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Swinger girl, A TRUE STORY part 2

So I was officially now a swinger...I had fucked, and I mean, fucked a total stranger in front of my hubby. As you can see in my pics I am a hot uninhibited blonde and usually the centre of all the lustful attention in the club but I soon learnt how "up for it" I had become.
After that first fuck I couldnt wait until our next visit...I still didnt want hubby fucking other women..he could kiss and feel them but that was it...but thats all he wanted too. He had let me fuck another guy, and so I had no limits. Although that first time for him took him from his fantasy of me being fucked to the ... Continue»
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Broken taboo (google-english))))

Scenario (event, without dialogue and storyboards). 

1. f****y breakfast. Essence - actors and submit their initial positions relative to each other. Mom, daughter, father, son.  Son goes to college, his father work, the mother - is going to work, but looking for something in the room. Daughter thinks that her mother was gone. 

2. Daughter agrees on the phone about the meeting with the guy. Verbal sex session thus, Mom heard it at the door, masturbating.  Doorbell - my mother is f***ed to hide in the closet. 

3. Lover is a black man, who immediately begins to scribble daughter blow... Continue»
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My First Lesbian Experience

I think I always knew I was attracted to women as well as guys. I would catch myself staring at girls, transfixed by their beauty, lush curves and soft skin. But I hadn't yet admitted it to myself. When I had let it slip to my then bf that I liked to watch lesbian porn he was intrigued. Maybe at first he was afraid I'd dump him, but after that he wanted to help me explore that attraction.

First we watched porn together. He questioned me on what parts I liked, which always led to him vigorously eating me out. But what he couldn't try to replicate was my desire to touch, and taste. So after ... Continue»
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Visiting my Uncle

Me and my uncle.

I had just finished my 2yr mba course and was called for an interview in mumbai for a MNC. I am basically from Gujarat and had never been out of my state alone, so i was a little nervous bout going to mumbai.

My uncle, Raj had a place there but i had never visited him, as he used to come to gujarat during holidays to our place and i never was interested in travelling. Raj was bout 35yo but still a bachelor, really
handsome and we all wondered why he never got married when he cud get any girl he wanted.

He was the only guy in our f****y who was physically fit, so we ... Continue»
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stepdaughter loving 5.

My stepdaughter Kim wanted to go shopping, it was the summer ball at her college in just over a week and she wanted a new dress for it, now my wife Trish was going to take her and have a Mother and Daughter day together but at the last minute Trish was needed at work and so I reluctantly had to do it.
"Don't worry daddy, it'll be fun" Kim smiled as we set off in my car.
"I'll make sure of that" she grinned.
Then she started to rub my cock through my trousers, her little fingers caressing my length as I tried to keep the car on the road.
ten minutes later we arrived at the multi storey car ... Continue»
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Swinger girl, A TRUE STORY

I am sexy looking, 34, with enhanced 34ee breasts, long waist length blonde hair and a good figure. I am from South America, on my second marriage to a pervert English guy.
I love my hubby but he is a pervert. He is 61, and we married 6 years ago after knowing each other for 4 years. We met in London, I liked his sense of humour, we had a few dates and we fell in love. He gets off on getting me to dress real slutty, taking pics of me, and going out places where friends wont spot us, as I will be dressed like a hooker in stuff like thigh high boots, ultra micro skirts, see through tops, shave... Continue»
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My wifes friend Lou!

It had probably been 3 years that my wife had been friends with lou, she was 29s, 5ft 9 and her body size I would say was a size 16 with rather large breasts (she never looked fat just well built, but all to proportion) I had always had a bit of a thing for her and had many a wank thinking about what I would do to her. This was always helped by the fact she used to frequently discuss her sex life with my wife and offer tips etc and often when I was around.

It was just a normal night Friday night and bec(my wife)had gone to the pub with lou, this was a once a month thing. Now it was normal f... Continue»
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My Troubled Years in High School...

Once Bruce, Charlie and Daniel had taken my virginity, against my will and I didn't report them, they took advantage of me when ever they wanted to. The fact that I was scared of them did not faze them at all, matter of fact looking back they used it to their advantage.

Just to keep them from savagely taken me, I had to allow them to have their way with me when ever they wanted. This usually happened two or three times a month, how I graduated I never will know, yet some how do to their numerous assaults I was able to find a way to get into college and have an allowance...that's a story f... Continue»
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The Wedding Party

This is a little story about something that happened to me over the weekend. I am usually not this bold but these events were too good not to share! I hope you enjoy my writing, they will be few and far between.

I have been planning my s****r's wedding for a few months now. The time came to send out invitations and write the ceremony with the officiant, so we made a weekend out of it. The bride, groom, myself (maid of honor), the bridesmaid Christy, and officiant/best man Mark. When the invitations were cut out, glued, stuffed into envelopes and finally finished, the real party bega... Continue»
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My wife watches porn..with my friends Part II

<Continued from Part I>
So there's my wife Hira..completely naked on her knees on the carpet in our living room, with four of my closest friends standing around her taking turns to feed her their cocks. She has Bunty in her mouth, while she jacks off Sheru on her left and Atif on her right. I could've never imagined my Pakistani wife would have ever made my fantasy come true, and in such a BIG way! She moves her mouth over the tip of Bunty’s dick and starts to take his full length down her throat. As I mentioned before, Hira’s oral skills are unmatched, and you can tell that they’re havin... Continue»
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Annoying My b*o And His Friends And Got Gangbanged

My name is Chrissy and I am six teen years old. I live with parents and b*****r Jacob who is a year older then me. Jacob and I have the typical sibling relationship I guess always annoying one another even though I seem to annoy him more. My parents are constantly working so they decided to make Jacob my babysitter which was nice having the house all to our self's even though Jacob acted like he was an adult which I constantly made fun of him for doing. Usually we just sat in our own rooms while our parents were gone every once and awhile we would watch T.V together but most of the time we did... Continue»
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k**s on the block

Joel and Allison live 4 houses away. Allison is a year behind me in school and Joel 3 years behind.
I have been on a swim team most of my life and Joel started swimming for the same team a couple of years after me. He started hanging around me, almost worshipping me. At first I found it ego building but it got almost weird.
My last year in school he invited me over after we had won a swim meet.
“My parents are gone,” he said. “We can do anything we want”
I reluctantly went to his house. Allison was gone so it was just the two of us
We sipped some booze and even got a little tipsy. Joel s... Continue»
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Yearly Physical IV

Yearly Physical IV

That evening, after getting back from the city, as we retired, we both got naked and laid on the bed talking. My wife reached down along side the bed and retrieved a the bag that we bought earlier this afternoon. She took out the prostate stimulator and put in batteries. Reaching into her nightstand, she got a good healthy glob of lubricant on her middle finger and leaned over toward me.
“Raise and spread your legs, darling.” she said with a giggle. I did what I was told and she lubed my anus and began to insert the stimulator. When it was al... Continue»
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Nik's Birthday Treat

Nik and Monica had been married for five years. It was a normal marriage to all intents and purposes. In the beginning they couldn’t keep their hands off each other and the sex was amazing. As time wore on normal life intruded and things in the bedroom went from 3 times a night to three times a month if they were lucky.
Nik had mentioned in the past about spicing things up. His secret fantasy was to see Monica with another guy. Monica, however, had always said no. Secretly she got a little excitement from the idea and had found herself fantasising about what it would be like but she was... Continue»
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Fantasy Gang Bang

At my dom's house.

I am dress in a corset and thigh-high fishnets with lacy see-through black panties. My eyes are painted and lined and my nails are freshly polished. I am clean and smooth from head to toe. I am wearing my studded metal bitch collar, and my dom holds the leash. I am a little nervous but excited. His job is to put me in heat.

He does so with the skill he always displays. With gentle hands, he caresses my shoulders and arms. The back of his hand lightly strokes my cheeks. He raises my chin and kisses me while is fingertips move down my front to my little breasts. ... Continue»
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A Tryst in the Dressing room...

I exited the rail station and headed for the bus bay, my bus was pulling out of the bay area and I could not reach it in time as it exited the area. I decided to walk the two miles to my house and exited the rail station.

As I walked down the avenue I noticed that the new sports store was still open and saw a couple of shoppers inside. Well I needed some new running shoes and decided to go in and see what brands they had available. Inside the staff was helpful but not intrusive, I was shown a number of shoes and suggested some outer wear that would go along with the shoes.

I was show... Continue»
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One More Time

One More Time
I’m not sure I want to try a threesome again. I did enjoy sucking Chris’s cock while you licked my pussy,,, I don’t know
Gill sighed, knowing that, it would be so much fun to not only be involved in a threesome with Chris again (a chance to explore his bi-curious fantasy) but to watch her be given so much pleasure again would be fun
"Well, let's at least meet him for lunch and see him again," Gill said Chris is what they fantasized about . . . someone who would put Lisa first, be willing to please her very well, but also willing to play on the bi-side a little bit, not to me... Continue»
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Marc and Moni in trouble, Moni becomes a true cums

Moni becomes a true cumslut wife

We get in Lamonts car and drive back to out hotel room, while in the car Lamont instructs me on how i will behave. He tells me from now on i am to smile wide at him and fawn over him no matter what anfd at all times. I am to tell my hubby that i am his white slut and that i enjoy it and want it.
You got that he says, yes i tell him, as much as i hate myself i cant help but feel trapped yet my pussy keeps betraying me.
We enter the room , Lamont has hjis arm around me ans i am smiling anfd giggling as i look up at him. He turns me to face him and starts to... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #10: Céline-5

Céline and Petra munch at each others mussels, while I wait for the turn of my mighty muscles

Céline continues to lick along the love lips of my gracious great granddod pretty Princess Petra
Céline can not to stop to drink Petra's pussy juices while I walk away for another bottle of wine

Every drop of you tastes so precious Princess Petra Céline tells her between long love licks
Every hour of the day or night I can make love to you if you want my mighty Mistress Princess

Long time I watch after I come back to the scene with the second bottle of white wine w
... Continue»
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Dog Fetches Girls For Owner

Trevor enjoyed his bachelor’s life. At 28 years of age, he had a good job, his own house in a nice neighborhood and life in general was great. He spent a lot of his spare time with his Sheltie which he named Jet because he liked to run as fast as he could when allowed.

Every day when Trevor got home, he would take Jet to a local park and let him run off some energy. Jet was well trained and obeyed Trevor’s whistle commands, so he never ventured too far from Trevor.

One of the benefits of taking Jet to the park was meeting women. What woman doesn’t like a Sheltie, which for those of you... Continue»
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