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My Gay Clubs Private Suck Off Contest

It was a somewhat long and widely almost horseshoe shaped semi circle line that contained s*******n different men either bare ass naked or with full frontal open fly cock exposure that special Friday nite last Dec. 24th. Yes it was the finals of our Private Gay Clubs BEST 2004 COCKSUCKER OF THE YEAR CONTEST. Just like each of the 11 preliminary monthly contests held before it, the rules of engagement were quite simple. Kneel, kiss, lick, stroke and suck each new Cock until it WILDLY BEGAN TO EJACULATE!

Like myself, the other finalist was also another Sexy She Bitch Sissy who called ... Continue»
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It had been a long day for Nick Jackson. He had two more nights left on his five-day training stint in the small college town. He worked for a software company and had been flown down to instruct a new client’s employees on how to use the program for maximum benefit. After picking up a small salad and taking it to his room, he decided to hit the hotel bar for a glass of chardonnay. The place had a smattering of other business travelers peppered out amongst the tables – and actually there was at least one inhabitant at each. He got his wine and left his personal credit card to open a tab. Nick ... Continue»
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Addicted to Fist

Addicted to Fist

Jim and Gus had fucked and fisted me with everything but the corner fire
hydrant. And as much as I had still begged them for even more, I'm
surprised they didn't find a way to make even that happen.

Our 24-hour pig marathon was without a doubt the wildest, raunchiest,
roughest, most infinitely satisfying sex of my entire life. It was what I'd
been secretly waiting for my whole life, going all the way back to my days
as a teenager when I discovered the thick inner joys of a sun-warmed
cucumber stuffed up my "virgin" butthole.

Anyhow, the next day... Continue»
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Being Husband


Being Husband

When I was young I was a fool. When my future wife to be refused full sexual
intercourse before the marriage day, I assumed this was quite normal,
respectable behaviour on her part, the natural reaction of a nice, middle
class girl true to her upbringing. Only later did I discover that Nadia
wasn't 'respectable' at all! At the time though I couldn't see past the
smooth curves of her ample breasts, tightly constrained beneath her thin,
skin-hugging tops, or separate my gaze from the ... Continue»
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]Aunt Karen and Her Niece Andy

Aunt Karen and Her Niece Andy

My name was Andy now it's Amy. This is my story.

When I was twelve, I became fascinated by women and their clothes. I
still don't know what caused my fascination. I do know that my
interest increased with each passing day. Maybe it was puberty, or an
imbalance of hormones or as I've recently come to believe, I was a
person born genetically different. All I'm really sure of is ... I'm
glad it happened.

The initial stages of my quest for feminine knowledge took the form of
comparing women when they weren't conscious of my appr... Continue»
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Bobbi - New Girl in Town
(TV, Transsexual, Prostitution, Gay & lesbian sex, Anal, Oral)

[Note: the original author of these stories prefers to remain

Margo sat next to me in the coffee shop late that Saturday afternoon.
His real name was Mark, but he was one of the loveliest Drag Queens in
New York City. I had been dressing secretly at home in my mother's and
s****r's clothes for just over three years, but at 18 years old, I had
never been in public as a woman. Margo lived now as a female, and could
pass anywhere. I complimented "her" on it, and "she" said,... Continue»
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The maintenance man

Ever since I started fantasizing about being with a man, there has been a recurring fantasy that I'd like to share.


I open the door after hearing someone ringing the bell. It's the maintenance man of the social housing apartment I live in for the annual check of the house. At least, that's what he told me he's there for. I never knew there was an annual check up and nobody told me when I moved in.

'Let's take a look in the bathroom first,' he says and I comply, wondering why I have to come along at all. He looks around a bit, which gives me more than enough time to check him out. ... Continue»
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I uploaded my first self porn pics here...

This story is true, see my "Me in some of my swimsuits plus cum" gallery. You should view it, it will illustrate the first part of this story. This is my first attempt at writing from a first person perspective, hope you enjoy!

Here I am, my spandex clad images on the internet for other people to enjoy... I feel exalted. I had spent over an hour doing my own half-assed porno shoot and then more time editing it to keep my anonymity. There I was... posted on xhamster, and had a couple of views already. I am hard just from editing my own pics, and seeing them online, I want to finish th... Continue»
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my insatiable cravings for cock part 4

i was lead to the back room where there was a table in the middle. there were chairs all around the table which i assume was for the audience. this was an event where the audience had to pay to be there. i also noticed that there were several video cameras around to film the whole event. knowing that there were potentially hundreds of people goihng to see this really got me excited. i was given more coke to keep me in the mood before we started in on the fun. i was layed down on the table and my legs and hands bound to the legs making me totally immobile. a rolling table was wheeled next to th... Continue»
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Story Circle: Same Sex Experience

Many people go through a "Bi-curious" phase at some point in their lives. For some people, that phase is more of a lifestyle. I have long sense considered myself to be bisexual and tend to be very open about it. The events that introduced me to that aspect of my sexuality are a long and complex list but I would love to share some of them with you.
My very first same sex experience came when I was just a teenager. Me and two buddies of mine would spend a lot of time in the woods around the neighborhood where we lived. One of our favorite places was a stretch of road where people would often du... Continue»
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School friend

I was sitting around the other day doing absolutely nothing. I was on my first of my 2 off days waiting for my wife to go to work so I spend the evening looking at porn and jerking off. I was on FB when a message popped up from an old school friend I hadn't seen in years. We talked for a few minutes and he was in town working and was staying at a hotel just up the road so we agreed to meet for a beer or 3 at Hooter's and catch up. Back in school we had been great friends and were always hanging out together. His f****y moved to Oregone when we were in 11th grade and we lost touch. I to... Continue»
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Naughty, Dirty Boy.....!

I sneaked out and drove to a local spot where dirty men go looking for cock fun and there is occasional dogging. When I got there were no there cars so I parked up, got changed and waited. It was so exciting to be sat there in my pvc shorts, leather dog collar, black long pvc gloves, fishnet hold up stockings and some cheap black patent high heels. My ball gag was with me too but I didn't put it in as I really wanted to be using my mouth!! I was so nervous at being seen but after about 10 minutes I decided to get out and have a little walk in the cool evening air to see how it felt. I knew tha... Continue»
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Living for Master

Living for Master

Part 1

I was a green cocky k**, 18 and legal. I had no idea what I was doing really but knew i liked cock in my ass and via someone I had met in a cottage was invited to my first…and last sex party. I was so out of my depth but was having a great time. There were all manner of fetishist there. My eyes were opened and I liked what I saw. The leather men, all in tight shiny leather, shades and usually with a leatherboy at their boots; mistresses with slaves, male and female, often in the shiniest of rubber of all colours and designs. Some were goths, some were naked a... Continue»
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Late Night tryst...

I was in my second year of college when I had become sexual fodder for elderly men to explore. Not only did they appreciate having some young ass to pop they were very generous financially. Almost every other weekend I could find a horny senior citizen that wanted to breed some tight young booty.

I usually made my rounds just after dark in places that I had scouted out during the day, where I knew I could bump into men in there fifty's and sixty's. I didn't like to suck their penis, some were not all that hygienic, but if the price was right and they lived near by or was willing to spring... Continue»
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The Jock

My teenage years were a strange time for me, I came out as gay pretty earlier on, and though my f****y and friends were more than accepting it still gave the morons in my school a reason to pick on me, most of the time I could ignore it, but there was this one group of guys in particular in my year, considered the ‘Jocks’, as they were all really good at sport and were given this sense of power by everyone always trying to suck up to them. They felt that me being gay was a weakness and would try to taunt me, but I was able to brush it off as I was gay and proud, it made me laugh at how annoyed... Continue»
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my insatiable cravings for cock part 3

what a night so far. only half the night and i have already lost count of howmuch cum i have swallowed and cocks and fists in my cave sized man hole. when i get back to Harvey's house, i am met by harvey and a couple of girls. i thought this was different since i knew harvey was gay. i didnt say anything about that. Harvey told me to get cleaned up as i smelled of cum a mile away. in the bathroom there was an enema bag with a 8 inch life like cock nozzle. i quickly stripped, filled the bag and shoved the cock into my hole with no lube as i was still hanging open anyway. feeling the warm water ... Continue»
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Locked Up By Girlfriend, Used By Teammates

Locked Up By Girlfriend, Used By Teammates
By: Hardy, 2007

I acted like the typical straight college guy. I was on the soccer team. My days consist of going to class, training for or playing in soccer games, hanging out with my friends (especially my teammates) or being with Jill, my girlfriend. Jill and I got along very well. She also like the fact that I never pressured her into sex. We did it about once a week. She was also very understanding when on occassion I just could not perform. She knew that all the soccer could drain me of my energy. The timing was just off. If only she was aro... Continue»
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My new master

I met this around 40year old guy yeasterday whos like some medical doctor. He has so freaking wide / thick cock. Barely can fit into my mouth...
I was pretty d***k when i decided to go hes place since he said hes paying the taxi. So i went. I got into hes place. I've made myself clear that i dont want blowjobs, i dont want to fuck. Im full bottom. I dont kiss aswell, since im closet Bi.
We sit there and drinked some alcohol. Then he just commanded '' take off ur shirt... '' I was kinda scared for bit since it was powerfull demand type of voice. but I liked it... I took my shirt off he looke... Continue»
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Gangland Gangbang Part 1

Gangland Gangbang

I had loaded up the bike in the back of the car and headed over to the darker side of town. This was an area I had scoped before. You would see black guys just walking down the street in groups of 3, 4 or even more. Oftentimes, they would be passing a bottle or a blunt around. I knew by driving through that there might be some opportunity for this sissy white boy to get filled with black cocks because on a few occasions when I was driving around looking for where I could ride my bike and get noticed they would yell out things, Like “Come on over here, white boy, we got som... Continue»
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My First Time Sucking Cock

The first time I ever sucked a cock was when I was married to my second wife. Before we married, we talked about doing group scenes but it was then just fantasy. However, a couple of years after we had married, she again broached the subject. And like many men, I leapt at the chance of being with my wife and another person…especially another woman, I had visions of me fucking another woman while my wife (an admitted bisexual) french-kissed her and sucked her tits.

However, I soon learned that it is hard as fuck to find another woman to join a couple but easy as hell to find a man who wants ... Continue»
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