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How the lottery got me more pussy than Wilt Chambe

Coming up as a tall, goofy k** in the hood, I would be interested in pretty girls, thick girls with DD's. I would always ask them for a date, or to hang out, and they said,"No!"

So, one day I go to the store to play my lottery, the jackpot was worth $1.7 billion. So, after being in a long ass line, I finally got my chance to play. Thank God I went to Indiana, where they had no state tax if you win.

So, after I played my lotto, I hopped on I-80 west to go back to Illinois. Once I returned home, I cooked my food and fell asl**p. I wake up at 9:45 to check my numbers. I waited until 10pm. ... Continue»
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Being Slaved By Master And Mistress At Delhi

Hello friends I am Rajveer, I am 25 years old guy and working in a MNC company and looking after technical support. I am based at Delhi and Kolkata but with my job profile I travel all over India. You can connect with me on
Coming to the story, this incident happened in the month of November 2014 while I took flight from CCU to Delhi. To my bad luck after getting the tickets I was cursing as I had got the middle seat that too in the last beside the toilet, but again I can do anything because the flight was already full, so I cursed my luck and checked in and got seated on m... Continue»
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Donna's work collegue

I got a phone call from Donna this particular Saturday evening, she was at work in the store when one of her work colleagues had just split up with her boyfriend and she was really upset and she was coming to ours for a chat, would I sort out some food and Sophie would bring her home. 6:45pm a car drew up and out got Donna and Sophie.

As they came into the house I was struck as how pretty Sophie was, she was 22, 5’5” beautiful long black hair, very pretty face and a little chubby round the tummy. As I served up some food she and Donna were talking I left them to it. After tea Sophie asked i... Continue»
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My Wife Maureen and Doug & Brad

Maureen & I went to Kim & Brad’s home for dinner. When we came in the door I immediately noticed the mistletoe hanging there in the entrance way like it always has in our home, a hint to guests that Maureen was easily kissable. As we called out to let everyone know we were there Kim said they were in the den. As we entered the den I immediately noticed Brad, our son-in-law & his Dad, Doug sitting there stark naked with big hadrons’. Kim was there also wearing just high heels and a very wet and creamy looking pink lipstick. One of her & my favorite colors. She grinned and asked if we were just... Continue»
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The Unexpected Threesome

I have known John for over fifteen years. We went to college together and have been best friends since then. He was the best man at my wedding and Godfather to my first born.

My wife, Danni, and John have always gotten along very well. The two have flirted endlessly with each other every step of the way throughout the last fifteen years. It was a constant joke that Danni would happily go home with John when we were out in a group. John would go to Danni for advice on women and Danni would always include John in and planning or decision making when it came to things like surprise Birthday p... Continue»
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Nude Beach for Christmas – Day 2

Nude Beach for Christmas – Day 2

The next morning we met Nick and Suzette for breakfast but saw no sign of Rolf and Heather. During breakfast we decided to hit the nude beach again in the morning before the sun got too hot and then see some of the sights in the afternoon.

After breakfast, we got our stuff, picked up some bottled water from the resort and the four of us headed to the nude beach. Being it was a Sunday morning, we were not that surprised to see the beach virtually empty and then it could have been because of the time of day.

Regardless of why it was so empty (only 1 ol... Continue»
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Tammy's Prom Date

My wife Tammy works as a secretary in a small school district, we live in the country on a farm and have one daughter. Tammy is in her early 40's and is very beautiful, my friends often tell me how lucky I am to have such a hot wife. Tammy is 5'5" and 125 pounds with shoulder length naturally curly brown hair, dark brown piercing eyes and 34D's with nipples the size of mini marshmallows, she has a flat tummy and a gorgeous ass. One day last spring Tammy told me that she had been ask to prom by a student, I ask by who and why, she told me that he was new to our school and was older and didn't... Continue»
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Jackie is suprised when her bosses make her an off

Jackie is 33 years old, married to Sam with twin boys aged 9 and a daughter aged 8. She’s been married since she was 18 and Sam was her one and only boyfriend before her marriage. Jackie is quite tiny and petite with a fantastic figure, which she looks-after, regularly, in the gym. She’s a natural blonde with long straight hair. Sam is so proud of her that he keeps a very revealing naked photo of her in his wallet, which bothers Jackie a bit in case he shows it around.

Last Summer Jackie went away on holiday, without Sam and the c***dren, to Jamaica for a few days with a couple of old sch... Continue»
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My surprising girlfriend

Me my girlfriend Emily, her friend Rose and boyfriend had decided to go out for a few drinks. A few drinks had turned into an all night drankathon an we were all getting pretty d***k. My girlfriends mate had been drinking a lot and had fallen out with her boyfriend. They argued outside for a while and when she returned to us at the bar she informed us that he had left.

She was more angry than upset and mainly seemed concerned about where she would be sl**ping as her boyfriend had her house key. My girlfriend invited her to stop at mine, without asking me. I echoed the invite and we continue... Continue»
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Byron Bay Seduction

Byron Seduction

The feelings flowing through her ran deep, spreading from her core to infuse every part of her. Her mind was a whirl of warring emotions, conflicting sensations of pleasure, confusion, passion, fear, submission and desire. The kiss had been unexpected, a surprise that she had been powerless to oppose. Passion had ignited like a flame that burned quickly, spreading to her erogenous zones, nipples reacting instantly, a warm gentle pulse stirring in her groin.

She’d found herself responding, kissing back, her lips parting willingly as Sandrine’s thick tongue pushed b... Continue»
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A true story from Glasgow's West End

I am 48 years old and I’ve never shared this story with anyone before but I’ve decided this is the time to share it.
I was 14 and in a local swimming pool, there was an Asian guy who was one year older than me. His name was Sukedeep and that’s genuine! Anyway, I was getting to that curious stage about sex, having just learned the noble art of wanking some months earlier or so. I was always horny, always hard and always wanking – I was a serial wanker, wanking on buses, trains and outdoors – anything that got me a kick or thrill.
So one day, Sukedeep and I are in the pool and we are messin... Continue»
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Our One Time 3 way – Part 4 (final)

The 3 of us headed to the bathroom and the large walk in shower. The hot water felt good and mom took time soaping up Tony’s and my bodies. She paid special attention to our cocks, getting them nice and clean. I returned the favor for her while she washed Tony. I loved soaping up her tits. I worked down her body to her pussy and well-rounded ass. Once all clean and tried, mom led us to the bed. It was a nice huge king and we all easily fit. Mom grabbed our cocks and started to stroke us to life. As we hardened, she told us why she invited Tony.

“Tony, I needed you here for me. I ... Continue»
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Mountain Wank

A couple of years ago my wife and i went on our summer holiday to Austria. We did lots of walking, swimming and taking in the scenery. One day, we went up one of the local mountains and my wife, feeling a little tired, said 'you walk down and i will catch the gondola down'. Usually we take a nice slow walk down, pausing to take in the view, take some snaps and find a nice secluded space to sunbathe naked - and sometimes have a little bit of fun ;)

This particular day was really hot - around 25 degrees centigrade. About a third of the way down i needed to pee, looked around and saw two coupl... Continue»
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Our One Time 3 way – Part 3

As mom and I waited for Tony to arrive, she pulled me to the sofa in the living room of the suite. She unbuttoned my pants, pulled them and boxers off. My hard cock sprang up unleashed.

“Mom, we should probably close the curtains.” They were fully drawn open and lights were completely on. There was another hotel and a couple of condos on the neighboring blocks that were as tall or taller that could look into the rooms of our side of the hotel. Anyone looking towards our room would be able to clearly see a half-naked woman on her knees and about to give a blow job to a man with a larg... Continue»
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My Niece Stephanie gets a new car!

Stephanie gets a new car!

It has been 2 weeks since I popped Stepanie's cherry.I was sl**ping late As I was up all night and couldnt sl**p.Stephanie called me at 11.I picked up the phone."Hey Robbie it's Stephy My grandfather just bought me a new car for my birthday and I want you to be the first to take a ride with me"She says."That's cool But I need a few more hours sl**p so come over at 3pm"I replied."Too late I am outside Your Building Mom gave me your address.I am coming up now.Will your mom Mind if I come up?"Stephy replies.She hung up then rang the bell.My mom let her in and showed h... Continue»
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Blowjobs by the Dozen

A lazy Saturday afternoon, trying to suck off a dozen
unknown men, because my girlfriend was out of town, and I can't find my
friends, so I needed something to pass the afternoon. I
often went to the local ABS to trade blowjobs on a
Saturday afternoon. Besides loving to suck and to be
sucked, I think it makes me a better fuck with my
girlfriend on Saturday night.

Well, this afternoon, I had nothing else to do, and
didn't need to save anything for Saturday night. I
decided this trip to the ABS would be one to remember

I loaded my backpack with my Polaroid camera, film, a ... Continue»
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Craft Lessons Lead To Lesbian Encounters

I’d finished my second lesson for the day in card making to groups of ladies at the two-day craft fair in a nice country town. As I talked to a number of ladies about their crafting problems I began to think about packing my equipment and looking for a motel. One last woman patiently waited my attention. We had a pleasant discussion about cards when she put out a hand to introduce herself. Liz had a firm dry handshake. She asked me where I was staying. I told her I hadn’t booked anywhere just yet, and asked could she recommend a reasonably priced clean motel. No need for that was her response.... Continue»
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A Young Wife's Journey

A Young Wife's Journey

Cally was very inexperienced when it came to sex or dealing with people. She met a boy named Tom in high school and married very young. Tom was very strange when it came to sex and always wanted the lights off when they had sex. He didn't ask her to suck his cock and didn't eat her pussy. In fact he wouldn't let her see him naked. His religious beliefs were that sex was only for procreation, not enjoyment. Cally loved him very much ... Continue»
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You woke up, blindfolded, with your wrists above your head, cuffed to the ceiling-your feet were touching the dirt floor-u were nude, it was cold, your nipples

were rock hard. You were trying to remember what happened, how u got here but nothing, u were scared
A door opened and some people came in the room-lights were turned on but u were ignored like u weren't there until someone grabbed a nipple and twisted it hard and u screamed, it hurt like hell
U were told to shut up and a ball gag was placed was placed in your mouth-there were a lot of men in the room from the talk and then a whi... Continue»
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It was 6am-we were in bed together, u were sl**ping, I was getting really horny watching u sl**p-u were naked, uncovered to the waist, u had a few marks on your tits and sides, and dried cum all over your face and lips

Your wrists were cuffed to the bed as u laid on your back-I pulled the sheet off your waist and body and looked at you, naked, brusied and marked up, not bad but still there

Your cunt was oozing cum, your cum, no male cum in it, all u did at the club last nite was suck off 4 guys and then me when we got back to your apartment

U were a mess when we got back, an... Continue»
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