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A Good Houseboy

The sun was just starting to set when Jonathan along with his two good friends Pedro and Deshawn, all three of the young men laughing at one the many goofy things to come out of Deshawn’s mouth, had just walked back into the three bedroom apartment they all shared. After they shut the door behind them they all walked into the living room and made themselves comfortable on the couch before a silly fight broke out over control of the TV remote, followed by a heated debate on what to watch. The three men lounged about talking and watching TV when the guys heard the sounds of keys at the door and ... Continue»
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Fraisethorpe Nudist Beach Experience

Fraisethorpe Nudist Beach Experience.

MMM, true, bbk, oral, sloppy seconds, group, outdoors.

John Kavanagh is happy to share this account with you and is happy for you to
pass it on to any friends who might appreciate the events described, all as
they occurred and if you are on the beach would be happy to meet with you to
replicate the pleasures experienced. Please however note that the area where
overt sexual activity occurs, both bi and hetero, is distinct from the main
naturist beach and any open sexual display on the main beach is both a real
... Continue»
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Cuckhold to Dom Part 3

So Ben's wife told me where they go to church on sundays, and the only reason they were there was so that he could close a deal he was working on. So on the next sunday, I showed up. Ben was absolutely furious, but I stayed in with the congregation so he could do nothing. The plan was simple really. I presented myself as someone who needed to be saved. His client, god bless his soul was going to help me. I spent coffee hour after the service winning him over. Ben was glaring at me the whole time. He even tried to bring up my wife, and I just played along that I needed the Lord's help. I left t... Continue»
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sissy blackmailed by teamviewer and exposed

my fantasy about being blackmailed and totally ruined

watch out this could happen to you

im a sissy faggot I live in st Louis mo im in the closet no one knows i dress in femine clothes I was married when I was 20 and straight after a year I caught her cheating on me , we only had sexy 3 times I couldn't get hard with her , I was allways thinking of men, masters, tops, at home I stole her panties bras high heels lip stick, and would dress around the house, after the divorse I got the house and I started to wear panties to work everyday and shave my legs smooth , somedays i wear stocking... Continue»
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Going back to my old friend - part 1

I had moved out of my region of birth for more than 5 years now, married and the rest of the package...yet never able to forget my past as a submissive little slut for one my older gay neighbors. Despite having focussed more on fucking females, I still got hard as hell wearing her lingerie and putting one of her several dildos up my hungry ass. Hein had been my older lover long before I met my wife, he was a dominant gray haired overweight bus driver with a strong thick dick. I cannot count the times I swallowed his tasty cum and neither the times he came bareback inside me....from the first t... Continue»
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Growing Up

This story is completely fictional. It contains descriptions of sexual
interactions between young teenagers.


I sat on my chair cross-legged, eyes glued to the monitor and my finger
clicking the mouse periodically. I guess you could say I was a nerdy k**.
I spent most of my days inside playing my shooter games. The people I
talked to the most were my online friends, who of course I had never met.
Most twelve year olds were outside playing football, basketball, riding
their bikes, etc. It wasn't that I didn't enjoy those t... Continue»
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Sissy gets a black master

Sissy Gets A Black Master

I got up wearily from my long and exhausting night being fucked and
punished by my new Black Master. As I awoke, I could scarcely believe that
all those depraved things had happened to me. One minute I had been merely
exchanging emails with a man, who could have been anywhere and the next
minute, that very man was at my door, in my home, and then inside my
body. Black Master, a man whose name I didn't even know, a man who looked
to be about ten years my junior, had taken me to a place I hadn't realized
existed, hadn't even realized I wanted to... Continue»
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Uncle Charlie, Sam Ellis and the Barn

After my first double solo encounter with Uncle Charlie and Sam Ellis, it was not long before I was involved again with them. About a week later, Uncle Charlie asked me to help him again with some repairs to an old barn/cow shed which stood at the top of the marshes where Sam kept his young cattle during the summer months.

We had not been there long when Sam appeared. It was a hot day and he had brought some home made beer by way of refreshment - we went inside the barn, sat on some hay bales and each had a drink. The two of them were discussing the repairs and then suddenly Sam said "Have... Continue»
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My First Black Cock Adventure

It started one day while I was looking at porn. By looking at porn I mean looking at videos of big, thick black dicks shooting hot loads of cum. At first I just watched straight interracial porn. I was fascinated by the genre but I didn't realize that my fascination was hypnotizing me. I don't know when I started watching gay porn but I know what was responsible. It didn't matter anymore. My sexual orientation shifted and I watched straight, gay, bi, tranny, any kind of porn that featured what I lusted. Big cocks and seeing them cum is all I wanted. Well, what about the next step? What about m... Continue»
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Roommate 2

I heard Dan getting up for work and the shower turned on. It's about six thirty am and I was laying there thinking about what had transpired a few days before. As I lay there I could not help thinking about him naked in the shower. My cock was already hard just thinking about him. I was dying to get that beautiful dick in my mouth. I got up, undressed and found the bathroom door unlocked. I went in and pulled the shower curtain back then climbed in with him. I looked up at Dan and he gazed into my eyes. The water was pouring over him highlighting his abs ... and that cock...that beautiful dick... Continue»
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An Afternoon During Spring Break...

Daryl, my long time college roommate, and I was talking about taking a trip for our spring break. I confided in him that I had no funds, my job at the burger joint had ended and I was subsiding off student loans and housing.

Saturday and Sunday went well no overt actions by Daryl, matter of fact he was so understanding, as to even take me out to brunch on Sunday and spend the day with me in bed. We mostly cuddled and watched DVD's. Daryl did take me and perform oral sex till I shot my load, so unlike him\, but very pleasing none the less.

Monday, I awoke to Daryl during his morning re... Continue»
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My first blowjob -- a true story

I started to go to jackshacks when I was about 20 — I was taking classes downtown and the bus stop was right in front of one, and my girlfriend was away at college in a different state, so I was one horny motherfucker. One night after class I had time before the bus came and decided to go in, heart pounding. The routine was a little different than in today’s video arcades — you had to get tokens and choose a single film loop you wanted to watch — no channel hopping to find the best cumshot. Chose something, went in the booth and jerked my cock like a crazed rabbit, shooting all over the wall... Continue»
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Ned in the toilet

my first go at a story

Ned (CHAV) in the toilet

Total fiction just thought id give it a go ;)

So I’m up in Glasgow for a few days ( country boy from the west coast) so ive got 3G !! so I take a look on grindr and find a few hot guys near where we are staying and get to chatting with them. After about 30 minutes I get bored and decide to go for a walk in the park near the hotel. I decide that maybe taking a walk in Glasgow in the middle of winter is not the best idea as it starts to rain I see some trees and what looks like a Victorian toilet block so I run over to get ... Continue»
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The fraternity

The fraternity

The campus at State U. was so big, and Pete couldn't get over that fact as he walked across the Quad on this first day of class. As a freshman he had so much to learn about life at a big college like State U. Worries about new classes, being away from home for the first time, and of course tonight the initiation into the fraternity he was pledged to last week. He was a little worried about that, because he had heard horror stories about frat hazing that had turned out tragically, and while he had been assured by current members that nothing dangerous would happen and that the... Continue»
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School for hung young boys: part one

"I hope you had a pleasant trip," Mr. Vickers offered while taking his chair in back to the desk, "it's a long way from Chicago!!!" "The trip was fine, Mr. Vickers," Mrs. Sparks replied dryly, "but let's get right down to business, do you really think that you can help our son, he's absolutely miserable in his school back home in Illinois!?!" Smiling slightly at the obvious impatience of Brian's mother, Jordan Vickers glanced at the top page of the young man's file before beginning, "Of course I think we can help him, we here at Private Prep pride ourselves in the way we're able to help these ... Continue»
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Adult Store Arabian Cock

Adult Store Arabian Dick

I live on the west side of the city. I’ve often commented that this city seems to have as many adult book stores and sex shops than any other places I’ve ever visited. You can Google search and come up with several nearby, no matter what your neighborhood is. I would visit this one store that carried the kind of poppers I like and the clerk was friendly but never seemed even remotely interested. It was always, “How are things going?”, “How are you today”, and other simple, but polite comments. One day he asked me if I have tried another product similar to po... Continue»
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AN unexpected encounter.

This story is true and happen just a few hours ago. I was at a local glory hole watching videos

and playing with my cock. I picked an area which is very dark and secluded from the workers. I

was sitting there naked when someone tried to open my door, which means they want to watch or

join in. I opened it and two guys walked in on a n older guy and one young. I am 43 by the way.

the older guy stood watching my play with my cock as the younger one stood behind him. I reached

out and started fondling the older guys cock through his pants as it grew bigger and bigger i was

... Continue»
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make this fantasy come true! bbc

My dad asked me to stay in his house while him and his girlfriend went on vacation. I had just turned 22 and this was a big step. My dad was starting to trust me. it was late and i was buzzed and real horny.I started looking thru my dads girlfriends panty drawer. i found this fishnet body suit that looked great on me. I went to my favorite site and started playing with my big black dildo. i was really getting into it and didnt here the front door open. I didnt know but my dad had asked his black friend daryl to come by and check on me. The f;oor squeked and i looked. there was my... Continue»
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make this fantasy come true! bbc

My dad asked me to stay in his house while him and his girlfriend went on vacation. I had just turned 22 and this was a big step. My dad was starting to trust me. it was late and i was buzzed and real horny.I started looking thru my dads girlfriends panty drawer. i found this fishnet body suit that looked great on me. I went to my favorite site and started playing with my big black dildo. i was really getting into it and didnt here the front door open. I didnt know but my dad had asked his black friend daryl to come by and check on me. The f;oor squeked and i looked. there was my... Continue»
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Rene & Me Chapter 2

Rene and I stared at each other and then rolled on our backs laughing madly. After a few moments we rolled onto our sides facing each other. It was a quiet moment when we both looked at each other and thought about what we had just done, what we had said. I knew I would have to share something, I didn't know how much.

" surprised me.....I never thought you would do that to me," I said smiling. He nodded with a smirk on his face, "and I never expected you to suck my cock either." We looked at each others cocks and saw them both swelling again. "I love the way it feels when it begi... Continue»
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