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What happens in Budapest part 1

It was the worst Christmas I've ever had in my life, so from 26th December, I've d***k a bottle of wine every night, to help myself sl**p.
Unluckily that is not happened, I were much more awake, than I planned, so I were sitting in front of my PC, and sometimes I looked on my iPad what is happening on the facebook.

Suddenly I saw one of my friends post, that she needs a DJ to the party at New Year's Eve.
So I've replied to this post.
We've met on the 30th December to speak about everything and even about the last 6 years when we cannot talk because of some reasons.

I had many problems... Continue»
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My Best Friend Gets Inside My Wife

A husband lets his wife do whatever she wants.

It was a warm summer night. Where we live the sun doesn't set until late in the summer. The last few hours of light had began to throw their golden glow through our apartment window as I washed up the dishes from our dinner.

Later, our friend would be coming in from another city. He was driving up by himself and he'd be staying with us for a few days. He was a great friend of mine. We had been through a lot together and we could always depend on each other for anything. When his marriage was ending, I let my wife fool around wi... Continue»
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Me, My GF and her Best Friend

A few years back, my girlfriend and I discovered that we really enjoy threesomes. There are many stories to tell since then. But this is how it started.



First a little background. My girlfriend's name is Carrie. When this happened I was 28 and she was 27. We'd been dating for five years and she was (and is) easily the love of my life. I'd never been with someone so smart, and fun, and goofy and ridiculously pretty.

Car... Continue»
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Balthazar (Mf, M solo, Exhib, Voyeur, Inc)

I had just moved to a new town and was out jogging a hot Saturday afternoon when, by pure chance, I saw him. I was wearing just shorts and trainers, running along the woods at the back of a nice looking neighbourhood and he was standing on his balcony about 50 yards of where I was. He was black, tall and heavy set without being fat.

And he was naked.

Not only was he naked but he was masturbating. Surprised, I stopped dead in my tracks looking at him while one hand flew up and down his thick, hard eight-plus inches, the other hefting his big balls. I could feel my own dick grow hard just ... Continue»
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Evolvon fantasy...GROUP fuck my wife!

SO many have read my first story, wife's "inebriated" threesome... many say sex/porn is an addiction and always evolving... such is true...

while i left the last episode as a "maybe... mighta happened...... for those who haven't read it, short version is doped wife stumbles back to our vacation room where I share her with another man... none the wiser the next morn.

Here's the next step and fantasy:

I'd like to spend an evening partying... drinking, dancing, general fun...somewhere along the night, the wife takes her sl**ping pills... or 2 or 3... maybe without even realizing.... and ... Continue»
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Campfire Cookout

I remember I went camping once with my girlfriend in Ontario at Sand Hill. It was a great place to pitch at tent especially if you were a horny 22 year old. My girlfriend at the time was Nicole and she had the best tits and hairy pussy. One night we were fooling around in the tent and we heard some giggling outside. There was rock music playing. Something terrible like Journey. In a tent next to ours were two lesbians - one with short hair quite dominant and the other was a gorgeous blond with long curly hair - I had seen them the day before on the teter totter and they had smiled at me. We we... Continue»
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Bruce and His friends...

As I left school for the day, the rains came, it was a terrific down pour. The water fell so hard and fast that I ran into the first door way I saw. The building was dark and quiet at first, I sat on the stairs and watched the rain tell it started to blow inwards.

Moving back farther into the building I was startled out of my mind by hands grabbing hold of me. a familiar voice called out '...David, David it's me Bruce stop before you get hurt...' Scared witless I turned and absent mindlessly embraced him.

Voice began to laugh and I looked at who I was holding, to my surprise it wasn't... Continue»
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The Interview

My wife, Lisa, and I met at the same workplace and, whilst it was years after, she told me about how she was hired.

Lisa was 27 when she applied for the job and didn't think for one second she stood any chance of getting it. She was under qualified, at the time out of work and had no references but really wanted the job and saw it as a great opportunity to get other jobs of the same ilk once she got her foot in the door. The job in question was a call center operator for a large company based in the North East of England and had long been questioned, at least inside the company, for employ... Continue»
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Domination Island ch 1

The heat of the sun beat down hard on his back as he lay washed up on the sand. He was close to exhaustion.

At first he didn't know if he'd died. Then he managed to raise himself to his elbows and look up and decided he had and he'd arrived in heaven.

The beach was a mile long. White sand, palm trees and green sea. The storm had come from nowhere and the hull of his small yacht had splinted like matchsticks. The rocks hadn't been charted and there was no buoy. He'd taken on water quickly and only survived by clinging to some wood.

Through the shimmering of the sun's glaze he saw a sha... Continue»
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Trish email to her two lovers!


When I opened the email I was so surprised as well as excited to be honest.

What a turn on. The other picture Rob sent of his cock was at a distance.

What an enticing picture!!!

SO good of you Nolan to not mind me getting excited.

I love to see the variety of pictures of Rob (in clothes) that I kept from before.

I look at them and from hearing Rob's voice, I do not feel like he is a stranger,

silly as it sounds. I feel like I would be so comfortable with him and I am glad you

never pursued anyone else. I never thought there would be a 3rd guy but this is

... Continue»
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Gym fucking!

So as I've said Before my names D and I have A big Cock, I also own a Gym, actually a chain of Gym's and it was at one of my Gym's where I fucked this hot chick Elizabeth.
Now my Gym's are membership only and are for willing patrons of hard physical workouts only, so almost everyone who uses the facilities are buff sculptured individuals who could all take part in those body beautiful competitions.
So it was late on Thursday evening and I was closing up for the night, now all my staff had gone home for the day and I had presumed so had all my clients.
So wandering around checking that every... Continue»
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Taking One for the Team

Taking One for the Team
2/22/2014, RnM

Michael is my super sexy and super virile fuck buddy. We meet perhaps every one to two weeks on a Saturday for an overnight delight of plain, simple and intense sexual romping that usually keeps me both happy, pleasurably soar and sl**py the following day. This had been our routine for more than two years now and I was happy with it! But as you know, routines are often destined for change.

It was Super Bowl weekend and Michael wanted to hang with his boys and be men. At least that is what he told me! So he asked if we could catch up on the fo... Continue»
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I’m an Exhibitionist...Deal with it! (Part T

I’m an Exhibitionist...Deal with it! (Part Three)

For the next two days, hubby couldn’t keep his hands off me or his cock out of me!
We fucked all over the house, with me wearing different sexy outfits. He even took me into a sex shop in town and kitted me out in some fantasy wear. Included in the purchase were a Nurses uniform, a French Maids outfit and a very sexy PVC Cat suit that zipped all the way around and various Stockings, Garter Belts, a couple of ½ cup bras and an assortment of G strings.
I’d shown him a couple of times my intended striptease routine and I practised my lap d... Continue»
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My friends left me

I went out drinking with 2 long time girlfriends that I hadnt seen for years now even though weve kept in touch.
We went out alot during and after high school and they pulled shit like this before but nothing ever happened sexually back then.
Tonight though was a different story.
We got together and went out to eat and talk .I wasnt planning on staying out late and diffently wasnt planning on having sex.

After we ate we decided to go to a bar and have afew drinks and talk about what weve been doing over the yrs.
The bar wasnt to full but soon it seemed to pack in a bunch of horny guys.
... Continue»
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My girlfriends mother

A few years back me and my girlfriend went to visit her mother for a few days. All went good the first day, but things got interesting the following morning. I was the first to wake up. So I went to the kitchen to get something to drink. I was in my boxers because I thought I was the only up. As I was getting a glass of orange juice, my girlfriends mother stepped around the corner in her nightgown. She was a very attractive lady with a very nice body and a great rack to match. She walked by me to get a glass and then bent down to get something out of the refrigerator. From where I was now sitt... Continue»
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The Night after I Broke up With You

dear Matthew
here is a little story of what i am doing now that you are gone.

So me and my Gf from work meet up at the cabo - after work. About 11:30 - I went out to my car and changed into something more appropriate. My black skirt and a nice silky tank top, and my black boots.
When i got to the bar, my friend was already drinking - so I asked my bartender guy friend I've been wanting to fuck, for a drink. One two three drinks down, and i was feeling quite buzzed.
then to my left I saw two hot foreign guys staring at us.
i looked over and smiled - then told my friend that two guys... Continue»
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OHGirl & Velvet: Pregnant Porn


I bent over the bed, holding onto my stomach and tits as my current client drove his cock deep into my ass. He was my third customer of the day and my asshole had taken on all three of them. My pregnant belly didn’t keep the men from wanting blow jobs or from fucking me, but most of them wanted to take me anally, due to their uncomfortable feelings about fucking a pregnant hooker. I had been very busy lately and had grown used to having lots of anal sex, but I spent most of the time fingering my wet slit and rubbing my swollen clit as their cocks drove into my booty before filling i... Continue»
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The Babysitter's Mom

It all started when the babysitter was seduced by her charges and then brought into the f****y sex circle. (MmFff, reluc, inc, teens, rom)


Rebecca Winters stood naked before the full length mirror in her bedroom observing her own beautiful body. Becky, as everyone called her, would be nineteen in two months. She was only 5'1" and 100 pounds but it was perfectly formed in a 32C - 18 - 33 body and a lovely face with flowing brown hair, big chocolate eyes and flawless skin. She slipped on a pair of red bikini panties, then, a loose sweat pants tops and bottoms before slipping into cro... Continue»
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A new Apartment – Part 2

I had moved into an apartment with 2 girls, one Amy a very slim petite boyish looking, but very attractive looking lesbian and the other Debs, about 5’6”, fairly plain and a little over weight. On my first weekend in the apartment I ended up having sex with Debs while Amy masturbated watching us.
Our Sunday fun left an air of relaxation around the apartment, none of us had reason to be coy or be embarrassed about anything. Where appropriate we would walk around naked, the bathroom door was rarely locked, although we all made sure we knocked before barging in. the girls lounged around the apa... Continue»
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Dad and Son Bonding

Greg is, to be frank, the most beautiful and sexy b*y I have ever seen. I have to admit, however, that I am a little prejudiced, because he is my son. I have watched him grow from a scrappy little k*d into the teen stud that he is and I have been proud of him every step of the way.
Greg is a soccer player. I have attended all his games and have marveled at how all that running and kicking have helped him to develop beautiful, well muscled legs and a perfect butt. His blond hair and blue eyes, his dimples, and his smile would melt even the hardest heart. It is hard not to fall in love with a ... Continue»
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