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After work has never been so good

The twink at work (let’s call him Geoff) to protect our real identities. He’s 24 and I’m over 50. He has this need to be out with his sexual preference; where as I need to be seen as straight. This was always a conflict, but he understands now. A smile & small talk at work is ok. I told him our time together after work would be so much more exciting, then if we continued to sneak into the men’s room for quickies.
So at lunch I saw Geoff sitting in our break room playing with his phone. I gazed in from the doorway & saw he was alone. I went over & asked him to meet at the bar after wo... Continue»
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Brad's Miracle Cream

Brad's Miracle Cream

by ~ MojoFu ~

The buzzer sounded James walked over to hit the intercom button.

"Hello," called out James .

"It's me," came Linda's voice back through the static filled box.

James pushed the button to let her in then unlocked the door.
He shuffled over to the couch and plunked himself down in front of the baseball game that was on.

A few minutes passed until Linda came inside and shut the door behind her. She wandered over to the fridge and found a bottle of water. Opening the bottle and downing a third of it rapidly as she sat down on couch besid... Continue»
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The couple

Tammy was cute. Slim, short, with cropped brunet hair. Her ass was the thing I couldn't get out of my mind. But she wasn't into ass sex. No, that was where I came in, I wasn't really here for Tammy. I was really here for Jake. He was dark, hairy, and just 25. I'd seen his cock in photos, average length, with a pleasing curve to it. To be honest, I couldn't wait to get it down my throat! He had an insane desire to fuck ass, although he had not been able to fulfill his desire. Tammy wouldn't try that, although she was addicted to cum. Couldn't get enough jizz to eat. They had experimented... Continue»
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The Couple; Part 2

Tammy lay on the bed, fingers playing with her pussy, watching as Jake pounded my ass. His hands on my hips, pulling me into him, his cock deep in my ass. He surprised me, and excited me, when he pulled my hair, pulling my head back, and said "are you our little fuck toy slut?" "yes" I moaned.
He put his other hand on my throat, squeezing slightly. "I liked fucking your throat, slut! You will do that again! You want it, don't you?" His thrusts growing more violent as he spoke. "Yes, I do" I managed to squeak out. Tammy watched as my cock swung under me, Jake's f***eful thrusts causing it to... Continue»
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The 1st Orgy I ever Hosted

have been having these parties for a while now and a lot of people always ask me what happens at the parties. I mean from novice swingers, to people that frequent swing clubs. I guess because bisexual men being such a taboo, they figure something different happens with us than with every place else. I have been to several swing events too and the only difference with us is everyone get naked and plays. So let me tell you what I saw last time.

About 6:00 a lady we had never met before, that was new to swinging, arrived at the hotel. We chatted and she had told us her hubby wa... Continue»
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Interracial teenage gangbang

My names Sara and this is the story of how i had my first gangbang experience wit three white guys and one black guy. I was a freshman in high school. There was this one senior his name as mike, he always used to flirt with me, my best friend Carrie who was 16 was dating his younger b*****r Chris so we all spent a lot of time over his house, his parents were never home so we always drank and partied over there. Mike and his friends always brought beer for the parties, it was mainly mikes friends who were all juniors and seniors.

One night Mike was having a birthday party there and we were ... Continue»
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Hubby said he’d like to watch me suck another man as he was shagging me, I wasn’t over happy about this but thought about it for some time. I thought that if I did it it would end up with the other guy fucking me and I wasn’t sure that was what I wanted, well not in front of my husband at the same time, it wasn’t fair especially if he was bigger.

After a good few weeks thinking about it I was beginning to get quite turned on to the idea, I’ve always liked sex and especially oral, giving and receiving. I told him only if the right situation came up and he agreed. I a... Continue»
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How it all started......

Here is how this all started. Many years ago we had a party at our place, after midnight people started to leave. By 1:00 am it was my husband and two of his friends. I was more then buzzed and fell asl**p on the couch as we were watching TV.

The next thing I knew I partially opened my eyes (half awake, groggy and d***k), my blouse was all the way unbuttoned, and my husbands two friends were standing over me masturbating. I was shocked and didn't know how to react.I glanced over at my husband and he was asl**p on the other couch.

I didn't want to start trouble, my husband would have be... Continue»
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Little Miss Calculation

Little Miss Calculation
Can one plus one sometimes equal three?

Part 1

“I’ll see you later, El.” Hayden Beck raked his fingers through his long, unkempt hair. He had cultured a lazy, bad boy mash-up and Elaine hated herself a little for thinking it cute. To Natalie and Rebecca, he nodded. “Ladies…”

“Bye.” Elaine Little watched the span of his shoulders all the way to the door. That’s when she heard their snickers. “What?”

“So how long have you two been hooking up?” It was Rebecca asking, looking from the closing doors to Elaine.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She ris... Continue»
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Part 3 On Cam in our gear

I spent the next three days working out extra hard. And laying out my 5 favorite spandex pieces. I knew I was taking my N2N white bikini with cut out parts covered by mesh. They don’t make it anymore so I take good care of it. I have a lt blue cocksox bikini that is see thru when wet, A muscleskins torpedo with 1/2” inch sides in yellow and black , and a orange Jose Snyder bikini with easy off clips at the hip that I will likely bring…so what is the last piece.

As I was showering and shaving for the fashion show, I remembered that I had a white singlet that was really small on me. I ... Continue»
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the night i met my hubby

the post you guys have been waiting for lol. I finally have time to write it.

As you know I went to a private school, what you didn't know is i was sent their after getting in trouble at public school for doing sexual favors in school. I was very sexual ( still am ) I was the girl who got caught sucking guys off in the men restroom. These young boys wanted to have fun but were acting stupid and got me caught up. all because they couldn't keep there mouths shut.

So I was sent to a private school in Gardena, and of course rumors have started lol, so guys were hitting me up left a... Continue»
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Part 2 Steve Saw Everything

After Marcos left I was picking up clothes and lube when I saw my neighbor Steve on his balcony watching me. Steve is a tall, lean, sexy guy. He was only clad in a pair of white N2N mesh shorts and his rippled abs and perfectly balanced pecs and huge guns bulged as he looked at me licking his full lips. I was nude, had Marcos cum dripping down my leg, and was spent from being split in two. Steve nodded and said “great show, Johnny!”

I looked around for the new briefs and only found the red pair, and slid them on and walked onto my balcony which was almost perpendicular to Steve’s. “Di... Continue»
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Cocksucking The True Beginning

This my true story of how I discovered that I am a cock
sucker at an early age. It was a very hot experience
that created a hunger in me that has remained with me
since. I am good looking, well hung, married, lead an
otherwise normal straight lifestyle, love women, love
sex with women, but have a basic need to suck men's
cocks whenever I get the chance, which is almost daily
and usually at glory holes, in theatres or in rest rooms.

I have been sucking men's cocks for nearly 40 years
now. This is how I began this lifestyle unintentionally
and immediately realized that it... Continue»
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Forever My Slut Tina (The Early Days)

Forever My Slut Tina (The Early Days)

Tina has been a tramp ever since junior high. Ever since she sucked off the most popular boy in school she knew she wanted to be the girl anyone could come to for sexual pleasure. By her sophomore year of high school she was known as a slut but never denied the accusations, she loved it! Almost anything you could imagine a slut doing in high school she did like flashing the class, blowing a half dozen guys in the back of the class, letting guys and gals finger her under her desk, she even took on the football team in the guy’s shower. Her... Continue»
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The Farmer's Daughters

Jim was getting worried! The clouds on the horizon looked ominous. Getting caught in a Nebraska downpour was the last thing he wanted on his motorcycle.

He started to look for a place to take shelter when he saw a farmstead just up ahead. There was an equipment building that had a roof and plenty of room to hopefully sit out the storm.

He pulled into the drive way and parked in the shelter. He was just getting off the bike when an old pickup truck turned in off the road. Jim hoped that the farmer would let him stay.

As the ... Continue»
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A Secret Fuck on the Beach, (a true story)

I walked in front of my husband, he was carrying the necessary beach bags, as I trudged on my bare feet revelling in the soft white sand, feeling the heat radiate and warm my inner thighs, a few degrees cooler than everywhere else, as the Sun mercilessly bathed me in its radiant glow.

Beneath my dark shades I scanned the empty beach for an opportunity, my mind was looking for another man who might also appreciate my presence, and as I searched with eyes, my body ached and panicked, should there not be another, 'Darling', my poor husband whimpered, 'why can't we just bathe here', he continue... Continue»
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Breaking Susan

She was all attitude when I first saw her, attractive, poised, and arrogant. Her name was Susan and she was the executive secretary in the office of a construction company I worked for. She worked for her daddy of course, was spoiled, and beautiful. She was always dressed perfectly with skirts just a little too short, and a little too tight. She enjoyed the stares from the scores of office engineers and especially the laborers and foreman employed by her father. Showing her perfectly shaped nylon covered leg in slit dress and stilettos, revealing tops showing off her perfect décolletage. She... Continue»
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Playtime Stories Ch 3


As I left the booth I was in heat. But first I needed to pay a visit to the rest room and finish my browsing, so I replaced myself wet and adjusted my clothes. I thanked him again and he thanked me and then complimented me on being hot. He closed the door and locked it behind me.
I turned right and followed the maze of booths to the restroom. I went inside and locked the door, remembering that night years ago when I had been all but f***ed to suck off a really big nasty guy who “made me.” It wasn’t cool at the time but it was a source of stimulation and fantasy ever since. On ... Continue»
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That evening

… that evening, the girls were supposed to visit me in my hotel. At least, that’s what we had agreed on during our skype conversations. Usually, people don’t show up, but one can be hopeful. I was waiting on the third floor of the hotel, near the elevator when I heard the ‘ting’ of the elevator. There they were. I was so nervous. After some chuckles, I told them to follow me to the hotel room. I had no idea what to expect, Was this a good idea or not? I didn’t really know these two women, but heck, it was now a never. A fantasy finally coming true?

In the room, I suggested we get to the ... Continue»
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Gangbanged In The Country

Gangbanged In The Country

The engine didn’t splutter or cough. It just stopped running. The car travelling along the single lane of bitumen in the valley between the mountains coasted quietly to a stop. The young woman driving it got out and lifted the bonnet. She stood looking at the mass of metal and wires. It gave her no clue as to why it had failed. She felt frustrated and exasperated. “So much for taking a short cut,” she thought, hoping that somehow help would find her.

The woman checked her mobile phone but there was no signal. She was isolated and realised she’d just have to w... Continue»
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