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Pussy Cat

I didn't start out to be a bad girl. I didn't wake up one morning, and
think today I'm gonna be wicked. It just kinda crept up on me. I was
pretty normal, until eighth grade or so. Then I took off. Then things got
fun. I don't mean I was bad like I did crimes and shit, I was bad like...
like I screwed around and stuff. I learned about sex and that stuff. You
get the idea.

I got my cherry popped when I was thirteen. That's about par for the
course, around here. Most of my friends had already done it, by the time I
finally did. I liked the boy that did it, that's why... Continue»
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Die geilste Nacht meines noch jungen Lebens!

Hallo, mein Name ist Kristin und ich möchte Euch von etwas berichten, das mich ziemlich verändert hat. Letzten November rief mich meine Freundin Nina an, sie klang sehr aufgelöst. Wie sich herausstellte, hatte ihr Freund gerade mit ihr Schluss gemacht. Ich kannte Nina schon, seit wir fünf waren. So was nennt man wohl Sandkastenfreunde. Natürlich kannte ich auch ihren Ex. Er war ein echter Schönling, rasierte Brust, braun gebrannt und, wie Nina mir erzählte, mit einem ziemlich mickrigen Schwänzchen zwischen den beiden. Vielleicht war das der Grund, warum er immer hinter Nina herschleimte. Dac... Continue»
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Daddy's First Time With Twin Daughters Part 3

“While you are having a rest” said Jen “Lou and Mhairi and I are going to play some more if that's o.k.?”

“Fine by me” I replied, “I'm sure I'll enjoy watching you”

Jen lay on her back on the floor and said to Lou “s*s, you and I can sixty-nine and Mhairi can take turns fucking us in our pussies and ass-holes with the strap-on.”

“You have a very dirty mind young lady” laughed Mhairi as my two gorgeous daughters started eating each other out.

Mhairi knelt behind Louise and slowly guided the blue strap-on into her slippery tight ass-hole as Jen put her tongue deeper and deeper into h... Continue»
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Sperma im Gesicht von mehreren Jungs

Wir waren am Samstag im Pornokino in Irxleben bei Magdeburg an der A2. Es war freilich nicht unser erster Besuch und da es noch recht früh war - so gegen 19.00h, war es auch recht leer. Wir haben im "großen" Kino gesessen und uns in der üblichen kathedralischen Stille bei fast schon unangenehmer Kälte den Film angesehen, während wir ein wenig aneinander herumgespielt haben. Außer uns befand sich gelegentlich noch ein älterer Herr im Kino, der offensichtlich mit leichtem Schnupfen und den dazugehörigen Geräuschen zwischen Homo-Kino und Hetero-Kino wechselte. Wir hörten, wie offensichtlich ein... Continue»
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Our Hot Vacation

A movie we watched the other day reminded me of this experience - one of the most memorial ones we have shared.
Several years back we made a trip down to the coast for a few days of sun and surf. It was about a five hour drive but we got there a little after noon and spent the better part of the afternoon on the beach, enjoying the sights and warm feeling that the surf can give you. After washing off the sand and getting dressed we went out to dinner and then ended up in the hotel lounge for a few drinks. Mary was in a low necked blouse with a full, but short skirt. It was pretty plain that s... Continue»
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Third Visit To The Master (And His Men)

There were more cars in the parking area on Friday night. Gloria arrived punctually as always but she had to wait for The Master. He had assistants but he preferred, at least initially, to handle the female clients himself. Tonight there were already three ladies already in The Club, with another two due after Gloria’s scheduled arrival. This night there were plenty of males, both members and non-members.

The Master soon had Gloria out of her clothing, fitted with an eye mask and guided her to an unoccupied activity room. In the member’s viewing room four selected men awaited her arrival. ... Continue»
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My journey to sissy satisfaction

I suppose it was satisfaction that I craved, I suppose that's what we all seek from life, isn't it?

I'd realised for a long time that I was a pervert. For me it was a realisation that came to me slowly, over years. In large part this was because I had tried to deny it to myself When society teaches you that the things which really, truly arouse you the most are wrong you try hard to convince yourself that other ways to relieve yourself sexually are just as satisfying.

So, as a young boy first experiencing pornography, I sought out the sort of vanilla, mainstream pornography that I pre... Continue»
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Renaissance fair leads to a hot woman - and her hu

I was at the Renaissance fair. I enjoyed watching the jugglers, the fire eater and was heading over to watch the jousting when I spotted her. She was sitting on the bleachers made of hay bales wearing a skirt and a corset. Her big breasts were pushed up and half of them were exposed above the corset. Her face was beautiful; full lips, shining blue eyes and dark hair. Blue eyes and dark hair always attracts my attention, as do big tits. She caught me staring at her and smiled.

I got a beer and went over to the viewing area and spied her again. This time when she cough me looking at her, sh... Continue»
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"Fill 'Er Up" (inter.; bf/wm/wm/wm;

Part I

Chanice dreaded coming to work on Thursday nights. Although she's been working as the night clerk at the Filler Gas Convienent Store and Filling Station for over a year, she'd been required to drive 40 miles away from her home to a completely different area. In fact, it was in another city. She'd been working at, as she often put it, "the store in the hood" eversince she began the job. But when a few of her coworkers quit their jobs two months ago, the manager/owner of the franchised stores would schedule the beautiful mocha skinned 19 year old to fill in at his other store on Thursd... Continue»
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Best Father’s Day Gift Ever

True story

If you have read our earlier posts, you will know that nearly 6 years ago my dad, Liam, had done a nude painting of Babs, which she gave to me for my birthday. You will also know that Babs and my dad have had sex before also on more than one occasion. My dad and I look very much alike so it wasn’t difficult to see why Babs fancied him so.

Last year, Bab’s mom Helen was visiting at the same time my dad was and the two of them hit off and got married. Helen is also fairly open and she and I have had sex and the four of us have had group sex before.

I only share that becaus... Continue»
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Swinger's Club: Beyond Debauchery Part I

For well over two decades my wife and I have belonged to an exclusive swinger's club on the Upper East Side. Working on Wall Street during that time had exposed me to some very rich and powerful people. One such gentleman in his early fifties had met my wife and I at a swanky party one night when I was just starting out at the firm at the tender age of twenty-two. I was a handsome young man back then and my wife and former college sweetheart was gorgeous. He took an instant liking to both of us, especially my young wife, and after many drinks suggested that we visit the "club" as he put it the... Continue»
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A little tied up


Donna and I were on holiday in Spain when over dinner she said “I want you to tie me up go away for a while then sneak back and fuck me”, as we had twin beds in our hotel I thought ‘why not’. The following day we’d been around the pool and as we headed up to our room she said “Now”, we’d had a shower as she laid on the bed looking sexy.

I tied her wrists loosely but firm to the bed poles, then her ankles to the bottom of the bed, she was laid there in her birthday suit, her thighs wide open, then I slipped her bedtime mask over her eyes. I said “I’m going for a cig ... Continue»
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My Dear B****r II: The Present

DISCLAIMER: This story is solely a work of fiction. Any similarities between people living or dead is purely coincidental. No a****ls were harmed in the writing of this story.

Knowing my b****r's predilections, and wanting to 'spice up' our sex life, I decided that it might be a good idea to introduce other playmates into our 'games'. I began to make suggestive hints toward this goal.
One day, on my birthday, b****r came home a tad late, nearly four hours. I was already in a sexy, playful outfit, in anticipation of b****r's arrival. {It was a see-through bra, thigh-high stockings, and... Continue»
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With Husbands Friend

My name is Kavita, A cute and sweet housewife from Bangalore; I came to Bangalore 2 years back after the marriage. I am 25 years old with a height of 5’7 and a fair and bubbly girl with silky hair and a body shape of 36-30-38 sizes. My hubby is sweet and cute, he works in a software company in Bangalore and life is going on wonderful. Our lovely f****y is going good and I am enjoying my days at home. After my hubby leaves to office I generally watch TV and spend time in cooking and sl**ping. Weekends we go out and spend time in Malls around or watch movies and life is going happily and peacefu... Continue»
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Jade Sandwich

Victorious: Jade Sandwich

Jade was so sad after Prom. She had been humiliated in front of the whole school by Tori calling her names. Jade just wanted to put on a play she wrote. She spent days working on it and when she finally got to perform it Tori ruined it. To top it off Beck was still away so she was alone.

She was crying in the parking lot after pushing diaper Doug off her. He had tried to cop a feel and she made it clear that she would kill him if he tried.

Robbie was walking out of the Prom area after Cat wouldn't dance with him claiming she had a date. He walke... Continue»
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Hot Bi Threesom

Today started out as a normal Sunday.....k**s are at camp, and the wife asked where I wanted to eat for Fathers Day. I choose Hooters (I know I know) and never expected what was to come. Really, no one ever gets lucky at Hooters, hell most of the women could be my daughter, but still, I love the sights. We sat at the bar for the first time ever and the place was packed. A guy sat down next to me, ordered a beer and we had some chit chat about guy stuff. The girls all knew him, obviously a regular in the place. They paid a lot of attention to him and I was k**ding him about how the girls all we... Continue»
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Gaynor's guest

Your wife comes in from work wearing her nurses uniform, slips off her coat and bends to drop her bag in the hallway. As she bends I cup the lovely round globe of her buttock, enjoying the feel of her cotton uniform, the smooth tights underneath and the leg of her panties. Hmmm she softly moans, this must be the surprise Peter had planned for this evening.

I continue to stroke her round arse, getting a good feel and rubbing between her cheeks through her clothes. Her legs part slightly as she continues to purr. Her hand moves to the front of my trousers and caresses the hard lump standing p... Continue»
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sissy fucked by two big men until i was sore and m

I got to know these two guys at work, they were sporty and worked out. I used to listen to there talk on a Monday about the girls they had fucked over the weekend. I thought they were a couple of macho strait guys into girls and that was it. All the time, under my trousers and shirt and tie, I was wearing stockings, pink satin sissy panties and a lacy bra. Im a sissy! What more can I say, when I get home I take off my trousers and horrible black socks and shoes and put on my blue satin Alice in wonderland dress, white sissy ankle socks and pretty black high heel shoes! I put my wig and make up... Continue»
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My s****r-in-law had just finished her stint in the Army. She had been stationed in France for the last four years. Now that her time was up, she couldn't wait to come back to the States and see her f****y once more! Of course that meant coming to see her s****r and I who lived in California.

My name is George and my wife's name is Ann. We have been married for ten years now and have become home nudists. California happens to be hot during the summer and air conditioning is a must. Still, when the wife and I come home from work, the first thing we do is stri... Continue»
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I became my Aunt & Uncle's Sex Toy

Sex is such a powerful emotion, especially for a girl experiencing her first menstrual, and the subsequent powerful urges to seek men to fertilize you.

I know this might sound crazy to any man reading this, but mother natures cruel twist, overrides education and any idea of beauty a girl may hold.

Even my father had that sense that most men appear to have lost or fail to pick-up, due to the overuse of man made body scents. Herein lies the irony, it's when we girls are ovulating, that's the time when we will apply the makeup, and the perfume we think will turn a man's head, and why, belie... Continue»
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