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Caleb my Fantasy hookup

I was at the adult bookstore the other day just checking out the dildos and such not really looking for anything. While I was checking out a video of a guy sucking a hot cock a voice behind me asked if I enjoyed sucking to which I replied I was. He introduced himself as caleb and after a few minutes of small talk he asked if I was interested in going into a booth with him and demonstrating my sucking skills. After looking at the bulge in his pants I quickly agreed. We walked into a booth and just started the first title that was on. Not sure what it was it was all background sound to me as I d... Continue»
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Surprise From My 48 Year Old Female Neighbour.

I think it is essential to continue my true experiences with my 48 year old female neighbour.
After my first sexual experience with her, we made arrangements to meet up every Thursday night at 10:30pm. This was because her husband would be asl**p upstairs as he had a very early start each morning. This went on for a few months during which time she started to suck me off, had me licking and sucking her cunt and of course plenty of fucking. She was a great teacher who gave me a magnificently superb sexual experience as a young teenager. She told me that she wanted plenty of other women to get ... Continue»
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Adult Theater Experience

I have visited a couple of adult video shops and when I do visit them, I seem to gravitate to the gay video section. That is something I do not like to admit.
Today when I visited this particular Adult video store I found myself doing the same thing. I walked right to the gay video section. I have a love for men, especially older men. This place had some nice deals on purchasing DVDs, so I was definitely intrigued in being able to satisfy my love for men by having a collection of a couple of DVDs. Throughout my brief time of skimming over videos looking for something to buy, I started to not... Continue»
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A Life-Changing Experience, Part Four

A Life-Changing Experience, Part Four

Kerry leaned toward me, removed his finger from my lips as he reached toward me with his own lips. He kissed me gently, smoothly, as I felt myself melting. I gave in and kissed him back, also gently at first. He tasted smooth and sweet, no doubt a consequence of the lipstick. It did not take long for our kissing to become more fervent, both of us pressing closer against each other. Meanwhile, I could not control my hands from exploring every square inch of Kerry’s body that I could reach. I instinctively cupped each of his ass cheeks with my hands... Continue»
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Eric and I...

Eric was one of those guys that at times intimated me, I didn't know how to act around them and would of times try to escape being in their presence. This happened to me many years ago while I was I high school sometimes after my sexual education at the hands of my three tormentors.

I was in the toilet on the third floor when Eric came in, the other guys finished what they were doing and left. I was to terrified to moved so I stood there at the urinal and waited for Eric to leave. Eric finished his labor and went over to the sinks to wash his hands, as he finished he walked over to the pa... Continue»
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He knew when I was ready....

It was late on a Friday night, back in the 90s.
The ride home involved two buses. I usually walked the second leg and it gave me a chance to drop into the erotic book store... if I went a block or two out of my way. Which I did, pretty much every time.
The shop sold all types of material and I'd taken to buying gay magazines. I'd never done anything with another guy, but I got excited by seeing men sucking cocks and fucking. I'd been going in there from time to time for a couple of years. To begin with, I'd just only picked out straight porn, but then I started drifting over to the gay sec... Continue»
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first sex with a guy and being nude around guys

I am not gay -- not that there is anything wrong with being gay. If I were born gay, I'd be just as happy. However, as a straight guy, I must admit I enjoy being nude around other guys -- comparing their penis size to mine, are they circumsized or not, huge nutsack or little nutsack etc.. I just enjoy my penis being out and about. :)

Like at the gym, some guys wear their underwear, towels or robes until they get into the individual shower stalls. Actually most do. But I get totally naked right away. It's just more convenient that way, less hassle, and it feels good to have my junk sw... Continue»
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Almost forgot to share my almost wet dream last night...I had a dream that I had met two hunky, scruffy, daddy type men while I was out running errands. (Not sure where I was because I cannot remember that part of the dream) and invited them both back to my house. They gladly accepted. We got back to my house and the fun immediately began. I started making out with one of them as the other began to undress me so that my now rock hard cock could get released from its holding area in my underwear. Once I was fully undressed he started sucking my cock all the way down to the base and back up whil... Continue»
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Surfing a4a led to my first gay encounter.

I am 6' 4'' 250 lbs bi-curious married black male who love wearing female lingerie (I have quite a collection) and has been fantasizing about sucking cock for a while now. I don't know if there is a better feeling of a thong wedge between my butt cheeks or sexy lacy female boy short hugging my bubble butt. Then wearing some lacy bra to accentuate my tits (my tits looks like a teenage girl just starting to develop and nipples get hard when I am horny).

One day I was looking at gay videos on xtube and started viewing a video title a4a encounter. Curious about a4a site, I started browsing ... Continue»
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Erotic Comic Orgy Series – Chapter XVIII

Erotic Comic Orgy Series – Chapter XVIII

“Darko and Vic Gets Their Bottom”, with Darko and Vic (both OCs) and Sergei Vitaiev (from ‘The Girl From the Steppes’, Hugdebert)

Sergei: and

A morning at Darko’s mansion…

A pleasant morning of a Saturday at the spring…

A perfect morning to do many pleasant things and enjoy the sunlight bless the ones who are awake and asl**p, helping them to see that the day would be good and summer was about to come…

And what was going on at ... Continue»
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College life spring semester 14

Monday, Corey and I checked out of the motel early in order to make it to
our first class.

Returning from checking out, Corey jumped in his car. "Matt, this place
will hold a very special place for me."

"Oh I feel the same way. It'll be a while before I ever forget this
Valentine's weekend."

"Forget! Hell, I'll always remember it no matter whatever happens to us
down the road."

Corey and I parked and were a few minutes early back before class. I had
just enough time to throw my bag in my room as did Corey. Opening my door,
I just shook my head and saw what a disaster it was... Continue»
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Mr. Johnson

I remember always being entranced by sexy girls in my early teens, so much
so that I started crossdressing when I was very young. When my single mom was
away from home I would wear her panties and bra stuffed with socks and
hose, high heels and full make-up and loved the feelings it brought out in
me. I felt so damn sexy! In no time at all I was pretty good at it and by
the time I was in middle school I was dressing like a slutty babe and looked pretty hot
if I say so myself. I always dressed in private and masturbated a lot
fantasizing I was sucking cock or getting laid, both of which... Continue»
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1 glory hole visit, 2 blowjobs, 3 happy guys

I went down to my local glory hole in Tempe. I went in not really expecting to see any good looking guys...I was wrong.

The porn shop is by a big university so that def helps. I walked in and there were so old chubby guys and I wasn't to interested in tasting their cum. So I kinda just walked around and looked at some porn and waited. When I was getting ready to leave I seen a young very good looking, a little chubby, guy come in. I smile and seen him walk in the booth. I quickly move to the both next to him and hoped you wanted a blow jobs. I took a booth in the middle so I sat and waited ... Continue»
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Controlled andHumiliated

Controled and Humiliated

I’m a pain pig and I like nothing better than a tall, thin, shaved head, skinhead or
dom type of guy to get my bl**d boiling, they have
an attitude that makes me want to surrender to them
and let them do whatever they want to me or can make
me do almost anything. Me, I am slim, shaved
body but certainly not skinhead type of guy. I’m more of a
business type, but don't be fooled, I am a bottom who
will submit to almost all forms of B&D, S&M and humiliation
to please my Top. I am good looking; at least that is
what people tell me. I don't know about... Continue»
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The Sissy Gene: The Preparations


THE Preparations

As soon as I entered into my classroom, the teacher started clapping. Congratulated me on becoming a sissy. She was just catching the class up on how she was ending class early so she could help me and the other sissies be ready for the ceremony. After I followed her to the change rooms where the other 3 boys who had just become sissies should already be getting ready.
Mrs.... Continue»
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Supprised developement

I remember going back to the early 70's when a friend of mine named ken had the hots for a girl called Jane. We lived in a terrace street in those days so it was a close knit environment. Ken who was just 16 at the time I being 17 were in his front room looking out onto the street. He kept going on about Jane and how he would like to fuck her. This made us both quite hard. I said lets play rude and it didn't take Ken and I long to strip to our white Y fronts. We were both strutting round his front room sporting hard cocks trying to break out of our white underwear. I then noticed Jane c... Continue»
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College life spring semester 13


Friday night was rather quiet around my room with Kris out with Liz and the
other guys doing their own thing. It offered the perfect opportunity to do
some shopping for Corey's Valentine's present and Kris's birthday present
which was the next day. The mall was about as crowded as it was during the
Christmas season. The bad part was I didn't have much money or an idea for
either of them. I found something small for Kris before finding a nice
inexpensive gift for Corey.

Right after returning, Corey came into my room with a big smile on his
face. After a long... Continue»
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a bent cop

My mates an I were out sitting in a field smoking weed and drinking beer when we saw a police car pull up on the road, as soon as we saw it we legged it and the two police men chased us we all ran different ways, it was dark out and I couldn't see any of them all I could see was two torches in the dark, I ran in to the woods and hid in some bushes I hid there for a few minutes, I saw one of the policemen run right past where I was, he didn't see me he just carried on so I just sat there and waited for a while I put my phone on silent in case one of them txt me, I was sitting there in the bu... Continue»
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Marine Zack meets a new Daddy, Part

Zack meets a new Daddy, Part 1
By Buck Jones
There it was, laid out in all its clarity: a personal ad.
Zack cruised Craigslist, looking at dicks and reading of other men’s desires. In his fastidiousness, Zack looked, mused, and then would go to Gramps’s Xhamster vids and finish himself off, remembering the oh so hot times back at Lejeune, now three years ago.
Serious Daddy into role playing with “Son.”
5 ft 9in 47 180 lbs. West New York, NJ “Tell Daddy what he wants to hear.”
Zack copied the ad and contact e-mail address and saved it on his phone in a sealed file.
For a couple weeks, Z... Continue»
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My first time

one day (10-11 years ago) me and a friend of mine were playing playstation at my home. We make a bet on who is going to win the game. Loser was going to do anything the winner wants. I lost the game and asked him what he wants me to do. he said lets watch porn. As I remember we started watching a movie of silvia saint. both of our cocks were getting hard. I told him I can lose every game If we will watch porn in the end. he said he didnt tell me what he wanted from me. I was surprised when he started to stroke his cock over his jeans. I asked what he wants. He unbuttoned his jeans and told me ... Continue»
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