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Throwing down at work

It was late on a work night and I was still at the office working after hours in order to meet a deadline later that week. This is required from time to time for my position and I don’t complain too much as my boss is very flexible with when I work. As long as I get my work done he could care less how many days I take off or work from home.

Since I am frequently working late I have come to know by name the afterhours cleaning and maintenance crew. The cleaning crew consists of four individuals that are all related. They show up every night at 7pm sharp and it takes them about 2-3 hours to ... Continue»
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first gay sex

In the late 60s I worked on a trawler as a deckhand learner. Trips were about 8 days away then back land catch, then a few days in port. As a 17 year old I seemed to attract the attention of men who
were set on trying to have some sexual contact with me. I always resisted any advances.
On one of the nights we were tied up in harbour, I was heading back to my digs after a few drinks.
I met one of the deckhands from my boat. We talked for a bit then he suggested if I wanted more drink
I went back to his place for some. Being loose minded from drink I took him up on his offer.
We had a few ... Continue»
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The Summer's Night Intruders

It was a hot sticky summer’s night. No breeze. Hard to sl**p.

I opened the ranch slider in the hope of getting some air into the room. The door opens onto a private court yard with a wall on the boundary.

I striped off and lay face down on the bed with no covers on.

Eventually I dozed off to sl**p.

I became partially awake thinking I could hear voices.

Still half asl**p I felt the bed move. Then I felt a weight on top of me. Come out of my dazed state I felt my arms and legs being restrained by ropes. Before I could call out for help, there was a gag in my mouth being ties aroun... Continue»
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The boys next door: The forbidden pleasures

It was a hot summer day, the mercury touching 42 degrees Celsius and still climbing. Even though it was evening, it felt like a furnace. Thankfully I had the day off from work. The ceiling fan in my room barely provided any comfort. Living alone has its advantages, so I spent most of the day lounging around in my underpants, or naked. The heat was making me hornier with each passing hour.

Some time later I heard voices in the corridor and looked through the keyhole. Someone was moving in to the room just opposite mine. Two young men, about my age. "Good, at least I'll have some company when... Continue»
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Clare Part 7

Clare - The love triangle
Part 7
We just had our first threesome, with his s****r and go to a swingers party.
I felt ready to tackle what promises to be a difficult day but I shouldn’t have worried. I was so happy and so in love. Sandra, Zac and I were just like every normal threesome, with a slight twist. A f****y twist, if you read my previous story, you know Sandra and Zac are siblings. We got on so well, she and I had so much in common and there were no weird feelings or any remorse. I knew they loved each other too.

Friday we had a great day at the resort without doing much. We all ... Continue»
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Un-virginised by Newyork's finest BBC in Manh

I lived in Jordan, and when I finished HS, I applied to go for University in S. California. Flying back and forth for my holidays I would always end up making an overnight stop in Manahattan. I was considered to be a hunk and a ladies man and was used to having both men and women take stealing glances at me all the time.

I had an overnight stop in Manhattan one time and I was staying at the NY Hilton which is only a block or two from Broadway, it was on sixth avenue. Ever since I was around 13 years old, I felt like there was something wrong with me, I noticed how my small cock would get e... Continue»
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Disscount for a Cheapfuck =3? (Diary of a Faggy Gu

This story is kind of funny because it involves a video game console and a little… what you may call “Play behind your boyfriend’s back”.

So there was a night where I found a game console that I always wanted but it was too expensive to purchase. I kept asking around If I could ever get a discount but to no avail. However, one night, one of the cashiers replied something different. “Is there any way that I can get a discount on this console? “ I asked. “Yes… but only if you sucked my dick~” he said with a giggle , like if he was joking to which I smirked back at him and said “Sure, that’s... Continue»
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One night not long ago my phone began to intrude on my dreams, then it went away. Moments later it intruded again. It was midnight, or thereabout anyway, and it was Rebecca. Rebecca and I are like Best Friends Forever With Benefits. I was delighted that it was her regardless of the hour. I just love Rebecca. I was really thrilled when she asked me if I'd like some company. When I said I'd love that she said she'd be right over. I put on this little pink miniskirt she had given me because it lets my naked ass and cock hang out and Rebecca loves that. About 20 minutes later there came a knock at... Continue»
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"Coyote and the Wolf" part 5

Coyote and the Wolf
Part 5

The evening sky began to brighten as the sun started to rise in the east. The night creatures, finishing their activities, scurried home to their borrows to hide from the light of the sun. In the inn, on the second floor, the two canines slept peacefully in each others arms. Both were erect again from the pleasant dreams each were having. The sounds of song birds stirring awake, began to filter in through the window. Ku'o, his head nestled on the big wolf's chest, began to awaken. Slowly opening his eyes, looked out the offending window to see the oncom... Continue»
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He took my virginity

It all started 7 years ago, I can't believe how fast the time has gone but that day marked the beginning of what I am now, never thought I was going to reach this point but I'm here very close to begin my happily ever after with that same guy that took my virginity.
Our story is amazing but I will start from the very first time we had contact, Ok we met through the internet in a website not this one here which is wonderful but other one similar with profiles but yeah of course with people near the area, so while searching for someone interesting we started sending messages to each other,... Continue»
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Spanked as an Adult

This is a true storey that happened many years ago when I was nineteen.
I was still living at home and my parents had gone on hols. One evening while I was sitting at home watching the tv the door bell rang , I answered the door to find it was the local councillor who lived a few doors up the road. he was in his sixties, and about six foot , balding ,and overweight. He said my parents had asked him to keep an eye on me whilst they were away , and he needed to come in to talk about something important . I did try to put him off as I did not want to be stuck with the guy. He was quite insiste... Continue»
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my life part 1 true story

In my teens I was into football. I was desperately trying to get into the school 1st team.
My friends b*****r who was a year older then me was in the team, he would often have a kick about with us
In the park after school and in the holidays.
One such time in the holidays he told me he was going training with a man who run a youth club on the estate and invited to go with him.
He told me he was circuit training and swimming. I got my swimming trunks and a towel and eagerly went along.
We met this guy called Frank he was about 40. He put us through our paces for a hour then we went to the ... Continue»
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Holiday Part2

Spain had gotten a whole lot more interesting since my encounter with Remy, he wasn't in the next day so I paced a bottle of wine and a book and went down to the beach to catch some rays and relax.
As I laid there on my stomach reading my book I felt something hit my ankle, then a voice yelling SORRY!!! I looked back and a guy came running up and started muttering in broken spanish, he looked nice in his late twenties if I had to guess, a little on the slender side but still ripped like a surfer, as I looked at him his friend called out "Come on Andrew just get the damn disc!!" I asked "are ... Continue»
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art model

My first experience was about a year or two ago with an older man I met through craigslist (safe play of course). I put out an ad with me in panties which I've done often but never get the courage to meet anyone. He responded and asked if I would do erotic nude modeling for him to draw me and maybe more if I wanted. I was pretty flattered and decided I'd do it. I went to his studio a few days later. He was probably in his mid 50s, handsome, hair beginning to grey. He asked me to undress and sit down, he sat across from me at an easel and asked if I would masturbate for him. So I began t... Continue»
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Encounter With Charlie

I had been feeling horny all day. The problem was that there was never the opportunity to whip out my cock and jerk off, at least not without getting myself arrested for indecent exposure. It wasn’t helping my situation one little bit when I sat down to eat my lunch. Across from me was an older gentleman who happened to be wearing shorts. I am always on the lookout for some nice cock and balls that may be outline in their clothing. This time, I was not disappointed. There in front of me was a crotch-bulge to end all crotch-bulges. I could clearly make out the outline of his huge flaccid cock a... Continue»
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Meeting a stranger

I was flicking through the channels on tv when i found a gay dating channel. I watched for a while then text an add to them. After a while of watching and not seeing any adds from where i'm from i found somthing to watch. I was almost ready to go to bed and my phone vibrated it was a repy to the add i sent. It was from a guy called paul, he said he was 29 and able to accomadate a meet that night and asked what i was into and up for. After an initial pause i text him back. I waited a few minuets and he replyed. He said he was very keen to meet me and asked if i wanted to meet him now. I text hi... Continue»
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The Co-Workers: Gray & Thomas Ch. 01


My name is Gray, I'm 21 and I live with my best friend Thomas. Me and him have been though a lot together, especially during our High School years!

I'm only 5'7 while Thomas is 6'2, he's always been the one saving my ass when I needed it, and boy did I need it a lot!

I recently told Thomas I was gay, nothing in my life has ever been so hard - but that day I came out to Thomas made a breaking point in my life, I felt complete.

A few weeks went by after I said I was gay, all was normal. Until Thomas started acting weird. He broke up with his girlfriend and now he's all lovey-dov... Continue»
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Teacher Day's Ch. 01

Another boring period wasted, thank god this was the last period of the day - also my free period. By the way, I'm Axel, Axel Rodirguez. I'm currently 42, still in great shape. I have had dirty blond hair, that was natural shaggy, falling just above my eyes. I also have blue eyes. I'm also tall, standing at 6'7. I'll tell you the story of how I met my lover long ago. At that time I was 23, & he was 20. Now - on w/ the story.

My free period was like any other of my boring periods. I was stuck grading this weeks pop quiz, all of my classes didn't do so well. Then, he came in - I look up from ... Continue»
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BBC part II. "Anthony"

well i hope you guys ( or girls) liked my last story , its been a while since my last post , haven't done much lately but i do have something good for you guys, it happened like 3 days ago. something i honestly didn't see coming and was so much fun..

After what happened last time, i didn't go to the gym for a few days, guess i was embarraced with Dave cause of what happened , silly yes but i felt that way, anyways, i started going to the gym again as usual, i saw Dave lifting with his buddies ( which are mostly black guys) he gave me this weird look when he saw me and so did a couple of his... Continue»
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The new boy

It was when I started middle school that the girls started looking good to me. But not only was I too shy to try to go for one of them, I also didn't yet know what to do with a girl if I had one. So I just played with my cock by myself when I was able to get some privacy at home.

A new boy transferred into my school and they made him my partner in shop class. Soon we were good friends and one day he invited me to his house after school. The house had a pool so we could go swimming—of course I accepted.

When we got to his house I realized I didn't have a suit with me. Tim laughed and said... Continue»
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