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Playtime Stories Ch 13 - Unbelievable Motel Reward

Ok, so this one is hot, but is mostly fantasy...I have 'earned' a few nights kinda like this though...

I also fuck the hotel managers of another city. To be able to come and go all dressed up without anyone noticing is usually very important. Sometimes my company will have me stay at a premium ‘nice’ hotel. So I’ll get a slightly less nice motel on the side so I can do what I want without having it get back to my boss. A little caution and a few extra expenses go a long way.
One of the cities I go to on a quarterly basis can be a lot of fun. I’ve had some fairly hot times... Continue»
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Playtime Stories Ch 14 - Masters and Subs Stop by

As with the story line of Ch 13, this one is mostly fantasy except the Master Titan and 'Hole-boy'. They are people I met but couldn't play with (yet).


I stood up and tucked myself in almost making myself cum in the process. I looked at him with a quizzical expression as I stood and walked to the door, wondering what I’d gotten into. I asked him if he was sure it was safe. He said I was in no danger and everything was going to be fine.
I looked at myself in the mirror to see that my makeup was still fine, despite my phenomenal cocksucking. I still looked a cheap whore with... Continue»
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Brief encounter on a nudist beach

15th July 2014

It’s not very often that I find myself with a day with very little to do especially on such a sunny and hot day in the middle of the week. But, I decided to go and spend a few hours at the beach and as I enjoy being naked it had to be a naturist beach. I had been there before but not for a long time so it was going to be like discovering the beach all over again.
I arrived at the parking lot wearing just a tee shirt, a pair of thin silky short and flip flops, got my bag out of the car which contained a blanket, towel, sun oil, a large flask with cold drink and my book, and I... Continue»
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Kitty in the back seat

This happened when i was just 18 yr old - a horny twink always looking for cocks to suck and get fucked like crazy. That was the time when I used to crossdress all the time inside house and started thinking about serious procedures. But by that time I already had a few handfuls of friends whose cocks I used to polish with my mouth and ass. Some of them were gays, some of them were straights, and some of them were whatever. One of those straight ones was Sovan. One day, after spending some quality time in my ass-park, he asked me for a strange favor. He said, “I have an older cousin whose wife... Continue»
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Break Down

Pu-Pu-Pu (Cough). Rattle. Hisssssss. Bang!

Robynn's car gurgled and grumbled, slowly crawling along until finally coming to a complete halt.

"Uggg . . . Not again!!" Robynn teared up in frustration. "Not now!" With all of the burdens she was currently carrying this was like the straw that broke the camel's back. As would be expected with most Sissies, Robynn wasn't mechanically inclined and had no idea what was wrong with her car. All she knew was that she was stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Honk! Honk! Honk! vehicles were expressing emotions since she was still in the middle of th... Continue»
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The Making of a Sissy (Part 1)

It was the summer after graduation, and I was living with my mom who was recently divorced. She had been dating a lot during that period, which was kind of rough for me to deal with. I would usually give her dates a hard time, and to be honest I was completely unsupportive of her decision to be dating. Anyhow, I was up late one night watching something on t.v. when I heard her and her new boyfriend come home from a date. They were apparently somewhat d***k and making a lot of noise, but I just tried to ignore it. It wasn't much longer until I started to hear this moaning and rocking of th... Continue»
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Young and Hung

Having pursued my bisexual urges in just the last 3 years since I have retired, I wish I had jumped off the bridge years ago. I head to the community center 3 times a week to swim laps. I get plenty of stares in the locker room at my thick 8 inch cock swinging between my legs. Just last week at about 9am a young man struck up a conversation with me while changing after we showered. He was about 30 years old in my estimation and a rugged handsome man. He could not keep his eyes off my crotch.This attention caused some stiffening to start. He was obviously very interested. He was very well endow... Continue»
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Story - Picking up a coffee boy/man!

This is a story requested by a friend...this was not part of my real life sex life yet hehe

Everyday before work I would stop in at this little coffee shop. Behind the counter is this strapping young teen-ager, his skin like Hershey's chocolate and a slight bulge twitching as I notice him checking out my snake running down my jeans...this was not the first time I saw him looking...his name tag said late afternoon I stopped in by chance and there was Mors sitting at a table alone...after getting my drink I head over to Mors table...standing beside him where he gets a nice crotc... Continue»
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sexperience with hostelmate

Hi everyone, my name is ajay, I am an average looking guy with good height and weight from vijayawada in andhra.

And hardly my life has just 3 sexperiences that also with guys, I am bisexual(I enjoy sex with both girls and boys) I just love the pleasure.. this incident happened nearly 7 years back when I was in my 12th with my hostel mate. I started masturbating from my 10th since then that is the only way for my pleasure, every night I masturbate in bathroom before bathing.

As it is residential college only for boys and I used to hear some stories regarding gay sex in my college. And I... Continue»
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my first sexual experiences pt.1

The following is a recollection of actual events from my youth. I was never pressured to do anything I didnt want to and was a willing participant in everything I did with any of the individuals I had sexual contact with. I look back on these events fondly, and enjoyed them very much at the time they occurred. I have always wanted to share these experiences and am happy to do so now. I hope you find these events as erotic as they were to me back then. I have tried to keep the events in chronological order as they occurred, but it was a long time ago. So here goes...

I was an only c**... Continue»
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Albany, NY - Part 2

When my guest was done with his third beer bottle, it seemed that he was ready for the main course. He dropped the bottle on the floor next to me, stood me up, took off my boxers and jersey off, turned me around and made me climb on the bed, where I ended up on all four. He, then, spread my ass cheeks, and licked my ass crack.
He alternated that treatment with small bites and spanking on my cheeks. It felt wonderful. I felt his eagerness, and I could tell this was not the first time this guy munched an ass. He was hungry. His claws and teeth sank in my fleshy butt cheeks, and his tong... Continue»
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Albany, NY

I was staying at a hotel in Albany, New York during an assignment. It was a cold evening and I was bored to death. TV programming sucked that night, and worse, I was horny as hell. The alternative? Of course, connect my laptop and jack off.
But I was tired of watching the same old porn. I needed something a bit more personal so I ended up signing up into an adult-dating website and began watching some live broadcast videos and chatting. It was nice for a while, but I still wanted more. I wanted the real thing that night. I needed to get physical.
While idling in a chat room, I re... Continue»
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Made My Friend A Crossdresser

I am having a tsunami of mixed feeling about this friend of mine who’s name shall remain anonymous but for now lets call him Anshul. He’s a good guy and a hot one. He got flawlessly creamy skin with awesome bubbly butts.

This started a few years ago when we met for the first time in India. We worked in same company and he was a friend of a friend. At that time I was crazy about my physique and was well built up and he got motivated and asked about my workout routine and slowly he started joining me in gym.

Few months later he moved to my apartment and we became good friends. We became su... Continue»
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Hell or Heaven

My wife Mary and I had met in college and got married soon after
graduating. We were both in the business world and doing quite well.
We both worked long hard hours but made a nice living. After more than
two years without a vacation we had purchased a townhouse and furnished
it nicely. When we finally managed to arrange for a week off I had
gone on the internet and reserved a nice cabin on a secluded lake. It
was the only cabin on the lake and fifteen miles from the nearest town.
It had indoor plumbing and included the use of a boat and outboard
motor. We would have p... Continue»
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How My Life Changed

My wife Mary and I had been married for over eight years and I thought
our life was very good. She was an attorney for an important law firm
and rapidly rising towards a partnership. She made a lot more money than
I did in my job as a fast food worker. That didn't bother me as much as
it might have many men. We had a nice house and lived well. Mary is 28,
5'6", 120 pounds and had 38D breasts. She is a beautiful brunette with
brown eyes. I am 5'8", 140 pounds and used to taking orders from the
people I work for. As my wife gained more power in her career, she began
to demand ... Continue»
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My Journey part 2.

My Journey part 2

Up until this point in my life I was quite inexperienced in sex with women and men never even featured in any fantasy let alone real life and at that time I did struggle with guilt and shame but one of the good things about being a young man was that these doubts and guilty feelings were quickly forgotten or justified as soon as we get turned on and or got a hard on, with Matt moving away in a few months for a new job we both had very little time to explore and play so we began playing hard and fast in all sorts of kinky ways, the only thing new I had brought to the table ... Continue»
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Cock Master

There was an adult theater on my way home from work, I'd gone in once just to see what it was like. I'd since read about these theaters on the internet that you could get a hand job or maybe a blow job, sometimes see women in there playing around. So one Friday night, my wife was out of town, I thought I'd check it out again.

I sat down about two thirds of the way back. After a few minutes I saw a guy walk through a doorway I hadn't noticed and a few minutes later a another guy come came out. Curiosity won and I walked over and found myself standing at the front of another theater. I ... Continue»
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My wife has a ball while I suck a cock

I felt a surge of excitement as we sped our way up the M6. We were on our way to spend a week with our new friends in Cumbria. Well; I am not being entirely honest with that statement that are not actually new friends. We are going to spend time with friends Ruth and Alex who we have known for over 25 years; however we saw a side of them last time we visited that we have never seen before. In fact that is why we are on our way again this week; just two short weeks after we spent the weekend with them.

My wife Judy and I are very happy, however, before our last trip to Cumbria you would pr... Continue»
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My Life Stories: Yesterday & Today

I had to be in NYC on Tuesday for 9am. While not a terrible commute from central Jersey, it would require getting out of the house earlier than usual, so I investigated taking a hotel room there for Monday night. Problem was, it was the combined Valentines-Presidents Day holiday weekend and rooms were either scarce or very expensive. Over the weekend, I was out with a friend and explaining the situation to him, when he said that Jonathan, the elderly man I invited to your party last year, lived in NYC about 3 blocks from where I needed to be; I bet he would be willing to let you stay overnigh... Continue»
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Bi first experience

I always classed myself as a straight guy up until 4 years ago. This is true story of myfirst experience and thoughts, hope you enjoy.

About me - I am a slim 5 ft 9, 45 year old guy, average looks, with a nice 6.5 inch uncut cock and now orally bisexual.

It all started with a break up of a long term relationship 4 years ago. I wasn't t interested in finding another girlfriend, but missed sex. So like most people I joined some online sex sites that opened my mind. I had mixed success and through the sites i was meeting 3-4 different women a year. My hard work online paid off in the very c... Continue»
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