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A funny story how my wife and I found out that we

My wife and I had been married now for over three years and not once did I mention that I was bi. Oh I wanted to tell her but didn't dare as I thought she may think I was a pervert. I should have know better as she was very open sexually always wanting to try new thinks and experimenting.

It was the custom in our house to have at least one weekend by ourselves. During that time we would make a special dinner, take a hot bath or shower and flop on the bed in a candle lit bedroom. It was also the habit of renting one or two adult tapes ( pre DVD. I know most women are turned off by sex tapes... Continue»
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Card games and whiskey

“Wanna play strip poker?”

He caught me off guard. We’d been playing cards all evening, the last of the guests had just left. I smiled, got up from the table and walked to the liquor cabinet. I’d been gently seducing him all day, this meant I’d been successful and it called for the good stuff. I brought the Bookers and two heavy shot glasses back to the table, sat down beside him and filled them both. I raised mine to toast, and when he brought his to meet it I put my hand on his thigh. No reaction from him as we clinked and drank. Success confirmed.

“I’d love to play strip poker, but jus... Continue»
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A Craving for Cock

I am not sure what it is with me. I have always been straight, with my life consisting of girlfriends, a wife, and a love of pussy. But lately, I have had one thing on my mind – sucking cock.

I fantasize about meeting a middle aged man who is larger than me, and the two of us are alone in a room. He leans down and kisses me, using a lot of tongue and kissing in a somewhat sloppy manner, but done with a purpose to convey to me that he is in control and that I am his. The kiss eventually moves from my mouth to my cheek and then to my ear, with him leaving a wet trail from his tongue over the... Continue»
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Sí papi, siempre me has gustado

Tenía 18 años cuando mi viejo, me cogió por primera vez.
Desde hacia varios años me fui a vivir con mi papá, vivíamos los dos solos y nuestra relación de padre e hijo siempre fue muy liberal. Era normal para mi ver desnudo a mi viejo, y por más que me calentaba nunca insinué nada.
Esa noche de verano de mucho calor, mi papá entra a mi cuarto mientras yo dormía, el ruido de la puerta hizo que me despertara, al notar eso me dice
Papá: - Uhhh, perdoname, no sabía que ya estabas dormido, queres tomar una cerveza conmigo y charlamos.
Yo: - Dale, no hay drama, esperá que me pongo el boxer y sa... Continue»
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Meeting Freddy

I’e been trying to set thing straight in my mind. Was it me who began the pursuit of Freddy, or the other way around. I’m not quite sure. My wife and I and met another couple Freddy and Althea at a nudist camp. We had campsites close to each other and saw quite a bit of each other (more than most people will actually see of another couple) on weekends. I’m unsure just how it all started, but I do remember seeing Freddy jogging down the path to the showers that were below our campsite. What I actually remember is the sight of his stiff 9-inch dick bobbing up and down as he jogged along. It was ... Continue»
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Caught and now TRAINED by DADDY

I was in high school and I have liked women all my life. Every now and then, for

some strange reason, I feel the urge every now and then to suck cock or maybe

get fucked in my ass. I had NEVER done either but had jerked off a thousand

times watching porn of guys fucking and sucking each other off. My biggest

fantasy was to have a couple of guys eat and then fuck my tight ass bareback

and shoot their hot loads DEEP in my butt and then f***e me to lick and suck

their cum drenched cocks clean! Now my cock is pretty big (about 9 inches) and

I'm lucky in that respec
... Continue»
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crossdresser fantasy

hi - my name is franny and i am a pantyhose addict - been that way since puberty wearing my mothers clothes - but lately, i have really indulged myself with buying spree at macys - loading up on hosiery . shapewear . dresses and heels - can never seem to satsify my fantasy of transformation to a woman - what would really put me over would be to entertain horny men and it might go something like the following wishful thought

i like meeting others on line who have the same passion i do for pantyhose - lots of cam cum sessions that were hot but lacking in reality until i met synenergy - althou... Continue»
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My new roommate from Iraq

I live in a rather large apartment and from time to time I rent out the guest room. A friend asked me if I hade a room left for a friend of his. A very nice Young guy from Iraq. I said yes but only if he has a job and can pay his rent.
So, yesterday evening i was out with some friends for dinner and this guy should come by so we could go home together. And pretty late when i had to many beers he finally showed up with a friend who drove him and we Went home.
He´s very cute, 25 years old, slender with a nice smile, dark Eyes but not the kind of guy I fall for, a bit to feminine for me.
Anyw... Continue»
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Bi Beginnings

I remember finding while doing a search on Dallas Gloryholes. The thought of being
on my knees and an an anonymous cock poking through a hole into my waiting mouth really turned me on to no end. I've been bi-curious since my twenties and it's time I started making fantasy into reality.
I started by placing an ad on Craigslist and literally had to beg to find someone to let me blow him, I never imagined it would be so difficult to find someone to use a warm, willing mouth but finally a cute little Hispanic guy came by. I had him drop his pants and take a seat and I walked over and... Continue»
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A fantasy encounter with nick73

A story for 'nick73'. Please excuse any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. I was super horny when I wrote it.

Wefinally meet up. We start the evening at a quiet pub away from familiar eyes and have a few drinks to raise our courage and rid us of our annoying inhibitions. We chat about everything and nothing, all the while our minds drift to why we have met together. A few hours pass and the pub is near empty. We are in a booth hidden from view. You return from the bar with a couple of beers and sit beside me rather than opposite. The conversation has moved to xhamster and what we like... Continue»
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First time fuck with Carl

One day we leave site early. It is too wet and can't work and we finish after lunch as rain did not stop. It is a Friday we all go straight to pub. There is 5 of us and I get on well with all as my English is much better now that I have been with Carl 4 months. We always drink on Fridays after hard week but it is usually 6 o'clock. We stay for a couple of drinks and Carl says we should go home to get changed and meet later and make a proper night of it.

When we get home Carl strips at door and I do same. Our clothes are still wet and dirty from work and it is still raining so we got wett... Continue»
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The Red Shoes

Kath had become sexually dominant after we had bought a pair of red high heels from a little charity shop near our flat. We were students and living together in the middle of the city, and had seen them in the window one day. We had both laughed as the same thought went through our minds - 'Wouldn't it be cool to wear those and fuck?'

As soon as we got home we both got naked, our young bodies shaking with excitement. I took the shoes out of polythene bag and knelt at her feet as she sat on the edge of bed. I placed one shoe on and then the other, and then something in us changed. Nether of ... Continue»
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Conflicted First Time Cock Sucker Ch. 02

For three days I had avoided him and told myself that I was such an idiot to let myself get talked into sucking his cock; that was how I felt most of the time, although there were other times I found myself getting turned on when I thought about his hard cock in my mouth. Still, I kept telling myself that I wasn't turned on by his cock and I wasn't going to every do that again.

At eighteen I had established my independence from my strict – and sometimes cruel father – and I wasn't going to get caught up with this older guy that was just an extension of my father. I wasn't turned on by guys ... Continue»
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Conflicted First Time Cock Sucker Ch. 03

"I said," there was a look in his eyes that terrified me as he spoke – my father had the same look when he was angry – "if you leave like this, then the next time won't be as..."

I'd shut the door and started the engine and couldn't make out exactly what he said, but I think he said "gentle." The next time won't be gentle because he's pissed at me? Fuck him, there's not going to be a next time, and out of anger on my part, I flipped him off as I backed out and drove away. Then I noticed my hands were shaking; yes, they were shaking in anticipation of the next time.

After driving for a wh... Continue»
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"Coyote and the Wolf" part 4

“Coyote and the Wolf” Part 4

It was still quite dark when Lucious returned to the camp. As he approached, he noticed the fire was getting low. Unconcerned by the thought, he hollered toward the camp “Hay, one of you idiots bring a torch over here!” He stopped for a moment as the ox continued on. “Alright you stupid shits, one of you get over here with a torch on the double!” Stepping aside to avoid the cart following the ox, he roared once again “Off your asses NOW, or there will be hell to pay!” Lucious, in his anger, marched toward the fire. Drawing... Continue»
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Conflicted First Time Cock Sucker

Two months after my 18th birthday, I got my first apartment; I'd saved up from my job to be able to afford it and my parents had given me some old furniture and things to supply the kitchen (pots and pans, plates and silverware).

It was the third day in my apartment when everything changed in my life; the day when my sexuality would be questioned. I love girls and always have. I love their beauty and I love the control I have with girls during sex. There is nothing like a girl on her knees in front of you when she takes your dick into her mouth; the very feeling of a wet mouth sucking your ... Continue»
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Why I am like this...

Charlie, Daniel and Bruce, three teenage ruffians, it is because of them that I have this insatiable quest to be used by men. When I was in high school, the three of them took advantage of me and violently used me sexually. From the very first day that they ****d me and took my virginity, they would induce me to service them, all three or one.

Bruce was the best looking one of the three, he had an angelic face that hid a mean streak. His male organ was only about eight inches long, maybe an inch and quarter across. Charlie was vicious and cared little about who knew it, his penis was nine... Continue»
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Losing my anal virginity – Part 2 - The P-sp

This is a continuation of a previous story I have posted.

Rick was laying with his head on my chest, lightly stroking my thigh as I stared up at the ceiling partly thinking about the pleasure I had just experiences and partly thinking about my aching anus. While we laid together in a sweaty, sticky heap I figured I would need some cleaning up before I could sl**p comfortably.

“I should take a shower” I finally said. He stayed silent and simply continued caressing me. “Maybe we both should?” I added.
Still, no reaction. So I... Continue»
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The Meeting

John Davies looked up from his book at the man standing beside the table.
“Yes. You are Geoff?”
The man held out a hand and John shook it.
“Can I get you a drink?”
“Er. I’m on Scotch.”
“Me too,” Geoff said and headed for the bar. John watched him go and felt the butterflies in his stomach. He’d never done anything like this before.
Geoff Parker walked with confidence and was soon returning with the drinks. He took a seat and held his glass up. John lifted his and they touched together. There was silence as they savoured the warming, golden liquid. It was Geoff who broke ... Continue»
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An Encounter with Daniel...

A few weeks had passed since Bruce, Charlie and Daniel had viciously invaded my neither regions and introduced me to a world that I never new in my deepest imagination...Briefly, the three of them had lured me willingly to the basement apartment in one of their parents home.

Once inside I was made to feel at ease and then with out warning, I was set upon and sexually assaulted by all three of them. My virgin anal opening was bust open and made to accept their mammoth size sex tools.

For nearly three hours I was d****d over an ottoman and sodomized, repeatedly, tell they had their fu... Continue»
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