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My Bangalore hot Boss's wife Anal Ahaaaaaaa

Hi I am your Raj . I’m 24 years old and I’m here to share with you my long waited sex experience with my boss’s juicy wife, Lakshmi. She is 37 years old, sweet looking face, fair complexion and about 5’6″. I have been working in this office for about 10 months now and I saw her for the very first time in the very first month at office. She greeted me saying “Hello” and went inside. I also wished her back and got back to work.

She used to visit our office very often and the office set up is such that its just besides my boss’s house. Its in fact 2 buildings inside the same compound where one... Continue»
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And Her s****r Makes Three

My partner, Sue, and I have been together for a year living on our own in comfort in a large detached house on the coast near Salcombe.

In our forties we're both on our second relationships and have a great time living life to the full enjoying our common interests of sailing, walking, eating, drinking and socialising. Better still our sex life is fantastic and we fuck ourselves silly. Until recently I thought it couldn't get better! That was until her younger s****r, Anne, came to stay after breaking up with her hubby.

At first I wasn't too keen on the idea and felt she would be an intr... Continue»
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summer at home! pt3

What's it look like we did Bethany K asked sarcasticly! Are you upset I got a peace of your man? No mom but your married to his father that's cheating. Oh come on Beth it can be are little secret right Dallas! Yes K, right Bethany Okay fine. What is smell mom oh shit I bet the dinner is burnt better go check I told her. So she got up and ran to the kitchen, Dallas what are where you think Beth said as she walked over to me. Look I know it's kinda wrong but two sexy women wanting me in this house I'm not going to just not bang them. Look Dallas she said no one wants you with a smile, yeah righ... Continue»
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My wife shows me who I am.

Last night I was sitting at home while my wife was at her spinning class. She goes 3 times a week and will at least 1 time a week she will bring home some guy to fuck her brains out and let me clean her up afterwards. She came home around 8 and I was in the basement watching TV. I heard her talking to someone then they walked across the house to our bedroom. After about 10 minutes I went upstairs to see what she was doing and how this guy looked. I walked to the bedroom door and seen a older Mexican guy laying in my bed and my wife sucking his cock. He looked up at my a said who are you ... Continue»
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Swing Set! First Time Full Swap!

How It All Started! Full Swap

It was last year. My wife and I had been married for 8 wounderful years. We have a great sex life but we have always talked about how to spice things up. We talked about it alot until one day!
We had the house to ourselves. The k**s where at the grandparents for a sl**p over. So instead of going out to the bars and having to risk getting a DUI we decided to stay home and have friends over. We had our good friends come, Rick and Shannon, we have been good friends with them for years. Rick would always tell me how he would love to have a women like mine, His w... Continue»
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Wifes Holiday Party

As the holidays rolled around, I was looking forward to taking my wife
to her companies Christmas party. It meant a night out with her all
dressed up, and a night in of tasting her sweet pussy since our two
k**s were with f****y for the night.

Mary is a knock-out. 37 years old, two k**s, yet a nice 5'2" frame with
115 pounds on it. She has 36D's, which I love to suck. She is rather
modest, though, and has never really been wild at sex. I enjoy it when
it happens, but it always consists of me eating her out before fucking
her. Since she tastes so good I can't really complain, but she ... Continue»
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dinner party number one

It’s always great fun to dress up, black tie and all that. And the ladies have such a chance to shine on such occasions. Something away from the day to day humdrum of motherhood wear, or just poppin’ down to the shops for a loaf of bread and some eggs apparel.
No, a dinner party in formal attire is an occasion, a time to get the long dress, skinny straps, low cut revealing just a bit more cleavage than your man would normal find acceptable, tight to the waist and then slit way up the side so that when you walk or move and especially when you sit you seem to be revealing more leg than even a ... Continue»
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Marissa on the Beach

My Niece Marissa

Finally a vacation and Marissa and I can get away together! With the long hours at work and the constant business travel I was spent. On my last overseas trip to Hong Kong I realized I needed to take a few weeks off. As soon as I landed I called my Marissa. Seeing as I had a gazillion airline and hotel points, I surprised her with round trip tickets to Mykonos, Greece. 2 days later we were jetting across the Atlantic. The day after we arrived I rented two scooters and we set out for a day at the beach. After a nice ride through the hills we happened upon a nice beach that w... Continue»
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Jane's Furry Adventure

Jane was going to the woods. She was going to the woods because she wanted to be fucked by wolves. She was very attracted to canine penises. One time she sucked her friend’s Brown Lab’s dick. He shot his dog semen down her throat, and she loved it! Jane wanted to see what it was like to by fucked by a wild wolf. She got on her bike, and rode to the forest. When she got to the woods, and got off her bike. She leaned it against a tree. Then, she took off all of her clothing, exposing her young and sexy fifteen year old body. She put her clothes in a nice folded pile right next to her bike. Jane ... Continue»
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Anniversary Trip ch.5 - The Party

This is the fifth and final installment of the story of our Tenth Wedding Anniversary. Earlier installments are Tenth Wedding Anniversary, Stripper, Paula's Turn, an Paula's Bi Interlude.

At the end of our week in Vegas, I gave Paula her anniversary present, a diamond and blue sapphire dinner ring. The 14 diamonds were inherited from my grandmother, but even with that, the gold setting and sapphires brought the cost of ring to over $1000. Needless to say, Paula was elated with the gift. That night, she dressed in a very exotic outfit, a mini skirt, thigh-high stockings, 4-inch "fuck-me" pum... Continue»
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Anniversary Trip ch.3 Paula's Turn

This is the third installment of our trip to Las Vegas on the occasion of our 10th wedding anniversary. See the story "Tenth Wedding Anniversary" for the first part of the story and "Sex Slave Stripper" for the second part.

After my two days as my husband's "sex slave", our vacation cooled down quite a bit. I still wore my sexy outfits, which attracted no end of male attention, but I was so sore from my evening as a "sex slave stripper", that two more days passed without anything worth writing about here. The fourth night in Vegas was a different story, however.

My husband had taken me ... Continue»
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The Birthday Party


Cathy and Derick Rostron married a few years after each had completed college. Cathy was 24 at the time, Derick was 26. After 16 years of marriage, the Rostron's have two c***dren, Martha 15 and Larry 10. Cathy is the executive secretary for a large law firm with four younger secretaries reporting to her. Derick is computer programmer who holds a senior position with a large electronics firm.

Their very close friends, Jane and Ray Sheppard, live across the street, two houses down the street. Ray is an agent for a large insurance corporation. His wife, Jane, work... Continue»
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Hot Threesome

"Why are you nervous?" I keep asking myself, over and over again. Then I laugh at my reflection in the glass as the scenery passes by. "Girl, you are turning into one of those crazies who talk to themselves all the time," I say to myself and laugh again, because it's true.

I was going to meet John and Lina, this awesome couple I met through the internet. I was on the last leg of a four-state bus ride, and my nerves were more frazzled than when I had first gotten on the bus. It was like a whole cave of bats had taken up permanent residence in my abdomen, as opposed to the butterflies that we... Continue»
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Hot Threesome Continued

Semi-awake, I think I hear a laugh. Then someone was shushing someone else, trying to get them to stay quiet. I awaken with a start as I feel two pairs of hands on my legs pulling me forward. Someone settles in between my legs, placing two fingers in my pussy, and starts licking my clit.

I gasp in surprise as John's tongue dances circles around my aroused clit and his two fingers pump in deep. "Good morning, sweetheart," Lina says, as she kisses my surprised mouth. My hands extend to each of their heads, running my fingers through their hair as I respond to their wake-up play.

When Lina ... Continue»
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Emmy's First MMF and More

Emmy’s first MMF and More

My flight had just arrive from Georgia, and Emmy was there to pick me up. She was dressed to kill. Hair and makeup done, tight black dress, stockings, and stilettos. It was Valentine’s day and I had made reservations at a four star restaurant in Indy. I had been gone since Christmas so needless to say it had been awhile. I got in the driver’s seat and before we were out of the lane she had my cock out, seconds later she was coating it is spit, forcing it all the way down her throat. While she was sucking me I pulled her little dress up to play with her pussy to dis... Continue»
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BtVS: A Demon’s Curse

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: A Demon’s Curse

Buffy came home and collapsed on the bed. "Not a great night for slaying," she said to herself as she lay there in the dark room, feeling so tired she was almost sick and could throw up at any moment.

This wasn’t the first night that had ended this way.

Lately it seemed she was slower to vanquish the demons, and a couple of times she was dangerously close to being one dead Vampire Slayer herself. If it wasn’t for her quick thinking.

'It was strange,' she thought, 'I can leave the house so full of energy, but as soon ... Continue»
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Park Service our group Friday night

A month ago I related our "work group" had planned to use our weekend off in June for nothing but sex.

This happen last weekend, all did not go as planned, both good and not so good.

First upon arriving on Friday we had a full day of "work" ahead of us, all of us had our paid or volunteer assignments.
I wound up moving road work signs and equipment in the morning, then trying to look both enthused and intelligent while holding that "Slow/Stop" sign the rest of the day. But that ain't as easy as it looks, your feet get tired, sunburn happens and some people just cannot wait (much less ... Continue»
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Being a good bitch a FURRY Story

Being a good bitch

“Hey Bunny. do you like what you see?” Samantha, a hermaphrodite kitsune asks standing in front of the rabbit. A smile curls hir lips as shi strokes hir ten and a half inch cock. Pre-cum making the red flesh glisten.

“Yeah, I'd love to play with a cock that big.” Bunny says licking his lips at the sight of pre-cum dripping from the tip of hir cock.

“Well then, come and get it. on one condition. You're my pet until I'm satisfied.” Samantha says with a smile and milking stroke of hir cock causing a large dollop of pre-cum to pour from it.

“Of course. I'd love to b... Continue»
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Biker Slut Wife

I have been married to my wife for twenty seven years now. She is forty nine years old and looks damn good for her age. Brownish blonde short hair with big brown eyes and high cheek bones, 34 "C" cup breast. Nice cowgirl ass. Around 130 pounds. She gets hit on a lot. I am the only guy she has ever been with. But after twenty seven years the sex is just not what it used to be. We decided to help spice things up we should take a couple of weeks off from work and rent a Harley and go ride around and see the country. We bought the complete biker get up, chaps, vest, the full meal deal.
The m... Continue»
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Doctor Aunty Made Me Sperm Donor

Hi all this is Raj from Bangalore sharing you my real incident happened in my life. I am average guy with well built body with 7 inch cock that can easily satisfy any women. While coming to my experience this has happened 1 year ago in Bangalore. Before one year I got an interview call of a corporate MNC. I went for the interview and attended and for my luck I got selected from the hr department and started to work. As am new to Bangalore I got a single room apartment from the company itself. But company will be paying my room rent with my salary dedications. So very new to Bangalore then I re... Continue»
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