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Night at the Oil Party - Part 10

“This should be fun to watch,” added Maddy.

To our left, on the end of the couch, I watched Randy spitting all over Bobby’s hard cock, and sucking on it really aggressively. She took it out of her mouth and started stroking it hard, and was begging him to come on her face.

“Give it to me baby, come on, I want your hot come all over my face,” and she put his cock back in her mouth and started gagging heavily on it.

“Oh yea, ok…here it comes…ahhhhhhhh” moaned Bobby as Randy took his cock out of her mouth and started stroking it hard as streams of cum shot out and all over her face and u... Continue»
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Park service Wife's version

This ongoing adventure picks up in late April, we started to put it in writing and were interrupted by a f****y emergency. So this is now from memory and there may be a few inconsistencies, but it is all true.

After my introduction, the rest of this is my wife's experience.
As park volunteers we never know what our weekend job will consist of. My wife worked an information table, handing out maps and information packets.

Me I got lawn equipment repair duty. It seems the Park Service's idea of storage is park it at the end of the season and let it set until spring. So I smell like old... Continue»
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Night at the Oil Party - Part 9

“Give it to him baby, cum all over his face,” Maddy said to Claudia and leaned down to suck on her nipple which sent Claudia over the edge.

“Oh shit, here it comes, oh yeah…” and with a huge sigh and moan I felt her body start to tremble and shake and I started sucking on her clit and rubbing her g-spot even harder, resulting in her pussy becoming completely slippery and sloppy just the way I liked it.

With a massive groan that stopped all the action in the room, Claudia began to squirt all over may face, onto my back, down my throat and all over my chest, dripping down to my hard cock a... Continue»
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Ana at the stripper pub

Ana at the stripper pub.

That business trip to Chicago had ended one day before schedule and I was flying back home. My cell phone was out of order, so I decided it could be nice to surprise Anita arriving home early.

The strange thing was I could not find her at home…. on Friday late evening. It was really strange.
I spent a long while calling some of her friends, asking if she was there, but it was useless. Nobody knew about her since that morning.

I found a kind of business card on the floor, close to the main table at the dining room.
I was even stranger, I could not recognize t... Continue»
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She could put both her hands on it on top off each other and wank it, He then picked her up and lobbed her on the bed’ I know Holly said she can take wot you got but fuck how is she going to take that lot, well we found out’ Bob was the first to sink his nod in, It went in easy from tip to balls deep in just one stroke, He then started slamfucking her right from the word go, She said she loved it hard and she dose, With Bob slamming away she got hold of two cocks and put one in her mouth and was wanking one, Bob fucked her for around 5mins then pulled out and said well that should have g... Continue»
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Err… Fuck well Err….Fuck well over 5k have now seen you & your cunt full of dick’ & they have only been on for 1hour 38mins’ Why she was in to that some of the men were saying they had been sending photos & vids to loads of they mates all night’ Yes me to, They all had, Not just Xhamster but many porn sites, Holly was now a porn star and didn’t know it. You should see some of the comments’ A lot want to know who this tiny teen fuck slut is so they can look for more of her’ & loads are jerking off to you’ Really! Fuck yeah’ Go on tell them my full name & the city & town I live in’ As she ... Continue»
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HOLLY’S’ 8 BLACKMEN GANGBANG! PART 1 Claire and me got talking about sex again last week at work & got on to ‘Holly’ Now Holly is the girl at work that all the lads would like to shag stupid, She is 21 & has a tiny fuck doll body with big tits & a very pretty face with long brunet hair, She is only around 5ft 3 with a ass to die for, And best of all she loves cock, Huge cock, Most at work know that she was fucking much older men when she was really young with some of then having Huge cocks. She makes a big thing of saying that a 6 inch cock to her is really Tiny & doesn’t believe that is ... Continue»
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Hot Tub 3some (Bi-MMF)

I was in Raleigh, NC and went to an upscale BBQ place. Being by myself I sat at the bar and was soon joined by this beautiful Hispanic woman. She had long brown hair with blonde highlights. Being only 5-2 I am sure she weighted right around 100lbs. We started to talk and after I while I excused myself to go to the bathroom. When I came back, she had unbuttoned the top of her blouse showing nice firm b cup breasts in a push up bra. This girl was sexy and she knew it.

We talked a bit and then she mentioned she was married. “Damn” I thought, this is not a good sign.” Then she a... Continue»
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Ana and a pair of gay guys

Ana and a pair of gay guys

My loving Victor was out of the town during that long weekend and I really was starting to get bored home alone, but then my old friend Jeremy called me. He invited me to take a walk that Saturday night and of course I accepted in delight.
My good friend was younger than me, a handsome guy, polite and a real Gentleman, fire in his eyes, a nice thick cock, but… he was gay…
That night I made my best to get sure I was looking good. A short black silk dress and a pair of five inches stilettos, just to consider myself “a little bit fuckable”…
Jeremy was at my door... Continue»
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Willing s****rs

Tracy was sitting on the living room couch upset that
she had to baby-sit her younger s****rs Alley and Kelly
again. They were her 13 year old twin siblings and all
she really wanted to do was to get away.

But since she was 15 years old, her parents trusted her
to be more responsible than her b*****r Rick who was
barely a year older. Besides, Rick and she would always
fight for one thing or another and always tease each
other. The other day he started teasing her about her
larger than normal tits. Tracy fought back but the
truth was that she did have larger breasts than ... Continue»
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Did you answer an ad like this?

He was pumping her mouth hard when I walked into the room. Her head was hanging of the end of the bed. Her face covered with spit, cum and make up run all over her face, notably her lipstick and mascara. She kept gagging on this meat rod of 10 inches as he thrusted in his black meat into suburban white mouth. The lipstick ran because of the spit and cum. The mascara because of the tears.
Her pussy ass husband tweaked her nipples on her 42C tits as he wanked his 4 inch cock. Her cunt was getting lapped by a blond whore that was taking it in the ass by another huge black cock. She wimpered int... Continue»
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Thia - die Matumbi

Die folgende Geschichte habe ich für einen brasilianischen Comiczeichner geschrieben. Dieser hat die Geschichte dann zeichnerisch umgesetzt. Er trägt hat den Künstlernamen Nill. Die eingefügten Bilder sind der Seite Seiren Quadrinhos entnommen. Ich bin mehr oder wenig zufällig auf die Seite gestoßen und hatte mal eine Frage an die Betreiber gerichtet. Irgendwann fragten sie mich, ob ich nicht einmal eine Geschichte als Vorlage besteuern will. Hier also nun meine Geschichte:

Thia – Königin der Matumbi

Im Jahr 1905 stand ein Gebiet im Südosten Afrikas – welches wir unter dem Namen Tansa... Continue»
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Roulette by loyalsock

"A Pair of sixes."
"Three sevens."
"Full House. Queens over threes. Pay up, Andrea."
Agonizingly slow. Still, closer and closer. Both had
lost (first their left, then their right) spike
heeled sandals. Their deliberate card playing and
movements made those losses seem like hours ago.
Nevertheless, the sight of their shapely legs,
lovingly caressed by their ultra sheer hose, anchored
my attention. Their petite feet were expertly
pedicured. Their fingers perfectly manicured. Very
minimal make-up was expertly applied. The barest
hints of their perfume fogged my brain, which s... Continue»
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Swing-ers Experiences

Being cooped up all week in an apartment wasn't Rachel's idea of the perfect life. She and Andrew just moved in from a small suburb in the Toronto area, to the big T.O. itself. Andrew was a computer analyst for a big firm, as for Rachel, she was still looking for a job.
During their short stay, the couple met Jean and Stewart through Andrew's company Christmas party.

They developed a good friendship and were almost unseperable from the get go. All 4 of them were in their late 20's and as expected basically loved the same things as friends should do...
Lately however, Rachel was getting... Continue»
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daddy uses me with ppl

you already are my little whore slut princess.......your my best a favorite little cum slut.......
we been out all night and the bar is coming to a close, we,re asked backed to a house party, we agree. we get a taxi and pull up outside, you get out first dressed in a light black dress, a pair of black stockings and black high have no under wear on and the dress just barely covers you cheeks...we walk through the door and as you look around you turn to me and ask, are you sure about this....glancing around i see the house is full of people doing all sorts.....just go on slut..go ... Continue»
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Becca, Our New Housekeeper

Sorry we haven’t posted lately but we’ve been very busy. Babs and I both got promotions where we work and have been busy learning our new jobs. I suggested to Babs that we get someone to come in and clean the house for her and she jumped at the chance and said she would make the arrangements.

A couple days later I came home to find a very cute looking young lady vacuuming the livingroom. She introduced herself to me as Becca and told me that she was very grateful for the job as house keeper. I shook her hand and noticed how her hazel eyes seemed to shine and turn green as we talked. I excu... Continue»
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my daddys princess

i walk in after a day at work......walking into the sitting room your lying on the sofa with your four fingers fucking your pussy......what the fuck are you doing yildiz..........i,m sorry master....i just wanted to be wet for when you got back from work.....ok my little princess get over here on your knees slide off the sofa and crawl over on you hands and knees kneeling in front of me you rub my cock on the outside of my bottoms......yildiz, i can do that myself you dirty tart....sorry lower my bottoms and take my cock in your hand, massaging it and as it g... Continue»
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Body Corporate Chp 18

3748 - 1.89

The Way Home

Cindi laid back in the lush leather seats relaxing as the car drove down the country road towards home. It was a warm night actually warmer than at camp. As soon as civilization started to appear Cindi’s blindfold was put back on and again she was in total darkness.

It wasn’t a minute later that she felt George’s hands rubbing her body. Actually it felt good with his soft fingers roaming all over her with special attention to her bosoms, which at this point were still sore but they still reacted. Nothing was said she knew from past experience that... Continue»
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The Day I Became A Cum Slut

I grew upon on a small Midwest farm and went to Catholic schools when I was growing up. I was the oldest c***d, so I acted as the surrogate mother at home. It was my responsibility to watch all of my younger siblings. I even considered becoming a Nun. So much so in fact, that I took the train to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in my junior year to visit a convent. I soon decided that wasn’t for me and I came back home. Was I glad to move out and be on my own after high school. I attended a business school and then left for the big city to live.

I got a room at the YWCA and made friends with lots of gi... Continue»
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Body Corporate 14

2738 - 1.39

Chapter 14
Sea Trials

Uncomfortable as she was Cindi still fell asl**p being completely exhausted by the day’s events. sl**p ended when her master came down and released her from the ropes. As it turned out she was awaken so she could go back to sl**p only in the Master’s bed, for a few more hours. Cindi was told to report to the dock at 1:00pm. She was to have her makeup on and be prepared for photos and other activities. The photos seemed like no problem but the other activities gave her some concerns.

Cindi slept for a few more hours in the comfortable bed before waki... Continue»
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