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Sex club, part two

We managed to find our clothes and get dressed, fondling and caressing a little in the process. There was some momentary confusion when we got to our trucks, but Nikki decided she would ride with me as I followed Ben. She slid over beside me on the bench seat like we were dating in high school. Her hand on the inside of my thigh, my hand on the inside of hers, “Ben’s always liked men too, but was too scared to try anything in Oklahoma,” she said.

“He was terrified at that club, I had to talk him into at least fucking me in public there. He always calms down after he cums. I was so happy to... Continue»
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Sex club, part one

There’s a sex club I’ve been a member of for some time, I became well known as the guy who often brought the kinkiest sluts. I was visiting solo this time, just enjoying some of the public sex acts. Walking across one room, I saw a young couple pressed against the wall, the girl had her legs wrapped around her man as he fucked her. I stopped to watch and began stroking my cock, turned on by the little whimpers and moans of the girl, her eyes closed in ecstasy.

They both had fit bodies, his ass looking good as he pumped her pussy, their bodies hot and sweaty. After making out passionately fo... Continue»
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Threesome with my girlfriend and her moms best fri

One morning, my girlfriend (Rachel)and I were asl**p, her mother had a friend (Julie) over for breakfast and to catch up. I had met Julie before, the last time she had come over a long time ago while I was there with Rachel. Everyone now and then for foreplay either Rachel or I would tell a sexy story/fantasy to the other involving us for something different and they often involved another person.

This particular morning Rachel and I had slept in, I rolled over with my hard morning wood and pressed it against her arse while spooning her. Both in a very sl**py state with our eyes closed, ... Continue»
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A White (Small Time) Model We Used To Fuck

this half-spanish, half-dutch, full-on slut is a semi well known model and a small time actress from where i'm from. lets just call her alex. before alex sort of hit it big with her print ads and ramp modelling, my friends and i could easily fuck her like a cheap whore back in our college days. we called her our town bike because everyone gets to ride that pussy. she would easily change boyfriends, going through at least 3 in just a month, and would spread those long legs of hers for... Continue»
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Local Rumours ……..Continued

It had been a couple of weeks since Amy and I had discovered the rumours going around our small town were true. There was a woman from our small town appearing on the web site, doing cam shows. Apparently though no one else had figured out who it was. Amy was always clever and realised she could get a one day free pass on the site by entering a false credit card number, she had spotted an ad for one of the cam models, and recognised our town through the window behind the model. The two of us had watched the video of the show and discovered it was our mother.
That weekend had be... Continue»
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Velvet and Denise: Secrets revealed


While I was in LA, I decided to visit my first husband and our two twin daughters. They were both nearly 15 years old and it had been a while since I had seen them. I hadn’t been back to see my former gang members since I was using d**gs and about 5 years had passed. I had moved back to LA and was living on the streets, with my pimp, and hooking when I had decided to visit my ex back then. He had seen me and took me in to help, pressuring the man, who was selling me on the streets each night, to give up his interest in me. I began to recuperate and because he was no longer in the g... Continue»
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I have been married for over 20 years and have a wonderful relationship to my hubby, Jim. We have to two c***dren who now are away at college. It was hard to raise two c***dren and keep our marriage a happy one. Lucky for us that both of us love sex! Even when we went through some rough spots, we still managed to make love. Or at times fuck each other hard. It was our outlet for our frustrations. Sometime when things got real heated, we would fuck each other like it was no tomorrow.
One time during a heated argument, Jim turned me around, lifted my skirt, leaned me over the kitchen table and... Continue»
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Fun times

Fun times

I was hosting a poker night with four other guys. We had these poker nights once every month and we rotated the location. This time is was the turn to house the game.
You had plans that go out with your friends, so it would be a guys only in our house. Normally the guy who was hosting asked his wife to help serving food and drinks. But you really wanted to go out for a few drinks with your girlfriends.

You were dressed up real sexy, I was sure you were going to have an fun time with guys in the bars hitting on you all night long.

The poker game started before you left the h... Continue»
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Changes in the Bedroom

Changes in the Bedroom

It was July in Tennessee and it was hot at 99 degrees! George and Linda Baker lived on the outskirts of Farragut and they lived on a cul-de-sac. They had one of the few homes in the area with a full sized pool in the back yard.

George was a life insurance salesman and Linda was the office manager at a local business. George was 45 years old and his wife was 43. They had been married for 20 years now with no c***dren. They had went to the doctor after not getting pregnant for the first year of their married life and both of them went through a series of t... Continue»
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Just the two (or three) of us

We set up a night that I am going to be in town and your wife won't be. Our plan is to have fun with each other naked and see if we can cum up with a plan to get the wife involved. I tell my wife that I have to go there on business and your wife is planning a shopping trip with friends.

As drive by your driveway I see that there are two cars in the drive. I call you on your cell and see if I am too early.

I hear you talk to me as If she is in the room.

You say "Hey Tony! Great to hear from you. "

I ask is your wife home?

"Yep she is. Her trip got cancelled."

I ask "Do you... Continue»
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On Holiday In The Dunes With Mum

It had be a lovely few days sitting by the pool at our hotel in gran canaria, drinking the all inclusive drinks and enjoying the good food. I was away on holiday with my parents to relax for the week which I was doing very well. We was a few days in and was getting a little bored by the pool when we decided we would take a trip down to the beach for the day. I was sitting on the sun lounger when I was discussing this with my parents when dad had mentioned that he wasn't fussed about going and would rather book himself in for a day of fishing. Me and mum was still keen to go. I have always look... Continue»
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Solo bike ride becomes a MMF threesome.

I mountain bike a lot in the summer. Last week I was on a ride not far from my home when I had a great time. The trail I was on is not part of any marked trail. I don't know who's land this particular trail goes through but I have never seen anyone on the path. At one point, there is an opening in the trees and a view to the west for many miles. There is a flat rock here at which I have seen trash or the remains of a camp fire so I know people use the beautiful spot.

As I rode up the steep approach to the overlook, I could hear some moaning. When I leveled off at the view I got a big surpr... Continue»
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Girlfriend needed a lesson!

I was pumping her pretty hard when I felt my balls twinge again. I asked her where she wanted my second load in an hour and she quickly responded... "my face!"

I pulled out and gave one good long squirt on her cheek and led it up to her nose, eye brow and forehead. She pulled up her phone and started in with the pictures. She was sending them to her boyfriend that she caught cheating the past weekend. She took out an ad that stated simply, "Nicest cock gets revenge on my cheating BF". I guess I won, because she responded with an email with a face pic and a hotel room address. We were fuc... Continue»
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My Promotion

Actually I guess I have only myself to blame. I mean I was the one that insisted that we invite my boss Roger to our pool party. My wife Dot (short for Dorothy) didn't want to invite him because he wasn't married and with two other couples it wouldn't be even. She has rules like that about stuff. I told her that he was in line for a promotion to corporate and that would mean that he would move to the twin cities and I was next in line in our division. The next day was Wednesday so I invited him. I told him it would be this Saturday and that if he wanted to bring someone he could but he didn't ... Continue»
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Me, my girlfriend and schoolgirls on the train

My name is Andy and I must tell you about an incident that happened to me and my girlfriend Alexandra. One Saturday we had been in town doing a bit of sex toy shopping in Ann Summers. We were on the train going home and by the time we were getting near our station the only people left in our carriage were us and two schoolgirls. They were in their uniforms, red blazers, white blouses, short grey skirts, white ankle socks and black shoes. They kept looking over at us and whispering and giggling to each other. Alexandra thought that she recognized them from near to where she stayed.

Eventuall... Continue»
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Rents Past Due

Rents Past Due
Truth or Dare
They both heard the loud slapping of someone's palm on the apartment door.
“Hey Salina, can you get that?” asked John in a low voice.
Salina could see through the peephole it was the building manager. “Hey anybody here?” He shouted.
Salina shrank away from the door hoping the man would go away. Soon she heard his footsteps abate.
Salina found John in the bedroom surfing the Internet. Salina bemoaned, “Dammit John, it was the manager again. You know what he wants. We spent our last few bucks on that lousy pizza last night.”
“I know baby. Jo... Continue»
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Valentine's Gang Bang

It was my freshman year at college. Away from home for the first time in a strange place, well, for any length of time that is. There had previously been trips to my Grandparents farm for a lot of the summers along with the summer camps that I had to attend. In fact it was one of those summers when I lost my virginity. It was there that I had my first taste of sucking on a guy’s cock and the taste of his semen in the back of my throat. Oh what a summer it was. I will never forget that as long as I live. In fact that is probably what got all this started.

Returning back to school f... Continue»
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Naughty Receptionist

So Ruth works in a hotel as a Receptionist...This is a true story with some extras added to spice it up!
I was having to help out by working nights for a week and when should it be, but the busiest week for the races.
Starting the shift at 10:30 pm. ..I popped round to visit Mike before I started (we'd only been seeing each other a cpl of weeks and so things were still very hot and horny) We had a bit of a kiss and a fumble and then I went off to work.
Whilst working on Reception this guy came back from a night out as he had lost his mates and was fed up. He came over to chat to me and his... Continue»
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Fucking Moms Jerk Bf Trying To Break Them Up

This is another fantasy story of mine, Hope you enjoy guys and gals

When my dad left my mom and I it was obviously hard on the both of us but after many months passed my mom started trying to date again. Now it was never hard for either my mom or I to get guys because we are both very pretty. My mom has long blonde hair and a curvy but stacked body while I have the same blonde hair but am kinda short and petite with nice boobs and butt. But still my mom would come home night after night alone telling me that most of the guys she met just wanted sex and she wasn't sure if she was ready to ... Continue»
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How the hell did I get here? I blink my eyes a few times trying to make the room come into focus, but all I can see is a bright light directly over my face. After a few brief moments I realize that my hands and feet are tied securely and I'm lying on my back. I'm still wearing my clothes at least. I can hear voices mumble around me and I strain to turn my head to see if I can recognize or catch a glimpse of any of my captors. I get a sharp slap to the face and a rough voice tells me to behave and that it's too late to struggle now.

"You just wait honey, you won't have the energy to turn tha... Continue»
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