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The Long Road To My First BBC part six

It's about 11am. I've have lots to do before my big cumming out party tonight. I undressed and got in the shower. I very carefully shaved every inch of my body. No hair on my ass or clit. Then still in the shower I applied lotion to my entire body. I felt so smooth and sexy. I patted myself dry. I decided I was going to the Gurl shop in nothing but sweats and tee shirt. I'll wear flip flops. Absolutely no panties. At the last minute I decided to re insert my butt plug. It is so big. It went in a little easier than I remembered. Still very tight. Not much of an urge to push it out. I also de... Continue»
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Ch 4 - The Birthday Present

The actual Final Chapter of this story line. The point of my previous chapter was to feature more action with "The Husband", but I got so carried away with what was in my mind that I nearly left him out. This story focuses more action with him, though it is hard for me to write this story line from his perspective. I guess that means I can't be a great erotica writer because I always need to inject myself into it.

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3: Continue»
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Waiter free for all!!

Waiter free for all!!

This story starts with a nice meal and ends with a good fucking for the wife!!

A good few years ago I had the surprise of my life one night when I went to a local restaurant with my wife for a meal and a few beers. Karen my wife is good fun with a lovely body considering we have two k**s. Her big tits and large arse always get her admiring looks and she loves to flirt, but I know she’s faithful and all mine. We go to this place regularly and are well known by the staff. Karen as is her way, loves being chatted up by the waiters who can’t do enough for her when she... Continue»
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An amazing first with friend and her cousin ... Pa

While they were catching their breath I was busy fondling and caressing them both. After a few minuets Amber asked what I had in mind next and I reminded her that she had told Amber that she needed to suck my cock!!! Amber blushed and said she would love to but had never done that before and Jamie said that she guessed she'd just have to teach her then. She told Amber to lay down next to me, pay real attention and watch closely. Jamie got between my leg and reached out and wrapped her hands around my rock hard shaft. Then she bent down and kissed the head of my dick before licking all around i... Continue»
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Adult Book Store

My BF decided that we needed some sexy adventures at our local adult book store. This particular store is run by some friends that we met at a swing party. They have set it up with porn video viewing rooms in the back, glory holes between the men's and women's rest rooms. So there's always a few horny guys who get a big grin on their faces and a big lump in their crotches, when we come in the door. Now my BF knows that I am a nympho slut, who likes getting gang-banged and passed around by strange men. Once I get started, I get more and more excited as each guy gets a turn fucking my pussy. And... Continue»
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Trying Something New

Ive always wonder what it would be be like to have my cock sucked by a guy so I decided to try it. He was an interesting man that I had worked with some years ago and we had always been good friend so when he invited me to take in a Chinese down town I was happy to accept. Gill is quite tall and I guess handsome in a rugged fashion, a few years younger than me and has kept himself in shape.
We were drinking in a bar after the meal and I raised the subject about women... did he have a girl or was he still on his own. He didn't reply straight away but after a while he look at me and said.. "W... Continue»
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Surprise party

I went to visit an old high school ex-BF who lives in an apartment not far from me. We are really good friends and occasionally get sexy together when my BF is at work, and I'm super horny. My current BF knows that I'm a cheating nasty slut, and he really enjoys it that I am very aggressive sexually. Well my friend, Mike, knows that I'm pretty kinky and like to fuck a lot. So after we drink a few beers, I tell him I need a real good pussy licking. He takes me in the bedroom and says that if I need a pussy suck, I have to do some kinky stuff first. Well Mike gets off on seeing what kind of kink... Continue»
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Pimped out at the movie

My BF likes to see me get fucked by other guys because he knows that I can never get enough and like to cock tease and get fucked by strangers. My BF has a very kinky mind and likes to think up new sexy adventures. If you've read any of my other stories, then you know that I really enjoy being a super nasty slut and getting fucked and passed around by strangers. There's just something wonderful and a big big turn on to have some new strange guy put his hands all over me and lift up my skirt and finger my twat. I'm a slut and don't care, because I know that most guys are just horny cheating bas... Continue»
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Naughty d***ken Claire Part 2

…………………….. there I was sat naked on hubby’s friends lap

With hubby looking on with a big grin on his face. So it looked like it was back to me, so I put Steve’s hand back to my pussy saying there you go sir is that easier for you, there was a slight bit of resistance as I placed his hand and pushed it against me all the time staring at hubby for some sort of reaction, I glanced up at Steve and he was staring across at hubby too, but hubby had his gaze fixed on our hands over my pussy so I went to move mine and Steve pulled his away, so I said doesn’t sir like my pussy isn’t it wet enough f... Continue»
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Voluptuous Cici

Voluptuous Cici

Cici thought of herself as fat. However, anyone who had ever seen her thought differently. Even strangers thought of her as beautiful, voluptuous, and sexy. Yes, she was heavy… but her face was incredible: peaches and cream complexion, wide bright blue eyes, thick heavy lashes, perfect little nose, high cheek bones. She had a wonderful smile with full pouty lips, thick golden hair with natural curls, and breasts that were large, high, and perky. Her ass was big and perfectly round. She was an arm full; she was two armfuls; she was a dreamboat.

She was 18 and had alre... Continue»
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Motel Fun

Linda and I went out of town for a week, we got a cheap motel, our room was on the first floor. We got there, we turned on the AC and relax a bit. I took off all my clothes, Linda looked at me and told me to close the blinds so no one can look in. I told her no one is going to look in and plus the blinds were stuck open. She wanted to get another room but I talk her into staying in that room. I told her you could barely see in the room through the window, of course I was lying. She said fine, and took off all her clothes. So our naked get away started. Of course I wanted to fuck right now so ... Continue»
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$ Shortage

I was relaxing on the beach one sunny afternoon. There was some pretty fantastic scenery wandering around and I was enjoying it. Mind you, it took a bit of effort to keep the old fellow under control so he wouldn't embarrass me.

A couple of the choicest bits of scenery were decorating a couple of towels quite close to me. I know what you're thinking - I chose that spot because of the scenery, but you're wrong. I was actually there first and they set up next to me while I was swimming, but I had no complaints.

The two items of perambulating scenery were blonde and brunette. Young and fit... Continue»
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Craigslist BBC for Nikki and John: Round 2

I ate Nikki's stretched, cum-filled pussy while she sucked his giant black cock back to life. I was loving the position I was in, my tongue deep in my wife's pussy, tasting & eating all his cum, while she's sucking his dick back to rock hard cock god status. She used the hand that wasn't playing with his huge black balls to grab my hair and pull me down hard onto her pussy, nice and low so I could get my tongue as deep as possible... but unfortunately blocking my view of her amazing bbc blowjob skills. It's okay, I thought, I'm gonna eat her pussy so fucking good until she moans and ... Continue»
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Tender Thoughts and Moments with Daddy.

Holidaying on the Mediterranean suited my parents, who were both naturalists. Nudity was never an issue, and I grew up in that relaxed atmosphere, seeing men swing as they walked past me.

Being an only c***d, I was left to my own devices and thoughts, reserved and curious, I self-psychoanalysed, watched with interest and hoarded those days, deep in the recesses of my mind.

I knew where babies came from, but never questioned how they got there, even when I stumbled on my mother in the process with three men in our hotel room one night.

That night saw the end of my blissful c***dhood, a... Continue»
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Watching my friend's wife get dominated

It's been a while since I've posted, so I figured an update was in order. My enjoyable situation continues, but I've found that it's been tougher to just write about it. Most of my Saturdays are very similar to previous posts, so as fun as it is, it makes for a repetitive read.
Last Saturday was a little different though, so I figured it was worth writing about. So as fucked up as this might sound, one of the aspects that I've unexpectedly come to enjoy from this arrangement is watching Anna let herself get treated like an object.

That statement deserves a little backstory, so here goes: S... Continue»
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How I Was Turned Out Too BBC Only Girls

I Guess I should start with the fact that I have always loved IR porn, and grew up in a plenty diverse area. Just so you know I didn't just happen upon this situation or was caught by surprise at all. Well I can't say not at all, but not completely.

I met a girl while I was visiting some f****y, Jen was here name. She was short, with shoulder length hair, full lips and a nice round ass. She was wearing excercise shorts when I met her, which was awsome! So I have this pretty girl being friendly, she's halfway interested, and currently staying at my b*****rs house. Then from down stairs... Continue»
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An amazing first with with friend and her cousin .

Jamie and I had classes together and had become friends and I was hoping it would go further. Well one Friday after class she asked me if I would please come by her house and help her with her car and of course I said yes. What I didn't know at the time was that there was something more than her car she wanted help with.

We got to her place. Jamie still lived with her parents but they were on a curse and would be gone for another week at least. We got there and she invited me in which wasn't unusual as I'd been there a few times before so we could work on class assignments together. She off... Continue»
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A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure Ch. 07

It was a sunny and beautiful Saturday morning when I arrived at the airport with my beautiful girlfriend, Becca.

Normally, it was difficult to find parking near the airport. However, luck was on our side today.

There was an available parking spot that was relatively close to the airport doors.

“We're here,” I told Becca, as I parked the van that I recently rented.

“Thanks again for the ride, dear,” Becca said, as she unbuckled her seatbelt.

“You're quite welcome,” I told her.

Becca was heading to Orlando, Florida for a cheerleader competition. She was planning on recr... Continue»
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If you just met a girl called Maria

As we arrived in the cool shade of the bridge, the opportunity for last a embrace was seized. Head nuzzled into Maria's neck one hand pushing between her shoulders the other exploring her incredibly round bottom. She gripped the cheeks of my bottom pulling me towards her, using her pelvis to grind my hard cock in my jeans.

Just then I saw the stranger approach,

Maria kissed me, and confidently walked across the narrow path to near the end of the wall, resting casually against it, to await the young stranger. Without hesitating they started to embrace.Putting her hand to his hip and tilt... Continue»
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The Apartment!!

I had been given notice to quit my flat and was having trouble finding one to suit. Rents were way to high and the flats were to small. In desperation I appealed on facebook if anyone knew of a flat for rent that was not to expensive. I was amazed to receive a reply from a friend of a friend! I knew him a little but had never had much to do with him. He was leaving his flat and needed to find someone to take it over. He told me that he thought it would suit me. As it was just a message I was not able to ask him what he meant. I applied to the address that he gave me and got an e-mail that eve... Continue»
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