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Sabrina Pays The Price

“Look, I changed my mind. I don’t want to do this. I’m sorry but I just can’t.” The sweet little teen and headed to the door. Suddenly, she was grabbed by her hair and pulled back. “Look here bitch, you’re not going anywhere.” With that, the man grabbed the front of her dress and ripped it from her body. He pulled her over to the bed and tossed her onto it like a ragdoll. He quickly stripped out of his clothes and climbed on top of her. She slammed her fists onto his chest, but he was just too strong for the tiny blonde. She felt her panties being torn away and then her legs were spr... Continue»
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My first bi experience after boot camp

I had just graduated from boot, and was headed to my A School.
But first I took some leave to go back home, and hang out with some friends and my f****y.

My buddy Hoss picked me up from the airport, and since my folks were at work, and weren't expecting me, Hoss took me back to his apartment for a couple drinks.

We get there, and to my surprise his high school sweetheart Annie was there, 3 months pregnant.
Annie was a lil pixie of a girl, long dark hair, tight fit body except the tiny babybump she was growing. Very cute, she reminds most people of Shannon Elizabeth.

She brings so... Continue»
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Never Too Old

I am now seventy years old. I have not had sex in almost five years. That is how long my husband had been sick before he died. Now I am on my own. My granddaughter, who is close to thirty with her own f****y had got one of her friends to come stay with me and help me go through a bunch of my husband's stuff. Her friend had just finished college and needed a few dollars and place to live. Dustin showed up, a good looking black guy very smart and tall about six six or seven and arms like tree trunks. This guy is huge! Any way he got settled in and all is well.
After the first week we got a... Continue»
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haron's Boy's-Going Home

Sharon's Boys- Going Home

It had been Big Jake's idea for Sharon to return to her hometown after 20 years. The annual founders day celebration was nearing and he had planned to send her and the boys. Sharon had only remained in contact with few from her past, but Lucy Bogg's was always held close. It had started weeks ago when Sharon got an email from Lucy. She had told Jake about it and after urging from the boys, plans were set in motion.

The morning started as usual. At 7am, Jake felt the bed move. He didn't open his eyes, he knew it... Continue»
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My wife fucked in the sauna by a stranger

My wife and i visit, on a regular basis, the sauna. I just love it when men and woman have the opportunity to see my sexy wife completely naked. When she takes of her bathrobe to take a shower, a couple of men are trying to be unvisable. Their eyes are staring at her great tits and sexy ass. When she stretches her arms upwards her feet are lifting, as if she was wearing high heels, I’m getting horney…
I'm fantasizing that she would be grabbed and fucked in the sauna. To be ohnest, she’s not that kind of woman that would allow anyone to touch her. My mind's playing tricks on me.

We visite... Continue»
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Aunt Anne and Her Friends Ch. 03

This story is one of the story i came across on net so would like to share with u

This story is not written by me.....................

Over the sound of the radio I heard the back bedroom door open and my aunt's low laughter, followed by Jack's muted voice, then heard the bathroom door close. A moment or two later, I heard the shower begin to run. My stomach gave a little churn... Continue»
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Aunt Anne and Her Friends Ch. 04

Caroline sat on the bed and crossed her leg. Her dress reached to her knees, but the diagonal line of her hem revealed a small amount of pale, inviting, slightly plump thigh. I just stood there, unsure what to expect, nervous, and without the faintest idea what to say or do. I became aware of a sweet smell and noticed the aerosol can of air freshener on a chest of drawers. It was a reminder that my Aunt Anne and Caroline's partner Jack had had sex in this room -- and on this very bed -- less than an hour ago.

Jack sat next to Caroline on the bed and motioned me to sit on the small armchair ... Continue»
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video nights

He’s my husband and I do what he says. Not always, not everything, but usually, you know, most things.

I wouldn’t have a tattoo, never, even though he nearly begged, just a small one, on the inside of my upper thigh. Nobody would see it. But there was absolutely no way. That was pretty much the last time I said no. I even didn’t mind a piercing, in an intimate place. Well as you ask, one in each pussy lip, near the top. Oh and one small ring, through each nipple. It was his special land mark birthday, it was a present for him.... he had been going on about it for a while. So I thought, why ... Continue»
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My Wife's Revenge With My Friends

Wife gets back at husband for flirting by making him watch.

Chapter 1

I met Kat at work two years ago. She was 22, 18 years younger than I, but we had a connection from her first day. I was the owner at a small ad agency, and she enjoyed flirting with, and later dating the boss. She was so pretty and alive, with an amazing body. She didn't dress slutty, but her curves were never hidden in the sundresses she wore all summer or the sweaters she wore in the winter. Things moved fast, she had moved in with me after four months, and I married her 6 months after that.

We were ... Continue»
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The First Time I was Well and Truly Fucked.

My girl-friend and I frequented the home, once a week, of the married bi couple we met on CL.
She was getting plenty of lesbian sex from the wife of the couple as well as being frequently fucked by the husband and myself.
I was enjoying being sucked off by the husband and me sucking him off.
Then on one visit he asked if I would like to fuck him. I immediately agreed. That was amazing, because his wife took hold of my cock and presented it to his ass-hole, which was well lubricated. My girl-friend was on her knees sucking his cock, as he was bent over waiting for my cock. His wife told me ... Continue»
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The Village 9: Deflowered

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Sharon's Boys- The whole gang

Sharon's Boys- The Gang

Sharon sat on the bed as Jared entered the room, she broke into a warm smile as he sat beside her. “You were always the Mastermind, fixing things before they broke, Thanks for saving my boys”, she spoke. She spoke on telling him not to embarrassed by his proposal and that she was very capable and wanting to keep them and serve their every need. She said FosterMom's go the extra mile to be more for their k**s. “Kiss me Jared, you have always wanted to”, Sharon whispered. Jared kissed her thrusting his swirling t... Continue»
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Halloween Fun

A little late, but this story was based around Halloween, Hope you enjoy.

The Start of all the Fun
The night started out like a normal night between friends. We were setting up the haunted house that we had, and of course had stocked the fridge for afterwards. There was 6 of us that were there for this night, and we were all working the fun for the k**s. It was at Kristen and Jack's place, had Michelle, Jeff, Angie and me, Steve there to work different areas and none of us expected it to be anything but fun for the k**s, and some good relaxing fun afterwards, but we never expected what de... Continue»
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A fight with my wife - a true story

We have been married for over 15 years, with some ups and downs. Two weeks ago we had a doozy of a fight. It was so loud the neighbors came out on their porch to see if someone was being killed. But we never physically attack each other.

For the next week I slept on the couch, and the only words we exchanged were the necessaries regarding meals, schedule, etc.

I should probably say that my wife Jill is hot. In her mid-30's, she is blonde, slim with small breasts and has tight muscles from doing yoga.

The next Saturday night we were invited to a neighbor's party, and despite our row we... Continue»
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Invite to Wife's Christmas Party

It had been tough for us with me losing my job and not feeling great that Linda now had to find a second job. She had found one with a shopping centre doing in store promotions. There were two of them who would be working together in the team, she had talked about Toni alot over the past few months, she kept her going with her sense of humour and obsession with sex. I had been bugging Linda about asking if there was a christmas party as I was going crazy with little social contact. So Linda said she would ask but that she wasn't sure what would happen.

Linda had sent me out to run some erra... Continue»
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My First Pussy

It was a huge wedding with people from all over the country there to watch and celebrate. I knew the woman who was getting married but not very well, she was a distant relative. There were members of my f****y there but mostly people I had no idea who they were. The wedding was a big church and the reception followed. It was and evening wedding. The reception was good with a lot of drinking and a live band. I found some dudes my age and we hung out trying to be cool. I ditched my parents. We were all talking about who we would fuck and who was hot, like we even stood a chance. As the night... Continue»
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Ok, first of all, I WILL admit to being cock sucking, cum loving, ball licking, TOTAL bottom but this story is about how I became like I am and still to this day, will bend over for a nice big hard cock! I was in highschool and had never had sex before. I was good looking but I was really shy and honestly, didn't have the balls to ask any girls our for dates and truthfully, found myself more attracted to seeing the football team members while they took showers in the locker room after gym classes every day. I loved seeing their big cocks dangling down and while they showered and I fantasize... Continue»
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Moe Educates the Schoolboys

Moe Educates the Schoolboys

Moe don't take pill, but all school boy **** her without condom
Of course they ejaculate inside
Virgin boy's sperm is very creamy
Moe ****d by schoolboy again and again, then ejaculated inside vagina
Whenever they ejaculate into vagina, Moe cum hard

This is Moe, my fucktoy. If she is very good then I take her to the local boys school where she likes me to use her to... Continue»
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Wife shared with another friend

Now that the door was well and truly open to our 'sharing' fantasy, our evening bedtime pillow talk went into overdrive. We would lay next to each other and start to recount the scene of her being fucked by our neighbour, which over time led to us bringing others into the pillow talk. I would edge her, circling her clit with my finger as I spoke in her ear about how she would be fucked, moving my finger away when she got near. She would arch her back, call me a bastard and would grunt until she calmed down, where I would restart my slow manipulation of her clit again. There would all accumulat... Continue»
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The Village 8: Emotions

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