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Wife fucking best friend - Part I

Things got out of hand

This is something that happened a whole lot of years ago on a Friday (I don't
remember the date exactly) when my gf and I had my best friend over for
dinner. At that time I lived together with my girlfriend (I'll call her Anna)
for approximately 2 years. We have a steady relationship with a normal sex
life. We were both pretty 'normal' in bed but we both didn't
have anything to complain about. Anna was 22 years old back then. She was a little
overweight back then but a very sweet faced brunette with green eyes.
Diego is an old friend from school... Continue»
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In Crowded Bus

i was then about 18 and moving from school to college in Delhi. Had a long summer break and went down to my grandparents in rural Tamilnadu. I was a star attraction and curiosity as most of the people had not seen anyone walking around in skirts and short tops. I was by 18 quite busty and most men stared at my tits before they even looked at my face.

I was getting bored after a week. There was a boy of my age next door who offered to take me around to nearby places of interest. We used to take the local buses and traveled a couple of hours to nearby temples, rivers etc.

I found this b
... Continue»
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What are neighbors for?

The recent ice storm knocked out power for most of the county, and it was out for more than a week. When you're in the country and on a well, that can be a major issue. Fortunately, we have a generator big enough to do more than light a couple light bulbs. We might still be in the dark most of the time, to conserve gas, but at least we could manage a hot shower. Since we get along well with our neighbors, we mentioned that they would be welcome to use our guest shower some time.

I was sitting at home alone, since I didn't have to work that day and my wife did. My cell rang, and it was ... Continue»
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My Missus fucks a good friend.

I have a true story to share. I'v only joined this site to get to my experience's out there hope you enjoy it guys. Feel free to comment or inbox me for a chat.

Well a friend of mine shagged my women infornt of my unexpectedly. For most people this is disgusting but it was the best experience I had. Iv changed the name of my girlfriend and friend to just protected them.

It was a saturday night at my local pub. Me and my friend Carl was having a quiet pint. Having a chat and a laugh. We were talking about sex and I told Carl how Sally my stunning girlfriend has been giving me some awesome... Continue»
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A Bride's Confession

Can you imagine how it feels 2 months after your wedding to discover that you've married one of the biggest sluts in town?

I didn't find out until she let me know that we were expecting our first c***d.

"Darling, I have a confession to make and it's going to test if you really love me as much as you say you do." My wife said to me after dinner one night.

"Cindy dear, you know I do love you very much. What do you have to tell me?" I asked inquisitively as I held her hand.

"Honey. I do love you very much. You're the only boyfriend I've had that's treated me like a lady. The only one ... Continue»
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Fucking in the Snow

an experience
last week we were , my wife 34, very beautiful red hair , big hanging tits and a shaved pussy and I always 46, really nice big Fickschwängel and every day on my Fickfotze ….
we actually come from NRW, last week took my mum in law our daughter for a week and we went Stubeital to ski , relax down. on 2 Evening we were on a ski chalet, it was a great atmosphere and the waiter served and was a nice full , about 190 , very good figure and bald head , I saw that my wife found him cute . I admit that fucking many times in the head cinema we both had a 2 man or a couple.
Eswar about... Continue»
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My first time being shared

First draft
I knew some of what he had planned for tonight but I didnt know everything. He told me to pump my cunt up before he arrived. He was coming over at 10 and I had to answer the door wearing heals, stockings, a collar, leash and a coat on top. Once the door was closed I was to remove dressing gown straight away and get onto all fours.
He led me to my bed room and told me to lay on the bed on my back. He put on my wrist and ankle cuffs and attached my left wrist to my left ankle and did the same to the right hand side. I was laying on the bed pretty much naked with my legs spread ope... Continue»
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My hot gym work out

I recently turned 42 and my husband has wanted me to get back in the gym. Previously I had a personal trainer in the neighborhood but she didn't push me, and I wasn't getting anything out of the sessions to see results, so I stopped working out last summer.

A month ago I looked at joining a gym; my girlfriends wanted me to go join Women's Work Out Express close by but it's not for me so I checked out a new cross-fit gym. I immediately liked the cross-fit gym because there weren't too many members, the class sizes were small and they are serious about seeing results. I knew I would get... Continue»
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My GF and 2 Other Girls

A few years back, my girlfriend and I discovered that we really enjoy threesomes. There are many stories to tell since then. Check out my profile for the tale of how it all started, and the story of the time we had a little fun with my sexy cousin.

This is the story of our third experience. Well actually I wasn't around for this one. But I enjoyed it anyway.



A short while after our fun with my cousin Nicole, Carrie had to g... Continue»
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Sharing- The Fishing Trip

Shared 2nd time
After being shared with Joe and he left the next morning me and hubby cleaned up the kitchen and went to the living room, sat down and watched the news. I was thinking about my bald pussy and wanted to show hubby but decided to wait for the right time. After the news was over hubby leaned over and kissed me, and told me I made him so hot and that he was proud of me for going through with his wishes for me to be a shared wife. I then told him I would do anything to make him happy because I loved him so much. Then he asked me if I liked the experience, I said I loved it. He aske... Continue»
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Experiences of a soldiers slut.

Before I met my partner I used to live in an army town and I had lots of soldiers friends. I always loved big army guys with their big muscles etc. They were mostly English although there was also some Gurkas. I used to like them fucking me stupid I guess I liked a big guy treating me a bit rough although I'm not into S&M. I guess I was the local bike but so what I enjoyed myself!
Anyway one day there was a bit of a change with some guys from the Israeli Army coming. I dont really know what they were doing there but I think they were being trained by the army although these guys were so big a... Continue»
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Bi-Night at Club Fantasy

First a bit about me. I'm 6', about 200lbs a little hair - But NOT a bear. I have a 8.5" circumcised cock, I guess a little above average. I'm mostly straight, but I do like to suck a nice cock.

It may be weird to you, but I'm picky about the cocks I want. I prefer circumcised, and I'm into dark meat. Also, it has to be hard, not just soft and floppy. There is something about feeling a hard cock in your mouth, especially when it throbs and grows when someone is ready to cum. Knowing what it feels like to have it done to you helps. I'm single right now, so that gives me the freedom to do wha... Continue»
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The night I proposed to my cuckoldress

Ours was a vanilla relationship for over a year. Sweethearts from the beginning, we clicked like the gross couple you loved to hate. We laughed together, we enjoyed the same movies, we shared the same values, and we both had blossoming careers as young professionals.

It was perfect except for the sex. And that was my fault, with my chronic masturbation. I was always sexually exhausted or uninterested when she wanted to engage. This led to many fights and screaming matches until we finally made peace. She eventually had an affair outside of our relationship and when I encouraged her to... Continue»
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Becky Made Me Do It

(MF, MM, BI, MMF, 1st-gay-expr)

Hello, my name is Jason, and I'm gay. This story is essentially about a gay experience I had, or more accurately a Bi-sexual experience that I had a couple of years back. I thought it was unusual enough to share, so here it is...

It all started when I met Becky Anderson. She was a real hotty! She had a body that a guy might dream about while masturbating, you know the type; big innocent eyes in an exceedingly pretty face and a body that would be at home naked on any tople... Continue»
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An Indian Cuckold

I'd had a super busy week at work. I'd been arriving at the office at 06:00 and leaving at 20:00. I guess that's the life of an IT Manager whose staff are co-located in the UK and India. It was Saturday 08 March 2014, I didn't have work and more importantly I didn't need to think about work!

I use a variety of methods to meet guys and girls. When I'm in the mood for some thoughtless man-on-man fun I often use Craigslist or Gaydar. I've had varying success on both however I've never had my timewasted and when I do put in a concerted effort I normally get results. I don’t do it often as ... Continue»
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THE UNINVITED - The Nanci Report- Chapter 4 - Par

The Uninvited
The Nanci Report - a fine line between reality and fantasy
Chapter 4 - Part 4

Nanci was still asl**p on the couch when Randy returned with the camcorder. Bill was still hovering over Nanci's motionless body.

- "What do you have on mind, Randy?" - Bob asked, fidgeting and visibly excited - "We can really get in trouble here!"

"No if we do it right! - Said Jen moving into the room... a feral grin in her face. - "First we need to ensure she'll come along. I have something that it may help... - she trailed off while walking to the entrance closet.
She found her big bag t... Continue»
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Mom and the Prison Officer

This story is narrated by 18 year old Martin, a boy in a distant occupied city...

The year is 1988...

Dad was a head of the local resitance against the invading army. Alas, as all resistances in the region, our city's resistance was swiftly crushed by the invading army. The name of General Boulos was putting fear in the hearts of our citizens from coast to coast. No city was able to defend itself against his marching army. And not before long, our city fell under the attacks of one of his elite platoon.

The invading army arrested most men of the resistance, killing anyone who resi
... Continue»
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adult theatre

i decided to meet up with a couple of friends from xham at a nearby adult theatre. i pulled up and went in to browse around since they hadn't arrived yet. i got in and immediately my eyes were drawn to the dildo and fleshlight shelf on the wall. just walking over to them and seeing glimpses of porn everywhere started to get me horny. looking at a couple of fleshlights, my cock was growing fast, when both of my buddies strolled in together. we greeted, and immediately JC was eager to go back to the viewing booths. we casually walked back there, and when we entered, there were 3 guys sitting on ... Continue»
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Erotic Comic Orgy Series - Chapter X

Erotic Comic Orgy Series – Chapter X

“Madame Calls Her Friend”, with Vic (OC), Madame and Ingeborg (from ‘The Divine’, Stramaglia)

Madame (the brunette) and Ingeborg (the blonde):

The door opened and then Vic and Madame walked into her house, apparently sharing a quite pleasant chat if noticed how loud they talked to each other and laughing at almost every second of it. As soon as they went in, Ingeborg, the loyal secretary and Madame’s partner came from the living room to see the lovebirds arrive.

Madame and Vic went... Continue»
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Here is the story. I was online in a yahoo chat room and I was chatting with a Filipena chick from LA (30yrs) she live off of Riverside dr. by the 2 fwy and the 5 fwy. She was a hair stylist and I told her I could use a hair cut so she said she would do it for $40 so I said sure. We got along really good and I gave her $60 and I drove from Orange county (45miles). This went on for almost
a year. She started flirting with me a lot now she was a solid 8 good
looking and really cool. She started flirting a lot, and we where doing this about every 6 weeks. I started to bring beer she started rub... Continue»
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