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Caravan Adventure Pt 2

A few months after I’d been to Jonathan’s Uncles Caravan I got a call from him. “You free this Saturday afternoon?” I answered that I could be he said “See you at the caravan at 2pm” “Ok”. As Saturday fast approached I must admit I was feeling quite horny I hadn’t had a good sex session for quite some time.

I drove up to the Caravan and got there a little early, 1:45. As I parked up and got out to admire the view, it was a beautiful day and I could see for miles over the rolling hills, as I took out a cigarette an older man approached me, “You waiting for Jonathan” “Yes I am why?” “I’m his ... Continue»
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The Holiday Pt1

The searing heat was too much for Jon to take. He was on holiday in this tropical climate and he couldn't stop the sweating, or the constant threat of sunburn. Anne, his wife, was something of a sun worshipper. She revelled in the heat of the suns rays; loved the smell of the lotion, the feel of the heat, the lapping of the water. Jon did not understand this. He retreated to the bar.

Sitting down with his book, and an ice cold brew, he finally relaxed. The hum of the air conditioner settled his muscles, the artificial cold air making his beer taste all the more crisp, allowing him to become... Continue»
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Ocean Park - Part 3

Ten minutes later, Travis and I were walking through the door of his lush, A/C-fresh apartment. I crossed through the neatly-maintained living room and halted in front of a glass sliding door.
I stepped out to the balcony, closing the sliding door behind me, and marveled at the breath-taking sea view and allowed the fresh sea breeze smoothly caress my face. Although it only had a partial view of the beach, it still was gorgeous.
I turned around to come back into the apartment, and I could see the reflection of my 6-feet tall, natural brown-skinned, slim complexion on the sliding door. ... Continue»
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Buddy Jerk

Buddy Jerk (MM, mast, 1st-gay exp)
By AB-2005

I still can't believe I let him do it. We'd been friends ever since 1st grade and nothing like this had ever happened before.

We were both married but had been on the road for almost a month before the incident that I'm about to tell you about happened. We'd started a new company together, you know, working for yourself and all. We had to travel to meet our new customer base and we were close to being broke so we shared all the expens... Continue»
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One day in July, 2014, I stopped for coffee at Wendy's. When my cup was empty, I went to the washroom. It had 2
urinals. I took the urinal on the right.
Just as I finished,a guy entered and stood beside me. I looked over at him and holy hell! He looked
exactly like Larry, an old friend of mine. What an uncanny resemblance. Larry moved to California 30
- 35 years ago. It was as if he hadn't aged a bit! He must be Larry's k**!
I asked him, "How's it going?"
He replied, "Good, you?"
"Just fine."
I looked down at his dick. His uncut cock was very long and thick and appeared to be s... Continue»
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My wife and I are at IHOP having coffee one Sunday morning a few years ago with my b*****r and his wife. There is a couple, man & woman, sitting at a nearby table.
I have made eye contact with the guy a couple of times. He is really good looking, about my age, clean shaven, grey hair, glasses & neatly dressed. I pointedly made eye contact and then looked over to the washroom door. I was sure he was listening to our conversation so I told this joke:

Three men, a Jew, a Muslim & an infidel are walking on the beach one day. They come across a lantern and a Genie pops out of it. "I will give e... Continue»
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My ex-wife, Bev & I had a Sunday morning routine where upon waking up, I would rub her ass and say "ten minutes". I would zip downstairs to the bathroom there & brush my teeth and shower. Meanwhile in the bathroom off our bedroom, Bev would douche, brush her teeth and shower. I'd get back into bed and when she joined me, we commenced to 69. I had always enjoyed getting blow jobs and didn't think they should stop when I got married. From what Bev had said she had never sucked another guy's cock and no guy had ever eaten her pussy before me . We were a happily married couple for 12 years. You kn... Continue»
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Let me tell you about Smitty. Smitty and I went through High School together. We were good buddies. We played baseball together, went to movies, double dated, got d***k together. One night when we had been out drinking beer, we both had to piss and I got to peak at his dick in the moonlight. I didn't see much but needless to say I wished there had been more light :-).
We both went to different cities after grad and while we didn't see each other we exchanged xmas cards.
About a week after my 23rd birthday, I got a phone call from him. He was changing jobs and passing through town and wanted... Continue»
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One day in 2009 I went to the washroom I the mall and stand at the 1st urinal in a group of 4. There is nobody else in there. Finally, a guy comes in and he stands at the urinal beside me. I look at him and he looks at me - he's got a beauty in his hand - it's an incredible fat uncut piece of meat. I can't help myself, I reach over and indicate to him that I'd like to jerk him off. He turns towards me and I grab his cock and start "choking his chicken". Since nobody is in there, I say to him "wow are you a lucky guy". He says "thanks" and I tell him "your wife is lucky too". A... Continue»
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It is my final piano lesson before my recital on Sunday. This will will be the end of my piano lessons. I am not too sad about that.
My piano teacher, Mrs. North, is at the hospital sitting by her sick aunt's bedside. She is terminally ill and has only a little while to live. Her husband, also an accomplished pianist and teacher, is subbing for her. He sits beside me on the bench. I run through my recital program. I can't help but notice as I glance down at the keys that he is wearing walking shorts and they are very tight in the crotch. I can see a significant bulge down the side of his leg... Continue»
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My wife and I are at the Mall of America. I am wandering around the mall and I am glancing covertly at all the guy's crotches. Wearing jeans is a sure-fire way to advertise what you have for equipment, lol. One particular pair of jeans with a promising crotch attached to it is cumming my way. It looks very very inviting.
He is a good looking, clean shaven guy about my age. He is wearing a white stetson, cowboy shirt and boots. He's about 6' tall & 200 pounds.
As we meet each other, we make eye contact briefly, nod & go on our separate ways. I walk a few paces and stop and look in a store w... Continue»
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I SPY...............................

Where I grew up, just outside of town there was a huge stand of poplar trees. I used to go there to climb. I had a favorite tree and I would sit in it for hours contemplating things and life. I even jerked off up there a time or two.
One afternoon while I was in my tree, I heard voices. It was Sam & Betty from school. They sat under a tree close by. I could clearly see them through the branches and foliage. I kept quiet, hoping that they would not see me.
Betty and I had never dated but we always got along well with each other. She was very bright in school and her marks would get her a sc... Continue»
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While my wife was at the hospital visiting with her cousin, I drove to a nearby park to kill the time. The park borders a lake on one side and houses on the other 3 sides. The day is a little cool, cloudy with a light breeze. I don't see any other people around but there is a black Ford F150 in the parking lot. I park beside it, leaving about 6' between us.
I wander up and down the pathways, looking at the flowers and shrubs, admiring the recent park renovations. There are a couple of sail boats on the lake taking advantage of the gentle breezes.
When I get back to the parking lot, there i... Continue»
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Years ago, my wife was out shopping with her s****r and I am spending a relaxing and enjoyable afternoon in my garage tinkering with my '67 Mustang. I have been horny all day and once in awhile I give my partially semi-hard cock a squeeze or two and fondle my nuts, giving them a good scratch. I want to edge this way for a good long time and prolong it as long as possible so that I can work up to a wonderful 10 minutes in the shower jerking off before my wife gets home. The garage door and the side doors are open and gentle breezes blow through the garage as I tinker with my two toys.
I hear ... Continue»
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I always have a debate within myself when I see a guy with his fly open. Should I tell him or not. You never know what their reaction will be. If the guy looks mean or is unkempt or dressed grubby, I will not say anything. If a guy looks friendly, I usually take my chances and tell him. Their usual reaction is one of embarrassment and they say "oops" or "thanks" and turn away and pull it up as discretely as possible. One error in judgement on my part, left me vowing to never tell another guy. It was in Wal*Mart, a very busy place and this guy got all pissed off and says very meanly "what are y... Continue»
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Friday I went shopping at my friendy neighborhood Wal*Mart. There are only 2 cashiers open and they are next to one another. I can not get into the shorter right hand lane as there is a couple in the left lane and their cart is blocking me. She is behind the cart and he is standing beside it. His back is towards me. She is a cute 30 year old, maybe 5'2". She's a wee bit heavy, built for comfort, not for speed. He is at least 6' tall, maybe 35 and is unshaven. Since he is blocking my progress. I tap him on the shoulder and say "excuse me".
He turns and says "sorry".
I smile and say "I didn't ... Continue»
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The Bet.

My neighbour was watching the international golf tournament, I was home alone. I was struggeling with food from last few days so i decided to cook my on food ( boo yea i will be self dependent) ! yea that was exactlly what was going in my mind, so i was alone from few days so i didn't have any groceries in my house so i went to my neighbour's, there was that man sitting on the browm recliner with a beer in hand and cigarette in fingers, stubble beard, grey hair but it suited him.

"sir, could i get some spices ?" he said " yea sure, you know where is my kitchen help your self"

i went in t... Continue»
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Moving Into My Dorm Room

My b*****r and I have always been close. We literally did everything together. He was a few years older than me, though it didn't matter much to us. My name is Scott and my b*****r is David. I'm shorter with brown hair and David is tall with black hair.

Over the years I developed a little crush on him. I'd sneak peeks of him in the shower or when he changed. We shared a room and he usually slept in tight fitting underwear that left nothing to the imagination. Then when I turned 18 and finished high school, he started sl**ping naked sometimes giving me a boner on the nights he slept in the ... Continue»
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On the side.

Being in chastity constantly starts to make me extremely horny. After several days of being alone I just couldn't help myself. A dildo wasn't going to do it. Due to the kind of parties we have had I knew there was a gay couple down the street. I was dressed as a French maid when I first met them. Chris was the younger one, my age. Mark was a little older, they were slim and in good shape. Chris was a little taller and more blonde. Mark commented on my outfit, heels, stockings, chastity cage, short skirt and bottom of my ass hanging out.

Since then, they have always invited me to come 'dirty... Continue»
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Ocean Park - Part 2

A volley ball hit me. When I looked up, I was sitting on my beach chair and noticed that a really big guy was approaching me. It was the guy who, a while ago, was sitting nearby with his sexy girlfriend. I was scared for a moment; as I remember, I had stopped looking at them, but apparently I had done something or something had happened that he had to discuss with me.
But As I recovered my bearings then I realized that I had just fallen asl**p and he was just there to take the volley ball lying next to me. And without saying anything, not even offering an apology for hitting me with it,... Continue»
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