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Canadian Wild Girl

It was a boring Saturday night, and Sam had nothing to do. She felt like going out, but wasn't a fan of dressing like a slut. However, she still wanted to be ready for action, just in case. Putting on a little pink g-string and black bra, Sam wore her modest red dress that was full sleeved and up to her neck and a pair of knee-high black boots. Feeling like she accomplished both of her goals, she set out for her nearby bar, The Globe.

When she got there, there was a camera crew for Canadian Wild Girls, a Girls Gone Wild style show where they film amateur girls and give them stickers or t sh... Continue»
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My Niece, Then My s****r

I got the call from my baby s****r Gina on Wednesday that she was divorcing her husband. They'd been married
for about 13 years. I asked her what happened. She told me her side, through tears, and said she had nowhere
wise to go. I told her that I had a couple rooms available, as long as she was able to help with rent and
bills. She said she could and would be looking for a job when she got here.

I'd just gotten a divorce from my wife about 9 months before this. After 16 years, there were just too many
burnt bridges to repair and she chose to get out. I was sad to see her go, but... Continue»
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Young Studs and Hungry MILFs

I like these three:

I would have the two on the right with the slutty looks in their eyes kneel in front of me while the shy looking blonde on the left sits to the side. I'd slide my shorts down letting my long penis spring up at the two in front of me, inches from their faces. As they start to moan and lick my shaft and head, i notice the blonde sitting on the couch to the side squirming, looking shy but horny. As she watches my penis twitch and buck as her friends suck it, I hear her start to whimper.

The thick blonde looks... Continue»
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Dogging and Neighboury love (continuing story of a

Back home we decided to add dogging to our portfolio of activities and after the success of the first trip we got bolder and decided to keep to locations closer to home. We kept it spontaneous, one warm clear night we turned up and saw one of her neighbours cars, it was an easy spot not many powder blue s-type jags about and saw that both front windows were down and cocks were being sucked and pulled from both sides. The passenger side we could make out it was the wife but couldn’t make out the driver’s side. It was decided I would find out who it was on the driver’s side servicing guys as qui... Continue»
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The Choir Director Pt 3

The Choir Director Pt 3
The next day Janet and I were having coffee , my husband was gone playing golf with his buddy's and my k**s were playing in the back yard. So I asked Janet how do you feel after last night? Janet said that her pussy was a little sore from the big cock of Joshua but if given the chance she would do it again in a heart beat. That's good to hear because I was hoping to get the boys together again soon so that they might fuck us in all our holes, well are you game? Oh fuck yeah I had a dream about that big black cock last night and I woke up stroking Dan's little cock wa... Continue»
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The Choir Director Pt 4 Final

The Choir Director Pt 4

Janet and I told the boys that we were going shopping and we would be back later, so off we went to the nearest mall to find the sluttiest clothes for tonight. I picked out a school girl outfit like I wore when I went to Catholic school only shorter skirt and tighter blouse. The skirt barely covered my ass cheeks and the blouse was tight enough to see my nipples through the white material. I told Janet I was going commando tonight I wanted to be ready for anything tonight. Janet opted for the little girl look sun dress white socks, black shoes, pony tails she said ... Continue»
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Jerking with Karen Part II

Karen and I wound up going to different colleges, but in the same town so only 10 minutes away. This arrangement gave us freedom but also we were close enough to see each other regularly. Our masturbation sessions continued all the way through h.s. but we also added oral sex and masturbating each other. We had intercourse once, but we both felt best not having to worry about getting pregnant.

Karen’s college roommate Lisa was a real free spirit and all into sex. Karen told me that in the first 10 minutes of meeting her she was asking about details of Karen’s and my sex life. Karen insinuat... Continue»
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Living in Cickington part 9

It was a great summers day and I went for a stroll down by the river, the f****y were out at work and school and I really had nothing to do.
As I walked a mile or so down the river I came to a large round bend and a shallow beach on the curve, as know one was around I decided to go for a swim, and so I stripped to my boxers and strolled out into the water, it was so cool and clear and felt great under the hot summers sun.
After a couple of minutes I heard voices and then around the corner came a group of young girls, it was to late to get out I was to far from the bank so I remained in the w... Continue»
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Black Coworkers

Black Coworkers
(MMMF, wife-cheat, intr, gb)
by AB-2010

Yes, I know that one should practice safe sex and I'll never do anything this crazy again, but it was a spur of the moment thing and alcohol clouded my judgment. What can I say?

I am 27 years of age and I was married at 18. I'd never been with another man, until several months ago.

I am often teased about my red hair and a slight sprinkling of freckles and my 38-D tits.

At my place of employment we work different shifts. There are a lot of blacks working the swing shift, and I've become friends with some of them ... Continue»
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Wife's ex boyfriend fingers her in front of m

Today I edited and uploaded a video to Xhamster, this true account is what happened that day and accompanies the video.

My wife and I travelled back to our home town for the weekend where we both grew up. We now live about 300 miles away and tend to only go back once every couple of years to do the rounds of saying hello to f****y and old friends etc.

Earlier this year we went back and were invited to an afternoon BBQ at an old mutual friends house.
It was a nice day, sun was shining and everyone was in the garden, about 30 people.

Most were old friends from school who we hadn't ... Continue»
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Disney Girls Don't Have Sex – Part 5


Miley Cyrus was once again on her way to see her good friends turned secret lovers Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez. Once again they had been very cryptic about what they would actually be doing, just that she was going to have the privilege of meeting two girls who just so happen to be part of this special Disney girls club that Miley now so desperately wanted membership into, the former Hannah Montana hoping she could impress these two girls and help her finally gain that membership. Or at least tell her what she had to do to get it.

Of co... Continue»
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Performing Again!

There had been a few parties after the Holiday Bash where Harry made me go topless and service him in front of his friends, but nothing like what happened at Christmas. It was now springtime and back then colleges went until mid to late May. This was the first weekend of May and his school had a spring fling tradition. It was an unusually hot May Saturday and Harry picked me up at 11:00. He was wearing a tank top, cut off jean shorts and tennis shoes. I had on a short tube top, which I don’t advise small-breasted women like me to wear but hey, everyone expected a show and today I was going to ... Continue»
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An encounter at work turns into the best fuck

I walked up the path and rang the doorbell! After a short while I Rang the Doorbell again, and just as I turned to walk away, the Door opened a little! "Hello luv..I've just come to repair your boiler" "Oh right she said, you'd best come in then"
She opened the door and i walked in. "It's in kitchen she said"' pointing down the hall.
She was wearing a housecoat and looked as though she'd just got up out of Bed. "I'll be back in a minute" she said, and with that went upstairs. I watched her walk , and my eyes slowly inspected from her feet, up to her Bottom, which was only just being covered ... Continue»
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Poker Night Part 7

A continuation of my story. Parts 1-6 can be found on my profile page. Thank you and Enjoy!

Morning of Halloween Day was uneventful. Daddy prepared breakfast for the two of us and Mistress Claire had come by as well to join us. "Are you excited for tonight?" she asked. I said "Oh yes Mommy I can't wait to get candy!" She giggled a little and said I looked so cute and adorable and continued eating her breakfast. Daddy placed a couple pankcakes on my plate and then I noticed his rock hard cock was fully erect, he was stroking it with one hand and patting my head with the other. "Would my baby... Continue»
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My fuck buddy

My fuck buddy and I have been friends for some time now. I would say 8 years probably. We were just friends at first, but I had interest in her younger s****r at the time so I didn't really paid much attention to her. Eventually, I got to fuck her and her s****r and damn it was the best feeling ever!
Sometime later we stopped talking until years later, I was bored and in need to fuck. I went through my friends list and saw her and messaged her. She responded right away n was catching up about the times we use to talk n stuff. At this time she was already seeing someone but I wanted to fuck h... Continue»
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Taxi ride home

After a night out in Newcastle we waited in the taxi rank for our journey home, it would be a 30min taxi ride of around 18miles. It was late and we were pretty d***k.
My wife sue had a beautiful fitted black dress, and if you have read previous stories you would already know that she never wore panties when we go out together.
Out taxi pulled up and we got in, as we set off, Sue as usual started chatting to the driver about his night, was he busy ?, what time did he finish ?, bet he hates Saturday night d***ks ?, all her usual talk lol. And as usual on a taxi ride home from a night out, she ... Continue»
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My wiffe and I Fucke by 4 men Part 2

My Wife and me fucked by 4 men part 2

Well, it had to happen, just when we thought that we were in the clear and nothing further would happen, an envelope appeared on the mat, by the front door.
I opened it and found a USB pendrive inside, and a short note giving me instructions.
I was to wait for my wife to be present, and then watch the content of the pendrive. We were to follow the instructions given on it.
If we didn’t follow them explicitly, then copies of the video taken on our first meeting would be sent to friends and relations.
When my wife arrived home from work, we played ... Continue»
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Sex Education – My Daughter!

This story is a spin off from my series "My Son's Secret Desire". Please visit my profile for the earlier stories. Here is a link to the introduction Leigh Darby:

Leigh pulled into her garage after another day as Principal of the local high school. She really enjoyed her job but even more so recently when she had seduced young Tony. It had been way too long since the mature principal had any sex at all. When she had let go with young boy it was the best sex she had ever ... Continue»
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My girlfriend told me she waned to fuck a stranger

This is a little letter for my sexy girlfriend. Let’s call her Dani, she knows why.
She tells me she likes my letters and it’s been a long time since the last one. I am writing this with inspiration from her so I hope after reading this if she likes it maybe she could give me some more to write about?
Recently Dani let me into a little fantasy of hers. She is a naughty girl and tries to act innocent but I know what she’s like.
I have to start out by saying that Dani is a very beautiful women. Dark blonde hair, blue eyes, a very sexy body and her booty is perfect. I have been with her a very... Continue»
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First Swingers Club Visit. [Fantasy]

I have a long standing fantasy. To attend a swingers party and to watch my wife get her pussy filled by another man. The following is how I imagine it happening:

I was scanning though porn on the internet as my wife played some game on her iPad. I was lost in my views of two men having their way with what was said to be the woman’s husband. The familiar theme was there. A surprise visit (usually set up by the husband) by a friend who the husband thought his wife found desirable. As plot lines and script are none existent anymore on online porn, the three seemed to have worked their... Continue»
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