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Free Greek Nude Camping pt2 (eng)

The rest of the day rolled away calmly without any spicy indications.
At night we lit a fire on the beach and began drinking, listen music and light conversations.
Alexandra and Cleo were ‘playing’ with their dudes. The chubby lady was with a tight-lipped foreigner, while the brunette had become somewhat more effusive but nothing more.
When only the sea remained to drink, everybody headed to our tents.
Falling to sl**p while my mind could not leave what had happened a couple of hours ago.
My dick had appetites but I tried to fall asl**p because in a few hours the sun would come out a... Continue»
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Fun with co-workers, waitress, and a police woman

I pulled up to the house to get the company van. I smiled as I seen her car was in the driveway. Her is Valerie or Val for short. She works at one of the other houses for the company I work for. I manage another house. She has been a good friend and I always cherish the chance to get to see and talk to her. Val got out of her car to say hi and for to let her in the house.

Val is 5'10" tall and 125lbs and is 23 yrs. old. She has perky B cups breast and a tight little ass and slender sexy legs. She had a white t-shirt on and I could see her pink and white bra threw it. I unlocked the door and... Continue»
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Guy makes love to his teacher years after graduati

I was in town for a comic book convention. I was promoting a new title created by me. I was sketching and signing autographs.

Then I heard a familiar voice. I looked up and saw a woman I haven't seen in years. Her name was Pamela and she was my high school gym teacher. I had a serious crush on her. I used to daydream about her.

"I'm your biggest fan Tony." she said.

I didn't think she liked comic books. Boy was I wrong. She invited me to dinner at her place.

"Be there at eight." she said giving me her address. She still had a hot body and I couldn't believe that she asked me to d... Continue»
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MILFs and their daughters go shopping

Dan Brigner arched his head back, his knees suddenly weak, both hands clutching the platinum blonde head that was bobbing back and forth at his waist, his hard cock surrounded by an incredible warm wetness, a deep moan rising to his ears.

Although he'd received numerous blow jobs in his young life, the high school senior couldn't believe anyone could suck cock this well. Adding to this sense of the surreal was the fact that he was in a hotel room with his girlfriend's sexy mother, both of them completely naked.

Randi Boehmon pulled her lips away from his thick shaft with a loud pop and t... Continue»
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Two Teen Nymphos From the Ice Cream Stand Pt3

Two Teen Nymphos From the Ice Cream Stand Pt3

The saga continues. As Teen Patti, with the dark hair, nice rack and womanly body cleans up the mess we had just made, the more petite blonde minx, Ellen leads me out beside the pool…. Oh, did I mention, I am 50+ and she is just 18. I am still mostly clothed but she does not have a string on as we walk out into a gorgeous sunny afternoon…..


“Okay, it isn’t right for you to be the only one wearing clothes. Don’t be shy, re... Continue»
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Two Teen Nymphos At The Ice Cream Stand #2

Two Teen Nymphos from the Ice Cream stand #2

It started the night before with a trip to a dairy bar in town. What happened there was unexpected enough, but what were the odds of it getting better the next day? Damn good when it comes out of my perverted mind! Read the continuing saga of the two Nymphos from the Ice Cream stand!!!


I walked out of the grocery and felt the summer heat hit me. It was really the first good hot Saturday and I was wishing I had added a water feature to my backyard landscaping I was just putting the beer behind the driver’s seat in my jeep when I ... Continue»
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The house keeper gets used

It was May and the weather had been most suitable for travelling. Lady Winton has taken herself off to Yorkshire, visiting her poorly s****r, Lord Winton in London on business. This had left the young 17 year old master in charge of the estate.
The young mans growing lust had been noticed over 2 years ago by the house keeper Elizabeth Webb, Miss Webb to everyone. She herself had caught him masturbating in his rooms, and the maids had complained about the state of his sheets in the mornings. The last time she had walked in on him he hadn't even stopped or tried to cover up. He... Continue»
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Adventures in Oz

Contrary to popular belief, Dorothy Gale was an incorrigible girl. To Auntie Em, and her other relatives, she was as innocent and pure as a Kansas sunrise. But what her Aunt did not know, is that Dorothy had become so curious and mischievous in her teens, she had become a naughty girl indeed.

Growing up on a farm in the middle of the Great Plains is no easy task for anyone. The nearest neighbor was three miles away, and the nearest town was a good thirty. But to an attractive twenty year old young woman, the isolation could be as difficult as surviving a harsh winter inside a log cabin. Th... Continue»
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Star Trek: TNG The Replacement part 2

What should she do?

Beverley Crusher's mind wasn't really on it today. To be fair it was quiet in sickbay and all she was really had to do was the unenviable task of sorting out shift patterns and finishing off paperwork. The 'rewards' of being a CMO aboard a starship, she thought, although at least she got her own office.

Her mind, however, wasn't on the job at hand. All she could think about was last night. She had slept well, although her dreams contained more visions of her son Wesley's cock. She thought back to how hard she came that night, on her own after Jean-Luc had left her fol... Continue»
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Babysitter gets educated by an older woman

Jade had been asked to do an evening of babysitting for a friend of her mothers, Alison. Alison had a 5 year old daughter but the father had never stuck around to be of any use. At 18 Jade was desparate to earn a little money to let her go out at the weekend.
Alison was not without means and lived in an old barn conversion in a nearby village. Being 5 miles out of town Alison had invited her to stay the night after she had returned from her night out. What exactly the night out was going to entailed had not been mentioned.
The evening had gone quietly and the little girl had gone to... Continue»
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Abby from NCIS plays as Marilyn and panders to a p

Abby likes to work hard and to play hard. She was dressed as Marilyn Monroe from the film `Seven Year Itch`, in a white flouncy dress and used a false pair of breasts to enhance her small natural ones. She would have gone straight to her Goth Club, but Gibbs had called her in to undertake some additional chemical analysis.

The sight of her standing there, in that white dress with a blond wig on, stunned Tony and Tim. The light was such that they could see through her dress and see the white panties underneath.

"Wow" they both thought and just stood there until Gibbs came in behind them a... Continue»
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A White House Orgy

The name is Sammy. I'm a six-foot-tall, dark-skinned, sixty-something Black man living in Washington D.C. For thirty five years, I've been a part of the White House janitorial staff. You won't believe the things I've seen and done in my time. Presidents of the United States of America come and go but the staff is one of the few constants in the White House. I've got some juicy stories to share with you. Some of them are downright unbelievable. Oh, and brace yourselves. It's about to get hot in here.

The White House has housed the most powerful men and women in the world. So many foreign lea... Continue»
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Wizard of Ooz

Dorothy rushed back to Aunt Em's trailer as fast as she could.

"She isn't coming yet. Toto - did she hurt you? She tried to, didn't she? Come on, we'll go tell Uncle Henry and Auntie Em!" she said.

Toto tried to hump her arm as she carried him.

"Aunt Em," Dorothy cried out as she burst into the crowded trailer, "Ms. Gulch was holding Toto under her dress and making him…"

"Not now, dear. We have to sort these car stereos and CD's the boys found."

"But Aunt Em, poor Toto couldn't breath in…"

"Don't bother us now, Dorothy. Billy-Bob will be here soon and we have to get a fair... Continue»
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My hot wife with one of her bi-girl ....

It was one of those just crazy hot summer days we so often have in Oklahoma. I tried to get an early start on the yard but it's already over 90 and it's just a little after 10 in the morning. One of our friends last night and she and and Dawn smoked some pot and talked for quite q while. It seems that Mandy had just broken up with her boyfriend because he cheated on her with one of her/their friends without asking/telling Mandy first. I'm guessing that's what had her POd even more then him fucking her. I didn't know it at the time but Mandy's very bi and her "choices" change from time to time.... Continue»
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Four b*****rs & father give mother a gang-bang

My name is Ken and I'm a successful businessman living with my wife in New England. Every year on my mother's birthday, I make a pilgrimage home to join my father and b*****rs in giving her a very special birthday present. My wife and mother had never taken to each other, so, as always, my wife did not ask to go along. She did not know about my special relationship with my mother.

As I left the heavy city traffic behind, my mind wandered and I began reminiscing about the first time I contributed to my mother's special gift. She had made a man of me that day. The experience was so intense th... Continue»
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First threesome

My sexy wife Christi is usually pretty reserved but sometimes after a few glasses of wine she lets herself loosen up a bit. I have always wanted to share her but haven't been able to get her to consent. Christi is very sexy. She has long brown hair, beautiful blue eyes amd what I think is a smoking hot body. She is five foot six inches, weighs around 120 pounds, has nice firm 34b breasts and long sexy legs.

This particular night she looked especially hot. She was wearing a short dress that went to about mid thigh and had a sort of halter top that tied at the top. She has always wanted larg... Continue»
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Surprise Surprise part 2

We'd been fucking for hours and I'd lost count of the number of times I'd cum and which holes I'd filled with my cum. Her arse, pussy and mouth had each received at least one load and she hadn't cleaned up at all yet. Her lower region was covered with cum and despite working the load I'd shot all over her face into her mouth with her fingers her face still glistened from the earlier facial she had happily received. It was a huge load that had shot onto her pretty face and naturally some had ran down her chin and onto her pert little tits but after so much intense fucking it had long since disa... Continue»
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CD Waitress 4

I didn't know our destination, but we took a slow walk down from the peninsula to the edge of town and strolled along the shops looking in the windows. Several couples passed us, and I could see the men checking me out in the reflections of the glass windows.The local youths were more obvious, and a few made comments just loud enough to be heard, and I knew they would love to feel me up and get into my panties. Other girls regarded me as one of their own, and apprised me quickly as they wandered past. As a loner all of my life, this new acceptance, even desirability, thrilled me.A lingerie sho... Continue»
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The Lingerie Models

It was a Saturday night and my wife, Clare, and I had invited our friends Dave and Susan round for a few drinks. We had known them for over 20 years and we always had a good laugh whenever we got together.

They arrived around 7:30pm and brought a nice bottle of wine which we all knew wouldn’t last long in the hands of Clare and Susan. Luckily we had plenty more alcohol in the fridge and Dave and I got ourselves a beer as we made our way through to our lounge. We put on some of our favourite music and as the night went on the volume got increasingly louder. By 10pm the girls were on to t... Continue»
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My first job

I was off school, I had just had my braces removed that morning, and would have preferred to go to school and show off my clean teeth, maybe the other guys in my class would stop ribbing me now. I could hear my daddy on the phone down stairs, he sounded a little pissed. I realised he was doing his best for the two of us, since my mom had left. He had been working in construction but lost his job just a couple of after paying for my braces. Mom was a high school teacher and when our f****y income reduced she seemed to lose interest in both daddy and I. finally she walked out on us and moved in ... Continue»
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