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1st time sucking cock

this is a totally true story about my introduction to sucking cock,it was an amazing experience & though Im married & haven't done this often I cant wait to do it again.To make a long story short I was out with a group of friends for a get together we have annually,on this given night while out, we ran into a mutual friend of everyone(except myself,I knew of him but didn't know him personally)as the night progressed we were bar hopping & "steve"asked if we would like to go to his house as his wife was out of town for her job.Steve was extremely wealthy &had a beautiful house & rec. room with p... Continue»
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Jacking-off in car

Boys Jacking-off in Car

This is a true story.

My friend Matty and I just got out of School. Matty needed a ride home so the two of us walked to my car. The day before I had gotten a Hustler Magazine and after we got in the car I reached under my seat pulling it out to show Matt. I knew he would like it because previously he had stayed the night at my house and we watched a porno together. I kept the Magazine low below the dash so people walking by couldn’t see it through the windows, and said to Matty, “I got this porn Mag, you want to see, it’s good hardcore stuff.” Matty glanced down... Continue»
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Guys into group play, gear, ParTy, and uninhibited

I had been partying, edging and cruising online for a bit of time when I got hit up by a guy hosting a group! He said there were a few guys there, but a handful more were on their way. They wanted guys into group play, gear (leather, jock, spandex, or uniforms), were versatile and uninhibited. Hell Yeah! I threw some trackies over my chaps & red mesh N2N jock strap, stuffed a bunch of my gear – jockstraps, bikinis, leather, rubber, gun oil & Elbow grease in a gym bag -- some more favors, a black tank and my Treasure Island Media ball cap and bolted.

It was quite a drive to the house ... Continue»
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k**napped by daddy bear

I work for for the water department, and it is common for me to have to enter residences to conduct checks. One summer day, I was making my rounds through a slightly scetchy neighborhood. On warm days we are allowed to dress comfortably, so I was wearing shorts, a tshirt and hiking boots. I knocked on the door of a large older home in poor condition. A shirtless, hairy man with a weightlifter’s build of about 55 answered the door. I told him I needed access to his basement, and he seemed put out. He told me this was not a good time, and I explained that this was the only time I would be in the... Continue»
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RP with SissySammi

A casual conversation turned into an RP with a Sissy
Images of actual sissy here:

sissysammi: hello Master.. i hope all is well?
pr0n_Glutton: other than going back to work tommorrow night, everything's good
sissysammi: after you get off work you can have sissy meet you at the front door... on her knees. giggle
pr0n_Glutton: if only
sissysammi: yes... but its waht i dream about hehehe
pr0n_Glutton: could always use a good ass licking and cock sucking before bed
sissysammi: mmm... im your gurl... i love to be your dirty slut on my knees .. w... Continue»
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My first CD

It all started in 1999....cue flashback noise and fade out sequence....

I was just a teenager and lived in a small little redneck town, not far from Boise. I was fairly normal I suppose, I played on the football team, rode dirt bikes, hunted and fished. I was a bit on the nerdy side, I suppose, I did well in school, was always writing poetry and playing the occasional game of D&D with my buddies. We were semi poor, though not on the verge of starvation or anything as dramatic as that. But we did live in a trailer house, I wore hand-me-downs and most of our possessions were used, though it ... Continue»
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My first time to taste another guy's cum.

I was at the age where the hormones were raging and me and a friend were camping together. That night in our tent, he asked me if I liked blow jobs. Being still naive, I said that I did not know as I had never had had a blow job. My friend then asked if I wanted to see what one felt like.

"Sure" I replied. He then pulled down my underwear and without a word, took my dick into his mouth. My mind was shouting, "Wow! He is gay!" but my cock was instantly erect and telling me to relax and to enjoy what he was doing.

And so I relaxed and let him pleasure me. I loved how feeling his lips... Continue»
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Maid to Serve

I had answered an advert in a magazine from a mature guy who wanted to meet sub guys into spanking role play anal and oral... well I couldn't resist the temptation.
Graham was 65 years old and retired he was also a widow so as he implied in his advert 'He could now indulge in his fantasies' I had made contact several days previously to our meeting and he seemed a genuine guy just looking for some 'fun' as was I.....he mentioned that he liked sub males to be sissified wearing undies and stockings as it added to the sense of 'Naughtiness'and 'Submission'
I arrived at his home and met Graham wh... Continue»
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My neighbor picked up my tie

I bolted up the stairs of my apartment complex in the center of the gay neighborhood with the package in my hand. I had ordered some new underwear from ‘Oboy’ and I couldn’t wait to get my cock and ass into it! Saying the package is underwear doesn’t do the gear justice! I had ordered a Wildmilk love flier brief is red and yellow! They call it a brief but this gear is a bikini at heart.

I fumbled with the keys to the door with one hand and started pulling my clothes off with the other . Finally I was in, shucking my shirt and slacks, and pulling off my favorite jock – a Timeteo rugby... Continue»
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A cute young thai boy at school

The following story is completely true and real

When I was 16 and a junior in high school, I was president of my school’s Gay Straight Alliance. I was an in the closet bisexual at the time, although I had never been with another boy, only watched online.
On our campus we had a math teacher who stayed at school until eight pm every night to help students with math. If you weren’t done with your work by the time he went home, he allowed you to stay and excuse yourself upon finishing your work. One night, I was in his classroom messing around, not getting too much of anything done. Come 8... Continue»
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The lead-up to a first experience

I'm a co-owner of a small company that makes promotional items. Things like coasters, mugs, hats... all sorts. We manufacture for companies that sell on to corporations. Keith is my partner.
We have to travel a lot for the business. Trade-shows all over the country. Ever since the start-up we've been struggling to make a profit so we've cut costs wherever we can. Like sharing a hotel room when we're on the road. Twin-beds, of course. That was working out fine until our assistant screwed up and failed to book us a room. When we got to the hotel hosting the show we were attending, there was no ... Continue»
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Quaver Ch.2


Chapter 2: The Amber Pearl of the Orient

I was startled by a grumbling noise. I look around to find out that I forgot to lock tightly my casement windows.

“It’s still raining.” I mumbled to myself.

As I walk back to my bed, I was surprised to see my newly recruit muscle cub still on my bead. To think that he taught that I can never break him; he is still very naive. I climbed back to my bed; my hands are at the back of my head when my cub cuddled me. I can pill his lips pressed near my nipple while his right hand wanders my furry rock hard stomach.

“Fuck” I whispered. I’m... Continue»
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The night a Gay man Fucked my Girly Ass

Before you read this story, know this, I am a Woman, and this is a true story

College party time, and for a couple of reasons, I dressed up as my b*****r, as we were of similar height and build, he was fifteen, and I was s*******n.

My reasons were of course due to alcohol, as the party was being held in a local hostelry, where you had to be a minimum of nineteen (Their rules), and I as a girl, could be spotted from afar, so I roughed myself up a bit, making myself look older, and fitted-in with the theme of alien dress, being a man and thereby killing two birds with one sto... Continue»
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Mustang Cocksucker

This is a blast from the past. It is about a night I had the old Mustang Bookstore in Upland, CA.

I've been sucking cock at the Mustang Book Store for years. This is the first in a long series of events that are 100% true to the best of my memory. Here is what happened yesterday.

After arriving around 4pm I settled into one of the corner booths upstairs waiting for my first cock to suck. Finally a guy who looked to be in his forties about 6 foot tall came into my booth and asked me if I wanted to suck his cock. Being the cocksucker that I am, I of course said yes. Now, I am only five ... Continue»
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Bachelor Party Circle Jerk

My good friend Kevin, a tall 280lb black stud, was about to get married. If you've read my last story, we had a history of fooling around on the DL. I really didn't mind that he was about to get married as I was young and did not foresee him giving up on dominating my ass on major holidays.I flew back home, so that I could make it to his bachelor party in time. But, due to flight delays, I got there relatively late. When I opened the door I saw three guys and Kevin d***k or high out of their mind. There were two latino b*****rs. The first latino was stocky, probably a former steroid user. And,... Continue»
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Breaking in a virgin

We had a neighbour that used to live next door, they moved out 12 years ago, but when they lived next door they had a son who we used to babysit for. A couple of months ago he came to visit us but I was in on my own when Callum knocked on the door, he was 20 years old now and I hadn’t seen him for well over ten years, he was a handsome 6’ slim man.

He came in and we were chatting about college and what he’d been up to when I asked him if he had a girlfriend, he said “I’m not interested in girls”, I looked at him and said “Seriously” he sighed and said “Yes I’m gay”. Well I wasn’t expecting ... Continue»
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Chapter 1: The Green Alba

The room is deaf and silent, the only thing you will hear are the ticking of the clock and the sound of computers clicking. It’s really a slow day here at LifelineIT, a computer specialist shop at downtown Detroit. I was assigned at the repair department. There are only three costumers today, the two clogs in the cartridge and the other one only wants consultation about her pc overheating. Now I am stuck making “reports” about the store’s inventory which sucks because it’s not even my job but at least my job pays the bills.

I’m done with my work today with 8 min... Continue»
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My best anal companion

After a typical long day at work I got in my car to go home. Once I arrived, I walked to the front door and put my briefcase down for a second to open the door as I struggled to pull out my keys from my pocket. I was living by myself with my dog Henry, so I after I closed the door, locking it behind me, I dropped off my briefcase in the living room and walked over to the back yard. I had a somewhat small patio with a roof on it in my back yard which is where  my dog Henry stayed. I felt the anxiety building as I unlocked the sliding door and I heard Henry's familiar bark as I opened the door, ... Continue»
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Marine Zack meets new Daddy, Part 2

Zack meets a new Daddy, Part 2
By Buck Jones

Daddy enjoys the video, not wanting to go beyond what is getting him off.
Finally, he fast forwards through video one, and begins the second video.
Daddy, you can see I’m pulling on my dick thinking of you. I’ve got your photo propped up in front of me and I’m imagining I’m licking the pre-cum off the tip of your cock. I’m taking this little squeeze container and I’m dripping this lube on my dick making believe it’s your pre-cum. I’m lubing up my dick with your pre-cum, Daddy. You feel so good sliding over my dick. I found a toy, Daddy, t... Continue»
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Glor Hole

I hate cities. I grew up in a tiny village where the closest you get to a passerby is the other side of the road. But in cities everyone is crammed tightly together and I can't cope with it, I constantly think I'm gonna get pick pocketed, I always miss the turning because its always so busy and whenever a fit girl walks past me there are about 20 people in between us. Being a first year student though I had to make do, if I wanted the nightlife I had to have the rest of the stuff that came with a city.
At least there was Hyde park in Leeds where I could have a good long jog and clear my head.... Continue»
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