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My cum can heal sickness.

Story about a male nurse who discovers his cum has magical healing powers.

The cold was overwhelming. I couldn't feel my fingers or my toes. My breath was visible as I lay on the ground in the snow. All I could hear was the gasps of my own breath and a light breeze wisking through the trees. I was in the middle of nowhere with nobody around for miles. It was minus 10F.

It all started as a vacation. I had decided a long time ago for this time. It was to take three weeks off from my real no-where nursing job. I was one of only a few male nurses. I liked the job but I ... Continue»
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Old Perv Enjoys Sex with Teens and Matures 1

I am divorced retired multi sexual guy
When I retired I bought a block of four apartments near the city University
I refurbished them and fitted them with latest technology WFI etc
As I love watching people fucking I installed secret cameras in all rooms in every flat
My own apartment had a large monitor where I could watch and record all activity
I planned to rent the first apartment to two young sex girls the second apartment to two cross dressers/ shemale and the third apartment to active single/divorced mature women
It would mean I could have three of my main sexual loves under my ro... Continue»
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My Swimming Hole Adventure

I met a 40ish couple at a nude swimming hole last Saturday. There were quite a few hot cocks around that day and I had some fun with them up in the forest that surrounded the water.After getting my ass fucked twice I went down to the water for a nice swim and to nude sun bath. As I relaxed this couple approached me, said hi and laid out a blanket sitting next to me. They had a cooler with them, popped a couple of beers, and stripped naked exposing two beautiful bodies.She looked about 5'7" with very little fat on her, I'd say 130lbs max. Nice big breasts, completely waxed or shaved pussy and l... Continue»
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My Shared Wife

Kacie and I have been married for over 10 years now, and our sex life is fantastic. We are open to being a little adventurous, we have roll played but never brought anyone else into our bed. Just six months ago I finally got her to watch some porn, and lately while watching I have been asking her what she’d done with other men she had before me. Kacie was far from what I would call loose, but with twelve prior partners when she was a teenager, I have to admit that I really have enjoyed hearing how she satisfied these other guys!

One time while I was licking my wife’s pussy, she asked if m... Continue»
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Her Turn

**Reading "All-You-Can-Eat Buffet" is a good idea, but not a necessity.**

I double-checked all my calculations. She had her period three days before she left a week ago. She should have been off of it for five days, and not back on it for about two and a half weeks. I had a morning-after pill, and even a morning-after-that pill, just in case. She was almost always good with taking her birth-control pill, as we mutually decided we weren't ready to reproduce yet, but, I wasn't taking any chances, considering the nature of the undertaking.

She had driven to the conference in a neighboring s... Continue»
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Slutswing fling!

The slut will accompany me to a local swing club! Dresses in a sheer low cut top, mini skirt with a white thong & killer stiletto heels. Once inside she adoyns her collar & leash! Inside the slut strips to only her thong & heels! She puts on the collar tightly & hands the leash to me. The first room has a few couples in various sex acts with couples watching & women stroking or sucking the cocks that accompanied them. A voyeur at heart with strong exhibitionist tràits, I have ghe slut grab her ankles. I remove her leash & double it up! I rub her cheeks while probing her ass. My how qui... Continue»
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Me and Step Daddy 's little Secret (fantasy)

My step Daddie was a horny ass young dude! ! After he and my mom split up we became more like drinking buddies than father/son.
When I was 18, I went to visit for the weekend. We had a few beers and he gets a call. Turns out it was his neighbor’s girlfriend he had been banging for some time. The old man started telling this chick what he would do to her if she would come over. I know this sounds crazy, but I was getting kind of horny just listening to their phone sex.
She told him her boyfriend was out of town and was not expecting to be back until early the next morning. He mentioned that... Continue»
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Mom, Son and Aunt Love Slaves 2

My mom pleaded with the guy not to make them undress promising him she would could get him a lot of money. She just wanted them to leave her f****y alone. I even spoke up trying to be Mr. tough guy as I got in his face. He punched me in the gut so fast and hard taking my breath away. Erin didn't say anything. My mom pleaded with them not to hurt me. The tall well built man pulled a knife from his the sheath on his belt. He had the other guy grab and hold me as he put the knife down by my crotch. He told my mom and aunt to get undressed right away or he would cut my big cock off.

We all had ... Continue»
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What happens in Vegas (not mine but too hot not to

My wife is an incredible cocksucker. She really loves doing it, and before we were married she did it for a lot of guys. I remember getting her to blow me on the second date, and I knew then I had met the woman of my dreams. She had big tits and loved to suck cock. What could be better.
We’ve been married for about fifteen years, and occasionally we watch a porn vid and she sucks me off. She admires the cock size on the guys, and thinks the women are pretty hot. Which brings me to the point of this story. We were in Vegas, visiting relatives and had been staying at one of the cheaper hotels... Continue»
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Share the love

Share the love

It had been a long day, Stan had come up from Devon and we had all enjoyed a day doing the tourist bit around Windsor and finishing off with a barbeque in the remains of the evening sunshine. I was my usual naked self and even convinced Stan to do likewise though Steph still remained dressed though ony in her underwear (which wasn’t hiding a lot).

The wine had flowed quite well though no one was more than merry and the conversation ranged from world politics to the usul sexual inuendoes that I do love so much. By 10 o’clock we had cleared up and continued our chat in the l... Continue»
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My own first threesome

It all began a late afternoon at my place. Me and my girlfriend had invited one of our girl-friends to share our evening and sl**p at home. After supper we began playing cards while talking and drinking beer, one thing bringing the other the subject re-directed toward porntalk. Our friend, wich i'll call "M", began explaining to us how her ex was such a bad fucker, that he never was able to make her come, and that all he cared about was his own selfish pleasures.

My girlfriend, wich i'll call "A", told her that she did not have that problem with me, and added that every time we had sex, she... Continue»
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The chubby shopper

I was sat outside the supermarket having a cigarette whilst waiting for my wife to finish doing some shopping when this mature lady came and sat next to me. As we chatted away she said she was 38, unhappily married with two c***dren. She was about 5'3", with a chubby midrift, what I would call chubby mature my favourite catagory on xhamster.

As she smoked and we got talking Donna appeared, she sat with us and soon the three of us were getting on like old friends. As time went on Donna said to Pippa "Do you fancy coming up to our house", Pippa replied "I'd love to, I don't have many friends"... Continue»
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My Wife Used as a Slut

My wife is an attractive, mature, busty blonde. She's size 12 and 5'6" tall. She wears stockings and suspenders, short skirts and high heels when she is feeling horny and has the kind of slutty look which most men seem to find attractive. We were both feeling horny one evening recently so I told her to dress to please and we went to a local pub to see if she could pull.

We sat in an alcove by ourselves and were looking out onto an area of the bar. Nothing much happened for a while but then 3 men came and stood by the bar and carried on drinking there after their beer was served to them. My ... Continue»
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There's and old saying that goes, when your ducking and dodging the lemons life is throwing at you... sometimes you need to reach out and catch a few to make some lemonade with! That's just what my husband Tom and I recently had to do when we had a very bad experience with another couple, but we got lucky and were able to turn it around and make something extremely good from it!

By the way, this adventure like all of my adventures I write about are ALL TRUE!

I had been talking with the couple online for some time about swapping partners. It turned out we had a lot in common, li... Continue»
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How We Got Started - Part 2

Simon had followed Lisa and I in his own car and now the three of us were inside our house. I was still nervous as we all went into the bedroom. Lisa said she wanted to get comfortable and positioned a chair so she could see the whole room. She also began to loosen her clothes and I could see her smooth legs as she sat in the chair. Lisa had always been a sexy woman and she had never failed to excite me. Seeing her legs stretch out in front of her and her fingers loosening the blouse that she was wearing immediately got me hard. Then Simon stepped into my view and he was unbuttoning his shirt.... Continue»
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best party ever! my wife says

I was talking to a colleague at work one day. He was telling me about a party that he was looking forward to, because these parties usually get a bit bawdy. The parties were held by friends of his, called John and Jane. He told me that Jane has fantastic tits, and would often get them out during the party. Once, when she found out that it was his birthday, she did a strip tease and lap dance for him. I told him that I would love to go to a party like that. He said that he would get me an invite.

I hardly knew Charles, and the party was not even at his house, so it was unlikely that I ... Continue»
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Enjoyment with two friends neetu and soni

At present Soni is married & has a beautiful daughter like her. We had sex after her marriage also, but the frequency has reduced. Anyway this time I will tell you my sex experience which took place because of Soni. She dint help me by purpose. But her act ended in helping me eventually. Soni still now have no idea about this. Because I feel that such relations are better when they are kept a secret.

This is about having sex with a friend Neetu who had introduced me & Soni at her party. Many of our friends knew that I & Soni h
... Continue»
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Pet for this evenings entertainment

My Hubby and I have been part of a very discreet BDSM swingers group now for quite some time. We often have meetings or get together at our place as it is quite discreet and private with little chance of being interrupted by un-expectant guests. Our club or group consists of approximately 10 couples and a few single men and women. There are very strict rules regarding the club with respect to health checks and discretion. To be members of the club legal contracts are drawn up as well as a large bond is paid by each person to help ensure that the rules are not broken. Health and discretion are ... Continue»
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I won

The story part is part one. The sex part is part two. (Check out the story "The Threesome" under her profile for her version of the experience.)

Part one

I had been conversing with Ladyofdarkness for a while when she put up her post “Interview for Paradise”.

If you don't look at the link then I'll tell you that it was a call for a guy to join her and her girlfriend for a night of...well... paradise. Of course I wanted to be the one. I figured that the only chance that I had was to c... Continue»
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2 Cock Loving Mature Grannies

I had met my best friends granny at a partiy at his house.(See 'My Best Frienda Granny').Having enjoyed some fantastic sex we arranged to meet up again.She asked me to come round one saturday and told me to let myself in through the garden door.As i went in i heard her call out for me to come upstairs.When i got upstairs i found her lying in bed.I also got a surprise,as in bed with her was another woman.This turned out to be one of her friends.She was also in her sixties and as i was to discover looked younger.She had large breasts that were stil firm and had a nice firm ass as well.We were in... Continue»
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