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Ex gf Kendra sends vid of her sucking and fucking

So, I have not been able to fly out to see my 19 yo ex Kendra and get together with her and Isaac...and have been really down about it. So, I spoke to her and she said that she'd make me feel better. Sure enough, the next day I got a video of what she'd done last night.

It started out kinda shaky, Isaac wasn't too experienced filming his gf getting fucked and sucking other cocks. Kendra was on the edge of the bed laying down and had just grabbed two goddamn BIG cocks and said "this is for you babe, wish you were here!" She was lying on her belly and the two dudes were standing right at ... Continue»
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Lez Fun (True Story)

W I F E + B E S T F R I E N D S W I F E

True Story:

This happened with my, at the time, wife, before our divorce years later. Her name was Debbie. We had friends, I’ll call them Tom and Laura, that we did almost everything with. We played cards and drank at least once a week, Took trips together, just hung out a lot.

So, leading up to this incident, at one point we all got naked after a night of playing cards and a lot to drink, and went skinny-dipping in our back yard pool. Nothing happened except for a little playin... Continue»
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My Wife (Tina) and I have been married for 27 Years and she has been telling me how she would like to spice up our sex life after it has become doll. (Tina does go out and FUCK other guys but she says getting FUCKED in the bed of a truck or in a car or on a car hood does not take care of here needs not one COCK at a time it is a turn on but she says she needs more.) So I ask her what she would like. She said she would like to FUCK Two COCKS at the same time. So one night we were talking and she told me she would like to FUCK one of our friends and h... Continue»
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Hitziger Sommer (im Netz gefunden)

Es war stickig heiß, die Sonne brannte vom Himmel, schon ab Vormittags war es im Freien kaum auszuhalten. Der Sommer hatte uns voll im Griff, und das mit Temperaturen, die für uns nördlichen Mitteleuropäer eher ungewöhnlich waren. Ob es nur eine Laune der Natur oder tatsächlich die Auswirkungen der Klimaerwärmung sein mochten, darüber stritten sich allerorten die Experten, ebenso unstrittig war aber die simple Tatsache, dass es einfach viel zu heiß war. Seit inzwischen drei Wochen, so heute morgen die Ansage des Wetterdienstes im Radio betrug die Tagesdurchschnittstemperatur 27 Grad. Über eine... Continue»
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the 3 way fun.

I’m definitely not lucky with gangbangs, though there are always some good remarkable moments.

My plan was as simple as it could only be. One man and two women. I chose Robin to be our man. My new acquaintance, Erika, was to be the second girl. It was planned that he would fuck her while I would be caressing his asshole or her hole(s), so I would have stuff to be busy with too. Then we would get down to my butt using anal fisting (if possible). She promised to help.

Everything had gone wrong from the very morning. First I had to arrange things with an old and peevish landlady, then Robin... Continue»
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The Pub

We arrived at the pub after a slow drive through the quiet countryside, the afternoon air cooled into the early evening and gave some respite from the heat of the day. Linda sat looking so hot , her satin blouse billowing with the breeze, the cool air circulating over her sheer lace bra, teasing her nipples making them seem even more obvious. Her skirt was short, mid thigh, she had slipped on stockings and heels as she felt a little naughty as she said, the promise of a little subtle flashing was on the menu tonight I thought.

Stepping out of the car we walked across to the pub, the car pa... Continue»
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It was the cool of the evening, around 8:00PM, Betsy, Hal, Jim and I had just finished a couple rounds of torrid sex and where sitting around sipping drinks and engaging in conversation. Betsy and I were stripped down to just garters, hose and heels while sitting at the small dinette table in their small cabin. The two guys, totally naked sat in the den drinking their beer while regaining their strength for some more fun!

My husband Jim and I had agreed to stay the night and since Betsy and Hal's cabin was located in a very secluded spot, I figured that Hal had some outdoor activities in m... Continue»
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C-Bob grinned at himself in the bathroom mirror. Shiny teeth glinted in the yellow light and he narrowed his eyes in what he imagined was a steely, piercing and hot squint. Looking good, he told himself for the fifteenth time since he started getting showered and dressed. He couldn't resist looking downward at the heavy flaccid tube dangling between his thighs. It looked very realistic, thick veins coursing along the fat shaft, a bulbous dark-colored head bobbing several inches from perfectly spherical balls in a tight cockring's embrace. He shifted his hips and checked for slack in the s... Continue»
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The day I was owned by 2 black men!

Ok, so a brief into then on to the story. I met a guy on line and after a few months of chatting we decided to hook up, after he convinced me to have his friend over too! They were both in the Navy working on airplanes and both were in shape.

So the day comes that I met them at the hotel. Whew was a nervous and butterflies in my stomach. I knocked on the door and Sam opens the door. He was slightly taller than me and light skinned. Charles was slightly shorter than me and dark skinned. After our short meet and greets and jokes, Sam says, "Well let's see what you have." Sam approaches me an... Continue»
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Night fun on the Beach

It had been several weeks since I had a hook up online and I was looking to explore my gay/bi side even further. So I went online and searched through the adds on a Gay hook up site I had joined.
I came across one which caught my eye not so much the text but the photo with it. It was a gay naked his face was covered out but he looked to be about 30ish with a great body, tall, slim and one great looking cock. I read his add and found he lived close by but couldn't accommodate.

I thought I would say hi and compliment him on his profile pic so I sent off a message and continued on my search.
... Continue»
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Wife Shared with husbands BF

Trudy made a big X with her body against the door. Her back pressed against the wood and she sternly laid down her demands. “No, you are not going play golf, you promised me we'd go to the cinema today, you promised”. I'd forgot about taking her to the movies, so when Bobby showed up and said let's go play a few rounds, we snatched up my golf gear and headed to the door, now barred by my sexy wife Trudy, forming an X blockade with her petite frame. Spread eagle wide in a visual statement of no exit.

“Trudy, look at poor Bobby, he's downtrodden and needs to play” I explained. “Bobby is fine,... Continue»
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It was several months after my encounter with Jake that my husband Jim and I were relaxing while watching some television one evening when a passionate love scene was burning up the screen! I glanced over at Jim and noticed him viewing the action with that intent look he gets when his mind is fantasizing. I don't remember what movie was on, but it had several erotic love scenes in it though it wasn't a porno.

I knew that it would just be a matter of time before Jim suggested I meet another guy. This time however, I intended to bring up the subject first and tell him of my fantasy!

The... Continue»
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Pregnant and Horny

Pregnant and Horny

Twenty two years old: my whole life ahead of me, and I get fucking pregnant by some coward who runs the other way when he finds out. I don't blame him. It's all my fault, really. Or at least I take responsibility for being so careless.

But now it's Saturday night and I'm out of my mind with wanton lust. I'm weeks away from giving birth. I don't know if my hormones are all whacked out, or if I'm just a slut, like my father is always quick to point out. But I'm desperate for some sort of release: and the nastier the better. I take a long shower and shave everythi... Continue»
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Wasted Time

They jumped me one night in the cut-through I used between two side streets. I always used it and I always thought it was probably stupid to. But nothing had ever happened before so I just kept on using it.

There were two of them. Just young lads in hoodies, no disguises, no weapons. They snatched me into the undergrowth and while I fought against them I felt my clothes biting into my skin as they were wrenched off me. The boys were laughing. I felt someone pinch my nipple so hard I yelled in agony. A slap across my face stopped me. Fingers jabbed roughly into my pussy.

They fuck... Continue»
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When I finally Knew pt 3

It had been a few weeks since my visit to the sauna. I often find myself thinking back to that life changing night where I met Adam and Dave.

We were outside the sauna when Dave asked me if I still wanted to join them for some more fun.
I said "Yes" of course, so we found my car and with instructions from Adam we drove to their house.
When we got inside Adam asked if I wanted a drink, I replied only a coffee as I was driving, he smiled and said fine. "Dave show him to the sitting room and Ill join you guys in a minute".
So Dave took my hand and led me into a large sitting room.
"Grab a... Continue»
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Meal for Three

Emma sat in the living room, waiting. She was nervous, meeting her stepb*****r's girlfriend, Lisa for the first time. Although she was slightly jealous for someone else getting their teeth into Ralph she was happy that he had found someone. They were due to meet at the restaurant the past night but Ralph's work caused him to stay the night in another town.

The doorbell rang.

Emma got up. She had decided to dress casually but sexy today, wearing a short blue skirt and matching boob tube. She strutted over towards the door, her black knee high boots making a soft noise as they stuck th... Continue»
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used again

I meet my daughter at a hotel room to help her set up for her first wedding anniversary, she had candles, a sex DVD ropes for the bed, wine and some sex toys, we spend about 2 hours setting things up, we had been sweating pretty good so she told me to grab a shower before heading home, so i did, as I got out of the shower my clothes were gone all that was their were a pair of crotchless panties, I walked out of the bathroom warped in a towel and asked my daughter Jennifer where my things were, she pointed to the bed, and told me she got the panties for me and asked me to try them on, once I h... Continue»
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Before we left England we lived next door but one to a married couple that was probably five years our senior, they had three c***dren on was a half caste Debbie said it was a throw back and Andy tended to agree with her. I don't think Andy was that naive as they had a friend that was from Jamaica, but he never said anything. We used to go round to Debbie and Andy's occasionally for drinks and a couple of laughs occasionally we would play card games on a couple of occasions strip poker but it was for the most part good clean 'if a little naughty' fun. On one visit a friend of mine came with us... Continue»
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Getting fucked at adult theater without husband kn

This happened several years ago when my husband and I first started going to adult theaters. I'm very out going never met a stranger type and my husband is complete opposite, he doesn't say much of anything to strangers just likes to get in do our thing for a little while and then back out. He is also very nervous when we first go in to a theater, has a hard time getting a hard on for the first 10-15 minutes but once he does it stays hard as a rock for as long as I want him to! On this day I was feeling really horny and I had a plan of having a time to remember and boy did I ever!! We always w... Continue»
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Bengali wife's visa application interview

My wife’s visa application fee from Bangladesh to UK. We received letter from Dhaka immigration office specifying the date n time of the interview to be taking place in sylhet by chouhatta high commissions. It said in clear detail that in order for the interview will be completed within the 5 hour period ‘that’s right you heard me 5 hours’ it clearly said that prior to the interview in two weeks before hand that we must not commit in sexual intercourse

And also that she must not shave her private regions and at least have the 14 day gap after the period if there is a problem with that date ... Continue»
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