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First time at an adult bookstore

This is a true story that happened to me meabout 5 years ago when I was 18 years old. Iam not a professional writer nore writing was my best subject in school so bare with me. It was a normal Summer for everyone else but for me, I just turned 18 a month ago and I've always loved porn and getting into the adult book store fetish. Other than women I've always been attacked to older men. I guess it's their eagerness to please or be pleased by a younger son type guy like my self that I needed a daddy so I can please in any way that they wanted me to. The more I read stories and watched videos of w... Continue»
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The other day, my wife was working late at the hospital and I began feeling the urge to rub one off. It's never as much fun by yourself so I started texting her. I carefully built the conversation from innocent to a little more. She always seems to fall for that. The texting soon turned into dirty talk when she sent me a pic of her top pulled down with the caption; "Does this help?" Did it ever! She has beautiful, golden 38DDs that I can never get enough of. Her nipples are silver dollars with just the perfect shade of pink.
My dick throbbed and I started feeling brave. I had been wanting t... Continue»
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My Wife, the Perfect Hostess

I awoke slowly, lying on one of the living room sofas. Still dressed, still quite d***k, the room was stuffy and hot. There were low moans. Wet sounds belonging in a porn flick, people groaning, hips smacking against one another. Some male voices and one female. The male voices were vaguely familiar, the female… Nina? My wife!

Suddenly it all came back to me, the party and the packed apartment, how people had started to leave in the small hours. I remembered how my timid little Nina had played the hostess, for once the centre of attention. She had put her best dress on, a low-cut black sum... Continue»
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Marc takes Moni camping

It was a spur of the moment thing. We looked out
the window one Saturday morning in August, and decided
to toss some things in the car and head for the
mountains. No specific plans, just a wish to get away
from the city.

We found a nice Forest Service campground next to
Rushing River, an hour's drive from home. There
were tents set up in some of the sites, but nobody
around; and we found a vacant spot in a far corner of
the campground. We set up camp and made a quick lunch,
then went off to explore the area.

Moni was wearing tight fitting stonewashed denim
sho... Continue»
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Lea was sitting naked on the table and Rob was standing beside her. Three naked men were across from her as Rob showed off her body for their entertainment. He told her "Spread your legs. Yes. Now wider." He then grabbed a tit with one hand and pushed two fingers in her cunt with the other. As he ravaged her body he tongue kissed her mouth. Rob loved showing her off to his male friends. Lea would do anything he said and he loved using her body many ways. She was so sexy and so beautiful and could have had most any man but she stayed with the one that used her for his dirty thrills. Rob then gr... Continue»
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Sabash:"Liya,i indeed like you!"

(well,actually this story looks like a plot more than a hentai-doujinshi story.
based on anime movie Dragon Nest Warriors` Dawn.
To my best friend Saberrung here XD.)

Sabash is a human fighter boy,before the union between human and elves decides to kill the evil black dragon,he once saved Liya`s life in New Moon forest(as said in the movie) by killing several monsters which wanted to raid Liya.Liya thanked him by let him fuck her once and leave,and since then Sabash missed Liya very much but have no idea where to find her.Sabash joined the army to kill the evil black dragon,he didnt know ... Continue»
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Amanda stood up satisfied. Looking around her house she was making some progress unpacking but she was starting to get tired. Stretching her back she rubbed her breasts, even they were sore and tired from the move. Picking up her glass of wine, she decided that she wanted a little fresh air before she attempted making the bed and so, stepped out into the night air.

Her new home sat on several acres of land in the middle of nowhere. Listening all she could hear was the night creatures singing their song to the moon and the gurgle of the stream that fed into the larger river and the very back... Continue»
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London Day Trip

Back in the swinging sixties I took a train to London to see the motor show, originally I had planned to go with a friend but they canceled at the last minute. The trip down was uneventful and to my surprise the train arrived on time, something that didn't happen that often back then. From Euston it didn't take long by the Tube to get to Earls Court and the Motor Show. Five hours later I'd had enough of looking at cars most of which I couldn't afford anyway,so I hopped on the Tube again and headed for Soho.
I was a country town boy and Soho back then was all pretty blatant sex, I was soon in... Continue»
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Cock Sure

It was about like any other weekend getaway to the desert except that we decided we'd like to try a clothing optional resort. It was the first time for both of us. We pulled up to the front gates of the resort, got out of the car, grabbed what little luggage we brought with us, (mostly suitcases filled with fine wine) and rang the bell at the entrance to the resort.

We were greeted by a pretty young woman clothed in light summer wear and she brought us on to the grounds of the resort. It was hot. Really hot. The desert in August afterall. s**ttered around the pool were scores of naked bodie... Continue»
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My New Step s****rs - BBBBTS

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

I seemed to always be in trouble growing up. It was no surprise that my parents divorced over my bad behavior. When most k**s were going to college, after high school. I was in the back of a bus, going to prison. I was sentenced for stealing a few cars. 25 to be exact. All over one weekend. I got off the prison bus and headed inside. With good behavior, I could get out in a year.

1 year later:

I walked out of prison, a changed young man. I did not want to go back. I took a taxi back to my house. My Dad had remarried while I was serving ti... Continue»
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The f****y Road Trip- BBBBTS

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

More adventures of my hot New Step s****rs and New Huge Boob Step Mom

Recap of previous Story - Went to prison for a year. Got out on parole. Went home to find my Dad got remarried. He is out of the country on business. My new Step Mom is super bodacious. Her two daughters turned out to be real big nymphos. They came home from private school. They put on a naughty fashion show. One thing lead to another and I end up fucking both of them. Also without my knowledge, my new Step Mom was spying on me, when I was asl**p.

"Good Morning! sl**py ... Continue»
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Spicing It Up by loyalsock

I realized, after something that happened last week, that it's never too late to spice up your love life. And that you can get into a rut in terms of how you view your wife, sexually. My wife, Cathy is 30 years old, about 5'3", with light brown hair and blue eyes. She stands a firm 37-24-36 with a really cute baby face. She works as the local regional manager for a national bookstore chain, so she usually dresses and acts in a fairly conservative fashion. Last Friday she had to fill in for one of her managers who called in sick. Normally she works from 9-5, but since she was filling in fo... Continue»
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The Making Of A Slave by loyalsock

Josie's husband, Brad, was at work in the basement, and had told her he didn't want to be disturbed. This was fine with her - she had a lot to think about.....

Josie had always been a highly sexed woman. She had led a sheltered life in high school and college, but there had been the usual sexual experimentation with several boyfriends. It was always enjoyable and Josie had no trouble cumming. She was always left with the feeling that there was something better or something missing, but put this down to inexperience, both hers and her partners.
In her freshman year of college she and he... Continue»
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Birthday Games by loyalsock

Lisa had always been the "doucumentor" of the f****y. She seemed always to be
taking notes at every gathering and could recall with great detail what was
said or done by anyone there.

Since my 21 year old stepdaughter received the camcorder as a gift last
Christmas, it has been her constant companion, traveling with her wherever she
goes. Alternately it has become almost a permanent fixture on its tripod in the
corner of our f****y Room, silently and watchfully recording candid views of our
f****y life for posterity. Last weekend Liza knocked on my study door for a
short v... Continue»
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Samantha by loyalsock

She couldn't help herself, even though it was so dangerous now, this collection of pornography. Sex, it all its guises, all its forms, had always fascinated her, reached into her deeply. She'd been building it for years, harvesting the best from the floods of pornography that flowed across the net in the days before the ultra right took over things in the country. After that, many of her e-mail pen pals disappeared, one by one. Too many had careers or families to protect, and the net had become a dangerous place. The person who traded hot pics or stories with you one day might knock on you... Continue»
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Turned On by loyalsock

We had just been married a few weeks and one night after some
hot and heavy fucking we began to talk about what really turned
us on. I could not believe what my wife told me and I could instantly
feel my cock rising with anticipation of what was to come.

My wife Lisa is 25 years old, 5'8"" tall with wavy blonde hair
falling below her shoulders. She has a fantastic body. Her legs are
long and thin, her ass is firm and tight and a great set of tits. She
turns heads at the mall. I enjoy watching guys looking at her as we
walk by. Look all you want guys, but I'm g... Continue»
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Camping Trip by loyalsock


We were looking forward to our camping trip just to get away for a while to rest and relax. Little did I know that that this trip was not going to be that way. We never thought that we would spend so much time fucking our new neighbors at the campsite!

Annette and I had hiked most of the day to get to one of the more isolated campground areas in Yosemite park, and we were both quite hot and sweaty by the time we reached it. Upon arriving, we saw that there were several other tents already pitched, with a few people milling about or just relaxing in the p... Continue»
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Terri The Tramp by loyalsock

Terri had discovered boys quiet early. She made friends quickly and as a result became qiuet popular.

Terri had always been quite adventurous when sex was any part of the equation.
The 24-year-old, who had spent most of her life thus far living in and around
San Diego, was known as one of the "easiest" girls to bed during her high school
and college years. Not only was she wanton and loose in her ways, but Terri was
also beautiful - and she knew it. Terri made several men her victim by charming
them with her body. Her hair was naturally-blonde and went down well past her
shou... Continue»
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Hilary Duff & Haylie Duff


“Oh shit.” Hilary cursed into her cell phone as her car quietly rolled to a dead stop.

“What? What is it?” Her s****r asked on the other side.

“Oh this fucking car just stalled, and I have no idea where I am.” She explained. She looked around
the dark street. The run down part of LA was far from where she was planning on heading, but she had taken the wrong off ramp, and wound up lost in the far corner of the city. “Look. I’m going to call you back in a bit. Okay.”

“YOu’d better. Be careful.” Her s****r concluded. Hilary hung up, and glanced at her phone.

She starte... Continue»
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Hayden Panettiere & Kristen Bell

Kristen stood there, covered with cum on her face, nude as well as Hayden stood there looking at her as if she wanted something from her while both Jake and Derek are sitting down on the couch, completely tired as they fucked Kristen like crazy. All four were being silence as each one was waiting for someone else to break the silence. “So… was your birthday, Hayden?” Kristen asked, breaking the silence.

“Good, very good” Hayden told her.

“So… now that you’re here, what do you want to do?” Kristen asked. “Um… well I was hoping we could play video games or watch a movie but n... Continue»
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