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You never forget your first time.

Although this story occurred while I was a minor, we shall assume I was 19 years old. Please enjoy!

I changed my shirt about a dozen times that night. The red? The blue? Does it even matter? I was so scared that he would look at me and be disappointed. I had spent about six months talking to this big, burly guy, Barry, online and tonight we were going to meet. I didn't look at all like the skinny hairless twinks in porn, and I looked nothing like those beefy men. I was thin, but had a bouncy Hispanic bubble butt, which I hated at the time. I had some hair on my chest, but barely. My stomach... Continue»
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school teen gay crossdresser first time sex

A young cross dresser's first gay experience
I was just a young boy then, senior in high school, horny as hell and dreaming of my first gay experience since sitting in my new red lace thong and white lacy bra and discovering the one porno in the house everyone kept hiding from me. I guess they thought my s****rs panty drawer held no interest for me......they were wrong.

It had been a great afternoon jacking off in my new bra and panties and watching my first porno when it happened, I saw the most beautiful thing ever, Peter north titty fucking a hot blonde and cuming all over her face. I w... Continue»
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The Making Of A Cockslut 2

After my great time at the glory hole wall I set out to explore what else the upstairs area of the bath house had to offer. It was dimly lit and as I walked around there was many passageways and a number of small rooms some with the door shut, guys seemed to be just walking around these passageways all dressed only in a towel. At the end of one of these passages I came upon a larger more open room, the wall were black and the lighting subdued, it had a few padded chairs and some benches around the walls. In the centre of one wall hung a sling arrangement, it hung from the ceiling, it had a num... Continue»
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A night time workout

I pull into the parking lot at the gym; it is after regular hours so its members only. There is only one car in the parking lot I assume it is the attendant. As I walk in the door you can feel the air change from a cool crispness from outside to the steamy humid feel inside. The girl behind the counter takes my card to check me in; I can hear the sound of weight stacks clanking in the back. I take my towel and head to the locker room. I had my work out cloth on so I drop off my bag and head to the exercise floor.
There is only one other soul in the gym. I have seen this guy before but ... Continue»
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Sneakers Rubber boots

Rubber boots, sneakers, condoms.
Lick smell is what excites.
skype: hubert.gumowniak
Control at work.

23.30 pm bell to check who admitted into the control room after identyfikcji controller.
Mr. nice older hunk accede to control logs, etc.
I am a fetishist gumowców standard setting waders on the bench.
After all, how can nothing but sit and lick niuchnąć and gumiaczków of masturbation.
Mr. controller interested in (asked) waders at the police station?
I said that this is my private waders for winter in case of exit crossovers.
I was surprised but th... Continue»
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Urlaub in der Türkei

Man die letzten Monate waren echt hart. So viel Arbeit und kaum Freizeit. So war ich froh, dass ich mal eine Woche weg konnte. Leider mussten alle anderen Arbeiten und so musste ich alleine los. Auch gar nicht so schlecht. Kann ich aussuchen was ich machen möchte ohne Rücksicht auf andere zu nehmen. Bei einer Woche wollte ich auch nicht so weit und so entschied ich mich für eine Woche in die Türkei an die Küste zu fahren.
Das Hotel war nicht gerade super aber es lag direkt am Meer. Das Wasser war schon etwas kühler was im November ja auch kein Wunder ist. So blieb es nur dabei ein paar Stund... Continue»
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7 Days of Secret Relationship

Wow I can't believe how fast the times goes, and how much I had changed in the last years, from a shy guy without experience to a sissy boy and the slutty Daddy's girl I am now.

and all the adventures and sex I had been going through, and I know there's a lot more to learn.

So wow, the first time I spread my legs to receive that hard awesome Daddy's cock mmmmmm it felt so wonderful, that round perfect tip thrusting into my tight virgin pussy ohhh goshhhh, it was a great to feel how my boypussy was opening up and swallowing his cock until all his cock was inside me I took a dee... Continue»
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Used Again and Again...

Bruce, Charlie and Daniel had gotten them selves into some serious trouble, they had been led out of our high school in hand cuffs and off to jail. A few other want to be thugs tried to take their place, even getting me to allow them to have sexual intercourse with them.

When school let out for the summer my tryst with them ended, when school let back in I was left pretty much alone. Every now and then some one would crack a joke about me being a fuck boy, but I ignored them mostly. Sometimes I would go to the other side of town and find a sex partner to satisfy my desire.

One day tho... Continue»
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Depuis 2 semaines, Stef, un jeune étudiant musclé très sportif de 20 ans s’installe toujours à côté de moi au vestiaire. Sans doute parce qu’il ait partie de la « bande au jockstrap » ! On est 5 ou 6 à porter ce sous-vêtement très pratique pour les sportifs et prisés des gays. J’adore voir son Q rond bien musclé dedans ! Il fait 1m75 60kg cheveux noir courts, yeux bleu (oua !), torse et abdo musclés et un peu poilus.
On discute souvent sous la douche l’un à côté de l’autre, j’en profite pour mater son sexe épais, déjà ferme au repos, et c’est l’un des rares à être entièrement rasé. Pers... Continue»
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Swallowing his load Part 2

I ask him to ease his car seat back and tilt up the steering wheel so I can get to work on getting the cum I so eagerly wished to taste. He adjusted everything so I had ample room to suck cock comfortably for quite some time. I moved down and since we were in his work van, I didn't have to deal with a center console and could just kneel down. I took his throbbing thick cock into my mouth making a loud sucking sound each time I popped it out of my mouth. He grunted and smiled, and says, "Hope you don't mind sucking the whole trip there and back, I want to try to see if I can beat my old record... Continue»
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Job done

I hurried out of the building, my cock hard and dripping copious amounts of precum, staining the front of my slacks. I awkwardly attempted to cover myself with my briefcase as my mind raced. "Did that really just happen? Did one of the most powerful industrial giants just use me as his cumslut?"

I hailed a taxi and offered a generous tip to get me to my hotel as quickly as possibly. Ten minutes later and $30 poorer, I was safely enclosed in my suite at the Hyatt. I immediately removed my pants and lay down on the bed. My erection hadn't subsided at all. I stroked myself through the material... Continue»
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Satisfying b*****rs...

It was early one Thursday morning, I decided to go to the adult book store and found out that it would not open till eleven. I walked back to my car and went back to my dorm, I watched the old porn flicks I had and came to a conclusion that I should shower and clean my anal cavity out, so after I showered I came back to my room and grabbed a bottle of baby lotion.

I laid on the bed and oiled up my left hand, I played with my bung hole slipping two three than four fingers into my anal opening. Once I was satisfied that I was opened enough I raised my legs and placed the nipple of the baby ... Continue»
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A trip to the bar

There are only a handful of people in the bar when I walk in. The bartender gives me a grin and a nod, guess that happens when you are a regular. The waitress comes over and takes my order. That is what I like about this place, it is attached to a very nice hotel so the dress of the waitress is quite, well cross between professional and slutty. The blouses are open showing lots of cleavage and the skirts are short with heels. If I wasn’t married I would be taking one of these hotties home.
After my second drink I notice a gentleman sitting at the bar. He is dressed in a suit but as typical... Continue»
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Swallowing his load Part 1

My old friend Mike decides after a few months of flying under the radar, to randomly text my phone. I read the text and he writes, "Yo!! What's good? I out and about and need a co-pilot to take a ride out my friends house. It's about a 1 and a half hour drive to it, are you busy??" In my mind I'm thinking of all the kinky stuff I've done with him and his girlfriends over the years. I'm remembering being his cumslut, never wasting it always eating every bit of his load, even if he decided to blast my face in cum, I'd always smear the cum down into my mouth, show it to him, and then swallow it. ... Continue»
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Cottaging Recollection.

This happened a few years back but the memory of it makes me bone up every time.

From being a permanently boned-up schoolboy any chance to have a crafty wank & I'd take it.Whether it was at the back of the class rubbing away at my knob in my tight black school trousers feeling my piss-slit ooze pre-slime through the material,or at the back of the schoolbus or in a secluded spot if I walked home,public lavs,even in the sacristry at church when I was an alter boy...anywhere.Back then one of my favourite places for a quick ham-shank,(wank),was in the changing room,(locker room),at school.FUCK,... Continue»
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Becoming A Whore

The fantasy had been going on for so long. We’d shared all of my fantasies and she knew how much they turned me on. We’d signed up for a couple of matchmaking internet sites and gotten a few replies, but never had acted on them. Last week, we’d gotten a reply from a man that wanted to make me his slave. We’d read it and she made me reply to him. I wasn’t sure that I could go through with any of it, but she made me tell him about my fantasies and then she sent him some of the stories I’d written. When he wrote back again, he told me that I was to meet him at a motel in a nearby city on Saturday... Continue»
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Playing as "the girl": Part 2

...It was a few years later when I was in middle school in the seventh grade and Billy was in the eighth. He was 14 and I was almost 13, we hit puberty really fast due to all of the "playing" we did together. One afternoon, I was home alone with Billy since Aunt Jessie had gone out to buy groceries and stuff. Billy and I were watching tv wearing only our underwear as usual when all of a sudden Billy got an idea. 

Billy said, "Hey?... Have you ever thought about maybe, you know... letting me put my dick in your butt? I heard about it at school and they say it's not as bad as it sounds..." I ... Continue»
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I'm a Cock Sucking Cum Slut

I Am A Cock Sucking Cum Slut

Part 1

For my entire adult life and even before, I have enjoyed the glories of sucking cock. From the time I was 12 year old, all through my teens, and beyond I have looked for ways to get my own fair share of cum. In my younger days it was with some of my peers who thought they were humiliating me by forcing me to suck their dicks in front of a crowd of boys, and yes, even some girls from the old neighborhood. What was even more humiliating was the size of my penis. I am downright tiny. I am constantly reminded of this fact every time I suck even the ave... Continue»
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A surprise for me

I got a call from my step daughter Kim 9iamawatcher), she asked if I and my wife Maureen could come over for a little fun. Of course we both said yes. When we arrived at her house & entered we realized it was going to be a f****y fun night. Besides Kim being there so was her husband Brad & his Dad - Doug, our nieces and their spouses - Shauna (shaunariley) & Tim, Andrea (HornyAndrea) & Casey, and Christine & David. I was thinking it was going to be a fantastic swapping party. Well I was in for a surprise.

Kim suggested we all get undressed to start our night of fun, leave it to the kinderg... Continue»
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My first BBC

I had just sucked a guy for the first time a week earlier, back on craigslist as I searched the ads I found a guy only 15 minutes from me. I emailed him and he responded right back. As we chatted telling each other our stats , he told me he had a 9"BBC that needed serviced right now. I told him I had only sucked one guy before and was a virgin. He told me if I was real and wanted his BBC to come meet him at the local Lowes parking lot right now. It was around 11 at night and I told him I was on my way. I pulled into the parking lot and saw his SUV as he described. I was so nervous as I pulled ... Continue»
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