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Day Dream Believer - Two Guys a Girl and a Wet Dre

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

I could feel the sun in my left eye. It was almost 1pm and it was close to a hundred outside already. I moved my hand to feel a few beer bottles fall off the couch I was lieing on. I arrived at UNLV (Univ of Nevada Las Vegas) yesterday morning. I had unpacked all my things in my dorm room. I met my new room mate for my freshman year. He was from Australia. He had lived in London most of his life. We hung up some beer posters in our room. Then drank a few beers. Then went to a big house party off campus. Now I needed to find him. We don't start classes ... Continue»
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We include another female in our newfound freedom

After our first mmf with Harvey, she and I talked a lot, and the sex just got hotter and hotter. Instead of me getting fucked outside our marriage, I was completely satisfied at home. Our honesty with each other fueled our passion.

She confessed she was really surprised at Harvey going down on my cock but extremely turned on by it. Not to mention when I went down on him. She said it was so sexy to watch me sucking his big black cock.

Harvey's cock was the first in many years, and I really enjoyed being reintroduced to that part of my history. The size of the cock and balls and the am
... Continue»
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Nicolette - 4

Chapter One

I have been enjoying my time here in Rachel’s home. She has been such a godsend for me. Work has been trying at times, but I am learning a lot. Rachel gives me special jobs to do, and I get them done in the most proficient way. I’d like to think I’m earning my keep. She is very reassuring with her comments and praise. It’s been another long week and I am looking forward to the weekend and some much needed time off. Rachel has been hinting for awhile about letting me have Mark as my personal slave in the coming week. She has a business trip that will keep her away. She wants... Continue»
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Secretarial Duties 3 - Conditioning Patricia

Patricia arrived at her office at little early, planning to complete the several reports she had due before the weekend so she would have both days free. She and Bill hadn't seen much of one another lately, Bill being occupied with his new job and the required travel. Patricia was hoping to make up some lost time together this weekend. She had been occupied, too, but only partially with work.

First, there had been Barry, Patricia's erstwhile superior. Barry had tried to **** Patricia by d**gging her. While the experience had been enjoyable for both of them, Patricia had definitely emer... Continue»
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Second Visit To The Master (and his men)

Gloria somewhat nervously called The Master’s mobile phone. It had been a few months since she’d contacted him, longer than she had intended, mainly because her husband had not been away on any business trips. The previous night her husband had told her he was going overseas for two weeks, departing on Sunday evening. She couldn’t help herself; she needed to make this call.

The Master answered and Gloria reintroduced herself. Of course he remembered her. While he had many clients she was one he wouldn’t easily forget. She was disappointed when he told her he’d sold his home and therefore n... Continue»
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Fucking whore in pub

I was out with a friend who told me to wear what im describing in story. friend having a drink with you in a bar. You will be wearing a black low top, showing a lot of cleavage, in short your tits will be practically falling out, your nipples erect and prominent. Leather mini skirt that just meets your stocking tops. thick suspender belt with clasp bumps clearly visible. black seamed nylons ( wrinkled at the ankle). Slutty ankle chain and 4 inch stilettos. i cant believe how much of a whore you look as you sit on a bar stool, stocking tops and suspenders on view. Meanwhile three guys in their ... Continue»
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House Party with my wife

House Party with my wife

I am Anil , an engineer by qualification and profession in a reputed company. I had few sexual encounters during high school and college life. Two of them were co -students from neighborhood. I enjoyed with few call girls also.
I got married at age of 25 with a 22 year young attractive girl ,Divya. She was very fair, tall of 5’5” , well proportionate figure , at time of marriage her vital stats were 34 x22x32 but after two years of marriage her bust ,waist and hips increased to 36 x 24x 34. I was insisting for a baby but she wanted to wait for some time. After 2 ye... Continue»
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Should never have called her a slut.

It had been a while since the two of us had connected sexually. It was certainly more than two months, that was until one evening when Linda was getting ready for a night out and had just stepped out of the shower. Her body was still wet when she arrived into the living room wearing just a pair of platform heels. She looked at me and said, honey whatever happened before I just need you to eat it right now. I look at Linda as she moves closer to where I am sitting, her wet body shining in the light, Linda raises a leg over the arm of the chair and gives me a close up view of her bald pussy. Eat... Continue»
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Anything for you

Kate sits looking out the window as it poured with rain, hitting the ground hard and heavy, she just wanted to be in it. Kate loved the rain, it was tough, unpredictable and wet, all her favourite things in a woman. You see Kate was married, to a man of many talentd. Strong, handsome, great cook and very capable with his hands, not to mention the size of his cock, but Kate couldn't help herself, she loved pussy aswell. She would sit and think about the things she would do to one if she could, she would come up with dirty ideas, and sit in a day dream of girls bent over, rubbing pussy in her fa... Continue»
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my wife keeps busy

Last month my wife told me she had been invited to a get together of some of her friends from her high school. I listened to her go on about how exciting it would be to see the crowd she ran with. I asked her if I could come too? She said yes all the husbands and wifes are invited. She said it wasn't a formal reunion but just a meeting of the click she hung out with.

We went shopping the weekend following the call. Since the party was bring held at one of the class mates personal home it was to be wear what ever you want. Knowing my wife I know that means something short or tight. She said ... Continue»
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The Cable Repair

I awoke to the sound of the alarm clock screaming, I looked around the hotel room one last time, finally I was going back home. It was a great visit with friends but it was time to get home, I missed my wife and my own bed and frankly I was horny as fuck. I packed up my things and headed to the airport. My wife on my mind the entire time, her long black hair flowing over her ample 38 C tits, her long muscular legs, her ass round and firm, her shaved pussy just waiting to be fucked. After all it had been two weeks. I missed her soft sexy lips on my own, but what I was longing for was to have h... Continue»
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Nicolette - 3

Chapter One

My first week at my new job went well. I got to meet a lot of new people. They were very warm and welcoming. This place seems to have a lot of happy employees. I was able to have lunch with a few of the staff and we talked about the work environment. I found out, interestingly enough, that office romances are very common. I can attest to that, my first day, I was in a conference call with Rachel, and she had the receptionist Tina, eating her out during the entire call. I noticed that Mark doesn’t hang at the office much, but when he does, it’s usually under Rachel’s desk.

... Continue»
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Slave Sanctuary #5: Full Moon-1

Full moon lasts two or three nights for me with my bad eye-sight, we celebrate it by beach beatings
Full moon, I line up my main sexy slaves and tie them with arm and legs spread to palm trees for me

For the full moon ritual I invited two fine friends to help me properly spank and use my main slaves
For the full moon party I line up my all sweet sexy slaves in groups of three or four for fornication

First we see the Swedish section with Sasha, Natalia, awesome Ashtyn offering us all their hot holes
Further on are American attractions with naughty Nadia, lusty Lauren longing for s
... Continue»
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I thought I’d write this little story of a threesome we had last year. It had lots of good points and a few bad, but I thought this story might help couples in the future deciding wether enter into this way of life and share there wife with another man.

It all started about a year ago when I was researching men’s interest in bedding my wife. You see she is in her fifties now, but has the amazing body of a twenty year old, with a figure of 38D-26-36, yummy and dark hair, and with an intense need for sex. We’ve been married for over ten years now, and even though the first ten years of marr... Continue»
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I watched while my husband and my mom were getting it on!
My mother had come for one of her periodic visits to see us
newly-weds. If she was attracted to Rick, she sure hadn't said
anything to me!
I had been irritated the night before when Mom had paraded
around the house in a skimpy, nearly see-thru nightgown. Rick had
barely been able to keep his eyes off of her! She sure was sexy,
I admitted. I was trim and athletic, so maybe it was the
"variety" that turned Rick on. I found myself not really blaming
Rick too harshly because he had a hard-on from seeing her in her
nightgown... Continue»
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Night Out

Kim knew that going out with Jamie usually meant a good
time, often in more ways than one. Jamie was a horny slut
when she had a few beers in her, and she was well on her
way there this night. Kim hadn't planned on much more
than a night out, but the more brazen her friend became,
the more she realized that she might get dragged into it
as well. When Jane came stumbling up with a pair of
strapping young men, she knew it was over...

Jane very often did this sort of thing; going out to get
herself laid. She also seemed to think it was her duty to
get Kim in the sack too. M... Continue»
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Surprise on the Farm

We visited great-aunt Loretta and great-uncle Charlie's
farm 3 or 4 times a year for as long as I could
remember. Most of the time it was pretty boring since
there weren't any other k**s my age anywhere near the
farm. It was up to me most of the time to entertain

I was 15 when the farm was sold, but shortly before
that during one of our visits, my aunt and uncles two
granddaughters arrived with their parents. Amazingly
they had never come to visit while we were there

Claire was 16, very pretty with long dark hair, well
developed breasts and very preco... Continue»
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"Please, Mark, we really need to work out tonight,"
pleaded Cindy!

Mark looked at the two women and said, "you guys know
the rules, the gym closes at ten sharp!

"Just for a little while," begged Jill?!?

Mark, the manager of the Suburban Gym, was about ready
to begin his own workout when these two dingbats showed
up just as he was closing up. "Oh well, come on in, I
was just going to work out myself, and I could use a
spotter," he said, giving in to their pleas!

Both girls rushed in past him and headed for the locker
room to change. Mark, shaking his head, loc... Continue»
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The Plumber wanted paying

I’d just got in from work and we’d had tea and I was upstairs on my laptop working out some stuff from work. I heard a knock on the door but knew Donna was downstairs I let her deal with it. She shouted up to me “It’s the plumber he’s come for his payment” ‘odd’ I thought, ‘he’s had his payment when he screwed my wife’.

As I could hear voices I carried on doing what work I had to do. After a few minutes I couldn’t hear anything so I went into our spare room. Now because we’re very sexually active in all forms of sex we’d had some cameras put in downstairs and in our bedroom so we can watch ... Continue»
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Kristen, Sally and Me

She was an attractive woman, and a lot of fun to talk to. I had no idea she would say, "That sounds like a great idea!" when I suggested she join my wife and I for an evening. And the lack of resistance when asked Kristen about it didn't really make me feel too badly.

Here we were together in the hotel suite after an evening of dining and dancing. Sally liked Tuborg Gold Tequila and Kristen liked Manhattans. I was all set for both. We sat and had a few drinks, when Sally asked Kristen to join her in a joint. She never had before, but was willing to try. I had just quit smoking a ... Continue»
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