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My first bisexual experience

My first posted story, a scenario that took place years after this can be found here:

The word bisexual us weird. A hard cock is something I have always been attracted to. Emotional connection? Nope. But, around the age of 13 I started jerking off. By 14 I wanted to figure out a way to get my own penis into my mouth. By 14.1 I was able to lick the tip. By 14.2 the head would pass my lips. By 14.3 I was pretty much busting a nut into my mouth without having to come up for a breather. I suppose this was when I realized that I either liked suc... Continue»
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One Fourth of July....

It was the summer between my ninth and tenth year of high school, some six months after I had been viciously introduced to homosexual relations by my three tormentors. Bruce, Charlie and Daniel had surprised me as I was on my way to watch a fourth of July parade. The three of them encased me and guided me off to the side of a building and warned me if I cried out they would '...beat me senseless before anyone could stop them...'

Terrified, yet knowing that what they wanted to do to me was not going to be nice, I surrendered to my fate. I was lead to an abandoned two story house and taken ... Continue»
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Just a young guy--pt3

He said he'd take care of it

20min later there was a knock at the door, when I opened it there were three huge guys, wearing motorcycle leathers, grizzly looking guys, one said “Buck sent us”.I let them in.

I was just wearing a towel around my waist, and one around my shoulders, the last one in snagged both off me.

My cock was semi, and red with all the jacking s, all three started laughing a little.

“Buck said you were a newbie, and needed a feeding right?” As he said this he rubbed his rough hands over my chest stopping at my nipples then twisting, and pulling me towards the b... Continue»
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My First Blowjob

I'm a 50 year old male and I just gave my first blowjob today to a gentleman I met through Craigslist. I have always been attracted to women until the last couple of years when I began thinking about men and watching gay porn and having female partner use strap-ons and dildos on me. I was extremely nervous about doing this but excited at the same time. As I drove to his house the excitement and nervousness were mixing together and I felt slightly tipsy but aroused. When I arrived at his place, he greeted me while hiding behind his door. As I entered I understood why, he was only in his underwe... Continue»
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Just a young guy---PT1

So I was 22 yrs old and out of town on my own for the first time. Just a regular looking white k** from the sticks, grew up, graduated from HS, got a good job locally, lived at home with the parents yet. Was a member of a local civics group and decided to go to one of their quarterly meetings held at the state capital, about 6 hrs. away. I paid for a room, expecting to share it with another dude, but then he backed out. So I decided to go alone

The motel was right downtown, about 6 blocks from the convention center, my room was in the back.

I walked to the evening meeting, which ende... Continue»
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Bi Ebony MMF

My name is Dan. For the past year I've worked in the office of a small wholesale company. Since the warehouse is right next to the office the warehouse workers are always going back and forth past my desk. This is how I met Marcus. Marcus is a tall, broad shouldered black man. He's been the company's lead stocker for years. He's a nice, easygoing guy. Me and him hit it off immediately when we met and have been friends ever since.

Marcus also happens to be the luckiest guy on the planet. Every once in a while his girlfriend, Vanessa, will come to visit him at work and she'll walk right by my... Continue»
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First Time After Few Years Apart mmmmm mmmmm

If you had been reading my stories they are real and I was trying to write them like in a chronological way but today I want to skip some of our hot adventures to write down this one because is wow a special occasion.
so yeah I didn't see him for like 4 years I went back to my home country and he was well far away from me because of his job, but oh well communication never have failed all this years, every day I was always excited and hurry to check my mail and find messages from him and yes there they were, sometimes we were online at same time so we were chatting through the mail, alwa... Continue»
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My friends make me into their sissy slut, with hel

When I was 18 myself and a few friends would go to one friends house on a Saturday night whilst he was baby sitting for his younger sibling. We would sit in his lounge have a few beers and put porn on. We would all sit there with hard ons in our pants but unable to wank because we were in our friends front room. Until one week when he decided to nip out for an hour chasing a girl. As soon as Rick had gone the porn went on and Ali (the cockiest and dirtiest of us) declared "fuck this im having a wank". He undid his trousers and dropped them to his ankles and pulled an enormous hard cock out ... Continue»
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More spanking Male Male

The next weekend Cam and I were sitting in his living room discussing what we could do that would be different from the other weeks and since my bum was still too tender a whipping was out of the question . I was giving it some thought and came up with an interesting and entertaining idea saying that we could go into the bathroom and he could watch me masturbating while taking a shower. Cam liked the idea and wanted more detail, so I told him that I would leave the door open to the shower and he could watch from the bedroom, kind of like he was spying on me and I hadn't noticed that the do... Continue»
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More male spanking #4

The next weekend that Cam and I got together he wanted to discuss some things first, I thought for a minute that we had a problem but he said Oh no everything is just fine but he did want to make sure about a few things before we continued on.

This is how the conversation went.

Cam: I want to ask you if you are completely OK and comfortable about the way things have been
between us these last few weeks.
Hank: I have to be honest, I have really enjoyed what we have been doing, I never thought sex like that
would be so satisfying.
Cam: Hmm I feel that I push... Continue»
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Male spanking #5

Last week before I left Cam's house he asked me what my shoe size was, nine and a half I replied and then asked inquisitively why he wanted to know that, oh you will see next week he said, I have a surprise in store for you. Well a week later I still had no idea what he had in mind but would soon find out as I drove up the long driveway to his house.

Cam greeted me at the door in what was becoming his normal routine, a short tight T shirt, running shoes and nothing else, and of course a fully erect cock. Before I could even say hello he directed me into the bedroom and said to put ... Continue»
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crossdresser and the trucker

I used to get dressed up as an office girl and get into my car and drive down the motorway exposing my sexiness to the lorry drivers . here is the idea , I overtake them slowly , if they look down and see me , they either beep or flash me in once I have overtook them . if they do I slow down and let them overtake me , then the next time I go past them I flash off , more stocking tops or even start to wank as I go past .
8 out of 10 drivers don't care , then you have one who then realises its a bloke , and goes off the idea , then there is the one who loves it . beeping and flashing down the ... Continue»
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Fernando's First Time

Why does it seem that so many good looking men are married or living with ugly women? Maybe its just me, but it seems that wherever I go, I see these hot looking dudes chained to women who aren’t very hot and don’t seem to realize that the man they are with is fucking awesome. My roommate’s nephew is a good example. His name is Nando, short for Fernando and he’s spent a few nights on the sofa at our house. He’s Hispanic, 28 years old, about 5' 10" tall, beefy, solid, muscular build at maybe 240 pounds with the most handsome masculine yet beautiful face. He keeps his hair buzzed and has a faint... Continue»
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Morgantown Gang-Bang Part 1

The Morgantown Gang-Bang…1
This happened during what I call my ‘cock crazy’ period. It’s a long one but I had to include some things to explain some of it. There had been some gang-bangs but nothing approaching anything like this! Two or three guys in a room is no big deal; spending three or four hours in a booth in a bookstore is nothing. You don’t have guys pulling and pushing and they aren’t on top of you or behind you hanging on and fucking away like hell. I don’t regret it one bit and, a few months later a few of us got together (in the same motel) to go at it again. The second one was... Continue»
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'The Beginning of a Relationship' contin
Over the course of the next month Jack and I became not only lovers but friends. He was a widower with grown c***dren and the (retired) CEO of a small f****y business. I found out that he was a very easy going and relaxed guy; he was interested in companionship and sex. The problem was that he’d met me as a ‘gal’ and loved that. However, this meant that I was always in the background like a mistress. As we went along, although it didn’t really bother me, he started to feel some guilt about it. I did understand how a ‘mistress’ felt though.

He made up for these feeling ... Continue»
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True story of being seduced

I was coming back from a long day at work. I had sat through a meeting with radio marketers and they really weren't going to back off their price which was way more than I was authorized to make a deal for and it really was ending poorly. I made my way down to the subway and of course it was packed. I boarded the A train to 190th street and could tell I was going to be late for dinner with my wife and daughter so I sent my wife a text letting her know I was going to be late. It was around this time that a younger man boarded the train and squeezed himself right between me and the person next t... Continue»
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First time glory hole part2

...... I woke up and the lights were now on so I was guessing it was night and they close this place at 12 so was hoping that the man who closes it down let's me go so I looked at my watch it was 11 so was hoping someone would come soon.

Someone came in I guessed it was the cleaner cos he went into the other stall and sounded like he was cleaning so I was hoping he will let me go he had finished cleaning the other stall and then open the door to the stall I was in he looked in shock to see me sat there with no trousers on after being shocked he looked round went to the main door and shut it... Continue»
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A Night Of Going Cock Crazy and A Suprise

I went through a period in my life that I went completely cock-crazy. I don’t know if it was a change in hormones or what but I just started acting like a slut! I tried a bunch of different things that I wouldn’t have even thought of before but the underlying thing was I wanted cock…I wanted fucked…I wanted to suck…I was acting like a damned slut!

One of the things I started to do was dress and act differently (pretty gay), made myself able willing and available to almost anyone who wanted to throw a cock in either end and, at times, flaunted myself. The good news wa... Continue»
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My classmate/Brother-in-law

My first time with a classmate was amazing. I met him about 7 years ago in high school. We were in the 11th grade. We never really talked until one day he was sitting next to me in class and he asked me if like sucking dick. I obviously responded no, but I was curious about why he would ask me so I asked him "why you asked? Did you want me to suck your dick?" he said he did but no one must know. I laughed; I told him I only get my dick sucked which was obviously a lie because I love sucking dick. I told him I would let him suck my dick if he wanted. He agreed with the condition that I would s... Continue»
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"Who is that?" I asked the host of the party.
He glanced in the direction in which I had indicated and we observed the solitary figure standing off in a distant corner. His skin was very pale, his expression grave and bored, his black and fell around his shoulders in a defiant and unfasionable manner. There something vaguely feminine about him which I found very appealing.
"That's Anton Karswell, Phillip Karswell's boy," responded my host with an almost disgusted expelling of breath. "A singularly gloomy soul. He scarce spoke a word. If they were not so rich I'd prefer not invite either"... Continue»
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