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Fling with an old flame & her husband

Back 25+ years ago I had a sexual encounter with 18 year old Jane. It was at a party and she stripped naked as a dare from the lads. We fooled around a little but not much more, but it is an encounter that has lived with me ever since. How far could things have gone. I was willing to go all the way, but the 3 other guys that I with were a little more shy and this put Jane off. She was a very adventurous girl and was just 18 at the time. She was not a pretty girl and have a very average body, but she was daring. I am aware of a few parties where she entertained groups of guys. I never h... Continue»
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This is a BDSM story - male on male, later male on sissy - with some f***ed feminisation.
Sorry it takes so long to get to the fem part! Part two will represent the pay off.


By NancyBerlin

Martin is, or rather, used to be, a totally straight looking guy, not so tall - 173cm - with a
somewhat stocky build, but lean and lightly muscled from his years of
swimming. You could say he had something of a rugby player's
build. He was not so young - 47 - but he kept himself in good shape and
although gay there was nothing effeminate about him. All in all he was in no way
... Continue»
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Boy wonder costume creates sticky situation!

As the Halloween party that I had been invited to drew nearer, I was getting excited about creating my costume. I had always wanted to dress up like a superhero! The party was going to be a mix of men and women from the greater nyc area, most of whom I would probably never see again, as I was visiting my friend Todd. I had spent a fair amount on a Robin boy wonder outfit(red shirt, green speedo trunks, utility belt, cape,gloves, mask, and boots). The costume came without tights, so I went shopping. I found a pair of tan tights that looked to be the right color, I tried them on. I pulled ... Continue»
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First time I had sex with a Bloke!

Was a warm Friday evening just got home slobbing around in a t shirt and my jogging pants home alone my wife was with her s****r ...girlie night out!
There was knock on door, it was James a friend of one of my best Buddy Bob’s. I had meet James before briefly at Bobs wedding couple months back, was trying to remember if he was with anyone!?!? Couldn’t really recall
‘Hey Jonny Bob said I could pick up a set of his keys …am staying at his place this weekend while they are away.‘Oh sure’ I said he said you would drop by’
Bob lived 2 doors down and to be honest I had totally forgotten about ... Continue»
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Humiliation or Hot ?

Hi Folks,
This is something that happened a couple of days ago. I have been thinking about this and to be honest, I'm not sure what happened. I will just tell you very quickly what happened and you tell me if I should read anything in to this or not.

It was Wednesday mid morning. I got a text from Marcus, He said " got a 3 day load" "Now is good"
So I went over and opened the shop door to see a few changes in the decor. There was now a couch / table and a new TV set. Its beginning to look more like a den than a shop. I looked around a bit and he asked how I like it. I told him it was ... Continue»
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Rob Would Not Be Denied

I have hooked up with Rob a few more times since our first meeting. And he has trained me quite well, that huge dick of his will always be difficult to take but I will keep trying.

Rob asked me to come over to his apartment for a few drinks but I knew what that meant. I told him I will be sl**ping over, his laugh and said no stays at the “Rob Hotel” for free. I thought to myself, ran to the shower and did a shave. I wanted everything nice and clean, all over for him. I packed a bag of a cute school girl outfit, makeup, long white stockings, new wig, shoes and a white blouse. I really wante... Continue»
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More glory hole fun

I write this with the taste of fresh cum still on my tongue. I had not been to visit a glory hole since the Saturday after Thanksgiving. This would turn out to be a great day at the glory hole in Salem. I got there about 3:30 in the afternoon. Once I got in the booth I fed the machine my money and selected an appropriate movie. This one happened to be from their vintage collection. I watched and stroked for several minutes until someone entered the next booth. I looked through the hole as this guy unzipped and lowered his pants. He started stroking. I watched for just a few minutes as h... Continue»
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How Nick became Nicki. A sissy story

This is the story of Nick. Nick was straight.
It was Friday night and she was getting ready to go out, she had something special planned tonight. She had her favourite pair of red and black lace lingerie on, the panties cupping her round smooth cheeks, her light blue pencil dress that hugged her figure and gave her a passable cleavage, white heels that make her look sexy even though they squeezed her toes and rubbed her heels and she had barely got the hang of walking in them. She had done her make up too, as well as she could, a little eye shadow and a cherry red lipstick. Her stomach was af... Continue»
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Caught Stealing and f***ed to Make a Deal

I was 18 and home from college for the summer. I got a job delivering groceries for a large supermarket. I had some regular customers who wanted me to leave their deliveries in their garage when they ordered all non-perishable items, which often happened. Beer, soda, snacks were common orders.

One of these customers was Mr. "L." He was divorced, in his late 40s, average looking. He would always start conversations with me, and lately they were becoming explicit and definitely over the line. Things such as who my girlfriend was, did I prefer a girl with big tits or a big ass, etc. It didn't ... Continue»
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Crossing Lines Chapter 1

It all started innocently enough. I was working on my master’s degree while working full-time. My wife encouraged me to pursue it and I went at it with all the energy I could muster – which turned out to be not quite enough. The competing demands of work, marriage, and school took their toll and I fell behind in school. Beth did all she could at home to make time available to me to work on my thesis. She even invented a reward system for me.

She laid out a timeline with different milestones on it. For each one that I achieved, she promised a no-strings-attached blowjob. The only condition w... Continue»
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My Life Stories: Gym Nite

I just wrapped a towel around my waist and took one step towards the gym showers when someone asked, "hey, do you know if they have soap and shampoo in the showers or do I need to bring my own?" Turning around to see who was talking to me, I was greeted by a middle aged man who, aside from the towel around his neck, was totally naked. "Hi, I'm Sam, I just joined this gym tonight and wasn't sure." I reached out to shake his hand and I felt his eyes ripping my towel off me. Before looking at my face and smiling, his eyes went up-and-down my body at least twice. He shook my hand firmly and held... Continue»
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A weekend alone...part 2

Here is the link to part one. It's worth reading the first episode to give context and background to this one.

Even though I had kissed another boy of my own age a few years earlier, and even enjoyed dry humping with him, and over the clothes touching, this was very different. Not only was I several years older and had been masturbating for a couple of years, this was also a grown man that I was touching. The fantasies that had fired my teenage orgasms recently were now being made real. I finally had the target of my desires and lust ready... Continue»
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ok so I'm still extremely high and I'm on the corner of samo blvd and st andrews and we are now attracting multiple cars driving past and staring and i have no idea what I'm doing i was just so nervous being dressed like a CHEAP WHITE SISSY AND my top ts momma has basically made me understand that we are gonna stay here with about 6-7 other tgirls that are older and all are mexican and black,, they were yelling at me and saying that because I'm young and white I'm basically gonna be picked up any second,, i ws nervous to leave my top ts mommy erika and she promised that she won't leave my ... Continue»
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Watching my b*****r in Law

My wife's b*****r Jack was 16 years younger than she. In our late 40's he was now in his early 30's and turned out to be quite a good guy and friend to both of us. He was a hard worker and a of fun to be around. With good looks that could have landed him on any magazine cover, a hard body to match and a natural gentle smile, he always had a hot looking girl with him. He had bought a house a little bit out of the city that was what the realtors like to call a fixer upper or a handy man's special. He fell in love with it and saw all of its potential and bought it on the spot. We hadn't seen it ... Continue»
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First time Bottom

This was something I had done a little over a year ago. I have been hooking up with people off the internet from different sites. I was just sooo horny one night I just did not care what happened as long as sex happened with another person.
I got online to an adult dating site where I have met women, couples, and single guys before. Within an hour I found a local guy. His profile did not say he was into men, but he chatted with me.
During the chat he let me know he was horny also and just wanted to nut. He usually did not do anything with guys, usually couples but he really needed to bust a ... Continue»
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Liquor Store Booty

“Barry,” called out Geneva Campbell. “Do you mind going to get a bottle of wine?” The attractive middle-aged woman made the request because they were expecting a visit from her cousin and his f****y since they were driving though the area. It had been years since Geneva had seen Marcus. On the phone with his wife, she was able to convince them to spend the night,

Barry yelled back, “Yeah. Give me a minute.”

The forty-six year-old, brown-skinned man shut down his game of Madden NFL 16 on his Xbox One. He walked out of the den to find his wife throwing together a casserole.

“Do I need... Continue»
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M4M Erotic Massage- I guess I am bi-sexual!

I entered the new apartment with anticipation and a bit of fear. We discussed erotic massage but I was unsure of exactly what I was walking into... Is he a good guy, will he respect boundaries and go at the speed to make me comfortable, or will it get out of hand? If I were to get beaten up or robbed I can't really call the police... What am I worried about?! I have done this before and he seemed like a good guy on email?.... oy!

Then I meet him and at once I am at ease. He shakes hands and gives me a light hug and welcomes me to make me feel much more at ease. He wants to talk first and ha... Continue»
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My Unexpected Festival Highlight Part 2

I would never have considered going to a festival by myself before, but I
was having an amazing time on my own. Not just due to my new experience
with Truffle Boy but the whole thing in general. Doing just what I wanted
without having to consider others, and I don't mean that in the selfish way
it sounds!

The memories of Thursday night were constantly on my mind and I was like a
dog on heat. I was constantly horny and getting erections. Despite having
an amazing night on the Friday, I returned to my tent much earlier than I
needed to, just so I could masturbate whilst reliving be... Continue»
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Hole in the wall

I had been out of town and was on my way back home, but I couldn’t resist a stop at an ABS that had produced some good times in the past. It took me a while to find it because the roads are confusing in this town and it was hard to get to it because I was on the wrong side of a divided highway. But I managed to get there and boy was it worth it.

I paid my entrance fee and went back into the arcade area. One thing for certain about this store is that it has the darkest arcade area I’ve ever been in. I guess that makes up for the fact that the place totally lacks privacy. There are no do... Continue»
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The Tutor

It was the second semester of my senior year. Everything was going well except my grade in math was close to failing. I was worried because I knew I wasn't going to do well on my final. My mom  decided to enroll me in afternoon tutoring sessions. I was only excited because that means I could drive to school in my new car I got for my 18th birthday. And it didn't hurt that my tutor was a hunk. He wasn't my actual teacher he was a Assistant Teacher. A college senior trying to get a feel for how a classroom runs for credit. His skin was nice and tan even in the winter. He's eyes a gentle shade of... Continue»
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