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A Taste

I am horny as can be. I was a late bloomer of sorts,
but I had gone through enough
puberty (and porn) to know that I was going along fine,
and maybe even ahead of the game. Still, even my
relationships and amazing video collection (seriously I
have the best of all of my favorite types: young girls,
cum, interracial, - I prefer ones I can relate to more)
couldn't satisfy me fully. No matter how many times or
how much I came, nothing could stem the bl**d that
always seem to raise my cock to full mast.

I'm in really good shape, an accomplished soccer player
and swimmer, an... Continue»
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They didnt see through him.

When I was growing up on a typical English council estate (not so wealthy families) I had lots of friends male and female of all ages I was a very like-able person with a big character, I remember a guy that was older than me that lived just down the road from me and he can be best described as eccentric, he was chubby with a cheeky grin he would find most things funny and always did strange things, I remember we were on opposite sides of the street and we exchanged a glance so I lifted my head to say "alright"(hello) and he came running over to me give me a cuddle and run away laughing he was... Continue»
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Newport Naval Academy

My dick grew semi-hard even before we got out of the

I knew I wanted to attend the Newport Naval Academy
even before my father set the DeSoto's parking
brake. Beyond the car window, about twenty feet away,
three good-looking boys stood talking. Their tight
white uniforms hugged their lithe teenage bodies rather
provocatively. My parents insisted on a military type
school. I was on my way to becoming a little punk and
strict school discipline would "straighten" me out.
Well, the "out" part was right. If they only knew how
un-straight that school would make me!

It... Continue»
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Bi Buddies Having Fun Part 3

As we sat drinking our beers, it occurred to me that I didn’t know what John did for a living, so I asked. I’m an inspector for the local gas utility. I do inspections all around the city, most of the time indoors. But a couple times a month I have to go to one of our facilities up north of town and do some inspections outside. Of course, today was one of those days and one of the asshole supervisors was there making my job hell. I had to rush home so I could take a shower before I came over tonight.

I turned the TV on and we watched some of the golf tournament as we finished our second bee... Continue»
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I woke up, naked but freshly showered on a crisp clean set of sheets on a
large round bed. The events of earlier were sketchy at best. As the sl**p
left my eyes and I started to become more lucid, I started remembering how
I was a total slut for dozens of hung black tops. How they used my body
for their sexual pleasure and how I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT. I couldn't
get my head around that fact. I had never had a gay thought in my life,
and now a scant few hours later I was naked in a strange mans house
starting to wonder where all the hard cock that I had played with earlier
had... Continue»
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I logged on, wondering who is online today.
Looked at the online people, read their messages.
I noticed one, mmm, that’s a special one, a dominant male was looking for a submissive or a newbe into slavery.
I answered: Sub, not a slave yet years old, weight 81kg and length 181 cm.
After a while he answered, hello, looks good, tell me more about you, are you for a long time in this scene?
No I am new into slavery, never tried before, I have submissive feelings.
Well, it seems you one, when do you want to meet me?
Well maybe today I answered.
Yes that is ok, and he gave me... Continue»
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i dressed up as a full girl

i lost some fat and still had my nice butt so and got some fake boobs yes fake boobs you can get them on the internet anyway. one evening i thought it would be fun to go out as a girl so i got a pair of panties a pair of black leggings and i attached my fake boobs a little glue helps and put on a blue bra and black tight shirt. i went out to my local adult store and walked around the booth area for a bit. all the guys were looking at me checking me out. i think a couple knew i was a guy but most didn't care. most of them wanted to feel up my ass or boobs well i found one guy jerking off to me ... Continue»
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interracial massage

i am a white chubby guy who likes wearing panties and tight pants, mostly leggings.
one of my friends with benefits, older black guy, got a massage table and wanted to try it out and he knew i gave good massages so he texted me to come over in my usual clothes so i got on a pair of blue panties and a pair of tight black leggings and a black shirt. i got there and he showed me his table and asked me to give him a massage. he laid down face down and i worked on his back and legs. he turned around and i started down at his feet and worked my way up to his crotch. i grabbed his cock and jerked i... Continue»
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The Leatheress 101 - "Poker Night"

I hadn't gone to Bruce's house that night with any expectation that I'd be finishing the night by blowing him on his black leather sofa, but that is the way it turned out. Don't get me wrong; I'd had an interest in him ever since the first time I saw him a few years before that, as a live reporter on my local evening news, but it's not like I truly ever had envisioned a scenario where such an interest would grow to become anything more. It is just funny how things work out, sometimes.

I guess we should probably start with some backstory. Myself, I always had an interest in dressing up in an... Continue»
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A Surprise visit continued

When Daniel was satisfied he stood and dressed, looking back as he opened my bed room door, Daniel said "...remember you are my Bitch. I expect you to service me every day you are home. So, I'll see you tomorrow..." I heard Daniel open the front door and I curled up in a ball crying as his seed continued to leak out of my butt and dry on my lips.

I was sl**p when my folks got home, the crack between my buttocks was caked with Daniel's dried male spunk. My butt hole ached, yet longed for the feel of Daniel's cock to invade it again. I slowly left my bed and found that I was wobbly on my f... Continue»
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Job as a Speedo Waiter

I saw an add online for "Exhibitionist Waiter for Private Party". It was coming up to Xmas and I really needed the money. I was feeling pretty happy about my 20yo body these days - was training for some long distance swimming and spending a lot of time in the pool. With all that training I was starting to tan up nice and I had lost about 10kgs.

Let me quickly explain a bit about myself - I'm 20yo and mid way through my college degree, I'm 6"1', dark hair with some blonde through it and reasonably tanned. I've had a little bit of guy/guy experience but not much - although it always gets me h... Continue»
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I always have a debate within myself when I see a guy with his fly open. Should I tell him or not. You never know what their reaction will be.

If the guy looks mean or is unkempt or dressed like a bum, I will not say anything.

If a guy looks friendly, I usually take my chances and tell him.

Their normal reaction is one of embarrassment and usually they say, "Oops," or "Thanks," and turn away and pull up their zipper as discretely as possible.

One error in judgement on my part, left me vowing to never tell another guy.

It was in Wal*Mart, a very busy place and this guy got a... Continue»
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My first date

So last night I took out a man on a date for my first time. It was someone who I already knew. I hadn't seen him in quite awhile. He was the best leather sex that I had ever had. We had kind of lost touch and I wanted this to change. It turned me on to no end to know that I was making a date that would probably end with me in a sling. We agreed to a time and I met him at a busy Mexican restaurant. He was waiting outside for me and wore all black with a chain wallet. When I met him he gave me a big hug and a quick ass squeeze. This is the first time I ever had a man do this to me in public and ... Continue»
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Shaved For The Gym

Yesterday before I went to the gym for my regular session my mistress shaved me completely, I am normally shaved around my little cocklet but yesterday she took it all off, chest, legs, arms. She then made me put on a pair of Brazilian panties under my gear. On the way to the gym I was rock hard thinking about being with all those men, not knowing I was wearing panties and smooth all over. It was quite busy so I dumped by bag in the locker and went straight to the weights room. I am sure some of the guys must have noticed my smooth legs but no one seemed to pay too much attention. I was so hor... Continue»
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Friday I went shopping at my friendy neighborhood Wal*Mart. There are only 2 cashiers open and they are next to one another.
I can not get into the shorter right hand lane as there is a couple in the left lane and their cart is blocking me. She is behind the cart and he is standing beside it. His back is towards me.
She is a cute 30 year old, maybe 5'2". She's a wee bit heavy, built for comfort, not for speed.
He is at least 6' tall, maybe 35 and is unshaven. Since he is blocking my progress. I tap him on the shoulder and say, "Excuse me."
He turns and says, "Sorry".
I smile and say, ... Continue»
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Anon at the Tanning Booth

I was quite horny one morning and searched Craigslist for something interesting. One ad caught my eye and it was for anon sex at a tanning salon. Basically, he was proposing for a bottom to reserve a particular booth at a tanning salon, get naked, and then assume the position for a butt fuck. The ad had a picture of a beautiful white cut dick that was 7 inches long and very, very thick inches.

We exchanged a few emails and agreed on a time. I showed up and went to the per-designated booth. My heart was racing. I walked down the hall to the specific booth, went in and closed the ... Continue»
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(Gay) Cruising Hamburg: Reeperbahn

Hi lads,
Been a while since my last story. Just got back from another week in Hamburg. Decided to share this story. As always, thumbs up and comments appreciated. Like this story? Add as a friend and read my other publishes!

I was extremely bored and horny.

The good news was that I had an all-day ticket on the S-Bahn and it was only 6 stations away to the Reeperbahn from where I was staying in Berliner Tor.

The Reeperbahn was famous for it's sex shops. Not k**ding. There's one right next to a McDonald's. Talk about a happy meal.

The one ... Continue»
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Sissy whorehouse veronica

Chapter 1 - The Capture

Before I became a girl I was a lonely boy with no friends. I couldn't seem
to make friends with anyone. I hated myself and I hated my life. One day I
decided to take a walk and try to get away form my troubles. It was early
in the morning, the sky was a pretty pink, and no one else was out. But
then, out of the corner of my eye I spotted a black van with heavily tinted
windows coming down the street. It slowed down beside me and as it did I
got a little scared. I was alone on a deserted street after all. There was
an attractive yet manish blond woman in the pa... Continue»
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2 OUTTA 3 club..ex wife Toronto gangbang from cums

We liked how clean and wonderful Toronto was. Our quick trip was drawing to a conclusion.

The night before I'd suggested anal sex, and she gave her standard never response. Two different groups had tried to blackmail me with her in porn tapes. In all of the tapes she had been airtight. Figured it would end in a losing argument for me.

So we were having a late lunch after a trip to a museum. Our good mood seemed to continue with drinks and food. We went to the bar to waste a little time, before our evening plans. We were the only people at the bar. She was wearing a sundress and sandals... Continue»
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Always Be a Good Samaritan

If you're not in the habit of being a Good Samaritan, and helping out when help is needed, you may wish to reconsider.

Yesterday morning, finding the weather to be exceptionally nice, I decided to take a ride on my motor scooter. After donning my protective clothing & equipment, off I went - excited about the morning's ride.

I hadn't gotten 3 blocks when I witnessed a young man wiping out on his bicycle. Off he flew, over the handle bars. A couple of bounces and a short sk**, and he came to a halt. I immediately stopped to assist (I have a medical background, and carry a small first aid... Continue»
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