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Unexpected fun

after a fantastic day on the nudist beach here, i had made the mile walk back to the car and sat in my car with some music on and a flask of coffee, that i leave there for when i get back.

So im sat there everyone had gone home, im always late off the beach, just enjoying a quiet smoke with thoughts of the day and people i had met, when there was a tap at the window, with a blond sexy lady (Kaz )about 40 looking in and asking me to wind my window down.

she said that she and her husband had seen me on the beach and walked by a few times, on the way to the sea and back, mand i had fallen a... Continue»
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My Roommates New Ex-Girlfriend Part 2

That night, I recieved a text from Mary saying she wanted me at her house by noon the next day. Unsure of why she wanted me at her house at a specific time, I responded that I would be there but wasnt sure as to why she wanted me there by that time, to which she responded "Well I will have a surprise for you." I went to bed that evening with a smile on my face and began wishing time would move faster.
The next day, I was getting ready when I heard Zach yell from the living room, "Hey Red, what time did that bitch leave yesterday?" Trying not to reveal too much about what had occurred after ... Continue»
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2nd BiMMF Threesome

So I have finally gotten around to writing about our second BiMMF encounter. Just a little background on us. We are in our late 30's and wife is a BBW. I really haven't had that much experience with other men, but have enough to know what I am doing. We put an ad up on Craigslist and sorted through all of the replies. We received a reply from a much younger guy (21) that had a huge cock. He was built fairly well and we figured what the hell, why not.

We had texted back and forth a few times and he said he would be on the way. He arrived much faster than I thought that he would and my... Continue»
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hot wife alone in a club again part 1

hot wife alone in a club again

It was last friday when i decided that i would like to go to the club again. I enjoyed the sexual atmosphere from last time. And after some chat here on xhamster with some members, i got some really nice idea what i could do for the next time.

So this time i went with a friend there, not with my s*s in law. my husband is now away for 1 month now and will be away for another 1 month. my internet connection got recently really slow, so i could watch any porn anymore properly. i was really horny, i can tell you guys. i didn’t tell my husband that i wanna go o... Continue»
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xmas stockings

my gf worked as a hostess in a big fancy disco, they were short a hostess that night and it was going to be a busy one like all saturday nights, especially around the holidays. i'd been there many times so i knew what hostesses did, basically, look real pretty and make people feel welcome, show them around if needed, etc. so when she called and said, please, please could i fill in, and, to expect good money, i said sure, besides, i was planning on going there that night anyway, might as well make a little extra cash... and then there were all the hot guys that go there! i thought it'd be fun t... Continue»
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Bachelorette Party Ruined My Life

This is the story of how my little s****rs bachelorette party ruined my life and destroyed my marriage. The only good thing that came out of this nightmarish evening is that my little s****r's life was just as devastated as mine was. This was all her fault..... well kind of.

My name is Katie and my s****r is Maryanne. We both grew up in the Midwest to a rather conservative and conventional Irish Catholic f****y. Neither of us are knockouts but we a have been told that we a cute all of our lives. We both have red hair and we are cursed with freckles from head to toe. For those of you that ar... Continue»
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Tabby Cat: Sex KItten

This story was posted under my old profile, sluttycdprincess, and I'm reposting it.

OK. So, this is my first story on any site, and I'm finally pleased enough with it to post. Hopefully people will enjoy it and if so I will definitely be writing more. Leave me comments or PM me about it if you want, I would love the feedback. I plan on making this a series, with all of the characters making more appearances and being fleshed out more. I also would like to write the story of my character leading up to this point. Her Origin story so to speak. Obviously the main character is transgendered as... Continue»
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Guys into group play, gear, ParTy, and uninhibited

I had been partying, edging and cruising online for a bit of time when I got hit up by a guy hosting a group! He said there were a few guys there, but a handful more were on their way. They wanted guys into group play, gear (leather, jock, spandex, or uniforms), were versatile and uninhibited. Hell Yeah! I threw some trackies over my chaps & red mesh N2N jock strap, stuffed a bunch of my gear – jockstraps, bikinis, leather, rubber, gun oil & Elbow grease in a gym bag -- some more favors, a black tank and my Treasure Island Media ball cap and bolted.

It was quite a drive to the house ... Continue»
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Moving up in the world

Looking at my life from the outside in you would think that I lived a life of frustration being locked in chastity only let out very rarely and then denied a full orgasm teased then locked up again for months on end but nothing could be farther from the truth after many long years I finally had the body I had dreamed about I looked and felt like a women and could have full mind blowing orgasms just through being penetrated. The day all of this sunk in started like any other get up get dressed do choirs wake my Mistress up etc. As I was putting a pair of nylons on my Mistress that morning I bec... Continue»
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Cuckold secret

It's my fault I'm being cuckolded by my wife. I'm the one that put the idea in her haed way back when we first married. Every time I looked at her five foot four body I couldn't help but think of how it would be to share it . At one hundred pounds even and with blonde hair and blue eyes my wife was a head turner. On our honeymoon as we enjoyed the motel pool I kept seeing guys checking out her legs and thirty four b cups. One night while playing putt putt golf she was wearing a very short white skirt and tank top . She was braless and her dark taned tits shown threw the thin cotton and her tan... Continue»
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The Slave Market

I found myself sitting on the floor in a large room one hanging light was directly above me shining down, My hands had been tied behind my back, my ankles had been tied together in front of me and a gag had been securely fastened over my mouth. Looking round the room was too dark for me to be able to see anything other than the small area being illuminated by the light above me, but sounds could clearly be heard of other people crying and whimpering the number of people here I couldn’t be clear on. Then suddenly more lights above flicked on until every light in the room was beaming down on all... Continue»
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The Wife's Wild Ass Chapter 4

Chapter 4

The new neighbor, Helen Ramsey, lived on one side of the Stephenses and
the house on the other side was occupied by Tom and Darleen Jarvis.
They had been there longer and were about the same age as Caroline and
Jonathon, and it was natural that the two young couples should become
friends. Tom and Jonathon played golf and tennis together. Caroline and
Darleen went shopping together. They visited one another's home
frequently and once a week or so went out together to a show or a movie
or a nightclub. The Jarvis couple seemed to have a happy marriage and
an upwardl... Continue»
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Teenaged Gift for My Husband

After our threesome with our 17 year old neighbor boy, I knew I needed to return the favor to Jerry and try to arrange a threesome with a teenage girl for him, but I had no idea where to go to find one.

A couple of days later I had a chance to talk to Otto about our threesome with Jerry and he thought it was incredible as did Jerry and I. I explained to him that I wanted to arrange something similar with a teenage girl for my husband but wasn’t sure how to go about finding one that would be willing and trustworthy to keep it quiet.

Otto said that he might know of someone and if I was s... Continue»
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The Second Cumming!

Here we were again. It had been five years, but finally we were here again. Where is here you may ask, the hot tub suite in a secluded motel on the lake is where. As we anxiously wait for Kent to arrive, I think back to the last time we were here. Emma and I were merely friends with benefits at that time and had decided to have her friend Kent join us for a kinky night of group sex. That night was forever imprinted in my mind and I'd been dying to make it happen again ever since. Now, five years later it was finally happening, but this time, it was going to be a little different. Emma and I... Continue»
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My Wife's Ex Fucking Her And I Like Whores

When I first met my soon to be wife Melissa at work I was instantly hooked on her because she was so beautiful, smart and funny. We hit if off and began talking until we both knew that we wanted to be with each other badly. One of the big things was that I was only twenty two years old and Melissa was thirty eight but she was one of the youngest looking thirty eight year old women I had ever seen. Melissa is not very tall only about five foot five, kinda chunky but but fat, blonde hair, green eyes and a pretty face. The second big thing was that she was still married to a guy named John who sh... Continue»
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Ella's Story-3-Bisexual Stirrings

Ella's Story-3-Bisexual Stirrings

By billy69boy

I awoke to the sound of water filling the bathtub. I was startled at first, wondering how I had managed to leave the water running, but as my head cleared, I smiled to myself, realizing I wasn't alone. I began to review all that had happened recently, and the thought of finally having Ella to myself for the weekend seeped into my every fiber.

I got up and stepped gently towards the open bathroom door and I watched as Ella gingerly lowered herself into the water, an obvious grimace on her face. When she saw me, she quickly managed ... Continue»
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The Art Cinema

“What was I thinking?” you ask yourself. You’ve excused yourself to use the ladies room at the “Art Cinema,” whatever that is. You never go out on dates with guys that you don’t know well. Or at least you meet for coffee before going off to someplace you don’t even know. But there was something about this guy. It wasn’t just his good looks or his tall athletic build. It was something about the way he carried himself. A slow fluidity, a smoothness, a confidence. Like he knew just where he was going all the time. Like a river that’s swollen from a recent rain.
So you hadn’t said “No,”... Continue»
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wife wanted strange cock all 6 of them

Some Strange Cock - All 6 of Them One After Another!! Wife is horny an willing to fuck some guy we just meet.We decide to go to the local porn store for some easy cock to find. After the store clerk finished explaining how the room worked an how the hourly rate worked.Wife follows clerk into office.About ten to fifteen minutes later wife comes out an comes over saying “we got the room for the next hour” Husband notices the freshly dumped load still dribbling down her chin.Total skank! We vheaded down a dim lite hallway with four to five ... Continue»
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Out for the night

You find yourself sitting in the booth of a bar you haven't visited before, the booth is towards the back of the bar, hidden while allowing you see who is approaching! It was easy to find and exactly where you were told to find it.
Your not sure whether you should say anything to the tall blond lady sitting opposite you but your directions were clear. Arrive at 8, walk to the back where you would find a booth. Say nothing to the other lady, order a drink if you like!
You watch people move around the bar. Your head raises everytime you hear footsteps. How long mire do I have to wait you think... Continue»
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Toy for use...

You arrive home from work late one night, your hubby has already told you he won't be home til later.

When you get through the door there is a note on the floor, telling you to follow the arrows and any instructions...

You follow them upstairs, where there is a note telling you to take a shower. When you get back out there is some of your sluttiest underwear laid out on the bed, crotchless panties, a tiny babydoll, stockings and suspenders and your highest pair of heels...

Along with these items is a note telling, you to kneel at the top of the stairs and to put on what you find... ... Continue»
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