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The Desert Part III

We all collapsed on the grass and promised to meet at the club around 11. Jessie and I ordered take out and ate. He and I looked at my purchases, and He brought out his gear. He had a sexy red PVC jock strap that could contain his big dick if it wasn’t hard. I told him I wanted him in that. So he slipped it on, and proudly gave me access to finger and lick his hole.

Jessie and I took and nap, and just after 10 PM, we heard voices outside out room. When I opened the door – still nude of course – Dan from the store was standing there. He had a shopping bag and thought I might like some ... Continue»
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Big Man with Little Room (story)

The rain continued to pour down overhead, the wind lashed against the shoreline and the skies lay gloomy and dark as I watched from a small beach house window. It was a quiet day, and walking on the beach generally is a place I could feel at peace. My life is quiet empty at times, it can be quiet lonely, but here... when I listen to the waves I feel a sense of comfort.

but the beach remained deserted for the most part; the heavy rain was picking up as flat roof was buffeted by bullets of rain, the wind howling heavy like banshee's on occasion. The car was two pier's away and for the most ... Continue»
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Officer Dan responding to a call from Angela (a police dispatcher), saw them in front of the alley, congregating again.

Jesus, these hookers are like cockroaches; you just can't get rid of them he thought to himself as he turned on the red & blue lights of his patrol car.

Dan thought about calling it in, but decided against it; he wasn't very well liked by his fellow cops these days. Nothing good would come from mentioning this to dispatch.

Officer Rosita, his former partner had just been assigned desk duty, pending an investigation thanks to testimony that Officer Dan had ... Continue»
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The Desert Part II

It was still warm and sunny, when I came out of the store and proceeded to run the rest of my errands. I bought fruit, vodka, mixers, and granola bars to snack on. As I didn’t know the neighborhood really well I was kinda far from the hotel. So I ripped off my tank, put down my convertible top and soaked up some sun. Without thinking I was rubbing my cock through my gym shorts and wanted another go at that young clerk’s mouth and ass.

I found the hotel after a few wrong turns and bounded through the gate with my armful of packages. Rob called for me to join the rest of the guests f... Continue»
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First time having a big cock

We've gone to a swing club for years, but never had sex with other people. Call us voyeurs, exhibitionists. I was reluctant to go to a swingers club, but my husband convinced me to give it a try. I was adamant that I wasn't having sex with anyone but him.

Well, I was totally turned on by the erotic atmosphere of the club. After some really hot dancing, I told my husband I wanted to go to one of the rooms and fuck my brains out. He did. We left.

After that it was me who would say, "Let’s go to the club." We'd go. We'd watch. We'd fuck in the open play room. I remember one night in particu... Continue»
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Playing the fertile cougar

It's been a while since this started.

Osei went off to Lagos as planned and Kristen wanted a little fun. She wanted Jay and some breed white girl role play.
We planned as we drove back from the airport drop off. Very simple, place the kitchen chalk board in plain sight by the front door.
"2 fertile bitches in need --->"

Only it took Jay a long while to show up. Too much time laying just about naked in bed with serious deep conversation resulted in Kristen placing a light kiss on my lips. Which turned into me caressing her face and melting as I kissed her deeply. Kristen retu... Continue»
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The Wedding Gift

I had known Thom and Gary for a few years. I met them at a Gay Pride festival shortly after moving to the area. They had been partners for fifteen years. They were both big into fitness and we participated in several runs throughout the state together. Even though they were both in their mid forties and I in my early twenties, we got along very well. Over time, I grew attracted to Thom while being fond of Gary too. Thom was a take charge kind of guy, very confident, a wicked sense of humor, and a hung top. Gary was a jovial,easy going, always smiling guy, who was a versatile guy. I made my fee... Continue»
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Gym group fuck

This should be read after our last post Fucked at the Gym.

He can't even write what happened, every time he starts he just has to jerk off he gets so excited. As I was there this time I will tell you what happened. I will start from when he got home from the gym. As soon as he had explained what had happened I made him strip and bend over so I could examine his asshole. The dirty little bitch had cum dribbling out of his bright pink hole. I quickly slipped two fingers into him and dug out some of the young studs cum, putting my fingers to his mouth he hungrily licked my fingers clean. Well ... Continue»
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Threesome Version 2

We have done this before, but this time before, going to be different. We had talked and when we arrived she was going to be a sexual trap ready to spring..and Erik was her prey. The idea is that I will drop them off at the hotel and I disappear for awhile . They deserve their alone time. He only feels the heat of passion and gets the taste of pussy when she comes to visit..I enjoy her whenever I like...and I like it a lot. When I return I wonder where he let his jet stream of cum release her..on her..she wants to see his dick squirt his long huge load on her.. last time he came insid... Continue»
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Threesome Version 3

It was here. The moment had finally arrived.

I stood near the side of the bed, stroking myself over her perfect breasts. Her husband sat at the other side of the bed watching intently, waiting to see his wife covered in my cum. My breathing became harder, much more deliberate as I stroked my cock harder, slowing down as the intensity ramped up. It felt as if I would float up and away as I neared and then passed the point of no return.

This was it. A lifelong fantasy was about to be fulfilled.

As a young teen, when I first began to ejaculate it was always very f***efully and in large q... Continue»
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Milwaukee Cuckold and his Pregnant wife

Milwaukee Cuckold and his Pregnant Wife

Judy told me on my 36th birthday she was pregnant from one of our friends. It excited me to no end and she said it made her really excited and horny. Well within the week she wasn’t feeling well and for the first 6 months or so f her pregnancy she had bad morning sickness and couldn’t do much of anything.

During her 6 month she started having lactation problems with a lot of leaking which she finally attributed to being very horny. She called me at work one Friday morning and told me she really needed to be fucked badly so she arranged for Grandma... Continue»
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Threesome Version 1

I remember the excitement-while we had done this before, it had been a while for each of us, and our last trip had been iffy. But not this time. My inner goddess stirring, knowing, excited and determined. I was wet and on edge most of the ride down, and once we were all together sexual tension filled the van. It hung in the air, a great lovely wicked b**st, demanding satisfaction. And I a willing sacrifice. But not yet. A quick dip in the pool to cool the b**st first. All eyes on us as we walked in and sat down toward the back of the grotto. I could feel the eyes of my lovers on me as well...... Continue»
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Two Are Better than One

"Ooh, ooh!"

Jean Granger was moaning slightly frigging on her clit while jumping over the penis of her husband. Jumping was a strong word, she felt. Since moving just two inches above would make the thing slip out.

"I'm cumming." Her husband tensed up, his legs stiffening.

"W-wait." She started frigging herself faster. "I'm almost there."

"Can't." He gasped for breath and the next moment went limp. She barely felt anything.

"Hey!" She tried hitting his face but he just mumbled in sl**p.

"Gerroff me. I am tired."

Jean sighed and got off, walking to the washroom to wash her ... Continue»
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Park service Tuesday night conclusion

I have been away from any computer for weeks.
Home checking on property--darn people paid to mow lawn--did not-raising H*** with them

I will catch up on the events of July/August, from memory so if off a bit please understand and my wife has 1 more club experience to share.
made me cum!

The storm missed us, good, a tent on a rock precipice during a thunderstorm is not a good situation.

However later in the night the thunder started again, this time it meant business.

Went out in the dark with only light sticks to secure what was out and check tent tie downs, no pins in rocks!... Continue»
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The Roommate Challenge

I walked into the apartment and heard unmistakable sex noises coming from the room of our roommate, Leah. There was loud moaning and grunting, and the bed rhythmically slamming against the wall.

OK, I should start from the beginning.

Early in my relationship with my girlfriend, Lauren, we had a two-bedroom apartment downtown. The second room was mostly unused until Lauren's friend Stacy had mentioned that her best friend, Leah, was starting law school nearby and needed a place to live.

Neither of us knew Leah very well. I knew she was smokin' hot — 6 feet tall and skinny but fit, sinc... Continue»
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Blackmailed by the sweet shop owner.

I just wanted to tell you about an experience that happened to me when I worked at a sweet shop when I was young.

Let me start off by telling you a little bit about me.

My name is Iona, I am in my teens, have shoulder length brown hair, blue eyes, and wear secretarial type glasses. Dressing to tease is something I just love to do. In fact the less I can get away with wearing, the better. I go in for tiny thin revealing crop tops, the type where you can make out the points of my twin peaks; skimpy tight dresses are also a favourite of mine. If I think I can get away with it; I wea... Continue»
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Sauna Surprise

First off, I'm not really an aspiring author. But I do like to read and I have read several interesting stories lately that got me thinking about sharing some of my adventurous moments in life. Generally I am fairly conservative when I am near home, but since I travel a lot for work, I sometimes take advantage of the fact that I likely won't run into people I know in case I do something crazy. An example of this behavior is going to topless and nude beaches when I travel abroad. If my mother knew I did these things she would have a stroke.

I do have a spontaneous streak in me where I am wil... Continue»
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Diamond Valentine

Well, here we go, Mark thought as he heard the bathroom door open.

Tessa slowly made her way to the bed on feet sore from a long day at work. She gave her long blonde hair a shake, dislodging a few strands that were caught under the thin straps of her top. Five years married, the sight of her in pajamas still made his heart race. When he smiled at her, she responded with a weary grin of her own.

"Thanks for doing the dishes tonight," she said as she sat down on the bed.

He climbed in next to her and responded, "You're welcome."

The couple leaned in to share a kiss, and then Mark sc... Continue»
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Chance Encounter

Sometimes the totally unexpected is the best. After the storm on 9/2/16.
The weather cleared pretty much last night and it was cool. Hubby finally told me to put on shorts and a button up shirt and get in the van. I was all pretty and in nothing but what he ordered. We cruised around for a while and I decided to undo my top and feel the AC on my breasts. It was pretty private till we went cruising through the mall parking lot and were noticed by some guys. They looked kind of harmless so he cruised up to them on my side and he let them look inside at my tits by the lights in the parking lot.... Continue»
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Femdom cuckold pussy boy

Owning my own business is a blessing because with my current lifestyle I'd never be able to hold down a normal job. Let me explain.

For example last Tuesday evening I came home to find my wife had her friend Rhonda over for a visit. Rhonda is a veterinarian and she also cuckolds her husband. So she and my wife get together to compare notes on new ways to make their cuckold husbands miserable. They where setting on the deck overlooking our pool and I had changed out of my work cloths into a pair of shorts and started cleaning the pool. I had been at it just over an hour when my wife called ... Continue»
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