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Troy and His Nephew

His nephew was coming for a visit. This seemed a simple enough
phrase but they were words of near panic for Troy. After all, he hadn't
seen the k**, his name was Josh, for ten years. Josh was seven when Troy
had moved out East. His s****r's son was a scruffy little k** who always
seemed to be pestering him. Troy had kept busy with his work and all, and
besides phoning and letters, had not been back to see his f****y since
then. His s****r, with four k**s, couldn't really afford to visit either
so there it was, ten years and now the k** was coming for a visit. It was
his graduati... Continue»
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A stranger joins us for some fun (cuckold, bisexua

This one of my wife's and mine favorite fantasies, and it goes a little bit like this...

My wife is a beautiful blond in her mid-thirties, we've been married for ages and had only one partner each before we met as teenagers. Our sex life is great, we deeply love each other and enjoy regular love making, often enhanced by whispered fantasies, toys and some experimentation. She knows how much I love cum, I often eat it from her freshly fucked pussy and I love it when she kisses me deeply offer giving me head. She also knows that I love to pleasure myself in my ass, we've bought my to ... Continue»
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GAY encounter 2 part 1

it was a cold day in the Fall. i dont remember the date. i was at a halloween party so it must have been in October. There where a lot of people around drinking, making out, it was a standard party. quiet classic actually.

I am not that big of a party person so i wandered outside. My friend Nick came out, he was clearly intoxicated so he put his arm around me and told me that i was his best friend and that he loved me. d***k people do the stupidest things but it makes me laugh so i told him that he was d***k and to relax.

He told me that he had a surprise for me upstairs. i always fant... Continue»
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A different kind of friend.

This is a totally ficticious story. No real people involved.

About 5 years ago I met a guy , and it brought back feelings that I had been hiding for years. He asked about the book I was reading(Anne McCaffery), and I said that it was a very interesting book. He introduced himself as Dave, and I told him I was Steve. As we talked, we found out that we had a lot in common.

We agreed to meet a week later for coffee. We talked for over an hour about everything we watched, listened to, or were even into. Then the topic eventually, turned to women, and sex. He then hesitated for... Continue»
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My first time fucking another man

I got involved with a new woman who not long after told me that she was bisexual and after watching some videos of bisexual girls and guys, both of us could see that I was excited by the idea of Male bisexuality.  She loved sucking cock and getting her ass fucked and I confessed to her that I had always wondered what each of those things would feel like if they were happening to me.   I asked her to fuck my ass with her strap-on which she was eager and excited to do and it felt so good and was so much fun for both of us that we repeated it often.  I loved cumming with her toy buried deep insid... Continue»
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Became my neighbours toy PART 5

I haven't had much time to play with my "masters" but the last week or so has been quiet eventful. I'll list each date in order that they happened. Hope you all like, and feel free to add me or comment. The names are still the same A (my male neighbour) and J (his wife). This one might also be a long read.

27/8 - A came round shortly be for I came home from work, my partner let him in and he was waiting in the living room as she was packing upstairs (she's visiting her parents for a week). As I came in he greeted me with his typical "you're going to be taking my load" smirk. After a little ... Continue»
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Skating Rink

“Why you act like a girl,” Londarrien Rawls hissed as he skated past the slightly older reveler.
“Leave me alone,” glared Hampton McKinney as he recoiled from the shove his bully delivered.
“We should beat his ass,” snarled Hampton’s best friend Jasmine.
“It’s not worth it. He’s in like the eighth grade and probably has a troubled home life,” the straight ‘A’ student played it off.
“Well, you know I don’t mind.”
“Yes, girl. Calm down.”
“Sissy,” the taller-than-average junior varsity basketball player announced racing past the caramel-skinned nerd.

“Forget this,” Hampton said. “I’m goi... Continue»
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My Swimming Hole Adventure

I met a 40ish couple at a nude swimming hole last Saturday. There were quite a few hot cocks around that day and I had some fun with them up in the forest that surrounded the water.After getting my ass fucked twice I went down to the water for a nice swim and to nude sun bath. As I relaxed this couple approached me, said hi and laid out a blanket sitting next to me. They had a cooler with them, popped a couple of beers, and stripped naked exposing two beautiful bodies.She looked about 5'7" with very little fat on her, I'd say 130lbs max. Nice big breasts, completely waxed or shaved pussy and l... Continue»
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College life,9

After hanging with Corey all day, Kris came busting into the room after
playing golf. He threw off his shirt and sat on his bed.

"Matt, I need the biggest favor ever tonight," Kris said to me.

"First... what is it before I agree," I replied.

"Would you and Corey like to come with Jess, Scott, Juan and me to this
killer party?" Kris asked.

I leaned back on my elbows, "Why is it such a fav... oh I get it now. I'm
the damn driver or Corey is."

"Exactly!" Kris exclaimed. "Please! It's just us guys tonight. Our girls
have some sorority stuff that they've got to do. Please!"

... Continue»
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My Bus Journey Part 5/6

When I woke up a short while later, I realized SS was not in his seat next to me. He came back a few minutes later from the bathroom. I also got up to pee as I had d***k a lot of soda. The entrance to the short alley leading to the bathroom was covered by a thick curtain, matching the curtains on the windows that gave the interior of the bus a cozy look and feel. This Curtain was right next to our seat, in between our seat and the seat across the aisle. Past the curtain, once in the alley way, the bathroom was on the right. The good thing was that not very many people were using the bathroom t... Continue»
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Away From the Campfire, Part Deux

I never for a second believed he was actually going to show up next Saturday. But, it hardly mattered. That quick, trashy blowjob I'd given at the camp had awakened something in me: lust. I'd long repressed my bisexual tendencies, and buried my femme side. And now they were awake.

When I got back home from the cabin, Sunday, I dug out my old friend, Dildo Daggins, and went to work on my ass. I came three times that night.

It was hard to concentrate, and to sit, at work Monday, but I managed. That evening, I got my boxes of girly clothes and supplies out of storage, and went through... Continue»
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Another C2C nylon story

I had my second great cock rubbing encounter two weeks ago in San Diego while on business. I was staying at a really nice hotel downtown and was surfing the craigslist ads looking for other pantyhose lovers. I got several messages back from guys, but we all know most are flakes or guys that just can't get the courage to meet. One guy in particular sent me a response with a photo of him in panties and hose, a full body/face shot. The pic was of him in a pair of nude pantyhose with a hole for his 6" cock that was hard as a rock, sticking straight out. His beautiful balls were hanging low and he ... Continue»
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Poker Night Part 1

It was another Friday night. My roommate was having another poker game with his buddies and I wasn't allowed to join in. I spent so much time preparing snacks for everybody, but when I was all done, my roommate Craig told me to go in my room while his friends came over for a few hours. I dunno why he wouldn't let me play, I was actually quite good at poker. I sobbed and went into my room, not even allowed to take a single bite of the delicious snacks I slaved over.

I moved in with Craig a year ago. Every Friday he and his buddies would have a poker night. Sometimes at our place, sometimes ... Continue»
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When Marc first met Florian

When Marc first met Florian

The Meeting

It was late, nearly 10 pm one Saturday, when Florian decided to go out. A warm summer evening, so only a grey t-shirt, light blue low-hanger jeans and a pair of trainers required. It was still very warm. Heading towards a gay bar in town he frequented, he wasn't doing much more than walking casually along the still busy street, hands shoved down inside the front pockets of his jeans. He wasn't really thinking about anything in particular, just breathing in the evening air, taking in the sights.

After a while, com... Continue»
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My threesome with the boss

Matt stopped at the store, he got a few bottles of wine and a surprise he says to me. I took the bag from him and looked inside. What did I see? Ha ha, there were a few packages of condoms... a French tickler, thick ribs and 2 glow in the dark. Then at the bottom of the bag was a long narrow box, white with big red letters: ANAL LUBE for the tightest asses.

“How did you know I like to get it up my ass?” I questioned. Matt was surprised with my question. “I wasn’t sure, but we also have a huge surprise for you later.” He said as we pulled into a driveway. Matt looked at me, kissed ... Continue»
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College life 8


With Corey gone to his room, I looked at Kris, "Have you even opened a book
this weekend?"

"Well... no," Kris said.

"I think I'm living up to my end of the bargain so you need too as well," I

"Fine, Matt!" Kris shouted and stared at his roommate.

"You don't have to but..."

"Alright I know the lecture is coming next," Kris said. "Matt, see being
outgoing ain't all bad." He grabbed his books and sat down at his desk. I
wanted there to be no distractions and read in advance in one of mine,

"You know who came to buddy around with us in Scott... Continue»
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My Bus Journey Part 4/6

After a few minutes, the bus stopped at gas station / restaurant and driver announced that we will have a 30 minute stop over for food etc. As we were disembarking the bus, SS asked me if I needed to use the restroom. I told him I needed to pee. He asked me to meet him first at the last stall in the very back of the restroom and went ahead walking briskly ahead of me like he had to use the bathroom in a hurry.

When I got to the stall, he was already in there. He locked the door behind me. In our country the toilet stalls were covered from the floor up, so no one can see the feet under the... Continue»
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Crazy at Home Vacation Gloryhole part 2 THE BIG FI

I was quite tired after the first two cocks I serviced, I eased the 5 golf balls from my ass and placed them on a nearby towel. I then slowly smeared the cum and slobber hanging from my chin, all over my face and forehead and some in my hair. I felt like a total slut thinking back at what happened so far. I had a few minutes to relax before another stranger was supposed to arrive. I walked to my dresser mirror to look at how messy I was from my latin strangers throatfucking, I glance and that I have glazing all over my face of cum and throat spit up. I smile and think to myself what a fucking ... Continue»
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My c***dhood Friend

It was one of those hot summer muggy days when a c***dhood friend of mine came to visit me. As he entered my home, he started to complain about his wife. G said that she just wasn't as horny as she once was and that their sex life had dwindled from everyday to 1-2 times every month. I could see the frustration in his face as he looked at me. We talked alot about his wife and then we began to chat about things we'd done years ago and laughed at them. G asked me then if I had any porn mags or videos and I showed him both. He said he wanted to watch the video called Cum Shots. As the video starte... Continue»
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I recall living around the NE side of Indy and at that time, I was putting in lots of long hours on my job. I didn't go to bars mainly due to the smoke and all the jerks. So, one night while eating at Hooter's, I came across a local newspaper there called Nuvo. I read through the articles and then found the classifieds. Due to my long working hours, I was all tensed up and I looked through the classifieds for anything...anyone to relieve my stress. Nothing..there was just nothing there that drew my attention. As I turned the page, I noticed an ad from an older guy that gave massages for severa... Continue»
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