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The Shower Block

The Shower Block.
You both decide to take a walk to the shower block just after the sun set, of a hot day,.
you both have caught the sun, and with it your libidos have also been well topped up, with the stirrings in both of you that come with the outdoor style, of chilling and enjoying quality time together.

Your wife has only her skimpy bikini on, and you admire her ass as she walks ahead of you, thoughts of your wifes hot pussy beneath that thin ... Continue»
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The Club and The Morning After

As we were leaving for the club I couldn't help but notice how sexy Linda and Kathy were dressed. Kathy was wearing a short black dress that seemed molded to her figure and nearly exposed her ass it was so short. Linda had on a pink, glittery looking dress that was flowing, short but not as short as Kathy's dress. Linda's nipples were visibly hard and both ladies were wearing high heels.

When we arrived at the club the doorman greeted Linda and Kathy like old friends, hugging and kissing both, then nodding to me and Henry. One could hear the music outside, but when the doorman opened the do... Continue»
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Can't wait to do this with my wife (Part 1)

MMF, white guy with same build as me (Body builder) and same dick size as me (8.5"), shaved body hair and shaved junk.

We would all meet at a hotel. Go to a non-crowded bar so we could have a few drinks and be able to talk before heading back to the room. We would all take showers and dry off. I would have you lay on the bed on your back while the other guy and I lay on either side of you and rub your legs and tits. We would then kiss around your chest and each grab a breast and start licking/sucking until your nipples get hard. I would bite your nipple a few times then move up and start ki... Continue»
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Bathroom fun at Ricks

I was at a swinging party, and went to the bathroom to freshen up , and get my bits smelling fresh and clean for my next sexy partner, when i bumped into Gemma, who saw me washing my hardening cock . She suggested that i wear her panties whilst she played with my cock, no problem, this is going to be fun i thought...! naked in Ricks bathroom, wearing Gemmas panties,that shed just taken off, bearing her shaven quim that looked very inviting , with her basque and stockings on her sexy body.
whilst behind me Rick and another guy were sharing opinions on Gemmas boobs.
Gemma stood before me, dre... Continue»
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My wife entertained my friends

Friday I was on my way home and my cell phone rang, it was my wife and she asked me to stop and pickup four cases of beer. What I asked . She said just bring home some beer and she hung up. I thought that was strange, I don't drink much and she never drinks beer. I picked up four cases of Budweiser and headed home. When I pulled onto our street I noticed several vehicles parked in front of our house. I grabbed two cases of the brew and headed into the kitchen. I could hear the stereo playing sloftly from the den. I didn't see anyone right away. As I was bringing in the last two cases one of my... Continue»
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Melissa finds her glory

Melissa had been sexually active since she was a pretty young age, by the time she was 16 she had already had several partners both male and female. She once had a threesome with her cousin (f) and a friend of theirs. It got her wondering how it would be to have multiple male partners. Now a normal person wondering this would just seek out two guy friends and go for it. But she was far from your normal girl. So what did she do you are asking yourself??? She started researching aka watching tons of porn on mmmmmf ect. The genre that intrigued her most was glory holes. Even though she know she w... Continue»
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Miss Jill Comes to Visit – Part 3a

Time to tick off another fantasy from the bucket list for Miss Jill. Have had to split it into two as thought it would be to long for one story.
As we waited for the lift Jill turned to face me and lent in close to my face and said “Thank you so much. That was so exhilarating, I still desperately need to cum.” Jill then placed her hands on each of my cheeks and passionately kissed me without a care of who was watching. I was already horny as it was but this kiss blew my mind and made me want to take Jill right there in the lift lobby. The... Continue»
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Miss Jill Comes to Visit – Part 3b

The continuation of this story

“To start things off I have a special treat for you to get you inspired to shoot your loads so please enjoy. The five lovely ladies are also here to offer any assistance you may need.” With that Gabi pulled Jill’s head back and stepped over her face and squatted until her pussy came into contact with Jill’s lips. I could tell Jill wasn’t expecting this as the look on her face was one of surprise but she began eating Gabi’s pussy as though she had been dying to do so all night. For the next ten minutes the guests watched either enjoying the help of the hostesse... Continue»
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Swap Consequences


With the persistence of her husband and a friend, a
reluctant wife is finally persuaded to join a swap
group. All goes well at first, then events take an
unexpected turn. (MF, reluc, wife, voy, swing)


"Why don't you just ask her?" Dave said,.

"I'm pretty sure she wouldn't go for it."

"I had the same problem when I approached Jean. Her
first reaction was no way. She wasn't about to become
involved in group activities. But I got her thinking
about it-the idea was planted, and one day she asked
for details, the people, where, when, what we would be
doing. An... Continue»
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It had been several years since I’d seen my k** s****r, Beth. It’s not that I had anything against her or anything; on the contrary, I always got along with her just fine. It was just that once I was finished with high school, I couldn’t get away fast enough from my dysfunctional mother and her latest husband. Let me tell you, Mom was a real piece of work. The less I saw of her, the better.

So like a lot of k**s who needed to get on with their lives and needed somewhere to get started other than dead end jobs at a fast food joint, I joined Uncle Sam’s Navy. I can’t say I had an absol... Continue»
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Moni used again and loves it

True story

A few years after we were married we took a road trip down to Phoenix , We were both young and carefree having been married for such a short time. We arrived in Phoenix late at night as Marc decided to not stop and get here quicker . We were both tired and also a little lost.
We drove around looking for a place to stay but couldn't find any vacancies in the area we were.
The guy at the last motel told us to try a place and gave us the address. We drove out looking for the place and had no luck. We had no idea where we were anymore and the neighbor hood looked a little run do... Continue»
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What my wife did with a coworker

If you have read my other adventures you know my wife is a hot wife/ slut wife/ cuckoldress. She has blonde hair and blue eye and is five foot four one hundred pounds , she has thirty four b cup tits and perfect legs. In the office she works at one other lady is in a cuckold marriage and they share stories during their lunch hour. They try to out do each other.

Part of their job is meeting salesmen from outside source providers. My wife has met over thirty guys for ( dinner ) and it always ends up with her having sex and coming home with a creamypie for me to eat. But that's not what this ... Continue»
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s****r's share everything

I gave "Assmeanything" an idea for a story & he came up with this for me...THANKS!

So it all happened when I heard my fiancé and her s****r Suzie stumble in from a nightclub in the early hours of the morning.

Sometimes my fiancé brings back some of her friends to chat over that night's incidents, but as I lay in bed upstairs trying to get back to sl**p I thought I could hear male voices. I thought I must be dreaming and drifted back off to sl**p.

A little while later I woke again and heard male voices again, they seemed to be groaning and I could definitely hear a woman's voice in bet... Continue»
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Hottest 3way Part 2

It didn't take long before myself and the hot older couple from part 1 got together again. Two nights later I got a text from the wife. All the text said was "tonight?" and a pic of her bare tits. I responded that it would have to be after midnight as I had to make sure my wife was asl**p before I could sneak out. Lucky for me my wife was in bed by 9:30pm, so it was no problem for me to sneak out the back door. I left a note that read, " Can't sl**p - gone for a walk - be back soon". Just in case she woke up and came downstairs, which she never does - but you never know. It was a very... Continue»
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Late night gangbang suprise

I was fast asl**p in bed when my phone vibrated on my bedside table. I thought about ignoring it but noticed in my half sl**p that I was the only one in the bed I share with my lovely wife.

Leaning to my phone, I saw that my clock was saying 3:05 and that it was the middle of the night.

My phone blinked ‘KRISTI MESSAGE’ and wondered a: Why my wife would be texting me so late, and b: Where on earth was she at this time of the night.

Fumbling the buttons, I opened the message and blinked to focus my eyes on the words ‘CHECK THIS OUT!!’ and noticed there was a picture attached. Scrolling... Continue»
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The Babe At the Gym - Part II - 'The Carwash&

The Carwash

Layla decided to go to the carwash right away. But not until after a shower. There she gave me every inch of her incredible body and sensuous litheness. Goddam she was a dream of a dream, like she was made just for me. She straddled me with her arms around my neck and feet against the tiled wall. At first I held her ass high andshe took me full in one sliding sleek motion to the hilt. Then she ground her cunt slowly and circularly, then up, then kissed my neck, my shoulders, my lips, then pausing to grind and throw her head back into the sp... Continue»
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Home Office & Seduced By A Bi Couple

I was both excited and nervous as the elevator doors opened. I had never met this couple, only traded some emails back and forth, as well as some photos of us and what we all had in mind. Before me was a long hallway of apartments. Theirs was a G, so I imagined it was close to half way down.

As I passed each door the images of what they had in mind passed before my eyes. I was getting increasingly excited as I placed myself deeper and deeper into each scenario.

They asked me to come that Thursday, late afternoon, to fulfill a fantasy of theirs. One that they had discussed, and one that ... Continue»
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Drink night

Once a month I go out for drinks with a MILF coworker, Sam. Sometimes it's just drinks, sometimes it's more. Tonight it was more. She got a text from her husband, Roger, asking if she wanted to bring me home and give me a blow job. She said yes!

We got to her house and while her husband and I sat talking, she excused herself for a minute. She came back out wearing thigh high striped stockings, a matching thong and nothing else. She walked over to me, put her hot tiny ass in front of me and bent over. While Roger looked on, I started playing with Sam's ass. She reached down, pulled the tho... Continue»
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While I have been recovering from foot surgery over the last 4 weeks I discovered the twink f****y across the road have exciting happenings.

Hi I am from the Philippines’, my f****y emigrated to New Zealand 10 years ago. My parents wanted a better life for my older s****r, younger b*****r & myself. My older s****r got married to a guy over the Christmas break between High School & me starting University. Several of his mates tried to hit on me over this time and I wouldn’t have any of it. My younger b*****r’s friends started hitting on me and I would tell them to go away, I wasn’t intereste... Continue»
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Unexpected Threesome

For your interest let us tell you about a recent event in our lives with an unexpected twist in the saga. A few weeks ago I took a day's leave from work so Lisa and I could have some quality time together after we got the f****y off to school, college and work. There was going to be no rush as the youngest wouldn't be home until 3.00 pm!

We started the day with Lisa naked face down in the middle of the bed. It is lovely to have her spreadeagled, a pillow under her lower tummy to raise her hips slightly, her legs apart to expose that rear view of her pink shaved pussy. I started our session... Continue»
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