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Weekend with Tara

Weekend With Tara

After getting a bite to eat and more than a few beers Jimmy, me and my good buddy Mike are driving as we see a nice big ass walking down the street. A nice lean body but with a perfect huge ass made to stick your teeth in.
Me and Mike are in the front of the car and suddenly we hear Jimmy yelling “Hey!” We pullover and this voluptuous lady comes walking over. Jimmy steps out of the car and she gives him a kiss on the cheek while he discretely grace her butt cheek. Me and Mike look at each other with a grin and instantly think that there must be something between Jimbo an... Continue»
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Dunes & Naturist Beach

The Dunes

This story is based on true events, up to a point.

One of my favourite nudist beaches on the west coast of France is between Les Granges and Sauveterre near Brem-sur-Mer. So, on our way further south for some surf my mate Geoff and I spent a week camping nearby and made for the beach most afternoons to chill and let the rays do their work.

The beach is wide and backed by dunes and pine forest and runs for maybe 8 kilometres. To get to the nudist area we have to walk through the main beach and head south. After about 10 minutes we came to an almost deserted area that act... Continue»
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What Kind of Club Is This? - Part 2

So leather man begins to undress Becky. His wife, (leather woman), also helps. Although this room is set aside for whatever may go on, it is not totally private. Meaning, as Charles the owner/manager said to us as he exited the room, "Anyone and/or everyone is allowed to come in and watch." "If you want any of them to join in well, that's a decision to be made by the parties in play." Becky is totally nude now, and leather man is sucking on one of her nipples. His wife has crouched down and is beginning to lick Becky's pussy. I am really amazed that Dorothy, a gal that I felt be a bit on... Continue»
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Fucking the Twins again, and more.

The twins Jo and Linda decided to throw a pool party while their parents were away over the summer. Plans were made and invitations made by word of mouth. Went like this: Bring your favorite drink. Swimming required, bathing suits forbidden, Everyone wanted to be invited but the list was restricted and some of the larger football players were lined up to man the gate.

Their house was kind of secluded and with the fence privacy was ensured. At least private to those that were in the back yard. A lot of people chickened out at the last minute and chose to not swim even though it was hot as a... Continue»
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older couple naked party

Older couple naked party

Here I am naked laying on a bed with a skinny blond sucking my cock and I'm
thinking back how this came to be.
Got a e-mail a couple of days ago from Julie and Mark in the double wide
telling me to save up some cum for a party that they have arranged with another
couple for next weekend.
They had told me about her younger cousin and her bi-husband that they like to
play with. And they wanted to meet me and all of us play together.
So when I arrived at the double wide there was a older pickup truck all ready
there. When I walked into the living room, ... Continue»
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I was 18 yrs old then and my mom Asha 41 years old. She is very sexy and can get many dicks hard even at this age. Her figure is 36-29-38 with a real sexy ass. So here goes the story.

One night me my mom and dad went out for dad’s friends party. The party started at 9pm. Mom worn a black flimsy chiffon sari tight around her sexy body. I’m sure she might have swollen many dicks in the party that night.

Everything was going fine until mom started feeling tired
... Continue»
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2 Moms, 2 Sons, 1 Hot Night

Recently, I was reminiscing with my mother about "That Summer."

"What do you remember most?" I asked her.

"Only everything!" she replied.

"Yeah," I said. " It's hard to forget those things."

"As I recall," mom said with raised eyebrows, "those 'things' were 'hard' a lot!"

I get hard just thinking of that incredible summer; when I lost my virginity with my mom, my aunt, and my cousin.

When I was thirteen years-old, the summer after seventh grade, m
... Continue»
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The opening night of my club, hubby's smashed

Hubby and I have just woken up in our giant bed after great gangbang party last night at the adult club I own. Just a Shame more guys didn't stay over, our bed has loads a room for more, but I'm told not all men can fuck all day and all night non-stop, my husband certainly can’t lol

The opening of my new swingers/sex club seemed to go quite well, we had a greedy girl’s night. Almost a hundred men and 12 women, every woman was VERY VERY well satisfied, as you can imagine. Being the club owner, I didn't get to play much at the start, but soon made up for it at the end of the night with the ... Continue»
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Carribean Surprise

My wife and I decided to splurge and take a trip to the carribean in one of those real exclusive suites. Misty is 24, 5’5”, 125 lbs and medium to large tits. I’m 5’11”, 175 lbs. Misty has real dark hair, solid black and I have light brown hair. We both workout regularly and stay in fantastic shape. We looked forward to a location where we could spend lots of time in the sun in seclusion.
I wrote the code for a video game right after graduation and my company is making lots of money. We wanted to take our first real time off. We booked the spot for 10 days.
We had to take three flights to get... Continue»
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Fun with a Granny Part 4

Hi sorry its been so long since Part 3

Micky a 14 year old schoolboy was laying on his bed it was the start of the summer holidays and he was thinking back a few weeks when he and a few friends had met Veara a 73 year old granny read parts 1 2 3 thanks .That was the best time of his young life when he put his cock into Vearas pussy for the first time .The feeling he got was amazing and when Bert ass fucked him and Veara wanked him off as he took Berts old cock up the ass was the best feeling in the world .

Micky thought lets vist Veara again he phoned his friends up to met him .As he wa... Continue»
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How did this happen?

The knock at the door woke me up from a very restful sl**p. 3:00 am, who on earth could be knocking on my door at 3:30 am? I trudged downstairs in my sl**ping shorts, and peeked through the little hole on my front door…it was Amy and her daughter Jesse. I had worked with Amy for the past five years, and we had become best friends through discussion around her marital problems and my divorce from my wife of 15 years. We both shared some common frustrations, regrets, and disappointments that the other could relate to.

I quickly opened the door and invited them both inside. Their eyes were pu... Continue»
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My first 3 some

It was with my first proper boyfriend, he told me he wanted to see me with another man but I just took it as joking. Then he took me to his flat one day and he told me he had a special surprise, I walked in and found a total stranger there waiting for me. I had seen the guy around town, everyone thought he was a bit of a pervert, quite scruffy almost tramp looking he was in his 60's, the sort of guy who hangs around playgrounds, jam jar glasses raincoat, a stereotypical perv. I didnt know what he was doing there, but I soon found out.

I was introduced to him and he told me how he had seen... Continue»
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SEX with my wife’s friend and her daughter

I was visiting them on my way to some other place. I decided to spend a day with them. Moreover Samir was away & she was alone with her daughter Rupa. After we entered the house & Rita went to make tea. Rupa was reading a book in one of the rooms & was wearing a black & white striped top [figure hugging] & matching skirt mid thigh level. [I like this dress a lot and she looks very pretty, beautiful, gorgeous and attractive in this dress – she knows this as I have told her this many times before & I think she was wearing this dr
... Continue»
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Horny house wife

I'm a joiner working on a building site sometimes I do a bit off work on the one day I call at a house to quote for a job they are a nice couple and seem very friendly . The husband introduces himself as John and his wife called Sally and shows me around to measure the doors he wants changing . I take the sizes and show them the door styles as we talk over a cuppa .Sally starts flirting saying things like "I wish he was good with his hands " and " his tools not up to the job" as we sit around the table I feel her hand on my thigh slowly slideing up towards my now stiffening cock .she s... Continue»
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He hands his wife over for submission

Their car is already at the motorway services when I arrive and I deliberately cruise slowly by to make sure that both husband and wife are sat waiting. I see two pale faces, his and hers, in the glare of my headlights and I know that my plan is going to come to fruition. I move past where they are backed into the furthest corner and park myself a good 200 yards closer to the bright lights of the service station and position my car to be facing directly towards them.
I call Antony to check that all is OK and to give him his instructions. As I end the call their interior light flicks on. I am ... Continue»
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Wife Dominated by the Babysitter

Fiction...blah blah blah… Usual disclaimers, you know the stuff by now…

Well, me and my wife Kim were on the way home from a night out with friends, the usual shit, restaurant, couple of drinks, me driving. As ever, she’s bending my ear about some nonsense that must only be important to women because I’m really not getting any of it, I’ve got bigger things on my mind…
You see, I’ve been shagging the babysitter for months now. She’s called Danielle, she’s 18, only short but with a frame to die for. Nice cans, tight arse, long dark hair, bit rough around the edges but that first time I drove... Continue»
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went to a porn theatre

I got off the cab, walking down the street, looking for the right door number. I was wearing a tight black dress, pair of fishnet stockings, black underwear and black heels. I've put on my cats ears already in case some of the guys would wait outside. I've met one straight away, quite handsome, taller than me. Smelled nice, I think he was a little hesitant to get inside and share me with others.

We've walked in together, I dropped my stuff in a locker by the reception and we went down the stairs, into a very dark corridor. As I was walking through the darkest part, I could feel the presence... Continue»
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A slut

After turning 18, Helen was working in a roadhouse and lots of young truckers came through the joint. Helen had fucked most of them after only 4 months slinging hash........she had slung her juicy young cunt at a lot of cock.
She had been fucked in Whites, Macks, Freightliners and even gang-banged on a pile of tarpaulins by a gang of truckers. She loved the feel of cocks ramming deep in her young pussy driving her over the top with orgasm after orgasm. Eventually the inevitable happened........the Bullsperm she was taking everyday finally made its way up through her cervix and into her womb ... Continue»
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Valerie and the Old Gits

In the 1980s, my girlfriend Valerie and I had been together for about a year, and had enjoyed an erotic episode when she flashed and passing truck drivers while I drove along the M4 motorway to London. This had ended bizarrely with us stopping at a motorway service area, to which we were followed by one of the truck drivers, where Valerie got out of the car and stood with the driver one side of her and his mate the other, Valerie with her generous tits out and being cupped by each of the two men while I took photos.

This opened up a new side to our lives, as I had no idea my girlfriend Val... Continue»
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An adventure

I was nervous since I had never done anything quite like this before. I
sat in the parking lot for quite a few minutes waiting and thinking about
what I assumed I might see - and do - if I went in. My thoughts were having
the expected effect on me as I began to become more and more excited. The
parking lot was for an adult theater in north Denver. It has a book store
with an arcade in the lower level and a set of 3 theaters in the upper
level - my destination. Finally, I went in and paid my admission. One
admission allows access to theaters 1 and 2 which show straight porn... Continue»
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