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Hubbies Birthday

Hubbies Birthday
Hubbie has put some memoirs on here about how he used to play with his s****r. I also come from an f****y playing background having first f****d my Dad when I was f**fteen and have been playing with John, since I was about 17. My Mum never got involved as she was a bit of a prude and apparently boring in bed, hence my Father f***ing me. I wasn’t a virgin but his cock was big so the first few times he had to make me very wet to get it in me.
John was and still is a nice 8 inches with good girth. I was delighted when Hubbie spoke of his background as it gave me the opportunity... Continue»
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2 Cougars on the Couch - A True Story

True Story - U asked - I thought it be good reading

It was close to 1am on Friday Night. (April 16, 2010) I was sitting on my big black leather couch in my living room. I had a beer in one hand and the remote in the other. I was watching sports center. Trying to catch some replays of a few games from the night. I had helped a friend with his computer at his house. He lives down in Columbia MD. About 40 minutes away. I had dinner with him on the grill. I left about 7pm. I was a little tired at 10pm but got my second wind after making some pizza in the oven. I had a few slices. I checked ... Continue»
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A Synopsis of my Sex Life

Call this a short auto-biography of my life and if you would like more detail send me a pm and ask questions.

First a little history. I was a skinny boy, uncoordinated so I didn't play sports and I stuttered so most of the k**s made fun of me. Had a few s****rs at home so I became a loner and spent most of my time in the woods, running around naked and playing all kinds of games in my head. During that time I learned how to masturbate and how to put my legs above my head and suck my own cock. I put all kinds of things up my butt and had all kinds of scenes running through my head where I wa... Continue»
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Jamacia Mistaka

My wife Brooke and I sail pretty often in the Caribbean. I am a professional captain by trade, and I have a lot of time off. Usually a few weeks at a time and sometimes more, but we don't want to waste too much time getting there. Therefore, we usually charter a boat in the area we wish to sail.

We had been talking about chartering in Jamaica. No acceptable boats were available, so we intended to scrub the idea since we don't like hotels. Then my wife found some small beach bungalows for rent. They were secluded and private. No room service. Only a small open tiki type grill and a... Continue»
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Old Friends

Helén and Catherine are old friends from back in the days when we lived up in Stockholm. I send Hubby up to Stockholm four to five times a year for romantic hookups with them to keep in touch.

Helén is a beautiful brunette with a shapely but very petite body. Hubby and her served on the board of a club together back then. Hubby was the president and Helén was the secretary. And I do mean a real secretary in every way. He taught her a lot about administration and well as a few things about lovemaking. Eventually, he hired her to work part-time with his company, both for her... Continue»
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The Best Week Of My Life, Pt 6

When I got home, I decided to get some rest and recharge, seeing as how my dick had become the flesh equivalent of a machine gun. A little while later, my s****r woke me up and took me to a bar where we shot a few games of pool and ended up dropping about $10 worth of quarters and one dollar bills in the jukebox before closing time finally came about around 1 in the morning. Some time before that, a bartender had brought me a drink saying it was “compliments of the two Irish girls over there” and pointing in the direction of two chicks. I saw the pair of Irish chicks again in the parking lot I... Continue»
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The Best Week Of My Life, Pt 3

It's a bit long, but I adapted it from 3 separate posts that I had written years ago, so enjoy/comment/whatever.

“Will?” Erin said.


“Meet me at the access road by the power station. You know, the one up the road from the construction company.”

“Yeah, I know what one you mean. See you there.” I hung up and instantly threw on a pair of non-marking soled sneakers and an old grey volleyball hoodie an ex from the next city over had gotten me while we were dating, grabbed a small flashlight, and slipped out the back door, leaving a note that I was out with my s****r. I walked ac... Continue»
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My Slutty Mate

After my first marriage ended I had lots of freedom to fulfill many fantasies, and a perfect job to do so. As I have mentioned in previous stories, for many years I have been the owner/operator of a high end charter yacht in Alaska, and that gave me many opportunities to have lots of sex with men and women and combinations of both.

While that was fun, I still wanted a partner who was sexual, sensual, uninhibited, kinky and free of jealousy.

One Winter I traveled to Las Vegas for a convention of yacht and charter boat owners, and met a few friends that I knew form Alaska. Most of them ... Continue»
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New Neighbors

It was the start of summer and I had just finished high school. I seen the moving truck pull next door, a SUV and a pick up pulled up behind them in front of our house. I watched the beautiful dark haired women get out of the SUV. She was hot, and sexy wearing a crop top t shirt, extremely short shorts that showed just the bottom cheeks of her fantastic ass. As she leaned over the open back hatch and pulled a small box out of the SUV, my cock started twitching around looking at her firm, tight ass. As she turned I could see her camel toe, so fucking sexy I said to myself. She was tall and slen... Continue»
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My Holiday fuck with a Chav

I guess I was always the shy kind. I was never particularly outgoing in many respects. I was the second c***d to a well brought up f****y. I had an older s****r called Carli that was much more aware of life than me. I was in every respect a shy naive guy when I became 18. I was studious, a constant worrier and I think in many respects that is why mum decided after getting my A-level results to book a holiday in the August of 2011.

She had decided to book a two week break in Ibiza. Mum knew that this would be just the ticket for me to unwind and not to stress out before embarking to uni. So ... Continue»
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Four Friends Find Swapping Fun

by timmac & 69milf

Rob lay on his back, naked on the bed. The hotel room was quiet, dimly lit. My lover 69, was naked as well as she sat next to Rob. She looked into my eyes and smiled and then turned to Rob and straddled him. She reached around behind her and guided his hard cock to her pussy. I was hard as a rock.

69 settled back a little and took only the tip at first. As Rob entered her more fully, 69's eye's flashed open and she drew a deep breath. He was big. Then she relaxed, exhaled and looked at him. "Jeez, you know how to fill a girl," she said with a smile, before settling, li... Continue»
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Tammy tries something new. Learns she loves it.

Tammy had just moved to the city, she had an hour before the restaurant she worked at closed but was exhausted, Jill the girl who had trained her when she started saw her yawn. "Hang in there girl." she said with encouragement, "I'm trying," Tammy responded, "My boyfriend went on tour with his band 2 days ago and i haven't been able to sl**p much." Jill gave her a devious look and whispered in Tammy's ear. "Do you party?" she said it while tapping her nose. "Like coke?" "Kinda like that." Jill said with a wink. "My boyfriend is in a rock band, of course I party." Tammy replied with a laugh. "M... Continue»
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The Village - Part 1

The following story is a work of fiction, presented as fact.

I present this to you as a tale, and as such it contains a small backstory. I suggest you read it. I suggest you feel it. You should absorb yourself in this young woman's every feelings, however if you wish to skip right to the action, all you have to do is search 'the sex' and you'll find it...

The Village

Bailey was a young woman living in a small hamlet in England. It was one of those picturesque villages that you'd visit on the weekend with the f****y, see the local farms and the lambs with spring in their steps. ... Continue»
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The Many Misadventures of Young Adults pt. 2

Harry Potter: The Many Misadventures of Young Adults pt. 2 - Harry And Ron Join In

Harry and Ron stood in the doorway, their mouths moving like those of fish caught out of water. Hermione smiled at them condescendingly.

"Didn't it occur to you to wonder why no one else came up, with all the noise we were making? Of course not. Boys!"

She got out of bed and marched menacingly towards them. "I cast a spell to keep sound from leaving this floor. Now if you don't do exactly what I say, I'll drop it and both Ginny and I will start screaming. Got that?"

"Y-y-y-y-y," was all... Continue»
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Canadian Wild Girl

It was a boring Saturday night, and Sam had nothing to do. She felt like going out, but wasn't a fan of dressing like a slut. However, she still wanted to be ready for action, just in case. Putting on a little pink g-string and black bra, Sam wore her modest red dress that was full sleeved and up to her neck and a pair of knee-high black boots. Feeling like she accomplished both of her goals, she set out for her nearby bar, The Globe.

When she got there, there was a camera crew for Canadian Wild Girls, a Girls Gone Wild style show where they film amateur girls and give them stickers or t sh... Continue»
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My Niece, Then My s****r

I got the call from my baby s****r Gina on Wednesday that she was divorcing her husband. They'd been married
for about 13 years. I asked her what happened. She told me her side, through tears, and said she had nowhere
wise to go. I told her that I had a couple rooms available, as long as she was able to help with rent and
bills. She said she could and would be looking for a job when she got here.

I'd just gotten a divorce from my wife about 9 months before this. After 16 years, there were just too many
burnt bridges to repair and she chose to get out. I was sad to see her go, but... Continue»
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Young Studs and Hungry MILFs

I like these three:

I would have the two on the right with the slutty looks in their eyes kneel in front of me while the shy looking blonde on the left sits to the side. I'd slide my shorts down letting my long penis spring up at the two in front of me, inches from their faces. As they start to moan and lick my shaft and head, i notice the blonde sitting on the couch to the side squirming, looking shy but horny. As she watches my penis twitch and buck as her friends suck it, I hear her start to whimper.

The thick blonde looks... Continue»
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Dogging and Neighboury love (continuing story of a

Back home we decided to add dogging to our portfolio of activities and after the success of the first trip we got bolder and decided to keep to locations closer to home. We kept it spontaneous, one warm clear night we turned up and saw one of her neighbours cars, it was an easy spot not many powder blue s-type jags about and saw that both front windows were down and cocks were being sucked and pulled from both sides. The passenger side we could make out it was the wife but couldn’t make out the driver’s side. It was decided I would find out who it was on the driver’s side servicing guys as qui... Continue»
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The Choir Director Pt 3

The Choir Director Pt 3
The next day Janet and I were having coffee , my husband was gone playing golf with his buddy's and my k**s were playing in the back yard. So I asked Janet how do you feel after last night? Janet said that her pussy was a little sore from the big cock of Joshua but if given the chance she would do it again in a heart beat. That's good to hear because I was hoping to get the boys together again soon so that they might fuck us in all our holes, well are you game? Oh fuck yeah I had a dream about that big black cock last night and I woke up stroking Dan's little cock wa... Continue»
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The Choir Director Pt 4 Final

The Choir Director Pt 4

Janet and I told the boys that we were going shopping and we would be back later, so off we went to the nearest mall to find the sluttiest clothes for tonight. I picked out a school girl outfit like I wore when I went to Catholic school only shorter skirt and tighter blouse. The skirt barely covered my ass cheeks and the blouse was tight enough to see my nipples through the white material. I told Janet I was going commando tonight I wanted to be ready for anything tonight. Janet opted for the little girl look sun dress white socks, black shoes, pony tails she said ... Continue»
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