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Sue My Cum Loving Wife Wih Two Cocks

Mike was holding onto Sue's hips slowly fucking her creamy pussy. Carefully pushing more and more of his long, fat cock up my wife's cunt. It was so exciting watching his massive, young cock pumping back and forth between her glistening pink pussy lips.

Sue was wiggling her hips around wildly, moaning fuck me, fuck me over and over. She looked at me and asked if I was enjoying watching her getting fucked. I assured her that I loved watching Mike fucking her. I moved my hands all over Sue's smooth tight ass letting my fingers dance over her sticky cock as they fucked. Slapping her snow white... Continue»
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The Sleeepover - Chapter 12

The Sleeepover - Chapter 12

by samslam

Over the next couple of weeks, we find a place for me to rent within my price range, get together one night at Kristina's when her parents are gone, and anxiously look forward to moving day.

Lauren suggests that Kristina and I ease into the whole dating thing gradually so as not to arouse any suspicion. Lauren, Kristina and my parents help me move into my new home and everyone goes home with no opportunity for the three of us to christen it. Lauren calls me as soon as she gets home.

"Damn!" she says when I pick up her call. "I w... Continue»
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MFM Indian female and BBC and white guy

I was at the bar....was a long ass week at fiancé hadn't shown up yet but I was three cocktails in and horny as fuck!!!! I texted him to get his ass here soon...he said he was another 30 minutes out...FUCK! What was I gonna do now?

As I sip my martini, I notice a very handsome young black man looking at me. I smile and give him the "come hither" look. He smiles back, winks and walks over. I smile hard as he pulls up a stool next to me. I lean forward and cross my legs, showing them off. He smiles and said hi my name is Tristan. Well hello Tristan my name is Lexi.

He ... Continue»
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Chapter 1
Intro :
Living in a nudist society can be fun and entertaining. As i grew up under the influence of nudist dad who was a Portuguese married to a Indian wife. We stayed at a remote place off Goa. However Dad owned publishing agency in Calcutta. To make quick money he used to publish few porn magazines like Samantha and Rasavanti which were hot favorite among young Indian men way back in 1987.
He made lot of money no doubt but he has to stay out of our state for 5 days a week. During weekends he used to bring many of these porn books so that he can circulate in Goa too. As a k** I u... Continue»
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The first time I saw my wife being fucked

This story is 100% true. In fact I'll use real first names. My name is Barry and I'm married to Linda. Linda is a beautiful five foot four blue eyed blonde, she weighs one hundred pounds even. She has perky thirty four B cup breast and perfect legs. She has always tanned a perfect brown and always tans topless by our back yard pool. I planted the idea in her head years ago about her having sex outside our marriage. At first she gave the " good wife" I could never do that speech. But I never gave up on trying to convince her that I was OK with it.

Then one year she and I had planned to take... Continue»
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Retirement Delights

Retirement Delights

I sold my business and decided to move to a warmer climate; I decided on Mexico. I always had a fantasy that I wanted to explore and I thought that somewhere in Mexico might be the perfect place. I rented a large hacienda near the coast, with great views and a number of small villages nearby. The property was large and my new home isolated.

I knew some rudimentary Spanish so I had only minor difficulty putting an ad in the local paper for a housekeeper. I began interviewing but with little success because I had very strict requirements.

Finally a likely housek... Continue»
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The Sleeepover - Chapter 11

The Sleeepover - Chapter 11

by samslam

I feel like I'm dreaming as I watch Kristina wrap one hand around my cock and raise up on her knees. I'm lying flat on my back on Lauren's bed and Kristina is kneeling between my legs. Locking eyes with me, she lifts my cock and slowly licks the underside of it from the base to the tip. Her eyes are sparkling with mischief as she teases me mercilessly.

"Oh fuck!" I moan. "That feels so fucking good, Kristina!" The compliment educes an absolutely radiant smile from her and she repeats the lick several more times.

Lauren and I we... Continue»
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cabin swap

This story is completely true.
My wife and I are busy people. I’m an engineer and my wife is a business-woman. We have a three year-old and a mortgage. We don’t get a lot of down-time, so when another couple invited us to spend a k**-free weekend at a cabin in the woods, we eagerly agreed.
We are an early-thirties couple. I’m 6’ with fairly dark skin and blue eyes, brown hair. I spend a lot of time in an office, but I’m still fairly well-built. My wife is about 5’2” and has a dark complexion due to her Latino background. She is about 125 lbs with large D-cup breasts that hang down a bit an... Continue»
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A Career Change

Laura Marano bent over and took her boyfriend’s cock up her ass for the third time that night. Lately, he’d been obsessed with the brunette beauties bung hole. Not that she minded, after all, she’s been taking it up the ass since she was 14 but she would like him to fuck her pussy every now and then. This time it took him almost 40 minutes to fill her already dripping hole with his cum. After he finished, she went down on him and cleaned her ass off his softening cock and swallowed down what was left of his load. He looked down at her and asked her, “What are you slut?” Laura smiled and ... Continue»
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The Comfort Room

First, I need to acknowledge and sincerely thank dirtymindedmom who has so graciously allowed me to barrow her scenario and characters. I would suggest that you read her story, "Stroke Break" before you read mine below. That story will give you a much better idea than my attempt below.

I had spent more than an hour this morning; this is my first day of working for the company, with the pleasant HR lady. Jennifer is her name and she is kind of cute. She is relaxed, helpful, and pleasant. So we have just finished all the tax stuff, when she hands me what I find out later... Continue»
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My Friend's Mom Part 2

The beginning to the story was to short so it's a blog

So my face is buried in Joan's soaking wet pussy and I hear Michelle say what's going on here

Now the story continues

I look up from Joan's pussy and I start to say something but nothing comes out of my mouth because Michelle is standing in the living naked with a smile on her face and her panties in her hand that I took from the hamper

She looks at Joan and say looks like you were right sweetie

I'm in total shock and don't understand what's going on and Michelle must of read my mind. She says relax Matt I've had a idea tha... Continue»
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I thought I’d write this little story of a threesome we had last year. It had lots of good points and a few bad, but I thought this story might help couples in the future deciding wether enter into this way of life and share there wife with another man.

It all started about a year ago when I was researching men’s interest in bedding my wife. You see she is in her fifties now, but has the amazing body of a twenty year old, with a figure of 38D-26-36, yummy and dark hair, and with an intense need for sex. We’ve been married for o... Continue»
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My wife fucks on our first rock crawl.

My wife and I have always enjoyed mud bogging in our four wheel drive but lately we have started rock crawling. I did some work for a guy on his rock crawler and he told me about a nice crawler that was for sale. I went and had a look and bought it.

As I was going over it getting to know the dual stick transfer case and other controls my wife came out to have a look. I explained how this is a lot cleaner four wheeling to her. She said I like getting muddy. I said yeah, but you can wear nicer cloths when we take this Buggy. And since its going to be a nice hot Saturday we should go try to ... Continue»
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How I lost my ex

So I got home from from my bank job and kinda just chilled. I usually get off around 5 but that day I was really horny. I don't know why but I just was. And it deff didn't help that the guys that kept coming into my line were black, and fucking hot. So when I got home, I kinda just took off my blouse and skirt and was laying around in just my bra and thong and I starting playing with myself. I got so wet so fast it was like my pussy was devouring my thong, I was so wet I could hear it lol So I caved, I called my buddy Colton and asked if he was down for one of our routine fuck sessions. He sai... Continue»
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Indian F w/ BBC & White guy

As we finish cleaning up the kitchen after dinner, he puts his arm around me, looks at me, and says, wow you are just so beautiful. I smiled and thanked him of course. He says, but you already know beautiful you are. I said, its always so much better hearing it from someone else. He said, I better be the only guy telling you that and I said absolutely. He kissed me, no tongue, just soft, gentle kisses. On my lips, nose, cheek, forehead, and my neck.....mmmmm....kisses, soft kisses on the neck....mmmm.....feels so good.

As he softly kissed my neck, his hands find my breasts. he runs ... Continue»
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A fantasy I want to experience

I arrived at her apartment around 6 pm and was greeted at the door by a very large and muscular black man. I was very surprised for I thought we were going to be alone for the night. He invited me in and told me that she was in the back bedroom waiting for me. I entered the bedroom to find a very sexy lace and satin corset with matching garters and crotch-less panties lying on the bed. I heard her call from the bathroom, telling me to undress and come into where she was.
I did as I was told. Upon entering the bathroom I found she was not alone. There was a very pretty black lady there with ... Continue»
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"The Plan" - Mom, Daughter, Housekeeper

I’m finally getting out today. It’s been four long years. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Last year I signed up for a mentor program. I was hoping they cut my sentence in half. They did one better. They released me on my 21st birthday.

My mentor, Mr. Jimmy Diamond talked to the parole board on my behalf. He should be pulling up in front of the prison very soon. He wants me to live with his f****y, until I get back on my feet. He is a pastor at his local church. He drove every week to meet with me. I’ve never met his f****y. I know that his married and has a daughter ... Continue»
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Connie and the Chalet - Day 1

Day One: Welcomes

The drive to the chalet, a Swiss-style vacation home in the Pacific Northwest, was wonderful. Connie lay back on the reclining front seat of their Escape, drowsing in the early afternoon sun. Her window was cracked slightly open, and the sweet scent of the recent showers wafted in, mingled with the aroma of fresh greenery and one of her favorites, the smell of the rain evaporating from the two-lane road they meandered along.

Her husband Sam navigated the unfamiliar road well. Sam was practically a fanatic for safety and smooth travels, and Connie could well imagine t... Continue»
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Welcoming a new member

Like most couples, we have always used fantasies as part of our foreplay ritual. Some of our thoughts and dreams leading to some really intense sex. However as a couple we had never built up the courage to fulfill any of our fantasies. Our most regular fantasy consisted of the two of us with another couple, Sal my wife ending up in bed with the other woman while I watched, and finally getting to fuck her after she had orgasmed with the woman and the other man had cum inside her. The thoughts of her with another woman, I thought would be the horniest thing imaginable. We often discussed her bri... Continue»
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Walking through Manchester one sunny day I cut through the back streets to an Adult store I visited regularly. I'd got to know the guy who worked there, Alan; he was happy to pass on the more hardcore uncensored stuff to me. I browsed the shop but I wasn't buying, I explained to him that I was flat broke. He offered me a leaflet off the counter.

"Try out for that," he said: "they're auditioning for a porn film. You tell them what you're willing to do and they pay accordingly."

The audition was in three days' time, which gave me some thinking space. I'd taken a few shots of mysel... Continue»
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