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Sexy shemale 69

I was out at a casino in Reno after work. It was about 10pm and I was unwinding having a beer playing some video poker and watching ESPN. I saw a beautiful dark hair lady at the end of the bar so I decied to move closer. Once I got down there we chat a bit. Her name was Kim. She had some nice B-cups that she liked to show off and fantastic legs. Im not a "leg guy", but if there were some legs that could make me a leg guy she had them. We got to know each other a little bit. We chatted while I nursed my second beer and lost money. I told her Im not really looking forward to going home alone, an... Continue»
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Meat me in St Louis

Some years back I was on business in St Louis and stayed at the Millennium Hotel near the arches. On the first night I was having a drink at the bar in the hotel lobby, you know the kind of thing, after midnight, only a few people there. I was sipping a Jack Daniel's on the rocks when this guy sat near me at the bar and struck up a conversation. He was a black guy, mid twenties, about 5'8" and slim. He has slightly longer dark hair, kind of punky. He said he was staying in town to go to a hockey game. Not my stereotypical hockey fan I thought. The bar was slow and we exchanged a few desultory ... Continue»
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Fishing For Fun.

I love getting away from all the city stresses mainly by going for walks in the deep countryside. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Away from the noise and the pressure. As a f****y we would walk for miles but now, as the k**s have grown and moved on, it’s just my wife and me out on these rambles. Normally that is, but this time she was shopping with her s****r in the city so I was alone. I’d left the car in the car park, map in hand, and headed into the hills. After a couple of hours, I referred to the map and spotted a small lake on it, maybe another 20 minutes walk away furthe... Continue»
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Cum Slut Jennifer

Back when I was 19, My first serious girlfriend was named Jennifer. She was 18, about 5' 6", about 130 lbs, very attractive with THICK brown/black hair. She had 36DD tits, big nipples about an inch long when excited, a flat stomach, nice legs, a great ass and a real thick bush and she tasted delicious as I ate her alot.

She was built like a brick shithouse.

Anyhow, one day we decided to go a new beach we had heard about. It was anude beach, and we both got real excited about it. We decided to wear NOTHING and bring NOTHING in the way of clothes or towels or a blanket-Nothing... Continue»
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sharing of the milf in our pool

We had planned a big 4th of July party again and as the evening wore down. Most everyone was either trashed and wanting to go home or they left to go make love, but we still had about 5 people remaining in our yard and pool. My wife Peggy was in our pool with three of the high school graduates from our neighborhood. her b*****r Tom was helping me clean up and his buddy Chris was one of the fresher arrivals. I had not been introduced to Chris as yet, but Tom said he would take care of that after we cleaned up and put things away. tom and I finished cleaning the house inside and had prepared the... Continue»
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understall at the mall

I like to visit the mall and spend time in the restroom checking out the guys in the next stall. I will often suck or be sucked but usually I am only allowed the opportunity to masturbate another guys cock.
I was sitting in the stall on the day in question and about to leave for lack of action, when I heard the door open. the urinal was being used, so I figured nobody was coming in. I stood up and was pulling up my jeans when I heard the stall door click next to me. I sat back down and glanced to the bottom of the stall wall next to me and could see a pair of high dollar sneakers and a pair ... Continue»
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Poppers Summer Camp #3

Day 3 - Tues Mid-afternoon

Dear Diary,

Wow!! What a Rush (literally) the last 24 hours has been. I don't think I've ever sniffed or enjoyed anything more than this. Last night after dinner, we had another campfire. Everyone brought their popper sniffing projects from yesterday's arts and crafts.

Those bottle lanyards are so great. I didn't have time to make a lanyard yesterday, but I sure want one as soon as possible. They are so handy. (If you remember, diary, I used my time yesterday making the two-bottle sniff harness.) So today, I'm still c... Continue»
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Poppers Summer Camp #1

Dear Diary, Very Early Monday Morning

I thought that coming to Popper Camp this summer would be a great idea and if the rest of the week is anything like last night I'll defaintely make this an annual summer treat.

If you remember, diary, I saw a little ad on the poppers website about an exclusive summer camp for guys who love poppers. I am so glad I pursued it. The inital interview was rough and I had to prove I was worthy for consideration, (several intense interviews and sniffing sessions), but now that I'm here it seems a very minor thing to do in excha... Continue»
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Poppers Summer Camp #2

Monday Day 2
Dear Diary,

Well, as I said yesterday this place is absolutely awesome. Heaven on Earth! After the incredible campfire last night and all the hot sniffing with my new buddy campers, it was pretty obvious why not much is planned for the mornings around here. Until about 1:00 in the afternoon, the daily schedule is pretty much free time. But that is cool, because there is so much here to enjoy. The awesome beauty of the mountains, the wonderful lake, the incredible isolation and, of course, t... Continue»
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book store video arcade

I just pulled up in the parking lot of my favorite suburban
adult book store, it looked busy inside since I had trouble finding
a good parking spot, I was wearing sweat pants and a tee shirt
and my sexy outfit underneath. The retail store was bright and
a few shoppers walking around, the guy behind the counter was an
ass hole and as usual and gave me that look, told me to have a good
time,I didn't count my stack of tokens. I walked into the arcade, dark
as usual with video box covers on the wall in a case, showing the
movies available. With a few cruisers walking ... Continue»
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Awakening at Flamenco Beach

It was 4:30 PM on another gorgeous, yet dull Tuesday afternoon in Culebra, the municipality island off the eastern coast of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. As usual, after a long day at the new water treatment plant construction site, the only way to end it was spending the last daylight hours lying back at Flamenco Beach. It was time for my daily soul therapy.
I had been lodging at the secluded Flamenco Beach Hotel for the last week and a half. Like I had done since the day of my arrival, I took all my clothes off and traded them for my sunglasses, long board trunks, sun screen lotion (f... Continue»
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Fucking Handyman!

I didn’t leave Detroit on a good note, one of the reasons I left just walked through the security gates of the airport. His smile was bright and inviting. Amon and I have been friends since were k**s. Our relationship changed when we became teenagers and hormones betrayed us. Our innocence groping turned into something sexual. I wanted more and Amon took our c***d’s play as just that. I told myself don’t fall prey to his charm. It something I told myself many times.

Amon walked up to me and gave me a bear hug. He informed me that we had to pick up his bag down in luggage area. We retrieved ... Continue»
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telling girlfriend about getting hit on

i had this girlfriend some years back who was on the fun/wild side.. i knew she would want to hear about this guy who had hit on me and me being the horny slut i am going along with him.. i mentioned to her that this guy hit on me and waited for her reaction.. she perked up and looked at me like ooo this is something i want to hear more about.. and as her smile got larger and larger her eyes were screeming tell me tell me.. well that is all i needed to hear and so i said.. well how much do you want to hear..mmmm i am such a tease.. of course i knew the answer.. i just really liked to hear and ... Continue»
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Random guy at the bar pt.2

So out the front door walks Ray. He didn't look very happy. I asked him "what's wrong?". He goes on to tell me that his BF didn't have a place for him to sl**p that night. I was rather taken back by this. I mean come on, if you're going to bring someone(especially a gay guy) to a little town you had best have some place to sl**p.
I offered up my couch to Ray for the evening. I did feel bad for him. Brought to a place that he had never been before and his BF just left him hanging at this bar. So we sat there talking and smoking for a while. Finally we made out way to my apartment.
We were j... Continue»
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Nudist Sunbathing in Suffolk.

Nudist Sunbathing in Suffolk.

Being a nudist in the UK can be rather challenging as the weather is rarely warm enough to stay nude all day and there are very few places where you can feel comfortable naked. There are beaches were nudist sunbathing is allowed but I have never found them to be the best beaches. I travel around the country with my job and always try to find time to seek out any nudist beaches to try them out but often the best places are where you can just find a secluded spot rather than an organised nudist beach, but this can be risky.

A few years ago I was working in Suf... Continue»
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jacuzzi at the gym

this gym i used to frequent had a real large pool and jacuzzi pool and on some nights it could get pretty crowded in there and the shower area.. i did my usual work out and then showered and headed out to the pool area.. well this night was packed in the jacuzzi and so i eased into the warm water and made my way to the only open spot and sat between these guys.. infact i dont remember seeing any women near me... well i am not in the water very long when i feel a leg on one side of me very lightly touching my leg and when i did not pull away he applied more pressure and then started to ease... Continue»
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well kept secrets when younger (bi)

as a teen, I had plenty of encounters with other guys one on one. it was rare when more than one guy was with me while we did our exploration. One of those times, I remember my friend Neal (one of the biggest cocks I remembered as a young teen. He was a year younger than me and he was much larger. he probably had 7 inches when he was 13 and a pair of nuts that would make a porn star proud). Anyway, Neal and I were going to ride out to the quarry to make out and i was going to suck his cock.
As we rode, I remember passing this young girl on a bike and Neal jammed his brakes causing his bike t... Continue»
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Ronnie's Totally true sexual adventures The c

When I went to college I had just turned 17yrs old. I was in a constant state of horniness. I fantasized and jerked off to almost every chick I saw in those days. Unfortunately I was a virgin. I was painfully shy around girls. Shyness has kept me from fully enjoying my youth. I had fun in college but it wasn’t the kind of x-rated fun that I longed for. I was frustrated with myself because I’ve had some experiences with girls I was always just too scared to close the deal. My lust for women was great. And I hadn’t touched another cock that wasn’t my own since I was 12. I didn’t think ... Continue»
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Me and Andy

I remember when I was twelve I had my first gay experience. The year was 2005. It was about springtime and the weather was a cool 15°Celsius. I was outside playing with my friend Andy , who, at the time was nine years old. Today was the third time I'd have slept over at his house. We were just finishing up a game of one on one street hockey when his mother said we had to go inside.
At about 9 pm, Andy's mother was leaving for a date. She told us that she would be back at about 1-2 am, and that when she got back, we had to be asl**p. Andy and I brushed our teeth and headed to his bedroom... Continue»
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He was looking for a young guy to suck and I wante

One of the experiences in my late teens involved visiting an older man on Sunday mornings in time to watch football. I was young and he was old. He was always ready to suck and I wanted to get sucked. It seemed just perfect. I had wanted to get my cock sucked again and if i ever needed a some money, old Mark was always there. i guess you could call me whore, but i didn't see it that way, besides he loved sucking my cock and he would pay me for it. it usually started about half time, but all the while he would pull out his big cock and slowly jack me him self, thats when i would do the same, ... Continue»
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