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One Saturday morning, I am standing in the express line of our friendly neighborhead department store with my jug of milk. Ahead of me, I see a woman who obviously cannot count. The express line is for 1 to 12 items and her cart is half full, maybe 25 items at least. The guy behind me has 2 three foot tall Halloween lawn decorations. I gesture to the woman with the full cart and whisper "some people can't count".
He chuckles and says "yeah, she has no consideration for others obviously".
"Since it's soon Halloween, maybe we should get her a broom to ride home on".
We both laugh.
"Those ... Continue»
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Clay takes me to the pond

Did I really want to hang out with my 18 year old cousin (hot and hung), his friend with benefits, Nate, and an unknown cruisy park where guys hang out and cruise and play? Fuck yeah, I said. But what about your Dad, I asked, and Clay said to leave him a note that I went to practice with him, to work out.

He jumped on his phone, and we darted around the house packing water, towels, snacks, gear, lube, sunscreen, etc. to take. He tossed me a backpack and I shoved my University N2N brief, a cocksox light blue bikini, and kept on my Black swim jock and white trackies with a tight tank top, m... Continue»
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Over the Bosses Knee

At one point a friend of mine helped get me a good job. I’m a pretty good typist, I can handle organization and filing with few problems and, since I’d been dressing in public for a while, she assured me that I could at least dress in moderation. For me that meant tasteful blouses and slacks, decent shoes – very moderate heels or flats.

I’d be working directly for the ‘boss’ so I’d have my own small office.

The interview went well and soon I found myself being interviewed by the man himself. It was a short one and I couldn’t help noticing that his eyes were all over me…I played to that. ... Continue»
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Room Service

In my endless days of hotel living on the corporate merry-go-round, I rarely ordered room service and, if I’d had any fantasies about being serviced in the mix, I always imagined a sweet, but insatiable girl to bring that to me - half or fully naked, while choosing to rock steadily on my overjoyed cock, getting so much more than a tip, until steady rhythms turned into wall-banging necessity.

And no, that never even came close to happening. Hell, I hardly ever ordered room service, to begin with, unless nothing else in the hotel was open. That’s why this whole cataclysmic event was such a s... Continue»
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surprised in the toilets

walking back from town and I needed to the loo bad, I would normally of gone behind a bush or something but it was a number2 so I didn't really want to I was really desperate by now so I took a short cut through a park hoping no one was around so I could go, I looked around for somewhere to go then I spotted a toilet so I ran down to it and went in, the toilet was disgusting but I was desperate so I went in to the end cubical and sat down, there was writing all over the walls and the door and there was a little hole on the right side of me I thought nothing of it at first and then I thought s... Continue»
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The Slithering: The Cloak and the Dagger

The Slithering: The Cloak and the Dagger

The young boy quickly wiped the large amount of sweat from his brow,
finding it very difficult to withstand the unbearable heat of the dingy
workshop as he placed the fiery, malleable blade against the flat
surface of the blacksmith's anvil. The thick, black smoke choked his
lungs and he gagged a bit while trying to maintain his composure.
Grabbing his small hammer with his left hand, the boy raised it upwards
and then f***efully brought it down against the blade with a loud
strike, as bits of heated metal spewed forth. This was a ... Continue»
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I Went Out Hunting For A Huge Black Cock - And I M

Last night. Friday night. No plans. I was feeling so horny. I wash;t sure if I wanted to fuck a hot babe or to suck on a huge black dick. I decided on huge black dick.

So I went to the gay movie complex near my home and wished for some good luck. I rarely had good luck in this place before.

I walked in and the place was more crowded than I'd ever seen before. I put on my black dick goggles - ignoring everyone who didn't have dark brown skin - and I began my might of cruising.

I am in my mid 50s but I'm still cute and I usually am one of the two or three hottest guys in all the gay cr... Continue»
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My first blowjob (sirky)

I started crossdressing when I was in high school. Small things that I had found or stolen: stocking, make up, thongs... I loved to look sexy, but I didn't feel gay at all. In high school I met a boy some years older than me. He was a great friend, we used to go to his house to play videogames since I didn't have a console.

One day he started dating a girl, and we started to talk about porn and sex (I was virgin, so I was really interested in that topic). We eventually ended watching some porn. I had some magazines, but no videos, so it was awesome to go to his house, play for a while with... Continue»
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I attended an afternoon seminar on retirement and tax planning at the Days Inn in Tampa. When it was over I stayed and talked to a guy who had answered a question that I wanted to get some further information about.
When we were done the conference room was empty and after he got on the elevator, I went to the men's room to take a leak. It was deserted, I checked all the shitters.
There were 2 urinals so I stood in front of the right hand one and proceeded to urinate. I had just started when another guy came in and stood beside me. I said "hi."
He replied "hi, how are ya?".
I was holdin... Continue»
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Several months ago, on another site I was chatting with Badpappy. He mentioned what a thrill it might be for us to dock with each other. He mentioned it again last month. As luck or good fortune would have it, my wife and I needed to visit Toronto. As Elvis would sing, "It's now or never!"
I did some research, found what I needed and emailed Badpappy his instructions:
1-at 2:00PM, June 12th, go to the Clarke Hotel on Dundas Street
2-rent room 416, it has a four poster bed
3-leave a key card at the front desk with instructions for it to be held for Bob Apple
5-lie nake... Continue»
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I finally did it!

This is all totally true. It's not a fantasy, at least not any more.

After years of jerking and ass play to t-girl porn, nurturing a fascination with cock, an xhamster user asked if would be interested in meeting. I replied, No, because at the time I truly wasn't interested in being with a guy. But it got me thinking... "Does it really matter if the person I'm with has tits or not, If they are feminine or masculine? How bad could it be? A cock is a cock, right?" After a few days I realized I was a little turned on by the attention. So I uploaded a profile photo in the hopes of getting more.... Continue»
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Uncle Bobs Lesson

I posted this story on another site years ago. I had some nice feedback, but not many views.

In '91' during my senior year of high school my folks split up just after my18th birthday late in the summer. The whole thing was a mess, with me being sent off to relatives while my mom took my younger siblings to the gulf coast to stay with her parents. They sold the house and Dad moved to be with his new future 'ex-wife' outside of Dallas.

Since I am older by about 7 years, and was in high school I did not want to leave town in my last year. No way did I want to be sent off to someplace I did... Continue»
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Used in a Booth 2..

The guy whose penis I was sucking kissed/sucked my nipples and licked his way down to my flaccid penis. Suddenly I was embarrassed by my flaccid three inches, he sucked my penile head and shaft into his oral cavity like it was a string of spaghetti.

Sliding his hands around my hips he gripped my bungs and pulled them to him and apart the guy behind me smeared my bung hole with a slippery slick substance and inserted a finger than another and still another. He begin to twist and pull my bung hole apart working it very roughly. The guy sucking my little member was humming a tune that I could ... Continue»
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(Gay) Scummy Streets Of Vancouver

The following is a true story. Not one I'm particularly proud of, but t's real and it happened. Enjoy.

This story happened because of two things.

One - my friend Laura and I planned a one month holiday to Vancouver.

Two - I was beyond horny.

So, after the first night in Vancouver, homelessness was aparent. No one is blind to it, we just choose to filter it out. And I think the other thing was that it was literally in every doorway along Granville St.

On the first night here, I couldn't help notice that there were a few homeless guys who w... Continue»
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Virgin Boy Scout Butt Fucked

Ok, I am ashamed of this but DAMN...I loved it all and I just wanted to tell my story to SOMEBODY before I grow old and die!

I an now a lot older and I know that lots of you have fantasized about maybe sucking your first cock or maybe even having a good large one shoved

in your ass! Well, let me tell you that's it's great and the first time is something you will NEVER forget!

Now first, let me say that this was back in 1943 so I know lots of you don't know how things were back then but they were a LOT different than

now. If you even looked like you were having fun with a perso
... Continue»
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What a day.

This story is purely fiction, but it is the first time that I have ever tried to write a story in the first person. Feel free to make comments and maybe make suggestions for other stories. Enjoy my fellow perverts.

I can't believe the day that I just had. I woke up to a phone call from my girlfriend and she said that it was time for us to us to see other people. "We lost our spark." she told me. 5 years gone down the hole. I tried to get her back but she said no. I went to start my car before going to work and it wouldn't turn over. I couldn't take care of it right off the bat so I had to g... Continue»
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Self suck and first time ass play

So one night in bed i was smoking some weed i had just used this nice gar wrap to roll a blunt...high ass fuck i start getting horny a dn begin rubbing my cock getting it nicr amd hard it has been a hard week and been quite a few days since ive cummed soni had a huge load ....i pull out some playboys amd begin jerking offbut the playboys just wasnt doing it for me looking down my cock was so hard and big it was makng my mouth water so i decided id try sucking my own dick ive been able to do so before with some persistence and i started rubbing my cock i got it nice and hard i cross... Continue»
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Oh my God I had never had such a raging hard on cock was stiff and throbbing as Albert slowly teased me pumping his old calloused hand up and down my shaft before pulling my foreskin right back and dipping his head he sucked the tip into his mouth and sucked as he slid his lips down my shaft to the base and slowly oh so slowly back up to the tip. I was being sucked and wanked by an 71 year old pervert who had persuaded me to let him into my toilet cubicle ... a place I often frequented after school for a quick furtive wank looking at all the graffiti and drawings of huge cocks ... Continue»
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2 guys at a lake.

Wouldn't have exspected it to come down like this.
I was going fishing with my cousin Mike to a lake near his house.
I went on Vacation with my f****y, so he kinda had the duty to show me arround and keep
me entertained, but we were getting along well.

However, this evening was crazy.

We had sucess fishing a few and he showed me how to cook the fish over a fire.
I thought it was disgusting at first to eat them 'raw' like that, but i
did not want to pussy out, so I ate them too.

After a lot of talking about casual stuff we started talking about girls.
I have never had a girlfrie... Continue»
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Used In A Booth....

I was in a book store out side of Atlanta, on the east side I believe, looking at some mags that had pictures of huge male phallus. Now I know only a very few men have penis that exceed seven inches and even fewer that has penis that exceed ten inches, but the thought of entertaining a man with a penis that extends twelve inches is enough to put me into a lust filled frenzy.

Lost in my thoughts, I was unaware of the man inching up to me, I was so absorb in examining the picture of a huge phallus that when the gentleman(sic) stood behind me and slide his midsection across my buns I actuall... Continue»
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