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Sean’s Dad Meets Bab’s Mom – WOW

Sean’s Dad Meets Bab’s Mom – WOW!

I’ve written about my dad before when Babs posed nude for him and then had sex with him – see Wife’s Nude Portrait and Wife’s Nude Portrait 2. Just to give you a brief update, my dad and I look very much alike, both standing 6’2” with athletic builds, only dad is starting to get a little grey at the edges. My mom had left him abruptly over 15 years ago and that had devastated him. He hadn’t dated or been with a woman until Babs posed for him and then seduced him. Since that time, dad has come out of his funk and started dating.

Last Wednesday, dad calle... Continue»
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Tyson, Me and my Daughter at Hedonism 2 in Jamaica

As in previous stories. My name is Catherine and I love and crave BBC. I have spent a lot of time fucking and sucking BBC. I only stopped when my husband Tim and I decided to have a c***d. Not that I am against interracial c***dren. Its that I come from a very strict f****y who would not understand. So for 4 months I went without BBC and only fuck Tim. The result was a beautiful baby girl we named Jennifer. Soon after I was pregnant I was back to my old ways. Tim understood and didn't try and stop me. So for the next 18 years we raised our daughter with her not knowing I loved BBC.
Tyson a... Continue»
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Getting caught

[Note: The following was originally written in response to a post by filipina34d-25-38 in which she asked for responses to: "Have you ever got caught masturbating or having sex and by who? [sic]" I replied with three tales of times I got caught or suspect I did. Here, I've collected all three parts.

1. Most Certainly Caught.

First year college, Thanksgiving break. My girlfriend (of about a month) was from upstate New York, about 500 miles from school and typically snowed in by late November; I lived a couple of hours to the south, so she came home with me. There was a... Continue»
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Open your throat slut

Sometimes I see dicks everywhere. A cucumber turns into a thick cock. A shower head morphs into a spewing cock. A banana becomes a curved cock.

The delusions carry an irresistible sexual craving. It can hit anytime, anywhere without any warning. All I can do is satisfy my darkest carnal desires.

If anyone found out, my life as my university's top feminist leader would be dead. My books and research would never be taken seriously. I would never be tenured.

So I write this anonymously in hopes that others who share the same problem will know they aren't alone. And maybe they'll find the... Continue»
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Late Night Movies (chapter 10)

I peered around the brick wall and my eyes nearly exploded when I saw the three of them, naked as they day they were born. Mommy was now on her ass, her pale cheeks on the cold dirt and her hands and knees muddy from the crawl up there. Chris knelt beside her, one of his hands running along the inside of Mommy’s thighs while the other tugged slowly on his extremely hard dick. Daddy stood just above mommy, stroking his cock inches from her face. She panted, her eyes looking drowsy with lust. He looked at me as I rounded the corner and smiled. I thought I heard a twig snapping toward the N... Continue»
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Soldier Send Off

My wife and I have been married and in the military for 11 years. I am 5'5" and a power lifter and my wife is 5'4" 115lbs and measures at 36E 18 22. And yes she is firm DD, when she walks in a room with a lot of guys, they all stop to look. Well I have deployed many times and every time there is always some soldier with no one to see him off. So after four years of talking about it with my wife, she wants to make sure all the soldier’s get a great send off. So my last deployment with the company we decided to place our plan in to action. We had a three day weekend before we deployed, so we inv... Continue»
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The Making Of A Cockslut 2

After my great time at the glory hole wall I set out to explore what else the upstairs area of the bath house had to offer. It was dimly lit and as I walked around there was many passageways and a number of small rooms some with the door shut, guys seemed to be just walking around these passageways all dressed only in a towel. At the end of one of these passages I came upon a larger more open room, the wall were black and the lighting subdued, it had a few padded chairs and some benches around the walls. In the centre of one wall hung a sling arrangement, it hung from the ceiling, it had a num... Continue»
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Gas Station Whore...

After learning that this vixen slut, with no regard for her pussy hangs out at this gas station bathroom, I've been going every few days since... to no avail...

Until yesterday.

I walked in to find a line. The burly fuck was just finishing with her. He grunted and looked awkward pulling up his unbelted pants. But we all saw the load drip out of her as she balanced herself between the two sinks. She was completely naked.

Next business guy walked up, threw his tie over his shoulder and went in for her cunt. He squatted as he ate her dripping pussy. He stood up and unzipped his fly... Continue»
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Weekend get away p1- night by the pool

You have finally done it. A much needed couple of days by yourself. You got a free stay at a luxury hotel. Very private and secluded. So on your first night you decide to enjoy the warm weather and sit by the pool in the moonlight. After getting comfortable in your deck chair you look around and see nothing but the glimmer of the moon off the water of the pool. Just for a moment you see to guys across the pool stripping down to nothing and jumping in the water. From the laughter and the noise you can’t tell if they are d***k or gay. After a bit they climb from the pool and walk over to you and... Continue»
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Our first Bi- Second experience

My wife and I both kind of took some time to reflect on our bi sexual encounters
“What did you like?” I asked her
“I don’t know if I liked being licked by a girl better or watching you take it from behind”
“What about you?” she asked
“well…. No offense, but Tim sure know how to suck”
She laughed
“I also enjoyed watching you two at the pool outdoors”
“Yeah, Jenni said. I didn’t know what the gardener and Daniele were thinking”
We both laughed at the thought of our help watching us have sex outdoors
“Maybe we should do those things at other locations” Jenni said
“yeah, that;s probably ... Continue»
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hot girl part 1

My wife Sonja is an enchanting seductress, or put another way is a fucking slut that gives off a vibe that makes every man she meets want to breed her and put his seed inside her. She knows she has that effect on men and she enjoys it. She likes to display her body, playing her little flirtatious games and being the object of as many male fantasies as she can.

She is a Latin female so I guess that comes with the territory. I am not sure if that is part of their culture or if comes with that stupid idiotic Catholic bullshit they put in their heads that you can do whatever you damn well pleas... Continue»
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Grandad of love 9.

I arrived at Faiths house at about the time she told me and the house was already fairly full with party guests, everybody in costumes, from monsters to sexy nurses drinking and dancing.
I soon located Faith wearing a very sexy black dress with a very low plunging neck line that showed off a lot of her plump cleavage with black stockings, high heels and her face was made up to look like a sultry female vampire.
We said hello and I couldn't help having a quick feel of her plump ass through her dress.
"Eric!" she said blushing
"Someone might see"
"It's okay no one noticed" I replied grinnin... Continue»
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Milwaukee cuckhold vacation 2

As the maid came in Judy came even harder. When the maid walked in far enough, she said, “Oh I can come back later.” Judy said, “No please stay and do what you need to do.” I could hear the maid going around the rom doing things. Judy kept pounding my face with her pussy and pinching and playing. I could hear the maid move into the room we were in and Judy started telling me about some of the things she had done.

It sounded like the maid was still milling close by and Judy said, “by the way this is the second time Susan has come to clean and walked in while I was having an orgasm.” I heard... Continue»
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Urlaub in der Türkei

Man die letzten Monate waren echt hart. So viel Arbeit und kaum Freizeit. So war ich froh, dass ich mal eine Woche weg konnte. Leider mussten alle anderen Arbeiten und so musste ich alleine los. Auch gar nicht so schlecht. Kann ich aussuchen was ich machen möchte ohne Rücksicht auf andere zu nehmen. Bei einer Woche wollte ich auch nicht so weit und so entschied ich mich für eine Woche in die Türkei an die Küste zu fahren.
Das Hotel war nicht gerade super aber es lag direkt am Meer. Das Wasser war schon etwas kühler was im November ja auch kein Wunder ist. So blieb es nur dabei ein paar Stund... Continue»
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7 Days of Secret Relationship

Wow I can't believe how fast the times goes, and how much I had changed in the last years, from a shy guy without experience to a sissy boy and the slutty Daddy's girl I am now.

and all the adventures and sex I had been going through, and I know there's a lot more to learn.

So wow, the first time I spread my legs to receive that hard awesome Daddy's cock mmmmmm it felt so wonderful, that round perfect tip thrusting into my tight virgin pussy ohhh goshhhh, it was a great to feel how my boypussy was opening up and swallowing his cock until all his cock was inside me I took a dee... Continue»
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Nachbars Garten

Meine Freundin hat einen schönen Kleingarten mitten in der großen Stadt. So ist es auch kein Wunder das wir dort im Sommer viel Zeit dort verbringen. Immer wieder schön an einem heißen Tag etwas zu schaffen und dabei zu entspannen.
Man hat unterhält sich gerne mal am Zaun mit dem Nachbar oder trinkt hier oder da mal ein Bier zusammen. Echt schön so ein Gärtnerleben.

Leider war meine Freundin für ein paar Wochen weg und so musste ich mich ganz alleine um den Garten kümmern. Macht dann leider nur halb so viel Spaß. Zum Glück waren meine Gartennachbarn da so hatte ich hier und da mal etwas A... Continue»
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Sandwich mir Gianna Michels

Jetzt hatte ich es schon zweimal mit Gianna getrieben und jedem dem ich davon erzählte wollte es mir nicht glauben. Das kann ich ja durchaus verstehen. Ich selber glaube es ja immer noch nicht so ganz. Am meisten ärgert es mich, dass es mein bester Freund Heiko es nicht glaubte. Wir haben ja schon so viel miteinander erlebt da müsste er mir doch sowas glauben. Das werde ich ihm beweisen.

Gianna und ich waren immer noch im wilden Austausch mit Mails. Sie wollte mich gerne mal wieder sehen. Wieder war es ein Dreh in Europa der uns zusammen brachte. Diesmal wollte sie mich aber mal zu Hause be... Continue»
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My trip the Texas to see my black master Tyson

As in the previous story I meet Tyson at the apartment the I shared with my husband Tim. Tyson was the second man I had ever had sex with and the 1st black male. I was his and he could use me anyway he deemed fit. As stated in my pervious story Tyson moved to Texas and I really missed him. My husband knowing now that I was a BBC cum slut knew I missed him.

One day out the blue I got a call form Tyson telling me I needed to get on a plane and get to Texas ASAP. He had something lined up and he needed me. I told Tim and I didn't even ask for permission I packed my bags and booked a ticket ... Continue»
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Erotic Comic Orgy Series - Chapter XVII

Erotic Comic Orgy Series – Chapter XVII

“The One Where Everybody Swings”, featuring Rebecca (based on a Giovanna Casotto art), Virginia (from ‘The Pearls of Love’, Georges Levis), Bernie (from a art from Joseph) and Robert (based on a André Provot art)

Bernie (the guy in the left:

Virginia and Robert were married for a few ... Continue»
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Mother, Daughter, and the Old Pizza-man

A girls night in, myself the mother, and my daughter, who at f******n was a sexual libertine, a girl whose morality changed with her first periods, and whose body blossomed too quickly, developing breasts and an a libido, in equal measures, a development that even I was surprised by that night, the night she ordered a pizza, and drew me into her sexual web of deceit, poor pizza guy, his cock never stood a chance.

We had some wine, after all we were in the house, so what could be the harm giving your daughter of f******n a glass or two of red wine, I mean the French do it, so why not us, bes... Continue»
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