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Blackmailed And Used By b*****r

This is another fantasy story of mine, hope you enjoy guys and gals.

I have always looked up to my older b*****r Jake even though I have to admit he can be kind of strange. Jake is into the "Punk rock" thing usually sitting in his room listening to loud music and wearing black cloths and has his hair shaved into a mohawk. My parents don't seem to mind though but that's mostly because all they ever seem to do is work. I on the other hand am a quiet, keep to myself kind of guy who avoids all confrontation if possible. Jake and I are usually at home alone while our parents work but we rare... Continue»
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Amherst - Part 3

“What… ugn, ugn… does it look like, ugn… I’m doing, Donnie? …ugn, ugn!” replied Jay to his jaw-dropped biking partner standing at the wide open door.
“Really Jay? Again?” said Donnie.
Again? What did he mean by again? I thought. Oh my god, how many had Jay done? What number was I?
“Ugn… what can I say Donnie? Ugn… I guess I… ugn… really like this shit… ugn… ugn…” Jay loathed with a sick smile on his face. “I mean, I… ugn… was helping… ugn… this sissy, ugn… with some bags, ugn, ugn… he began flirting with me, ugn… ugn… So… what, ugn… do you… want? ugn… ugn… What the fuck are you, ug... Continue»
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My first time giving head to a boy

This story is true. To make you better understand how i came to giving a blowjob i have to start from the beginning. Back in the day i had a friend and we did a lot together like playing ping pong, playing videogames, camping and stuff like that. One day we had a little wrestling session in which i dominated him. As he was laying kind of trapped in front of me, i pushed my hand into his pants and, without thinking,grabbed his cock and gave him a good squeezing. He was a bit paralyzed from that but shortly after he wanted to touch my dick in return - otherwise it would have not been "fair". Af... Continue»
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Deciding To Cheat - The Collegue

Please please remember to comment & like if you
enjoyed this story, or the two previous ones :)
As always, the people and situations are real &
true to memory.

It started on the night of the staff social club event. For a laugh, me and my friend Matt decided to dress up. And not just normal dress up - Matt was in a dress, and I had gone full-on-Gaga. Sunglasses with cigarettes on them, blonde wig, yellow caution tape wrapped around me - the full deal. This was the first and only time I've ever dressed as a female.

The whole crew loved i... Continue»
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Lucky Day

I was feeling horny and kept having erections in my tights which I always wear under my trousers, I decided to visit one of my favorite haunts a nearby wood which attracted a few kinky older men looking for quick sex.
I walked about 100 yards into the woods without seeing any body around so I slipped my trousers down and leaned against a tree and started fondling my erection through my barely black tights with the darker reinf***ed top band, I was stroking myself when I heard some noise from deeper inside the wood I waited feeling nervous but excited and sure enough two men came into view bot... Continue»
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The Shepherd and the Gentleman (first draft) (from

"Come live with me and be my love,
And we will all the pleasures prove
That valleys, groves, hills, and fields,
Woods, or steepy mountain yields.

And we will sit upon the rocks,
Seeing the shepherds feed their flocks,
By shallow rivers to whose falls
Melodious birds sing madrigals.

And I will make thee beds of roses
And a thousand fragrant posies,
A cap of flowers, and a kirtle
Embroidered all with leaves of myrtle;

A gown made of the finest wool
Which from our pretty lambs we pull;
Fair lined slippers for the cold,
With buckles of the purest gold;

... Continue»
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My First and Only Gay Expirience

I am not sure if anyone will ever read this but I would like to start off by saying a few things:
1) This is story is real.
2) I have never shared this with anyone and I feel that the anonymity of this site and the nature of its content is appropriate for me to share this without fearing any real repercussions.
3) Although this is a story that talks about a homosexual experience, I wouldn't call myself gay. I believe sexuality is a spectrum and I lie closer to the heterosexual side of that spectrum (although i do enjoy watching gay porn from time to time).
4) This story ended up being lo... Continue»
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Can I Take You To Bed? Part 2

The next week passes by at such an excruciatingly slow pace. All I can think about is that night we shared and how I left you wide-eyed and breathless. For a few days you're also speechless but I let that ride. It's a shock to the system, I get it. But there's no denying that you got what you wanted!

I keep getting flashbacks to the moment you exploded in my mouth holding my face in your hands as you moaned out loud in the throes of pleasure. And how I sucked the come right out of you, swallowing every drop. You were delicious, and well, you seemed to think so too as you proceeded to taste ... Continue»
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The changing

I couldn't move. The sun shone through the blinds and it was beautiful. My vision was like captured slow motion and I could do no wrong. I couldn't lift my limbs. I wasn't physically restrained, but there was some mental block stopping me from moving. It didn't matter. Even though I was concentrating on moving I only had enough effort to move them fractionally - if that.

I was on my back, my head propped on a pillow, looking down at my body. I was clad in something light, something soft that hugged my skin. My legs were apart; spread and in stockings? It didn't matter, as my eyes rolled up... Continue»
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(The story takes place in the 1920s in London, England)

Henry thought it was Nigel’s idea but he had finally found out, after some prodding, that it was Edith, Nigel’s wife, who had suggested the two wives witness their husbands’ meeting. Although Henry was against it at first, and his wife Barbara seemed quite indifferent, Nigel and Edith convinced them that it would be fun for all and that it could put some spark in a relationship which might need it soon.
The two couples were rather “queer” as they were called then. In their early 50s, Henry and Nigel both liked other men a... Continue»
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Motel fun with my fuck buddy

My fuck buddy Dave had finally talked me into taking a
Half day off work and getting a motel room to have some
fun with some strangers. We always played in restrooms or parks but never had the time or place to set up a bunch of guys. We got a cheap motel room, the ones that have the exterior doors so it would be easy
to get guys in and out without going through a lobby. I loved the idea of strangers fucking my ass while he watches and was hard driving the whole way to the dirty motel.

I got to the room about 1pm and before he let
Me in he told me strip and go put my clothes in his car ... Continue»
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Catholic school was boring I hated the nuns with their black habits and flowing robes I couldn't wait to get out of there at three o'clock and as I walked home I was daydreaming about that new video game they came out with lots of shooting and gallons of bl**d right up my alley...I was walking up this street and I heard a tapping on a window pane from above me so I looked up it was the natural thing to do and I saw there in a sun porch a big cock it was hard and the owner was tapping it on the glass I saw that he was an older boy still a teenager but a few years older than me I guess I didn... Continue»
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My first time getting fucked in the ass.

I think this is the first thing i've posted on here in a very long time, so i'm going to make it a special one, a true story about the first time i got fucked in the ass, it was when i was in collage (University here in the uk): I Walked into my friends room and he was having a wank (door unlocked, tut tut), i just managed to get a look at the tip of his cock as he slid it under the covers, now I've known I'm bi for a long time at this point, had one or two cocks down my neck as experience. But I wasn't sure what my friend was into, but the pc screen of the two hot guys fucking the hell outta ... Continue»
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the physiother****t drilled me

In an accident I broke my leg so the doctor told I will need physiotherapy sessions I had to agree it was to take place twice a week at my house since I live alone I usually be naked but now since a guy was to come I wore just a loose t shirt and boxers my massive chest bounces and my cock with air I was ok with that so the physio came he was 25 just out of college dark good looking I was happy a young guy with a cute face a great ass I spoke to him he lived alone so he started he use to massage my thigh with hot wax and rub my spine with oil his firm hands was a definite turn on this went on ... Continue»
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Hypno sissy slut

It took a while to get a sense of reality. First my sight: blurry and hazy like my mind, light streamed through the window, bouncing off the soft white covers I was lain on. I blinked, shaking the hair that was covering my eyes, trying to see my surroundings. A largre screen TV was in front of me. I twisted my head left, and right, trying to take in the room. The room was made up of mirrors, and a blonde girl was in the centre, pillows underneath her stomach, arms and feet padlocked to the bed. It took a while, the grogginess causing the room and my mind to sway, lacking any sort of coherence,... Continue»
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Pegged by the boss.

This picks up where my last story left off. The sex between Anthony and myself was fine
as far as I thought. He liked to sl**p with a t-shirt on and no underwear. I usually sl**p
naked. I love to snuggle up next to him, and if I feel he has a morning woody, I love to wake
him up with my lips wrapped around his sweet, black cock. I believe he likes this too:) Judging
by how much cum he blasts into my eager mouth. We usually save the fucking for nighttime. Working some new positions into our sessions. Reverse cowgirl. Missionary anal. Stick a pillow under my
ass and fuck me like a bitch... Continue»
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Down in the sand dunes

Before my love of dressing en’femme I had already experienced the feelings and delights that another male could give me and that I could give to another male, so you will see that the ‘experience’ was there.

Near to my home on the East coast of England was a long curving beach with dunes along it. From the WW II there were a lot of old concrete fortifications machine gun posts and the like and I used to spend hours and hours exploring them, just the mystery of them I suppose. Sometimes I’d have to work for ages digging away the sand and grasses that had partially blocked the entrance of so... Continue»
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Getting to Know the Preacher

I didn't want to take the job but my wife wouldn't hear of me turning it down. I started going to church with her because I thought it would be good for business and it has been. I am a contractor that specialized in remodeling.

The church board came to me and wanted remodel their office complex. They needed walls moved and everything updated. I agreed to do it at cost plus 10% as long as I could do it on my timeframe. I was given a set of keys to the place and told to get at it.

My wife had been "reminding me" of the job for about two weeks and I promised I would get started. So on my w... Continue»
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Little Pig Pt. 3

It was pretty cold outside, Lil Pig decided to stay inside. With new photos just sent to me, it was time to use it to his advantage. Armed with the newest pics in hand it was time to visit Mr. Arm. When Lil Pig walked up to the door Mr. Arm was servicing two average sized guys. One in front and the other behind. Lil Pig said sorry for just walking in & turned to leave. Before he could leave everyone said come in, and put the curtain back up. So Lil Pig went in and said he wanted to show Mr. Arm some new pics. But that he would wait. Mr. Arm went back to servicing the two while Lil Pig... Continue»
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Little Pig Pt. 5

Remember when I was telling you about the trannies with tits? Well we just had one on our unit and boy was it drama. He got everyone riled up. On top of that he kept snitching on everyone and everything. I stayed away from him for the most part because I didn't want any drama. It was almost like he felt everyone either wanted him or were competing with him. I say "for the most part" because every now and then he'd find a way to shower when I was in there. Which pissed me off because that's when Lil Piggy gets to view his options. Anyway he ended up crossing out the tall guy I was tell... Continue»
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