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Keeping A Promise by loyalsock

She paced, or sat with a worried expression, or flounced. Jennifer had found herself with a serious problem on her hands! In the first place, among her set, in order to get to the prom, you had to put out in order to get a date. That was the heaviest date in the whole school year. When she was a virgin, Jennifer had resigned herself to no prom, but this year she wanted to go. She felt every bit as womanly as any of the other girls in school. She realized how much of a lover her b*****r was, when she compared him to Rod. Rod was still mooning around Jennifer, but Jennifer, who was nice to him... Continue»
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Debt Consolidation by loyalsock

"Please don't cry, Mrs. Moore," consoled loan officer Jackson Tydman, "this is strictly business, but unless you can come up with $400.00 by this Friday, we're going to have to repossess your car, and that's all there is to it!" Sitting in a chair across from Jack's desk, Nancy Moore was fighting to control her emotions, and unfortunately was failing miserably. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she tried to explain to Mr. Tydman that without a car, her husband Joe would lose his job as a traveling salesman. "Believe me when I tell you that I'm sympathetic to your position," Jack went on, "but yo... Continue»
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Irmão Truculento

Ronaldo era um menino de 18 anos e ja sabia o que era. Ele era mais novo de três irmãos, Diogo , mais velho foi fazer faculdade em outra cidade e Caio, o do meio tinha 15 anos. Os dois estudam no mesmo colégio no turno matutino e a tarde, ficavam em casa sozinho, seus pais trabalhavam até tarde, eram sócios numa loja de um shooping. Sendo assim cabia a Diogo a responsabilidade de cuidar de Ronaldo. Os dois costumavam fazer tudo juntos, inclusive tomar banho, que ate então era algo normal. Ronaldo passou a olhar Caio de uma maneira diferente, seus hormônios estavam começando a se manifestar. Em... Continue»
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Older Woman

I would always cut thru my neighbor's yard to save me having to walk clear around the block. I would just jump the fence sneak past the bedroom on a small deck, jump another fence and I was in my back yard. the neighbors were never home anyway. This day they were and as I snuck across the deck past the bedroom, the door was open. And right there on a small table was the neighbor lady, Mrs. Keller, laying there naked legs up in the air with some guy fucking her, her big tities bouncing about. I froze, I had to watch. Her husband, Mr. Keller was right watching with his wang in his hand strokin... Continue»
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Body Corporate Chapter 9

1330 words - .65

Chapter 9
The Branding

The auction had ended, the evening was over. Again the slaves were staked to the ground in the back yard. Even though Cindi’s bed was just upstairs, she shared the lawn with the rest of the slaves. Sheila was given Cindi‘s bed as tomorrow she faced more pain than most people would feel in a lifetime.

The next morning came more quickly then Sheila had wanted but it had to be done and the sooner she got through this ordeal the better. There was a set ritual for the branding of a slave, which had not been done a lot over the years as most sla... Continue»
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Body Corporate Chapter 8

2309 words - 1.15

Chapter 8

The Auction

After the ordeal with Sheila, the room went back to normal and the auction continued on with the first slave to exchange hands. She was brought to the centre of the stage completely naked, in chains, where she was mounted onto a spreader. This allowed everyone to see the complete body not a person but a body to be easily inspected by all. The body was that of the blonde that Cindi had been so impressed with when she first saw her arrive. The bidding started quickly which indicated she was popular.
All the money raised at this auction went to ... Continue»
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The Babysitter

We had been out drinking and dancing all night. Both me and my wife had been flirting and been flirted with. We were ready to fuck! We took a cab as we were too d***k to drive. Once at the house we ran inside me chasing after my wife. She ran past our babysitter, Angie, up the stairs to our room. I stopped for a minute and told Angie thanks and gave her four twenties and then I ran up the stairs also. My wife was sitting on the edge of the bed naked, legs spread wide. "You better get over here and fuck me!" She exclaimed. "Let me pee first." I replied. "Hurry, if I pass out you better fuck me ... Continue»
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Dolly goes on a date

Recently i asked dolly if she ever heard from richard last guy she was seeing. She got a bit flustered and said sometimes, but not too often. Curious, i kept up the pressure and asked if she had seen him recently....she started acting real nervous and said. Well not for a while.... I told her i thought it was great for them to still be friends... Everyone needs friends... She smiled at me and gave me a big hug and a kiss. It wasnt but a couple of days she told me that richard the fisherman asked her to come have coffee, and that she had a good time with him. I really didnt know wht she meant b... Continue»
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Exerpt from yet to be titled book....comments welc

After a grueling 12 day, 4 country tour, your Daddy is finally coming home to you. To make it worse for you, my plane had that new upgrade with the Wi-Fi, so the whole time back I'm chatting with you. Putting dirty ideas in your head between the breaks I take to take a nap here and there. You get excited when I tell you we just landed in Hawaii to refuel, telling you we have to come here together. I don't care if I have to get you d***k to get you on the plane, or to stuff you in a box and make you ride with the cargo, we're coming here together. I tell you I'm taking a nap, catch you when I w... Continue»
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Stop Sign by loyalsock

Mike knew the instant he did it he was in trouble! “Dammit,” he cursed out loud, “stupidstop sign!” The spinning blue light on the police squad car told him instantly that he had just committed his third moving violation in the past twelve months! “Christ alive,” he thought, “I’m gonna lose my fucking license again!!!!” He waited until the officer was next to his door before rolling down his window. Trying the “I don’t have a clue approach”, he offered, “Something wrong, officer?” The female police woman ignoring his obvious con job, said, “Sir, you just ran that stop sign and you didn’t even ... Continue»
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young wife ---edited version

(This is an edited version of a story entitled, "young wife"
written by someone else in which a husband is blackmailed into
leaving his d***ken wife passed out on a beach where a group of young
boys can have their way with her, as he films the action with a hidden camera)

After we got home, I put my wife in her bed, and without
even undressing her went to get the camera out of the
car. I closed the door to the bedroom so my wife
couldn't accidentally walk in on me. Then I got the tape
out of the video camera and put it in the VCR. I rewound
the tape and pressed play. I saw my ... Continue»
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My Girlfriends Younger s****r by loyalsock

It has been awhile since I have had a really great sexual experience.

I do have a steady girlfriend but she is the type of girl who will have

sex but does not like it that much. It is not my fault, she just has some

motional problems and is not a very sexual person. Don't get me wrong,

she is an extremely beautiful girl with golden blonde hair and an

amazingly fit body. She is also great to be with but sexually, she is very


I have been with her for almost two years and have got to know her

mother and 18 year old s****r very well. In fact her s**... Continue»
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Initiation by loyalsock

"Come with me, Kiki," and be quick about it." "Yes, ma'am," the shy eighteen year old Japanese girl replied softly. Melinda Clanton opened the door of her chauffeur driven Lincoln and waited impatiently for the young Asian to climb inside. Once on their way Melinda scolded, "You seem to be preoccupied, dear, let's not make it a habit." "I'm sorry, ma'am," Kiki replied, "I guess I'm just a little nervous, that's all." "Howard, stop the car!!!" she snapped to her driver. Once stopped Melinda turned to face Kiki and offered with cold fury, "If you don't want to be part of my life get out right no... Continue»
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Nicole In Our Bed (Threesome, FFM, bi-sexual, firs

I was trying my best to just flow with it, not think too much. I always think too much. Feel, just feel. Breathe, that's the key thing. Be sure to keep breathing. In and out. Nice and easy and smooth. I could get through this.

And don't look! I couldn't look. I will soon, I promised myself. But not yet. Breathe.

I stood in our bedroom. My back to our bed. Eyes closed even though I'd just turned off the lights. Trying to keep myself under some kind of control as my husband caressed my shoulders, my arms, that sensitive spot right at the back of my neck, right where the spine ends, that ... Continue»
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The Trucker's

I put an ad on craiglist to chat and have fun and possibly meet. I was bored and was trying to think how I could meet a stranger chat them up and tease each other some and go from there.
I asked if any black men wanted to chat and started getting tons of mail.
One guy said he was passing through and wanted to talk to me a white girl.
I thought cool mystery guy wheres he from?
I replied to him and we both started with questions and what we were into. Turns out he was a truck driver. He was coming to me in his truck and told me his location. I knew exactly where he was. He sent his number... Continue»
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College life summer 2


I wasn't quite sure who it was behind the dark shades and brown beard along
with longish hair. He pulled up his shades and then I knew it was Jess.
Now I was so stunned to see him show up at Scott's house of all people in
this world.

"I see the party's started without me," Jess said.

That's when Kris fully realized who it was. He stumbled getting out of his
chair. He grabbed Jess for a big hug. Colt and Bryson shook his hand.
Corey and I gave him a hug as well.

"Glad you could make it," Scott said before embracing Jess.

"Hell, I had to once the invit... Continue»
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Her First Threesome

"I've made up my mind", you tell me. "It's Rhett "   "You're sure? " I ask   "Yes, I'm sure.  Rhett will be the one" .   "OK, best you make the phone call then and give him the news.  Set it up for this Saturday  evening.  I'm pretty sure he's going to arrange to be free"     So you make the call to Rhett, letting him know that he is invited to join us for our first ever  threesome.  We've talked about it for a while now, and recently placed a contact ad looking  for a male to join us.  The idea has always excited me, and you decided that it was something  you're willing to try.     Out of sev... Continue»
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Mom's Bachelorette Party

My mom decided to get married after many years being single. I guess that since I just turned twenty one and would finish college soon and move on mom decided to tie the knot with this guy. Don't get me wrong, he is an alright guy, I just think she could do better. Mom is not a super model, she is just an average looking woman.
They decided to have a bachelorette party and asked me if I would be the designated driver and I said yes. I thought this would be fun. All of mom's friends are married so I figured this would be a pretty laid back night. When the night started, we went to eat at ... Continue»
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جلنار جردلي Jilnar Jardaly Hot Buttered Buns

Greetings and salutations, my friends.

I'm Paul. I noticed there's a lot of Jilnar Jardaly worshipers around here so I thought you all might like to read how she inducted me into her sordid, sexual cult....

I'm a registered nurse from Seattle, working the late-shift over here at Dubai Hospital. One night, as always, I was on the late train which turned out to be a train trip that changed me life completely and forever!

It was after 2AM on a weeknight so the train was practically empty, apart from two other guys.

One was a teenager with long blonde dreadlocks and a baseball cap on ... Continue»
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It is a warm summer’s day. We have had a long stressful week. Both of us are in need of stress release. You ask me, “Babe, what would you like to do tonight? It’s been a long week and we need to do something fun and dirty.” I look up from my magazine and give you a little smirk and say, “How about we find us a woman and have a threesome tonight?” You look very surprised and say with a smile, “I like the way you think, babe.” I know you love my dirty side.

We talk and agree that a night at a strip club may be a great way to meet someone to bring back and fuck. We are not be looking f... Continue»
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