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Cheating Slut Part 1

My name is Christian. I guess people would describe me as a twink. I’m boyish looking with blonde hair and blue eyes, and a thin toned body. This is a story I thought I’d share with you guys about my cheating experience.

I was in a relationship for a year with a lovely guy. His name was Lucas. He was very handsome and had a lovely personality. We were incredibly close, and had a great relationship. But deep inside me there was this dark desire to meet other men behind his back. At first I tried to ignore it. I thought it must be a phase. But over many months of the same recurring thought ap... Continue»
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Sissy Downfall

Sissy Downfall

This story is about my conversion from a cross dressing sissy to submissive transformed slut owned by Mistress Rebecca George. All characters are over 18.

Having been to the beautician for a full body and face wax I check into the hotel to prepare. The suite consists of a large living room and a comfortable bedroom with a large bathroom. The bedroom has a nice dressing table with mirror and stool. A full length mirror is adjacent. The king size bed is of an older style with metal barred head and framed foot. The living room has a soft leather couch, occasional tables... Continue»
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Sissy Downfall 2

Sissy Downfall 2


My new life at Mistresses mansion was quite pleasant most of the time. My duties were to be maid to the two mistresses. I helped them bathe and dress; hand washed their delicate garments, cleaned their bedroom and changed the bed clothes daily. Sometimes, if I was really lucky the young mistress would have me lick her to orgasm. She had the most fragrant tasty pussy that I had ever experienced. Sometimes she would alloy me to play with my clit as I served her and if really lucky I was allowed to cum. These were all wonderful tasks for a transformed sissy to perform... Continue»
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How My Life Changed

How My Life Changed

Chapter 1
My wife Mary and I had been married for over eight years and I thought our
life was very good. She was an attorney for an important law firm and rapidly
rising towards a partnership. She made a lot more money than I did in my job as
a fast food worker. That didn't bother me as much as it might have many men.
We had a nice house and lived well. Mary is 28, 5'6", 120 pounds and had 38D
breasts. She is a beautiful brunette with brown eyes. I am 5'8", 140 pounds
and used to taking orders from the people I work for. As my wife gained more
... Continue»
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The Bet

The Bet

She was cheating on me, I was sure of it. Although I couldn't prove it, I've had my suspicions for quite some time. Given the fact that we hadn't had sex in months, and the fact that she was always in such a good mood.... why else would she be so happy? She wasn't getting any from me, but she surely was getting some elsewhere.

I grew paranoid and overly self conscious. In the four months since we started living together, Monique and I seem to have grown apart. I cared for her so much, and it pained me to think that she was being ravaged by some other guy.

Monique was a god... Continue»
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Sucking cock in the woods

So its the first weekend in March, and I am going out in the car to a local cruising site in the woods, to see if anyone is about. The weather is dry, but cold, so I dress in grey trackie bottoms, and a fleecy top to keep warm, but no underpants, and make my way to the spot in Thetford Forest.

I arrive and park the car, and wait for someone to come along. After a while, a few cars start to cruise up and down the road, passing the spot where I am parked, but no one is stopping just yet, so I sit in the car and start to play with my cock after putting my cock ring on.

Time goes by and afte... Continue»
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Pizza guy really delivered

My wife and I order from the same pizza place every few weeks. The same good looking delivery guy deliver our pizza every time. His name is Spencer. We always tip him well. He is always very nice, stops and talks to us a bit and I can tell he has a huge crush on my wife. The past few times she has answered the door in either a very low cut top, or a tank top without a bra. She makes sure to bend over nonchalantly so he can get a good view of her spectacular dd's.
We have talked about having a male join us in the bedroom since we have had a female join us on numerous occasions. My ... Continue»
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Horny at the Bar (M2M)

When I was 28 and after my divorce, I had a bit of a sex drought and was feeling pretty horny and felt that I would go try my first M2M action since college. I had a couple of drinks at happy hour with my work counterparts and when they left to go home I decided to check out an anything goes bar down the street.

I was quite nervous as I paid the cover charge and entered the bar. I entered and noticed it was obvious that it was mostly gay and guys there. I walked in and being a bit shy I avoided eye contact as I sat at the bar. After ordering a drink, a nice looking man sat next to m... Continue»
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Sauna part 2

Emerging from the steam room covered in sweat and cum which was covering my
chin I went to the showers, dried off again and then went to have a look
what was going on in the other rooms.

It was still early so fairly empty and the normally busy rest-rooms were
virtually lifeless but somebody had to get this party started and with my
attitude today it was definitely going to be me. Today I wanted them all,
every man in there. I wanted filling with cum at both ends, dribbling down
my legs from a thoroughly used ass, I wanted pain when I walked and my
insides pounding and throbbing fr... Continue»
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Sauna part 1

I've been reading these stories for years now but after today's events I
simply have to start documenting my adventures at a local sauna and my
exploration of gay sex.

Having been a straight acting Bi-guy for my 44 years I recently decided to
be a little more honest with my sexuality. I don't pretend I've not had
gay sex before it's just that I've decided to make it more prominent and
stop acting like it should be suppressed, today was one of those days. Up
until now my couplings with other men had been restrained, never quite
getting what I wanted (as it has been with women too) bu... Continue»
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Covert Operative - D.I.A.

Kelvin Watson could not believe what he heard on the phone talking to his younger s****r. She informed him that their cousin, Ana, had been beaten by her on-again-off-again boyfriend. He was furious, but a couple of thousand miles away from St. Louis in D.C. He planned to go in to the office the next morning early. So, the five-foot-six, caramel-skinned man offered to pray for the beloved victim and get back to STL as soon as possible.

Kelvin awoke the next morning and showered. He dressed in a classic-fit, navy, suit with slip-on black Giorgio Brutini loafers, a white button-down shirt, an... Continue»
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Gay first time memories

When I was about 18 I had my first sexual encounter with a man. I was in the navy and me and a buddy had been drinking and were picked up by this guy who said he would take us back to our ship which was in Jacksonville( I think, it was a long time ago) I just thought he was being friendly. On the way there he said we could stop off at his place for a drink which is where we wound up. I was already quite well d***k and my buddy was too, in fact he fell asl**p.

While my buddy was asl**p this guy came over and sat next to me on the sofa and showed me a gay porn mag, I got hard straight away, I... Continue»
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hubby sucing cock

We are a married couple of six years. I am 5'4", 34C pert breasts and wear a bikini well. My husband is 5'10" with a well toned build. We have always been pretty open and honest with each other when it came to sex.

One night, while making love, my husband expressed his desire to watch me fuck another man, one with a large cock. I told him that I indeed was intrigued with the idea and that it turned me on. As I wondered why he wanted this man to have a big cock, I asked him if he was more than interested in the man's cock than just to watch him fuck me. This made David very hard and he admi... Continue»
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friemd mary

My friend Mary from back in college dropped by unexpectedly and this was the beginning of some very wild happenings. She and her husband Mark where traveling through our area and decided to stop by. I asked them to stay over so they could meet my husband. After a little tugging, they agreed to postpone their travel plans. Once my husband David got home from work, we settled down with some drinks and conversation. David suggested we go out and enjoy the hot tub.

Once everyone changed, we all met on the deck. I was surprised to see that Mark was very well built and I noticed the distinct bul... Continue»
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hubby sucks

My husband and I had never done any swinging before but had talked about it many times. It was just kind of a fantasy thing that we shared. Then through a friend of ours, we were invited to what was billed as a swing party although it turned out to be more like an orgy.

The party started out mildly enough. Val, our host had only invited couples. We kept to ourselves at the beginning and found ourselves in a darkened room. We took off our clothes and tried to fit in with the groups of people in the room. That’s when I noticed one pair of couples on a mattress at the far side of the room. Wh... Continue»
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(Gay) Dick Fun in Durham

Hi lads.
Thanks for reading my last story! Highest amount of comments so far. Thank you all.
Again, true story, only names changed to protect other people.
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£7.50 for a return ticket to Durham from where we live. Arriva. Or an outrageous price via Darlington on the train.

Either way, I absolutely adore Durham. Student city. Strangely enough, no cinema. Still, definately one of the nicest cities I've been to in the North Ea... Continue»
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Breaking in the New House II

I guess I fell asl**p after Chris had fucked my brains out- again. When I woke, I was the only one still in the den. Someone had covered me with a blanket sometime during the night. I lay there thinking about when Chris and I first met. My first experience of sex with another man some had been some 28 years earlier and was, well let's say less that totally satisfying. I had crossed the threshold, and that part was good. But, it happened and it was over and I never saw Micheal again. I went back to my straight life, but had a lot of thoughts about what had happened that night and if I would eve... Continue»
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My (almost) first fuck

I remember one of the few times I let someone fuck me. He was Russian, we met in a bog and he invited me home to his place. I was hoping for a good oral session and, believe me, he was VERY good but he had an ulterior motive. His cock was the largest I have ever seen outside of a porn film It was thick and it was long and it fascinated me. He asked me to let him try to excite me enough to let him put the head into my almost virgin bum.

There was something about this guy, he was just turning me on. He promised to stop at any time and that he would be very slow and very gently and I believed ... Continue»
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Demon Stranger

Steve moaned as he felt his master hump inside him. The

master he had just met online the week before only known

him as Phil. As painful as it felt, it was also the most

incredible pleasure he had ever felt in his life. The

steel-like phallus reached deeper inside him than he

possible, stimulating him in ways Steve didn't think

possible. Slowly he began to push up on it, before

his own weight drop him back down on the massive demon

That demon cock he had been obsessed with ever since he

the picture of it from P... Continue»
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(Gay) Newcastle Train Station Toilets

Hi lads.
As normal, all my stories are true and I'll only change names to protect identities. Don't forget to comment after reading if you enjoyed it :)
Happy reading guys.


Another boring day in the North East. With money to burn, me and my friend (lass) decided to get the train from Darlington through to the Metrocentre. If you've done this trip, you know you have to transfer at Newcastle.

Newcastle station itself is a dull dreary place, loud and unexciting. But there was one constalation: the toilets.

Since there was a 35 minute transfer time inb... Continue»
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