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Ricky's Christmas to Remember

In the months after my night of passion with Maggie, my relationship with my girlfriend got serious, and shortly after Maggie left for Manchester, I popped the question and we got engaged. Despite being engaged I still had two lives – the London life and the village life. London of the 80’s was exciting and I continued to flirt with colleagues and other girls in the pubs/clubs, but none of those resulted in sex, and after 18 months of engagement I had been faithful to my intended. We got married in the August of ‘88, but things changed soon after we got back from honeymoon. We moved in to our ... Continue»
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I received an email from one of my internet friends who had recently moved to my part of the country. We had corresponded a number of times and had developed an online relationship. He suggested that maybe we could get together for a drink and see if there was any chemistry between us. You all know how much I love playing with young guys. His name is Roger and he is 25 years old and had recently left the Marine Corps.
We arranged to meet at the bar at a local restaurant. My hubby and I arrived a bit early and had our traditional beer and nacho's as we waited for Roger's arrival. Almost to the... Continue»
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DONNA - My first GOOD MMF without my husband

After my awful experience a few months ago with those two guys my husband suggested if I got the chance to try it again, not everyone is so selfish. I thought I would if the chance occurred. Two months later I was down at my mum’s house, as she was at work, and I’d just made a coffee and was looking out of the window when there was a knock on the door.

Upon opening it there stood two lads, one said “Hi could I have some water for the windows next door please” I thought he looked cute so I said “Sure come in” as they both came into the kitchen my husband’s words came back to my mind, especia... Continue»
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Rowing Channel of Plovdiv has long is a paradise for athletes but also for people looking for a place to be I pressed boyfriend, but I do and I had no idea that it can "knock" something right there. Every week I go to run at least twice comb base, but instead of the runway, I prefer the alley near the river - more relaxed in principle, except in cases when a high school student with ganja, or a pair of misguided pensioners ringing around. Once ran a greater distance than usual - in the work I had been seriously angry and looking to get some hassle out. I found more than I expected however. Row... Continue»
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My wife has a ball while I suck a cock

I felt a surge of excitement as we sped our way up the M6. We were on our way to spend a week with our new friends in Cumbria. Well; I am not being entirely honest with that statement that are not actually new friends. We are going to spend time with friends Ruth and Alex who we have known for over 25 years; however we saw a side of them last time we visited that we have never seen before. In fact that is why we are on our way again this week; just two short weeks after we spent the weekend with them.

My wife Judy and I are very happy, however, before our last trip to Cumbria you would pr... Continue»
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An introduction to us and our first threesome!

Hey hey,

I just wanted to write a quick introduction to us and let you know about how we got together and how we ended up swingers!

Well, it all started in the gap between Xmas and new year, my then boyfriend came home from the gym and he looked like he had something on his mind. I asked him what was wrong and he said

"I've got a question but you're not going to like it"

"Go on i asked..."

"Well you know T, he's kind of split up with his girlfriend and I said he could stay at ours until he gets back on his feet"

(T is my ex's friends and me and T have prior history)

"NO C... Continue»
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And Mother-in-Law Makes Three - Part 2

To get the picture please read part one first...................

As we lay in silence, wrapped around each other and recovering from what only be described as sexual euphoria, my mind started to dwell on the possible consequences of our actions. What had we done? What were the girls thinking now? The same doubts that were creeping into my mind? Would this be the ruination of our previously beautiful relationships? The mental torture started.

Sue was the first the first to break the impasse, her thoughts very much in line with mine. "Oh my God! I'm so sorry!" she sobbed out. "What hav... Continue»
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Jockeys and Stable Girls. a Good Ride

I signed on as a stable girl when I entered my teens and there was nothing glamorous about mucking out the morning hay. Early to rise and much exercise with walking miles and training with the horses.

I was just a lanky girl without the feminine traits, that the older girls had, and who used them to snare an early morning shagging session with one of only six jockeys.

Beth (Not her real Name) was just fifteen and she became an instant hit with all of them, standing 5' 6" and a great body, and a love of shagging, she just seemed to be horny all the time.

During my second year we became... Continue»
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Fun Times at Work

I was an area Manager for a utility company a few years ago. We worked in a somewhat remote location and I was in charge of the operation there. My boss was at the headquarters some distance away, so I had a lot of freedom. There were two young ladies that worked for me in the office and most everyone else worked in the field. I spent a lot of time around these ladies and we developed an interesting and close relationship over the years. We talked about everything, but we always came around to the subject of sex. These young ladies were both very open about sex and, as I soon discovered, both ... Continue»
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what we did that night

" honestly julie, i saw the frickin' thing, it's huge. "

" you're telling me that mr. maker, carly's father, is hung like a horse? "

" yes i am deary, i saw it with my own eyes, it's the biggest cock i've ever seen and you know i've seen quite a few. " courtney answered with a sly smile.

" hmm...i guess i never looked all that close. who would think a fat old guy like that would be hung. we should ask carly about it...i would think she has seen it often.

the car containing julie and carly pulled into the long driveway leading to courtney makers house. the girls... Continue»
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A Chapter from Peaches & Cream by Aishling Mor

Catherine pushed open the press house door, stepped within and shut it quickly behind her. Immediately the biter wind that had been blowing across the levels all day was shut out, to be replaced by warm, still air, rich with the smell of apples. The building was a great, high barn, at the centre of which stood a massive stone trough, piled high with apples and straw. These were being crushed by a great round stone supported on a central shaft and drawn slowly around by a donkey whose musky scent mixed with that of the apples. Men were working in the building, a half-dozen of them, all young, i... Continue»
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Scott's boot camp homecoming

My wife and I were in our mid 30's and had just dropped off our k**s at her mom's for a 2 week vacation.
We just had a new spa installed in our yard in an enclosed gazebo. We were getting ready to open a bottle of champagne and relax in the spa. Peggy had just come from the bedroom wearing a short swim cover-up that barely covered anything without a swim suit on. I was wearing a swim wrap (the kind that resembles a towel with Velcro). I was going to get a bottle from the fridge while she pulled back the cover of the spa and adjusted the temperature.
I had just poured 2 glasses of champag... Continue»
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a midday romp

This happened 20 yrs. ago I was dating a petite dark haired beauty with glowing skin like milk and deep blue eyes she was around 5 ft. tall me being a little taller than 6'1" with an athletic build, we were both mid 20's then she worked as a chef me I had just gotten my certification as a consultant. It was a slow start and my g f her career was heating up she was getting offers from just about every well known restaurants around the globe.

She had a hot little friend that did prep work in the kitchen she was banging hot long legs ample breast at least a D cup about a 34 size I'd say not qu... Continue»
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Chapter 3

After each of Mistress Dee’s guests had ample opportunity for a close examinations, she had her assistant spread my legs wide apart and fasten a stretcher bar to my ankle shackles. With my legs spread wide and the cock leash pulling me up and forward, the difficulty of maintaining my balance caused the ball weights to swing. Mistress Dee began to ask her guests if there were any additional questions or comments before the bidding began. As she spoke she walked around me sliding her riding crop over my nipples. She would slapped my ass a number of times to make her point clear. Finally, without... Continue»
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Cleaning Up

We were on holiday some years ago and having a really sexy time fucking regularly on quiet and not so quiet beaches on the balcony at night and several daytime fucks, one evening prior to going out were having some oral fun when my wife asked me to cum in her then lick her clean, so I said I would prefer it if you went out and fuck and bring back a load to me. You wouldn't like it if I was fucked by someone else without being there, try me I replied. I wouldn't know where to pick anyone up or where to take them, you know the bar we always end up in there's a guy there fancies you go and see if... Continue»
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Как я стал шлюхой

Мне было тогда 18 лет, которые
сильно изменили всю мою жизнь.

Дом в котором я жил был небольшим
всего на 18 квартир, и находился он

на окраине красивого, зеленного
городка. Возле дома располагался
к тому времени уже
заброшенный парк, в котором было
много укромных
беседок, а в центре
парка располагался заросший пруд.

В нашем дворе помимо меня из
подростков жили Валерка 19 лет,
Серега 19 лет, Анютка 18
лет (моя
одноклассница), Катька 18 лет,
Анжелка 19 лет, Людка 19 лет.
мы с ранних лет знали друг друга и
все свободное время проводили

вместе. С дет... Continue»
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My New Mother-in-law's Sexual Obsession.

I first sensed jealousy when I turned f******n and daddy gave me a birthday party. That was when he announced his intention to marry the widower he had been dating for six months, and effectively increasing his f****y from two girls to four. At f******n, I was the eldest girl, the other being my younger s****r, and my two adopted s****rs, a perfect straight line graph decreasing by two, down to eight, four girls, no competing for love, and a woman who felt that daughters should be obedient and obey their father, including sharing their bed.

What goes on behind closed doors would easily shoc... Continue»
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The Story of Me

Well Hello There!

Welcome to The Story of Me. This will be a short synopses from how I found right man and why I am one lucky girl. I have always been a thick girl from an early age and was never approached by the boys. In high school I decided to take up something most girls of that age usually don't do...suck cock! Not only did it get the attention of some the boys, but I found out that I REALLY, REALLY loved it. Yup, and you know what! I was really good at it to. I did get some dates, but until I met my husband I was still a virgin. And you know what, I didn't care. Sucking cock was such... Continue»
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BBC Poker Party Wife

Black Poker Party

My name is Eddie and something has happened in my life recently that I have to write about. Let me tell you about my situation. I am a 32 year old white male, who is married to a very sexy woman, named Liz. Liz, who is 28 years old, and I have been married for five years. We met when we were teenagers and dated on and off, until our marriage. Liz is easily the most attractive woman I've ever been with and I love her very much.

Liz has always been my dream girl. My wife has long brunette hair, that falls below her shoulders and blue eyes that light up when she smiles. Li... Continue»
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We finally meet

We had arranged to meet halfway, the journey was from my home was trouble free yet inside me I could feel some nervousness and anticipation kicking in, the months of flirting and banter slowly changing to desire, wantand need, fulfilling ones fantasies to finally becoming as one.

I walk through the plush lobby and make the necessary arrangements and go of to the room I had chosen to make my own preparations, Its still early once the scene has been set so head off to the bar to try and relax a little, my mind working overtime of what lies ahead and how we will both react in the first instanc... Continue»
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