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The Bridge Party by loyalsock

"I still can't believe that Joe still gets it up three times a week," exclaimed Kimberly Farlow to her bridge partner Marion Hart, "my god, you two still do it like newly weds!!!" "No way," shot back Marion, "when we were first married we did it twice a day every day!" All four women at the table roared with laughter at that one, and Barb Knox added, "I would give anything if my Tom did it once a week," which caused another round of guffaws. Billie Harris, the hostess for today's party, snuffed out her cigarette and rejoined, "Seriously girls, I think we all miss the feeling of seeing and touc... Continue»
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Late Night Movies (chapter 15)

While in the shower I decided to test out what Dad was talking about and I started rubbing my own hole with the water running down my crack. I arched my back slightly so it ran right down the small of my back and in between my asscheeks as I reached around and fumbled about myself. It turned out Daddy was right. It proved difficult to even get one finger inside myself and I didn’t really like how it felt when I did. I remembered how good it felt when I had the soap on me so I reached for the closest bottle, ‘Suave Coconut Conditioner’ and spooted a thick gob onto my left palm. I fingered ... Continue»
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Золотая рыбка

Когда мне исполнилось 18, отчим взял меня на рыбалку с 4-мя своими друзьями, его одноклассниками , мужикам лет по 40. К этому времени у нас с ним уже сложились вполне дружеские партнерские секс-отношения, т.к. я давно подглядывала за его сексом с матерью и он научил меня многому и говорил, что скоро мне пора на выход в мир Большого секса. Я догадывалась, что на рыбалке будет что то еще помимо рыбалки, но не решилась спросить, да и так было интереснее.
Друзья отчима оказались крепкими мужиками , которые сперва не обратили на меня особого внимания , так как были увлечены рассказами про рыбалку,... Continue»
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First fictional story - with names of real people

The excitement of the evening gave me a definite buzz as Danielle and I drove to the party. Danielle is one of the most beautiful women I've ever laid eyes on. Puerto Rican and Black, with long, wavy black hair, the darkest brown eyes I've ever seen, and an amazing smile, she had my attention the moment I saw her.

We met one day at TGIF, where she was bar-tending. Since it was lunch and I was by myself, the bar seemed to be the best spot. I ordered a turkey burger and a beer and this gorgeous woman sparked up a conversation. From that day I made it a point to stop in at least once a week, ... Continue»
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T-Girl University

Not my story, author is unknown to me, but sharing it for all to enjoy.

T-Girl University

Jason was apprehensive about starting college, as any freshman would be. His high school girlfriend, Becky, whom he loved dearly, was going to a different college on the opposite side of the country. They had to promised to stay together but Jason was worried; there would be a lot of temptation for her from all those west-coast surfer dudes. He hoped she wouldn’t forget him and made a vow to himself to stay faithful no matter what. But there would plenty of temptation for him as well: Jason was goi... Continue»
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Cuck's Revenge

Her betrayal was way too much.

I'd been in Afghanistan for six months when the first cryptic email arrived. It was from the same email provider as the one my wife used. The "name" of the sender didn't help me at all. I'd never heard of COAngler. It had a subject line that read, "Congratulations!"

I figured it was an ad that snuck past the spam filters, but I opened it anyway. The note said, "Congratulations! There was a party at your house last night and your wife did three guys. Tom Stanton, Josh Mays & Manuel Garcia. Condoms were used. Lots of condoms."

I knew all thr... Continue»
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Saucy Evening Out

He watches her with two guys.

She phoned me at work and asked what we were doing on the weekend? I said I had a meeting on the Saturday in Birmingham but that was all. "Ok" she said, and nothing more was said about the weekend.

On Friday night she asked if she could come to Birmingham with me so she could do some shopping while I was at my meeting. Of course I agreed and so off we went the next morning. She dropped me off and we agreed to meet again at 6pm.

When I came out of my meeting she was already there and smiling with a slight twinkle in her eye. We kissed and she... Continue»
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Wendy's Wedding Night Surprise!

Was this the perfect wedding for both bride and groom?

It has now been 10 years since Wendy and I were married. Our sex life has always been good but as with most marriages that initial "lust fest" has worn off, with c***dren also doing their best to dampen any ardour.

This tale relates to the time just before we were married, right up to our wedding day. This was a time when we were still very spontaneous and regularly exhausted each other wherever and whenever the moment took us.

This was a time when my desire for another man to join us was strong although not as st... Continue»
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I recently had a very erotic experience. Up front I will admit that what I did was somewhat risky. I met with a woman and her boyfriend after they responded to a Craigslist ad I posted. On Craigslist under Casual encounters I post as a man looking for a man and woman. My post title was "I want to eat your Creampie"
The body of the post was this. "No long back and forth emails. Only a quick pic exchange. I want to watch you fuck her till you fill her pussy with your hot creamy load, then I want to eat her cum dripping pussy! It that makes you both hot to think about, reply to this post and le... Continue»
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Interrupted Journey - Accidental Swingers

Interrupted Journey – Accidental Swingers

Kezza’s Story
Lisa and I rarely got the chance to accompany each other on business trips. This occasion was an exception. We’d already had a couple of days away from home when we decided on a back road short cut to the next large town before nightfall. Our route took us through the mountains and valleys past farming country.

The rain started as we drove down from the mountain into the valley. I slowed the car to match the conditions. We came round a bend in the road and I braked to a halt. A man in working gear was out in the rain putting a bar... Continue»
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Donna's threesome in the garden

Hubby had gone to the football with his mates so I had to go up to my in-laws house as they were away on holiday and the gardeners would need paying. I was sat in the garden reading, it was sunny and warm when they arrived, they knew what needed doing and they got on with the job. Half hour later, they were working behind the garage.

The garage area is fenced off and none of the neighbours can see, as it was so warm I took the two lads a cool drink, after giving them a drink they took a break. Andy was 22 and slim and Wayne was also 22 but slimmer and you could tell he worked out. As they s... Continue»
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OHGirl, Velvet & Denise: The Saga Continues

My mom’s husband, my mom and I all sat in the theater room watching the rough footage from my daughter’s newest videos, which had been sent to us before production. She had just shot her third US porn with an all black production company, who contracted to use Denise in a series of gangbang films. She had told me about her fetish for black men and I could tell from her sex scenes that she was loving it as she came during her multiple penetrations. It felt wonderful to see my daughter enjoying herself and satiating the same sex urges that controlled my life. I was so turned on as I wa... Continue»
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Mein erster MMMF

Ich war gerade zarte 18 Jahre alt, als ich mich in einen tollen jungen Mann verliebte, der allerdings schon 20 Jahre alt war. Es waren tolle Tage und Wochen mit ihm, die Freiheiten die er hatte, eine eigene Wohnung, ein eigenes Auto, mit dem wir immer wieder mal zu den nahegelegenen Seen gefahren sind, gebadet und naja auch eine wenig Petting gemacht haben.

Zu der Zeit waren meine Tittchen noch stramm und fest und es zeigte sich erst der erste weiche Flaum an meiner Muschi. Er liebte es, bei fast jeder Gelegenheit , diesen weichen Flaum zu streicheln und als wir das erste Mal am Strand eine... Continue»
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iCarly: iGet Caught In The Middle

iCarly: iGet Caught In The Middle

"I can't take you two making out in front of me all the time." Carly said, staring at her two best friends making out on the couch in her and Spencer's apartment.

"You can leave, you know?" Sam responded, pulling away from Freddie long enough to stare at Carly before going back to kissing Freddie.

"This is my house," Carly retorted, repeating herself from when she and Sam were fighting over Freddie's friend a few years ago.

"Let's just head over to mine," Freddie said to her, pulling away, feeling bad for making out with Sam in Carly'... Continue»
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Sucking cocks in Jamaica

This is the story of what happen in Jamaica. The first part of the story sets the whole thing up. But if you just want the dirty stuff you can fast forward.

My husband, gf and I just got back from our cruise and I have to tell you what happened. First it was a 7 day Caribbean cruise to Labadee, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel. We all shared a deluxe suite. This day our ship was docked in Jamaica from ten am to seven pm. We started the day with a three hour tour. A catamaran took us snorkeling then to a beach. There was lots of rum punch consumed. At the end of the tour there was a... Continue»
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Friday the 13th

I had learned, at the tender age of 12, how much I loved sex. My BFF and I, a girl named Ashley, had opened our own babysitting service when we were 14. Only, babysitting wasn't the only service we offered :-)
I had a client that had hired me to perform, in full drag, for a birthday party. We had agreed that I was to perform with 23 men, all married, and that it was to take place on, of all days, Friday the 13th...
Well, the guy that had hired me was celebrating his 50th birthday and had decided that he wanted to film the event. He was a professional videographer and had a business ma... Continue»
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Now that we both knew we were bi, or world changed

How my wife found out I was Bi continued.

After our first night in Jamaica, we were so excited to see how far we could push our vacation.

I was awakened by the feeling of a deepthroat blowjob, I looked down and saw Pete going to town while my wife sucked my balls and Pete's wife Becky made herself a seat on my tongue.

Pete took his time, licking and sucking. And Becky had the sweetest tasting pussy, and she was a squirter too. My wife who's name is Alexandria or Alex for short, was now sucking Pete's peter, was saying that she couldn't wait to see it sliding up my butthole. And nei... Continue»
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A filthy african gang bang.

Tania was used to living a life on the move, going to all the exotic places the world had to offer and seeing the sights. Her job demanded alot out of her, and she was paid pretty well for the long hours she put into it. She had checked into a hotel while she was in Africa for a couple of weeks. She was to attend a long and tirsome convention, but after that was done, she'd have plenty of time to herself. She looked forward to relaxing and enjoying a bit of the country. It was her firm's way of showing her a good time, an added bonus if you will. The next day, Tania attended one seminar after ... Continue»
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Sara in unprotected group stranger sex. Contact us

*This is an extract of one of our stories which we write together for the thrill of it. We both enjoy thinking about members jacking themselves off over our stuff - if you want the full version rammed with pictures of 'S' then you need to contact us to let us know and if we like your profile we will copy you in via e'mail. We have masses of pics and vids of us to share if you like us. I am heavily into the extremes of 'stranger sex' and with my medical background am VERY turned on by my fetish of 'gyno' and this is reflected in the texts and pics - if you don't like that. Go no further. WE ... Continue»
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The walk home

 The walk home

A black, new looking car honked it's horn in rapid succesion as it slowly passed a mostly red, and fully naked, rabbit on the nearby sidewalk. Bunny, as he went by to most, blushed as he watched the car pass, unable to see the driver through the heavily tented windows, but he didn't bother covering himself up. He couldn't cover his large cock with both paws even if he wanted to, the already rock hard foot plus of his length throbbing and bouncing loosely in the cool air as the red rabbit inwardly hoped the person in the black car enjoyed the show.

Bunny giggled sof... Continue»
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