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I was in too deep.

Ever since my first time being a dirty, sissy slut for a dom, I have not been able to find another man that could control me and make me beg to come over and serve him. I have posted ads on CL and even joined A4A. It is hard to find a guy who can be dominating and degrading without being too pushy, only sending one liners, or just wanting me to invite them to my place without any other conversation… that is not truly dom. So now I have all these sissy fantasies and urges that I fear I will never get out of my system... I felt like I should share one here on xhamster to help relieve the tensio... Continue»
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Popper Immersion Tank

“A Guild Navigator is a fictional humanoid in the Dune universe created by Frank Herbert. In this series, starships called heighliners employ a scientific phenomenon known as the Holtzman effect to "fold space" and thereby travel great distances across the universe instantaneously. Navigators are able to use a limited form of prescience to safely navigate interstellar space. To enable their prescience, Guild Navigators consume large quantities of the spice known as Melange which is found only on the planet Dune. The Navigators are continuously immersed in large tanks of highly concentrated a... Continue»
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early wanking

Like most young boys I started wanking when I was about eight or nine. I would tug away at my diminutive prick and eventually have a dry climax. I knew that I liked what I was doing and the sensation at the climax was brilliant. The prevalent atmosphere at home decided me to keep very quiet about my illicit pleasures.
Around about a year later a man the f****y referred to as "uncle Pete", although in reality he was no relation, came into my life. Uncle Pete was pretty good fun and generous! It was him that introduced me to train spotting which was to become a lifetime passion. Pete took me al... Continue»
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As we all know the net has a wealth of information
about all kinds of sexual practices. In the fall of
last year I had began to read about things I never
knew existed. I found myself reading about BDSM, cbt,
tt, milking etc. It seemed that in any of these
situations where someone gave up control to another
person it exited me. I found myself overly excited
actually. Although I had never tried any of it, just
reading about it made my dick as hard as a rock. I
know that I love getting fucked and sucking dick but
these things sound even better. After reading so many
web sites I stumble... Continue»
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A weekend alone

My first story....completely true...and a pivotal moment in my life.
The first part covers how I started enjoying kissing other boys.
The second part tells how I lost my bi cherry to another guy and became actively and happily bi sexual.

Part one

As I boy growing up in a small English village in the 1960's, sex wasn't a subject that got talked about in an educational or overt way.
The very conservative nature of our society at the time meant that any useful education was gained either from whispers in the playground at school, or through the usual c***d/teen exploration.

I r... Continue»
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Prison Cum Control

It is almost time for Travis Kellys second punishment session with Dr. Gerard. He had a difficult two days with the chastity device. Although it took some getting used to, he had little trouble voiding his bladder while squatting on the toilet. It was embarrassing but doable. However the erections were another story. Unbeknownst to him, he has been loaded up with various sexual stimulant d**gs. They are designed to not only boost his sperm count and increase his production of cum, but they also make him very horny. He has all he can do to fight his painful erections. The slightest dirty ... Continue»
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The room was still in darkness when I awoke. It took a few moments for me to realize where I was. There was one thing for sure, I hadn't been dreaming.I was in a cage, so I must be at Master Dieter's place. Minor cramping in my gut kept reminding me thatI needed to have a bowel movement.I hoped someone would be along soon. My mouth was dry and I was very thirsty. That Pilsen crap didn't quench the thirst it only made it worse. I had not been permitted to brush my teeth so my mouth had a terrible taste and my teeth were coated in goop. My bladder was calling and I wondered whether they would a... Continue»
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my best friend

this is a fictional story.
I had a best friend since I was 5 years old. We did everything together, we watched movies together, we went to school together, we did homework together. Yesterday my best friend Mike had his 18th birthday. we went to see a movie with bunch of other friends. the movie was funny and good, I enjoyed it a lot. On our way home Mike asks me: "Jason, do you wanna to come and do a sl**pover?" I thought about it for a sec and I answered "sure". So we walked to his home and we were talking about the movie and how funny it was. We entered the house and he was empty. "where a... Continue»
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I was driving back from the airport, 2:30am, nothing on the road, a quiet B road that I knew very well and had driving on this road hundreds of times, the night was clear, warm, and I was doing 80mph. When suddenly out of nowhere a cop car appeared, behind me with his lights flashing, ‘fucking hell’ I thought as I signalled to pull over.

As the car came to a stop I noticed we were in a lay by he got out of his car and approached me, I already had the window down when he asked me the usual questions about did I know the speed limit, etc. After I’d answered everything he asked me to accompany... Continue»
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Happily Married...Needing More

Doug had a good life. Anyone looking in from the outside would find it to be so – dare say they would be envious. He was 40 and had been married for eleven years. He worked as a manager of the forest ranger team at a state park. His wife was attractive and taught fourth grade. He had two daughters who both were on the honor roll at their elementary school. He drove a nice decked out GMC Sierra pickup truck and his wife pushed a late model Cadillac ATS. He lived in a two-story four-bedroom Georgian-style house that was situated on a patch on a patch of three acres of land. He was on the deacon ... Continue»
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Dichotomy of Life

Shane finished his final touches of getting ready in the hotel room. He made sure the gingerbread candle was lit. He lathered himself with cocoa butter and sprayed some perfume. The five-foot-eight-inch, one-hundred-forty-pound batty boi was so ready to see him.

Driving his silver 2012 Nissan Armada out of the parking lot on his lunch break, Chris headed towards the motel where his paramour was spending the night. He was barely a half-inch taller than Shane and weighed close to the same although he had much more muscle. He had met the brown-skinned vixen at a gas station.

Unbeknownst to... Continue»
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The Booster and The Player

Princeton Wells soaked in the garden tub of his master bathroom and sipped on a glass of merlot. He relished the feeling of the bubbles tingling over his brown skin. He answered a text and relaxed some more. About five minutes, he stepped out and dried himself off. He lathered up with baby oil then put on his plush light pink UGG robe he had purchased online from Nordstrom a few weeks ago. He slipped into a pair of comfortable white house shoes and went into the bedroom. He pulled out a red lace thong and slid into them. Finally, he returned for his wine and headed out the door.

Princeton d... Continue»
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My unexpected festival highlight

For the first 44 years of my life, I neither had, nor had considered any
sexual liaisons with anyone of the same sex.

This was until the following took place:

Just to give you an idea of me, I am a tall slim (but not skinny) man,
with short brown hair and blue eyes. I was in the car with my wife
travelling to a music festival, we were having a row. I won't bore you
with what it was about (as it's not particularly relevant) but it was
getting quite heated and my wife's driving was becoming more
erratic.Behind us, her s****r was following in her Mini. We ended up
pulling off at a ... Continue»
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Two Pantyhosed Guys ( I wrote this over 15 years a

Title: Pantyhose Guys Part1

I had first contact with a fellow pantyhose wearer through the chat room. I was just looking around watching the conversations develop, stroking my nylon encased thighs, adding a comment here and there when a new person entered the chat room. "Hi, I am rather new to all this. I love to wear pantyhose as often as I can and was wondering if there are any guys here who would like to meet in real life?" This looked too good to be true as I had been thinking about experimenting with my bi side for a couple of years. I replied back to him. "Hi, my name is John, I too... Continue»
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My BBC Experience Part 2 ( The Afternoon )

Hi Guys, This is the afternoon session with Marcus. So far, this is the only time I have serviced them both in the same day.

I left James at the apartment complex and was heading back to the office. I am soooo glad I had a Coke in the car, I still had that "taste" in my mouth. ( you know what I mean )

I was about to turn in to the office complex when I got a call from my boss. He asked me if I could do a Bridge inspection across town. I agreed and turned around and started heading to the job site. I got about a mile from my destination when I got a text from Marcus, the "Now is good" ... Continue»
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Growing up

Growing up, it was just my mother and I, and she was a busy woman, being upper management for a local aerospace company. I was a good student and seemed well - behaved, so she pretty much allowed me to "run free" from the age of 12 or 13. As long as I did my chores, did well in school, and she had no problems to worry about at home, I was rewarded with plenty of spending money and time to explore my interests.
I was confused for a long time, and did a lot of reading on the internet. I knew from a very young age that I liked wearing my grandmothers clothes that were piled up in a spare bedroo... Continue»
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I stood in front of the Greyhound bus station and watched her
walk away. In the three years since I turned 18 I have tried four
times to get sexually involved with a woman I was dating. Sylvia was
the fourth to spend a week with me making love. She was also the
fourth one to tell me I was a lousy fuck.
I tried to accommodate them and do what they wanted, but
whenever I tried to 'eat pussy', I just gagged and choked on the
smell. As far as fucking was concerned, well just the idea of
sticking my nice clean dick into a sloppy loose slimy cunt generally
turned me of... Continue»
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A Night in Istanbul

A Night in Istanbul

Buck Jones

Back in the day….

Randy and I arrived in Istanbul that evening from the base, anticipating yet another adventure into that venerable city. We were alone together, not taking a room, knowing we would meet Mehmet, our local connection, somewhere sometime. However, we searched in vain for Mehmet throughout that city with the softness of her tussling and jostling crossing Galotta Bridge or moving among the crowds up Istaklal to Taxim Square where Ataturk stands in rigid glory.

That night I was especially annoyed because I had dressed at the height of con... Continue»
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A Different afternoon

I was upstairs having a look on xhamster since the wife was at work, I’d been doing the usual, wanking and when I was ready to cum I’d go and have a cig then wank again and repeat the process not wanting to cum until I was ready, I’m sure we’ve all done this. A couple of hours later and I was simply gagging for a cumshot.

When out of the blue there was a knocking on the door. ‘fucking hell’ I cursed to myself as I got dressed and went downstairs, on opening the door there stood a younger man of around 22ish, he was actually 26, he looked frozen. I asked him what he wanted and he said he was... Continue»
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Inmate Succumbs After Seven Years

In the seven years that Damon Winslow had been locked up for home invasion, he had never once had sex with a guy. He was not gay was not about to start just cause he was in the slammer for 10 years. The twenty-eight year-old light brown prisoner swiped the screen of his contraband phone. He was looking at ass pictures of his ex. After getting a hard on, he decided to jack off his fat meatiness. After shooting a decent sized load, he drifted off to sl**p.

The five-foot-eleven brotha was up just before the C.O.s came around to announce it was time for breakfast. He brushed his teeth and went ... Continue»
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