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Amy the Teen Anal Slut 3

Amy The Teen Anal Slut 3

By DirtyOmni

I felt so excited as I stood in front of my neighbour and his friends. I had worn one if my brightest outfits a set of bright green stripped stockings that went up to my thighs with white five inch heels. This was my new favorite shirt, which said cum dumpster in big block glittered letters on the chest. I pulled my hair into two tight pig tails and used bright green hair elastics to hold my hair back and out of the way. No panties just my naked pussy already dripping
Chief was the first to greet me “well look at you Amy, you look like you are he... Continue»
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Shower Time by loyalsock

Dell hated working on holidays, away from home, all alone, and bored stiff! Not a very pleasant way to spend Christmas day. Worse yet, the surroundings really sucked, seeing as he was a deputy sheriff of Hall County, and had jail duty for the day. Someone had to man the phones and watch the prisoners, well that should be “prisoner”! There was only one inmate being held in the county jail, and she was doing six months for writing bad checks. “Not a bad lookin’ dame,” thought Dell, “with a body like that, you would figure she would get some rich guy to take care of her!” At exactly twelve noon t... Continue»
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Looking after Dawn

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Looking after Dawn

It was two years since Buffy Summers had sacrificed herself for her s*ster. At first Dawn had grieved inconsolably, and her friend Willow had worked herself into the ground trying to bring her back. The slaying duties in Sunnydale were divided up between the friends they knew and loved. With the exception being those who were too young to hold their own against the undead.

But all the attempts had failed.

With Dawn's Mom dead, as well as her s*ster, Willow and her girlfriend Tara had moved into the house to act as surrogate pa... Continue»
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We are now a couple. You have moved in with me permanently as you used to crash here a lot when were just friends. One day I get a call from my friend Cheryl, she is feeling a bit down and has asked to come and stay with us. She and I used to have fun when we were at university. And when I say fun we used to fuck on occasion. I ask you if she can stay and you say “of course, she’s your friend and she needs you” but I haven’t told you that her and I used to be intimate. You know that I have fucked a few girls in the past but you don’t know that she was one of them.

When she arrives at the f... Continue»
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Moni becomes a true cumslut part 4

Part 4 of cumslut Moni

After a full night of fucking Lamont we woke up early afternoon. Lamont had me shower with him and sucking his cock and fucking me in the shower. He told me to get ready and wear the same clothes as last night. So i got ready I shaved my pussy and put the shelf bra garter and stockings on. I put my hair back in pigtails and full whore for me on his bed and a white pleared mini skirt. The blouse was super sheer as expected and tied up just under my tits. I slipped on my heels and walked into the living room where Lamont and the guys were. After all the catc... Continue»
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Anita's secret drawer

Anita’s secret drawer

After having a few drinks at a local pub, I drove home late. I wondered to myself if Ana even cared that I was getting home so late. When I got home she was resting at bed. I didn’t blame her.
After the fucking she had just received from that giant black cock, it would be hard for anyone to stay awake. I crept silently into the bedroom and inspected her body closely. There was no evidence that anything had occurred. She was dressed in a pair of cotton panties, and a tight little pink shirt. The covers were thrown off her, as she usually gets hot at night. She was ... Continue»
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Finding new gangbang friend's

We had a great thing going for a while. My wife was getting used by her Ex boyfriend Keith and all his friends and in return I got back a super horny cum filled wife to fuck all the time. She was getting more wild every time they had a gangbang or just a party and probably fucked over 100 guy last year alone most of them bare, black and let me clean up after.
We got news that her Ex was transferred to S. Carolina so after a few more dates with him he left and so did all her fun. I always trusted him and know no matter how kinky it got she was safe doing it with him. We talked about finding a ... Continue»
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Serm Donator

Translated from Norwegian by GOOGLE

It was Sunday morning at 8. Now it 6 hours I put my record attempt to be dressed from head to toe in rubber. After 100 hours in rubber should I at 2 o´clock take it of me. It was Wednesday morning after a trip to the store to shop for what I need the next few days, I put on my pants with feet, body with gloves and mask and catsuit with feet. The time when was 10 on Wednesday morning. Now it's Sunday is a little drowsy, to sl**p I have taken sl**ping pills and they turn me out slightly. The clock is 2. I go to the bathroom. Takes me gum wash it and hang i... Continue»
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It had been a long week for us lots of headaches and problems to deal with but we got through it and now it was Saturday night and Patricia and I needed to unwind I thought dinner and dancing at our favorite club would be just what the doctor ordered! Patricia wanted to shower first but she always uses all the hot water so I crept in while she was shampooing her hair slipped behind her and took over doing her hair for her I loved doing her hair massaging the shampoo into her lovely sexy long hair Chinese women have such lovely thick hair it turns me on to play with it this way I watched th... Continue»
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Getting what they asked for

I leaned back in my chair and reread the email I had just received. A lovely young lady I had been chatting with had just revealed that she was married. Moreover, she was trying to convince me that her husband wanted to see her with another man.

I'm cautious by nature but always interested in an adventure. The husband and I agreed to meet in a public place so we could discuss what they were interested in. We both enjoyed a beer as he laid out all his fantasies and curiosities. A few drinks later I decided to gauge how he really felt. I engaged him "Terry, I need you to understand what ... Continue»
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Over Developed by loyalsock

Mary Pekin sat in the back row of the high school class room almost unable to look any of the other women in the face. This was so embarrassing! She had lost complete control over her sex drive because of her over developed clitoris! She had been to six doctors and each and every one of them gave her the same diagnosis: Hyper Clitoral Dysfunction. Good grief, she had never even heard of it until her own organ ballooned up until it actually looked like a little penis! There were at least twelve other women present, and Mary wondered if they were stuck in the same leaky boat as she was. Her last... Continue»
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The Classifieds by loyalsock

Blair Hutton wiped the sweat from her shaking hands and gingerly reached for the doorbell. She knew that what she was about to do was risky at best, and dangerous at the worst. Only yesterday morning she had been looking at the classifieds in the local under ground newspaper when her eye caught an intriguing ad, "Wanted, attractive woman to service me orally while my wife watches and maybe participates. All the oral sex you can handle. If interested, contact Eric at 555-3999." Immediately upon reading the ad, Blair's pussy began creaming her tight lace panties, her clit quickly coming to full ... Continue»
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Park Service (true adventure) Day 2

This day 2 of a 3 day adventure.

After our sex Friday night we all went to sl**p somewhere in the house. Betty and Cindy had their own work location lodging, but as they were alone, it was raining, dark and their work did not begin until Monday they stayed over.

My wife and I slept on the over size sofa bed in the living room near the fireplace, which was not in use as the regular heat was keeping up well.
In the middle of the night I felt a presence, it was Cindy, she said it's cold in here, and it was, so she climbed in bed with us. OK so this should be guy heaven, sandwiched betwe... Continue»
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The Twin's Revenge

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Story....

I had been next door for about ten minutes. My swim trunks were around my ankles. My towel was in the grass. I could feel Mrs. Levi tongue swirl around my cock. I looked down to see her huge breast rub against my legs. She had almost all 9 3/4inches of my cock down her throat before she gagged and spit me out. She licked my big naked balls and put her index finger on my ass hole. I was close to cumming. She smiled as she inched her finger in my ass, and jacked my cock with her small hands. My knees buckled. I then shot a huge load into her mout... Continue»
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The Subway Car

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Story....

I was pushing my bike down the stairs into the subway station. I swiped my Metro card as I carried my delivery bike over the metal barrier. I had been making deliveries all day. I was hot and a little sweaty. I was wearing just my tight bike messenger’s uniform. A pair of black lyrica biker shorts. A tight black lyrica matching top. I had unzip the top just a little to let in the warm air. It was close to 10pm when I heard the brakes on the subway train get closer.

I walked into the last subway car. I could see a few people in the train cars in front ... Continue»
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The Cleaner's

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Story....

I just lost my job, 2 month ago. My friends were little help in finding me another one. It had been close to 4 years since I had to fill out a resume and go on interviews. First I was living week to week. Now I'm living day to day. Eating noodles and bumming day old pizza from my friends. I even had to use the bathroom at a local gas station, because my water got shut off in my small apartment. I was dreading having to see my landlord at the end of the week. I had never been 3 months behind on the rent. I did how ever still have a computer. I decided to ... Continue»
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Lodgers Surprise part 2

I fell asl**p in my cum soaked lingerie and dreamed of Mike and Jenny.
I woke up to see Jenny in my room. She was smiling and told me that I was going to have some fun over the next few days and learn about being a real tranny. I smiled and told her I was in her hands. She took me to the bathroom and ran a bath for me. She then told me I had to lose my body hair and once I was naked she put rubbed cream onto my skin and once I was ready removed my hair. I looked at my hairless cock and smiled. It looked great. Once that was done I was bathed by Jenny who played with my cock but held off letti... Continue»
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The Big Boob Neighbor

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

“Knock! Knock!” “Craig you got that?” I yelled from the couch. “Buck! I’m upstairs dude. Can you get the door?” said Craig. I shook my head as I got off the black leather couch in the living room. I could hear someone knocking on the door leading to the garage. We had moved in about two weeks ago. Craig was a good roommate. We split all the bills down the middle. He works as a manager for an upscale shoe store. I work from home. I help people with IT problems. I also set up new web sites for clients.

We live in a good neighborhood. We... Continue»
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my first sex

when I was a p*****n I had a couple friends. we did the usual things k**s do and one day my friend and I ended up showing each other our penis. this became a usual thing and one day he bent down and after pulling on my dick, leaned forward and put my dick in his mouth. well needless to say it felt great and when it was my turn to do the same to him I was very happy to try out on his dick all the things he had just done to mine. we would have sl**p overs. and soon I had my other friend over and showed him the new things we could do with our dicks. so now the three of us had this great thing goi... Continue»
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Riding Horses

My best friend, Sandie, and I decided that since we were bot turning fifty that we should do something fun, just the two of us. We had been best friends since college. Our husbands thought we were crazy, and maybe we were. They were going to play in a golf tournament for a week. So Sandie and I decided to take our horses to this huge ranch and ride out and camp, all alone, up in the mountains.
We trailered the horses and got to the ranch and set off on our way. We rode most of the day, to make sure we got far enough away so no one would bother us. We set up camp near a spring surrounded ... Continue»
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