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Girl Meets World - Girl Meets Foursome

Girl Meets World - Girl Meets Foursome

Takes Place During: Girl Meets Semi Formal

It was a beautiful night in New York City. The semi-formal dance has just ended at John Quincy Adams Middle School and Riley enters her neatly decorated room in her apartment with Maya, Lucas and Farkle. With Auggie spending the night at his friend's house and Riley's parents, Cory and Topanga, are out hanging out with Shawn, Katy, Eric and Jack, Riley has the whole place to herself.

"Tonight was really fun." Riley said.

"Aren't you glad that you got to dance with me for a slow da... Continue»
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Debbie, 40th birthday treat, fucked by 2 guys in D

A few years ago, I answered an advert on fastflirting to meet with a couple. I was picked up around 8pm outside "The Globe" bar in the Westport area of Dundee by the guy, who was much older than me, and we headed off for Dunfermline to meet his woman. He told me on the way it was her 40th birthday and I was to sit in the back of his jeep when we got there. We arrived, and he sent her a text, I was sitting in the back, when the door opened and in climbed a very pretty blonde, about 5ft 4", slim and cute. Her eyes met mine and I just pounced on her, sticking my tongue down her throat, and pressi... Continue»
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That one time that I found a video on XHamster of

This story is 100% true and actually happened to me (UT1996) around November 2014.

I was living in another city, where I was part of a bisexual swingers group that had orgy-parties every month or so. We would arrange "vanilla" meet & greets at a bar where people could meet beforehand and me and the couple that hosted the parties would invite people that were interested into an environment where there was no pressure. We also were able to decide if we wanted to invite them to the party or not. The hosts were obviously particular about who they invited into their home, so he insisted on meeti... Continue»
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Blonde wife gone black

I’m a 35 years old housewife, 5’5’’ curvy, tanned, short blonde hair, blue eyes, 34dd tits, always shaven pussy, i have one of my nipples and my clit pierced, tattoos on my back waist and one of the ankles. My husband is 5’11 dark hair brown eyes, athletic body and a big 9 inches cut shaven cock, Him and i have been married for 5 years now, both of our second marriage, we have a happy relationship and great sex life, we have always been open minded and adventures, he is never a jealous person because he knows that i love him and our relationship is intact. We’re both very sexual people, we alm... Continue»
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Hairy big titted milf Jo-Anne's pub adventure

"I cant believe she's just been sitting there for the past hour opening and closing her legs at us the dirty fucking bitch" said one of the guys!
"It's a fucking jungle down there I can tell you" quipped another!
It was just another late night out in town and the local pub was the destination!
A trio of guys had gone into a well known watering-hole that had a bit of a reputation for being a great place for those just looking for a casual fuck!
After ordering their drinks and sitting down they noticed a solitary woman sitting opposite!
She was a brunette in her mid-forties dressed in a ver... Continue»
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All her idea...

But in retrospect she must have known that it was an idea that we all might get into.

Afterwards I must admit I think we all enjoyed it very much.

A guy that we have had threesomes with in the past phoned to say he was looking to come for a visit.
She was on the phone with him making the arrangements when I first heard her mention it.
Her request was once we all got situated in the hotel room we’d meet at, she wanted him and I to begin our encounter with him and I sixty-nining.
She would then go back and forth between us joining and helping as she saw fit.
When she hung up t... Continue»
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Slut! Wife needs a hard cock: Part Four

Slut! Wife needs hard cock. Part four:

I sat alone on the sofa, listening to the raucous giggling upstairs as two well hung men began to defile my beautiful wife. The bedroom door was obviously open wide to allow me to hear the depraved things my wife was allowing the two studs to inflict on her. I heard the footsteps across my bedroom floor, then the sound of my wife climbing on the bed. I heard the squelch of her pussy as I assumed one of them pushed his fingers deep in her pussy administering another finger blasting. Then the giggling stopped and the tone changed. The voices became more ... Continue»
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Sue My Cum Loving Wife 3

"Please let me see the other photos you have Sue!!" I begged. " I am so ready to cum, you have me so fucking excited."

"But I have not even touched your cock yet babe." Sue replied licking her sexy lips looking at my cock.

"I want to see the photos of you and the boy Sue"

"That really turns you on, doesn't it?" She said excitedly. " Just promise the nothing will change the way you love me and I will show you the photos of Kate and I with the boys."

"You know nothing will ever change that Sue." I said right before she leaned over and kissed me..

I was watching her cute little as... Continue»
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Pussy Delivery

My husband had lost his job and we were needing money real bad. I had a full time job but took this job at a pizza place to bring in a little more. It was a help. I worked the front counter and it was not hard but it was long hours for not alot of money. Then one night one of the guys walked off the job. We were really busy but managed to get most of everything done. I had helped to deliver several orders and we had one more so I took it as it was on my way home. I stopped by the hotel and went to the room. It was two younger guys, well younger than me as I am in my mid forties. I think they... Continue»
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My slut ex-wife

We met when we were in our late 20's. It turned out that Marie was quite well known in town to be a bit of a slut, but to be fair we'd both been around the block a bit, and it never bothered me.
And who could blame her, she was young and pretty with a sexy body, big tits and slim waisted with a peachy ass and long blonde hair.
One night when we were out I asked how come she knew so many barmen and pub workers.
Without hesitating she said "You may not like this but I was a Kissogram for a while" I just shrugged and laughed.
She went on "And I got encouraged to do some topless stuff and befo... Continue»
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Phil was newly divorced, his wife had given him several c***dren who were away at college. She had taken the house as part of the settlement & $20k a year from the business. Phil had converted an old warehouse into a bachelor pad. The main storage area downstairs he had it insulated and alarmed to store his vintage & classic collections.
The wasted area space was enough to install two levels above the vintage & classic collections area.
Phil is in his mid 50's, works out and has a body to die for. His cock was 10-12inches long and quite thick. He never ... Continue»
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My Surprise Birthday Treat at the Stables

My Surprise Birthday Treat at the Stables

I’m Jack and on my 40th birthday my wife Sam went to the stables as usual. Not even a Birthday ‘playing with’ or even a kiss. So I plan to ravish her upon her return regardless of her wishes. I reframe from watching Xhamster vids and pleasuring myself so I can deposit a full load into my wife’s welcoming pussy. After a leisurely shower and a birthday fry up, I am set for the day ahead.

9.30 I receive a text that says ‘burst pipe please come immediately and bring your toolbox’. Shit! That’s buggered my day! Throwing my tool box in the truck I was... Continue»
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reaching new lows as a cum slut

I had just finished posting an add on Craigslist looking for some jumbo sized cocks to split my sissy gash open. I had said i wanted at least 2 meat hammers before i would take the ad down. There wasn't a lot of detail in the ad except that i wanted to try double anal and had few to no limits. I included a picture of me spreading my boy cunt. It was still farely tight I could take 4 fingers but wasn't able to take a fist yet, so i specified that they needed to take there time with me.
I closed my computer and decided to take a shower, shave everywhere and clean myself out. I use an el... Continue»
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Sexual Sensations - Screwed by imps

I come back from my evening job as a shop clerk at 11pm at night. The stupid manager there keeps trying to get into my pants. Like, I'm all for ugly and small dicks, but I don't want some old cock inside me. I know he has a thing for brunettes like me. I bet my huge double d's turn him on whenever I'm around him. He even tried to finger me one time when no one was in the store. If he wasn't my boss I would've slapped him. I'm so tired from that bull-crap I take off all my clothes and go to bed.

I wake up for some reason thinking I hear something. It's probably that stupid fucking dog barki... Continue»
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Slut! Wife needs a hard cock: Part Three

Slut! Wife needs hard cock. Part three:

Steph sat on the sofa in our mood lit lounge. She had dimmed our lights to give the room a warm sultry glow to set the mood for impending fucking on the end of Carl’s huge cock. Stretching out on the sofa her legs were wide open displaying her smooth shaved pussy to me as she stroked her slightly swollen labia. She was whispering softly as she teased her clit.
“Mmmm it’s going to be awesome having Carl’s huge cock slide into my hot wife pussy while my inadequate husband watches a real man pleasure his wife!” she taunted with the most devilish grin..
... Continue»
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A wife that obeys

Don't let the title of this story give you the wrong idea. I'm not the controlling one in the marriage. I'm a chastised cuckold husband with a extremely sexy hot wife. My wife stands five foot four, weights exactly one hundred pounds and has blonde hair and blue eyes. She is pretty and her tight little body makes her the object of many a man's desire. In the time we have been married I come to except the fact that she enjoys having sex outside of our marriage. At first she would hide her encounters but after I caught her red handed and as she told her side of the story she noticed I had an ere... Continue»
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The Other Couple - A swingers story

The contact internet advertisement read: “Couple mid 40’s, healthy and discreet, GSOH, N/S, S/D, reasonable appearance, seek swinging couples for fun times. Photo appreciated.” We wrote a self-descriptive introductory email, attached a nude photo of each of us and waited. It took a few days to receive a reply. The email from Fay and Bob was positive, included photos of them nude and a home phone number with the suggestion that the two women talk first.

Their phone conversations were encouraging enough for Bob and I to arrange to meet for a coffee in the city. Later we all met at a suburban... Continue»
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College Student Mom of 4 used - Part 2

College Student Mom of 4 used - Part 2

A couple of weeks had gone by since Renee’s a*****ion. She was more cautious about what ways she walked to her car and even had Bob the security guard walk her to her car at night, all to avoid the situation of being used as a sex toy again.
It was four pm on a warm Friday afternoon. Class had let out and it was still light out, so Renee felt safe enough to walk to her car with another student. She was excited about the weekend. Renee’s hubby was out of town on business and the k**s were at a sl**p over at one of their friend’s houses so she was ... Continue»
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There was a farmer who lived miles from the nearest town. This was no ordinary farm. He and his wife had a special breeding programme. They had prize bulls, stallions and cows.
The bulls were chosen for the size of their cocks and balls. The cocks are a good 12 inches long, 2-3 inches around. The balls/hangers are heading towards golf ball size.
The stallions are chosen for their size and stamina. Cock length 12 inches or longer and 3 inches or bigger around to reach the womb.
There are three types of breeding cow.
1st is for milk supply
2nd is for breed... Continue»
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caught masturbating

My new neighbors are both a turn on to me! She is about 25 5'7 brown hair down past her shoulders, about 145, with at least a C cup. And her legs are amazing! He is probably 25 about 5'9 brown short hair and slim but nicely built...He never wears a shirt so he is very tan! One day I was getting a little excited so I got a porn out popped it in and closed all my doors. I quickly got naked and started watching the porn not touching my 6" smooth shaven cock to build the anticipation. As one of the girls in the movie was working an 8" cock, mine quickly got stiff.

I slowly started stroking my ... Continue»
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