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Hot Fourth of July Pool Party

My Fourth of July

My boyfriend and me were having some problems. Well, I was having a problem that he wasn’t turning me on anymore. I liked him, but I didn’t want to be with him anymore. There were so many hot guys that I wanted to play with. I wanted to play with others and him, experiment with fetishes like leather, BDSM, lycra/spandex, web camming, etc. And, he thought I was sick and pervie. He wasn’t up for it at all, so when I got a call from a buddy inviting me to a pool party on the 4th of July I jumped. My boyfriend was out of town with his f****y so I got to have some fun. ... Continue»
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My husband and i have been married for 8 years now and he is the love of my life. I have always been more sexually adventurous and before i met Dave i had threesomes with other couples and attended a couple of sex parties, but that all stopped when we got married. He is a little more shy in the bedroom. Dont get me wrong, he has a large and very wide cock and i am never left unsatisfied... but recently things have become a little boring in the bedroom ( same positions and sex never lasting more than 15 minutes). We both new we needed to do something about it. We tried role play, public sex and... Continue»
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How I Became a Cumslut

My husband's two younger b*****rs were coming for a visit, they were to stay for a whole week and I was plenty excited. My husband and his b*****rs are all totally hot and every time I get near any of these boys my pussy goes full on dripping wet and tingles non-stop. I have often fantasized about having either of these men just bang the hell out of me but never thought it would happen.
The purpose of this visit is that my husband and I want to have a baby but my husband shoots blanks so we were thinking of trying the old turkey baster trick with his b*****rs donating plenty of sperm. A... Continue»
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The Castle... Part 1

Jackie Roberts was in high spirits… it was her daughter’s wedding day and everything had worked out perfectly thus far. The weather had been kind to them… and the service was beautiful. She looked out of the small bedroom window onto the small quadrangle of the mid twelfth century castle where the final photographs were being taken of her stunning daughter and equally striking new son-in-law. The small group of wedding guests was assembled in the grand hall on the other side of the stone fortress, sipping drinks waiting for the seemingly endless photographs to be taken and the wedding dinner t... Continue»
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The Castle...Part 2

Jackie, although hungry ate very little at breakfast. She wished she had refused the request to come down to the dining room naked but the truth was she liked being treated as a slut… property of a black man. But now in a room full of f****y and friends the embarrassment was beyond imagination. She walked slowly to the man she was under the control of when he pointed to the vacant chair next to his.

The naked woman’s mind was full of questions, but again her state of arousal overrode the discomfort. Everyone in the room must know that she spent the night with her new son-in-law and if they... Continue»
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parkservice Sunday June

I had better finish June as we are going to spend a week in July (starting soon) and I do not want to fall behind.

First let me say, we do work in the park, sometimes very hard work (no pun here) and we do not include the times we work there and never see each other nor have any sexual contacts, some week ends are truly all work and no play.

Sunday of our 3 day weekend in June.

I woke up in the dark to hear grunting and moaning. It seems that Clay had returned and my wife was in the Doggy position with Clay pounding into her. I must have slept through a lot of this because it was ver... Continue»
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Lesley part24

"Thought you were on earlies this morning? come you get such a long shagging the boss or something? Hahaha" lesley jokingly asked Sylvia when she bumped into her at nearly one in the afternoon.

"Humph...not funny....anyway...I know who's shagging the boss" she replied with disdain.

"What's wound you up ya daft mare?"

"Guess...he's nearly thirty stone, bald, bearded, and has the charm of a Rottweiler.....and me tits are sore"

"McPeevie?.... Oh fuck...what's happened?"

"Missing notes....ring a bell?... other things....I had Continue»
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mum, me and my best friend

My best friend, T, and I were coming up to our house to watch a video, as I drove into the drive way I saw dad slam the door and mutter “I’m going to the club” as he screeched off in his car. When T and I entered the house mum was tearful and we didn’t know what to do. I motioned for T to sit down and mum asked him if he wanted a drink, he said he did.

As I loaded the video up mum came in with some drinks, I asked her if she was alright and she said she was and then she went upstairs. Twenty minutes later she re-appeared wearing her housecoat, she asked if we’d like more drinks and T said h... Continue»
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Luststute Sabine – benutzt als Hündin

Luststute Sabine – benutzt als Hündin
(c)Krystan Knight

Die Männer standen im Dunkeln, als sie den Raum betrat. Schwarze Strapse, Korsett und High Heels waren ihre Tracht. Das rote Hundehalsband war zum Teil durch ihr lockiges Haar verdeckt, welches offen über ihre Schultern fiel.
Sabine war kein Schulmädchen mehr, sondern eine reife Frau. Trotzdem glich ihr Blick in diesem Moment dem eines scheuen Rehs. Sie wusste nicht, was man von ihr erwartete. Wie eine Hündin wurde sie an einer Leine vorgeführt.
In der Mitte des Raums waren zwei Matratzen aufeinandergestapelt. Ein Scheinwerfer leuch... Continue»
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All Hallow's Eve in the Land of The Creeps

This is what happens when an ordinary horny guy and his voluptuous wife decide to take a relaxing little weekender wandering the twisted world, such as it is and will be in the fantasy future mankind....

We set up our Halloween eve's camp at a clearing deep in the so-called "haunted" woods, 'cause we weren’t scared of shit, and mainly 'cause we were horny as fuck for each other and couldn’t wait. We tore our clothes off, tossing our packs and gear everywhere in our haste to be in each other’s arms. My eyes were blissfully closed while I basked in that familiar wet warm feeling of my cock g... Continue»
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Mom totally d***k passes out

My name's Ronnie , my folks got divorced a little over two years ago and my Mom took it pretty hard , as it came to a shock to her that her husband had been having an affair for the past several years , which led to him leaving her . After the divorce , my Mom began to drink , mostly at night after dinner , but as time went by , she began to drink more. At first bottles of vodka came in 5ths , then by the gallon . The minute she entered the door after work , she would head to the kitchen make herself a screwdriver and continue drinking most of the night until fairly well into the... Continue»
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I decided to do a scene with Both my Trainer Ian and one of my best friends( and fuck buddy, when neither of us where in a relationship) Richard. They as Dominants and me as Submissive.
All of my other friends decided I was completely out of my mind or had a sudden lapse in rationality, since they both were possessive and sadistic. And always competing against each other in anything and everything.
I would be lying if I say I wasn't nervous about it, but I wasn't about to say no to a new experience. So here I was in front of Ian's dungeon, with a rapid beating heart ....
As if
... Continue»
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three diapers

Chapter One:

Alan Bartholomew lay alone in bed listening for the sound he was longing to hear. Torturous minutes passed slowly until he heard the sound of his own front door closing. It was 7:30am and his daughter, Melissa had finally left for work.

Nineteen-year-old Melissa Bartholomew had only recently returned to live with her father. Her parent's divorce had been a bitter, spiteful affair and her mother had taken out her vengeance on Alan by using Melissa as a weapon of convenience. It wasn't exactly an original idea. An ex-wife denying a father access to his only c***d was par for t... Continue»
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Visiting Mistress Dee Chapter 1

Arriving at my mistress’s home, I rode my bike into the small shed attached to the barn as directed. Releasing the kickstand, I let the big Harley rest after the enjoyable ride out in the country. Closing the doors, dropping the locking bolt into place, I removed all of my clothing, making certain I had followed all the directions I had been given to a “T”. As I was told there was only one other door available, I opened the door entering the small room, not much bigger than an average shower stall. Closing the door, I stepped up on the two blocks, forcing me to spread my legs wide as I grabbe... Continue»
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Sucking cocks in DC

I stayed at a hotel in DC. I put an ad up on CL to give blowjobs (put a picture of me in a teddy up). I had several responses but I chose two. The first that showed up was a 6'3" tall black man!!!! OMG!

I let him in wearing the teddy. He looked me over, pulled me in tight and gave me an incredibly sloppy kiss! As he released me, he pushed me to my knees, I thought I was going to take his cock into my mouth right in front of the door! Instead, he walked over to the chair. He told me to shut the door but not all the way and crawl over to him. Of course, I did... leaving the door op... Continue»
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We had been both working hard to make our business venture a successful venture. Anyone who has done a startup from scratch knows just how difficult this can be with the low cash flow, unreliable vendors, high rent, unsympathetic customers, and no time to spare.

For me it was stroke of good luck in hooking up Clyde, as he proved to be an absolute genius when it came to creative product development. I had the cash and business experience and he had the raw intellectual talent. Of the two, he is the more valuable to the business. Without him, there wouldn’t have been a business.

Now... Continue»
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My First bisexual threesome ! Part 1

I had never seen it coming. It was a normal day, well a normal night I would say. I was going out downtown with friends, getting a few beer and starting to get a bit d***k when met this girl, sexy as hell. We started to talk, we had drinks, and quickly started kissing. We both knew that we wanted more than that, and not too long after we took a cab to her place, knowing my friends would understand as I left them partying.

It's almost if we started having sex in the cab, we were kissing touching, climbing the stairs to her apartment without stopping to touch each other. When I got to her ap... Continue»
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Fuckbuddy #3: Slutty BBW Mom

Kathy was always one of my best fuckbuddies, because she had tried everything before I showed up, and was willing to do anything again on my command. She was quite a few years older than me and I was out of her league in the looks department, but those are always my favorites, since they will go above and beyond to please an adonis.

We met on the internet and I was at her house in no time. She was a BBW, which I never had a problem with, and about 20 years older than me. It was clear that she felt intimidated by a man of my appearance showing up to fuck her, but I threw caution to the wind ... Continue»
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Cheating Italian MILF

I've always had a thing for older Italian women, and as soon as I saw Ava at the bar I knew I had to have her. She teased me to the point of insanity, then threw a wet blanket on things by talking about her badass trucker husband. I've been in my fair share of situations with a cheating wife, and know I can hold my own in a fight, but don't see the need to tempt fate for a piece of ass. She said he would be home in mere hours, but after she gripped my cock through my pants there was no way I was missing this chance. We hightailed it to her place and despite the ticking clock she insisted on li... Continue»
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Cumming On To Big b*****r

Except for the sighing of the breeze and the chirping of the birds it was quiet and all the windows were open to the spring air, softly scented with the cherry and magnolia trees surrounding the house. It was a lovely two story colonial that Dale's mother had gotten when his father had decided to chuck it all and head off to Mexico with his secretary, who happened to be at least half his age. Dale's mother didn't mind, she got the house paid for plus a more than adequate amount of cash, stocks, and bonds. But she still liked her job and she had worked her way up the corporate ladder so her inc... Continue»
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