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My girlfriends first gangbang!

Girlfriends first gangbang!

Ok for those who haven't read my previous stories some quick background info:
I live with 2 roommates a guy "Sam" and a girl "Nicky"
I have a girlfriend "Sue" who doesn't live with me but is always around. Recently me and my girlfriend started trying out new things in bed which led me to become a bottom for Sam and Nicky became my mistress, also Sam fucks my girlfriend frequently with me sometimes watching or joining.

The first part of the story is mostly talking so u might want to skip it if ur not interested in that... One night we were hanging out and t... Continue»
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Caught getting fucked from my roommate!

Caught getting fucked from by roommate!

Ok for those who haven't read my previous stories some quick background info:
I live with 2 roommates a guy "Sam" and a girl "Nicky"
I have a girlfriend "Sue" who doesn't live with me but is always around. Recently me and my girlfriend started trying out new things in bed which led me to become a bottom for Sam and Nicky became my mistress, also Sam sl**ps with my girlfriend from time to time with me sometimes watching.

It's a pretty long story but it was the best night of my life!
This story happened last week.
My girlfriend and mistress stil... Continue»
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pretending to be passed out

Well my 1st story here... It's 100% true but the names aren't real .. so many years ago when i was 16 I went to a wedding with a friend of mine ..he was in his late 20s ... The wedding was 2 hours from where I lived in a small town . We arrived in the early afternoon I diddnt know anybody due to it was the where my friend grew up . So we met up with a few of his friends and started to have a cpl drinks .. a cpl hrs later we went to the wedding. And then the after party where we the drinking really started .. my friend we him mark was gay but never told me but I always knew cause I ha... Continue»
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I was Just A Sex Slave...4

After Bruce uncle had left for work, Bruce allowed me to get an hours rest before he revived me and took up where his uncle had left off. I had pleaded with him to let me rest but Bruce suggested that we engage in sexual activities and he would take his time.

Bruce was true to his word, but I did not expect him to ride me all night. He only let me go into the toilet to freshen up and remove his substance that was on the exterior of my form.

It was almost 7oclock and the sun was beginning to rise on that Saturday morning. Bruce was unquenchable when it came to the act of having sex, ... Continue»
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Video Games with b*****r

“Ah pleaase!” He begs me for the millionth time.
I shake my head.
I worked a shitty cleaning job for two years to pay for my computer so I had no intentions of sharing it with my little b*****r.
“Just once? One game?” he persists.
I sigh. “No”
“You can watch! I won’t break anything I swear.”
I hesitate.
“I’ll do anything!” My little b*****r adds to his pleads.

I want to reject his offer but my mind goes to a dark place. “Anything?” I ask.
He nods. Seeing a chance he repeats his offer. “Anything!”
“Promise me you won’t tell mom and dad and you can play one game” I offer him ... Continue»
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Gay double blowjob

I posted a couple of weeks ago on looking for 2 warm mouths to suck on my 8 inch cock and balls at the same time because I love that so much. I was fortunate enough to get a reply from two gay partnered guys that said they would do it if I came over to their place. I gladly showed up there and they had me take off my clothes and sit on the sofa. The one on my right started to suck on my cock as the other guy on my left started sucking on my left nut. Wow, did that ever feel good, and I let them know right away, just how good it felt. They continued to this for a whilt then traded off and now t... Continue»
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I was Just A Sex Slave...3

As Bruce Uncle closed the door I buried my face in the pillows and begin to cry uncontrollably. I feared what it would be like when he returned in the morning.

I could hear the water of the shower running and Bruce and his uncle talking. I was so exhausted and in painful discomfort from both sex session with Bruce uncle that I cried until I drifted off again, when I came to Bruce was cradling me in his arms from behind.

His penis was stiff and between my thighs, as he twisted my nipples gently and nibbled on my ear and kissed neck. I tried to struggle away only to have Bruce grip m... Continue»
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I was Just A Sex Slave...2

The week went so slow, after Charlie had me over to his house, I did not see or hear from Daniel, Bruce or Charlie. I thought that they had found other ways to amuse their selves. I was so far from the truth.

Friday came and as I entered my home my folks had a bag packed fro me and sitting by the door. They told me '...Bruce and his uncle are coming to pick you up have fun and mind your manners do as they say and we will see you back here in about a week. My knees all most buckled as I thought of how easily they would cast me aside.

Bruce and his uncle pulled up as I was standing i... Continue»
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TV Slut At Night II: At The Movies

TV Slut By Night II:
At The Movies
By Suzie Quezie

It had been a slow week walking the streets.

My name is Randy, or Randall, if you want to be formal, and I'm a successful software engineer by day.

But at night, I go by Randi, and I search for cock, dressed sluttier than Beyonce ever dreamed of. Sometimes I don't even wear undies, letting my own cock swing free under skirts that aren't much bigger than belts.

Think that's perverted? So do I, and it's about the only thing I'm grateful to my s****r for. She dressed me in her own clothes one day when I was f******n and took m... Continue»
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My Favorite Joyride

Though I am now engaged to my girlfriend of two years, I’ve always had bisexual feelings; ever since high school where I remember getting erections during wrestling matches, and fantasizing about males when I masturbated.
Growing up in rural Virginia, I did not want to fall victim to the homophobic attitudes of the majority of my peers, so I kept my bisexuality secret – even my girlfriends never found my stashes of gay porn and homemade anal toys hidden in my bedroom.
I had a crush on a particular friend of mine named Josh, who was my teammate on the wrestling team. For his senior year... Continue»
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camping trip

So, a friend of mine told me about all the girls running around the campsite when he goes camping, so I thought I would check it out myself, so with a borrowed tent and some gear I ventured out. After I set up camp, I decided to check out the area and do a little hiking, while on the trail met up with another hiker and talked as we hiked through the woods, various subjects were discussed from cars to where the girls are, on our way back to the tent area, Don invited me over to his fire pit for burgers,I accepted his invite to head over because I didn't feel like sitting in my tent alone.
So... Continue»
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The Blonde and the Dark

To discover the prequel to this story, you need to read my Blog entry entitled
“A Quick-Fix in the Afternoon”.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It was a mid-week early evening, the weather had been rather kind lately, and I had decided to go to the bar for a quick drink after work before returning home. It was the same bar I had patronised with Rachel on that afternoon a few weeks earlier, when a chance meeting had led to an unexpected and brief sexual encounter with a complete stranger.

The bar was nowhere filled to capacity as it had been on that day, a few tables remained... Continue»
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Virgin in the Glory Hole

To set the scene it was my Easter holidays this year and I decided I needed a sexy day out! And I decided to go to a gay sauna again! I wanted to go to a particular sauna because it was one of the biggest in the UK and I’d had some really good fun there and knew a few of the guys that go there!
It was late evening, I’d been there a while and I was in the reception area when this lad came in. I heard attendant ask if he’d been before. He said no and he handed over his money and one of the attendants gave him a tour! I jokingly said show him to room 4 and I’ll be there lol. Now this guy was a... Continue»
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Jeremy suddenly lept out of bed and in a quick balletic motion reached a big dresser across the room. I lay quietly and watched him open up the bottom drawer.
'I have surprise, but I need you to close your eyes,"he said.
I nodded and covered my eyes with my hands.
"Promise not to peek," he called out.
"Promise," I responded.
I remained true to my word until Jeremy called out several minutes later:
"All right open them."
I looked over and there was my friend wearing a girl's sun dress. It was a bright yellow and the skirt fell around his mid thighs. I could see the white st... Continue»
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My friends fantasy for me....

Hi Sweetie,

Well, I was with you in your bedroom and I was completely naked and you were sitting on the bed, just wearing your girdle and stockings (you were wearing 10den. FF copper Cuban heel Elegantis, from an 8 strap girdle), and I got on my knees and I started kissing your toes, with the red nails ( Lovely)..., before moving sideways to your heels (so smooth), and then when I lifted your feet off the floor to put my nose (and lips and tongue and fingers) to your soles and catch that Sensationally Delicious scent only feet can produce (especially when nylon clad), you toppled ov... Continue»
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dirty little slut

3 months ago i was introduced to a new exciting sexual perversion...SELF-HYPNOSIS
since then ive been learning how to us S H to enhance any sexual activity i do, so
of course i want to see if it can possibly make taking it up my ass any better. I
was obviously very sceptical and didnt think it possible and after a few tries i almost gave up. So i started to edit the hypno-scripts(the words spoken by the hypnotist). i was using a pc program and just tweaked the scripts at first,focusing them on ANAL PLEASURE and including some suggestions that work when the mind is idle, one of these was "... Continue»
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stranger assfuck at park

One sunny bright day i had finished up work early and had time to kill before i had to pick up my girlfriend at the time. I decided to head to the park and head to the dock figuring I would relax a little. The dock extended out past some trees that slightly concealed the entrance. I noticed people off on distant docks but no one seemed to be on my side of the park. I noticed a man walking around. As he spotted me he turned and headed in my direction. Oh no I thought, someone bored looking to talk...I was not in the mood for conversation.

As he approached strolling up the walkway to the doc... Continue»
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I was Just A Sex Slave...

Charlie, Daniel and Bruce knew more about using folks than I could imagine. Once they had assailed me and I did not inform on them, I was virtually theirs when ever they wanted to use me. Our sessions together was brutal yet thrilling.

I often found myself seeking out their companionship, singly and collectively. Bruce was all ways gentle and caring when ever we had sex together. He had f****y that could be vicious and would often fix me up with them with out telling me ahead of time, I often would find out while we were in the throes of ecstasy.

Daniel has the largest penis of the... Continue»
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Sharing my girlfriend with my roommate! when my mi

Be warned this is a long story!

Hopefully u read my previous stories and know of my situation, if u haven't here's a quick summary:
I'm a sub and wanted to experience being dominated by a woman.
Me and my girlfriend Sue started experimenting in bed which led to my female roommate to join and become my mistress, a while after I caught my girlfriend cheating on me with my other roommate Sam, and rather than confronting them I decided to share her with Sam and watch.

This story starts when my mistress got back from her break.
The situation with my mistress calmed down recently, she used ... Continue»
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Me and Sam, from sub to bottom

In this story I share how I no longer had any limits, mainly how I opened up to the joy of being fucked and dominated by a guy.
This story starts the morning after me, my girlfriend, my mistress Nicky and my roommate Sam had an amazing hot night together! U could find that one on my profile.
Be warned my stories tend to be long and detailed

I woke up a few hours later, it was about 3 or 4 am
I took a quick shower and then grabbed the camera and skimmed through the video
It was over an hour long, it had Nicky and Sam fucking, me sucking my first cock, me being fucked by Sam, and me a... Continue»
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