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The Sleeepover - Chapter 17

The Sleeepover - Chapter 17

by samslam

"OH YEAH! FUCK BRANDON! JUST LIKE THAT!" Lauren screams a few minutes later as her orgasm rumbles full speed ahead and I pound her mercilessly.

"I'm... there... too... S!s..." I pant, thrusting my hips as I slam my cock home, shooting deep inside her contracted cunt. "Oh fuck!" I moan as I jerkily deposit my load into her pulsating pussy. Collapsing on her soft breasts, my lips find hers but we're both breathing too hard to do much kissing.

"You really don't want to fuck dad, huh?" I ask when my breathing is under control. I'm ... Continue»
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Pulling The Bridal Train

Mary sat looking into the large mirror that rose above the antique dressing table
and smiled at her image the glass. She looked stunning with her golden blonde
hair flowing down out of the wispy wedding veil, framing her creamy white
cheeks in an almost angelic halo. Her silky white wedding dress dipped down
in the front revealing her milky cleavage and she felt her breasts rising as her
breathing grew short. Her nipples, always sensitive, reacted to her
thoughts and rose up creating dimples in the otherwise smooth cloth that
barely covered her breasts. She smiled at the sight, ... Continue»
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Wedding Night Bliss (Pulling The Bridal Train cont


Mary stood in her wedding dress, posing for the camera. She could feel the
cum dripping down her inner thighs, and she was sure she could smell sex
wafting up through the air from her abused pussy. She looked over at her
new husband. Greg looked so handsome in his black tuxedo, and a small
pang of guilt washed through her.

She knew from the soreness that was already settling between her legs that
she would not be able to give him the wedding night that he deserved and
wanted from her. She should have been satisfied with just fucking his
father, just a quick release bef... Continue»
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How she got me to love BBC (Pt2)

"I am in the wrong place. She clearly gave me the wrong address" I think to myself; There are naked people all over this place. There are black men fucking or getting sucked by women and men. The ones who aren't fucking are talking to their potential prey. Then, just like that, I see her walking towards me holding a gigantic black mans hand. He looks to be about 6'6 with muscles that make him look like a body builder. His dick is as big as Gina's legs. She is naked from head to toe only wearing heels. She is stunning, but yet, I am as confused as i am mesmerized. She kisses this man on his lip... Continue»
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Visting a collegue and his wife part 2

Katya kissed me on my cheeks ... "wow ... Paul Delicious" she slipped away from me, turned to her husband and began to suck his semi-hard cock. I watched and saw how her mouth and tongue his dick was hard again. For a moment she stopped, looked at me, come Paul, help me ..

I looked a little surprised at her. I had never done anything like this. In a fantasy I have thought about it, but nerve in real. I doubted. The water had a refreshing effect on me, and after I got my orgasm my sense for sex was far less. Gert looked at me, then took the head of his beautiful wife in his hands. Dar... Continue»
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The Slut in me :-)

Here I’m in a new episode of my sexual life, after all these years feeling lost and without a direction I found thanks to my Man the place where I belong.
From being that shy guy, curious and full of desire and lust to the girl I’m now confident and more sure of myself and what I like and definitely with more desire and pleasure for sex, with more determination, more willingness and more excited for what is coming.
And enjoying what being this girl is, submissive and craving for cock, always wanting my pussy to be fucked, that feeling wow is amazing and all of these is so ... Continue»
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How we started our adventures 1

Quite a lot of men and women after a few years of marriage / relationship when the excitement and the reality of having fun in the bedroom fades a little start thinking about how to spice up their love life and think about how to keep the spark going. Men of course, at least most, think about watching their partner playing with another male and seeing how she is being pleasured.

Well, this is a true event that led us to having a few meets with other men over the years on occasional basis, (we are not hardened swingers) and if the meeting was good and C enjoyed herself would sometimes go out... Continue»
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Trish loves being a slut

So I was just waking up as it was Saturday and the phone rang
and it was Jack.

What are you doing today he asked and I had no plans as Nolan was
not coming home to see me, again. Who knows, maybe Kathy was
spreading her legs over his head again as they “hiked.”

Jack said I have my cousin’s van and thought maybe we could go to the lake and
have a picnic with my friends and hopefully their girlfriends. Jack said
the guys are providing all of the food. I had nothing to do and it
sounded like fun.

It was going to be 90 degrees so being by the lake was a great idea.
I packed a sw... Continue»
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My bbw wife (story 3): 4some with wife's frie

Christina and my wife worked together, we had known her and her boyfriend Allen about 6 months before we had our first threesome with Lynn.( part 1 of this series) Christina is actually the reason that we decided to start playing with others anyways. Like most 20 something year olds Christina liked to drink and party and so did we. It didn't take long before Christina and her man were invited over to our house to hang out and drink. After that first night we became great friends and hung out regularly. Now the reason that I had mentioned Christina was the reason we went looking for Lynn is bec... Continue»
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How to deal with bad neighbors

Leroy didn’t care much for the way his neighborhood was changing. When he had purchased his house it was a black neighborhood in the inner city, but a few years back one of the city’s universities began expanding rapidly. Now the neighborhood was full of rowdy d***ken college k**s. A fraternity even bought up the vacant lot behind his house for their frat house.
One day he looked out back and saw a confederate flag hanging from the side of that frat house. “Oh, hell no!” He thought to himself.
Leroy and his wife Ebony were upset that there in their own backyard was a confederate flag. ... Continue»
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Secret Watcher: Part 2 His Story

Note: Please read Secret Watcher Part 1. This two stories are meant to be read as a pair. The follow story is the reverse view and told through the eyes of the Secret Watcher's object of desire. Comments and ratings are appreciated. Enjoy!

Several years ago I had been on a business trip to Anaheim for the local trade convention. I was staying next door at the Hilton. They had just remodeled and the rooms were beautiful. One nice addition was that the windows had been increased in size. They were now floor to ceiling. I like to wake with the morning light and so years ago I started sl**p... Continue»
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Ex Skank Continued

Ex Skank's Story Continued

Britt still touching herself staring at my glory with 1 hand and bottle in other wished she had a didlo. V whispered if he can give her 1, I nodded and wondered why he would have 1?  Does he suck it or slide it up his hott tight ass? Curiousity got me wett again! Walking naked back to room handing me porn box of discs, red dildo, and purple dildo unopened. Discs of 3 somes, fat ass chicks, but i put the black guys gang bang a white chick on. V said he likes seeing color contrast then sat next to Britt an lit another joint offering that and her new purple toy! Sh... Continue»
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Young Lover in Hotel Room Seduction 3

This is the last installment of this series. I hope that you have enjoyed it, voted for it, commented on it and maybe even masturbated to it.
If you have, I’d love to know about it.
This is how the evening ended.

To say we were all tired would be an understatement. When I finally was able to extract myself from the limbs of Paula and Lana, they were both giggling. I asked what they found so funny and Paula told me that her aunt thought we were probably too much a mess to go out and get food, but if we eat much m... Continue»
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The Bet

I sat in disbelief-Kim just made a bet with these guys. The bet was Kim and would give hand jobs to all four if these two dude had the biggest cock we had ever seen. "Don't worry Lisa, look at these guys they are young, skinny, ugly, how can they have big cocks, they are white! We have this, don't worry." Lisa said with confidence. Lisa and I were out on a girls weekend get away. Our husbands and k**s were at home and we were at the beach for a short weekend of fun and relaxation. We had only had a few drinks and had been flirting and dancing with every guy in the hotel bar. Now we were goin... Continue»
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Shota Cock Garden Party (story I found)

“Eh. He’s alright.”

Mrs. Lane hefted Timmy Smith’s hard cock, gauging its length and thickness. “He’s… I mean, he’s a solid seven, that’s not bad, but nothing compared to my William. There’s a reason I named him that, you know,” she said proudly, looking over to where three of the other mothers were crowded around her proud boy, admiring his fat nine inches.

“There’s more than size, you silly slut,” Mrs. Smith said fondly, stroking her son’s hair. “Look at his balls. There’s more and sweeter cum inside Timmy here than in any three other boys, no matter how big they are. And seven inches ... Continue»
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Dressing Up

My name is Brian and I would describe myself as bi curious with a heels and stockings fetish. 57 years 210 lbs. with a 7" shaved cock that I like to think I know how to use. Stockings and heels are my thing, so much my thing that I have a couple of pairs of heels some garters and nylons and love to wear them when I jerk off. Sadly my wife is not into my desires in any way... My favorite fantasy is to meet a couple and have all three of us dress up in nylons heels and garters...Then "help" them have sex. Insert butt plugs for them, guide his cock into her pussy and ass and finally have the ... Continue»
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All because of Chatroulette

We are good friends with another couple, Colin & Alison. Colin is pretty much the same kind of guy as my hubby. He’s tall and a good laugh and we all like a good drink or two when we are out. In contrast, Alison is a complete and utter prude! So much so that she has put a dampener on many an evening with her strong opinions and her absolute intolerance to any mention of anything sexual. Even the silliest “Carry-On” type of humour, where it’s obvious we are just having a bit of fun is met with tutts and disapproving looks from her. Hubby and I have actually felt sorry for Colin on occa... Continue»
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With Wendy's Consent

As you recall, as I certainly do, and often, early April of my junior year at college was very...interesting. Dear, sweet Wendy, my gorgeous and sexy girlfriend, had vacationed cross-country with her parents, and I'd headed off to a speech convention, which turned into my first experience fucking another guy.

No, really.

Don't get me wrong, there is no way I'd leave Wendy for anyone else, regardless of their experience or sex. She is, for me, the ideal woman in so many ways. Happy, vivacious (that's a great word for her!), and totally in love with me, Wendy simply had no equal in any of ... Continue»
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Young Lover in Hotel Room Seduction 3

I hope you are enjoying this as much as I am. Paula is incredible. Wait until you read what happened next!!!

As we dressed after our shower (she had a shirt and shorts in a pool bag) I discovered that Paula was being accompanied by her Aunt Z who had had an allergic reaction to some shellfish they had had the night before. Her aunt had been married for five years when her husband lost control of a motorcycle and had gone into the front of a semi-truck. That had been just over a year ago. Her time of mourning was over and she h... Continue»
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My bbw wife (story 2): Different room swap

With Lynn getting back with her ex our expierence with another woman in our bedroom had came to an end. It had been a few months before we started throwing around the idea of finding someone else to play with. After talking about it for a few weeks I brought up the idea of maybe trying to find a couple. At first my wife wasn't in to the idea of it but after explaining to her that I'd love to watch her get fucked by another guy while I had my dick in another woman she started to entertain the idea. It took some convincing but she came around to the idea of it and soon wanted it just as much as ... Continue»
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