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Erotic Comic Orgy Series - Chapter XVII

Erotic Comic Orgy Series – Chapter XVII

“The One Where Everybody Swings”, featuring Rebecca (based on a Giovanna Casotto art), Virginia (from ‘The Pearls of Love’, Georges Levis), Bernie (from a art from Joseph) and Robert (based on a André Provot art)

Bernie (the guy in the left:

Virginia and Robert were married for a few ... Continue»
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Mother, Daughter, and the Old Pizza-man

A girls night in, myself the mother, and my daughter, who at f******n was a sexual libertine, a girl whose morality changed with her first periods, and whose body blossomed too quickly, developing breasts and an a libido, in equal measures, a development that even I was surprised by that night, the night she ordered a pizza, and drew me into her sexual web of deceit, poor pizza guy, his cock never stood a chance.

We had some wine, after all we were in the house, so what could be the harm giving your daughter of f******n a glass or two of red wine, I mean the French do it, so why not us, bes... Continue»
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Our first bi

Our first Bi
My wife and I are blessed. We’re both in our late twenties. I graduated from school just as the internet social media was heating up. I’ve made bundles of money and don’t have to work much. We have an estate that is very private, guarded by lush landscaping.
Jenni and I met in college our sophomore year. We were both on the tennis team and we still stay in great shape.
I’m 6’4”, lean with detailed muscles.
Jenni is 5’9”. Blond, smallish titties that are still firm. Small nipples that grow dramatically when she is excited.
Our estate has 5 bedrooms. The master has a large whi... Continue»
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Vegas birthday gift

My wife gave me a pleasant surprise last week when she informed me my birthday present was a weekend in Vegas. We’ve both been working hard since college and I was looking forward to blowing off some steam.
I’m 26 and Laura is 23. We met in college; we were both on the tennis team. I’ve been in the accounting field and Laura is in marketing. The two incomes gives us a great lifestyle.
Laura reserved a great suite at one of the big casinos, I was really pleased with the large suite. We checked in right after noon. Laura threw a swim suit at me and told me to get ready for the pool as the ... Continue»
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A trip to the bar

There are only a handful of people in the bar when I walk in. The bartender gives me a grin and a nod, guess that happens when you are a regular. The waitress comes over and takes my order. That is what I like about this place, it is attached to a very nice hotel so the dress of the waitress is quite, well cross between professional and slutty. The blouses are open showing lots of cleavage and the skirts are short with heels. If I wasn’t married I would be taking one of these hotties home.
After my second drink I notice a gentleman sitting at the bar. He is dressed in a suit but as typical... Continue»
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A threesome sandwich

I walk in to my hotel room wore out from the meeting I just had. I kick off my shoes and lay on the bed. Needing to relax I decide I am going to down and sit in the hot tub. There is a couple in the pool area off to the side. Not paying any attention to them I dive in the pool and swim a few laps. When I am done I head to the hot tub. Just as I sit down in the warm swirling water I notice the couple sneaking peeks at me. Thinking nothing of it I lean my head back and let my mind wander. A few moments go by and the couple from the pool asks if they can join me.
“Sure my mom taught be how to s... Continue»
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cuckold camping

My wife Julie is a beautiful and sexy blonde and I
love her dearly. She is very quiet and well
mannered. That is precisely why the things I learned
about her dark side surprised me. For example,
little did I know, when we married two years ago,
that she had this fantasy of being shared by a group
of rowdy men. I learned of her secret yearning
because of a summer camping trip.

Julie and I love to go camping. We have this little
tent trailer that we keep packed with all our gear so
we can leave on a moments notice. My wife especially
enjoys finding these peaceful secl... Continue»
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"Knock! Knock!" - An Adult Story

“Knock! Knock!” “Craig you got that?” I yelled from the couch. “Buck! I’m upstairs dude. Can you get the door?” said Craig. I shook my head as I got off the black leather couch in the living room. I could hear someone knocking on the door leading to the garage. We had moved in about two weeks ago. Craig was a good roommate. We split all the bills down the middle. He works as a manager for an upscale shoe store. I work from home. I help people with IT problems. I also set up new web sites for clients.

We live in a good neighborhood. Were the last town house on the street. We ... Continue»
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Horse Cock

Hi, my name is Jeff, and I've been married to my sexy
little wife, Tanya, for 5 years. We've been using nasty
talk and shared fantasies to spice up our love life
almost from the beginning of our relationship. One thing
that got us both particularly hot was for me to ask her,
during sex, if she'd like to have two cocks at once. I'd
say something like, "I'd like to see you sucking someone
else's cock while I'm fucking you from behind," and
she'd usually reply, "I'd love you to see me deep-
throating some other man, as long as it wouldn't make
you jealous."

In the throws of ... Continue»
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Moving Day

I'm 32 and have been married to Greg for 11 years now. As
far as I know, Greg has always been a faithful husband and I have
no reason to believe that he has ever cheated on me. I, on the
other hand, cannot say the same about myself. I've been fucked
by many other men since I've been married and Greg never knew
anything. That is until he caught me last month.

My husband has always been a great lover, but I could never
resist the advances of strange men. I have to tell you that I've
never had a shortage of admirers. My measurements are 39-26-36
and I'm a 5'4" brunette with... Continue»
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This is the way I remember of my first date with a woman I will call Gloria - I figured that taking someone to a nude beach as first date would pretty much set the theme for our relationship - it did.

I didn’t feel like embarking on the whole pretend romance thing, so i put an ad in Craigslist entitled Wanted: Nude Beach Companion. As much as I enjoyed having sex with strangers, at Cobblers it was nearly always with other men, and I was craving some vaginal pleasure.

I didn’t get any sex at home, even when she was younger my wife wasn’t much into sex. Despite promises that she would impr... Continue»
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Tropical Paradise Threesome

When I was younger I travelled the world on business and often took my secretary with me. She was a bit older than me and married to a much older man. When we had been drinking we often ended up in each other’s bed but we both knew it was no-strings attached sex. She had big, beautiful breasts and a full sized bottom which I liked although she was always trying to lose weight.

On one trip to the Caribbean we were visiting an island were we had been asked to buy some property in the ‘up and coming’ part of the island – which meant it was currently run-down. We hired a local guide to make ... Continue»
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College life spring semester 10

Saturday here at the end of January, I was up before Kris woke. After
sl**ping on his date, he still couldn't get over the fact that he had been
used by his date the same way some guys used girls. I doubt if he learned
a lesson from jumping into bed with a girl he didn't know but he did bemoan
how empty he felt inside. Colt and a few of the others had a nice laugh at
Kris but did tell him at least he got laid. Kris was happy with that.

That night, Corey and I headed out for our own date night without anyone
else around. He treated me to a nice meal before we came back to catch a
th... Continue»
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Cum drenched Mom in the middle - An Adult Story

I woke around 1pm. It was the first day of my summer vacation. My parents had left early in the morning. They left some money on the kitchen table, the night before.. They were leaving for three weeks. I could not get time off from my part time job. I worked about 4hrs every Sunday at a gas station. I told them I might pick up more hours now that school was done. My parents were happy. I only took the part time job, so I would not have to go to church with them on Sunday’s.

They were kind of religious. They forbid me to do just about everything. They would be mad if they knew I ... Continue»
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The Day I could not Say, 'No'

Much has been said and seen on here with regards to the Maspalomas, a haven on the South-East coast of the island of Gran Canaria.

But let me tell you a little about myself, and why this particular area is dear to my heart, and my sexual sanity.

I am a woman in her middling years, past my bloom of girlhood, have borne two beautiful daughters, and although still sexually attractive, my clientèle are older men, with less of a favourable chance of sexual liaisons with Western ladies, though, when I say liaisons, I mean, allowing them to look and masturbate, come close and occasionally touch... Continue»
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BBW Pulls a Train

"I’ll be there at 8, be ready," and I hung up, that’s
all that needed to be said with Wendy. It started as a
way for her to pay her husband's gambling debts but
after one month we all knew they where hooked. Her
husband was such a wimpy man that before I came along
the poor woman had no sex life, then after seeing me
fuck her, their sex life was revived.

The sex between Wendy and I just got nastier and
nastier with her insisting that John her husband be
there to witness it, at first because it was his debts
she was paying with her body but later because she got
off humi... Continue»
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Just treat her like another slut

When the phone rang, Kathy was looking down the street
from her living room window, at the teenaged boys
carrying beer into her neighbor's house.

"Is Jeff home?"

"No," said Kathy. "Is this Randy?"

"Yea," said the voice on the phone.

"Randy, I thought Jeff was with you."

"No, he said he was going to Kurt's house."

After Kathy hung up the phone, she thought, "Jeff is
going to Kurt's house! Kurt's house is the one down the
street that the beer just went into! My teen-aged son is
going to a party with drinking!"

She looked down the street at the line of cars in front... Continue»
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Room Service

Someone was knocking at our door. Julie, my fiance, and
I were enjoying our first night on the cruise ship
"Horizon", about to set sail from Puerto Rico for other
delightful destinations in the Caribbean.

"I'll get it," said Julie, sighing, as she lifted her
head from my shoulder. Her beautiful brown-blond curls
fell in front of her eyes as her head turned towards the
door. She pushed herself up, and moved across the room.

As I watched her do a cursory check in the mirror to
ensure she was presentable to a stranger, I reflected on
how lucky I was. Here I was, about to go ... Continue»
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Halloween Body Painted Costumes

Halloween Body Painted Costumes

Our group of 4 couples had a great Halloween party this past Friday and Saturday. Instead of costumes we decided to do body painting. (I have to tell you right now that because of our jobs, we cannot share photos, but I hope you allow your imaginations to envision how we looked.) Babs and I have a hobby of doing airbrush artwork and t-shirts and decided that it would be fun to paint on our costumes on. The other couples liked the idea also but they were reluctant to try painting each other so it was decided that Babs and I would do all of the artwork.

We p... Continue»
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All in black and white

This story is about my freaky, now ex wife.

We had been married about three years and sex had become rather routine. It wasn't bad but even ice cream gets old if you eat it everyday. Every now and then we would fantasize to one another about different scenarios yet would not act on them. Mine was to have a threesome, and hers were mainly just sex in public, or something like that.

One day she came home from work and after dinner she began to bring up the subject of doing something freaky. I asked her what was on her mind. She replied that they had just hired a black girl at her job who ... Continue»
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