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cuckold lifestyle 54

I got home from work Friday to an empty house. This isn't normal, if my wife is haveing a afternoon delite she usally is always home when I get here. I went to the fridge to get a cold water and there on the fridg door was a note. It said " I'm camping with some friends , you are welcome to come up but theres two rules. Number one, you can't stay the night and number two you MUST wear your CB3000." Well I just had to think about that for a while. If I go, I'll be watching my wife being fucked , but if I stay home I'll be all alone. I'm going . I got a shower and shaved my dick and balls smoot... Continue»
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Drinking is Harmful...

I was at a local bar and had one too many, my head was some what spinning. As I made it towards the exit, I stumbled into 2 guys who caught me in their arms. They were very nice and said 'are you alright, could we help you get home?' I looked at the two of them and agreed that 'perhaps that would be a good idea.'

The one on my right introduced himself 'I'm Benny, that cute guy there is Joe.' The three of us staggered out and started to walk in the direction of my college. Along the way we ran into three of Benny's friend, Taylor, Chuck, and Bryant. One ask 'is your friend feeling kinda ... Continue»
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sex village II

I was stunned.I could not believe my eyes and ears.All the wives in the world who cheated on husbands would act innocent,but here was a lady who was gloating.

I was prepared for the husband to fetch the gun or chopper and was wondering how I could escape or defend myself.Then came the second shock. Rabbit asked her " Did he come in your pussy?"

Vijaya smiled" No,that honour went to Jehangir.(she told his name,but in my story names will be decided by me).He filled Mandakini's hole". Rabbit picked up news paper.There was no anger,anguish in him.He was quite cool,it was as if his wife was t... Continue»
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The night my girl let me bang her best friend

This was a night that took place 20 years ago and the night i`ll never forget so thought id get it down to share with you all.It was the winter of 1992,i was 18 years old and like most lads at that age i was like a dog with two dicks.Girls came and went but i had been seeing a girl Nicola for a couple of months and sex was ok,nothing special,Nicola had flame red curly hair and a slight body with pert tits she was always flirty with her mates and one in particlar was Rachel,Rachel was a curvy girl with huge tits and loved to dress up,she had a bit of a name with the lads and id heard she gave a... Continue»
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sex village III

Vanaja kept banging her crotch on mine with such f***e and speed, I was finding it difficult to keep rythm with upward thrusts.

"If you don't slow down to allow me to take tit in mouth, you may find one nipple short, as I might bite it off" I warned her.

She laughed and slowed down and pushed one breast in my mouth and after I started sucking,slowly started moving.

Rabbit told me that he was going to the bank and to feel at home. After he left,Vijaya told us to move into bedroom as she was expecting some guests. I got up with Vanaja clinging to me like a baby and with my dick fully bu... Continue»
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sex village I

(This is a work of fiction. It never happened to me. Just read and enjoy. Don’t try to pluck feathers of an egg, which is not supposed to have any. Welcome to the world of fantasy)

I got down from the bus, stretched and yawned. It was one long, tedious journey. As if on a cue, the departing bus blasted me with exhaust smoke and dust.I managed to cover my nose in time and gave baleful look.

There was a small kattcha road at right angle to where I stood. This must be it, I told myself as I started 3 km walk to the village. November chilly winds and warm sun shine were a soothing balm to th... Continue»
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sex village IV

Geeta leaned forward and kissed me.She slowly got up and my limp dick slipped out.She gave me a hand, as both of us were heading towards rest room, I stole a glace.

All three couples were furiously banging,men were grunting with each stoke and women were moanng and screaming. Geeta sat on comode seat and licked my dick off her juices and my cum.Then she washed my cock,balls and pubic area thoroughly. I also returned the favour. She sat near the drain to pee. I was about to leave,she smiled and asked me to stay.

As she let out an yellow jet of stream,she asked me if I enjoyed.

"Fabulou... Continue»
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sex village IV

When I got up from sl**p, sun was already high up in the sky.Sun light was streaming through the window.I yawned, stumbled into bathroom, brushed teeth and put on my dress.( I was not going to commit same mistake twice) I peepep carefully into the hall,satisfied myself that there were no ladies lurking and went to drawing room.

Rabbit and Vijaya were having coffee and smiled at me.

"I think you must have been exhausted, you slept like a log." said Vijaya.

"What? you did not have a morning show?Myself,Vanaja had a mind boggling event " Rabbit

"I was in the mood but he was sl... Continue»
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sex village V

Rabbit took me to a building and told me that it is the village library and we went inside. A bespectacled middle aged lady was engrossed in her computer.

"Sudha,he is our guest.He came to see Prema,Vanaja's niece.She is Sudha,our librarian and feel free to ask her about anything under the sun.She is very knowledgeable.I have
to rush to bank.See you at home" Rabbit took our leave and left. She smiled at me and I returned the smile.

"Just a minute. I will complete my work and join you " she said. I told her there is no hurry.I looked around.It was a L shaped hall.In the short leg, there ... Continue»
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gayatri priya ganagbang

Hello friends this is sultanasinha with a story send by a friend to be published. I take this opportunity to tell you about a friend of mine who told to write her stories. I loved her story I don’t know whether it is true what she narrated, but she had shown me some pictures and few videos about her having sex with different peoples. So I think she is the one who has to be taken seriously
My friend’s name is Gayathri Priya and we call her Gayu. She is from Bangalore aged 22, single, good physique, 5’4”, weight 58 kg, 34 sized big and round boobs, big and protruding ass even at the age of 22. ... Continue»
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slutty wife

Hi myself Vijay and I am a big fan ISS site and I am 25 years old man, 6 feet tall good gym toned body and a have a nice 10 inches long and 4 inches thick cock and this a true story of how I shared m wife and I have my own business of transport, my parents wanted me to get married and settle down with a nice girl.

My parents found me a nice innocent village girl. My wife’s name is Asha, she is 5’5, big boobs and a round ass and was very fair and we got married and enjoyed a great sex life but after sometime I was not satisfied an I wanted to fulfil my fantasies of wife swapping and sharing ... Continue»
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Hi friends and I am Sahil 30 years and my wife is Snehal 28 years. We have been married 5 years before we haven’t planned any baby yet. Snehal is a typical Punjabi women, she resembles very much to actress Juhi chawla. The only thing is that Snehal is having huge 40 size boobs and our sex life is normal,

Snehal is a very horny women, she knows how to satisfy a men according to me I think she can satisfy 4 to 5 men at a time. She loves sucking, licking, and wild sex. She is having one weak point, if someone will put his tongue in to her pussy then she becomes uncontrollable and at that time ... Continue»
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Fuck. This obviously wasn't going as she'd hoped. The cannon were low on ammo, though they'd ingeniously improvised with some chains, and even cutlery, doing a fork load of damage to the Royal Marines' vessels (pun intended). They hadn't been expecting an attack, and HMRM had been far more informed than the crew of the Ascent had thought. Rounding into the cove, the Ascent was stuck between three HMRM ships - one on either side and a third blocking their exit.

Marisol had been on the stern deck as the attack was realized, and the Marines made their demand of a peaceful surrender. But she... Continue»
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doctors secretary fucked

I just wented to my doctor for a check because i was a little bit sick. well the doctor has checked me and after that i went to the corridor i haved to piss so i wented to the toilet. i pissed and i haved to think about selena gomez well however my penis was stiff and somehow the secretary haved to piss too! i did not shut the door and the secretary came in . She was a beautyful granny i think she was 40 - 45 . Well however she came in she saw my penis and was just like ,,wtf?'' she wanted to go but i shut the door and was saying : we are alone ! she was smile and wanted to open the door! and ... Continue»
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Wife exposed and fucked in Denver dance club

I met Debbie, when she was eighteen, in a small mountain town in Colorado. Long blondish hair, almost to her waist. Hazel bedroom eyes. Gorgeous face, with sexy lips and a mouth that looked like it was begging for a hard cock to suck. Big, ski jump, 36C tits. Her aureoles are about two inches in diameter. Her nipples about 3/8" in diameter and 1/2" long when aroused. Her waist is 26 inches and her hips 37 inches. Lying on her back, naked, you can see her abs and rib cage. Her pubic mound is extremely prominent, so much so that her clit is accessible without her spreading her legs! She can be ... Continue»
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wife fucked by my cousin

This is the story of my wife rittu whom I got fucked with my cousin dimpy.
I got married to rittu in 1996 and before my marriage me and my cousin dimpy who was 3 years younger to me was very frank with each other.In fact I taught dimpy how to mastubarate in our teenage years….it was I used to hold his dick in my hands and used to stroke his cock and he often used to cum in my hands.dimpy also stated jacking my hard cock and in fact we used to rub our cocks with each other until we cum together.We only used to pkay with our cocks and never did any sex anal.Once I blowjobed dimpys cock and he ... Continue»
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cuckold lifestyle 53

This pasted July we spent a week in Panama City Florida alone, just me and the wife. When she planed the trip I just knew at the last minute she would tell me one of her guy friends would be tagging along , but she never did. I was told we had Friday night booked so as soon as I got home from work and showered we would be leaving. My wife met me at the door all ready, she was wearing a very thin pale yellow sun dress that came almost to her knee , her taned legs where bare and she was wearing white stacked strappy sandles. She said hurry I'm ready to go, your cloths are on the bed now get in ... Continue»
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Sharing is caring!

I have always wanted to watch my wife with another man. Her sexy 34D and redish brown hair on her 120 lb frame are amazing to watch move in the bedroom. I have fantasized about being able to watch her with someone else froma different viewpoint over and over, and finally I was given the chance with my best friend.

My friend, Tim was visiting us from out of town. I could tell he always had a thing for my wife Katie. That night Katie decided to wear a little dress I had bought her a while back. It was a simple blue cotton dress but it hugged right underneath her large tits. We decided to... Continue»
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I Shared My Wife

My wife and I used to play a lot of tennis back in the day.I was pretty good and she went out to get a tan and tease the guys in her tennis dress.There was a regular group that we played and formed a friendship with.The women there would play a little then sat and talked but the guys played for who had to buy and get food. Everybody pitched in money in the end because the same guy always lost,he had to get the food though.
I was close to a guy named Marc he was tall and had long black hair that he kept in a pony tail.He invited me to play with a group from his law office at the... Continue»
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I invite you down to my place one day to meet my friend Dawn, it is a lovely and sunny day and dawn is in her bikini and I just have shorts on, when you arrive I get some champagne out of the fridge and pour a glass for us all I put a sliced strawberry in yours and dawns champagne saucer, we sit in the sun enjoying the champagne and you start to look a bit hot so I ask you if you want to sit in the shade, or even take your dress of, you blush but dawn says, don't worry no one can see in to the garden, you say no its alright I will just undo a few buttons on my dress which you do, after a short... Continue»
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