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Adventures at the Bundy House

It was a beautiful morning in all of Chicago. The sun
was slowly starting to come up, the birds were singing,
and Al Bundy was enjoying his favorite part of the day,
his sl**p. It was the only time where nobody bothered
him. In his sl**p, he could think back on how great of a
football he was.

Also, he continuously fantasized about the girls in his
favorite magazine, Big Uns. All those hooters for his
disposal in his dreams, it was perfect. Even though his
wife, Peggy, had pretty nice tits of her own, Al only
liked other women whom he felt didn't set out to destroy
his li... Continue»
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Al Bundys Afternoon Delight

Al Bundy hurries home from work to watch the Cubs play
only to find Peggy and Marcy in the way of the
television. (MFF, orgy, oral, bi, sitcom-parody)


Al Bundy has just finished working the Sunday afternoon
shift at the shoe store, smelling fat women's sweaty
feet all day. Driving his Dodge down the freeway, Al
listens to the Cubs game on his AM radio... hoping he
can catch the last couple of innings on TV when he gets
home. Al hurries into his humble house and goes
straight to the kitchen, where he grabs a six pack of
beer out of the fridge, not noticing the commot... Continue»
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First Threesome Ch. 1

threesome – cuckold – bisexual – cheating – blow job – cum – cunnilingus

"You want WHAT?!?!"

Lynn was more shocked than angry, I thought, but I wasn't sure. I needed to tread lightly.

"Well, I just thought ..." Then I sort of sputtered.

"You just thought it would be fun to have a three-way with your wife and some hussy. That's what you 'just thought'!"

"No ..." But I didn't know now to go on from there because that's exactly what I thought. "I mean, I thought that maybe we should do something to spice up our sex life."

"So, sex just with me isn't good anymore."

"T... Continue»
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Swinging with D - true story

Dear D, do you remember the night we had together?,
At first you were reluctant. We met, it was strange after so many messages on Facebook. I was pleased to meet you, I confirmed that I liked you, and I think that you also liked me. You were sweet and smiled a lot. But then you were a bit tired, you were thinking of going home. You said that you were not dressed to go to a nightclub, and it was true, but I explained that this nightclub was diferente, you only needed lingerie. You were timid and I think that you were maybe wondering whether I am crazy, but in the end you said yes, we can go to... Continue»
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Brady Bunch: Marsha's New Bikini

The bikini Marsha was trying on, could barely be called
a swimsuit. It was more of a suit for tanning. Barely
covering anything. Two small triangle's capped her
large breast and a barely there triangle covered her
crotch. Her honey blond bush of pubic hair was sneaking
out around the edges.

"You're going to have to do some trimming their girl."
Jan said pointing to Marsha's abundant pubic hair. They
both laughed. Marsha turned sideways to see how her
butt looked in the mirror. This was the really
scandalous part of the suit. The back of the bikini
bottom consisted of a ... Continue»
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Big Bang Theory Gang Bang Orgy

Penny was from Nebraska and even though she looked
innocent and just like the "Girl Next Door" she was
anything from that!

After her break-up with Leonard she drifted from one
guy to another, mostly hard bodies, but dumb as dirt
and as she had told Leonard on several occasions; "You
rat bastard, I was okay dating dumb guys, but after
dating you I realize just how dumb they really are!"

When Priya, Raj's s****r, came into the picture she
thought she had lost any chance of ever getting
Leonard back, then her misfortunes turned upside down
and suddenly things began to come... Continue»
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My Initial Meeting With A BBQ Harem!!!

In chatting with a female friend the other night, she made mention that she would love to someday have me write a story about her and her friends. These women are BBW that are hot and sexy! So what else could I do?!?!?

I did not include their XH names or pictures because… Well I don’t have their permission. I did not ask… Maybe I am hoping to be punished by them some day!!!

Maybe they will post some of that in the comments!!!

Anyhow, enjoy!!!!

Cast of characters….
Queen: Straight blonde hair blued eye mature dominant of the women.
Mrs. CEO: Short, submissiv... Continue»
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A different trip to the Adult Theater

Sunday afternoon arrived. I sat in the dining area of our town home nibbling at a sandwich, waiting for my wife, Cheryl to come down from our room after showering and dressing in one of her slut outfits, ready to go out for some hot fun.

"So, where are you taking your slut wife today, pervert?" She asked in a nasty voice, as she now stood next to me in a black cotton mini skirt, black hose, loose, wrap style, pale blue blouse, under which she wore a black shelf bra which held up her tits provocatively, and four-inch heels.

"Mmm, I thought we might have a little fun at the theater this a... Continue»
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Mr Mushroom

Everyone (and everything) in this story was over eighteen years old at the time of writing.


He was new to the town, having moved for work, and he had moved into the apartment six weeks before. His wife would follow in another two long weeks. He was lonely, but he consoled himself with lengthy ambles through the Mid Western town's abundant forested parkland. The man lived on one side and worked on the other side of a particularly large and beautiful park, which stretched nearly to the downtown area, and split right through the most direct routes from work to home, and home to work. Ev... Continue»
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Sandy and Us


The following story is written for xh friends who had a similar experience, though I have added fiction to it.

Sarah and her husband have been married for 35+ years, they met and married young and now that the f----y have grown and moved out to start their own lives, they are free to explore again. She has a fantastic curvy figure that gets noticed wherever she goes, 5ft 4, 135 pounds, a delicious classy blonde.
A dinner date night is arranged, she is meeting her husband in the restaurant, and she is to openly flirt with any man that she likes the look of.

She dresses ... Continue»
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Walking Dead Carl fucks maggie and beth

"Would you look at that?" Carl glances up at his father's words. Maggie and Beth are in the distance and they look like they're stripping naked. He pauses to watch. He can feel himself flushing but his dad was looking as well so he figured it was alright. They don't strip entirely though, just down to their underwear and then they lay down on a blanket Carl hadn't noticed they'd already spread out. He looks at his father hearing him huff out a laugh. "Guess the world is getting better when pretty women have time to sunbathe. I sure hope they don't burn." Rick shakes his head sticking it back u... Continue»
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Hoshi Services Malcolm's Weapon

Ensign Hoshi Sato was a cute eastern-Asian mix, standing a average five foot seven, she has a very toned athletic build and a nice ass, unknown to most of her fellow crew due to baggy overalls she also had two other rather impressive features, and those were her 32-D breast, full and round in all their Asian glory. Currently Hoshi and Malcolm were working on target practice in the shuttle bay. A round silver hologram projector was fixed to a bulkhead, showing a one-foot square flying metal orb. The orb danced around the compartment, up down left right randomly juking and diving as ensign Hoshi... Continue»
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Star Trek: Enterprise Universes Collide Welcome to

There are many realities, more diverse then just good and evil; there are different shades of each, all influencing the behavior of every person in that universe.

‘How far out are we Travis?’ asked Captain Jonathan Archer, staring intently at the view screen from his Captain’s chair. The Enterprise was investigating a strange tear in space and time, forming near the border between Vulcan and the Andorian space. Because both Andoria and Vulcan could not trust one another, Commander Shran had asked the Enterprise to mediate between the two races again. It was up to them to investigate the tea... Continue»
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The Dice Game

I’m Chuck and in March 1999 I was twenty nine years old and had been divorced for five months. I met this eighteen year old girl that I thought looked good. Her name was Christy and she was five foot two and weighs one hundred and fifteen pounds. She has blue eyes and long silky hair that looked reddish in certain light. Her skin was very pale and she has a lot of reddish freckles on her breasts and shoulders. Her breasts were a natural B cup topped with pinkish nipples that got about a half an inch long when she was aroused. She was a shy-sweet, innocent, adorable, chubby little cherubic girl... Continue»
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Let me tell you about my slut b*o, Trey. He lives in Phoenix and I live in San Francisco. That's the way it's been since we met nearly ten years ago. Most people aren't able to count the times they've lunched with a friend, confided in each other about f****y and lovers, and walked their dogs together or helped load furniture in a truck for a move of address. With Trey, I'd say I've seen him less times than the amount of fingers I have on one hand. We don't even talk much. But in a world where technology grows as fast as Jack's bean stalk, e-mails and texting have given the two of us ample opp... Continue»
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The Guys in the Suite

I should have known better.

I played pool with Jake down in the lobby the night before, and he'd invited me to the end of the hall, the suite, to watch the game with his roommates. Easy to be flattered: the golden boy with the build of a body spray commercial wanting to hang out with the skinny English major.

Our dorm had a suite at either end, three guys instead of two, but a separate bathroom. You had to be a big man to get a suite, an upperclassman for one thing, but even then it helped to know people. Or to have Jake's bright white smile and easy confidence.

I knew the other tw... Continue»
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A few years ago when I was still married my ex-wife Barbara and I decided to add a little spice to our already hot sex life. We’d been swingers now for about a year. In that year we hadn't done much other than full swap. Barbara had been wanting to have an mfm three some for some time now. I knew her birthday was coming up, so I decided to search and find a guy that would fit the description of what she wanted. Her birthday was in less than a week before I found someone that I knew she would like.

Harold and I worked together and he and his wife Donna were members of a small group our age ... Continue»
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Johnny had been restless since going to bed. His younger cousin Steve was staying overnight as he did quite often during the summer.
Being a 18 yr old senior , Johnny was always thinking of some form of sex. Since he was a p*****n Johnny had realized that he wanted to try sex with a man. He didn’t know why, but the thought of a man naked with a large hard penis had always fascinated him.

Often he masturbated to the fantasy of one of the truckers that drove along Route 50 in front of his house would stop and let him suck their cock. Johnny would masturbate while staring out the windo... Continue»
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The Fickle Rites of Courtship

Trish was sl**ping, or pretending to be, when I got home. We’d had a short, petty little spat that morning; yet as short and petty as it was, I had been irritated by it all day. I plodded through work and then went out for a few (too many) drinks after work with two guys who had been inviting me out for drinks for months. I was pretty sure they wanted more than drinks with me, and I flirted just enough to get them (and, truth be told, me) just a little excited. When I decided to go, they were both disappointed, but I gave each of them a nice wet sloppy kiss and let them grope my breasts an... Continue»
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Julian And Jadzia Meet Seven Of Nine

Kira opened the door and rushed out just as Seven of Nine was walking by in
the corridor almost knocking her down. Always curious, Seven of Nine stopped
at the open door and walked in.

She stopped and stared at Jadzia who was on a sitting on a couch with her
Star Fleet uniform open down the seam showing quite a bit of skin and spots.
"You are a member of species 4219" she stated. Jadzia looked at her and
smiled, "Actually I am a Trill" she said "and I can give lots of thrills as
Julian here knows." She giggled as she said this and placed a hand on my
thigh and begun to rub the area j... Continue»
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