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Better than your wife!

I had to do some shopping one night, and I happened to be feeling particularly naughty. I put my hair in pigtails, put on my makeup, pink lipstick, black bra, white tank top, black thong, pink miniskirt, white stockings, and pink 6" heels. After grabbing my purse, keys, and phone, I headed out the door.

I arrived at the store and parked my car. As I went inside, I could feel guys checking me out. I picked up some vegetables, got some pasta, I was looking at the meat case, when I heard some hater say to the guy she was with, "I can't believe they allow sluts like that (she points to me) in h... Continue»
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My First Time With Old Man in Girls Undies

First, me say, this is a true story of how I lost my anal virginity but to protect my privacy and the people in the story, I will be changing people’s names.
This story is set when im s*******n and had just began experimenting with crossdressing and having gay thoughts. My favourite categories on this site are Bisexual, Anal, Shemale Fuck Guy, Guy Fucks Shemale and Latex. I was also broke as fuck and unemployed and summer was just around the corner so I needed money fast. It was around this time I remembered about the casual encounter section of Craigslist. I had been wanting to experiment w... Continue»
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Turning Into A Cocksucker / Chapter 02

After spending a majority of the morning sucking off one of my closest friends, I spent a few quiet moments sitting on my bed, back in my own hotel room, trying to comprehend what happened. I nervously twisted my wedding ring around my finger, anxiously thinking about the pictures I had allowed Brad to take of me. What was he going to do with them? What if one of them found its way back to my wife?

All the sensations I had just experienced came flooding back to me. The warmth of Brad's stiff cock in my mouth and his manly scent when my face was buried deep in his lap were so vivid it was li... Continue»
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My First Candy Cane

College life was pretty crazy. Between classes, basketball (I was on a basketball scholarship) and chicks I was swamped. The hardest part was balancing the three. Because I an academically strong, I took a heavy class load (I was not on the road to the NBA...I was just using basketball to get my education for free), I was starting on the basketball team as a freshman (a rarity) and I had a few co-ed's who were usually more than eager to suck or fuck me.

I am not being arrogant, but I am decent looking, a good guy, funny, easy going and decently equipped.

I had never considered having sex... Continue»
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My New Client

My insurance office was in a quiet office park. I was built around an old railroad track with a couple of railroad cars parked on the tracks. One of the cars was a restaurant. It was a railroad themed office park and was pretty cool. My office was right next to a hair salon. I had been there only a few months and kept seeing this guy outside smoking between his hair appointments. A few times we exchanged greetings. I could tell he was gay. I have gaydar and it works every time. He was outside one day as I was coming back from an appointment. We said hi and he asked me how things were... Continue»
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Turning Into A Cocksucker / Chapter 01

I always dreaded my office's annual work trip. A whole ten days dedicated to trainings and lectures with the members of management. A small upside was that it meant a week away from the hassles of my k**s and wife. My wife and I got married right out of college and had k**s immediately. Now we were in our mid-thirties and it was nice to get away every once in awhile. I would never cheat on her but I felt there was no harm in hitting the strip clubs with a couple of the other guys and looking at the forbidden fruit.

The other positive of this year's trip was that it gave me a chance to cat... Continue»
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Horny Marine true story

First time sucking a cock

It was about 4 years ago when i was a young Marine living in the barracks. I was messing around on Craigslist looking at the personals then I came on NSA men for men I started seeing how many men were looking for sex. My cock started to throb thinking about sucking a cock. When I was younger I would always find things I could shove in my ass so I always wanted to get fucked my a man. So I started looking through Craigslist but I was worried about meeting a stranger somewhere so I made a post looking for another Marine on base that was wanting to play. I go... Continue»
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First Time Bisexual (Threesome, MMF)

This is a true story of my first bi experience.

It was the spring of 2010, I was living at the time with one of my best friends. I was 26 and he was 25.

My room mate "Matt" was about 6'3" kinda dark and muscular. I am 5'9" light and thinner. I have always considered myself straight and had never been with a guy, however I did often check out gay and tranny porn. I never really found myself attracted to Matt, until this incident.

Matt was dating a girl named Lindsay at the time.

She was 23, very cute, small about 5'2 maybe 100 pounds with dark brown hair and very small breasts.

L... Continue»
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Norman and Anastasia Part 2.

Luke and I follow Anastasia up the stairs. Her wrap round dress is tight across her big firm arse. Luke looks over his shoulder at me and grins. His eyes are level with that big swaying arse. She reaches the landing and opens the door to the bedroom. She hesitates a moment before walking in. She climbs onto the bed on all fours and Luke climbs up behind her. Her grabs the material of her dress and throws it over her back, exposing her arse God!! Where did Norman find her. On all fours behind her he buries his face into her crack and licks all the way up it. Reaching between her thighs he grabs... Continue»
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Penises I have touched...

Dicks I have touched.

Paul. First cum in mouth. 7th grade. Swallowed his sperm regularly through 8th grade.

Tim. 10th grade. High school basketball player 9.5” sucked his penis, masturbated together once. No cum.

Ty. Black police officer (off duty). Went to his house and sucked his dick. He came in my mouth.

Strip mall sex shop. Guy in his 20s offered his anus at glory hole. He lubed my penis with KY. I inserted into his butthole and slid in and out until I had an orgasm. He thanked me.

Suburban sex shop. Met young guy in hallways. Guy invited me to have sex with hi... Continue»
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Last Sunday, mid-afternoon, I went to the northside mall and immediately went to the washroom in the food court. There, I met a guy just leaving the washroom. He has sort of a funny horny grin on his face. A few steps behind him, I meet another guy leaving the washroom. I quickly glance at his crotch and see that he has a boner or at least a semi going on in his jeans. To me it seemed obvious that they were together.....but walking a dozen steps apart. I almost said out loud "can I cum and watch"? However, I did not. I stopped and took out my cell phone, ostensibly to make a call. I turned and... Continue»
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Norman and Anastasia

For the first time in my life, my uncle Norman was not pleased to see me. His s****r, my mother, had not heard from him in a little while and was worried so I had been volunteered to drop in on him and make sure that all was well. So here I am stood on his doorstep and he is peering round the door at me, holding the door open as far as he can to make sure that I can't see in but so that he can see me. He wears an annoyed look on his face. I am disturbing him in some way. It is then that all becomes clear. A voice speaks behind him.
"Who is that Norm?"
He turns his head so that he is speakin... Continue»
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condom broke pt 2

as much as I luv a great blow job.. I also am very oral and getting to suck on a nice fat uncut dick with huge balls to play with is one of my favorite things to do.. so as by new luver is trying to get us into a 69 position I am trying not to loose focus on his dick.. I am side by side with him now and he is making it hard to concentrate on his dick with what he is doing to my dick.. then my balls and now my ass with his head buried deep in my ass.. (I did not think my ass could be spread any more open) I am having a hard time breathing with his dick in my mouth and mention to him how horny h... Continue»
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Jogging in the woods

Although this happened many years ago I remember it like yesterday. I was newly married at the time and already my wife was pregnant and having no interest in sex. So one afternoon after work I decided to go for a run in the park. I run to the end and turn around and there happens to be a small river there. It's very peaceful there and this time I stopped and sat down by the water,as it's very secluded and I've never even seen anyone down there. Well I'm young and horny so I slide my sweat pants down and start stroking my 5" dick with my eyes closed. This won't take long I'm thinking when I ... Continue»
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My First Time with a Transvestite

The first time I was with a transvestite was only by happenstance. It was late at night, and I was in the parking lot of a porn shop, drinking a beer before I went in to watch porn in one of the booths. I saw a woman come out and get into her car. She looked at me and smiled when I tipped my bottle up for another drink.

When she started her car, I turned on my own car, and then followed her down the road. As we drove, I was thinking that women do not usually go into a porn shop alone. Then at a stop light, I pulled up next to her and we looked at one another. She smiled and winked at me, an... Continue»
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New Years encounter.

I was in Sarasota, Florida on New Year’s Eve. I was stationed in the Bahamas with the Navy and had come over to Florida with my friend Wayne for after Christmas leave. We were to be back on the 5th of January.

Wayne's parents had moved to Florida while he was in the Navy. My folks had driven down to spend the holidays with me. Wayne and I had planned to go out partying that night. After a false start by going to a bar that was a gay bar and only realizing it after we had paid a cover, we ended at another bar partying with two school teachers on a crowed dance floor with a great band.

Way... Continue»
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ok so I'm still extremely high and I'm on the corner of samo blvd and st andrews and we are now attracting multiple cars driving past and staring and i have no idea what I'm doing i was just so nervous being dressed like a CHEAP WHITE SISSY AND my top ts momma has basically made me understand that we are gonna stay here with about 6-7 other tgirls that are older and all are mexican and black,, they were yelling at me and saying that because I'm young and white I'm basically gonna be picked up any second,, i ws nervous to leave my top ts mommy erika and she promised that she ... Continue»
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Sarah's Revenge

This story is 100% true and has just happened just over an hour ago, on this day Tuesday 13th October 2015

I have been fucking my neighbour Sarah for just over two years now, it started not long after her and her husband moved into our street, she was out her back garden one summer day and caught me standing at my bedroom window masturbating while watching her hot body, one thing led to another.......but that's a different story.

Sarah's husband knew I fucked her from time to time and was completely fine with it, she also knew that I was bi-sexual, and was fine with that also, in fact s... Continue»
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Gay games at the gym

This story actually began a while ago, about a year. I work swing-shift, and hit the all night gym on the way home three nights a week. I shower then head home clean and ready for bed. My wife works mornings so she is asl**p when I arrive, and I am asl**p when she leaves.
The gym is usually mostly empty, except for a few die-hard body-builders. These are mostly big black men, and when I say big I mean TERMINATOR big. I try to keep trim at best.
I had been at this for a few months. The others had grown accustom to my presence. I’d hear them coaching each other, some laughing at their conver... Continue»
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A night to remember.

I was stationed along the gulf coast while in the military. I was 24 and at the Navy base. A road led south from it to a Air f***e base. It was a training base so there was a lot of hot young cock. Out side the gate was a row of establishments which included 3 or 4 ABS stores on both sides of the street. When I had a need for seed ,this is where I headed.

I would go from one store to the other looking for young meat to suck on. They all had booths with doors and glory holes cut in the booth walls. The holes were just door knob sized holes so you could not see much more than a cock coming th... Continue»
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