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Amsterdam Fantasy

Fantasy, or not? You decide!

There I was, wandering about in Amsterdam, a little stoned, and a lot horny. Walking past the red-lit doorways was such a turnon. Long-legged women, blonde, redhead, brunette. Stockings, innocent-looking. Corsets, like a Mistress. Whores, made-up with cocksucking lips.

I wandered confused, stoned and horny. I really shouldn't have had that third joint. But hell, I loved the feeling of being stoned. The ground was squidgy beneath my feet, propelling me on. I stopped at a bar, had a small beer to slake my thirst, then moved on, seeking...what?

I walked past ... Continue»
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Edinburgh Girl, Frida, out looking for Sex.

Brrrrrrrr, it is cold, standing here at the bus stop for the number six service to Hollyrood and my intended climb of the Salisbury Crags for a spot of voyeurism.

Hi I'm Frida, the new gal, a petite Scots lass born and bred in its capital, Edinburgh.

I look at my watch and shiver again, 22:46, almost emptying time for the pubs and bars, and hopefully, the start of the darker seedier times in this city, the 'Knee Tremblers' and 'Park Bench Rides', yes I am referring to the hour where men and women connect, for their quickies, and girls and men like myself get to watch and sometimes, join... Continue»
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Gender bent – a Mistake

Gender bent – a Mistake

I was dressed like a bimbo, my lips plumped up from sucking on shot glasses, Pink latex, Trashy fake tattoos of my back saying fill me and a black ace of spade on my ass cheek and Sissy clit on my pelvic area near my dick, My tits was pierced for this party and I had a Cumslut collar on my neck. 8 Inch thigh high pink latex and anime pink wig to make me look like a candy slut. It was either this or complete shaming of me to the point where my life was ruined. All I needed to do was be dressed like this and serve drinks and I just served my last one after Kandi took i... Continue»
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Weird 3 Way

I had a rather weird 3 way experience a few years back. I answered an add on Craigslist from a couple that was looking for a Bi Male to join them in the bedroom. After a few emails back and forth we exchanged phone numbers so we could text. We texted for 3 days, telling the husband what turned me on, what experience I had, what I was hoping for if I got the chance to meet him and his wife. He shared very little about himself or his wife, only that she was smoking hot.
Finally I got the text I was hoping for. They were ready to meet. He wanted me to come to his house at noon the next... Continue»
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My latest cruise excapade, Nov 2015 Part 1

Just got home from another cruise and I want to tell you about two things that happened. During the cruise we dined at a table with three other couples. Seated next to me was the wife of a couple from a small town in upstate New York. The couple, in their early 30's, were very nice and the lady and I became quick friends. We also, unknowingly picked two of the same tours. One was a rainforest tour. The other, a party catamaran, snorkel and beach tour. While on the party tour, my new friend, lets call her "M", (which is the first letter in her name), and I were alone in the water. She says, wh... Continue»
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Gender bent – Dolled up party girl

Gender bent – Dolled up party girl

“Welcome everyone, Thank you for coming out. I know you see a ton of new faces and a bunch of old ones but this is a fun party were we come to enjoy ourselves” The man said. He was a heavy set guy. Naked as per the rules for all men that attended that party, which was a few. “Ok now the rules. New sluts and drink girls are off limits unless they give you the green light, other than that if they are fucking they are open for play.” He chuckled out. “But first let me introduce some of the new girls.” He started calling out girls by their names, stating how ... Continue»
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Fucked in Hanoi

A story of sexual pleasure.
After their usual Tet f****y holiday, Andrew took the k**s off for a few days of beach holiday, leaving Thuy to linger in Hanoi “sans enfants” to catch up with her friends. In a few days they all met up again in Saigon for the long flight back home. Since moving to Australia a few years ago Thuy had wanted to spend a bit more time in her home town and spend time with friend without worrying about how long or what she was doing.

Mai rang and asked if Thuy would like to meet for a coffee and maybe some shopping later. They had ... Continue»
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Fucking a submissive MILF with her husband.

It’s about 12:45 on Friday. We had emailed back and forth since monday discussing details of this encounter. I responded to a craigslist ad posted by a husband and wife looking for a random hung young guy to fuck the wife with the hubby. I sent them a couple pictures of my body and my dick, and they replied telling me that they’d send me an address and a time to meet on Friday by Thursday night. They wanted to keep it anonymous so no face pics were ever exchanged. Sure enough the husband emailed me on thursday night with the address of the hotel that they would be staying in. He said to email ... Continue»
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His version and mine

Before my wife and I were married we lived together. Well I was drinking and being a ass and she got fed up with it and moved out. Well I realized how bad I fucked up and got straightened out right away. Well she was going to make me suffer. It was almost 2 weeks later and she wasn't talking to me yet. Some friends talked me into going out with them but I said I was done with drinking and would only have soda. Well we went to a couple of places that I thought she may be at but no luck. There was one place left a meat market but once we went in there she was. I was really surprised she was ... Continue»
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Aunt helped in Defloration...

How Aunt helped Popping my Cherry........

She held me in her arms and kissed me delicately. She e****ted us to the Stage at the center of the hall. Neena was holding my hand while Aunty was kissing me on my mouth . Aunty was young and beautiful and had large boobs. While she held me, our boobs were crushing against each other...I could feel her tongue was trying to f***e it's entry in my mouth. Her tongue felt nice playing with my tongue.....
The invited guests sitting all around, were clapping. She slowly lowered me on the thick mattress o... Continue»
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The Adventures of Peter and Louise A memory from

After my marriage ended I separated, and found myself now free to explore my bi side. To most people and friends, I gave the impression that I was dead straight! well kind of, I had gone into public toilets and wanked while reading the naughty stories that would be written on the walls in those days, I would also toss off at some of the gay stories and letters published in Forum.

My breakup had not been easy and my ex said to me “ be honest with any girl in the future and tell them that you are bisexual.” I understand that now and it was advice I followed and pleased I did.
So I w... Continue»
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I got a raise and so did my boss


I’d been away on business for a week and I knew Donna would either be gagging for it or would have satisfied herself with someone whilst I was away. I rang her as the taxi neared our house and I could tell she was gagging for it. Tim, my boss, was with me and I told Donna that he’d be calling in for a chat about the trip.

As we walked in through the door Tim and I made our way to the conservatory as Donna made some drinks, she was wearing a black skirt and a white blouse, the usual no bra, had me all worked up as soon as I saw her, as she knew it would. I left Tim a... Continue»
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The Morning after..

As I open my eyes my head instantly aching from the sun beating down on my face

ending long night of partying with my friends Shan and Lala. I look around my hotel


The sheets laying on the floor, the tv on mute, and the drap3s spread wide open and

my clothes missing from my body.. then I realize the shower running in the bathroom

..quickly trying to get up I collapse back onto the bed my knees weak and numb and

the insides of my pussy feeling painfully sore..i hold onto the blanket and find a

purple dildo sitting on the bed..

Using all my strength I stand... Continue»
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Oops...wife came home early.

I had plans to meet a guy I met on a bi/gay hook up site for a little Friday afternoon fun. The guy was looking for someone to come over and just lay back, relax, and let him give them a long, slow blowjob. I usually like to meet someone that is looking to suck & be sucked, but there wasn't a lot of guys looking for fun on a Friday around noon, so I agreed to go to his house. When I got there her opened the door wearing a white housecoat. "Come on in" he said, and I followed him inside. His house was very well decorated, clean, and I could tell by the pictures on the wall he was married... Continue»
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A company of three tames Lindsey

It was Saturday night and once again Lindsey was going out on the town with some of her friends. She was just out to have a bit of fun, have a few drinks and a laugh, and to dance the night away. She didn't have any intention to get picked up, just to have fun with no complications.

She is 5 feet 4 inches tall with long wavy blond hair that hangs a couple of inches below her shoulders. She is quite good looking, slim and with a firm 36C chest. She get plenty of attention, which she enjoys a lot. She was wearing a red sleeveless top which had a low front, giving an ample display of her breas... Continue»
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Janice and Wayne get sex in the countryside

We went to the The Craven Heifer Inn Grassington  Road, Skipton.  We had arranged it by email he had sent a lovely invite.  Arrived just after 12 noon, parked the car then Wayne left the car to make a phone call outside round the back of his car.  After the call, as we entered the Inn Wayne commented on the beautiful colourful flower tubs outside and the fact that the Inn had accommodation.  We went to the bar and I went to find a table, in the lighter, brighter extension.  I handed him a menu.  We ordered said food with a choice of new potatoes or chips, vegetables or salad.  Wayne had: Black... Continue»
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Andrew and Friend

Three months after Andrew and I had had relations I was close to his house and decided to pay him a visit, knocking on his door he answered it and greeted me like a long lost friend. As I walked into the lounge there was a young Asian lad sat on the sofa, they were playing video games. As soon as I walked in Andrew said “This is Ansa” we nodded and said hello. I sat next to him.

Andrew made me a coffee and turned the TV off, we made small talk and Ansa worked at the supermarket where Andrew worked, I asked him the usual rubbish and he was pleasant enough, he was 19 and waiting to go to Coll... Continue»
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Your girlfriend is going to get fucked

Your girlfriend is going to get fucked

"Your girlfriend" Lynn whispered, her soft lips tickling the edges of my ear as she spoke, "is going to get really fucked."

Her slender fingers lightly grazed my hard cock through my pants as she said this. She also readjusted her luscious ass against my leg, and I could swear I could feel the heat radiating from her wet little pussy where it touched me.

A short while earlier, I had been sitting with my girlfriend, Melinna, on that very couch. The number of guests had dwindled down at the raucous party, and the opulent villa was now... Continue»
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Him and his wife

Ok so I met with a guy
When I got to his house his wife was there to
She said I hear you are going to give my husband a blow job
I said that was the plan
So she said ok well I'm playing to dropped her dress then got me naked Told me to stand looking at the wall why she used her tongue on my ass hole she made it so wet
Her husband was stroking his cock
Then she told me to go to her husband and crawl so I did
She followed me over but as I got half way she said stop so I did and she went mmmmmmm! Then I felt her finger push deep into my ass!
She said carry on crawling with my finger i... Continue»
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The Shower Block

The Shower Block.
You both decide to take a walk to the shower block just after the sun set, of a hot day,.
you both have caught the sun, and with it your libidos have also been well topped up, with the stirrings in both of you that come with the outdoor style, of chilling and enjoying quality time together.

Your wife has only her skimpy bikini on, and you admire her ass as she walks ahead of you, thoughts of your wifes hot pussy beneath that thin ... Continue»
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