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Ex Skank Continued

Ex Skank's Story Continued

Britt still touching herself staring at my glory with 1 hand and bottle in other wished she had a didlo. V whispered if he can give her 1, I nodded and wondered why he would have 1?  Does he suck it or slide it up his hott tight ass? Curiousity got me wett again! Walking naked back to room handing me porn box of discs, red dildo, and purple dildo unopened. Discs of 3 somes, fat ass chicks, but i put the black guys gang bang a white chick on. V said he likes seeing color contrast then sat next to Britt an lit another joint offering that and her new purple toy! Sh... Continue»
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Young Lover in Hotel Room Seduction 3

This is the last installment of this series. I hope that you have enjoyed it, voted for it, commented on it and maybe even masturbated to it.
If you have, I’d love to know about it.
This is how the evening ended.

To say we were all tired would be an understatement. When I finally was able to extract myself from the limbs of Paula and Lana, they were both giggling. I asked what they found so funny and Paula told me that her aunt thought we were probably too much a mess to go out and get food, but if we eat much m... Continue»
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The Bet

I sat in disbelief-Kim just made a bet with these guys. The bet was Kim and would give hand jobs to all four if these two dude had the biggest cock we had ever seen. "Don't worry Lisa, look at these guys they are young, skinny, ugly, how can they have big cocks, they are white! We have this, don't worry." Lisa said with confidence. Lisa and I were out on a girls weekend get away. Our husbands and k**s were at home and we were at the beach for a short weekend of fun and relaxation. We had only had a few drinks and had been flirting and dancing with every guy in the hotel bar. Now we were goin... Continue»
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Shota Cock Garden Party (story I found)

“Eh. He’s alright.”

Mrs. Lane hefted Timmy Smith’s hard cock, gauging its length and thickness. “He’s… I mean, he’s a solid seven, that’s not bad, but nothing compared to my William. There’s a reason I named him that, you know,” she said proudly, looking over to where three of the other mothers were crowded around her proud boy, admiring his fat nine inches.

“There’s more than size, you silly slut,” Mrs. Smith said fondly, stroking her son’s hair. “Look at his balls. There’s more and sweeter cum inside Timmy here than in any three other boys, no matter how big they are. And seven inches ... Continue»
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Dressing Up

My name is Brian and I would describe myself as bi curious with a heels and stockings fetish. 57 years 210 lbs. with a 7" shaved cock that I like to think I know how to use. Stockings and heels are my thing, so much my thing that I have a couple of pairs of heels some garters and nylons and love to wear them when I jerk off. Sadly my wife is not into my desires in any way... My favorite fantasy is to meet a couple and have all three of us dress up in nylons heels and garters...Then "help" them have sex. Insert butt plugs for them, guide his cock into her pussy and ass and finally have the ... Continue»
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All because of Chatroulette

We are good friends with another couple, Colin & Alison. Colin is pretty much the same kind of guy as my hubby. He’s tall and a good laugh and we all like a good drink or two when we are out. In contrast, Alison is a complete and utter prude! So much so that she has put a dampener on many an evening with her strong opinions and her absolute intolerance to any mention of anything sexual. Even the silliest “Carry-On” type of humour, where it’s obvious we are just having a bit of fun is met with tutts and disapproving looks from her. Hubby and I have actually felt sorry for Colin on occa... Continue»
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With Wendy's Consent

As you recall, as I certainly do, and often, early April of my junior year at college was very...interesting. Dear, sweet Wendy, my gorgeous and sexy girlfriend, had vacationed cross-country with her parents, and I'd headed off to a speech convention, which turned into my first experience fucking another guy.

No, really.

Don't get me wrong, there is no way I'd leave Wendy for anyone else, regardless of their experience or sex. She is, for me, the ideal woman in so many ways. Happy, vivacious (that's a great word for her!), and totally in love with me, Wendy simply had no equal in any of ... Continue»
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Young Lover in Hotel Room Seduction 3

I hope you are enjoying this as much as I am. Paula is incredible. Wait until you read what happened next!!!

As we dressed after our shower (she had a shirt and shorts in a pool bag) I discovered that Paula was being accompanied by her Aunt Z who had had an allergic reaction to some shellfish they had had the night before. Her aunt had been married for five years when her husband lost control of a motorcycle and had gone into the front of a semi-truck. That had been just over a year ago. Her time of mourning was over and she h... Continue»
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My bbw wife (story 2): Different room swap

With Lynn getting back with her ex our expierence with another woman in our bedroom had came to an end. It had been a few months before we started throwing around the idea of finding someone else to play with. After talking about it for a few weeks I brought up the idea of maybe trying to find a couple. At first my wife wasn't in to the idea of it but after explaining to her that I'd love to watch her get fucked by another guy while I had my dick in another woman she started to entertain the idea. It took some convincing but she came around to the idea of it and soon wanted it just as much as ... Continue»
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Truths and Dares

How did I find myself here? Here being running down the side of the road completely naked. I suppose that is what happens when you mix some young adults with too much time and maybe too much alcohol. It was Memorial Day weekend, so naturally an excuse to have a party. It started off innocent enough, margaritas and hamburgers on the grill. The girls sunbathed in their bikinis while the menfolk prepared the fire cooked food. A few hours and six pitchers of margaritas later the sun was setting but things were only heating up for us. The five of us that were left were sitting around a fire pit mak... Continue»
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A Game of Truth or Dare…

A Game of Truth or Dare…

Having just returned from another star-studded event in Beverly Hills, the women of the "Victorious" cast arrived back to Victoria Justice’s quaint two-bedroom apartment in downtown Los Angeles. There they stumbled inside and collapsed to the sofa, and helped themselves to more alcohol before Elizabeth “Liz” Gillies suddenly produced a hefty joint.

"Whoa! Where did you get that?" Ariana Grande inquired.

"One of... Continue»
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A kitty in a movie hall Part -3

There I was, stuck in a movie hall naked after being fucked and cummed on again and again for hours. I realized it was evening and now there might be more people coming in. It was safer to get home somehow. But how? With no clothes and no one to turn to, I stood there shocked with a cum coved body, leaky cock and puffed red asshole full of sticky cum.
"What are you standing for boy? Cocksuckers belong on their knees!" I heard the man, suddenly beside me. I jumped at his voice because I never heard him coming but without a second thought I dropped to my knees facing his crotch and I knew that ... Continue»
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Fucking his Girlfriend while he watches and barely

There's something about fucking another man's wife or girlfriend in front of them that I can't resist. I find it extremely exciting and a huge turn on. I started talking to this couple from a swingers site that I'm on. They express interests and after I checked out their pictures I was more then interested. We swapped numbers and began texting back and forth. I was dealing with the male half of the couple as he's very protective over her which is fine with me. I'm wasn't trying to break their thing up, I just wanted to join in every now and then. Things where looking well, he sent more pictur... Continue»
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A Steeler Visits Charleroi, PA

A Steeler visits Charleroi, PA

By Buck Jones

A Love Story

Victor Strelsky at 26 had reached his dream of being drafted by the Pittsburg Steelers. His dad had begun promoting his football abilities in the eighth grade. He had a gift. He found the ball and the ball found him. Victor sailed through high school into college on his athletic abilities. Turning pro was the natural step in Victor’s career. There was just one glitch: Victor is gay and he knows well that gay doesn’t play well in the NFL. Victor has become the supreme actor, convincing himself that his dating is serious an... Continue»
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Fantasy - FMF

This is not true, but I one day hope it will come true. I write down my fantasies to share with my wife, in the hope that she will find them enough of a turn on to act them out. Thought we would share them with you all too.
We have met a couple and have invited them round for the evening. We are sitting in the front room, they are on the sofa.
They start to kiss and touch each other through their clothes.
We both get turned on watching them. They invite you to go and sit with them. Although you are not too sure about it, you ... Continue»
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Scott and Beth

I had met Scott a couple of times and had spoken to Beth on the phone as she watched me jack off on camera. Strangers we hardly were. However, the last time Scott and I had gotten together didn’t turn out quite as I had hoped. I intended to change this soon.

After getting back from being gone for 6 months, I was extremely horny. I also was still desiring something that I hadn’t yet had. Unfortunately, I was still an anal virgin. I had played with toys, but that was not the same. I was definitely wanting something more real.

I got onto Yahoo Messenger and was hoping Scott would log... Continue»
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How She got me to love BBC. (Part 1)

I enter the local supermarket once I get off the train on my way home from work. It is almost summer and yet the majority of the womeb walking around think that it is. So many of them are dressed in such provocative ways. I am not angry about it at all! I walk in to the market to pick up some milk to take home as I am listening to Mozart on my phone and not trying not to pay attention to anything, but then just like that, a glorious vision pops up in front of me. A striking Latina who is just beyond belief gorgeous. She is tall, with long hair, and she is wearing a short skirt that is barely t... Continue»
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the never ending sex story

I saw her for the first time a long time ago when she was young. I had not seen her again till this day . So I am down at this local park where alot of teen age k**s hang out . Yea some of them are thugs and some are just stoners and then there are your preppy folk that come down to the park . They usually have there dog walking them . Well this park is pretty wild from what I have seen . I mean there is sex going on in the woods at this little park . . I say this because she was on this giant blanket on her knees slurping and sucking on this old mans cock . He had this suit on and she she wa... Continue»
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How to Become a Nymphomaniac

How to Become a Nymphomaniac
May 14, 2016

It's a beautiful Sunday morning and here I am sitting with an ice pack between my legs. It's the beginning to what could be a potentially great day and here I am sitting in the house bored with no hopes of going out and continuing a weekend of debauchery. I answered my phone. "Hi Carole! It's Kelli."

"Hey Girl, what's going on?" I asked.

"Nothing much, I couldn't sl**p so I thought I would bug you. I am kind of surprised to find you at home!"

"Well I sort of over did it ... Continue»
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Hanoi Story

This is Fucked in Hanoi told differently:
Thuy always enjoyed coming home to Hanoi. It is the city where she grew up, through high school and through her twenties and into her thirties. We don’t live there anymore, but we do return for any reason at all. On this occasion we had been there as a f****y for a few days, but then I took the k**s off to our beach house and Thuy stayed behind to have some time without having to Mum for a while.

Thuy joined us a week later, and through a series of little bits and... Continue»
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