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We Were Blindfolded, He Wasn't PART THREE

This story is 100% true. Check out the Prologue and Parts One and Two.

My cock jumped when it felt a wet pair of lips wrap around it. A soft girly moan vibrated on my cock as he started sucking me deeper. It wasn't long before the twink was deepthroating me, his nose buried in my soft blond pubes. He pulled back and started sucking just my head, assiting the pleasure by wrapping his dainty hand around the base of my cock. I let out a moan and started thrusting into his mouth like it was my own fucking pocket pussy. I put one hand on the back of the twink's head but before I could put... Continue»
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We Were Blindfolded, He Wasn't PART FOUR

This is the final part to my 100% true story. Check out the Prologue and Parts 1, 2, and 3

My dominance kicked in and I grabbed the twink and pushed him to the ground so he was lying on his back. I stradled his face and I dropped my cock into his mouth. I steadied my hands on the ground above his head and I began mercilessly pumping my cock into his mouth. He let out some girly moans as I fucked his throat hard. My heavy balls slapped against his chin with each thrust I made into his face. I grunted aggressively showing the twink who was the alphamale as I f***ed my cock into him. Bu... Continue»
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I Knew I Was A Sissy (Part III)

The following months were pretty stressful. I was afraid that Nick may talk to somebody about me and then my secret would be exposed. At the same time I had to find a way to avoid hanging with those guys without raising any suspicions. I managed that by focusing on my classes and taking several extra ones. Nick didn’t talk so I calmed down. After Christmas I was relieved when my parents told us that we had to move in another neighborhood, that meant new school, new friends and, most importantly, long distance from the old ones.
I kept dressing at every chance; that means each one of the few ... Continue»
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Frat Boy Master

I go out to the bars once in awhile. Usually it's a waste of time but
sometimes I get so horny I'm willing to throw away a few hours for the
chance at some hot sex. This was one of those nights. I took a shower and
checked myself out in the mirror. I thought I looked pretty damn good for
35. 6'2" and a lean, hard body. A nice thick cock and big, hairy balls.
Six pack, long hairy legs. Hell, I was starting to get hard just looking
at myself. I turned around to check out my ass. It's always been one of
my best features. High, tight and totally smooth. I pulled on a pair of
... Continue»
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Making of


Jason H. was a small boy who had suffered from heart problems as a
c***d and had not been permitted to play the "rough games" other boys
his age played. At age 11 he was finally given a clean bill of health
and allowed to be a normal boy, but he was shunned by the other boys
because he didn't know how to play football or baseball or basketball
or any other active sports. Whenever, the other boys had to pick
teams, Jason was always the last one picked due to his lack of skill
and small size. This hurt him greatly, and he always avoided being
put in the position... Continue»
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Doll of the Master 2

"Oh very interesting," said the doctor.

While they were talking i had to dress myself and we got out of the hospital and drove home. As we arrived at home my Stepmother’s ex-husband - my special friend Glen - awaited us and welcomed me with a kiss on my mouth. My Stepmother said to him: "It is not ready for you. It will be trained for your needs and then at the age of 16 it will be yours. So please wait and don't be silly for the next steps that will done."

She brought me to my room and bound me to my bed with all fours. Then Glen came in and whipped me on my ass without any saying... Continue»
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Dominance and Submission

On my 15th birthday I went to live with Shelly. Shelly was a f****y friend who agreed to adopt me indefinitely. She was a beautiful 28 year old and quite independently wealthy. We got along well - I gave her no cause for complaint and respected her for letting me live with her. I did everything Shelly asked and in return she was like a big s****r to me.

After I had lived with Shelly for a week, she began to reveal her true intentions. After dinner, during our usual conversation, she said, “I need to discuss something with you now that you’re comfortable with me. You’re very obedient to... Continue»
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Fantasy Gone Bad

Things that seem neat in your fantasies sometimes turn out not to be so neat if the fantasy becomes reality.

My fantasy was being forcibly feminized by a woman. I had a stash of women's clothes, and whenever I was out of town on business, I would sneak some things into my luggage. My fantasies, imagined in my motel room as I jerked off, were memorable. But I wanted more..

I came home from work that Friday and called out, as usual, "Honey, I'm home!"

But she was right there in the living room, and there was that look on her face that I knew spelled trouble.

"Sit down, James.... Continue»
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A Deal

For a long time Ijah sits on the end of the small steel framed bed and gazes bewitched at the white boy. The boys naked chest gently rises and falls. Asl**p he is even more beautiful, if that is possible, then when he is awake. Every fiber of Ijah being is telling him that what Achmed and he are about to do is wrong, to harm this c***d who’s only crime is passion, simply, because their religion does not allow two males to consummate their love.

Ijah pulls the coarse blanket down to reveal the boys limp cock and testicles. For his age his balls are not big and his cock is similarly small... Continue»
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Becoming a reluctant girl


Hello my name is Yvonne and i wanted to write down my life story for You - my Master of my everlasting dreams!

I was born as a boy in the late 60s and had a really happy c***dhood up to the age of my 10th birthday. Then my Mother died at an accident and my father was really sad about the loss of my mother. But after a while he was screwing around to forget his mourning. He learned to know a really beautiful but very demanding woman. She was at the age of 25 years and knows what she wanted. He loved her so much that after some weeks they married and i got a new mother. She made al... Continue»
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Meine Name ist, nein, war, Johann. Ich bin 25 und arbeitete als Student nebenbei in einem Callcenter. Mit 19 habe ich damals meine Freundin geheiratet und seitdem waren wir glücklich. Na ja, nicht ganz. Ich hatte immer den Anspruch, mehr aus meinem Leben zu machen. Während meine Frau schon eigenes Geld verdient, muss ich noch schauen, wie ich die paar Kröten zusammen bekomme. Neben dem Studium zu arbeiten und trotzdem noch nicht mal ein Viertel von dem zu Haben, was die Frau verdient, ist deprimierend. Zu allem Überfluss muss ich auch noch die ganzen Hausarbeiten übernehmen (sie ist ja Vol... Continue»
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14 Days to Gay - a sissy Training Guide

i wrote this as a guide for sissies to finally shed the inhibitions and go gay - for real - like they know they should. Be a gay little sissy like you were meant to be.......

14 Days to Gay
1. Wear panties all day. Listen to Permanent Princess as you fall asl**p.

2. Wear a thong all day. Watch Bimbo Blessing before bed. Listen to Permanent Princess as you fall asl**p.

3. Wear a thong all day. Use lip gloss throughout the day. Buy a women’s magazine (like Cosmopolitan) from the local grocer. Watch Bimbo Blessing before bed. Listen to Permanent Princess as you fall asl**p.

4.... Continue»
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Becoming his slut

There I was, one week before the end of high school. Going to college in the fall. Nice car, good f****y, friends. I had it all. So, what was I doing on my hands and knees in a video booth on the wrong side of town, dressed as a cheerleader with a cock in each hand, one in my ass and one buried in my throat?

It had all started a few months ago. I was locked out of my house in the pouring rain, and I went over to our neighbor’s to see if I could hang out with him until my parents got home. He was a cool guy, single, mid 30’s, worked for a software company, and drove a nice car. Had bou... Continue»
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Cornfield Chronicles

Like the rest of the willing participants I hoped would be there, I was on a hunt that balmy summer night. For something hot, hung, hungry and strange. Possessing the same desire, skills and equipment as myself. Though on a hunt, I felt the natural defense of being in a strange place. My surroundings consisted of the things around the rest area my eyes could make out in the relative darkness of the distance. My companion disappeared into the darkness as I decided to walk up the small hill, sit at the b... Continue»
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It was hard not to let the client see the nausea inducing fear that I
felt at that moment as the courier interrupted our meeting to handed me
the small pink envelope. I didn't even need to open it right away, I
just tucked it into my desk drawer and tried to keep my focus on the
details of Mr. Robinson's proposed business loan.

I told him we would need to review his proposition in order to get the
loan approved and would get in touch with him soon, but in reality I
just wanted to get him out of my office as quickly as I could. As soon
as the door closed I was at my desk pulli... Continue»
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Black Man's White Sissy

I started jerking off to ejaculation when I was around 18. Once I started doing it, it was all I thought about, 27/7 it seemed like. I collected fuck mags and porno tapes wherever I could find them, to use as visual aids. Just looking at those sexy nude women being loved up by their hot men made my dick so fuckin' HARD! Because of that I was able to convince myself that I was normal, of course, in retrospect it is obvious that I was identifying with the women.

One day when my mom was at work, I was laying in her bed, masturbating. I got up and rummaged through her underwear drawer. The dr... Continue»
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became a cuckold

It was during this time that I met a friend of mine, Robert. I was subbing and had a domme who was friends with Robert. He is a very distinguished older man who has turned his entire basement into the most elaborate dungeon you could imagine, with a prison cell, cages, hoists, a sling, medical bed with medical restraints, spanking benches, crosses, torture wheel, and two bedrooms right off the dungeon. Robert was a very experienced player, and is well known across the country in the BDSM community. I knew he was bi, and he always flirted with me a little bit when he saw me on my Mistress' leas... Continue»
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For almost every sissy I’ve encountered who discovered their true calling in life as an adult rather than as a teenager, this was their first actual move toward serving superior cocks. Sissies who discovered themselves as teenagers were almost always taken by horny men or teenage jocks. But it seems fledgling adult sissies have a harder time getting started down the road of cum addiction, and glory holes are where they all seem to get their first taste of cock. Imagine having fantasized about cock for months, prancing around your bedroom wearing clothes you hope a real man would find attrac... Continue»
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There is no way to say it other than I am a whore---I am here at this truck
stop just outside of Chicago. My duties are to let any and all truckers
who want to be serviced use me any and all ways. There is nothing I won't
do to give a trucker sexual pleasure. I am well versed in getting fucked,
sucking there cocks or asshole or being fisted by them. I am trained to do
anything and everything. I work for my master who cares for me. He is a
good master. It is not like I never had what most people call a normal life
I feel I was lucky to finally discover my true destiny of being a sex
... Continue»
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I was in a neighbouring town shopping when I fancied a drink, I popped into a pub and ordered a pint, after sitting down and drinking a third of it I asked the barman if they had a smoking area, he told me it was out the back pointing to a door. Taking my drink I headed off, as I stepped out into what looked like a rundown beer garden I got my cigs out.

As I sat down and was minding my own business a young man of around 22 came through clutching a drink, we made small talk and then he said “Do you have a spare cigarette” “Yes of course” as I handed one to him. As we talked about nothing in ... Continue»
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