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Lodger's Surprise 3

Pete walked me upstairs and to my bedroom. He sat me on the bed and kissed me.
He explained that when he interviewed me for my job something about me made him think I might turn out to be a crossdressing sissy and that his former secretary Jenny and her sissy hubbie might be able to find out for him. As he spoke he undressed revealing a hard muscular body that belied his 60 years. He was hairy and there was a large bulge in his tight trunks.
I reached over and stroked the bulge and he smiled and pulled down the trunks. A thick cock shorter than Mikes but much thicker sprang out. Without bei... Continue»
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My Friend gets Sucked

My Friend gets Sucked

This is a true story of my friend and I.

It was a normal Friday afternoon. My friend Matty and I were hanging out in my room talking. I don’t know how the conversation started but we started talking about blowjobs. As teen boys we are always thinking about sex. We talked about what it might feel like to get sucked-off. “I got sucked-off just for a minute before”, Matty admitted. “Really!”, I replied. “When I was 13 I went back East to visit my aunt for a couple weeks. There was a girl that lived next door to my aunt ... Continue»
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Watching the Boys Part 10

I still couldn't believe my eyes as I watched these hot Speedo wearing boys happily frolicking with my son under the warm Miami night sky. The other boys must have been from the other two condos that lined the outside of the private pool area. As I stepped out onto the patio I noticed two large muscular Latin looking men sitting at a patio table in front of the middle condo watching the boys playing in the pool. They were only wearing loose board shorts with the rest of their impressive muscular bodies clearly on display. Why were two Latino men watching these white boys and my son playing in ... Continue»
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The day I totally submitted

I had to write about this before I get a shower and go to sl**p. I was invited over to Tim's house to watch the B-Ball tourney (28 year old that took my virginity). I was hoping for a little action because he told me to shave down and wear my red French cut panties. I was really disappointed when he came to open the door and I saw 3 guys sitting on the couch yelling and cheering at the Kentucky game. I thought my hope of getting some cock today was dashed but boy was I wrong. I didn't make it 2 steps into his house when the older of the 3 without taking his eyes from the TV said "get the fuck ... Continue»
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I challenged him

A two-week temporary roomie, who was connected to me through a mutual friend, a girl I had dated briefly some years back. He lived on the other coast, but was in town working for a two month run. His gig was now over, but he had some interviews to do in town for new work, and no place to stay. The old gig booked him out of his digs the day after he was released from the job.

Once Terese connected us, he offered me a nice sum up front to stay in my back bedroom for the 14 days he needed before heading back east. I was happy to have the extra cash, as well as the company, and he seemed prett... Continue»
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Charlie, Bruce and Daniel had gave me a deal I was foolish to take, but if I did they would not m***** me for the rest of the year. I was to service their friends in the old boat house that was at the closed end of the lake on the next Saturday.

I had met Charlie and was lead to the boat house and told to conceal myself in a corner and when I heard the phrase there any fuck birds in here...I was to come out and do what ever I was asked. Of course Charlie had to sample the goods first. After Charlie was satisfied he left, I didn't have long to wait...I could plainly see a guy in his ... Continue»
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Double Anal With a shemale

....He answered the door and there she was beautiful as ever. He had just paid 500 dollars to have a transsexual e****t come directly to his door and greet him. She had on a long pea coat and thigh high boots. When she took the pea coat off all she had on was a one piece swimsuit. Her tits were a 36 D and she was 5'9 with heels on. She went over to him and kissed him with lots of tongue. She then grabbed his dick through his sweats and said "Hard already we haven't even started. Where's your girlfriend?" He said "In the bedroom prepping her asshole" She said "mmm maybe we can get a quickie, He... Continue»
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my transsexual girlfriend

.........I used to date a transsexual woman named lexxi for about a year. I loved her cock so much it was amazing. It was 9 inches with a 6 inch girth and mine was 8 inches five and a half inch girth. (we measured both of our cocks together). Every morning she would wake up with a pulsating hard dick and i would suck it relgiously. She would wear boxer briefs to sl**p and sometimes she wouldn't shower if she had a long day, so she still had a slight musk between her thigh and balls. She was a manager at a transgender strip club so i would meet tons of beautiful girls that worked there. one day... Continue»
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giving my anal cherry away..

I am no stranger to gay sex. I have sucked a hell of a lot of cocks. Saunas,dogging spots, toilet gloryholes, you name it. But I have always been scared of being fucked for the first time. Scared but intrigued..
I remember being fingered properly for the first time and it hurt. Then once at the cruising spot I go to in the forest, a nice old man lubed my bottom IP really nicely and gave me a loving fingering. That was very nice..
Still scared though, I always thought about what it would feel like. Having a real pulsating hard cock pumping inside me. I have masturbated over the thought of tha... Continue»
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FBMO-Club: "For Black Men Only"

(subbi42© gefunden bei und leicht abgewandelt)

So hatte ich mir mein Leben nicht vorgestellt, als ich von zu Hause in die Großstadt in eine eigene Wohnung wegzog und endlich frei sein wollte. Schnell waren meine Ersparnisse aufgebraucht und vielfach vergeblich hatte ich mich um einen Job bemüht. Jetzt stand mir das „Wasser bis zum Hals" und meine Lage war mehr als verzweifelt. Ein Job musste her, egal was auch immer. In dieser Stimmung sah ich in der U-Bahn als ich einstieg ein zusammengefaltetes Magazin auf dem Sitz neben mir liegen, auf dem eine fett gedruckte Anzeige, die ... Continue»
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My first and only gay experience (updated)

This story is 100% true and goes back to when I was in college over ten years ago. It was my first and only gay experience.

I’m 22 years old, have been single for over 4 months and attending a school for engineering with a 6:1 male-female ratio. I was low in confidence with meeting women and I had no game. I resorted to meeting women and dating online. Although I met a few nice women, nothing ever resulted in sex. I was so horny. I began thinking more and more about having sex with a man. I fantasized over it, watching porno, imagining what it feel like to have a big lump of cock in my mout... Continue»
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Easter Gay Cruising

This is a tale of my Easter Bank Holiday gay cruising and the fun I had while I was there.

On the Saturday, I drove to my favourite cruising spot near Thetford forest and parked the car in the Forestry Commission car park.
I was a bit early and there didn't seem to be anyone else around yet, so I decided to go for a walk along the paths through the woods. There are several areas that guys use to park and have sex, so I checked each one out, as I made a tour of the area. No one about, so I ended up walking around in a big circle and arrived back at my car and decided to wait and see if any... Continue»
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My fantasy pt 1

This is my fantasy based on finding out one of my friends was gay.

My friend Nick was always a little 'different'. We took the piss out of him as lads do, but he had a very sexy Indian girlfriend who he claimed to fuck regularly so we never suspected he was anything other than straight.

One summers day I visited Nick as I was in the area. He was wearing shorts and was more serious than usual. I asked him what was wrong and he said he had split from his girlfriend. I said that was sad and that I had liked her (in fact I regularly wanked thinking about her!). I asked him why they had spli... Continue»
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my f***ed sissy boy sex

So here we go,

The Visitor

He felt nervous, probably more nervous than he had ever felt before, he knew he was stupid to have ever let it go as far as this, but somehow he just hadn't been able to stop himself. He'd placed the chair in the centre of the lounge as he'd been told and now he sat on the settee looking at it, waiting. Waiting for the text message that he feared would come, yet still somehow in a madly excited antic... Continue»
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It was the Friday before spring break, my junior year of high school was spinning out of control. Bruce Charlie and Daniel was assaulting me when ever they wanted to, even though Daniel had been expelled, he still showed up on campus when ever he wanted to fuck me. It all ways happened the next day after Bruce or Charlie had ordered me to satisfy one of them.

But today on my way ho,me the three of them cut me off and pulled me on to the play ground, even though I was terrified I didn't think they would attack me out in the open. Bruce began to speak '...tomorrow is Saturday and we don't ... Continue»
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Journey into Servitude

By Dale Gutzman

It was understandable that the young 18 year old was nervous. He was about to be ass
fucked for the very first time. This is a big moment in the life of any
young man, especially a young man who up until a few nights ago, thought he
was totally straight. The first fuck can be traumatic for any boy, knowing
that his tight little puckered asshole is about to be penetrated by a long,
thick hunk of Male fuckmeat. And even though you promise you will go slow
and easy, both you and he know you will not. Once you get that pristine
teen pucker opened, you will want, no, yo... Continue»
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A Day In The Life of Polly (Part 3)

9.30-1.00 a.m.

Now it's time for me to be alone with myself. I take out my shimmery tan pantyhose and shiny black pantyhose, (two pairs each) and a pair of shiny stockings, one black and the other tan. In front of the full length mirror in the bedroom I smile as I layer the top half of my body with modified hose, tan underneath, topped with black. My chest shimmers under the light, then on my bottom half I layer my legs, ass and crotch with tan pantyhose with black tights over the top. It feels so good to smooth my hands over my glimmering body! I'm still smiling as I pull my snug shiny t... Continue»
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My First Time Pt. 1 - The Boss makes his move

I was stocking boxes in the warehouse at plastics company. This was my after school job, at 18, not bad at $10 and hour.
My boss, Bob walked in behind me. I could hear him fumbling around, moving boxes. He was always in and out, so I didn't really care.
I didn't look back b/c i just wanted to get my work done and go home.
I knocked down a couple boxes which spilled some of the box filler, I was so fucking embarrassed. But hey shit happens even when it's bad timing.
I instantly dropped to my knees trying to scoop them into the boxes before Bob said anything.
I was wearing tight jeans and a... Continue»
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Tan twink fun 2

Just as a reminder this is a story that is made up completely in my head. I did change the view in which I started writing thisstory, but hey, I don’t think it’s a deal breaker, I also added some details Iforgot to put in my first story “tan twink fun”. Please leave comments and letme know what you think or what to add for my next one. Thanks :)

The next morning I woke up alone in my bed. I looked atwhere Angelo had been and for one fearful moment I thought I had dreamed itall, then I heard pots and pans being moved around in the kitchen so I got up.I went into the bathroom and used the toi... Continue»
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A high-school education.

I tried out for the swim team my first year in high-school. I'd always been pretty fast in all the strokes and they needed an IM guy so I made the squad. Everyone made me welcome because nobody else relished the extra training the Individual Medley requires. I was the only freshman there and coach asked John, one of the Seniors, to mentor me.
He was really cool and didn't seem to mind hanging with a teammate three years his junior.
He set up a training schedule for me and we spent a lot of time together in the pool in the evenings. I was making big improvements under his guidance and looked ... Continue»
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