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Realising i was bi

First time writing a story so please forgive any mistakes.

This is a true account (except for name changes) of my first bi experience.

I was si****n and working at a local garage, my first job since leaving school. Everyone i worked with were great to have a laugh and joke with, always taking the piss out of each other without ever being nasty. One guy i got on really well with was John, who was a dirty perve, always telling smutty jokes and flashing his cock at the ladies (not that they minded). John was in his fifties and lived on his own, but was always happy to help anyone should t... Continue»
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The walk home

 The walk home

A black, new looking car honked it's horn in rapid succesion as it slowly passed a mostly red, and fully naked, rabbit on the nearby sidewalk. Bunny, as he went by to most, blushed as he watched the car pass, unable to see the driver through the heavily tented windows, but he didn't bother covering himself up. He couldn't cover his large cock with both paws even if he wanted to, the already rock hard foot plus of his length throbbing and bouncing loosely in the cool air as the red rabbit inwardly hoped the person in the black car enjoyed the show.

Bunny giggled sof... Continue»
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Under the light of a full moon

Under the light of a full moon

"Ahhh, Another full moon!" Thor moans looking up at the night sky and the glowing moon.

He sits down on a stump and watches the fire burn. He occasionally tosses a stick into it and see it disappear into the flames. Leaning back against a log, he felt a swelling between his legs and looks down his body across his chest and six-pack abs. He sees the front of his pants bulging and smiles as he runs his hand across the bulge feeling the heat from it.

He opens up his pants and the lump jumps up a few inches. He reaches over and grabs his sl**ping bag and pu... Continue»
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How my wife found out I was Bi!

This story is very true.
And my life has been richer for it,let me explain.

My wife and I have been married for almost 20 years now, but this story takes place almost 18 years ago.
She is a beautiful, sexy woman, she owns her own business and has been successful for many years now.
She's 5 foot 6 inches, 140lbs which is just how I like it. Very top heavy 44DDD, hourglass figure like the pinup girls from Marilyn Monroe era of women.
Both nipples are huge and pierced, and a few classy tattoos that are well hidden.

That said we have been together since our late teens and around the t... Continue»
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Crossdressers First Time

I was in my mid 40's and divorced and living a great life. I ran my own successful business from home and lived in a large house in its own grounds at least 5 miles from my nearest neighbour.
Whilst I was single I had an active sex life having been lucky enough to know 3 ladies who were unattached and had no need for a long term relationships but were happy to meet up for sex or go away for a break all no strings attached. They all knew of each other and I was aware they saw other men or ladies if they wished.
Debi was 50 a successful lawyer and very dirty. Helen was 60 a retired busin... Continue»
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First big cock.

So I'm deciding to post a story about an experience I had about a year ago. Ill start with a little background about me, I'm a bi crossdresser 22 years old 5'8" 140lbs, newly exploring bottom, very passable crossdresser. And extremely selective.

I tried an online dating site and eventually met a white guy in his 40s well built professional that likes to top. I told him that I was a beginner at being a bottom and that I thought he was really handsome but his cock was just way too big for me to have sex. We became friends and chatted all the time. Until one weekend he got a hotel room and sa... Continue»
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The Long Road To First BBC part one

I'm your average white guy. Average 6" dick no more no less. I am a pretty heavy cummer at least the first load. What's different about me. Well I've become obsessed with IR porn. More to the point white women getting pounded and stretched by BBC. I love high heels, stockings, pantyhose, garter belts, etc. I feel women are far sexier dressed in heels and stockings. I started masturbating at a very early age. So as soon as I could get away with it I started going to adult book stores. I especially loved the ones with video booths. Soon I discovered glory holes and the fact that they were freque... Continue»
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Me and David

This story happened already longer time ago, I was that time 26yo and my friend David 5 years younger. We both were bi and were meeting each other once a while. One day I finally told David about thing what arouses me so much. I knew David like to exercise and also saw him few times after hard exercise, all tired and sweaty. I even masturbated few times while imagine petting his sexy body while he is all sweaty and finally once told him what I want to try with him. David wasn't against so we made a plan. We'll go for a weekend to David's parents cottage in nature and David will go for a run ou... Continue»
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Polly and Guy

I met Guy at work. He was a client of ours and used to come and see me at the office so I could help him find work. He'd come over from France 15 years before and although he was good with English I arranged for him to go on different courses to help him get a new career. Over the weeks as I gave him one to one support in the office we got to know each other well.

We always had a laugh and he used to try and teach me French. He was very handsome and if I'm honest he made me go slightly weak at the knees whenever he came in. I wouldn't have known if he felt the same way at first as my work ... Continue»
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One Day at the Bath House

This is essentially a true story of a very nice day I had at the men’s bathhouse not so long ago. Now I don’t normally go there because I tend to be a bit shy and don’t go after the guys like I should. Not that I would bother anyone that’s does not want my attention, but if you sit back and only let guys come to you, you can let lot of good opportunities go by.

Basically I am a bi-sexual cock sucking cum eating slut!! I cant get enough cock and especially cum. I love cum!! Everything about it…the taste, texture, smell, and it’s a ‘gift’ to me from the man that has just enjoyed my services….... Continue»
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Gay fantasy coming true-II

Hi guys! Ashu here again, narrating the second part of my story. Hope you liked the previous part.

So, it was about 4 in the morning when Raj and Manu's movements woke me up. Manu reached for my limp cock, and Raj already had his erect cock at the entrance of my butthole. I gave the most wicked smile ever. Raj started to move his cock around my asshole, and then jammed it along my ass crack, and I squeezed my buttocks to hold it there.

Manu was stroking my cock and it was erect in seconds. Manu then kissed me, and started to suck and pinch my nipples. The excitement started to rise again... Continue»
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Singapore guy Fantasy

You've seen my videos, u know what i'm into. Every night I must have something filling my ass before I got to sl**p.

I fantasise that I would meet a guy here on xhamster with a really big cock. That we would meet up at a budget hotel for a bit of fun. We met up at an mrt station and when I saw him was I in for a treat. He was this big buff indian guy wearing a tight shirt. Thoughts already started running through my head like how big is his cock, could I even take his cock in my ass in the first place. We checked into a budget hotel and as we entered our room he said he needed to bathroom. ... Continue»
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giving Carl oral

I do not claim to be a grammar expert and as such you will find some grammatical errors in this story. The errors can be the switching of tense, spelling errors, or typos. I ask if you find an error please send me an email so I can correct and make the story enjoyable for others.

This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are u******e


At the age of forty-three, I had my original bi transgression, letting a man suck my dick. The early meeting r... Continue»
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Gay Foursome Part 1

Joseph was walking out of his room and then Liam walks out of his room. "Hey little b*o. I'm going out with my girlfriend to the mall. So you better not go in my room! Ok" said Liam. "Ok" said Joseph. "Good" said Liam. Liam walks out. Joseph walks downstairs and watches TV. An hour later there was a knock on the door. Joseph opened the door. There was four of Liam's friends. "Hey do you know where Liam is" said Logan. "Yah, he's at the mall with his girlfriend" Joseph said. "Ok" said Logan.

Logan was the oldest out of Liam's friends. He is 24 and he was the the tallest. He is 6'3 and he ha... Continue»
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Woodland Fantasy

We’d met online through this very site and exchanged a few words by message. Essentially I was up for anything and we agreed an early evening rendevous up in the local forest. He was waiting by his car when I pulled up. After a hand shake we walked off along the track and discussed our tastes and fantasies. He paused after walking about a mile.
“Come on, lets see you”, he tugged at my T-shirt. I let him remove it then unbuttoned my jeans. He pulled them down and removed them together with my trainers and socks. The ground was moist beneath my bare feet. He put his hands to my shorts a... Continue»
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I finally did it, Gloryholed!!

It was 3 months ago when my wife of 18 years was going on her usual business meeting for a 4 day weekend. The second day she was gone was a Friday and I had spent all day at work surfing porn and got home horny as ever. My stepson came home from school and wanted to spend the night with a friend so I told him to go ahead because I would have the house to myself. After he was gone I ate a little snack and then took my laptop to my bedroom and was watching some porn. I was so horny so I got the sex toy bag out of my wife's nightstand and started to play with her vibrators. She had a new toy... Continue»
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Confession of a cum eating slut

I do love sucking cock and because I do love doing it so much most guys tell me I am very good at it. And I do love hearing that! I try to adjust what I am doing to a guys cock depending on how he reacts to what I am doing or if he is into telling me what to do to please him. Slow, fast, deep, just suck on the head, change things up, whatever it takes to pleasure him. So I can to get him into shooting his hot tasty load into my mouth. The reward for doing a good job is getting the load, but I also enjoy immensely the working of a hard cock in my mouth. I can, if the man can last that long, suc... Continue»
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College life spring semester 33

Waking up on Friday, I was alone in Corey's room. We decided against going
out with the crew instead enjoying our time in his room with his roommate
Michael gone for the three day holiday. Instead, Corey and I enjoyed a
nice night of sex. There was nothing better than having his thick cock
stretch my ass and fuck me. I showered with the feeling of Corey's thick
cock making my ass sore. At the end, I hear the distinct sounds of sexual
moaning next to me. Drying off, I saw Alex and his girl Elise step out of
the shower. No doubt, they had just enjoyed a nice fuck.

"It's just Matt," A... Continue»
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The Mall Visit...continuation..

AS he lifted my leg I felt he leaned away from me and his rigid penis dropped to it's natural position. Hard and throbbing beneath my between my thighs, my testicles and flaccid penis above his rigid tool as he slid his rigid impaler back and forth.

I managed to gasp out very quickly '...please don't you're too big...' He answered me '...don't worry, you're going to suck my dick and get it very wet before I stick it up your tight ass hole...'

Just than the store lights went out and I could here the sound of the security gate being lowered in place. The clerk smiled and said '...we're ... Continue»
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Gay fantasy coming true-my first time

A lot of people on xhamster have asked me about my first sexperience, about my true stories, so I thought I'd start a series on them. These are old stories in my collection from almost 2 years ago, but I hope you'll find them hot. Don't forget to leave a comment if you want more!

I discovered that I was attracted to men too a few months back, and my sexual urges have grown stronger as I fantasize about having gay sex. The story is about how my fantasy came true.

I shifted to a rented accommodation last month and my room is the only one on the terrace of a 3 storey building. I share the r... Continue»
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