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Trip to Quebec City ended turning my GF into a dir

This incident is true and happened a few summers ago. My girlfriend at the time Kat accompanied me to a Rammstein concert in Quebec City. Kat is your above average buxom blonde , small but with big tits. I have to say Kat's best feature, other than her body, is her mouth. It looks hot and she knows how to use it.

So back to the story. We took off for Quebec in the morning with a few male friends of mine and landed in our hotel without incident. The first night of the 3 day concert was the band we came to see, Rammstein, and we got dressed up in our concert wear...basically boots and anyth... Continue»
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A work fantasy

There's a couple of sexy girls at work who I regularly fantasise about. Names have been changed to protect the innocent
I needed the stats urgently, so it was off to events. Opening the door, Annie was sat there in the dress I liked so much. Tie dyed, tight, it showed her body beautiful. “Hiya” she smiled up at me

“You alright?” I asked

“Not too bad. Got to work late, which is so boring”

“Me too. Has everyone else gone then?” I asked, knowing the answer already

“Yep, just me. What can I help with?”

“What can’t you help with? I was actually after those figu... Continue»
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Homemade Gloryhole

It was Indy 500 weekend and my wife and I were packing up the house getting ready to move. We didn’t have the k**s all weekend so between us stopping every few hours to fuck and my wife walking around topless we were both turned on as hell. I was finishing up the garage when I noticed I still have a half dozen sheets of R-matte insulation and got to thinking. I yelled for Kristi to come out here and to my surprise she came bouncing tits and all into the open garage. I told her we should frame out a quick room in the corner of the garage and make a glory hole for her so she could suck some guys... Continue»
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There was the one night in my early twenties in particular, that sticks in my mind. I was out at the pictures with my girlfriend of four months, she was my first ever straight one. Which was a new experience for me, as all of the others before her were bi.
I’ll be fucked if I can remember what we went to see, but I can remember we enjoyed whatever it was, amazing what u forget. The film finished about 8.00 that night, so she decided to take the back roads home, just to waste some time as it was so early. We jumped in Alexandra’s motor, and headed out of the car park. It took us about 20... Continue»
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My First Group

"Same as usual, I don't claim to be a story writer, I apologise in advance for any grammar errors or spelling errors. This is 100% true except some of the names may be altered for privacy's sake."

Well this is a story which is all about my first time experiencing a group meeting. It was a day after my 16th birthday and was a surprise present from my "buddy" next door. (read earlier story for details on him) Anyway, the day of my birthday came and it was a great one, I was spoiled rotten off the folks and spent the day at school before having a meal out with the fam on the evening. As... Continue»
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young girls birthday

Story for a special girl on here.x

On your next birthday Ram I would like to take you out to dinner,to celebrate I thought I would take you to one of my good friends restaurant in Manchester centre. The restaurant is situated down a back street near the red light area, it's a busy place, but has a few private rooms off to the side, that have tables to seat around 12 people. As we arrive we are shown to one of the rooms, you ask why we are in the side room, I tell you that a few of my friends would be joining us. We sit down & order some wine, after a while a knock at the door gets our atten... Continue»
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Next Door Dom celebrates Memorial Day with us!

Rural Ohio is generally dead. But this past Memorial Day weekend gave me a promise that this summer may be different!
Back in 1994 a farmer took six acres of land fronting a back road about 5 miles from any other house and he built 4 medium houses. I guess he then used the money to buy a new combine or tractor. Anyhow, we bought one of the properties a few years ago, The older couple on one side of us rarely come outside in daylight and the guy who lives at the far end is some sort of survivalist / outdoors guide who is always travelling. The other house to us has been bought and sold m... Continue»
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Memorial Day Sexscapades

So it’s been a hell of a long time since I’ve been on to post anything, but Memorial Day was a ton of fun, so I figured I’d share Julia’s experiences. If there’s a better way to honour the men and women who died fighting for our freedom than free love, I’m not sure what it is!

That day, my br*ther came over for some backyard BBQ, and as you’d expect things ended up in the bedroom. Julia had been with him before, but I’d never actually been there to watch them together, so it was a huge turn on seeing them get it on.

The fun started a few beers in when he slipped his hands up the front o... Continue»
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Tina Cum Slut Wife or Cum Loving Whore

Tina Cum Slut Wife or Cum Loving Whore

Tina is my 41 year old wife she has very nice and firm 36c breasts, and an average body. We have a very active sex life and she just loves to suck my cock until I cum and she can swallows all the time. She couldn't get enough of my cum at times she keeps on sucking me until I am hard again to get me to cum for her a second time. This was an every day and night thing and she doesn't stop until I cum at least twice for her. She literally has me exhausted every day. She will suck me dry before I leave for work every day she just couldn't get... Continue»
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Spring Break

WELL make another check on the Fuck-it List, see pictures "Spring Break"

Beautiful spring morning sun was warm wind was calm my cock was itching to get some rays. Laying nude in the sun has always been a turn on for me. Filling the warm rays of the sun relax my cock and balls. WOW it feels so good to nude bathe. Ray called and asked if I had any plans for the day. I told him that I was doing it right now "nude bathing". He said "sure like to see that". Told him "cum on".

Shortly after Ray call Reese called. Wanting to know what I was doing, told him same thing "nude bathing", and that R... Continue»
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Night shift fun

Well, I have continued to push my own limits, and last night was another night of fun and new exciting stuff. I am a nurse that works the night shift in a large hospital and was at work last night. As you know I am in my mid 50’s, Hispanic, have been getting wilder and wilder the past 5-6 years sexually, and have not found much I would not try. At how I don’t like wearing cloths, in public I am still pretty conservative (in the area I live) to keep up my good homemaker appearance, but outside my area, I love flashing and doing things that most women would not dream of. Last night at work w... Continue»
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evil stepmom part 5, the final part!

Melinda my stepmother was furious, absolutely livid, in my quest to get even with her for destroying my relationship with my girlfriend Hailey, I had gone round to every social group and club she belonged to and told them in graphic detail of her dirty sexploits behind my fathers back.
And now she was seething with rage, but I didn't care I had finally beaten my stepmother and humiliated her just as she had done to me, but she was finished!
A few days later I got a text while I was work.
"Hey guess what I'm doing?" it read from her.
I just ignored it, cause I knew better this time.
Then a... Continue»
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Milking for Mike

It’s been 6 weeks after the delivery of the c***d I delivered for a friend and her husband. My best friend Carol and husband Mike couldn’t have a c***d of their own, so Carol approved of Mike and I having a few good rounds of sex and him coming in me to get pregnant. Carol’s didn’t have eggs that could or would except sperm.

I remember the night I got pregnant; Mike and Carol were fooling around on my back patio by the pool. I came outside to see Mike’s face buried in between Carol’s thighs. She was moaning with great delight. I set the tray of wine and cheese on the table, and then wa... Continue»
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DAncing Fuck the wifes story - the Results

You need to read “Dancing fuck the wife’s story” for background to this story

As we went to bed I asked Hubby “Why didn’t you stop me?”
“Well you were obviously enjoying yourself and I thought you should try everything once – even a small gang bang” was his response. On that note we went to sl**p.

Hubby had already gone to work when I awoke the next morning. As I lay there waking up I realised that my cunt felt a bit tender. Then I remembered the night before and realised why. Half awake I found my hand drifting down to feel my cunt which was damp with slightly swollen lips. I started... Continue»
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18 years old - that was a fun time pt 1

This is a true story of a night out in 1985. First I will tell you a little about myself. At the time I was 18 years old, 5 foot 2, 125 lbs & 34 C. I played softball for a city league so I was outside quite a bit. My tan was very dark and I was very good shape. My girlfriends and I loved to go out after games and smoke some weed and look for guys that we would like to have sex with. At twice a week we would end up over at the A-Frame. This was a place that we knew that we could always get weed and cock.

This night was no different than any other night after a game. My friends Nancy, Sandy a... Continue»
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Finally the three of us decided to meet.

After several months of online banter, plans were made for our first in person sexperience.

Her name was Jessica and we agreed to meet at a quiet little Mexican restaurant in her small home town. When she got out of her vehicle, both Mike and I were quite taken with her. She was indeed much better looking in person. Jessica had granted our request and wore a very sexy white sundress showcasing her well tanned skin.

We all shared a nice introductory hug and made our way into the restaurant, choosing a secluded seating area in the back. Jess... Continue»
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LeAnn's Babies

LeAnn Samson a 28yrs 5'7" fireball of a woman meets the man of her dreams and after only six weeks they get married. Hubby Hank is very well off and they find a big house in the best part of town, LeAnn says now all I want is k**s to fill it up. Hank is a good lover but after two years and fucking almost non-stop no k**s yet. A very upset LeAnn goes and gets checked but learns she is fine. At her wits end she is sitting at a coffee shop in town dropping her spoon and this guy picks it up for her there eyes meet and she thinks WOO he's great but, then a woman comes up and he says this is m... Continue»
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While this occurred nearly 08 years ago I still get a hard-on when I think about it. I decided it is time to share it with the rest of the world. This story is true. Sorry there are no monster cocks, but I think the truth is hotter anyway.

My girlfriend Suzy, was 19 and we were in livin relationship for an year and I was her first. I encouraged her to seek her own sexuality and for while she resisted. Suzy is 5'6" about 118lbs strawberry blonde with an awesome set of 34C tits and a firm round ass. After an year she got into it and we had done the swing thing a few times. This went on for a... Continue»
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Dean and his best mate

Dean was my first serious boyfriend. We met when I was at Uni in London. We'd only been together a few months when he was sent to prison for possession. He wasn't a bad lad. Just an idiot that thought he was 'harder' than he was. Anyway, he ended up only serving 4 months for good behaviour. I laughed at the idea of Dean behaving himself but as I say he was just a bit naughtyso prison must have come as a huge shock to him, being with proper criminals.

He was 25 when he got out and I was still in 1st year at Uni. He asked me to move in with him when my time in halls came to an end and I happ... Continue»
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iCarly: iSlut

It was ten o’clock in the morning when Spencer Shay, a tall, dark-haired, twenty-something-year old man stumbled out of bed with inspiration in his mind. Quickly he ran to the living room of his apartment and hurried into the kitchen. Grabbing all the aluminium foil as that he possibly could, the man ran into the room he had just raced through and quickly began to construct what he had imagined in his dreams.

An hour later, an alarm clock rang upstairs. It was a Saturday and Carly, Spencer’s 15-year-old s****r, awoke slowly, having slept late that morning like she had planned. Restfully, sh... Continue»
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