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Coming of Age Part 1

As a birthday present for our eighteenth birthday, our parents decided to send my twin b*****r and I to an all-inclusive resort on a Spanish island. It would be the first real holiday abroad we would have as adults.
On the flight we agreed, that whatever happened while we were on holidays would never be told to anyone at home. Rob my b*****r, had a girlfriend, and if the rumours at home were to be believed, things were not going too well for them, the in joke was that he couldn’t get her panties off, which he always denied. At the time we left I was single, but was generally in some sort of ... Continue»
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My auction prize. was my wife, now my sexual serva

Once she realized I had purchased her and now was her master, fully knowing what she had done behind my back. She began to resist, until I told her I had the Arabs phone number and a standing bid of 6 thousand. First we went shopping, evening gowns with long exposing slits and deep cleavage,lingerie,
garters. Then to the sex shop for many kinky accessories. I put the collar and leash on her immediately. Saw three young black guys watching closely and nodded toward the back. I got some tokens and made sure we got a booth with gloryholes. I put tokens in the slot and took a seat, unzipped and p... Continue»
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Bikers want more fun

As Sasha & Milan rode down the road, discussing the days events, The rumble of motorcycles surrounded their car. Hey, pull over in the turn off ahead. We weren't sure we wanted to, but somehow couldn't resisted the excitement, terror, and thrill. We pulled in, they did also. Milan was pulled from the passengers side, They undid her pants roughly pulled them and her panties down, and pushed a butt plug up her ass. I got out, locked the car and was pushed face first over the cars hood. My ass was bared and a butt plug put in my ass also. We were lifted onto bikes and off they went. The vibration... Continue»
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Happy Birthday Cassandra

Cassandra stood staring at herself in the mirror of the poshest hotel in Glasgow , the night had been nearly 2 months in planning when during a d***ken night of sexual play with her husband when he asked her what she wanted for her 30th birthday she joked a gangbang . well it was mostly a joke , like a lot of ladies it was a fantasy she had always wondered about but like most ladies never done anything about it . in the time between then and now as her husband brian teased her about how he was setting it up she had cancelled it and then reagree'd to it so many times until here they stood , her... Continue»
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Taking a chance.

The pub where I drink in Gloucester there was a glass collector/waitress called Amy, she was short but a lovely round pair of tits and bubble butt, she was always very chatty and a very pretty face, I commented accidentally in earshot that she had a face you want to spunk over, she clearly heard it and was a little shocked but apart from blushing she took it in good heart.

Well a few months later after my faux pas, she was there with her boyfriend and a couple of his mates they were teasing her with the full encouragement of her boyfriend in giving her a gangbang, he was obviously proud of ... Continue»
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Joe was a used sissy boy. He belonged to Ava. She used him any way she pleased. She kept his cock and balls bound and kept him naked. He had a collar around his neck and sometimes she would attach a leash to it to pull him around with her. He spent a lot of time on his knees eating her pussy and tongue fucking her cunt and ass. Ava had nice big tits and a big round ass. Joe had a nine inch thick cock and she loved fucking him. She also loved to fuck him in front of her friends or have him eat her pussy while she talked with them. She used him at her parties as the sex dummy.

Friday was a bi... Continue»
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Mom's Gangbang

I have been having sex with my mother for almost a year now. It is still by far the best sex imaginable, there's no question about that. As with any relationship though, the screwing like bunnies phase doesn't last forever. For a while just the thought of us having sex was almost enough to make me cum, but over time it's only natural to want more and more.

My mom and I had reached that stage even though neither of us was willing to admit it. We still had sex whenever we got the chance and it was amazing, we would have been happy to carry on like that for good but if we were willing to settl... Continue»
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Wife gives me surprise

Linda has asked me to be home by 7, she even sent me a picture of her in a new t-shirt with the word SLUT emblazened across the front. It is short and she is also wearing some opaque white knickers. The material is so small you can see the tuft of hair above her pussy and a shaved gap down to the top of the material. Linda is wearing a new pair of white platform heels and her text message says, I couldn;t buy the t-shirt and not be a complete slut for you.

But as usual I am running late. It is 7.15 by the time I turn the key in the door, with Linda saying honey I'm in the lounge. I hang up ... Continue»
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This story is fiction:-

One of the most satisfying times I had with my Sensei, was on the eve of my fi******h birthday. There was a karate tournament set for the weekend before, so he had organised for us to stay at a house in Glasgow for a couple of nights. When we got to the city, at about 9 pm, the training hall was already empty, the other competitors having trained earlier in the day. I unlocked the door and we headed straight in to change and train for an hour. Just after 10, he pulled out a crash mat and ordered me to take my clothes off and lay down, I did what he said, as I a... Continue»
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The Babysitter, My Wife and the Bi-Girls

“So, all you have to do,” Danielle said to me over her shoulder, “is get rid of the k** for the night, get yourself some beers and make sure it’s Kim who answers the door.”
“Do you need her to be wearing anything special?” I asked, gripping her hips tightly. “Or do you want it to be a surprise?”
“Don’t tell her a thing,” replied the babysitter, breathlessly. “Me and my friends are gonna be a bit of a shock to her.”
I pulled out of her tight teenaged cunt and shot all over her pert little bum, “Oh, I’m sure you will be…” I said to the back of her bowed head.

Friday night came round soon e... Continue»
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Robbed & Taken

I was in the ensuite off the bathroom applying the last of my make-up to complete my transformation from Martin to 'Michele' when I heard the disturbance.

My wife Kerry was waiting for me in the bedroom nursing a gin and tonic. We had just returned from a boring party and I had convinced Kerry that tonight should be our 'monthly special'.

Kerry and I are in our mid 40's and she has known about, and tolerated, my crossdressing from early on in our marriage. She puts up with it because she loves me, and knows that I am faithful to her and in no way homosexual. Kerry permits me to dress and... Continue»
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Round Two: Face Down and Ass Up

I kept my word and let my little Fuck Buddy hit it from the back, he lasted less than five minutes before he came. I wasn't surprised, I have a big ass and thick thighs, so he admitted he was overwhelmed at getting a shot at all that ass. Haha. That led to round two of course, since he wanted another chance to last longer.

Naturally he was hesitant, thinking I was trying to turn him Bi or something. I wasn't but now that he said it, the idea sounded hot as hell. I obviously told him I wasn't about to do that, but still he was reluctant to try again. So I promised that it wouldn't be the... Continue»
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Adventures of Nancy- Incenced

Part I

Nancy Lipske was actually quite relieved to be finally going out on a date. The college sophomore was surprised when she was asked to double date with her cheerleading squad mate Misty Johnson and her new boyfriend Jim.

Both girls cheered for the same small town high school and had made the college squad as well. Despite all they seemed to have in common, the girls who had at one time been close c***dhood friends had grown apart in high school. When they came to the same college Nancy figured they would only be acquaintances, never expecting to actually go on a double date togethe... Continue»
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Four Guys And A Shemale

My big br0ther enjoyed humiliating me when I was young.
There was this guy in school that picked on me all the
time, calling me "tits" and groping me in the hallways.
I couldn't complain because I was a known freak and
slut so I just tried to avoid him and his asshole
buddies. I was terrified of Donald and his three friends.
One Saturday morning when m0m was visiting grandma I
showered, blow dried and came down the stairs naked
because that was one of my b*****r Johnny's rules:
whenever m0m wasn't home I had to go naked or put on sheer
black stay-up nylons if he told me so that he
... Continue»
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Early Birthday Suprise

My last story written...haven't been inspired me out. Leave some feedback!! Get me hot! lol

On my knees, in a men's restroom, an 8" cock stuffing my hungry lips.
How did I get here? Let us backtrack a bit.

It's my birthday. Well, not really. My birthday is in a couple days, and my boyfriend, Craig decided to take me out for a fancy dinner. He told me I needed to wear something sexy, but not too sexy. I figure he wanted to make other men sit up and take notice, but he didn't want their sitting up cocks to take my notice. ;)

So, I chose one of my fav... Continue»
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A Game of Dares

I've recently met up with my friend Tara from college and we were talking about the fun times we had and the things we'd get up to and I couldn't help but think that some of you on here might like some details.

Before college I was quite inexperienced. I'd been with a few guys but never properly explored my sexuality. At college I met Tara, who introduced me to her group of friends who were openly sexual. They talked about who, where and how they liked to fuck. They were so open and confident and I found my sexual libido rising. Within the first six months of knowing these people I was try... Continue»
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A cuckold pool party

My wife had the idea of a memorial day weekend pool party. She made out a list of chores for me to do while she worked on her own list. She and I talked it over to be sure each one of didn't forget anything. My list had all the yard work and pool cleaning type stuff whie my wife's list was shopping and food prep. I was getting my yard working tools out of the garden shead when my wife came out on to the deck to let me know she was leaving to go shopping. When I saw how she was dressed I took a minute to walk over closer to talk to her. She was wearing a white pleated cotton skirt and a light ... Continue»
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Okay, now THIS one is Fictional! ;-)

The year is 2030. The United States is under the dictatorship of a far-right religious sect, and has annexed Canada. All rights have been stripped from women: The vote, the ability to run a business, the right to say "no" to male sexual advances.

I'm in my mid-30s and working at an investment firm in Toronto. All females are now required to be completely nude at all times. While outdoors, we are permitted to wear shoes. Once inside the building, however, we must remove them, so that we are barefoot as well as naked. The male bosses, meanwhile, come to work fully dressed, accentuating their ... Continue»
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20th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Hi I am Sanjana, married with 3 teen girls.December 2012 we celebrated our 20th Anniversary. We could not travel on our Anniversary day due to some urgent work in office for my hubby.

Let me tell some details about ourselves, I am 5.1 and Petitite, fair with 36-28-30. My hubby is 5.4 and a bit chubby.

I wanted a special gift from my hubby, so he said he will take me to Kerala and he booked a Honey moon Villa with a Private Plunge Pool and Open Air Toilet.

Before we left Bangalore, he made me promise that what ever he tells I will listen to him. I was under the impression tha... Continue»
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Sweet Summer: The Punishment

Sam defends his beautiful s****r from a cruel pervert
[A continuation of the Sweet Summer series, but from a different point of view. A lot of action and a slightly darker tone in this story. All characters involved in sexual situations are aged 18 or over.]


Sam awoke to see the first fiery rays of the Mediterranean sun breaking over the horizon. He lay there for a while savouring the silence. He'd always been an early riser; he loved the cool pre-dawn stillness, and the glory of the sunrise over the tranquil bay. The tall windows of his bedroom looked down over the lush slope of ... Continue»
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