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Visiting Mistress Dee Chapter 2

Mistress Dee took a quick long stride through the open door. Being in the position I was my cock was pulled tight and up toward her shoulders. I needed to walk quickly in order to minimize the pain. Looking over her shoulder she chuckled, “Keep up dearie, my guests need to know how willing and supple you are!”

She led me to an area encircled with hay bales, where a number of couples sat, enjoying the afternoon. The area was well lit from a cupola, the glass, letting in the warm sunshine. Doors on either end of the room were open allowing the warm country breeze to slip through the room. Loc... Continue»
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Pat the Weekend Whore

Pat the Weekend Whore

My husband/pimp has rented me out for the weekend, to himself. I am to be his whore for the weekend, starting Friday at noon until Sunday at noon. He has instructed me that I will do things I have only fantasized about, and that I will be nastier and sluttier than I have ever been. My pussy is dripping just thinking about it. He knows how nasty I love to be.
Friday morning, I start getting ready for my weekend job. After a nice long shower, and shave, I put on my sluttiest makeup. I then put on my whore clothes, black corset and hose, red leather skirt, sheer red blou... Continue»
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Submisse Whore Wife

The raw, cold wind had been buffeting her face for the past hour, turning it rose-colored with burn.

Pat pulled her fur coat closed, tight across her chest, tucking her hands under her arms to keep warm as she stood waiting. Waiting patiently for someone. She paced back and forth on the street in her thigh high black leather boots and full length coat. Her long ginger hair blew across her face as the car turned the corner illuminating her on the dark street.

The car pulled up beside her and rolled the window down.

"Hey Sugar, looking for a good time?" she enquired as she tucked her... Continue»
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The swimming hole

Tommy grew up on 160 acres in rural Oklahoma. His f****y owned the land since the Oklahoma land run. Growing up on a farm had lots of perks. He was free to roam all over and his parents never worried.

One of his favorite places to go was the swimming hole in a creek about a mile away in the middle of the mile section. It was a small creek most spots were a mere inches deep, but there was one spot right after a bend that washed out to 10 ft deep. The ridge above the spot was 15 ft above the water. On the inside of the bend was a sand bank that stayed dry unless the creek was flooded.

To... Continue»
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Cuckold Husband and Librarian wife 3

After giving her wish some thought...She decided that she wants to spend more time with him...Like staying over Saturday night without me. She had to work at the Library for the 9-6 shift. The got together for lunch most days this week as she wanted to explore his masturbation issue. She was mesmerized by watching him make himself cum and really likes when he cuts with his big load onto her. She is taken by the fact that she can turn someone on like this and then having him jack himself off all over her. He said that after she gets off from work he has something special planned for her. When s... Continue»
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The Other Daddies Pt. 3

The two Other Daddies burst into the basement bedroom where I had been secretly watching their escapades with my wife and s****r via security camera. They were both still completely nude, their huge cocks hanging down obscenely. I moved away, but they had cornered me. Each grabbed an arm and proceeded to drag me upstairs to where the orgy had been taking place. I struggled all the way up but it was no use, they both were extremely strong and either one of them could have taken me alone.

As I was pulled into the upstairs bedroom, my wife was standing naked at the foot of the bed, hands o... Continue»
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The Addictions To Mature Swapping Part 1

My wife is a very sexy and hot looking 54 years old. 5'5" 127 lbs, 34DD's and a size 4/5. It takes a lot to keep her satisfied sexually; as an example, being fucked 3-4 times a week just does not keep her content. During one hot fuck session as she was bouncing up and down my hard, thick, Italian shaft I asked what more she wanted and needed to be happy sexually. When I first heard her say she wanted me to watch another man fuck her I was taken back, but when she added that I should get to do another woman as well that truly spark my openness to her suggestion.

So Trisha went on her quest t... Continue»
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True Stories: The Second Best Blowjob Ever

I have had my dick sucked by many different women over the years, and no one has ever done it better than my wife, Rachel. That isn’t the reason I married her, but it is definitely a major fringe benefit. Only one woman has ever come close to matching Rachel’s skill in that area. This is the story of that woman.

As I have written here before, Rachel and I began our swinging adventure with an anniversary vacation to a clothing-optional resort in Cancun called Desire. A year later, we decided to revisit the place where it all began. That time, we stayed for seven days, so we chose to break up... Continue»
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Lesley part 36

Geordie Ridley parked his car in the visitor car park, at the nursing home where Lesley was in employment. He had been here once before, but only to drop a bag off, for his 'daughter' Lesley, when she'd left home without it. He didn't know where to go. He walked around the corner at the nearest point, and came to a door where their was a wooden shed outside. Two women were sitting inside, of what he assumed was the smoking hut.

"Hello Geordie....god I haven't seen you for years! How you doing?" Said a surprised Dot.

"Oh Dorothy. Yes...oh, it must be ten years. I've heard our Lesley spe... Continue»
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New Beginnings Chapter 1

It's fair to say, I was a nervous wreck. I had long since dabbled with idea of swinging by joining internet sites and having sexy chats, uploading photos and playing on cam but to actually go to a club for the first time well that was a different story.

I sat in the bar opposite the club having a few for luck or dutch courage. The bar was not that busy with a few guys at the bar, some others playing pool and two couples sitting at a booth having dinner. I watched the club entrance for what felt like hours to see who was going in and to my surprise and little to my disappointment it did appe... Continue»
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UK shared wife Hayley – shared for the first

I’d been married to Hayley for about 6 months. My cute little wife is 5’2” very pretty and a slim size 10 with dark blonde hair and slightly pinkish milky white flesh. She has a good pair of firm tits with raspberry red nipples, which when played with really turns her on. She has a nice toffee coloured snatch which she shaves into a neat landing strip with plump pussy lips the same colour as her nipples and quite a big clit, with the peachiest little bum, something I’m sure none of my mates are aware of, she’s not the sexiest of women until you see her naked. We had a pretty good sex lif... Continue»
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How i quite my job

when i went in the office it seemed quite comfi and chill. there were 4-5 tables with chairs with computer in the room. an air was cool. there were not anyone in yet . so i turned on my computer and opened files. at that moment i heard door closing next to my room. boss had come in her room and waited for stuff.
first in my new job, not a bad position to pretend to be hardworking person i thought.

though i didnt know my colleagues yet i supposed to be them very friendly... why not. soon they one girl came in with tied long hair on her back and black make up on her face. Immediately sma... Continue»
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I'm a Woman, and I love being cummed-on

There really is no way to put this delicately? I like having my face, tits and ass cummed-on.

I'm 23, very pretty to look at, and as I travel to and from my work, I put myself in harms way, If I see an opportunity to be cummed-on.

I like the feeling of anticipation, of waiting for the moment his first warm spurt will splatter my cheek, as I like to look up, with an air of submissiveness, begging, as he chokes out a whimper and makes that face as if he is experiencing pain.

I know instinctively when he is about to release, and it makes me feel both feminine and sexy, as I roll my face... Continue»
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Living with my two lovers. Part 2 The spitroast

I never did make my flight home. After amazing sex with Rick,we fell asl**p.When we woke up,we fucked again.Then we nodded off.We were both soaked in sweat,and I was dripping cum from both my holes.I would have been dripping from my mouth as well,but of course I swallowed that greedilly,as It tasted so good.I could smell sex and cum and sweat in the room.I wondered if Jack had jerked off again.He told me weeks later that he did.
So I stayed.The three of us in our small apartment.There were many times we all saw more flesh than we should,but none of us wee shy.If anyone was in the shower,it wa... Continue»
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The Christmas Ball

It was mid December and the officers in the regiment were preparing the mess for the forthcoming Christmas ball. A beautifully decorated tree was the centrepiece with a smattering of elegant and tasteful decorations adorning the dining room and the ante room.

I was stood at the bar with Jim. Both of us now senior Captains, drinking mulled wine watching the troop commanders finish off the final bits.
We reminisced about the previous Christmas which had been spent out in afghan and drank a quick toast to friends now lost before that gave away to dark humour and finally after a few more d... Continue»
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First MMF Threesome (Real)

This story is true, the events actually happened. This happened With a Ex & before any MM play together with my friend.

A buddy had just returned home from the west coast, We met up downtown one day to catch up on years gone past. We had few brews and Rode around some bike trails by the river.
I said I better get home before the wife does, I also mentioned that I wanted to stop and rent a movie at the local XXX shop. He laughed at me and asked what I was going to rent exactly? I replied that lately she seems to like watching MMF Get it on.
He asked if I did to? I kinda blushed & ... Continue»
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The Show - continues (part 2) - Brent and Denna

The Show continues…part 2

Brent has just turned 18 – tall, fit young man but very shy. He has the raging hormones of a typical high school boy and is always a bit aroused. He shares a home with his single mom, and his older si***r who is in school at the local community college in the dental hygiene program.

Denna is his 20 year old si***r is a hot looking brunette with a short pixie haircut slim waist and ample breast. Our story picks up as she is about to go out on a Friday night with some of her girl friends.

Brent has been in heaven for about two weeks now. As a shy yo... Continue»
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[image]http://www.gigaglitte... Continue»
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Cool down tent

My wife and I ,joined a local nudist camp in the summer last year. We heard from other couples it was a pretty wild place after dark. We paid our membership and set up our tent, and campsite. We thought It was a great time to cool off and take a swim at the large pool. ( Now the rest of the story is going to be carefully worded , to avoid banned words or ideas)
The whole nudist retreat was filled with nuclear and extended groups, of all ages, mostly white in this particular area of the Pennsylvania mountains. We got a drink and sat nude in two chairs admiring the sun drenched flesh of all a... Continue»
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Living in Cockington part 16

Thursday was a normal day everyone had gone to work, college or school and I was pottering around the house.
just after lunch I strolled down to the local grocery shop to get a few things and Carrie the plump blonde shop assistant was sitting behind the check out.
"Hey Peter how are you?" she asked as I walked in.
"Fine Carrie how are you?" I replied as I started to browse.
"Not great, have you ever wondered if you should be doing something else?" she asked
"Like what?" I replied.
"I could have been a model you know, I was asked once but my fella didn't want me to" Carrie said
"Really?"... Continue»
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