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Fiery Heat Chapter 2


Tristan entered his father’s office after a quick dash to the bathroom, and sat down in

the couch facing his father and Damon. He couldn’t help but notice the way Damon’s

mouth was set in a grim line, jaw tense. Was he angry? Was he as confused as he was?

One thing was clear though, Damon wanted to pretend nothing had happened

between them. Fine…two people could play that game. But Tristan could fool any other

person but himself…he was still shaken by the encounter.

Caleb cleared his throat and quickly went over the Albatros project, outlinin... Continue»
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Gloryhole Diversion

I went to an adult bookstore to rent a movie to watch
cause my wife was going out again. Cheating bitch. In
the bookstore I had seen the
back area where the video booths were.

The clerk asked me if I ever went back and I told him
no, I had not. He gave me five dollars in free tokens
and told me to go check it out, but suggested that the
middle booths were best as the best movies were there.
I thanked him and went back. Over twenty booths were
there and most were occupied. I could tell by the red
light above the door. I did find one center booth
unoccupied and went in.... Continue»
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Hockey Buddy and His Wife - Part 6

After our hockey game this week Pete and I did not speak but I drove to his house after we showered and packed our hockey bags. Usually when we got to his house Pete's wife Katie was ready for us with a couple of gin and tonics but this evening she was no where in sight.

Pete said, “Sorry, Katie is visiting her parents in Connecticut.” I just stood there and stared at him. “What?” he said, “There's nothing I can do.” I continued to stare at him, “Oh but there is.” I said. You're going into your bedroom, and you are going to find stockings, undies, a bra, and a dress of Katie's and then com... Continue»
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Anything for an A

I did not know what I was in for as I knocked on the Professor’s door that night. I needed help with the upcoming mid-terms and was in trouble if I did not pass them. I could have been out of school if I failed. I was about to find ut what it was going to take to pass. I was wearing my tight jeans with the rips and studded belt with a black shirt that showed off my left arm tattoo sleeve and I had just had my hair dyed blue so I was looking even more like my true Emo self. I have a pierced lip and right nipple as well as the holes in my ear.
He answered the door in a white shirt and jea... Continue»
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Gloryhole changes

I have been frequenting adult bookstores for many
years for a quick blowjob through glory holes in the video
arcade. Most bookstores no longer have glory holes and
the booths don’t have doors. Usually you just go around
a corner to face the video screen and sometimes there’s
a mirror in the corner so the management can walk past
and see if more than one person is in the booth.

I really don’t like this configuration because having
the wall there and not being able to see who was
actually sucking my cock allowed me to imagine it was
the girl in the movie. I also don’t l... Continue»
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Gloryhole Education

It was summer the year I turned 18. I had just gotten
my driver's license two weeks before and I couldn't get
enough of the freedom a car allowed.

As a horny teenager, not yet knowing I was bisexual but
knowing that anything to do with sex made my dick
spring to attention, I was always on the look out for
something, even if I didn't know what that something

In the previous year, I'd had sex with an older
neighbor couple, so I knew that you could get it from
both. I had also found a little store about 2 miles
from my house that sold books and magazines that
c... Continue»
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Flamenco Beach - Part 4

Two weeks after my idyllic affair with Alfonso took off, we were steadily meeting in secret as expected. That first weekend, his wife had to visit her s****r, who lived in the main island, so we had all that time to ourselves. We spent those couple of days fishing, cooking, drinking and having deep conversations; between, of course, very intense intimate sessions.

After that weekend, depending on the situation and availability, we would meet at the project's office, my hotel room, or would drive on Alfonso’s truck to an isolated road or beach in Culebra Island. However, on the following we... Continue»
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Hello fellow COCKSUCKERS...


As the title says...REAL COCKSUCKERS SWALOW...I would classify myself as a REAL COCKSUCKER...and I have pictures to prove..


I know...todays world REQUIRES VIDEO to be considered PROOF...

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"When I became a girl...": Part 2

...We stayed up talking about my revealed secret and Peter was very curious to hear about all the small details. I told him that when we first met, as our moms talked to each other, I was shocked to hear his mom refer to me as a little girl and instead of correcting the honest mistake, my mom just accepted it. I continued by saying, "Yea... Well, from then on I was made to wear girl clothes, play with girl toys and even act like a girl, which I thought was fun anyways. My mom even encouraged me to start potty training by sitting on the toilet like a girl and I would wear the pink girl pull ups... Continue»
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I had my pick up truck for sale. A man called and said he was interested so we set up a time to meet. The man came to my house and I greeted him in the driveway.
"Hello. I'm Jack." I reached a hand out to greet him.
"I'm Bob. Please to meet you." We discussed the terms as I showed him the truck. We took it for a spin with him driving.
I began to notice Bob had a slight feminine quality. He was very handsome and mild mannered. He was in almost perfect shape. He was about six foot. I looked at his hands. No wedding band. His hands were clean and a bit larger than mine. He remi... Continue»
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College life spring semester 30



After lab with Scott and Michael and a full of classes, the three of us
headed back to our dorm with great anticipation of tonight's softball game.
It was easy to see Scott was doing his best to put the incident behind with
a bruised cheek and a few scratches on his arm. I said goodbye and hoped
the door with most of the crew crowded in my room.

"Go grab Scott," Kris said to me.

I yelled at him just before he opened his door. He walked back and we
entered the room. Jess was waiting on Scott and approached him with
tearful eyes. He threw his arms around S... Continue»
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A Nice and Very Naughty Drive With Josh

I thought it -and we - were over and done with a year earlier. But a few days after I returned home after my first year of college, I saw him walking over to me. I was outside doing nothing on a warm Saturday afternoon. Horny like always and still trying to find a girl to fuck all summer. At least one and hopefully more than just one of course.

We were best friends once but when best friends add sex to their relationship the result is usually a disaster. Josh and I had no formal "breakup" and there were no fights no tears and no nasty words exchanged. College saved us both from that - but o... Continue»
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Jorge, Chris and me , boys next door hot spit roas

Hey guys i know its been a while since i last posted a sex story, its not that I've been bored , i mean NY is never boring , just haven't had time i guess. well i wanted to share this particular story with you guys cause i think it was pretty hot and fun.

A few weeks ago i was bored in my apt and horny of course, so i opened this magic hook up app which i think all of us know the name (i don't have to say it since is so obvious) so since i was new in the neighborhood , guys get crazy when new young flesh appears on their radars , anyways, i started talking to this guy that lived really clos... Continue»
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College life spring semester 29


Once the announcement was made and the curtain raised, I couldn't believe
what I was seeing.

Corey nudged me, "Seriously?"

"I know," I said in utter shock.

"Can you believe this shit?" Colt asked me quietly. "I knew Kris would
chicken out!"

On the stage was Scott in a tee and shorts. Now the biggest question that
came to mind was what precipitated this? Did Kris back out? I thought
Kris was messing with me the entire time and would follow through. Now I
wondered where he was. I scanned the contestants to see it was a vast mix
of the ones serious and the... Continue»
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Part 3 - Sirs and their boy

We caught our breath, resupplied with favors, grabbed our gear and moved into the bed room. Chris came up to me and whispered, ‘you’re so sexy, a lot of fun, and we want to have some more wild play.” ‘FUCK YEAH,” I nodded, and he went on to say “we want you to be the sub-boy for this part, and you will respect your Masters!” I lowered my eyes and nodded, “Yes, Sir!” “We’re going to cam this on Xhamster” Chris gently caressed my face and traced my lips with his fingers. Then he dropped his hand to my pecs and slapped me across my nipples. I didn’t make a sound, and he nodded, “yeah pig b... Continue»
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The Wait by isleofmiguel*

I couldn’t wait any longer. He said he’d be here by 4:00, so I left the door unlocked on this blustery winter day. And as I walked through the house to the base of the staircase. I looked out the windows and watched the snow swirl around and make small drifts in the street. I head up the stairs and take off my clothes as I enter my room.

I turn on the water and it doesn’t take long for the steam of the shower to fog up the windows and mirrors. I step over the edge of the tub and absorb the hot water as it pours over my sore muscles. I pull the curtain closed and bend over to pla... Continue»
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Employee Discount

“Tariq, you need to go get a suit for Uncle Mack’s funeral,” Jackie Woods instructed her twenty-four year old son.
“Okay, ma,” grunted the fast food worker who was on his day off playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.
“I’m serious. Do it today. You can use JC Penney card.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“Tariq! Have that suit before we leave for Cleveland tonight.”
“Okay,” the six-foot-one-inch slim dark-skinned guy huffed as he paused his game. “I’ma get ready and go now.”
“Thank you,” the exasperated woman sighed. “I’m gone to the beauty shop. See you later.”

Tariq rushed out of the bedroom he’d ha... Continue»
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How Kenny got his promotion.

For the last 15 years I have been working in the same boring office and as a result I have actually worked my way up to quite a high up position, my own parking space, my own office, all of those benefits you get, and as part of my job I am responsible for and have to support the work experience fellows we have that do general admin duties and sorting out mail, there's very rarely any complications.

One day I'm just finishing up some paperwork and can't wait to get home as I have a nice a lovely bit of pulled pork steaming away in the house, when all of a sudden a work experience boy comes ... Continue»
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Early Sexual Experience *(True Story)*

This is a continuation of my first young Sexual eexperience. This story is about me and is true, I was tw€!ve yrs. I hope you enjoy reading it as I enjoyed doing it ;)

•A few days later at school Matt told me to meet him at the church storage room. After we went in there he locked the door and said he had a surprise. He had taken a Hustler magazine that he took from his dad. We sat in there looking at the pictures, within seconds we were both hard. He told me to show him my cock and I did. I was nervous and excited all at the same time. He began by pulling my foreskin back, he just held ... Continue»
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Early Sexual Experience part 2

Hey everyone this is my second time writing my

story so please excuse some errors. This story

is really about me when I was (11+1) years old.

Please enjoy :)

A few days later at school Matt told me to

meet him at the church storage room. After we

went in

there he locked the door and said he had a

surprise. He had taken a Hustler magazine that

he took from his dad. We sat in there looking

at the pictures, within seconds we were both

hard. He told me to show him my cock and I

did. I was nervous and excited all at the same

time. He began by pu... Continue»
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