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Stepdaddy & Boi

‘Pomp & Circumstance’ began playing over the loudspeakers. The graduating class of Eleanor Roosevelt High School marched inside. The boys wore green robes while all of the girls were wearing white ones. In the stands, sat the f****y of Claro Booker. The s*******n year old’s mother, Belinda, was present with both of her s****rs. His stepdad rounded out the crew that came to cheer him on. He had been a star pupil. And finished in the top ten percent of his class.

When his f****y saw him enter, they clapped and yelled. The five-foot-eight-inch, two-hundred-pound, chubby medium-brown-skinned gr... Continue»
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My first blowjob from a guy

For years I've always fantasised about being with another man but never had the guts to try, I love eating pussy and I love the feel of pussy around my cock, I've always loved anal sex too. I've found myself looking at other cocks getting turned on. So anyway I'm 35 years old I have a decent sized cock that I have been told I'm big at 8 inches and thick, my ex girlfriend and I opened up a lot of our dirtiest fantisies even one I didn't think I'd like, we had a big sex marathon and a good old laugh so I went to the toilet came back in wearing her thong for a laugh, as I tried taking them off sh... Continue»
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Our NewFriend Andy

My wife and I had decided to take a little trip to Dubai for 5 days to get a little time to ourselves and relax.
We chose to take the overnight flight so we could sl**p most of the way and be semi rested when we arrived.

At the check in desk the woman offered us the extra leg room and said it was the last two available, so we took them.

When we got on board the person who had the window seat was already there. It was a gay guy in his early 30's called Andy and he was really camp and bubbly.
He was a typical immaculate and good looking gay guy and writhing 15 minutes of me and my wife... Continue»
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This is a very TRUE story of the time I was held as a sex slave and prisoner by some men I met on-line! It was a horrifying adventure that I will NEVER forget but it has turned me into a TOTAL male SLUT for abuse, cum and MORE.

I was in high school and we had just let out for the summer break. My parents had gone out of town for the week and I decided to stay home for the first time alone, and I knew I would have the house to myself and looked forward to it. My mom and dad had given me some cash to use for expenses, etc. I knew what I wanted to do all week long and that was to hang o
... Continue»
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Locke Up...New Arrivals

It was Tuesday – the day when new inmates arrived. Chris, a tall, white dude with a long, thick dick was the first off the bus. He was ready to get inside and sample the faggot punks this prison had to offer, the final person down the steps was Jericho.

Jericho was 18 years old. He was five-foot-seven and weighed one-hundred-forty-two-pounds. His crime of joyriding had cost him dearly. Veep heard about the young, soft bitch. He was promised to him now.

Veep was a medium-height, medium-build, Black man. He had gone five weeks without a pussyboi. He was ready to have his own slut.

Whe... Continue»
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A young man

I started masturbating when I was eleven and really got into it doing it anytime I got a hard on, which was often. At first I used to go in the woods and jerk off in private sometimes sitting up in a tree, that was were I first saw someone else doing the same thing, an older guy I knew jerking his cock while hidden in the bushes watching two women sunbathing in the meadow. I had to admit I hoped my cock would grow that big when I grew up and would shoot as much cum as his did. By the time I was thirteen I was still jerking off as often as I could and I knew all the good spots to watch couples... Continue»
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Locked Up Part 2

Keno Reese yawned as he woke up in the top bunk of his prison cell. His eight-inch yellow dick was rock hard. He nestled up close again to his cell mate, Winnie. He squeezed the chocolate bottom’s butt cheeks and placed his manhood at the sissy’s hole. He spat in his hand and rubbed the saliva along the length of his dick. Successfully lubed up, he began to slide his cock inside of the punk.

Winnie grimaced as he woke up.

“Owwww, Daddy,” Winnie screamed.
“Shut the fuck up, bitch,” Keno demanded delivering a blow to the side of his girly boi’s face.
“Yes sir,” whimpered the young fag c... Continue»
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Wife's Idea (bi-male first time)

It started with my wife Pam. She has a love for cock that I have never witnessed before in anyone else. She is constantly playing with mine, in public and private; she can't keep her hands off of it. She loves to tease me, loves to watch me grow hard, and loves to suck endlessly on it afterwards. She takes great pleasure in slurping my cock in the most delicious ways and always insists that I watch while she performs her magic. Slow, fast, deep, soft; she does it all and it's incredible. I have to admit that after two years of watching her supreme enjoyment has caused me to be curious of the a... Continue»
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No Condom, Tricked into Bareback and Creampie

The missing condom.

I’m Bi, 28 5’7” 140# smooth and have a submissive side for a nice big cock, they are like d**g to me.

I met this 60 yr. old 6’4” retired guy on Squirt who lived in the same town as I with a gorgeous 8" cock who seemed really sweet. He likes younger guys and invited me over while while his wife was working, he had a nice house on a lake, pictures of his k**s and wife, so I figured this guy was safe as could be, perfect.

It didn't take long sucking on that male work of art, while he took out some lube and started to stroke my cock, balls and asshole to the point I w... Continue»
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Saturday Night Fever (bi-male first time)

Recently a fraternity b*****r of mine and I decided to check out a bar across town. We had already had a few beers when I spotted this really attractive woman who had settled onto a bar stool just a few seats down from us. She appeared to be in her early thirties and was really hot. Blonde wavy hair that fell just to her shoulders, nice chest, and a short skirt which really showed off her tanned and toned legs.

Tim and I both took notice of what a total package she was. I didn't think either of us had much of a chance with something like that but I caught her smiling at me twice as she sipp... Continue»
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First 4 some

I am a late life awakened bisexual married man. I did not experience man sex until two years ago, shortly after turning sixty years old. It wasn't that I hadn't thought about it,quite the contrary, I had fantasized for many, many years. The fact that my wife had lost all interest in sex was a big factor in pursuing my urges. Somehow having sex with a man does not seem to me like I am cheating on my wife. Right or wrong, that is how I feel.
I have had several short term or one time encounters with different men. I am not very keen on anal, either giving or receiving. I love oral,maybe giving s... Continue»
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First time with a guy

So after my first time tasting my cum I progressed into tasting it more and more often to the point where it was part of my routine. Only a month afterwards did I start watching porn and trading mags with my best friend Mat. At first we just traded and I remember a conversation about masturbation where I was embarrassed to admit that I did masturbate regularly. Mat made fun of me but after about a week he admitted he masturbated regularly too. This lead to us not only trading mags but also looking at them and together. Often what we would do is shut ourselves in either person's room, pull... Continue»
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(not based on entirely true events)

My body was speaking to me for years, from puberty and possibly before that. I was different. I longed for feminine things and all that encompassed.
Including men.
I was finally old enough to drink and that helped lower my inhibitions.
I found a guy in his thirties online and he was not creepy or brash as the others.
He was a nice guy.
He was a nice guy that talked dirty, about things I had imagined for such a long time.
I was thinking of the touch of another cock against my own the first time I came.
I squirted my ow... Continue»
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Polishing Mr. Cleans pole..

It was Sunday afternoon almost dark out. I was sitting in a Starbucks enjoying a coffee and thinking about what to do that night. I had not sucked a cock in a while and had a need for seed. I pulled out my iphone and opened my Craigslist app. I had had some luck looking through the personals before maybe this time something would come up.

I saw an ad for someone wanting a full body massage. He said he was 27,single and living alone up in the nearby mountain area. I responded back I would give him a really good massage. I really did not expect him to respond back since I am in my late 50's. ... Continue»
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There was once a boy named Ian lived in a remote town where did nothing. He longed to have her first time, love and conquer the world.

Each passing day makes me very difficult to know if someday my love. Evenings will make me eternal. There used to believe in love until I met Alex an attractive and handsome boy.

I met a very rainy night, that day tried to end my life. I had problems with myself. I feared my f****y. At school everyone hated me for different reasons.

I knew if anyone would know fleeing my home. So one Friday out of school, I was not home. Take the first bus and get ... Continue»
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{Story} Pt 2.James,s Birthday.{Fun & Frolics}.

Sorry everybody for delay Continueing.
Story.Pt 2.James,s Birthday.{Fun & Frolics}.

Well it had been an eventful morning,Sex in the Shower,James going through his Birthday cards,showing disappointment in his face not getting anything from me,"Well he did say he did,nt want anything from me".
We left the kitchen,got the horses ready for the show,we had a good day at the show,James had got into the jump offs in the Open Jumping on our horse Bienne More,(Ben) jumping a clear round in his 1st show against top International Showjumpers.
Mom & Dad turned up at the show while I was watching the... Continue»
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Carmen Bullard sat down the last plate of scrambled eggs, thick-cut Applewood-smoked bacon, and toast with strawberry jam in front of her husband of nine years. He was seated at the breakfast table along with their two sons aged seven and five. The boys scarfed down their own meals while Larry munched away perusing the digital copy of USA Today on his tablet.

“Are you all packed for your flight,” the fourth grade teacher asked.
“Yep. I’ll head out shortly after y’all leave,” answered the average height, stocky dark-skinned man.
“Well, be safe and call me when you land. Have fun! Come on ... Continue»
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Theater gangbang of cockslut Kitty

I drove to the old-and-rotten-unofficially-turned-adult-theater that I had been too before, parked and headed in. I walked in, went to the counter to pay and the clerk gave me a once over.

"Ladies are free on Friday nights," he said.

Did I really pull off the appearance of a girl? "Oh, I'm not really a girl," I said, not wanting to cheat the establishment out of revenue.

"Hot stuff, you are close enough for my tastes," he said with a dashing smile. "Have fun up there." He then winked at me.

He was a cute boy, maybe mid-twenties, tattoos, and hoop piercings in his ears that stretc... Continue»
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Showing off Submissive

Nate had come out of the pond near 3 guys. Two were not young and hot like Nate and Clay, but, like me, they looked great for their age. One was a young fraternity looking guy with ripped body, covered in all the right places with black hair. They had watched all of us across the pond, and though that I must have be crazy (well, I had been rolling with Molly) to have fallen asl**p next to Nate. I walked over toward them as the youngest guy was standing with his hands clasped together behind his head, feet widely spread, and there was Nate tracing his finger on the point where the tiny T-bac... Continue»
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Unexpected encounter in the woods

Yesterday, I was drivving from one job to another one, and happened to be driving past a cruising spot I sometimes go to (but I usually strike out): nobody around, police squad car parked there, mosquitoes savagely biting anything with a pulse etc.). But I also had to pee, and I know a few spots near the bush there, in high herbs, not far from the parking lot, where you are not seen from people jogging or biking on the nearby main path, especially at this time of the year.

I parked my car, made a few calls to the office, then stepped out and proceeded down the main path.I saw that there wer... Continue»
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