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Harvey's Training

Author's notes: This story contains non-con, mentions of CBT, urethral sounding, sexual slavery and anal. This is an introduction, setting up what is in store for Harvey. I intend for more to follow. Leave a comment - I'm open to criticism and suggestions. Please note: I do not condone ****. This is fiction only.

John did not consider himself to be a cruel man. If he had seen his victims as something equal to others, he might have re-considered that. He was nice and considerate to people at work, he gave way at the appropriate places in his car. Most people would consider John to be... Continue»
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Hottest 3way Part 2

It didn't take long before myself and the hot older couple from part 1 got together again. Two nights later I got a text from the wife. All the text said was "tonight?" and a pic of her bare tits. I responded that it would have to be after midnight as I had to make sure my wife was asl**p before I could sneak out. Lucky for me my wife was in bed by 9:30pm, so it was no problem for me to sneak out the back door. I left a note that read, " Can't sl**p - gone for a walk - be back soon". Just in case she woke up and came downstairs, which she never does - but you never know. It was a very... Continue»
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Home Office & Seduced By A Bi Couple

I was both excited and nervous as the elevator doors opened. I had never met this couple, only traded some emails back and forth, as well as some photos of us and what we all had in mind. Before me was a long hallway of apartments. Theirs was a G, so I imagined it was close to half way down.

As I passed each door the images of what they had in mind passed before my eyes. I was getting increasingly excited as I placed myself deeper and deeper into each scenario.

They asked me to come that Thursday, late afternoon, to fulfill a fantasy of theirs. One that they had discussed, and one that ... Continue»
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At what age it can be definitely classed as that, is for lawmakers and
judges to decide. UK law is clear but not always a realistic guide. For
reasons of shame or guilt many gay or trans youngsters have found that
casual sex with much older adults was the only discreet way of exploring
their own sexuality, before they felt ready to step into the more
familiar minefield of emotional relationships with people nearer their
own age.

An age-limit there must undoubtedly be, and obviously for the protection
of vulnerable young teenagers it has to be rather a blunt tool. But many
adults (an... Continue»
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Lust, Desire and Intrigue

I knocked on the door for the first time and a woman answered. She was
dressed like any other person you might see shopping at the mall. Like
she could be anyone's mother or aunt.

She softly told me to undress and to fold my clothes, then turned to
walk out of the room. I am uncomfortable and ponder if I am even at the
right place. I did imagine a six-foot stiletto-heeled vixen with
leather and whips hanging from her corset.

"Now!" I heard and I was slapped back to reality. I stripped, folded my
clothes and looked for a place to lay them. But awkwardly I just stood
there not k... Continue»
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Cum. Love at First Taste

I was 19 when I found an ad looking for someone to move in with a mid 40's couple to help with yard work and chores and room and board provided. I emailed the couple and setup a meeting. I really liked them and they seemed to like me the shy little community college student with no f****y in the area. Tina was a average looking lady with a few extra pounds, nice large tits and black hair. Bill was about 5'10 190 with a small belly and moslty bald reminded me of my high school principle. I moved in with them the next week and helped out around the house cutting grass, cleaning gutters, and... Continue»
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The time had come to expand my experience and desire for cross dressing and I had taken the plunge to meet a man through a Gay contact magazine who had advertised he was looking for a male to join him for 'Stimulating Dressing' and as I had a fixation with hosiery his advert got my attention when he also mentioned that he was into tights and stockings in a big way.
I had up to this point only 'Dressed' at home and had only fantasized of being with other men and doing 'Naughty' things together now I had the chance to try it out for real.
I duly turned up at his flat and was pleasantly ... Continue»
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Hottest 3way part 1.

I had a day off a few months ago to myself, and I thought I would go for a walk in a popular wooded "pick up" area for guys near my house. I frequent the area anytime I am feeling horny and my wife isn't in the mood or is away for work. I have been bisexual for 20 years now( I am 45 yrs old) and she has no idea. I parked my car in the parking lot and noticed only one SUV in the lot. Not a good sign. It was about 11am on a warm Tuesday, so most guys were at work. I was really hoping to meet a guy that day with a nice hard cock, as I was really craving the taste of cum. I love sucking c... Continue»
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My New Neighbour (part 8)

We lay there a moment, Claire's quiet sobs lessened until she lifted a hand to wipe her eyes, i stopped her, "Your makeup has run and you'll only make it worse if you rub those beautiful eyes baby, i'm going to end up fucking a panda" This made her laugh which i'd hoped it would, she lifted her head to look down at me and i could see her eyes still wet with tears, eyeshadow smudged and a dark streak running down both cheeks. I lifted my hands and took hold of her head between them, pulling her down to me i licked the tears from first one cheek and then the other before planting a soft ... Continue»
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Getting to the Point.

Like anyone I can have my ‘bad’ moods. In my case, being a little conflicted and gender confused, it popped up once too often. A few months after Jack and I started dating – actually it was a true relationship by then – there was a period of adjustment needed; I didn’t see it but he did and, being a man, acted to put things back on track for us. It wasn’t the last time…

We’d gone out for a nice dinner and I’d been a real bitch from the very beginning. I was just having a bad day and took it out on everyone. We had gone to our usual nice place and I was even being hard to deal w... Continue»
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milking of ryan pt 1

Ryan Connolly stood in the arena, stripped to his shorts, a sneer on his perfect lips. The x-treme fighting match had yet to begin, but his confidence practically glowed with the same sheen as the arena lights reflecting off the sheer layer of perspiration on his smooth chest and perfectly defined six-pack. The light caught the coppery highlights of his auburn hair as he turnes to face the crowd, emerald green eyes sparkling. He sneered again. In his head he knew that every man in the arena wanted to BE him and the girls wanted to fuck him. Of course, a few of the fags wanted to fuck him too, ... Continue»
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Mutual Masturbation: Part Five "A New Friend&

Please see my page for the first four chapters.

 We continued to masterbate together over the following weeks, but not as much as either of us would have liked. Our sessions had actually been pretty uneventful. Although fun, we really didn't try anything new. Mostly we would jerk each other off while watching porn.

He called me one day and said he was going to have the house to himself one Friday night and told me I should come over and hang out.  I agreed and told him I would be over around eight o'clock.

 When I arrived I was a bit dismayed to find our friend John in the living ro... Continue»
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Serving the Mistress

The phone rang four times.

Hello can I speak to Igrid please.

This is Ingrid, a well modulated sexy voice replied.

Ingrid, you have a bridal gown advertised in the newspaper, can you tell me
something about it.

Yes, its very beautiful; The top is satin and quite tight to mould to your
figure. The sleeves are very puffy at the top and can be worn on or off the
shoulder. They have a little ruffle tied with ribbon that hangs down. I wore
the gown with tight elbow length gloves, cut away at the fingers and
trimmed with lace.

How about the skirt, He asked consulting... Continue»
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My first sex gay experience in chennai

My name is ashwin, age 23 I'm working as a call taxi driver in chennai. One fine day I'm in duty I got a pick up and I reached there and I met 3 guys(my customers) varun, Sanjay and deepak their age between 24 to 26 only. They get in and I start driving the vehicle. Varun sitting in front seat and Sanjay and deepak sitting in rear seat. while on driving varun ask me about my job. I told them if I drive for whole day I'll get 500₹. He was shocked and asked me are you serious? I said yes and Sanjay laughed and asked me so you will do any kind of job for earning more Ah? I replied him sure I do a... Continue»
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Double Sounding

I have a urethral sound and use it quite often. It vibrates making my experience even more erotic. I never thought I would find myself inserting anything into my pee hole. But after watching some videos of other men I decided to give it a try. I began with small objects. I found a tapered oil painting brush and decided to try it. The end was small. I put on a video of a man sounding and lubed up my brush with Vaseline. Slowly I penetrated my hole. It felt very weird at first and I really didn't have the will to do it very deep. So I stopped and jacked off the old fashioned way. But ... Continue»
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A very strange weekend

I had met a guy fro Africa on line that was in college, we had corresponded numerously times and went out to lunch a couple of times. Nimbeou had asked if I would come to meet his parents and spend the weekend as his guest, I made my way to Nimbeou's home. I was greeted at the door by his father and mother that expressed their gratitude of my staying with their son while they were gone, taken some what aback I just thought that they had misspoke.
Nimbeou showed me to my room and helped me unpack, he then took me down to the basement where there was a small gym that they had set up. Nimbeou ... Continue»
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Wife and I Discover a new Desire

Couple try kinky sex (foursome, bi-sexual)

My sexy wife and I had just finished having sex. Many nights after sex, we would talk about what turns us on. For years, I had been eating my own cum. My wife loved to watch me eat it. I loved to eat it. Tonight, after filling my wife's shaved pussy, she sat on my face and I cleaned my cum from her bringing her to an explosive orgasm. My wife loved having me suck and lick her freshly fucked pussy clean.

Tonight, she asked me if I had any new fantasies. I have for years fantasized about watching my gorgeous wife being fucked by at least 2... Continue»
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Happy Marriage #1 (bi-male, first time)

Couple realizes husband is more than bi-curious

Over the years of our marriage, my wife and I have been very open sexually with each other. After 15 years of wedded bliss, my sexy wife and I have come to a mutually satisfying understanding. I am sexually submissive and bi-curious, while my wife is sexually dominant and loves to humiliate me like I so desire.

In the last few years, we've really enjoyed more and more experimentation. Lately, my wife loves to watch me eat my own cum. For the last year or so, whenever I orgasm, my wife is finding ways for me to eat it. It started ou... Continue»
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Finally (bi-male, first time)

Wife sets husband for first gay sex

I have been happily married for over 10 years. My wife and I are sexually adventurous and open-minded. We have always openly shared fantasies. My wife always makes an effort to realize all of our fantasies. My wife, Anne, is a beautiful woman who takes very good care of herself. She is a natural blonde with natural 36 D tits and firm, muscular legs. Out in public with my wife loves to tease. She and I enjoy noticing most men and even some women checking out her nice figure. Most men would cum in their pants if they knew what a kinky, sexual women... Continue»
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My first time with a man

My love of cock had started out when I was a young boy. Like most I would seek peeks in the locker rooms at school and in the restrooms. I hid this for many years out of fear of what people would think of me. I knew that I was raised by a father that was totally against this way of thinking so i kept it bottled up inside. Only thinking about it when I jerked off.
After several years in the Army where again I had to hide it. I was starting to get desperate to find out what it would be like to finally feel a hard cock in my mouth and ass. I got a job working in the oil fields in Texas, where ... Continue»
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