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This is a chapter from a larger story originally posted @ Literotica. It features taboo topics and fantasies that will appeal to some and shock others. I only ask you judge the story on its own merit.

By the time darkness fell, Jimmy thought he would burst with excitement. He had eaten and drank nothing since breakfast, taking his mothers advice to conserve his strength for the initiation: it only served to whet his appetite and when his parents came to tell him it was time, he was prepared for everything and stood silently while they d****d him in a thick, crimson robe edged with... Continue»
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Interesting afternoon at the cinema

This particular Wednesday afternoon, it was raining and cold and as there was a film I wanted to see at the cinema, as the wife was working I decided to go on my own. I got my ticket and sat on the back row as it was the furthest away from the screen. I thought it’d be quite full but it was largely empty, there were two young lads in front of me and one further on the row and that was it.

I knew I was a little early, about half an hour too early, as I sat there minding my own business I noticed the two young lads in front of me were cuddling each other, as I slightly watched out of the corn... Continue»
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f****y group sex

I read this story in another site and liked it and therefore posting it here for other members to enjoy ---

I am Reena, a girl from typical Marwari f****y, married in a same cast and religion. Though my s****r is also married in same cast but mine is arrange marriage and Didi had an affair with Jiju for some time and finally they got married. Now if I will get straight to the point then I will say that, it all started when me and my husband were on out station trip to attend one marriage occasion of one of my other cousin s****r, leaving my cousin s****r Geetika Didi who is nearly 6... Continue»
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wife in whore party

About a week ago, my wife Tammy and I were invited to a beach resort along with a bunch of her coworkers. She works in the marketing department at a large company which did very well in the past few years, and the employees were starting to get a lot of perks, one of which was the resort trip.

I was eager to go, although I was worried about meeting Tammy's coworkers. Her company had a very informal culture, and Tammy would sometimes tell me about all the flirting and pinching that went on during the workday. I worked at a law firm, which was very uptight and professional, and flirting was c... Continue»
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wife's and huby's enjoyment

“Why don’t we go out tonight?” Adam suggested to his wife, Keri.”If you want to,” Keri agreed. “Any special reason or place in mind?””Actually, yes,” Adam replied. “It’s a special sort of place, private.””What’s it like?” Keri asked, intrigued.”I don’t really know, except that there are special costume requirements for women,” Adam told her. “I heard about it at work from some of the guys.””What kind of special requirements?” Keri asked.”A special mask,” Adam explained.”Where do we get it?” Keri inquired.”Well, actually one of the guys gave me one, just in case, you know,” he replied lamely.”S... Continue»
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wife fucked in dance clup

I met Debbie, when she was eighteen, in a small mountain town in Colorado. Long blondish hair, almost to her waist. Hazel bedroom eyes. Gorgeous face, with sexy lips and a mouth that looked like it was begging for a hard cock to suck. Big, ski jump, 36C tits. Her aureoles are about two inches in diameter. Her nipples about 3/8" in diameter and 1/2" long when aroused. Her waist is 26 inches and her hips 37 inches. Lying on her back, naked, you can see her abs and rib cage. Her pubic mound is extremely prominent, so much so that her clit is accessible without her spreading her legs! She can be f... Continue»
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Velvet Crush: On Her Own

Velvet Crush:
Two weeks passed in Japan as I learned that my grandmother’s husband had left the porn empire to her and with her death it had passed to my mom. I was the sole person to inherit my mom’s estate, so it passed to me. I was now the owner of my own porn company and I had lots of plans. My grandfather’s f****y had other plans though and they fought me in court to retain their ownership rights. During that time, I was legally the head of the company, so I began planning for a re-release of many of my mom and grandmother’s films, through compilations and best of scenes. I was going to... Continue»
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Hong Kong Training a Slut part 2

I stayed in touch with my mate after his divorce and he moved to Hong Kong, picking up pretty quickly with a Pilipino who he was delighting in her tight twat and arse and adventurous spirit. We talked once a month and he always suggested we came over to visit. Well we decided to take him up on the offer. I had skimmed over some of the details of the week we had in Thailand so the girlfriend knew we had history of sorts.

Arriving in Hong Kong we got a taxi to his apartment building and got through security and found ourselves outside his apartment door looking like shit (the problem with ec... Continue»
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Camping with my wife

So here we are a married mid fifty couple ,empty nesters now. We decided let's buy a motorhome and travel this beautiful country. We want to go out west as were in New York but first we want to try it out and do a short weekend and end up at a nascar race in Dover Delaware . We end up parking in this huge field with coaches everywhere and barely enough room to set up the awning and open the pull outs but all goes well. Lots of drinking going on with all our neighbors the first night and we were tired and went back and crashed. The next day lots of walking and viewing venders we went back and s... Continue»
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My First Interracial DP

I recently went on vacation and had my very first DP. I said this on my previous profile but I had 3 black cock experiences and only got hooked to interracial less than a year. My first black cock experience was a blowjob at a party, my second was intercourse, and my third was a threesome with two black men. I have not had sex since that threesome, which was about 6 months ago, so I was very much overdue.

I was at a bar just minding my own business. My friends stayed back at the hotel room and i went downstairs to the bar to have a few drinks. I was watching television when all of a sudden... Continue»
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This one is for Dagworth. It includes caning and s

In the early 70s I was a Teacher in a secondary school. It was all girls
The mini-skirt had arrived, along with women's lib and the magical pill for girls.
After one English lesson I found myself alone in my classroom. Alone, that is, except for one remaining girl, Wendy.
"I'm sorry, sir, I haven't finished my homework." There was an essay due on Romeo and Juliet. "I read it but it started to make me feel all strange between my legs. I couldn't concentrate on my homework, I had just had to give myself a good rubbing as soon as I got back to my bedroom."
"What would your mother say about th... Continue»
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Leanne's New Red Boots 1

Leanne's New Red Boots Part 1

Leanne and I were off to the city for a trade conference and looking forward to a few days without the k**s. They were both pretty much grown up but still living at home so we didn't get a lot of private time in the house. We had a good sex life but having two almost adult sons in the house did cramp our style somewhat.

The conference dinner was going to be the highlight and we were looking forward to having a nice meal and a few drinks then getting back to the hotel room afterwards for an evening of fooling around. The dinner was in the function room of th... Continue»
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Leanne's New Red Boots 2

Leanne's New Red Boots Part 2.

After we were in our room Leanne said "I have to pee" and slipped into the bathroom.

Dave said quietly "Hey, thanks for this, I haven't had a fuck for nearly nine months with the divorce and everything, just porn and wanking. So anything off limits?"

"We'll it's Leanne's show so whatever she says goes but for me just no kissing on the mouth, to me that's more of an intimate thing not sex."
"Cool" he nodded.

We stood there looking awkwardly at each other for a few seconds then he said "how do get this show on the road?"

"Get naked I guess, don'... Continue»
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Fun at Keough Hot Spring

Despite being a bit shy I found out I hanging out naked at hot springs could be a lot of fun and soon found not being naked was what would make one stand out. Besides the feeling of freedom from being in the sun with nothing on is great. And it doesn't hurt to be able to check out the other naked people.

Keogh Hot Springs (the free area, not the silly resort) has a creek of hot water that flows through several pools as it descends a small slope. It makes a nice stop driving up 395 and the hot water feels great on ones stiff muscles after all that time in the car.

I pulled into the hot sp... Continue»
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Babs sl**ps with Greek God While I'm Away

If you recall, Babs brought Becca, our young housekeeper and babysitter to our bed to sl**p with us on and off as the occasion allows. I promised her that she could also bring a man to our bed to sl**p with her but he had to meet with my approval.

My job took me out of town for several weeks and I knew that Babs would be lonely while I’m gone so I asked Becca to help me find a man that could keep her satisfied until my return. She instantly told me that she had the perfect man in mind and would talk to him.

This past Sunday afternoon, Becca brought a male friend of hers that she’s know... Continue»
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Mrs. T & The Sales Girl and Me - Dressing Room

Upon Mrs. T request

I read her this story as she stroked my cock

she did not let any leak out her sexy red lips

I love to shop. It always better to go shopping with someone else. There is nothing more fun then going shopping with Mrs. T. We always seem to have fun. On some occasion we have a little too much fun. I usually buy her what ever she wants. On most shopping trips she buys everything with her husband credit card or cash. She likes to make a game out of shopping sometimes. She likes to make a game out of just about everything. She loves watching Wheel of Fortune. We play t... Continue»
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My friend and I fuck my girlfriend

I used to know a woman named Sue who I met on a plane trip back from the west coast. Sue lived in Pennsylvania and I lived about 100 miles away in New Jersey. After the trip, I visited her at her apartment and we hit it off. Needless to say, we had sex on that first visit and I continued to visit Sue and have sex with her whenever I could. Sue was a somewhat plain woman, heavy, but with thin legs and no ass. But she was a good sport and we enjoyed a wide variety of sexual activities. Since we lived so far apart, Sue would often stay at my condo in New Jersey overnight.

I also have a b... Continue»
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Dr. Kelly - Breast Milk Exper

I was just pulling my car into the trailer park. The dust from the gravel came up over the top of my hood. I looked around. There were quite a few trailers as I pulled around to the last one on the left. It had pink siding going down the double wide. I can't believe I spent 6 years going to college, just to make house calls or should I say trailer park calls. I had no degree. The money ran out before I got kicked out. I had a few jobs ever since. I just happen to stumble upon this one. You could say it just dropped in my lap.

I had a neighbor at my apartment complex. She was close to be... Continue»
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Eating Cum From a CDs Ass

This is a true story and the dirtiest sex experience I've ever had. I read online at (a gay cruising site I subscribe to) that two CDs were going to be playing that afternoon at my local adult theater (Paris Cinema in Syracuse, NY). I love men in lingerie, and knew I just had to be there. When I arrived it took awhile for my eyes to adjust to the darkness, but eventually I spotted them in the back row of the theater where the seats are removed and there's room to play. The two CDs went by the names FeleciaCD and SmoothTV, and were both dressed to kill in black stockings and garters.... Continue»
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Yummy bi couple

Started exchanging messages with this 40 something couple online and just asked if they wanted to meet. They agreed and we met at a bar. We went by first initial only so I never learned their real names. Wife was M - she was late 40s probably- med height, buxom brunette with mom-ish short haircut and very dark tan. She wore white shorts that showed off thick tanned thighs. Her husband T was a regular middle-aged guy, all I know from their pics he has a 6 or 7 inch cock with a big shiny head. So we meet and shake hands and order some drinks and sit at a small table. The smalltalk is a aw... Continue»
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