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John Skype idol

I have lived a hetrosexual life for all my years but when I struck my thirties my curiosity began to nag away. When much younger, I had lived in Amsterdam for a while and frequented the red light district often. At first, the excitement of the women on view drew me in but then I became aware of the gay scene and in particualr the S&M scene. I became absorbed in watching films, videos and flicking through magazines portrayig extreme gay S&M but never ventured further. Worrying for me was that most people thought I was a pretty boy and it was a tag I neither liked nor courted but I guess wit... Continue»
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As if it was yesterday...

I often remember the very first time I had sex with a guy...Who am I k**ding, I was not a willing participant...I was skipping class in the woods near our urban high school. Our lower athletic field was bordered on three sides by a vast area of woods...this consisted of tress and under growth.

There was numerous paths thru the area, being that it was well traveled by students and locals. They all crossed or met in different areas of the woods, some in an open area that was well shaded by tree limbs and a few open areas where the sun would shine thru.

All the paths eventually came out... Continue»
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You Took My Cherry!

I've only had 3 M2M experience's and they stretch out over a 20+ yr. span.
The last of which was over 10 yrs ago. Each occasion was simply a one and done (2 protected-Me Totally on Top. One with me as the Bottom-unprotected).

My first time with a man as a Bottom:

I was 19 and going thru "C-school" in the Navy. I was a knave country boy and easily got along with any and everyone.

I was a natural "Ladies Man". I was young and fit and had an ass the women seemed to love to pinch and squeeze. MANY women would often compliment my ass. When I wasn't training or in school... Continue»
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Daniel Effeminate College Student Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Cruise Continues

Terri and Fabio accompanied the two young men Harris and Ben to the disco. En route to the disco they learned that the two young men were not a couple but friends who were exploring the idea of gay cruises. They were young professionals who had met on line as neither one of them were out as gay. Harris was a nautical engineer working for a large firm with a very busy and long work week. Ben was a busy partner in a small but successful law firm working 70 hours a week and no time to develop any social life or relationship. They both were looking for private... Continue»
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A Night On The Town Ch. 3

As Mr. W and I rushed back to his house all I could think about was how I never knew that having sex in front a bunch of other people would turn me on so much, all I could do was marvel at the sexual extreme that he had taken me to. As soon as Mr. W got back to his place the first thing I did was to slowly rub my hands across my entire body checking for Mosquito bites, I didn't realize that Mr. W was eyeballing me real close as I did so until he came over and squeezed my right ass cheek hard like it was a stress ball, "damn... tonight was just plain sexy" he said reaching down and grabbing the... Continue»
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One for the Books...The Share Holders Meeting, (pa

It was just your average day at the bookstore, the girls were all buzzing about the latest Twilight movie, I was sorting books in the back because truthfully ..I wasnt in the mood, I had been kinda bummed every since Joey had quit, he got a chance at a better job, great news,right? except he had to move to his grandparents , hours away.
I was into my fourth box of novels when Nick walked in,

“ There you are! I was wanting to see if you were up for a little ride, you seem a bit....down, bored,sad, or some shit lately”

“ Im fine....and Im sure of the ride youd like me to take, ( I smirke... Continue»
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Catching the Big One...

Sometimes the smallest of things lead to big moments of our lives, a conversation...or even a fishing trip, or this is how it was for me...

Mark and I had been friends for a little over a year, not that we really had a lot in common, Im about five foot six, slim frame, very much into movies, games, and scifi of all kinds, Mark? He is pretty much everything Im not, a true redneck type, into fishing, hunting, all things macho , years of construction work has left him pretty well cut and built, makes me a little jealous if Id admit it, we became friends because we were hired in together at the... Continue»
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One for the Books...Disciplinary action

I guess it all started when I quit my job in fast food,a buddy of mine had mentioned this job in the used book store in the old strip mall ,it sounded completely lame, but with my junky Saturns payment coming due, I was a little short on options, and bein five, seven and a little over a hundred twenty pounds, I didnt exactly wanna kill myself unloading trucks either so I figured Id check it out.
I went in the store late the next afternoon, I wasnt thrilled about the place, at least not until I was hanging out waitin on the owner, and seen all the employees were hot girls, everyone of them, ... Continue»
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One for the Books... The Hard Earned Bonus

Well, almost two months had gone by since I started my new job at the bookstore, but I was getting no closer to my Camaro, between gas, and dating I just wasnt being able to save money.
I was quickly learning, getting what you want is a mixture of who you know, what you know, opportunity.......and leverage.
Maybe its time I got in the game...instead of watching it, hey, they say luck favors the bold.

I entered work the next day, on a mission, I informed my boss as confidently as I could pretend to be that at his next convenience, I would like to talk to him about my position here at the... Continue»
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One for the Books...On the Job Training

It was yet another day at the bookstore, my life was actually going pretty well, my new Camaro was lookin sharp, I had just had the windows tinted and bought some hot looking new rims, all was going well.....or so it seemed.
I entered work and the girls were all giggling and jabbering excitedly....I stopped Lisa ,

“ Whats all the commotion? Whats up?”

“ Nick hired some new guy, starts tomorrow”

“ What are you talking about , there arent any positions open?”

“ Well I guess he made one, hes over there”

I stood there stunned, this guy?? Across the store he stood , talking to two o... Continue»
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tanya rewarded

Tanya knelt in the middle of the room rocking back on her haunches slightly stunned, struggling for breath. Cum. Cum coated her face. Cum dribbled from her mouth. Cum dripped from her chin. Cum. Cum slid down her forehead. Cum streaked her hair. She tasted cum. Breathed cum. Cum pooled in the cups of her pretty pink bra. Cum soaked her pink slip making it translucent. Cum.

Cum blinded her. Trying to get a cum free breath she wondered who might still be in the room. The last Tanya had seen of Miss Candy, Miss Candy was sitting in Mr Hulls lap laughing happily at something he was whispering i... Continue»
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bbc daddy

As is the case with most hard d**g users, you start off small and end up making your way up. Since I was 15 I had been smoking weed. One of my friends had introduced me to some other d**gs like meth or coke a few years later. The weed was still a big influence but it all seemed so tempting. It was a different high and on a much higher level. I figured I could do it and just stop if I wanted to, which of course did not work. I'd learn to accept that. As time went on I began not to care because it felt too good to stop. All my problems seemed to go away when I was away on another plain.

Stacy... Continue»
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Suck Buddies Part 11

After we changed places Jason spread open his ass cheeks like I had done and I started working his bung hole with my tongue. I started jacking his cock as I stuck my tongue as deep as I could in his musky hole. It wasn’t long before he pushed me away and I let him calm down some before I started sucking his balls working my way up to his cock.

I sucked him for a short while and then figured this was as good of a time as ever to see if he wanted to do something that I had read about. Our friend Brian from school had given me a book a few months before that he had gotten from his older b*****... Continue»
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Barber shop

Years ago I went to a barber shop that was in an older end of town. It was owned by this really nice guy. Some times he had a second barber who was there most of the times I went in. I will call the owner Sam and the second guy Leon. Sam was super friendly at least 10-15 years older than me slim very dark skinned black men.. Maybe 150 and 5'6-8". Leon was a pretty good sized guy 6' to 6'2" very dark skin and maybe 250 could have been 5 years younger than Sam. I had been in his shop a few times before and was always greeted with a big welcoming smile from both men. Most of the time there was a ... Continue»
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Cross Dressing

It was the early 80's and I was over my friends house who's dad had a ton of porno mags in his laundry hamper in his bathroom. We used to look at it while his mom and dad were at work. We loved the looking at the hot girls but what got me the hottest were the guys who dressed as girls. When we couldn't take it anymore we would jerk each other off but I was the only one willing to give head. At 18 years old these guys would explode down my throat. What really got me off was when I would go home and lube my finger and fuck my ass while jerking off. The explosions were massive.

The images... Continue»
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Str8 Surfers Experiment in Speedos

I used to go to surfin’ at Torquay or Jan Juc or Bell’s Beach with my flatmate. To tell the truth, Gazza was more than my flatmate. I was in love with him. He wasn’t in love with me though. Oh, he liked havin’ me around. And when he didn’t have a girlfriend over he was happy enough to fuck me. Sometimes when he did he’d even call out my name as he emptied himself into me. But when he’d picked up some chick at a bar he wouldn’t even talk to me when he got home with her. Too afraid of what his women would think about his ‘flatmate’, I reckon.
We would go down from the city on Friday evenin’s, a... Continue»
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A Night On The Town Ch. 2

Mr. W opened the door and though it wasn't actually cold outside but the cool night air might as well have been a blizzard against my naked body, although it could have just been how nervous I'd become in the moment, being naked in public was the furthest thing from my mind when Mr. W called me over tonight. (I'm wearing a mask, no one knows its me, I'm wearing a mask, no one knows its me, I'm wearing a mask, no one knows its me) I repeated over and over in my head as I stepped out of the door followed shortly after by Mr. W.
I grew more and more nervous with each step I took, so nervous that... Continue»
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Daniel Effeminate College Student Chapter 9

Chapter 9

The Meet Continues

Donna looked down at the pretty boy on the bed and noticed the wide pink aureoles and fat nipples for a slim boy. Then her gaze continued as he looked at the nice cock which Joie tried to hide as he kept his thighs together. He was trying to portray a very effeminate and shy look. Donna continued her perusal of the young boy and saw the slim shapely thighs and legs and delicate feet with very nice manicured toe nails. She like the package and said "I would enjoy dressing you. You have great potential."

Joie was thrilled with the idea of having this charmin... Continue»
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Suck Buddies Part 10

When I was in bed that night, I was thinking about what me and Jason had done with each other earlier. We had taken turns sucking each other 7 or 8 times, and we had used my little home made toy on each other a few times. Plus Jason had cum twice, once in my mouth that I swallowed all down and once on my cock that he ate off and swallow before I blew my load in his mouth.

Reliving it in my head was making me horny as hell so I started jerking off. I kept thinking about watching Jason cumming on my cock and then happily eating it off. I wished we had a friend or two that were into this becau... Continue»
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The Card Party

It was Saturday afternoon and Dan my neighbor from across the street and I were leaning against my car in the driveway talking. My next door neighbor Todd was having poker game tonight. I had never played cards with any of the guys from around here and Dan was giving me the scoop on the players. The whole time we were talking he had a sly smile on his face, I couldn't guess why, he just smiled and said I would enjoy tonight.

At 8:00 I told Shirley I'd see her later, she gave me a quick kiss and jokingly told me I better not lose all my money, cause she was not going to support me until ... Continue»
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