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Strangers without words

I was in the club when I saw you for the first time Trish. I will never forget. I looked around the room at to see who was there; those parked along the bar, at the tables in the dark corners, then to the dance floor. There you were, an exotic blonde beauty, dancing and moving erotically to the beat. Erotically? No, more sensual. No, it was primal, the way you moved, like you had a need that had to be filled, but it was obvious the man you danced with was not up to the task. Just watching you dance created a burning in me that was all consuming. And that was just from the way you moved.

Yo... Continue»
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Tied to the balcony

We go to a party. You’re dressed to kill in a short skirt, stockings and garters with no panties…just the way I like you. We visit for a bit and have a few drinks. I open the doors to the balcony and take you out there to look at the night time city lights and stars. You lean against the railing, looking out over the city and I step behind you, my hand around your waist. I lean into your ear and tell you how beautiful you are tonight, and gently start kissing your ear, down your neck and across your shoulder. My hand gently strokes your stomach, up to your breasts and along the tops of y... Continue»
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Our School club Part 2

The story of our club continues ........

Chapter Three

The girls were all excited, Jamie and Jay had convened the second meeting of the sex club two weeks later, a Friday night in late May. The weekend had been declared a holiday so there was no need for them to get up early to play games or to do the mountains of prep set for them. This weekend was blissfully free of such distractions. Katie had been home the weekend before to attend her young b*****rs christening and she'd managed to raid her mum's booze cupboard. One bottle of vodka and a half bottle of the scotch her dad like... Continue»
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Our School Club

Our School Club

To set the scene a little. Jamie and I met and became lovers at a very early age when we moved into a dorm together. We added friends to our little sex club over the following year until there were 8 or so members. These are my best recollections from those times. Obviously actual conversations and the details of events are a joint product of my memory and my imagination, but the events themselves actually happened....enjoy.

Chapter One

Jamie and I were sat on the grass down by the small sunken garden on the fringe of the woods. She took a drag of her Marlboro L... Continue»
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From My Master's Point of View...

He wasn't the biggest, about 5 inches, and an average thickness. This gave him the ability to shove until her nose and chin were crammed into his slight belly like a little jackhammer.

It didn't matter. I liked it anyways. Heck. I sit on the computer enough watching the videos every day it seems like. My favorite fetish is, you guessed it, cross-dressing. Not wearing, but watching other wear. Especially when she does her best to present herself with care. Completely shaved, nice makeup, good hair, well fitting clothes, and attitude! The attitude is what makes it for me.
Take Lesli... Continue»
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our bitch comes to play

you will arive at mine dressed only in basque stocking heels and coat,once in the living room you will be blindfolded coat removed, hands chained behind your your legs will be spread arse lubed and a 10inch plug inserted into your arse then you will be stood up whilst i attach the nipple chains to you.swish goes the cane first onto your bottom followeed by 3 more as i jerks the chains pulling on your nips.
f***ed onto your knees you feel a cock entering your mouth pushing deep into you your head being pushed forward to meet it harder and deeper the cock is pushing to your throat so... Continue»
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Velvet's Secret Life

I had been working with my mom and fellow e****t, Brandy, for over 4 months now and I was loving it. I had probably been with 250 different men since I had started sharing my mother’s condo and having sex for a living. I was surprised that she had slowed down from her usual number of clients, but I was keeping busy with my clients and performing for parties and small groups. Of course, my mom was setting it all up and also playing the part of my chaperone, who on occasions would join me, and that is what was also keeping her busy, since I had also started classes in college. Many of my custome... Continue»
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Kami 02

"Alright you two, intermission is over," I called to my husband and Kami, "time to get back to work!" I couldn't help but smile, knowing this next part would be even better than the last. Kami came out of the downstairs bedroom as my husband trotted down the stairs. I had taken my bikini top off and I was waiting for him at the bottom of the stairs, breasts bared for his viewing pleasure. When he saw me I could see his penis start to harden, which in turn made me a little aroused... I have always enjoyed being looked at, ogled really, for some reason it just makes me HOT! My husband has ... Continue»
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Surprise Sex

Jane woke up tied to the bed with her arms and legs spread. She called for her hubby and he came in and smiled at her. He told her "Today is your sex day. Your body is going to be used all day in one way or another. I knew you would not agree so I tied you. Sometimes I will be involved and sometimes it will be some one else. I am going to teach you not to be such a cold prude. By tomorrow you will have done it all and more than once. First I am going to shave your pussy as bald is beautiful. So you better lie still while I have the razor in my hand." Bill then shaved his wife bald and she look... Continue»
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Kami (part one)

"Do me a favor," I said to my husband, "Kami is coming over. Will you please put the lawn chairs in the backyard so we can lay out?" This was not an uncommon event. Kameryn, our 19 year-old niece, had years ago labeled me her 'favorite aunt' and she often visited so we could do girly things together. Today's visit, however, was quite different... A few weeks prior I had run into 'Kami' at the gym, and when I went over to say hello and gave her a hug, she gave me a rather disturbed look and looked a bit unsettled. I asked her what was wrong and as she explained, I realized it actually was... Continue»
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school days

Monique & i had been flirty friends all through high school. I was always trying to peek at her titties down her school blouse or trying to get a flash of panties whenever she moved her legs.

To say Monique was a flirt was an understatement. she knew exactly what she did to me & loved seeing my hard cock restrained in my pants unable to get free & do what i so much wanted. She loved to make me guess what colour panties she was wearing & what type of material. she would tease me all day & finally show me so i could masturbate up to 3 times when i got home from school.
The next day she alway... Continue»
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Julia's friends watch us fuck her.

Since getting together with us a few months ago, Julia’s friend Claire has come by a few more times. She’s mostly just watched us on these subsequent visits, but she’s always at least taken her top off to be part of “the mood”. Plus, as someone who is very casual with sex, she’s not shy about touching herself while she watches now. Recently, Claire had mentioned what we do, and her friend had been super interested in watching people fuck, so she asked if she could bring her along the next time So this weekend we planned to have them over to watch and I decided to invite one of my friends over ... Continue»
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Wife's first Threesome, with my best friend a

A MFM threesome ha long been one of my mine and my wife’s biggest fantasies.  We’ve talked about it, watched the porn and read stories on this website.  We’ve done reading here and at Savage love about how to pick the right third.  After all our research we decided if it would ever happen it would involve one of my very good friends, Carl. 
Carl lives about an hour away and comes up and stays a night or two at least 3-4 times each year.  We knew he would be open to the idea, and I trust that he would never otherwise interfere in our relationship.  My wife, Shelly thinks he is hot, but alw... Continue»
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Back home

My first weekend back from Maine& I couldn’t wait to go out & suck some cock. I called up the guys that had first taken me down to the river to see what’s up. They said they were going to a party but that we could go to the river later. They told me to dress up and they would pick me up around 9:30. I put on a pair of shear panties & padded bra & did my make-up. I wore a crop top with a short skirt & pull up stockings. I put in my green contacts to go with my red wig. I was picked up @ 9:30 & hopped into the back of the minivan. I went to their apartment where we got high & I sucked their coc... Continue»
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s*s and I head to the beach

M sys s*s and I are twins. We both just graduated from high school and we both have been accepted to good schools. Jenni is headed to the west coast and I’m going to a Big 10 school. Mom and Dad sent us to San Diego for a week as part of a graduation present. Jenni is about 5’9”, long brown hair and long lean legs. She has small to medium sized tits and she is very athletic. We (f****y) belong to a a country club so we are always playing tennis, golf or swimming. Jenni has a deep tan from all of the hours in the sun.
I’m 6’4” and athletic also. I keep my hair short and I don’t tan as much as ... Continue»
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Getting ready for the first day of school

As I wake up from my afternoon nap. I come out to the living room to find my girl doing another girls hair. She had told me were having company, but I didn't remember. So to my surprise I find a tight jeaned girl sitting in the chair with some cleavage showing.Now keep in mind that I have my thinnest sweats on with no under ware and a tank top. My girl wearing apron and not much revealing. We also have two c***dren running around the house being k**s.
Now my bulge always shows in these pants, thats why they are my favorite. I go in the fridge to get a beer and take my favorite chair as I... Continue»
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In the pool room

We finish our meal early and I suggest we go to the bar for a drink or two.

We meet my mates and have a couple of beers too many.

The talk turns to sex and you admit to the guys that you have fantasised about being gang fucked. Everybody laughs and eventually we all end up going to separate tables.

You are horny after the conversation and can't help sliding your hand over my trousers, where you discover my cock is hard. Unzipping my fly, you slip your hand inside, and wrap your fingers around my thick 6".

I can't wait and grab you by the hand. Holding you in front of me, i guid... Continue»
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Todd Knowles, Camp Counselor IV

Monique had on a pair of Vera Wang nighties, it was a pair of black rayon shorts with a white lacy trimming that stopped a half inch below her crotch and while silk sleeveless shirt with grey tropical fish on it. She had brought it from Khols one day while shopping with her friends. She only wore it on nights that she knew she would be doing some serious pussy play. The fact that Todd wanted to see her was an added bonus.

'Whats up? Where you want me to go with you?' Monique inquired. 'I cant say yet, but when we get closer i'll tell you...' Todd answered. Monique didnt like how Todd answe... Continue»
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My mother, my lover

I have no idea where to begin with this story. My mom came by yesterday while the k**s were off fishing on the lake.
I knew when she got here that there was one thing on her mind, and she was not shy about letting me know either. I was painting our daughters room when she came in calling for me, I knew just by seeing how she was dressed that my implant was in for a workout.

She walked into my bedroom and starts calling out " Baby mommy wants to play".
I walked into the room and saw that she was only wearing a smile on her face, both nipple rings, her tongue piercing, and on her toes... Continue»
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Good Sex...

I was in a Gay Bar, drinking a lone beer, when one of the locals sat down besides me and inquired as to why I was there. I explained that I wanted a beer and try to meet some new friends. He inquired more as to what a straight looking guy would want to find friends in a Gay Bar.

I leaned closer to him and explained that I was on the DL and did not want to spread my sexual preference around. He smiled and replied '...I knew when you walked in, that you were on the down low, come let us go to my place where we can be more comfortable...'

I finished my beer and followed behind him to his... Continue»
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