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Parks Service 2016 Tuesday

Several interruptions, a power outage and lack of a computer have delayed this.

Sunday morning until Tuesday night seemed forever.

3 Women, how can this be, is this a joke?
Am I really right doing this?
2 want to get pregnant? If my count is correct I have fathered 5 c***dren in the past 2 years, now 2 in one night?
What is wrong with me?
My wife cannot conceive --so no my DNA is all over this state!

To pass the day (this is my week off I work 14 days and get 7 off) I volunteered to be a guide at what was a presidential retreat. It was fairly cool --in the 80's, but it is getting... Continue»
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The Adult Cinema - another fantasy that I would l

The Adult Cinema
This is another fantasy that I would like my wife to take part in.

When I lived in London I sometimes went to the adult cinemas. Often it was just full of men wanking openly, other times women would turn up, either with a partner who they played with and let others watch, but some also allowed others to join in. In the sunset Cinema in Soho there was a lady called Lisa who regularly attended (always on a Wednesday) and if you contacted her via email she would often agree to fuck you in the cinema. Unfortunately these cinemas are now disappearing due to local councils clos... Continue»
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Jayne Turns Fifty

So after 36 years of fucking guys and girls, I was nearing a landmark Birthday, one I was wary of reaching, the big 5-0!
My husband told me every day just how beautiful I was, my new fans, clammering for my newest photo sets and videos, I had a backlog of 15 guys wanting my used knickers, yet I was still about to hit my big old half century! On the morning of my birthday hubby surprised me having a taxi pick us up and take us to a favourite, cosy little hotel in Cheshire. We often went there for a break to recharge our batteries and spend a relaxing few days. We checked in and hubby car
... Continue»
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Wife finally joins the fun! Part 2

I woke up the next morning around 9am. My sexy wife was still sl**ping so I slipped out of bed and headed to the shower. Once the water was to temperature i hopped in and started to soap up my body. The shower curtain opened and my wife slid in behind me. She kissed the back of my neck and whispered " good morning lover, last night was amazing". She then slid her hand around my body and started to stroke my soapy cock. I immediately got hard as a rock. She worked my cock with one hand and fingered my ass with the other as she kissed my neck. I could feel my balls start to tighten an... Continue»
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FUCK MY GILFRIEND I Can Get you to Her ¡¡¡¡ She´s

Heres what we gonna do, just to get your cock all juiced up and veiny; She is in Paris France Right now

working and making her Final School project;
I know where she works and where she is studying. not her schedule but if you wait outside for her you will see her there, she´s usually alone or might be with a girl friend doing the internship with her; You could hire a couple of hood guys to wait for her outside of these places and when the time is right get her quick in to the back of a van, i Would only as that you take video from the moment you get her in the could be there wi... Continue»
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The Tunnel of Love

The Tunnel of Love

Jenny and I had been married for five years when we took a holiday down to the south coast of England. We
couldn’t afford to travel abroad that year so we decided to travel around the various seaside resorts and just have as
much fun as possible. Luckily the weather was great with blazing hot sunshine throughout our vacation. What I
liked most about the heat is that Jenny always feels extra horny and wears as little as she can get away with.
Jenny is twenty eight years old with a stunning figure, deep brown eyes and long dark hair. Her tits are big and firm
and wonde... Continue»
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Shemale Surprise

This is 100% true, I know it may sound difficult to believe and I know if I read what is detailed below I’d struggle to believe it but this is what happened to me on Wednesday.

I needed to take Wednesday off from work as a holiday to get some work done to my home, as the day wore on I had planned to get a tribute made, but I felt too horny to tribute I’d been to Northwich Sauna before (Which I’ve posted about before) and seen that they run a TV/TS day on Wednesdays, all are welcome to dress how they want.

After rushing to get there when I got there two guys dressed up were getting ready ... Continue»
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Christmas Shutdown

I was working at a place that would shut down for a few weeks during Christmas. It would require a few employees on each shift. I was working nights at the time. My job was Safety. I was there one night when some of the regular guys I saw all the time came in and needed me to sign off on some papers. This one guy was a Rigger and the other was a Machinist.. The Rigger was a Huge Man. He was not that tall.. Maybe 5' 6" or so .. But he was almost as big around as he was tall.. Huge legs and arms. He could barely fit in his coveralls. Unbelievably Strong.. Carried very heavy things around all the... Continue»
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Husband Sucking My Cock

Last Friday night I had a threesome with a couple that I met online. A friend of mine recommended this couple as good fun. I spoke to them online before I arrived here and they seemed really keen and also rather experienced.

Friday night came along, I met them at a bar in town after dinner. Lots of photos were exchanged beforehand and they looked like their photos. I told them I was bi and they said that the husband is 'open minded'. After just one drink we were getting along fine and the wife asked if maybe we should head back to their place for another drink. It sounded good to me as I wa... Continue»
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Male Sex Slave for My Senior Neighbors Part 2

Male Sex Slave for My Senior Neighbors Part 2

I started sucking the thick, creamy man juice off those thumb size nipples. Barb said to the guy (that I assumed to be her husband), "Look at him use his mouth. I'm sure he's sucked some cock before. Probably a lot. Too bad you've already cum twice today." Suddenly, she pushed my head away from her massive breasts. She stood up and commanded me to to the same. Then, she reached out and grabbed my hard cock. At this point, I was SO ready to cum. She smiled, and said, "Are you horny? Ready to spurt out of that little pee pee?" Her hand ... Continue»
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polly's birthday surprise

It was polly's birthday and I had been invited up to Norwich to spend the weekend with her. I arrived Saturday morning and was greeted by Polly at the front door.
" Hi Micky, thank you so much for spending my birthday weekend with

"It's my pleasure Polly " I replied

I had got too know Polly over time on xhamster, she is a gorgeous young lady with an amazing body and a wonderful sexual mind.
Apart from that, I have learnt that she is also a cum slut, who loves hard cock.

"So what's the plan for today Micky" she asked

I have your present being delivered here at around 3pm" I ... Continue»
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The Club Slut Wife

The Club Slut Wife


The club was extremely nice. There was a large lounge area with
couches, love seats, recliners, easy chairs, a spacious bar with intimate
tables off to the side, and a very large dance floor. It also featured two
game rooms with pool tables and video games. In the back there were a
number of private rooms. The cover charge was nominal; I paid it and Gail
and moved into the lounge area. I was still amazed to be here.

We were on vacation in Dallas. After three days, we were looking for
something new to do in the evening. Nothing I suggested ... Continue»
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s****r in Law and the Minister's Wife.

s****r in Law and the Minister's Wife.

My s****r in law is Jane sings in the church choir. Through the choir she has become friends with the minister's wife Angela.

Angela is the defination of a MILF. 34 D bra (I'm guessing that but I'm usually right), slim waist beautifully round buns and legs to die for. Angela has a great sense of humour. The only negative is she is very prim and proper. It follows that Angela has only ever had one man (as far as everyone knows).

Jane decided to try to get more people to like Angela, so she organised a girls' weekend in her home. The most fun women... Continue»
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Fiancée for all III: Anal Attraction

With her peachy bottom propped up under a crimson satin pillow, my fiancée hiked her legs up high, exposing her tightest hole to her adoring crowd. She deftly grabbed the bottle of lube, squeezing out a fair amount and carefully massaging her butthole with it. Men and women alike took a sharp intake of breath as she slowly slipped a finger against her resistant ass, preparing herself for a much bigger intrusion. By this point, the cougar had left my side. Flirting across the room, she whispered a few words into your fiancées ear, before French kissing her deeply. The cougar drew a line with he... Continue»
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f****y holiday pt4

Peter and Anjia straightened them self up and exited the toilet. Peter noticed a wicked look in his daughters eyes. As they left they were greated by the site of the red head Laura with her hands inside her bikini bottoms. "Your a bad daddy...but your a wonderful daughter" she said. Whilst removing her wet fingers from her puss and feeding them to anjia. Peter was unsure how she would react, as far as he knew she had only ever had inter f****y fun. But to his joy young anjia licked the fingers clean and said "thank you". Little did Peter know that his daughter was well versed in many more acti... Continue»
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The Reluctant Voyeur.

I am Rick, 46, married to my trophy young wife, 29, Tiffany or Tiff to all her friends.
We have an active sex life and we are happy together.
Things began to change recently, but I wasn’t alarmed much at first. She took more attention to her appearance, sexier clothes and going out with some girls from her gym classes.
My suspicions got a bit stronger when I arrived home early and her and her friend Manda were chatting in our conservatory, they hadn’t heard me arrive. I listened at first with a casual ear but then Manda said well? Are you going to stop prick teasing Des and try him?
Tiff... Continue»
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Sex with the Ex for the last time

There is a gap of 10 years between my 2nd story and this one. I left Germany which was my 2nd duty station, got married to a white BBW. I don’t think my marriage had much of a chance as I was deployed every other year during my marriage. When I got back, I snuck away and secretly saw Monica (from Story 1) for at least a day after each deployment. I did not step out on my ex with anyone other than Monica the entire time I was married. However, what goes around does come around. I started to see email traffic from other Soldiers and black men on my wife’s computer. It was obvious from the traffi... Continue»
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New Neighbor Makes Me her Bitch Pt5

New Neighbor Makes Me Her Bitch Pt5

Mistress was gone for the past week. Before she left, she put me in chastity. She was to come home on Saturday morning. During the week I was to take four times the recommended amounts of Niacin, Gingko Biloba and Horny Goat weed each day. Each night her daughter, Alena, a pixie slut came over and massaged my body as I watched porn. Then she would masturbate for me. On Thursday she had cum 6 times and made me lick her clean after each! Friday evening I was to drink 6 quarts of water. At midnight I was to take a full dose of Viagra. I had only ... Continue»
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My First Black Cock

Hope you will enjoy hearing of my first ever big black cock...well it was three at the same time really! My then 'boyfriend' picked me up telling me we were invited to a party, being a naive teenager I never thought to ask what sort of party but I would soon find out!
We drove to a block of flats near Rochdale, Dave buzzed a flat number and a voice said," Yeah man come on up", the door opened and we entered a nearby lift, taking it to the fourth floor. Getting out we moved to Flat 435 and Dave knocked. The door was opened by a middle-aged black guy, he looked at me and whistled, " Hey g
... Continue»
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I had just started courses at our local collage and was still living at home when one day I came home to find my father sitting on my bed. "Dad" I started, "Is there something wrong?" I asked. He replied there wasn't and told me to "Come here". I moved over next to him and he took hold of my arms, pulled me next to him, "Kiss me" he demanded. I was taken aback a bit, despite the fact that I had been having sex with him since the day I saw him with mom, "Kiss me you whore" he demanded again and I knew to obey ( he had been drinking and I could smell the booze o... Continue»
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