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fun with friends (second night)

Fun with Friends (second night)
That morning we'll got eat breakfast, talk about we would do tonight. I say "i need to go to town get somethings for dinner tonight, because I want cook for everybody." Clint says "that is nice." so did Mary and Dawn. I say "does anybody want to go with me to town?" Dawn say "i will." I look at Mary, she said " I will stay here with Clint." Clint says " since Mary is staying here with me, I think we will go to place about mile the road and go swimming." I say "ok". Me and Dawn get our stuff together, head to the car,as I get there,let Dawn in I say "I be right... Continue»
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Private Dancer

I just got done remodeling my basement. I already had a full bar. Some nice video games. A big pool table. A huge flat screen and some leather couches on one side. I put in some new carpeting. Made the small bathroom much larger. Add a huge bathtub and glass shower to make it nicer. I even built a better entrance from the back yard. I put in a poker table and some nice chairs and bar stools for the room

I had seen a movie last week. That made me think I needed to add something more to my man cave. That what I call my basement. The man cave. I needed to add a stripper pole. I had a very ... Continue»
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Ghetto Sissy Bitch Part 1

-The Guys

4 ghetto guys was inside a porn site looking at random sissy babe pictures when they accidently found a picture of someone they know. Like every album they clicked it that specific one with a tranny dressed so girly with mouth open. The guys had such a stone hard erection by watching all the pictures, they even said "I Would bang that sissy pussy 4 sure!" and everybody agreed. It was that guy from elementary school named L****. They started to chat with him, pretending to be the perfect guy to take care of his sissy needs. After 2weeks they made this sissy want to meet eachother, ... Continue»
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Orgy At The Brolins

The Brolins were known as the Eccentric Millionaires of Westchester County. They were just a young couple, for being so rich. Bruce had inherited his money from his grandfather Mitchell, an investment broker and his wife Nancy was connected to the Spinks f****y who had mining interests all over the world.

They were quite well known for playing hoaxes, throwing incredible parties and generally making a nuisance of themselves. It was rare to open the local paper without seeing them mentioned and it was rarely in a good light.

James Winfield knew them because they frequently came into the d... Continue»
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"Mom Flashes Puppies at WWF Event"

I had to break it to the guys at lunch. My dad was supposed to
drive us to the WWF wrestling show next week, but now he has to
be out of town, so my mom is going to drive us. At least my dad
watches wrestling with me a little bit, and is more of a regular
guy, but Mom is pretty conservative, and might put a damper on
things sitting with us in the stadium.

This was supposed to be really good. Five of us boys going to
the WWF live, followed by a sl**p-over at my house, and no school
the next day because of a teacher's institute day. It was me,
Glen and Kyle, two of my long-time f... Continue»
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Part 6 Karen’s Night Out

Chapter 6, Karen’s Night Out

Darrell stood there and admired Karen’s beauty and just thought how lucky he was to be able to have made her his personal sex toy. He had plans to really put her through her paces tonight. He hoped that she would be totally humiliated by the end of the night. He wanted to drive any bit of self esteem she might have out of her. While looking at her he decided to use something other than a dildo in her ass. He went and got the remotely controlled Ben Wa balls. He ordered Karen, “Bend over the couch and lift your skirt.”

Karen was too afraid of bei... Continue»
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Wife's Initiation To Biker Club Pt.1

Well, a month ago I couldn’t believe it when I caught my suburban housewife Debbie getting ass fucked by Butch her biker boyfriend in our basement. A week later I made a discreet visit to our local biker bar and found her sucking Butch’s cock in a dark back corner of the room. I had already found a trunk in our basement with a bunch of “biker chick” clothing and a denim vest with the words “Butch’s Old Lady” on the back. On it was a big patch with “Hell’s Lovers Wisconsin” written on it, on the front pocket were three small wing patches: one brown, one blue and one grey. The blue wings meant a... Continue»
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Watching My Wife'sBiker Initiation Pt. 2

I was dumbfounded watching a film of my suburban wife’s initiation into a biker club. I put in the second Disc and the camera panned back to the RV where my wife was fucking her brains out and giving blow jobs. My wife went in with her boyfriend Butch and another guy. I remembered she still had two more guys to fuck that night. This second guy was Kevin he commented to my wife about the cool lesbian dance she had done earlier. Kevin said Butch asked him to help you earn your “brown” wings. She crudely replied “well stupid, you can start by fucking me in the ass dipshit” that’s why Butch in... Continue»
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First Time With a Lesbian Biker

If you have been following my experiences you know that three months ago I was a regular very bored housewife in a far suburb of Chicago. My husband is a salesman who always traveled for work. Since then, I’ve learned he was the worst fuck I’ve ever had. I had plenty of “free time” on my hands and that’s when I stumbled into a local biker bar one day and met Butch. My life would never be the same. I will do anything for him, fuck him, suck his cock, swallow his cum; he can even fuck me in the ass on occasion. I have become a first class slut, I’ll even suck his cock in public and given head t... Continue»
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Age is just a number.

I was sitting on the two seater sofa with a naked young Cindy on my lap stroking my rigid cock, I was watching Anne wearing nothing but suspender belt and stockings and a pair of six inch high heels dancing with Cindy's husband Stuart, who was wearing nothing other than a grin.
We had met the two of them through adult friend finder at our first attempt at Internet matchmaking, we had to admit at being surprised at their interest as they were just 19 and 20 and had been married for a whole of six months and we were pushing 50. At first we thought they weren't genuine not helped by phoning half... Continue»
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The Long Road To My First BBC part five

As I drove to my motel I felt so relaxed, no guilt. Just a feeling of contentment. I realized that my ass had finally relaxed too. I no longer felt the urge to push the huge plug from my boipussy. In fact, I was starting to feel sexual excitement build up deep inside me. I started to rock in the car seat and it seemed to make the plug stroke inside my pussy. I later came to realize that the invader was massaging my prostrate and causing these new found feelings. All I knew for now was that it felt amazing and a massive orgasm was beginning to build up deep inside me. This one was different fr... Continue»
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The Swingers Club Night - FFM Plus Part 1

by Timmac & 69milf

69 and I had been to this club on a few occasions but were still new to the swinging scene and clubs of this nature, so we were nervous but excited. The night had been billed as a casino night. So we dressed accordingly; I myself in full tuxedo and 69 in her high heels, full length double side split super-low cut evening dress and only sheer black hold-ups underneath, knowing her curvaceous nakedness under her revealing dress made her an irresistible creature.

We arrived late in the evening and made our entrance. This is the hardest part of the night because we knew we... Continue»
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Living in cockington part 8

Just after dinner I stood in the kitchen washing up and I started to remember early in the day fucking those hot twin girls and their mother and I soon began to feel a twitch in my trousers again.
Then as I stood there I remembered what Bridget, my neighbours blonde twenty something housekeeper had said about working late and would I like to fuck her ass.
Out of curiosity I finished the washing and then wandered out into the garden and casually wandered over to the garden fence.
I could already here some voices and other noises and then peering over I saw Bridget naked, on her knees being f... Continue»
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The Swingers Club Night - FFM Plus Part 2

Rachael began to stand at my last withdrawal and she climbed on the bed beside 69. She looked over at Rose and exclaimed "Fucking amazing or what?"

I moved forward and knelt onto the bed between 69's open legs. Her thighs coated in juices and saliva as I pushed closer and laid my hot cock against her pussy lips. Rachael leaned in and sucked on 69's breast as I entered 69 for the first time. I pushed in hard and fast, slapping hard against her pussy as I know 69 likes. I pumped harder and harder for several strokes aware of the risk of cumming. To slow myself down I angled my body so I could... Continue»
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Loving BDSM

Something woke me up in the middle of the night. As I started to turn on the lamp a flashlight blinded me. Suddenly my clothes were ripped off as they tossed me back on the bed. Without warning a soft foot started caressing my cock and balls. Then there was some blissful pain as the same foot crushed my cock hard. Now, my house has a few things for torture. They d**g me out of bed and strapped me in my frame. 6 or 7 more kicks to my groin it stopped. When the lights were turned on it was my wife and her lesbian friends.

We have decided you will pay for all crimes against women. They were al... Continue»
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Continuing my sexual education!

I stated my youth in the first part. But remember this was a time when c***dren were to be seen and not heard. And you submitted to everything. I was never hurt by anything done to me as it was loving friends and f****y. For you purists out there I neither condone or disagree with, I just enjoyed!

The adult world for me was huge cocks wanting in my ass or mouth. As long as the cum flowed and some entered my mouth all was great. One day the phone rang and mom answered. They wanted to know would she bring me next door for some fun. Mom took me in the bathroom and made me presentable. As she b... Continue»
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Zara worked her way up from the subway into the early morning light of time square. She was on a mission to find something fresh for Peter. Saturday morning the buses start to arrive from around the country. Among the passengers are sexy young women with dreams of stardom. "I have a good feeling about today" Zara thought to herself "maybe I will find something sweet that Peter will share with me."

As she entered the seedy diner there sitting at a booth was a young hottie that got her juices flowing. Making a beeline for the booth was a local perve that tries to cop a feel off any you... Continue»
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My first bukakke

Looking back it was possibly one of the most bizarre decisions I've made, but it all turned out well and enjoyed myself thoroughly.

It was a Thursday or Friday night and as I was sat at home feeling a bit bored as there was nothing to look forward to on the TV, I logged on to one of the sites I use on a regular basis to find I had mail waiting, so, I went straight to my mail box to see what I'd been sent.

Turned out to be a mail shot from the site operators telling me all about how the changes they'd recently made to the forums of the site had made a huge impact on the number of posts be... Continue»
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Disney Girls Don't Have Sex – Part 4


Miley Cyrus was used to having security guards around her pretty much 24/7. What she wasn't so used to was having a large number of them in such a small room, the sight so startling that it took a second or two for her to even notice her good friends Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez were making out on the bed a few feet away from her.

When she finally did Miley smiled and said, "Starting without me again?"

Finally pulling away from her girlfriend Demi looked behind her grin, "It's not our fault you're always late."

"Besides, we haven't... Continue»
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Sexual Athletes at ART CINEMA: a report from Doc E

We just LOVE this couple. Our fantasy is to have a foursome ON STAGE at Art Cinema with them!. READ that story of a public fuck session at ART'S:

Over the past few months we have visited the Art Cinema in Hartford and taking baby steps leading up to her taking on a bunch of guys downstairs. It started with our first visit where we stayed in the balcony and played in front of the other couples there. Then a few weeks later we played with another couple in the balcony. Next we ventured downstairs but remained clothed as she sucked my cock in front of the masses.

A few weeks after that she... Continue»
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