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Der Busfahrer mit dem Riesenschwengel Teil 2


Herr Leinberger wirkte nun sichtlich erleichtert und schob David sanft in Richtung Wohnzimmer. Er machte nur eine gedämpfte Beleuchtung an um die heimelige Atmosphäre beizubehalten. Die beiden Männer begannen nun sich nach und nach ihrer Kleidung zu entledigen wobei David darauf achtete den Genitalbereich von Herrn Leinberger nicht zu sehr in sein Blickfeld zu bekommen. Diesen Moment wollte er nämlich richtig zelebrieren. Er stand nun mittlerweile nackt auf dem Teppich und enthüllte seinen schlanken doch sportlichen, unbehaarten Körper während sein 15-cm-Pimmel bereits ... Continue»
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Aris' awakening.

I moved to a small community when I was in high school. One of my best friends was a boy named Aris. We were the double “A” crew. We spent a lot of time together. It was no secret that Aris had a mad infatuation for me. I had let him feel my boob, we made out, but I never let it go any further. I know he was perpetually disappointed. He hated any of my high school boyfriends but funny, I thought he was gay. Although, the only girlfriend he had, I got in between and broke them up (I wanted my cake and to eat it too). It was nice having an admirer, I loved it. We talked a lot about sex... Continue»
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my bestfriends dad part lV

Hi everybody. By now you all know who I am and what has happened to me over the past couple months. Mr.Strutt had set him self up to come by once a month. So I was fine with that. We never talked about it. But after the third time i was hooked and luckily for me it seemed as though so was he.

Mr.Strutt stays in close contact with me right now. Keeps me on my toes. He would tell me storeys. Share ideas of what he wanted to do next time. Talk really dirty to me. Calling me names like slut, whore, bitch boi. slave, son and his favourite toy. I love it when he talks down to me.

now it had b... Continue»
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The Bet Gay

I had an experience when I was nineteen and in college that I’ll never forget. My college was not a “commuter college”. Most of us lived on or near campus and there weren’t any restrictions on overnight guests so hooking up with coeds was my favorite pastime. I had more than my share of luck my first semester because word quickly got out that I sported a solid 10 inches. It’s funny how women will talk about things like that and how best friends will stab each other in the back just to get to a cock like mine. 

Halfway through my freshman year, however, everything changed when I met Liz. She... Continue»
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I knew I was gay from an early age, sl**p overs at my friends, always ended up with us jerking off as we layed next to each other in his bed, then jerking each other off, and finally ending up with experimenting with oral pleasures, yea I was gay .
BY Jr High I found excitement in women's underwear , seeing my sistours and my moms bras and panties in the laundry aroused me and I would end up jerking off into them knowing they were going to be washed , this led to me trying them on when at home alone.
... Continue»
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More fun with my boy toy Bud

Since that first night with Jason, or Bud as he liked to be called, we had shared a few more times together. We both worked nights, so I would rush home from work and anxiously await a phone call from him. This one particular night, a Wednesday, had marked almost ten days since we’d been together. Both of our schedules had been a little hectic, and although we’d usually gotten together on the weekends, he had some f****y function that was mandatory, and I was busy with my own f****y. Needless to say, we were both looking for some relief by the time Wednesday rolled around that week. I had... Continue»
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Helping out a friend ?

I was in the pub the other night, drinking with my best mate, and I happened to notice that he seemed a bit down, so I asked him if anything was wrong ? As he had had a fair bit to drink, he eventually opened up to me.

It seems that his very attractive wife; “Jane” was not getting enough sex from him. She was a lot younger, and it appears that he had been leaving her wanting. So I very tactfully suggested that maybe the best course of action might be that she take on a lover, but someone they both knew, liked and trusted, to help save their marriage. I pointed out that it would at lea... Continue»
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Aaron's fantasy cum true.

My name is Aaron, I've always had a fascination for bondage and restraint for as long as I can remember.
Last Friday night, I eventually got around to doing something about it, after a friend of mine suggested that we attend a Bondage & Restraint club that night in the city. Now as he said that he would drive us there, how could I refuse ?

We duly turned up just as the doors opened at this very seedy little place that was dimly lit. I must admit that I experienced a mixture of excitement and apprehension as we entered.

The rules state that you strip off completely before entering ... Continue»
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My first "cruising" experience

I had my first cruising experience this passed Monday 9-19. I've always cycled or jogged around the area and never knew this was near. I have extra and inexpensive cycling shorts that fit me nice and tight, I decided to cut out the padding and made a 2-3inch hole leaving my butt somewhat visible to anyone that walks behind me. I put on the cycling shorts and also had a sports bag on just in case I don't want anyone to see the hole. I started making my way down the long path and about half ways I see a man coming the opposite direction, we get close and make eye contact so we both smile and giv... Continue»
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Ch 2 weekend BBQ

Ch 2 weekend BBQ
So the next week as you could imagine was tense for me. I wasn't sure what she was going to do so I tried to hide my anxiety as best I could and moved on with life. Funny enough nothing out of the ordinary happened my room mate was trying her hardest to get the managers position so she was spending long hours at work and coming home late each night. It was well known that she was fucking the store manager so everyone out two and two together. Finally on friday night when she got home she was really pissed off so when she got home she threw my door open and strode in. "That li... Continue»
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The electric razor was loud, but it was soft against my skin and Justin was an expert at shaving. He ran it across my nipples. Gently. Back and forth. The vibrations, the cool steel against my nipple, Ronald's soft warm tongue working in and out and around my mouth was making my cock throb. Justin shut the razor off. "You okay?" Ronald stopped kissing me. I turned toward Justin and nodded. He started the razor again and began shaving my left nipple.

I was sitting in a leather covered chair in a hotel room somewhere in New Hampshire. Naked and with my legs spread so Justin could shave me. We... Continue»
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Cheating Bareback Gay

Ever since I started cheating on my boyfriend a year ago, I haven’t been able to stop. The first time I did it was in the basement of a building a few blocks away with some guy I met on A4A Adam4Adam is an online dating website designed for men to meet other men "for friendship, romance, or a hot hookup".. I was nervous as hell, knowing that this was something that I could never undo. I was a bit disappointed when I saw him, because he wasn’t as hot as his picture. But when he pushed me onto my knees and pushed his 8 inch cock into my mouth and called me a little “faggot boy,” I knew that this... Continue»
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Hot Springs

In my late 20s I learned about clothing optional hot springs. At first I was really nervous about being naked but after a few times it just felt like how things should be. Of course being naked led to some adventures and I'd like to recall a few of those.

Deep Creek Hot Springs

Deep Creek was the first hot spring I visited. There is a hike involved which helps keep it from being too crowded. The setting is by a creek so even on warm days it can be fun.


It was fall and I made it down to the hot springs not long after sunrise. Nobody was there yet so I stripped and slid into a p... Continue»
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First Time being a sub Part 1

I have been straight my whole life. I love women. I have dated and have had relations with them. I have always been the dominant one in the relationship. Most of the women that I have dated liked that. But I have always thought about what it would be like to be the submissive person with a guy. I have continually thought about worshiping a big cock and what it would feel like taking it in my mouth. Just the thought of it would get me excited. That thought had been around for quite awhile. But I kept thinking that would be wrong and that I shouldn’t think that way. If it was somet... Continue»
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black homeless camp

Its been so long. Since my moms s****rs black husband, uncle Mack. Fucked my pussy. I was use to gettin that huge black cock every weekday after baby sitting there two k**s. super deep too.didn't think I could take it so far! He really fucked me so good that i felt like it was the only time i actually enjoyed sex. I never knew it was possible to have a orgasm from anything other then orally.
He is just so fucking long n thick. Dam... so felt so good .he fucked me one day after he visited my mom.I waited in his van.we drove around the corner. I was already unbuckling the belt and div... Continue»
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Dark Clouds Horizon (story)

The sky was dark and dreary for the afternoon, the clouds so thick that the sun was unnoticeable by any observer. The wind was hustling across the sand and the waves crashed against the shore with each gust. Then there was me, sitting at the pier.

It was a very solemn place when you looked at it. The city behind the view when I look back past the Highway 90, with the casino's standing tall. Brushing my hair aside, I looked back out to the gulf; listening to the waves. Thoughts poured into my heart as I watched a few seagulls fly off in the distance.

Though my thoughts were interru... Continue»
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Broken Arm Blowjob

Today is my 3rd day at home after breaking my arm. I can't really do all that much (ie can't go for a walk, can't sit in the hot tub and I'm in a little too much pain to go for a drive although by the weekend I should be right there).

I have been doing a lot of work - new movies and models on 'my site' but that work only gets me horny and I want some real speedo clad cock in my room. Speedos has been my work uniform for the last 3 days which is great.

But today I was feeling really horny and dying to wrap my lips around some cock and to have someone else in here wearing speedos. Antony i... Continue»
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First time with my new boy toy

The first time I met Jason, I fell for him instantly. Standing nearly six foot three, with dark brown hair combed back, a neatly trimmed mustache, only a small patch of hair on his chin that tainted his otherwise smooth face, and the deepest brown eyes I’d ever seen, his lean, tanned body was one I knew I’d want to get to know on an intimate level.

We’d met in a park along the river on a warm summer evening in August. Having answered his ad in the local newspaper, I was not expecting to get a call from him. He was looking for someone older than him; I was looking for someone his age: twe... Continue»
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Which (bisexual / gay) acts do you think about, an

Fantasy or Real Life?

Which (bisexual / gay) acts do you think about, and which have you done?

There are a lot of straight (or formerly straight) guys out there who have watched f***ed-bi clips, humiliation videos, gay porn, or have fantasized about a bisexual or gay experience. This could be a recent thing, or it could be something that you have been thinking about for a long time. I know that I am not the only one out there who has had these thoughts.

But, which of these bisexual / gay acts have you fantasized about and which of these have you actually done? I'm curious if most guy... Continue»
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My first experience

I was about an hour into my ride when I started to really have to go to the bathroom. I spotted a rest stop so I pulled in, got out of my car, and headed to the restrooms.

As soon as I got inside, I went to the urinal, unzipped, and started to pee. I heard the door open and slam but I thought nothing of it until I realized a big beefy trucker started to unzip right next to me. I felt a bit threatened so I tried to speed up so that I could get out of there.

To my shock the burly trucker turned and grabbed my arm. "Where the hell do you think you are going cocksucker?" he asked with his ot... Continue»
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