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Meeting a Twink on Campus

I’m a much older student (58), with a pretty big 6’0” athletic physique. I have a very good physique and weigh about 210 pounds. I attend our local state university and that’s where I met Kevin, we sat at the same table in our History class. Now Kevin had very feminine mannerisms, he was very thin, had very fair skin and a nice skinny ass. He was movie star handsome and if you did not get close to him you could mistake him for a girl. I’ve had a few relationships with men before, but this little twink was driving me crazy.

One day Kevin got his mid-term with a “D” marked in red at the top... Continue»
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It was love at first sight when saw him step up to the table to be issued his uniform. The guard shuffled through the pile to find something that would fit him. He was a slight young Asian boy whom I estimated to be around eighteen. He had had long black hair that fell to his shoulders and was constantly being brushed away from his face. He'll soon be losing that when he is shaved like the rest of us. He was beautiful and it provoked a stirring in my cock. I had to look away before a full erection blossomed. Guards were on the constant watch for any cause to beat a prisoner and any homosexual ... Continue»
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Meeting Master

Meeting Master

I have always been submissive, and I lived in a town that wasn't too big. I
had sometimes found someone to take me, but never more than a night. I had
dated some, but all the guys wanted a relationship, none wanted a slave. I
worked at a Denny's-like restaurant as a waiter. It didn't give me lots of
money, but I didn't need much. And I got to serve men and call them "Sir".

I was a pretty good waiter, and my boss (married older woman) was happy with
me. I worked the evening shift, it had the best tips. One night _he_ came
in. He was High School age, and he looked fant... Continue»
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the journey to anal addiction. . .

As of to date, I've only had my ex wife take me. Pegging if you will. She spent years getting me to the point of anal play. (but that's a different story) Everything had been set up for that night, planned out, prepared for. We both knew exactly what was going to take place. This was one of her fantasies and I was there to be rode. So as I laid there on my stomach, with a pillow folded and placed under my hips, forcing my ass up for easier access, spread eagle, tied up tightly so I couldn't move. And then she surprised me with the blind fold. Turned up the radio so loud that I couldn't really ... Continue»
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Crossing Lines Chapter 2

Crossing Lines Chapter 2

“How’d it go?” Beth asked when I came home. “Did you get extended?”

The image of Dr. Cargill’s extended 8 inch cock flashed across my mind. I drew a breath and announced that he had taken care of me. I now had 3 additional weeks to complete my thesis.

I wanted to tell Beth about the adventure I’d had that afternoon but the reality of it was that there was no way she would approve of her husband going down on his male professor and then later surrendering his anal virginity to such a magnificent cock– no matter that it was ultimately to improve their future to... Continue»
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Young Guy From An ABS

I had just dropped off my wife for the weekend at her s****r's like I have for years. They like to shop and go to plays...and it gives us a break from each other. We haven't had any sex in years and the only sex I have had in that time, other than with myself, was with a young couple (my first story on Xhamster) - but even that was a couple years ago. So quite often I would stop at an ABS near my home. I loved to at least dream of having sex with someone else. I would not jack off for a few days, get a few books or videos, and spend a few hours making myself feel good. And although I would dre... Continue»
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Loosing my freedom to being fucked in the ass.

So I've been in a relationship with a girl for 4 years now, very happy with the sex, but as a Bi guy I some times need to have my ass ruined and my girl is very submissive so very unlikely to happen, recently I've been having the same fantasy over and over and i'd like to share it with you all.

Before i start you all need to know something, even though i can cum as i ride a dildo (it's my fav way to cum when wanking) I've never been able to cum as someone's fucked me, no matter how hard i try, this led me to make a promise that a few of my Bi/Gay friends on here will know; *if anyone makes ... Continue»
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They Fucked A Cop (part 1)

It was the summer of 1976. Most people remember it as one of the hottest summers in living memory here in the UK. I remember it for other reasons.

I was a recently qualified probationer police constable in London, miles away from home and all my friends, especially my girlfriend. As a probationer, I got all the really naff jobs. I was suck on point duty when the traffic lights broke down due to the heat. Standing in the middle of the busy junction with the sweat dripping down my young, well muscled body and my trusty truncheon slipped in the special pocket they provided in those days so the... Continue»
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My Journey part 1.

My Journey.

As I sat in a small bar in a pub I thought back on my life and how it had brought me a Fifty year old cross dresser to this place and time.
Back in the late 70s and early 80s all the top shelf magazines were full of “lipstick lesbians” dressed in sexy satin and lace lingerie in various poses so when I got hold of some of those magazines the connection was made between feminine beauty, kissing, tongues, sex, satin and same sex love so all that was to follow in my life seemed to follow on from that for me.
I had began to enjoy satin ling... Continue»
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A New Experience (edited)

When the knocking finally came I jumped in my nervousness. I walked over to the door, slowly as if to hide my nerves from someone watching, knowing he was still on the other side. I trembled slightly, trying to calm myself as I grabbed the door handle, twisted, and opened. I immediately asked the man in and quickly shut the door behind him being sure to secure the deadbolt to insure that no one would catch me in the depraved acts that would soon be taking place.

“How are you doing?” He asked matter-of-factly.

“ I'm okay, thank you,” I said without thought. “How are you?”

“I'm excited,... Continue»
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Return To Service

Return To Service

It felt just the same, yet ultimately different being in that cock-house again after almost a year. I burned with the excitement of what I had possibly missed, and felt eager for a return to service when I’d see something unfamiliar and wanting to look my way.
Not a minute after the thought subsided that very thing to happened, and let me tell you, the man had me ready with just a look into his brown-as-my-own eyes. I smiled as he stood there and looked long at me. Almost as if he dared... Continue»
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My walking, talking Hard on, Richard Fits Well

Back in the early 80s I went one of them all male party for Bi guys a lot of sucking no fucking unless you sneaked into the bathroom, I meet one of my fuck buddy, mostly at the book store loved my BB. he was married said he had to leave soon, begging me for some ass? He finally got me in the bathroom no cloths on so it easy but no lube? wait he has carmex lip balm it worked fine, all the knocks on the door kinda distracting, but 10min shot his big load in me. he got up left me, full of cum no undies it was hard to keep his load trying to escape. Right at the time couple of new guys showed u... Continue»
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The First Time

My first experience in a public toilet was when I was just 18 . I had gone into the toilets in the local park quite innocently , as I needed to have a pee, but as I stood at the urinals in the cool air, I noticed the drawings and messages left by previous visitors. As I continued to pee onto the white porcelain, my young prick started t swell as I read the stories of how the authors had been sucked off or had sucked huge pricks.

I was so intent on reading the stories that I didn’t notice someone else had entered the toilets and had positioned himself in the urinal next to me. I didn’t look... Continue»
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Sling Buddy

Well I finally got to meet up with a guy I had sex with over a year ago. We had only been together one time. We touched bases on Adam4Adam and hooked up at his place one rainy spring morning. He is a 50 something gay man with a husband. He and his partner have an open relationship.I am a 62 YO married man. I was attracted to his profile online that showed his thick cock with foreskin. We had a great session of hot mutual oral. It turned out he was actually cut, with a bit of loose foreskin remaining. Anyway, I was more than pleased with his thick 6 1/2 inch cock and big solid ball sack.
We tr... Continue»
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therapy session

i have been seeing my ther****t for few weeks now and we had talked about all sorts of things and i was startingbit more to feel more comfortable around him now, today was the 7th time we had met and he said he wanted to start talking about things more personal than we had talked about before, i wasn't entirely sure what he meant by that but i went in and sat down like normal.

he asked me how i was feeling today and i told him, then he told me to get comfortable and he said, we are going to talk about your sex life today and i told him that shouldn't take very long as i didn't really hav... Continue»
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How My Husband Fell in Love With Me and Decided to

do you already have a personal cock-servant? i am looking for a man who would take me in as au-pair for the summer. i clean, cook, do your laundry - and suck your dick whenever you want and keep my ass ready to fuck for you - hopefully, you will soon be used to falling asl**p with your dick in my twitching asshole and never leave the bed with full balls in the morning. I keep near you over the day - follow you in a little distance or walk right next to you - until you feel the urge to grab my pants, pull them down quickly, and enjoy a quick and hard fuck into your little fuck sluts hot and oil... Continue»
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Used Sissy

I was now a fully fledged Crossdressing Sissy Slut even though still only in my teens I needed and craved cock..........any cock as long as it was loaded with spunk for me to swallow. I had been sucking cock at various toilets around my town and had met some really kinky bastards in my time but John was way ahead in his kinky ideas. He was a mature respectable male in his late 50's a white collar worker with a nice property in the country.....he was married and had 3 k**s so to any one taking a casual interest would think him a normal man.
I met him in some toilets and sucked him off on my kn... Continue»
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Ma premiere fois avec un mec

je l'ai connu j'avais 18 ans, c'était un collègue et ami a mon père.

La premiére fois que je l'ai vu c'était pour un réveillon de noël mon père l'avait invité car il était seul, sa femme venait de demander le divorce pour plusieurs raisons.

Dés la premiére rencontre il me trouva mignon et pendant la soirée me questionna savoir si j'avais une copine ou pas si j'aimais les mecs.

Toute la famille s'entendait avec lui et à partir de ce jour on le voyait régulièrement et il est même venu en vacances avec nous, nous avons fait connaissance de ses enfants et je suis devenu bon ami avec sa f... Continue»
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Guess I shouldn't have given those cops such a hard time last night but I was d***k and pissed off and lost control a little so when they got me back to the station after taking my info and all they shoved me into a holding cell there were three cells two empty but the cop stuck me into the cell that was occupied after the door clanged shut I saw who occupied it...It was a huge black guy and boy was he pissed off ranting about how that white pig of a police officer took him in just because he was black...blah blah blah I went into a corner and tried not to let him see me as I... Continue»
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My Day Dream

After browsing the local gay/bi hook ups site, I noticed a message was posted to me requesting a story to excite the sender.
I was already dressed up in lingerie playing around while my wife was at work. I'll sometimes wait for her to get home so she can catch me dressing up, she then pulls out her massive strap on and proceeds to teach me a lesson on what it takes to be a woman.

So I was thinking about what he asked me to do, and what it would take to turn him on. So after some hits on a joint I lay back on the bed touching myself and day dreaming, I was lying face down on the bed with on... Continue»
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