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Sissy Toes

Little Sissy Tippytoes

"Queen Mary, she's my friend;
Yes, I believe I'll go see her again."
Bob Dylan
"Just Like A Woman"

As is true of young soldiers everywhere, I hung out with a bunch of
guys from my platoon, since those were the people I spent most of my time
with, and felt closest to, aside from my folks back home. It seemed
that the goal in life of all the guys in my barracks - again, like
most soldiers everywhere - was to earn weekend passes, so we could
go off-base and l... Continue»
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My First Threesome

My First Threesome

This is a story which happened to me a few years ago. I was living in London at the time.

I woke one Saturday morning and went through my usual routine - nice bath shave etc. Once I had done my makeup and got dressed (nice lingerie, natural coloured tights, denim skirt and a t-shirt), I sat at the computer to do some work which I had to finish – once the work was done, I had a little surf through the internet and suddenly became really horny. That was it I had to get some cock in me, I went through all the usual sites to get some action – but it wasn’t happening. So I ... Continue»
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Christine et les 2 garçons

Cette histoire vient de mon imaginaire…
Même si les personnages sont inspiré de connaissance ^^

Quand elle arrive chez elle, sa grand-mère demanda « alors cette journée ? »

« Que de surprise Mamie et j’espère que celle de demain va m en réserver plus »

Les choses qu’elle avait vu hier, l’avait très excité, elle eu du mal à dormir, sa petite chatte était encore chaude et collante, elle repensa aux bites qu’elle avait vu, la façon dont elles rentraient dans une femme puis s’endormie dans sa chambre, elle eu de nombreux rêve erotique

Le lendemain matin, après sa douche, elle commenç... Continue»
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My name is Jerry, and I'm a 42 year old and own a successful architecture
firm, employing over 50 people. I have married for 19 years, most of which
have been happy.

I do have an eye for the ladies, and Mary, my wife couldn't help but
notice. She is very jealous and keeps a close eye on me.

We are still having sex but it's been getting a little routine. For the
last year and a half I have had a wonderfully discrete affair with Marsha,
who has added a lot more interest to my sex life. I had been extremely
careful not to deviate from my normal routines or leave any clues about
M... Continue»
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Office Party

The office party was great. Since moving into the new space, TechTronix had not thrown a happy hour. The office manager had sprung for an open bar. The company had just over 300 employees and about half of them worked from this particular location.

One of the support team members, Vic, had several screwdrivers. He was not the only person to drink a bit too much. He was about six-two and weighed around two-hundred-forty pounds. His beer gut was slight and he had nicely defined arms and pectoral muscles. His head was shaved and he wore glasses. The caramel-skinned brotha had no problem getti... Continue»
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Fucking my roommate.

When I returned to the states, in 1967, I spent a few years bouncing around in a few jobs; nothing that I would make a career out of but they supported me pretty well. I made new friends and had set up camp in the big city of Pittsburgh. I won’t go into all of the details but one of the friends and I wound up sharing an apartment for a while. Tom was a nice enough guy but straight; I was trying to get laid every chance I had and, if he wasn’t so straight, he would have made a nice fuck buddy.

We had separate bedrooms and worked at different jobs; we didn’t always go out together and worked ... Continue»
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My Sissy Fantasy

English is not my primary-language, so be gentle with me. But wanted to share the story of my fantasy.

As I lay here in my own bed with cum on my back sliding down in between my ass, I think to myself.. How did I get here? I'm now officially a fucktoy, a worthless sissy that lives only to serve cock. The first cock has conquered me.
However the crave of cock started already when I was young. When I was drawing dicks on a paper thinking to myself that is looks so marvelous, so big.. so tasty. I would spend nights jerking of thinking of cocks and taste my precum. And each time I saw a porn... Continue»
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Horny men

Mike came in to my apartment yesterday afternoon looking pretty angry. When asked what his problem was, ‘his girl would not let him do her in the ass’ was the answer… I honestly laughed; this dude is 6’5-230lbs (I think, cause he is ripped) and his girl who is Spanish is about 5’2-160lbs (cute sexy chubby girl) and he can’t get her to take it in the ass, well after thinking about it, if he f***ed her that’s **** right there.

Mike sat down rubbing his crotch, “dude go relieve yourself in the bathroom if you need to” I said to him still smiling. “You don’t get it b*o… I came home horny as fu... Continue»
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Henry Has A Quirk

About ten years ago I had a job in one of the smaller offices in an office building in town. The building had over 125 people who worked there. It had its own 'morning only' coffee shop-convenience store, and a cleaning and maintenance staff that served all of the tenants.
It was normal for me to stay overtime during the week to finish up on projects. My boss would let me leave early on Friday, so, he didn’t have to worry about any overtime. On most nights, the cleaning crew’s end-of-day trash removal was done by 5:15. Though, the head maintenance guy, Henry, started coming through about 5:4... Continue»
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Shemale Mom

It was a sunny day when I got home from School, My Mother asked me how my day was to which I replied that it was okay, she seemed pleased with my answer, then she said we'd have to have a talk after dinner, I went up stairs and laid down and started thinking about how I was bullied in school again, was it my fault I had a slight built and girls while nice did nothing for me.

After eating dinner I helped my was the dishes then we went into the living room to watch The Bachelor, she kept commenting on how cute the guys were. Later she said we need to clear the air son I told her okay, she sai... Continue»
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Thumbing for a Ride

I was driving home from a night out with my mates and I decided to take a longer way round than normal. As I drove on the dual carriageway I noticed a lad thumbing for a lift, I understood that as we’ve all done it at one time or another, so I thought I’d give him a ride. As I stopped he came over to the car, “Need a lift?” “Thanks” he said as he got in.

He told we where he was going, only a few miles out of my way, as we drove he said he was Adam, 21, and at University. I asked him if he’d had a good night and he said “Well it could have been I was outside round the back of ****** having a... Continue»
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First time cocksucking

This happened about a month after my 18th bd. I had been mowing the lawn for this mature voluptuous lady. She lived at a house with a lot of privacy. 1day she comes outside to sun bathe nude. Lucky I didn't cut off my foot. She had huge breasts with large areola and thick long nips. She called me over to put lotion on her.I came in my shorts asap. She had me take off my clothing. I was small about 5' 2". She said that I'd make an excellent cocksucker. I blushed because I'd thought about that. She later would begin her tutorial on deepthroating. She had me stop by every weekday. Her hubby was o... Continue»
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Daughter in Love with her Daddy that Summer.

'You need to get to know who your father is', was all mother said to me. He and mother had parted ways shortly after I was born, so I never got to know him, let alone see him, except for photographs.

I had learnt through the f****y g****vine he was homosexual and that had been the reason for their breakup, but mother never talked about him, anger I suppose being duped into marriage and a baby to follow, I could not blame her for seeking love elsewhere, albeit as a used woman, her stock had fallen, and her new beau was a man as old as her own father, lucky him, as she was still a vibrant and... Continue»
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"Poker Night" - The Leatheress, episode

"The Leatheress"
Episode 1 - "Poker Night"

I hadn't gone to Bruce's house that night with any expectation that I'd be finishing the night by blowing him on is black leather sofa, but that is the way it turned out. Don't get me wrong; I'd had an interest in him ever since the first time I saw him reporting on my local evening news, but it's not like I truly ever had envisioned a scenario where such an interest would grow to become anything more. It is just funny how things work out, sometimes.

I guess we should probably start with some backstory. Myself, I always had an interest in dre... Continue»
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My first time at 18 years old

At this time I am 18 years old and its summertime. Having just graduated from high school it was to be an exciting summer with new plans on the horizon. Throughout my teenage years I was always very much a straight guy and still am to this day. The only difference is that I had a secret longing to be touched by an older man , a fantasy of sorts that I had decided I would soon experience. Back then the main social media was Myspace , it was all the rave and one horny night on the computer I stumbled upon the page of an older man in his late fifties who happened to live in the same town as me. ... Continue»
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We Met Online - Connected - Played - Exchanged Con

As a frequent visitor to adult sites, and as a bi male, I am always open to M and F connections. On Friday last, I connected on an adult site (other than xhamster) and engaged in a great chat w/a young (20 y/o) guy. He was amazingly open, candid and mature - especially for his age.

We chatted a great deal, and ultimately got down to the carnal histories and desires of each of us. Two things became clear: 1) he is somewhat inexperienced, as he only began to act out on his cock love a year ago, and 2) he was/is most open to the power of suggestion from an older guy. As such, I invited him to... Continue»
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my math teacher fucking my twink ass day 3

So I'm sitting here in some pink panties with my dick popping out but I'm not ready to jerk off just yet so I figured I would tell you about the third time I fucked my high school math teacher. So this is the day after we fucked for the first time and two days after I blew him for the first time. If you want those stories, they're on my page. Anywho! Here's the story of the first of many mornings I went in for a fuck.

I was only a freshman at the time so my mom had to drive me to school earlier than normal for what she thought was tutoring. She figured I was so quiet because I was sl**py bu... Continue»
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the freak n me

Hi I'm a freak ass man. that like to dress up in women pantie and play with my 2 dildo so one day I got on my computer and put a picture up in me in some sexy pantie and said LOOKING FOR SOME BIG DICK and as soon I post it I got 8 hits so I start to talk and telling the I need a the biggest dick on here so a white guy put up a picture of his dick and I was like WOW that big so I start to hook it up so I can have that he must b horny as me he give me his number so I can call him so I call him and give him the in for he needs so while I was waiting I did some couple line of coke and smoke some ... Continue»
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First Night Out as a Sissy Pt 2 (By Crystal_ed)

So picking up where I had left off from my last published story…. I had just ventured out for the first time as sissy, determined to find a man. I went to a local sports bar dressed in in my tightest jeans and favorite panties and teased a group of guys. Was able to get one of them into my car for my first blow job ever and after swallowing his enormous load, his friends busted us before I could know the pleasure of him inside of me. After being busted (but feeling sweetly naughty) I was going to call it a night before I realized the bar tender still had my card because I hadn’t closed my tab.... Continue»
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It was supposed to be the best day of my life...and maybe it was, but
definitely not in the way I planned.

My 21st first day as a man, as a true lord of the
first day as a Master. I was so nervous I threw up my lunch. Not very
manly, I know, but just the thought of having my very own sissy to play
with had me teetering between the giddy excitement of a k** right about to
open the biggest present under the tree, and the stark terror of officially
being a man in my step-father's could I measure up to him? I
felt destined to disappoint him...and I did... Continue»
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