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The making of a cock slut

I am married and in my early forties, I guess I am what they call bi curious. On night in a chat room I learnt of gay bath houses, they sounded interesting and I found there was one nearby.
eventually one day I plucked up the courage to go, I walked in, paid my money, was handed a towel and I went to the lockers, stripped off and wrapped the towel around my waist and headed in. First I went into the sauna, nothing too sexy here, a few guys sitting and sweating, after a while I went next door which was the steam room and everyone left their towel outside and went in naked.A few guys were ther... Continue»
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You Have the Right to Remain Assfucked.

There's something so sexy about authority, especially when you've done something wrong. That feeling of shame leaves you feeling venerable and desperate to redeem yourself. In some weird way, being punished feels good. It's a relief to take responsibility for your mistakes and just accept the consequences. I guess that's how I found myself in the back of a police car getting my ass pounded by a horny cop.

I was driving home from a friend's party. I was a little buzzed, but felt safe driving anyway. I lived close by, it was very early in the morning and I thought the roads would be completel... Continue»
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I was a naughty lil boy this weekend :)

So i had a pretty interesting weekend I thought I would share!!

My friend was throwing a small get together this past weekend and yay I was invited!! I don't really party at all, but somehow this weekend I broke some rules... It was for a football game that was a night game, so everyone started hitting the alcohol and i*****ls pretty early :/ I knew there was going to be mostly guys there Tim, Eric, Alex and Jenna to be exact.. and they all like to party, so I thought I would plan ahead a bit; go fishing a lil ya know!! I put on new pair of light pink thongs and shaved my body smooth, just ... Continue»
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Filling My Butt With The Real Thing.

I've always been curious about other men and have had a few casual hookups but never fulfilled my fantasy of having a warm hard dick in my ass. I had a couple girlfriends stick a finger in my ass and one even stuck a dildo in me but I wanted to know the feeling of being another man's bitch while getting a nice hard fuck.
My girlfriend was out of town for the week and I had spent a good part of my nights looking at gay porn and fantasizing. I would dress in her panties and lingerie and fuck myself with her dildo. Each day my desire for the real thing grew greater. I had heard abo... Continue»
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more computer problems

It had been a while and the computer was playing up again I rang the shop and they said as i'd been to them before he'd send someone up. An hour later a knock on the door and there stood the usual geek, Brian. "Hi" he said as i motioned him to come in "We meet again" as he smiled. He came in and looked at the computer fixing the problem in under an hour.

As we sat on the sofa he said "What we did last time I couldn't get over it it was amazing" I said "And your back again", we smiled and I moved closer to him. He looked embarrassed as he sat there in a T shirt and grey pants. As I moved clo... Continue»
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Poker Night Part 6

Sunday morning, Daddy woke me up with his cock in my face. "Suck" he said and I latched on immediately. Sucking his morning wood to completion in my mouth. I could still taste my ass on his cock and it was wonderful. He made me gag on his cock before shooting a load down my throat. "That'll be your breakfast for today" he said. He then left without saying a word. I woke up more and got dressed in a pretty little pink sundress and white stockings and headed for the living room. Daddy was on the computer not paying much attention to me. I sat down on the couch waiting for him to finish. He final... Continue»
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walked In on my friend

My mate had the house to himself for the week so I went round to see him, the front door was unlocked so I just went straight in, I was walking up the stairs when I heard moaning, it sounded like two women, I carried on up the stairs and was outside his door when I heard it again, the door was open a bit so I had a look round the door, I saw him sitting on his bed wanking watching lesbian porn, I stood there watching him wank himself and my cock started to get hard, I was staring at his cock and thinking it looked quite nice, it was about the same size as mine and looked just as nice, as I s... Continue»
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Taken by the landlord's son

“Top or bottom?” Praveen asked me, as I emerged from the shower in my towel. I stopped dead in my tracks.
“What?” I asked, my heart already starting to beat faster.
“You heard me. Are you a top or bottom?” Praveen asked again, this time with a smirk.
“What top bottom?” I asked, making a mildly puzzled expression. How could he know, the thoughts were already racing in my mind.
“Oh come on now, Ashu. Don’t play the innocent fool,” saying this, Praveen pointed to my laptop. He hit the play button and the sounds of panting filled the room. Two young gays involved in hardcore gay sex... Continue»
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Sixth formers and me

The wife was doing some shopping in town as I didn't fancy walking round looking at the same old shit I said "I'll have a walk round and meet you in an hour", "Ok" she said. I made my way down to the bottom end of town and there there is an old derelict church which I'd always meant to view but never got round to it.

As I marvelled over the spectacular markings I sat down on the steps looking at the church, it was a beautiful sunny day and as the sun shined on this beautiful building I felt elated. As I sat there I wished I'd brought my cigarettes. Suddenly two lads appeared in school unifo... Continue»
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College life Spring semester 4

Waking about eleven the next day, Saturday, Corey was holding me still with
Kris lying under his sheets but his ass was shining out from under one spot
in the sheet. It took a second for me to process what had occurred the
night before. Now the morning after, I had very conflicted feelings about
it. On one hand, it was exciting and different for Corey and me to show
Kris the joy of gay sex. On the other, I wondered if I had overstepped the
boundaries of my dear friendship with Kris and opened Pandora's Box for

Within a few minutes of lying there in my thoughts, wet lips kiss... Continue»
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The Bus Ride...

It was a Wednesday afternoon around four o'clock, I boarded the number crosstown limited to get home, this route only picks up till it reaches a certain area than departs and picks up passengers. I had on a t-shirt and pullover, a pair of shorts (and underwear of course), Tennis shoes and socks.

The bus driver seemed to want to pick up at every stop, the bus was getting crowded, the driver would shout out at each stop "...move back, move back..." It wasn't long before I found myself sandwiched between two huge construction workers, they had their hard hats on and ranked of a good days wor... Continue»
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Bi Biker Club

This is a true story from about 10 years ago. My wife had gotten a really good job up in Ontario and so I gave up my job we had moved there for a few years while her company was getting set up. In my first few weeks in Ontario I had found most of my time was spent watching television so I decided to get a hobby. I went out, bought a motorcycle and spent most of my days driving around trying to learn the area. It was during this time that I started hanging out at this biker bar a little ways away from where I was living. After drinking with the same group of guys at the bar for a few weeks they... Continue»
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It was late on a Saturday morning when Kevin awoke from his slumber, he made his way to the bathroom to have a piss before heading downstairs. Kevin passed his mother in the hallway as she was rushing out. "Want anything from the supermarket, baby?" "I'm ok mum" he responded. She lent in for a kiss, their tongues entwined. "Ok see you later" she said. Kevin made his way through the living room and into the kitchen, as he crossed the room, his fathers eyes followed him. This marked the 1st time since his father was tied up that were alone in the house together. Kevin put the Keyes on and went... Continue»
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1st blowjob in over 20 years with an older gentlem

I have always had a thing for larger, older gentleman. Not sure why, but have always been attracted. I hadn't sucked a cock in over 20 years. one was my friend from when we were young. I don't know if I was any good or not at the age of 14 or I am 38 now... But anyway...

this older gentleman claiming to be 60 emailed and said he would like to get together. Now keep in mind that I had struck out MANY times on Craigslist and other sites, so I decided to try Manhunt.

We had emailed each other many times during the week, saying how I would like to meet him, and see how things went... Continue»
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First time with swim team mate

Swim team, year 10.
I had just finished showering (typical room w/ showers along wall) and changed and then headed to the bathroom stalls to take a piss (no urinals here as it used to be a women's bathroom). By now I was one of a handful teammates still left in the locker room. Because so few people were around and I had become turned on by my teammates bodies in the showers, I started to fantasize a little bit and began stroking my cock. I was just sitting on the toilet seat, legs spread out, slowly jerking as I listened to the sounds of my teammates chatting, changing, and eventually leavin... Continue»
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College life spring semester 3


After we screamed `Happy Birthday', Corey had the oddest look on his face.
"There's one little problem. My birthday was yesterday."

"Oh well... who cares?" Kris shouted.

I walked up to him and threw my arms around Corey's neck. "Corey, I won't
lie to you but I forgot..." Tears flooded my eyes.

"It's okay, Matt."

"I still feel awful and hope this will make up for it," I said.

"It sure looks like it will," Corey stated and wiped the tears streaming
down my face. We shared a long kiss in front of the gathering. Breaking
the kiss, we looked around with a... Continue»
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TV CD Sissy Slut Fucked hard at the Adult Video Bo

Put up a local CraigsLList ad saying "TV taking on all cummers
at a local Adult Shop", gave the date and time. Which was
last night.

I enema'd and bought some new black thigh highs to go
with my shoes. Legs looked hot if I do say so myself.

I got there early and was the belle of the ball. As soon as I walked in
several guys loitering in the arcade hallway, approached me. We got
into the largest booth and they put me on my knees. Unbuckled and
plop, 3 cocks in my face. Score Bitch! I went from cock to cock to cock.

Heavenly, the cocks were 5, 6 and 8 inches erect. Of course the ... Continue»
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Caught Wearing s****rs Cloths

My name is Kevin and I am six teen years old and I live with my mom, dad and s****r Lucy. My mom and dad work a lot and Lucy is usually out with friends so that leaves me home alone which I don't mind because I really enjoy the peace and quiet. I guess my story starts when one night while my parents were working and Lucy was out I was bored and started to wander around the the house when I got to Lucy's room. I was a naturally curious person and also I loved messing with Lucy so I entered her room and began to go threw her things. I went threw her dresser flipping threw all her cloths before m... Continue»
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Becoming Zoe II

It had been a night filled with surprise and hot sex with Zoe the night before. I awoke late on Saturday laying on my side looking out the window of the loft at the snow beginning to fall when the bathroom door opened and Zoe came sauntering out still wearing her purple camisole and white boy shorts. Her long thin blond hair fell around her face as she slid into bed behind me and put an arm over my hip.
“good mornin’ Zoe” I reached back and squeezed her ass.
“Good morning mister man” she slid her hand down and began stroking my naked cock. “I feel like a morning screw” she began ki... Continue»
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Old Man Ben: First Craigslist Stranger

I made a post onto the craigslist casual encounter m4m section. I posted looking for an older daddy to please. I wanted to suck fuck and swallow and do what I am told for the daddy. I explained my details and told them to e-mail me if interested. I received maybe 15-20 e-mails that day. I sorted through and replied back to maybe 10 or so of them. But one really caught my eye. His name was Ben he was 63, but wasn't very good and fucking so he wanted to just dildo my ass and let me suck him and swallow. I got his number and we texted back and forth a few times. He lived in the next town over lik... Continue»
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