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The Train station

A few years ago, while I was still single, I used to spend a lot of time in the city. I actually live in a suburb and instead of driving in the city, because it’s a huge pain, anytime I went drinking in the city, I took the train. I was coming home from drinking in the city one night as IV done so many times before and I finally reached my stop. I got off the train feeling a little d***k, a lot tired and anxious to get myself to bed. However, little did I know that this was not the end of my night but the beginning of something else? I walked to the turn style and placed my ticket into the slo... Continue»
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My Changing Life- The Diary III

The night seemed so surreal. I woke up surrounded by 3 women that I adored who had made me feel such a part of them. I began to cry. Damn these hormones messing with my feelings. I never used to cry about anything. Now, since being on these female hormones, I cry at everything. But, it was a happy cry. LOL. Never thought I would ever say that.

I fell back asl**p until that pain hit me. The milk was in again and I needed to go pump or something. Maybe Chris was back by now and could drain me. I slipped off the bed and walked into the living room, then the guest room. No Chris to be found. S... Continue»
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For all the big dicked dominating alpha daddies...

i can imagine running into you at some filthy truck stop as i passed your see your hungry eyes staring me up and down, your head filled with uncontrolled lust,. id watch your cock grow in your pants, throbbing, as you imagined all the things you could do to my light 140lb frame. Seeing your hard bulge would make me nervous, but i wouldn't be able to look away. you'd catch me staring wide eyed at your hard cock, and now you know you want me, and you are going to have.

"where you going, boy?" you ask while you hungrily rub yourself, standing in front of me, fucking me with your eye... Continue»
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gone fishing

The phone rang, and my mom answered it. After a couple of minutes she said Mr. Donald called and he's on his way. Mom checked my backpack to make sure I had enough socks and under wear. There was a knock at the door, and I ran to see who it was. I opened it,it was Mr. Donald. He told me to put my things in the truck he wants to talk to my mother.
After a few minutes they came out still talking. She came up to me, eyes a little red told me to listen to Mr. Donald and do what he said. I will mom I told her. She hugged me and kissed my cheek. We backed out the drive and hit the freeway. It was... Continue»
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The girlfriend and I were on or way to a bbq at my friends. We drove in awkward silence because before we left our apartment, we tried to have sex but I could just not keep it up. This was not the first time and it was starting to put a strain on our relationship. I don’t know why we can’t just talk about this, she said. It’s probably all those fuckin pills you take for sl**p. Maybe we should see a doctor. Maybe we can get you Viagra or something. Can we please just drop it? I asked, feeling very embarrassed and frustrated. I probably should have listened to her. Maybe I should have let myself... Continue»
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Ashley's first time pt. 1?

It all started on a sunny monday afternoon. I was 19 bored and laying in my room which was cluttered with my girlfriend at the
times clothes, she was so sexy, blonde hair which flowed down her soft 18 year old shoulders didnt weight but 110lbs standing 5 foot 4
inches off the ground. She also had great taste in style but hardly ever wanted to have sex leaving me constantly horny. She had made me mad that day and we got in a fight which led to her leaving me alone in the house for the entire day. i first went over to my laptop and started browsing through a few tube sites try... Continue»
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Finally enjoying his cock and cum!


"Fuck....FUCK! That's good." I saw him thrust, hard, into my wife. She took his >7" with little difficulty, and groaned back at him around my shaft in her mouth.

We'd met the guy on AdultFriendFinder about three months previous. He'd originally said he was part of a couple, but in chatting we found out that either 1. he'd lied or 2. he'd gotten out of the relationship.

Outward appearances, he was early 20's, a hair under 6' tall. He was heavier, I couldn't tell you his weight, but he was at least a few inches over my 36" waist. From the neck down, he was completely shaved. Hi... Continue»
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arcade sisy


Dwayne started hanging out with us when I was 18. He was older than us - 28 - but he came across as someone our age. Because he was older a lot of us guys sort of hero- worshipped him - me included. So naturally I was flattered when he began to spend a lot of attention on me in particular.

The guys I hung out with were a little wary of Dwayne, because he was black and had been in jail. But Dwayne told me that those guys were hating on him because he was black. He called them "playa haters". "That's why I like you," he said. "You keep it real, b*o."

A lot of guys w... Continue»
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Franklin III.

I lay face down on Franklin’s bed. My legs were spread apart and my hips were elevated on a pillow. My asshole was still dilated from the girth of Franklin’s cock and his cum was leaking slowly out of me.
It had been about three weeks since Franklin had first fucked my ass and since then I had been over to his house almost every other night, most of those times ended up with him ass fucking me until my head swam.
I could hear Franklin in the shower getting cleaned up but I just lay there with my cock still rock hard from my fucking and enjoyed the feeling of my rectum slowly contracting. Fra... Continue»
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An afternoon with Mr. Donald

Laying on Mr. Donalds lap watching t.v. while he stroked my dick was wonderful. Him stroking my little dick, rubbing my balls and felling his cock against my butt was a great way to watch the movie that was on. After the movie ended,he asked me if I was hungry. I was but didn't want him to stop.
He told me to go swimming while he made us a snack, reluctantly I got up and went outside. About ten minutes later he opened the door and said it was ready and to come in and eat. We sat at the table and ate corn dogs and chips. After eating we went back to the couch, he said he wanted me to lay down... Continue»
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on the road part 1

all disclaimers apply if you are under 18 please leave immediately.

I was really excited about being away from home at the dorm for university but quickly became discouraged about having a room mate and not being able to dress up or have any “alone” time. Sharing a bathroom shower also put a stop to all my masturbation and self fucking with my dildos. I began to think of ideas of how to get alone time; I would often go the the student library which had a large handicap toilet but it was always freezing in there and carrying all my stuff back and forth made me uncomfortable. My mom l... Continue»
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My Changing Life II

Somehow I think one of my stories got deleted. So, here it goes again.

Sandra got home from work on Friday at about noon. We both showered and did our rituals to get "really" clean before heading to Chris and Terri's for the weekend. I was pretty excited, as I hadn't seen Chris in a week. He had been out of town. Some weeks it's hard on me, since my retirement, and Chris is still working. Terri and Dr. Glenda had started me on some hormones or whatever to make me lactate. I did, and still am at this point. It's been about 4 weeks since my milk has come in. Chris loves to nurse on me, as do... Continue»
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Franklin II.

I knew Franklin through a friend from collage. Franklin was a good looking black guy that had been a football player in collage and still looked it. He was about 190cm and 85kg and muscular with dark skin and short hair. He was a older than the rest of us already out of collage and working. We hung out at his place a lot because it was a place off campus and he always had good weed and was fun to be around.
One summer night I was out at the bars and decided to drop by Franklin’s to see if he was around and maybe smoke up some. When I got there he was in and answered the door shirtless in a pa... Continue»
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Another kammerer story

So after I had so much fun the first time I decided to head back again. I got there at night and my cock was throbbing the whole ride there. I got there and made my way immediately to the back. As I walked in I noticed several grayvdaddies hanging by the front. I walked past and felt them eye fuck me as I walked past. I made my way to a booth and immediately stripped naked. Sitting naked was so exhilarating because I felt so vulnerable and Slutty. I began to slowly stroke my cock and immediately noticed one guy eyeing me up. I motioned for him to join me and he made his way to me as I lowered ... Continue»
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KFC Delivery

The other night I decided to order in some KFC for dinner and relax on the couch in front of a movie. I called in my order for delivery and decided after a long day of working I would have a nice hot shower while I waited for my dinner to arrive. I hoped in my shower and quickly washed my hair. Then I lathered up my soap and gave my cock, balls and asshole a good scrub. The soap and hot water felt good on my cock and it wasn't long before I was hard as a rock. I sat on my tiled shower bench and as the hot water ran over me I jerked my soapy cock. I kind of lost track of time and realize... Continue»
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My Bi-Sexual Junior Year - First Couple Experience

My junior year in college was a year of sexual experimentation. I slept with guys and girls and even someone in between. My gay roommate Ronny enjoyed my exploits and encouraged me to expand my sexual experiences.
I had a steady lay in a girl from my coed softball team. Much to Ronny’s distaste, Cami would stop by for quick fucks, which sometimes turned into marathon sessions. Ronny was thrilled when my and Cami’s relationship fell apart. He was determined to help me rebound.
Bruce and Heidi were a steady couple that was in Ronny’s wide circle of friends. I had met them months before a... Continue»
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The camping trip

I was born and lived in a small town till I was a teen. We moved to a large city where my father found a good paying job, and unfortunately found his new wife. (That's another story) I was a member of the Boy Scouts when I was in the small town, and thought I'd join a troop here. Unlike in the town which had only one troop, there were many here. Each about six to seven miles apart. After checking out a few I decided to join one a few of my classmates went to. It was a larger troop then the one I was in earlier. They had camp outs nearly every weekend. Most of the time we went to a central camp... Continue»
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Craigslist Bear Daddy (Part 2) !

I felt his big muscular hands lift me up and he then placed me down on the bed, propped up against the pillows. I could taste his cum on my mouth still, my own cock was dripping with precum. He took hold it and slowly wanked me. I pull my knees up for him. Inviting him to awaiting hole.
''That's a good boy''. He spread my legs apart further, I felt so dirty and exposed. I realised he was in complete control, I so badly needed to cum and was desperate for it. He wanked my cock even more slowly, he teased and circled my hole with his index finger.
''Mmmmm, please daddy''
He put his finger t... Continue»
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Buisness trip

Been horny for days. Couldn't wait to go to California on business. San Diego is a nice place and usually spend the first few days in my hotel room jacking off just to get caught up. The wife doesn't fuck any more and I never have time to myself to rub one out.

Many years back I used to go to the adult book stores and jack off and sometimes suck a cock or two if I found a glory hole. Those are hard to find these days. I landed, got my rental and was driving to my hotel. I saw an adult book store near old town that I had been to before. I pulled in and felt my cock stirring. As I wal... Continue»
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At Mr. Donalds house

It was the last week of summer break. I spent more time at Mr. Donalds house then I did with my friends or my own.
When ever I go there I put my bike in the backyard and pull off my clothes. I'd play on the swings or swim while waiting for him to come out to greet me. He would always offer sun lotion and I would stand in front of him, arms out, legs spread. This particular morning Mr. Donald was already outside drinking his coffee.
After stripping off everything I ran over and sat beside him. He offered me a coke, I took it and sat on his lap. He wrapped his arm around me and gave me a hug,... Continue»
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