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Let's Do a Dope Deal

I woke late the next morning. I'm usually up at the crack of dawn. It
must be the Jamaican stuff I'm smoking. It's real dynamite. Maybe the best
shit I've ever smoked. I'll have to do a taste test when I get back to the
states. I spent a little time at breakfast trying to figure out how to at
least get some seeds back to the "land of the big BX." I figured getting some
stuff past customs was a little too risky especially since I look like a
throwback to the '60's with my pony tail. I mulled over some ideas as I
headed back to the beach again.

As usual th... Continue»
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It had been a long trip two thousand three hundred and forty nine miles to be exact from New Jersey to Arizona and my ass was sore and my Harley needed gas and a good wipe down! It had seemed like a fun idea at the time I had to take some time for myself clear my head... and I had always wanted to see Arizona and being single the only one to convince to go was me and I had really needed to get away it had been a long year lots of bad shit happened lost some friends to the road and to the gun so the Road Devil's were running a little light these days we needed to recruit some fresh bl**d but ... Continue»
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Bad girl Ellie gets shagged at a party by 5 lads

Here is a dirty story about me getting fucked at my s****rs’ mates’ birthday party.

So we got there and I was wearing this sexy black dress that barely covered my tits and arse (Emma was in a nice dress too). Anyway the house was packed I’d say 75 % of people there were lads all chavs. This Tracy girl knew what she was doing for her birthday. I tried to dance but I am not very good and I didn’t like the weird mix of dubstep and rap.

After I knocked back a vodka martini there was a fight as people were getting very d***k. This lad called Jayden started arguing about some shit with anot... Continue»
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The Facts of Life part 1

My name is Ron, and my twin b*****r's name is Sam. We're in our
mid-twenties now and each have had loving partners for the past four years.
All four of us are professional men and we live compatibly together in a
large house in a suburb of Austin, Texas. To say that we have a very
satisfying and exciting sexual life would be an understatement. And we owe
it all to our father. It was not that we ever had sexual relations with
our dad to any great extent; he simply did his best to instill in us an
appreciation for the beauty, the naturalness and the pleasure that humans
were meant to... Continue»
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Story about me and my lover Rina.....thankyou Rene

it was sunday arvo and i just got to the shops in time before they were closing, cause i needed a shirt for that night, i headed in to sds surf shop, i always find good shirts there. As i was looking around, i got asked the usual do you need a hand by some bloke, i said no. i kept searching through the racks, then all of a sudden a female voice ask me the same question. I turn around to shoot off a quick no but am taken back by this b8g titted blonde her tits were just busting out of her top, i could see a bit off her red lace bra just above her top, i seen then name tag just above were her ni... Continue»
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swinger club Confessions

Perhaps you read my wife and my stories under another user name
The stories were about us with some Park personnel.

We deleted everything, including my profile because of computer security issues with some web sites and our home computer. These have all been corrected. (thanx malwarebytes)

We now know Mike and Deb will be back in the area in March, and we have their permission to let ya-all in on what happens, now that there are plans.

In the mean time my wife and I have broken through some of the don't ask, don't tell barriers so we will each be posting some of our "experiences" he... Continue»
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My cock fest weekend (part one)

Before I start will just like to apologise for my language, but sometimes you just have to.
Thought I would write about an experience I had one weekend I had a few years back now, and a bit more, a little history as well as I do go off a little at times LOL.
OK the experience was when basically I had a frenzied weekend of cock and cum. To put it bluntly I wanted cock, and wanted to find cock, but due to changes in plans, circumstances and chance meetings
Cock and cum found me in abundance.
I was still living at my parent’s house at the time, and the guy who is now my hubby was lodging th... Continue»
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valentines day adventure.

maybe not an adventure, it all took place in the same location. this is kinda overdue but better late then never. the lovely couple i often play with was nice enough to include me in their romantic evening after they finished their main plans. i had a nice bit of "me time" to relax before the fun started.

to start off i decided to eat her out. she has a nice, soft, shaved pussy. its perfect for oral. nothing feels more sensual than a soft, well padded, plump pussy. i adore a meaty cunt, and i had a good bit of fun lapping her out. of course i cant help but use my hands and wander around. i ... Continue»
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Grandad of love, my birthday.

I woke up in the morning and Faith was lying between my legs gently rubbing my cock to life and sucking the head.
"Happy birthday Eric" she grinned before deep throating me.
Faith sucked me hard for the next ten minutes and licked my balls until finally I felt my balls churning and I shot my load down her throat.
Faith then sucked me clean and afterwards she went to make my birthday breakfast.
Most of the rest of the day was phone calls from friends wishing me a happy birthday and unwrapping a few cards and presents people had got me.
It was late afternoon when Faith brought me a drink an... Continue»
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I was powerless

This is fantasy as far as anyone knows.

We were working hard for my daughters birthday party, she was all grown up now and back from school it was a hot day. I had cleaned and covered the pool, although a swim would have been nice there was too much to do. We had ordered and confirmed the caterers order, and the drinks had arrived along with my friend Sean's son Dave who was to be the bar tender for the party.

It was not time for a drink and a break, I grabbed a beer and then Dave insisted on bringing drinks ad ordered to the rest of us while we all relaxed. I was the only one he didn't... Continue»
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schoolgirl c/d in old ruin fucking himself with

being found in derlick building or woods dressed in my school uniform and made to pose for pictures f***ed to insert anything im told to old bottles.rotting carrots and a whole cucumber thats so rotten as soon as its pushed all the way up my arse it explodes into a mess of soft and stinking brown stuff running down my legs ,the laugthing gets louder as a broomis pushed in out faster cocks shooting cum over a hard cock starts to fuck me .and my arse is grabbed pulling back forcing it deeper into me the camera flashing again and again how both hands are hold me ones pulling my c... Continue»
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After we’d done a threesome with the other man hubby suggested we did one with another girl. I must admit I was up for that as I’d had a girl on girl experience before and found it to be interesting. He said “You know how good you came when Tom touched you well imagine another girl doing it”, he was right and I said “But who” and he said “When we get a chance”.

Two months later we were shopping in a different supermarket in town when we bumped into a girl I used to work with, her name was Ruth, she was just as thin then as she was when we worked together, we ... Continue»
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Slut wife loves sex!

I just experienced the most amazing week of my life! My best friend, Eric, came to visit me for four days. He looks very similar to me, and was mistaken as my b*****r by those who didn’t know. My wife, the one who has bore two of her father’s c***dren, has always been reserved about sex with anyone else outside the f****y, but this past week was a major step away from that trend.

Eric wasn’t used to all the walking and exercise I put him through as we explored parts of the local wilderness. When we returned from the jaunt, Eric and Nicole broke into the beer he bought. I was satisfied with ... Continue»
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Play at an Adult Bookstore

I have posted some photos of several girlfriends of mine as they played with men and women at a local adult bookstore near downtown Dallas, Texas. I thought I’d share some details of part of one of those memorable evenings.

This store has a couples-only policy on Friday and Saturday nights. At nine, the entire upstairs is swept clear of all single men around 9:00 P.M. Only single men willing to pay a sizable sum of money are allowed upstairs at that time because it is open only to couples. Some arrive before 9 to take advantage of the horny men who are hoping to score with a horny woma... Continue»
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The way I learned how to please a man

When I was young I used to go swimming a lot at a public pool near my parents house with a couple of friends from my neighborhood who were also my age. We usually went together but as we got older there were a few times when we would get away with just two of us going there together and there were a few times when I would just go alone...

Summer was almost over and it was the friday before school officially started again so I decided to head for the public pool by myself since my close friends were busy reading a book for our 7th grade summer reading log that I had already finished. I was 1... Continue»
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Life of the Mainwarings, Chapter 4: Threesome

"Hi, Darla, it's Pamela.... Yes, he wants to meet you.... No, I didn't
tell him we'd had our little bit of fun.... That will be our secret for
now.... Haven't quite figured that out, no.... I think I'll surprise him
by joining the two of you and making it a threesome... I know, isn't it
hot? Christ, I feel like a teenager... Yes, a post menopausal teenager...
OK... Let's meet tonight... Food court at the mall in front of the coffee
place... Can you be there by six? ... Yes? See you then... Kiss-kiss...

Pamela ended the call and switched to text mode. She ... Continue»
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One for the Books....The Share Holders Meeting...p

It was just your average day at the bookstore, the girls were all buzzing about the latest Twilight movie, I was sorting books in the back because truthfully ..I wasnt in the mood, I had been kinda bummed every since Joey had quit, he got a chance at a better job, great news,right? except he had to move to his grandparents , hours away.
I was into my fourth box of novels when Nick walked in,

“ There you are! I was wanting to see if you were up for a little ride, you seem a bit....down, bored,sad, or some shit lately”

“ Im fine....and Im sure of the ride youd like me to take, ( I smirked... Continue»
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Camping and a Spit Roast

I went on a camping holiday with a small group of friends and it was awful, it was raining, muddy, and there was nothing to do but go to a pub that was nearby. So one night everyone's passed out d***k, and I'm wide awake so I go back out to the pub, and I stay there with my thoughts for a little while, everyone's leaving and it's all feeling very glum, then two girls walk into the pub. The one girl is fairly tall with a very curvaceous body and a noticeably large behind, while the other was relatively short with a much skinnier physique.

I don't really pay much attention, but then they stan... Continue»
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Parkinglot slut

This really happened on a warm sunny day in the summer of 2014

The whole day at the office I was horny and could not stop thinking about sex. Right before I went home I went to the toilet and removed my panties. I was wearing black high heels, a dark blue short skirt, a white blouse and a push-up bra that barely covered my nipples. When I walked to my car I felt the wind blow against my dripping pussy and the juices ran along the inside of my legs. I lifted my skirt before I got into the car and sat on my naked ass in the leather seat. I unbuttoned three buttons of my blouse so my tits and ... Continue»
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Mum me and greg after the party.

It was a Saturday evening and we had just arrived at a friends 50th birthday party. I went with my parents and didn't have much expectations for the night but I didn't have any other plans and the free bar sounded appealing. When we had arrived it was like any other party, a few of the men were fairly tipsy and dancing badly and the women all dancing round there hand bags. We had a taxi booked for 11pm and the night was coming to an end. I had spent a fair bit of the evening propped up at the bar having a drink. The last half hour I got talking to my parents friend greg, greg knew my parents q... Continue»
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