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At Mr. Donalds house

It was the last week of summer break. I spent more time at Mr. Donalds house then I did with my friends or my own.
When ever I go there I put my bike in the backyard and pull off my clothes. I'd play on the swings or swim while waiting for him to come out to greet me. He would always offer sun lotion and I would stand in front of him, arms out, legs spread. This particular morning Mr. Donald was already outside drinking his coffee.
After stripping off everything I ran over and sat beside him. He offered me a coke, I took it and sat on his lap. He wrapped his arm around me and gave me a hug,... Continue»
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By Karen Flynn

It was approaching Halloween. My girlfriend and I were trying to
figure out some good costumes. Halloween was the only time of the year that
I was allowed to venture out of the house crossdressed so I always tried to
make the best of it. We were sitting at home watching TV when I saw my
costume. I got a smile out of Debbie when I said "That's it I am going to
be XENA." Much to my surprise Debbie said "Ok, I will be Gabriel."
Let me give you a little background on myself. My name is Andy I am
thirty-two years old. I have been a cross dresser since ... Continue»
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I Knew I Was A Sissy (part VII)

The months to follow were divine.
It was the period of summer holidays. I was living with Morten. I was a full time crossdresser (even if it was at home exclusively). He was treating me like a girl. What else could I ask?
Morten bought me a bunch of clothes, underwear, accessories and make up kits. I had to move my “men” clothes to another room since my closet was full of my new sexy outfits. I was staying home every day and I was enjoying it since I was dressed all the time.
Every morning I was waking him up with a nice blow. His cum was my breakfast! Then, after a shower we would spend ... Continue»
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My 4th experience with men, at spa excess/gay bath

Last year I had my first three gay experiences at spa excess/gay bathhouse. Last night Friday april 1st was my 4th visit/ended up having a wonderful truly awesome gay/experiences/sex/fun

My story begins, my last gay experience was sept 2015. That experience opened a door that I jumped through wanting more and hopefully have gay/bi sex often. But still shy exploring male sex. I decided to go back last night and live a little. Still very shy, scared of getting caught by people I know. Nonetheless I went, have multiple gay/cock cravings daily.

After a couple of times driving around, fina... Continue»
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I first met Michael on the street, he was dressed in a white body fitting hunk shirt with no sleeves and blue faded skinny jeans. We exchanged greetings/pleasantries as we passed.
We greeted each other this way over several weeks as we passed on our ways to work.
I was beginning to warm to this guy who seemed to have control of his destiny.
Till one day I met him going into my local supermarket, we exchanged greetings, then I extended my hand introducing myself & I got to know his name at last Michael. We did most of our shopping together, he seemed to like the s... Continue»
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an akward encounter

once I made a guy cum like 8 times in one evening/night. he was the dad of my best friend. he was married with 2 k**s, both were in my school it was middle and highschool they were 14 and 18 at the time i was 18 too. i didnt know it was him untill the most akward time possible. he opened the door to the room I was in, there was music going I was about 8 feet from the door, face down with makeup and whiskers and cat nose painted on, furry paws(gloves boots), ass up in the air oiled up, hands spreading it, lights pointed at it, banana barely sticking out all while wearing my skirt and stockings ... Continue»
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xhamster gives me what i really wanted

This was on my old profile which i deleted because i was getting a bit addicted to the dirty talk and just the fantasy of it, it tended to be after a few beers i did this more with a throbbing cock just trying to get someone to take up my offer of being theyre plaything for the night or a portion of it anyway i always fantasised about being taught a lesson by a huge cock never with any success so one night i was doing this and finally found someone who sounded very responsive to this idea but said it was too late (2am) and he was in the city centre about 6 miles away and neither of us drove. T... Continue»
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Woods Sex

I am a Bi Seaxuall male have been all my life, yea i had my dick sucked by a male first but i always liked pussy. the first pussy i fucked i had to lick it first taste it loved it and always have loved pussy. But sometimes i like to go down on a guy eat his cum and even have my ass fucked by the right type of cock .Or even fuck a guy in his ass if i am into it . But the best sex is when there are more then just two people three four five even six is cool at the same time . Like a small orgy when ever there is more then four. So this older guy i know he tells me about this park that guys go to ... Continue»
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Relaxing in the Sauna

The fall semester was nearing its end, and as usual, my stress level was increasing. Papers, final projects, and exams began to pile up, and I soon found myself with little free time. After my biology class on Wednesday, I hurried out of the building and entered into the cool darkness of a December evening. On my way back to my dorm, I stopped by a convenience store and picked up a pint of chocolate ice cream. I needed some sort of pleasure in the midst of school stress and depressing weather.

As soon as I got back to my room, I sank onto my bed and peeled off the cover of the ice cre... Continue»
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My best mates Dad!

My mate Tom had a Dad that was to die for! He was one of those men that was perfectly proportioned, rugged, big shoulders hair in all the right places, thick muscular legs and good looking ! Fuck, what more could you ask for. It was always distracting when I’d visit and Tom’s Dad would always smile his disarming smile, he had one of those killer grins that made you weak at the knees, just like he wanted you and you were only person in the room. And to top it all off, he was just a great decent human being. Needless to say I was very jealous of Tom, but loved to visit their house at the week... Continue»
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mandatory bisexuality.

Gang activity was common and most were afraid to leave their houses at night. The city council and PTA, eager to reverse the rising trend in crime and v******e developed a plan to build common ground between young men, instill a sense of humility and encourage bonding; mandatory bisexuality.

Mandatory after school meetings were immediately implemented for all senior males. Age requirements for entering school were reconfigured for legality purposes requiring seniors to be 18 years or older. Immediately following the closing school bell, underclassmen and females were e****ted from the buil... Continue»
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Similar Minds, repost (double post... tried to del

Similar minds
I miss sucking cock.
So last week when at a bar a quiet type of man sat down close to me. A little chit-chat and it turns out he is very gentle and introverted man who was looking for a discreet get together with someone like me. Hmmm, why not. I accepted his invite to his place.

He was so shy I figured I'd take the lead so I asked if he had any porn to watch, hopefully some cocksucking. He got all smiley, poured us each a drink and we sat on his couch to watch the movie. On screen was a beautiful large cock was getting some lip service that would give a dead man a hard dick... Continue»
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As I lay'd on the bed next to Mike, his cock in my hand and the taste of his cum still in my mouth, I knew I needed more, i rolled over laying next to him ,my stocking cover'd leg over his, the feeling of it sliding over him,as I moved up and down the rush was new and exciting. I could feel Mikes cock becoming full and heavy ,the look on his face told me he was enjoying it,so I rolled over on top of him and began slowly sliding over his body, I could feel his cock rubbing against my panties so I slowly began to lightly grind on him,I felt him getting harder as... Continue»
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First Gay Sexual Experience at 18

My first homosexual activity begins with a detailed introduction which in my opinion makes the story.

Okay, so, you can notice through my videos and photos that I have a feminine body especially from the waist down.
I never grew or will grow hair on my legs. Many times I've been asked if I shave my legs.

Also, ever since I can remember I've always been targeted/flirted with, by friend's dads/alpha males and I enjoyed it.

Everyone had their eyes on me, and by everyone-I mean dad's, friend's older siblings, teachers, life guards.

(Especially pool parties, but ... Continue»
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A homosexual seduction in progress

Round One.

I have become sexually attracted to a man for the first time in my life. Well, actually that’s not true; I just never would allow myself to believe it much less act on it. I have determined that I am a cross dressing bi-sexual, who has never satisfied the “bi” part. I am pretty sure he is open to it. I have excellent gaydar. It would follow that gay men would have good gaydar as well. That would explain why I got hit on so much by gay men when I was young. So dear reader this is for you, if you can always spot one, you probably are one or you are a closet switch hitter like me.... Continue»
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Time To Pay Off My Debt

**********Time to pay off my bill. No matter what I had to do.********
I had let a bill I let get pretty high and I was told I needed to pay. I asked for more time, but It was long over due and needed to be addressed. I asked, "but what if I don't have the money"? I was told that, "I would figure it out". "Shit"!! "I'm in trouble"!!!
Later that day, I get a knock on my door. It was him and he brought back-up, just in case. I was asked to sit down on the couch. "I don't have the money I owe you", I said. He knew that and was prepared. I was told I would be paying off my debt by prefo... Continue»
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I KNEW I was gay at an early age, all through school I only had a few friends that I spent time with, it was the same in high school, I wasn't a jock and really didn't bother with many of the girls, the friends I had ,well we spent alot of time playing video games after school. Thats how I started dressing , Ken and I were at his house playing games in his basement room and I needed the bathroom, I went upstairs as he played, and as I went down the hall I passed his moms bedroom,looking in I noticed an open draw in the dresser, and I got this strong urge to go in. Knowing it w... Continue»
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Back to Daves....PT 2

Dave stood up from the sofa, allowing me to swap places with him.
I sat with my legs apart, with my painfully hard cock pointing to the ceiling, as Dave kneeled between them. He shuffled forward slightly and smeared the last drops of cum from his cock onto the head of mine, then in one single smooth and wet movement, sucked the length of my shaft into his willing mouth.

I gasped as I felt the back of his throat prevent any further progress, but he bobbed his head back and forth, saliva flowing down my engorged shaft as he did so. he paused for breath taking my cock from his mouth.

'How ... Continue»
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Gay Sauna fun

I was at out at a bucks party in the city, which started to finish up around 3am. We had just spent the last couple of hours at the strip club, so I was feeling pretty horny still and decided to try and find a local gay club to really satisfy my urges.

I stumbled across Steam, a very nice and well maintained sauna in the middle of Sydney city. I had a nice long shower and started getting hard checking out all the other men showering with me. I finished showering and walked upstairs to the cruising area with a hard cock pointing my way. This got the attention of a few men, and one in particu... Continue»
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My first time with a guy part 2

As you will recall from reading part 1, I had just agreed to go up to a guys flat, situated above a' private' shop in Leeds. The shop assistant had just told me to select some sexy underwear from the shop to wear as I experienced my first taste of gay sex.

The lingerie in display was probably the best thing on sale in to shop, for a crossdresser it was heaven but I wasn't sure what to choose. There was school girl uniforms, French maid outfits, nurses uniforms, baby dolls, body stockings, I just didn't know what I wanted to wear. I finally decided on a pretty pink baby doll, it was very lac... Continue»
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