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First Time pt 2 Written by trans_love (Fantasy)

The rest of the winter was uneventful. That warm springlike day didn't last and all too quickly the reality of winter was back with a vengence. I tried to have another encounter with my new friend, hoping things would go futher but I never ran into him again.

Once winter was over and spring had settled, I had that stirring in my panties yet again and longed for someone to find me and make me his. As the days warmed I found myself getting more and more daring in my quest to be made someone's woman. One day I finished my paper route early and just wandered thru town on my bike. I went over ... Continue»
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A Christmas Wish

“Janine, they’ve canceled all the flights out. I’m just going to head back home and I’ll come up to visit after the New Year. Give my love to everyone. You can call me later if you like,” Tim Brewer spoke into his cell phone leaving his s****r a voicemail. It was Christmas Eve and there was no chance he would be joining her f****y for the holiday. He was just happy that he had shipped their presents two weeks ago so at least they would have them. He made his way back to the parking garage and started up his dark gray 2005 Chevy Tahoe.

He drove carefully towards his condominium that was abou... Continue»
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Pizza Delivery Guy Pounds Femboi Customer

Martavious James checked his phone after hearing it notify him that he had a new text message. He replied and tossed it back aside. The eighteen year old full-time community college student and part-time pizza delivery driver turned his tricked out shiny metallic blue 2000 Honda Civic SI into the parking of the complex where he had his final customer of the evening. He hopped out of his vehicle and grabbed the carrying case containing the pie. He knocked on the door and waited. He grew impatient as he was ready to go home and chill. He knocked again and decided to call the number on the ticket... Continue»
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Have you ever made a porno?

I figured i'd share this weird story because most people don't encounter situations like this. I grew up in the midwest, was always considered fairly attractive so I moved to Los Angeles to be an actor. I got a job with this company that went around and did electronics installations in people's homes. This one particular afternoon wasn't out of the ordinary, I was hooking up a flatscreen with surround sound in this mansion in the hills. I pulled up in the company van, unloaded the equipment and went in to begin the install. The house was huge, very well decorated, very bright, large windows. T... Continue»
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First Time pt 1 Written by trans_love (Fantasy)

This is a true story that began when I was about 5.

When I was about 5 yrs old I somehow discovered that I enjoyed women's clothing, especially wearing them. It started off rather innocently, wearing my moms or s****rs dress along with heels. I used to put 2 stuffed bears as boobs. As I got a little older I seemed to have forgotten all about this for a few years.

Let me describe myself a little before we go any further. At age 12, I was about 5' 1" maybe 100 lbs, longish brown hair, green eyes and a very fem ass.

When I turned 12 or 13, I was able to get a paper route early in the mo... Continue»
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Curiosity Part II

Jason sped down the highway back to the base. He was tired and completely drained. After he helped Carlo lock up and followed him to make the night deposit at the bank, Carlo handed him a slip of paper with an email address on it. He told Jason, “Create a new email account so we can communicate and this can all be on the low. Hit me up at that addy and I’ll send you some pics and vids of these cakes.” Jason had zero regrets about skull fucking Carlo’s sissy behind.

Jason threw a frozen pizza in the oven and turned on his laptop. He looked at the note from Carlo. He chuckled when he read Car... Continue»
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Sauna bitch!

I work at a sports center, being a bi curious young lad I have day dreams about some of the men this is one of these dreams.

Working the other day, I entered the changing rooms to find Mike, a guy who frequents the sauna, polite, nice and a little rough looking with that look of someone that had traveled a bit, He had a habit of touching my arm when talking to me in a friendly way. Sitting on the bench he chatted to me, normally he puts his towel around his waist but today he laid back, now his shorts are always tight but today with no towel I noticed for the first time, his bulge was hu... Continue»
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Weekend Fun: Part 4

This weekend took place a little more than a year after I “graduated” elementary school and it was about to be my second year in middle school. My birthday had just past and I was 12 years old with only one week left before I started in the seventh grade. Meanwhile Johnny was 14 for a few more months as usual until his birthday came and he was a freshman in high school, about to become a sophomore in about a week. He told me that High school was so much more different than middle school and that a lot of the students there looked like adults.

At mom’s house, after having dinner with mom, I... Continue»
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I was a MALE prison WHORE

I was traveling to Mexico with my parents and after several days of laying out on

the beach, etc. I was getting tired of hanging out with them so I sneeked out of

the resort and even though I was u******e, grabbed a taxi cab and went into

this little town. I was trying to score some weed that I could sneak back into the

resort and use after my parents had turned in for the night.
I asked the taxi driver where I might get some and he took me to the shitty

looking little bar out on a dirt road. I went inside to meet with the guy he told me

about but when I met the g
... Continue»
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My name is James and I have a story to tell about what happened to me when I was at summer camp!
This is a true story but I have changed all the names because I don't won't anyone I know to find out about this.

I had just started high school and was kinda shy and was really afraid to talk to girls, etc. I was nice looking but didn't seem to have any luck at all asking girls out to the school dances, etc. That summer, my parents sent me to a camp for three weeks that was supposed to help boys my age get over their shyness and to help us feel more at ease in a social environment.

... Continue»
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Caught by a neighbour

I've secretly been crossdressing from a young age. In my late teens, around 17, I became more
adventurous. maybe because I was enjoying it more. At that age I was very slender, had long dark
hair as well has having a naturally smooth and hairless body. My b*****r and s****r were both at uni
and my parents would work a lot of the time meaning I was left home alone quite a lot. I would
"borrow" my s****r's clothes and had actually found in the loft a bag of things she didn't wear any
more. As you can image this bag had made it's way into my wardrobe some time ago to make those
long days al... Continue»
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Caught by a neighbour

I started crossdressing at quite an early age, 'borrowing' items of my mum's underwear and furtively dressing in them when she was at work. As I was an only c***d, and mum and dad had separated, I had quite a lot of time to indulge my little hobby! I used to love wearing her tights, the sexy feel of them encasing my legs and cock, and the way they made me feel so girly when I admired my reflection in the long mirror in our hallway. I would also wear her big full-cut knickers and doreen bra, and complete this with a lace slip and a pair of strappy heels or mule slippers that I could fit into th... Continue»
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Vicky's Pink Diary 01

There he is sat on my bed, my Uncle, Uncle Creep, well that's what I call him. I'm just staring in shock as he flicks through it.

"Put that down, it's private," I manage to blurt out.

"Don't worry, you poor little thing. I've read it right through a few times. I won't tell anyone, Vicky, isn't it?"

I'm shaking in horror, my diary, my pink diary with all my secret thoughts and wishes, my fantasies, and things I've done, embarrassing things. Well how many 18 year old boys get a kick out of wearing their and their stepmother's underwear and dresses? How many boys write things like tha... Continue»
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Switching roles

In most play I tend towards the dominant side but I do like to switch from time to time. One of the most intense experiences of my life, not so very long ago, was an unexpected switch.
Halloween night. I traveled by train to visit with my lover. She'd made all the arrangements for
costumes for us to attend a party later that evening. I didn't know what she chosen or anything about the party itself. I was simply looking forward to the weekend away. As the train pulled into the station I stood at the door, impatiently looking out onto the platform, waiting for the train to come to a comple... Continue»
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Taking care of a friend: Allison and Chuck

My girlfriend Allison and I had always loved doing threesomes and group sex. We have a friend named Chuck who lived next door. Chuck was a socially awkward guy he is short and thin with medium length dirty blonde hair and he wore glasses. He would always come over and hang out with us and our friends but he always seemed to go near Allison and talk to her a lot and touch her. He made it obvious that he liked her but we just brushed it off. Our friends would ask why we hang out with him because he they even knew he liked her but we didn't have an answer for them. Maybe it was just for the compa... Continue»
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Fucking My FWB in the Office...In Front of the Win

If you have read my other posts you know that I only write 100% true accounts of my Bi life. Here is another time when John and I fucked right in front of the office windows on one of the cities busiest streets.

I had made a text to John, my wonderful FWB, and we made arrangements to meet after work on a Saturday at my office. You can read about our other session in my other story of us having a quickie at the office.

I was beyond excited that John was going to take care of that burning need I was developing in my boi pussy. I could hardly wait for the store to close, me to lock it up ... Continue»
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Daniel's Passion...3

I stepped into the shower and washed allowing the water to soothe my pain, as I finished, it was then that I noticed there was no towel for me to dry off with. I had to walk over to the door dripping wet and open it partly and call out '...I need a towel...' The girl answered '...that ain't no way to talk...' Charlie chimed in '...telling him what to say gurl...' She answered '...say "honey, I need a towel"...' Charlie, Daniel and the girl laughed again.

Charlie cautioned ' better do as she said...' downtrodden I had no choice, either as I was told or exit without a towel. I called ... Continue»
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First Oral MM

If you enjoyed my previous life event, I hope you will enjoy this as well.

Mike and I had been meeting together regularily to jerk off. Usually we would pull out the magazines and jerk off and sometimes taste our cum. Ususally it would involve us grabbing each other and finishing off with each other's cum all over our hands. That lead to us rubbing our cocks together on quite a few occasions, which I really enjoyed. I liked, in particular, when he would cum first and I could use his cum as lube to finish off. Sometimes I would sneak a taste of it before cumming myself. To this day I s... Continue»
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Holloween with a surprise

I read this story on literotica and just had to share it with my Xhamster friends.
Here goes.

Halloween my favorite holiday of the season. If you think a twenty five year old does not like going to costume parties, you've' got no idea what goes on in my life. Everyone I hang out with likes to enjoy themselves to the best of their advantage, and Halloween is one of the best ways we can accomplish that. This year, like the last four years in a row, I was hosting a Halloween party at my apartment with a number of friends coming over and naturally, it was a costume party. There was Jessie who... Continue»
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My first CD Mistress

It was quite a few years ago, I was so horny that time all I could think about was sex... and cock. I was desperately looking for some fun. I was in a chat room for shemales and crossdressers and ended up talking to Lisa, it turned out we weren't that far away from each other, just 40 mins. We talked over an hour, she asked me what I would like to do if we met... I told her I want to meet with someone who will take control and use me like his slut, she liked that and started asking more questions, asking what I am willing to do for her if we meet, I am willing to do anything for you I said exc... Continue»
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