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Never hesitate if there is a black cock

One day when my mum was at work, I was laying in her bed, masturbating. I got up and rummaged through her underwear drawer. The drawer smelled like perfume and the odor made my dick stiffen. Some of her panties had stains - I think they were cum stains - on the crotch. Anyway, I don't know why, but something prompted me to try on a pair of her silky nylon hose. The material felt so good on my legs! Next I stepped into a pair of her red french cut panties. Then I caught a glimpse of myself in the full-length mirror - and was electrified.

I was about 5', 2" then, and the only body hair I had ... Continue»
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Short Term Relationship

Hello there. I know people usually begin with a name, but I’m not going to tell you mine for the simple reason that I would rather remain anonymous. I will however tell you that I am 23 years old, I am male and I am gay. I am single now but I haven’t been for very long, a matter of hours to be frank. I was with Gabriel for less than one day and already our relationship is over. I feel like I need to tell this story to somebody, but seeing as I am closeted and nobody I know has any knowledge of my homosexuality, I don’t really have anybody to talk to. So I thought I would tell my story to you, ... Continue»
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Hotel Sissy Panties

**This is not my story but is my favorite to fantasize about and cum over and over*

I was on a business trip in central Pennsylvania and decided to stop for the evening and get a hotel room before I continued on the early the next morning. I stopped at a hotel just off the exit of the state highway around 7:15 and checked into a room. I had noticed that there was a small bar open just off the lobby while checking in. I arrived at the room, and had decided that I would just stay in the room that night, beat off in the bed and get to sl**p early. I had packed a pair of women's pink lace and s... Continue»
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My second time with an older man

If you read my first story about meeting an older man, you'll know I lived in a remote area where it was difficult to find gay or bi men.
I eventually left home to study and ended up living in a fairly big city.

I didn't have a regular girlfriend at that time but I didn't go too long without sex with a female.
Although I loved having sex with women I still found myself watching older gay and bi men in porn videos, that is something I still do these days.
I signed up for a few different dating websites and enjoyed browsing the profiles of nice older men near me. I hadn't planned to go ahe... Continue»
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Fuckbud and his m8s using queerboi (Part 2)

Took about 10 minutes for my head to clear from the fucking I got from Mick. He, Joe and Boss sat around chatting while I came back from the fuck daze. Managed to hold all Mick's remaining spunk, and the burning turned to tingling as my innards readjusted.

"Looks like he's almost back with us." Joe had been keeping his eye on me - I knew he wasn't finished with me yet, and wasn't sure if Mick was... "You ready for more cock?" That's when I noticed he and Joe were both standing proud. "Could do with some water, a piss, you know... 5 mins more." - "Well, as soon as you're ready you can sit ri... Continue»
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One night we were sailing off the West Indies. Pirates surprised and stormed our ship. I was a young man then, of a proud f****y, and had gone to sea against my father’s advice. I longed for adventure, and did not want to enter his business, which struck me as lifeless and dull and a little corrupt. I preferred charity to greed. I preferred poetry. But I was proud and felt I would succeed anywhere. The world was my stage. But when you are taken captive by pirates, they do everything they can to break you down, as I hope to illustrate.

I was the only survivor from my ship. My life was spare... Continue»
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Holiday Fun in the Caravan Part 4

We pass James' friend as we drive out. He doesn't recognise the car, thankfully. James slides down in his seat.
"Don't feel guilty, he would have done the same to you if the chance had come up."
"I know. He is one of the most arrogant and selfish people I know."
"Oh!" I am taken aback. He doesn't seem the sort to say a bad word about anyone. I glance across at him and then put my hand on his thigh. He laughs suddenly.
"I was waiting for you to ask me why I hang around with him." I laughed then.
"I did wonder but knew you must have your own reasons."
"I was bored and usually things star... Continue»
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How I fuck wife and her husband

This is story between me and my co-worker. I am 24 year old hot Gujarati boy. I am 5’9”, fair and athletic body. She is around 35 year old average looking Malayalam girl. She is around 5’, slim and black. We have very good relationship. We share most personal things.
One day I ask here why don’t have any k**. She told me her husband is impotent. She stay with only because she is average looking poor girl. I console her. One day we are leaving office, I ask her if I can drop her. She said okay. She ask to me to come to her home. She has ask me to wait, she come after change cl... Continue»
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Fuckbud and his m8s using a queerboi as only they

The message came midweek: "OK cocksucker - free Saturday? My place usual time?" It was Pete - a good mate and fuckbud. I sent back a "yes, what's on?" straight away. Over the few days before the meet, he let me know a couple of his other mates would be there. I'd already met Joe once before, but Mick was new to me. Still, Pete's a sound guy so any friend of his... When Saturday finally came round, I was horny as hell getting ready for the evening - bath, shave, douche - and the bus ride to Pete's seemed to drag for ages.

Joe and Mick were still an hour away when I got there - plenty of time... Continue»
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Gotta Fuck This Ass

"Hey, Anthony," the pretty dark-skinned woman said into her iPhone.
"Hey, baby! What's up," replied the forty-one year old general practice attorney.
"I'm so sorry to ask, but I need a big favor."
"Sure, sexy! What can I do?"
"I promised my cousin, Lavell, I'd pick him up from the mechanic. But, I have to

work over. Can you give him a ride to his house please?"
"Yeah. I can handle that. What time?"
"He's expecting me at 5:30."
"Yeah, that'll be cool. Text me the address."
"Thanks, handsome!"
"Anytime, beautiful!"
"Okay. I gotta get back to work. I'll call you when I get off at ni... Continue»
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Girlfriend sees things in my phone an finds out I&

To start out with this is a true story, my ex girlfriend one night was looking threw my phone when I was asl**p an see I was talking to a few guys about getting my dicked sucked an sucking theirs. But I've never done anything with a guy at that point. It turned me on so much at the time of just the thought of sucking someone an I wanted someone to blow their big hot load in my mouth. She woke me up after seeing emails between me an another guy talking about it an found a pic of a guys cock on my phone, she was completely lost lol, she had no idea what to even say other then are you gay? I didn... Continue»
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Watching the Boys Part 16

"Sit down sir." The first black TSA agent said to me, pointing at a
row of chairs against the wall. "This won't take long." He sneered.

I hesitantly walked over to the chairs and sat down with my carry on
luggage. Keeping my eye on my barefoot boys as they stood there standing
in front of a large metal table in the middle of the plain room.

"I said strip boys!" The agent at the office desk in the corner said
as he stood up walking over to the boys. Leif looked a bit shocked but
Bryan looked like he knew what was up.

"It'll be OK, just go with it." I hear... Continue»
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Sissy Boybreeder Whore

Sissy Boybreeder Whore

Mistress likes Her sissy boys. The sweeter, the more submissive, the more obedient, …. the better. She thinks boys have been bad and need to atone. Atone by being girls, Women, Her women. And the first thing Her women must learn is submission. You have no choice. You must obey.

Many women subdue their men through conflict. Not all relationship abuse, physical or otherwise, favors the men. The problem with just beating men down it that it takes time. It doesn’t scale if you are in a hurry to have a lot of slaves. But there is no doubt that a hand-busted bronco ha... Continue»
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Being A Slut

Being A Slut

It was 2024, and viral nano-technology had become the
treatment of choice for many serious diseases. It had
only been slightly more than a decade since the
breakthrough that caused it to go from a crackpot
theory to a widespread reality.

Of course, there were still drawbacks. If we'd been
able to perfect true nano-technology, such as sci-fi
writers had been describing for decades, we probably
wouldn't have had a problem with the one-time use
limitation of the viral variety we had. But
miniaturization techniques still hadn't progressed far
enough to build... Continue»
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Seven Wishes

Seven Wishes

As usual, this is a story containing graphic sexual content. If you are not
legally allowed to view such a story, don't download it, read it, touch it,
lick it, eat it, burn it, use it for toilet paper, or even stand near it.

Permission is hereby given to archive this story on any site so long as this
disclaimer is attached, no fee is charged, and I am credited as the author
(I've actually gotten hate mail for having claimed to write my own stories,
because other people have made the same claim and some idiot believed them.)

If you do read it, sen... Continue»
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Watching the Boys Part 15

"What are they doing out there?" I thought as I got up and walked
over to look out at the pool. What I saw made my cock grow instantly hard.

As I peered out into the sun drenched pool area, I saw the twin boys
Caleb and Jacob in a pile on a few of the square shaped padded lounge
chairs that had been pulled together to make a makeshift bed. The young
boys were wildly sucking each other off. Just a pile of wet young boy
flesh going crazy with lust as they sucked each other off in a wild 69

Leif was laying back behind the twins on the recliner, his face los... Continue»
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Asian Delight: Principal's Orders (Gay)

I moaned as my hips went down to have my ass slap against strong thighs. The person below me pushed up to shove his big dick deeper into my little, Asian hole.

"Are we almost done, Principal Tark?"

"Not yet, Jesse." The black man below didn't pant like I did. He remained laying on the ground while his hands gripped my wrists. There was no escape from his thrusts that made my body tingle, mostly around the ass. "Your punishment isn't over until its course has been run."

I held in my moan while my short, black hair brushed against bare shoulders. My jeans and white shirt were ripped. U... Continue»
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Left With Blue Balls

So Im a usual Craigslist surfer, I had a guy message me off one of my adds that seemed pretty interesting. He had a very similar build to me, a nice uncut cock like mine, bigger guy, hairy, he was basically me but about a half inch taller and just a few pounds heavier. We kik'd back and fourth for a few days and really hit it off. I mean like, I'm thinking we can be regular buds, he's not weird like 99% of the people I meet. Now, the one catch was he did have a boyfriend, but he was in a pretty long term relationship and was just looking to play outside a little bit, especially with another un... Continue»
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Sam Stone unlocked the front door of the juke joint he owned along with his b*****r, Paul. The club was basically an old two-story farmhouse that had been converted for commercial use. It sat on the outskirts of a mid-size town in Mississippi. It was called JUGS. More than 90-percent of the patrons were Black men. All of the front of house staff were white women with big titties. Sam & Paul hired no one that had less than a D-cup.

JUGS had decent food and good drinks. There were usually games of dominoes and blackjack going on in one of the private rooms. Of course, people were gambling on ... Continue»
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I walking over the shop and looking for new clothes. I take some t-shirts and jeans to check later are fit on me.
When I collect new clothes salesman look at me from time to time. At the begining I thought that the is thinking that I am a thief or sth but when I walk next to him he proposed jeans for me from promotion newsletter. He smiles to me and said: You will good look like at these one
When he turned off to me, I just look on him. He was older, maybe 45-50, grey hairs, maybe 185cm high and 90 kg weight. Looks good :)
I took my souvenirs to changing room, t-shirts was ok, but jeans wer... Continue»
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