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It was several months after my encounter with Jake that my husband Jim and I were relaxing while watching some television one evening when a passionate love scene was burning up the screen! I glanced over at Jim and noticed him viewing the action with that intent look he gets when his mind is fantasizing. I don't remember what movie was on, but it had several erotic love scenes in it though it wasn't a porno.

I knew that it would just be a matter of time before Jim suggested I meet another guy. This time however, I intended to bring up the subject first and tell him of my fantasy!

The... Continue»
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Meeting my daddy "Tim" and my first time

This story begins with my move to a small town in Maryland known as Thurmont. I was 18 and unsure of my sexuality. I did however know I was strongly attracted

to men much older then me. Generally men with grey hair and a thick build, but we will get to that in a minute.. I was a senior in high school and met a friend

named Tyler, whom I became close with. We would spend a lot of time at his place and the moment I saw his father, Tim, it sent a huge surge through me. I thought

the way he looked at me was "strange", but what did I know? I was young and never been involved sexua... Continue»
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I Knew I Was A Sissy (Part VI and half)

I started dressing full time at home. The minute I would return I would immediately take off my clothes and transform in a girl. Men clothes became my outfit for my day life. Each time I was dressed my sexual desire was increasing immediately; I wanted to get fucked hard, I wanted to suck cocks. Unlike when dressed in man’s clothes. None of my classmates ever thought I was a sissy, very few considered me as gay. It was strange to them that I didn’t had a girlfriend but as I was staring all the time at them they were not suspicious. They just thought I was shy on approaching them. What they did... Continue»
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story Mors Surprise!

Mors calls and asks if he can come over and talk...since I had nothing going on I said "sure come on over"...within a half hour there's a knock on my door...Mors is standing there in the tightest jeans I've ever seen him in...that sweet 19 y/o teenage bulge had the snake in my pants start to rise...I said "Mors we will chat later...I grab his hand and lead him straight to the bedroom"...We both quickly strip to our undies...Mors undies is pup tented by his chocolate stick....I reach over and pull down his undies and the chocolate stick slaps me in the face....he shoves me on the bed I stick m... Continue»
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gfs father

Hey guys this has just happened last weekend. Me and my girlfriends father (jim) were going to the pub to watch the football on the weekend as her and her mother were going shopping. When we arrived at my father/mother in laws house the old man already had a few cans of beer d***k so I had to catch up. I say old byt he ia old to me as am 27 and he is 57. I drank 3 cans in about 5min and could feel the affects starting to kick in. The girls left to go for lunch and shopping as me and Jim continued to drink. We headed off after about another hour of drinking in the house at this point we were qu... Continue»
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When I finally Knew pt 2

Several weeks had passed since I tasted my first cock, I still get hard thinking back to that night. Dawn and myself discussed arranging something else over the next few weeks, but I wanted to try something first, by myself and on my own, without Dawn there.

I wanted to get fucked by another guy. I wanted to see what it would be like, just me and another guy, one on one, would I like it?, would I be any good?, I wanted to answer these questions before I allowed Dawn to arrange another party like last time.

So I went online and found a few Gay sites for hooking up. In one of the sites the... Continue»
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When I finally Knew pt 3

It had been a few weeks since my visit to the sauna. I often find myself thinking back to that life changing night where I met Adam and Dave.

We were outside the sauna when Dave asked me if I still wanted to join them for some more fun.
I said "Yes" of course, so we found my car and with instructions from Adam we drove to their house.
When we got inside Adam asked if I wanted a drink, I replied only a coffee as I was driving, he smiled and said fine. "Dave show him to the sitting room and Ill join you guys in a minute".
So Dave took my hand and led me into a large sitting room.
"Grab a... Continue»
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Craigslist bear daddy! Part 1

It was a Tuesday night during a hot and my parents were out for the week. At just 18 I couldn't get enough of wanking and sex. The weekend was pulling time and until then a vibrating plug up my hole and slow stroking had to suffice my horny state. I had only been with girls before although I was bisexual. It wasn't the lack of guys my age, rather a lack of older horny to find. It was time to change that, I sent an ad for my area on craigslist. Reading simply

''130lbs, smooth, slim virgin twink boi looking for older hairy, big daddy for play this week. Looking to fuck, suck and whatever els... Continue»
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Making me a sissyboy cumdump

This is one of my favourite stories, I first read about ten years ago. I've corrected most of the spelling and grammar mistakes from the original. If anybody would like to do this to me, I'd love to hear from you.

I'm 40 and have 2 secrets. My first is, I love to wear sheer stockings and pretend to be a cum-slut. My second secret started more recently, through the internet I met an older man, in his 60s, who liked to meet men - outdoors, woods, car-parks and toilets; anywhere he could find a tight arse-pussy or a wet mouth to pump his cum into. We chatted by email and slowly I revealed my... Continue»
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A kitty in a movie hall Part -2

I got back to the original room where we had started and walked over to the bench where I had left my pants, t shirt and sandals only to find that they were gone. I stood there in disbelief as the situation registered with me. I was stuck in a movie hall after being fucked and cummed on, covered in cum wearing only a pair of torn, hot-pink panties.
"Fuck me," I said to out loud to myself.
Once again, I had let my perverse desires get me into a fucked up situation. Walking around back here dressed in only a pair of panties was one thing, but how was I going to get out of the hall and go home... Continue»
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The Making of a Sissy (Part 5: Boys Will Be Girls)

Struggling to keep my eyes open, I stirred my spoon around in my cereal slowly as if I were hesitating to get on with the day. In a way I was procrastinating. My mom had just woken me up to remind me that it was Friday, and this was the weekend I was supposed to go stay with my dad. Since their divorce, I only saw him for one weekend out of every month, which for me was more than enough. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't that I didn't like my father, I just struggled to keep myself entertained when I went to visit. As I sat on the stool in the kitchen, my aching sissy hole reminded me of how ... Continue»
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Creole Nigga...Chocolate Bottom

"Class dismissed," remarked the professor.

The students filed out of the room in a decent order. Xan Brooks gathered his belongings and headed back to his office on the campus of the University of Texas - Health Science Center at Houston. On his way there the five-foot-eight-inch, dark-skinned man, pulled his cell phone from his messenger bag. He saw an email from 'Mr. Fantastic'.

Dr. Brooks had emailed a few times with this person who purported to be stationed overseas, but from the area. The message indicated the gentleman was back in Houstonfor two weeks. Specifically it said, 'I wann... Continue»
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Car to Booth

Today I made the trip to a visiting town with plans to go to an ABS there. I almost didn’t make it on account of an incredibly hot incident right outside the store. This place is in the industrial part of town, and as it was a Sunday, things were pretty calm. There were only three other cars in the secluded parking lot and as I drove up and parked between two of the cars a man was coming out of the store.

I turned off my car and waited while he got in his vehicle. He glanced at me quickly and then squeezed the bulge going down his left jeans leg. That was all the encouragement that I n... Continue»
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The tree fell on his house

Some years back I was a contractor.. a big storm blew up the coast and trees were falling on houses and cars. I got this call from an insurance agent who needed me to not only bid the job... but if possible start the removal that day... looked simple enough so I started the work and in a few hours I was done... It was a rental house and the renter invited me in for some thing to eat and drink.. And to say how thankful he was for me not only showing up but for doing the work fast and not doing more damage to the house, car...
I was pretty tired from the long hours from the last couple of days... Continue»
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This is only a fictional story.
Any resemblance's to anyone's real life is purely coincidental.

It may be a shock, but at the moment I am between girlfriends. I had been out with my buddies earlier, but soon I was left alone, since they all have girlfriends.

So, I decided to just home early for me. I was not expecting to see what I saw when I walked into the Living Room. Mom & Dad was fucking the hell out of each other on the sofa. Mom was riding Dad’s cock,
moving her pussy up & down on it. Dad’s hands were on both her tits, & he was sucking on one.

Mom said, “Oh, Jackie ba... Continue»
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My Bi-Sexual Junior Year

In 1983, my roommate during my junior year in college was gay. Ronnie had come out to me and a few of our friends at the beginning of the year. At first, it was a bit awkward, partially because I was afraid what people would think about me. Although I had one day of torrid gay sex while in high school, I was straight. Girls turned me on. I loved watching them on campus. Guys did nothing for me.
Ronny would tell me how I’d be shocked if I knew who was gay. He claimed a number of guys that I knew were still closeted. I guessed correctly on a few of them and was way off on others. Ronny... Continue»
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Always Owned by MD part 4

It seemed darker than last time as the guy from the counter led me to my booth. I'd selected a bi movie so when he asked if I would like a private booth I choked on the word no. There was a single chair and a remote on the wall. I locked the door behind me and took off all my clothes.

I was supposed to be serving md. I had taken the day off work to do so. I had txt her repeatedly but she had gone silent. I'd left for work as per usual and driven toward the city. To pass the time I had pulled over and browsed hookers on my phone. I was frustrated,needy, desperate. My browsing had turned... Continue»
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One Husband's Humiliation

Losing my job devastated me. All my life I'd learned that the man must support his f****y. Any man who can't be the breadwinner is not a man; he's a loser - beneath contempt. Being a stock broker only made this worse. I was used to pushing around lots of money, of being in total control over people's lives. Now I'd lost control of my own. I could push anyone around: a multi-national company, a millionaire client, my wife. For weeks, I woke up every morning wishing I could just crawl into a hole and die. I really hated myself. Even though my wife Stephie tried to help, she only made my fe... Continue»
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Born to Serve Man

Growing up and living in Peru Indiana was like living in another century. I knew I was a hick and I knew what kind of hick town Id lived in for the past nineteen years. I was desperate to change my life, to change everything about it. All my life Id longed for that exciting kind of life Id read about in books and magazines. I just knew College could be the beginning of that new life for me. Finally that day came. Id I had the money from my parents estate and screwing up my courage I started out on new adventure. Id decided to make my escape by Greyhound. Not very exciting but it was c... Continue»
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Walking the Dog

Devin Dixon walked outside of his townhouse apartment. It was a nearing dusk on this particular March Saturday and the temperature was just a hair above 70-degrees. He was out walking his black and tan Manchester Terrier, named Duke. The dental hygienist wore a red tank top and a pair of black women's Canari Cycling shorts. The skin-tight bottoms showed off his gigantic booty. Devin had received his third round of ass injections four months ago. And, his derriere was something serious. He switched down the sidewalk behind his dog.

A couple of cars and trucks honked as they passed by him. Th... Continue»
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