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My Birthday Surprise

I have had the hots for my mom for as long as I can remember. I have wanted to bury my cock deep in her and drain my balls since I knew what my cock was for. And mom knew this. We talked about it. Mom is very attractive, wide hips, nice ass. She has red hair with a red bush to match. Her boobs are medium size. Dad is gone a lot so this probably is what dove mom and I together. Mom told me she wanted me too but that I needed to wait till I had reached the age of consent so everything was legal. Well that day came and mom made a hotel reservation for she and I. I could not wait. A week before ... Continue»
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Sauna part 2

Emerging from the steam room covered in sweat and cum which was covering my
chin I went to the showers, dried off again and then went to have a look
what was going on in the other rooms.

It was still early so fairly empty and the normally busy rest-rooms were
virtually lifeless but somebody had to get this party started and with my
attitude today it was definitely going to be me. Today I wanted them all,
every man in there. I wanted filling with cum at both ends, dribbling down
my legs from a thoroughly used ass, I wanted pain when I walked and my
insides pounding and throbbing fr... Continue»
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Amelie part 9

She was one or two minutes early. The door was locked. As she turned to get up on the pavement, an old lady was passing by and mumbled “whore” under her breath and spat that way only old ladies do; more sound than spit. Amelie got back up onto the pavement and almost wished that she was smoking; a cigarette smouldering between her fingers would have made the picture complete. She walked a few meters in one direction, before going back again. Considered waiting there, with on foot resting on the wall, the classical pose for a hooker in older movies, but still too obvious, even for this quiet si... Continue»
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Sauna part 1

I've been reading these stories for years now but after today's events I
simply have to start documenting my adventures at a local sauna and my
exploration of gay sex.

Having been a straight acting Bi-guy for my 44 years I recently decided to
be a little more honest with my sexuality. I don't pretend I've not had
gay sex before it's just that I've decided to make it more prominent and
stop acting like it should be suppressed, today was one of those days. Up
until now my couplings with other men had been restrained, never quite
getting what I wanted (as it has been with women too) bu... Continue»
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A Week in Stratford - Part 2 - Granny MFF


On our week away in Stratford, Donna was feeling quite fruity and fancied the coach driver, she told me she was going to sit in the bar and see if she can shag him. If you read our stories you’ll have read what happened to her. As I left her in the bar with a drink I noticed the coach driver getting a drink, I winked at her and made my way to a smoking area outside.

In the smoking area was a mature lady she was wearing a blue blouse and skirt, we got chatting about the usual rubbish and she told me she was Brenda, 69, widowed a few years ago, she came on breaks away... Continue»
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A Week in Stratford - Part 1 (Continued)


As I sat in the bar after I could feel all the spunk congregating in my knickers, I stood up and went to the toilet as it leaked out of me. Sitting in the cubicle I wiped as much as I could out of me but as I did I felt a little tingle, I let my fingers roam over my clitoris and I felt a shudder go down my spine. I thought ‘god it was good’ as I had a wee and headed back to the bar.

Sitting down the guy who I’d original seen before I went to the coach came over, I thought he was so handsome, we got talking and he said his name was Ted, he was t... Continue»
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Adult Theater Sexaholic

This is a collage of some of my kinkier visits involving my favorite pass time.

As I walked into the room I noticed there was a hallway that went both ways. There was a wall extending perpendicularly from where I stood that separated the two ends of the room. At the far end each direction was a large screen, the one to my left showing a gangbang flick and the one to my right showing a some what kinkier flick. The hallway to the left was almost blocked with guys standing (some facing one another…gosh I wonder what they were doing) so deciding not to fight the crowd I turned right and headed ... Continue»
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Gay first time memories

When I was about 18 I had my first sexual encounter with a man. I was in the navy and me and a buddy had been drinking and were picked up by this guy who said he would take us back to our ship which was in Jacksonville( I think, it was a long time ago) I just thought he was being friendly. On the way there he said we could stop off at his place for a drink which is where we wound up. I was already quite well d***k and my buddy was too, in fact he fell asl**p.

While my buddy was asl**p this guy came over and sat next to me on the sofa and showed me a gay porn mag, I got hard straight away, I... Continue»
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bi couple

We were looking for a couple to play with & found one with a hung bi man. We played with the couple, as a foursome, it was really hot and sexy and decided that we would like to see them again. The couple lives a couple of hours away from us so the playing was really hampered by distance and schedules. Finally Mrs. received a text from the wife that they would be in our area the next week asking if we wanted to meet up for brunch and play, she responded. Of course we did!

The day before they were to visit Mrs. got her period, while never an issue for me, we don’t play during this time.... Continue»
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The 3rd man

The call started and I first saw her beautiful smile as she says “Hi Daddy”. He spaghetti strap top was falling off her shoulders as she tried to readjust the, I immediately realized she had gotten started before calling me. She sat the phone down on a table and tried to adjust it so the majority of the room was visible to me. The quality of the call was superb, I could see everything clearly, everything including the two black men sitting on the bed behind her. I could also hear well enough as one of them strongly slapped her ass. I was excited that she found a hotel with excellent internet s... Continue»
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Class Act

My thing for older women started with the loss of my virginity. I stayed the night with my buddy and another friend. He had an older s****r who had just finished high school. Me and my friends had barely any hair on our balls. His s****r had two friends over that night. We played spin the bottle. Those three girls ended up fucking us. It was pretty cool to be there fucking a girl with your friends right there fucking also. But that was the start.After that I kept fucking those girls but I was also fucking all the girls I could at my school. It seemed easy. But what I liked about older girls ... Continue»
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Tess' lesson plan changes

John teases the wet opening of my pussy from behind, sliding the tip of his cock up and down as my tongue continues to plunge into Tess. Sasha, near by strips until her perfect body is exposed and she crawls onto the many choices she has, but she reaches for Tess's face, pull shed up and presses their lips together.

Tess moans into the kiss, just as John finally pushes forward, his massive cock spearing me from behind. I fell my face pressing harder to Tess' ass as he pushes into me...he groans with frustration, pulls back slightly and plunges back in to me. His cock slides a littl... Continue»
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Summer School with friends

I went to college on the other side of the country and after second year i refused to take the two day train home to go back to the double wide with my mom in the south. I am a nerd, was on scholarship to school and stayed to study and work. I had just moved into summer residence with my buddy Jonny. It wasn't a big step for us as we had already lived together the last two years we just moved to a new co-ed building on campus. Jonny and I are typical nerds, like sci-fi, gaming, board games etc, I am studying science and he engineering. We knew several of the summer students on our floor. One w... Continue»
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A Week in Stratford - Part 1



As we got to our hotel I took a fancy to the driver, I told hubby and he said “Whatever you want”. After our evening meal we had a drink in the bar, it was a beautiful warm summers evening and I was wearing a white skirt and a white top. We got talking to a group who were on their stag do, the hotel catered for the whole wedding experience.

Hubby kissed me and said he was going to try and shag a granny he'd seen, but more of that later.

Then the coach driver, Tony, appeared and as he got his drink I went over to him and said “I think I’ve d... Continue»
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Strip Club MFF

Saturday July 25, 2015

This is the true story of my first MFF and I credit it with helping to expand my sexuality and simply make me feel better and more comfortable as a man.

My girlfriend and I had been talking at great length for some time about bringing another girl into the bed. We had exhaustive conversations about how it would go and how to handle it. I don't think it was a bad thing, just something that was always going to be relegated to conversation, rather than actually happening.

It was a warm muggy summer evening in Downtown Detroit and Ashley and I had
... Continue»
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Club experience 2016

I had been to this Amsterdam club before, but not on a "theme night." The theme this afternoon from 3pm-8pm was "shamelessly naked." Everyone had to be naked (except for shoes if you wanted). I was very much looking forward to it as they post the theme of their events on their website.

I arrived about 3:30pm and there was only one other guy there. After entering, you undress and give your bag of clothes back to the host who keeps it in a safe room, so nothing gets stolen. It was warm at the club, thankfully. We sat on towels on the bar stools. After a short while more peo... Continue»
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Dorm bottom 3/4

I was sitting at my desk working on a history paper when I heard the
door open and I figured my roommate Johnny was back. I was kind of nervous
about what was going to happen. He had always been kind of homophobic and
thought I was straight. A couple of hours ago he caught me with Trey's
dick up my ass pounding me hard. I had no idea how this was going to turn

Turning in my chair I looked at the door as it opened. Before I could say
anything Johnny looked at me with a withering look and asked "so what are
some full blown faggot now? Don't even answer me cause I can't deal with... Continue»
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Nudist Beach Adventure

Nudist Beach Adventure

I would love to tell you a really horny true story about an experience I had on a nudist beach in Fuerteventura. The beach is where all of the sand dunes are and is s**ttered with nests of rocks where people lay in to sun bathe and keep out of the wind. Obviously because there is a degree of privacy there is a lot of various actions going on and understandably there are guys continually walking around them and if they can peering in to try and catch some action. Well my wife gets really horny when the sun is on her pussy and she loves opening her legs to increase the ... Continue»
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Purusan Munnaadiyee Pontatti Pundai Kiliyuthu –

“en peyar nakmaa . vayathu 29 . oru thaniyaar kampeniyil meelaalaraaka ulleen. naan thangal Tamil darddi Stories vepsaiddil ulla Kadhaikalai virumpi padippeen. . en Purusan oru vangiyil veelai paarkkinraar. naangal oru apaardmend daip kudiyiruppil vasitthu varukinrom. kilee naanku veedukal meelee naanku veedukal. naangal meel pakuthiyil ullom. pakalil naan veelaikku poyviduvathaal iravilthaan thunikalai thuvaitthu engal veeddin munpuram kaayapoduvathu palakkam. marunaal kaalaiyil edutthu maditthu vaippeen. . athupola oru naal kaalai thunikalai... Continue»
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cock and pussy

Cock and Pussy

Hi my name is Nancy and I grew up in Western Michigan along the Lake Michigan shore line in a tourist town. I learned to eat pussy at a very early age . My three s****rs said that it was what I had to do since all the women in our f****y have been doing this for generations. I love all three of my s****rs so I never really questioned if it was right or wrong thing to do. My lessons started when I turned ten at first I was a little nervous but my s****rs said that they would lick my pussy first so that I would understand what pleasure it brought. I went to take a shower clea... Continue»
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