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New Sexual Friend

Gosh, after all this time I was finally able to have an adventure that it was hot and that is cool but could not ended with cum, it was matter of time. but let me tell you what happened on that day, last Saturday; so my f****y went out to visit some relatives they were coming back later at night , I tried to be off from work as soon as possible thinking that I wanted to find someone and have an adventure.

It was little late when finally get off from work, so I was going back home since I was alone, in the Transmetro (public bus) there was a guy looking at me, I knew this guy was looking f... Continue»
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My Business Trip

As an IT sales executive, I get to travel a lot. Sometimes, it is visiting other states whilst other times, it is visiting other cities in my own state. This story recounts what happened on one such trip.

It was early May. After chasing a meeting with a particular customer for almost three months, I was excited when the IT manager finally said yes. I quickly put my laptop into my car and drove the 54 miles to his office. The meeting was scheduled for 1pm but I go there by 11am. With 2hrs to waste, I decided to visit a cafe and have some breakfast. I had a wonderful breakfast washed down wit... Continue»
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Eddie's Cock: An Atrocity of Nature

All I could think about is those tits on Yolanda, so I wasn't expecting to get much done. But, I went up to the stable anyway, crawled up to the loft where all the wiring boxes were in the loft, and proceeded to start tracking down the conduit that had been installed up in the rafters. It was going to take forever. The stable must have been built 100 years ago, long before anybody ever expected to be running phone cables!

Suddenly, I heard the front stable door slide open, then closed again. Somebody was in the stable and I was about to call out, but instead just looked over the railin... Continue»
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Trying to get home

Friday I was leaving Dallas on my way home around 10 pm. I was going to drive to about Memphis and rest a little then come on home to enjoy the weekend. I was on the middle of no where Arkansas when my car let out a huge puff of smoke and I was stranded on the shoulder of I-40 at 1:30 am. I tried to Google some wreckers on my phone with no one answering when I finally notice a wrecker pulling in behind me. I went back to the wrecker and he said they also had a repair shop so he could town me there. He loaded my car up on the wrecker and I climbed in the passenger seat. He was a friendly ... Continue»
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Surprised to see B, not surprised to end up in his

It had been a long time since I ran into B - both busy with life, doing our thing and both with our individual partners now. I hadn't been with another guy since my last outing with B - out of sight, out of mind, right? Last Saturday, shopping at a local mall, guess who I ran into? Yup, B!

I'll skip the 'catching up over coffee' hour and bring you straight to his bed.

His bf was out of town for two weeks. My gf was with her friends for the day. I'm walking through B's front door, knowing I'm about to get fucked life I haven't been fucked in a long time.

The door closes behind us, B l... Continue»
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Grandmas Manfriend Fucks Me With A Great Ending

Jeremy was wrapped around his Grandma's boyfriend's finger, and while Ted had introduced Jeremy to many things, he had withheld the thing that Jeremy wanted most.

Jeremy didn't want it at first but as the nights went on he started to change his mind, especially after when he got the chance to witness his grandmother and how she reacted when at the receiving end of Ted's massive manhood.

Tonight, Jeremy was to learn, was the night.


Ted had asked me to join him in the cellar after the TV had gone off under some phony pretense of helping him find something he wanted, so ... Continue»
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2015 sex so far continued 2/5

FEB 15th
Since I last time i hadn't been fucked or even cum and I was desperate for some cock. Using a website I'd found a guy who lived literally just a few minutes walk from me and we arranged for me to go round later that day. After showering and shaving my hole nice and smooth I spent an hour fucking myself with a dildo and by the time I set off I was absolutely gagging for it. Luckily it only took five minutes to get to his place and I knocked eagerly on the door. When he answered he was about 45 but I was so desperate for it I didn't give a fuck. He led me to the front room and I took ... Continue»
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Grandmas Man Friend Cums

The next day at Grandma's house, Jeremy offers to show Ted where the apple tree way out back is.


"This is far enough," Ted informed me after we got far enough away from the house. "You did good."

"What are you doing?"

"Getting comfortable," Ted informed me as he put out the blanket he had snuck out of the house and began to unbutton his shirt. "Take your clothes off."

"What if Grandma comes back here?"

"She won't. She's going to church in a half hour as well, so we'll have plenty of time to get better acquainted," Ted explained. "Feels so good to be out in t... Continue»
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The Boy's Story - another chapter (17) Soundi

It is about 4 years since my last chapter and over the years my Master and I have enjoyed our sex together. Sometimes we just cuddled and fucked and other times we got into all nighters with our stimulants.

About 18 months ago when my Master was unpacking his bag I noticed a small zip bag about the size of a large 'man purse or travel wallet) and asked him what it was. He said "You will see". I thought nothing of it and we got down to our business as I have described in other chapters. He enjoys inserting dildo's and anal plugs into my arse hole, he loves pissing on me and I just love t... Continue»
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Watching Grandma And Manfriend Fuck

It had been a hot day and hadn't cooled off much during the evening. Grandma's house didn't have air conditioning so the place was usually a little uncomfortable on nights like this, even with the presence of fans all over the place.

I was dripping wet even though I was only wearing pajama bottoms. Sweating like a pig even though the PJ's were made of lightweight fabric. I was perspiring so much they were stuck to my skin, and my mouth was getting so dry that I was tempted to suck the sweat out of them. I would have given anything for a drink.

The problem was that I was unable... Continue»
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His Trip

Ray always stayed at the Kingsman Hotel in Asia. The manager supplied the men with a whore of their choice each night they were there. Ray sometimes kept the same girl every night and then sometimes he used a different girl each night. He liked them young and naughty. He liked big tits and a big ass and she must be a great cock sucker and ass eater. Tonight he was wearing the hotel robe and nothing else as she knocked on the door. He opened the door and she was standing there very pretty and sexy. She wore a red tight knit dress. The front was cut low showing most of her huge tits. It was also... Continue»
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Sex And Grandmas New Man Friend The Beginning

This was a whole new experience in this summer of 1993, because while I had been sent to spend the summer with my Grandma every year since Grandpa died four years ago, things had changed around the old farmhouse.

Grandma had a boyfriend, and I know that the term sounds funny when you attach it to a man that was in his mid-sixties like my grandmother, but that's what he was. My mother didn't know about it and I think that was because Grandma was embarrassed about it. I don't think that I would have been shipped out here had they known about him.

The purpose of me being out there wa... Continue»
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Dick On Dick

i recently had my first frottage experience. i had stopped by a friends house and we were talking about work. i needed to pee and got up and went to his bathroom. as i came out through the bedroom i saw a bunch of polaroid pictures on the nightstand. i stopped and glanced at them and the were pictures of his wife nude and semi nude.i was shocked but still couldn't help looking at what i could see. his wife is very attractive even at 62 but some of these were of her in her early years. damn she was hot. I meant to walk away but just as I started to he came in. he saw what I was looking at and s... Continue»
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TY AND I part 4

I have been seeing Ty on a pretty regular basis over the last several months. It is now the summer recess and he is out of school but we still must evade the growing suspicion of his grandmother. As previously noted Ty was permitted to be free when he was in my apartment. He loved his growing wardrobe and wept each time I bought him a new article and was always eager to try it on. For his birthday I bought him a nightgown made of sheer white lace with matching underwear. His eyes flowed with grateful tears and kissed me wildly. I sat and watched him model his new clothing. I loved the way his ... Continue»
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My math teacher fucking my twink ass

So I'm a pretty smart person and I generally understand everything in school. My problem is that I don't exactly do homework. So I'll have an A-/B+ in tests and quizzes but an F in homework. This usually leads me to getting a D in the class since most teachers count homework as more important than tests/quizzes. The same was true for my freshman math teacher in high school. He was a big burly man who grew up in the midwest and went to Vietnam and was a hard ass who had been divorced twice and was just staying single. He never let any of us just slide by even if we were his favorites. So about ... Continue»
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gay sex party

well i saw this ad in one of the gay sites for a local sex party and since i am highly sexed i thought i might try it i got prepared during the day which meant i shaved douched and was looking real good. now i have a body like a girl i have big breast which are all natural not hormones and because i am black a big round ass nice thighs and flat stomach. well i got to the party around nine the host told me i had a great body and he could imagine what will happen tonight . he showed me the bedroom and told me there was where all the action took place. well i stripped of had a drink and went int... Continue»
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Emma's sissy fantasy

sissyqueerpooh, 36
United States
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I hope you like this....

I like both men and women, I love a woman's beauty and grace and love to worship them, but I need cock the bigger the better, I be been fucked in the ass before but have never had anyone cum inside of me, which I would just love!

My biggest fantasy that I have is for me to be a live in sissy slave for a dominant married couple. They would pick my up at a bar, d**g me and take me home, when I wake up I find that I am tied up in a dungeon naked and all of my body hair has been removed. I don't kn... Continue»
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Crossdressing leads to first homosexual experience

I've been wearing panties for over ten years, ever since my former Mistress made me switch from my mens' boxers to womens' panties. She gave up the BDSM lifestyle years ago when she met a man who was not into it. She was going to f***e me to have sex with a man but we never got that far. I have not had a real time Mistress since but I continued to wear the panties.

A few months ago, I bought a couple of night gowns and sl**p in them occasionally. I've been wanting to buy a dress for awhile now. I was too afraid to buy it at my local Walmart since I often see people I know shopping th... Continue»
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A Very True Tale....

As I've told you in my first revelation I went to an urban high school and some of the things that happened there is hard to believe but they are very true...

It was one fall day as we were cutting class, we had assembled in the boys locker room and was horsing around. Carl and his twin Curtis was talking, as usual, about how tough they were. There was this new k**, that was more of an young adult than k**, that took offense as to what they were saying.

Curtis seeing that Benjamin was shorter than Carl, but twice as bulky. Carl continued, suddenly Benjamin stood and walked over to Ca... Continue»
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First Cock since I was a teen ...

Where do I begin .. It all started out as a couple of young teens finding his Dads porn and experimenting... Fast forward 20 years or so ..

I had been having phone sex with a married woman for quite some time now revealing all kinds of things I jacked off about and to on the

internet.. Mostly to Hung Tranny and then moving onto vids and pics of Hung Thick White Cut Man Cock !! She knew I craved it, needed

it..wanted it .. She even bought me a toy to play with for our XXX kinky phone sessions .. I had sucked and fucked that toy for her sooo

many times .. came on it and cleaned i... Continue»
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