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The Many Misadventures of Young Adults pt. 5

Harry Potter: The Many Misadventures of Young Adults pt. 5 - Myrtle Made Solid

Ron Weasely snuck along one of the less travelled corridors of Hogwarts on his way to a rendezvous with his s*siter and lover, Ginny. For precaution's sake he wore Harry Potter's invisibility cloak, which he had snitched at his s*siter's request and donned after leaving the more crowded parts of Hogwarts. After all, it would hardly do to have an unseen presence bumping into people. Finally he reached the room that Hermione had dubbed "The Chamber of Eros", Ginny called "the Love Room" but that he an... Continue»
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Abby Turner #2: Friends Become Lovers

Abby Turner #2: Friends Become Lovers

I sat in the car on the way to Jess's house for a girl’s night in with her and a few of my other friends. I was dropped off and my dad drove away as I went up to the door, it opened before I could knock. Jess stood there in a tight tank top and short shorts. She led me into the living room. It seemed I was the last one there as the other 3 were already there sat on the floor, Jess and I sat down to join them.

Jess's mum poked her head around the door and said, "Bye girls, behave. And remember Jess, your s*ster will be back at 12 so don’... Continue»
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My wife's a FILTHY Whoring SLUT

My wife and I have been married for 10 years and to tell the truth, she's beautiful, has a pussy and ass to die for and she is probably the worlds

NASTIEST FILTHY CUM slut you have ever seen! That's why I married her because she will fuck, suck and swallow on command and she will do

anything that involves sex of any type you like no matter how nasty or filthy it is!

She has been an admitted cum slut since I first met her in high school. I have always been attracted to sluts and she fit the bill perfectly. I first met

her in 10th grade while she was being gang banged at a ne
... Continue»
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Slut Wife at Employee Bonus Party

Slut Wife at Employee Bonus Party

Tina and I go out for the evening for a bonus party for our employees; Tina not knowing is to be a large part of the bonuses then some money for each to be given out. Tina wear a skirt that was not too tarty, just above the knee and it showed off her shapely ass and legs. The thin white blouse she wears was nearly see through and to be a bit more provocative my wife was wearing a black lace bra. The contrast in color was clearly visible through the blouse, but to complete the pretense she was wearing a smart jacket. She really looked... Continue»
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New Neighbors 3

Mike got up late the next morning his young cock was rock hard, as he laid there thinking about yesterday. He thought about stroking his cock, but decided to save it for later. Going into the bathroom he took a piss then slipped his shorts on without his boxers. He could smell breakfast cooking downstairs, starting out of his bedroom he noticed his door was open a few inches. He knew he had closed it tight last night when he came home late.

Walking into the kitchen in stopped in mid stride as he seen his mom leaning over putting something in the oven. The over sized sl**p shirt had slid up ... Continue»
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Abby Turner #1 - Lovers Become Friends

Abby Turner #1 - Lovers Become Friends

The doorbell rang and I dragged myself off the couch to answer the door, the ice cream I'd been eating dropped on the floor and I cussed as the melted ice cream splattered over the floor. I paused the video I had been watching so that I could clean it up.

I bent down and picked the tub back up, saving the remaining ice cream. Or what had remained of it. By the time I had done that my br*ther, Tom, had breezed down the stairs and opened the door.

"Hey Tom," a chorus of voice said from outside the door.

"Hey guys, sorry it took so ... Continue»
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Made to please...

Bruce, Charlie and Daniel guided me through the paths to their new 4uck room, fear gripped me as with each step Charlie would reach out and pinch one of my buttocks. Even though I had on jeans Charlie manage to pinch my buns hard enough to cause me to grimace and react to his assault.

As soon as we reached our destination, they pushed me into this damp moldy room, I was apprehensive as to the cleanness of the mattress that occupied the center of the room. Daniel secured the door as Bruce and Charlie begin to remove their clothes.

Charlie glance in my direction and admonished me to ' Continue»
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First Time Meeting the Neighbors

Tad and Sherry arrived at their new house early in the morning, excited about their very first home. They were tired of apartment living and desperately wanted a place of their own. The moving company had dropped off their container of belongings and they began the task of carrying everything inside and setting it in the appropriate rooms.

It was a typical hot August day it didn’t take long for the sun and temperature to climb. Tad was down to only a pair of gym shorts and Sherry was wearing a light-weight summer midriff top and a pair of shorts that set off her long slender and shapely le... Continue»
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DONNA - The Asian Gardeners

Hubby and I were talking one night about any fantasies we hadn’t achieved yet, and I casually mentioned that I’d never had two Asian lads, I’d had a couple of Negro friends but we’d known them for quite some time but we didn’t have any close Asian friends. He said “I thought you didn’t fancy Asian men” and I replied “Some are nice looking” and with that we smiled at each other.

Two months later hubby was away on business and as you know from our stories these are difficult times for me as I’m highly sexed, I usually resort to my toys but sometimes it’s not enough, as you will have read prev... Continue»
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When my wife was 17

My wife told me her first 3some experience was when she was 17 and on holiday with her parents in Dorset, England. She had lost her virginity a few weeks previous and was still very inexperienced. This was the first time she had any sexual activity in a 3some. She met a couple of local lads and one afternoon the 3 of them went for a walk into the forest. After a while, the conversation got round to her pussy. They asked her if she would pull her knickers to one side to show them, which she did. She let them take turns putting their finger inside her and after one had fingered her, he put his f... Continue»
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The Other Daddies Pt. 2

As I silently made my way to the basement my mind was reeling from what I had just witnessed. My wife had just fucked two men, two huge muscular men with huge cocks, at the same time. Not just at the same time, double penetration!

I made it down to the spare bedroom in the basement and closed the door. My wife didn't like coming down here so I should be safe. I pulled out my cock and furiously jacked off, the raunchy images still searing through my mind. I had never seen my wife so sexual. With me she always seemed like a dead fish, but with these men she was a wild b**st. Despite ha... Continue»
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tv sex

4 week I was in a well known high street shop that sells men and ladies clothes..i was looking at jeans I went to try them on in cubicals men to the right ladys to left .as I shut main door it caused a draft and blew a curtain open I see this guy with good size cock in suspenders belt black stockings with his cock and balls on show he was clean shaven.i didn't bother buying any think as all I could think of was his little arse and cock I wanted to fuck him as its been about 14 months since my last had tv sex.i waited out side for him to come out wen he did he was dressed in the black stocking... Continue»
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Coffee and Cuckold

A tale of pure fiction.


I met Jane and Tim on an adult dating site. They were a married couple in their late twenties looking for a bi male to join them for fun.

They seemed nervous about sex with another person so I met them in town for coffee first. Jane was slim, short dark hair and small but perky tits. Tim was also dark haired with a slim, toned body. From their tans they'd just come back from holiday, so sat in a quiet corner with a coffee each, that's where the conversation started and we all began to relax.

They'd been to San Francisco for two weeks and had spent the ti... Continue»
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Slut Stripper Fun part three

Slut Stripper fun: Part Three

I reached the centre of the room noticing that three of the guys, Paul, Steve and Adam were seated on the sofa and Neil was stretched out on a large bean bag. There was a dining chair in the centre of the room facing the sofa, which the guys had strategically placed so when I would be sitting my Tits and pussy would be facing them. I moved around the sofa slowly doing some bump and grind moves, letting the guys see my crazy sexy net dress, displaying my quarter cup bra holding my pierced tits upwards, my under-bust corset, cinching my small waist and my stock... Continue»
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Naughty Abigail

Fictional story where names are mentioned is purely coincidental.

It was a cold winters evening and Abigail was waiting for Gerry to come back after being on a work trip for 2 weeks, Abigail and Gerry had been married six months only being able to spend about 2 months in total, due to work commitments on both parts, they had met via friends and fell for each other at first sight, Abigail was stunning long raven black hair a perfect figure and deep brown eyes, Gerry had a b*****r Simon that only lived a few doors away, the total opposite to Gerry what you would call a real bad boy, as the ph... Continue»
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Hardintown Mom Goes to Gloryhole

As a single mom with little time or interest in dating your sexual needs are often put off. In my case the only real relief has been my vibrator and some internet porn. Most of my time is devoted to my daughter Beth.

Recently I came home to see that I had a new neighbor. I noticed right away that he had one of those sporty Camaros.

"Hi, I'm your new neighbor Connie." I said as I shook his hand

"Nice to meet you! My name is Jeff." He said

"Welcome to the neighborhood!" I said with a smile

"You are the first... Continue»
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Wifes photoshoot stranger gangbang - photo version

We share our stories (which include gen uncensored, cartoon photo-shopped and some clothed and unclothed) of her to anyone who makes contact and turns us on...we will only send the full picture versions to contacts who want to do tributes and stay in touch. We live in Monaco and swing our profile. Understand if you don't wanna meet up person to person, still happy to swap. If you want the real versions, mail us for our details on here - if you want to explore a meet and fuck, lets talk! xxx Below an extract from part one.
Sara, 41, brunette with long flowing hair halfway dow... Continue»
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Pozzed at the bookstore part 2

What the fuck did I just do I thought.
I had just let a stranger fuck me bareback and now he just told me he had filled my ass with poz spunk. Fucking strangers bareback was like playing Russian roulette but a lot more fun. You never know if there was a live round in the chamber and now I had had a live round fired up my ass.
I looked around the room wondering if they were all pozed.
"We're all toxic Cumbag and you're going to get at least one load from all of us". "Check out the screen" and he pointed to a TV on the wall. It was my ass on the screen. He had written neg cunt for poz sp... Continue»
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passende Traumfrauen warten auf Dich!

Ich bin die Heidi, eigentlich Heidemarie, aber so hat mich schon lange keiner mehr gerufen. Ich war damals 52 Jahre alt, als mir das Nachfolgende passiert ist. Ich bin immer noch 176 Zentimeter groß und wog damals etwa 70 Kilo. Ich habe mit den Maßen 80D einen mittelgroßen Busen, den ich gerne in einen Balconett-BH und tief ausgeschnittene Blusen der Männerwelt präsentiere. Meine schwarzen Haare trage ich meistens Nackenlang und mit einem Gummi zu einem Pferdeschwanz zusammengebunden. Meine Schambehaarung ist nur spärlich, welche ich mir auch schon in jungen Jahren ganz abrasiert habe. Ic... Continue»
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Cookies Never Tasted So Good – Chapter 4

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Cookies Never Tasted So Good – Chapter 4

Four naked girls lying asl**p on the kitchen floor is not exactly what anyone would expect to find.

This was an amazing and exciting surprise to the rest of the young slayers as they came in to make dinner that evening.

They all stood at the door with their mouths open as they looked around the room. It was easy to see what had been going on here all day. The smiles on the sl**ping girls’ faces and the way they were holding onto each other told it all.

The girls stood their staring and whispering among... Continue»
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