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Tender Thoughts and Moments with Daddy.

Holidaying on the Mediterranean suited my parents, who were both naturalists. Nudity was never an issue, and I grew up in that relaxed atmosphere, seeing men swing as they walked past me.

Being an only c***d, I was left to my own devices and thoughts, reserved and curious, I self-psychoanalysed, watched with interest and hoarded those days, deep in the recesses of my mind.

I knew where babies came from, but never questioned how they got there, even when I stumbled on my mother in the process with three men in our hotel room one night.

That night saw the end of my blissful c***dhood, a... Continue»
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Watching my friend's wife get dominated

It's been a while since I've posted, so I figured an update was in order. My enjoyable situation continues, but I've found that it's been tougher to just write about it. Most of my Saturdays are very similar to previous posts, so as fun as it is, it makes for a repetitive read.
Last Saturday was a little different though, so I figured it was worth writing about. So as fucked up as this might sound, one of the aspects that I've unexpectedly come to enjoy from this arrangement is watching Anna let herself get treated like an object.

That statement deserves a little backstory, so here goes: S... Continue»
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How I Was Turned Out Too BBC Only Girls

I Guess I should start with the fact that I have always loved IR porn, and grew up in a plenty diverse area. Just so you know I didn't just happen upon this situation or was caught by surprise at all. Well I can't say not at all, but not completely.

I met a girl while I was visiting some f****y, Jen was here name. She was short, with shoulder length hair, full lips and a nice round ass. She was wearing excercise shorts when I met her, which was awsome! So I have this pretty girl being friendly, she's halfway interested, and currently staying at my b*****rs house. Then from down stairs... Continue»
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An amazing first with with friend and her cousin .

Jamie and I had classes together and had become friends and I was hoping it would go further. Well one Friday after class she asked me if I would please come by her house and help her with her car and of course I said yes. What I didn't know at the time was that there was something more than her car she wanted help with.

We got to her place. Jamie still lived with her parents but they were on a curse and would be gone for another week at least. We got there and she invited me in which wasn't unusual as I'd been there a few times before so we could work on class assignments together. She off... Continue»
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A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure Ch. 07

It was a sunny and beautiful Saturday morning when I arrived at the airport with my beautiful girlfriend, Becca.

Normally, it was difficult to find parking near the airport. However, luck was on our side today.

There was an available parking spot that was relatively close to the airport doors.

“We're here,” I told Becca, as I parked the van that I recently rented.

“Thanks again for the ride, dear,” Becca said, as she unbuckled her seatbelt.

“You're quite welcome,” I told her.

Becca was heading to Orlando, Florida for a cheerleader competition. She was planning on recr... Continue»
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If you just met a girl called Maria

As we arrived in the cool shade of the bridge, the opportunity for last a embrace was seized. Head nuzzled into Maria's neck one hand pushing between her shoulders the other exploring her incredibly round bottom. She gripped the cheeks of my bottom pulling me towards her, using her pelvis to grind my hard cock in my jeans.

Just then I saw the stranger approach,

Maria kissed me, and confidently walked across the narrow path to near the end of the wall, resting casually against it, to await the young stranger. Without hesitating they started to embrace.Putting her hand to his hip and tilt... Continue»
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The Apartment!!

I had been given notice to quit my flat and was having trouble finding one to suit. Rents were way to high and the flats were to small. In desperation I appealed on facebook if anyone knew of a flat for rent that was not to expensive. I was amazed to receive a reply from a friend of a friend! I knew him a little but had never had much to do with him. He was leaving his flat and needed to find someone to take it over. He told me that he thought it would suit me. As it was just a message I was not able to ask him what he meant. I applied to the address that he gave me and got an e-mail that eve... Continue»
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Wife sharing

I've always fancied my wife and loved her with all my heart, but after having k**s she had very low body image. As a result our sex life suffered and declined to almost nothing. This changed about a year ago when she ended up d***kenly sl**ping with one of her old friends we had been out for drinks with. He was staying with us and I knew she fancied him, we had been out and got quite d***k. When we got home Beth went to bed, she always gets Horny when she drinks and really dirty as she loses her inhibitions. Andy and I stayed downstairs for one more drink, I'd noticed he'd been eyeing her up a... Continue»
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Hubby was away on business again and we were having some new kitchen appliances fitted. The day arrived and I received a phone call to say they’d be here within the hour, I phoned my husband and we had phone sex as I was dying for it, I told him the items were on their way and he said “good”. I got dressed after we’d had phone sex but it wasn’t enough.

As I was sat downstairs in a skirt and top still feeling fruity my mind wandered to when he’d return in a couple of days’ time, my hand slid up my thigh as I felt my breast, moving my hand upwards it was soon touching... Continue»
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Girls At The Beach Threesome

It started early Sunday morning on Memorial Day weekend when I got up to get a glass of water from the kitchen. We were renting a beach house in the Outer Banks and I was really thirsty from the veggie pizza we had for dinner. I slipped out of bed and headed to the kitchen. I heard the living room TV on and assumed the two girls had come back late from their meet up with the boys they earlier teased at the beach, watched some TV and had left it on. I caught a glimpse of the TV from the space between the kitchen and living room and it looked like a Skinamax late night soft porn was playing.

... Continue»
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Naughty d***ken Claire Part 1

I’d been on a night out with the girls and was a bit worse for wear due to too much alcohol. When I got home I stumbled through the front door and into the hall when I heard voices in the lounge, I thought oh no who is here and tried to straighten myself out before opening the door to the lounge.

I walk in as best I can hiding the fact that I’m really d***k, and hubby and his mate Steve were there watching match of the day, I said hi and hubby asks if I’ve had a good night, after a bit of general chatter with hubby and Steve I excused myself as I was desperate for a wee. As I’m sat on the l... Continue»
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Second Zumba session ...

Written by PM on 02-05-2015

Hello !
Sorry for delay ... I've a real life too ... lol

So, Tuesday, 19h, guys come in (one already fucked, and another I've already see : very nice guy ). I'm not ready for my session. Take them beer, and massage book (they are here for that lol ! ).
I go to my room, don't close the door, and change to my black swimsuit (with full back coverage : speedo hydrasuit). They can't see me when I change.Put baskets on, remake ponytail, and go with them. They help me to close the back zip of the swimsuit.
I run my session. Start with warmup stretching, th... Continue»
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Free Greek Nude Camping pt2 (eng)

The rest of the day rolled away calmly without any spicy indications.
At night we lit a fire on the beach and began drinking, listen music and light conversations.
Alexandra and Cleo were ‘playing’ with their dudes. The chubby lady was with a tight-lipped foreigner, while the brunette had become somewhat more effusive but nothing more.
When only the sea remained to drink, everybody headed to our tents.
Falling to sl**p while my mind could not leave what had happened a couple of hours ago.
My dick had appetites but I tried to fall asl**p because in a few hours the sun would come out a... Continue»
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Fun with co-workers, waitress, and a police woman

I pulled up to the house to get the company van. I smiled as I seen her car was in the driveway. Her is Valerie or Val for short. She works at one of the other houses for the company I work for. I manage another house. She has been a good friend and I always cherish the chance to get to see and talk to her. Val got out of her car to say hi and for to let her in the house.

Val is 5'10" tall and 125lbs and is 23 yrs. old. She has perky B cups breast and a tight little ass and slender sexy legs. She had a white t-shirt on and I could see her pink and white bra threw it. I unlocked the door and... Continue»
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Guy makes love to his teacher years after graduati

I was in town for a comic book convention. I was promoting a new title created by me. I was sketching and signing autographs.

Then I heard a familiar voice. I looked up and saw a woman I haven't seen in years. Her name was Pamela and she was my high school gym teacher. I had a serious crush on her. I used to daydream about her.

"I'm your biggest fan Tony." she said.

I didn't think she liked comic books. Boy was I wrong. She invited me to dinner at her place.

"Be there at eight." she said giving me her address. She still had a hot body and I couldn't believe that she asked me to d... Continue»
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MILFs and their daughters go shopping

Dan Brigner arched his head back, his knees suddenly weak, both hands clutching the platinum blonde head that was bobbing back and forth at his waist, his hard cock surrounded by an incredible warm wetness, a deep moan rising to his ears.

Although he'd received numerous blow jobs in his young life, the high school senior couldn't believe anyone could suck cock this well. Adding to this sense of the surreal was the fact that he was in a hotel room with his girlfriend's sexy mother, both of them completely naked.

Randi Boehmon pulled her lips away from his thick shaft with a loud pop and t... Continue»
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Two Teen Nymphos From the Ice Cream Stand Pt3

Two Teen Nymphos From the Ice Cream Stand Pt3

The saga continues. As Teen Patti, with the dark hair, nice rack and womanly body cleans up the mess we had just made, the more petite blonde minx, Ellen leads me out beside the pool…. Oh, did I mention, I am 50+ and she is just 18. I am still mostly clothed but she does not have a string on as we walk out into a gorgeous sunny afternoon…..


“Okay, it isn’t right for you to be the only one wearing clothes. Don’t be shy, re... Continue»
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Two Teen Nymphos At The Ice Cream Stand #2

Two Teen Nymphos from the Ice Cream stand #2

It started the night before with a trip to a dairy bar in town. What happened there was unexpected enough, but what were the odds of it getting better the next day? Damn good when it comes out of my perverted mind! Read the continuing saga of the two Nymphos from the Ice Cream stand!!!


I walked out of the grocery and felt the summer heat hit me. It was really the first good hot Saturday and I was wishing I had added a water feature to my backyard landscaping I was just putting the beer behind the driver’s seat in my jeep when I ... Continue»
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The house keeper gets used

It was May and the weather had been most suitable for travelling. Lady Winton has taken herself off to Yorkshire, visiting her poorly s****r, Lord Winton in London on business. This had left the young 17 year old master in charge of the estate.
The young mans growing lust had been noticed over 2 years ago by the house keeper Elizabeth Webb, Miss Webb to everyone. She herself had caught him masturbating in his rooms, and the maids had complained about the state of his sheets in the mornings. The last time she had walked in on him he hadn't even stopped or tried to cover up. He... Continue»
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Adventures in Oz

Contrary to popular belief, Dorothy Gale was an incorrigible girl. To Auntie Em, and her other relatives, she was as innocent and pure as a Kansas sunrise. But what her Aunt did not know, is that Dorothy had become so curious and mischievous in her teens, she had become a naughty girl indeed.

Growing up on a farm in the middle of the Great Plains is no easy task for anyone. The nearest neighbor was three miles away, and the nearest town was a good thirty. But to an attractive twenty year old young woman, the isolation could be as difficult as surviving a harsh winter inside a log cabin. Th... Continue»
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