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Tranny orgy

You can live with someone and never really know them.
I was running a car wash in West Palm beach and every day I would take lunch at a cafe down the Blvd. The food was good, and cheap and I had the hots for Debbie, this built to the hilt redhead chick working there. She wasn't any great beauty but she had a body to die for. 36 DD tits. big hips and thick legs. Just my type. After a couple weeks I got the nerve to invite her to TGI Fridays for some drinks.
After a few, she started talking about her past. She was on parole from Ohio for cocaine trafficking. I found that interesting because a ... Continue»
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The Addictions of Mature Swapping Part 2

So three days have passed since my hot sexy mature wife Trisha was swapped by Tom & Shelly. I thought my hard Italian dick pounding her pussy for 15 to 20 minutes was pretty good, however Tom fucked her hard, fast and deep for close to an hour. It was a complete turn on to see that hot little size 4 bouncing up a down another man's hard cock, listening to her scream, FUCK ME, FUCK ME like a slut. He was able to cum in her pussy three times and just when I thought he was done he rolled her onto her knees and told me and his wife Shelly to lube Trisha's ass. I asked Trish if she wanted it that w... Continue»
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A true story about my ex-wife swinging with friend

This was written by my friend's wife from her point of view. The names have been changed.


We met Terri through a friend of Shane’s, Erik. She was Erik’s girlfriend, but since then, they have gotten married. Terri is a tall, statuesque strawberry blonde. She didn’t like Shane when they met before; their personalities clashed because they are both strong willed and out spoken. This second time they met, I was with Shane, and there was an instant attraction between Terri and I. Shane told me later tha... Continue»
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The Others

The choice of a rugby mad university town was a clever one and I congratulated Kyle on his intelligence. Plenty of post game drinking and no shortage of bars and pubs.

We explored the town centre and then headed back to the hotel to make ourselves ready, I was to be demure and sexy but not slutty.....I needed a drink as soon as I stepped out of the shower and the realisation of the evening started to become real. I could not really complain as it was all my fantasy and desires being played out with Kyle's understanding.

A short dress, black, grey and white stripes with a pair of sheer... Continue»
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Hippie Girlfiend's

I was tired. I’d been working all day, rewiring an old workshop down the road.

I sat out on the porch with a beer, contemplating what to do about dinner. Then I saw the hippie woman walking towards me through the back yard.

They were camping on my land up on the ridge. I’d said it was ok, so long as they don’t leave any garbage or toilet paper behind. They can even swim in the pond up there. My land is 80 acres, 1 wide and 80 long, starting from the main road and stretching up through the hills. It was a huge single property once, but had been subdivided into these strips each with a b... Continue»
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The nearby Naturists/swingers

In late 2014 I got chatting to a couple who lived about 10 miles from me and who I met through a naturist website. I wont refer to them by name as to keep their anonymity but they are both in their late 50s. We met up a few times for drinks but due to several reasons there were long gaps between the times we were able to meet up. We got on well at these meetings in a pub near to their home and we chatted about naturism and how they got into it and where they went locally.

As we got on I got an email asking if for the next meeting I wanted to go to their home. I arrived for an early afterno... Continue»
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Karen's Sailing Adventure

Karen had been saying for a while that she wanted to rent a sail boat
again and get back out onto the ocean. It has been something she has
done before, and loved.

As it was late summer, and while it was still hot, I decided it would
be a nice thing to setup for her. I found an advert for a boat and
captain. The captain sounded OK on the phone and the price for an
afternoon's boat hire was good. We discussed going up the coast for a
couple of hours and then finding a cove to anchor in to have a beer
and enjoy the sunshine. He said he would bring along one of his
friends as an ex... Continue»
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On-line Bi-play turns real

So, my Wife Jenny and I were on a sex web site, wanting to spice up our sex life a bit, and play around with swapping stories and pictures with other couples like us. we both had fantasized about being with other couples, sharing each other, and both were bi-curious, but both scared to actually do it for real. But that changed...

It was a simple thing to do, take a picture of me and my wife having sex, and post it on the sex site. We had to do it without our faces showing, because we were both well known in our community. What I neglected to think about was the tattoo of a pair of cherr... Continue»
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Friday night into Saturday

This continues where I left off

So I found myself with aching balls and 3 naked women fast asl**p--what was wrong with this.
My fantasy of being on an island with naked women was long term, there is no way I can properly take care of 3 women for 2 days--I am human and still partly fucked out from this week anyway.

I finally sorta fell asl**p in a chair and so it went.

Then some time before dawn, Linda jumps up and says I gotta pee, heading for the door she did not even put on her sandals. The outhouse is a short distance on a stone path, --she did not make it. As I was heading out ... Continue»
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was a wet night on my way home from work, as i drove down a lane the car sk**ded on some mud throwing my car into a spine,when i eventually stopped and checked the car it had two punctures, no signal because of the weather.
i begin to walk the lane getting soaked,
i see a car coming and wave it down a cpl guys in it tell me to jump in offer to take me to theirs to use the phone.
its a big house secluded and set back we pull up they show me in giving me the phone, but its out of order too posibly a cable down with the storm.
they ask where i live which is about an hour and a half away and s... Continue»
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Submisse the weekend whore

Submisse the weekend whore
It was a four day weekend where I was going to get gangbanged in a MMMf that was arranged by my husband, but he failed to realize that the guys he found were actually in a gang. When I got there, I found out that I had walked into to this gang house, but they were cool, very relaxed etc., so I went along with it and did three guys. Afterwards, we talked and I agreed to stay and party for the weekend, to play some more. I was shown around the place a bit and then to a room, where I took a shower and I laid down for some rest. It was already like 1 AM, but I was tire... Continue»
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Living in Cockington part 17

It was Saturday and my little boys birthday party was in full swing, it had been a busy morning of excitement and relatives arriving and by lunch time there was a full BBQ and party games and everyone was in a great party mood.
Then the doorbell went and I headed to the front door to answer it, and opening the door I was greeted by the lovely vision of a tall slim blonde in a tight t-shirt and jeans.
"Hi Peter" she smiled
"Zoe hello!" I replied in surprise to see my lovely tanned cousin stood there.
It had been a couple of years since I had seen her but she looked just as stunning as she a... Continue»
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My first Gang Bang organized by…

I was very nervous for this experience considering Uyknas had recently initiated me to lesbianism. I accepted anyway, started viewing gangbang porn videos to get my mind in the mood. I found the women lucky having all those cocks for themselves. Such an adventure it was viewing, I watched the World Record Gangbang...a single woman fucked by 4000 men in 2 days. She let 2000 men per day fucking her in the middle of a boxing ring, on a bed; legs open one after the other, in and out then creampied all over. A hot Brazilian babe taking 100 cocks just as I would love to by all of you once I reach 10... Continue»
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Anal Beach Party

My friends always call me crazy when I tell them I love anal sex. Even today, as a 21 year old girl, still trying to explore and expand my sexual horizons, I have always found anal sex very pleasurable and exciting. The biggest complaint I hear from my friends is that it is physically painful. I must have never received that text because it gives me some of my strongest orgasms.

I believe that anatomically speaking, I may be unique in the fact when I feel a nice hard cock sliding in and out of my ass, it vibrates something inside me which feels like it hits my g-spot. I am unsure if I have ... Continue»
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Tina takes on Three at Work

Tina takes on Three at Work

Tina says if you don’t like me going out buy myself or with friends you could all was come a long "You must be k**ding!" I responded to my wife, "I'm completely wiped out by the time I finish work, the last thing I want to do is to start going out after work. We continued our breakfast in silence the only words spoken were of Al’s request to pass the butter. I tell Tina I have a busy schedule today with meetings right up to 6pm. All I wanted to do after work was to eat my dinner and fall asl**p in front of the TV. We finish breakfast I gi... Continue»
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Under the table reception fun

A few months ago we were invited to a wedding of a coworker of mine. I wasn't excited about going I usually don't care to go to these types of things, but since we are a pretty close group of coworkers we went. I work with a lady her name is Julie that I have gotten pretty close to she is very good looking and a lot of fun to work with. We do a lot of flirting with each other and I have gotten the impression from her that I could maybe even get into her pants, but up to this point it hasn't happened. When she told me her and her husband were going to be at this wedding I was a little bit m... Continue»
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Found out my wife's true fetish

I spent a week joking to my wife about having a stranger fuck her while she was tied up and blindfolded which she constantly yelled about when I joked about or when I sent pics and videos of the subject. After i knew she had enough of me joking about it I stopped talking about it for about a week. One night when coming back from the gym I stopped at the toy store and picked up a "thickster" which was a lifelike soft toy that you put over your cock that made it substantially thicker and added an inch of length. When I got home I did the usual seduction and slowly worked her into tie her arms... Continue»
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Peanut Butter

To begin with, let me tell you something about myself. I'm a divorcee, recently out of yet another unsatisfactory relationship. Our last time together, "Ralph" tied me down to my bed, stuck all four of the pillows beneath my hips, gagged me with my own panties and bra, and then instructed his dog Rodney on how to make love to his girlfriend. I kicked the son of a bitch out of the house.

One afternoon a month or so after the assault, I was in the kitchen, making a pitcher of Lipton Iced Tea. I glanced out the back door, having seen something from the corner of my eye. It was Loopy, the next ... Continue»
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Run Run as fast as you can

As the weather was so nice I decided to leave work early and go for a run local to home, a brisk 40 minute dash around the park and streets left me feeling energised. Our house or rather Jane's house was empty so presented an opportunity to use all of our hot water getting freshened up.

Jane has a magnificent bathroom, it was a bedroom however she spent a fortune creating a luxurious, almost spa like sanctuary with bath stream room and shower. I undressed leaving my sweaty running gear next to not on a chaise lounge, why Jane chose this was beyond me however I think she liked to lie on it a... Continue»
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A Gangbang fantasy

John smiled as he watched his wife bend over the pool table. He smiled not only because he knew his wife would probably miss the shot, but also because he had a great view of his wife's luscious buttocks as they peeked out from underneath her summer dress. His beautiful wife of 5 years, 27 years old, delicate and pretty, was a rank novice at pool but a seasoned professional at turning him on. The billiards clicked as she took her shot, the ball missing the hole by a good three inches. Her pouting face turned to his, and he grinned. It occurred to him that she had probably never even been to a ... Continue»
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