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I'm SARAA, 24 and married to my husband Rohit for 2&1/2 years. I have a very satisfying relationship with my husband. We are both working. But, Rohit has to travel some time because of his work. Though I've never been with another man in my whole life, my sex life was very good. Rohit is always innovative when it comes to sex.

He had introduced me to erotic movies, sex toys. We always talk dirty when having sex. It makes me hotter when he talks dirty to me and he loves when I talk back to him. When this incident occurred, Rohit was gone on one of his business trip. He was gone for almost te... Continue»
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Wife arranges group fuck for hubby – Part 4

A bit shorter, working on more now, thought I'd add what I had so far...

Nick slides his cock all the way in and I feel his balls pressed up against my ass. Joe's fresh load acts as a great lube and Nick is soon building up a nice rhythm as my wife and I continue sucking on Bills amazing cock. We are working so well as a cock sucking team you'd think we'd been doing it for years! As one of us was sucking on his knob and down his shaft the other would hold the base or his balls, or lick his balls, then we'd swap, or we'd both lick up each side and then kiss each other with his knob in betwee... Continue»
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Wow… You pick this story up at the end of a crazy night clubbing in Ibiza…. what started off as a quiet drink, ended up as a crazy night of excess!

What an amazing night, so much laughter & amazing fun was had, I was literally on cloud nine. little did I know, but this was only just the beginning of
one of the most memorable nights of my life…….

We had been out to an amazing club night, a load of us, me & friends, got a little twisted on Ecstasy & before we knew it, the club was closing..As per usual, I has been wandering around & chatting to anyone that would listen, for the last HR I... Continue»
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sissy gangbang

I am gay.
I'm actually not just 'gay' - I'm a faggot sissy whore.

Yesterday I went to this group thing and I turned out to be the group's slut - took three large cocks up my man vagina and got a whole fill.

It all started nicely and softly, with the first guy rubbing my dick while fingering my pussy, then taking up one of those double-headed dildos and inserting it deeper and deeper inside my fag's ass.

The thing about double-headed dildos is that they are meant to be used by two horny sluts and give them enough cock so that it doesn't end up in a fist fight - they are usually longer... Continue»
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Strip Club Sex

My GF went on a trip for her job. I was home alone. Being a lesbian I usually don't look at str8 porn. But that fateful Saturday night I decided to look at str8 porn and I must admit I was turned on. I love the way a man responds to a woman gripping on his cock with her pussy. When I was with men, I enjoyed the sex soooooooo much but I couldn't find a guy that didn't have a wondering eye or penis. I was heartbroken for the last time and I decided to try a woman as a lover. So soft and gentle. My gf doesn't know how I enjoyed sex with guys and at this point i'm thinking it's been a LONG... Continue»
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Donna's Overtime

Donna was doing some overtime at the store one evening in April. It was her job to check that the goods leaving were the correct stuff. As the lads emptied the massive artic they were sent on a break thus leaving Donna and Sam, the manager, and Donald the driver in the part empty container as one lad pushed two cages full of goods in, Donna started to check them off.

As she bent up and down this 8 foot cage, Donald the driver was making sure his truck was stable, as Donna bent down to check some stuff her skirt rode up, Donald saw this and stared at her, as she stood up her skirt remained r... Continue»
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Asian for black and white (A threesome story)

After years spent living in China, I had found my perfect match. Petite like all Asians, my little China doll was 22 years younger than I was and we spent every hour together. Also like other Asian ladies, she had those gorgeous almond eyes, silky shiny black hair, and the sweet demeanor bordering on shyness.

One thing that set my jewel apart was her breasts; tiny like other Chinese, but nipples to die for! I loved her large puffy areolas and the long meaty nipples that were heaven to suck on. She could come just from having her breasts fondled and nipples sucked.

Her name was Jie, and s... Continue»
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Anita's First Time

I looked at Dave my husband and he just grinned at me
and gave me a little shove.

I looked at Ron and he smiled offering me his hand.

I could feel myself colouring up as I grinned and
took the offered hand. It was a large hand, I could
feel the rough calloused skin as he pulled me over.

You know I did not realise how big Ron was, I mean,
yea, I know he is a big guy; but when he pulled me
in, and I felt those strong thick arms of his wrap
around me and pull tight to his chest; it was then
that I realised just how big and strong he was.

When he pulled me in for that fir... Continue»
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A Country Girl's Dildo

Not only country boys know how to survive even though
the song that tells of their prowess would leave that
impression. We country girls have ways of seeing to
our needs also, and can do that quite well thank you.

One of our country girl needs is to keep down the
level of sexual stress to a point where we can
function otherwise. Of course, there are lots of ways
to do that and we usually find them and that's what
this little story is about, how I found mine.

I suppose I was like most girls in discovering the
exquisite pleasures my clitty could provide. My
fingers and th... Continue»
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A bitch gets breed

This story is about me as well as my 'now' ex-wife
discovering a new sexual experience beyond what we had
ever planned for. My ex-wife Kandi and I had been
married for over 2 years. I was 21 when we met and Kandi
was 26. The sexual experience with the age difference
was a huge turn on for me. Kandi had two c***dren from a
previous relationship, although you would have never
known by her figure or her hot super tight pussy -
thanks to C sections. She had smaller breast like a
small B cup, with a narrow waist that lead into her
amazing hips.

Like I said, we were together ... Continue»
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A Christmas Present

I work the evening shift, so I do not see much that goes
on in our neighborhood. Last Wednesday, when I got home
from work, Sally, my wife, said, "We have to go see how
the neighbors have decorated for Christmas."

I changed my clothes and we started walking the
neighborhood. Some had lights on timers, and they had
shut down for the night, but on the next block, our
friends Jenny and Tom still had their lights on, and
they were standing on their front porch.

Sally and I looked at the lights and went up to the
porch to talk to them for a minute or two. Tom hugged
Sally, a... Continue»
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A Walk In The Park

A Walk In The Park

Me and my wife Jane were on holiday and were taking a walk through a park on a hot sunny day. We saw a bench and walked over to it, before sitting down to enjoy the sunshine.
A couple were sat on the adjoining bench also enjoying the sun. We said hello to the couple and they introduced themselves as Jenny and Jan, they were obviously local to the area and out just enjoying the sun. We explained we were on holiday, then just settled down on the bench.
After a few minutes Jan stood up, walked a couple of metres from his wife and started taking a few photo’s,... Continue»
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My X-Wifes Trip to the Mall

It was a beautiful day and I need to do a little shopping and I want to get something special to wear for Saturday night with my husband. I got dressed and put on a very sexy red strapless dress and a pair of heels. I had worn this to the mall before and it made me feel very sexy and I seemed to get a lot of compliments on it. Let me describe my self. I am 35, 5’2”, 112#, 32D breasts.

I get to the mall and realize that school had just let out so there were a lot of college k**s there hanging out having a good time. I do a little shopping picking out a new bra and panty set and was looking ... Continue»
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Proving a Point

One evening, a few months after our Marathon Week, when I was out of town, the geeky k** from Taco Bell, Justin, called my wife’s cell. A group of his geeky friends were over playing video games and hadn’t believed his Taco Bell story. He had called her to see if she would confirm the story, so his friends would leave him alone and stop making fun of him. My wife dutifully recalled the entire night in detail, but to no avail. They still didn’t believe their nerdy friend had been able to score with an older BBW lady on the night shift at Taco Bell.

“I’ll be right over” she said.

“Y... Continue»
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Discovering My Nasty Wife Part 6

The Birthday

Chapter 6

The next week Phil had to go out of town on business.

"Talk about me being ripe to fuck. I am ripe! And by now, I've got him ripe to explode too!" She said excitedly. "When I finally do wrap my warm pussy around Phil, I think he is going to cum buckets."

I was excited that she wanted to fuck Phil. I wanted her to tell me about it all, in wet detail. I wanted to watch it and more than anything, I wanted her to love it. I wanted her to be addicted to his cock like I was getting addicted to her.

I was like an alcoholic, only I was becoming addicted to my lus... Continue»
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Discovering My Nasty Wife Part 7

Phil's Surprise

My Surprise

Chapter 7

I could think of nothing else all night long. I tried watching TV. I tried reading. I went out to eat and even tried going to a movie but walked out halfway through. Visions of them out having a good time, her making all over him and making love to him haunted me all night long.

I wondered what kinky things she might be doing for his birthday.

About 1AM I awoke on the sofa. The tube was full of snow and I heard Karin talking and giggling at the front steps just before I heard the key in the door.

"I will. I will." I could barely make out ... Continue»
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Denise: Third Generation Whore


I spent most of my time with my newborn baby boy at my own apartment. My mother’s husband had set up my living arrangements in the states and I began fucking in films within only 4 weeks of having my son. His name was Hiriko and I had named him after his father’s great grandfather. I had found out that my son was the offspring of my mom’s husband, when the DNA results arrived, so he didn’t mind paying for my expenses, as long as I stayed in the US and continued to work for him. I was still doing extreme porn, but now it was mostly rough, dominant kink and gangbangs. My specialty was... Continue»
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Discovering My Nasty Wife Part 4

First Nights Out

Chapter 4

The first week was much the same, accept for our sex life, which was instantly better. She would talk trash to me in bed, telling me how she had always thought it would be sexy to have two cocks at once, how she thought it would be fun torturing me by licking another cock in front of me. And she constantly made me tell her how I wanted her to do it.

She was warm and upbeat with me, flirting with me much more. She kept herself looking beautiful, almost flaunting it in front of me, she would tease me by walking around half nude and changing in front of me.

... Continue»
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Discovering My Nasty Wife Part 5


Chapter 5

The next few days my thoughts of them possessed my mind at work. I could think of little else.

A couple of nights later we were at the gym and it started out much the same. We worked out and then she simply waved with a smile and left with Phil again.

Thoughts of them flooded my mind until she got home.

When she got home again late, I was on the sofa thumbing through a magazine and listing to Enigma on the sound system. She came in, and quickly sat straddling me, lightly pinning my arms beside my thighs with her legs, and then laid a big wet kiss on me. Sh... Continue»
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Discovering My Nasty Wife Part 5 episode 2

I nodded, lightly pecking kisses over her bush.

"Good boy, you did always say you wanted another man to make love to me. Didn't you?"

I'm sure my blank gaze told her my state of mind. I loved her talking to me like this, making me face the fact that I loved her being turned on by another man. And making me admit to her that I loved the taste of his cock on her lips.

"I love this!" She said. "I can't believe I never took you up on it years ago. I get to let a sexy guy take me out and try to win my affection. I get to tease him all night then suck his cock. After he has gotten my pussy... Continue»
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