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Blacked Mailed Into sex

I was sitting in the bleachers, watching the football squad practice, two class mates came and sit on each side of me and started to talk to me. 'David, we know that you are a fuck boy and have been told that you can suck a good dick.' I looked at the young boy that was talking and recognized him from passing in the hall on my way to class.

The other boy said 'I heard that David has good boy pussy, and will fuck like a fish.' I looked around and noticed that no one was paying attention to us sitting in the bleachers. I said, as I stared out at the team, 'some times people will lie, so you s... Continue»
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Summer fun 3

Those were the days, back when it was just David and me. A couple of years later, in the summer I was to turn fortein and it seemed David wanted to play our secret game more often. One late summer afternoon David and I had just finished taking our evening shower. We were headed to our room wearing only our undies, and there we would put on our pj's for the night. As we walked down the hall together we glanced at each other for a brief moment. Looking down at the front of my lil broehs underwear, I could easily see that the front part of his undies were pitched outward more than usual and it wa... Continue»
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Humiliation 2 the ex

As difficult as it might be to believe, things after my huge embarrassment at the hands of my girlfriend, the large black man known as Link, and my closest friends, things had actually blown over. My girlfriend has not cheated with anyone else, (that I know of), and the whole affair is no longer even mentioned in our home. I thought, maybe, just maybe it is all over, but I was dead wrong.
One day, as I came home from work, my girlfriend was on face book, as usual, and I figured it would be another normal day. But, instead of sitting down to dinner as usual, she says to me, I am going out by m... Continue»
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Summer Fun 2

David and I had plenty of fun that summer. We had extra time on our hands to play all our favorite games. Our parents typically dropped us off at our grandparents house before heading to work, just about every weekday. Of course grandma Margaret and grandpa Ralphie didn't mind having us over. David and I had our very own room there which even had a full size bed, for whenever we'd stay the night. I remember one day in particular...

Mom was running late for work as she rushed over to grandmas house to drop off me and my brotthr. We each opened the doors to the back of mom's car before hoppi... Continue»
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Wife wants to live a fantasy

My wife and I have done quite a bit as far as sex is concerned. We have always been open with each other. She knows that I am bi-sexual and enjoys hearing about encounters that I have had over the years. A few months ago she started telling me she wanted to watch me with another man. She would describe wanting to see me suck a cock, take a cock in my ass or even do both at the same time. It really turned her on. Finally she worked up her courage and created an ad for CL wanting one or more men to use her husband while she watched. We went to San Antonio for the weekend. She told me she... Continue»
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Curious WM 30 Ch. 03

femdom – cfnm – cream pie – jack-off – pussy slave – willing slut

But a funny thing happened, by the end of their first adventure the two curious males wanted more! At least that's what I thought was happening. Little did I know that a dominant female was orchestrating the events and would take over! Once again, any constructive criticism will be well received. And any insight into Angela's motivation will also be helpful. Does this new turn of events make this story better or worse? Your opinions and input whether public or directly thru e-mail is appreciated. I will answer any seri... Continue»
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First time BBC slut

I'm going to tell you about my first time with a black guy. This was the first time I met someone in real life too.

I'd spent the last hour with a pal at the university gym, training in the boxing room. It was a good, honest workout and we were both pumped afterwards as we headed back towards the changing rooms, planning on grabbing a milk afterwards.

Looking back, it was obvious this black guy was looking for someone. He sat on the bench, drying himself naked, with his big cock and balls on display and they were really big; heavy-looking. As me and my pal (who had no idea I was into ge... Continue»
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My First Cock

femdom – anal – male submissive

When I first met Jeanette, I thought, what a wildcat. She was beautiful and wild. Our very first night together I felt like she fucked me rather than the other way around. She made it clear that she loved being on top, and truth be told I loved it too. She aroused some deep passion in me, and I never wanted a woman more than I wanted Jeanette.

One night after foreplay that I wished would never end, Jeanette began bringing out a number of silk scarves from a drawer, saying, "I want to tie you up. Will you let me do that to you?"

She had already ca... Continue»
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An Interesting Night...

Interesting night…

One of the guys, in his 30’s, who’s been bringing a few different younger guys here to fuck stopped in earlier in the evening. He didn’t even try to start a conversation but greeted me then made a sign (the obvious one) for fucking. He then pointed at me.

Just to make sure I pulled up a video from you-know-where and started it then moved it forward to where they’re going at it. I then asked him to come behind the reception desk and look…he did.

He made some sounds of approval then said ‘yes, yes, very good’ in Vietnamese. He was standing/leaning right up against me ... Continue»
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Daniel Effeminate College Student Chapter 2

Chapter 2
The Party
At the end of their successful meeting Serge invited Adrian and of course Daniel to a party at the home of his employer for that evening. It was an event with a large number of people invited from the arts and business community artists, buyers and supporters of the arts and some musicians and a few from the theatre community. Adrian and Daniel arrived together and Daniel looked spectacular with his new hair style and wearing one of the new outfits which were purchased that afternoon. He felt wonderful and as he entered the large foyer. He looked in a huge mirror and admi... Continue»
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Daniel Effeminate College Student

Chapter 1
The Beginning

Daniel, an Italian boy in his late teens is starting a fine arts program at a college in the US. He had been awarded a full scholarship as part of an exchange program with the international arts community. He arrives before classes begin and has to stay in a hotel at his expense as the residence on campus in not available for a week. He is happy to be there as this is freedom for the boy as he can now begin to express his true desires to be gay and effeminate. At home it was not possible with the closeness of his f****y, friends and values of his community. However ... Continue»
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Trying Something New

Ive always wonder what it would be be like to have my cock sucked by a guy so I decided to try it. He was an interesting man that I had worked with some years ago and we had always been good friend so when he invited me to take in a Chinese down town I was happy to accept. Gill is quite tall and I guess handsome in a rugged fashion, a few years younger than me and has kept himself in shape.
We were drinking in a bar after the meal and I raised the subject about women... did he have a girl or was he still on his own. He didn't reply straight away but after a while he look at me and said.. "W... Continue»
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Peter, ch. 3 - Debbie wakes me in the morning

I woke in the morning to the amazing feeling of Deb taking my cock deep into her wet, warm mouth. The perfect start to the day and a fantastic continuation of the marathon session we had enjoyed last night.

I let out a deep moan as she went all the way down. She released me for a second so she could talk, "Oh, you're awake! Good morning baby... Thought I'd relieve your stress a bit. You've been hard all night! Ever since we talked about Peter's... abilities..." With that, she took me back into her mouth and started to suck harder.

I felt her tongue work the head of my cock as she moved... Continue»
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Barefoot Slave

When I saw the man walking towards me, my dick started to twitch. Even from
half a block away, he was sexy. As he got closer, his dick hardened more.
The man was medium height, wearing boots, jeans and t-shirt. He was the
perfect looking Daddy, with barrel chest and beer belly. He was rugged,
with a big bushy mustache.

The man saw my gaze and stared at me intently. I started to blush, but
didn't look away. The man came up to him and put out a big hand.

"Hey fella, noticed you looking at me. You're a hot young man." I was big
and built and often got compliments, but hearing ... Continue»
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Crossdresser getting TRAINed

I was home alone when i got a call from a friend that is train driver / railroad engineer. He is 40 years old and spend most time alone driving a train. He asked me if i could not come over, because he is feeling alone. I had nothing better so i visited his flat. So i put makeup wig and some tight dress with thong and heels. I wanted to put stockings but already had heels so i decided just to go with my smooth legs, it was hot that day anyway.

He already had prepared some beer and drinks. We talked about his boring job while watching television. After a while he started rubbing his p... Continue»
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First time with a man

This as all my stories is a true story about the first time I got with a man

I was 18 and living with parents, they had gone away for a week so had the place to myself, I had a girlfriend at the time but she was in uni and too far away too get back, one night I was horny as hell, I needed to get some action I started talking to a few girls over Facebook to see if I could get someone too come over but no luck, I was getting more and more horny so thought fuck it put some porn and started to wank, I've the last year when watching porn I had become curious about cocks I have never found men a... Continue»
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Things Only Losers Know or Think About. Part 1

This is all subjective; I’m sure it isn’t the same for every guy like me, but I think these things are fairly general for all the shrimp dicks out there.

1) Size matters.

In a lot of ways, this question is either answered or still up in the air. Guys certainly are concerned with it, so in most cases, it’s still a question. Some girls say that it does, in fact, matter; others say that it doesn’t, but rather, it’s how you use it. In my case, I consider the matter resolved: it matters. Pornstar dicks are unrealistic; the average size is around five inches; arousal of women is started i... Continue»
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How could it get any better than this???

We were living in Atlanta at the time and had been invited to spend the weekend with some old friends that were in Birmingham, just a 3 hour drive away. It was close enough to see each other often, but far enough to stay overnight. We both were looking forward to this visit as Ron was throwing his wife, Cindy. a birthday party and it should be a lot of fun.

We drove up to their house and noticed the big dumpster off to the side of their driveway. “Looks like they are doing some remodeling. I wonder what they’re doing” Peggy thought aloud.

“I guess we’ll find out in a few minutes. Let m... Continue»
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Curious WM 30 Ch. 02

slut boy – cunt boy – cock sucker – ball licker – naughty slut – curious – bi-curious

"Karl, can you pickup the dry cleaning today?"

"What, dear?"

"Aren't you listening? You seem distracted."

"It's nothing, dear. What did you say?"

"I need you to pick up the dry cleaning today, can you do that?"

"Of course, dear. I'll get it this morning after I do the breakfast dishes and make the beds." We've been sl**ping in separate beds in separate rooms for some time now because she says I snore, maybe that's why we don't have sex any more than we do.

"Please don't forget."

... Continue»
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Girlfriend Makes A Discovery

strapon – turned gay – ass fuck – femdom – male anal sex – feminized

She came in holding papers I recognized as the one I ripped from my ex’s diary describing our sexual exploits in great detail.

She waved them in the air with one hand on her hip, “Why would you keep this from me?” I didn’t respond.

After a few awkward moments of silence a smile broke across her face. She wagged her finer at me in mock severity saying, “You’ve been a bad boy (punctuated with a girlish giggle) and I want to know all the dirty little details!” and with that she jumped up on the bed and snuggled... Continue»
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