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Still in his apartment

I woke up with the feeling of wetness around my dick. Still groggy I thought I wet the bed, and tried to get up but I was held down. I looked around and realized I was in my friends apartment. I looked down to see he had my dick in his mouth. He sucked me till I came, that's when I woke up. Using his fingers he milked my balls till I was dry. When my limp dick fell out of his mouth he looked up and smiled. He wiped his mouth and brought his hand to my mouth. I stuck out my tongue and licked my own cum off his fingers. He leans over and kissed me on the lips. Again I tasted my cum on his lips a... Continue»
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Just getting the sale

I am a sales guy in the industrial repair area and travel to manufacturing plants all year long. I had been doing this job for a few years and was doing ok but last year I found the key to success.

I was in Jackson, MS trying to get a large company to commit to me selling them all supplies for the next year. I met with the plant supervisor Joe and he was not going to do it because we had too high of a price. I finally got Joe to agree to go to dinner and discuss what options we could make work. That evening Joe picked me up at my hotel and we went to a nice restaurant and had dinner. D... Continue»
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That's a Good Boy!

My boy is sitting on my lap sideways, with my hand rubbing his back. We're both totally naked, and my hard cock is sticking up between his pale white thighs, not far away from his soft cute little dick. I start kissing his neck and ears and then we start kissing. He sucks on my tongue.
I whisper to him, asking if he's ready to try it, and he replies that he's scared. I promise him he'll have fun, and he pursed his thin red lips, and nods. My good boy.
I held the bottle under his nose, simultaneously holding one nostril closed, and listened while he snorted. I quickly put the top on the bottl... Continue»
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Adult booth

It was around late afternoon I decided to go to my local adu,t store to watch some porn. I got there, bought some tokens. As I walk into the back I saw a curtain slightly open with some people in it. A guy and a girl, guy black about 6 feet 5 inches and had little bit of a belly the girl was light tan skinny with big boobs. I saw her sucking his cock then she took his cock out and rubbed it between her boobs for a bit he cummed between her titis. She got up and bent over and pulled down her pants. I could see her black lace panties as well. The guy shoved his cock right into her pussy and star... Continue»
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My first time

One day, I was just hanging in gay dating website. At the moment I was really horny and I had a hard erection going on. I wanted more than a wank. But it seemed that there was no interesting men. So I decided to check my inbox. Maybe someone had an interest on me.

I was lucky. Someone had flirted to me. I checked his profile. He was 18 (like me) and “little bit fat”. Sounded good for me so I decided to flirt him back.

I didn't visit the website for a while and when I finally managed to go back to check my inbox, my expectations were not really high.
He had answered to me: “Hi. You hav... Continue»
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Gay teen fucked in school bathroom (real)

It was early in my senior year and i had always been old for my grade so i was already 18, so i had only one thing on my mind. Fucking.

I had grown to love anal over the years with the use of anal toys that I had found or had made myself. Of course I started to get used to them and I needed more to fill my asshole to the point of orgasm.
I got very horny one day during my 3rd period class, which at the time was my AP English 12, and my next class was leadership.

Leadership at my school was basically many k**s from all grades in our high school together to plan and set up our school even... Continue»
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Exwifes vacation gangbang by cumslut j

Our Florida vacation was down to it's last day.
2 weeks before our long anticipated trip, I received a package at work. It contained a short video and a demand. The video was of my hot attractive wife doing a large group of black guys. They wanted money. I sent a request for longer video, as it was not possible to identify her. It was quite easy to see and hear her, but WTF. I asked her if she had been messing around.. Quickly said... No. Didn't mention the tape.
Dani is about 5'4, size 6, 36 c, she's a towhead. Usually did not wear panties so she could show her blonde cunt.

We'd been la... Continue»
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The Gym

First Story here. Not my best work but I'm quite rusty.


My name is Liam and for the last few months I have been going to the gym that my College has. Its not very big, mainly separated into two sections. One half you have the weight lifting and cardio machines; your benches, your treadmills, your leg press machines, and everything else. The other half is a wide open room that is mainly used for yoga and dance training. I mainly use that area as I mainly do yoga and cardio on my own time away from the... Continue»
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Gangbang at Ricks part6 home alone

Well we sit down, took a deep breath, Rick started to play with my Red worn out Bubble Butt , man it's sore Daddy, He said he had some lotion, made me get on all fours, asume the position, he ordered. He said how sexy slut cum pig sissy, slapping my tender bottom, then went to town both hand on my cheeks rubbing in the lotion, He said, if I pull that fat Butt plug out cause I was trying to poop it out, It was the new fat one, no way daddy said, slapped my wet red checks hard, we better be in the shower, not on the couch. That's a boom ready to explode boy, just relax, ok daddy. I did and Ri... Continue»
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Jock Slave

Ford, sweaty from his weight session, entered the deserted locker room. One of the top members of the varsity wrestling team, he often made arrangements to come use the school's weight room on the weekends, since his f****y couldn't afford a gym membership. About 5'11, 190 lbs, he had the narrow waist and broad shoulders appropriate to his athletic prowess, although the look was more natural, not as exaggerated as some of the other guys on the team.

At 18, he was one of the older boys on the team, admired and respected as much for his hard work as for his dark farm-boy good looks. He strip... Continue»
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my bestfriends dad

My buddy and I where planning on hitting up the mall the other day. So i droped by his house around 2pm. I knocked on the door. His father opens it. Ah Phill he says. smiling from ear to ear.
Hello Mr.Strutt. i replied. Is adam home?
Mr.Strutt looked at me with suprise because adam was not home yet.
No hes still at work but you can come in and wait he wont be long. Mr.Strutt said with a grin.
Sure thanks. i said to him as i stepped inside.

i walked into the living room where i sat alone for about 30 mins. When Mr.Strutt walked in.
im afraid i have some bad news he stated.
whats that?
... Continue»
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The beginning of my Homosexuality and my love to t

The beginning of my Homosexuality and my love to the penis - chpter (1)

I'm from Amman, Jordan I was born in 1960, we were means and my father was in the army and as I remember that my f****y was moving from house to house many times, in 1967 as I remember there was a man took me to a abandoned house it was close to our house as I usually play near it, that man undressed me and start kissing me all over my cheeks& lips, my body down to my ass then he rub his dick up my ass, I've given up and I do not know what he is doing to me, after a while I heard a sigh coming from him and felt hot l... Continue»
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Sissy Bachelorette Party

'You want it again?' She said, as she climbed between my legs, spreading them with the f***e of her knee.

'Yes Mistress.' I said, turning my head to the side.

Her gloved hand grabbed my chin and turned it towards her. 'You want to be my girly lesbian bitch?' She said, as she tweaked my puffy nipples with her other hand, the dry latex chafing me.

'Yes Mistress - I want to be your girly lesbian bitch,' I rubbed my horny cunt against her stocking clad leg, ignoring the pain, wanting, no, needing her inside me again.

'Well it's all that's on offer anyway.' She grabbed my cock insp... Continue»
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Captured and Turned

HI, this story is fiction. I hope you like it.

I was confused as I found myself coming to consciousness. I say coming to because the last thing I remembered was having dinner with my friend Joe and his wife Stacie.

I was in a dark room and my vision was blurry. I felt restraints holding my arms behind me and I was in a wooden chair.

"What the fuck?"

More and more senses returned and I found myself fully conscious now. I was tied to a wooden chair completely naked with my legs secured to the chair's legs and my a... Continue»
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Hairy Bear & his new Sissy

I had enjoyed the casual company of a sissy boy for a few years but he recently moved to another city. So here I was seeking a replacement. I placed an add online searching for a sissy boy. The add read “Hairy masculine bear seeks sissy boy to service his cock & ass. Must have a high level of depravity, must enjoy piss play & be willing to try almost anything”.

Within 2 days I had several applications but one stood out. He called himself Sissyboy, he was only 18yo, 5’7 tall & according to his application, he had a skinny hairless body & he was looking for a new daddy. What struck me was th... Continue»
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Light and Dark

One of the many benefits of heading up a company that creates erotica is that I can turn any and every business trip into a pleasure trip with a little bit of creative license. If I’m scouting locations to shoot new videos, I absolutely must stay in the best hotels with a spa because I might be able to use it as the site of my next couple’s retreat. If I’m doing a model search for new models, for fresh faces, what better place to do that than some sl**py little resort town in The Seychelles with pristine beaches, seafood that will make you question what the hell you’ve been eating your e... Continue»
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Grindr'ing Mr. Aussie Visitor

I am really happy that I was born at this point in history. If I was born lets just say 20 years ago....

I couldn't make a living doing what I do.

I couldn't be out to ANYONE.

Grindr wouldn't exist.

Yesterday I was sitting on my couch, wearing only a pair of white speedos and working on a super hot speedo photo set (if you are nice to me I will post some pics from that on here tomorrow). As you can imagine - when I'm hard at work, I am sometime 'HARD' at work.

I've had a Grindr account for a while but I don't use it much although I'd had some great times using it.

So instead ... Continue»
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My Second time Bi Experience, the Second Hour!

Ok, I had just had my first Bi KISS and first CUM Kiss with Tom who was just as Happy as he could be. After our kiss, he said how much he was enjoying introducing me to the Bi life. So here we stand, my chest still sticky with the random cock's cum, my head spinning a little from what I had just done to that cock...totally naked except for shoes...with Tom who was Also totally naked as well. He said "Now, where were we?" and he took my aching cock in his hand and made me sit back on the bench again.His hand felt SO good on my cock and then even better his Tongue began to clean up the copious a... Continue»
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back to my friends apartment

At home laying in bed thinking about what I did. My dick wakes up as I replay this afternoon in my mind. The sting my butthole felt is just a memory, yet my dick gets harder as I think about it. I roll over holding my young shaft and stroking it I drift off. The next day at school my butt hole starts to tingle and I get hard, I have trouble paying attention in class and find myself starring the large belly of my teacher. He asks what the problem was. I tell him nothing why do you ask, he said the bell rang and I'm going to be late for my next class. I jumped up and ran put of the room. Sure en... Continue»
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Suck Buddies Part 12

As Jason and I were watching TV he told me that his aunt had decided at the last minute to come and visit and that she was bringing along her stepson Mark. I think they are suppose to be coming tomorrow afternoon he said. He’s cool and he’s going to be a senior this year just like us.

Of course both me and Jason were thinking the same thing. I wonder if Mark is into any of the stuff that Jason and I have been doing. Should we invite him over here Jason asked. Yea I said let’s plan to come over here Friday afternoon. We can tell our parents we’re going to the movies and the mall after, that ... Continue»
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