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Following BBC home after the Gloryhole

My freshly converted sissy husband and I followed Aaron to his spacious home in the hills after the wild time in the ABS.When we got out of the car Aaron gave me a big embrace and a deep, wet kiss.He told us we were in for a great time as we entered his beautiful home.As Aaron mixed some cocktails he told my sissy to go get cleaned up, take a shower, and get ready for use. Off he went as I pulled out Aaron's delicious BBC stroking it as we sipped our drinks laughing.
Aaron made a phone call as I mixed a couple more drinks for us, and came back telling me he had some buddies cumming over to gi... Continue»
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Double Dipping

The nature of my work has given me the opportunity to travel around the continent. A short while ago, I found myself living in shared accommodation in the south of France. The weather was glorious, the food magnificent and the variety of cock was overwhelming.

I shared an apartment with 5 other girls but that was boring and laborious, all we did was talk about the cleaning duties. So I made an executive decision that I would move in with 5 men (not all gorgeous). They set me up very nicely and treated me like a French princess. I wanted for nothing, especially dick.

The days were long a... Continue»
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I was dreaming that my legs were spread and that there was someone between them I could feel his hardness rubbing against my vulva and I thought how nice that felt and I could feel myself getting wet in anticipation of having sex until it wasn't a dream and I was awake and someone was really between my legs! At first I froze I was thinking fast don't scream you might scare him and he'll hurt you then I felt him still rubbing my vulva with his really big cock well I haven't gotten laid in a really long time I broke up with my boyfriend six months ago and haven't been fucked since! It wa... Continue»
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Tina gets Well Used at Office Party

Tina gets Well Used at Office Party

At our company's Annual end of Summer party I observed some of my coworkers checking out my wife, I have told them about the way she gets when having a little too much to drink. The guys at the party were keeping her glass full I think just to see if it is true. Tina was starting to fill good on the liquor that was flowing during the party and when she fills this way she all ways seems to need sex. I must admit I heard some talk after I told... Continue»
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New Neighbors

Another favorite!
by watchdwag

About 18 months ago, the Campbell's, our neighbors since we moved to the neighborhood three years ago, put their house up for sale. My wife Brooke and I were anxious about who might move in as the new next door neighbors. Sam and his wife Donna were a little older than us and both of their k**s had left the home.

Donna had wanted to downsize now that the k**s were gone and informed Brooke and I that they were moving. We had grown extremely close to both of them and they practically treated us like f****y. I am 31 ... Continue»
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My first GB!

I recently created an account but have a library of stories to tell everyone that I will add in the future but to start I want to share my first GB.

When I turned 19 I was dating a great guy who in almost every way pleased me... all but one and mind you he was the only guy I've ever been with. Well one day after a 2 minute run we sat there in bed talking about different things until the subject of fantasies came into play. Well eventually I told him my deepest darkest fantasy (which will be another story) and he told me his I was in shock. He explained how he knew I was never satisfied with... Continue»
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Waruming Up The Lakers

Authors Notes: This story was co-written by myself and my long time partner Kristi in 2009. Since a piece of trash named CamDogg claimed it as his own, and since Xhamster has refused to take it down along with with other stories that scuzzball ripped off from other sites, I decided to post the original version here, complete with our original notes, fully explaining the background of the story. For those who wish to see more of the work Kristi and I have done, check out the Women of Wrestling Erotic Fiction Archive.

Warming Up the Lakers
Written by Kristi & Frederick 'Dice' Casden

Pri... Continue»
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Unexpected friends CD fantasy

There really wasn't any planning to what had happened. Earlier that weekend, I had just felt this strange urge, so I decided to check online for something different to do that was new. Of course, I had done parts of this before, but most of them were separate in their operation. I had never done anything sexual with anyone, though I had posed, and the only time I had gone out as this was to see if I would be recognized. Maybe that was what convinced me to except his offer, as I somehow felt that I wouldn't be recognized by anyone locally.

So I had agreed to meet with a man at 8pm in a rathe... Continue»
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Husband's fun night with wife and a sub.

She knocks at the door! I'm feeling nervous and excited to have this hot Puerto Rican mami that my wife and I found off this online website add we posted. I can feel my heart beating with each step toward the door, my chest puffed up, my stare serious I am ready to dominate and take control. The energy of power and strength but yet passion and pleasure rushed thru my veins. I opened the door stood behind it as it opened wider, I said nothing but point. She is 22 her name is Rosa 5'2 with big firm tits with curvaceous hips to go with that round ass. She walks thru the hallway into the leaving ... Continue»
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Church of Evil

Father Thomas sat in the small cubicle of the
confessional, listening to the confession of the
lovely Miss Diane Beinert. As Diane had been a member
of the church from her youth, Father Thomas had
watched the pretty little girl turn into a most
beautiful young woman. Now a lovely young woman, at
age 22, with long red hair and porcelain white skin.
Father Thomas could picture the lovely woman who stood
only at 5'3", whom he towered over in his 6' frame.

Never had any woman given Father Thomas a lewd nor
sinful thought since he took his vows nearly forty
years ago. But, al... Continue»
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Camping with the Boys

Camping with the boys

On one of our summer camping trips, Rebecca and I set up camp in a remote spot in Black Range State park. The camp ground was empty except for one other campsite.
As we went about our business throughout the day we noticed that there were three young guys camped in the other occupied site. We had a chat with them and they told us that they were there for the week, just escaping the rat race like we were.

They were nice fellas all in their early 20's, fit and good looking tradies who were just out enjoying the great outdoors as mates. As the days passed we got to kn... Continue»
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Coincidences can be interesting. As I struggled into the hotel lift with my overnight bag, lap top computer and briefcase a couple obligingly held the lift doors open for me. Of course I thanked them. The lit floor button indicated we had the same destination. As they let me precede them down the corridor we found we had adjacent rooms. They returned my farewell smile and I forgot about the incident as I unpacked and showered for dinner.
When I walked into the small bar inside the foyer of the restaurant the couple sat side by side on stools at the bar. I ordered a beer, surpri... Continue»
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My Wife's Lost Weekend

One of my favorites!

My Wife's Lost Weekend

Here are the events that took place last weekend and how I learned all the juicy details.

It all started just after I left the house to play golf for the weekend with a friend. My 45 year old, prim and proper school teacher wife was left at home to fend for herself. Now that was nothing unusual but what happened in the next 24 hours was very unusual for both of us.

My wife Pam, as I stated before, is 45 years old and has the body of a thirty year old. She is 5' 7" and we... Continue»
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craigslist couple part 1

This kinky story began when I answered a post on Craigslist for a couple looking for a male to photograph them having sex. Basically I would be able to watch and take a bunch of photos and videos for their private collection. I was a little hesitant at first, but it sounded like an experience I didn't want to pass it up. So I sent them an email that included the same pictures on my profile. The male replied with his number and told me to call him. When we spoke he said I sounded like a normal guy and he wanted to make sure I was open minded and laid back. He also explained that it was t... Continue»
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Disscount for a Cheapfuck =3? (Diary of a Faggy Gu

This story is kind of funny because it involves a video game console and a little… what you may call “Play behind your boyfriend’s back”.

So there was a night where I found a game console that I always wanted but it was too expensive to purchase. I kept asking around If I could ever get a discount but to no avail. However, one night, one of the cashiers replied something different. “Is there any way that I can get a discount on this console? “ I asked. “Yes… but only if you sucked my dick~” he said with a giggle , like if he was joking to which I smirked back at him and said “Sure, that’s... Continue»
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Sandy Revisited

Following on from the Ted and Sandy foursome and the promises we all gave about not seeing each other sexually after our encounter, well Sandy could not help herself wanting more of my cock it was like a lioness had been un-caged.

Sandy was starting to come into our house on an evening more and more to enjoy a social drink with Suzy after work. To be honest, Suzy enjoyed the woman’s company as much as I always hoped they would get a bit too much to drink and I reaped the benefit by getting a 3some.

On this particular Friday night, some months after our 4some I had been out on a boy’s n... Continue»
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A tue story stranger shared my wife

peternorth111, 44
United Kingdom
1 minute ago
this is a true event that took place few years ago, but i can never forget the details...hope you enjoy, maybe share it, or use it to wank over

I want to tell you about the time i was in Neuchâtel Switzerland with my wife a few years ago

I had left her there for a week and gone to Poland on Business, when I got back on the Friday she was wanting to go out, we went into the town and had some drinks, she was wearing a short pale blue dress, she has a great body and beautiful long dark hair.

We were in a café sat at the bar and... Continue»
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Cuckold in Milwaukee visits his wife's therap

Judy and Tammy were laying there after they had me lick out their cum filled pussies. They came a few more times and lay there talking after tying me back up

Tammy asked Judy if she had been getting much lately and Judy said she had been too busy and the only thing she had gotten was her ther****t when she was there complaining about my size. Tammy laughed and suggested they go out and see if they could arrange some fun. They got up naked and said they were going to go have more fun. I asked "what about me?" Judy told Tammy to dial her phone and Judy put her phone on speaker and laid it nex... Continue»
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Sasha's Neighbor Throws a Party

I had been retired for six months. The only excitement in my life is my neighbor Sasha, a tall, curvy, brunette, with an over active sex drive. She visits me two or three times a week and when she leaves, my nuts are drained. Her husband doesn't seem to take care of her needs, and I get to enjoy his attractive, well built wife at his expense. Once he walked in on Sasha, her friend Milan, and I in an oral 3-way. He was upset, and in the end he was bound and eating my cum from his wife. Another time I received an email, requesting I come over there and ravage her whether he was there or not. Aga... Continue»
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The First Time My Brother Shared Me

I've always thought my big b*****r Donny was incredibly sexy. I've watched him come out of the shower with nothing but a towel around his waist, his hairy chest showing and his big cock sticking out below. I love checking out his cute ass when he walks around the house naked (it is hot in Florida and we are always naked). I use him in my fantasies to masturbate most of the time. He was and is my first live. Donny has long hair and his blue eyes shine. When he went away to UCSD for a while a few years back, I was so sad, going to high school all by my lonesome. I missed my b*****r and lover. ... Continue»
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