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19 yr old nephews birthday

My wife's nephew turned 19 this past weekend. he wanted to go to Windsor Ontario Canada to party with some friends. his Dad made a promise that he would take him and 3 friends there.
His Dad got stuck in Japan on business and asked my wife and I if we would do him the honor of e****ting the group. We told him sure. He told us he had 2 rooms set up but since my wife would also be going, he would add a third room. We drove up with them from Ohio. We crossed the border ok and got to our hotel room. It was walking distance from 4 good young crowd bars. We settled in and started our round of bars.... Continue»
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My first sex with a boy ! Still remember the joy!

I was 16 when basketball team of my school went for a tournament in the next city. We stayed there for three days. A friend of mine was also with the team. We were very fast friends. At night we were chatting, sitting on his bed. It was cold so, I slipped into his blanket. I felt he was erected and rubbing his dick. It made me hard too. After a few minutes I pretended as if I were asl**p and put my hand on his penis. Both of us were shy and reluctant due to our friendly relations. He let my hand on his dick and very gently started moving hither and thither. I slipped my leg into his legs. Ah... Continue»
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One Big Dick Slut...

I had just returned from my even run and was heading to the showers from my dorm room. As I entered the shower room, I heard one of the showers going, figuring that I would know who it was i quickly entered the shower area.

There to my surprise was one of the new students from sub-Saharan Africa. He was turned to face the opening and had soap all over his head and shoulders. Between his legs hung the most massive piece of man meat I had seen in some time.

It wasn't very long, but was as thick as my wrist, uncut with a reddish head poking from under the foreskin. I don't know what took... Continue»
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A day of building

Last weekend me and 3 of my friends decided to go on a road trip. 4 guys in a mini van, hotel rooms, and booze for 3 days. Chris, Tom, Jesse, and myself (Tim). To give you some info on them Chris is 41 and is a retail manager 6' and around 200. Tom is a teacher and is 5'10" about 220 and Jesse is a IT guy who is 6'3" around 220. I am of course Bi and a bottom cum lover.

We got on the road about around 8 a.m. on Friday and planned to drive 9 hours to the Florida line. Chris was driving and Tom in the passenger seat with me and Jesse in the back. Jesse being the IT guy had his Ipad ou... Continue»
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Back In The Day

I’m Kamal; Back when I was only 1X years old there was this boy Ryan that lived across the street from me he was the same age as I was and we were good friends, we played together, we laughed together and he and I hung out most days, but the truth was that Ryan and I were more than just friends. It was just my Father and I, I didn’t have any siblings and Ryan had both parents and an older b*****r, but when Ryan or I would myself our houses to ourselves, (most Friday nights) when my dad worked the late shift at the hospital or whenever his parents and b*****r were out, we would do more than jus... Continue»
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The Fruit Flies (a gay and lesbian tale)

THE FRUIT FLIES (a gay and lesbian tale)
This story takes place in Paris in the mid-1920s. A “fruit fly” is another word, more polite, for “fag hag”.
Leonora had been waiting 20 minutes for her friend but she remembered Brigitte was always late. Actually Leonora didn’t mind waiting in this posh café which her French friend had suggested. Paris was always as exciting as she remembered it. Well-dressed young people walking around, the fashions which were getting simply just…well…I mean…so butch..what they called “garçonne” here. Leonora was more conservative and had chosen a tweed skirt and a ... Continue»
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From Cuckold to Dom (Part 2)

After that first night in the hotel, I pretty much become my wife's little sissie boy. I submitted to what ever she wanted. She even started pegging me. I had not cum in two weeks. Ben had not given me permission yet.

On sunday I was summoned to Ben's house. He has a very nice house. I was instructed to do some work around his house. I cut his lawn, cleaned out flower beds, cleaned out his garage, and I cleaned his pool for some people that were coming over to watch the games with him later in the afternoon. Afterwards he rewarded me by letting me blow him, then fucked me up the ass. He sen... Continue»
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Gay Sex/Straight Sex

This story is FAKE.

On the night of 4/12/10, It was a silent night, Home alone. I get a call from what I think is a telemarketer, As everyone one else would say "No thank you" Then hang up, I did this. I call over my Girlfriend, Taylor [Current Girlfriend in real life], I ask her if she wants to hangout at my house, She says "Sure baby!". So after 10 Minutes she is there, We walk up to my room and we start playing games and stuff. After 3 Hours of that boring crap I hear another knock at the door, It was someone to fix the house, My parents did tell me ... Continue»
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I Witnessed a Gang-bang...

As I wondered through the back paths of a wooded area, I heard something that seemed rather strange. I stole my way to the area as to where I believed the sound to be coming...

It was under a thicket of a weeping willow tree that I witnessed the gathering of five well built young men. In their midst was one very young and thin boy that was bowed over a fallen tree trunk.

He was naked from the waist down and his feet spread wide apart, his butt crack smeared with a glistening substance. One of the bulging hulks was stroking his massive flaccid penis, with a smile of fulfillment on his ... Continue»
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Just another Night at the Adult Book Store

I went in and there was no one around or at least I thought so. Then hearin' a thumpin' in one of the booths I went in the one next to it. There were two in there playin' and suckin' each other. Both with out cloths on and both with nice size cocks. The must have wanted to be watched or they would have closed the door on the side next to me. The both had about 7 thick one cut and the other not. One had shaved balls and cock hair the other was like a fur patch that you could hardly see his nuts. Both strokin' and suckin'. It was hot just to watch. I did a bit of strokin' to myself.

... Continue»
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My Night Of Being A Dom

Hello, This is my first story. This is a true story of an experience of mine, that happened to me a few years ago and I will write it, as I remember it.
And of how I fell in love with and bacame a dom.
I have changed the names and how we met to respect him and had his permission to write this.

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.
(Please comment and let me know what you think, the more who tells me, the more I will write).
Thank you

I was at home one day, feeling really horny, so I went on the internet. I went on a site that, I almost always get a meet and said h... Continue»
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Gramps, Dad, and Marine Zack

Gramps, Dad, and Marine Zack

By Buck Jones

The “Gramps, Dad, and Marine Zack” stories stem from an ongoing imaginary role playing exchange over a period of nearly a year and a half. The stories are unabashedly erotic and touch on forbidden territory. The subject of these stories is the ease with which a c***d or a young boy or young man can be seduced into a sexual relationship without knowing the ramifications of his experiences. Because the adult is not “abusing” the c***d in the sense of beating him or r****g him, but cajoling him, the innocent and unaware are lured into a world ... Continue»
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A Good Time in the Woods

Yesterday, after several crap days, the sun was out and the wind had finally dropped. I felt brave enough to go out in t shirt and shorts, and because I was at feeling a bit horny I also wore my favourite jock strap underneath my shorts. At the last minute I put on my steel cock ring. As I put it on I could see a bit of pre cum drying on my cock, there from my porn watching earlier

Soon I was outdoors and in the nearby wood. At last – a really nice day. I was thinking of last year when I enjoyed getting nude outdoors: it was almost warm enough for that today. I could feel my cock hardening ... Continue»
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Continued....My first gay sex

It gave me an amazing sensation, I guess I've never had before as Mark kept pressing on my hard cock. I could feel my hands shivering on his back. I had never thought he would let me...even at my first attempt to seduce him. Encouraged by his response, I started pushing my cock against his back. Our bodies were in direct contact now. I began to caress his neck slowly and lowered my head to his. I guess he could sense the warmth of my breath. I bent and gently touched his neck with my hot and trembling lips. That gentle kiss ran through him as an electric shock and as he sat he grabbed my neck ... Continue»
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My First Gay Sex

This happened some ten years ago. I was then a graduate student. The university also had boarding facility for boys and girls separately. Each room was big enough to accommodate two beds comfortably and had toilet cum bathroom attached to it. I shared my room with a 19 year guy from East Europe. He was a very shy boy, would not indulge in conversation if it was not necessary. Initially I had to struggle to adjust myself with him and I believe he also felt the same.
As the time went by, I started to "befriend" him as it was difficult for me to share my room with him and not talking to him. In... Continue»
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Gary, Pauly, and I

I was raised in the shadows of a large corporation's foundry. The neighborhood was well kept and the k**s were just k**s and we all got a long together. Saturday was baseball at the open field near the foundry.We used to gather every Saturday at 9 and choose teams. My mom made us fold laundry and clean a room every Saturday. we would switch rooms, but we all had to do it. This unfortunately made my b*****rs and I late every week. Sometimes we didn't get to play, but we showed up and paired off with some friends after the game and did other things together.
One Saturday my buddy Gary (who's co... Continue»
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Leon and Chris...first time...

Leon and Chris grew up together, living on the same street and playing together most of their c***d hood. They did most everything together, went to the same elementary school and high school. During their summer vacation they would spend time down at their favorite swimming hole.

It was just a tributary that split off from the main river channel and maybe a mile down stream it pooled into a ten feet deep pool. There Leon and Chris would spend most of the day swimming and diving off the bank.

Leon was a better swimmer than Chris and would oft times dunk Chris into the pool and swim aw... Continue»
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Al's wife had built on his mother's discipline training. She'd gotten him well trained into accepting any and all punishment she wished to inflict on him. Through psychological humiliation and skilled brainwashing, he was now very tractable and slavish.

Yes, his wife's punishment was painful, but after it was over, the joy of knowing he'd been forgiven by her seem to outweigh the pain.

His wife, Cora had trained her mollycoddled young husband to not move or pull away as she slaps him hard. He has been so well trained in how to prepare himself for her whippings that she need only give h... Continue»
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Its 2:30 AM. I'm awakened by the sound of a car pulling in my driveway and the flash of its headlights through the bedroom window.

The lights go out. There's silence. After a few moments and not hearing the sound of a car door opening or closing, I lay still, but anxiously awaiting the next noise from the driveway. I don't get up to investigate because I'm almost sure that it's my wife returning home.

Almost 20 minutes later, I hear the familiar opening and closing of a car door and a few moments later, the sound of a key in the front door. Almost simultaneously, I hear the car start... Continue»
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Some say I'm a henpecked Pollyanna husband. I disagree with them. Just because I trust my wife, as well as do a lot of the household chores, including the laundry, cleaning bathrooms, washing dishes, and cooking many of the meals, is no reason for people to say I'm henpecked. I see it as natural for a husband to help out around the home. Sure my wife doesn't work, but that doesn't mean she has time to do everything.

I don't mind coming in from a busy day at work and helping her out by washing a sink full of dirty dishes and cooking dinner for the f****y. After all, a marriage is a part... Continue»
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