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2015 sex so far

I'm going to tell you about the sex I've had this year and rate it out of 5.
JAN 28
I'd been talking to a guy called Oralseeker on a website who lived close by and we arranged for him to pick me up in an hour. He told me he wasn't going to fuck me but he did have a few toys and I agreed to give him a little show,fucking myself for him and eventually sucking him off. With my hole freshly shaven I set off and was soon in his car heading back to his place. As soon as we were inside I stripped naked while he fetched the toys and poppers. He had a thick black butt plug and a massive 10" black d... Continue»
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My first gay experience in Panama City spring brea

It was my first time in Panama City for spring break and like any teen I spent most of it drinking and chasing girls. One night I drank way too much and got lost from my group of friends.. I was hammered walking down the strip towards my hotel room which was miles away when a car pulled up beside me.

It was a young mixed k** probably early twenties offering me a ride home, I was tired of walking but cautious to accept his offer. I went against my better judgement and said yes. I got in and told him the name of the hotel and that it was about 3 miles up the road on the right, he then smil... Continue»
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Caring Doctor

This is a fiction story I posted on another site.

That morning I woke up to a weird sensation. My penis felt bigger, but it didn’t turn out like the dream-come-true many guys hope for; on the contrary, I sensed that my limp dick was unable to extend and get hard. Pushing the covers aside, I pulled down my pyjamas to take a look and saw that my cock definitely had an unusual shape: the foreskin had swollen, covering the head with an awful amount of skin. I’m uncut, so having the head covered was not strange, but it had never looked like this.

At 35, and not lacking an occasional fuck fr... Continue»
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First Time as a Whore for money

I was pimped out quite often before this time but never for money. Usually I was taken to parties while I was the party favor or I was taken to cruising areas and John would bring back men to his car for them to enjoy my naked body. At the time I never thought John was a pimp. I thought that he was just a man who had a great imagination and who enjoyed sharing me with other men. That all changed one night when John told me that he knew 3 men who would enjoy paying money to have sex with me. Of course I agreed but the words "paying money" did not register with me.

He drove us to a motel ... Continue»
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My Cocksucking Life

It all started when I was ## when my Mom, and myself
moved to San Francisco. This was during the war. Mom
had separated from my Dad and when we moved to San
Francisco we moved in with my grandmother and her son
who had a 2 bedroom apartment. I sl**p with my uncle
and my Mom sl**p with grandma. Mom was out most of the
time looking for work and my grandma went to work at

Every Wednesday my grandma would take me to a place to
eat before she went to work. This one day, after she
left for work, I had to go to the bathroom. So I went
upstairs and went in to the bathroom... Continue»
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3 A Dairy conversion Part 2

3 A Dairy conversion Part 2
Monday arrived and off to work we both went, neither of us wanted to make the call to the agent saying we couldn’t take the place, it was Thursday tea time before we decided that Ann would do the deed the next day.
They say if you want to make god laugh tell him your plans, our plans came tumbling down that night when my job, that seemed so long term, vanished in a smoke cloud, the main building burning to the ground.
We staff arrived at work the next day to find that other than a week or two`s work, clearing the site of salvage then we would all be re... Continue»
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My First Time Blowing a Friend!!!!!!

This is a TRUE STOEY I wrote down about 9 years ago::::
I was at a friends house hanging out with 3 of my close friends and this guy from school we hung out with sometimes. We were all a little tipsy from drinking and had started talking about girls we had fooled around with. Well me and the friend we hang out with sometimes (Doug) had not been as lucky as our peers and had started to talk about pornos we'd seen instead. It then occurred to me that I had a porn DVD in my car and asked Doug if he'd want to check it out. He said sure and we began the trek to my car.

We got down to my car (... Continue»
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I’d been writing about it for some time, ever since a woman who I connected with started whispering in my ear just how erotic a thing it was for her, even just to imagine.

I’m sure I’d thought of it somewhat, even imagined it before her, but her heated response to the very idea of me with another guy (with her there to watch every lewd savage moment, of course), kind of gave me tacit permission to open that door full on for myself as a real possibility, at least in my mind. The outside judgment had vanished. Now I just had to decide if I really wanted it for myself.

It wouldn’t be long b... Continue»
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Renaissance fair leads to a hot woman - and her hu

I was at the Renaissance fair. I enjoyed watching the jugglers, the fire eater and was heading over to watch the jousting when I spotted her. She was sitting on the bleachers made of hay bales wearing a skirt and a corset. Her big breasts were pushed up and half of them were exposed above the corset. Her face was beautiful; full lips, shining blue eyes and dark hair. Blue eyes and dark hair always attracts my attention, as do big tits. She caught me staring at her and smiled.

I got a beer and went over to the viewing area and spied her again. This time when she cough me looking at her, sh... Continue»
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Gf Sarah And I Threesome With Emo Guy (True)

This another true story I thought Id share with you all about the time my girlfriend Sarah and I had a guy from Craigslist come over to our apartment. Hope you enjoy.

Sarah and I were sitting at our place bored and horny when she asked if maybe I was in the mood to maybe have someone join us. I immediately agreed and Sarah and I sat on my laptop scrolling threw Craigslist ad's when we came across a bisexual emo guy named Evan who had short blonde hair with some black streaks in it and was tallish and thin with some tattoos on ... Continue»
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Me and mike after

10 days after Donna, Mike and I had had a threesome we were sitting round the pool when Mike came over and sat next to us, after the usual pleasantries Mike said to me “Will you come up to my room I want to show you something” I looked at Donna and she said “Go on then”, I stood up and Mike and I walked towards the stairs.

On the way up to his room I asked him “Where is your wife?” “Over by the pool she’ll be alright for a half an hour”, the lift doors opened and Mike walked towards his room, unlocking the door I followed him in, he sat on the bed and said “What I did with you and your wife... Continue»
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The biggest cock !

Some years ago one of the many jobs I had was as a milkman, not your usual deliveries as it was a countryside milk round, delivering to villages and hamlets out in the country. A great job in the summer as I was on my own and the countryside was great, not so much in the winter though.
The last delivery that I had to make was to an elderly man named Tom who lived alone in a little cottage. He was a nice guy and as it was the last delivery he used to invite me in for a cup of tea and we’d sit there chatting for half an hour. Now and again I’d arrive at his door and as usual knock on the back ... Continue»
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"I Should Have Known It Was a Sat Up...."

Bare with me as I tell you this...
Miranda, is her name, she was new to the neighbor hood by two years. We all had watched her grow and blossom into such a lovely young voluptuous young lady. No she wasn't fat or heavy, but she was very well built, She stood 5'7" tall, and about 165lbs, eyes and a smile, with perfect natural teeth, that would melt a mans heart.

We knew each other and ofttimes intermingled with each other in the neighborhood, by that I mean she lives on my block and when there was a party on the block she would ask me to either walk her to the party or walk her home.

... Continue»
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Rural Boys

As late spring began to settle in, life was good. At age 38 I had
finally managed to get all my ducks sufficiently lined up to a point where
I was able to earn a better than decent living in my chosen field of
publishing by working from my home, primarily proof reading and editing
newly authored works that were pending publication and release by my
employer. I had always been an avid reader so this gig fit me to a tee, and
the added bonus of not having to run the daily grind of reporting to an
office building somewhere was the proverbial frosting on the cake. I truly
loved the indepen... Continue»
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Big Paw

Blake knew that it was going to happen even before he moved to Littleville, Nowhere. He would be the new boy in town. It did not help that he moved in during Labor Day weekend and school started on Tuesday -- before he could even start to explore the neighborhood and meet anyone.

He quickly discovered that at thirteen he was the youngest in the ninth grade -- instantly making him the lowest of the lowly freshmen. In just one PE period he knew that half his classmates were well into puberty and they knew that he was not. He played a careful game with his new peers -- not too aggressive n... Continue»
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My Crossdressing Teen Neighbor

There is a duplex across the street, the kind with an ill arranged addition that sprouts out of the top and basically looks like shit. It's a slum lord house, geared toward your average broke ass people. You'd think I was complaining, but I am actually quite glad such a place is right in plain view.
There is a young couple that lives there, hipster punk types. The dude is nice enough but a little awkward, but the blonde chick is a little flat chested blonde hottie with piercings and pastel highlights and a plus size ass. Needless to say I'd like to breed her good. Someone looks to ha... Continue»
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"This is a sex vacation," Tommy said.

"You know what that means."

I was quiet and did not reply feeling both excitement and trepidation at
the prospect of another beach vacation.

"I know you know what that means," injected Tommy into the silence.

"Yes," I said.

"So be prepared."

Tommy had purposely given me 10 days notice of his intentions. 10 days to
wonder. 10 days to speculate. 10 days to be anxious. 10 days to think
about our past two beach vacations.

One thing I knew for sure: I would be naked most of the time - whether in
our rented condo or at the nude beac... Continue»
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Straight Guy's Gay Fantasy - Swimming Pool Sh

Let me set the scene. This story takes place in a public swimming pool and involves Jake and Greg. Jake is a young gay guy, medium height and skinny build. Greg is a young straight guy, tall and stocky.

It was late on a summers evening, Jake and Greg were swimming in the local pool. It was almost closing time, Jake and Greg were the only people remaining in the pool. As Greg stood at one side of the pool catching his breath, he noticed Jake getting out of the opposite end. Jake was wearing tight swimming shorts which left little to the imagination. Greg starred at Jake who seemed to be get... Continue»
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sissy fucked by two big men until i was sore and m

I got to know these two guys at work, they were sporty and worked out. I used to listen to there talk on a Monday about the girls they had fucked over the weekend. I thought they were a couple of macho strait guys into girls and that was it. All the time, under my trousers and shirt and tie, I was wearing stockings, pink satin sissy panties and a lacy bra. Im a sissy! What more can I say, when I get home I take off my trousers and horrible black socks and shoes and put on my blue satin Alice in wonderland dress, white sissy ankle socks and pretty black high heel shoes! I put my wig and make up... Continue»
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THE NIGHT OUT (set in London, England, circa 1900)
By way of introduction

People today easily accept the fact that some men and women get married to blend in and hide the fact that each is attracted to their own sex. It is common among people who are in the public eye such as politicians, movie stars, singers, etc… One hundred years ago, people probably also got married for the same reasons. I imagined one couple, Helen and Richard, who probably lived their lives without anyone ever knowing.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------... Continue»
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