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Daniel Effeminate College Student Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Back on Land

Daniel had passed most of the last day and evening sketching scenes on the cruise ship. He had previously sketched a number of scenes or noticed interesting scenes to sketch. On the first morning he sketched the young, very cute and well hung waiter wearing a tight uniform serving an older gentleman a coffee. On that same morning Daniel also sketched a blonde Adonis applying sun screen on his companion's remarkably toned body. A third sketch that first morning depicted a number of handsome and very physically attractive young men playing volleyball in the pool. I... Continue»
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Meating with the Minister

I didn't want to take the job but my wife wouldn't hear of me turning it down. I started going to church with her because I thought it would be good for business and it has been. I am a contractor that specialized in custom building and remodeling.

The church board came to me and wanted remodel their office complex. They needed walls moved and everything updated. I agreed to do it at cost plus 10% as long as I could do it on my timeframe. I was given a set of keys to the place and told to get at it.

My wife had been "reminding me" of the job for about two weeks and I promised I would get... Continue»
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The Photoshoot

This is a true story....

Josh was my best friend...and also my secret gay playmate when we were teens.

Our thing was on and off. I was always on but Josh had severe gay denial issues and he would often tell me he wanted to end our sexual relationship.

But he always came back. This is about how he came back for more sex.

Josh was into photography. This was long ago when cell phones didn't exist. He had a nice expensive camera, and he converted part of the basement of his house into his dark room where he would develop his photos.

We were hanging out at his house one afternoon. No... Continue»
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Communion Night Fun

I am always horny, but this night I was hornier than usual. I hadn't been out having fun in a few weeks due to work. I took the next evening off. I knew it was Cumunion Night and I was ready to get fucked and fuck. I took a nap, woke up, showered and prepared my ass properly.Then got dressed and took the 45 minute drive to the bathouse. I got there about 1am, and there was a long line. It took about 45 minutes to get to the door.
I am a 52 year old blk male 5'8 150 lbs with a 8 1/2 inch uncut cock considered good looking. There were 6 guys in line behind me, they were all together had been ... Continue»
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Bathouse Fun. First Time getting Fucked.

I have always known I was bisexual since I was a k**. I have topped but never bottomed, I have attempted bottoming a few times. First time I was 16 my friend and I tried, we didn't have lube and I wasn't streached out properly. A few months ago I bought a butt plug which is 4 inches long and a 8 inch dildo. I lube every night and put the plug in and every other night the dildo. It feels good when I do so. A description of myself, I am a black male, 51, looks to be in my 40's. Slim 5'8, 140 lbs. I have a 8 1/2 inch uncut BBC.

Last night I go to the bathhouse, I was feeling extra horny. I pay... Continue»
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Adventures of Carl Part 3 Bisexual Fun

Mary was riding Carl’s BBC. It was her favorite position, she felt that it got deeper in her, plus she loved looking down at Carl’s face it was like it gave her some kind of power.
“ Thats right baby” she cooed “give me that big cock smash that pussy, it’s all yours own it”.
Mary placed her hands ivory hands on Carl’s defined ebony chest, the contrast turned her on some more as she compared the skin tone difference and the sweat on her arms and hands dripping down onto his chest mixing with his sweat.

Carl looked into her eyes she seemed which were smiling and very happy. He reached up an... Continue»
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Rest Area Fun

It was around 2am on a Thursday Morning. I was driving from a funeral in another state. I was an hour from home but had been on the road for 5 hours and 3 hours since my last stop for gas to pee. I really needed to stretch my legs and was also feeling a little tired.

I pulled into the rest stop their were 3 other cars there, I parked away from them as we were spread apart, one left as I got there. I took a walk for 5 minutes to stretch my legs. I got in my car put my seat and decided that I was going to take a power nap for 30 minutes. About 10 minutes two bright headlights shine in the... Continue»
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Unexpected Gym Buddy

After a hard days’ work and a long rail commute home, it was a bit of an effort trying to get motivated and head along to my local leisure centre to work out. Spending far too much time sat down in an office means too little exercise as it is, so the gym is an evil necessity in my book.

Begrudgingly I drove to the gym and headed to the changing room to get out of my suit. I opened the door of the male locker room, the familiar smell of multiple deodorants lingering in the air and the sound of running water from the showers that were located next to the lockers.

I walked over to the bench... Continue»
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University “Friend”

Finally I had earned a little more freedom. I was off out of my sl**py village and at university. I had a small flat in an apartment block all to myself in a nice enough part of town. I unpacked my clothes and settled down for my first quiet night in, but as I put a few of my more sexy items away, I changed my mind. I hopped in the shower and cleaned up my legs, arms and face. Everything else was kept smooth for ease. I let my now shoulder length hair dry off as I picked out an outfit. I decided seen as it was my first night in a new town that I should make a good impres... Continue»
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stranger's cock

one rainy evening i decided to go to my local adult store. i am white chubby with some nice legs and a nice ass from what i was told.
so i put on a pair of panties and leggings and a loose shirt because i like the feel of panties and tight pants. i got to the place and it was packed with cars. so i go in and the store has two areas one filled with booths and the other is toys and movies. i got a couple of tokens and went into the booth area. it was low lit and had 20 or so booths with curtains. there was a lot of guys there walking around most of them were older but a couple of younger guys l... Continue»
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The Unexpected Reunion

I was 18. He was 17. We had our last ever sex encounter back then. The last of more than 100 over almost 6 years. His little dick had grown that last time. Grown to 4 inches from the tiny dick I sucked all those times before.

We both knew we were predominantly straight even back then. We both left home for college and our lives took off in different directions.

Until that wonderful day. I was 30 then. Back home on a summer day. Both my parents were at work, as was my wife. I just was offered a new job and I was taking some time off after quitting my previous job.

I was out front, pull... Continue»
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Shower Suck

Bob, the owner of the health club pops into the locker room as we head to the showers. “Hey Tony.” He says. “You guys are the only ones left in the gym. I’m going to give Terry a ride back to her dorm. The doors are locked up already. Can you turn off the lights when you’re done?”

I tell him “Sure. No problem. Enjoy riding Terry. I mean give Terry a ride.” We laugh and he leaves.

You ask about Terry. “She is that good looking red head at the desk. If Bob’s wife found out that he hired a girl with such big…assets who knows nothing about the health business, she’d kill him.”

“Getting a... Continue»
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First Assignment for the Bureau of Extra Normal Af

Now that She had finally been accepted into the ranks of the Bureau, oddly the days began to drag for Rachel.
The whirlwind days of Her training when She had barely had a spare minute to Herself had been exhilarating and always with the possibility that Rowena or Redmayne might have manipulated Her schedule simply because they wanted Her. Now though She had passed beyond training and as such all of Her teachers; the dull lifeless ones as well as the ones who fascinated and were adored by Her, were for the most part no longer part of Her day. This was the dull limbo period that all new agents ... Continue»
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Adventures of Carl Part 2

Carl was enjoying the time he was spending with Mary. They would get together two or three times a week for hot steamy uninhibited wild sex. Mary had even fucked Carl with a dildo and a strap on. Carl was realizing it had been over 6 months since he had tasted a real cock or had one in him.
He decided to go to the bath house about an houra drive away. He spent the day relaxing reading and watching some porn to get himself more worked up. He then prepped his ass for good fucking he was hoping to get. He got in his car and headed to the bath house. He arrived there paid his admission for a lock... Continue»
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Still in his apartment

I woke up with the feeling of wetness around my dick. Still groggy I thought I wet the bed, and tried to get up but I was held down. I looked around and realized I was in my friends apartment. I looked down to see he had my dick in his mouth. He sucked me till I came, that's when I woke up. Using his fingers he milked my balls till I was dry. When my limp dick fell out of his mouth he looked up and smiled. He wiped his mouth and brought his hand to my mouth. I stuck out my tongue and licked my own cum off his fingers. He leans over and kissed me on the lips. Again I tasted my cum on his lips a... Continue»
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Just getting the sale

I am a sales guy in the industrial repair area and travel to manufacturing plants all year long. I had been doing this job for a few years and was doing ok but last year I found the key to success.

I was in Jackson, MS trying to get a large company to commit to me selling them all supplies for the next year. I met with the plant supervisor Joe and he was not going to do it because we had too high of a price. I finally got Joe to agree to go to dinner and discuss what options we could make work. That evening Joe picked me up at my hotel and we went to a nice restaurant and had dinner. D... Continue»
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That's a Good Boy!

My boy is sitting on my lap sideways, with my hand rubbing his back. We're both totally naked, and my hard cock is sticking up between his pale white thighs, not far away from his soft cute little dick. I start kissing his neck and ears and then we start kissing. He sucks on my tongue.
I whisper to him, asking if he's ready to try it, and he replies that he's scared. I promise him he'll have fun, and he pursed his thin red lips, and nods. My good boy.
I held the bottle under his nose, simultaneously holding one nostril closed, and listened while he snorted. I quickly put the top on the bottl... Continue»
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Adult booth

It was around late afternoon I decided to go to my local adu,t store to watch some porn. I got there, bought some tokens. As I walk into the back I saw a curtain slightly open with some people in it. A guy and a girl, guy black about 6 feet 5 inches and had little bit of a belly the girl was light tan skinny with big boobs. I saw her sucking his cock then she took his cock out and rubbed it between her boobs for a bit he cummed between her titis. She got up and bent over and pulled down her pants. I could see her black lace panties as well. The guy shoved his cock right into her pussy and star... Continue»
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My first time

One day, I was just hanging in gay dating website. At the moment I was really horny and I had a hard erection going on. I wanted more than a wank. But it seemed that there was no interesting men. So I decided to check my inbox. Maybe someone had an interest on me.

I was lucky. Someone had flirted to me. I checked his profile. He was 18 (like me) and “little bit fat”. Sounded good for me so I decided to flirt him back.

I didn't visit the website for a while and when I finally managed to go back to check my inbox, my expectations were not really high.
He had answered to me: “Hi. You hav... Continue»
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Gay teen fucked in school bathroom (real)

It was early in my senior year and i had always been old for my grade so i was already 18, so i had only one thing on my mind. Fucking.

I had grown to love anal over the years with the use of anal toys that I had found or had made myself. Of course I started to get used to them and I needed more to fill my asshole to the point of orgasm.
I got very horny one day during my 3rd period class, which at the time was my AP English 12, and my next class was leadership.

Leadership at my school was basically many k**s from all grades in our high school together to plan and set up our school even... Continue»
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