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Meeting the girlfriend's f****y part 4

I went into the house and found Mike on the couch passed out with a very hot milf playing with his cock. She saw me standing at the doorway to the living room "You must be DJ, you can call me Vanessa" she said. "Nice to meet you Vanessa I responded. " aye Mike you wanted to talk me about something?" "I'm sorry DJ I gave him some sl**ping pills and he is out" Vanessa said. " well do you know what he wanted to tell me?" I asked. She then said " Can you help me get him in the car please and I can tell you I the car". "Yeah sure but let put some clothes on first" I responded. I went to put clothe... Continue»
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My stalker became my Mistress!

I let a woman control me!
I was in college. I lived in a big city, it was summer and I was working in a mall. I was talking to a couple while at work, educating them about a certain washer and dryer when I noticed a woman from across the aisle that kept looking at me and every time I looked over at her she would quickly look away with a smile. I spent about 15 minutes with the couple and when they were done asking questions, I looked around kind of expecting this woman to be looking for help but she was gone. About a week later while I was working I saw her come into the store but as I went ... Continue»
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Merry Christmas

Christmas day dawned bright for Katie Shaw. Her clock
radio had awakened her to the sound of Christmas carols
and news of snow falling since 2:00 that morning. There
must be at least three inches on the ground. The
prospect of the roads being covered didn't dampen
Katie's spirits as she turned on the shower while she
brushed her teeth.

Stepping from the shower Katie took down the oversized
towel and rubbed it briskly over her skin. She could
feel the electric tingle she created as she rocked the
towel in a dental floss like motion between her legs as
it agitated her clit... Continue»
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My Bi Adventures With My Wife

I was probably the last guy in my year to have sex with Carla. At 16, she
was addicted to sex and would offer herself to any guy who wanted to screw
her. I, of course was very naive and though I heard the stories about her, I
somehow figured they were just stories, even when some of the detail was
exactly that -- detailed!

Most of the girls kept a distance from her which didn't seem to bother
Carla. She preferred the company of the boys anyway. I had heard that she
did oral sex, swallowed cum, would take on two guys at once and had even had
sex with a guy and his girlfriend. It w... Continue»
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A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure Ch. 04

It was Saturday. However, this wasn't just an ordinary Saturday. It was my 22nd birthday.

As it turned out, my girlfriend, Becca, had something big planned for me early that morning.

I was sl**ping in my bed when she woke me up at just past Midnight.

As I opened my eyes, I immediately noticed that something was different. Everything was black.

I reached for my face and felt it.

Becca had wrapped a blindfold around my eyes, blocking my vision entirely. I heard her giggle as I struggled to peek underneath the blindfold that was wrapped tightly around my eyes.
... Continue»
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Fucked by b*o & his Friend

~A Sweet Fantasy, all characters in this story are over the age 18. Viewers Discretion is advise.~

This happened when I was still living at home, a few years ago just before my 21st birthday. I was home for the summer from uni and working long days in a crappy summer job for a friend of my dad. I had an on/off boyfriend, but we were very much off at this point- in fact I had decided that I was well and truly done with him and his bullshit behaviour. I wasn't missing him at all, and in fact I was sure it was over for good. The only problem was that because of the long hours in the j... Continue»
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Wifes Surprise Gift. Part 3 (FANTASY THAT WILL BEC

The stranger sat obediently on his hand in the middle of the floor just as my surprisingly dominant wife had just ordered.

She started rubbing my cock again and gave a hard passionate kiss.
"Time to play with my new toy" she whispered to me as she ran her finger between her pussy lips then slipped it in her mouth.

She turned toward her "toy" and stepped closer to him.
She grabbed his jaw and pulled his head towards her, tilting his head back as she done it.
She pinched his two lips together and told him not to open his mouth.
She stepped forward until her feel where either side of h... Continue»
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Detention pt 2

Susie Johnson had a sip of her chilled white wine as she
got ready for a night out with a couple of her friends.
She'd finished her makeup and had chosen her sexiest
black underwear with black hold up stockings. She had
decided to wear her favourite little black dress. She
remembered the last time she wore it. She would never
forget the day when she was ravished by her son's
headmaster and the school secretary. She was also f***ed
to fuck her own son which thought sent a shiver down her
spine and a tingle to her pussy.

They'd both agreed to forget it ever happened and to ... Continue»
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My sexy threesome

We all help each other undress . . . flirting, kissing, touching, as we work our way to the shower for some soapy-play. After some intense foreplay with our hands, me rubbing your clit and you stroking my throbbing cock I get on my knees and stick my tongue deep inside you as my GF supports and holds you from falling. You are moaning with pleasure at this point trying to keep your balance and not slip - she has your tits in her hands as is kneading them much to your satisfaction, she is nibbling on your neck as your head is pulled back by her hand wrapped in and pulling your hair.

You've ... Continue»
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A Reluctant Gang Bang


This story was stolen and posted here by a LIAR claiming it was theirs but I am the real author and they were just a cheap barely literate FAKE!!!

Hi all! I have been cross dressing and playing with men for many years now. One of My first experiences was being gang fucked by about 9 guys at an adult arcade. I was 18 at the time and it kind of traumatized me as it was pretty much a gang **** at an adult arcade. I was dressed up in a white flowered sundress panty hose and white strap on high heeled sandals all borrowed from my older s****r. I had my make up done up just ri... Continue»
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Detention pt1

Adam Jones had just finished screwing the school
secretary over his desk.

Adam was the headmaster at a prestigious boys school in
London He was in his mid fifties, tall, slim and
handsome in a boyish type of way.

Cheryl Smith was in her early forties, also tall and
quite curvaceous. She was married with no c***dren and
had been fucking her boss for over a year.

As they dressed they made polite conversation. 'Did you
hear about young Johnson?' she asked the headmaster.
'No, who is he and what's it about?' replied Adam.

'It's rumoured that he was f***ed to suck off one... Continue»
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The Taming of Amy II - Submission

I smiled as I drove home from the d**g store as my hand felt the small vile in my pants pocket. How could such a small container bring so much pleasure? My mind played over the night before when I fucked my little bitch wife in every position and every room in the house. It was amazing the change in Amy, after she had the potion she became nymphomaniac. Even when I used her asshole she was racked with orgasms.

As I turned down the street to my house I started to wonder if Amy would still be the willing slut she had been the night before. I had serious doubts despite the reassurance of the o... Continue»
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Daddy at the Truckstop - 5

There I was, trapped in a gloryhole booth on the wrong end of some nearby town. I didn't even know where Daddy had taken me, and it didn't matter at the moment. All that did matter was the second cock to come through the hole, into my waiting mouth. The unseen man had a grip on my leash, fed through the hole to help keep me in place. The ropes tied around my torso and legs, attaching me to the stool, kept me secure in my position as I sucked the stranger for all I was worth while the plug in my ass vibrated away. I looked sideways at the door as I bobbed my h... Continue»
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jona s****r

I was really disappointed. For months I had been anticipating my big s****r coming home from college and jumping into my bed. For months I had been planning how I would fuck her and how surprised she would be when she found out what I could do and how much I had grown.

Almost every day this spring I had been mounting a full grown woman after I cut her lawn, and every single one of them orgasmed and praised my efforts as well as giving me some money, in fact a lot of money. I was ready, ready and eager, eager and really well equipped.

I stood looking at myself in my s****r's full-length m... Continue»
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chavvy teenagers

We, like most towns, have a chavvy area and in the middle of it is a large supermarket, they have offers that the other markets in town don’t have, so every month or so we check it out. This day Donna sent me up to check it out. I’d bought a few items and then went in their café for something to eat, as I was waiting for my food two girls sitting across from me caught my eye.

My food arrived and as I was eating the two girls kept looking at me, as I glanced over one was really pretty with dark shoulder length hair, black jumper, black jacket and wearing a skirt, which I thought was very unu... Continue»
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me and roger....and joy

I arrive at rogers and he invites me in. we have a cup of coffee before I ask to use the toilet. I go to the toilet with my bag where I change into white lacy panties and a short tight skirt. I return to the living room where roger is sitting on the couch in his bathrobe. his eyes light up when he sees me. I sit next to him letting my skirt ride up so that my knickers are just exposed. roger's hand touches my leg and begins to rub my thigh, slowly moving up until it is between my legs and just touching my stiff cock in the panties. my penis has begun to grow hard and a bead of precum escapes. ... Continue»
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We Were Blindfolded, He Wasn't PART TWO

This is a 100% true story. Check out the Prologue and Part 1

Even though my sight was hindered, I could feel the warmth coming from the twink's fresh asshole in front of my face. I started feeling my way around it with my tongue, gently licking his crack and taint, but tactfully avoiding the hole. My tongue grazed his pucker, but refused to give him the satisfaction of licking it immediately. I felt his tiny body tremble in my hands each time I passed his hole, teasing it like mad. I pulled off his ass completely and after a brief moment I finally started licking his little boy pussy... Continue»
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A business travel to Lisboa

A business travel to Lisboa

I had a business appointment at Lisboa and then I suggested my sweet Ana if she wanted to come with me. It would be just three days, but I was sure it would be enough for her to enjoy a nice view of that beautiful city.
The first afternoon I was free and then we made a good walk downtown. After dinner I was a little bit tired and told Ana I would go to bed. She was still in a good mood and told me she would go down to the hotel lobby to have a last drink and enjoy listening a pianist playing there.
She came back at five o´clock. I turned on the lights when she ... Continue»
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Grocery Store Part 3

Suzie and I hit the hot tub again for a bit, then decided to go to sl**p as we were both exhausted from our day, and night of fucking. We both slept naked, and she laid her head on my chest as we drifted off to sl**p. I found myself dreaming that night of fucking both Suzie and Jake at the same time again. I feel like I dreamed all night long, dreaming of different scenarios and positions the three of us could get ourselves into. I woke up to the bright morning sun beaming into the window. My cock was hard as a rock, and aching to cum. I rolled over to see Suzie laying on her back, with ... Continue»
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Fingering a Friend

A true day in my life as a guy with a Big Cock –

I was living with my girlfriend and her two friends and we were at that point in the relationship where she was clearly meeting up with strangers and old friends. They would have sex online or meet up after I’d gone to sl**p. I didn’t much care since I didn’t feel the connection any more either. The only real problem was that she didn’t want to break up.

She wanted to keep me around and be a good man in her life. But she was kind of into being a whore. She was so busy having f... Continue»
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