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Connie's Health Club Adventure Ch. 03

Housewife's final plunge into depravity.

Sunday arrived and I was excited about Walt's pool party. In one last attempt I tried to convince her husband Peter to come with me but he refused claiming that he had too much work to do at the office. I wished that I could have brought my daughters with me but it was an adult only function. I had made arrangements for a sitter so that Peter could still go into his office.

When I arrived at Walt's place and I was immediately impressed with the grounds. It was impeccably landscaped and totally private. As I parked the car and walked ... Continue»
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gloryhole fun with hubby

After a night on the town my husband and I were slightly d***k and both very horny. We could not go home with the babysitter staying the night so we had to think of something quick. Our little drive took us past one of the adult stores, one we had not been in before. He smiled at me and caressed my leg and asked if I wanted to go in. I reached over and ran my hand over his bulge looking him in the eye and said oh yeah. We parked in the lot and walked in, it was a smaller place then the store we had been in before. I looked at the toys as he followed me and then over to the creams and we picked... Continue»
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Adventures in Jamaica Part 2

When I got back to my room my husband was fast asl**p on the bed so I quietly slipped into the bathroom to take a shower and rinse off. Pulling my cum soaked bikini bottom off I could feel the cum leaking down my leg which made me relive in my head the exciting adventures earlier and I slipped a finger between my pussy lips. The mixture of our juices coated my fingers which I brought quickly to my mouth to taste causing me to shudder and my nipples to harden. I had to get myself together so I slipped into the shower and rinsed off, enjoying the warm water caressing me, washing away my earli... Continue»
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My Uncle and an unexpected Spanish visitor

My time with Eduardo and his Uncle Quim had been amazing. Quim had given Eduardo the rest of the week off so that we could spend more time together, most of which was spent naked and each of us playing the others flute. To say that it was a most musical week is an understatement. The amount of protein I ate that week was incredible, but I had no idea that it was just a taster of what was to cum!

The whole week I’d said I was on the homeward leg, but that meant flying to San Francisco for a couple of weeks on the way to stay with my Uncle Guy. It came as a shock that Quim was also flying... Continue»
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Jennifer the Cum Bucket

Jennifer was bent over the back of the couch, shaking, nervous. She kept pushing her long blonde hair back behind her ears as the photographer instructed. She couldn't believe she was doing this. She needed the money, but didn't realize posing for an adult magazine would be this hard. She hadn't even taken off her skirt yet. It was, however, hiked just high enough to show her tight, round ass.

"Spread your legs more, Jennifer," the photographer ordered. She did as she was told and cautiously moved her legs apart. It was difficult to do in these ridiculous high heels he made her wear. The st... Continue»
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First Day of Spring

I had no idea what my boyfriend had planned but I was excited as I sat in the car with my blindfold on and wearing the button up dress he had bought me as a birthday present. It was the first sunny day of the year and a sweet 72 degrees Fahrenheit so I was plenty comfortable not wearing anything but the dress and my bra and panties underneath. We arrived at our destination and I could tell we were outside as he sat me down onto a blanket that was on the grass. He started to kiss my neck and nibble on my ear as he removed the blindfold and I could see the beautiful and remote area we were in. H... Continue»
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First time hubby let his friends use me

As I said it was my husband’s birthday and we had gone out to dinner with four of his friends. It was a very nice dinner at a steak house in town. I had two glasses of wine which is my limit, after that I am totally d***k. All the wives accept for me where out of town, so I was the only girl out with five guys.

After dinner my husband invited his friends over for some pool and a few beers. All the guys gladly accepted the invitation. When we got home I got the guys there beer and they started playing pool. I was in the kitchen making them some snacks and could hear them talking. The TV was ... Continue»
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OHGirl & Velvet: The Tale of Two Whores

Warm, sticky semen ran down my chin as blast after blast of hot jizz filled my mouth. Mikey’s cum shot was so huge and I barely swallowed down the first gulp before he filled my mouth two more times. I loved the taste of his spunk and I used my fingers to make sure that I got the drops that oozed between my lips and shoved them back into my mouth. I sucked and licked his cock until it was spent and then crawled up to lay on him, kissing him over and over, my tongue plunging into his mouth, as I ate up the man that raised me as his daughter. I hadn’t seen Mikey in almost 4 months and ... Continue»
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Fresh Wrestling Pussy

The accusation was a complete slap in the face. Professor Bells accused me of cheating on my test.I protested, "Professor Bells, I would never do such a thing."She placed my test and Shay's, the rich blonde bimbo that always sat beside me in class, in front of me. "You two have the exact same answers for the whole last page...word...for...word."I was speechless as I looked at our tests. Realizing Shay must have copied off me I rationalized, "Shay must have cheated off me.""Then it's a she said-she said thing," Professor Bells sighed. "I will just send this to the dean and he can deal with it."... Continue»
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Punishing her husband

“Can you please ask the guys to keep it down tonight?” She asked as Tom, her husband, turned to leave the bedroom.
“I’ll do my best, but you know how they get.” He said with a shrug of the shoulders.
Tom’s buddies were coming over to watch the basketball game. Beer would be consumed, as would pizza and hot wings. The guys always yelled at the TV and made a mess for Barbara to clean up the next day.
Barbara settled in for the night, book in hand and a glass of wine to help her unwind.
Barbara had chosen a new romance novel that looked good. It was about a young enterprising businesswoman w... Continue»
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Italian Lessons

It was my daughters birthday and I had met my ex wife and the two girls in a lovely Italian restaurant that someone suggested to her. Neutral ground I had thought, but things hadn’t been too difficult between us and the girls had both enjoyed it. It was late on and the three of them had gone home across town to where then three of them lived. I was sitting in the subdued light of the booth, in the now empty restaurant nursing the end of a cappuccino and brandy, awaiting the arrival of the bill. The two waitresses had disappeared from sight and fearing that I had been forgotten I slid to the fa... Continue»
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Episode 32 - Getting Dressed

You know the feeling: lying in a warm bed, breathing in a faint whiff of her perfume, new stiffy just starting, your wife / girlfriend / mistress / s1ster-in-law returns from the bathroom. Hair wrapped in a towel, skin all clean and smooth after a vigorous shower to wash your sperm out of her crevices.

"Come back to bed darling, you look gorgeous, all freshly fucked. Come on we've still got time for another quickie".

"Get lost; you've had me all night. My arse is still sore. You're not going up there again without more lubricant. Anyway I've got to meet up with the girls ... Continue»
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the wife as ghetto meat

This one started out as a fun experience. She had arranged for a cheap motel hook up with two black bulls. Finally I was allowed to watch, however I was to remain hidden in the closet. She made it sound real, if they were surprised by my presence she didn't know what they would do to me. Usually she goes out with these two and I am left to imagine what she's doing to them, with them.

She dressed nicely, a skirt, pantyhose, silken panties, a nice bra and blouse and a pair of nice boots. Today's experience wasn't about the clothing, it was about the experience. We arrived at a dirt hole ... Continue»
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How to save a mariage part 2.

In part one I told you how Debbie and I had our first sex with another person, Mike her driving instructor. Now to continue.

Debbie got herself ready for work and when she came down she did look really lovely. In the past she always looked a little down unhappy as such, this evening she looked happy and bright. The new look at sex certainly seemed to have brightened her up. She had a shortish skirt and plain white blouse, nothing over sexy looking, but she flipped up her skirt to reveal a nice pair of black lave panties and sheer black hold-ups, giving a wink she said, come on ray darling, ... Continue»
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My Subservient Cum Pig Ch. 01

Once you've made what you know to be a kick-ass amateur porno. A movie you know is far superior to the regular fare available on the internet amateur sites, you feel the need to get it to the public and expose it a larger audience. You immediately balance off the risk of personal exposure and embarrassment with the desire to disseminate what you believe to be superior erotica to a wider audience. You want to know your fellow aficionados appreciate the finer arts of your movie making expertise and the efforts of your sweaty, cum-covered starlet. The danger of course, is public exposure leading ... Continue»
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Fuck Buddy Expands Play

I met Anthony in the parking lot of a rest stop. I was almost home and just had to go. It was late. As I came out I passed a short but quite handsome man. In his twenties with dark hair and eyes that were piercing as they looked into me. I knew he wanted something. He went inside and I headed to my car. I waited. Several minutes later he came out. I had my window down and as he passed in front of my car I asked, “How are you?” He stopped and came up to my window. “You looking?” I told him that I was but I was not doing anything there. I offered to get a room. Hell, I was ... Continue»
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Wild Thing (fantasy)

Back when I was in my early teens the Xmas holidays were usually spent swimming down at the local river with several mates all around the same age and the occasional girl when one or two of us were lucky enough. This day was shaping up to be a doozy, even as the sun poked its head above the horizon it was a hot day so seven of us spent the morning cooling off at our secret spot. It was a great spot, we had a narrow winding path leading down through the dense scrub to a small open grassy patch beside a large tree close to the river, the tree had a long rope swing and the waterhole was deep enou... Continue»
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My Son Exploring With A Neighbor And I

My name is Kevin and I live with my son Micheal who is just turned s*******n years old. When Micheal turned fifteen his mom left without giving much reason so it was just Micheal and I. We live in an apartment and have gotten to know most of our neighbors who are very nice especially our next door neighbor Sean. Sean is thirty two and lives by himself and pretty much keeps to himself unless he is over at our place hanging out. Micheal is a quiet person but is an all around good k** who keeps out of trouble and gets good grades. One day I came home from work and went to Micheal's room to check ... Continue»
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How did I let this happen to me? I'm laying here letting my tits be sucked by two guys and one was licking my pussy all at the same time. I was tingling all over my body, I was so weak, so so weak. I was cumin and I knew whatever they were going to do me I couldn't stop it no longer, I was a goner because I felt so good. I was cumin, and I needed some dick.

The thing is I'm a lesbian I've been one for over 5 years. I know I'm only 27 but I enjoyed the company of women and men. My new Job is at a sperm bank/phone sex company. I know this is how I ended up doing what I did. Okay let ... Continue»
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More Big Black Cocks For Beverly

This is a continuation of a story called ‘A Big Black Cock For Beverly’ its not imperative you read that first but if you wish to get the whole story then I suggest you take a look at it. Once again thanks to couple4hunghung for the inspiration. check out her pics and give them a thumbs up!

The butterflies were racing around Beverly stomach as she watched the clock tic by. Today was the day she had waited for, the day she had ached over arriving. Today was the day she was going to meet up with Tyrell again and his two buddies.

She looked at Keith, her husband of a... Continue»
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