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Roulette by loyalsock

"A Pair of sixes."
"Three sevens."
"Full House. Queens over threes. Pay up, Andrea."
Agonizingly slow. Still, closer and closer. Both had
lost (first their left, then their right) spike
heeled sandals. Their deliberate card playing and
movements made those losses seem like hours ago.
Nevertheless, the sight of their shapely legs,
lovingly caressed by their ultra sheer hose, anchored
my attention. Their petite feet were expertly
pedicured. Their fingers perfectly manicured. Very
minimal make-up was expertly applied. The barest
hints of their perfume fogged my brain, which s... Continue»
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Swing-ers Experiences

Being cooped up all week in an apartment wasn't Rachel's idea of the perfect life. She and Andrew just moved in from a small suburb in the Toronto area, to the big T.O. itself. Andrew was a computer analyst for a big firm, as for Rachel, she was still looking for a job.
During their short stay, the couple met Jean and Stewart through Andrew's company Christmas party.

They developed a good friendship and were almost unseperable from the get go. All 4 of them were in their late 20's and as expected basically loved the same things as friends should do...
Lately however, Rachel was getting... Continue»
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daddy uses me with ppl

you already are my little whore slut princess.......your my best a favorite little cum slut.......
we been out all night and the bar is coming to a close, we,re asked backed to a house party, we agree. we get a taxi and pull up outside, you get out first dressed in a light black dress, a pair of black stockings and black high have no under wear on and the dress just barely covers you cheeks...we walk through the door and as you look around you turn to me and ask, are you sure about this....glancing around i see the house is full of people doing all sorts.....just go on slut..go ... Continue»
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Becca, Our New Housekeeper

Sorry we haven’t posted lately but we’ve been very busy. Babs and I both got promotions where we work and have been busy learning our new jobs. I suggested to Babs that we get someone to come in and clean the house for her and she jumped at the chance and said she would make the arrangements.

A couple days later I came home to find a very cute looking young lady vacuuming the livingroom. She introduced herself to me as Becca and told me that she was very grateful for the job as house keeper. I shook her hand and noticed how her hazel eyes seemed to shine and turn green as we talked. I excu... Continue»
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my daddys princess

i walk in after a day at work......walking into the sitting room your lying on the sofa with your four fingers fucking your pussy......what the fuck are you doing yildiz..........i,m sorry master....i just wanted to be wet for when you got back from work.....ok my little princess get over here on your knees slide off the sofa and crawl over on you hands and knees kneeling in front of me you rub my cock on the outside of my bottoms......yildiz, i can do that myself you dirty tart....sorry lower my bottoms and take my cock in your hand, massaging it and as it g... Continue»
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Body Corporate Chp 18

3748 - 1.89

The Way Home

Cindi laid back in the lush leather seats relaxing as the car drove down the country road towards home. It was a warm night actually warmer than at camp. As soon as civilization started to appear Cindi’s blindfold was put back on and again she was in total darkness.

It wasn’t a minute later that she felt George’s hands rubbing her body. Actually it felt good with his soft fingers roaming all over her with special attention to her bosoms, which at this point were still sore but they still reacted. Nothing was said she knew from past experience that... Continue»
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The Day I Became A Cum Slut

I grew upon on a small Midwest farm and went to Catholic schools when I was growing up. I was the oldest c***d, so I acted as the surrogate mother at home. It was my responsibility to watch all of my younger siblings. I even considered becoming a Nun. So much so in fact, that I took the train to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in my junior year to visit a convent. I soon decided that wasn’t for me and I came back home. Was I glad to move out and be on my own after high school. I attended a business school and then left for the big city to live.

I got a room at the YWCA and made friends with lots of gi... Continue»
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Body Corporate 14

2738 - 1.39

Chapter 14
Sea Trials

Uncomfortable as she was Cindi still fell asl**p being completely exhausted by the day’s events. sl**p ended when her master came down and released her from the ropes. As it turned out she was awaken so she could go back to sl**p only in the Master’s bed, for a few more hours. Cindi was told to report to the dock at 1:00pm. She was to have her makeup on and be prepared for photos and other activities. The photos seemed like no problem but the other activities gave her some concerns.

Cindi slept for a few more hours in the comfortable bed before waki... Continue»
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Body Corporate Chp 15

1679 - .84

Chapter 15

New Master

It was shortly after midnight when Cindi felt someone at her back playing with the ropes.

As she opened her eyes and looked she saw one of the guest dressed only in his shorts trying to untie the bindings. Before she could say anything the man told her he was the winner of the games and she was his for the next day and he wanted to start now. Well it was after midnight so she was technically his, as the Master said the winner had her for twenty–four hours. Obviously he wanted every minute of it. Cindi wondered when he was declared the victor, as s... Continue»
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Body Corporate Chp 11

1977 words - .98
Chapter 11
Night of Horrors

As Cindi watched the men follow her master back to the camp she already felt the pain in her arms and legs as she hung from the two trees. Under her weight the branches were getting closer to the ground. She was not sure if a wild a****l came into the camp that she would not be a dinner for one of them. She had no idea where she was or the wildlife that may inhabit the woods around her. She had come to expect the worse from her master, leaving her hanging in the trees was just another cruelty.

As the sun set the air started to cool ev... Continue»
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Body Corporate Chp 12

2581 - 1.29

Chapter 12
Day of Fun

As Cindi lay naked, tied to the picnic table she at least had some comfort, she wasn’t hanging from a tree. She had boards to lie on and a warm sun beating down onto her very sore body.

It lasted for some time as the men extended their breakfast into lunch allowing Cindi some time to regain her energy. If they were going to play with her again today she would need it. Cindi enjoyed a lengthy rest before her master came to retrieve her. She was lead down to the beach, as it was the men’s playtime. All the men with the exception of Cindi’s hero were... Continue»
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Body Corporate 13

3139 - 1.66

Chapter 13

As she lay there in silence she heard someone coming down the stairs, and when she could see, she saw that it was her master with lotion in his hand. He hadn’t gone to bed after all. He said nothing just spread the white cream all over her sunburned skin. What was this, an act of kindness? Could it be he really cares after all? She didn’t ask, but rather just enjoyed the moment. He left as he came in, complete silence, not a word was spoken.

Morning didn’t come early enough for Cindi with the pains in her legs and arms. Although with the sunbur... Continue»
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Biker slut (5)

Day 4

When the biker slut woke up after a heavy night she told her husband that she enjoyed enormously and that John knows very well how to play with her horniness. She asked if he enjoys seeing his wife being used as a horny slut and immediately she got his confirmation that he love to see her busy.

This was what she wanted to hear and after a shower she made herself ready and put on a bikini to enjoy the sun.

Around 15h she went out with John and some Bikers to the beach and lay their towels near the dunes. Beer and wine they had in abundance to make a nice sunny afternoon. Other Bi... Continue»
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Bedroom Fucking with Two Strangers.

It was about 12 months later that my wife Sally went out for the evening. She never told me where she was going. But later that evening, I heard the front door open and she came in and said to me that she had brought two friends home with her and she was taking them up to our bedroom for sex.
This was always the proceedure when she went out on the prowl for sex. Brought strangers [to me and often to herself] back to our house [with my blessing] and have sex with them in our marriage bed. By now I was used to this and loved sitting downstairs listening to the romps upstairs as I wanked myself ... Continue»
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Got gang fucked by 3 fuys at same time @ 18yo

My names Sara and this is the story of how i had my first gangbang experience wit three white guys and one black guy. I was a freshman in high school. There was this one senior his name as mike, he always used to flirt with me, my best friend Carrie who was 16 was dating his younger b*****r Chris so we all spent a lot of time over his house, his parents were never home so we always drank and partied over there. Mike and his friends always brought beer for the parties, it was mainly mikes friends who were all juniors and seniors.

One night Mike was having a birthday party there and we were ... Continue»
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Kocam Arkadaşına Beni Siktirdi

Kocam Arkadaşına Beni Siktirdi

Herkesten beklerdim de kocamdan beklemezdim. Çünkü kendisi kıskanç ve kimseye dokunmamam için bana her seferinde kızan bir adamdır aslında. Fakat siniri, kıskançlığı ters tepmiş olacak ki beni kendi arkadaşına siktirdi. Hatta ben akadaşıyla sikişirken benim kıskanç kocam da bizi izliyordu. Nasıl sikişiyoruz diye. İyi okumala

Herkese merhabalar ben güvenliğim açısından seks hikayemi anlatırken isim vermek istemiyorum. Çünkü başıma gelen sikiş olayı ve bunu kocam da gördü. Ailemden birinin bunları okuması bizim için kötü sonuçlar doğurabilir. Neyse ben artık ... Continue»
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Gang-banging a Cheerleader

My high school sweetheart, Linda, was such a slut. At the tender age of 16, she had already fucked around with several guys before me, a couple of them much older than her. She was desired by many, and I enjoyed hearing about her past sexual escapades. I also enjoyed her wild libido and impressively high stamina. As bored, horny teenagers, it was not uncommon for us to fuck for hours at a time.

We continued to date through college, where she affirmed her reputation as a super slut, but I would have to say my favorite sexual memory of her came when we were juniors in high school. It was afte... Continue»
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Terri took a few minutes to glow in the bliss of having taken all her men. She had felt them release their lust in full spurts of cum inside her. After 13 years without cum, her cunt oozed with the fertile offerings of young, hard cocks. Standing, their combined cum load felt heavy in the pouch of her cunt. Walking, it streamed down her inner thighs. Stopping to wipe, she held a small towel beneath herself and squeezed her cunt muscles. Think, clumpy cum farted its way out to drip and cover the towel. Over and over she squeezed until the flow stopped, leaving her with just a wet patch in h... Continue»
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School punishment the second story.

As Jack finished work the following day he drove to Matilda’s house, being greeted at the door by Mary they sat chatting “do you know mum I don’t have to have no more detention all is sorted” Mary smiled at Jack “yes Mrs Jackson Matilda has seen she was doing wrong but, if it happens again I will have to suspend her”, Mary took a sip of tea “do you hear that Matilda no more this is a final warning, thank you Mr Sonnis “. Matilda stood up and went to her room as Mary and Jack spoke “she is a very bright and loving girl Jack” Jack sat back and relaxed “oh I know Mary she is but she has no need t... Continue»
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sl**pover gone wrong

The following is a mostly true story about a sl**pover me and some friends once had...

I've never had a sl**pover that didn't involve sex in some way. We were horny guys experimenting afterall! This is just one of those times where things got more... involved... and a fond memory I wanted to share.

Names are no more than first letters. All participants are 18.

The Truth

It was another weekend, and another sl**pover round at A's house. This one was slightly different though as there were the three of us. Me, X and Z. I'd been at sl**povers before at X's house many tim... Continue»
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