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Hidden f****y Secret

Hidden f****y Secret

David was my best friend from before kindergarten all through growing up. We spent a lot of time playing outside and general growing up like boys do. We both spent time at each other’s house playing, eating and sl**ping over. We were inseparable.

Like most adolescent boys, we talked about girls and sex and acted like we knew a lot when we both knew that we knew nothing about what we were talking about, or so I thought. On several occasions, David and I went skinny dipping at a nearby pond, but it was usually after dark when no one was around. Little did I know where... Continue»
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Blindfolded Wife.

My wife and i have been married for a few years now and it has been great. She cant however match my sex drive, but thats ok. My wifes name is Jeannie. She is 5 foot 6 inch and a great looking latina woman. 36D breast with perfect size nipples and a nice round plum ass that make anyone think about grabbing it.

As any married couple we learned about each others past both sexually and f****y. Mine was Very normal. But my wife was not. her mother died at only the age of 28 and her dad was not in her life what so ever. Her grandmother raised her. She has recently gotton in contact with her fat... Continue»
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Shared with a stranger...part 3

Shared With A Stranger- Part 3
(From Part 2)
I awaken and find myself alone, I have no idea what time it is or where Sir is. I sit up to see him sitting in a chair across the room just smiling at me.
“Good morning baby girl.”
“Morning Sir?”
“Yes baby girl, morning. You were sl**ping too hard and I didn’t want to wake you. You worked hard last night. I am very proud of you.”
He comes over and sits on the edge of the bed and gives me a gentle kiss.
“Now let’s get you dressed and I’ll take you home to shower. I’ve already had your car taken there. After your shower we have things to discu... Continue»
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Gym Locker Room Play

I love working out at my gym. I work out in the morning or evening and there is a group of 10 regulars that work out at this time. I work out at a gym that attracts mostly middle aged professional types. Its nice seeing the same group of guys over time because you can really study and appreciate each beautiful naked specimen in the locker room.

In the locker room, most of the guys are comfortable being naked. Its easy to get involved in long discussions while totally naked. I love it when a man is confident enough about his own body that he can share it easily in the company of men.

I lo... Continue»
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How it all began

My mother had 4 c***dren, 3 girls and a boy. I was the youngest. My s****rs were 5, 4 and 2 years older than me. Being the youngest I had to do as my older s****rs told me, including being dressed up as a dolly to play with when I was 4. When the oldest started wearing make up at 11, I was used for practice by all three of them, so I learned how to apply it myself.

When the oldest graduated from high school and went into the Army I was the same size as my youngest s****r and took to trying on her clothes. The feel of her bra’s & panties was awesome compared to my cotton tee shirts & briefs... Continue»
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Shared with a Stranger- Part 2

Shared With A Stranger- Part 2
From Part 1
“We have what we need, are we ready ?”
“I believe we are, and I know baby girl is.”
Stranger stands and offers me his hand to help me stand, as I am rising Sir pulls down my skirt, but I still feel as though everyone can see all they want. Sir stands and wraps his arm firmly around my waist. Stranger looks at Sir and we begin to follow him, but we are not headed for the exit. Where are we going?
We follow Stranger past a few more booths, I notice everyone staring at me and then giving nods and smiles to Sir and Stranger. I bury my head against... Continue»
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Shared With A Stranger

I turn off the ignition and look around the parking lot, I’m not certain what Sir has in mind tonight, this is new, meeting in public. The thought turns me on and intimidates me at the same time. I’m suddenly worried about my choice of outfit, he had been specific, the skirt was to be short and top light in color, no bra, no panties. The black skirt barely covered my ass when standing, just the way he likes, but in this place I’m not sure he will be pleased. My top is white, fitted at the top, my nipples are hard from the fabric rubbing against them.
I walk through the door and begin loo... Continue»
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Nude Beach for Christmas - 3

On our last day in Antigua, we met Nick, Suzette, Rolf and Heather for breakfast. Afterwards we headed back to our rooms to gather our things and then headed back down to the nude beach. The weather was still great with a few puffy clouds here and there, but mostly sunny skies.

We made our way down to the far end of the beach and spread out our towels and stripped off our swimsuits. The gentle breeze felt great against our naked skin.

The girls didn’t realize that I had planned for some fun. I brought three bandanas with me and used them to blindfold the girls. We lined them up and each... Continue»
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My b*o in Law (Devar) and me

Hi. This is a story of my relationship with my devar (b*****r in law). I don’t know if I am right or wrong, but I am finally enjoying life to the fullest and not guilty of sharing it.

I have a very loving hubby and a beautiful daughter. We have been married for about seven years now and my hubby is what I dreamt of. But while we love each other deeply, I always felt a void when it came to our sex life. He is a very soft and tender man – almost feminine. He is very caring and loving husband and father to my daughter, but not very manly when it comes to matters of sex. We had a very infrequen... Continue»
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strapon spitroast with 2 busty Filipino babes

so i finally had a 3some with Jessica and Jenny. not how i originally planned it but it was still fucking amazing. so last night I'm laying in bed and i look up and i see them both standing there. i immediately get hard cuz theyre both wearing lingerie and their bodies look fucking incredible. then my eyes wander down and i see a 10" strap on dangling between each of their legs. i suddenly realize what kind of 3some this is going to be. I'm going to be in the middle, but like a pig on a spit roast, not a sex fiend banging 2 hotties. i get my ass hole ready for whats about to happen. they quick... Continue»
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Surprise threeway

My wife and I were enjoying a nice day off. She got a call from her best friend, Lisa, who was having a real crisis. In the midst of a nasty divorce she had an affair which went bad. Her life was unraveling, she needed a shoulder to cry on. My wife and I had plans of wild daytime sex but her friend came first.

She came over and I made myself scarce doing odd jobs around the house. Occasionally I would walk through the living room and they would get quiet, then one of them would crack up and they would go into hysterical laughter. I also noticed that there was now an empty bottle of wine an... Continue»
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The Ruining of Patricia

Her name was Patricia don't call her Patty or she would rip you a new one! I knew it wasn't her real name because she had come over from Hong Kong China I'm sure it must have started out as some impossible to say Chinese name or one that she felt didn't quite fit her new life here I'm just speculating as her real reason is known only to herself and I respect her privacy and have never asked her about it...Her father was some kind of political figure over there and he seemed to be one over here too they lived in a fancy house on the edge of town.
I thought she was really cute and tried to ask ... Continue»
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Holiday Spa

We didn't always go out looking for sexual partners sometimes it just happened on one occasion we were on holiday in New Zealand staying in a hotel in Rotarua. We had been out sightseeing and got caught in a downpour getting soaked to the skin, it had also been cold. Returning to the hotel we decided that a spa would be just the thing to warm us up, so we went to our suite got changed into the complimentary robes and headed to the spa/sauna room on the top floor. Of course we had to wear swimmers as it was a public area, Anne wearing a brief bikini and myself a pair of speedos, we were hoping ... Continue»
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Ana and I

Ana and I were on the couch watching a british romantic comedy at her place, evening time, sipping wine, being goofy, sitting real close in our undies and tank tops, our legs entwined so pretty. We got into this goofy game where she played the role of the lead actor and I played the lead actress, we'd repeat what they said and enact it, trying our best to get the english accent right, mess it all up and laugh. Hey, it wasn't a very good movie so we had to do something! Then came a romantic scene and the couple started making out, we froze for a second, we'd never made out before though we alwa... Continue»
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Being The Party Favor For Dad and His Friends

My name is Mason and I am six teen years old. I lived with my mom and dad until about a year and half ago when my parents decided to mutually separate leaving me with my dad. He was heartbroken at first of course but shortly after began going out with his friends and even sometimes bringing random girls home to have sex with. Dad and I still had a good relationship even though he mostly did his own thing going out and stuff. One night I was at home while he was out and like I usually did when he was gone I made my way to his room and into the dresser where he kept all of his porn mags and movi... Continue»
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Barnes and Noble Girl Part III

This part is rather a side story but it's meant to set everything for future parts

It was near closing time and Sandra standing behind the customer service counter in the middle of the store, looking over her employees getting ready for closing. Jenny was closing the cash registers and baristas were cleaning up the café. She was day dreaming about all that had happened and couldn’t help but to have a smile on her face. She still couldn’t believe she had done all the things she had, many people would scream at her if the... Continue»
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My First Gay Gangbang part 2

Chapter 1 (Please read the prologue first)

My heart was racing as I laid tied to the bed, blindfolded, waiting for men to come into my room and use me. I pulled at my restraints and confirmed what I already thought, they're secure and I'm not going anywhere until someone lets me out. I could hear people walking by outside and I wondered if they were coming for me. It seemed like forever, but finally I heard the door open. I listened as it sounded like he was undressing then I felt him climb on to the bed behind me. He pulled out my butt plug and immediately replaced it this his cock. It wa... Continue»
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Hockey Buddy and His Wife - 4

After the hockey game I headed over to Pete and Katie's house. When I got there Pete was always naked and his five inch dick was at full staff. I'm guessing Katie was already sucking him off. Katie was wearing a shear nighty. After giving me a drink, Katie said, “What's your pleasure?” I gave Katie a passionate kiss and felt her ample bosom then licked my finger and stroked her clit.

Katie groaned and said, “Get out of your clothes.” I sipped my drink and said, “I want to watch you guys for a while.” We went to the bedroom and Pete and Katie got on the bed and starting making out. Pete wen... Continue»
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MUFFIN Meets a Few Fans

August 2011.

It was a hot sticky Friday afternoon, the k**s were gone for the weekend and MUFFIN and I decided to cool off at the mall. After an hour of walking in and out of stores MUFFIN winked and asked, "Do you want to go to the adult store on the way home, I could go for a naughty movie tonight". I smiled and said, "Sure that sounds like fun". As we were leaving a group of four guys, all dirty and sweaty from a hard day work, got out of their truck and walked by us in the parking lot. It was hot and MUFFIN was wearing a white, very low cut, bra-top and jean shorts. This is what... Continue»
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Fucked at Cousins Wedding

My Mom and I flew down to Texas for a cousins wedding, We were booked into a hotel where most of the out of town guests were staying, we got ready, I was 17 years old what you would call plump, 5.4 tall very fat tits and ass shoulder length blonde hair, I wore a short green dress that made my Big Tits really stand out. We made our way to the church for the wedding, Once done there we moved the reception hall for the party. During the reception I met some of the grooms cousins, Dan, Chuck and Sam all 3 were really good looking guys between the ages of 18 & 20 years old, I could tell by the way... Continue»
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