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Valerie and the Old Gits

In the 1980s, my girlfriend Valerie and I had been together for about a year, and had enjoyed an erotic episode when she flashed and passing truck drivers while I drove along the M4 motorway to London. This had ended bizarrely with us stopping at a motorway service area, to which we were followed by one of the truck drivers, where Valerie got out of the car and stood with the driver one side of her and his mate the other, Valerie with her generous tits out and being cupped by each of the two men while I took photos.

This opened up a new side to our lives, as I had no idea my girlfriend Val... Continue»
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An adventure

I was nervous since I had never done anything quite like this before. I
sat in the parking lot for quite a few minutes waiting and thinking about
what I assumed I might see - and do - if I went in. My thoughts were having
the expected effect on me as I began to become more and more excited. The
parking lot was for an adult theater in north Denver. It has a book store
with an arcade in the lower level and a set of 3 theaters in the upper
level - my destination. Finally, I went in and paid my admission. One
admission allows access to theaters 1 and 2 which show straight porn... Continue»
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Mother Made Me Her Sex Slave - Part 2

My Mother Made Me Her Sex Slave - Part Two

I could feel my legs shaking as I walked up the steps to my fiancé's parents' front door. After what I'd heard from Sue the night before, I didn't really know what to expect. I shifted the flowers and the bottle of wine to one arm, as I reached for the doorbell. Sue's mom Patricia finally answered, and invited me in. She wore a tight white blouse and a tiny black skirt that made my cock stand up and take notice immediately. She was pretty hot for an older lady in her 40's, I thought, as I followed her into the dining room. She motioned for m... Continue»
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Ravished by cab drivers and his friends but yet en

Hi readers I am writing the continuation of the story Ravished by cab drivers and his friends but yet enjoyed later - 1. Well if you are reading the story for the first time please read my previous part mentioned here.

I’ll continue where I left in the 1st part.

So when he put his fingers inside my mouth and I was licking it I was all aroused and he started looking at me by lifting his face. He came near my breasts and as we were sweating he blew some air from his mouth and I felt like a breeze went from my chest. I started breathing heavily and my eyes were closed. I could smell h... Continue»
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Ravished by cab drivers and his friends but yet en

****d But yet Enjoyed Later: Part 1

Hi to all my name is Gayatri Saha and I am from Delhi. I was married to a guy named Nitin and I was completely virgin on my suhaag-raat. It was a love marriage. We met in disco’s and pubs a couple of times and danced, started dating, fell in love and he proposed me and I agreed.

The simple the story seems to be like ye utni simple hai nahi. I can assure u guys that once you’ll read this you all will try to contact me so my email address is but please don’t ask for any nude photos and phone number in the beginning. And fo... Continue»
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Natasha, a "natural" prostitute?

There is an interesting story behind this photo of Natasha D.

From the very moment he met Natasha, Daryl, a friend of mine, fell for her; she was what you call a party whore, and quite litterally, most of the time. Indeed, it's the way they had met, in some club; she was dancing on counters and tables and going from guy to guy, fondling this one, fondled by this other one, when she ended up in his arms. Poor Daryl! "Something felt right" he told me one day... and I assumed that it was her hand on his crotch, or vice versa.
So they ... Continue»
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My Boyfriend Always Cums Through

My boyfriend treats me to a hot orgy on vacation.
"Baby I want us to fuck a girl tonight." I purred to my boyfriend and pressed my sea salty body up against him in the shower.

After a full day at the beach the heat from the Caribbean sun was trapped in my skin. He fondled my breasts that were also hot and tanned from going topless. We'd already fucked twice in the morning and here we were, at it again. This was our first chance to get away together since we started dating a year ago. We were starving for a vacation.

"But it's only our second night, are you sure?" His cock had already ... Continue»
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A Neighborhood Full of Surprises

New single guy to the neighborhood has all he can handle.

I just moved into the neighborhood when I learned that I was in a predominantly Jewish community. Even though I had been raised Catholic, I was very used to cultural diversity from growing up in New York City and I even enjoyed the Jewish humor. I had purchased this three-bedroom ranch home in New Jersey, which had a rough finished basement and a fenced in yard with a swimming pool. I was still single and a very fit 27 years old. I was proud of my 6 foot 200 pound sculptured physique and I kept myself in tip-top shape. ... Continue»
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Pepper’s Honeymoon – Part 7 – Ma

Pepper’s Honeymoon – Part 7 – Margie’s New Bikini
Saturday, September 8, 1985
Saturday morning I woke early and managed to sneak out of bed without waking the girls. I put on some shorts and went to the beach where I jogged the full length of the beach and back. It was still early and getting light, but I went ahead and stripped and took about a 20 minute swim on the ocean. When I got back to the beach, there was a couple walking a ways down the beach, so I grabbed my shorts and trotted over to our bungalow and snuck in and jumped in the shower.
Before I finished showering, I was joined... Continue»
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The Temp Chic

i was glad i met her. Her smile her big tits and ass where inviting even to me the lead female of the work group. i was never opposed to having a office affair...mmm but i wanted to step it up a notch. lover and me keep our relationship in wraps, no one knows, no one get involved its just us, but something about her was different, i wanted a taste i wanted to bury my face into her i jumped at that chance when she mentioned Lover, how she would like to know him took weeks to make her feel that it was just a fling nothing more we could continue our work sta... Continue»
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Friends 2

Jennifer and Courtney unaware that they were being watched and recorded took their time unpacking their suitcases and putting their thing away. Each of them teasing each others hard nipples and grabbing each others ass.

"I just love being naked with you Jennifer." Courtney said moving her hand all over her friends tight little ass. Her pussy was already soaking wet just from looking at Jennifer's hot sexy body.

"Ditto!" Jennifer replied giving her a quick kiss on the lips.

" Those two are by far the hottest, sexist, women I have ever seen!" Juan moaned seeing the two actress's naked f... Continue»
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Mom with two guys

You are on vacation with your mother and decide to take a nap after dinner.

"You go ahead and rest dear," she says. “I am going to walk around the hotel and explore a little."

You wake up several hours later to the sound of d***ken laughter from the other room of your suite. You are pretty groggy, but you think you hear men out there with your mother. You get up, put some pants on and open the door to the living room.

You are shocked to see that your mother has stripped down to her bra and panties and there are two strange men sitting on the couch looking her body over hungrily. When ... Continue»
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The Fantasy

The wife has a fantasy she confessed to me a while back. Every time I think about it I get hard. I finally decided one day to make it come true for her.

It took some doing but I finally got it all together. I told her we were going out on date night. Little did she know I had packed a goody bag in the trunk and that she was in for a ride.

I told her I wanted to surprise her with where we were going, so I made her wear a blindfold. She hesitatingly put it on. We drove to the place where the "surprise" was waiting and I stopped the car. We were at a small unused warehouse that I... Continue»
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Sophisticated Mom To Cheap Slut

It was 2 years back. I was 20 at that time. We are a f****y of 3. We live in an apartment in Chennai. My father works abroad and comes once a year. So, it is just me and my mother staying here. Our apartment has multiple blocks. Each block has 4 floors. We live in the 4th floor of our block. Each floor has just two houses. The doors of the houses will be facing each other and there is a lift between the doors.

We are a brahmin f****y. My mother's age was 41 when
... Continue»
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What Kind of Club Is This?

When you are widowed and not yet ready for the old folks home, a man eventually returns to the dating scene. I had just turned 40 and I wondered if this would be a traumatic experience, it being over 20 years since I was a batchelor. So over a period of meeting women of different ages and backgrounds, I found that I was more at ease with women a few years older than myself. My main means of meeting these females consisisted of going to a couple of country and western clubs. After a few months of going to this one particular club, I met a gal who had similar likes to mine. This gal, I'll call h... Continue»
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A Good Houseboy

The sun was just starting to set when Jonathan along with his two good friends Pedro and Deshawn, all three of the young men laughing at one the many goofy things to come out of Deshawn’s mouth, had just walked back into the three bedroom apartment they all shared. After they shut the door behind them they all walked into the living room and made themselves comfortable on the couch before a silly fight broke out over control of the TV remote, followed by a heated debate on what to watch. The three men lounged about talking and watching TV when the guys heard the sounds of keys at the door and ... Continue»
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Midnight Visitor

It was late and we were in bed for the night. I was spooning her with my throbbing cock pressed against the crack of her really hairy ass. Suddenly the bedroom door opens. There's enough light to see that it's the old white guy that lives in our neighborhood. He asks what I'm doing in his bed and starts to take off his clothes. I'm so shocked I can't say anything. He reeks of alcohol so I know he's d***k off his ass. I realize I must have left the door unlocked, and in his d***ken state he must have mistakenly walked into our house. Miraculously my girl is still unconcious, actually, she'd smo... Continue»
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Condom Compromise

Condom Compromise.
John Kavanagh

My wife and I had been swinging with other couples, groups and selected singles for some time and very much enjoying the experience. Being nudists our main criteria was to have all naked and just let it all happen as we all felt comfortable. Bernice, my wife is lightly bi as am I, though her preference was for cock and lots of it in all holes so we often entertained an extra guy at our “gatherings” to keep the women happy and the only thing that I liked more than watching a guy fuck her, enjoying the contrast in skin tones (she is b... Continue»
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Fraisethorpe Nudist Beach Experience

Fraisethorpe Nudist Beach Experience.

MMM, true, bbk, oral, sloppy seconds, group, outdoors.

John Kavanagh is happy to share this account with you and is happy for you to
pass it on to any friends who might appreciate the events described, all as
they occurred and if you are on the beach would be happy to meet with you to
replicate the pleasures experienced. Please however note that the area where
overt sexual activity occurs, both bi and hetero, is distinct from the main
naturist beach and any open sexual display on the main beach is both a real
... Continue»
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Mystic Night PART FOUR

Maximus woke up in the middle of the day, with both fairies in his arms. They were all spooning, with Minea in the middle, him behind her, and Eneia in her arms. He slowly got up, and as he was standing next to his bed, his eyes were caressing two stunning, sl**ping girls. The sun was high, shining through thin white d****s, throwing shadowy glow on the girls. He was admiring their bodies, soft skin, inviting full breasts, and exquisite legs, which ended in firm tushies. Excitement started to grow within his body. At the same time, he felt an overwhelming protectiveness for the girls. He knew ... Continue»
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