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It was the speed of the attack that did it. One minute I was walking the short distance from the main road to my house in the silent darkness, the next someone hurtled into me, knocking all the breath out of me and slamming me against the wall. I was stunned and disorientated. I was aware of dropping my bag of shopping and hearing the bottle of wine break on the floor; I was aware that already hands were gripping my shoulders and spinning me round. I was jerked roughly forward, my feet stumbling over the dropped shopping, and then bundled clumsily into the back of a car.

More hands grip... Continue»
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a surprise thief

My wife Claire had talked me into meeting her at the Mall after work, she had some shopping to do and suggested we get some food one of the restaurants there. It was on the drive home that her real reason for our trip came apparent. As I drove home she turned to me saying, “You know that toy you gave me a few years ago….” I did, for fun I had bought her a small vibrator while I was on a business trip, she claimed she never even tried it out, but it has always been kept at the back of the drawer beside Claire’s bed. “I do” I said. She looked a little embarrassed, Claire always found it difficul... Continue»
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KFC Delivery

The other night I decided to order in some KFC for dinner and relax on the couch in front of a movie. I called in my order for delivery and decided after a long day of working I would have a nice hot shower while I waited for my dinner to arrive. I hoped in my shower and quickly washed my hair. Then I lathered up my soap and gave my cock, balls and asshole a good scrub. The soap and hot water felt good on my cock and it wasn't long before I was hard as a rock. I sat on my tiled shower bench and as the hot water ran over me I jerked my soapy cock. I kind of lost track of time and realize... Continue»
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This is just a fantasy made up by me, twococksman69. NOT TRUE. This my first story also. Any constructive criticism is welcomed.
I'm was a semi professional wrestler and often would be out on the road. I was making a name for myself and was looking to hire a booking agent and I asked other wrestlers around the territory for any kind of reference and I ran into a wrestler whose wife is a booking agent and his manager. His name was Mike and he was a very talented wrestler who, I thought, should be in the pro circuit.. He also had his tag team partner who she managed. Phillip is a good wrestler ... Continue»
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My Ultimate Fantasy: M/TS/M/SSBBW Four-way

Originally, my plan was to feature only true stories from my own sexual history, here. However, at the advice of one of my Xhamster friends, I am going to publish what is, for me, the greatest unattained fantasy I have. Obviously, this is not a true story - although, I wish it were. The other individuals in this story are invented, with some aspects inspired by people I have known or have seen in videos. I hope you enjoy; I realize this is an extremely specific fantasy, and not for everyone.

My girl, Stacie, and I have a very hot and active sex life. I should let you know a bit abou... Continue»
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There Are No Limits, Part 3

"I'm not doing it." Sheridan said. "A thousand times, no!"

The five of us-Me, Sheridan, Bonds, Woodard, and Maurice-were all sitting at a round wooden booth at Kent's Restaurant-not a good idea if you're six cops in good physical condition-discussing Martinez's offer. I rolled my eyes. "Eric, you're being an idiot. Since when do you turn down free sex?" Sheridan's big fist crashed onto the table, but when people looked over at him, he smirked and said "sorry. Roaches." One old woman blanched and turned away, and we turned back inward. Sheridan looked at all of us and said "Look. There's n... Continue»
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Buisness trip

Been horny for days. Couldn't wait to go to California on business. San Diego is a nice place and usually spend the first few days in my hotel room jacking off just to get caught up. The wife doesn't fuck any more and I never have time to myself to rub one out.

Many years back I used to go to the adult book stores and jack off and sometimes suck a cock or two if I found a glory hole. Those are hard to find these days. I landed, got my rental and was driving to my hotel. I saw an adult book store near old town that I had been to before. I pulled in and felt my cock stirring. As I wal... Continue»
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Girlfriend dares me to suck strangers cocks

Every word is true.....

It's my birthday and after a night out with my girlfriend in Manchesters gay village, pissed and heading home down the canal to ancoats feeling really horny we walk under a bridge where about 15ish lads all sucking and fucking each other. Long story short she dares me to go back and suck a random guys cock so we walk back under the bridge and stand watching. Not knowing what to do I must have looked lost because this black lad walks over cock in hand. This guy was huge, looking back at my girlfriend she nodded as if to say, go for it. He noticed this and pushed me to... Continue»
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Spring break fun with strangers

I was on spring break in clearwater beach Florida with my f****y and after a few days of relaxing I was feeling really horny. I talked to my husband about getting some local cock so we made up a story about how I had to go see a friend so the husband and k**s would go to the beach all day without me. I got onto the florida craigslist and posted an add. It said early 40's white married woman looking for local bbc to come fuck me. within a hour I had over 30 replys from all types of guys wanting to fuck. The condo we were staying at had a beach level door to a spare bedroom so I thought I would ... Continue»
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Our First MFM (condensed)

Alex and Emily had been married for a number of years and had always loved each other; understanding there was a difference between love and sex. They both loved playing with each other and fantasized about watching each other with someone else. One night, they went out for some cocktails. Little did Alex know the night would end with Emily getting cocks and he and a stranger getting tail. They walked into the bar and ordered their drinks. As they walked around checking out the scene, they took advantage of a couple of open seats at the bar. Emily found herself between a hot looking younger gu... Continue»
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Wife's first time with Craigslist stranger

What was supposed to be quick safe sex with a stranger turned into a crazy ass night.

Two short clips of this located in our profile.

We talked about this for about a year. She would want to and then back out and she went back and forth for a few months. She had never done anything like this. She was nervous and scared but wanted to make my every fantasy come true but stay within her limits. I finally convinced her to try it. We looked at swinger sites and dating sites for s guy and couldn't find anyone who fit the bill. As a last ditch effort we posted an ad on Craigslist and found a ... Continue»
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My slutty girlfriend

I used to have a girlfriend called Julie. I loved her so much. It was a whirlwind romance and we married after 8 weeks.

She had long black hair, lovely perky tits, slim hips and long legs. She was such a good fuck and we had amazing sex together.

When I met her I was quite inexperienced sexually, and she taught me so much. I would often feel inadequate thinking about her former lovers though, because I only have a 5inch cock.

I began to question her about her previous boyfriends. I wanted to know howany men had fucked her. She was 23. She admitted she had slept with about 40-50 gu... Continue»
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A fun conversation for a saturday morning

∞ A very good morning x
∞ Morning
∞ How are you today?
∞ ok thank you
∞ and yourself
∞ What you got planned for the weekend??!
∞ gardening I think you?
∞ I am fine thanks but just woke up with a flag pole under my sheets lol
∞ Naughty boy
∞ Feeling a little horny here now though
∞ DOWN BOY!!!!!
∞ Lol
∞ There's ladies present lol
∞ Oh they don’t mind
∞ It is throbbing now lol
∞ Would it fit in your mouth Ma'am?
∞ Oh yes
∞ What about your pussy?
∞ Oh yes
∞ Could you straddle me?
∞ Inch by inch?
∞ I could try
∞ Stretching me filling me
∞ I am hard at the thought of sliding ... Continue»
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swingers party in London part 1

Hello again yes it seems I can't get enough cock just a naughty woman i suppose but we are not getting any younger any ways you don't want to hear about what i have to say boring

after Chatting with and the exploits with so many black men Rob found a place where there is a swingers go was not to happy as i said it would be full of dirty old men but i was to be amazed
one afternoon Rob came home early from work i said hi hun what you home so early
dam babes thought you maybe shagging someone
dirty fucker no
only k**ding
so why are you home then
well you know we was talking about... Continue»
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I first met Michael on the street, he was dressed in a white body fitting hunk shirt with no sleeves and blue faded skinny jeans. We exchanged greetings/pleasantries as we passed.
We greeted each other this way over several weeks as we passed on our ways to work.
I was beginning to warm to this guy who seemed to have control of his destiny.
Till one day I met him going into my local supermarket, we exchanged greetings, then I extended my hand introducing myself & I got to know his name at last Michael. We did most of our shopping together, he seemed to like the s... Continue»
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Woods Sex

I am a Bi Seaxuall male have been all my life, yea i had my dick sucked by a male first but i always liked pussy. the first pussy i fucked i had to lick it first taste it loved it and always have loved pussy. But sometimes i like to go down on a guy eat his cum and even have my ass fucked by the right type of cock .Or even fuck a guy in his ass if i am into it . But the best sex is when there are more then just two people three four five even six is cool at the same time . Like a small orgy when ever there is more then four. So this older guy i know he tells me about this park that guys go to ... Continue»
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Rockhard College

"I got in!" Samantha squealed as she ran inside. She had been checking the mailbox for days and was starting to feel discouraged but the entrance letter finally arrived; she was going to get to go to College! Samantha had come from a poor home and she honestly didn't think she'd ever be able to afford college, but then near the end of the first semester of high school she received a letter which said that she had been selected as a candidate for Rockhard College. All she had to do was submit the application and she would be able to attend with a full paid scholarship.

"Oh my god that's a... Continue»
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DONNA - Overtime in the dungeon

We were doing some overtime at the store, down in the ‘dungeons’ the store rooms right at the bottom of the store where stuff was stockpiled but very rarely used. The managers wanted volunteers to sort through the crap and we would be paid a set fee for each day. I volunteered for a day and what a day it was.

The day came and we’d been working for a couple of hours, it was very dusty and dirty, and there were six rooms all the same. 11:00am came and everyone trailed upstairs for a break, I came out of the room I was working in and suddenly heard an unusual noise coming from the furthest roo... Continue»
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Photo Session.

I wanted to do something nice for my husband for our first anniversary, and I decided that a professional set of photos of the two of us would be really nice to have. So I looked around and made some calls and found a studio that really caught my interest. It was a one man shop, the owner had been a professional photographer for 30 years, he did all his own developing in-house, he specialized in romantic couple photos, and the prices were right.
Before springing the surprise on my husband I decided to go check the place out myself. His studio was over an hour from town, it was ... Continue»
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Blow job suprise

I have always fantasied about being with another man, however my girlfriend knew little of this, with her sticking a finger up my arse about as close as I have got. My names Rich and am 5ft 10, and my girfriend is Stacey, nearer 5ft 3 and with lovely pert tits.

One day we got home from work as per usual and had some food before settling infront of some TV. Stacey changed into a pair of her tiny hotpants that hardly covered her gorgeous arse and a tight fitting top which with no bra you could just see the outline of her nipples.

The door-bell rang which was strange to me as I wasn't ex... Continue»
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