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Whacking Off at the Movies

Normally I’d spend my Sunday watching some of my favorite porn in my room, but my roommate had his relatives visiting and so I didn’t have the freedom to jerk off in my room without hearing them. So I decided to go for a walk. Of course, I was frustrated and horny. Any calls I had made to guys I knew went to voicemail, so I walked the streets and thought about taking in a movie. Outside the theatre, I noticed a really hot guy go in and casually followed him. Instantly I realized that I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on a movie but would be obscured by thoughts of fucking and sucking him... Continue»
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A Tigers Tail

This is a story of first time sex between two sissy males

A Tigers Tail

Here we are, we are finally together, meeting after we speak, speaking soft words among two men with equal passion, passion to make love and do it with such vigor, desire. But first we must prepare ourselves dear, relish in it. We will take our time, we will hold ourselves back, and when our moment arrives we will explode in the fire of ecstasy. Come with me to the bathroom my love, lets play together.

I want you to shave your hair, shave it all off, and I will help. I want you to shave me too, from my toes to m... Continue»
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Weekend Fun: Part 3

Intro: My name is David. My Mama and Daddy were separated when I was only a baby, so it was decided that Daddy would pick me up to stay at his house on alternate weekends. I loved going to daddy’s house for the weekend, I would play all I want and spend lots of time with my step b*****r Johnny who was 3 years older than me. Neither of us had any siblings so we treated each other like b*****rs…

Part 3: A few years past and as Johnny and I got older, we still had our secret fun on the weekends. This particular weekend came around after I had turned ... Continue»
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I am on my favourite naturist beach and I have found a man: A man with similar desires as my own. After the mandatory small talk and a suggestion of what is to come we are now getting to know each other.

I sat down on my towel and beckoned him to sit in front of me, after a couple of clumsy attempts, during which I thought it would never happen, I managed to manoeuvre myself close to him so that our cocks touched, not just end to end but overlapped so that they could be held together in one hand. Just. It felt wonderful. Taking both our meat in my hand I slowly started to wank us of... Continue»
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I am on my favourite naturist beach and I have found a man: A man with similar desires as my own. After giving me a good fuck up my bottom and discharging the contents of his lovely balls into my mouth I still want more…

…. I wanted feeding again, but he was so spent from his fucking that I knew it would take a little time for him to regain his vigour and his manhood. Breathless and on his back, he laid next to me, his cock lying soft and limp across his left thigh. My cock, however, was stiff and long, painfully long, almost bursting and the only thing I wanted at this time was to f... Continue»
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I was heading towards my favourite beach in North Wales, the only public place I could indulge in my favourite pastime and also get hold of a nice piece of manhood. Would I be lucky?

It was a gloriously warm sunny morning, with nothing but the hypnotic sound of the surf breaking on the seashore. The sand was soft and golden beneath my feet and the sky was a glorious blue above my head, the sea took on this wonderful hue. I felt horny, not uncommon for days like this, but it became more acute as I approached my favourite part of this stretch of beach. My cock was stiffening and it be... Continue»
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First time Mutual masterbation (male/male)

This is the story of the first time that I felt another cock.

When I was in my teens, I had a friend who would trade penthouse magazines with me. Generally these were magazines that we picked up here and there (I had an enormous supply available, but I don't feel like explaining). Anyhow, one day we decided to look them over together while I was sl**ping over at his house. My favourite pictures were the lesbian photos, but his was boy/girl.

It was late at night (well midnight or so) and 'Mike' and I were pouring over a couple of magazines and my cock was rock hard. I strted rubbing my co... Continue»
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gym adventure #2

another late night workout. again, i went at about 1:30-2am to get sweaty. surprisingly, it was a bit busier than last time. as usual, i played some basketball, and hit the weights for about an hour.

i got back to the locker room, and by now it was pretty empty, as expected. nobody in the changing room, but i heard some of the showers on. i got completely naked, and headed to the showers. normally ill wrap up in a towel, but hoping to get something special tonight, i went naked. i even touched my cock a little bit to get it semi hard, but not blatently obvious. i entered into the hot tub a... Continue»
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Daniel's Passion...2

Daniel said to me '...I came ready for you to be tight as hell, It's been some time since we bust your ass hole and it's natural for it to shrink when it heals...' I slid my hand back down off his upper arms and across my chest as I watched Daniel apply an amount of the baby oil to his rigid tool. Then Daniel looked down at me and stuck the bottle of baby oil up in my anus and squeezed a huge amount into my rectum. The suddenness and pain caught me by surprise and I yelped and jumped, Daniel discarded the bottle and took hold of his monumental tool and guided it back to my anus without hesita... Continue»
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The First Time

It was finally here! My 18th birthday party. Weeks of planning and excitement was leading up to this night. All the preparations had gone to plan and the fun was about to start. It was time to celebrate becoming a man. Everyone was arriving at my house for the party. The drinks were flowing as the house filled with all my close friends. My best friend Melissa arrived with her boyfriend Kyle. I always found him very attractive. Kyle was 6'1 in height, medium build, black hair, with a fairly toned body. He was 25 and had been with Melissa for 9months. As the evening passed, and drinks were consu... Continue»
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University Fun 2

The following night Pete and I both told our friends we needed to study so would be staying in.
Pete gave me a white bra, French knickers, suspenders and white silk stockings, He wore the black outfit I had first seen him in.

As we dressed in front of each other our cocks stood erect and struggled into our panties.

I walked over to Pete and held his lovely hard cock and began stroking him. He moaned as I built my rhythm after a few minutes I felt him tense and a warm sticky mess began to ooze into my hand. I looked him in the eye as I lifted my hand to my mouth and for the first time ta... Continue»
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Learning To Love Cock

This is a male2male story so if that bothers you please skip this story. All comments are appreciated hopefully only positive comments.

Early in life I needed to look at and suck cock. My story starts when I was 13, and tells the story of why, today at age 75, I still like to suck cock and stare at cocks!

It all started when I was 13 when my Mom, and myself moved to San Francisco. This was during the war. Mom had separated from my Dad and when we moved to San Francisco we moved in with my grandmother and her son who had a 2 bedroom apartment. I sl**p with my uncle and my Mom sl**... Continue»
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John's Accident

After a brutal Moto-Cross accident, a boy's recovery brings his whole f****y together, getting his mother, then his father, and even his s****r to help him gain relief from his young urges. (MFfb, ped, f****y-inc, mast, oral, anal, bi, 1st, preg)


Part 1 - The Set Up

My wife Linda and I were blessed with two great k**s, Lucy now 14 and John just 12.

Lucy was growing into quite a voluptuous young woman. Like every girl her age she had become aware of boys, and when her girl friends were over they talked of nothing else.

John had gotten interested in Moto-Cross a couple of y... Continue»
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The Life Story of a Boy Lover (Fiction, written by

This is a male2male story so if that bothers you please skip this story. All comments are appreciated hopefully only positive comments.

I am 82 years old. Looking back through the decades,I see that I have lived a very satisfying and fulllife. This is the story of my sexual adventures as a boy, and as a man who has loved many boys. I have changed certain names and geographic references in order to protect my privacy and that of others, but I assure you that these memories are all 100% true.

My sexual awakening came about when I was 9 years old, way back in the early 1930s. My teachers... Continue»
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Daniel's Passion...

One day, just before lunch, I was headed for my third period class when Daniel took hold of my left elbow and pushed me into a stairwell. The other students passed by us as if nothing was going on at all.

Daniel leaned into me as I tried to back away and whispered ' you know why I'm here...You need to come and go with me now and satisfy my needs before I get give me your hand...' Without my approval Daniel took hold of my right hand and pulled it to his crotch.

Daniel was standing with his back to the passing students and in a way that hemmed me in so I could not bolt... Continue»
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By jjcole

Dad had decided to throw a birthday party for my twenty-first birthday. That made me nervous because since Mom left us Dad had become more gay.

Apparently both of my parents were bisexual when they met. Her pregnancy had been a surprise and they married. To me they were ordinary Mom and Dad until I was f******n.
By the time I was eighteen I had figured it out.

I went away to college and Mom immediately left with her best friend. Dad had expected it.
When I came home for Christmas break it was just Dad and me.

I loved my Dad and was not too upset to learn he suc... Continue»
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An Unexpected Visitor...2

Gary was lost in the moment of passion as he rapidly sexed my unprotected bung hole. Whimpering quickly like a wild a****l, I held tightly to my toes as Gary worked up to his finally. Like a luv struck teenager, I laid beneath Gary spread open allowing him to have his way with me till he gave out a low growl and rapidly slammed back and forth till he lodged all his man meat deep in my bowels and his mighty penis exploded like Krakatoa flooding my anal chute with his thick, white, baby batter.

Gary's monstrous penis throbbed as if it would blow itself apart as it emptied it's substance int... Continue»
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A Wild Ride on the Gulf

A couple years back I was in Florida for a week practicing sailing on my high performance catamaran. It's a single-handed race boat and the flat, warm water on the Gulf is a great place for practice. I would go out around mid afternoon when some breezes would develop and sail on the open water and then into the harbor entrance where the wind speed is a bit higher. Normally I'd be wearing tight fitting sailing gear that's similar biker clothes but without all the colors. It's not really a fetish kind of thing, but keeps one from getting tangled up with all kinds of lines and shackles and things... Continue»
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My first stranger: Mark

I was home alone bored and horny. I had my rock hard cock out and I was jerking it nice and slow to hold of the cum so I could have more fun. I was watching porn and enjoying myself when I went and got a hairbrush to use to fuck my ass. I shoved it up my ass and fucked myself. It felt great but it wasn't the real thing. I love the feeling of a cock deep in my ass, the balls smacking my thighs or cheeks. So I tried calling my 3 best friends over to maybe get gang fucked but they were all busy. So I came up with a new idea. I went onto craigslist and found an older man, 53 years old looking to u... Continue»
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My First BBC, Part II

This is an extension of my first story, My First BBC. I covered my first encounter with my longtime ex-lover, and beautiful black man, Rod, in which I sucked him off outside of his place.

After that first encounter, I knew Rod would be back for more. As hyper-hetero and married as he was, or portrayed himself in his emails, he was sexually repressed. I know. I'm married and repressed, a proud cuckold to my playful wife (who enjoys fucking other men). I never complained, but inside I wanted men, as well as women, and black men more than anyone or anything else in the world. Rod released more... Continue»
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