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Turned her on so much the first time

After arranging my girlfriend a stranger to fuck (see other story) she was so turned on by it she asked for more. After returning form work one day I come home to find Faye up stairs in the bedroom completely naked with the undeniable "I just got fucked" hairdo. We had talked about having her fuck other guys but we had made an agreement that she was to only do it while I was present, for both personal pleasure and safety reasons. She explained to me that she meet this guy and he was so cute and all that and it just happened, she kept saying over and over "I'm so sorry I don't know what come ov... Continue»
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Blindfolded Wife shared with friends

I’ve had a fantasy to have several men fuck my wife without her knowing it ever happened. I don’t mean something like d**gging her, or anything like that either. In my fantasy, I would blind fold her and tier her arms behind her back and slide my dick into her mouth. After a set time, some friends would sneak in and every time we would switch positions, it would be a different dick. We would all cum in the same spot at one time, and before I untied her, they would sneak back out. Seeing my wife’s 5 foot 4, 110 pound sexy ass little body with her nice perky low C tits and her dirty blond hair w... Continue»
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To your wife's own surprise

Your wife Anna was looking forward to her trip away with her friends. She was fully packed and after managing get all her clothes into the one suitcase Anna needed to grab a shower before the taxi arrived. You catch her as she is shaving her legs telling her that she looks amazing, you always enjoy her freshly shaved pushy. Anna glides the razor across her glistening pussy saying there might just be time before the taxi arrives. You are getting wet as you enter the shower and kneel between you wife's legs, she moans as your tongue flicks at her clip before sliding easily between her soaking la... Continue»
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I had caught him in the garage masturbating while watching my wife was sunning in the backyard. She was wearing one of her skimpy bathing suits that hid practically nothing. I told him not to move and stay where he was or else I would report him to the cops and his parents.

I silently went to get Sophia and took her into the garage and told her to play along.
She was very surprised at seeing our college age neighbor, a big coal-black youth with his pants down and his long, deflated cock hanging between his legs. She averted her eyes in surprise but kept quiet. I told Sophia what he h... Continue»
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Adventures of Peter and Louise - A Memory from Lou

My name is Louise, a 52 year old attractive, slim brunette. Peter my 55 year old partner of six years, says for my age I still have a body of a twenty year old, which I do keep in shape and in our few years together. Peter and I have enjoyed a great swinging sex life and he has pushed me sexually in directions I would have never dreamed of, however I have always had a fantasy or two which have not yet been fulfilled…until recently.

Peter and I love going away to Zante in Greece for a couple of week’s holiday when we can. On this occasion we arrived early on a Wednesday morning, dropped our... Continue»
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Adventures of Peter and Louise - A Memory from Pet

Louise is 52, 5' 6", Brunette, very slim with size 32B breasts a beautiful arse and waxed shaven pussy mound. I am Peter 55, 5' 10", of a muscular build, but I only have a 7 inch cock. I love to please Louise with my cock and mouth, however she does love to have a big dick inside her from time to time and I do love to see her enjoy herself and she loves watching me sharing a cock or two.

We have posted our profiles on a few sites in the past, got few nice replies from a few guys in their 30's, and claiming to have 9" or more. However we never followed them up finding single guys can be ... Continue»
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Mother in law & s****r in law together

This was monday night the mother in law rang to say she wanted me to do her a little job, ok I said i will be down in a hour knowing full well I would finish up fucking her, When I got to the mother in laws the s****r in law was there, she ask me if I would like a drink of tea, yes I said, the mother in law says to me can u look at the tap in the kitchen so I follow the s****r in law in the kitchen & close the door, I have fucked her a couple of times before, we was just chatting I got closer to her & put my hand on her arse & kissed she on the lips she kissed me back & said u haven't been to ... Continue»
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Dancing Lessons

Wife gets used after Dancing Lessons

Leanne and I had been going to dance classes for a few months now and having a lot of fun. Jeff, our instructor, had organised a Saturday night social dance for the students. Just an informal thing, bring your own drinks etc. Only two other couples came along but a good evening was had by all. As the evening wore on there tended to be more drinking and talking than dancing and eventually the other two couples made their excuses and left. By this time Leanne and Jeff were getting pretty well charged. I had to drive so I wasn’t having much to drink at all.... Continue»
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Truth or Dare


A while ago we were celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary with our best friends Dan and Claire (it was also Dan's birthday the same day) .

Copious amounts of alcohol had been consumed during the meal out and when we had gotten back to our house. The girls (if we can call them that, Debs and Claire were both 45 and had been at school and uni together) were very tipsy.

Debs is always up for fun and it was her that suggested the age old game of truth or dare. We had known each other for so long I thought what was there any of us could not know about one anothe... Continue»
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First time as a couple

I should start by saying that this is not fantasy, it is simply what happened. Before this happened I had had many adventures as a single. I guess you could say there was a time I was attractive as a sexual partner for couples and was hit on quite a bit by bi or gay men. I had few experiences with men because I was hung up, but when I had been drinking and inhibitions fell, well, let's say I enjoy getting my cock sucked and a mouth is a mouth. I didn't reciprocate, though. Most of my couple experience happened before the internet and I made contact through message boards in Adult boo... Continue»
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Dave and Sally (MFM, bi-male)

I occasionally write stories for publishing on internet websites, and in response to one that I wrote that was actually true, I received an email from a guy named Dave, who had a wife named Sally. They said they enjoyed my true story so much, that Sally wanted Dave to suck my cock, and have sex with me, similar to what transpired in my story, and that she wanted to watch. They went on to say that my story turned them both on so much that Sally would blow Dave as he read my stories out loud. They asked if I was interested in meeting up with them. I rarely even respond to my emails, but one of m... Continue»
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Taste So Good (bi-male, MFM)

Finally, my years of frustration, desire and wanton lust to have a cock between my lips was at hand. Here I kneeled, the dripping pre cum just inches from my lips. It was made all the better by my beautiful wife gently rubbing my asshole with one hand and stroking my cock with her other.

She whispered in my ear, is it as yummy to you as it looks to me? Yes, I responded. Does the cum dripping off the end of it just give you the desire to stuff it in your mouth? Yes, I agreed with a soft moan as her finger rubbed up against my tight clean hole. She knew exactly what to say and exactly how to ... Continue»
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GangBanged our Buddy's Fat s****r

I was in town for a couple days visiting my mom & dad. One night I hooked up with a couple old buddies Stan & Jay we went out for drinks at a local watering hole. We were playing pool, having a few beers when this woman Candy came over to say Hi, Candy was another buddy Jim's s****r we all grew up together Jim lived out of town, she was his older s****r. Candy was 38 about 5.6, Fat 280 lbs, Short Blond Hair, she joined us playing pool drinking we got into some shots by the end of the night we were all feeling pretty good. We were getting ready to head out, Jay said lets go back to my place Can... Continue»
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Mae was rich and in her fifties. She was still very sexy with nice big firm tits and a great looking ass. She made her money in the adult movie business. She ran away from home when she was just fifteen and found out the only way to survive was to fuck for a living. Older men loved sex with a young gal and that was the most of her business. She also loved fucking the men and sucking on their cocks. She gave these men just what the wives would not. She even loved the feeling of a big hard cock filling her asshole with his warm cum. She even had men that loved her fucking their assholes with her... Continue»
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**** education in forest

Today, I took Moe, my fuckslut, for a walk in the forest. It was a nice sunny day, so she wore a pretty summery dress, but with no panties, as usual.

We found a nice wooded area and, walking through, we found that some scouts had pitched tents on the grass beyond. We watched them together from the bushes. I lknow Moe likes young boys. and my finger was inside her pussy feeling it getting hot and wet. I... Continue»
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my fuck buddies story....

I swim several times a week and as I leave my session the men's swim team are just leaving their late night training session. I am showering in the unisex showers in my costume when the men pour in and gather each side of me talking over me laughing and joking with each other. They have amazing swimmers bodies and I can't help but keep looking at their hot firm chests and arses and fantastic arms.
One of the guys starts chatting to me..asking me about my session. .joking that I must be feeling bit uncomfortable with all these men and me being the only woman. I look straight into his eyes and ... Continue»
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AnnaSophia Robb's Ordeal


The pretty blonde was getting slammed up against the wall in a filthy alleyway behind her hotel. She loved how the big cock felt as the stranger rammed his 10 inches deep inside her ass. He was grunting like an a****l as he pummeled the young actress and then he felt his balls tighten and he filled her gaping hole with his hot load. When he pulled out, she felt the steaming cum run out of her ass and down her legs. She was still leaning up against the wall as the man pulled up his trousers and walked away.

AnnaSophia Robb... Continue»
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Our first 3some

So it finally happened.
We've been discussing a threesome for a few years now. But it never came to fruition. But finally it happened.
On Halloween we decided, "fuck it. Let's go to a swingers party" So we got dolled up, no costumes and headed out. While everyone was insanely nice and welcoming our initial thought was "this is a dud" The place was nearly empty. But seconds after walking in we spotted a girl sitting alone. A beautiful, curvy black woman with long dreads. We both took a mental note but continued on to the bar. A drink was essential at this point. An hour or so later I was drag... Continue»
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sally and her dog

The incident occurred in the summer of 1979. As we don't really know the young man's name, we'll call him David. He was 20 years old and home from college for the summer. On the day it all began he was hanging out at the volunteer fire station, where he assisted as a volunteer paramedic/firefighter.

It was early afternoon and he and his partner Phil were in the ambulance, on their way back from a late lunch at a local fast food place, when they received a call. After acknowledging to the dispatcher that they were available, the following message came over the radio:

"Medic 352, respond t... Continue»
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our first gloryhole

A white couple visit an x-rated book store. They end up
in the video booths at the back of the store were the
wife becomes very popular. (MMF, wife, intr, oral, size,
unprotected sex, glory)


My wife, Tina and I have been together for 20 + years.
We meet in college and have had a great life together.
The k**s are now old enough to let mom and dad go out
and not worry about returning home early enough to put
them to bed.

So our life started to change a bit when the k**s got
older. We always had a great sex life.

My wife felt very secure in herself and her needs. I... Continue»
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