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It was late September when I left the BART at Embarcadero in San Francisco. I managed to leave my coat on the train. I was 19, 6'1" , 190 lbs and no meat to protect me from the cold autumn air. There were a lot of tourist in this part of town and I wasn't interested in mingling with tourist. It was my first time away from home and I'd come to have adult fun. So I walked up Market St until I came upon a Woolworths Store. It was early evening and I knew there was a small diner inside and so I went inside to eat. I sat at mid-counter and order the meatloaf dinner. The diner was crowded and I st... Continue»
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First time blow job from a guy

When I was 19 I met a guy at an offroad club that I was a part of. We chatted after the meeting about off roading and he invited me over to his place to take a look at his rig, and give him some suggestions. He was a nice guy, and had a lot of top shelf liquor that he said he had gotten for a party he had a few nights earlier. So we had several drinks, I talked about my girlfriend at the time, due to the fact that she was calling me non stop to come back to our apartment. Pretty soon I was a little too d***k to drive. He said he also had a girlfriend, and asked if I wanted to watch a porno of ... Continue»
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One day when heading home from college I stopped at a gas station close to my house.
While getting gas I had the urge to use restroom and went to the one at the station.
When I finished something caught my eye written on the wall and it read:
[/b]For a good time call and listed a number, Love Mark.
had a pen in my pocket and used a paper towel to write it down on.
When I got to the house I took it out of my pocket and stared at it to the point I almost memorized the number!!!!!
It mad em so curious to who had written it and what the intention was and was hoping I was correct.
... Continue»
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Mr. Clean's cock.

It was Sunday afternoon almost dark out. I was sitting in a Starbucks enjoying a coffee and thinking about what to do that night. I had not sucked a cock in a while and had a need for seed. I pulled out my iphone and opened my Craigslist app. I had had some luck looking through the personals before maybe this time something would come up.

I saw an ad for someone wanting a full body massage. He said he was 27,single and living alone up in the nearby mountain area. I responded back I would give him a really good massage. I really did not expect him to respond back since I am in my 50's. Surel... Continue»
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Lucky fuck in Las Vegas.

I was in Nevada for a military joint services exercise at the Nevada Test Site north of Las Vegas. I had been there for over a week and living with a hundred or so hot young men had made me extremely horny for a cock. As luck would have it I was tasked with driving a group to the airport in Las Vegas for their flight home. Their flight left at 11 and I did not have to be back at the base until midnight.

On the way to the airport to drop the group off I passed by a mini mall shopping area that had a ABS there. I made note of it as I was headed there as soon as I dropped the group off. Pullin... Continue»
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Craving Kevins cock

I met Kevin on a Yahoo dating site years ago. Yahoo had a dating site and part of it was men meeting men. I believe this was before craigslist. Anyway Kevin posted on there he was looking for someone that was into oral sex. I responded back and we decided to meet. He had a place and so the next night I drove over.

Kevin was a big guy. At least 6-5 and very hairy. We went into the living room and chit chatted for awhile. I shortly said I was there for one purpose to suck his cock. He stood up and dropped his shorts and said, you mean this? Crap it was a good 10 inches and thick as my wrist. ... Continue»
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Sweet Asian ass.

I had gone to the local ABS hoping to hook up with someone there. It was early afternoon on the weekend and the place was only moderately busy. I bought 10 dollars worth of tokens and went into the arcade area and down the hallway to the left. And entered the first booth. The booths had no glory holes and were small inside, but there was two stools which indicated two could share the booth.

I left the door open took a seat on the stool closest to the wall, dropping tokens to start the video. I unzipped my pants and took out my six inch cut cock and stroked it hard watching the gay porn on t... Continue»
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It started with a simple request

I had been laid up from a snowboarding accident. Nothing terrible, but my own stupid move that kept me home on the weekends until I healed. It was a blessing Matt was there. He was my best friend, best man in my wedding, fishing and drinking buddy, lots of laughs, always there - a true friend. Just lucky we found each other. I will never find a friend like him again. Outgoing to my introverted style,  brilliant technologist, plays drums, knows everything, loves fast cars, but has a selflessness to him. He was always there. Also, he worked out and was in amazing shape. You could say I had a "ma... Continue»
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Another First

I met up with my 50 year old fuck buddy for some hot sex last week. Me being sixty three, he has much more stamina than I do. Since I am married and he lives with his girlfriend, we decided to check into a motel. That way we could relax and take our time getting our nuts drained.
After we settled into the room, we both stripped quickly. His 7 1/2 cock was hard as rock when he pulled down his boxers. I pushed him back on the bed and dove forward taking his fat head into my mouth. I worked my tongue round and then slide all of that hard cock down my throat. Stopping to squeeze the head real... Continue»
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My Amazing Sophomore Year

At the end of my college freshman year my good friend Jerod, his roommate Kyle and I decided that we were going to move off campus our sophomore year. We found a nice small house to rent not to far from the college. I was excited to spend my sophomore year off campus but was a little unsure of Jerods roommate Kyle. He seemed a little arrogant and I just didn't really hit off all that well with him. Jerod assured me it would be fine as I got to know Kyle. We got along fine but his arrogance bothered me at times and he was quite the man around women and he knew it. I was also a mixed race... Continue»
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Lifes a bitch and now so am I!!! This is a stor

Life's a bitch, and so am I now

This is a fiction story!! The people in the story are not real!

Please exsuse the puntuation and spelling I'm just a blond sissy!

I start of my story with my wife leaving to go bingo with her mum, as soon as the car pulls away I'm up to my secret girl cloth's and sex toys.

I am a sissy cross dresser, I can't help it i love the feel and how girlie it makes me look. I have tried many times to stop but I cant, so i lay on my bed and put my computer on. I don't know why but I needed to feel a bbc cock, just to see what it is like I wasn't going to su... Continue»
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My New Lover!

I was still testing the waters a bit. I went out in my skinny jeans and just a t-shirt (I still don't crossdress in public at least not heavily, still uncomfortable), my slightly long hair makes me look very androgynous. I wear very subtle eye makeup as well, I am happy in my body, it suits being a guy for my job and a girl for my lover. I thought I liked him a little but by the time we made it back to my house, which was empty, an irregular occurrence, he had been very nice and hit on me a little. He complimented my body and my ass (not to stroke my ego but I love my ass, I get compliments on... Continue»
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Kitty's first suck

Ever since I was a c***d I had always fantasized about being a girl. Every chance I got I would sneak into my mom’s closet and try on her panties, slips, nylons and dresses. The feel of the sheer silks and nylons against my skin would drive me crazy. When I hit puberty and discovered the joys of masturbation these two activities seemed to combine perfectly. So much so that while jacking off dressed as a girl I would fantasize about being sexually used by men. Eventually I felt I needed a real life person to place my desires onto. Not wanting to pick anyone that lived close by, as these strange... Continue»
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Ashton & Terry

Mona Harris headed out of the door. She had both of her daughters in tow. It was going to be an all-day affair at the salon.

Terry heard his wife of three years start her white 2009 Nissan Altima. He waited for her to pull out of the driveway. He six-inch long, four-and-a-half-inch thick dick was rock hard. As usual Mona had given him no pussy. The six-foot-two, two-hundred-fifty-five-pound, dark-skinned, barrel-chested man got out of his bed. He marched down the hallway and into another bedroom.

Terry examined his cute, slim stepson asl**p. He walked over to the bed and ripped the black... Continue»
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Hotel fuck

I travel a lot for work and have boring hotel stays. One recently was more eventful.

It was a national chain hotel which I had stayed in before. I got to my room finished my work and began having a look at this site on the internet. All these stories about other people getting laid made me very jealous and very horny. I went to the bar and had a drink, not many people there. I had hoped the receptionist was available, she was pretty, but she wasn't around.

"you look as bored as I do" said a voice from behind me. I looked around to see a guy in his fifties, perhaps older, "I am" I repli... Continue»
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horny together

I am straight but wanted to try the bi-scene at least for once.

After logging on a web site and replied to a couple of postings at random, I got some good feedback from younger lads. At that moment, I made up my mind deciding not to follow up but rather switched onto postings from older persons, like me. Was it to make me feel more comfortable in advance !!

It was a virtual game indeed but I felt I would certainly follow up on my project should I get a nice response. Later in the week upon checking my mail-box, I found a couple of replies and focused on one from a 65yo gentlemant who loo... Continue»
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Unexpected phone sex

I was sitting in my den a few years ago, when the phone rang. I picked it up and heard a strangers voice. It sounded like a girl, sort of, but a bit off. She asked for a girl, that was not known to me. I played along, to see where this was going. Then, as expected, she asked my name. We sparred back and forth for a while, both being as clever as we could. Then the conversation turned to sex, and it was started by her. She asked me a few questions, like girlfriends, age, what I liked, etc. Then she asked "how long is your cock?".

I asked why she wanted to know, and she said she was "just cur... Continue»
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NFL Season Opener

Marcus Phillips opened the door of his apartment. The six-feet-three-inch, two-hundred-fifty-pound dark-skinned man looked at the slim boi.

“Come inside,” Marcus ordered.
The twenty-six year old complied and said, “Yes, sir”

It was a Sunday – the second one of September. Marcus had asked the pussyboi to come over before the game. It was the season opener for the New York Giants. They were playing the Dallas Cowboys. The sissy boi switched inside. He was five-feet-six and weighed one-twenty-two. He had a caramel-mocha-latte complexion. The game started at 4:25 p.m. It was still early in ... Continue»
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Adopt a sailor

This story a fictional account of something that happened to me. It is the way I have always wished the story went.

I had been stationed aboard the USS Eversail a year and a half when Jerry reported aboard. I worked in engineering and he was a Quartermaster. I had seen him around the ship a few times and thought he was too girly for me. Then one night on the mess deck eating dinner alone, he slipped into the booth facing me. "Hi, my name is Jerry". He sounded so affeminate as he spoke. My name is Troy. From there the conversation covered, our lives stories, that both of us had just su... Continue»
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Another College Experience

My Junior year of college was definitely the most sexually active time of my life thus far. Granted, I just started my Senior year, but thus far, I haven't kept the pace that I did last year.

I started crossdressing a few years back and do it in public every now and then as I look pretty feminine when I get dolled up. I have made it a habit that every Halloween, I would dress as something sexy and girly.

Last Halloween, I had a plethora of costumes that I wanted to wear, but ended up wearing a sexy sailor's costume. It consisted of a very short mini skirt, a very low cut top, and a litt... Continue»
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