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Old man fantasy-Part 2

As i got home after i finished my job I got horny again,I have been thinking about the experience all the time since it has happened.I could not take off my chastity cage to masturbate..I did not know what to do I could not keep my mind off him so I called him and told him about this...i heard a lusty laughter for the first time and he sad "You will get addicted to me..I am gonna turn you into the best cum-dumpster,I will see you tomorrow".
I barely slept that night,he clearly succeeded in controlling was a big part of his plan,I was fingering myself without even noticing the reflex a... Continue»
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gay sex experience with my warden

Ye us samay ki baat hai jab mai hostel me rehta tha and mera 10th class ka board exam tha…Mera saara exams khatm ho chuka tha bus ek science baaki tha but beech me holi festival tha so sabhiko ghar jaana para but mera ghar dur hone ke karan mai nai jaa saka..Pure hostel me mai akela hi tha apne hostel warden ke saath…Wo bahut hi sexy body wale aadmi hai..Thode fat hai..Wo gaysex k lie ekdum perfect hai,.

Mai jab v unhe dekhta mann karta unke muh pe muth maar dun and hamesha unse sex karne ko dil karta…Us raat mai akela hi sone wala tha lekin mujhe darr lagta tha to maine unse kaha to wo bol... Continue»
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Scratch that itch

Summer vacation of my freshman year in junior high my folks were busy travelling round the country on an extended college visiting trip with my older s*s. They were going to be gone four weeks and figured I was too young to leave on my own so they parked me with some friends of theirs. It was a friend of my old man's from work and his wife. George and Linda. She traveled quite a bit and he worked from home so we had the house to ourselves all day and night except at weekends. He was good company and fun and I was glad when we were alone together. He did have work to do, so I tried to stay out... Continue»
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An Old Friend

**My High School Days**

From the time I was a young boy, I was drawn to friendships with boys
who exhibited some kind of dominance. It wasn't something that I
consciously did, but I often remember being asked by f****y and friends why
I would hang out with friends who bullied me. To me it didn -(TM)t feel
like bullying in comparison to the alternative, which was to have friends
who were more like me - meek and passive, and end up bullied in a far worse
way by the stronger boys in school. Maybe I sought the protection of
stronger boys or maybe I looked up to their strengt... Continue»
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My Anal Virginity

We stood in the small shower facing each other, both of us soaked; our long hair plastered to our backs, and both of us completely naked. Our cocks were exposed but not hard, each hanging innocently between our legs, brushing up against the other in a casual way that gave no hint at the desire burning beneath the surface. We were two smooth, hairless twinks taking a shower together.
We stood close, not even a foot away from each other, yet we were not kissing. Our heads were turned slightly to the side of the others, our clean shaven cheeks sliding along the others. Each of us could hear th... Continue»
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I had already gone to bed that night, but woke to laughter from the other room, so I got up to see what was going on. My two college-age houseguests were staying in the TV room, basically camping out on the couch and floor rather than sharing the bed in the guest room. I had met Josh before, the son of a co-worker who had moved out of state, and Will was his best friend. They were traveling to a summer job, and Josh's dad had called asking if they could stop over on their way through. I suspect he wanted me to make sure they were ok and decently fed on that leg of their trip, and I was happy ... Continue»
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Making Me Bi

I have been interested in boys and girls since I was around twelve, when a neighbouring male friend f the f****y took me for a ride in his car and at that time - in the late fifties - having a car journey was quite a thing. My mum saw nothing wrong with it, which I was pleased about, I was excited to go and looking back all these years, I am still glad she allowed me to go. It was just going to be a short drive, to let me see the car at close quarters and look at the countryside, in the area round our small town. My driver friend was an unremarkable man, quite small but well built with broad s... Continue»
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Two Friends Having Sex

I was at my friend's house, and my friend and I were watching TV. I drive my wheelchair around his house because i never been at his place before, so I checking it out. His house was small, only two bedrooms, a bathroom, a little kitchen and a living room. And in one of his bedroom was a big box with a door. The box looked kind of like a stander with a paded door with a hole where somebody's ass. My friend saw me looking at it and asked, "do you want to get in it?" I said, "OK." He came over to it and got a key off of the table that it's next to it and unlock the door and open it.... Continue»
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college BBC pounds my white ass two nights in a ro

Well first off let me say a little about myself, im 28 white very straight acting and looking male. Im kinda pale, short dark brown hair and eyes short beard and mustache. Ive got a few tattoos as well. Im 5 foot 11 inches tall. And Im 160 lbs. Im bisexual now and this story is about my first BBC. It was a Tuesday night I was off work having a few beers and checking out the scene on grindr. Id never had any luck yet on there to that point but tried anyways, im glad I did. I found a young black male who was a college student at a local university and he only lived about 2 minutes from my plac... Continue»
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Poziv da provedem 10-tak dana godisnjeg odmora kod kumova u Bg-u, sa zadovoljstvom, sam prihvatio To je bila prilika da ih, nakon 2 godine, vidim, cestitam rodjenje djeteta i zamijenim skype razgovore neposrednim kontaktom. Oboje su u ranim tridesetim godinama i veze nas jako dobro prijateljstvo koje smo razvili kroz decenijsko poznanstvo.
Dane smo ispunjavali setnjama, dugim razgovorima, dobrim raspolozenjem, hraneci se po restoranima. Sve mi je govorilo da imaju skladan, harmonican brak i da su se jako dobro snasli i pozicionirali u novoj sredini. Medjutim, u danima koji su uslijedili, dosa... Continue»
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Used for an Evening!!!

This is a very true story that took far too long to tell. Names has been forgotten over the years matter of fact I don't think there was any names given. Anyway my name is David, yeah I reveal my real name, I'm not going to sue my self...LOL...

This was some year after I had been taken advantage of by my three(3), high school bullies and their relations. You see I was in the ninth grade and decided to cut class, our inner city high school was situated between two neighborhoods.

Bordered on two sides by busy streets or avenues, one side by residential houses and the back side sheltered... Continue»
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My first time with a guy...

For several years I have been thinking what it would be like to suck cock. I have been married for 3 years, I love my wife but the sex is plain. Dont get me wrong, she makes me cum! Her pussy is tight despite having 2 k**s and she enjoys being tied up but she can only cum on her back so it gets a little samey. She also doesnt like sucking cock so I havent had a proper blow job in almost 8 years!

So for a while now I have enjoyed sharing pics that I have taken of my wife with other guys (particularly local guys) and hearing and seeing ther reaction. Several have been kind enough to send me t... Continue»
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Perfect kinky story

I would love to take u out and then get back here and pull your shirt off along with mine and grab your head and pull your lips gently into mine after looking deeply into your eyes. I would pick u up and pin you against the wall to make out with you aggressively pulling each of our heads side to side. As we are on the way to the bedroom we fall on the ground, and you are on top of me. I flip us over and start kissing you really slowly and passionately and start kissing down your sleek neck and slowly licking and kissing down your torso and stomach down to your pants. I slowly undo the bott... Continue»
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His first time.

I would just like to point out I'm kinda bisexual but I kinda need a feminine edge normally, I like shemales and females the most if I'm honest. This however, was an opportunity I could not turn down. I've condensed sections of this in to separate days, so you get a sense of how long this has build up.

It all started when I began classes at my college, there was a younger guy just turned 18. He's NEVER admitted to being gay, I honestly think he just wanted to cum so bad he'd let anyone do it because he can't 'figure it out' I was amazed that in this day and age that a guy can't figur... Continue»
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my gay sucking and fucking time

His soft lips kissed mine. Our tounges smacked on each other's as we passionately kissed. I pushed him on the bed. I took his shirt off to reveal is tight abs and muscular body. I kissed his neck, down to his chest and along his perfect abs. I removed his pants and underwear to reveal is hard perfect cock standing to attention in front of my face. I kissed the tip of his cock and then the shaft. I grabbed his cock in my hand and spat on it, rubbing my saliva in with my hand. I put his cock in my mouth and sealed my lips tightly around it. I started sucking his perfect 9 inch cock. My head was ... Continue»
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Mouth for Aunt Daisy's Boyfriend

first time, cocksucking, mouth-raape, mature, schoolboy


Carl brought a pint of liquor to my aunt on most Tuesdays and Thursdays and with that, he was able to pry her away from her television and cigarettes long enough to relieve his seemingly unquenchable need for sexual release. They moved to her bedroom in my full view and Carl wasn’t shy about a****listic noises at the point of his greatest quest, one that he no longer enjoyed with his wife after she bore four c***dren and shut down her tunnel of conception.

I was a skinny k**. My aunt was a ... Continue»
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The last time I was a slut for cock

This is an account from my diary about the last time that I was a total slut for cock, before I realised that there was power in being dominant.

Went over to see Peter yesterday, it was about 8pm when I left his house but I didn’t have to worry about rushing home.
It was nice being with Peter again, he’s taught me so much the past year and he loves me in feminine clothes but he wouldn’t let me take the dress that I’d worn for him home. He let me go home wearing the bra, pants, stockings and suspenders though, it felt lovely wearing them when riding my bike. I felt so happy having spent th... Continue»
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Vicky's Pink Diary 04

My head is spinning now, and as my uncle slowly pulls my panties down, I close my eyes dreading my fate!

I watch as he pulls my case out from under the bed. He takes a key out of his trouser pocket and unlocks the padlock.

"My god, how long have you had a key?!"

"Vicky, surely you remember losing a key a little while ago. It fell out of your jeans when your stepmother pulled them out of the washing machine. She didn't notice, but I did. Now I don't want to bring the other you up, but I did wonder why you would have a key in your jeans."

I knew I'd lost one of the keys, but I ne... Continue»
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Vicky's Pink Diary 03

So here I am waiting for my Uncle to come home for his tea, wearing Donna's knickers! Vicky's wardrobe is quite sparse, due to having just one locked suitcase hidden under my bed. I'm lucky that my stepmother is roughly the same size as me, and a total slut! Probably the only thing I like about Jenny is her clothes, she dresses like a girl half her age, and I know for a fact she shags around. I know my friend Sean has had a few narrow escapes from my stepmother. Then one day when I ask him about the way they smile at each other, he owned up. So I now know that they have fucked, I finally got i... Continue»
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Ken Pt2

"Ken" and I had another get-together the other night and since everyone wants to hear's what happened.

My wife had to work a late night possibly over night job so I emailed "Ken" just after she left and asked if he was free for the evening. He answered an hour or so later saying he was as long as i brought 'something extra to wear'. We agreed to meet at his house after I got the "clearance text" (a text from my wife letting me know that she and her co-workers had made it to their job location). While I waited for her to text I got ready. I was just getting out of the showe... Continue»
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