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A walk in the woods

So last weekend I went out with the pricelist on which you guys voted. I had it printed out and went to a nearby forrest.

The forrest has a few pedestrial routes and a few mountainbike trails. I followed the road and turned inside the woods a little uphil following a mountainbike trail. A few dozen meters from the road I searched myself a clean flat spot. I couldn't be seen from the pedestrian route as from the bike trail so this spot would be perfect.

I took a few of the printed copy's out of my backpack and started hanging them next to the road. Where I turned onto the bike trail I hun... Continue»
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Girlfriend's Mom

My first time to fuck was pretty weird. I mean, I had a girlfriend and we would fool around. You know, put my hand down her shirt or down her pants and she would do the same. But we did not go much further than that. Then one day, she undid my pants and pulled my cock out. I thought this was the big moment even though she still had her pants and I had never seen her pussy or tits. So I started to take her shirt off. That is when her mom walked in and busted us. Her mom, Claire, was not very pretty. She was tall, flat chested, blonde short hair. She had a mean look to her and was kind of scar... Continue»
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Gang Bang Champ.

My wife Gina is a beautiful woman. She is My a great wife and a good Catholic girl. She is in her 30's but still looks like she is in her early 20's. She keeps in shape and looks like she should be posing for the front cover of a catalogue magazine. She is hard working, sweet, and kind. I am lucky that I have her with me.

I have come to find out that Gina has a special lust for a specific thing known as BBC. Big Black Cock. At first I was grossed out. She used to say bad things about those people. But as my head cooled off I realized that she deserves to be pleasured by a strong black man. ... Continue»
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A Helping Hand Or Four

Hermione Granger stepped through the floo port in tears. She normally would have called ahead, but as she tried desperately to get out her her house, she realized that there were only two people that she could rely on. Stepping into Harry and Ginny's living room, she was too upset to notice that clothes were s**ttered about the room, let alone think about what that indicated. She hadn't seen them in months, not since Harry and Ron had gotten into a huge fight.

"That bastard" she muttered to herself as she looked around for her oldest friend.

Her voice was hoarse from screaming and her ey... Continue»
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Harry's Interlude With Snakes

Harry had puzzled for over two months on how to get the clue from the egg and now thanks to Cedric he was in the Prefects bathroom listening to it under the water. He lifted his head up out of the water and the first thing he noticed as his head cleared the foam was the sulphurous female swearing coming from behind him. He spun round and came face to face, except for the difference in height as she was on the bath side by the wall and he was in the water, with a very naked Pansy who had her right hand between her legs holding what looked to be a rubber ball about twice the size of a tennis b... Continue»
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No Pity on Mom’s Ganagbang

My b*****r Ramesh had come from village to Mumbai to look for a job and father got him a job at a college as a clerk. My father a professor, so busy in classes and college all day and not fond of sex. My mother always looked starved for sex but she never reacted as she thought it will put a wrong teachings to me. Let me tell you about my b*****r. He is dark,tall handsome and has a penis size of 6.4 inc long and 4 inc circumference thick penis while mine in a 5.2m inc long and 5.3 inc girth of penis. My mom has a perfect figure ... Continue»
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I Needed A Pay Hike But Ended Up Getting A Lucrati

Hello readers,
Welcome to my secret diary & thank you for stopping by. I’ve wanted to start this blog for a while ,but have really no idea why I waited. It took me a while to be truly convinced that I should start it. Wanting is one thing but actually believing, I should because someone would want to read it is another. In the battle between my heart and mind, my heart won eventually and here I am!
I am sharing my experience whilst the stories and characters are real, the names are fictitious, on the hopes that you will get
... Continue»
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Zoya Sex Life’s Best BDSM Torture

I’m Zoya living in India Mumbai. Age 22 now.Working with airways as cabin crew. Can’t tell you all details. I think it’s enough. As far as looks are matter u can say I am mirror cracking material. Bit tall to any other Indian girls. I reach to 5-7 now. With perfect curves at right places. Don’t be so curious ill tell you my vital stats. Its 35c- 28-35. With some gr8 erected nipples. I’m kind of girl who has enjoyed a lot in life.
You know what I mean by it. It’s like I have been fucking around since I was in my teenage. And
... Continue»
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Virgin bride seduced

Andrea,is a slightly stuck up teacher,she does not talk to strangers unless she has to,tall and slender with medium size firm breast,vegan diet and dally yoga keep her very fit.She is going to be my wife.After years of refusal she finally agreed to marry me,i can't wait to have sex with her,she is a virgin, at 24 she never had a boyfriend or anybody touching more then her arm,simply repulsing any physical contact.This was driving me mad with frustration but also with an immense desire for her sumptuous legs and those tits that i was never allowed to fondle but above all was her prudence to exc... Continue»
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Steph Submits! (A true experience)

I first met Stephanie when she came to my martial arts class. The flame haired vixen with the hot body and big boobs drew the attention of every guy there and she knew it. Of course, I made sure to add her to my Facebook so that I could jerk off to her pics, something I have done countless times. Over time, we got chatting and we became friends. I will tell you now, very little of her personality made me want to actually be mates with her. She was a real bimbo; shallow, self-centred and desperate for attention. I did so purely on the off-chance I might get a shag. Now you might not think that ... Continue»
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My morocco of cum weekend

I had been talking to this man in morocco for a long time he kept saying he wanted to marry me . as I do like to dress as a woman he loved my pictures telling me to take more eventually, he told me that he loves me and he wants to marry me he would arrange everything in his country when I told him I will be there in march for a holiday he said he would arrange everything then we discussed my wedding dress and accessories stocking suspenders he said everything in white so as the time go quite close he told me his plans for the big day not like England he told me about his friends ... Continue»
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Fucking a friend's wife with a buddy

I'll save the whole detailed write-up of what happened beforehand to lead up to this point and just get to the fun stuff. Essentially after a night out partying on the 4th with a big group of friends, I ended up back at my place with Anna and John, a friend of mine from high school. Honestly, Anna can barely stand John, but she was horny (and something else) enough to start fooling around with me. So we're doing our thing, making out, and I lean in and ask Anna if she'll fuck him. And before she can say no, I tell her the idea of watching her be fucked by someone she doesn't even like was a hu... Continue»
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I Cuckold for Shirley

Shirley's birthday was coming up and I was thinking of what to give her. I wanted it to be special because of how understanding she was about my time with Dan and Carolyn. I was thinking how lucky I was, Shirley looked great, she could have just about any man she wanted, and quite a few men hit on her. She was also very smart, she was a special education teacher, and really loved her students.

The Saturday before her birthday, we were sitting in the rec room having drinks. Shirley said she wanted something different for her birthday this year. I asked what that was, and she told me that sh... Continue»
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As if it was yesterday...

I often remember the very first time I had sex with a guy...Who am I k**ding, I was not a willing participant...I was skipping class in the woods near our urban high school. Our lower athletic field was bordered on three sides by a vast area of woods...this consisted of tress and under growth.

There was numerous paths thru the area, being that it was well traveled by students and locals. They all crossed or met in different areas of the woods, some in an open area that was well shaded by tree limbs and a few open areas where the sun would shine thru.

All the paths eventually came out... Continue»
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Knock Her Up

My wife, Sue, and I had been married about seven years but we could not have c***dren because of an accident that happened to me years ago. We both wanted c***dren and were trying to decide the best way to do this. My mother in-law and one of her close friends were over and we sat around the table talking this thru. They got focused on doing the turkey baster thing, you know, get a guy to jerk off into a turkey baster and then go squirt it up my wife's hooch while she is standing on her head. Thinking that this might be a chance to see some stranger rail my wife I yelled out "Why not just sc... Continue»
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My First Experience And Blackmailed The Boys

Hello guys, I am Sneha new to this site and always wished to share my experience with my friends even have said to my besty and she recommended me to post in this site.

Coming to the post

I am 21 years now and about me fair in skin and 30 size of my breast that’s it. Lol

Stepping back to three years before when I was in school. We had a class strength of sixty students. I used to prefer to sit on the back benches to have fun with my friends.

One day I was totally irritated by the lectures so I decided to observe w
... Continue»
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Wife owns me

My wife could not be more different than her s****r she is only five foot one a size eighteen big saggy tits and a gorgeous sexy hanging belly and a mountain of dark brown and grey pubes she turns me on immensely.
She does get dirtier the older we get she is forty three she will suck me off the odd time and if she is extremely horny she likes me to finger and fuck her arse.
But what happened last week really blew my mind
I came home from work and went upstairs and she was stood there applying her lipstick round her gorgeous lips her long dark brown hair all hanging down with nice curls in ... Continue»
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Fragments: Lesbos Fact and Fantasy

Sappho was a poet born in Eresos on the Greek island of Lesbos in about 600 BC, She wrote many heterosexual love poems, but is most remembered for her graphic depictions of the physical love between women. She gave the world two present-day words: Sapphic from her name (meaning sexual relationships between women, who can be homosexual or bi-sexual) and of course the ‘lesbian’ (simply meaning a female homosexual).
Unfortunately only fragments of her poetry remain; it is not even known whether all writings are meant to rhyme.
This story is written as a series of fragments for a g... Continue»
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gangbang sissy

Back in the eighties I used to frequent an Adult Theater in DC. This was one of the places I frequented where I could dress openly as the woman I had always known I was as far back as I can remember but ever so tried to live in my pretend world as a man. They had a huge theater with a runway down the center for the many drag performers as well as the guy strippers. The movies were always decent and the performances awesome. So over the years I had enjoyed both the movies as well as the many sexual encounters I had with those that came and sat close and showed an interest in me. I also enjoyed ... Continue»
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Love Coach

Chuck and Anne have been married a long time, but they haven't been intimate for 10 years now. I am coaching Chuck to see if the marriage can be saved. He loves her obviously or he wouldn't have stayed this long in a celibate relationship. He has reached that point though where he is losing hope for Anne, and looking to another woman for a possible outlet for his sexual frustration.

I believe my coaching now needs to include Anne. I don't know how she feels - but I have to believe she misses the joy and pleasure of physical touch. Here is my plan then.

Chuck will rent a hotel room to ... Continue»
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