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Sweating to the Oldies

Not to sound conceited but I was looking pretty good. It was 1980, I was 23 years old and in the best shape of my life. I'm 6ft tall, 190 lbs, fit, brown hair I had recently broken up with my girlfriend but wasn't going to let that keep me from having fun. I was off to a local gay bar I hadn't been to in months to see if something interesting would happen. I had gotten myself partly erect, put on a cock ring, pulled on a pair of skin tight jeans (commando) and a tank top. I worked out like a fanatic back then and loved showing off my arms and tight butt.

Driving to the club my heart was alm... Continue»
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From my first to my last

I've had several experiences with guy friends at various stages throughout my life, everything below is true, everyone involved was consenting and knew exactly what they were doing. My earliest encounter with the same sex was at quite a young age.

I spent almost every waking hour with my best friend Alex and neighbour Mark. We would do everything together and eventually discovered what our dicks are actually meant for. I must have been about 1 2 when we watched our first porno together at Alex's house. I remember a distinct feeling in my groin, and my first proper errection. Alex and Mark ... Continue»
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At home

After parting ways with Joe, I made it home and checked my messages. My friend left one apologizing for leaving.
I called he and told him it was okay and how I met Joe. He said Joe was one of his teachers and a good friend of his fathers boss. We talked for a few moe minutes and he had to go. I went to my room, stripped down and laid in bed thinking about what happened. I reached between my legs and felt my butt hole. A little sore and swollen from the abuse it received and rubbed my dick till it was hard.
Eyes closed and fantasizing about Joe I heard the phone ring. "Hello, I answered. "T... Continue»
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My gay experience

I got in trouble with my girl and as punishment, she made me have a 4some with three very thick and long guys. I do small anal play, but they were about four times bigger than what i use. My girl had strapped me down so I was in a doggy style at the edge of the bed. She brought in the guys and you could easily see the bulges on their pants. they were massive! She had the first guy take his pants off and it hung there maybe 12 long. And I found out it wasn’t completely hard yet either. My girl got some lube and rubbed it in my ass and some on the guys cock. When she did, she jerked him off for ... Continue»
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Cockatoo Part 7

Cockatoo Part 7

Shane stuck out an enormous hand and I instinctively shook it, hoping
for the first time in my life that my handshake would be a little limp.

‘G’day girls. What a coincidence,’ he said. ‘I thought it was you on the
dock but I couldn't be sure. I know you said you were leaving today, but
who would have guessed we would be on the same ferry. I didn't know
myself until this morning. Had an urgent call to get back to Bangkok.
All the flights are full, so I had to scramble to get this ferry and the
bus. I'm in the security detail at the Aussie embassy in Bangkok.
they'v... Continue»
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First Time with a CD

I was having a drink in a pub way out of town when this beautiful girl started talking to me, she had shoulder length dark hair, wearing a blue top with a short white skirt and ankle socks, she had a small chest but she made up for it in the fact she was pretty. As we talked she came across as confident as well as sexy. It was time for me to go and she said “Can I get a lift” I said “Sure”.

As we walked towards the car she told me her name was Davina. We got in and I said “Where do you want to go” and she replied “Somewhere quiet if you want” and as I nodded she directed me to an old church... Continue»
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To anyone I have ever told this story to I call him the L'phant Man and not because of a deformed face but because his cock looks like an L'phant's trunk that's what I called them before I learned how to say the word and it was the scariest looking cock I had ever seen even in photo's or video's I had never seen a cock like this one! And I thought as he climbed behind me with it “This is going to HURT!”

So let me begin my story...It was a Friday night and I was bored I had no date there was crap on the tube so I thought what the heck I'd go trolling for cock maybe I'd get lucky hey y... Continue»
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Clay Comes to sunny Southern California

After my trip I got back home and into work, the gym, the new guy who moved into my complex, and frankly, kind of forgot that Clay had wanted to visit. He had never told me any specifics about when he would be coming to town, if his Dad, Nate or Coach were also coming. One afternoon as I was leaving the gym after a great workout and rough spin class, I was starved, and got a text from Clay saying that he was at the college, went to some classes, got a tour, and was going to work out with the team until around 7, and he would be over after that. He ended with an apology for short notice, ... Continue»
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my first sexual encounters pt 2

PT. 2

The following is a continuation of a recollection of events from my youth. I was never for ced to do anything I didnt want to and was a willing participant in everything I did with any of the individuals I had sexual contact with. I look back on these events fondly, and enjoyed them very much at the time they occured. I have tried to keep the events in chronological order as they occurred, but it was a long time ago, so here goes...

Following the first attempt at anal sex, things went back to normal. I would still hang out with Eric and we would jack off and I would suck... Continue»
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Cocksucker Blues

Cocksucker Blues
By Linda Laving

It was open mike night in the club, and I was in the closet that passed as a
dressing room on my knees as the owner, a 30-something Italian guy, grunted
and I felt the warmth flood my mouth as he drained his thick musky cum onto
my tongue.
I sucked out the last few drops when he was done and swallowed down the
mouthful, which joined the previous four I'd already consumed that evening
and felt it sliding down my throat on the way to my stomach.

I was already dressed for the show in a black leather mini skirt and black
leather knee length boots wi... Continue»
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Last Night at Local ABS

There is still dried cum on my face as I write this post. I decided earlier today that I just had to suck some cock and earn some cum. So I put on my white satin cami, black g-string, my Dolce & Gabana Light Blue perfume, and threw on some "man" clothes for "cover" and safe travel. It was kind of quiet when I got there with only a few guys milling around. Nothing too interesting for the first 20 minutes or so. So I wandered booth to booth, peeking in to see if someone had their cock out and wanted a blowjob. A guy in his 70s wearing his granny panties diddling his micro-penis. No other cocks t... Continue»
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Compulsive masturbators

Anonymous asked: can any man be turned into a sissy, even if at the start he really doesnt want it

I don’t know. I suppose it all depends on their mental fortitude. But I imagine after prolonged f***ed chastity, the male mind will grow weak to influence and suggestion if it means the reward of sexual release. If the influence and suggestion at the time is that of feminization and bi/homosexuality, combined to exposure of related erotic images, video, and art, I’d assume that even the strongest man has a breaking point. Testosterone is a funny thing. Considering everything it represents to m... Continue»
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We were having some work done in the kitchen and that included having new tiles, the tilers were two young men, Rob 24 and Steve 22. Rob was obviously more confident than Steve as he was loud and quick with the innuendos. A couple of hours and they were nearly finished when Rob asked if he could use the toilet, I told him where it was and after taking his shoes off went upstairs.

A couple of minutes later he called downstairs “Can you come up here I think there’s something wrong with your toilet”, ‘fucking hell’ I muttered as I made my way upstairs. When I got to the top of the stairs with ... Continue»
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Summer school part 2

Jonny and I were in heaven. Beth just made our summer. We couldn’t wait for next weekend. Wednesday Beth sent us an email saying she was coming on Friday night and was looking forward to another fun weekend. She made us swear not to tell anyone and that she would have total control. We were not allowed to jerk off until she said. Friday night 8 pm slowly came. I got zero work done at school. When Beth finally knocked on the door at 8:45 Jonny and I both jumped out of our computer chairs to get the door. Jonny opened the door and Beth walked in wearing a long dark coat. Without even a hello Bet... Continue»
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My Changing Life- The Diary VI

It's Friday. The girls have completed their make-over of me and Chris and Terri are coming up the drive. I have butterflies in my stomach. Glenda looks me over one more time. So much happened today getting ready, well all week actually. She put me in a halter dress for tonight that was open all the way down the front, hugging my, as Glenda calls them, "beautiful, bountiful, bodacious boobs," then it gathered at the waist and went into a flowing skirt that ended just above my knees. Glenda looked at me, smiled, and said "That dress has fuck me written all over it." We all laughed.
"I don't tak... Continue»
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A chance encounter

I was in the military and at one post I had a group of friends that were not in the military, but knew a few of the civilians that worked on post and that is how we ended up meeting. One evening we out drinking at a local watering hole and everyone else had to leave as they had work in the morning. I was off for two days and one of the other guys that was in his 40's was also off the next day. He asked me if I wanted to go over to his place and a few more beers, so I accepted and we headed over to his house in town.
I have been bisexual since I can remember having any type of sexual th... Continue»
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Mr McCullagh

It was Summer and Carl took on a job doing up a guys house. There wasn't much to it and it only needed the two of us to finish in a few week. Which was great as meant we got lots of chances to have some fun with each other! The house belonged to a couple in their late twenties and they were both quite fit. She went to work most of the day but Mr McCullagh worked nights and would be home sl**ping until around lunch when he would get up and sometimes help us out. We would normally start at 7 just after he arrived home from his shift so we had a key to let ourselves in to work as his wife left ea... Continue»
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How I Became a Sissy

In the beginning

I was 13, and I had a relative staying with us and we loved to play together, one night we were sl**ping in the same bed and we started to tickle each other, and while we were doing so we undressed each other to find our self naked we laughed and then we kept tickling each other as I was giving him my back when he started to tickle my little dick that I found myself hard and he also got hard as he was spooning me, things turned from laughing to being quiet and he started rubbing his dick by my ass and when he pushed his Dick inside me holding my waist, I don’t think he inse... Continue»
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Fags cyber chat #1

Him:Hey wanna chat ;) , I like sissy boys, especially in fishnet

Me:hehe, sure Sir, i love fishnets cause they make me feel like the little slut i want to be

Him:What else do you like then sissy boy slut ?

Me:being verbally degraded Sir, the dirtier the better

Him:Like being told how much of a faggot cock loving boy you are ?

Me:oh god, yes Sir, i love being called a faggot so much

Him:How about cocks, you like them ?

Me:yes Sir, i'm a little cock addicted inferior faggot

Him:Then i think i have something in... Continue»
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My First Anal

My sexual appetite has always been strong. Being bisexual, I easily transition from men to women and back again. Years ago, I had an incredibly adventurous sexual relationship with an equally adventurous woman. She was game for most anything I wanted. We explored anal, bondage, sex toys, and even threesomes, both MMF and MFF (another story). However, my sexual desires were stronger than hers as I have a strong desire for homosexual sex.

I had an apartment of my own, but slept most nights at her place. One night after sex I wanted more, but she was too tired. I decided I would find
... Continue»
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