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Daddy watched my Sex Video in the Cloud

I stood atop the cistern, aware it might crack, and aimed my S4 camera on the ensuing action in the next cubical, giggling as Julie was all noise and bodily contortions, the guy who was fucking her, was looking and giving me the thumbs up.

As I watched I could feel my own cunt crave some of that big cock, strange really, back in the pub there was ample cock to go around, and I would have no problem attracting offers, but here in the 'Ladies', one guy was fucking one and enticing another.

Julie screamed and shook me out of my thought processes, and before I could react, she was out of her... Continue»
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Revisit to Uncle Peter

I haven't seen my Uncle Peter in The Netherlands for a couple of years and working full time for a large television network has not allowed me any time off, but this summer I would take a leave of absence to visit my favourite uncle. I have fond memories of years gone by and as he meets me at the airport I give him a long hug and the first thing I remember is the scent of his aftershave which brings about a little tingle between my thighs. By the time we get to his house it is late and I am exhausted from the jet lag, we have a brief visit then he shows me to my room. As I am lying in be... Continue»
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Neighborhood weirdo pt.2

So I visited kevin a few times after that. We pretty much just got high and fucked. We didn't really need to change the routine. We were both vers while I tended to bottom only slightly more than half the time. I think this was mostly just because he was older and more experienced, and partly I guess because I loved it that way.
After a couple weeks kevin brought up my promise to get revenge on david for stealing: read part 1, basically kevin kinda used weed to seduce my friend david, but when it came time to do the deed, david ran out,swiping a baggy of weed off the rolling tray. Later he t... Continue»
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First threesome

My first threesome happened in an adult bookstore. I was looking at DVDs and about to leave because I didn't see anything interesting when a couple came in and the girl made eye contact with me. So I kept looking. I noticed they went to the bisexual section so I made my way over there. She was pointing out covers of MMF videos she liked and he was kinda nervous.

The woman was a very sexy brunette with brown eyes. The man was a cutie - also with brown hair and eyes. I smiled at her as I picked up one of the DVDs I noticed her interested in.

After awhile they went into the arcade. I didn... Continue»
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Two Fer One

Every year my wife's f****y and friends go to this lake, they rent out a bunch of cabins and spend the week drinking and eating and drinking. It is like a big reunion. We only go every other year or third year or so. I figure it is more of a fuck fest than a reunion, I can't tell you how many times I walked into a cabin looking for some one only to find some one else porking some one else, both people are married to others. Or they are doing d**gs or passed out d***k. Hell even the k**s are running around fucking. I don't know most of the people at these things and the people I do know I don... Continue»
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It was during a Wednesday nite supper this past April when Penny my wife of seven years, suddenly looked me straight in the eyes while calling me a GAY COCKSUCKER ! Instantly while I swollowed hard and quickly looked away from her, my worse dreaded fears in life had somehow just become reality!

So as I sat there trembling with a bowed head, Penny told me all about the phone call she had gotten earlier that day from Mary! Yes the very same Mary who was the wife of my secret gay friend Robert and who had walked in on us and caught us red handed on their bed deep into a mutual cocksucking six... Continue»
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The Coach's Wife

It had been a long a boring summer and I had to start a new year at another new high school. My dad was in the Navy and we had to move every 2 years to another base. This one would be different because we would stay 4 years and I could get to graduate at this High School. I was working out 3 times a week and just got a play book to study before summer football season would start. The coach was nice and he liked I could play both offense line and defense line. I was about 6ft 4 and 255 pounds and could move pretty quick for a big guy. I had lead are previous school in sacks and loved to hit peo... Continue»
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At the movies (to accompany our video)... as told

My interactions with Ken and Keiko started when she sent me a quip about being disappointed that she's too young for my preference. I retort back that if she read the fine print in my profile she'd notice that I make exceptions for pretty women with her measurements.
Keiko is beautiful, there's not that much more description needed. She's of Asian descent but doesn't fit the stereotype of the petite boyish figure. Her small frame houses a round tight butt and uber sexy 32DD breasts. They fit her so well that it's quite a wonder that they're natural.
We messaged back and forth through LL... Continue»
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Mountain Air

My buddy, Ty, and I decided that we would take a week during the summer to ride our horses up into the mountains and camp to get away from it all. School had been really tough and I needed a break. So we backed our gear and headed out the back door. Our homes are near the national forest so we could just ride. We rode along ways, most of the day. We found a nice place to camp. It was very isolated, or so we thought. About a hundred yards from us was another camp, we happened upon each other when we were collecting firewood.
They had packed in much like us. But they were nudist and hippie... Continue»
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Jonathan & Nikki's Unexpected BBC Cuckold

Jonathan & Nikki and their surprise BBC gangbang

Jonathan & Nikki had each always had a fascination with big black cocks. ... After it came up in their marriage and they discussed it, they agreed Nikki could try sucking one to completion. They searched for a big black dick on the internet, and after finding a massive one Nikki was very excited to try, they booked a hotel room & arranged a meeting.

The night was finally upon them. It was going to happen! Nikki's first taste of big black cock! Literally. The deal was: She was allowed to get naked and suck the bbc until it came, which she c... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #20:: Sasha and Ashtyn-3

Pleasure from foxy serious spanking is a new idea to teach sexy Sasha and awesome Ashtyn
Erotic experiences of pretty Petra in our demonstration get the girls very sexily excited
The tasty teen with wide open wet twat smells so sexy, so she must be ovulating right now
Really makes me wonder who rules whom in our hot household? She pretends all time it is me
After all she is my granddod! Well, this part needs some explanation we will write later!

Soon I find out that the two beauties from Sweden are almost inexperienced in spanking
Pretty Petra, I propose our ladies a litt... Continue»
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Office Feet: All-Nighter

I fucking hated working at this ad agency. It was the late nineties and there were lots to chose from. Everyone was hiring. But there was no way in hell I was leaving this place. For my career it sucked, but for my inner pig, it was a gold mine. I was surrounded by women who were total bitches...aaaaaaand they couldn't keep their shoes on. An EVERY one of them had feet that were awesome in their own way.

There was Remmy. She was a super smart, but played the dumb blonde, super cool exec with perfect size six, small for her height, always fire engine red toes, wrinkled soles. She was a go to... Continue»
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Teasing Twins.

~Just something I thought up last night after reading sooo many sex stoires. Hope you like it. And this is complete fantasy.~

My name is Emily, and I want to share the wild summer my twin s****r Emma and I experienced 2 years ago.  We are both 21 now, but this happened when we were 19.
Both Emma and I are identical twins, and both 5'2, 110 pounds, and both with long brown hair and green eyes.  We both come from good families, and are parents are both in the medical profession. And like our parents, we are both quiet and basically no nonsense.  But unlike our parents, both Emma and I are ab... Continue»
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Footballers and me

We walked to the sports field where I had delivered the beer to Ryan when they were drinking that night. Now, however, in the early evening it wasn't a secluded drinking spot it was crowded with people for football practice. All local teenagers in their yellow jerseys and blue shorts and socks. I stood on the sidelines with Ben watching the under-19s for a few minutes until there practice ended. They all started to troop off the pitch passing us to get to the club house. Ben seemed to know most of them.

"Hey Mark! Justin!" he called.

Two boys came jogging over to us and Ben who then guid... Continue»
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Spontaneous new girlfriend for my fiancee and I ..

We met years before. I was a substitute teacher, she was a junior in high school. 5 years later, we see each other at a party. Now I'm only 10 years older than her or so, but sure enough, our eyes met. We did the awkward 'where do I know your from' and when it clicked, she asked if we could go outside and talk...

We kissed before the next word in the back hall, upstairs from the party. She said her boyfriend said that she needed to get better at blowjobs... I said my girlfriend said I should get more head because it isn't her favorite. My jeans were undone and open and she went to work. Th... Continue»
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Sam And Rosa And Others

On my last work trip to the country I was fortunate enough to be able to have my wife Lisa accompany me. It was a rare pleasure indeed. We always enjoy each other’s company, but these days it’s not often we get some time together by ourselves. While I had to go to work each day I had the luxury of starting at a reasonable hour, and getting back with Lisa relatively early in the afternoon. We were like two k**s in a lolly shop. Lisa was able to go shopping during the day without worrying about c***dren and housework. We were able to return our sex lives back to our pre-c***dren days. We could ... Continue»
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A Very Hot Hotel Meet by Mariel.

This is not a story where you just start at the beginning, because somehow it does not have a beginning, it just happened, and it just seemed to get heavier and more lurid as the week went on.

My name is Mariel, I am married to a man, whom I found out last week is a 'Swinger', and as I speak, I am in an elevator in a down-town hotel, heading to the room of a man I have never met, supposedly for breakfast.

'Am I going to have to fuck this guy'?

I was a smidgen angry, and bit more excited, but dared not show emotion, but once my knickers were off, well all bets were off, as I was wettin... Continue»
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Plump and Plumer

So I was out one night drinking with some friends when I was invited to a house party, I figured hell yea I would go seeing as at the time I was only twenty and there was supposed to be a load of girls my age. Well that turned out to be total crap as when I got to this amazing house party it was a cock fest, all men and maybe a few girls all of which were with there boyfriends. It was a really lame ass party the type where they didnt want you to be d***k and they all shared a bowl of chips. I figured I would just leave but my friends wanted to stay as they were talking crap and seemed to be ha... Continue»
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Slutty Wife in the Back of a Van

Let me start by giving you a brief background of my wife and I. My name is
Richard and I am a computer professional responsible for the operation of a
large IT department and my wife Lisa is in retail sales. I am 34 years old, 6'
tall, and weigh 185lbs with brown hair and eyes. My wife is 28 and absolutely
gorgeous, she stands 5'4"and weighs 125lbs with blonde hair and green eyes, she
has a nice set of 38C breasts that are wonderful to behold and likes to keep
her pussy clean shaven which I assumed was because of her fascination with
swimwear and therefore her bikini line.

We both ar... Continue»
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Mountain Meat

Mountain Madness

Ralph Bell sat behind the wheel of his mother's Cadillac SUV, just 60 miles from Eagle's Pass. He was only two days free of active duty in the US Army. After the last 18 months in Iran, the mountains seemed the perfect place to breath. He also needed to get re-acquainted with his mom. He hadn't seen her in five years. Christa Bell had been the hot, rich girl, fast and wild. A teen mom running with bad boys got her 3.5 years in prison. She went in just prior to his graduation and got out while he was on tour. He ha... Continue»
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