were alright, I was getting plenty of down time laying around eating junk food, when I said that, Dan said I needed a real meal and invited me over to eat with Madison and him that evening.

I talked to Shirley l... Continue»
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At the swingers pub!

I'm in the swinger scene since I discovered it. I use to meet couples, to play with some of my fuck buddies and other couples, and to go to swingers clubs.

Something interesting happened 2 weeks ago, when I tried a club I've never been to. I went alone this time, as any of my too few friends involved in this things were available. As I arrived there, I started looking at the people, making eye contact, but specially looking for diferences with other clubs I know well. The structure was the same, functional and what anybody in the scene expects: a bar to just see people around, private rooms... Continue»
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Wifes first time with another man...

I had tried to talk my wife into letting me watch her with another man for months and then

she finally agreed to at least watch vids of cuckolding and then we eventually worked it

into our fantasies and role playing during sex. Went a step farther and signed up on a

swingers site to test the water. This was years ago so we were both in our early 30s and

although she still looks great today she was smoking hot back then. She agreed to let me

post some pics of her and see what happened. After a very good response she agrees to do

more. We had mildly played around chatting... Continue»
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back to Jims

Sitting in bed, I couldn't sl**p. Jim touching me played over and over. I finally fell asl**p. Still needing money I desided to go back and do the jobs he wanted. Finally the day came and I went to Jims house.
" You came. Wasn't sure if youI would" Jim said. "I told you I'd be back" I reminded him. He let me in and walked me back to the den, then when to the kitchen and brought back two beers. He asked me how my week was, and how I was doing. I told him" I have to admit, I wasn't sure if I was coming back, but you pay well and I still need money for a car. "I like you" he said," your a hard ... Continue»
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A Threesome (the story behind the poem).

My girl at the time used to fancy some middle east guys who ran a shop nearby. Our relationship was on the way out. She used to tease me that one day I might come back and the guy she was pointing at in the shop might just be giving her one doggy style on our bed. She would tease me that she bet his cock was bigger than mine and that it would be like my cock f*cking her tiny bum hole compared to his in her pussy. I came home from work one day and she came downstairs looking flushed, I thought he had been at the house. She put a large dildo on the kitchen worktop and said to me "that's just how... Continue»
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