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Emmy's First MMF and More

Emmy’s first MMF and More

My flight had just arrive from Georgia, and Emmy was there to pick me up. She was dressed to kill. Hair and makeup done, tight black dress, stockings, and stilettos. It was Valentine’s day and I had made reservations at a four star restaurant in Indy. I had been gone since Christmas so needless to say it had been awhile. I got in the driver’s seat and before we were out of the lane she had my cock out, seconds later she was coating it is spit, forcing it all the way down her throat. While she was sucking me I pulled her little dress up to play with her pussy to dis... Continue»
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BtVS: A Demon’s Curse

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: A Demon’s Curse

Buffy came home and collapsed on the bed. "Not a great night for slaying," she said to herself as she lay there in the dark room, feeling so tired she was almost sick and could throw up at any moment.

This wasn’t the first night that had ended this way.

Lately it seemed she was slower to vanquish the demons, and a couple of times she was dangerously close to being one dead Vampire Slayer herself. If it wasn’t for her quick thinking.

'It was strange,' she thought, 'I can leave the house so full of energy, but as soon ... Continue»
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Park Service our group Friday night

A month ago I related our "work group" had planned to use our weekend off in June for nothing but sex.

This happen last weekend, all did not go as planned, both good and not so good.

First upon arriving on Friday we had a full day of "work" ahead of us, all of us had our paid or volunteer assignments.
I wound up moving road work signs and equipment in the morning, then trying to look both enthused and intelligent while holding that "Slow/Stop" sign the rest of the day. But that ain't as easy as it looks, your feet get tired, sunburn happens and some people just cannot wait (much less ... Continue»
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Being a good bitch a FURRY Story

Being a good bitch

“Hey Bunny. do you like what you see?” Samantha, a hermaphrodite kitsune asks standing in front of the rabbit. A smile curls hir lips as shi strokes hir ten and a half inch cock. Pre-cum making the red flesh glisten.

“Yeah, I'd love to play with a cock that big.” Bunny says licking his lips at the sight of pre-cum dripping from the tip of hir cock.

“Well then, come and get it. on one condition. You're my pet until I'm satisfied.” Samantha says with a smile and milking stroke of hir cock causing a large dollop of pre-cum to pour from it.

“Of course. I'd love to b... Continue»
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Biker Slut Wife

I have been married to my wife for twenty seven years now. She is forty nine years old and looks damn good for her age. Brownish blonde short hair with big brown eyes and high cheek bones, 34 "C" cup breast. Nice cowgirl ass. Around 130 pounds. She gets hit on a lot. I am the only guy she has ever been with. But after twenty seven years the sex is just not what it used to be. We decided to help spice things up we should take a couple of weeks off from work and rent a Harley and go ride around and see the country. We bought the complete biker get up, chaps, vest, the full meal deal.
The m... Continue»
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Doctor Aunty Made Me Sperm Donor

Hi all this is Raj from Bangalore sharing you my real incident happened in my life. I am average guy with well built body with 7 inch cock that can easily satisfy any women. While coming to my experience this has happened 1 year ago in Bangalore. Before one year I got an interview call of a corporate MNC. I went for the interview and attended and for my luck I got selected from the hr department and started to work. As am new to Bangalore I got a single room apartment from the company itself. But company will be paying my room rent with my salary dedications. So very new to Bangalore then I re... Continue»
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Living in Cockington part 2

I strolled out into the little lane where our new house sat still with the image of my new neighbour fucking his hot blonde housekeeper in my head and after a few meters came across a large house set back in its grounds across.
So I strolled up the gravel drive and was about to knock on the door when I heard voices coming from the double garage to the left of the house, so I moved towards the garage to say hello.
Peering in I was once again shocked to see people fucking, there was two guys naked and between them was a mature brunette with big round tits and an all over tan sucking greedily o... Continue»
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I took teen Patricia in both holes while her mothe

This is a story written by request of a reader. Contains: Lesbian, threesome, teen, domination, submission, b********y, cum covered, cum swallowing, cum gushing, double penetration, stretching, strapon, anal, i****t.
For Patricia.

The area I cover as a social worker is mostly rural, so I get to visit quite a number of small villages with their typical rural problems. One of those visits led me to a small farm, which had allegedly fallen into debt and disorder after the death of the owner. It was a nice spring day, and I was dressed in my usual casual clothes - a pair of ... Continue»
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Ms. Johnson’s Glory Hole Story

Lisa Johnson was glad that the school year was coming to an end. Her students had been good but in her personal life had fallen apart. Her husband of twenty years announced that he was no longer in love with her and walked out the door but before he did he told her that she was as sexual as an amoeba and that he had found a woman that actual enjoyed sex.

It was devastating to say the least! At first she denied that any of it could have been her fault but then she thought about it and could not remember the last time she had act... Continue»
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Being taught how to fuck your own wife

True story!

Looking directly at me, fucking in to her from behind, he said words that I've replayed over and over again in my mind countless times since, normally causing my cock to erupt and gush cum all over my fingers:

"Take a good look buddy, I'm about to empty my balls and cum deep in your wife"

"God YES, cum inside me, please cum in me" she begged

And with a roar, his entire body tensed and he emptied in to her triggering her own orgasm. For 20 seconds or longer their bodies crashed against each other as orgasms ripped through them both. Her on all fours, head down, pushing ... Continue»
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Neighbor, Mom, And Me pt.5

I pulled my hard cock out of Janet's pussy and helped her up to a sitting position, then helped her to the floor with mom moving to the floor and over to get between Janet's legs, and when Janet was laying on the floor on her back, "Mom, stick your butt up in the air as high as you can, over Janet's face, while you eat out Janet's pussy, that way I can get to your pussy as Janet sucks on my dick."

With mom and Janet in place, I kneeled down for Janet to suck and lick my dick clean, and I bent down the best that I could and started licking mom's pussy.

In a short time, mom laid over pulli... Continue»
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Stripper Story Part 1

You have a friend named Anne. Shes petite, 5' 3", blonde, 34 B, 48 yrs old. Shes been married for a long time to her second husband but not happy any more. Bored. She was never much of a partier but you guys knew each other from when your k**s played baseball together. You still talk on the phone and see her sometimes. You are talking on the phone one day and she says she saw an ad in the paper for a male strip show at a local club and half jokingly says you guys should go. You say hell yes, and she says, Really? You convince her it would be fun and she agrees to drive.

So u and Anne are a... Continue»
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Gangbang cum slut

Not my own but hope you like :)

I want to tell you about how I became who I am today. I never
intended for things to turn out this way but it's too late to
change now. I am who I am! I still feel like the events of that
Saturday night happened to someone else. I was so d***k. It was
like I was an observer, rather than a participant. If it hadn't
been for the physical evidence and my very sore fanny the next
day, I would have almost thought it was just a dream.

My name is Sara. Without an "H"! It always pisses me off when
people get that wrong! I was 16 at the time. I'm 5ft 4in tal... Continue»
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Beach Day

So we have been on the beach all day, wearing our newest and smallest bathing suits. We come up to our cabana, which has a tiled floor and plush patio furniture inside, a wet bar and a small fridge. There is a bathroom and shower connected and the front of it has a roll down canvas for privacy. The sun is low and it is nice and cool. We open a couple beers and you say you are going to take a shower. You come out of the shower with your towel around you and see there is a young, dark skinned brazillian man setting up a massage table. He is about 6'1" or so, his black hair pulled back in a small... Continue»
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Stripper Story Part 3

You are sitting in the chair and watch as Max moves to the side of the bed, stroking his cock and watching you. Ronny has Anne’s legs pinned back and is driving his cock in to her, her hands digging into his tight ass cheeks. You can see he is saying things to her but you can’t hear him but you can hear her saying, “Yes, give me that big, young cock, oh my god yes! Its so fucking big, yes I love it! Oh gawd! Fuck me harder!” You see he starts pumping her harder now, his big balls flopping back and forth and smacking against her ass, and you can see his thick shaft going in and out of her wet p... Continue»
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Stripper Story Part 2

So u stand up, your legs a little wobbly and say you are gonna take a shower. You go into the bathroom and sit down to pee. You can still taste his cum in your mouth and feel it drying on your face and breasts. You can smell the hot scent of sex coming off of your skin, a mixture of their colognes, sweat and cum. You are rubbing your nipples and feel ur pussy warming. You stand up and get in the shower, letting the warm water run over you. As you begin lathering up, the curtain slides open and Max steps in and says, laughing, Do you mind a little company? You say sure, cmon in, the water fine... Continue»
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step b*o takes control

Peyton and Brooke are on their way back from town being very nervous as Peyton does not yet have her driving licence but does have a car to practice in but her parents were away so they took a chance and took the car out and on the way back they decide to go back to Brookes but as they were chatting Peyton did not notice the lights change ahead of them and overshoots so decides to just go for it and she puts her foot down and races back to Brookes. As they pulled into the drive their hearts were racing and they were both so turned on that as they sat in the car and chatted they both commented ... Continue»
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Roger is into making love

Never before have I been with a man who uses his mouth so much.
His giving oral went on forever. He actually had me moaning and gasping. So much that people had to come watch.
And the passionate kissing just did not stop.

Equipment wise, he is not as thick ask Ken, nor is he as long as Ozzie. Both men can be described with one word. "difficult".
Roger is just perfect.

We had the perfect night. Foreplay was extended, then he went down on me. Once we went into 69 position with me on top he was pulling my pussy down on him hard. I took it as a green light to grind with aban... Continue»
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Babysetting the Twins

Leigh entered the kitchen and noticed Julie, his babysitter, talking on
the phone. She was soaking wet, wearing nothing but a towel wrapped about
herself. "Hi," he glanced her up and down.

"Oh my God!" Julie squealed, "I thought you were at a friend's!"

"It's after midnight! Didn't my mom tell you I have a curfew?"

"Is it that late already?" She glanced at the wall clock and sighed,
biding her goodbyes to her friend at the other end of the line,

"I"ll call you later. Un huh. Un huh. Yep. Cool. See you on

As she hung up the phone and glanc... Continue»
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Late night shopping

Late night shopping

So, Sue, "Needed" some new underwear. She's tried everywhere but nothing had grabbed her, until she saw this shop that hadn't been open for long but they were near closing so she had to hurry. As usual, browsing the displays takes longer than expected and Sue ended up rushing to the changing rooms with a thong and push up bra set and 3 pairs of regular hi leg knickers.

There's no one at the changing room entrance so Sue wanders through and picks a cubicle just inside. She's humming quietly to herself whilst undressing and doesn't hear the, "Were closing in 5 mi... Continue»
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