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Lodger's Surprise 3

Pete walked me upstairs and to my bedroom. He sat me on the bed and kissed me.
He explained that when he interviewed me for my job something about me made him think I might turn out to be a crossdressing sissy and that his former secretary Jenny and her sissy hubbie might be able to find out for him. As he spoke he undressed revealing a hard muscular body that belied his 60 years. He was hairy and there was a large bulge in his tight trunks.
I reached over and stroked the bulge and he smiled and pulled down the trunks. A thick cock shorter than Mikes but much thicker sprang out. Without bei... Continue»
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In Need by loyalsock

Luanne was going crazy, it had been nearly two days since her last orgasm, and if she didn't get one in a hurry she would lose her mind! Even though she was only a eighteen year old junior in high school, Luanne had been having regular orgasms for over two years, and once you start, it's like potato chips, you can't eat just one!!! She picked up the phone and hurriedly dialed Lennie Webster's number, and said out loud, "Please be home Lennie, please be home!" The receiver was lifted on the other end of the line and as luck would have it Lennie was there to answer it. "Hello, Webster's residenc... Continue»
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The three Ashleys

I have been working with the Ashley’s for a while. There are three of them, all sexy and very hot in their own way, and all about the same age, 25. I will call them by their biggest feature which sets them apart. There is Blond Ashley, very hot with dirty blond hair. Medium sized breasts and a great ass. Tall Ashley is a brunette and over 6 foot tall, and when she wears heals she is often taller that I am. Beautiful dark eyes and a quick smile. She has a nice rack that stand proud and her nipples seem to always be on display. Tits Ashley has a huge set of boobs. She is petite and built small ... Continue»
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Denise's Porn Career Takes Off


Time flew by quickly as I lived my life as a porn star, shooting a film each week and after finishing my sixth film in nearly two months, I was expecting to return to Japan. I got word from my grandmother’s husband that he wanted me to continue as a feature girl for the all black on black film companies with whom I was currently working. I was now living with Ryan, my frequent director and my current steady boyfriend and lover. I had basically moved in with him after staying at his house each night and he was publicly acknowledging me as his girlfriend, to his colleagues and friend... Continue»
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Nipples And Titties by loyalsock

It all started as another typical shopping day at the supermarket. I wouldn't mind shopping, except that Carl and I work such long hours. I usually work at least 48 hours, and sometimes as many as 75, except for November and December, when I work more still. So you can see why I don't like spending much time on things like grocery shopping. I was mulling all of this over as I cruised the aisles, until something broke into my consciousness. A very attractive lady was coming toward me. She was wearing an extremely tight white silk top--she obviously had huge breasts and...her nipples were sticki... Continue»
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Explode inside me

Part 1: I was alone all day watching tv. There was pretty much nothing for me to do. Getting up, I opened the window shades and the sun shined in. It looked like it would be a good day. I headed to my room and got dressed. I grabbed my phone, wallet, backpack and my gun and went to the front door. As I opened the door, I looked back and said "Today is going to be great".

I walked outside feeling the weight in my stomach. The feeling you get when you are on a roller-coaster. I could feel the coldness of the gun pressing against my thigh as I walked down the road. I looked around trying to sp... Continue»
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The Bet

“You’d really do that?” Todd asked. “You’d give me a blow job if our basketball team wins tonight? And if we lose I will give you $50 right?”
“Sure will, if you win that is. A bet is a bet, isn’t it?” Replied Angie. “Fact is I would be willing to give the team a blowjob if they could ever win a game” Angie added. “If you can pull it off tonight I’ll be ready to suck any cock that helps win the game. Oh, and be ready to pay up. Cause a bet is a bet. And I have a feeling I am going to win big tonight. I’ll see you at the after game party to collect.”
“Far out! Yeah, unless we win... Continue»
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Wife wakes to two cocks


To start out a little bit about my wife. She is sexy brunette with curves in all of the right places. In public she seems conservative but is totally different behind closed doors. She does not drink a lot but when she does she has a couple and then passes out. My fiends and I generally stay up way to ate talking and drinking as much as we can. One evening I had a friend over and we were all drinking. My wife did her usual couple drinks and was ready for bed. My buddy and I elected to stay up and drink some more.

We were having the usual guy talk music, hobbies, and of cour... Continue»
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" I'm a Chick with a Dick' " b

Fiction, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Female solo, Female/Female, First Time,

“I’m a Chick with a Dick”

* What’s it like to grow up with both sex genitals on your body? Let’s let a ‘real’ hermaphrodite tell us in her own words. *

__ I’m Megan, and yes, I’m a true hermaphrodite. I am female dominate. I look like a girl, normal tits, I have a regular pussy but a working dick right above it too.

I have a story to tell about how my interesting life is going.

__Mom and dad did a good job of teaching me I was different. They said I was ‘Special’. They were ri... Continue»
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I'm not going to tell you how old I was when this happened. I was old
enough to have sex - certainly not a virgin. I just don't want to get
anyone in trouble. Police shouldn't go around telling people who they can
be with.

I'm Paige. My friend Jane and I liked to sing Karaoke at Stuart's, this
restaurant near her house. Stuart's is a small-town f****y place, so it's
always full of all sorts of people on Saturday nights: families having a
meal together, plant workers out drinking, high school cliques, old
couples, and the occasional lone soul.

The singing and dancing ... Continue»
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First Visit To The Master (And His Men)

While the transition from reading the internet advertisement to her present position of being bound and suspended by her wrists from the metal rings set in the ceiling of The Master’s playroom had been easy for Gloria, it had also been time consuming. Establishing new contacts always seemed to work out that way, if in fact they worked out at all. The classical music surged through the room but Gloria didn’t really hear it. Her mind was filled with thoughts of how she so willingly came to be in her present situation.

Her marriage was comparatively happy and satisfying but somewhat staid an... Continue»
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Double Anal With a shemale

....He answered the door and there she was beautiful as ever. He had just paid 500 dollars to have a transsexual e****t come directly to his door and greet him. She had on a long pea coat and thigh high boots. When she took the pea coat off all she had on was a one piece swimsuit. Her tits were a 36 D and she was 5'9 with heels on. She went over to him and kissed him with lots of tongue. She then grabbed his dick through his sweats and said "Hard already we haven't even started. Where's your girlfriend?" He said "In the bedroom prepping her asshole" She said "mmm maybe we can get a quickie, He... Continue»
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my transsexual girlfriend

.........I used to date a transsexual woman named lexxi for about a year. I loved her cock so much it was amazing. It was 9 inches with a 6 inch girth and mine was 8 inches five and a half inch girth. (we measured both of our cocks together). Every morning she would wake up with a pulsating hard dick and i would suck it relgiously. She would wear boxer briefs to sl**p and sometimes she wouldn't shower if she had a long day, so she still had a slight musk between her thigh and balls. She was a manager at a transgender strip club so i would meet tons of beautiful girls that worked there. one day... Continue»
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Nick and Dana

I am Hank, my wife Allison and I like to camp, we also like to soak in hot springs. We found the best of both worlds hot springs with camping sites. We arrived late in the afternoon set up our camp site. After we set up our cot (when you get to our age you’ll have a cot too), and sl**ping bags it was getting on toward dusk. We needed to find the facilities and fill up water container.
We located the restroom, showers steam room, pool, and the trails to the hot springs. Allison and I were filling our drinking water bladder, when another couple about our age approached the water station to fil... Continue»
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Night at a Party After a Break up

I had just recently broke up with my at the time, who is now my husband, boyfriend. Having a tough time my friend Elizabeth invited me to go to a party to have some fun to get me over it over at a mutual friend’s house. One of the guys I knew was going to be there I had a thing for has he was good looking so I figured what is there to lose. I went to the closet picking out a low cut shirt and pulled out a thong, red lace bra, and boot cut jeans since I decided to wear my ankle boots being it was winter otherwise it would have been my black dress with heels. She picked me up at 800 that eve... Continue»
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Me, 2 BBW's and a Strap On - BBBBTS

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

Me, 2 BBW's and a Strap On....

I had just moved into a small town house, about a month ago. There were forty units that shared a pool, workout room, and small laundry room. All were free to use. It was just based on first come, first serve. The hours were from 9am to 9pm. It was close to 7pm on Friday night. I gathered all my dirty clothes from my town house. I placed them in a big canvas bag. Grabbed some laundry soap and headed to the laundry room. I was wearing a blue t-shirt and a pair of grey sweat pants. I slipped on some flip flops. It took m... Continue»
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Real life fucking all of hubby's friends in g

Omg it was so fucking good!!.. I got fucked by the one guy he was probably the biggest out of all of them at first in the center of the room he was maybe 8" i felt so full.. everyone's eyes were glued to me getting pounded hard. My pussy was so creamy from leaking out the first creampie... he kept saying omg your so wet and I kept saying cumm in my fuck me harder... I could see others rubbing them selves off preparing to ride my pussy some were definitely pitching a tent under there sheets... so I some one to fuck my ass now well that made him blow his load into me screaming so loud and we wer... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #8: Blame It On Me #9

iCarly/Victorious: Blame It On Me #9 – One Last Night

"Well, in less than 12 hours, you guys are going to leave me behind for the bright lights of LA…"

Carly sat on a beanbag in the iCarly studio, now looking more like a storage room than a web show base, facing Sam and Freddie, each on a separate side of the room. Ever since he went to see Jade, Freddie had been a different guy, and it seemed like he and Sam had a falling out and they definitely weren't fooling around anymore.

Carly hadn't been able to sl*ep well in days, her mind obsessed with losing her two best frien... Continue»
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Black Meat - KOMPLETTE Story (Literotica Story by

Black Meatby Worrak©


Ein Gutes hat der Irak-Krieg (und das ist auch wirklich das einzig Gute): Er spült jede Menge schwarze GIs nach Deutschland, die nach mehreren Monaten im Einsatz extrem ausgehungert und extrem spitz sind.

Und Frank kennt diese GIs. Franks Name ist in der ganzen Black Community bekannt und wer als Farbiger nach Frankfurt versetzt wird und Lust hat auf 'ne weiße Muschi, der ruft Frank an.

Denn Frank kennt auch die Frauen, die auf dicke, lange Schwänze stehen, wie nur Schwarze sie haben.

... Continue»
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Anita and a fantasy fulfilled

Anita and a fantasy fulfilled

I had been chatting on the net for several weeks with Erasmus, a nice huge black man that I had met at some friend`s party some time ago.

We talk mostly about sex, of course and I had been telling him that my fantasy was to be sold as a slave and used as a sex toy by many men.

He laughed, telling me that he was able to fulfill the fantasy of every white woman.

Some weeks ago he invited me to have dinner. My loving Victor was away from town for several days, so, he would not even notice my cheating with Erasmus.

We met at a nice restaurant outside th... Continue»
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