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Ana in a black gangbang at home

Ana in a black gangbang at home

Anita had met this black guy Rufus at the outside town bar.

He was a kind of gangster and very aggressive with my wife, as she had told me once. He had fucked her very wild in several meetings, but always were just Ana and him.
But one day he asked her for being the slut for a black gangbang party. Of course Ana accepted the challenge, she was delighted…
The only condition was he wanted me outside of town; no way could I be present during the party with my loving wife. She accepted and promised she would call back him when I was gone.

Ana had in mind... Continue»
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Susan abused after being abusive to local group

Just for a change i had planned on taking susan to one of the pubs near to us that had a band playing that night.
before we left i opened a bottle of wine and poured Susan a very large glass full. Susan unbeknown to me had already been drinking and i soon realised that she was showing all the signs of being very d***k.

After she had d***k another two glasses of wine i told her to go and get changed. I had laid out the clothes that i wanted her to wear,
these consisted of a white see through blouse and a very short white mini skirt that i had only just bought on my way home from work.
And... Continue»
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The nextdoor neighbor's son and his friends

Im sorry for my english! :P

On a warm saturday morning i was busy in the garden, and since it was hot i didn't feel like
wearing to many clothes so i just put on a tight tanktop my string and a hotpants just cuase it was so warm today.
While i was busy in the garden i coudnt stop notice all the noise coming from the nextdoor neigbor's garden.

It was the son and some of their friends just being busy and making alot of noise there so i decided to take a look across the fench, they kept being busy and since im just busy in te garden i decided to over them a drink. and they didnt mind that... Continue»
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Allowed to watch

My wife works in an office with several women. They all are early to mid thirty years old. Company dress code is gentlemen must wear suits with ties and ladies dresses or skirts. My wife likes working there partly because of the way she is required to dress. She is very much a woman. I mean finger and toe nails perfectly polished always. Her hair is naturally a mousey brown but she keeps it extremely blonde. It comes to her shoulders and is cut with bangs. This look on her makes look like a pinup model. Her tight little body is one hundred pounds and her thirty four b cup tits are blessed with... Continue»
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I had been living in Nice, in the South of France, for about two years and had always wanted to go down to my favourite nudist beach at sunrise and just enjoy it by myself, or with a woman friend and enjoy some love-making in the open air. However, I had never got around to it, but this time, on the morning of June 21st, the longest day, I vowed to do it. Sunrise was to be at 05:49 hours. I set the alarm for 5:15. I was in bed by ten and slept deeply.
I was rudely woken by the alarm. I was so comfortable that I wanted to stay in bed, but being a man of my word, I got up. I rolled up a... Continue»
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On-line Bi-play turns real – Part 3

…so far, the night had gone great, but what they Jenny and I didn’t know was how great of a finish we would have. After they had all cum twice now, I thought we would be done for the night, but thought wrong. We were all pretty cummy and sweaty, and Randy and Sally had a room with a Jacuzzi. Time to bath! We go the water nice and hot, and all got in, still naked. We were all sitting on all four corners facing each other and relaxing. None of us were tired, even though we all came several times, but we felt the exhaustion of sex all the same. It was a soothing feeling.

We talked for a... Continue»
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Karolina Goes Dogging

Karolina Goes Dogging

The tension in the air was tangible, you could almost cut it with a knife! Tonight is the night. The preparation for tonight was almost like some sort of dark ritual. First we cleansed our bodies, we stepped into the shower room together without uttering a word. Even in her work clothes Karolina looked stunning but as we peeled each others clothes and I liberated her breasts and her delicious vulva I couldn’t help but grin. Knowing she was going to take a really good pounding tonight got me hard.

Fully naked I took her hand and after a brief moment of shock a... Continue»
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Final blow (Cuckold 3)

Arles, Saturday, June 2, 2012

As every year since six years, we pass Murielle and I a weekend in Arles (South of France). We have our habits and have selected two hotels and a bed and breakfast where we go according to our moods, once the one, once the other.
That day we spend it in the “Sainte Marie de la Mer”, walking around in the vicinity, on the beach and in the plains of the Camargue where we got a bit lost. It’s late when we return to the hotel, at the entrance of the town, and we decide to diner on the spot.
Murielle wears a long skirt with a slot in the front, right in the midd... Continue»
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True Stories: The Bald Guy

When we first began discussing the possibility of swinging, my wife, Rachel, and I exposed our innermost feelings and desires in a way that we had never shared before. For example, we openly shared with each other what features attracted us to members of the opposite sex. Through these frank discussions, I learned that she prefers men who are older, bald, and blue-collar working types. Given that I am a year younger than she is, have a full head of hair, and am more of a white-collar type, I have no idea what she ever saw in me.

One of the positive aspects of opening your marriage is that y... Continue»
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Slut wife, just dont tell her husband.

Im bored so i thought id write a short story about a slut wife.

Sarah is a slut. Theres no other way of saying it, shes a cock hungry slut. Everybody knows about her slutty ways except her husband.

Theres only 2 things that sarah works hard at, 1: getting fucked and 2: making sure her husband has no idea.

She was a slut from the first time she got fucked in school. She and her boyfriend skipped a class and had sex for the first time in a toilet. From that moment on sarah was addicted to cock. If it meant boyfriends leaving her she didnt care, she just had to have cocks fucking he... Continue»
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Vegas MFM

What an amazing night! From the perspective that I was truly responding to your Craigslist Ad with the expectation of:

A.) No response
B.) a "Fuck Off" response, or at best
C.) A meet for drinks as suggested and nothing more.

Imagine my surprise and delight with how it developed!

When I stepped into the bar area and glanced around... looking to see just who I was supposedly meeting, I Immediately set eyes on you two. Al, well dressed, good looking guy. And then... I rested my gaze upon D... Gorgeous. Sexy. Flirtatious. Was that them?? Wow.... I hoped so... I walked around the bar as... Continue»
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Linda's Web of Seduction #3

I remember working that day with a smile never far from my lips. The sounds and smells of and tastes from our sex the night before and then again that morning were swimming in my mind and I really didn't get much done at work. When quitting time came I was exhausted, though, and went straight home.

Soon after eating dinner my phone rang. It was Linda. She was disappointed that I hadn't come back to her place and teasingly promised to "suck [my] dick" if I hurried over. As great as that would have been, because look, she could really suck a dick, I had a ton of work to do the next day and ex... Continue»
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Tranny orgy - continued

Debbie, my red haired, large titted, big hipped, cock sucking, golden bushed girlfriend now knew I loved to suck shemale dick and having them fuck me in the ass. Sex between the two us became more intense and we were often joined by the gurls across the hallway. Life was good and shortly Tanya and Bonnie informed us they were having a party that would include Shemales, sissy me and cross dressers. It was to be an orgy!
On the night of the occasion, we were the first ones there. I wore a speedo and tank top and Deb was in a pair of crotchless panties, a very short halter top that barely cover... Continue»
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My Time as a Mexican Whore


The large man was pounding hard into Michelle's pussy as she lay on the small bed. The bed springs were squeeking loudly and the bed was slamming into the wall of the tiny room. He was grunting and about to cum. He had chosen not to wear a condom. It was always the john's choice. The man slowed a little in his thrusts as he pumped his seed into the pretty little wife. He moved to suck on her right nipple and then moved up a little higher on her tit with the full intention on marking her with his hickey.

Michelle started to cry, but held back as best as she could. Michell... Continue»
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My First Experience as a HotWife

So there I was at Shane’s house with Shane and two other guys from my husband sport’s team. We had just gotten back to the house after a night of dancing, drinking, and a whole lot of fun – and flirting. We always flirted when we hung out, even when my husband David was around.

Earlier in the evening, David and his friends had a game – and as had become the norm, we went out afterwards to a local bar/club. But that was really the only thing that would be usual about this night.

By the time we got to the bar after the game, my husband started complaining that he wasn’t feeling good. He ha... Continue»
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On-line Bi-play turns real – Part 2

…So, last time, Jimmy & Jenny were with Randy & Sally, tricked into having bisexual sex with them, which was their first bisexual experience ever. They later found out that the blackmail was a fake attempt to get them to share themselves, but Jimmy & Jenny really enjoyed bi-sex and were ok with it. But that was not the whole night, only the beginning…

After everyone had cum, everything was quiet for a while, Randy was making out with his wife Sally while Jimmy was making out with his wife Jenny. Randy said “so what did you think?” Jimmy & Jenny stopped kissing and looked at Randy and Sa... Continue»
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Hit & Run

I had posted on Craigs List looking for an open minded couple that enjoyed "Hit & Run" encounters. These are purelThis y sexual encounters where there are no names known and very little talking. Just pure, sexual need where you can live out a fantasy with people that don't judge, because they share mutual needs. I am bi and love playing with couples that both enjoy taking care of their partners fantasies. This couple responded and said they had a special fantasy that they had talked about for several years. She wanted to be aggressive and he wanted to top another male. She wanted this to be a... Continue»
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Dubai, such an intoxicating country, a place of total contradiction; extreme poverty yet hyper wealth, state control yet continuous examples of the state beyond control. Its a series of experiences that can be totally confusing to ones senses, leaving a person wholly disorientated by what one gets exposed to. It's hardly a place that one would expect to encounter an erotic experience that would prove to be possibly the most erotic of moments for a woman as accomplished as Louise. Yet this is the place where it all happened, spontaneous and invigorating to the extreme, both Louise and her husba... Continue»
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Ana, the black guy and his boat

Ana, the black guy and his boat

It was our first evening in that nice resort at Jamaica.
The people were so welcoming, we sat at the bar drinking some rum and talking to some black guys, who seemed to be obsessed by Ana’s body.
She was not helping herself wearing only a very small green bikini, which looked awesome on her.

One of these guys, Joseph, asked if he could take Ana to see his boat, which was brand new. I had taken too much rum and said it was up to her, as I wanted to stay at the bar. Ana wanted to go and I do not blame her, Joseph was a handsome black man and I knew Ana... Continue»
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Wifes Slutty adventure before marriage while away

Before she met me my wife was in California for some classes she found out that her crush from High School was working in the same town. She quickly got in touch with him through an old friend and met up. She had sex with him multiple times during the week she stayed out there and did things she never thought she would do. This was her first time swallowing cum, being fucked in the ass, and a MFM threesome over the course of just a few days. She found a few pictures left over from the set that he took of her. She said unfortunately he has the copies of them actually engaged in the some acts  ... Continue»
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