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first time at a porn shop

Years ago when I was still a teen. I gave some roadside assistance to this guy.. I saw this guy standing next to his car on the side of the road.. I pulled over and got out of my jeep. Walked over to him and we discussed his problem. I do not remember what was wrong with his car. I was pretty good with a wrench and had a friend who owned a garage not far down the road. We got his car running and I followed him to my friends garage so he could have a look at it and make sure everything was ok. I must have looked older than I was at the time and the guy was talking to me like I was in my twentie... Continue»
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The Journey of a Sissy! A short Story

English is not my primary-language, so be gentle with me. But wanted to share the story of my fantasy.

As I lay here in my own bed with cum on my back I think to myself.. how did I get here? Im now officially a fucktoy, a worthless sissy that lives only to serve cock. However it was all planned out. The journey of becoming a sissy was long but tasty, each time I saw a porn-movie I wish I was the girl, sucking those big dicks, and now I had the mind of a girl. And I could feel the butterflies in my belly just waiting to feel a big dick smash against them, becoming a giggling little fucktoy.... Continue»
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G got me Covered

"I didn't think I'd be hearin' from you again," G said with a smile. "Well, you thought wrong," I threw him a wink as I walked inside. "I've been thinkin' 'bout you since you were here last," G began to stroke his huge black cock through his thin pants. He closed the door behind me and I immediately wrapped my arms around the back of his neck and kissed him. I let my hands wander down his chest to his waistline. He pulled my shirt off and pinched my nipples. I shivered with excitement and lowered my hands to feel his hard, thick cock sticking out at me as if it was calling to me. I loved feeli... Continue»
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Stuffed like a turkey

I was traveling back to work the day after Thanksgiving and ended up with an unexpected layover in Philadelphia. Since I was going to be there for 24hours I figured Id make the most of it and jumped on A4A to see if anyone was around. After 2 or 3 unsuccessful hits I finally got a bite. He was a few years older then me but in great shape and with an amazing looking cock between his legs! We chatted for a few and when he didn’t take the hint I finally came out and said I was horny as hell and would he please come t my hotel and fuck me silly. That’s when he said he would love to but he did... Continue»
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Caught By Mr. "D" - Part 2

See Part 1 to find out what happened right before this....

We made our deal. I get away with my "youthful indiscretion" by giving my body to my next door neighbor.

"Go in the house and put on some clothes. Then come to my house. But be sure that there's nobody walking or driving by and nobody hanging around outside when you walk over so there is no chance that anyone will see you doing it. Go in the back and come in through the back door. Lock both doors behind you as soon as you're inside. Then walk up the stairs and I'll be up there waiting for you."

Five minutes later I was in his... Continue»
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Thursday 29th October 2015

Waiting in the bedroom. showered and smooth underneath, my clit caged and locked wearing exactly what Master requested… blonde wig, stockings, suspenders lacy panties and bra under a sexy mini dress. Standing, waiting nervously, glancing around the room I caught sight of a neighbour through the window but even more worrying sitting on top of a cabinet next to the double bed stood a fist sized black butt plug. At which moment Master entered the room.

After some posing and a small show I was rewarded with ‘Good Girl’ how I love to hear those words. I was then ordered to kneel and sit up... Continue»
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For the love of Cum

I spend a very tense 20 minutes getting ready. I quickly shower. It's funny, I sometimes flirt with meeting a guy for sex, but the sure fire way of knowing whether I'm really going to do it or not is always the shower. That means I've made my decision.

I put on a top, a sweater, short jeans and some cheap sneakers with no socks. It's a warm October evening.

While I'm waiting for him to get out of the shower and to message me back, I'm browsing online looking for anything to distract me from the nervous sexual tension I'm feeling. Then I get a message. "I'm out of the shower. Just messa... Continue»
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Caught By Mr. "D" - Part 1

I just turned 18. It was a hot summer day. Nobody else was home. All my friends had summer jobs and I wouldn't find mine for another two weeks. The neighbors on one side were in Italy, and the neighbors to our right - an African American couple in their mid 30s with two young girls - were all gone for the day too. Both parents worked and their two girls were at the same day camp as the one my little s****r was attending that summer.

So I decided to run around totally nude in our back yard. I knew it was still risky even though everyone who could see me was gone for the day, but the risk ma... Continue»
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Amsterdam Fantasy

Fantasy, or not? You decide!

There I was, wandering about in Amsterdam, a little stoned, and a lot horny. Walking past the red-lit doorways was such a turnon. Long-legged women, blonde, redhead, brunette. Stockings, innocent-looking. Corsets, like a Mistress. Whores, made-up with cocksucking lips.

I wandered confused, stoned and horny. I really shouldn't have had that third joint. But hell, I loved the feeling of being stoned. The ground was squidgy beneath my feet, propelling me on. I stopped at a bar, had a small beer to slake my thirst, then moved on, seeking...what?

I walked past ... Continue»
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Weird 3 Way

I had a rather weird 3 way experience a few years back. I answered an add on Craigslist from a couple that was looking for a Bi Male to join them in the bedroom. After a few emails back and forth we exchanged phone numbers so we could text. We texted for 3 days, telling the husband what turned me on, what experience I had, what I was hoping for if I got the chance to meet him and his wife. He shared very little about himself or his wife, only that she was smoking hot.
Finally I got the text I was hoping for. They were ready to meet. He wanted me to come to his house at noon the next... Continue»
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Feeling Randy

I was home alone one week, while my fiancé was away at work, I was sitting around on a rainy Wednesday afternoon, wishing I had something real to play with. I had been on my phone looking at porn on XHam, when I came across a few sexy pictures of cocks. I have enjoyed a cock in the past, and was very turned on by the thought of another. As the minutes passed, I was so Horney, and decided to check out what I might find on Craig's list. I punched in the personals, and decided to see if there was anyone near me, who would like to get together for a man to man mutual blow job fest. I... Continue»
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Madges Visit

The last week has been a roller coaster of emotions for the wife. I’ve needed to take care of her needs some physical some physiological and in return she has once again become my cock slut.

The arse fucking over the breakfast bar lifted her spirits and she started to get her act in order. Starting with the constant stream of people fixing waxing and generally buffing her, first fixing the chipped and lost nails returning them to former glory long and red and they look great around my cock working the shaft, cupping my ball sack, with my spunk over them or in and out of her cunt covered in ... Continue»
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A New Slave

A new slave

CHAPTER 1 – Daniel gets k**napped

I have never considered myself as straight or gay, I just don't know. I
guess I just go with the norm, you know, it's expected of you to be with
the opposite sex.

Let me start by introducing myself, my name is Daniel. I'm about five foot
six inches, eighteen and very skinny and always have been. I have fairly
short brown hair and some people say slightly feminine looks. I'm extremely
shy around just about everyone and don't have many friends. I'm fanatical
about star wars, dungeon and dragons and Marvel comics. Yep, you guessed
... Continue»
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unexpected fun

After a long day at work I often enjoy going to a local bar and having a few drinks. It's a quiet and dimly lit bar that is a little off the beaten track. I can almost always find an isolated booth in a corner and just relax. This night, however, was an exception. The bar wasn't packed, but all the booths were occupied by at least one other person, and there were no empty stools at the bar. A waitress approached me and told me that she could seat me at a booth with only one other person if that was OK with me. She then pointed to the back of the bar where a woman was sitting all alone. I wasn'... Continue»
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Calebs Education


He was straight! Jesus, he was straight and had never done anything queer
in his whole 21 years. He was as stud, known around campus as a big man,
jock, girl fucker. And he had fucked lots and lots of girls. They loved his
big fat, leaky dick. They texted each other about his fuckmeat, and he'd
seen some of them. He was good looking too. With his short buzz hair cut
and his slender but muscular smooth young body, he looked a bit like Joseph
Gordon-Levit. He'd fucked his first girl when he was fifteen and not
stopped since. And he was a nice guy. A really friendly, popu... Continue»
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Of all the places Tom had seen so far, Bangkok was his favorite. Despite
the overwhelming heat of the Thai climate, strolling through the back
streets of Sukhumvit Road seemed to energise him. The smell of the spicy
street food, the noise of the cars and tuktuks that seemed to be
permanently stuck in traffic, the view at a colorful urban jungle, where
trendy bars, shabby tailors and high end hotels had fought for the best
available locations and had settled down in a way that wouldn't have made
sense anywhere else in the world. It was this chaos that he was taking
in. This was what... Continue»
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Biggest Black Meat Ever

“Shit” I said when his big black dick pushed slowly in my dark hole. My ass was up and my face in the carpet, his left hand was pushing my back down while his right hand held on to my hip. I closed my eyes as I felt his inches dig deeper in my ass. “Remember to breath” I said to myself as I grip the carpet, this was the first time him and me were fucking and he did say I wouldn’t be able to handle it… Now I see why. This guy had to have at least 14 inches of black meat, and I do mean black. When he started to pull out to the tip, I swear I probably took only three inches before he pushed back ... Continue»
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Oops...wife came home early.

I had plans to meet a guy I met on a bi/gay hook up site for a little Friday afternoon fun. The guy was looking for someone to come over and just lay back, relax, and let him give them a long, slow blowjob. I usually like to meet someone that is looking to suck & be sucked, but there wasn't a lot of guys looking for fun on a Friday around noon, so I agreed to go to his house. When I got there her opened the door wearing a white housecoat. "Come on in" he said, and I followed him inside. His house was very well decorated, clean, and I could tell by the pictures on the wall he was married... Continue»
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My Older neighbor

Shortly after I took my new apartment I noticed how my neighbor Eric was checking me out as I lay around the pool . We should have drinks sometime soon he said as he kept glancing at my crotch . I would like that I said as I pulled my left leg to my chest and slightly wiggled a bit to give him a quick peek as my smoothly shaved balls poked thru my flimsy sweat shorts , my semi hard cock making a very visible bulge as he ran his tongue around his upper lip . I covered up with my towel and told him I had to take a shower and would see him later . After my shower I sat naked in front of the compu... Continue»
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Andrew and Friend

Three months after Andrew and I had had relations I was close to his house and decided to pay him a visit, knocking on his door he answered it and greeted me like a long lost friend. As I walked into the lounge there was a young Asian lad sat on the sofa, they were playing video games. As soon as I walked in Andrew said “This is Ansa” we nodded and said hello. I sat next to him.

Andrew made me a coffee and turned the TV off, we made small talk and Ansa worked at the supermarket where Andrew worked, I asked him the usual rubbish and he was pleasant enough, he was 19 and waiting to go to Coll... Continue»
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