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DONNA - Pregnant threesome


I was about eight months pregnant and as I got further on I became hornier than ever. Hubby had gone away on business, he had to tie up some loose ends as he would be soon taking some time off for when I had the baby. This particular day he’d been gone two days and I was simply gagging for it. I’d been in the shower and was lying on the bed pleasuring myself but it wasn’t enough.

Using my toys I’d brought myself off twice in quick succession but I really needed fucking. Like when you’ve broken your leg and the plaster is on and all you need is a good scratch but you... Continue»
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Sophia’s Amateur Modelling Adventure

t was a lovely spring morning and I was feeling really good, after 3 months intensive yoga that had toned my body back into a sexy little hottie (even if a I say so myself) and now only one year after having my lovely baby girl Holly I am now back to looking great.
My regular shopping trip took me to the butchers and I loved to chat with the gang in the shop. The four lads were fun and I must admit very fit (if a little bit dirty from the humping of raw meat). This time a gorgeous blond girl held the door open for me as I went in and she had really created an impression, I could feel the e... Continue»
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Sex on a Bus

Being a voyeur can bring me as much pleasure as being a direct participant. I have watched my wife fucking multiple partners at home, in a car, and have watched as she sucked cock in adult theaters and kneeling behind a bush where she might get caught. When younger I would be a "peeking tom" while watching neighbors as they fucked, and once I hid in a closet with a buddy and we watched his wife service a big black cock of a stranger she met in a bar.

But one of the most erotic times watching others was when my wife and I were in Belize riding in a very crowded bus. Anna and I were sitti... Continue»
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My Horrible Dogging Experience, in Edinburgh.

Do I think sex in the beginning was better then, than the sex I do now in my late twenties?

Now I am talking about from a female perspective, a receiver, rather than a giver. I always think of a man's cock as a giver, therefore the aggressor, and a woman, should always be the receiver, and she should never say 'No'.

Now before you think that last statement outrageous, just ask yourself this, have you ever walked up to a beautiful woman and said, 'I want to fuck you'?

I bet none of you have, so when I say women should always say 'Yes', to a request, the chances of it happening, are ver... Continue»
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First time swinging

My exwife was interested in having sex with other women and men. On our first date she told me how she wanted to be in a orgy. So I should of known we would be having lots of different sex escapades after we got married. It was not until a few years into the marriage that we tried to swing.
First couple was not going to happen. We decided to try to just meet with a man or woman. Well things ended up with a man.
We are close to a military base and the first guy was from the base. We chatted online and he came over that weekend. My exwife had huge tits and she worked out a lot. The guy was a l... Continue»
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on my 19th bday i was tookn out to the strip club now my bday is christmas eve but celeabrate it one boxing day bars are closed on boxing day here but got lucky with finding this strip club open they were haven a vip party that night i just said it was my 19th n was lucky to be lett in with my entourage now after a few drinks n tossing money at some sexy strippers n seeing some fine asses n pussies i took a break to walk ard the club checking out the fine females came across a table of 6 smoking hot females they smiled and said hey the birthday boy and asked me to sitt nand have a few shots wi... Continue»
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Milwaukee Cuckold and a friend

Milwaukee Cuckold and a f****y Friend

Judy and I have had a cuckold relationship for over 20 years. One of her s****rs and her best friend knew but none of our other personal acquaintances knew what sort of life we really led.

She threatened to tell friends and f****y members all of the time but never did. I came home from work one Friday and I see the dinner table set for 3 people. Judy walked in the room then and she was wearing one of her really short skirts and her top was done for maximum effect and she is wearing her 5 inch heels.

I smiled at her and said, “is someone coming for... Continue»
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masquerade party



Carry was driving along when suddenly her car spluttered to a stop. “No, no, no!” she shouted banging the steering wheel. “you stupid piece of crap!” it was absolutely horrific weather outside but thankfully there was a big house just opposite to where she broke down. She hoped they’d lend her a phone as she left hers at her s****r’s ... Continue»
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GF's f****y Midwinter Lodge Retreat #5

I had just finished rubbing lotion onto Tina’s back for her when a bell rang. She turned and looked at me. “What’s that?” I asked.

“There are only three hours this whole weekend where everyone has to participate together. Dad started this three years ago and to be honest everyone thought it was a bad idea, but he was right. From now until lunch we have game time. Just keep an open mind and have fun!” She gave me a kiss and took me by the hand and we joined the rest of the f****y in the main room. No one had on a stitch of clothing!

The games began with us dividing into teams and th... Continue»
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GF's f****y Midwinter Lodge Retreat #4

As Tina pulled back the curtain on the shower my heart was pounding. Only minutes earlier I had seen her Dad and other male relatives acting out a Turkish bath house scene in that very shower. Mentally the images were seared into my mind!! But the sounds coming from behind the curtain now were much more feminine.

Tina turned and grabbed my cock and kissed me savagely! I could feel my cock swelling and I thought again about just possibly mounting her instead of interrupting her Mom and oldest s****r, Amber. But Tina turned and opened the shower curtain. “Mind if we join?” The two wome... Continue»
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NaughtyGirl Round Four

My favorite NaughtyGirl told me she has a fantasy about being fucked by a group of older (preferably married) men who are all friends. Now I am not married anymore but I do have several married friends who would definitely be down with fulfilling this hot little cumslut's fantasy. I arranged for a few of my friends to come over Saturday night to watch the playoff games. I debated on telling them what I had for halftime entertainment. Should I just surprise them or should I let them know so they have time to edge this week thinking about it?? I decided to tell them... the anticipation would get... Continue»
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Alicia's confession

Recently I met a very captivatingly beautiful woman at a singles event at a downtown cocktail bar. From the moment we made eye contact, we clicked. She imediately sucked me in with her easyness. Easy to talk to, fun to flirt with, lovely to look at. Luckily for me, she seemed to enjoy my company as much as i hers. Being that it was her first time at one of these local events, every guy in the room was circling her like sharks. The friend who had brought her there slipped out with a guy she had been seeing and left her with a few of his male friends that he had brought to try and hooke her up w... Continue»
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Sally and Jenny foursome

It’s a feeling most men will probably never experience, the moment when your cock brushes against another cock, as a sexy young girl tries to wrap her mouth around the two of you, as she attempts her first double blow job. Sally’s mouth was stretched wide, as her tongue flicked over the purple head of my cock, her left hand stroking my hard flesh up and down, her saliva lubricating me. Her head bobbed from my cock to Mike’s, a young black man, who she had been dating for several months. Her right hand masturbating him, his fully erect cock was a little longer than mine, but not quite as thick.... Continue»
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Million Dollar Investors wife........

It was a cold Tuesday afternoon grey clouds covered the sky like a cotton blanket.
It was winter just before tax season I had been on the investor hunt for years for my company and finally I had meet Max while tattooing On Miami Beach. We partied and got fucked up after he got a tattoo at the Tattoo shop I worked at Ru Tattoos. Russian ink studio. Max was from aboard we will say... Kool accent and laid backed. Nice 6'2 built 30 dirty blond with the Build of a Viking. I sat and watch women just bounce of him like bullets as we shot pool together. You must be married too. I told him..he laughe... Continue»
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Friend fucked my newly married wife

This story related to my wife named rittu and we got married in 2005 and she was only 21 years when she got married and was slim and sexy with fig of 32 24 34 and height 5.5 with long hair and was fair in colour whil e I was 28 and had fucked many prostitutes before marrying rittu and after we got married I took rittu to a 5 star hotel to celebrate our honeymoon and rittu was wearing a traditional saaree with her marrige chura in her hands and then we went to the room and it was 9 pm and I told rittu to dress herself in some sexy dress and we will go to the discotec to have some drinks to rel... Continue»
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take at the mall

I was out shopping with my mom and this guy kept following us; overtime my mom was not looking he would grab his cock which was getting hard and bigger. I had no idea how he was not getting noticed by the other shoppers. I told my mom we need to split up so I can shop for my own clothes and would meet up at the food court in a hour. I found a baby changing room and did not lock the door and waited; he came in a locked the door; I was so hot and horny I thought my little cock was gonna explode in my panties. He grabbed my neck and ripped my yellow t shirt; “oh fuck” I thought what am I gonna do... Continue»
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My biggest fantasy, sharing my sub gf at the nude

Beach fantasy part 2,
*Now I know that this story isn't a true story like all my others and is just a fantasy but everything that I say about Jess is true, she is the longest and by far most open and obedient sub I have had (so far). Once she got her first taste of submission with me three years ago she was hooked and was so eager to explore more pushing her limits only to realized the more she tried the more she love. So very luckily for me became the perfect sub.

After an amazing start to the day seeing my biggest fantasy happen right before my eye's my well used and happy sub and I tak... Continue»
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Drunnk Lesbians Experience Their First Time Togeth

Drunnk Lesbians Experience Their First Time Together

The strobe light flashing, lights off, me and my two drunnk friends were dancing in my bedroom. The girls were topless and Sierra was unhooking my bra while leaning over to kiss Kara as she whispered, "I'm so horny."

I just didn’t care who I fucked, just as long as I was fucking somebody…





I found myself laying on the bed, Kara was completely naked now and Sierra pushed herself on top of me, winding her tongue with mine and our lips pressed so hard together. Kara mumbled, "Hey, a l... Continue»
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Gloryhole Girl

Zoe wasn't so sure, but Joe had been such a nice guy, never rushing her, and his kissing, licking and fondling had made her almost dizzy with desire. Her blouse was off, bra open, panties kicked off, and she was eager to please him. His thoughtfulness overcame her reluctance, and with Joe's grunts of encouragement, she gave Joe her virgin mouth, the very first blowjob she'd ever done, after 19 years, her mouth had finally taken in a cock to suck on.

He had found her crying on campus one day and he asked her "hey Zoe what's wrong, everything ok," he asked her if she wanted to go get a coffe... Continue»
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Like a rocket man

Al and Dawny had been friends for some time now. They met on harmless flirty social media site and had hit it off from the outset. They often confided in each other about events in their lives and future plans. Dawny often thought about Al and would wonder if he was o.k since they lived in separate parts of the U.K.
After some careful thinking Dawny thought it was time for them to meet up and hang out for the weekend. She mentioned it to Al who seemed keen and they both agreed to meet half way in Southsea, let off some steam and maybe hit a speed dating venue on the first evening.
Dawny arri... Continue»
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