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It had been a few months since my experience at the ‘dogging’ site and I decided to go back. It was a glorious sunny warm day when I parked up in the car park, and there were quite a few cars in. I made my way down to the grassy area passing a few men who smiled at me, then I arrived, sitting on a wall I got a cig out.

As I sat there smoking a young lad came and sat next to me, we made small talk as I weighed him up, he was wearing a white shirt and black trousers with a school blazer. “What’s with the school uniform” “I go to the private boarding school up the road” “Oh how old are you” “I... Continue»
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Lonely Fam!ly Fucks


This is a story about a desperate fam!ly that was all alone. The mother left the father about a year ago, the son was always single and the s!ster had been single for about 4 months and they were having no luck hooking up. They didn't know why. They were a good looking fam!ly.

Stan (the father) had short dark hair; very clean cut. He had broad shoulders. He kind of looked like your typical gag card poster boy for over the hill. You know the ones where there's a hot guy on the front saying, "you won’t get this anymore now that you're over the hill."

Ka... Continue»
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Foursome FMMM

Genre: Gay, Bisexual, Femdom, Gangbang, Intimate Male, CD/TG, Group Sex, Partner Swap, BDSM

We have been hanging out with a straight, couple we know. Mary and Justin are early 30’s, active and fun. Mary is naturally pretty, fit, brunette, breasts maybe a D, but her round ass makes her figure amazing. Justin is average height, dark hair, ripped abs and chest, and he is almost as sexy as Mary.

After a couple of times coming over they had too much to drink and we let them stay the night. They had dropped a few hints about swinging and such. Mary was soon telling me that she knew that Just... Continue»
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The Ride

It had been a few weeks since the stranger in my apartment event. I had finally started feeling normal again. I had planned to visit some friends in Colorado in just a few days and was looking forward to getting away. I had just returned from the laundromat. I unlocked my door, carrying a basket of clothes when I stepped on a piece of paper that must of been slid under my door. I unfolded it and read the note. It read "Brookside Park at 2am. We own you!" My heart sank. I fell to my knees and tears started streaming down my cheeks. I was so tired of this, I wanted it to end. It was fear of what... Continue»
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Dethroned Part1

"Sire", the bl**died Captain gasped breathlessly, " the city is ours. The King was found swinging from a rope in the throne room but the Queen was taken alive per your orders. I have ten of my best men watching her in her chambers under orders that no harm is to come to her from their hands or her own."
Sir Adunynn looked down from his war horse in thought, it was finally over. "Well done Captain. Double the watches and make sure that all of the exits from the Royal Sector are sealed. The fleet is to keep up its patrols of the harbor, nobody leaves. Have the commanders meet me at the council ... Continue»
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wife and the stranger

Its been over a year since our last encounter but I think that is because my wife says that it will be hard for someone to measure up
to mike,and I can understand that since he was only the second guy she has been with.
We did meet mike once for dinner and drinks but I didnt let anything happen this time because some of of the jealousy had returned
in a big way,and I think it was caused by my wife always bringing him up when we made love.
And I think the biggest reason of all was because one friday she called me about 6 times during the day saying she had a big surprise
for me when I got ... Continue»
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Couples swinger party true story

Couples swinger party true story
This story starts a good sometime after Sara . I had got married sometime after that I found out my wife was fucking a guy at work so I decided if she was going to that we would start swinging so I could have fun to . One week I decided to host a couples party . So I looked into hotels I found one that had two bedrooms a livingroom and a small kicthen . I reserverd the room in indianapolis indiana and sent out party invites . I had 5 couples and one single male that was a friend . We live in spencer indiana so it was only a hour drive for us .
When the weeke... Continue»
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For Dirty, Sexy Mel (aka 'Slut')!

I had never seen a female taxi driver before, except for in the film, 'Pulp Fiction', but just like Maria, she was gorgeous! I was standing in the taxi rank and it was about 2:30 in the morning and there was just me and two girls standing in the bitter cold, waiting to get home. The black cab pulled up and the driver's window came down. "Where are you three going then"? Asked the driver, her long, blonde hair tied back. "I'm not with these two" I gestured to the two girls standing by me. They were real babes too and quite a bit younger than me. Both girls wore little black dresses but one of t... Continue»
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Dating a Blind Girl

I dated this one girl, a while ago, her name was Liz. She was hot, long brown hair B cup tits. She weigh about 120 lbs. Her pussy was shaved bald. With this chick, she was blind. I met her at a store, she was with a friend shopping. I got her number, I called her up a day later and took her out. We went out to eat, and we saw a movie together. Even tho she can’t see, she can hear still. After a month of dating, we moved in together. After a month of living together, we started to fuck. Her body is so hot and I love fucking her.

Three months into our relationship, I’ve been working a lot mo... Continue»
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Tracy’s Bondage Photoshoot

This how we managed to have a threesome with Tracy for the first time without her knowledge

This picture story involved Me Terry and my Wife Tracy and Bill an old f****y friend

It all started with some pictures of Bill’s ex-Wife on an old laptop

A couple of weeks ago I got a call from Bill an old friend asking for my help with his laptop which had broken down. I said for him to bring it over on Saturday morning.

He arrive with it on Saturday as planed after 20 minutes of testin... Continue»
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Miss Vicky

It was already 7pm, when Vicky returned home from her work. Wet and a little cold from the drizzle and feeling tired, as she had a hard day at the college. Exam time was near, so everybody was a little more edgy and frantic than usual.
As Vicky couldn´t be bothered to cook, she slammed a ready-meal in the microwave and opened a bottle of red wine. She took rather a large sip and exuding a big sigh, fell back on the sofa. What a day, she mumbled. PING, her food was ready. She got up, wizzed her meal another 30 seconds and then at her meal in total silence at the kitchen table. She had to hurry... Continue»
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Episode 60 - Jenny meets Richard

Jenny hated sports at Junior High School – all sports really – her tits were just way too big. She had tried numerous sports bras, none seemed to contain her ample tit flesh. Anytime she had to run or jump, or worse turn a somersault – they would leap out, threatening to leap off her chest. Jenny had even tried crepe bandages and sticky tape to hold them in, but with no luck. Jenny hated sports, but had the hots for the tall, fit lads that played them. She would skip games lessons and sneak off to the swimming pool to watch the muscled legs pounding up and down the lanes, imagining handling th... Continue»
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I want you to watch me with a girl.
At first u just sit in a chair dressed while we play on the bed. We kiss because I like kissing girls, we stick our hands up eachothers skirts and play with each other's pussys. Cause the clits to swell and the pussys to drip. Then the shirts and bras come off as we take turns sucking on each other nipples. Then the skirts come off. She removes my panties with her teeth and eats me out by sticking her tongue up my pussy while she rubs my clit. I take her panties off and turn her around and u watch as we eat each other out at the same time. I grab the vibra... Continue»
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My bbw wife (story 7) The party

It all started with a Facebook group. A group of people drawn together by common interest not related to sex. Well not in the beginning anyways. All involved had attended a bourbon festival and such each had joined a Facebook group that was for this festival. After chatting and laughing at each other's post day in and day out it was decided that the small circle of friends in that group made our own group and that's how our group of friends we had never even met was born. We had started to become really close, even just thru interaction on Facebook. It got to the point where post and chat on t... Continue»
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Dogging experiences of a slut wife

It was my hubby, Andy's, 40th birthday last week and with abit of planning and searching on the internet i managed to make one of his fantasies come true. For the past few years we have spoken, normally when having sex, about having other couples and singles join us for fun. We have done the dogging bit, but only let people watch, this always turned both of us on, but we never took it any further.

Anyway i found a free contact site,signed up and started to put my plan into action. I looked at adds from couples, females and males. I also put my own add on saying what i was looking for. I sta... Continue»
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Election Disaster Lead to Gang Fuck

I am Suman 30 year of age with a height of 5.5 and stats of 38 28 38 and this incident which I am going to narrate dates back 6 years back in the year 2004 during our state election. I was married 6 months back and my husband Naresh was working in a software company.

It was few days before election and he was doing some private work for some campaign work and that day I went with Naresh to submit his work and later on we were going to go out shopping. Naresh was telling the client what all he has done and in came women in an
... Continue»
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My First Gangbang! How Hell Turned Into Heaven

This is Maaya. I’m 22 years old, Chennai girl who is married since last year. This is a real life story that happened when i was in my 2nd year of college. It’s about how i was f***ed by my boyfriend into rough gangbang and ended up loving it.

So, i was in a relationship for 1 year with a guy called Avinash and had been having sex with him for 6 months. Once my entire f****y went out of town for a week. I decided I can stay with my boyfriend at his guest house. So I packed and came to pick me up. I was wearing a short skir
... Continue»
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Second 3some with our best friend

It had been several months since we first had our first ever threesome and it was with our close friend. My wife and I had replayed that night over and over again during sex. Although she loved that night and did want to do it again, she didn’t want it to be an expected thing from me or from our friend. So it didn’t happen again for a while, although there were many times when out together or at parties the flirting was in high gear. I always told her it was up to her when and if she wanted to have a repeat.

Well she finally did so I had her start texting him and slowly during text messages... Continue»
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Our next threesome - Part One

After our experience with Adam we hit a dry spell. He was busy with school and I had a back injury that resulted in surgery. We called him a couple of times when the three of us had a chance to talk. Jean and I were always in bed and fooling around when the urge would hit and fortunately, he answered. We had amazing phone sex. Because we had been with him physically, we held nothing back. Jan and I were both normally very verbal. Talking during sex always heightened the experience for us, especially when we were fantasizing. So having Adam on the phone with us was really a chance ... Continue»
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The First Time Sharing My Wife

I still remember the first time my wife and I had our first experience with a third person in the mix. Starting from the beginning, my wife and I were making love one night, I started getting extremely excited, and out of nowhere I whispered in her ear “I want to see you take a big black cock.” We stopped everything, and she looked at me with those “I can’t believe you just said that” eyes. She said “you want someone else to fuck me?” I didn’t know how to react. I panicked, my heart was racing, I was reaching for anything. I ended up saying “ No, I was just k**ding.” We continued to fuck lik... Continue»
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