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College life spring semester 29


Once the announcement was made and the curtain raised, I couldn't believe
what I was seeing.

Corey nudged me, "Seriously?"

"I know," I said in utter shock.

"Can you believe this shit?" Colt asked me quietly. "I knew Kris would
chicken out!"

On the stage was Scott in a tee and shorts. Now the biggest question that
came to mind was what precipitated this? Did Kris back out? I thought
Kris was messing with me the entire time and would follow through. Now I
wondered where he was. I scanned the contestants to see it was a vast mix
of the ones serious and the... Continue»
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Part 3 - Sirs and their boy

We caught our breath, resupplied with favors, grabbed our gear and moved into the bed room. Chris came up to me and whispered, ‘you’re so sexy, a lot of fun, and we want to have some more wild play.” ‘FUCK YEAH,” I nodded, and he went on to say “we want you to be the sub-boy for this part, and you will respect your Masters!” I lowered my eyes and nodded, “Yes, Sir!” “We’re going to cam this on Xhamster” Chris gently caressed my face and traced my lips with his fingers. Then he dropped his hand to my pecs and slapped me across my nipples. I didn’t make a sound, and he nodded, “yeah pig b... Continue»
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The Wait by isleofmiguel*

I couldn’t wait any longer. He said he’d be here by 4:00, so I left the door unlocked on this blustery winter day. And as I walked through the house to the base of the staircase. I looked out the windows and watched the snow swirl around and make small drifts in the street. I head up the stairs and take off my clothes as I enter my room.

I turn on the water and it doesn’t take long for the steam of the shower to fog up the windows and mirrors. I step over the edge of the tub and absorb the hot water as it pours over my sore muscles. I pull the curtain closed and bend over to pla... Continue»
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Employee Discount

“Tariq, you need to go get a suit for Uncle Mack’s funeral,” Jackie Woods instructed her twenty-four year old son.
“Okay, ma,” grunted the fast food worker who was on his day off playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.
“I’m serious. Do it today. You can use JC Penney card.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“Tariq! Have that suit before we leave for Cleveland tonight.”
“Okay,” the six-foot-one-inch slim dark-skinned guy huffed as he paused his game. “I’ma get ready and go now.”
“Thank you,” the exasperated woman sighed. “I’m gone to the beauty shop. See you later.”

Tariq rushed out of the bedroom he’d ha... Continue»
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How Kenny got his promotion.

For the last 15 years I have been working in the same boring office and as a result I have actually worked my way up to quite a high up position, my own parking space, my own office, all of those benefits you get, and as part of my job I am responsible for and have to support the work experience fellows we have that do general admin duties and sorting out mail, there's very rarely any complications.

One day I'm just finishing up some paperwork and can't wait to get home as I have a nice a lovely bit of pulled pork steaming away in the house, when all of a sudden a work experience boy comes ... Continue»
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Early Sexual Experience *(True Story)*

This is a continuation of my first young Sexual eexperience. This story is about me and is true, I was tw€!ve yrs. I hope you enjoy reading it as I enjoyed doing it ;)

•A few days later at school Matt told me to meet him at the church storage room. After we went in there he locked the door and said he had a surprise. He had taken a Hustler magazine that he took from his dad. We sat in there looking at the pictures, within seconds we were both hard. He told me to show him my cock and I did. I was nervous and excited all at the same time. He began by pulling my foreskin back, he just held ... Continue»
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Early Sexual Experience part 2

Hey everyone this is my second time writing my

story so please excuse some errors. This story

is really about me when I was (11+1) years old.

Please enjoy :)

A few days later at school Matt told me to

meet him at the church storage room. After we

went in

there he locked the door and said he had a

surprise. He had taken a Hustler magazine that

he took from his dad. We sat in there looking

at the pictures, within seconds we were both

hard. He told me to show him my cock and I

did. I was nervous and excited all at the same

time. He began by pu... Continue»
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End of the Week

Ernest Gaines, known by most as ‘E’ or ‘Big’, bounded down the corridors of Presbyterian Regional Medical Center wheeling a patient towards discharge. It was shortly before 8:00 a.m. on Saturday which meant this was his final task of his shift. He made it to the waiting area and brought the chair to a stop as the elderly man peered out the window for his f****y.

“What’s going on,” a fellow orderly asked.
“Can’t call it,” E replied.
“I hear ya, man. You gettin’ off soon?”
“Yeah. Goin’ to the crib and chill. Got three in a row off.”
“I’d do that. But I got too many people at home to get a... Continue»
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PART 2 whith My Friends Uncle

On the way to his place Bill kept looking at me, and when we got to a spot that I had been to before with another man. Turning to me bill said I was turning him on and as his new girlfriend he need to do something about it, I smiled and he automatically took this to be an agreement as he moved closer to me, and kissed me still with the seat belt tight around me making me helpless to repel his advances on me, which I found rather exciting. Soon I was at Bills mercy as he lifted my frock and pulled my panties down and proceeded to lick then suck my boy cock and with in minutes he'd made m... Continue»
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The eagerness I felt to suck cock drained slowly away the further I traveled down the corridor. By midway point, I has seen two men; one of which I held no interest in. The other, well, he showed no interest in me, so there I had broken even. I removed my darkened lenses and looked to the back of the corridor. A look in the mirror made me head there after a stop at the head.
“Hello.” I said to the 5’10” tall, brown haired and eyed, well built man before me.
“How are you?” He asked as he looked me over.
“Better if I knew what wa... Continue»
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Spring semester college life 28

Hope you enjoy this chapter.


Waking Monday, I realized how fast time was going here. March would turn
into April this week and signal the end of cool weather. So far, we'd been
rather lucky and had a nice beginning to spring with great temperatures and
fairly pleasant weather. With six weeks or so left in my freshman year,
the professors decided to pour it on. Up to this point, they had done a
superb job of spacing my tests but that now was over with another piled on
top of the two already scheduled.

Returning to my room after a long day which included biol... Continue»
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"When I became a girl..." Pt 1

My name is Gabriella. Let me start by saying that I always felt like I was different growing up.  I was raised by a single mom because my dad left the country before I was even born and we never found out where he went or if he was even still alive. I was actually born a boy and I was known to be a very cute baby boy throughout my first two years of life. Even though I couldn't remember their first two years of life, as it usually happens to most people, I had still seen pictures of me from back then. In a few of them I was dressed in light blue and one of the pictures even showed my uncircumc... Continue»
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My First young Sexual Experience

This story is true and real, is about me. This

story takes place when I was twe!☆e (11+1)

years old. This is about my first sexual

experience with mt friend Matt. I hope you


My friend slept over one day and we were

flipping through channels late at night, and we

came up on some porn. We were both excited that

we came across it. As we were watching it our

cocks began to twitch. My friend Matt called my

name and when I looked over at him he had his

shorts to his ankles, and his hard cock was

pointing straight at me. He was uncut and maybe

... Continue»
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Bondaged and fucked at a hospital: Pt 2

I ate my lunch watching tv, when I was done Lisa cleaned up after me and she gave me some time to rest as she left the room, sort of like "nap time" at a daycare. I was about to drift off when I felt a sudden strong urge to pee but as I moved my legs around in the bed to get up I was instantly reminded of the thick crinkly diaper I had on under my hospital gown. I thought about what the nurse said, about having to use diapers for a whole week and I didn't want to disobey her orders seeing as she really knows how to discipline a "naughty diaper boy" which is what she referred to me as. I also d... Continue»
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Chub slave

Look at that ass, look at all that ass. Fat and ready to go. What would you do if you found this naughty chub alone and naked in the forest. Would you take advantage of that ass? I know what you're thinking, and I know that guilty look, you would take advantage of his fat ass. Well, let me tell you my tale...

He would be in so much trouble if I found him like that. I mean, what is he going to do? He's caught naked in the forest and there I come along. I told him: Drop to your knees now. He is hesitant which I'm not, so I... Continue»
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my first cum facial

it all happened a few years ago, i met a really nice guy online off one of the gay finding sites ill call him K, and we chatted for a little bit and found out that he had himself a partner ill call him S, but they were allowed to play with others and they also played together with guys.
our first meeting was rather enjoyable after we chatted for a little while after i first got to there secluded house on acreage to break the ice as i was feeling nervous as all hell, but they both were nice and helped relax the situation and then we started watching some gay porn and they slowly started suckin... Continue»
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The Monks Habit.

I was driving along this country lane when I saw this Monk walking the same way. I stopped the car and asked him if I could give him a lift. He said bless you my son but if you have the time I'm heading to the old Monastery over the hill. I said I thought it was not used anymore and was deserted, he replied as he got into my car that I was right, but he was the caretaker, and lived in it alone, and that he'd been into town to order some timber for repairs that need to be done. He also introduced himself as b*o,John, but I could call him John.
As we drove he asked me about my self and I... Continue»
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College life spring semester 27


It was four or so when Corey and I returned to campus after our brief trip
to his home to grab his camping equipment. We climbed the stairs and found
my door cracked open. I pushed it open to find Kris, Colt, Jess and Alex
in the room. Kris, Colt and Alex had their lip full of dip.

"How'd it go?" Kris asked us.

"It went really well," Corey said with us grabbing desk chairs.

"Matt, before we decide anything, we've decided to check out the other
dorms and see what's available. We were thinking if nothing else to grab
one of those sweet ass dorms with two ... Continue»
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Sissy all dressed up at a rest area

So, i had a bit of a scary encounter recently. But it was totally worth it =].

I was driving from my home town to the town where i go to school. It is a windy little road that goes right through a big slice of nowhere, with very minimal cell service. And it was night time. I had been all dressed up and hoping to find someone at a local wildlife area that is an OK place to find guy sometimes, but no dice. I am pretty shy, and don't go to places like that much, i am almost relieved not to have seen or been seen by anyone. It was getting late and i had school the next day, so i got in my car, ... Continue»
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Baby Sitting Surprise

I had recently graduated college and was looking for any way possible to make some pocket cash. Times were slow but luckily for me my neighbor would ask me to babysit there 2 year old from time to time. My name is john by the way and my neighbors, Emma and Parker are hot. Emma is thick in all the right places, with massive tits and a nice round bubble. Parker is a lean tall stud, and I have noticed the bulge in the front of his pants is quite massive and defined.
I walked next door that evening and knocked on the door. I was right on time, but I could hear running inside and Emma yel... Continue»
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