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Our Cuckholding History


“Guess what Thomas wants for Christmas.” Helen handed Gary a scotch then stood with her hands on her hips. She addressed my friend Gary but looked defiantly into my eyes.

“Helen, don’t. Not now. Just cool your jets.” I tried to keep a flat and casual tone but I could tell that desperation tainted my comment.

“Just guess Gary. What do you think my husband, your friend wants most of all for Christmas?”

Gary looked back and forth from Helen to myself, trying to decipher the tension between us. “I don’t know... A silver BMW... a winning lottery ticket... his two front teeth...really... Continue»
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Fucking my friend's wife on their anniversary

So, like most Saturday nights this summer, Anna came by my place tonight. But tonight was different in a most awesome way. She came over on her anniversary.

As soon as I let her in, Anna left no doubt about her intentions. Without saying a word, she pressed her body up against me and kissed me on the mouth hard. I kissed her back, pushing her up against my door as my free hand wandered up the front of her shirt. She was braless and I took full advantage, savoring the soft feel of her tits in my hand, before I pulled her shirt off entirely. Exposed, I buried my face between her breasts, befo... Continue»
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Park Service Thursday (in July)

There has been more delay, sorry, perhaps you read about the harassment investigation in the park service. We had to cool it as we were all questioned. We are all willing adults in this, no one coerced. but the investigation threw a LOT of cold water on us. So now I will from memory be relating the last 2 events in July

Not a lot has happened since then---but we have stuff planned (he-he).

As Wednesday passed I wondered what Thursday would hold. Cindy left the note saying she would be back.

Thursday was just plain HOT, even up in the mountains and the bugs were taking advantage of... Continue»
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The cottage cacation

This is a fantasy of mine i hope will come true someday...

My friends and i had been planning and anticipating this trip all year, especially since it has been so hot and dry this summer. It was supposed to just be a trip with the guys like last year... beers, good buddies, plenty of 420 and lots of fun times, but this year would be a trip i will never forget...

After the long drive up to the cottage we put our gear away and all went for a refreshing swim in the lake, it was cold at first but felt great on a day that hit +33c. We got out and went to chill on the deck with a cold drink an... Continue»
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Movie Night

It was just a regular Wednesday night. Me and Sarah were round at her boyfriend Jake's flat watching a movie in his room as he lived with two other guys using the living room. We did this fairly often, all under the covers, Sarah in the middle curled up with Jake and me on the other side.

The conversation had stopped about 10 minutes ago and we had settled into the movie. For the the life of me I can't remember what it was, we would choose something random from a huge library he had on his computer, but I guess the movie doesn't matter now. What I do remember is feeling bodies moving next ... Continue»
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Long weekend. Part 1 of 3 ( Fiction ) Bi, Trans

Long Weekend

It was Friday night and I needed to get out for a while. I headed to the Rave bar in town. It had been a long time since I had some Strange. When I got there the place was jumping and packed full. The night had a wild energy in the air and these people came to party. The dance floor was packed and every time the club opened another section, it was quickly filled. All four of the speakers were loaded with dancers. The lower speakers were lit from the top and the girls dancing there had light shining up through their dresses, showing all of their wares. Anyone that was a r... Continue»
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Wife looses a bet

Football season is one of my favorite times of the year. I usually have the guys over to watch the game and my wife is a perfect hostess. She serves up the cold beer and always has something to snack on. I was planning on having the guys over to watch a preseason game and I asked my wife if she would be our hostess? The guys always tip her and when she flirts the tips are bigger. She said she would do it but she wanted something sexy to wear. I have no problem with her dressing sexy in front of my friends in fact I've watched a couple of my buddy's on summer fuck her out beside our pool.

... Continue»
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Night out

It's been a long day at work & I'm finally free, looking forward to an evening out with my friend John, I haven't seen him in ages, just an evening in the local for a quiz but as I'm thinking if what to wear I hear my name called, I turn to see Roger, a guy who's been working in our office, he's so hot! 'What's up?' I ask 'I'm staying down for the weekend, thought we could grab that drink?'
My mind is racing 'um, I've got plans but I'm sure u could tag along' my inner voice is cheering me on 'won't your friend mind?' No, I say I'm sure he'll be fine; we arranged to meet at 8. I'm getting read... Continue»
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My wife does a marathon fuck session

Some times things just happen. There was no planning this it just worked out. Saturday afternoon my wife and I where relaxing by our pool. After a few adult beverages she had decided that she wanted to work on her tan so she went inside to change into a bikini. I was laid back with my eyes closed when she asjed if I needed another drink? Without opening my eyes I said sure. Then I felt her tap my shoulder with a cold Budweiser. I sat up straight and when I opened my eyes I saw my wife standing there wearing her smallest bikini bottom without its top. Wow I said. She said I need sun on my tits ... Continue»
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Wife makes me a eunuch for Halloween

Every Halloween my wife and I go to a private party thrown by one of her friends. Nan is a lady my wife met several years ago and after they discovered they both are into cuckolding they became best friends. The only thing Man's husband Mike and I have in common is we are both cuckolds. He is an I.T. guy and I own a automotive repair shop. They live in a hootie tootie gated community and my wife and I live in a nice older neighborhood.

Each year Nan gives away an award for the best costume and my wife wants to win it. We have fallen short every year so far but this year my wife has a sure ... Continue»
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My first gangbang

So this happened near the end of my freshman year of high school, I had been getting fucked by my math teacher 2-3 times a day during the week and was fucking Austin and Alan (the guys I lost my virginity to in my first gay story) during the weekends during sl**povers but I wasn't getting enough cock during the weekends to match the fucking I was getting during the week so I decided to ask Austin and Alan if they thought two of our other friends, Matt and Michael, would be down to get in on this and make it a huge fuck session and they said probably since Michael had just broken up with his gi... Continue»
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my christian wife's descent into slutdom

my dream had come true.

my wife of 5 years, a devout christian girl, was being gangfucked in our own bedroom by 10 old men—old enough to her grandfathers—who were also complete strangers to us. this was the culmination of a long road into her descent from a virgin girl when i married her into a girl who just had 50th dick penetrate her christian pussy. completely amazing. let me start from the beginning.

when i married my wife, we were both 24. she grew up in a christian home while i was an agnostic. against her parents' wishes, she married me anyway. i grew up looking at porn since i wa... Continue»
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My wife and I are members of a motorcycle club in Jackson.   As members of Apple City we enjoy the occasional charity activities, and social aspects of the club.  We have a trike, and some of the clubs frown on them, viewing them as not really motorcycles.  However, everyone at our local club is laid back and for the most part non-judgmental.  Our club is mostly made up of members from Jackson, Charleston, and a few from Columbus.

Our club owns a pre-engineered building that we bought from a previous owner.   It was a business ... Continue»
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My wife shows her tits

One day last week as I was coming down our street from work I saw a power company truck in my driveway. As I pulled in I saw my wife talking with the driver. I parked on the right side of his truck and walked up to the passenger side . As I leaned in to listen to what they where talking about I noticed that the way my wife was bent over to talk to the guy caused her loose fitting shirt to hang open enough that her nipples where easy to see. I could tell he was checking them out. I figured that she was having fun flashing her tits so I just went inside.

In a little while my wife came insid... Continue»
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I Got Fucked By Three Hot College Female Seniors D

Hi my name is Kevin, 22 years, 5’9 height. I look smart and tough with 7 inch long dick. I would like to tell a story about my ragging at college. It was my first day and l was ready to be get ragged by seniors but things went in other way. I was the handsome guy among the juniors and 3 seniors Rupa, Kalpana, Soumya got interested me.
Let me tell about their structure, Kalpana the hot figure with 34-28-32, Rupa a fair girl with round ass 32-26-36, soumya the big breast girl and white skin 36-28-32.
Those 3 seniors lived in a room near college and one day they asked me to come to their roo
... Continue»
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My wife and I are members of a motorcycle club in Jackson.   As members of Apple City we enjoy the occasional charity activities, and social aspects of the club.  We have a trike, and some of the clubs frown on them, viewing them as not really motorcycles.  However, everyone at our local club is laid back and for the most part non-judgmental.  A contingent of regulars from Jackson, Charleston, and a few from Columbus.

Our club has a pre-engineered building that we bought from a previous owner.   It was a business up on the ridge overlooking old US-23.    The o... Continue»
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Lady Millie

With a good portion of pride mixed with nerves, Brandon stepped into his brand new Peugeot 208, which he got since yesterday as a present from his parents for his 21st Birthday. With his hands shaking a little, he pressed the start button and the engine sprung into action. Carefully he drove off and decided he was going to just go round the block and maybe through the main shopping street of the village, hoping someone he knew would see him. The initial nerves slowly subsided and Brandon felt confident, enjoying his new wheels. He turned right into the shopping street and slowly drove through ... Continue»
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When my ex fiance fucked two big black cocks

This story is about the time my fiance at the time Karmyn fucked two 18 year olds and made me watch. Me and karmyn were at karmyn's little b*****rs high shool grad. We ended up at a graduation after party. There were two 18 year olds that were checking out karmyn all day and night. She decided to approach the two young studs. After a bit of chit chat, karmyn was able to pick them up and bring them back to our place. both teens dropped their pants and had huge cocks. i then showed mine and came to realize i was no comparison to the boys lol. " See boys my man has baby dick" karmyn told them. A... Continue»
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Asian sucks 2 of her b*****r's friends

Story by Chen

It was Friday night and I was on the way to my friend Mike's house with my buddy Patrick. We all share a couple of college courses and we had nothing to do tonight so we decided that we might as well go over and play some video games. He lived with his parents, but they were out of town so we could bring some drinks and have a decent night for gaming. Patrick and I are both white, and Mike is Asian, so he nicknamed himself "Asian Mike" amongst our gro... Continue»
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Aris' awakening.

I moved to a small community when I was in high school. One of my best friends was a boy named Aris. We were the double “A” crew. We spent a lot of time together. It was no secret that Aris had a mad infatuation for me. I had let him feel my boob, we made out, but I never let it go any further. I know he was perpetually disappointed. He hated any of my high school boyfriends but funny, I thought he was gay. Although, the only girlfriend he had, I got in between and broke them up (I wanted my cake and to eat it too). It was nice having an admirer, I loved it. We talked a lot about sex... Continue»
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