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My first taste of cock

For as long as I can remember,even in my early twenties I was always curious about what it would be like to have sex with another man.It was 1999, I was 40 years old when I finally gave in to my curiosity.
There were two contributing factors which allowed me to do this.Firstly I was recently divorced and living alone and secondly home computers with access to the internet was the new, popular trend.I soon discovered lot's of gay chat rooms where you could chat and arrange to meet other guy's for sex. I had been chatting with a guy called Chris off and on for about a week. He was 54, married ... Continue»
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Um casal muito interessante

Dia seguinte, sol quente, e às 10 horas da manhã com nossos respectivos maridos ainda dormindo. Desço para a piscina e já encontro Marla tentanto recuperar o bronzeado perdido em muito tempo na Dinamarca . Ficamos ainda algum tempo reclamando alegremente dos nossos corpos doloridos e trocando impressões sobre a noite anterior como se fossemos amigas a longo tempo. Trocamos mil confidencias a respeito de nossas aventuras sexuais , dentro e fóra do casamento, e logo nossas risadas nervosas indicavam a excitação voltando a tomar conta de nós . Ambas vestíamos sumarissimos bikinis que mal cobriam... Continue»
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Lessons from a cosplay boi..

How I discovered the pleasure of sex with another man through a cross-dresser and an understanding friend.

Me and Pete are partners in a tech start-up firm and were down in San Diego to meet some potential investors.
We got separate rooms at the hotel but made sure they had a connecting door so that we could easily get together to put the finishing touches to our presentation.
It was a long evening of work but by about 11pm it was done. We figured we'd earned a break and went down to the bar.
We'd come down the same week that Comic Con was on and were entertained by all the teens and... Continue»
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Party Favor

When I was in my mid-teens I started to live out my sexual desires and have sex with other guys and discovered what boys like- getting naked with lots of blow jobs and buttfucking. I enjoyed being horny all the time, cumming in and being cummed on, and started to get some serious crushes on some of my teen sex partners. So when one of them invited me to a gay party, I was happy to accept.

It was late on Saturday night and we drove together to the other side of town, to a large, secluded house behind an iron gate. My friend knew the password and the gate opened. It was dark outside but I... Continue»
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Danny and my secret, wet relationship

My name is Mike, which is short for Micheal but most people still call me Mikey. It's my last year in high school and I turned 18 a few months ago. My boyfriend Danny is also a senior at the same high school I go to. It was his 18th birthday today and we wanted to make it special. After school we headed over to my parents house and as we walked, we talked about things that we would do once we arrived. You see... Danny and I secretly have something in common, other than the fact that we're gay. We both enjoy all kinds of kinky sex and the wetter, the better...

I opened the door to my parents... Continue»
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18 And Looking For More BI Fun

This is a follow up story to my 18 and fresh from school story here

I quickly found out that Jerry my b*o.'s buddy that had fucked me for the first time was NOT one to keep his mouth shut and had told my b*o. and the rest ALL about him finally getting his horny dick up my virgin ass. I have to admit it did make me feel pretty fucking turned on knowing the group of guys my gay b*o knew had heard the full details of my little escapade with Jerry and his fat hard cock meat. It made wearing those tight shorts cut offs jeans even m... Continue»
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Taking one for the team

I know this story is going to take longer for me to write than simply typing some random thing because it gets me so hot to re-live this story that my cock is out right now and I have to fool around with myself.But I will try to get to the point and not drag it out.

Playing on the baseball team was something I had done since I was 5. You get to know the guys in your league from just growing up and being on the same team with them most of your life at that point. Aaron was by far the best friend I had in the league and would spend lots of time during the summers over his house. We would ba... Continue»
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As a Wall Street attorney, I have to dress the part. Believe me, if it was up to me, I'd wear jeans and polo shirts all day everyday.

Please let me introduce my self. My name is Kevin Provocante. I am 30 years old and just over 6 feet in height. I have black hair which I keep short to maintain my professional appearance, and I have green eyes. I keep in shape by working out probably three times a week, plus a good run on weekends when I can find the time. At 175 pounds, I keep myself in pretty buff condition. I have a light swatch of hair across my chest which I keep well groomed. Oh yes, I... Continue»
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Back to the garage

I don't know why but what happened in the garage with John was lying on my mind. A few days later I was passing and saw Dave go out in his breakdown truck, pulling in and parking up I entered the garage and there was John with his very pretty girlfriend, he looked shocked to see me, as he approached me he was shaking his head from side to side mouthing the word 'no'.

His girlfriend must have been 18 or so and she said "Hi can I help you?", I looked at John and he looked very embarrassed, he led me to the office and said "Please don't say anything" I said "Well that depends on how long your ... Continue»
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Car service at the garage

My car needed a good service so as I passed a garage on a back street when I took the wife to work I thought I'd ask in there. I walked in and this bloke of around 35 years old called Dave asked me what I wanted, when I told him he said he would be happy to service my car as he didn't have much work on at the moment, I thought Perfect.

Two weeks later I drove the wife to work and called in the garage, a younger lad was there, he said he was an apprentice for his dad. His dad recognised me and asked if I'd come for a service, I replied that I had, he said "You don't mind if our John does it ... Continue»
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College life 11


Matt (18), the author; Kris, Matt's roommate and best friend.

Friends: Scott and Juan, roommates; Jess and Robert, roommates; Michael and
Corey (the BF) roommates; Stephan. All live on the same floor and are 18
and freshmen except Juan, 19. Rick, their RA.

Liz, Kris' girlfriend; Kendall and Noel, friends on the first floor of the

Others will be added as they are introduced and play a part in the story.


The next morning after a night of sex with Scott, I woke and was alone to
my surprise. It took me a second to rea... Continue»
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The guy who face fucked me cums back!

Id met him once before, about three nights ago we had met at my hotel room and he’d left me dripping sweat and other things while I gasped through exhaustion. Id agreed to meet again that night and when he sent me another message on A4A I jump at the chance. He asked me if I had limits and I explained the few I had to his satisfaction. “once this starts no turning back, you know that right” my heart skip a beat as I read that and decided so long as he respected my limits in for a penny in for a pound. “ same as before, be ready and blindfolded when I knock”. With that we set the date for ... Continue»
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A Nephew Story

This story is this upsets you in any way please do not read

A Nephew Story
So, we were having a large f****y get together. A f****y reunion if you will. It was hot and we met at a lake close by. There were lots of relatives, lots of food and lots of booze. Typical f****y reunion. I hugged and greeted so many Aunts, Uncles, nieces and nephews I can't remember all the names. Most had husbands or wives...I did not. I was free to come and go as I pleased and I liked it a lot.
So a good part of us went to the lake to swim ... Continue»
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My Bus Journey Part 1/6

To completely enjoy this story, please read all 6 parts!. Although Part 1 is non-sexual, it sets the scene for the rest of the story. Enjoy and please leave me your feedback/comments!!

This is a true story that happened to me many years ago. I have tried to reconstruct and write it in detail, exactly the way I remember it. This happened when I was about 15 years old. At the time I used to live in a country in Southeast Asia. Since the age of 12, I had been initiated into sex by older men. You can read my story about my experience with the school Dr... Continue»
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First Time While Fishing In The Woods

My name is Sam and I am fifteen years old. I am thin with blonde short hair and blue eyes. I live with my mom and dad in a rural town in a very nice house. My mom and dad both work for a manufacturing company so most of the time they are gone and my dads friend Dennis comes over and watches me while they are gone. Dennis is forty three years old and kind of a cool guy whom I get love hanging out with. He and my dad have been friends for many years and hes one of his many friends who he trusts to watch me while there at work. Usually Dennis and I watch T.V, movies and even hang out in my room p... Continue»
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Bike ride down Fleet lane

Despite the rain I set off on my bike ride, taking full advantage of my girlfriend being busy, having her friends round.
Very soon i'd arrived at my local cruising spot and cycled down the lane towards the bottom car park. I wasn't too hopeful, due to the rain, but there were a couple of cars parked up. I car see the drivers talking to each other through open windows.
I climbed off my bike, glancing back at the cars, then set off up the hill into the woods.
I waited a short while, but no one was following. I went back down, climbed on my bike and cycled up the lane again, looking out for an... Continue»
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Well Used...

Here I am hung over a work out bench, Charlie pounding my butt from the back and Bruce holding me by my ears as he tried to ram his penis down my throat. I had my hands on each side of Bruce' mid section trying to hold him back, Charlie had hold of my hips trying to pull me back into his vicious thrusts.

Bruce came first filling my oral cavity with his spunk, Charlie moaned and grind his crotch deep into my behind and I could feel his savage spurts of his seed filling my bung hole. Gagging and coughing as Bruce shot continuous loads of his seed into my mouth and throat, Charlie moaned and... Continue»
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Couldnt take me eyes off of him

Im tall and dark with olive skin that tans real easy. I usually like the same kind of skin tone as mine but one day this k** shows up at work. He was 18 and looked 14 with his brown hair and Justin Beiber haircut. His eyes were big and wide and bright blue. He was about 5'10" which is shorter than me. His body was incredible. He was wearing a white wife beater soaked with sweat and sticking to his v-shaped back, thick chest muscles and board flat abs. He was golden tan which is why i couldnt figure out my obsession, i usually didnt obsess over surfer type tans. But the shape of his body and... Continue»
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Young Man & Mature Man (True Story)

So this is all true and happened earlier this year. I still will think about it and it gets me hard.
I lived in San Diego and one night I was bored and horny, like most nights haha. I got on craigslist and looked through casual encounters and men for men. The SD craigslist is pretty good for that, so I read a guys post saying he was an older guy in his late forties looking for some fun. He had a picture of his cock and it was tan and semi hard, looked good to me. So I emailed him and within 10 mins I got a reply back saying he was interested. Ok don't need to go into detail what we were writ... Continue»
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The neighborhood sex slaves

If you've read my other stories, you know that I'm a bi-sexual guy who loves shemales as well as guys. Well, this story happened after Kelly had been living with me for about 6 months. I had been a through a nasty divorce, lost pretty much everything and then came into a large sum of money in one of my business deals so I bought a house in a nice, middle class neighborhood in SoCal. It is a two story, 4 bedroom with a big backyard that had a pool already when I bought it. I had a jacuzzi installed, fixed up the f****y room into a mini gym/rec room.

After moving in during the winter and meet... Continue»
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